Ufology Explained – The German Breakaway Group – Psyops, Disinfo and Truths – Antarctica, WW2, UFOs, Technology

Ufology Explained – psyops / disinfo – and The German Breakaway Group – Antarctica, WW2, UFOs, Technology…


The subjects I will cover, in order:

  • Important historical facts related to Ufology and Germany’s development of advanced technology and the relocation to Antarctica
  • Evidence – German Breakaway Group evidence – excerpts from Ernst Zundel’s Book
  • Historical events related to The German Breakaway groups relationship to the current (((World Powers)))
  • Why haven’t the German Breakaway Group saved us from the New Worder Order?
  • Aims of Subversive Ufology
  • Psyops and disinfo agents in Ufology

Before approaching the subject of Ufology there are a couple of documentaries to watch and a ‘must read’ book to read. I have been studying Ufology for a long time and you will save yourself a lot of time if you read this book and watch at least one of these documentaries..

The documentaries are:

1: Europa The Last Battle, by Tobias Bratt 


2: Adolf Hitler The Greatest Story Never Told, by Dennis Wise 


(These two documentaries will clearly show you that the vast majority of the world has been lied to about Hitler, National Socialism and WW2. ‘The Victors write the History’. You will then see that Ufology is run by agents and shills.)

The book to read is UFOs: Nazis Secret Weapon? by Ernst Zundel (The most important book on UFOs out there. )


Here is a free online PDF of the book:


Don’t confuse Ernst Zundel’s book with Joseph P Farrel’s book, ‘Reich of the Black Sun’. Farrel is a shill and the book is full of Zionist propaganda and plenty of disinfo. He covers many similar topics as Ernst Zundel, but as mentioned, Farrell is clearly a shill and the book has some Truths, some half Truths as well as lies and distortions.

Books like Farrel’s came after Zundel’s. Ernst Zundel, Mattern Friedrich and Christof Friedrich collated all the information. Then Shills got hold of their research and created their own works with disinfo and propaganda added.

We will look at the UFO phenomenon using facts, correlation of information and critical thinking. Not like the rest of the people interested in Ufology who mainly just base everything on pure speculation and stories made up by fake ‘channelers’ and fake ‘whistleblowers’. The vast majority of people are basing their ideas of what is occurring in the solar system and the skies of Earth on what all these government shills / agents are saying. The majority of the abduction testimonies are fake as well. There is a large network of people in Ufology keeping the Truth of the situation from you.

The UFO book I primarily use in this article is not created by an agent, but someone who has been put in jail and had his house set on fire for questioning the jewish narrative of what happened in WW2. Someone who is intelligent, erudite, extremely well read and a Real Truth Warrior who stood up against those behind this NWO agenda. A man who is admired by a great many Real Truthers: Ernst Zundel – look up his videos on the internet. (The Truth Does Not Fear Investigation)

Ernst Zundel’s UFO book is very well researched and full of old newspaper articles, clearly presented evidence and very credible testimony. There are links to extracts from the book later in the article.

The two documentaries mentioned above will show you how much we have been lied to about WW2, Adolf Hitler and National Socialism. Both documentaries have been heavily suppressed by jewish run and owned YouTube. It is important to understand all the lies we have been told – as the Ufology psyops fall flat on their face when you understand WW2 Truth – as there is a huge agenda within Ufology to continue the propaganda and brainwashing the world has been subjected to regarding WW2.

I am happy for people to comment and debate me in the comments section of this article. Most people interested in this subject are hooked on at least one Ufology psyop. I can tell you exactly how each of the Ufology ‘personalities’ are controlled – giving you clear reasons and evidence as to how I know. I know them all – and all the networks they move in. There will be a section about some of these agents at the end.

Because of my own numerous experiences I studied Ufology extensively, and I saw that people in Ufology argue amongst themselves about who, out of all these numerous ‘Ufology personalities’, is telling the Truth – as so many of them contradict each other with their stories and ‘information’. I will clear it up for you – they are all controlled – all of the Ufology and New Age personalities and ‘channelers’ – all of them (The only one who might not be controlled is John Lash…). They do not care who you get hooked on. Some of the testimonies of sightings and ‘abductions’ will be genuine though. Pretty much all the sightings of metallic discs in 40’s, 50’s and 60’s seem genuine and very credible. Those alien abduction stories that came in the 70’s up to the present day – after the New Age and Ufology psyops really began – you must be more suspicious of.

Part 1:

Important historical facts related to Ufology and Germany’s development of Advanced Technology

The UFO Phenomenon

(There are stories that sound like sightings in ancient history, but this was a very long time ago. What I am referring to here in this section is modern history.)

When did UFO sightings start occuring? During and just after WW2.

What did they look like? Flying metallic saucers.

Which country was developing metallic saucer type craft during WW2? Germany.

Where did the first sightings of these craft occur? In the countries of Central Europe near Germany during WW2 – as well as in Germany itself.

Where were there many sightings of the silver disc UfOs after WW2? South America.

Where were the German U boats heading that were intercepted just after WW2? South America.

What continent is very close to South America? Antarctica.

After the war supposedly finished where did Admiral Byrd go with his convoy of warships (Operation Highjump)? Antarctica.

What happened to Byrd’s so called ‘expedition’? They came back terrified as they were attacked by very advanced craft and weapons.

(Evidence of all this is in Ernst Zundel’s book ‘UFOs Nazi Secret Weapon?’)

Some Very important things you need to know to understand Ufology:

  • The Germans were very far in advance of the allies with regards to technology during and at the end of WW2.
  • None of Germans UFO scientists were captured, and none of the German UFO technology was found when the Allied forces stole everything else from their country at the end of WW2. (Wernher Von Braun, who famously went to work in the United States, was a rocket scientist, this was very old technology compared to what the UFO scientists were developing)
  • Around 250,000 Germans were unaccounted for at the end of the war. The population census showed around 250,000 were missing.
  • Some German U boats were intercepted heading to the South America region carrying many young men – the few U Boats that were intercepted had many more men than what was needed for a U boat crew.
  • Many, if not all, of the large German U boats were found to be missing by the Allied Forces when they ransacked Germany.
  • There is no real evidence Hitler commited suicide. And a great deal of evidence and testimony to suggest he escaped and that he had a contingency plan. See links below for evidence.
  • The entire Reichsbank Treasure, (All of Germany’s reserves) disappeared from the bank vaults in Berlin, before the end of the war. The Germans also had some expert jewish forgers to create currencies from around the world.
  • Towards the end of the war the Germans invested large amounts of money in various companies in neutral countries around the world. The total was in the Billions. They also deposited money in the banks of neutral countries.
  • There was a ‘fly over’ in Washington DC with flying saucers in 1952 – possibly as a show of strength and a warning by the Germans – as the Allied Forces were trying to destroy the breakaway Germans in Antarctica.
  • The Germans were investigating going to Mars and the Moon. They were possibly even flying there as early as the 1940’s – it looks like that they had the capability to do this in the 40’s.
  • The Germans were the greatest inventors and engineers, winning worldwide awards year after year. But all their truly great high technology brains did not fall into the Allies hands.
  • The National Socialist Germans sent out various expeditions to Antarctica – to explore and map. (photos and documents exist)
  • There was talk of an impenetrable fortress that Adolf Hitler had built in Antarctica

In 1943 Admiral Doenitz had declared: “The German U-boat fleet is proud to have made an earthly paradise, an impregnable fortress for the Fuehrer, somewhere in the world.” – UFOs Nazi Secret Weapon, Ernst Zundel et al

(Evidence of all this is in Ernst Zundel’s book ‘UFOs Nazi Secret Weapon?’)

There was a documented flyover over Washington DC in 1952. It could only have been the Germans – there is no other logical explanation. It appears to be a show of strength and a warning.
A young intercepted German Uboat Crew – Image taken from ‘UFOs Nazi Secret Weapons?’ by Ernst Zundel et al

Part 2:

Evidence – Extended Articles Links.

If you want evidence and further information on all the above points then click on these links – they are extracts from Ernst Zundel’s book — ‘UFO:  Nazi Secret Weapon?’ – there is a great deal of information in them – as well as some photos, diagrams and newspaper clippings. The links will open in a new tab:

Foreword and Hitler the Man

German Rockets & Alternative Weapons

Kidnapping of German Specialists

Adolf Hitler Survived – Escapes Berlin

German UFOs

U Boat Convoy + Atomic Bomb

Antarctica – Expeditions + Operation Highjump and Admiral Byrd

Why The Big UFO Cover Up?

German UFO drawings – Image from UFO’s Nazi Secret Weapon by Ernst Zundel et al

A small selection of images from the above extracts – there are more images at the end of the article (thumbnails, click to enlarge):

A few more aspects to consider:

(I am aware that the footage of the ‘moon landing’ shown to the world was fake – but that does not mean they did not go there in 1969.)

When the US went to the moon in 1969 it was reported that they were warned off – who warned them off? Was it the German breakaway group?

When the US went to the moon on the radio the code word for UFOs and ‘ETs’ was used – Were these German craft that they saw?

Why did we never here about who this group was or who the craft belonged to? Perhaps because they don’t want the world to know the Germans are out there and were not defeated.

Why have none of the Earth’s (((super powers))) gone to the Moon since 1969? Are the Germans there?

When did this subversive New Age and Ufology movement occur? After WW2 and the Moon ‘landing’.

When did these fake New Age and fake Extraterrestrial ‘channelers’ start up? After WW2 and the Moon ‘landing’.

When did we start getting this New Age narrative of ‘Nordic ETs’ in metallic disc shaped craft in our solar system – i’e The ‘Pleiadians’? It was after the Moon ‘Landing’.

(Because the Pleiadian rhetoric is another psyop to distract people from the Truth. The only beings with Nordic/Germanic blood that have metallic disc shaped craft in our solar system are the breakaway National Socialist German group. We have evidence for it, we have none for the ‘Pleiadian’ rhetoric.)

Look at this propaganda created by the wife of a fake SSP whistleblower on her website.

The above image is on the website of the wife of Michael Relfe – he was one of the first fake Secret Space Program ‘Whistleblowers’. There is a clear agenda in Ufology.

Barbara Marciniak is a channeling shill. I have read these books and heard her channelings on YouTube. So much disinfo from her on a variety of topics. Why has Ufology made so much effort to push this idea of Pleiadians being ‘out there’ in metallic saucers? It’s a psyop to distract you from the Truth. The benevolent Nordics out there that wish to help us are the Breakaway Germans.

I propose that in 1969 they found out how advanced the Germans were and that they had a strong presence on the Moon. They had to control the UFO narrative – so since this time there has been so many fake channelers and so many fake whistleblowers. They do not want you to know the Truth about the German breakaway group.

The fact of the matter is that there is only evidence of the Germans having advanced craft capable of going to the Moon and Mars in the 40s – so the most likely scenario is that they were warned off by the Germans and the craft they saw belonged to the Germans. I am not saying this is definitely the case, but it is definitely the most likely.

Part 3:

Some important facts regarding The Breakaway Germans (‘Nazis’) relationship with the World Powers since WW2 ended:

It is very important for us to establish how the Breakaway Germans would view Earth and the World Powers that rule it. If you doubt any of these below statements watch the documentaries linked at the start of the article:

The Jews declared war on Germany in 1933. International Jewry declared war in 1933 and urged all jews to carry out a Holy War against Germany. Fact.

Britain, lead by Churchill – Churchill the alcoholic war criminal with strong jewish connections – declared war on Germany when Hitler – after many concessions and peace proposals – had to go into Danzig to rescue the Germans being murdered there. Fact

Churchill reiterated in his speeches that there was no length that he would not go to destroy the Germans. “Victory at all costs…” is what he said. Whereas Hitler in his speeches regularly appealed to the allies to leave the civilians and the cities alone, and expressed his sympathy for all the troops involved in war. Fact

Britain bombed German civilians for 3 months before Hitler eventually retaliated, after Hitler attempted many times to get them to stop targeting cities and civilians. Fact

Churchill wanted to use Germ Warfare on the German civilians. Fact

The Dresden Holocaust occured – the carpet firebombing of the town full of civilians, when the war was essentially already won. Fact

The Rhine Meadows Eisenhower death camps at the end of the war starved to death millions of Germans on purpose (murdered) – the food was there, they just didn’t give it to them . Fact.

German women were raped on a massive scale at the end of WW2 by allied soldiers, and particularly by Russian troops. Fact

The Allied Forces sent a convoy of ships to attempt to destroy the National Socialist Germans at their base in Antarctica. Fact.

The jewish ‘holocaust’ is a total hoax. Not one jew was gassed to death. Russians built a chimney after the war and faked photographs. The inmates died of typhus. A scientific study was completed by a gas chamber expert – It was a hoax. Germans have had to pay billions upon billions for a hoax. Fact.

The Allied Forces executed or imprisoned the entire National Socialist government and all military leaders after WW2. With extremely corrupt, unethical and illegal court proceedings. A kangaroo court. Fact.

The Allies illegally stole all the Germans technology patents that they found (except any high technology UFO patents, as they were nowhere to be found). Fact.

The Allies kidnapped and blackmailed German scientists and their families and took them to Russia and the U.S. Fact.

They then proceeded to brainwash and mind control the German population via total media and educational control… burning all National Socialist literature and wiping the National Socialist history archives… while flooding the German Nation with millions and millions of refugees. Fact.

To understand the barbarity carried out against the German People I suggest you watch the excellent documentary Hellstorm at https://www.hellstormdocumentary.com – or read the Book by the same name by Thomas Goodrich.

The information in this section is so important for you to understand. You must understand these facts to comprehend what the attitude of the German Breakaway Group will be towards those that run the western world: International Jewry. They run the US, Britain, France, Russia etc… and of course Israel. Jewry own and run the Central Banks – they are in power on Earth and were the instigators and creators of WW2.

The National Socialist Germans knew exactly where they stood by the end of WW2 – and where they stood in the future with regards to the World Powers. This German Breakaway Group would not be complacent. They would not be naive. Luckily they were decades in advance of them with regards to technology. They also had the greatest German minds still with them. They had moved their operations to Antarctica, protected by their advanced craft and weapons.

The most important thing to the National Socialist Germans was their folk, their people. Hitler also loved Europe and spoke of wanting to help all of Europe. The National Socialists also had help from a great many other Nations during WW2 – the Waffen SS was the most multicultural military force in history. The Germans will not just leave this planet never to return, they will be attempting to help, and they will be monitoring what is occurring down here.

Part 4:

Why haven’t the German Breakaway Group tried to save us from Jewish Tyranny, Marxist Degradation and the NWO agenda?

There is probably only so much they can do. Israel has the Samson Option. They are the only country that is exempt from nuclear weapons inspection (they have never been inspected) – and they openly admit they have many Nuclear weapons. Look into this Samsom option. They could destroy Europe in a flash as a last resort – if (((they))) are going down they will take Europe with them. So perhaps this is why the Breakaway Germans can’t just come down and openly help or intervene.

As well as this, once out there in the Cosmos I am sure the Germans will also face some threats from elsewhere. I should imagine it is all quite a complex situation.

The Breakaway Germans would also have to establish a strong base from which to operate elsewhere in the Solar System, which would take some time (I strongly believe they are on Mars, which is perfectly habitable, and not like NASA says). Their population would also take some time to grow and a civilization would take a while to establish. And, as well as this, Planet Earth seems to be in some sort of metaphysical ‘quarantine’, some sort of force above International Jewry seems to exist. Once away from Earth how easy is it for the Germans to come back down here? Especially when all the (((Super Powers))) want to destroy them.

I do believe some Souls connected to the German breakaway group are incarnating here and helping in a variety of ways – some of which are more metaphysical ways (I have some experience of this).

Has this Holy War declared by International Jewry really ended? I don’t think so. The jews, with their almost total control of the media, have lied to us so much about all aspects of WW2 , Hitler and National Socialism. And this Holy War is still seems to be being waged against Europe and all White Nations with their incessant propaganda, subversion, forced immigration, cultural Marxism and media mind control.

Jews, Marxists and Zionists are running Ufology. I know many of these fake whistleblowers are jews, as I did my research – plus some of them are just blatantly jewish and are connected to other Zionist/jewish run psyops. Networks, so that they can control the narrative in Ufology .

Part 5:

Aims of Subversive Ufology

I have had middle of the night contact, other-dimensional experiences, recall of living on another planet… lots of metaphysical and third-eye experiences, so I researched Ufology extensively. (I have discussed these experiences in other articles on this site – it was what sparked my interest in Ufology) I became perplexed because as I attempted to ascertain what had been happening to me, I found that there was just various networks of controlled opposition. I emailed some of these people, skyped with a couple, investigated it thoroughly… subversive Disinfo agent after subversive Disinfo agent. I have had these agents lie to me, trying to get me to view my experiences in a certain way. For example: one night I experienced myself going into a portal type viewing screen and vividly seeing two young children on these small hovering vehicles on a rocky planet. One of these fake SSP whistleblowers I contacted tried to convince me these were my ‘hybrid’ children.  When they were not hybrids at all – they were human – White human children on another planet.

Many Ufology agents information also totally contradicts another groups information. They do not care which group you get hooked on, as long as you get hooked on someone or a certain group. What are they are all there for? What are they ultimately trying to hide from the public?

– Distract you from the Truth of a variety Geopolitical situations – i.e how Israel and International Jewry are the root cause of most of the worlds problems.

– Distract you from the Truth of who is behind the New World Order agenda (To get you thinking about ‘reptilians’ or ‘the cabal’ 0r the ‘illuminait’ or ‘evil nazis’ … when it is the Jews / International Jewry). The NWO is a jewish agenda stemming from their doctrines – such as The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, The Talmud, Zohar, Kaballah etc)

– Some of these Ufology agents even try to get you to think the ‘Evil Nazis’ are involved with New World Order agenda – which is a joke as the Germans were fighting the very people who are behind it.

– Get people hooked into some fantasy created by these agents. Get you focusing on a wide variety of made up ET races… these fake channelers with their distracting lies…. Or the fake Hybrid Children rhetoric for example.

– Pacifying you with the fake ‘Ascension’ rhetoric, or even the ‘Mass Ascension’ and ‘The ‘Event’ fabrication … or even an ET race will come down and save us! Various Ufology personalities will also say ‘all will change this year’, or the ‘endgame’ is near.

– Getting you caught up in their limited hangout disinfo agents. Like Simon Parkes, Kerry Cassidy, Max Spiers, David Wilcock, Corey Goode, Miles Johnston, James Rink, Barbara Marciniak, Bashar…. There are so many of them. People get caught up in these limited hangouts and get fed a wide variety of disinfo.

– To get you to not become Racially Conscious. For example: Saying that we, as a soul, incarnate in any alien form, on any human species or subspecies, that we feel like (When this is clearly not the case, this is to attempt to not get you to not be protective of your Race on this planet. DNA, Race and Ancestry are so very significant in the universe… metaphysical and cosmically – and they have Soul level significance)

– Pacify you with the ‘raising your vibration’ psyop – this also related to getting you into the very nutritionally deficient veganism cult.

– But as mentioned earlier, Ufology is also hugely about subverting you away from the Truth about the origin of most of these UFOs. The 40’s, 50’s ,60’s and 70’s were full of sightings of metallic saucer shaped UFOs – exactly like the ones the Germans were creating.

– Controlling the narrative regarding the National Socialist Breakaway Germans. If you have watched the two documentaries I recommend above you will have realised that National Socialist Germans were, and are, the good guys. They are aligned with Truth, with Nature, with Cosmic laws.

– All the personalities in Ufology continue with the ‘EVIL NAZIS’ rhetoric and propaganda that we get from jewish owned and run Hollywood. All of them do, except for John Lash.

– They also want you to get you to underestimate how much more advanced the German Breakaway Group were after WW2.

– They really do not want you to know that the National Socialist German Breakaway group are a benovelent group that wishes to help humanity break free from slavery – freedom from the jewish banking cartels and jewry’s control and subversion of the planet. They don’t want people to know that the silver discs are German craft… I am sure the Germans have also developed other types of very advanced craft as well by now.

– These UFO agents also endeavour to get you to think that the Earth based secret space projects are more advanced than they really are. The Germans would have gained much control of the space between Earth and the Moon and Mars. I doubt that the Earth groups have much of a presence on Mars or the Moon. I do not think Earth groups are going to get to Mars. Elon Musk is a psyop and a joke.

But there certainly seemed to come a point in Ufology where the directive for some of the subversive agents / shills was to admit that the ‘Nazis’ (National Socialist Germans) do have a presence in our solar system. Because it is very obvious that they will have if you look at the evidence – they clearly developed advanced technologies. These agents talk about the Germans having a base on the Moon and Mars and then provide us with subverting lies and propaganda about them.

International Jewry always want to control every narrative – they always want to try to stay a step ahead of the ‘Goyim’. So they tell you of the ‘Evil Space Nazis’ and they fill the rhetoric with lies. Jewry would have preferred for us to not think the Germans have any presence out there. But they know that they have to attempt to control the narrative from all angles – or their multitudes of subversions and lies may come crashing down in a big way.

Part 6:

Anti ‘Nazi’ propaganda in Ufology (A selection)

Here I want to give a quick overview of some of their anti-National Socialist and anti-German rhetoric … showing you what these agents are saying:

– The Germans worked or still work with the ‘Evil Reptilians’. This one of their favourite lines. ( But there is Zero evidence for this rhetoric – it is just made up – plucked out of thin air by the people who tell these agents what to say.) – ( shills like William Tompkins, Corey Goode, Michael Salla etc). The Reptilian rhetoric was first created by the shill David Icke (see my article on him) – and other psyops and agents have used it as well, in various ways. (There does seem to be a force above Jewry, but we do not know exactly who, or what, it is.)

Michael Salla – he is a government controlled oppostion shill and creates these above articles. It is important to remember that there is not a single shred of evidence for this reptilian rhetoric. He promotes the shills David Wilcock and Corey Goode, as well as other fake whistlebowers like Randy Cramer and Tony Rodrigues.

– Fake SSP whistleblower Jason Rice says that the ‘Nazis’ (The German Breakaway Group) at one point wanted to end the ‘lease’ on the Moon Base that they were leasing from the ‘Draco Reptilians’, so the Germans struck a deal with the Rothschilds – or ‘The Cabal’ as this controlled agent calls them. (If you understand the Truth of WW2 you would know this would never in a million years occur! The Rothschilds and other jewish groups – who controlled the allied forces – murdered many millions of Germans during the war and after the war: In Dresden firebombings and in the Eisenhower death camps – and there was the mass rape of German women by the Allies. The German Breakaway Group would never strike a deal with them! Let alone have anything to do with them. These people also created an expedition to Antarctica to try and destroy the Germans in Operation Highjump. And if anyone is referring to the jewish banking cartels and International Jewry as ‘The Cabal’ – then you know they are controlled agents.)

A couple of Shills appearing on a Shills YouTube Channel.

– That the German breakaway group were going around to other planets and taking them over with force ( said by fake SSP ‘whistleblower’ Corey Goode) – or firing missiles on peaceful planets ( said by fake SSP ‘whistleblower’ Tony Rodrigues)

(Corey Goode is clearly an agent as is Tony Rodrigues. Rodrigues and Goode both talk about the ‘Illuminati’ a lot as well. A Real Truther knows the term ‘Illuminati’ is a subversion and a distraction – It is International Jewry behind the NWO. And all this anti-German propaganda is obvious.)

The way that all these fake SSP whistleblowers talk about the infrastructure on the Moon and Mars is as if the ‘Nazi’ bases and Earth owned (((illuminati))) bases coexist – that they tolerate each other and communicate and swap leases of buildings and exchange slave labour etc – living side by side in harmony. What a lot of nonsense! There is no way the Germans would tolerate any U.S, British, Russian, Israeli or ‘United Nations’ group being anywhere near them, and they certainly would not work with them. Only people who do not know the Truth of WW2 could possibly believe this. It is much more likely that the Earth groups do not have a base on the Moon or Mars – and the Germans will not let them on there.

Tony Rodrigues, Penny Bradley, as well as Corey Goode, say that the German group were using slave labour – taking people from Earth, and then age-regressing them and returning them. These two fake whistleblowers, Tony and Penny, are saying that they were used by the ‘Nazis’.

(Why would the National Socialist Germans use non-Germans from Earth like this guy Tony and this lady Penny? Why would they risk having unknown people with no loyalty to them, who could possibly remember what occurred in these so called ‘projects’? – It would compromise their entire operation. The National Socialist Germans are smart and very careful. Why would they use people from the U.S.? It is pure ridiculous illogical nonsense.)

James Rink and some of his psyop agent friends say that the ‘Nazi’ breakaway group are trying to come back through portals or time machines to take over the world! (James Rink – he puts out so much disinfo – this rhetoric is from the ridiculous disinfo agent ‘Peter the Insider’, who Rink has on his show – as well as some of Rink’s other fake guests).Who believes this obvious disinfo? – The National Socialists just wanted to look after their folk, they did not want to take over the world! This ‘Peter The Insider’ even says that the the ‘Pleiadian’ woman who met ‘Billy Meier’ has sex with Earth humans and then eats them afterwards – I kid you not, he actually says this. What morons fall for all this nonsense?

– That the ‘Nazis’ were kidnapping children and using various torture methods in Canada to create ‘Super Soldiers’. This one comes from James Casbolt and Max Spiers – two fake ‘super soldier disinfo agents’. Why would there be any ‘Nazis’ in Zionist run Canada?! If you know about the end of WW2 you would know that all the German government and the German military leaders were either killed or put in prison – all of them. James Casbolt and Max Spiers put out so much disinfo: read this article: Super Soldiers Disinformation – James Casbolt, Max Spiers and others

The Germans space fleet are supposedly called the ‘Dark Fleet’ and they all wear black etc. Pretty much all the fake SSP whistleblowers say this. Give me a break with this childish propaganda: ‘Dark Fleet!’

When you know what National Socialism was really all about then all this rhetoric from these (((agents))) sound so ridiculous.

‘Ahlex’ on Miles Johnston’s YouTube channel acting and lying. He says he met the lying shill James Casbolt in one experience – and the shill Max Spiers contacted him as well. Always networks and psyops linked together.

Someone who called himself ‘Ahlex’ in an interview with – YouTuber and government agent /shill  Miles Johnston – says some very strange things and contradicts himself. One minute he is saying that the ‘Nazis’ are trying to help the Earth. Then he is saying he was abducted and tortured by a ‘Nazi’ scientist from the Breakaway ‘Nazis’. Then he is saying that the ‘Nazis’ are fighting against the ‘Reptilians’. Then he is saying that the Reptilians were partly responsble for the holocaust. (When there was no jewish holocaust! It is a hoax) It is more subversion and it is just (((them))) trying to control the rhetoric and confuse and distract. As well as trying to pacify people – He says at the end that everything is going to be OK, we are all going to be free, etc etc – nothing to worry about. Always these psyop have pacifying rhetoric for the naive Ufology community. Always trying to give them a saviour so they sit back and do nothing. This ‘Ahlex’ is clearly an actor, a bad one.

These Ufology agents/shills make up all this rhetoric about all these ‘underground bases’ where evil Reptilians and evil Greys live and they do experiments on humans, keeping them in cells, chained up, etc. There isn’t any real evidence for this. Just a few so called ‘whistleblowers’. I personally do not believe it – as the people who say this also say other pieces of clearly provable disinfo, and they are also connected to other provable disinfo agents, and work within a network of psyops.

I have other articles on this site, in the Ufology section, which expose various Ufology Psyops.

If you research Ufology you will see a tremendous amount of contradictions from all the different groups – so many different networks of liars and deceivers.

I also propose to you that the Roswell crash in New Mexico (very close to South America and Antarctica) was a German craft – possibly shot down. It is much more likely than ‘aliens’. That was all a distraction. They did not want you to know that the Germans had not been defeated.

An image made by someone else, but they are thinking along the same lines as me. But the National Socialists never called themselves ‘Nazis’. That term is a slur and a propaganda term.

Another mis-direction and subversion is the Hybrid Children rhetoric in Ufology. This rhetoric that small grey zeta reticulan aliens are abducting people and creating hybrid ‘grey aliens’ with Human DNA… Some agents say that the ‘Greys’ will repopulate their own planet with these hybrids –  and some agents of deception say that the Hybrids will come down and live with us on Earth – I kid you not. But this subversion could also be related to the German group – perhaps a mis-direction. National Socialists always understood the importance of DNA – perhaps the Germans are collecting people, (perhaps with their permission at Soul level, agreed before they incarnated) and using their DNA to infuse that high quality DNA into the small population of Germans that escaped and Broke Away. Some type of genetic programme. This is much more plausible to me. DNA is so important in the universe. Fascinatingly my own middle of the night semi-lucid collection involved me being collected by two small grey like aliens and taken onto a ship inhabited by White Humans… very interesting – and I do have some very good quality Aryan / White DNA. My Aunt has also had a collection experience. (This is also much more likely seeing as International Jewry are attempting to carry out a genocide on White people by flooding their countries with immigrants and by incessantly encouraging mixed race relationships through the media they own – i.e The Kalergi Plan)

When you have all this information about the Germans advanced technology in the 1940’s then you must look at all of Ufology taking into account this information.

You should also look into the Kearney Incident – Where Reinholdt Shmidt testifies to being taken up by a UFO in 1957, where the crew all spoke German. Ernst Zundel’s book also talks about it. It is a convincing and credible testimony, for the most part. We should recognise he was incarcerated and interrogated for a little while, after he told the authorites what he had experienced – he also mentions that he is not allowed to talk about some of what the group said. So Schmidt may have also been told to embellish or use some misdirection to placate the authorities…. but the beginning of his story sounds very credible.

Kearney Incident – Reinholdt Shmidt. The German speaking Human ET’s told him they were from another planet. They probably were. I should imagine the Germans were settled on Mars by 1957.

(I want to point out that from all my research, and my own nightime vivid recall of being on Mars, I am almost 100 percent certain that the Germans established a base in Antarctica and eventually went to Mars and established a civilization there. There are also various personal first hand experiences that I have had in the night that make me so certain… I will expand upon this in a later article on this website.)

Essentially Ufology – which was established and created not long after WW2 and the Moon ‘Landings’ – was created to spread disinfo and confusion about what the UFOs were. International Jewry had to control the narrative. Yes, there will be some UFOs that have been spotted in more recent times that are owned by the governments down here, but most since the 1940’s will have been German. If you read the book by Ernst Zundel or look through the extract links I provided above, then you will realize that is extremely likely that the vast majority of the saucer, or disc shaped, UFOs spotted around Earth will have been from the German Breakaway Group. The type of craft the Breakaway Germans make now could be very much more advanced than these. But fear not, as they are the good guys.

Before I end this article I want to address a certain phenomena. There were so many sightings of these metallic disc shaped craft in 40s, 50s, and 60s. And the witnesses will sometimes talk of a glowing hue – sometimes said to be green – other times said to be a variety of colours.

A quote from UFOs Nazis Secret Weapon – Ernst Zundel, which explains this phenomena:

“Before we leave this area of investigation, we have to look into the repeatedly reported “glowing” or “pulsating” lights emanating from U.F.O.’s. We find an interesting reference to this phenomena in the previously-mentioned book “We want You” — “Is Hitler Alive?”. On page 17 the author reports about a brilliant German metallurgist who had created “a metal harder than diamonds” called appropriately enough “Impervium”. This metal glows alternately in the colours of the rainbow when heated to a high degree. This seems to tie up another loose end.” – P103 

Some suggested further research is looking into the flying saucer disc like craft, as well as large glowing orbs, that have been seen above all the major military conflicts since WW2 – as well as above nuclear facilities and military bases around the world. There are many cases. These flying saucers never seem to attack but just monitor. If the discs are shot at the bullets or missiles shot at them often just come back at the aggressor. I would suggest to you that this is the German Breakaway Group monitoring what is occuring on Earth. 


Below is a selection of some of these sightings and images of craft – taken from the end of Zundel’s book. Each image or newspaper article is a thumbnail – Click on them to enlarge.

A diagram of the Cigar Shaped motherships the Germans were creating – and then overviews of some of their flying saucers:

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4 thoughts on “Ufology Explained – The German Breakaway Group – Psyops, Disinfo and Truths – Antarctica, WW2, UFOs, Technology

  • August 4, 2019 at 5:06 pm

    Hi, once again thanks for a superbly Informative article. However I still believe you are wrong when you say Ascension is fake, there is a massive consciousness shift underway it is not instantaneous but as an energy sensate and spiritually aware human I know it’s happening. I’m not trying to offend you but I wonder why you don’t feel this when you’re obviously so on to just about everything else? Kind regards, rob.

    • August 4, 2019 at 7:45 pm

      Hi there. Thanks for the comment and appreciation. And for the question.

      Years ago when I was naive and less conscious and knowledgeable I believed in this ‘ascension’ rhetoric. Let me explain some of the reasons as to why I – 100 percent – no longer believe in it.

      1. Every person I have come across who promotes this notion of ‘ascension’ has turned out to be a shill – a controlled opposition, limited hangout. All of them.

      I would like clear evidence of this so called ‘ascension’, any at all… not some shills saying it is happening.

      The New Age and Ufology is run by shills. It is used by these shills to pacify people – and the ascension rhetoric is a big part of this pacification.

      This ‘raising your vibration’ is a big part of the ‘ascend’ rhetoric: You are mainly supposed to Think Loving Positive thoughts, be nice to everyone, and eat a Vegan Diet to ascend:

      2. Veganism is very bad for you. Vegetables don’t raise your ‘vibration’!. Vegetables and nuts and seeds have anti-nutrients and protective toxins in them – they do not want to be eaten – and over time the fibre, and various other substances, like lectins, ruin your gut… I know this from experience. Humans are carnivores and survive best on an animal fat and animal protein – your mental health and clarity of mind greatly increases when eating this diet. I utilise raw butter, raw milk, raw eggs and raw meat. Weston A Price did some brilliant research.

      3. To stop this New World Order you need to hate. You need to passionately fight against those that want to oppress you and your people. Love and Hate are intrinsically linked: The more you love, the more you hate… you hate that which is harming that which you love. The Universe is about protecting your people, your race – to do this you will need some hate, anger and aggression. You just need to be wise enough to use those powerful emotions in the right way to benefit your people. The ‘raising your vibration’ rhetoric is a psyop pushed by shills.

      4., A massive consciousness shift? People being more conscious is just a natural progression of a race and species when they become more developed – people are gaining knowledge and becoming more conscious – and seeing through lies … as there is more knowledge available to us on many different subjects.

      You do realise the vast majority of the world population – billions – live pretty much in poverty and are not very conscious at all. It is predominantly in White Nations that consciousness has raised (as well as some other developed countries) as they have built civilizations that let them have access to knowledge and allows them plenty of time for introspection, and research – before they would have not had time, as they were just trying to survive. (And White people are the minority on this planet btw). So because of a civilizations progression many more people have time to assess their motivations behind their actions, and have some time for introspection and meditation – they also have access to much more literature and information as well – and they have developed new technologies. It is a natural progression a civilization.

      So civilization progression and development of technology allows many more people more time for introspection and contemplation, as well as access to much more knowledge and information. This means a gradual raising of consciousness. But only for the Races and Nations that have developed these types of civilizations. The vast majority of people on this planet are not very conscious at all.

      I think I repeated myself a little at the end, but I was trying to bring clarity to my point 🙂

      A little extra stuff….

      You know so many of these fake channelers and fake new age personalities say very different things about what ‘ascension’ is – so many different lies:

      You will instantly go to a New parallel Earth that is beautiful and wonderful… Or – You will gradually start seeing other dimensions … Or – You will stay here on Earth and just can no longer see those who did not make it… Or – You will start remembering other versions of you and merge with them all!… Or – You will just merge more with your ‘higher self’…. Or – You will become an avatar… Or – You will see the ‘ascended masters’… Or – The Spontaneous Mass Ascension is coming… Or – You will ascend to a totally different state of being in a higher dimension… Or – There will be turmoil initially and then a transition period to a New Earth – … Or – you will be taken onto ships and craft for a period so that you can transition… Or – There is a cut off point in time when you must have raised your vibration to a certain point, or you will be left behind. (It is all lies, each of these different sayings came from verifiable shills)

      When I first researched ‘spirituality’ – i heard all these different versions, and more… I am thorough when I look into topic.

      It is just a load of different shills creating different subversive pacifying manipulative rhetorics. These shills have directives – they don’t care which shill / agent you get hooked on. So many new age and ufology shills.

      They all also have different ideas of how many people will make it and what will happen to people ‘left behind’. Some say it is a mass population thing – and some say and individual thing…. And some say that only certain people will take part in this mass ascension… just so much contradiction. Some say you are going to the 5th dimension, some say the 4th dimension. Some say you are going to 4th density, some say 5th density. Some say we are already in the 4th density…. or we are already half-way in the 5th dimension etc etc etc… there are more variants.

      The people behind the (((NWO))) plan well ahead. Don’t underestimate them and their manipulations – they created this ascension rhetoric to subvert.

  • September 14, 2019 at 9:35 pm

    What is your name? I want to quote some more f your info but don’t want to attribute it to “me” So far Me is the only name I can find.

    • September 15, 2019 at 7:41 am

      Hi Joe
      Yes, my name is not on the site. Please just link back to the site, or article, wherever you can. And you can attribute any quotes or info to entityart.co.uk


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