Ufology Explained – Part 1 – The German Breakaway Group – Psyops, Disinfo and Truths – Antarctica, WW2, UFOs, Technology

Ufology Explained – psyops / disinfo – and The German Breakaway Group – Antarctica, WW2, UFOs, Technology…


The subjects I will cover, in order:

  • Important historical facts related to Ufology and Germany’s development of advanced technology and the relocation to Antarctica
  • Evidence – German Breakaway Group evidence – excerpts from Ernst Zundel’s Book
  • Historical events related to The German Breakaway Group’s relationship to the current (((World Powers)))
  • Why haven’t the Breakaway Germans saved us from the New World Order?
  • Aims of subversive Ufology
  • Psyops and disinfo agents in Ufology
  • Additional Research and Evidence (added December 2020 and May 2021): Further reading suggestions, Foo Fighters and Die Glocke / The Bell

Before approaching the subject of Ufology there are a couple of documentaries to watch and a ‘must read’ book to read. I have been studying Ufology for a long time and you will save yourself a lot of time if you read this book and watch at least one of these documentaries.

The documentaries are:

1: Europa The Last Battle, by Tobias Bratt:


2: Adolf Hitler The Greatest Story Never Told, by Dennis Wise 


(These two documentaries will clearly show you that the vast majority of the world has been lied to about Hitler, National Socialism and WW2. ‘The Victors write the History’. You will then see that Ufology is run by agents and shills.)

The book to read is UFOs: Nazis Secret Weapon? by Ernst Zundel (One of the most important books on UFOs out there.)


Here is a free online PDF of the book:


(May, 2021 – Since writing this article I also discovered more books documenting the German technology, by O. Bergmann, D. H. Haarmann, R. Lusar and G. Sternhoff . They provide a great deal of additional evidence. Links to free PDFs of all these books are at the end of my other articles, Ufology Explained Parts 2, 3, 4 and 5)

The cover art for these additional books.


Some diagrams that were found after WW2. Larger versions are provided in a following section.

Don’t confuse Ernst Zundel’s book with Joseph P Farrell’s book, ‘Reich of the Black Sun’. Farrell is controlled opposition and the book is full of anti-German propaganda, and plenty of disinformation on certain events that occurred during WW2. He covers many similar topics as Ernst Zundel. Farrell has some decent information on certain technologies, but he is (((controlled))) and the book has some Truths, some half Truths, as well as some lies and distortions.

Books like Farrell’s came out after Zundel’s. Ernst Zundel, Bergmann, Haarmann, Lusar, Landig and others collated nearly all the information. Then various controlled agents got hold of their research, and created their own works with disinfo, misdirection and propaganda added.

(Update May 2021: I now believe that the names ‘Mattern Friedrich’ and ‘Christof Friedrich’ were very likely  the pseudonyms used by Ernst Zundel before he put his name to the book.)

We will look at the UFO phenomenon using facts, correlation of information and critical thinking. Not like the rest of the people interested in Ufology who mainly just base everything on pure speculation and stories made up by fake ‘channelers’ and fake ‘whistleblowers’. The vast majority of people are basing their ideas of what is occurring in the solar system and the skies of Earth on what all these government shills / agents are saying. The majority of the more recent abduction testimonies are fake as well. There is a large network of people in Ufology keeping the Truth of the situation from you.

The UFO book I primarily use in this article is not created by an agent, but someone who has been put in jail and had his house set on fire for questioning the jewish narrative of what happened in WW2. Someone who is intelligent, erudite, extremely well read and a Real Truth Warrior who stood up against those behind this NWO agenda. A man who is admired by a great many Real Truthers: Ernst Zundel – look up his videos on the internet. (The Truth Does Not Fear Investigation)

Ernst Zundel’s UFO book is very well researched and full of old newspaper articles, clearly presented evidence and very credible testimony. There are links to extracts from the book later in the article.

The two documentaries mentioned above will show you how much we have been lied to about WW2, Adolf Hitler and National Socialism. Both documentaries have been heavily suppressed by jewish run and owned YouTube. It is important to understand all the lies we have been told – as the Ufology psyops fall flat on their face when you understand WW2 Truth – as there is a huge agenda within Ufology to continue the propaganda and brainwashing the world has been subjected to regarding WW2.

I am happy for people to comment and debate me in the comments section of this article. Most people interested in this subject are hooked on at least one Ufology psyop. I can tell you exactly how each of the Ufology ‘personalities’ are controlled – giving you clear reasons and evidence as to how I know. I know them all – and all the networks they move in. There will be a section about some of these agents at the end.

Because of my own numerous experiences I studied Ufology extensively, and I saw that people in Ufology argue amongst themselves about who, out of all these numerous ‘Ufology personalities’, is telling the Truth – as so many of them contradict each other with their stories and ‘information’. I will clear it up for you – they are all controlled – all of the Ufology and New Age personalities and ‘channelers’ – all of them (The only one who might not be controlled is John Lash…). They do not care who you get hooked on. Some of the testimonies of sightings and ‘abductions’ will be genuine though. Pretty much all the sightings of metallic discs in 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and 70’s seem genuine and very credible. Those alien abduction stories that came in the 90’s up to the present day – after the New Age and Ufology psyops really began – you must be more suspicious of.

Update – May, 2021 – This article is the first one of a five part series. Links to these other four are at the end of this post:

I recommend you read all 5 articles if you want to understand this topic. If you have any questions, or reservations, about the UFO phenomenon being related to The Breakaway Germans after reading this first article, they will very likely be answered in Ufology Explained Parts 2, 3, 4 or 5. All articles have important additional information on The Breakaway Germans. Some questions you have may be answered in the comments sections of these articles, as additional information is in them.

If you have any questions I will answer them in any of the articles comment sections. As well as this, if you have any additional pertinent information related to any of these posts please share it in the comment sections. I hope you find all 5 articles useful.

Section 1:

Important historical facts related to Ufology and Germany’s development of Advanced Technology

The UFO Phenomenon

(There are stories that sound like sightings in ancient history, but this was a very long time ago. What I am referring to here in this section is modern history. There were sporadic sightings of strange phenomena in the sky in the late 1800s early 1900s, but they were very rare – and they were not described as flying discs or cigar shaped craft.)

When did UFO sightings start occurring? During and just after WW2.

What did they look like? Flying metallic saucers.

Which country was developing metallic saucer type craft during WW2? Germany.

Where did the first sightings of these craft occur? In the countries of Central Europe near Germany during WW2 – as well as in Germany itself.

Where were there many sightings of the silver disc UfOs after WW2? South America.

Where were the German U boats heading that were intercepted just after WW2? South America.

What continent is very close to South America? Antarctica.

After the war supposedly finished where did Admiral Byrd go with his convoy of warships (Operation Highjump)? Antarctica.

What happened to Byrd’s so called ‘expedition’? They came back terrified as they were attacked by very advanced craft and weapons.

(Evidence of all this is in Ernst Zundel’s book ‘UFOs Nazi Secret Weapon?’)

Some Very important things you need to know to understand Ufology:

  • The Germans were very far in advance of the allies with regards to technology during and at the end of WW2.
  • None of Germans UFO scientists were captured, and none of the German UFO technology was found when the Allied forces stole everything else from their country at the end of WW2. (Wernher Von Braun, who famously went to work in the United States, was a rocket scientist, this was very old technology compared to what the UFO scientists were developing)
  • Around 250,000 Germans were unaccounted for at the end of the war. The population census showed around 250,000 were missing.
  • Some German U boats were intercepted heading to the South America region carrying many young men – the few U Boats that were intercepted had many more men than what was needed for a U boat crew.
  • Many, if not all, of the large German U boats were found to be missing by the Allied Forces when they ransacked Germany.
  • There is no real evidence Hitler committed suicide. And a great deal of evidence and testimony to suggest he escaped and that he had a contingency plan. See links below for evidence.
  • The entire Reichsbank Treasure, (All of Germany’s reserves) disappeared from the bank vaults in Berlin, before the end of the war. The Germans also had some expert jewish forgers to create currencies from around the world.
  • Towards the end of the war the Germans invested large amounts of money in various companies in neutral countries around the world. The total was in the Billions. They also deposited money in the banks of neutral countries.
  • There was a ‘fly over’ in Washington DC with flying saucers in 1952 – possibly as a show of strength and a warning by the Germans – as the Allied Forces were trying to destroy the breakaway Germans in Antarctica.
  • The Germans were investigating going to Mars and the Moon. They were possibly even flying there as early as the 1940’s – it looks like that they had the capability to do this in the 40’s.
  • The Germans were the greatest inventors and engineers, winning worldwide awards year after year. But all their truly great high technology brains did not fall into the Allies hands.
  • The National Socialist Germans sent out various expeditions to Antarctica – to explore and map. (photos and documents exist)
  • There was talk of an impenetrable fortress that Adolf Hitler had built in Antarctica

In 1943 Admiral Doenitz had declared: “The German U-boat fleet is proud to have made an earthly paradise, an impregnable fortress for the Fuehrer, somewhere in the world.” – UFOs Nazi Secret Weapon, Ernst Zundel et al

(Evidence of all this is in Ernst Zundel’s book ‘UFOs Nazi Secret Weapon?’)

There was a documented flyover over Washington DC in 1952. It could only have been the Germans – there is no other logical explanation. It appears to be a show of strength and a warning.


A young intercepted German Uboat Crew – Image taken from ‘UFOs Nazi Secret Weapons?’ by Ernst Zundel et al

Section 2:

Evidence – Extended Articles Links.

If you want evidence and further information on all the above points then click on these links – they are extracts from Ernst Zundel’s book — ‘UFO:  Nazi Secret Weapon?’ – there is a great deal of information in them – as well as some photos, diagrams and newspaper clippings. The links will open in a new tab:

Foreword and Hitler the Man

German Rockets & Alternative Weapons

Kidnapping of German Specialists

Adolf Hitler Survived – Escapes Berlin

German UFOs

U Boat Convoy + Atomic Bomb

Antarctica – Expeditions + Operation Highjump and Admiral Byrd

Why The Big UFO Cover Up?

German UFO drawings – Image from ‘UFO’s Nazi Secret Weapon’ by Ernst Zundel. This particular craft was a prototype – diagrams of the completed and most advanced craft are provided later.

A small selection of images from the above extracts – there are more images at the end of the article (thumbnails, click to enlarge):

A few more aspects to consider:

(I am aware that the footage of the ‘moon landing’ shown to the world was fake – but that does not mean they did not go there in 1969.)

When the US went to the moon in 1969 it was reported that they were warned off – who warned them off? Was it the German breakaway group?

When the US went to the moon on the radio the code word for UFOs and ‘ETs’ was used – Were these German craft that they saw?

Why did we never hear about who this group was or who the craft belonged to? Perhaps because they don’t want the world to know the Germans are out there and were not defeated.

Why have none of the Earth’s (((super powers))) gone to the Moon since 1969? Are the Germans there?

When did this subversive New Age and Ufology movement occur? After WW2 and the Moon ‘landing’.

When did these fake New Age and fake Extraterrestrial ‘channelers’ start up? After WW2 and the Moon ‘landing’.

When did we start getting this New Age narrative of ‘Nordic ETs’ in metallic disc shaped craft in our solar system – i’e The ‘Pleiadians’? It was after the Moon ‘Landing’.

(Because the Pleiadean rhetoric is another psyop to distract people from the Truth. The only beings with Nordic/Germanic blood that have metallic disc shaped craft in our solar system are the breakaway National Socialist German group. We have evidence for it, we have none for the ‘Pleiadean’ rhetoric.)

Look at this propaganda created by the wife of a fake SSP whistleblower on her website.

The above image is on the website of the wife of Michael Relfe – he was one of the first fake Secret Space Program ‘Whistleblowers’. There is a clear agenda in Ufology.

Barbara Marciniak is a channeling shill. I have read these books and heard her channelings on YouTube. So much disinfo from her on a variety of topics. Why has Ufology made so much effort to push this idea of Pleiadians being ‘out there’ in metallic saucers? It’s a psyop to distract you from the Truth. The benevolent Nordics out there that wish to help us are the Breakaway Germans.

I propose that in 1969 they found out how advanced the Germans were and perhaps that they had a strong presence on the Moon and or Mars. They had to control the UFO narrative – so since this time there has been so many fake channelers and so many fake whistleblowers. They do not want you to know the Truth about the German breakaway group.

The fact of the matter is that there is only evidence of the Germans having advanced craft capable of going to the Moon and Mars in the 40’s – so it is feasible that they were warned off by the Germans and that the craft they saw belonged to the Germans. I am not saying this is definitely the case, but it is the most likely. There is also the possibility that they were warned off by a different extraterrestrial group.

(Additional image – May 2021)  Saucers and cigar shaped craft. These images document the type of craft people were seeing in the skies after WW2. A diagram found of the cigar shaped motherships that the Germans were creating is provided later on in the article:

Image 1 -Drawings from the book ‘The secret of the unknown flying objects’ – by Schneider, H Malthaner (Inside the Hugin book called UFO Document Collection). Image 2 – The second images are from an old article in the New York Times describing how the UFOs being seen were either saucer shaped or ‘bullet’ or cigar shaped (The second set of images taken from O.Bergmanns book).

We know that the Germans were creating a variety of saucer shaped craft, as well as having plans for cigar shaped mother ships. They were also creating ‘balls of light’ / spherical UFOs – called ‘Foo Fighters’ by some… more on that topic and the fleets of orbs that are currently being seen in our skies in a later section.

The Germans have had over 70 years away from Earth to develop new craft. The ‘tic-tac’ craft and the ‘TR 3B’ craft that are occasionally being seen in the sky are likely to also be German craft. As far as I can tell, these 2 sets of images above were from publications created in the 1970s and 1980s.

Section 3:

Some important facts regarding The Breakaway Germans (‘Nazis’) relationship with the World Powers since WW2 ended:

It is very important for us to establish how the Breakaway Germans would view Earth and the World Powers that rule it. If you doubt any of these below statements watch the documentaries linked at the start of the article:

The Jews declared war on Germany in 1933. International Jewry declared war in 1933 and urged all jews to carry out a Holy War against Germany. Fact.

Britain, lead by Churchill – Churchill the alcoholic war criminal with strong jewish connections – declared war on Germany when Hitler – after many concessions and peace proposals – had to go into Danzig to rescue the Germans being murdered there. Fact

Churchill reiterated in his speeches that there was no length that he would not go to destroy the Germans. “Victory at all costs…” is what he said. Whereas Hitler in his speeches regularly appealed to the allies to leave the civilians and the cities alone, and expressed his sympathy for all the troops involved in war. Fact

Britain bombed German civilians for 3 months before Hitler eventually retaliated, after Hitler attempted many times to get them to stop targeting cities and civilians. Fact

Churchill wanted to use chemical warfare on the German civilians. Fact

The Dresden Holocaust occurred – the carpet firebombing of the town full of civilians, when the war was essentially already won. Fact

The Rhine Meadows Eisenhower death camps at the end of the war starved to death millions of Germans on purpose (murdered) – the food was there, they just didn’t give it to them . Fact.

German women were raped on a massive scale at the end of WW2 by allied soldiers, particularly by Soviet troops. Fact.

The Allied Forces sent a convoy of ships to attempt to destroy the National Socialist Germans at their base in Antarctica. Fact.

The jewish ‘holocaust’ is a total hoax. Not one jew was gassed to death. Russians built a chimney after the war and faked photographs. The inmates died of typhus. A scientific study was completed by a gas chamber expert – It was a hoax. Germans have had to pay billions upon billions for a hoax. Fact.

The Allied Forces executed or imprisoned the entire National Socialist government and all military leaders after WW2. With extremely corrupt, unethical and illegal court proceedings. A kangaroo court. Fact.

The Allies illegally stole all the Germans technology patents that they found (except any high technology UFO patents, as they were nowhere to be found). Fact.

The Allies kidnapped and blackmailed German scientists and their families and took them to Russia and the U.S. Fact.

They then proceeded to brainwash and mind control the German population via total media and educational control… burning all National Socialist literature and wiping the National Socialist history archives… while flooding the German Nation with millions and millions of immigrants. Fact.

To understand the barbarity carried out against the German People I suggest you watch the excellent documentary Hellstorm at https://www.hellstormdocumentary.com – or read the Book by the same name by Thomas Goodrich.

The information in this section is so important for you to understand. You must understand these facts to comprehend what the attitude of the German Breakaway Group will be towards those that run the western world: International Jewry. They run the US, Britain, France, Russia etc… and of course Israel. Jewry own and run the Central Banks – they are in power on Earth and were the instigators and creators of WW2.

The National Socialist Germans knew exactly where they stood by the end of WW2 – and where they stood in the future with regards to the World Powers. This German Breakaway Group would not be complacent. They would not be naive. Luckily they were decades in advance of them with regards to technology. They also had the greatest German minds still with them. They had moved their operations to Antarctica, protected by their advanced craft and weapons.

The most important thing to the National Socialist Germans was their folk, their people. Hitler also loved Europe and spoke of wanting to help all of Europe. The National Socialists also had help from a great many other Nations during WW2 – the Waffen SS was the most multicultural military force in history. The Germans will not just leave this planet never to return, they will be attempting to help, and they will be monitoring what is occurring down here.

Here is a channel with a great many Hitler and WW2 Truth videos. The image is linked and the channel will open in a  new tab if you click on it:


Section 4:

Why haven’t the German Breakaway Group tried to save us from Jewish Tyranny, Marxist Degradation and the NWO agenda?

There is probably only so much they can do. Israel has the Samson Option. They are the only country that is exempt from nuclear weapons inspection (they have never been inspected) – and they openly admit they have many Nuclear weapons. Look into this Samsom option. They could destroy Europe in a flash as a last resort – if (((they))) are going down they will take Europe with them. So perhaps this is why the Breakaway Germans can’t just come down and openly help or intervene.

(Edit: I have since studied the electric nature of the cosmos/universe – so I realise there are no ‘nuclear’ weapons. But there are various explosive weapons that the Banking Cartels / Jewry have at their disposal. If you read my following Ufology Explained articles (Parts 4 & 5) it can be seen that there is some type of monitoring of the Powers down here on Earth by the Breakaway Germans, and some actions taken against them – it looks like they are keeping the PTB in check, to some degree.)

As well as this, once out there in the Cosmos I am sure the Germans will also face some threats from elsewhere. I should imagine it is all quite a complex situation.

The Breakaway Germans would also have to establish a strong base from which to operate elsewhere in the Solar System, which would take some time (I strongly believe they are on Mars, which is perfectly habitable, and not like NASA says). Their population would also take some time to grow and a civilization would take a while to establish. And, as well as this, Planet Earth seems to be in some sort of metaphysical ‘quarantine’, some sort of force above International Jewry seems to exist. Once away from Earth how easy is it for the Germans to come back down here? Especially when all the (((Super Powers))) want to destroy them.

I do believe some Souls connected to the German breakaway group are incarnating here and helping in a variety of ways – some of which are more metaphysical ways (I have some experience of this).

Has this Holy War declared by International Jewry really ended? I don’t think so. The jews, with their almost total control of the media, have lied to us so much about all aspects of WW2 , Hitler and National Socialism. And this Holy War is still seems to be being waged against Europe and all White Nations with their incessant propaganda, subversion, forced immigration, cultural Marxism and media mind control.

Jews, Marxists and Zionists are running Ufology. I know many of these fake whistleblowers are jews, as I did my research – plus some of them are just blatantly jewish and are connected to other Zionist/jewish run psyops. Networks, so that they can control the narrative in Ufology .

(You should read my other Ufology Explained articles if you want to understand this question. There is important additional information in them. Ufology Explained parts 4 and 5, in particular. Links at the end of the article.)

Section 5:

Aims of Subversive Ufology

I have had middle of the night contact, other-dimensional experiences, recall of living on another planet… lots of metaphysical and third-eye experiences, so I researched Ufology extensively. (I have discussed these experiences in other articles on this site – it was what sparked my interest in Ufology) I became perplexed because as I attempted to ascertain what had been happening to me, I found that there was just various networks of controlled opposition. I emailed some of these people, skyped with a couple, investigated it thoroughly… subversive Disinfo agent after subversive Disinfo agent. I have had these agents lie to me, trying to get me to view my experiences in a certain way. For example: one night I experienced myself going into a portal type viewing screen and vividly seeing two young children on these small hovering vehicles on a rocky planet. One of these fake SSP whistleblowers I contacted tried to convince me these were my ‘hybrid’ children.  When they were not hybrids at all – they were human – White human children on another planet.

Many Ufology agents information also totally contradicts another groups information. They do not care which group you get hooked on, as long as you get hooked on someone or a certain group. What are they are all there for? What are they ultimately trying to hide from the public?

– Distract you from the Truth of a variety Geopolitical situations – i.e how Israel and International Jewry are the root cause of most of the worlds problems.

– Distract you from the Truth of who is behind the New World Order agenda (To get you thinking about ‘reptilians’ or ‘the cabal’ or the ‘Illuminati’ or ‘Evil Nazis’ … when it is the Jews / International Jewry). The NWO is a jewish agenda stemming from their doctrines – such as The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, The Talmud, Zohar, Kabballah etc)

– Some of these Ufology agents even try to get you to think the ‘Evil Nazis’ are involved with New World Order agenda – which is a joke as the Germans were fighting the very people who are behind it.

– Get people hooked into some fantasy created by these agents. Get you focusing on a wide variety of made up ET races… these fake channelers with their distracting lies…. Or the fake Hybrid Children rhetoric for example.

– Pacifying you with the fake ‘Ascension’ rhetoric, or even the ‘Mass Ascension’ and ‘The ‘Event’ fabrication … or even an ET race will come down and save us! Various Ufology personalities will also say ‘all will change this year’, or the ‘endgame’ is near.

– Getting you caught up in their limited hangout disinfo agents. Like Simon Parkes, Kerry Cassidy, Max Spiers, David Wilcock, Corey Goode, Miles Johnston, James Rink, Barbara Marciniak, Bashar…. There are so many of them. People get caught up in these limited hangouts and get fed a wide variety of disinfo.

– To get you to not become Racially Conscious. For example: Saying that we, as a soul, incarnate in any alien form, on any human species or subspecies, that we feel like (When this is clearly not the case, this is to attempt to not get you to not be protective of your Race on this planet. DNA, Race and Ancestry are so very significant in the universe… metaphysical and cosmically – and they have Soul level significance)

– Pacify you with the ‘raising your vibration’ psyop – this also related to getting you into the very nutritionally deficient veganism cult.

– But as mentioned earlier, Ufology is also hugely about subverting you away from the Truth about the origin of most of these UFOs. The 40’s, 50’s ,60’s and 70’s were full of sightings of metallic saucer shaped UFOs – exactly like the ones the Germans were creating.

– Controlling the narrative regarding the National Socialist Breakaway Germans. If you have watched the two documentaries I recommend above you will have realised that National Socialist Germans were, and are, the good guys. They are aligned with Truth, with Nature, with Cosmic laws.

– All the personalities in Ufology continue with the ‘EVIL NAZIS’ rhetoric and propaganda that we get from jewish owned and run Hollywood. All of them do, except for John Lash.

– They also want you to get you to underestimate how much more advanced the German Breakaway Group were after WW2.

– They really do not want you to know that the National Socialist German Breakaway group are a benevolent group that wishes to help humanity break free from slavery – freedom from the jewish banking cartels and jewry’s control and subversion of the planet. They don’t want people to know that the silver discs are German craft… I am sure the Germans have also developed other types of very advanced craft as well by now.

– These UFO agents also endeavour to get you to think that the Earth based secret space projects are more advanced than they really are. The Germans would have gained much control of the space between Earth and the Moon and Mars. I doubt that the Earth groups have much of a presence on Mars or the Moon. I do not think Earth groups are going to get to Mars. Elon Musk is a psyop and a joke.

But there certainly seemed to come a point in Ufology where the directive for some of the subversive agents / shills was to admit that the ‘Nazis’ (National Socialist Germans) do have a presence in our solar system. Because it is very obvious that they will have if you look at the evidence – they clearly developed advanced technologies. These agents talk about the Germans having a base on the Moon and Mars and then provide us with subverting lies and propaganda about them.

International Jewry always want to control every narrative – they always want to try to stay a step ahead of the ‘Goyim’. So they tell you of the ‘Evil Space Nazis’ and they fill the rhetoric with lies. Jewry would have preferred for us to not think the Germans have any presence out there. But they know that they have to attempt to control the narrative from all angles – or their multitudes of subversions and lies may come crashing down in a big way.

Section 6:

Anti ‘Nazi’ propaganda in Ufology (A selection) – and some other psyops and misdirection.

Here I want to give a quick overview of some of their anti-National Socialist and anti-German rhetoric … showing you what these agents are saying:

– The Germans worked or still work with the ‘Evil Reptilians’. This one of their favourite lines. ( But there is Zero evidence for this rhetoric – it is just made up – plucked out of thin air by the people who tell these agents what to say.) – ( shills like William Tompkins, Corey Goode, Michael Salla etc). The Reptilian rhetoric was first created by the shill David Icke (see my article on him) – and other psyops and agents have used it as well, in various ways. (There does seem to be a force above Jewry, but we do not know exactly who, or what, it is.)

Michael Salla – he is a government controlled oppostion shill and creates these above articles. It is important to remember that there is not a single shred of evidence for this reptilian rhetoric. He promotes the shills David Wilcock and Corey Goode, as well as other fake whistlebowers like Randy Cramer and Tony Rodrigues.

– Fake SSP whistleblower Jason Rice says that the ‘Nazis’ (The German Breakaway Group) at one point wanted to end the ‘lease’ on the Moon Base that they were leasing from the ‘Draco Reptilians’, so the Germans struck a deal with the Rothschilds – or ‘The Cabal’ as this controlled agent calls them. (If you understand the Truth of WW2 you would know this would never in a million years occur! The Rothschilds and other jewish groups – who controlled the allied forces – murdered many millions of Germans during the war and after the war: In Dresden firebombings and in the Eisenhower death camps – and there was the mass rape of German women by the Allies. The German Breakaway Group would never strike a deal with them! Let alone have anything to do with them. These people also created an expedition to Antarctica to try and destroy the Germans in Operation Highjump. And if anyone is referring to the jewish banking cartels and International Jewry as ‘The Cabal’ – then you know they are controlled agents.)

A couple of Shills appearing on a Shills YouTube Channel.

– That the German breakaway group were going around to other planets and taking them over with force ( said by fake SSP ‘whistleblower’ Corey Goode) – or firing missiles on peaceful planets ( said by fake SSP ‘whistleblower’ Tony Rodrigues)

(Corey Goode is clearly an agent as is Tony Rodrigues. Rodrigues and Goode both talk about the ‘Illuminati’ a lot as well. A Real Truther knows the term ‘Illuminati’ is a subversion and a distraction – It is International Jewry behind the NWO. And all this anti-German propaganda is obvious.)

The way that all these fake SSP whistleblowers talk about the infrastructure on the Moon and Mars is as if the ‘Nazi’ bases and Earth owned (((illuminati))) bases coexist – that they tolerate each other and communicate and swap leases of buildings and exchange slave labour etc – living side by side in harmony. What a lot of nonsense! There is no way the Germans would tolerate any U.S, British, Russian, Israeli or ‘United Nations’ group being anywhere near them, and they certainly would not work with them. Only people who do not know the Truth of WW2 could possibly believe this. It is much more likely that the Earth groups do not have a base on the Moon or Mars – and the Germans will not let them on there.

Tony Rodrigues, a lady called Penny, as well as Corey Goode, say that the German group were using slave labour – taking people from Earth, and then age-regressing them and returning them. These two fake whistleblowers, Tony and Penny, are saying that they were used by the ‘Nazis’.

Rodrigues also says that when serving with the Germans, as a slave, the German spaceship he was serving on would come down to Earth and make pickups and drop offs. Here we can see that he is lying, this is nonsense. It relies on you not understanding the Truth of WW2 and current geopolitics. Rodrigues used the Diego Garcia base as an example of one place – saying that he remembers making drop offs there. The Germans will not be trading with any Earth corporations down here… this is not going to be happening. All the major western powers down here are run by Zionist puppet politicians or jews, as are pretty much all the corporations and banks… And many millions of Germans were killed in a war that they did not want, and then many more millions were murdered and raped on a massive scale at the end of WW2… a war that was created by International Jewry and Zionists.

(A little addition, August 2021) — Rodrigues also says that at the end of his slavery, just before he was to be returned to Earth, one of the German Officers says to him to find a nice German girl and have a family. Rodrigues is clearly not German – there is zero chance a German officer would say this to him. National Socialist Germans definitely do not believe in, or promote, inter-racial relationships… especially not with German women. That was certainly not the best part of his ‘whistle-blower’ script.

(Why would the National Socialist Germans use non-Germans from Earth like this guy Tony and this lady Penny? Why would they risk having unknown people with no loyalty to them, who could possibly remember what occurred in these so called ‘projects’? – It would compromise their entire operation. The National Socialist Germans are smart and very careful. Why would they use people like this from the U.S.? It is pure ridiculous illogical nonsense.)

James Rink and some of his psyop agent friends say that the ‘Nazi’ breakaway group are trying to come back through portals or time machines to take over the world! (James Rink – he puts out so much disinfo – this rhetoric is from the ridiculous disinfo agent ‘Peter the Insider’, who Rink has on his show – as well as some of Rink’s other fake guests).Who believes this obvious disinfo? – The National Socialists just wanted to look after their folk, they did not want to take over the world! This ‘Peter The Insider’ even says that the the ‘Pleiadean’ woman who met ‘Billy Meier’ has sex with Earth humans and then eats them afterwards – I kid you not, he actually says this. What morons fall for all this nonsense?

– That the ‘Nazis’ were kidnapping children and using various torture methods in Canada to create ‘Super Soldiers’. This one comes from James Casbolt and Max Spiers – two fake ‘super soldier disinfo agents’. Why would there be any ‘Nazis’ in Zionist run Canada?! If you know about the end of WW2 you would know that all the German government and the German military leaders were either killed or put in prison – all of them. James Casbolt and Max Spiers put out so much disinfo: read this article: Super Soldiers Disinformation – James Casbolt, Max Spiers and others

The Germans space fleet are supposedly called the ‘Dark Fleet’ and they all wear black etc. Pretty much all the fake SSP whistleblowers say this. Give me a break with this childish propaganda: ‘Dark Fleet!’

When you know what National Socialism was really all about then all this rhetoric from these (((agents))) sounds so ridiculous.

‘Ahlex’ on Miles Johnston’s YouTube channel acting and lying. He says he met the lying shill James Casbolt in one experience – and the shill Max Spiers contacted him as well. Always networks and psyops linked together.

Someone who called himself ‘Ahlex’ in an interview with – YouTuber and government agent /shill  Miles Johnston – says some very strange things and contradicts himself. One minute he is saying that the ‘Nazis’ are trying to help the Earth. Then he is saying he was abducted and tortured by a ‘Nazi’ scientist from the Breakaway ‘Nazis’. Then he is saying that the ‘Nazis’ are fighting against the ‘Reptilians’. Then he is saying that the Reptilians were partly responsible for the holocaust. (When there was no jewish holocaust! It is a hoax) It is more subversion and it is just (((them))) trying to control the rhetoric and confuse and distract. As well as trying to pacify people. He says at the end that everything is going to be OK, we are all going to be free, etc etc – nothing to worry about. Always these psyops have pacifying rhetoric for the naïve Ufology community. Always trying to give them a saviour so they sit back and do nothing. This ‘Ahlex’ is clearly an actor, a bad one.

These Ufology agents/shills make up all this rhetoric about all these ‘underground bases’ where evil Reptilians and evil Greys live and they do experiments on humans, keeping them in cells, chained up, etc. There isn’t any real evidence for this. Just a few so called ‘whistleblowers’. I personally do not believe it – as the people who say this also say other pieces of clearly provable disinfo, and they are also connected to other provable disinfo agents, and work within a network of psyops.

I have other articles on this site, in the Ufology section, which expose various Ufology Psyops.

If you research Ufology you will see a tremendous amount of contradictions from all the different groups – so many different networks of liars and deceivers.

I also propose to you that the Roswell crash in New Mexico (very close to South America and Antarctica) was quite possibly a German craft – possibly one that malfunctioned and crashed – I say malfunctioned rather than shot down as from my research it is evident that these sliver discs were flying around a fair amount in the 40’s 50’s and 60’s – if the powers that be had the capabilities to shoot these craft down they would not have carried on flying around and observing nuclear missile installations, military bases and various wars/conflicts. (In fact, if you look at my ‘Ufology Explained Part 5’ article, it looks like the Earth superpowers are still some way behind the Breakaway Germans in the 21st century – the evidence in that post suggests that they do not offer much of a threat to the advanced German craft in our atmosphere.)

That it was a German craft is much more likely than ‘aliens’. That was all a mis-direction. They did not want you to know that the Germans had not been defeated. It is also suggests that the U.S were not able to reverse engineer this craft at any great speed – as these sliver disc craft were flying around and observing key areas and events around the world in the 50’s, 60’s and even in the 70’s. The operators of these craft did not seem threatened or fearful – there were reports of military opening fire upon these sliver discs – the silver disc craft did not return fire, but the bullets from the Earth military would come right back at the them.

An image made by someone else, but they are thinking along the same lines as me. But the National Socialists never called themselves ‘Nazis’. That term is a slur and a propaganda term.

Another mis-direction and subversion is the Hybrid Children rhetoric in Ufology. This rhetoric that small grey zeta reticulan aliens are abducting people and creating hybrid ‘grey aliens’ with Human DNA… Some controlled ufology agents say that the ‘Greys’ will repopulate their own planet with these hybrids –  and some agents of deception say that the Hybrids will come down and live with us on Earth – I kid you not. But this subversion could also be related to the German group – perhaps a mis-direction. National Socialists always understood the importance of DNA – perhaps the Germans are collecting people, (perhaps with their permission at Soul level, agreed before they incarnated) and using their DNA to infuse that high quality DNA into the small population of Germans that escaped and Broke Away. Some type of genetic programme. This is much more plausible to me. DNA is so important in the universe. Fascinatingly my own middle of the night semi-lucid collection involved me being collected by two small grey like aliens and taken onto a ship inhabited by White Humans… very interesting – and I do have some very good quality Aryan / White DNA. My Aunt has also had a collection experience. (This is also much more likely seeing as International Jewry are attempting to carry out a genocide on White people by flooding their countries with immigrants and by incessantly encouraging mixed race relationships through the media they own – i.e The Kalergi Plan)

When you have all this information about the Germans advanced technology in the 1940’s then you must look at all of Ufology taking into account this information.

You should also look into the Kearney Incident – Where Reinhold Shmidt testifies to being taken up by a UFO in 1957, where the crew all spoke German. Ernst Zundel’s book also talks about it. It is a convincing and credible testimony, for the most part. We should recognise he was incarcerated and interrogated for a little while, after he told the authorities what he had experienced – he also mentions that he is not allowed to talk about some of what the group said. So Schmidt may have also been told to embellish or use some misdirection to placate the authorities…. but the beginning of his story sounds very credible.

Kearney Incident – Reinholdt Shmidt. The German speaking Human ET’s told him they were from another planet. They probably were. I should imagine the Germans were settled on Mars by 1957.

(I want to point out that from all my research, and my own night-time vivid recall of being on a rocky Mars like planet with other White Folk (perhaps past life recall), I am fairly sure that the Germans established a base in Antarctica and eventually went to Mars and established a civilization there. There are also various personal first hand experiences that I have had in the night that makes me almost certain about this… I might expand upon this in a later article on this website, I have mentioned them in previous articles.)

Concluding Thoughts:

Essentially Ufology – which was established and created not long after WW2 and The Moon ‘Landings’ – was created to spread disinfo and confusion about what the UFOs were. International Jewry had to control the narrative. Yes, there will be some UFOs that have been spotted in more recent times that are owned by the governments down here, but most since the 1940’s will have been German. If you read the book by Ernst Zundel or look through the extract links I provided above, then you will realize that is extremely likely that the vast majority of the saucer, or disc shaped, UFOs spotted around Earth will have been from the German Breakaway Group. The type of craft the Breakaway Germans make now could be very much more advanced than these. But fear not, as they are the good guys.

Before I end this article I want to address a certain phenomena. There were so many sightings of these metallic disc shaped craft in 40s, 50s, and 60s. And the witnesses will sometimes talk of a glowing hue – sometimes said to be green – other times said to be a variety of colours.

A quote from UFOs Nazis Secret Weapon – Ernst Zundel, which explains this phenomena:

“Before we leave this area of investigation, we have to look into the repeatedly reported “glowing” or “pulsating” lights emanating from U.F.O.’s. We find an interesting reference to this phenomena in the previously-mentioned book “We want You” — “Is Hitler Alive?”. On page 17 the author reports about a brilliant German metallurgist who had created “a metal harder than diamonds” called appropriately enough “Impervium”. This metal glows alternately in the colours of the rainbow when heated to a high degree. This seems to tie up another loose end.” – P103 

Some suggested further research is looking into the flying saucer disc like craft, as well as large glowing orbs, that have been seen above all the major military conflicts since WW2 – as well as above nuclear facilities and military bases around the world. There are many cases. These flying saucers never seem to attack but just monitor. If the discs are shot at the bullets or missiles shot at them often just come back at the aggressor. I would suggest to you that this is the German Breakaway Group monitoring what is occurring on Earth. 

End of main article.

Some important additional information and images:

Below is a selection of some of these sightings and images of craft – taken from the end of Zundel’s book. Each image or newspaper article is a thumbnail – Click on them to enlarge.

(The ‘flying saucer’ diagrams in this gallery are of German prototypes – after this gallery there are the German diagrams of the finished, and more advanced, craft)


Note: After the last Website Update the galleries are all playing up. If it is not displaying properly, if you refresh the page twice (sometimes once) it will work just fine. I will endeavour to rectify this issue as soon as possible. 4 / 1 / 2023


Images of their completed and more advanced craft. A diagram of the cigar-shaped motherships the Germans were creating – and then overviews of some of their flying saucers:

Update and additional research suggestions – December 2020:

As well as Ernst Zundel’s book on this subject you also have O. Bergmanns books – ‘Deutsche Flugscheiben und U-Boote ueberwachen die Weltmeere’ – which contain incredible amounts of information and evidence. These books also document the large amount of USO (unidentified submerged objects) and submarine type activity in the European waters after WW2. Here are some further research suggestions. The books below are all in German, and PDFs of all of them can be found on the website ‘archive.org’ – which can then be translated with an online app – google translate will translate PDFs. I have not found English versions of any of these below books.

D. H. Haarmann’s books also provide a lot more evidence. I am still working my way through all these books. It is somewhat tricky as I had to use an online translating app, as there are no English versions of these books – so the translations are not brilliant.

Stenrhoff’s book – Die Dritte Macht – which translates as ‘The Third Power’ provides much evidence of a German Breakaway Group. Interestingly, after looking carefully at the abductions / collections in the 1950s to the 1980s he came to the same conclusions as me: that the small greys are a group that work for, or with, the ‘Nordics’. He suggested the small greys were subordinate to the ‘Nordics’. The ‘Nordics’ are of course the German Breakaway Group – he understood this. He also noticed it was nearly all Aryan / White European people having collections / abductions and samples taken from.

There are also a series of articles here on this linked website below, which use these books to look at the evidence for a German Breakaway Group. https://fliegende-wahrheit.com/2019/07/09/die-reichsdeutschen-teil-1-die-dritte-macht/
(This is a German site – easily translated on line – this is a link to a 24 parts series of articles on this German Breakaway Group called: The Reichsdeutsche – The Third Power .)

Wilhelm Landig also created books on this subject (which I have not yet read, but have seen some commentary on it in Sternhoff’s book above)

Wilhelm Landig (1909-1997)
Landig’s main claims are as follows:

(This is an extract from Gilbert Sternhoff’s book – an online translation of it – so it does not read perfectly. If you look into Landig’s background he seems to be a legitimate source.)

  1. The Imperial German Antarctic Expedition under Captain Alfred Ritscher 1938/1939 did not map and measure just one significant part of Antarctica, the so-called area of Neu-Schwabenland, but created the conditions at the same time for the permanent occupation of this area. During the During the war, the Antarctic base was expanded further and served as a refuge for those in the after the fighting ended High technology transferred in the last days of the Third Reich.
  2. The transport of this technology and the one to operate it required crew was made by a fleet of ultramodern Submarines with partly revolutionary properties. The submarines left the Norwegian port of Kristiansund in early May 1945 and headed for the North Atlantic.
  3. The last naval battle of the war took place near Iceland complete annihilation of an allied warship formation led. The news about it was in Europe hushed up, but found theirs in the South American press Precipitation, e.g. B. in the Chilean daily newspaper El Mercurio .
  4. After this successful battle, the in Imperial German base located in the Arctic with the Designation point 103 , about the Landig in the first part of his trilogy (2).
  5. The submarine fleet then headed south with the aim of New Swabia. Two of the boats from the convoy ran away, causing due to technical defects, ports in Argentina to where they will later were confiscated by the Americans. The remaining Boats cleared some of them in the Antarctic base charge. The other part they secretly spent on that mainland south american.
  6. All of the above activities were coordinated by a secret development of the last days of the war, the flying disks with named V-7. The V-7 was developed in Vienna, Breslau and Prague by the Viennese technician Schauberger as well the engineer Schriever.
  7. The part spent on the South American mainland People and material found its shelter in huge
    Caverns, cave systems under the Andes, by one prehistoric culture had been created millennia ago and that of the German explorer Edmund Kiss on his expeditions Rediscovered in the late 1920s.
  8. Since the transfer of German high technology at the end of the war of course could not have remained unknown to the Allies, made the attempt in January 1947 to defeat the German To eliminate Antarctic base. This task should be solved American naval association under the leadership of Admiral Byrd. After losing a group of four reconnaissance planes the action was canceled without result.
  9. The personnel strength of the Antarctic base was from Landig at one point numbered 2,000 men. (3) Off Health reasons, ie by the vulnerability of the human Organism caused by the sterile Antarctic climate an exchange of staff has become necessary (3), and with the The majority of men have time to go to South America flown out (4). Ultimately, the base later had to be completely be abandoned. (5) The final closure took place in Year 1961. (6)
  10. There are still three flying disks in the today Cave systems under the Andes and are rusting away as the Supply of material and spare parts no longer guaranteed could be (5).

Video added February 2021 – A very credible testimony:

Update / Additional Information – May 2021:

Die Glocke – The ‘Nazi’ Bell and ‘Orbs’

All the images we see of ‘The Bell’ are just artists interpretations. ‘The Bell’ was not found by the (((Allies))).

(Based on information from Die Dritte Macht, by Gilbert Sternhoff)

I want to address the ‘Orbs’ / round moving lights, that are regularly seen high in the sky , sometimes in formation and sometimes just one singular light moving.

During WW2 we had a great deal of reports of ‘Foo Fighters’. Which were small round balls of light moving near the Allies planes – there were reports of them disrupting the planes.

The development of these ‘Foo Fighters’ very much seems to have come out of the German project called ‘Lantern Bearer’. Which was a project that stemmed from ‘The Bell’ (Die Glocke). The ‘Nazi’ Bell was an experimental device from which the Germans developed various advanced technologies and techniques. There is a lot of misinformation spread about ‘The Bell’ – it was not a craft. A project called ‘Chronos’ was also initiated at the same time as ‘Lantern Bearer’. Suggesting that the Germans were developing techniques, through the use of ‘The Bell’, to manipulate / bend time.

The first group of scientists involved with ‘The Bell’ developed illnesses, the same type of illnesses that you are said to develop if you come into close contact with the outside of a functioning UFO / ‘flying saucer’ (as suggested / documented in various testimonies). Which suggests that they used this ‘Bell’ to develop the technology that moved these craft at such amazing speeds, and with such accuracy and agility.

When keeping up to date with all the UFO sightings around the world the most common report will be of ‘orbs’ moving around high in the sky. The technology that produces this phenomenon was documented as coming from The ‘Nazi’ Bell / Die Glocke. Gilbert Sternhoff discusses this in his book Die Dritte Macht (The Third Power). He talks about the plasma vortices the Germans could produce through experimentation with ‘The Bell’.

These orbs we see high in the sky would not be classed as ‘Foo Fighters’ – they are much bigger for one thing – but they are stemming from the same understanding and technology.

Is this orb / light effect a by product of the flying crafts technology /propulsion system? Or is it a deliberate cloaking device?

We know that we can see the flying saucers and cigar-craft on occasions, so it is likely some type of cloaking device / technology.

I would suggest that the ‘tic-tac’ and ‘egg-shaped’ craft are also very likely to belong the Breakaway Germans and their allies (Perhaps to the Breakaway Germans that went inside the Earth and their Inner Earth allies). Cigar and ‘egg shaped’ craft have bene seen coming out of volcanos – and flying saucers have been seen near to volcanos. These ‘tic tac’ and ‘egg shaped’ craft occupy the same airspace as the orbs, and the craft behave in the same way as the flying-saucers and cigar-craft… and they have the same abilities, and can likely cloak – and the roundish egg-shaped craft may display themselves as orbs. They also, on occasions, openly show themselves to people from Earth, which suggest they are definitely not being produced by any of the extremely secretive Earth nations. The Germans are going to have developed new types of craft since the 1940’s – they have have had over 70 years to do so, with access to new off-planet materials. Though the flying-saucers and cigar-craft seem to be the craft they have used the most in the last 75 years.

I am not sure who the TR3-B craft belong to. But from what I can tell, the advanced craft the surface Earth groups use (hypersonic craft with some anti-gravity technology) are often triangular, and usually black.

There is additional information on ‘The Bell’ – with some technical details – in the comments section below. In comments 35 and 38. (Comment 38 is a direct translation from Die Dritte Macht)

A newspaper article about the ‘Foo Fighters’ in WW2. Taken from Gibert Sternhoff’s book – Die Dritte Macht.
Two newspaper clippings taken from D.H Haarmann’s books – Geheime Wunderwaffen 1, 2 and 3.

Below is a small gallery of a selection of these ‘Orbs’ in formation – they are screen grabs from YouTube videos. In most of the videos the ‘Orbs’ are moving around . Some are flying in formation, but some are stationary in formation. I included an image of a large fleet or ‘orbs’ seen from a plane in 2017 as well as a large fleet of UFOs flying near The Moon in 2018 – the fleet and the spacing is so similar. Sometimes the orbs are seen as orange, but mostly of the time they are a white light. I could have included so many more images – these types of sightings are occurring all the time – very regularly. The corresponding videos are all embedded in the comments section below – with dates and locations provided. They are very similar to the famous formation of ‘orbs’ seen over the White House in 1952. These are thumbnails – click to enlarge:


95 thoughts on “Ufology Explained – Part 1 – The German Breakaway Group – Psyops, Disinfo and Truths – Antarctica, WW2, UFOs, Technology

  • August 4, 2019 at 5:06 pm

    Hi, once again thanks for a superbly Informative article. However I still believe you are wrong when you say Ascension is fake, there is a massive consciousness shift underway it is not instantaneous but as an energy sensate and spiritually aware human I know it’s happening. I’m not trying to offend you but I wonder why you don’t feel this when you’re obviously so on to just about everything else? Kind regards, rob.

    • August 4, 2019 at 7:45 pm

      Hi there. Thanks for the comment and appreciation. And for the question.

      Years ago when I was naive and less conscious and knowledgeable I believed in this ‘ascension’ rhetoric. Let me explain some of the reasons as to why I – 100 percent – no longer believe in it.

      1. Every person I have come across who promotes this notion of ‘ascension’ has turned out to be a shill – a controlled opposition, limited hangout. All of them.

      I would like clear evidence of this so called ‘ascension’, any at all… not some shills saying it is happening.

      The New Age and Ufology is run by shills. It is used by these shills to pacify people – and the ascension rhetoric is a big part of this pacification.

      This ‘raising your vibration’ is a big part of the ‘ascend’ rhetoric: You are mainly supposed to Think Loving Positive thoughts, be nice to everyone, and eat a Vegan Diet to ascend:

      2. Veganism is not really good for you. Vegetables don’t raise your ‘vibration’!. Vegetables and nuts and seeds have anti-nutrients and protective toxins in them – they do not want to be eaten – and over time the fibre, and various other substances, like lectins, harm your gut… I know this from experience. Humans are carnivores and survive best on an raw animal fat and raw animal protein – your mental health and clarity of mind greatly increases when eating this diet. I utilise raw butter, raw milk, raw eggs and raw meat. Weston A Price did some brilliant research. People can feel good for a short while on veganism, as they cut out processed foods, but it is really like fasting. Humans were meant to be much more robust and live longer.

      3. To stop this New World Order you need to hate. You need to passionately fight against those that want to oppress you and your people. Love and Hate are intrinsically linked: The more you love, the more you hate… you hate that which is harming that which you love. The Universe is about protecting your people, your race – to do this you will need some hate, anger and aggression. You just need to be wise enough to use those powerful emotions in the right way to benefit your people. The ‘raising your vibration’ rhetoric is a psyop pushed by shills.

      4., A massive consciousness shift? People being more conscious is just a natural progression of a race and species when they become more developed – people are gaining knowledge and becoming more conscious – and seeing through lies … as there is more knowledge available to us on many different subjects.

      You do realise the vast majority of the world population – billions – live pretty much in poverty and are not very conscious at all. It is predominantly in White Nations that consciousness has raised (as well as some other developed countries) as they have built civilizations that let them have access to knowledge and allows them plenty of time for introspection, and research – before they would have not had time, as they were just trying to survive. (And White people are the minority on this planet btw). So because of a civilizations progression many more people have time to assess their motivations behind their actions, and have some time for introspection and meditation – they also have access to much more literature and information as well – and they have developed new technologies. It is a natural progression a civilization.

      So civilization progression and development of technology allows many more people more time for introspection and contemplation, as well as access to much more knowledge and information. This means a gradual raising of consciousness. But only for the Races and Nations that have developed these types of civilizations. The vast majority of people on this planet are not very conscious at all.

      I think I repeated myself a little at the end, but I was trying to bring clarity to my point 🙂

      A little extra stuff….

      You know so many of these fake channelers and fake new age personalities say very different things about what ‘ascension’ is – so many different lies:

      You will instantly go to a New parallel Earth that is beautiful and wonderful… Or – You will gradually start seeing other dimensions … Or – You will stay here on Earth and just can no longer see those who did not make it… Or – You will start remembering other versions of you and merge with them all!… Or – You will just merge more with your ‘higher self’…. Or – You will become an avatar… Or – You will see the ‘ascended masters’… Or – The Spontaneous Mass Ascension is coming… Or – You will ascend to a totally different state of being in a higher dimension… Or – There will be turmoil initially and then a transition period to a New Earth – … Or – you will be taken onto ships and craft for a period so that you can transition… Or – There is a cut off point in time when you must have raised your vibration to a certain point, or you will be left behind. (It is all lies, each of these different sayings came from verifiable shills)

      When I first researched ‘spirituality’ – i heard all these different versions, and more… I am thorough when I look into topic.

      It is just a load of different shills creating different subversive pacifying manipulative rhetorics. These shills have directives – they don’t care which shill / agent you get hooked on. So many new age and ufology shills.

      They all also have different ideas of how many people will make it and what will happen to people ‘left behind’. Some say it is a mass population thing – and some say and individual thing…. And some say that only certain people will take part in this mass ascension… just so much contradiction. Some say you are going to the 5th dimension, some say the 4th dimension. Some say you are going to 4th density, some say 5th density. Some say we are already in the 4th density…. or we are already half-way in the 5th dimension etc etc etc… there are more variants.

      The people behind the (((NWO))) plan well ahead. Don’t underestimate them and their manipulations – they created this ascension rhetoric to subvert.

      • October 25, 2021 at 2:22 pm

        I 100% disagree about diet. Humans are not carnivore, but mixed herbivore. Our teeth are not made to kill, not made to torn apart flesh. Our claws are not made to kill. Do you really think that animals want to die as food for you? Fruits want to be eaten! Plant-based diet, with maybe slightly of animal products, dairy, eggs, milk is good for people, if animals let you those. Fall of humankind begun after people were introduced to kill animals and eat animals.

        Do you know Savitri Devi? Do you know Miguel Serrano? These two are shills too? My research says they are not shills. Savitri Devi loved animals.

        Do you know that Germans were the first to introduce animal protection laws. Bad people can’t do that. Animals are not here to die for us people. Vegetarian diet with some animal products, but no killing animals. It’s wrong to kill animal!

        • October 26, 2021 at 7:19 pm

          Hello Another View

          I admire that you care about nature and love animals, so do I. But animals eating animals is very natural and very normal. Just go and spend some time in the wilderness. The two things are not mutually exclusive – you can care about nature and animals and still eat animals. And nothing ever really ‘dies’.

          I would like to direct you to my Surviving in the Cosmos post. Linked at the end of this comment. There is a lot of information on diet and nature, morality, ethics, farming etc – in a few chapters in that essay. There is a good comparison with killer whales in it as well.

          The Raw Primal Diet is incredible. On the surface on this planet we are supposed to be eating raw animal protein and raw fat for optimum health. You will never know what it means to be functioning in optimal ways until you do this diet. Not only has my physical health has greatly increased, but my clarity of mind has as well, it is like my consciousness also went up a level – our brains (which are made up of mostly fat) loves raw fat.

          Our body is made of fat and protein. Due to our particularly mitochondria DNA our cells need to be continually renewed. Sugar and carbohydrate is not what it wants – the body wants protein and fat. And our mitochondria DNA’s preferred fuel is fat.

          The subversion with regards diet goes deep. I should be dead according to the PTB, through eating all this raw chicken, raw beef, raw lamb, raw eggs, raw milk, raw butter etc.. but I go from strength to strength and cured some persistent ailments – I am easily the healthiest person I know. (I eat fruit as well, by the way, but try and stick to the low sugar ones when I can). No veggies or toxic processed carbohydrates for me. And Veggies and nuts do not want to be eaten)

          I know some of this may be hard for you to hear, as I love animals as well, but we have become overly sentimental and overly emotional – read my Surviving in the Cosmos post for more on ethics and survival.

          I love nature, I grew up studying it and spending time in it. Most people don’t understand it. I don’t know anyone who loves nature more than me… I also understand its dynamics and hierarchies.

          Go and tell the Killer Whale (orcas) – who has pretty much the same level of intelligence and very similar emotions as us – not to kill animals.

          Yes, I know Savitri Devi well, I liked quite a bit of what she said, but she was not right about everything. I know Serrano well too and was he not right about everything. I may like some of what they say about National Socialism, but it does not make them right about diet. These people are not shills, they were just not right about everything, and they did not have access to the same information, and had not tried all the different diets like I have.

          And I like Adolf Hitler a great deal, but he was also not right about everything.

          Yes, I know the Germans were the first introduce the animals protection laws. And that was mainly about not experimenting on animals – which I absolutely agree with.

          You said: “Our teeth are not made to kill, not made to torn apart flesh. Our claws are not made to kill.”

          Oh man, that vegan argument. Firstly, we should establish that Humans did not evolve from anything. Secondly, we have opposable thumbs – we create tools, weapons and traps and and use our superior intellect. We do not need to kill with our mouths or hands. Our teeth are actually excellent at gripping meat and pulling it away. Not that we even need to do that, as we have superior intelligence to create tools.

          Our guts are also definitely not for digesting of plants. Have you studied herbivore guts? They are very different. Have you ever wondered my vegans and veggie eaters get such a lot of wind? It is not natural, you are not supposed to have that wind. With a raw primal diet everything digests so well – zero wind.

          Again, read my Surviving in the Cosmos chapters on diet nature and heath. You will see that there are other people in the comments who are also on this diet. There are many very positive testimonies on YouTube as well.

          (Plants have consciousness too by the way – look at Cleve Backster’s work)

          Link to my Surviving in the Cosmos post:


      • July 5, 2022 at 3:04 am

        Hi Entity Art! Just want to say you have an awesome knowledge base; so cool to see someone who knows so much, especially electric nature of the universe. I’m convinced Earth is Flat(Lazer Test across 21 miles of Great Salt Lake), and we have souls, and Revelations is being fulfilled wondering if you believe any of that and how it would all tie in?

        • July 6, 2022 at 1:34 pm

          Hi Josef

          I don’t believe in a Flat Earth. Having a flat earth goes against nature. Nature and the Cosmos is all microcosms and macrocosms and fractals. Just look at nature… all the spiralling… and look at cells with a nucleus inside and look at atoms (I present some of this in my Electric Universe article). A flat stationary physical world seems totally illogical to me when you look at the spiralling, electric nature of the cosmos and how nature creates and works.

          Though the exact shape of the Earth is not really a very important Truther topic right now – way down on the list I would say 🙂

          We certainly have Souls – as well as various less physical bodies that we can utilise (Though humans have forgotten how to do this).

          I do not think ‘Revelation’ is being fulfilled. I have some new articles coming that will explain that and will present some information on one of the big reasons (a reason most do not realise) as to why religion was created and what knowledge it was subverting us away from.

          Best regards.

  • September 14, 2019 at 9:35 pm

    What is your name? I want to quote some more f your info but don’t want to attribute it to “me” So far Me is the only name I can find.

    • September 15, 2019 at 7:41 am

      Hi Joe
      Yes, my name is not on the site. Please just link back to the site, or article, wherever you can. And you can attribute any quotes or info to entityart.co.uk

  • November 16, 2019 at 5:44 am

    My friend, my Brother after this article I have started to believe, that I might be an incarnation of some german soul. I was born and I currently live in Breslau (I moved to an apartment in old town to end my life here with dignity, surrounded by beautiful german architecture and big trees), I have been HOMESICK all my life, I admire and respect german culture, tradition and passion to acquire knowledge. I LOVE to learn. My passport says, that I am a Pole, but I have always wanted to be German. My will to be free is HUGE. I had changed my e-mail nick from “just another rising soul” to “aktiv Festung Breslau” just before I layed down to read this article. I am in tears now. Finally I am not afraid and alone anymore.
    You activated me my older Brother. Thank You.

  • November 26, 2019 at 11:15 pm

    I wrote a longer commentary yesterday, unfortunately it wasn’t posted after I clicked the button.
    So now I’ll just ask. Do you think the Reich were able to survive and are still on Antarctica up to this time? or perhaps they’re on the moon or Mars?

    • November 27, 2019 at 12:54 am

      Hi, yeah, sorry about that – for some reason when people post longer comments they don’t always get through. Shorter ones always do though.

      I don’t think they are in Antarctica anymore. I think they are on Mars and have been there for quite some time. And possibly also on Ceres and some other moons and planets. I believe they started in a crater on Mars – possibly Hale crater (look up ‘Hale crater civilisation’ on the internet). The powers that be really mess with the Mars images that we receive. I am almost totally sure they have some sort of civilisation there. Without saying too much I also sometimes see things in the night metaphysically, and Mars appears to be full of life, large animals etc (and areas on there with trees, rivers and lakes… I assume it is Mars anyway – it looks like Mars). But I don’t base why I think they are on Mars on what I sometimes saw in the night – it is also just logical based on my research. I can’t say anything for absolute certain, how can we on this planet? But I am pretty sure about it all looking at all the evidence and what I have seen.

    • November 27, 2019 at 1:09 am

      And yes, I do think they survived and are still out there. Again, both metaphysical and research based reasons for thinking this. But I also think many different threats are faced outside of the quarantine of Earth.

      I just don’t think it makes sense for them to stay in Antarctica on a planet that is hostile to them (all the major super powers want to destroy them), as soon as they established themselves on another planet it would make sense to move everything there. And the sightings of metallic discs went way down after the large amount in the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s.

  • April 3, 2020 at 8:46 am

    Hi again, I wonder what your thgts on Flat Earth cosmic egg cosmology are, see Martin Kenny. Rob

  • May 6, 2020 at 7:41 pm

    Rob. Flat Earth is a masonic / jewish psyop. There is absolutely nothing in this subject that helps us stop the NWO. You can see clearly that it is a distraction. It does not help us in any way, it only hinders us.

    We are on a spinning ball.

    But even if we were not, it doesn’t matter, it makes no difference.

    We have to stop the NWO agenda stemming from Intentional Jewry by taking action.

    I am not going to get into a debate about the science involved in this subject.

    But one of my favourite pieces of evidence is related to the ‘Gods’ who used to interact with us on this planet – the various ancient tribes that talk about them. These old tribes and ancient scriptures from all around the world – from Europe to Asia to Africa to South America – have stories and scripture of the ‘Gods’ telling people about the stars and about the constellations and about the moon cycle and lunar calendars etc.

    These ‘God’s’ were clearly beings from other planets. So Flat Earthers are telling us that these ‘Gods’ were also in on the spinning ball deception? Give me a break.

    And so many of these ancient monuments, temples and monolithic stone arrangements – that were built around the same time that these ‘Gods’ were on the planet – point to different star systems and planets, and some are also built around the lunar cycle etc.

    I have also had many experiences in the night of – very vivid recall of living on other planets as well as a spontaneous remote viewing type experience in an inbetween state – there are other planets out there.

    The reason that we have actually gone to the Moon and created real footage – and to other planets, such as Mars, is because of reasons outlined in this article.

    • November 25, 2022 at 9:21 am

      The Science involved in this subject is very simple: A light bulb over a flat surface is seen from the whole surface. It wouldn’t ever be night. A torch is well seen from a point outside the light cone.

  • June 22, 2020 at 2:09 am

    Hello my friend,

    Thank you for your great work.

    I was wondering what do you think about the concave earth model ?

    All the space industry could be a psyop to lie to us about the true cosmological model… satellites could be fake and Operation Fishbowl in the 60’s could have been a try from the elite to break the “ice wall” in 100 km high ? Also the space industry could be a way to make dark budget into artificial intelligence and transhumanism …. Any thoughts about the AI organization ? I’m feeling it could be the biggest psyop nowadays… they made a documentary : AI the plan to invade humanity : https://theaiorganization.com/ai-the-plan-to-invade-humanity/

    I would love to hear your take on this one with your perspective since the german break away group

  • June 24, 2020 at 11:13 am

    Hi Tuiss, thanks and you are welcome.

    All these different theories on the shape of the Earth – Flat Earth and the others – it is all just there to distract and confuse. It’s a sphere, possibly with some hollow areas inside it. The solar system is teeming with life, the German Breakaway group is out there, as well as other non-human groups, and there is tonnes of Life on Mars… a habitable planet… I have memories. These are some of the elements that NASA is hiding. How and why we are in some sort of metaphysical quarantine… I am not sure.

    A mission to land on the the Moon in 1969, not allowed to land, warned off… and then never even attempted to go back in roughly 50 years… why would they go there, then have to hastily put together an obviously fake video… and then not go back – it does not seem like a well planned out series of events from them. And yes, it’s not like any other moon in the solar system, that is for sure… way too big… it is having a significant effect on the planet… some people even plant their crops according to the lunar cycle with much success.

    In ancient History Europeans had White ‘gods’, White human off planet groups interacting with them, Indians had off-planet human groups or ‘gods’ that looked like them interacting with them, Chinese people had these ‘gods’ who looked like them interacting with them… imparting information and helping them, introducing them to new concept and methods… and living with them to a degree, these different ‘gods’ all round the world spoke of constellations and planets… I certainly do not think all these different types of ‘gods’ all round the world were all in on a Flat Earth psyop!!

    All round the world different tribes spoke of these ‘Gods’ that came from the stars… stone circles and other rock formations and temples were built during the times of the ‘gods’, probably under their supervision… they were built in relation and according to constellations and lunar cycles… these ‘gods’ did not inform any of these tribes that the Earth was flat and anything other than a sphere. They told them specific constellations and planets that they came from etc.

    Of course AI is a big threat. And yes there are so many distracting psyops out there. A.I is simply a way that the elites / Jewry can control Humanity and create their New Word Order… A.I and technology will always be used against us if psychopaths are funding the research and development of it. Things are fairly simple. Psychopaths and Narcissists with severe personality disorders, and have no ability to feel empathy, wanting a New world Order – using all they ways they can to create it. Technology is not inherently bad of course – but if psychopaths are in charge it will be.

  • July 5, 2020 at 12:39 am

    Hey Brother, amazing work, thanks a lot. You really have brought my awakening to a whole new level (especially the jewish Agenda and everything about Hitler and WW2) as I was very much trapped in the New Age Matrix and I also currently live in one of the hotspots of New Age – Ubud, Bali. It does feel very good to be part of that peaceful love bubble but somehow I always felt as if something was missing…becoming a yoga teacher just couldn’t be the answer to everything. I also am German (and like you very aryan) which makes the whole Holocaust topic even more complicated. I certainly don’t wanna go to jail lol but of course that knowledge must be spreaded. Haha well I am currently trying my best to take at least some of my new age friends to that new level of awakening and it seems to be working! I still do have a few questions in my mind. I also went looking into the flat earth thing especially everything that guy eric dubay puts on because he doesn’t seem to be a shill (also exposing the jews/holohoax and also at least david icke/alex jones). he has a big following and although I have a hard time believing in the (((flat earth/living under a dome/space is a hologram/aliens don’t exist))) kind of rhetoric but there are some points that make me suspicious. and it is not the science or all their observations and experiments they are doing to prove something. it is more the fact that the jewish propaganda is shoving the globe model of the earth into our face in the same way they are doing it with the evil nazis. they are putting out bazillions of space and alien movies…but for what reason? project blue beam and some evil hologram fake aliens coming? simply to distract from the nazi ufos and to blame it all on ETs? to prepare us for some real alien contact? and then you see all the “future predictions” in the simpson where they are putting so much out…reptilian presidents and so on…you think it is half truth/half deception? I tend to believe it is full truth mocking us. well love to hear your opinion on these things maybe it is even material for a whole new article. love goes out to you!

  • July 5, 2020 at 12:49 am

    Oh and I forgot to mention all the NASA CGIs of the earth and then the “scientists” responsible for all that (kopernikus/galilei/einstein/newton) did they have an agenda? what was their motivation and background?

  • July 5, 2020 at 7:32 am

    Hi Michael. Thanks for the comment. It is useful to get feedback like this.

    The Earth is not flat. We do not have all the answers to the Nature of the Cosmos and our solar system, as NASA is a terrible and deceptive organization. But the key thing for them is to hide the amount of ET activity, and especially the German Breakaway civilization activity, in our solar system.

    Mars is full of life. I know this – I have vivid memories of Mars. And no, I have not been through MK Ultra!… as some people like to say. I have lived a quiet life away from any organizations like that. All this ‘MK Ultra’ stuff is a deception anyway – hugely blown out of proportion.

    I am very conscious, I know who I am as a soul… I have meditated for many years… my memories are real. The emotions that come with them are so very real as well. I even produced lots of related Art coming from my subconscious before these memories surfaced.

    The off planet group influencing the (((elites))) could be a reptilian group. I have seen at least four different humanoids in my memories and one was a reptilian looking humanoid. If they are influencing (((them))) it would be through astral realms… metaphysical other dimensional influencing I should imagine. I have had contact in this realms, so I should imagine that it’s how it is done for them as well.

    As far as I can tell there are no 3D physical aliens down here on Earth. The whole of Ufology is a network of agents and controlled opposition agents. There appears to be some kind of ‘quarantine’ here on Earth… no ETs allowed down here physically it seems.

    I wouldn’t say they are ‘shoving the Globe Model in our face’. It is an Ancient Truth. (((They))) aren’t going to push the Flat Earth psyop at all to the Mainstream. They do not want people to question the nature of their reality – it could spur them on to question many other topics and see all the lies we have been told. They can’t just suddenly change the model that dates way back into History. But agents and shills do push it in the alternative media… they use Flat Earth as a distracting psyop.

    Again, they really need to hide the Truth that there is lots of activity in our solar system.. that the Germans are out there. That they are on Mars, Ceres and possibly the Moon.

    And by the way Dubay is a vegan… that diet is not good for you long term… veganism is like fasting… your brain needs animal fat and animal protein for optimum function / clarity .

    You said: “they are putting out bazillions of space and alien movies…but for what reason? project blue beam and some evil hologram fake aliens coming? simply to distract from the nazi ufos and to blame it all on ETs? to prepare us for some real alien contact?”

    They don’t put out ‘bazillions’ of space alien movies. They do put out some though…

    When can see though that they put our various Mars movies and TV series – like ‘The Martian’ – trying to ram their nonsense into people that Mars doesn’t have a tonnes of life and that it is not perfectly habitable.

    Just look at those terrible ‘Iron Sky’ movies. Making a mockery of the Truth that the German Breakaway group are out there.

    You also get ‘aliens in flying saucer’ movies. Again, getting people to believe that flying saucers are of alien origin and not made by the Germans.

    Their alien and solar system movies seem to fall into two categories: 1. Ridiculous distracting escapism nonsense, or 2. Semi-serious ones to try to program you with lies

    I don’t think they are preparing us for some real Alien contact. They like to get people obsessed with Ufology as it distracts them from the Jew World Order agenda. Getting people trying to work out what is happening regarding aliens etc will just get people going around and around in circles, as there are so many different fake rhetoric’s – so many lies and controlled agents…

    There is some Truth mocking us. But there is also just (((them))) creating a huge distracting limited hangout like Ufology. By getting people obsessed with aliens etc.. They won’t be looking into important Truths that can stop the (((New World Order))) if they are obsessing about aliens.

  • July 6, 2020 at 4:45 am

    Thanks a lot for your quick response! you also got me thinking about diet. i mainly follow a vegan/vegetarian diet and havent had meat for some years. i also read your article on that. time to try it out. from my experience there is no diet “that works for all” it seems to be too individual and cannot be generalized. i believe it also has to do with our DNA/soul energy/past lives etc. different races, different ways and places of living and so on. maybe you also like to comment on that.

    • July 6, 2020 at 1:00 pm

      Hi Michael, you are welcome.

      This notion that there is a diet for certain genetics etc etc – that everyone needs different diets suited to them. It sounds nice to say that, and it is easier to say that, as people are very attached to their diets and certain foods – but it’s not true. Quite simply humans are carnivores… they thrive on good quality organic raw animal fat and raw animal protein. You could say we are omnivores, in that we are capable of deriving some nourishment from other food sources, but this is really a back up plan of sorts, a survival mechanism in case we can’t get the animal foods. Weston A Price did some very good research on this topic, visiting and analysing tribes all round the world.

      It would be nice if we didn’t have to kill animals. But nature is not particularly nice, it is pretty brutal, animals killing all the time to sustain themselves, survival of the fittest… so that life in general finds a balance and the various species maintain their vitality and strength… and we are a part of nature.

      I have experimented on my own body. I tried to cure my bad gut problems with vegetables and vegan remedies… I did not get better at all… I was getting weaker and weaker. I tried the Raw Primal diet (raw meat, raw eggs, raw milk, raw butter, raw honey and some fruit) and my ailments cleared up, brilliant digestion, a robust and stronger body and constitution… so much more vitality and clarity of mind… really amazing results.

      People are using carbohydrates as their fuel when the body loves animal fat. I consume lots of raw butter and raw animal fat – no more ‘hangriness’. Pasta & Bread etc.. you may as well just be eating sugar… empty calories. This raw fat will also actually detox you, it binds to the toxins.

      I know it is not what most people want to hear. But it is true. We have been so far subverted from our natural diet. We are told raw meat will kill you or make you very ill, raw eggs will kill you and raw milk will kill you or make you sick… all these supposedly dangerous bacteria: salmonella, e-coli etc etc. It’s all nonsense. Lies to scare you from your natural optimum diet. Foods like raw milk and raw eggs are two of the most nutritionally complete foods you can eat.

      These Big companies and corporations cannot make money from raw eggs, raw milk, raw meat etc. As people source these things from their local ethical well-managed farms. This Raw Primal diet is also anti-globalisation and supports local communities. The Big Pharmaceuticals will also lose money if people eat this Raw Primal diet, as people will have far superior health.

      According to these brainwashed mainstream nutritionists I should be dead, so should many thousands of others on this diet, but all of us have experienced incredible health benefits. E-coli and salmonella are naturally in our gut, if they do fecal samples after someone is ill they are going to find all sorts of bacteria to blame the illness on. People need to rethink bacteria in food. Cooking food kills the natural beneficial bacteria, and destroys enzymes, amino acids, and mutates the fats and proteins. Eating well cooked meat will produce toxins in the body. Where as raw meat will not cause any, and will digest so easily. Regarding superfoods. The real superfoods are things like Raw Grass Fed Pasture Raised Cow Liver. I know a lot of New Ager types won’t like to hear this, but as I learned through moving through this deceptive rhetoric myself, the New Age movement was designed by the (((PTB))) to subvert people. Plants do not ‘raise our vibration’.

      It is important to note that Vegetables have anti-nutrients and protective toxins in them. There are lots of vegetables I can’t feed tortoises for example… because of the toxins and anti-nutrients, they can’t eat any members of the brassica family (full of goitrogens), and they can’t eat spinach (full of oxalates) and even dandelions should not be fed too much. There are many plants that they spit out as they can taste the toxins, but humans can’t taste them.

      I will put together a longer article on this subject at some point, covering things like biodiversity, sustainability and ethics as well.

  • July 7, 2020 at 4:56 am

    amazing, let me ask you one last question as I enjoy listening to your opinion very much. I do fully agree that cooked food is the worst. i always believed raw-vegan might be the solution. or fruitarian, or even breatharian as the ultimate goal. lol. there is this german guy called arnold ehret with this books basically translated “mucus-free diet” and people following this always also claimed to gain amazing health benefits. as he says everything that produces mucus in our bodies is eventually bad for us which makes a lot of sense to me. what about your natural instincts especially regarding raw meat or raw eggs…do you really “feel” like eating that? do you crave it? is it tasty? haha. because that is another argument that comes up a lot. honestly if i go into a supermarket to the smelly raw-meat-corner i dont really get hungry…or this is just because i am not used to it or even disconnected to my real instincts?

    • July 7, 2020 at 11:24 am

      Hello again Michael

      Yes, this whole ‘mucus producing food is bad’ is a myth. There was that Doctor Sebi who used to say that as well. He was a very weak and skinny man who promoted veganism… again, veganism is a type of fast. He died in his early eighties. Humans should be much more robust and living well into their 100’s… and they should be functioning at a much higher level in their old age… much more physically active etc

      We need mucus – it performs functions in the body. The body produces it for a reason. For example if you do not have strong mucus membranes you will be more prone to allergies. Aajonus Vonderplanitz recommended eating raw eggs to improve the mucus membranes to reduce allergies. Mucus is needed, it is also what detoxes us. Colds are our body detoxing us, they are produced by the body and are not contagious. This mucus created is essential to getting rid of the toxins from our body and cleansing us.

      You might be interested in this website: https://www.wewant2live.com/

      And yes, you are correct, we have been subverted and most of us have forgotten our instincts. I was talking about this just the other day with my uncle. He was saying how he has always craved the bloody meat and how he felt that he was odd that he did. When really he just has those instincts still intact. I remember seeing a man on youtube who also just craved raw meat and his family was trying to get him to stop eating it… they did not understand. My uncle was telling me about how he and a friend were trying fresh raw tuna from a market and how they could not get enough of it… cutting off portions from a freshly caught catch.

      Most people are sugar addicts. Everywhere you look – sugar addicts. Bread and Pasta… just sugar. Sugar releases those feel good chemicals of course… and it is just a fleeting feel good feeling. I remember coming off of bread years ago and craving it… it is addictive.

      Yes, I had to retrain myself to an extent – as eating raw meat seemed a little weird initially. It didn’t take long though.

      Food is for fuel, repair, sustenance and vitality. Humans have become obsessed with taste and cooking – it really is an obsession and it is self indulgent.

      Drinking down a cup of 3 or 4 raw eggs followed by a glass of raw milk and a large portion of raw butter for breakfast is not a taste sensation, but it is so very beneficial nutritionally. It is prepared in less than a minute and gives you great energy for a long period. And you have no ‘sugar come down’. You can make tastier meals or snacks on the Raw Primal – to ease into the diet – but I just keep things very simple. My obsession with taste has gone. I no longer seek comfort and escapism in food.

    • April 15, 2021 at 4:52 am

      Ok, I really enjoyed the article, I am familiar with some of these things. I am Khazar and Edomite aware, ( the incredibly evil khazarian mafia website) David ike yes, I had a conversation years ago with someone about how he talks about real conspiracy theory but confuses everything with fake Mythology connections and always the Aryana Birds are reptilian, sun worship reptilian, etc.
      Shill. I joke that the flat earth can’t be true because where would the inner Earth be for the Germans to escape to?
      I am somewhat familiar with the Kalergie and Samson plans… I just don’t want to think about it… Painful.
      I think it is directly linked to van Rensbergs prophecies, so far they are coming true. Do you know about the south African? How about John de Nugent? He speaks about the Imperial Germans too, and has pictures of crop circle patterns of the so called black Sun ( which was apparently green in that castle.
      Great work, one suggestion, please reread your article and correct the awkward sentences ( no not the translations). You have typos that distract from the great content, just a friendly thought. Hail Wotan.

      • April 16, 2021 at 1:02 pm

        Hi AUDEN

        Thanks for the feedback.

        I do not know much about John Nugent, and from what I have seen I doubt he knows much about the German Breakaway Civilisation. I had not heard of the South African you mentioned, and I had a quick look at an article on him. I am not a fan of prophecies to be honest.

        I am aware that there are a few typos in my two latest articles, ‘Ufology Explained, Part 4’ and ‘Ufology Explained, Part 5’ – as I have since re-read them and spotted a few minor typos that need correction, which I will correct soon – not that they stop the message being conveyed in any way at all. Unfortunately spotting typos is not necessarily my strongest attribute. It is a strange phenomenon, when reading your own writing it is hard to see typos, but when reading others work it seems to be quite easy. But I was not aware of any in this particular ‘Ufology Explained, Part 1’ post.

        I am not a professionally trained writer, my university degrees are not in that area, and I don’t have an editor… I think my overall messages are conveyed well, but I am always looking to improve. And I don’t get any money for this work, so if you feel so inclined you could help out and point out any typos you spot.

        By the way, my friend, you have some typos in your comment 😉 … It is not as easy to see them in your own writing 🙂 And I am not sure what you mean by, ‘which was apparently green in that castle’.

        Personally, If I was to say ‘hail’ to anyone it would be to the Breakaway Germans who have been watching over us since WW2. Wotan is long gone. It is certainly very good for people to know their ancestry, but Wotan and these other ‘Gods’, such as Thor, left a long time ago. And if you look at the stories and evidence, they were really an off planet group with advanced technology who lived with the Nordic / Germanic people for a period of time.

        We all have to have the courage to really look at things like the Kalergi Plan and the Sansom Option, and then share information with others about it.

        Best regards.

  • July 8, 2020 at 12:11 pm

    you nailed it with your last sentence. God bless you.

  • September 2, 2020 at 12:14 pm

    Hi EntityArt

    In some materials (Jan van Helsing’s books and other articles / videos) is mentioned the aldebaran world (aldebaran ETs) as the main source of knowledge for the ahead of time german technologies (subs, planes, rockets, ufos and other devices). Is there, in your opinion, any truth to it ? What about Maria Orsic and Sigrun, the mediums that made contact with the alleged aldebarans ?

    This story involves the Thule / Vrill / AneDerbe and perhaps other societies as well. What is your understanding regarding these occult german organizations ?

    Thank you.

    • September 4, 2020 at 11:48 am

      Hi Doru

      I go by Ernst Zundel’s excellent book on the matter… his book on the Germans’ development of UFOs did not talk of these mediums. You can also see a clear progression in this book – there were prototype models – sketches and diagrams – and then gradual improvements of the craft via experimentation. If they received plans from an ET race via a medium surely they would have not had to go through this long process of development and experimenting.

      In my research I have not seen Adolf Hitler showing any interest in mediums and ‘occult’ phenomena. The disinfo agents and shills always try to say Hitler and the ‘Nazis’ were into the ‘occult’ etc.

      The National Socialists did large amounts of research into ancient scriptures though.

      I just don’t think they want people to realise that humans, especially the Germanic people, have the capabilities to design and create these craft themselves. The German people have been well known for their inventions and engineering throughout history.

  • November 10, 2020 at 9:09 am

    Oh vey, yesterday eve the comment disappeared on the David Icke thread and I thought to read this a bit, but then went to the comments to link you in a booklet you might know already:
    It’s in German though, but still interesting pictures and overall three parts.


    • November 10, 2020 at 12:12 pm

      Hi Ma

      That comment under the David Icke article didn’t disappear – all first time comments go into a queue to be approved, and some, for some reason, go into a spam queue, though some do not. Anyway, both your comments are up. I have just translated this PDF linked into English. I will have a read through it. I will see if it adds anything to Ernst Zundel’s excellent book on the subject.

      • November 10, 2020 at 3:10 pm

        Hello EntityArt,
        Thank you for letting me know. I added some links on the other comment as well. Mainly books written in German and been translated as I read most of the books in German.

        Didn’t know that Zündel wrote about that topic as well. Thought it would have mainly been about the hollow religion.

        I was surprised that you’re on Aajonus way of eating as well. I started last year with it and it turned out to be really good and feeling juch better with it. Especially digestion is easier.

        I am working still on understanding how to get back into the Reich. I assume you know it still exists, but Germans waking up and being dragged into all kinds of lies and to find out which solution is correct is difficult just like with the other lies about that time. Have you dealt with that or read into it as there is no citizenship in that FRG company?


        • November 13, 2020 at 11:19 am

          Hello Ma

          Thankyou for recommending those two books by O. Bergmann. I translated both of them to English with a free online app. Not an easy read, as it is not a professional translation, but you can understand what is being said.

          Amazing information in these books. It provides a great deal of additional evidence, and very much supports what Ernst Zundel was saying in his book. And not only UFO / German flying saucer evidence, but lots of USO activity. We don’t hear anything about all this activity in scandinavia.

          I am so glad you recommended them. They are very suppressed and hard to find. I had not come across them in all of my searches. And they only seem to be printed in German.

          In these O.Bergmann books Christof Friedrich is mentioned, and his information is from Ernst Zundels book… This could perhaps have been Ernst Zundel’s pseudonym, as later editions of Ernst Zundel’s book called ‘UFO: Nazi Secret Weapon?’ is credited to both Christof Friedrich and Ernst Zundel, but I cannot find who this Christof Friedrich is… so, again, perhaps it is a pseudonym he once used.

          Yes, if you look at the evidence they were clearly not defeated.

          I am almost totally certain (99.9%) they went to Antarctica and then out into the Solar System – settling on Mars and perhaps other planets / moons. Additional information is in my articles ‘Ufology Explained Part 2’, ‘Life on Mars’ and ‘Surviving in the Cosmos’.

          Ufology is totally controlled, full of agents, and it’s main aim is to hide the Truth of the NS German Breakaway Group.

          And, yes, Aajonus’ Raw Primal diet has transformed my health.

          • November 16, 2020 at 1:13 pm

            Hello EntityArt,

            You’re welcome. Always good to exchange. I have so many books which should be translated into English, but have also many which are foreign from a server called nsl, NewSwabia, Neuschwabenland server.
            Christof Friedrich was, as it seems, indeed a pseudonym of E. Zündel as shown on the German Wikipedia site here https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reichsflugscheibe, not so on the English one;-). They all usually wrote under multiple pseudonym’s as the chosen people are trying to get everything under their control.

            Actually I think the problem is that in the anglo-saxon world also with the English language they have everything and soo much more under control than in German. In English i.e. you can for food the word Nahrungsmittel (nourishing) but also Lebensmittel (kind of live food). To find that as far as I see you’d need to go back to old English as it’s very closely then still to Old High German meaning one language it has been. Fibre means Ballaststoff in German like in English not used maybe but immediately would tell you that it’s rubbish for the body. Unfortunately like me never took the German language what it is, very precise, otherwise never would have eaten it.

            Anyways drifting away as there are so many things. I can imagine that they try to hide all about UFO’s otherwise how would you get people in cinemas if they’d know it’s all a lie about aliens? Not sure if I mentioned it before, but in my opinion it’s all a distractions from reality as they couldn’t explain those fairytales.

            Here are some more:
            https://archive.org/details/Haarmann-D-H-Geheime-Wunderwaffen-1_706 Literally called secret wonder weapons


            As far as I know or remember the breakaway group (in German just RD for Reichsdeutsche sometimes called) went from Antarctica to South America where they had aquired vast land working in caves and then went to the moon and later on to other planets, Mars. Can’t remember where I read it possibly in those attached. Part 2 I couldn’t find online. Will upload and send a link later.

            “Ufology is totally controlled, full of agents, and it’s main aim is to hide the Truth of the NS German Breakaway Group.” Yes, I agree, how should the All Lies tell the world that they didn’t win the war as only the Wehrmacht surrendered and even that transported by the nyt was a lie showing if Germany would have surrendered unconditionally.

  • February 12, 2021 at 7:28 pm

    In 2004 my wife, myself and two other people witnessed five Black Triangle aerial vehicles over US 5 in California. I have struggled to explain this event in any rational way. I can’t believe they are operated by the US Govt. because why would they just be playing over a busy highway? What would be the point? I don’t think they are aliens, either. The best explanation I have found is a breakaway civilization of humans operating independently of all countries. I sincerely hope they are of our race and, hopefully, feel some kinship with us. I see this as a huge wildcard, yet to be played.

  • February 12, 2021 at 7:33 pm

    Also, thank you much, much for coming out against the Flat Earth retardism!

  • February 27, 2021 at 8:48 pm

    Hi again…Great article. I agree that Joseph Farrell’s narrative leaves a lot to be desired. As a former Eastern Orthodox priest and Oxford academic, turned ‘alternative researcher’, I can see that he brings a lot of his previous Judaising presuppositions to his Gnostic narrative of Cosmic Wars. I’m just curious though about what you mean by a ‘shill’? Do you mean that he’s openly working for Jewish interests? The imperfect impression I get is that he’s a man who has not let go of his past, which involves seeing them as the Chosen People (albeit through an Orthodox NT lens), and also because he still retains some remnant of desiring ‘respectability’ among the chosen elite, despite disavowing academia, because he did once walk about the Oxford types. Do you think it goes further than that – that he was actually recruited at Oxford to spend his life creating an ‘alternative history’ narrative that sought to reveal information about Nazi tech in a way that exonerated the Chosen? In short, is he a conscious shill? Or is he a pseudo-Gnostic who failed to break free entirely from the Jewish roots of his former Christianity?

    • February 27, 2021 at 9:53 pm

      Hi again Rumpole

      From my experiences over the years researching these areas, I would say, yes, absolutely… he is purposely distorting the narrative and gatekeeping.

      The topic of WW2 is extremely important to the tribe. The most censored topic. The tribe incessantly seed and create controlled opposition in every area. They are dedicated to maintaining this ‘Evil Nazi’ narrative.

  • April 27, 2021 at 4:52 am

    I got this collection of redpilling info from one anonymous user in national socialist general on 4 chan (unironically it exists there) as part of my question during disscusions on hannenbu projects and esoteric hitlerism it all makes sense now but i still dont have explained die glocke was it another flying saucer plane or something bigger than human can process because i see mixed statements that it was plane it was time machine or it was some wierd force of nature which contradicts themselfs

    Also miguel serrano in his book the golden thread mentioned too that Führer survived, Neu Schwabland and their war effort (of course in dilluted form since he tought he could be deemed as crazy)

    • April 28, 2021 at 12:57 pm

      Hello, SR anon

      The ‘Nazi’ Bell. (Die Glocke)

      To me it seems like the shills often use this ‘Bell’ as a distraction, or as a part of a limited hangout. The Germans developed incredible craft and advanced weapons, but the subversives love talk about the ‘Nazi Bell’ as though it was the pinnacle of their achievements – they usually say it is a time machine. I suppose some people imagine people inside it! Haha. I have seen some even suggest it was a type of ship that could travel. For example the shill infested, subversive, limited hangout show called ‘Ancient Aliens’ will talk about the ‘Nazi Bell’ (and even showed a CGI clip of it flying into the sky!). And then neglect all the really important information on the flying discs and the other very advance technology they developed. Information which is included in books by people like – Lusar, Haarmann, Zundel, Bergmann, Sternhoff etc.

      Gilbert Sternhoff in this book ‘Die Drite Macht’ has some information about ‘The Bell’. He is far more trustworthy than the numerous shills.

      I translated his work with an online app and did my best to decipher the information. From what I could tell ‘The Bell’ was an experimental device. They were using it to test theories and interactions… to develop new technologies.

      The ‘Bell’ project apparently was split into two sub-projects after a while. Project Lantern Bearer and Project Chronos. Again, suggesting it was a device they used for experimentation – and from this they developed more specific projects.

      It looks like their experimentations with this device enabled them to develop the technology for their flying-disc and cigar-craft – and the ‘foo fighters’. As well as possibly developing some type of portal technology – or ‘plasma vortices’ as Sternhoff refers to them. And the Chronos project: The name ‘Chronos’ obviously suggests it was a project related to time. It suggests that from their initial experimentations with ‘the Bell’ they felt they could develop some type of time manipulating device.

      The ‘Foo Fighters’ – the balls of light seen during WW2, and that are still seen regularly in our skies – seem to have come directly from the Lantern Bearer Project, which stemmed from ‘The Bell’.

      The first group of scientists involved with ‘The Bell’ developed illnesses, the same type of illnesses that you are said to develop if you come into close contact with the outside of a functioning UFO / ‘flying saucer’ (as suggested / documented in various testimonies). Which suggests that they used this ‘Bell’ to develop the technology that moved these craft at such amazing speeds, and with such accuracy and agility.

      So it looks likes that the experimentation with this ‘Bell’ device lead to new developments and new projects. The shills do not readily discuss the technology that stemmed from the device.

      We know the Germans developed advanced craft and advanced weapons . Those round glowing lights, regularly seen at the night, often moving in formation, are the Germans. The flying-saucer and the cigar-craft are the Germans. By looking at their activities, and the way they move, the triangle craft are also very likely the Germans.

      But do they have portal technology? I would say, yes. Yes, they do. Do they have time manipulating technology – I would say that it is likely (I do not think that the Germans developed a time machine like you see in the hollywood movies. But they seemed to have been learning how to ‘bend’ or manipulate time to a degree. My theory is that time is somewhat malleable or pliable). And do the Germans have an understanding of the other dimensions? Yes.

      If you want to learn more about the Breakaway Germans I recommend these four articles:





      • April 28, 2021 at 6:30 pm

        Good evening.
        Thanks for rest of articles (side note: And citation from book that truly explains die glocke project.) but i was already reading them since that anon posted all parts and recommended your content on National socialism and judea itself (i could post archive.4plebs.org archived posts but i dont remember post numbers and user ID because i dont have them screencaped)
        That anon was right that it will all finally make sense these articles even explained my paranomal occurences like dissapearing and moving stars that i saw sometimes during night hike trips or even some rare strange lucid dreams that are not future predictions (mostly these predictions are just normal occurences rarely they are some big events like results of “votes” or “geopolitical” stuff that will come true) or dreams of me fighting in second world war or being hlinka guard officer in afterwar period.

        Again thanks for responses and maybe apologies for apparently spamming a little bit because it took me while to understand how this comment system works.

        • May 1, 2021 at 4:16 pm

          Hello SR anon

          You are welcome.

          No worries about the unintentional ‘spam’ my friend – it happens. First time comments go into a queue to be verified… I am sure you can understand with the amount of subversives and confused people out there.

          I have also had some past life recall of previous lives on Earth during sleep – fighting in various European wars. I am always a White European in them… The subversive (((New Agers))) try to make out that you just randomly incarnate into any race – as they are subversive Marxist agents – but this is not true. Ancestry, DNA and bloodlines are very metaphysically significant. One of the more recent recalls was of an old war – I cant work out which one – but it was one where the soldiers were wearing tunics and using basic guns. I am always a White man in the past life memories. It seems to be particularly traumatic events / scenes that come back. In this most recent one I had to put some men out of there misery after they were shot by some type of firing squad – they had just left them there in pain.

          I have also had recall of being a White man on a different planet in our solar system. A more recent life / experience, I do believe.

          Though regular dreams are very different – they are certainly not the same as when you relive a scene from a previous life. I have a lot of lucidity and recall and I would say regular dreams are us being hooked into some sort of artificial intelligence – some sort of construct – like a virtual construct. Possibly connected, and related to, the information in the Nag Hammadi texts about the Archons. Regular ‘dreams’ – usually the ones just before you wake – are confusing and make little sense. Something seems to be accessing our memories and taking people we have met, and places we have previously been, and creating these nonsensical dramas / scenarios that do not help and only serve to confuse and create stress.

          This is also what our ‘After Life’ seems to be. From my analysis of people who have had NDEs, and have experienced these ‘after life realms’, they appear to be some sort of artificial construct – each person living in a separate artificial construct tailored to them and their memories / psyche.

    • April 28, 2021 at 1:01 pm

      Hello again, SR anon

      Here is an excerpt from Gilbert Sternhoff’s book on some of technical aspects related to the ‘The Bell’ (Die Glocke).

      It is a translation of German to English using an online app:

      “A “magnetically closed system” can also be achieved if under certain conditions an electric current generated plasma (ionized gas) forms a plasma vortex.

      Hand in hand the formation of these so-called plasmoids goes with the generation of Magnetic fields as well as characteristic luminous phenomena through the Emission of ionizing radiation. Because of this, the Plasmoids are also known as “fireballs”. Both effects were reported in connection with the bell. Igor Witkowski has demonstrated that in the apparatus described as a bell generating such a plasma vortex has been technically possible.

      The mercury used came because of it – its material properties are of crucial importance. Mercury is a liquid substance of high density and low viscosity. Ever the lower this is, the more undisturbed the intrinsic angular momentum remains elementary particles in the atom, called spin. Were the ones in the bell Mercury-filled drums at tens of thousands of revolutions accelerated per minute, this liquid material formed under the influence the centrifugal force creates a thin layer on the walls of the drums.

      After reaching the maximum turning speed, the Mercury ions by an applied high voltage current be accelerated. Calculations showed that the speed of rotation of the ions in the drums in this way to over 100,000 revolutions per second (!) Could have increased. In order to the generated plasma vortex rotated many orders of magnitude faster than the one bound by the limitations of the mechanics of solid bodies superconducting ceramic ring Podkletnovs (the 25,000 to 50,000 Revolutions per minute).

      In fact, it means that today Podkletnov’s seemingly revolutionary method compared to those of conducted by German scientists more than 60 years ago Experiments a step backwards. The effects achieved by the Germans in shielding the Gravity must have been a lot more amazing. So explain yourself also the changes that occurred as a result of the experiments organic substances. Even the Russian scientist Genadiy Shipov as well as the German physicist Burkhard Heim had in their work demonstrated that artificially generated gravitational waves in the materials exposed to them result in structural changes have to. (27)

      Nick Cook interviewed his physical mentor, then on Antigravity and general field theory specialized Dr. Dan Marckus (a pseudonym), according to his interpretation of that of Witkowski offered facts. Marckus confirmed that the Germans therefore could actually have developed an aircraft that the understand how to use antigravity as a driving force.

      Beyond that, be it possibly succeeded with this apparatus, even if only in extremely small in scope to manipulate the fourth dimension, time. By intervening in the zero-point energy field, not only have the Gravity can be cancelled, but within the generated in relation to the “outside world”, the course of time is also a part of the torsion field been different. Marckus put it this way: “If you have a Torsion field of sufficient size generated, it comes to the curvature of four dimensions of space. The more torsion that is created, the greater is the disruption of space. If you bend the room, you bend too the time. “(18) The hardly comprehensible consequence of this is: Germans Scientists developed a time machine!

      The project ‘The Bell’ apparently came into being in January 1942 called. In August 1943 there was a split into two sub-projects, called Lantern Bearer and Chronos. (27) With the designation Chronos the assumptions of Cook’s mentor are indirectly confirmed. “Lantern-bearer” is someone who raises the light in the air, a beautiful and at the same time a profound expression for an anti-gravity drive.

      In 1944 these lights were supposed to be known as fireballs or “foo-fighters” cause confusion among the Allied aircrews for the first time.” – Gilbert Sternhoff – Die Dritte Macht

      • May 3, 2021 at 12:58 pm

        Videos of the ‘Orb’ UFOs:

        Red Orbs UFOs Sightings From Virginia To Nevada – May 2020

        Fleet of UFOs was filmed during lightning over Poland – October 2020

        Fleet of UFOs over Harrisburg, Pennsylvania – November 2020

        Airline Passenger Sees UFO Fleet Over Bay of Bengal, India On Aug 10, 2017, UFO Sighting News.

        Captan numerosos ‘OVNIS’ volando cerca de la Luna – 2018

        Caught on camera: Strange lights spotted floating over Oahu – September 2017

        Fleet of UFOs over Merced, California – April 2021 –

        UFOs | Something strange is happening in the Florida sky – August 2020 –

  • May 7, 2021 at 5:38 pm

    Thanks for your Interesting papers , an important question is what’s the reference and reason for abandoning antarctic at 1961 . Why not another time

    • May 10, 2021 at 12:38 pm

      Hello AK

      I do not know for certain if the Germans left Antarctica in 1961. It was something that Wilhelm Landig proposed. The fact so many famous ‘elites’ visited Antarctica not long ago, (many visits in 2016) suggests they found something of interest there (possibly an abandoned German base), and it suggests that the Breakaway Germans have perhaps moved on from there now. But we can’t be sure about that.

      There were many more so called ‘expeditions’ to Antarctica after Operation High Jump (Admiral Byrd even went on another one in 1955), these would have been more attempts at destroying the Germans there. The Breakaway Germans could have abandoned there base in Antarctica once they had established themselves elsewhere – such as in the easier to defend deep underwater bases, perhaps in some large underground caverns in other locations, and once established on The Moon. They will very likely be established in a variety of remote locations – planet Earth is a big place that has many uninhabited remote regions – and the oceans are enormous, and very deep.

  • May 12, 2021 at 9:22 am

    First, I must say that about 10 years ago, after years of brainwashing by the Jewish media,with Listening to Hitler’s speeches on various issues, the economic system and cultural performance and many other components,I realized that Hitler was absolutely right and also the National Socialistm,There was a strange and enduring interest on me and a sense of closeness,And I am only who can realize this eagerness inside me, especially toward the Waffen SS Guard,And it is not a superficial childish feeling, it is deep,Not because many of people were talked about My face resembles to the Germans, but for i understood Hitler’s nationalism in details.That’s why I did not read your writing about Jewish lies because I know it very well.
    Before reading your documents about the survivors of the Third Reich,i realized 5 years ego that the Nazis migrate to Antarctica and after awareness of the high jump operations,i found out certainly there was something which the Jews were worried about
    some time later I Watched the Game of Thrones series i found out certainly there is something which the Jews are worried about and i found some interesting points:
    *first the fact that seven countries were in control of a single kingdom and although they were fighting against each other, but in the last part, when they believed the news of the return of the old enemy behind the wall, white walker, they were united .!
    there were important points about the white walker, the first their name!, white, meant white race!they had blue eyes!the Aryan race !!
    The second is that they once fought with seven countries and were defeated and completely destroyed, and no one believed that they would return and exist!
    It reminds us exactly of the Nazis, but the third point ,they came from ices! Which could indicate the existence of the Nazis in Antarctica, But the last point is that the directors were completely confused because the author of the book was not finished and the White Walkers seemed invincible, so they finished the series so funny and it was meaningless!
    and I saw that all the political factions of the countries and the governments, even though they are in conflict,and fighting with each other, but they are were and they are all united against Hitler and the Nazis!
    I thought the Nazis are somewhere on earth I found out white walkers in game of thrones are not just right movement but the real Nazis who survived till now perhaps in Antarctica.
    Anyway,after telling my idea about Game of Thrones series to a Friend of American National Socialist ,he introduce your site and i was stunned after reading your articles!
    (You know, it was very strange that a National Socialist person was among Among all these Americans and he introduced your site to me !!)
    and i must say there a lot of event and fact which you not mention in your articles and these events are in complete ceremony with the breakaways Germans!specially 1976 Tehran UFO incident,(The same UFO-shaped cigarette!, awareness of the pilot’s decision before doing something!!!Even failure of mechanical equipment such as pilot eject system in addition to electronic equipment maybe they find out the intention of the pilot to eject after failure of electronic equipment so they temporarily disable ejection system !!! because they didn’t want to harm pilot and aircraft !)
    anyway, I have some questions:
    The same UFOS-shaped cigarette Has been seen throughout history,
    if these reports are right ,so there were so old advanced secret civilization!
    So, do you think The Breakaway Germans joined them or they joined the Breakaway Germans?Who has the main power in the colony of the moon or Mars? The Germans or the ancient secret civilization?
    Did the Germans achieve this technology independently? Or this civilization gave it to them?

    • May 12, 2021 at 11:50 am

      Hello, The seventh country

      I did address this briefly in ‘Ufology Explained Part 2’:

      “In the early 1900’s hardly any sightings at all … perhaps on average roughly three or four recorded reports a year worldwide, from what we can tell… and no contact at all… very quiet… (there were reports before the 1900s of the occasional unidentified objects in the sky, but they were again, very rare.)”

      Sightings were very rare in the centuries before WW2 – and the vast majority were not clear sightings. There were very occasional phenomena in the sky that a few people spotted – different types, with no consistency of shape or patterns. So very occasionally there may have been a passing or visiting craft in our atmosphere – and perhaps a very occasional small fight between two craft in our atmosphere – but they were very rare and very sporadic.

      Then in 1940s a massive increase – and then after WW2 there were hundreds, and then eventually, thousands of sightings each year. And they were were reported as silver flying saucers and orbs – and then eventually, not long after, cigar-craft were also being seen regularly. There was an enormous increase – and the sightings were pretty much all the same.

      (The Germans created the cigar / cylinder craft – you can see the diagrams – there were not reports of these types of craft before WW2.)

      From my research I would say that another space faring race did not help the Germans. If you look through all the books linked you can see a clear progression of development. There were initial theories and experiments, diagrams, prototypes and improvements upon each craft. They did not suddenly have plans for a working craft. There was a lot of experiments using the Die Glocke / The ‘Nazi’ Bell.

      I would say, yes, they achieved it independently.

      The Germans have always been well known for their innovations, inventiveness and engineering. They were always winning awards.

      From looking at all the evidence The Breakaway Germans control The Moon.

      (I have seen no evidence of an ‘ancient secret civilisation’ assisting them with the development of their craft – though the Germans do now have some non-human allies who assist them with certain tasks.)

      Mars is bigger and there are a variety of groups on there – but the Germans very likely have at least one big city on Mars – and possibly some other settlements and cities on there. From what I have seen the Germans control a region of Mars – but they are not alone on Mars. The other groups on Mars seem to be less advanced than the Germans. I am almost certain the Germans are on Ceres as well – as well as some other celestial bodies.

  • June 8, 2021 at 5:09 pm

    Hi Entity~Art

    A UFO story from Transylvania

    This series of articles along with Ernst Zundel’s book “UFO’s Nazi Secret Weapon” provided clarity, logic and confirmation to a story told by my grandfather about a UFO event he witnessed in a village somewhere in the Transylvania region of Romania 15 – 20 years after WW2.

    Grandfather’s recollection was that all of a sudden, during midday, people started to realize that a strange object was floating right above the village. Tens of people witnessed that strange event… to them it was something unheard off before. In grandfather’s words: “a huge cigar floated still above the village for at least half an hour and many people saw it…”. Grandfather was a well educated man, a school teacher in that county and highly respected for his honesty, meaning, I hold his experience to be true.

    Still, for many years I was contradicted by his story because the main image associated with the UFO phenomenon was the saucer shape not the cigar one… this until recently. Now, through this new set of information, my grandfather’s and others stories make sense… the UFO phenomenon makes sense… at least to me.

    • June 10, 2021 at 12:33 pm

      Hello Gilgamesh

      Good to hear from you again. I received your previous message, by the way. Thankyou for the information 🙂

      And thanks for this testimony, very good. I have heard/seen others like it.

      Yes, seeing the old German diagrams that depict the cigar-shaped craft they were creating, does make a difference.

      With this fake, misdirecting so-called ‘disclosure’ that is supposed to be occurring at the moment (government agents misdirecting the public) I have seen some people in comments sections of some alternative media sites dismiss the UFO phenomenon as all ‘bullshit’ – all a psyop. Dismissing it all completely. They have clearly not fully researched the topic. Jewry made Ufology such a minefield of lies, misdirection and conflicting information – so the less evolved human mind, when faced with this type of confusion, will sometimes dismiss the whole thing. Humans usually just take the easy option when confused. Careful correlation, analysis of information and pattern recognition is just too much hard work for a lot of people.

      Of course, many naïve ufology enthusiasts think the numerous craft and orbs in our skies are the ‘arcturians’ or ‘reptilians’ or ‘pleiadians’ or ‘solar warden’ or ‘galactic federation’ – or any of these other made up groups… made up by (((Ufology))).

      One of these prominent government UFO agents / shills recently suggested it may be aliens, but that it could also be the Russians or Chinese! How ridiculous.

  • August 4, 2021 at 9:56 pm

    Dear EntityArt,
    Having read your unparalleled summations on the various misdirective agents in your articles and comment replies, I would be very interested to know your opinions on theimperialgermans.com and fliegendewahrheit, as well as the books of Joseph P. Farrell, Henry Stevens, and Igor Witkowski.

    • August 5, 2021 at 2:02 pm

      Hello Anonymous

      Reich of the Black Sun – Joseph Farrell:

      There is some decent well sourced information presented on some of the technology, but all of it comes with a clear anti-German agenda. A controlled opposition, Jewry approved, author who also misdirects, gatekeeps and promotes lies.

      Calling Hitler and Himmler insane and delusional. Saying how the ‘Nazis’ were obsessed with ‘occult’ practices etc… If you look impartially into the Ahnenerbe, and the related German societies before them, they were researching ancient scriptures, ancient relics, and looking for the truth of ancient mythology, as well as looking into metaphysical topics and advanced science… they weren’t doing seances! They wanted to find out the true history of their people / folk – and the secrets of Earth and the metaphysics that govern us.

      These German academics and researchers were very intelligent. The Ahnenerbe had over 50 institutes specialising in different topics – analysing information and preparing expeditions. Now all the Super Powers around the world are researching the same topics . But the Germans were apparently “Occultists obsessed with dark magic and power, and wanted to take over the world!”… (((Their))) deliberate propaganda really is childish. It is not difficult to find out what National Socialism was really all about.

      The Germans were not ‘into’ magic and rituals. They were meticulous with their research, scouring ancient scriptures and performing measurements, measuring ley lines and energy points of the Earth, and visiting and analysing ancient art and architecture at locations all over the world, via the Ahnenerbe and other explorers.

      Look at the limited hangout and gatekeeping series Ancient Aliens – all these controlled people on there are researching and talking about many of the same topics the NS Germans were researching roughly 80-90 years ago… (Ancient aliens, of course, will gatekeep the impressive ancient history of the Aryans)

      Himmler knew that the artefacts in ancient tales such as Thor’s hammer, The Arc of the Covenant and the missiles and craft in the Rig Veda, Ramayana and Bhagavad Gita, for example, were actually advanced technology. He knew this all the way back then – and now many others have started realising this in the last 10 – 15 years

      Of course Farrell also promotes all the holocaust lies. He is controlled opposition.

      It is like an anti-German propaganda piece, and there will be some misdirection, lies, subversions and gatekeeping.

      imperialgermans.com – and their Youtube channel:

      I did come across this guy about 3 or 4 months ago. My immediate thoughts were that he is controlled opposition.

      He also has a YouTube channel… how he is still allowed on YouTube talking about some of the topics he discusses on there? This suggests he is controlled.

      The gaudy over the top production techniques and graphics just scream controlled opposition to me. It looks like he is funded. Though again, some decent basic information on the Breakaway Germans from what I can tell (no real depth to it though) – I have not analysed all his content. Always some Truth, and then some other angles from these controlled agents. Jewry cover every topic – controlled opposition everywhere.

      Henry Stevens Book – “Dark Star: The Hidden History of German Secret Bases, Flying Disks & U-Boats”:

      This book is useful. He has used German sources such as Bergmann, Landig and Haarmann – as well as Zundel’s book.

      There is some interesting information in there, and it does not have the anti-German propaganda levels that Farrell’s books have – though he does refer to Farrell’s work on occasions.

      He has used some excerpts from Bergmann’s books and translated them into English – some parts of his books that I did not cover in my ‘Who is in the Oceans?’ post – so that is also useful.

      He believes Adolf Hitler committed suicide. I do not.

      Overall, a good book with some useful information.

      (Edit: I don’t agree with everything though. And unfortunately Stevens does have a few pages dedicated to explaining Michael Salla’s subversive theories / disinfo (Salla is a controlled opposition subversive agent)

      Igor Witkowski:

      I have not read his book. I cannot find it on archive.org. I doubt it has any information that is not in the books I have recommend. Most of these more modern researchers take much of their information from the books I have recommended.

      Very Interestingly, I did a search and found Igor doing an interview with the exact same guy who last interviewed the controlled disinfo agent Max Spiers. The famous interview were apparently Max died just after the interview (said to be death from ‘black goo’ – these psyops smh.). He didn’t die.

      I always felt the interviewer looked very Jewish (porozmawiajmy TV). Max Spiers was a shill and that whole fiasco was a psyop. Max also was also good friends with Stewart Swerdlow, another controlled member of (((the tribe))). So the fact that Igor appears on the same controlled opposition channel with the same interviewer is very telling indeed. Always networks of controlled opposition.

      Igor also worked with the controlled opposition operation ‘Project Camelot’ – Bill Ryan and (((Kerry Cassidy)))

      Igor Witkowski very much looks to be controlled, and the book will very likely have some lies, some misdirection, propaganda and some gatekeeping etc…


      Yes, fliegende-wahrheit.com has some good, and aligned, information:

      https://fliegende-wahrheit.com/2019/07/09/die-reichsdeutschen-teil-1-die-dritte-macht/ (he has a series of posts on the subject)

      I hope some of that helped.

  • August 7, 2021 at 7:30 pm

    What do you think of ‘Oumuamua that was spotted a couple of years ago? Could have been a cigar shaped mothership or not?

    • August 9, 2021 at 11:30 am

      Hello fleet

      It sure looks like it could be deflection away from the cigar-shaped craft / motherships that are being seen in our solar system.

      ‘It just another cigar shaped rock – nothing to see here.’

      Look at the CGI image they show everybody… it is just CGI that they show people.

      It was in the mainstream news and heavily publicised – on CCN and Fox in the US for example. – so you can be sure it was a psy-op of some kind.

      Astronomers apparently discovered it – this is what we are told – great proof. (Tell us you found this object and you will receive more funding) I watched the video of these two astronomers who apparently saw it – and then we are shown some grainy footage, ambiguous footage of blotches – it shows northing of note, just some small dot moving through space, in amongst many other dots and splodges.

      Some type of psy-op for sure.

  • August 14, 2021 at 6:53 pm

    You really need to research flat earth. It is not a psyop, if anything, heliocentrism is the first big lie/pysop, perpetrated by the Jesuits, all of whom were Morano Jews. Loyola was a Jew, and the Jesuits were very interested in replacing science with magic. That is why they propped up people like Copernicus, and secretly murdered real scientists like Tycho Brahe. In fact, there are some very interesting quotes by both Phillip Melancthon and Martin Luther on Copernicus. They thought he was a fraud, and saw behind their conspiracy to undermine the bible and Christianity.

    • August 19, 2021 at 2:29 pm

      Hello, new Anonymous

      I have researched Flat Earth and it is all a lot of nonsense. A psyop.

      One of the big reasons these Jews (and Jewish Jesuits) have lied about the true nature of the cosmos is because if you find out about the electric nature of the cosmos people would realise, and see clearly, the infinite abundance all around us. This electric abundance that can be tapped into very easily via devices outlined by Schauberger and Tesla – and various others. They have lied about the true nature of the cosmos to maintain and increase their control. Not because the Earth is flat. Flat Earth is a notion that goes against all of nature.

      From my research it very much appears that we live in an electric universe. The Earth is almost a ball – not quite though – a bit bell-like, or somewhat heart-shaped. It is somewhat flattened at the North pole. It is also hollow.

      Planets are born from their Sun. Planets are always expanding and slowly moving away from their Sun. Our Earth is clearly expanding (Expanding Earth evidence is clear). Only a hollow electric earth could explain this. All planets are hollow.

      Gravity is a lie – there is only electricity, and attraction due to electricity.

      The Sun is cool and electric. Not some furnace burning fuel!

      Robert Otey – who was inspired when young by Tesla and Schauberger – has been using the work of Walter Russell, Dewy B Larson – as well as many others – to explain the cosmos. As good as anyone I have seen.

      I think Otey’s explanations are the closest to the Truth that I have seen.

      The cosmos is electric – and all about spirals and vortices and implosion. There is a vortex being created inside the Earth, you can see the results at the North pole.

      Flat Earthers do not seem to be connected to nature and do not observe it. Existence is all about spirals and vortices… and continuous movement.

      The ‘Nazi’ Bell (die glocke) was about creating vortices. The swastika and black sun symbols are about vortices and the electric nature of the cosmos. Just look at them – spinning vortices. It was all a subconscious knowing coming through – as many Germans are Souls for Atlantis and Hypoborea – and they had this knowledge there.

      Also, if you study ancient history and all the ancient architecture created by the ‘gods’ – all the alignments to the other planets or stars, careful mathematical calculations used in the monuments and architecture, and the sacred geometry based on spirals and vortices – related to the cosmos and electric universe – then it will help you understand that Earth is not flat.

      Flat Earth is a psyop to direct you away from the Truth.

      • August 19, 2021 at 3:49 pm

        Absolutely, and also a “discredit-by-association” gimmick. Ever notice that the YT channels advocating Flat Earth will, in the mix with all the bullshit, put up a vid that questions the narrative about the 9/11 attacks, thus linking criticism of the government lies with their FE crap. Pretty clever of our Elite…

  • September 18, 2021 at 11:02 pm

    Hi Entity Art,

    I’ve contacted you before and you are always a fount of useful information, as well as courteous and well-spoken – one of the few voices (along with John Lash) that I trust on the Internet.

    I have a couple of questions that may be connected, although I’m not sure, but I would love to hear your take on them (apologies if you’ve already addressed them elsewhere).

    1) What do you make of The Urantia Book? It claims NOT to be channelled, although the method of transmission remains somewhat secretive. I’ve read ‘A History of the Urantia Papers’ and have read through the section in the actual Urantia Book on the Secret Life of Jesus. Whoever wrote it was clearly knowledgeable of 1st century Jewish life, with both literary flair but also a strangely flat way of presenting plausible twists on the official narrative (flair yet flat seems contradictory and yet the paradoxical tone of the prose is something that somehow jumps out at me. I’ve read the criticism by Gardner about plagiarism and dodgy science but the Urantia Book never claims to be ‘infallible’ in the way fundamentalist Christians claim about the Bible. Moreover, the worldview presented in the book is vast; so vast it strains my mind to think who came up with something more vast than Herbert’s Dune series or anything else I’ve encountered in science fiction.

    Moreover, far from being relativistic, Gnostic or promoting ‘All is One’ the Urantia Book is a race-realist text that came under fire for that very reason. If it’s a psy-op, I’m trying to think of why it would be. It explicitly denies that Jesus ever believed himself to be the Jewish Messiah, but rather than he came from outer space (ultimately) as a sort of avatar of the Father; that the universe is teeming with life; and that there is a war on between alien species that affects us here.

    I’m NOT saying any of this is true, but as far as New Age stuff goes, it is different from other things I’ve seen. I’m wondering if you have any thoughts on it? My only red flag is its insistence in unifying the entire ‘human race’ around the person of Jesus. In that respect, its universalism is a red flag, although it eschews the ‘accept me or go to Hell’ rhetoric of the Bible gospels.

    Another flag is that its creation and publication arises around the time that UFOs began to appear on the scene. Although I sometimes wonder if the German breakaway civilisation produced it for us…I go back and forth on it – ready to dismiss it out of hand, and yet there is something strange about it that stays my hand from tossing it on the pyre that’s already consigned Icke’s works and others to the flames.

    2) My second question has to do with that retired Israeli Minister who last year claimed that the US and Israel are working with extraterrestrials on Mars and the Moon – two places supposedly inhabited by the Germans. But strange that it would be an Israeli saying this? Some say he’s just gotten senile, but these revelations were made in his 800+ page book and no one has claimed the book to be the work of a man who has lost his marbles. Any thoughts on what’s going on there?

    Again, thank you for your site and for taking the time to furnish me with your knowledge!

    Kind regards,


    • September 23, 2021 at 8:29 pm

      Hello Notters

      I had a look through that Urantia book quite some time ago – saw the subversion and dismissed it as another subversive Ufology book

      I had a quick look through it again for you – straight away I saw disinfo about the Solar system and the nature of our Cosmos. ( I will post an article at some point about our Electric Universe and the planets)

      Some snippets from it:

      “Life on earth/Urantia is difficult, filled with challenges, pain and loss. According to The Urantia Book, we evolved from lemur-like mammals….”

      We did not evolve from lemur like mammals.

      “Adam and Eve and their descendants constitute what is called the violet race. Mating between the violet and blue race, combined with matings with some red and yellow strains, eventually gave rise to the white race, or what today we call Caucasians. The yellow race received some upstepping from the violet race, but not so for the red race as they had already been cutoff in the Americas by the sinking of the Bering land bridge. Similarly the indigo race received little upstepping from mixing with the purple race because of being so centered in Africa.”

      My friend, this books is not a ‘race realist’ book. It is subversive diversion, and disinfo.

      “The Urantia Book makes clear that one of the needed changes to continue our successful evolution as a species is to release our attachment to nationalism, to tying our identity and allegiance to one specific country. We need to outgrow a belief that the success of one nation over others is a worthy goal. Instead our evolution towards a state of light and life depends upon all of us recognizing that our shared fate as a world depends upon our embracing all human beings as sharing in one world-wide nation.”

      This is jewish NWO / Communist / One World Government / New Age propaganda. This is what International Jewry want more than anything – for us to release our attachment to nationalism, to our cultures and our allegiance to our folk – to our race. This is possibly (((their))) biggest agenda / tactic.

      Pretty much everything supposedly ‘channelled’ that came out after WW2 was just subversive propaganda – subversion and misdirection.

      There is sure to be a lot more subversion in the book, but we don’t need to look at it any more.

      I know we all wish for some book that has all the answers and key Truths, that just hands it all to us on a plate. But we have to correlate information from many sources, and work our way through a lot of disinfo to get close to Truths.

      For key Truths in this area you would be better served studying ancient history – especially Atlantis and its colonies / outposts, old Hollow / Inner Earth research (nothing channelled!) and the work and research of the Ahnenerbe.

      The Atlanteans and the Hollow / Inner Earth groups (so called ‘gods’ from the Inner Earth) have had a big influence on us.

      By carefully looking at ancient history, and correlating information there to other topics, we can work out a lot of Truths.

      “2) My second question has to do with that retired Israeli Minister who last year claimed that the US and Israel are working with extraterrestrials on Mars and the Moon – two places supposedly inhabited by the Germans. But strange that it would be an Israeli saying this? Some say he’s just gotten senile,
      but these revelations were made in his 800+ page book and no one has claimed the book to be the work of a man who has lost his marbles. Any thoughts on what’s going on there?”

      It is just a calculated psyop. Just misdirection. Jewry lie all the time – it is what they do.

      Israel do not have a presence on those celestial bodies. They are not a powerful force in our solar system. They are attempting to get people to believe they have more power and influence than they do. I would suggest that they have no influence out there.

      This was probably the same Israeli who said Israel was working with ‘Galactic Federation’ – and I have exposed the ‘Galactic Federation’ psyop in my Ufology Explained, Part 2 article.

      Israel are not on The Moon or Mars! Everything points towards the Breakaway Germans being on both The Moon and Mars.

      I hope some of that helped.

      • September 24, 2021 at 1:51 am

        You’re absolutely right Entity. My message to you prompted me to do a deep dive into the Urantia Book and I too found the passage you quoted above about the abandonment of the concept of nationhood. Urantia has been consigned to the woodchopper. More interesting, however, is the History of Urantia book – it seems that many of the people associated with the book were sincere, but were unwittingly victims of a mind-control exercise carried out by the same people who produced A Course in Miracles. I do still cling to the possibility that there is something genuinely weird about its appearance, but am satisfied that the ‘authors’ of the book are not extraterrestrials here to save us all.

        In that vein, I am reading a strange new book by Jason Rexa Jorjani right now called ‘Closer Encounters’, in which is makes the claim that yes, indeed, ‘Nazis’ (a term he uses throughout the book) made the craft we see in the skies; that the greys work for the nordics, who are time-travelling from the back post Singularity and that they manipulate our world events. Moreover, that these chaps are limited by a female Trickster-like entity and that they are more or less, Archons. O, and he says even these time-traveling Nazi ‘gods’ are terrified of the Trickster.

        He’s attempting to unite 7 hypothesis about alien craft under one umbrella theory, which is pretty gloomy – we have a tyrannical, one world government to look forward to, ushered in by a false flag invasion (pretty standard). His sources include Farrell, Marrs and others that you reckon are disinformation agents.

        Interestingly enough, even though the ‘Nazis’ are clearly the bad guys in his narrative (that does contain a lot of true info, baked into a poisonous pie), and despite the fact that he brings in just about every conspiracy theory topic out there…there is one group that is never, ever mentioned. Conspicuous by their total absence. I’ve not finished the entire book yet, but I’ve read all about ‘Nazis’ and how they were financed by American eugenicists (JP Morgan etc); and he takes time to tear down Christianity, but nary a word is said, positive or negative, about a particular group that is usually mentioned in conjunction with conspiracy somewhere…it’s an interesting book, a deeply pessimistic and scary one…but not to be trusted.

  • November 3, 2021 at 2:29 pm

    Good afternoon EntityArt

    I would really appreciate your take on this.
    I live in Western Europe, in a small country known for its banks ;), and your article reminded me of something that happend to me in my childhood. When I was in primary school, about age 10, we had an art project where we painted something on wood. Somehow, without ever hearing or seeing anything about it, i managed to draw a swastika on this piece of wood. Red background, Swastika in black. It pretty much looked just like the one from the 3rd Reich, an almost perfect replica.
    I got in great trouble with the school for it and was forced to paint over it (lol) and I didn’t even know what I did wrong with my painting. I was very happy about it when I drew it and even some of my friends copied me because they like it aswell.
    What I find most interesting about this, is that I drew it completely from my subconscious.
    Could this mean that I am an Aryan/Atlantean soul? I’ve always wondered about my heritage. I am white but don’t have the perfect “aryan” phenotype as I’m brown haired with hazel green eyes and also of rather short stature.
    How can I find out more about myself and maybe even tap into my subconscious/hidden memories?

    • November 7, 2021 at 1:38 pm

      Hi Dentez

      You do not need to be blonde or a red head – with blue, green or hazel eyes – to be an Atlantean Soul.

      I am convinced many of the leading German National Socialists, and the German esoteric academics of that time, were Atlantean Souls – they were White and Aryan, but they were rarely fair blondes or redheads.

      Atlantis was about 10,000 years ago, and there have been many generations since – much of our hair has darkened over the years, and some of the height has been lost (not for me, I am 6ft 4in) but many of us are still Atlantean Souls. Our knowledge has almost entirely been lost but there is still some vague subconscious memories – and a yearning for knowledge and higher consciousness experiences.

      I think mitochondria DNA likely has some more significance at Soul level – I think there is more about it that we do not understand metaphysically. Mitochondria DNA comes from the mother.

      It will be natural for many Souls who in previous lives lived in Atlantis, and were Atlantean refugees, to naturally be drawn to those spiral / vortex / swastika symbols and to subconsciously recreate them.

      My take on your artwork, is that I don’t think it was just a random occurrence – it means something.

      I know I had been subconsciously doodling Celtic spirals for many years before I knew what they meant.

      Hope that helped.

  • November 8, 2021 at 6:11 pm

    Hello Entity Art,
    I thought it would be interesting to know your opinions on three lesser known authors, all of whom are most certainly controlled dis-informants. It is however always worth piecing them apart. They are Stephen Quayle ( Empire Beneath the Ice), Jason Reza Jorjani (Closer Encounters…etc.), and Vladimir Terziski.
    I also wanted to applaud your recent work. The past few articles have been phenomenally insightful to say the least.

    • November 11, 2021 at 6:18 pm

      Hi Vincent.

      Thankyou, I am glad you found those articles useful.

      Quayle is just another agent out there to control the narrative – promoting the ‘Evil Nazis’ rhetoric and more WW2 disinformation.

      “How Nazi SS members, scientists, and soldiers escaped with Hitler to create colonies in other parts of the world to continue their monstrous research.” This quote is in the blurb of Quale’s book…. give me a break… ‘monstrous research’.

      I have spoken about Terziski under another post – he is a controlled agent. Just another one out there to control the narrative and promote the ‘Evil Nazis’ rhetoric. Some Truth from him – and some lies. Cannot be trusted.

      I do not know much about this Jorjani but from reading the reviews of his book it certainly seems to be just another anti-German ‘Evil Nazis’ book to control the narrative

      So much Controlled Opposition out there, for a very important topic for Jewry… they greatly wish to control the narrative on it.

      It is very interesting, and very telling, how we do not have any English translations of all these German books that I have recommended – and how much these books have been suppressed. We only have Ernst Zundel’s books in English. Though Henry Stevens has done some good work, and does not express as much bias as other authors (Though Stevens has made a few errors, and gets a little caught up, on some occasions, with some Ufology subversion from some controlled agents).

      Hope that helped.

  • May 31, 2022 at 9:20 pm

    Are Aryan aliens/space family a possibility -they don’t all have to be breakaway germanics from ww2- ?

    • June 2, 2022 at 2:39 pm

      Hi Velhal

      From what I have seen in my memories I would suggest that it is a civilisation created by the Breakaway Germans. DNA was used from Earth to expand it – from various White Nations. A space faring civilisation consisting of White humans was created.

      From my memories I think some White humans were found on Mars, living in small basic settlements / caves.

      The Germans also likely found some humans living in isolated regions in the cavernous regions inside the Earth’s crust.

      From what I saw in one experience, and from my research, I think some people from South America may have allied with the Breakaway Germans. I also have a hunch – based on a brief memory and the Germans relationship with them – that a small group of Japanese may have also broken away and allied with them.

      But the main force is this White Breakaway Civilisation created by the Germans.

  • July 27, 2022 at 10:33 pm

    Hi Entity,

    Perhaps you can help me with some knowledge of yours about flying balls/orbs. Maybe solve the mystery… who knows 🙂

    My cousin have a place in a remote rural area in São Paulo, southeast of Brazil. I’m Brazilian by the way…

    I’m going to write what he said in a recorded audio to me:

    “I was in my car with my sister and I saw a luminous object in the shape of a ball. My sister said that there was another behind the car.
    I stopped the car, but before I stopped, I saw a window and what looks to be someone inside the object. It was very dark. One of the object take a position behind the car, about 100 meters above, and the other on the other side (I presume he was talking about the front of the car maybe!). I get out of the car, pick up my gun and flashlights to see if was what I thought to be(A UFO?). Unfortunately, at that moment, a group of drunk men from a bar near us start fighting and I got more scared of those men than of the object in itself(In that area there’s a lot of bad guys if you know what I mean!). So I get in the car and get out of there. The object didn’t follow us or didn’t do anything. But this two ‘balls’ were real and had the size of a car. It was a ball of light with a window. I saw just one window with looks to be some ‘being’ inside of it, piloting. They surrounded us and just keep watching/observing, just standing there above us. Waiting to see our reaction. Then I get out of there and that was just it.”

    We discussed if it was manned or not. I took a quick look on your website to see if I found something similar but I didn’t. Maybe a language barrier or something…

    Bottom line, what these ‘flying balls/orbs’ could it be? Why they were just watching/observing them in a random situation?
    Is there something to do with monitor (((The Powers That Be)))?

    There’s a lot of these occurrences going on in that area according to them. They said to me that a lot of the sightings there are of cigar shaped craft, flying balls/orbs and red bright triangular shaped objects.

    My cousin told me some weird thing that happen to her. One orb appeared very close to her in a dam that they have there and had a red circle around it and something like an eye in the middle. And she felt a cold breezing feeling and what she thinks to be some sort of ‘scanning’ that made her feel that way. The red circle seems to drip from the water… Apparent a lot happens there.

    Those two cousins of mine are not exactly White/Aryan blood, but mix race(Brazil :(). Although they have some White/Aryan bood since my mothers family have.

    So, what kind of interest the German Breakaway Group could have with mix race people or that place? Not that mix in these case though…
    My father came from Portugal very young with my grandparents. My mothers family is from here(Brazil), but with all the White European traits. There’s not much record about her family though. Rural people!!
    I was born with a very light blonde hair as my brother and sister, but in time it got darker. Just some background for you…

    As I said before, there’s a lot of ‘UFO’ activities there like these ones. Close encounters and all.

    What are your thoughts about those occurrences? The one with the car and the other in the dam?

    Thank you,

    White Folk

  • September 2, 2022 at 6:59 am

    We do not know the name our allies out there use of themselves. Thus, labels like Third Power, Fourth Reich, German Breakaway Group and Imperial Germans are being used interchangeably.

    To clarify the discussion, I suggest that we simply use the name Imperium. Thus, its citizens are to be called Imperials and properties Imperial base/colony/craft/etc.

    I think this would be a good name because they aren’t obviously as distinctively German as they used to be couple of generations ago, having adopted English as the primary language and assimilated non-German Nordic people into themselves.

  • September 8, 2022 at 6:25 pm

    Just finished your five part series after catching your post about it on /pol/ and I have to admit, this is compelling. I’ve been thinking about this all week, trying to find holes in it… other than the fact that it’s too good to be true. Looking forward to more of your posts. Your art is incredible too by the way. I’d love to see more posts about your dreams and visions. I rarely have dreams or visions, but I had one “flashback” to being an infantryman for the good guys in ww2. I felt such incredibly intense emotions at the feeling that everything was falling apart, difficulty in finding anyone on the radio, falling back, endless retreating… I definitely was not a part of the breakaway, I was left behind, but survived the war and was a part of the rebuilding and subsequent indoctrination. I didn’t fall for the indoctrination though, but was filled with loathing at my countrymen for quickly shifting gears and falling in line with the ((Allies)). I was heavily blackpilled and lived the rest of my life angry and spiritually broken. Now the thought that our people are out there, alive and free from the darkness that rules over us, gives me hope as I haven’t felt in years.

    • September 10, 2022 at 6:40 pm

      Hi Anatoli


      Descriptions of various missions and experiences that I have remembered are dotted around in various articles or comments sections. One day I might put them all together in an article.

      My ‘Surviving in the Cosmos’ article talks about some memories of living on a desert planet with White people – very likely Mars and part of the breakaway civilisation.

      My article on ‘Narcissists, Dreams and the Afterlife’ have some, of what are very likely to be, past life memories

      Not sure it is necessarily ‘too good to be true though’. Everything is complex. But it is obvious to me that we would not be having this awakening on this planet if there was not this advanced force protecting us. We would not be having this opportunity to learn and transform the planet if they were not there.

      Best regards.

  • September 8, 2022 at 6:32 pm

    I just left a comment, but I forgot to ask this question! Concerning the “gray alien” dna harvesting that occurred a few decades back, how do you think it was implemented to increase population for the breakaway group? Obviously they only had a fixed number of women to work with. Were additional people “grown” in vats? We’ve definitely seen that in a lot of sci-fi, and I’m sure it’s possible, given the expertise and will to pull it off.
    Another question. It’s been several years since I read about the Betty and Barney Hill case, but I seem to recall that the aliens in that encounter were very strange looking, like not quite grays, but more like creatures sewn together! My memory may be off. One thing I do remember is that the creatures wore a type of uniform that Barney said was indicative of “Nazis”! Incredibly odd, and almost makes me wonder if the breakaway group actually made some type of bio-robot to serve their purposes, as odd as this sounds. Then again, their resources may have been too strained at this point. Perhaps those were only creatures that they shook hands with and agreed to work with for a time. A group like grays, but not quite them.

    • September 10, 2022 at 6:44 pm

      Hi again Anatoli

      I get this a fair bit – that ‘the greys may be bio robots’. From my experiences I do not think they are. The small greys are somewhere in between 3 – 4 feet tall, and have large heads with rubbery, spongy skin – a little like a dolphins buy spongier. I can tell you that from experience.

      I remember one experience / memory where I was standing with a few humans and there was small grey with us nearby (this small grey had some sort of hat or mask on the top of its head), and one of the humans turned and said to me, referring to the small grey, “Time and space mean nothing to him”. From my collections, my heart felt connections I felt to them and this experience, I do not think they are robots but biological beings with a Soul. They seem to be very metaphysically gifted.

      I think that maybe some fetus’ growing in vats may have occurred, or some other technological way. I also think they may have also taken fetus’ from wombs in early stages of development. I don’t know for sure, but all this is very possible and logical. I think on another level the parents of the children (or at least the mums) have some sort of contact with the child, but they are not aware of this at all. People do not realise what is possible.

      The DNA assessment / collection was also to know which people from Earth to use in their projects – metaphysical projects.

      There could also be other reasons – everything is much more complex and expansive than humans on this planet can imagine.

      The Barney collection etc: When people have experiences with these other beings confusion can occur, and our brain can twist things. As well as this everything is so complex in the cosmos – there are so many beings and entities… and such a lot is going on.

      There are realms upon realms, overlaying realties and various levels of existences. What is occurring on this planet and solar system is not going to be simple. From what I have seem it is a much larger problem, that involves more than just the Breakaway Germans. It very much looks like that the Breakaway Germans protect us on Earth, but they also work with other groups and are involved in a lot more than just protecting us. I certainly don’t know it all – but I just know that things are expansive and complex in the cosmos.

      I can say from my memories, and brief experiences, that I (my alternative self) performed many missions on other levels, other realms and on other planets with other White humans (and there was actually an Hispanic man with us in one mission) and sometimes I experienced the small greys collecting me from my bedroom in the middle of the night.

      All the best.

  • September 19, 2022 at 4:45 am

    Anything coming into your room in the middle of the night to ‘collect you’ is a red flag and I would simply suggest you use a high level of discernment when interacting with anything like this in the future. This goes against universal law and no benevolent beings aligned with universal law would do this. Also be aware that these ET’s (greys etc) have all kinds of technology that can manipulate thoughts, give you visions or memories of any kind and they can use these in regards to your mental & emotional state, as in they will use these to tag into any ‘openness’ or vulnerability in you to get what they want/need from you.

    If that means to make you feel good or see them as your ‘friends’ then yes, they absolutely have these capabilities.

    • September 21, 2022 at 1:03 pm

      Hi Jamie

      I appreciate that you think you are trying to help, so I admire your good intentions, but you are just repeating what you heard from some controlled Ufology personalities who are there to control the narrative and misdirect you.

      You are telling me this information, but what are your sources? … The ridiculous controlled Ufology personalities on YouTube? Have you had experiences with the small Greys?

      It sounds like you have not read the whole of my Ufology Explained series and other related articles on this website. I am not some novice, I have had a great many experiences, various collections / visits – and have had memories return of my time working with the breakaway civilisation… and I have studied and analysed the completely controlled subversive Ufology.

      I am fully aware how metaphysically gifted the small Greys are as I have had experiences (various visits) and recall of some time with them – and lucky for us they are on our side and assisting us. They are not making me see them as friends. I have had a lot of recall of projects I was involved with.

      I have also completed some analysis of collections and abductions – see Part 2 of Ufology Explained series. The small Greys are extremely likely to be working with the Breakaway Germans and are a part of some type of resistance force. I was collected on quite a few different occasions by the small Greys and they took me to locations were there were other White humans, I then completed missions (I had some recall of them / feedback to my Earth body). There has been such a lot occurring on other-levels – I have had a lot of recall of contact. I have also seen myself coming out of my body and connecting to them in less physical ways (feedback to my physical brain). The out-of-body me is very capable, there are groups that have been working with since I was a little boy on different levels … I have had memories come back via my third eye in the night. I suggest you read this article:


      This notion of ‘Universal Law’, is made up nonsense.

      You believe some entity somewhere in the vast cosmos says, “Hey, all you civilisations throughout the infinite cosmos there is a Universal Law, and you must not interfere with other developing civilisations.”… And then civilisations abide by this? It is nonsensical.

      The Cosmos is like nature – it is survival of the fittest… it can be very brutal – there is slavery and oppression. Our planet was taken over – humans Souls have been trapped both physically and metaphysically on this planet for at least a few thousand years.

      My Surviving in the Cosmos article on this site talks about this topic and I share some of my memories in it. My article on narcissisms, dreams and after-life realms may also be of help to you.



      When my Resets and Genocides series is finished read it all and you will clearly see for yourself the ‘Universal Law’ rhetoric is made up nonsense – it is not how the Cosmos works. In fact you can read, Part 6 on Melted Buildings, Part 10 on Comets and Part 11 on Bipedal Reptilians, which are already published, and you should start to see the Truth about this ‘Universal Law’ promoted by controlled, gate-keeping, subversive Ufology personalities.




      If malevolent ETs could still get down here and abduct people then we would not be having this awakening – I would be dead, you would not be reading my articles and this planet would already be in some type of artificial intelligence dominated dystopia, with humans deeply unconscious, herded into highly controlled isolated smart cities.

      The human Proxies on this planet are struggling to create another reset because their non-human (Bipedal Reptilian) ‘gods’ cannot get to the surface and cause more ‘natural’ disasters.

      If you properly study UFO activity, there is clearly a benevolent, protective force scouting our lower and upper atmosphere, protecting us, enabling this awakening we are having… and from everything I have seen, that is thanks to the Breakaway Germans, Inner Earth groups, the Small Greys and other allies.

      Best regards.

  • November 17, 2022 at 12:48 am

    Hello EA great article, I was just curious if you have heard of ThuleProductions? He did many videos on the Imperial/Breakaway Germans. Another question I have is do you think the Imperial Germans will return, and perhaps aid and help the White Race? Thank you.

    • November 21, 2022 at 2:33 pm

      Hi John

      In your other comment you asked “…just curious if you were going to do anymore articles on the Imperial/Breakaway Germans?”

      I don’t know if I will. I certainly have enough additional information to create one, but it is not my focus right now. There is actually a small section on the Breakaway Germans in my upcoming ‘The Underworld and Hell’ article – it will be in the Additional Information section at the end of that article, and will have a few bits of new information / images. It will be posted soon.


      I am aware of Thule Productions, I don’t know all the work he produced, but I used part of one of his essays on NatSoc in one of my articles about National Socialism.

      After your question, I located a video he made on the Breakaway Germans. I will try to find time to watch it. It was made about 6 or 7 years ago I believe. Maybe if you have watched it, you could provide a summary of what is in it. I doubt it will be that accurate, as most of these types of videos aren’t, but it may have some pieces of decent info in it. You see, most people have not looked at all the info from Bergmann, Zundel, Landig and others… and they also do not understand the complexity of the cosmos and the other levels, and other realms, that have to be considered – and nearly all fall for some of the information from misdirecting controlled opposition agents in Ufology.

      No, I don’t think they are just going to swarm down at some point and save us – but they and their allies are protecting us. We would not be having this awakening if they were not. There could be so many reasons as to why they have not and will not. It is also important to note that it is not just them, there are off planet and inner earth allies working with them.

      I do not think it is just an Earth / Solar System issue – everything is going to much more complex and expansive. Large empires can exist in the cosmos. It could be a galactic size issue.

      Hope that helped.

    • December 11, 2022 at 6:42 pm

      Hello antanas

      I am aware of him. I remember checking him out quite some time ago and I was not very impressed. I have never been drawn to his content.

      His information on UFOs is weak and contains falsehoods and misdirection – and this linked article he is referring to is controlled, mainstream waffle.

      In reference to some of what he says: The US has NOT struck a deal with the Greys! And its NOT the 6 foot 6 ‘Nordic Aliens’ in the Earth that are in the saucers and cigar craft.

      I am suspicious of him.

  • December 27, 2022 at 2:19 am

    Hi Entitiy Art

    I´ve read through all of your UFO articles, they are astonishing. But I never got one thing clear, when Hitler escaped berlin why did he leave Göring, Himmler, Goebbels and other close friends?
    As far as i know they are long gone dead. I have not found any information otherwise. My question is why did Hitler leave them?

    • December 30, 2022 at 5:28 pm

      Hi Willmon

      I pondered this myself.

      I don’t know for sure, but I can offer some thoughts.

      What I saw in my research, is that the SS and the Ahnenerbe (The Ahnenerbe became a part of the SS just before WW2) were actually very active during WW2, contrary to what the mainstream will tell you – working on the contingency plans, developing technology and exploring remote areas of Earth. It is also important to note the SS seemed to become increasingly elite, separate and secretive during the war. I should imagine this contingency plan would be carefully planned and well thought out… and from the descriptions in Landig’s book, it seems to have been.

      They would likely want fit young men and women to start other colonies. They would also potentially be facing some tough times ahead as they tried to establish themselves. The would not want young families (families with young children) and they would not want old men and old women.

      So, again, they would mainly want the fittest, and smartest young adults, with a small group of experienced, wise old heads to provide guidance and to make key decisions.

      Perhaps they also wanted the escape to be particularly secretive, and covert… And for the Allies to greatly underestimate the extent of it when they did work out what had happened. From what I have read, they went to at least three different locations – it was no just Antarctica.

      Of course, there are likely to be some other factors involved, but when I put myself in their position, these are some of thoughts that came to mind.

      Hope that helped.


      By the way, comments go into a queue for moderation, I do see them all. The time it takes for me to respond varies, depending on how busy I am, but if someone asks a question I will respond.

  • March 19, 2023 at 2:47 pm

    Hi Entity Art,

    Like I said, I don’t doubt that you’re telling the straight truth and I also don’t doubt that the recalls you talk about point to you being involved with the Breakaway Germans. Everything that you’ve said points to that- a hundred percent. That said, I was wondering about something- just out of interest. Have you ever recalled anything that was a sort of dead giveaway- like a swastika, an SS bolts, a roman salute, a building that looked like the style of Paul Ludwig Troost’s or Albert Speer’s, a statue like Arno Breker, a portrait of Hitler.., or anything like that?

    Thanks a lot, as always.


    • March 20, 2023 at 8:53 pm

      Hi Mike

      No, I didn’t see any details like insignia or symbols. Everything is higher tech.

      The Germans had a steep learning curve. I think some people imagine them still in the black SS uniforms.

      I recalled myself training some people once – I was training them to use these strange weapons that sent out a type of pulse. People were wearing what looked like grey and light-blue all-in-one type clothing.

      In one experience there was intelligent armour that conformed / ‘morphed’ to your body.

  • March 30, 2023 at 11:12 pm

    Hi Entity Art!

    Very interesting. The grey and light blue all-in-one type clothing you recall- that correlates to the type of solid-blue color, conforming uniforms that Travis Walton saw.

    Like you’ve said, your recalls have been mainly military-related, not civilian. I’de think that in the military, function and technology take precedent over aesthetics, but I sure love those damn SS uniforms. What first drew me to National Socialism, more than anything,was beauty. Everything they did- everything they designed- was just so unbelievably good-looking: the uniforms, the architecture, statues, art- everything. I’de imagine that they’de keep most traditions alive, to keep that connection to their ancestors. I sure hope that their architecture and visual arts would be as inspiring as the styles of the 30s and 40s. I hope that what they had with the artists at the Day of German Art, Arno Breker, Albert Speer, Ludwig Troost…etc was only just the beginning. It would be a surprise, and disappointing, if the world they created wasn’t sublimely beautiful, or if they didn’t even use any of the old insignia like the swastika and SS bolts.


    • March 31, 2023 at 8:24 pm

      Hi Mike

      Although they have made massive advancements since then I have no doubt they will make sure the incredible achievements of their ancestors are not forgotten… and that their uniforms in ceremonies are likely very stylish. But I mainly just saw high tech body armour and high tech helmets – some with full visors.

      By the way, it is not certain that it was just the breakaway civilisation I was working for. I intuit and sense that there is also a larger organisation / resistance force, that they are a part of, that includes some non-human species. In my one physical collection experience (most are on another level) there were other beings working with humans.

  • April 3, 2023 at 2:20 pm

    Hi Entity Art,

    God, its incredible to think of the achievements they could have made these past 75 years or so, especially technologically and scientifically. And I’d bet they’re just getting started. If you’re right that they’re involved not just with the Greys, but also with White and other human groups in Inner Earth and other non-human species of this resistance force, the kind of progress that they must’ve made since the Absetzbewegung would be truelly phenomenal.

    A little while ago I was thinking of something that I thought you’de probably have an insightful opinion about.

    With the selective eugenic breeding program that they set up to grow their population- making sure that they had only the very best genetics out of all White Europeans, and maybe even making a selection for some kind of soul attributes- how different from the average White European do you think they are now? Do you think that they think of themselves as still the same as us Whites down here on this occupied planet?

    I was just wondering, say they are looking down at a crowd of Whites- what could be going through their heads? Do you think they feel a strong kinship connection to us, like we and they are the same people, or could it be that they are so far superior in every way that we, or at least a whole lot of us, ( to play devil’s advocate) seem a bit like white trash?

    I want to thank you for taking the time to reply. I do hope all your research is goin well!


    • April 7, 2023 at 3:40 pm

      Hi Mike

      Interesting questions.

      We don’t know if the small Greys were not tinkering (enhancing) the DNA of some babies in women’s wombs in the surface population on Earth. Selected people / Souls down here may have been a little enhanced, it would make sense.

      All I can say is that the people I saw in my small amounts of civilian recall looked like Earth humans. White Western Europeans – they were handsome, and athletic looking, young men and women – but you would not say they looked different to Earth humans.

      They absolutely care about us and feel a bond and connection. In a sense, to some degree, I am one of them. I have been interacting with them on other levels from a very young age – and I lived with them – and I give a shit, even though I feel like Earth is not my planet and that I will be going back to where I belong, to my people, at some point.

      They also know many of us on other levels and will be, to some degree, following / monitoring Souls that they have known in previous lives. A lot occurs on other levels that people know nothing about and do not recall.

      But, yes, it is likely that they have enhanced some of their DNA.

      They are protecting us. They don’t just care about White people, they are protecting the whole planet with the help of their allies. You can see this for yourself if you look at the meteor videos, and see them taking down all the so-called ‘meteors’ heading to Earth.

      Hope some of that helped.

      • April 12, 2023 at 7:47 am

        Just wanted to add this,

        “We don’t know if the small Greys were not tinkering (enhancing) the DNA of some babies in women’s wombs in the surface population on Earth. Selected people / Souls down here may have been a little enhanced, it would make sense.”

        Very interesting idea… think about how the populations have been getting taller on average – growing taller than both parents, sometimes very tall people being born to short parents. TPTB say it is because of “better nutrition” but we are being poisoned more than ever before – vaccines, processed foods, etc.

  • July 31, 2023 at 3:25 am

    Hi entity
    What are your thoughts on project blue beam?

    Best regards

    • August 7, 2023 at 11:32 pm

      Hi Michael

      It does not worry me, to be honest. I don’t think they would be able to pull off something significant with it even if they had technology like that. I cannot see how they could fake an alien invasion. For many reasons… One of them being that TPTB are just not that good at these big psyops. I thought they made so many errors, and were very sloppy, with the Covid hoax and woke many people up.

      Project bluebeam can be used to muddy the waters. Just the notion of it can get people questioning what they are seeing in the sky – whether it was real or not.

      There is conflict occurring in our upper atmosphere, it is clear to anyone who diligently studies all the sightings up there. As well as a scouting force protecting us. I have seen numerous craft destroyed over the years in footage. And those ‘fireballs’ are still coming down and being neutralised by craft.

      If something occurred and people saw something significant that TPTB did not want them to see, the notion of project bluebeam puts doubt in many peoples minds – muddys the waters etc.

      Just some of my thoughts on it 🙂

  • December 12, 2023 at 7:34 am

    Hi, I just want to say I appreciate this uncommon work here due to your focus on facts and evidence on this subject which is often rife with fantasy/ unsourced disinfo. Ironically this is where my critique comes in, you quote many authors of books on here that make claims on the UFO programs, but I don’t really see you mention what their sources are… One example is what you say about Die Glocke, you source it by saying “Gilbert Sternhoff in this book ‘Die Drite Macht’ has some information about ‘The Bell’.” Unless I missed something, you didn’t mention what Gilbert’s source is, or why we should just take his word for it. The “just trust him bro” argument works in rare cases, when there are high credentials behind the name and no financial incentive behind what is being said.

    • December 13, 2023 at 7:05 pm

      Hello Anonymous

      In this linked article I also talk about Witkowski’s work on Die Glocke:


      Here is an excerpt:

      Mercury and Die Glocke (The Bell):

      When the Berlin Wall came down various documents surfaced showing the National Socialist German’s development of advanced technology. The information discovered showed that the Germans were experimenting with mercury in their ‘Bell’ device.

      Igor Witkowski was a controlled opposition agent put in place to control the narrative on some aspects of this technology. He will continue with the (((mainstream))) ‘Evil Nazi’ rhetoric – continuing with the lies about them – and likely add a few more, but he will surely have to tell some Truths about the technology, as documents had surfaced. He says pretty much the same as Gilbert Sternhoff says in his his book (shown in my article called ‘Ufology Explained, Part 1’):

      “Evidently, on the basis of the original descriptions, the Bell was a kind of a plasma accelerator. Namely, there was high-voltage and high-intensity electric discharge inside such a… there were disks or drums inside, which were spinned [spun] in opposite directions around the same axis. And inside of them, there was some electric discharge of high voltage – around a million volts, as later on it came out from the documents – and it accelerated heavy ions, namely mercury, mercuric ions. And it generated very strong magnetic field and various strange effects.” – Witkowski

      “Yes. It seems quite clearly that the Bell was a kind of a plasma accelerator. Namely, it accelerated plasma, actually mercuric ions, up to very high speeds. And I could make a connection with modern such experiments in which enormous velocities are achieved on the order of ten percent of the speed of light, and therefore it created, the Bell created two vortices of plasma containing very high energy and generating very high, very strong magnetic fields, among other things.” – Witkowski

      (Quotes from a transcript of an interview conducted by the controlled opposition operation called ‘Project Camelot’)


      Indeed, we do not get shown the original documents pertaining to ‘The Bell’, which we are told surfaced when the wall came down and East Germany ended – but we get to see other documents though – such as the Hollow Earth maps by the NS Germans and their flying disc diagrams etc. But (((they))) clearly had to control the information related to this topic, they seemed to be scared someone who was not controlled would get hold of it, so their employed their controlled agents to control the narrative. Jewry do not want to admit that the NS Germans developed this level of tech, but they had to control the narrative. There is probably more that they know about it.

      I also read a book by Nick Cook on the topic, he used the work of Witkowski (again, witkowski was a controlled agent).

      I see your point. We have clear documents that we can see related to flying discs, advanced weapons, the energy grid of earth experiments and hollow earth exploration, but not for The Bell. But the information from Witkowski is convincing and aligns with lots of other information – underground research facilities and the science etc.

      By the way. When you comment it is best to select the ‘Email’ option and add your email. So that you can know when I reply, otherwise it is difficult to have a conversation.

    • December 13, 2023 at 7:12 pm

      And there is also this, which suggest the need for a lot of mercury:

      The story of U-859 from ‘UFOs: Nazi Secret Weapon?’, by Ernst Zundel:

      “On April 4, 1944 at 4:40 a.m., the German submarine U-859 under Kapitanleutnant Jan Jepsen left Germany for a mysterious mission which was to come to an abrupt end several months later, at a place half way around the world. The unusually large crew of 67 men had not the faintest idea where they were heading. For several months they cruised around Africa then Arabia and India and finally they ended up in the area of Sumatra, Indonesia. During this time they sank some freighters and an Allied troop transport. Just outside Penang in the Straits of Malakka, fate caught up with U-859. The U-boat was sunk by a British submarine and most of the crew lost their lives. Not in itself an unusual event in wartime, and therefore soon forgotten by the world. Almost forgotten that is.

      One of the survivor’s mentioned on his deathbed, almost 30 years later that U-859 had taken a treasure to its watery bed. He insisted that welded into the bow and holds of U-859 were 33 tons of mercury, all in glass bottles and sealed again in watertight tin crates. Since mercury is a very expensive item, even today, an expedition was organized to investigate the rumour. After months of effort U-859 was indeed located, and just where the dying sailor had indicated his comrades’ large steel coffin would be found. Divers went down into the shark-infested waters and started to cut open the hull with the latest of underwater blow torches. After several months of very difficult work the divers found large black tin crates which were hauled to the surface and opened with blowtorches. The dying man’s story was found to be true in every detail. Packed in neat rows, none the worse for their 30 years at bottom of the ocean was 33 tons of mercury.

      Again the question must be asked, what was a German U-boat doing with an incredibly large crew of 67 men, carrying a secret cargo of war-vital mercury half way around the world? To where was the U-boat heading? For whom was the cargo intended? And for what use was the mercury to be put to? Obviously the British did not know the real mission of U-859.”

    • December 13, 2023 at 7:56 pm

      Hi Anonymous.

      Did you look through all the linked books? Their sources are often documents that surfaced (which contained diagrams) when the wall came down. If you look through the books you can see them.

      Then there are also newspaper clippings of reported sightings and events – you can see them in the books (Bergmann shared many for example).

      Landig had personal experience and was in a position to observe a great deal.

      Zundel used a variety of sources – some of which were these books I linked that contained original diagrams.


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