18th, 19th and Early 20th century Electric Technology + World Fairs and Expositions + Orphans and Insane Asylums. Resets and Genocides, Part 9

(Part 9 of a 14 Part Series)



Section 1: 18th, 19th and early 20th century Electric Technology

  • Electric Parties / Illuminations
  • Electric Swords
  • Napoleon’s Free Energy Ship (+Tunnel, Kites and Balloons)
  • Electric Flying Vehicles – Free Energy Flight
  • Energy Harnessing Street and Roof Devices.
  • Electric Cars (and the earlier Steam cars)
  • Mercury Arc Rectifiers – (converting AC DC)
  • Electric Boats
  • Leyden Jars – Electrostatic Generator
  • Energy Harnessing Streetlamps
  • Portable Electric Harnessing Devices
  • Electric Street Alarms – Weather Control – Radar Devices?

Section 2: World Fairs and Expositions of the 1800s and early 1900s.

  • Biggest Fairs, Lies, Attendances and Light Shows
  • The Crystal Palace Subversion
  • Then and Now Comparisons (Old World architecture destruction)
  • Architecture Overlap
  • Amusement Parks

Section 3: Controlling and other Tactics

  • Insane Asylums
  • Spectral Entities
  • Orphans

Concluding Thoughts

Note: If you only remember one thing from this article, then let it be the images of the energy harnessing street and roof-top devices that Europeans and Australians were using in the late 1800s. Hopefully you remember all of the article – but these, what very much appear to be, simple energy devices could lead to some game changing inventions. It looks like harnessing the atmospheric electric energy for every day use is not that difficult, and that we are just a few key techniques / simple mechanisms away from being able to create devices like this for ourselves.

A little taster for you. More images (and larger images) and information in a further section.


It very much looks like there were various, targeted, disruptive reset-related events in the 1700s and the 1800s (In Truth, targeted and focused small resets, as well as larger resets, have been occurring for a very long time – ever since the very large reset that occurred some time before religions were invented). However, as mentioned in some previous articles, some controlled opposition agents, and ill-informed lazy researchers, say there was one, huge, worldwide mud-flood in the 1800s which was the main cause of the reinvention of the planet in the 1800s, but as I have shown you very clearly in the earlier parts of this series – this is simply not true.

Northern Europe, Western Europe, Central Europe and North America seems to have been targeted the most in the 1700s, 1800s and early 1900s – in a variety of ways. Why? The 1700s events were very likely to get rid of the remaining White giants, and the events in the 1800s were possibly to target the regions where the 5-foot-tall humans still knew too much and retained too much knowledge. They were felt to be a threat. ‘The Powers That Be’ also needed to get their Proxies into positions of power and influence. It is also important to note that though our latest planetary reset seems to have been mostly ‘completed’ at some point in the 1800s, disruptive or destructive events continued in the very late 1800s and early 1900s – so as to continue molding and subverting certain populations… and to destroy some more of the Old World architecture.

It is difficult to say when the latest planetary reset was ‘complete’ – as different areas of the planet would have been fully reset / reinvented at different times in the 1800s. Europe and North America seemed to be the last areas to be fully reset and fully subverted – and aligned with The Powers That Be (and their Proxies) agendas. The inventiveness and resourcefulness of the European people seemed to cause The Powers That Be some problems. In some areas it may not have been until the early 1900s that the people were fully subverted and aligned with the agendas, but the initial population change / reset would have happened at some point in the 1800s. As well as this, the less dramatic / more covert subversions and manipulations are always ongoing, it never ends.

Pittsburgh Fire 1845 + Boston Fire 1872
Chicago Fire 1871 + Baltimore Fire 1904
(There were so many huge fires in North America in the 1800s and early 1900s. How could a fire do all this damage to stone, brick and concrete buildings? More in Part 10)

Note: The Tartarian Empire in Asia was probably targeted just as much during these time periods. In part 3 of this series we saw some overt catastrophic targeting occurring in some small cities in the mid to late 1600s in Part 3 of this series – as well as the targeting of the Tartarian capital Kasan with huge city fires in 1595, 1672, 1694, 1742, 1749, 1757, 1774, 1815, 1842. But Tartaria no longer exists, nearly all information destroyed, they wanted to hide its existence from us, and once the (((Bolsheviks))) gained influence in that region the remaining archives would have been destroyed. So there is less evidence available of the reset related events that occurred in that region.

Tartaria Destruction in the late 1600s

Make no mistake, every region on this planet was targeted to some degree in the 1600s, 1700s and 1800s so that the reinvention of the planet could be mainly ‘complete’ at some point in the 1800s.

The smaller 5 foot-tall-plus humans in Europe also needed to me moved around to repopulate certain cities – they were certainly needed to populate the empty Old World cities in America, Canada… and to a somewhat lesser degree in Australia and New Zealand (See the section on Orphans in this post, which is related to this). By some time in the early 1800s the giants / taller humans, that used to dominate and rule Europe, were gone. In my next post on Comets (Part 10) you can see exactly how they eradicated a good portion of the Portuguese taller (giant) upper classes in the Lisbon, via the Lisbon Earthquake, Fire and Tsunami in 1755. Remember from my article on Medieval and Renaissance Giants (Part 2), that in Europe the taller (7 feet-tall-plus) upper and middle classes lived in the cites (often walled cities), and it very much seems that the smaller humans (5 feet-tall-plus) lived outside the cities. So it was probably not that difficult to target the giants.

Lisbon, 1755 – Fire, Earthquake and Tsunami (Many more events like this in Part 10 of the series)

There have been many catastrophic events occurring for a very long time on this planet – as will be discussed in Part 10 of this series. I definitely do not think all these pestilences, plagues, famines, floods, huge earthquakes and great city-wide fires were accidents or natural occurrences.

Some Comet events in 1700s Europe.

It is also evident (check out the first 4 parts of this series) that it was in the 1800s that certain human populations were somehow convinced that other people’s history was their own. For example the current so-called ‘Native American Indians’, Mongols, Turks and Jews… as well various other populations in North Africa, South America, Asia and Europe. I noticed in my research of old art that it is in the 1800s that many depictions changed, and many subversive images were created so as to change our view of the ethnicity of certain ancient nations and tribes.

Left to Right: Ottoman (Turk), Israelite, Mogol (Mongol) and American Indian Women (All images of female White giants – women over 7-feet tall). Artwork from the 1500s, 1600s and 1700s. Much more on this particular topic in Parts 1-4 in this series.

In my ‘Mud Floods’ article (Part 5) you can see images of empty and sparsely populated cities in the 1800s and very early 1900s – and we also saw some scenes, of what looks like a repopulation of some cities (New people moving in perhaps).

Rome, 1890 + Moscow, 1910 (Both sparsely populated)
St Petersburg, late 1800s + Paris, 1860
Siberia, late 1800s (Very likely the aftermath of a disruptive reset related event – many men with bandages over their eyes and what looks like families being relocated on trains)

As far out as this can sound to some, there must have been many new populations of 5 feet-tall humans added to certain regions of this planet, either in the late 1700s or early to mid 1800s. Particularly in North Africa, North and South America and various parts of Asia… and also perhaps some new 5 foot-tall-plus humans added to some locations in Europe. When you fully understand all the information in this series, and have assimilated and correlated it all, you know that this adding of new populations has to have occurred.

I don’t know how best to say this, so I will just express it like this: Some really strange ‘far out’ shit (some of it likely otherworldly) must have occurred in the 1700s and 1800s, which people who research this topic struggle to fully grasp and fully understand – as so much information has been hidden and there are so many subverting, misdirecting, controlled agents. I have gained a pretty good feel for what has occurred though, as you will see when you have read all the articles in this series. Note: The talk of people seeing ‘spectral entities’ – documented in a very interesting book from the early 1800s – is discussed in a later section of this article and will certainly be related to the reset (This will also certainly be related to information in Part 11 of this series).

I also think a great deal occurred during the Napoleonic Wars that we are not told about – again, much has been hidden from us. There are a few fascinating images related to these wars below – as well as some interesting information in Part 10 of the series.

At the end of this post, I also talk about all the orphans that were created in the 1800s, a massive amount – as well as the massive increase in insane asylums in this era. Both of these topics were tactics used by ‘The Powers That Be’ to control the populations and complete their reinvention of the planet.

Orphans in North America and Europe in the 1800s. Many European Orphans were sent to North America and Canada.

There were also very likely some events that were happening that we have no historical evidence of.

Section 1: 18th, 19th and early 20th century Technology

Hopefully you have read my previous article in this series (Part 8) about the electric energy (solar particles coming from our Sun), which is all around us in the atmosphere (more of it in the upper levels of the atmosphere) as well as in the crust of our planet – that was being harnessed by the Old-World buildings. You may also want to read my 3-part series on the Electric Universe, Sacred Geometry and possible Atlantis Technology – which discusses the so-called ‘chi’ / ‘prana’ / ‘vril’ electric energy in the atmosphere.

The Old-World civilisation was totally focused on harnessing and amplifying this electric energy (solar particles), and it looks like the smaller humans, who eventually inherited what was left of their cities, either discovered or retained some of this understanding. Not a complete understanding but enough to be utilising free energy.

Illuminations Parties:

In the 1700s there were these extravagant parties / events with extravagant / excessive lighting. Whole buildings and building complexes being lit up. This also occurred at many of the World Fairs and Expositions. Where were they getting all this energy from in the 1700s? There were also so-called ‘fireworks’ to commemorate certain events. On some of the images you will see a glow depicted around certain energy devices. The vast majority of illumination party images I found were from France:

You can see all the intricate energy harnessing devices / mechanisms glowing on the tops of the walls.

This image below is fascinating. You can see the glowing energy harnessing device very clearly. Those devices at the front look like the Ancient Mesopotamian ‘Tree of Life’ – which was an energy harnessing device used by the ancient people to bring beneficial electric energy into their bodies.

See the glow around the devices that look like the ‘Tree of Life’ (C 1700s Europe)
More Tree of Life type devices in this image of an illumination architectural complex.
Ancient Mesopotamia – The ‘Tree of Life’, an Energy Harnessing Device
Ancient Mesopotamia – Tree of Life Devices

It looks like the people in 1700s Europe did not understand that these types of devices could be used to bring beneficial energy into the body – like the Sumerians and Assyrians did – but they were using it for entertainment purposes, and perhaps for some other means, such as house and street lighting, as well as perhaps heat (shown later).

There were also sometimes these so called ‘fireworks’ or’ pyrotechnic’ displays at these Illumination events for commemorating certain achievements or dates. Why were these so-called fireworks always coming from, or very near to, energy harnessing complexes and devices? Because they were not explosive fireworks, but some type of light / energy show.

This last image in this section (below) is from a later period: The Paris exposition of Electrical inventions (1890). Note: See the glow coming from the top portions of the buildings on the left. More on the lights at the Expositions and World Fairs later:

In a later section we will look at the photographs of light shows / illuminations at the Expositions and World Fairs of the 1800s and early 1900s. Places that also had all this complex, energy harnessing, Old World architecture.

These Illumination Parties seemed to become much more rare in the 1800s. The more the giants were killed off (or removed from the planet) the more knowledge was lost.

Electric Swords

Below is an engraving depicting fireworks fired at Nuremberg on the 4th of June 1650 (I know it is not the 18th century but it is significant and only 50 years away) – showing the festivities that took place after the signing of the treaties of Westphalia.

At first glance, perhaps just some fireworks. But when we look closely at the main building, we see glowing circular devices on the tops of all the spires and we see a glowing ball:

When we look closely at the men with swords, they seem to be using electric swords. Electricity coming off the swords:

Below is a very interesting image from the book Büchsenmeister und Feuerwerksbuch, 1594, by Friedrich Meyer:

Büchsenmeister und Feuerwerksbuch, 1594, by Friedrich Meyer. As well as the obvious depiction of electric energy, note how the Ottoman has the same skin tone as the European – as they were very likely genetically related (though some of the very tall Ottoman giants did appear to be somewhat darker).

Napoleon’s Energy Harnessing Ship:

The title that accompanied this image was ‘Napoleons Airship, 1797’. I cannot find out who drew it or verify this date, but the date seems about right. To truly understand the significance of this image you should read my article on the energy harnessing technology of the Old-World buildings (Part 8 of this series) as well as my 3-part Hollow Earth series that deals with the electric universe and some of the devices the ancients used to harness the electric energy.

Image above: On the top of the antenna, we see a bell shape (We know bell shapes are related to creating vortices and energy). Then we see a tree design (Like the ‘Tree of Life’ from Ancient Mesopotamia, which was an energy device). This bell and tree device / antenna would have been metal. Under this we see a type of dome, which we see in lots of Old-World architecture. Below this we see staggered stages. (Like we see in the Egyptian Djed pillar or a Pagoda). We also see crenelations on the stages, and on the outer wall of the vehicle, just like we see on Old-World castles and other Old-World buildings.

This vehicle / boat is harnessing and amplifying the electric energy from the atmosphere. From looking at the text it looks like it could hold a lot of troops.

The Powers That Be missed this image – it slipped through. It certainly gets you questioning what occurred in these Napoleonic wars and what technology they had.

Another interesting image below. It is said that this cartoon was drawn in 1804, after the resumption of war between England and France in 1803. It shows a tunnel under the English Channel. Interestingly, it also shows the French attacking with ‘hot air balloons’. They actually look like the flying spherical balls that I have displayed below in the following section – which look like they were made out of metal – and were clearly not using any hot air. It also apparently shows men with rifles flying high, due to them being attached to large kites.

Flying Machines

There are images (sketches and diagrams) from the 1700s and 1800s depicting unusual flying machines. In that they did not seem to have engines or use fuel in anyway.

The first image on the left shows a ‘balloon’ that has no opening for hot air to go into. With some strange bell / cone shaped contraptions underneath (dated 1784). The image on the far right also shows a so called ‘balloon’ (A ball) with no opening. In the second image the ball looks like it is metal.

What material is this ‘balloon’ made of? Again, no opening for hot air. Nothing seems to be inflating it. It looks metal.

In some fiction publications flying ships are depicted with what are clearly devices on them to harness the atmospheric electric energy. They may be in fiction publications, but why would they be putting them into fiction stories if they did not know this was possible (and perhaps some were already being used)?

A couple of interesting designs.

Mooring mechanisms for the zeppelins at the top of towers. Some people have suggested that the zepellins were recharged from these towers:

Above images: The fist image is said to be depicting the inside of the very top portion of one of these mooring towers. The second image shows of parachute containing a very bright light being dropped from a zeppelin, so as to light up a battlefield.

Flying Umbrellas

In this period, you can also find images of people flying / lifting from the ground while holding onto ‘umbrellas’ that have some sort of device on top. If you look in the background, you can see the devices on top of the ‘umbrellas’:

Energy Harnessing Street and Roof Devices:

The first image below seems to be showing two portable energy harnessing devices. Which were likely used to light up certain signs / decorations during this grand reception – like the one circled in red.

Tsar Nicolay II reception in Paris, France (late 19th century).
The Iron Bridge in the city center Omsk, Russia. Observe the large device near the bridge.
Another one of these devices in Omsk, Russia
Unknown Locations. Left: This device looks like it has two large antennae at the top. Right: Many large devices on poles down this street.
Someone else added the red markings on the central and right images. They are both highlighting, what are very likely, some energy harnessing devices, as is the image on the left (yellow arrow), which slows a slightly different type of device.
Queensland, Australia 1898. Another device (Also note the ‘European’ Style Old World building)
Queensland, Australia again… Many bell shapes on this device. We know that the bell shape is very significant when harnessing energy from the atmosphere.
Circled by other people online. Right side image: The long pole with a device on top of it is more significant then the dome. The dome was likely not being used for energy use at this time.
Someone else put this arrow on this image, pointing to the tall device.
Stockholm, Sweden:
Stockholm, Sweden, late 1800s

Image Above: Everything about this tower says that it was built to harness the beneficial electric energy in Earth’s atmosphere. Look at the antennae and the intricate shapes all over them – which look similar to various other energy harnessing devices from around the word – shown in other articles in this series.

But we are told it was a telephone tower and people connected their telephones to these towers via wires. Summary of the official story: ‘It was built in 1887, at a time when there were about 5500 telephones in Stockholm. Each of these telephones were connected to a wire that would leave the house or apartment suspended on small steel hooks. It would make its way through the narrow streets of 19th century Stockholm eventually ending up in the tower.’ What a lot of nonsense.

People were attaching wires to the tower so as to utilise the energy it was harnessing – for use in their homes…. likely mainly for heating and lighting.

When did they add that clock? Did they try convince people it was a clock tower? It is said that in the 1950s a fire in a building below the tower forced the demolition of this impressive metal structure. Very convenient.

Some more very interesting images from Stockholm, Sweden. Of course we are going to find subversive stories related to these devices.

Stockholm, Sweden

Image Above: In this image you have the energy harnessing fleur-de-lis design with the energy harnessing / amplifying bell-shape in the centre above the fleur-de-lis. Then if you look closely you have thin rigid pieces of wire, maybe two or three meters long, attached to the main device and protruding into the atmosphere.

Stockholm, Sweden

Image above: This device is even clearly telling you it is related to electricity with it’s design – with the electric lightning flashes on top.

Stockhom, Sweden

Image Above: This device also has the rigid pieces of 2 or 3 metre long wire / metal attached to the main device and protruding out into our electric atmosphere.

These people were very likely not harnessing the electric energy to benefit their bodies, but were harnessing electric energy and converting it into usable energy for certain technological devices – lighting and heating etc… I do not know how they got the 5 foot-tall people of Stockholm to forget how to do this. There must have been some type of targeting of that area.

From looking at these devices, it does not appear to be that difficult to make energy harnessing devices. We are likely just a few key techniques, or pieces of information, away from being able to make functioning devices like this for ourselves.

Please don’t just accept any of the official narratives attached to 1800s photographs, always look beyond, think critically, analyse and find out if what they are telling us is Truth. These devices were clearly for harnessing electric energy.

It seems the 5 foot-tall-plus humans had either worked out some Truth about energy themselves, or some information had been passed down through the generations. Either way, somehow they were forced to forget this knowledge and expertise.

Electric and Steam Vehicles

Steam Vehicles:

Before we look at electric cars, I will show you some impressive steam vehicles that were being used in the 1820s and 1830s.

When you combine this very successful use of steam vehicles with the excellent developments that were taking place with electric vehicles you can see there was no need for these petrol and diesel engines. But the Bankers and Energy Barons (Jewry and Freemasons) needed their control – these people were proxies of a more powerful cosmic force.

As discussed in a later section, the World Fairs and Expositions in these eras – as well as having other subversive intentions – would have been ways ‘The Powers That Be’ could massively influence the future of humanity. Influencing what technology was used in the future and what people and companies would become successful and influential.

1836 newspaper article + Steam vehicle traffic (It looks like it might be a type of bus stop)

A newspaper article for you to read, with some impressive stats / numbers:


Electric Cars:

Before the images, here is some of the official online story on electric cars:

“Attempts at electric vehicles came as early as the 1830s, with some of them being successful—according to PBS, the first practical electric vehicle was a small locomotive built by American Thomas Davenport in 1835.”

“As for full-size automobiles, the first practical one in the U.S. came by the hands of William Morrison in 1890. The Department of Energy describes it more as an “electric wagon,” able to hold six people and with a top speed of 14 mph.”

Left: England, London (Lambeth) 1898 – London Electrical Cab Company – Electrically Propelled Carriages Right: United States, New York (Manhattan) 1906 – Electric cars of the Edison Company
Men ride on an electric car designed by Siemens and Halske outside of Berlin, Germany, 1882 + An electric street sweeper cleans the roadway in Berlin, Germany 1907.
1894 Paris, France

1899: Camille Jenatzy drives his self-designed electric car near Paris, France. He was first person to exceed 100 kilometers per hour (62 miles per hour) in a car.

1899: Camille Jenatzy
Bailey and Edison. On September 17, 1910 they competed with gas powered cars in a challenge

“Bailey and Edison did not simply make this battery endurance claim; they set off to prove it. On September 17, 1910 they competed with gas powered cars in a challenge – the 1,000 mile auto endurance run.” The car performed very well indeed – read about it here https://sweetbeacon.files.wordpress.com/2011/09/edison-electric-car-jan2011wpa.pdf

A woman uses a hand-cranked battery charger to charge her electric Columbia Mark 68 Victoria automobile. The Pope Manufacturing Company made the car in 1906:

Columbia Mark 68 Victoria automobile. The Pope Manufacturing Company 1906.

A Mercury Arc Rectifier Charging Set powers up an electric car in a garage in Cleveland, Ohio. 1910. Behind the panel a blue arrow is pointing to a Mercury Arc rectifier. If you look closely, you can see that it says 150 miles on one charge:

Cleveland, Ohio. 1910.
150 miles on one charge! Not bad at all. Cleveland, Ohio. 1910.

The photograph below is very likely to be an image of someone in the early 1900s charging their electric car from home. (One of my neighbours has recently had something installed on their house to charge their electric car. Well over 100 years later!)

Mercury Arc rectifiers:

In my previous article about the Old-World knowledge and energy harnessing building techniques I discussed mercury and its unique properties, and how it was found under some Old World pyramid type structures in Mesoamerica and China. Pools or ‘rivers’ of it on some occasions.

People were using mercury in the early 1900s, and likely in the 1800s as well. Specifically, we know they were using it to convert AC to DC (alternative current to direct current).

“A mercury-arc valve or mercury-vapor rectifier or (UK) mercury-arc rectifier is a type of electrical rectifier used for converting high-voltage or high-current alternating current (AC) into direct current (DC).”

Mercury Arc rectifier being used in modern times. They are still used by a few organisations.

I am not a scientist or an electrician, but this information may give us some insights into the pools of mercury found under various large ancient pyramids (mentioned in Part 8):

An explanation I found online:

“The mercury arc valve is activated by generating a high-voltage arc between the mercury pool cathode and the starting electrode. This is typically done by bringing the starting electrode in contact with the cathode, at which point a current is being injected into an inductive circuit. As the starting electrode is being drawn out of the mercury pool, the electrical contact between the two is cut off and the inductive circuit responds by trying to maintain it.

When this happens, a high electromagnetic field is established, resulting in the creation of an electric arc. At the same time the cathode starts emitting free electrons due to the formed electric arc, triggering a shock ionization process through the mercury vapor contained inside the envelope. By contrast, the graphite anodes emit relatively small numbers of free electrons even when heated. Mercury ions are then attracted to the cathode, while the electrons are drawn to the anode at which point current rectification occur.”

Below is a diagram showing the pool of mercury at the bottom. The image on the right was a Mercury Arc rectifier found by a researcher who visits old or abandoned buildings looking for old technology. He found a few of these devices in an old, abandoned cinema in Malta.

Electric Boats:

An early electric boat was developed by the German inventor Moritz von Jacobi in 1839 in St Petersburg, Russia. It was a 24-foot (7.3 m) boat which carried 14 passengers at 3 miles per hour (4.8 km/h). It was successfully demonstrated to Emperor Nicholas I of Russia on the Neva River.

An Electric Boat – likely late 1800s
Electric Canoe (Late 1800s) + Electric Launches (1893)

A little passage about the achievement of the 50 electric boats (‘Electric Launches’ in the image above on the right side) used at the Chicago world fair in 1893:

“Managed by General C.H. Barney, the fleet of launches made 66,975 trips during the six and a half months of the exposition, carrying 1,026,346 passengers 200,925 miles (323,357 km) and earning $314,000 for the World’s Fair organizers. Their greatest test came on Chicago Day when 622 trips, each trip of three miles, were made by fifty boats. Six of these boats averaged over 40 miles (65 km), carrying on each trip about 40 people. There were no fewer than 25,000 passengers carried that day alone.”

Again, like the electric cars in the early 1900s, an impressive performance. It is obvious The Powers That Be did not want all this technological development involving electricity to continue and develop any further.


These first three streetlamps are very ornate and look like they may have been lamps created by some giants / Old-World builders. Could they have survived that long? Or where they built at a later date by giants that had retained or regained some knowledge? I don’t know.

See the energy harnessing devices on top of the lamps. The same sort of shapes you see on Old World architecture, and they are made of metal. Bell type (stupa-like) shapes can be seen.

These less ornate streetlamps below clearly have the ‘stupa’ / bell shape in on top, in metal (again, energy harnessing and amplifying). These lamps certainly do not look like they were not built by the Old-World builders. The first two have bulbs inside them. Were they utilising energy from the atmosphere? I don’t know. The third lamp looks like it has been converted to gas. Look at the middle image – it looks like there is a glow around the top of the bell device above the bulb.

Do you remember the diagram from my previous article showing, what looks like, a red brick storage battery underground?

1888, The Electric World

Here we can see three sets of lampposts that all have energy harnessing bell / ‘stupa’ devices on top of them, and they have all been converted to gas.

Portable Energy Harnessing Devices:

By now, if you have read the Hollow Earth series of mine, and the preceding article in this current series (Part 8), you will recognise the shapes and layout of these two devices below: Antenna, stages like a pagoda, then a bell / dome with four towers around the outside in a square formation. It is utilising a lot of electric energy harnessing and amplification techniques. I have no idea how old these are, and exactly how they were used.

Portable Energy Harnessing Devices

Below: Small portable metal ‘Stupas’. Again, no idea how old and how exactly they were used. But they were surely for harnessing and amplifying electric energy:

Free Energy Heaters or Cookers?

Energy Harnessing Devices

We can see that the details on these devices look like the tops of churches and cathedrals. The third image is a tiny music player. I do not know what the first two contraptions are for:

It is important to note that when these Old World walled cities and connected waterway networks were intact, and fully functioning, the density of electric energy in the city’s atmosphere would be massively greater than in modern times. Some of the Old-World cities, after the massive resets, may have still had a significant amount of electric energy in the lower areas of the now partially destroyed and disconnected cities. Certainly, some of those complexes of ornate and intricate Old-World buildings, especially where those World Fairs and Expositions took place, would surely still have some slightly higher densities of atmospheric electric energy at lower levels. Surely, the amount of electric energy in the air within the city would determine if these devices would be of much use.


Old World ‘Fireplaces’ were not really ‘Fireplaces’. We can see the metal devices at the bottom – but what exactly were they for? I am not entirely sure what they were used for, but some have suggested that they were used to heat the houses. Perhaps another question is: Were they emitting beneficial electric energy to the inhabitants of the house? It looks like, from these images, that some people after the large reset may have still been utilising this tech. Is this Old-World tech that has been left in place and just sitting there? Were the people in the 1600s and 1700s utilising it?

Leyden Jars and Electrostatic Generators:

Storing electricity in Leyden Jars in the 1700s:

In the 1800s an Electrostatic Generator was created – it has two discs that spin and create static electricity. This electricity was stored in numerous Leyden Jars:

See the numerous Leyden Jars connected to the generator in the left image.
An Electrostatic Generator and it’s Leyden Jars in a small museum in Holland.

Other Interesting Images:
Radar? What exactly were they doing here?
An Electric Street Fire Alarm

We can see that the people in the 1700s, 1800s and early 1900s were attempting to make use of the atmospheric electricity. It is natural for us to do this, as we, of course, live in an electric universe. The people of this period seemed to be mainly using it for appliances, machines and entertainment – they did not understand that there is also atmospheric electric energy (solar particles) that can be brought into our bodies to benefit us, like the more ancient humans did. Some not so ancient people seemed understand this energy as well – for example, some people in Tartarian and Mogul Empires seemed to understand it in the 1600s – bringing the energy it into their bodies with metal and feathered hats. There are records that show some of these Moguls lived a lot longer than the average person.

In my Electric Universe article I also presented the free energy inventions of Nicola Tesla, Viktor Schuaberger and Walter and Lao Russell. All of them worked out ways to tap into the infinite electric energy in the 1900s. All their inventions were suppressed and subverted.

The Powers That Be and their Proxies could not let us understand too much about electric technology and continue developing it. They wanted to control us. Psychopaths and narcissists (NPD) want power and control. We could not be allowed to discover the infinite / unlimited electric energy we can tap into. For a few hundreds years The Proxies (Freemasons and Jewry in the main) have been suppressing and hiding information, and doing their best to subvert us.

Section 2: World Fairs and Expositions

In the 1800s and early 1900s there were many World Fairs and Exhibitions. (We looked briefly at one that took place in Jamestown earlier in this series)

You can easily see a list of them here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_world%27s_fairs

Look at these massive complexes of huge ornate buildings, statues and fountains below. These are some of the biggest / most well-known World Fairs below:

St. Louis, United States, 1904
San Francisco, California, United States, 1915
Chicago, 1893
Buffalo, Pan American Exposition, 1901
Paris, 1900

‘The Powers That Be’ told the people that these huge intricate buildings used for these exhibitions and fairs were temporary and had been built just for the fair or exposition – often said to be built in a ridiculously short time frame for such magnificent architecture. Of course, all these buildings were already there, we did not build them. They were Old-World buildings, built by the Old-World giants. Us smaller humans in 1800s and early 1900s could not build these massive buildings / complexes with incredible intricate decorations, statues and fountains. We would struggle to build them now.

Many questions arise. Such as how did they keep these locations secret from the public? How did people back then not realise that they were already there? The world was a very different place back then and transport was very different and limited. But it also seems like the human population in these periods did not know what existed in their countries – and did not seem to understand the limitations of the equipment available to any construction worker back then. It is all very odd. Either the level of naivety is beyond anything I can imagine… or something else was going on. Where had these people come from? It was like some new people had been brought into the countries that had no knowledge of the existing infrastructure / layout of the country… or perhaps it all involved some memory wipes of the remaining people… perhaps both of these things occurred.

In the majority of cases most of these incredible Old World buildings were destroyed after the Exposition / World Fair (some locations had more than one event). Alternatively, sometimes we are told some of these buildings were abandoned after the fair and totally destroyed by a fire some years later (Buildings made entirely out of a combination of stone, concrete, iron and glass / crystal, by the way).

When you see some of these buildings close up you will realise how absurd this whole narrative is. It was another way to explain away, re-purpose and destroy some more of this Old-World architecture. To deceive the smaller humans that had seemingly ‘inherited’ this architecture.

Apparently, these tiny people below with horse and cart, and a perhaps a few little electric cars – and no power tools – built these buildings in a few years, just for a fair:


The official narrative will also say many millions of people attended some of these World Fairs – but I would strongly suggest they are hugely exaggerating the figures. How would so many people get there in the 1800s and early 1900s?

Here is a link to a post on ‘Stolen History’ about how the figures they give us for attendance seem way off. There were no large aeroplanes and airports back then to bring people in – https://www.stolenhistory.org/articles/world-expositions-phenomenal-attendance.229/

1850-1919 Most Visited World Fairs – TOP 5

1900 Paris: 48.13 million – (267,388 a day)
1889 Paris: 32.25 million
1893 Chicago: 27.3 million
1904 St. Louis: 19.69 million
1915 San Francisco: 18.87 million

When you look at the population figures given for cities and countries of that time, and also look at the transport infrastructure and capabilities, the attendance figures we are given for the World Fairs are absurd. Even more so, when you factor in that there were great hardships in many of the countries in North America and Europe when many of these World Fairs took place: various depressions and recessions – much poverty and struggle. Many millions spending their money on long distancing travelling, and entry to a World Fair? It does not make sense.

(We can also observe the images in my Mud Floods article – part 5 of this series – that show very sparsely populated European and American cities in the late 1800s and very early 1900s.)

Many of these World Fairs would have these incredible light shows. Do you think that the people who sought to profit from these fairs and expositions were supplying all this electricity, or was it free energy being generated by the architecture at these locations?

St Louis + San Francisco
Buffalo + Chicgao

You will notice there are a lot of large World Fairs and Expositions in North America. The massive construction companies who specialised in creating these types of buildings must have been very busy…. oh, yes, that’s right, there were never any companies who built these types of buildings!!!

Some more images of World Fairs and Expositions / Exhibitions:

England, London, White City – Japan British Exhibition, 1910
Franco- British Exhibition, London, 1908
Germany, Berlin, 1896
California, International Exposition in Golden Gate Park, 1894

There were so many of these exhibitions and expositions – in so many different locations. I am showing you just a small selection of images in this article, with short descriptions, so that you can see the subversion, deception and absurd narrative. There is certainly no need for me to go through them all – information on them is easy to find. We were never meant to wake up to this degree and start questioning exactly what has occurred.

Some of these Old-World complexes were turned into amusements parks. One of them still stands in Denmark – with a variety of Old-World buildings still located inside it.

How exactly did these Old-World giants use some of these complexes? They were particularly ornate and extravagant with many statues – and a lot of water was often used – lakes / ponds and fountains. And of course, plenty of energy harnessing architecture.

The Crystal Palace – a small case study:

I am going to expose the nonsense story about The Crystal Palace, which was used for a grand exhibition in Hyde Park, London – and then supposedly also used for another exhibition in Sydenham Hill, London. So that I can highlight the blatant and brazen lies involved with these World Fairs and Exhibitions. (Remember, I showed you in Part 8 of this series how this Crystal Palace used to contain a huge Old-World organ, like the Cathedrals and Churches. I also remarked on how it was called “The Crystal Palace” and not the “The Glass Palace”.)

The official story is that there was an exhibition in this magnificent structure – The Crystal Palace – in 1851 in Hyde Park. Then after this exhibition they moved the entire structure to Sydenham Hill and reassembled it for an exhibition in 1852. Immediately this all sounds ridiculous, firstly, the logistics involved… And then why? Why would you move it to somewhere else in London? It makes no sense at all! Unless, of course, they want a story to give to the public about why the entire structure disappeared from Hyde Park.

We can also look at the pictures we have of both the structures, and they are actually very different when you take the time to compare them:

The Crystal Palace in Hyde Park, London 1851 (The Grand International Exhibition)
‘The Crystal Palace’ in Sydenham Hill, sometime after 1854.

We can very obviously see that they are not the same structure. The Crystal Palace in Sydenham Hill is six windows high, whereas the Hyde Park structure is just 3 windows high. The structure at Sydenham Hill has a taller and wider central roof. The structure at Sydenham hill also has a curved roof all the way along the left wing of the building, which the Hyde Park building does not have. The central front entrance under the main curved roof is also recessed on the Sydenham Hill structure.

We actually get a few photos that are said to be images of The Crystal Palace being reassembled in Sydenham Hill. But we can see that these are not images of these buildings being built, but images of the Hyde Park Crystal Palace structure being dismantled.

Images Below: In one you can see the mess at the lower levels: crumbled piles of bricks and messy stonework. This is not the pristine foundations, or site, of a new building with upper layers and windows being installed. In the left image you can see glass at the top of the buildings on the top right corner. Why would you start putting glass in the third floor like that when the construction was a total mess? There is a logical order to construction works. These buildings are clearly in the process of being dismantled:

Said to be ‘The Crystal Palace’ being reassembled in Sydenham Hill. (It is not)

The images above are said to be showing The Crystal Palace being reassembled in Sydenham Hill in 1852. Look at how many levels of windows there are. Just three levels. Sydenham Hill was taller and had six levels of windows in its central area. The central entrance under the central curved roof was also recessed at Sydenham Hill. We can also see that these windows in the top right of the left image above show curved / circular details in the top portions of the windows, which the Hyde Park building had, but the Sydenham building did not. Which means this was not The Crystal Palace at Sydenham Hill being built / reassembled, but was very likely The Crystal Palace at Hyde Park beings disassembled… never to be seen again. Both structures were already in those location before 1852 – but both are now long gone.

Here is an interesting image I found. The image is from Matthew Digby Wyatt’s ‘Views of the Crystal Palace and Park’, showing the Egyptian Court in the The Crystal Palace at Sydenham in south-east London, in 1854.  Of course, these huge Egyptian statues would have already been in the Sydenham Hill building, we smaller humans did not put them there:

Egyptian Court in the Crystal Palace at Sydenham in south-east London, in 1854. 

This, once again, shows a connection between all the Old-World Builders. The Old-World builders in Europe intimately aware of the Old-World Egyptian civilisation. The people of Ancient / Old World Egypt would have been genetically related to the Old World Europeans.

Then and Now

‘These were just temporary buildings created for fairs and expositions’ is what ‘The Powers That Be’ say. That is their story and main excuse for tearing down these magnificent Old-World buildings at these complexes.

They had a plan / remit. They had to create a certain type of world and convince us that it has only been us smaller humans that existed on this planet… and we also could not be allowed to understand how all this Old World giant architecture worked and to then understand the techniques for the harnessing of free energy.

St. Louis, United States, 1904 – then and now:

Note: Flip the image – the man would be sitting at the far end of the lake in the first image and facing us.

St. Louis, United States

Paris: So many Old-World Buildings taken down:

Le Palais du Trocadéro à Paris vers, 1867. This massive intricate building was a part of the Paris World Fairs / Expositions. It was taken down and replaced with the unattractive construction below it:

The location of the San Francisco World Fair in 1915:

Architecture Over Lap

In other part of this series, I showed you Western Style Old-World Architecture in Eastern Locations and Eastern Old-World Architecture in Western Locations. For example – Stupas and Pagodas in Europe and North America and Cathedrals, Domed buildings and Churches in Asia. This occurred in these World Fair Complexes as well. Below are some examples of ‘Asian’ and ‘Ottoman’ Old World Buildings at North American and European Old-World Complexes (that were used for fairs and expositions):

White City, London + Marseille, France + St Louis, United States
Montreal, Canada + San Francisco, United States
Chicago, United States + San Francisco (At one of the amusement parks)
Vienna, Austria (first two images) + Old London Bridge, England
Paris, France – Colonial Exposition. With a supposed replica of Ankor Watt built – what total nonsense, it was already there + and a pagoda type building at the same exhibition.

Some of these complexes of Old-World buildings were not used for World Fairs or Expositions, but used as amusement parks – alterations were made and rides were added. Below you can see one that still remains, which includes some ‘Ottoman’ and ‘Asian’ architecture.

Tivoli, also known as Tivoli Gardens, is an amusement park and pleasure garden in Copenhagen, Denmark. The park opened on 15 August 1843 and is the third-oldest operating amusement park in the world.

One of the most famous Amusement Parks made out of one of these Old-World building complexes is Luna Park, Coney Island USA. They made modifications to the already existing Old-World complex:

Luna Park, Coney Island
Luna Park, Coney Island
Luna Park, Coney Island

Mind Control:

World Fairs and Expositions were not only used to explain away the Old-World complexes, but were also used to influence the public. Back then there wasn’t television. ‘The Proxies’ could make money / consolidate power while influencing people.

There were many presentations and stalls at these World Fairs and Expositions. Some were about technology and new appliances. Some were about other people from around the world. For example, in some locations there were stalls about the ‘Native Americans’ and the Ottomans. The Powers That Be / The Proxies could influence the people – and convince them of historical falsehoods. They could also promote the people in various industries that they wanted promoted – and promote certain technologies that they wanted promoted.

Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo, New York. 1901. These people on display are not the Native Americans, and the organisers of these World Fairs and Expositions knew this. Do these people look like the images from the New World explorers that I present in Part 4 of this series?

Mind controlling and influencing the populace in a variety of ways – while they make money from it. Just like all the ‘normies’ do now – they pay (((The Powers That Be / The Proxies))) for their own brainwashing and mind control.

Section 3: Insane Asylums, Spectral Entities and Orphans

Insane Asylums:

There is no doubt that ‘Insane Asylums’ played a big part in controlling the population as this transition into a reinvented planet was made. The huge increase in the establishment and formation of Insane Asylums in Europe, North America and Australia in the 1800s and early 1900s is most definitely not a coincidence.

What do you do with people who are questioning the narrative, speaking out against the lies being told to the population? You put them in an Insane Asylum. What do you do with people who are not behaving in the way you want? Who are getting others to question what was occurring? You put them in Insane Asylums. What do you do with people who had seen unusual otherwordly events or entities? You put them in Insane Asylums.

There does not seem to be a huge amount of information out there on what actually occurred in these institutions. As you can imagine it would have been hidden and covered up. But there are some interesting activities that can be uncovered.

Interestingly, many of the asylums had cemeteries and crematoriums on site. How weird is that?

Some screengrabs below showing reports of thousands of skeletons / corpses being found in the grounds of old Insane Asylums:

Note: 25,000 unmarked graves at a Georgia Mental Asylum!!

Some of these Asylums also had farms as well. It seems that they could be their own little isolated ‘community’.

Some of this information on the Californian laws introduced are also concerning:

California Insane Asylums: The Insanity Law of 1897 created the State Commission on Lunacy which was given authority to see that all laws relating to care and treatment of patients were carried out and to make recommendations to the Legislature concerning the management of hospitals for the insane. The 1897 law provided that each hospital should be controlled by a board of managers of five members appointed by the Governor for four-year terms. The Lunacy Law reforms passed allowed no insane persons to be associated with criminals, no open court hearings, judge not required to assess detainees, institutions named ‘Hospitals’ instead of asylums.

The below information on Insane Asylums was from a PDF that you may come across if you research the topic of Tartaria, Old World Buildings and Mud Flooding. It is called ‘One World Tartarians’, by James Lee. It is undoubtedly a controlled opposition gate-keeping document – likely from the Freemasons – that is full of misdirection. It does however – like all controlled opposition content – have some Truth in it, so I used this section on Insane Asylums as it provides a decent summary:

“In Britain at the beginning of the 19th century, there were, perhaps, a few thousand “lunatics” housed in a variety of disparate institutions; but, by the beginning of the 20th century, that figure had grown to about 100,000. This growth coincided with the development of alienism, now known as psychiatry, as a medical speciality.

By the end of the 19th century, national systems of regulated asylums for the mentally ill had been established in most industrialized countries. At the turn of the century, Britain and France combined had only a few hundred people in asylums, but by the end of the century this number had risen to the hundreds of thousands. The United States housed 150,000 patients in mental hospitals by 1904. Germany housed more than 400 public and private sector asylums. These asylums were critical to the evolution of psychiatry as they provided places of practice throughout the world.

Throughout the asylums worldwide we see familiar patterns of incredible Tartary architecture (Editors Note: The Old World giants’ architecture and NOT ‘Tartarian architecture’) with many asylums having farms and livestock and cemeteries and crematories. Another main theme is most of these structures became “overcrowded” up through the beginnings of the 20th century, so more asylums were needed, yet the population numbers at the time do not justify the immense size of the buildings or number of people they claim were committed. In California, at the very onset of the California Gold Rus of 1849, we see several insane asylums said to be erected to house those deemed insane as early as 1851, even though California’s population in no way justified the immense size and scope of these structures.

The other blatantly obvious note is that these immense insane asylums nearly look identical all around the world in what they call “Gothic” and “Roman” architecture.”

I also came across this story in that above mentioned PDF:

When Judy Zerdas was searching of the grave site of her dead cousin she found – after some research and enquiries, as well as from gaining access that the Napa State ledger – that ‘hospital’ grounds (hospitals were often another name of insane asylums back then) in California were used as cemeteries from roughly 1875 to the early 1920. She found that the eastern portion of the hospital campus in Napa held 4,638 bodies. Today it is an empty field with an outbuilding and a barn.

It is also evident that in many locations they made it extremely easy for anyone to be admitted to an insane asylum if ‘The Powers That Be / The Proxies’ wanted them out of society. Some examples from a ‘reasons for admission’ list from Weston Hospital in Lewis County, West Virginia in the 1800s:

Reasons for admission into the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum in West Virginia from 1864 to 1889 included: laziness, egotism, disappointed love, female disease, mental excitement, cold, snuff, greediness, imaginary female trouble, “gathering in the head,” exposure and quackery, jealousy, religion, asthma, masturbation, and bad habits.

The list in the image below was compiled from the log book of the West Virginia Hospital for the Insane, documenting admissions to that institution between 1864 and 1889 and has been published or referenced in several books and research papers. It has also been archived by the West Virginia Division of Culture and History:

I did not highlight novel reading, it was on the original image I found.

We know very little about what really occurred inside these Asylums / ‘Hospitals’.

Spectral Entities / ‘Hallucinations:

T Forster – Illustrations of the Atmospherical Origin of Epidemic Disorder of Health, 1829

These excerpts below are from the fascinating book above, that has slipped through net of ‘The Powers That Be / The Proxies’. I have used it in my Comets article in this series (Part 10), which follows this current article. It was written by a doctor who collated a lot of information on disease and pestilence and its origins (comets were the main source). The author also talks about people seeing spectral entities in the late 1700s and early 1800s. You can read about how the author tries to explain away the fact that people were seeing these ‘spectral entities’ and or ‘Blue Devils’ in the book at this link – https://archive.org/details/b21457931/mode/2up. The author begins talking about them at around page 70 – and below are two quotations from the book:

“These spectral images vary in kind; and their varieties, however apparently infinite, may be divided into several kinds. The common Ocular Spectra seem to take place in the retina, and are of various sorts ; they are accurately described by Dr. Darwin in Zoonomia. But the Spectral Impressions of the most fearful nature are those which appear to take place by the morbid and spontaneous activity of more deep seated parts of the brain, those perhaps which phrenologists call the Organs of Form, of Colour, and often in those of Sound. They are exemplified in the Spectres or false appearances of absent persons, hideous and fanciful figures, and other phantasms of a disordered brain. What is called the Blue Devils belongs to this class.”

I found this above quotation quite amusing: If the images are taking place in the retina, then people are obviously seeing them! But, of course, the people of that time had no idea what was occurring – and no idea that non-human, realm hopping, multidimensional beings with advanced technology could exist. So they had to find explanations for these reports. This will all make more sense to you when you have finished the series and we have dealt with the topic of ‘demons’, ‘devils’ and the ancient non-human ‘gods’.

The hideous faces by which nervous persons are haunted at night, as mentioned by Locke, are spectra of the kind alluded to, but of a fainter sort. These ghastly visages, as well as other troops of spectral beings, often pass in gorgeous pomp before the eyes of the nervous literary men by night. And it is in this middle state between sleep and vigilance that a corresponding sort of intermediate Spectral Images occur which constitute the airy day dreams of the poet, and which vary according to the natural bias of his mind.

Again, when you read the following articles in this series – particularly Part 11 – then this phenomenon will make sense…. and you will realise that these people were not ‘imagining things’.

Now, of course, if you have someone talking too much about seeing strange entities in their bedrooms at night, or even out about in the city, (or reporting any strange otherworldly phenomena at all) they can easily be placed in one of the numerous insane asylums that were springing up all over the place in Europe and North America.

Orphans and Foundling Homes / Institutions

Like the Insane Asylums, the numbers of Orphans, Orphanages and Foundling Institutions massively rose in the 1800s and early 1900s. Many new Orphanages and founding institutions were established throughout Europe and the United States in the 1800s and early 1900s.

It is difficult to find any in-depth information on this topic. I also doubt we are getting the correct statistics – the numbers are likely higher than they say.

I found a decent article, with some good summations on the topic. The author does not understand the intricacies of the reset that took place around that time, and they have fallen for some misdirection – but that is the same for most people. I will present four excerpts from the article:

The Lost World of the Mud Flood: Fallen Women, Foundlings, and the 19th-Century Human Resethttps://theunexpectedcosmology.com/the-lost-world-of-the-mud-flood-fallen-women-foundlings-and-the-19th-century-human-reset/

“But it’s not just literature. It’s the photographs. Have you seen them? Entire workhouses populated by sad, grubby-faced children. Sometimes tasked with heavy machinery. Were there not enough adults for Society to function?

They were sold to farms and Victorian workhouses and then given names. “Gradini” refers to the steps of the church where they were found. “Del Rio,” by the river. Or “Diotallevi,” God will take care of you. Beginning in the 1840’s, a swelling influx of foundlings—children without one or both parents—were handed over to the State. Hundreds of thousands of children. The abandonment of babies became so commonplace that asylums were established in every major city. There were post office boxes where you could literally drop your child off. No questions asked.

This isn’t merely the tale of developing social welfare programs. Sure, the Orphan Train may have received a lot of press, but the narrative extends far beyond that little untold nugget of Americana. In the nineteenth-century, foundlings were relocated all over the world. Russia. Australia. Canada. Really, pick a continent. Any country. Children were sent there to repopulate in a post mud-flood world. And most of them still had a living parent.”

“MOST PEOPLE today are kept unaware of the fact that there were a series of laws passed into effect in the 1800’s, whereas unwed mothers were coerced to hand over their children to authorities. Thousands upon thousands complied—but why? The official explanation often falls upon the shame of immorality, mixed with the toxic blend of Industrialization workhouses. Accordingly, they wanted to escape and make a better life for themselves, so they abandoned their children to child labor institutions and re-education centers.

At the Foundling hospital in London, an estimated 4,500 women handed over their children. And that’s just one hospital. There were as many as four Foundling Asylums in New York City alone, in which they were collectively turning over a thousand babies annually. By 1847, the number of child migrants who had been identified as orphans in Canada were unprecedented. Though Grosse-Île in Quebec usually managed 10 orphans per year, they were overrun with more than a hundred in less than a month, and by years-end, thousands had arrived.

Italy fared no better. Infants were deposited into foundling homes in scathing numbers. The trend started as early as the 1930’s, when as many as 32,000 infants were reported per year2. Nearby Spain and Portugal saw as many as 15,000 annual foundlings each. That number exceeded 35,000 per year within two decades, so that Italy had over 1,200 locations where newborns could be dropped off. Before 1860, some 374,000 recorded infants rounded the turnstiles in Milan, Naples, and Florence alone.”

“By 1887, foundling homes in St. Petersburg and Moscow began receiving over 27,000 babies on their doorstep. Historian David L. Ransel records that Moscow was receiving between 16,000 and 18,000 infants annually by the 1880’s, and sending over 10,000 of these each year to outlying villages for care. “In 1882 there were all told 41,720 foundlings from the Moscow home living with 32,000 foster families scattered throughout 4,418 villages. A dozen villages had over 90 fosterings each.”

Entire cartloads of foundlings were trucked in by women known as kommissionerki. “These enterprising women collected unwanted children in the villages and district towns, cared for them temporarily, usually in squalid conditions, and then when enough had been gathered to make the journey profitable, they packed the infants into a wagon and hauled them to the metropolitan foundling home. Fees for this service were substantial and reportedly provided the kommissionerki with a comfortable living.”

The foundlings were real. Their recorded numbers however are not. Fact of the matter is, the exact heads of children who were dropped off on doorsteps and then sent to industrial age work houses will never be known. And I have yet to touch on the Orphan Train. Even official history agrees, most left absolutely no footprint in the record books.

Everything we are told is a cover up.

Annie Macpherson will go down in history as the woman who scammed more than 100,000 foundlings and shipped them from the United Kingdom to Canada, New Zealand, and South Africa, even to the outer-edges of the earth, Australia, so that they could be sold into child labor. But just so we’re clear, MacPherson was a straw man. They were all sold into labor.”

In fact, I would suggest Annie Macpherson shipped more than this. In the website linked below it was said the 100,000 foundlings were shipped to Canada alone:

“Between 1869 and 1932, over 100,000 children were sent from Britain to Canada through assisted juvenile emigration. These migrants are called “home children” because most went from an emigration agency’s home for children in Britain to its Canadian receiving home. The children were placed with families in rural Canada.” Home Children, 1869-1932 – Library and Archives Canada (bac-lac.gc.ca)

Some other factors to consider: Children born outside of marriage in those times were regarded as illegitimate and did not have legal status. Illegitimate children were a serous stigma throughout the 19th century. It is said that many employees would not hire women with an illegitimate child. Unwed mothers with illegitimate child could end up homeless and starving. A societal stigma created on purpose?

Orphan Trains – North America:

“The first orphan trains operated prior to the Civil War. Over 250,000 children were transported from New York to the Midwest over a 76-year period (1853-1929) in the largest mass migration of children in American history. As many as one in four were Irish. Some abolitionists feared that the orphan trains were being used as an extension of slavery, and there was reason behind their fear. Not all the orphans were being adopted. Many became slaves to farmers, child abusers and indentured servants with no rights or freedoms. The first Orphan Trains left Grand Central Station in late 1853 for Dowagiac, Michigan. The trains continued to run for 75 years. The last official train ran to Texas in 1929. Many children were sexually abused,mistreated, malnourished, and overworked in the Midwest farms. Trains would stop in midwestern and southern towns, and the children would file off and parade before the assembled townspeople, often on hastily constructed stages. Locals would inspect the children, feel their muscles, look at their teeth, and question them. Contact between the children and their families back east was strongly discouraged. Many of these children ran away from the abusive new homes they were placed in.” – A summation from the controlled opposition creation called ‘One World Tartarians’.

A question to ask is: Why was this just a phenomena involving White people? White European children being sent to America, Canada, Australia, various locations elsewhere in Europe and perhaps a few other locations. ‘The Powers That Be’ needed to repopulate certain areas using the 5 foot-tall-plus White humans – they had no choice. They were sent to areas that had ‘European’ style Old World architecture. They could only send European / White humans to these areas, otherwise their reinvented world would make little sense. If you sent Chinese people to repopulate some areas of North America and Canada you would have the rhetoric of 5-foot-tall Chinese people having built all the pagodas and a then a separate Chinese population having built all the European style architecture in San Francisco or Toronto (for example). It was all planned. They also had to try and make sure all the Old-World cities were populated at roughly the same time – and had a decent sized population. Otherwise people in nearby repopulated cities would find empty cites or very sparsely populated cities in certain areas – and people would question this and record it in books.

Nearly all these young children were stripped of their identity and given new names. Almost blank slates to fill the sparsely populated reset cities. Children with new identities and no history… With no tales from their parents and grandparents about what what the world was like when they were growing up. These children could work and fill certain roles and then have families, but they would have very little to pass on to their children about the experiences of their ancestors.

‘The Powers That Be’ clearly wanted orphans. The Irish famine would have likely been created by the non-human force (discussed in future articles in this series) from above, spreading toxins into the atmosphere, which would then settle onto the plants. Which is interesting, as it seems like this force would have some contact and communication with certain proxy groups on Earth. By the way, a nations entire potato crop does not all get a disease at once – illogical. My Comets article in this series will explain the source of these ‘diseases’ / toxins.

“In the late 1840s, Ireland’s potato famine spurred the last major wave of Irish migration to what is now Canada. “Black ‘47,” the worst year, brought in approximately 110,000 migrants. Nearly 90,000 landed at the Grosse Île quarantine station before continuing to places including Québec City, Montréal, Canada West and the United States. The second major point of entry was the Partridge Island quarantine station outside Saint John, New Brunswick, which processed nearly 17,000 migrants. A small number also arrived in Halifax and other eastern ports.” https://www.thecanadianencyclopedia.ca/en/article/irish-famine-orphans-in-canada

Then there was also the stigma created in society regarding single mothers (How did so many become single mothers in the first place?) and the laws passed that enabled the authorities to more easily get hold of the children. But was there something else occurring as well, that we do not know about? It sure feels like that to me. These 3 factors do not seem enough to create that many orphans.

I also don’t think we should underestimate a mother’s bond with her children. Would all these mothers so readily give up their children? I am not so sure.

It seems like there were various other facets to this topic, and that we are not getting the full picture. But we know that the whole situation was created and contrived – and was a part of this planet’s most recent large scale reset.

Australia. Orphan migrants arriving.
London Foundling Hospital
Somewhere in Britian – Likely England.

Concluding Thoughts:

‘The Powers That Be’, and their Proxies, have been molding the world and deciding the directions that the different societies and civilisations take. They are not finding it quite as easy to mold the world in our current day and age though. ‘The Powers That Be’ (and their Proxies) want another reset, but there are many people who have reached higher levels of consciousness, and have gained more knowledge than they were supposed to, which means this is going to be difficult for them. Another significant reason as to why it is going to be difficult them, is that the hostile advanced force that created the last reset can no longer gain access to our atmosphere and cause all the ‘natural’ disasters like before. More on that in further articles in the series.

There will have been a lot that occurred in these centuries that we have no evidence of – that has been successfully hidden. There is also very likely more significant evidence for us to discover that they have missed. We were never meant to become this conscious and informed – they have not covered their tracks as well as they should.

We must always remember that there is infinite electric energy all around us that is waiting to be tapped into and utilised. I hope some of the images in this article, and in Part 8 of this series, inspires some inventors and engineers. If someone manages to work out how to make a simple, easily replicable roof-top or street device, like we saw above, it could change the world… and put a truly massive dent in the New World Order agenda.

If you find anymore interesting related events or evidence, please let people know in the comments. This goes for all articles in this series, if you find something of interest in your research, please write it about under the relevant article so others can benefit – and together we can get closer to the full Truth.


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10 thoughts on “18th, 19th and Early 20th century Electric Technology + World Fairs and Expositions + Orphans and Insane Asylums. Resets and Genocides, Part 9

  • September 10, 2022 at 5:07 am

    re the Orphan glut – could they be the issue of all those disappeared tall Caucasian parents?

    • September 10, 2022 at 11:11 am

      Hi Nigel

      I hope I have fully understood what you are saying.

      It very much looks like the tall (giant) upper classes in Europe were entirely wiped out before the beginning of the 1800s. So, no. (I certainly think the psychopathic entities would have killed the children off as well, they would have no qualms about that)

      And the orphans were the smaller humans’ children – the children of the 5-foot-tall-plus humans. We can see from their facial features and physiques, and they did not have large children themselves. America and Canada would have a significantly taller population if a lot of giant children were sent there. So, no again.

      The advanced force would not have used tall (giant) upper class children to repopulate cities… they had to create a world entirely of 5 feet-tall-plus humans for the reinvention / reset to work.

      Best regards.

      • January 30, 2023 at 5:55 am

        A lot of information to unravel here along with your other articles, very thought provoking. I’m very curious as to how this information is still available, especially through a safari search seeing how you have been making these for a couple of years now.

  • September 27, 2022 at 1:52 am

    Hello EA,

    I read your articles with much interest. So many thought provoking ideas come to me. Though I wonder concerning this particular article. Could the result of so many (probably poor) single mothers be due to having no contraceptives? You ask the question ‘how could so many single mothers exist at this time’ and is it not logical to make this conclusion given that birth control had not been invented yet? These were poor probably not very intelligent people. The women got knocked up and TPTB had the perfect answer.

    • September 28, 2022 at 7:11 pm

      Hello NinelsDivine

      I am glad you find them stimulating, thanks for the feedback.

      And thankyou for the input, you make a valid point about contraceptives. They did seem to have contraceptives in the 1800s though, but the efficiency of them is something to take into account, as well as that they were banned for some periods in certain locations.

      I have shared a little information from a very small amount of research I just did on 1800s contraceptives. This first part of the information below is related to 1800s North America:

      “Women were desperate to control the number of children they had and there was a voracious market for birth control methods. This, despite the fact that in the 1840s, state legislatures began passing laws outlawing the sale and use of contraceptives until the 1873 Comstock Law banned them federally. By 1880, abortion, too, was criminalized in all states.

      By 1850, contraceptive products were massively marketed and advertised in ladies magazines as “female pills,” “Mother’s friend,” “prevention powders,” and “regulator tablets.” Tablets or tinctures of pennyroyal, rue, foxglove, angelica root, or partridge berry, marketed as “squaw vine,” worked in various ways as abortifacients or preventives.

      Condoms and crude diaphragms and precursors to the IUD were also invented and on the market by the 1850s. Charles Goodyear’s 1839 rubber “vulcanization” process revolutionized condom manufacturing. Birth control douches became popular, as well. All sort of concoctions, some deadly, were used, including bleach, sulfate of zinc, and, starting in the 1880s, Coca Cola and Lysol!”https://www.notesfromthefrontier.com/post/1800s-birth-control

      “Two surveys conducted in New York in 1890 and 1900 found that 45% of the women surveyed were using condoms to prevent pregnancy.[2]: 173–4 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_condoms

      There were contraceptives in Europe in the 1800s as well:

      “The early 19th century saw contraceptives promoted to the poorer classes for the first time: birth control advocates in England included Jeremy Bentham and Richard Carlile, and noted American advocates included Robert Dale Owen and Charles Knowlton. Writers on contraception tended to prefer other methods of birth control, citing both the expense of condoms and their unreliability (they were often riddled with holes, and often fell off or broke), but they discussed condoms as a good option for some, and as the only contraceptive that also protected from disease.[2]: 88, 90, 125, 129–30  One group of British contraceptive advocates distributed condom literature in poor neighborhoods, with instructions on how to make the devices at home; in the 1840s, similar tracts were distributed in both cities and rural areas through the United States.[2]: 126, 136 ”https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_condoms

      But we would also have to look into social activities back then. I cannot imagine that women would sleep around or be as promiscuous as many young women are nowadays. It was a different time – I always assumed it would be far more conservative. I am not an expert on attitudes and behaviour back then but I should imagine they were significantly more traditional in their attitudes in those times. To my mind it wasn’t until the Weimar conditions in Germany, conditions created by the jews there, in the 1920s and 1930s, that we saw promiscuity and degeneracy anywhere in Europe that was similar to what see in certain regions of our planet today.

      And we should note that there was said to have been a stigma that had been created against single mothers, and life was apparently made more difficult for them by the authorities… so why would so many women have children out of wedlock if this was the case?

      We also see a lot of children given up who are certainly no longer babies. It was not like it was just babies and toddlers from young unprepared mothers – there were many children of primary school age.

      Poverty was created in some areas, and this would have led to some children being given up (and we had the Irish famine)… but I just can’t imagine so many mothers in various locations giving up their children. It was a lot of children, could poor living conditions lead to so many families giving up children? I don’t know.

      We know it was a contrived situation and TPTB wanted children without a history to send around to these sparely populated areas, but I just don’t think we are getting the full story. There must be more to it. We have so little information about it all, and we know they have hidden so much of our history – it would be strange to think that there was not some information that they have hidden from us about the procurement / creation of Orphans.

      I am also not sure that they were less intelligent than us back then. I haven’t seen evidence of that. They seemed to have figured out how to generate free energy, were creating free energy flying machines, some excellent electric cars, efficient steam vehicles… (Those two books I featured in my Comets article created in the early 1800s demonstrates analysis and critical thinking that we very rarely see in our modern books…)

      We should remember that our current population has been dumbed down on purpose such a lot by mass media, as well as the increasingly poor school curriculums – and people are also full of inhibiting toxins.

      Best regards.

      • September 29, 2022 at 5:23 am

        Thank you for this detailed response. It does seem quite odd given that single motherhood definitely would have been socially shamed and it would mean not only ostracization for the women but probably abject poverty for the rest of their lives.

        On another note, I have been wanting to ask you this. Are you familiar with Jason Breshears of Archaix.com?

        He says some very similar things to you though he does not mention the Breakaway Germans from any of the videos I’ve seen. His central thesis is a bit different however. He believes we are living in a simulation and that every 138 years an object appears in the sky which he calls the Phoenix Weapon and it basically resets society. He has a great detail of material and books. His ideas are quite thought provoking and I don’t think he is some kind of shill either.

        If you haven’t checked out any of his material I’d definitely say it is worth looking at. I recently saw a video of his where he talks about the very things you discuss in this article. Also he said the last Phoenix event was in 1902 and that the elite hid under ground for it. Afterwards he says that is when all these major companies came into being out of nowhere and all this technology was released by the elites as well as much of their monies being spent in these endeavors to bring society closer in line to their goals.

        He is saying that May of 2040 will be the next appearance of this Phoenix weapon, the sky dragon and that it will cause a major cataclysm. Most of his assertions he provides historical data for and cites many sources.

        I would be very interested to hear what you think of this guy’s material. There are definitely many intersecting lines of thought and data between the two of you.

        • October 11, 2022 at 1:40 pm

          Hi NinelsDivine

          That Archaix guy is way off – one hundred percent looks like another misdirecting gatekeeper. My friend, some of the skewed rhetoric he comes out with:

          The ‘sky dragon’… the ‘phoenix weapon’… and ‘the Giza pyramid was designed to collapse ‘Artificial Intelligence X’ and afterwards to stop the ‘Phoenix phenomenon’… And then a lot of misdirecting rhetoric about the Anunakki from him… And this 2040 prediction he has (I have seen so many controlled people put out predictions like this before, that have not come true – a classic distracting / misdirecting move).

          I have been studying Ufology for a long time, you have no idea how many of these types of misdirecting gate-keeping people I have come across.

          By the way, the Annunaki were the bipedal reptilians – the vicious ‘demon’ Lamushta (shown in Part 10) was the daughter of Anu. I will also show you what dragons were in Part 13 of this series – essentially they were technology / craft created by the bipedal reptilians. The information I have on pyramids in this series will get you a lot closer to the Truth – he doesn’t even mention all the information I show related to energy. Pyramids were an integral part of the Old-World civilisation and were all over the world, but according to him the Giza pyramid was designed to destroy this ‘artificial intelligence x’ and the invading ‘phoenix phenomenon’… this does not make any sense and is baseless.

          My friend, his information has many holes in it… and I don’t think what he is saying is that similar to me. Yes, he mentions resets and invading forces but other than that he is offering lots of skewed misdirecting rhetoric.

          I did not analyse all his work, I looked at the outlines of what he is saying. I am not going to wade through all his numerous long videos. Here is the thing about real Truthers / genuine researchers: They complete lots of research and analysis and then make concise presentations that bring a great deal of relevant information together on a topic to show all the connections – like the articles I create that can be read in less than 10, 15 or 20 minutes but show a great many correlations and provide concise summaries. They do not make 100s of long videos over many years that waste peoples time and keep going over the same topic in slightly different ways and never get to the Truth. They also don’t do live-streams on YouTube talking to their followers. What a waste of time for everyone that is! A genuine competent Truther does not want to waste anyone’s time.

          I noticed he is also a (((YouTube))) content creator with a lot of followers (over 50,000). (((YouTube))) is a ridiculous place – it is an extension of mainstream media now – owned by (((google))). Pretty much all of the ancient history and ufology content creators on there will be controlled and they will be gatekeeping and misdirecting.

          Read through my Reset and Genocides series all the way through a few times and see all the correlations. It all fits together. I have three more articles in the series to come – two are nearly ready – which will help you see even more clearly what has occurred.

          I will very strongly suggest that this series I have created blows those misdirecting YouTubers out of the water. I have highlighted so many Truths that all these controlled people have been gate-keeping and hiding.

          I am not sure how long you have been awake and researching for – but I remember when there were real Truthers on YouTube 5, 6 and 7 years ago. There were videos on WW2 Truth documentaries (a great variety from many people), many Adolf Hitler speeches with English subtitles, videos exposing Jewry and their agendas, a whole community of people exposing all the fake / hoax terrorism etc etc… all these types of videos and people were the first to go. And it has been a steady stream of censoring since that time, ridding the site of any dissenting voices… around 6 years of heavy censorship, and the incessant seeding of controlled agents, and you now have somewhere that pretty much only has controlled, misdirecting, gate-keeping agents and naive normies making content.

          I hope some of that helped, best regards.

  • November 9, 2022 at 9:10 am

    There was no potatoe famine in Ireland. Chris Fogarty shows in the Book “Ireland 1845-1850: The Perfect Holocaust and Who Kept It Perfect” that more than half of the British Regiments were located in Ireland at that time. They extracted all foodstuff (not only potatoes which in hindsight sound like a simplistic coverup) by force, resulting in famine. The imperialist colonist British Army naturally would begin their operations at the nearest convenient place: Ireland. His book, packed with evidence of locations of British Regiments and mass graves, available on http://www.irishholocaust.org/book.html does not argue that cheap food in England would have lowered the prices of farm products, thereby forcing farmers to work in factories, as this is my own reasoning: the Industrial Revolution in 1850 was kickstarted by extracting food by force from Ireland, shipping it to England where cheap foodstuffs crowded out farmers away from their farms into factories.
    / Regards ECCRAM

    • November 9, 2022 at 2:21 pm

      Hi ECCRAM

      Interesting. I will look into this. Thanks.

      Best regards.


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