Racially Conscious – The Universe… it’s all about DNA – (((Multiculturalism))), Diversity, Brainwashing


This Article / Essay is in five sections:

  • Racial Consciousness Overview – DNA, Genetics, Nature, Science
  • Why Multiculturalism is not good for this planet or any Race / Nation.
  • Create a successful Nation – Race / Spirituality / Metaphysics.
  • My Experiences of Multiculturalism and the White Genocide Agenda
  • Television / Media (Programming)

And at the end there is a large gallery with many images and quotations… you could go there first if you want, and then read through the article… 

Racial Consciousness Overview / Introduction

Years ago I would be classed as very ‘liberal.’’ I was very naive and ill-informed. I did not understand not only how this planet works, but also how the universe works. I grew up in London – very multicultural – had friends of different races growing up – I taught in very mixed schools after university. I have met friendly Black people, friendly Muslims, friendly Indians… But now that I am knowledgeable and awake, do I think that these people, with totally different genetics, should be living in England? No, I don’t. Should people be living in any nations that are the homelands of people that they are not closely genetically related to? No. I do not think it is good for the planet, or for the different races. I believe it is for everyone’s benefit that this does not happen. There are so many sociological and geopolitical reasons for this – and there are scientific, spiritual and metaphysical / cosmic reasons as well. I do not dislike these people I have known, and do know, from other genetic backgrounds – I certainly wouldn’t be unnecessarily unpleasant to anyone just because of their race / genetics… and you won’t find me using any racial slurs.

Everyone has been manipulated on this planet by a certain (((tribe))) – Mind Controlled by (((them)). Pretty much all races have lost their way – and some have been manipulated and diverted more than others. Multiculturalism is possibly the biggest tactic being used to bring forth the oppressive (((New World Order))). My judgments on why every race should live in their own homeland is based on facts, on nature, on cosmic truth… and what is best for every race, including my own. People of a different race should be able to visit another Nation/Homeland, but they should not be able to become citizens.

Becoming Racially Conscious is a large part of being truly awakened to what is occurring on this planet. I first woke up via spiritually and meditation and then began to research a great deal, attempting to understand the world. As my consciousness rose, as my understandings developed metaphysically, historically and geopolitically I came to see clearly that this planet is all about race, as is the universe. It’s about DNA, Genetics, Race and Ancestry.

Genetics and DNA is so socially, psychologically, spiritually and metaphysically / cosmically significant. Large portions of the world have been brainwashed – have been dumbed down and subverted. Terms like ‘racist’ were created by (((them))) to stop people saying anything racially true and factual for fear of being labelled a ‘racist’. We cannot truly understand the world and the universe without being Racially Conscious and understanding the significance of DNA and Genetics.

Trotsky was obviously a Marxist and was jewish. ( It may not have been originaly made up by Trotsky, but he was the first to use it in this manner )

Being Racially Conscious is absolutely normal. The problem we have is that through programming and mind control many people associate any discussion of race with hatred and ‘bigotry’ – when it is just nature we are talking about… for example – we can discuss different cats predispositions, behaviours, genetic differences, social structures etc – but humans ‘oh no don’t talk about that’… Humans are a part of nature too and there are different races or subspecies of humans on this planet.

There is a fairly famous excerpt of Muhammed Ali being interviewed on Michael Parkinson’s old chat show on the BBC – where Muhammed Ali talks about race and the differences – and he also says how it is natural for people to want to be with their own race and have children that look like them. But White people are not allowed to say this. Or you get shouted down by brainwashed programmed people. ‘White Supremacist!’ ‘Nazi!’ they say… it is ludicrous, these words programmed into people to get them to shut down any racially conscious White people. And how quickly these zombified people react – it’s like a conditioned and deeply programmed knee jerk reaction from many of these people – they are not knowledgeable balanced individuals who use these labels – they are unconscious ill-informed people. If a White person had said what Ali said then they would have been vilified and demonized for the rest of their lives – because International Jewry own the media and tell people what to think. The Muhammad Ali interview below:

It is ironic, as it is these people – these naive brainwashed ‘leftists’ or ‘SJWs’ who are being ‘racist’ – as to them it’s OK for a Black person to talk about these issues, but White people… no, they are not allowed. They call White people these names only because they are White. This is the result of many decades of brainwashing via the media that (((the tribe))) owns. When all people are trying to do is what is spiritually and metaphysically / cosmically normal. It is perfectly natural and normal for people to look after their race. Your race is your extended family.

Dogs: Certain dogs behave a certain way – they have certain genetic predispositions. Some have more testosterone and are more aggressive. French bulldogs are companion dogs. Alsatians and Dobermans make better guard dogs. Certain dogs are more intelligent: Border Collies make excellent sheep dogs – Labradors natural inclinations mean that are excellent dogs for the blind … etc etc. All subspecies within a species of animals have predisposition related to their genetics and DNA. And so do humans. People need to admit this – statistics even back this up

Cats: Certain subspecies of cat behave a certain way and have certain predispositions. With regards to family structure: Lions live in family groups within a hierarchy, which is different to many other types of cat, and the females hunt for the group – but in contrast to this, leopards are solitary and males have to hunt. In some cat subspecies the males have nothing to do with the babies – but in other subspecies they have a lot of contact… etc etc….

We can do this for many different animals and look at the great differences in the behaviour in the subspecies within these animal categories. Humans have more consciousness than most animals but that certainly doesn’t mean we are not a part of nature and affected by DNA and Genetics.

Humans: Certain subspecies of humans are animals lovers, are more artistic, are more caring of the natural world, are more agriculturally inclined and are the inventors and civilization builders. Some races strive for continual improvement and have high work ethics. Some races are more inclined to have higher levels of testosterone and are more aggressive. Some are more impulsive. Some more hedonistically driven. One race or subspecies of humans is very prone to be cunning manipulators and exhibit parasitical behaviour. Some races are more family or community orientated. Some races have different family structures and views on the gender roles.

Cultures and traditions have developed via these genetic differences: DNA. Different types of civilizations developed on this planet via these genetic differences – and in some places civilizations didn’t really develop at all because of these genetic differences.

We can also not ignore the very different average I.Q ratings of the different races. Although I.Q testing does not measure all aspects or types of intelligence, it does clearly show a difference between racial groups.

It is important to note that DNA and Soul must be closely related. There must be a strong relationship between DNA and Soul. A Soul will incarnate into certain bloodlines – into certain races… over and over. The Soul energy must be compatible with the DNA and genetics. Why would a Soul abandon its race – it’s people – it’s ancestors, that it has been incarnating with for many centuries? It wouldn’t. DNA and Genetics is metaphysically and spiritually significant – ‘It is in my blood’ – ‘it is in my DNA’ – ‘they are my blood’ – we all use these phrases – ancient metaphysical knowledge coming through subconsciously.

Our DNA and blood holds memories – genetic memories.

I can objectively say that for a human on this planet I am evolved… I have meditated for many years and I have also had many other-dimensional and other-worldly experiences in the night – recall of events etc. So I have a very good feel for who I am at a Soul level – I would not incarnate into other races or bloodlines – I will incarnate into my White European / Aryan Bloodline – whether that would be on this planet or on another. I am related to these people at a Soul and DNA level and wish to help my extended family progress. (Of course elsewhere in our solar system and galaxy these White / Aryan Genetics will probably be called something else)

I love nature and the natural world – I love growing plants and my own food – I love community and family – I am very creative and inventive – I am naturally inclined to self-sacrifice and working for the greater good of the community – I am very protective of my family – I believe in hard work and striving for continual improvement – and I revere integrity, courage and honor. These are the characteristics of a conscious Aryan Soul. Again, we reincarnate into the same bloodlines – this is obvious to me. I would not abandon my people. An evolved Soul would not jump around from race to race – I don’t think this is even possible. (This is of course contrary to what the jewish controlled New Age says. New Age spirituality is more jewish mind control – exposed in other articles on this website)

Nobody is going to look out for the Aryan / White European Bloodlines but Aryan / White people. Everyone is wired to protect their own race ‘when push comes to shove’. 

White European’s naivety, over-tolerance and altruism is being used against them – as well as their false sense of guilt regarding falsified historical events: A minute amount of White people had slaves – the slave trade was run by jewish people not White people – White people were ones who fought to free the slaves. And the National Socialist Germans were not evil, and the ‘holocaust’ is a massive lie – a hoax. Aryan people have brought a great many brilliant factors to this planet – but International Jewry own all the media and have a hatred of all things Aryan – so they lie about our history. The anti-White propaganda from the jewish owned media is incessant.

This hard promotion and implementation of multiculturalism and diversity for White Nations (The Kalergi Plan) is taking away our homelands, and will lead to the destruction of the White Race. White people are not behind the implementation and promotion – it is International Jewry and the Zionists.

People have to take a stand and say: ‘No more immigration’. We must preserve a future for our Race – for our extended family – for our people – for our Soul family / group.

(I do believe that dialogues and alliances with intelligent, awakened and racially conscious members of the other races who are aligned with the ideas of Ethno-states / Racial Homelands – and with stopping all the immigration and miscegenation, are a good thing.) 

A definition of a Nation. But the (((tribe))) and the (((Cultural Marxists))) will tell you something different – and they control all the media.

Multiculturalism does not work – and is harming this Planet  – A list:

I like to be objective and look at what is fair. I will openly admit I prioritise my own race (White European / Aryan people) – and I expect everybody to be like this – it is perfectly normal – this is how nature and the universe works. I am also evolved and I can step back and be objective.

What is fair? It is fair for each race to have a homeland – somewhere they can call home, where they can work together as a National Racial Community and build that civilization. A civilization that reflects their nature, that reflects the best of their DNA and Souls. When a conscious intelligent race of people inhabit land together it is much more harmonious – and it is much more likely that you can create a sense of National Community – working for the greater good of the people.

Here is a list of why Multiculturalism is not a good thing on this planet. I am more experienced in this subject than the vast majority of people… as well as growing up in London I taught in very multicultural schools, and worked in a housing association in multicultural London before I became a teacher. I know from direct experience. I am also well researched. The figures and statistics back me up as well. After this list I will discuss many of these points and some of my own first hand experience.

Why Multiculturalism does not work – and is harming this Planet:

  • Unique Races will die out
  • Unique Cultures and Traditions will die out
  • Immigrant races naturally congregate within the host country and will look out for their own races interests above all others.
  • The immigrants motivations are for selfish benefit – they are not emigrating for the greater good of the Nation or people in the host Nation – but to gain a better standard of living for themselves and often to send money back home to their families. (Why are they not staying and attempting to improve the life of their own people / race? Improving their own nation / homeland? As this is the more evolved mindset.)
  • You can’t build a feeling of National Community with multiculturalism – the only way you can create truly successful, abundant, happy nations that are free of homelessness and poverty is through a National / Racial Community ethos. History has shown us this.
  • Each race has the right to a homeland – to feel safe with their own people… Your race is your extended family. White people are losing their homelands.
  • Immigrants with different values and genetic predispositions often commit a large proportion of crimes within the host country and do not assimilate and adapt. (We can look at the statistics in the European Countries regarding who commits the crimes… One example: the amount of rapes in Europe by immigrants is extremely disturbing.)
  • It causes unnecessary tensions within country. (The most happy, peaceful country is Finland (2018 survey) – which is an ethnically homogeneous White nation – only 2.7 percent immigrants – lowest percentage and highest happiness.)
  • Multiculturalism will bring about the highly oppressive communist Big Brother / New World Order Agenda (Jew World Order) – all people will be incredibly oppressed and tightly controlled
  • It erodes patriotism and Nationalism and it subverts countries who are protective of their race, country, culture, ancestry and traditions. The sort of countries who would stand against the (((New World Order Agenda))).
  • Multiculturalism is one of the International Jew’s main weapons in dominating the planet.
  • Multiculturalism benefits International Jewry and Zionism – it is incessantly promoted by jewish people, through the media they totally own and run, and through the governments they occupy and run – USA, France, UK, Germany, Australia etc etc
  • Multiculturalism is mainly being used to destroy the White Race – mainly through miscegenation. Multiculturalism combined with the programming and brainwashing via the media leads to race mixing / miscegenation – which in the long term leads to the extinction of the host race.
  • The White European / Aryan DNA is very beneficial to the planet – some of the most advanced DNA on the planet. And certain types of more advanced Souls can incarnate onto this planet due to the Aryan DNA here.
  • Multiculturalism does not align with Cosmic / Metaphysical Truth and Natural Laws – when you do not observe and align yourself with natural laws and with nature you devolve.

A small gallery  – there are many more images and quotations in a larger gallery at the end of the article. They are thumbnails… click to enlarge:

The anti-White brainwashing is incessant.

(It is important to note how much Israel strives to have an ethnostate – but jewish people incessantly promote multiculturalism for all the White countries. International Jewry know DNA is very important and how detrimental multiculturalism is to a Nation. So they promote it for the Nations they want to destroy. And many Hasbara Trolls and Sayanim Agents pretend they are White people when they are promoting it. So it’s only an ethnostate for Israel but not for anyone else.)

(And of course, in all these so-called ‘Democracies’ – England, France, USA, Germany etc – the people were never consulted as to if they wanted all the immigration – there were no referendums. As the result would be obviously against it. The idea that these countries are ‘democratic’ and have governments that are representative of the people’s attitudes is a joke.)

Creating a successful Nation – Race / Spirituality / Metaphysics

We can see how much of the universe works by observing nature – we are a Souls but we are also biological beings – and we are a part of nature – subject to natural and metaphysical / cosmic laws. When we move away from living in harmony and in balance with nature, and neglect its laws, then we devolve, regress and suffer. Nature is our teacher.

Our DNA, blood and genetics appears to be very significant – it connects us – when we are very conscious we can understand this both intellectually and also emotionally, and can feel the significance. Our blood and DNA holds genetic memory. Our Soul and DNA is connected, this Soul DNA relationship is significant in ways we don’t yet fully understand.

One of the problems we have on this planet is that we have a variety of different races of humans, with different DNA and Souls: Racial Soul Groups with connected Genetic Memories. All these many different racial groups all on the same planet: I feel this is highly unusual in the galaxy, to have so many races on one planet – it’s almost like it has been set up… because we did not all evolve from apes or all come out of Africa, that is all pure disinformation and lies, total deception.

The universe is so much about surviving – the survival of a race or species. It’s about evolving as a race or species. It is about striving for knowledge, understanding, self discipline and excellence. It is about ascertaining that which does not serve the greater good of the people / race / community. It is also ascertaining what threats you face as a people. There is that which elevates the people, that which elevates and enriches the Soul, and that which secures the survival of the race and their civilization – and then there is that which regresses it and harms its future.

The solar system, galaxy and universe is all about nature – the laws of nature. An evolved Soul that loves deeply and reveres nature and life – also hates evil and fights against it. It works against that which destroys life, that which suppresses life and that which goes against nature – and it fights and works against those that cause unnecessary suffering to its people, to its race, its extended family and Soul group. There are consequence for our actions in this universe, our actions have meaning and there are meaningful repercussions.

Altruism and love is important in terms of survival. You love your family and your race, you are altruistic to preserve your people, to advance your people. You are selective with who you help, you can’t afford to be naive. And this certainly doesn’t mean you don’t ever help people of other races and communities – good relations between races and nations is of vital importance. But it is about finding balance and prioritising. On this planet your love and altruism is often manipulated by evil or distorted souls. We are not ‘all one’ – this phrase is just jewish mind control.

In the universe your race’s DNA is very important – you look after it and nurture it – and you make sure the people within your race with the best DNA can reproduce, so that your race can progress. This is just nature and common sense. We do this with animal breeding groups all around the world. Humans are also biological beings. You are merely creating better vessels for Souls within your racial Soul group to incarnate into. The purpose of each sentient civilization is to rise to the stars and move out into the cosmos. Nurturing and protecting your race’s DNA is going to be a very large part of this.

Inspiring a people who have a natural spiritual connection through their related DNA and Souls to work together, for a greater goal – the greater goal of elevating and advancing this race and community of people – this is extremely conducive to having a happy, peaceful and abundant nation. And I am sure that this is what occurs in the successful sentient civilisations in the galaxy and universe.

It is also what occured in National Socialist Germany. National Socialism was and is the most cosmically, spiritually and metaphysically true system that ever manifested on this planet – that is why it was so hugely economically and socially successful. And that is why it was destroyed by (((them))), and it is why you are incessantly lied to about it.

People naturally feel relaxed and comfortable when in the company of their own people, with their own race. It is important for each race to feel they are safe and have a nation and homeland to call home. All this immigration is causing unease and distrust around the world – it causes great friction between the races. Each races’ progression is being subverted – and some more than others. Races should be working together in their homelands, to progress it – not abandoning their race to go and benefit from another races civilization.

Bonus Chapter: Some of my own experiences with Multiculturalism and White Genocide

As mentioned, I have lived with, and grew up with, multiculturalism. I have met nice people, decent people, from other races (naive people, not very conscious, just like most people – but most are not malicious and intentionally harmful) – and just because there are good people in other races that certainly does not mean multiculturalism is good for a Nation.

Some of my observations and experiences:

My Mum was a registered childminder and at one point she looked after Ugandan children – refugees – and I would help out. I always loved children and helping them, even when i was young – hence why I became a teacher. Now I am awake I ask: Why do they go from Uganda all the way to England?! Why could an African country not take these refugees in? An African country that did not have a civil war occuring. This makes sense all round logistically, psychologically, socially, ecologically, spiritually. These children’s families could then go back to their own people very easily when the civil war had stopped. But no, this common sense doesn’t serve the agenda of International Jewry and the Zionists who want to dominate the world and get rid of the Aryan / White European DNA and their bloodlines.

(It is diversity only for the White Nations – apparently other Nations don’t have to take in refugees.)

As mentioned on my list – you have a wide variety of races who come to European countries to benefit from European Civilisation – and one of the reasons is the money is worth more – so they send it home to their families. I have directly experienced this on numerous occasion – I have met a wide variety of people who did or do this through the various jobs I have had in and around London – from Africans to South Americans – all sorts of people – many of the people will tell you openly they do this. This is absolute madness – why is this occurring? How can that possibly benefit the European Nations?

The borough of London I grow up in was mainly White when I was young – at least 90 percent I would say. If I go back to where I grew up – and I have – the high street looks more like Bangladesh or India now – and not a rich part of these countries either – the shops are all ‘ethnic’ as is the population – you would be hard pressed to spot a White person. How is this fair? How is this right that this is happening?

White Flight is very real. All the people i grew up with and my relatives: aunts, uncles, grandparents etc who lived in the area, they have moved away. Everyone we knew from the area has moved away. Whole communities of White people – a few generations – just gone from the area. Where do White people go when these Indian, Pakistani, Bangladesh and Black communities expand and begin moving out of London and other major cities? It’s not like people say ‘Oh, here they come – we’ve gotta get out of here’. I don’t know any people like that – people aren’t generally like that at all. The area just simply devolves and gets rough – more crime – less courtesy and respect – the property de-values… etc etc. White flight is not through hatred – it is just natural for people to live with their own, and in communities where people share the same values and mindsets. This is what these ethnic minorities are doing – they are congregating – it is OK for them apparently, but not for White people.

I have lived and worked in areas that are multicultural and areas that almost totally White. There’s less crime in White areas. This is Truth and statistics back it up. There is less aggression in the White areas I have lived in – driving is less dangerous – there is more courtesy – the streets are cleaner… etc. These is a reason why so many immigrants all around the world want to come and live in European and White Nations. But the irony is that the immigrants often turn the European areas they congregate in into places similar to where they came from originally – but now with the added perks of European Civilisation – such as free healthcare and free or subsidised social housing. (Again, I have direct experience of this)

Growing up around London what kids generally mugged other kids? It was usually groups of black kids – they were the main culprits – I have direct experience of this as well – as a child or teenager it is pretty traumatic getting mugged – surrounded and threatened with knives. This is just the truth – but we are not allowed to say it apparently.

An interesting incident related to this is when France won the 2018 football world cup. Some of the black communities in the cities celebrated this victory by rioting and looting. Two ethnic groups celebrated very differently. Are these African immigrants French? No, because being ‘French’ is a having a certain type of genetics – certains strains of genetics make the French people. It was not French people who responded to a victory by rioting and looting. Just because you are born somewhere doesn’t mean you automatically become a part of that Race.

Although this can come across as a crude meme it is still a very good one. To be German is about having a certain type of White European Aryan Genetics.

Who do all the Indian and Pakistani kids living in England support when England play India or Pakistan at cricket? India and Pakistan – I grew up with this. Of course they do. They feel more naturally connected to them as they are related. Because genetics and race is so very significant spiritually / metaphysically – it is also occurring on a subconscious genetic memory level – this connection. The allegiance to the race that built the civilization they are now living in will never be there – their true loyalty will always be to their own Race.

My Grandad fought for England in WW2 – he didn’t know that the National Socialists had actually done nothing wrong and tried hard for peace, and Britain had gone to war under false pretenses – and that the Germans are closely genetically related to him. But he fought for England… he did it for his people and the nation. He also worked all his life and paid taxes. Then when he was very ill in hospital in his nineties he was ‘looked after’ by people not from this country – nearly all of them immigrants who had not long been in this country – they were clearly people who worked for agencies – they did not care about him – I witnessed this – I visited him a lot, as did other family members. (This was in North West London – he hadn’t moved away from the area like the rest of the family) The care was awful. I even wrote a letter to the hospital. He actually developed beds sores due to the poor care… it was shocking for me to witness this. Hospitals never used to be like that in England. In a Racial / National Community this would never occur – as the metaphysical and spiritual connection between people would be very strong.

I worked in a housing association before becoming a teacher. I saw people being housed from other countries that bring nothing to the country. Just collecting benefits and aid for housing. It is total madness. It is shocking how much effort goes into housing immigrants who aren’t working and just put a strain on our health services – sometimes old age pensioners from other countries. They have not even paid taxes over the years. Many old and ill people. You know, there are actually housing associations set up just to specialise in housing Ethnic Minorities – and they receive a great deal of funding from the government. (And the vast majority of these people are not refugees fleeing war… again I have first hand experience of this) And a good proportion of these properties are not looked after – I used to visit the properties as part of my job. I spent a lot of time trying to explain how to look after the properties correctly to people who did not speak hardly any English. I saw no reason as to why these people were being housed in this country. What benefit did it bring to the Nation – other than draining it?

I remember growing up as a kid in the eighties – it was cool to be White then… on the TV shows, in the Movies, in the pop music. Then we had hip-hop culture constantly pushed upon us – onto White countries – as the music industry is now totally owned by jewish people. Of course I didn’t realise this as a child – I listened to the music that was pushed into my face and promoted – just like everyone else. But that was what happened. In the eighties before this massive push of Black culture you actually mainly had White men and women making music in the UK and America. Go look at the eighties music. The musical tastes of the youth did not evolve organically – those who control the media control the people – and International Jewry now control it all. At one point all the indie rock music channels on cable in the UK disappeared – they were taken down – this was White rock or folk-like guitar music – and then all that was left was the modern degenerate ‘pop’ music and hip-hop / rap music channels. These indie-rock and indie-folk music was popular at the time but (((they))) wanted to promote other music. This was all on purpose. Now ‘popular music’ is full of degenerate, subversive hip hop / rap and degenerate highly controlled ‘pop’ stars. Now children in White countries are programmed via Hollywood and Television that the ‘coolest’ thing is to be mixed-race or Black.

A video about White Genocide in South Africa and a Black preacher giving some home-truths to his fellow people at 2.38:

Bonus Chapter Extension: Television and Media Programming 

(I will keep this section short – but so much could be said…)

Now keep an eye out for the constant barrage of Mind Programming regarding Race, and the promotion of race mixing and multiculturalism for Europe and White Nations in the media – it is everywhere. Who owns all the media – Hollywood. TV Networks, Netflix, Amazon, Publishing Companies, News Outlets? International Jewry do- and it is absolutely proven and conclusive that they are behind the White Genocide Agenda.

Things you will see if you are knowledgeable and conscious:

  • Black washing of European History on TV and in Hollywood
  • The ridiculing and belittling of aspects of European History via movies and series
  • The massive distortions and enormous lies about European History.
  • Promoting this massive lie that White Europeans have no culture and traditions.
  • Promoting this notion that White people don’t have ancient spiritual traditions.
  • Promotion of Race mixing / miscegenation for White people – mixed race families and mixed race couples in almost every other advert – and in most Hollywood movies, or TV series etc.
  • Promotion of Diversity, Immigration, Multiculturalism for White Nations
  • Positivity and promotion on TV for all other cultures above White culture.
  • White Men portrayed as incompetent or buffoons in adverts – Black men as more competent, more cool and more virile.
  • The vilification of any White person who is racially conscious.
  • Novels and Books that are made into Movies often have the ethnicity of the characters changed by the jews who run Hollywood and Netflix etc. White people to Black people or Mixed Race or sometimes to Asian.
  • Comic book characters have their ethnicity changed from White to Black or Mixed race
  • Very few roles for White actors in Hollywood and on Netflix and Amazon etc – most of those ‘White people’ you see in Hollywood are jewish – do some research, they are mostly jewish.

(Sometimes the programming is overt, sometimes subtle – but it is everywhere – you will see it if you are conscious.)

Here are a few images regarding black-washing. It is International Jewry who is doing it – they own all the media outlets. I am sure you don’t need images from adverts of the promotion of mixed race couples or mixed race families – just turn on your TV if you are in the UK, the US, France, Germany etc etc… and just observe.

An alternative version of the same quote I used earlier.

Additional Quote:

“…The goal for which we have striven so concertedly for three thousand years is at last within our reach, and because its fulfillment is so apparent, it behooves us to increase our efforts and our caution tenfold. I can safely promise you that before ten years have passed, our race will take its rightful place in the world, with every Jew a king and every Gentile a slave (Applause from the gathering)…

I can state with assurance that the last generation of white children is now being born. Our Control Commissions will, in the interests of peace and wiping out inter- racial tensions, forbid the Whites to mate with Whites. The White Women must cohabit with members of the dark races, the White Men with black women. Thus the White Race will disappear, for the mixing of the dark with the White means the end of the White Man, and our most dangerous enemy will become only a memory. We shall embark upon an era of ten thousand years of peace and plenty, the Pax Judaica, and our race will rule undisputed over the world. Our superior intelligence will easily enable us to retain mastery over a world of dark peoples.”

—Rabbi Emmanuel Rabinovich at the Emergency Council of European Rabbis in Budapest, Hungary, January 12, 1952

An excellent video on this subject:

A good video that explains Ethnicity, Citizenship and Nationality:

Hopefully this essay helped people see more clearly what is occurring. 


A gallery compilation of quotations, memes and images (These are thumbnails, click to enlarge):

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    I really enjoyed your article, thank you for sharing your knowledge. It’s very rare to hear this kind of information since I see so many people, even in the truther community talking about not identifying with your race, that race is not really who you are. Makes me wonder if they are either just naive or controlled opposition. Although personally speaking, I’m not very racially conscious of who I am. My mother and grandmother were both born in Colombia. However, our lineage can also be traced back to Lebanon and England based on what my mother told me. I was wondering if you had advice on how to be become more racially conscious and figure out who you are on a DNA level? And also if you have any sources on where I could learn about the significance of DNA at least as a starting point? I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you

    • October 7, 2019 at 7:47 pm

      Hi Richard

      The Truther Community you seem to be talking about is just the New Age community – with the we are ‘All One’ nonsense etc etc. That part of the alternative media is run by jews – a big psyop. Go on to Bitchute and you will find racially conscious people – some can be a bit full on as they are angry about what is happening to their people – but there is a lot of good info there. All the really good racially conscious channels on jewish run YouTube were shut down – there are a few decent ones left on there, but most are controlled. So yes, the personalities in the New Age area are controlled and the people that follow them are mostly naive and caught up in a subversive limited hangout run by jews, zionists and marxists etc.

      There isn’t some major source about the significance of DNA on this planet and in the Universe that I can think of. But as I became more knowledgeable on many subjects and more conscious it became very obvious to me. Anyone who is racially conscious and White on this planet is attacked. The most demonized people were very racially conscious – i.e The German National Socialists and Hitler… I could go on…

      Multiculturalism is promoted everywhere by Marxists and International Jewry and they seem to have some otherworldly or off planet force behind them (Gnostic scriptures i.e Yahweh etc). So there has been a clear agenda for hundreds of years – if you analyse history – to subvert the White European Nations (christianity was just one of the ways they did this).

      The jews (who run the media) are extremely racially conscious and try to convince everyone else (particularly White people) not to be.

      You can also see all the other observations in this article about the significance – such as civilizations, inventions, cultures etc…. all from the DNA.

      If there is no White (European) DNA on this planet then no one from that Racial Soul Group can incarnate on Earth. And White people are the people who could possibly stop this New World Order. The National Socialist Germans almost did.

      So it is really about constantly observing, analysing, correlating and thinking critically… then you will see the enormous significance of DNA and Race

      If you want to find out who you are – your bloodlines etc: I would talk to family – particularly extended members as well – put the jigsaw together yourself. You could get a DNA test as well but I don’t fully trust them myself.

      Hope some of that helped.

  • March 23, 2020 at 11:38 am

    Guess everything we have been taught is a lie and just a story to keep us docile to the impending one world order run by you know who

    A good way may be to keep us indoors and afraid if only there was a distracting non story for the media and government to instil panic

  • June 7, 2020 at 12:58 am

    Thank you so much for your amazing & informative website! Just wondering what you think about the souls of mixed race people such as Mexican mestizos who are half Native American & half white European? Or the souls of white Europeans are not of Nordic Aryan blood? The souls of those who feel they have an Aryan leaning soul in a non-Aryan body? I have read that new souls are born as Africans & other primitive races & once they have progressed after many lifetimes they start incarnating as more advanced races, moving up the ladder until they eventually can incarnate as Aryan. And once a soul progresses racially it rarely regresses racially unless as punishment or for a specific mission. Could being a tragic mulatto be a punishment for the soul of an Aryan who committed evil in his previous life? There are a small number of higher IQ blacks who seem to have more “white” souls (appreciate white culture, reject black culture) & these blacks do not seem to relate to their fellow blacks. Thoughts? Can an Aryan soul sometimes incarnate in a non-Aryan body in rare circumstances? Also, very few Europeans still have pure Aryan blood, which is primarily found in Sweden. And Swedes have been so targeted by the tribe they are close to becoming extinct, sadly 🙁 I have lived in Sweden & the USA & among the white Europeans in the USA most do not have Aryan Nordic features anymore, and seem to have become a type of mongrelized white race. Many white Americans have a small percentage of Native American blood as well. Also what is your opinion on the souls of someone who has majority white blood but some intermixture with Arab or Iranian blood, like Southern Europeans, Iranians, Armenians? Iranians consider themselves to be Aryan, thoughts on this? Also, if we are unable to stop the JWO, should we not reproduce knowing our children will be Goyim slaves? If Aryans go extinct on this planet their souls will just reincarnate on a higher order planet where the Aryan bloodlines are still pure. The JWO is really amping up worldwide right now, and the future of looks bleak. Would really appreciate your thoughts.

  • June 13, 2020 at 12:47 pm

    Hello Rox. Your comment was put into the spam queue for some reason. I just found it there. It happens from time to time.

    The JWO can absolutely be stopped. And yes, we should absolutely be having plenty of White children – especially if we are a conscious Soul who will properly educate them.

    The way I see it, is that we are souls looking for compatible DNA. As a Soul you will influence which DNA you create, or bring forth, from the bloodlines that your parents have come from. Although not ideal, small percentages of other blood in the bloodlines should not matter too much – and I do not trust those DNA testing companies by the way. I do believe Maternal bloodlines, and the mitochondrial DNA we inherit from them, have some more significance than we perhaps realise.

    With Aryans we are not just talking about Nordics – we are talking about Germanic and Celtic people as well. In the U.S you can see that most White Folk are Nordic, Germanic and Celtic… just like the natives in the UK. We are not just talking about the taller and slimmer Nordics. Nordics are Germanic people as well – just a sub group. The people with blood from North West Europe are all connected. Some say Aryans and some say ‘Indo Europeans’.

    You can look at the National Socialists. They were not obsessed with this ‘particular pure Aryan blood’ as the MSM suggests. They saw and totally accepted the sub groups of the Germanic people – quite different: red, blonde and brown hair – blue, green and brown eyes. And eventually they saw themselves as Europeans – and their goal was more of a protection of Europe rather than just their particular Germanic blood and Nation… they realised the connectedness of the North West European people.

    If our blood, and our bloodlines, were not very important and very significant International Jewry would not be making it their main goal to oppress us and get rid of us.

    I don’t really believe in ‘Karma’. I believe in Nature’s Laws. I observe Nature and learn from it.

    • July 5, 2020 at 9:19 pm

      Hi there! Thank you so much for your response. Really appreciate your wisdom and for speaking on this topic. I have another question I would love to know your opinion on – what do you think of the New Age concept that we switch genders in different lifetimes and that the soul has no gender? I’ve always found this concept to be odd and seems to support the Transgender/LGBTQP/Transhumanist agenda. I’ve always felt that my soul essence is highly feminine, and that I would always incarnate as a female in past and future lives. I hear so many New Age people saying the soul changes races, genders and species and that supposedly more advanced species lose their gender. (Even though in nature the lower species have less gender difference or are asexual). Of course a soul would have not have same composition as physical biological gender but I do feel that our essence is either masculine or feminine and that that essence is expressed when we incarnate into biological bodies. Would love to know what you think. & Thank you again for your amazing website 🙂

      • July 6, 2020 at 4:53 pm

        Hi Rox,

        Oh yes, you are on the right track there. A good question. The whole New Age rhetoric was devised by the tribe of chosen ones (Jewry). It is just like another religion to subvert people.

        The New Age rhetoric tells you that you can incarnate into anything you want to. Man or woman, and that you can be of any race you choose… or even any species on any planet. Like you are some blank sheet between lifetimes and just decided what you want to try next – like picking a vacation in a brochure. This is all total illogical nonsense. We can’t be totally sure exactly how it works, as we lack access to our memories, but I absolutely think we have masculine or feminine energy, or essence as you say… and my memories that have come to me in the night of living on another planet suggest this is true as well. You don’t have a Soul, but you ARE a Soul. I am an aryan male Soul with preferences and inclinations, and shall we say a Soul personality – specific energies etc – and I will incarnate into compatible bloodlines. Your ancestry and DNA are very significant in the universe.

        We can see that this New Age rhetoric was written by the (((Tribe))) & Marxists, as it subverts people. Through much of its rhetoric it promotes Globalisation, LGBTQ, transgenderism, race mixing, multiculturalism, transhumanism, and ultimately Marxism. New Age rhetoric is mostly just made up jewish and Marxist subversion. I have a lot of experience with the New Age personalities. The channelers are all fake, the so-called seers are fake, the Ufology personalities are liars. I have skyped with some of them, exchanged emails, delved deep into their information. It all has agendas to subvert. Agendas that benefit Jewry and their Marxism, and their New World Order agenda.

        • August 8, 2020 at 3:25 am

          Thank you so much for your comment. You are really one of the few people who has a real understanding of the world and true spirituality. Appreciate your website so much. And I completely agree, it is incomprehensible that our soul could change sex. There are at least 6500 Genetic differences between males and females and I have also like you come to realize that the soul must be compatible with the physical vessel, a European soul could not incarnate as an African, the soul and dna could not merge, so this would make it ridiculous to think the soul could incarnate into different genders. Men and women are completely different (which is great! We are meant to compliment each other) and we don’t even think the same way. Seems like this idea of changing gender each lifetime is a way to justify the LGBTQP agenda. Do you have any opinions or ideas about what happens in the afterlife? I have read probably thousands of NDEs over the years and I have considered the Light may be a trap but also that the Light & beautiful realms of that people see is not a trap but people’s religious programming has them interpret their experiences through the lens of their own programming. Example, many white Christians claim to see Jesus during their NDE, but usually the being they encounter almost never says he is Jesus. Christians just assume afterwards he must have been Jesus. Also they usually describe this Aryan male being as Jesus when if it was truly Jesus (who I don’t believe actually existed) he would appear as a dark Semite, not a blue eyed handsome Aryan man many NDE experiencers think is Jesus. I’m guessing the experience of the soul dimensions of light, meadows, beautiful music and beauty may just be a positive afterlife realm which has nothing to do with manmade deceptions/religions – it is just interpreted that way by spiritually ignorant people who have an NDE. Any thoughts on what happens after death? What do you think of trying to meditate to astral project or have an OBE while alive to try and possibly get some answers?

          • August 13, 2020 at 1:34 pm

            Hi Rox

            Indeed, the New Age rhetoric is just like more Marxist subversion.

            I also read tonnes of NDE accounts at one point in my life. After all my research they seem like a place of mind control and deception. Yes, some of the experiences seem to be based on a person’s own conditioning, similar to how some dreams can be, but many seem very random as well and not based on the conditioning. We don’t know if there is anything else after these experiences though… we can’t know what else is there for them…

            I also read through some non-Christians NDEs where they also had the whole Jesus meeting experience… and some non-Christians who were also not White had the whole Jesus meeting experience… so… there’s that.

            Nobody ever learns anything useful from their NDE experiences… nothing. And some of them are very prolonged as well. Most of what they are taught by ‘others’ ‘in there’ is just subversive new age rhetoric… just love etc… but, the universe does not work like that.

            A few things I ponder: If you are very conscious and knowledgeable and see through the deception of the afterlife realms how would that affect your experience of it? Or do the very conscious not go into the light?

            I read those Monroe books. I think it was all subversion. I don’t think people are able to consciously have OBEs and then be in total control of them and have full recall… I don’t believe his books. And he obviously says he could, but he did not learn anything at all useful… nothing… so even if he did (which I don’t think he did) what is the point of them?

            I also contemplate that if other civilizations are out there could they somehow ‘hack into’ these after-life realms – or perhaps they are artificial constructs – and then talk to the Souls in there and help them out perhaps…

            I hope that when my body expires I will remember what I am supposed to do and where I am supposed to go. As I don’t want to go into the light. And I think I will remember. I have had a good deal of contact in the night… it seems that for some Souls that when they are out of the body they are not the same and understand more.

  • June 22, 2020 at 4:26 am

    Thanks again for this article and your great work.

    Do you have any thoughts about blood type ? Some people believe there is tremendous importance into which blood type you carry or maybe it is a psyop…. O negative seems to be special or more Advanced from what i’ve heard and could be potentially under surveillance by the JWO since they are born… but i didn’t research into it properly

    Any thoughts also on mixed races…do they not have anything special or greater to bring to this Earth ?


  • June 24, 2020 at 11:06 am

    Hi Tuiss

    Genetics and DNA is important, so blood type has some significance, but I do not think it is not something to get too carried away with. Intentional Jewry just want to dilute, or get rid of, all the Aryan / White European bloodlines, especially the Germanic / Nordic and Celtic bloodlines – this is very clearly who they see as a threat to them and their NWO agenda.

    If there is the targeting of specific bloodlines I should imagine it would occur in the astral realms / dreamscape. And Jewry don’t necessarily directly do this, it would be the force/group that is above them or connected to them…

    One of the biggest significances of blood type is how it shows that the official evolution story regarding humans is total utter nonsense.

    Of course Mixed Race people can have a very positive impact on the planet… a conscious mixed race person can recognise that race mixing and multiculturalism is part of the NWO agenda – and is a genocidal agenda… They can of course also expose other aspects of the NWO. They can work to protect the integrity of Races and Nations and expose all the agendas of Jewry.

  • July 8, 2020 at 8:42 am

    Just curious, do you believe in Soulmates? Like, are certain people destined to marry and be together? If so, how can you tell? Are there like any signs from God/the divine?

    • July 8, 2020 at 2:42 pm

      To Anonymous

      I don’t believe in Soul Mates in the way that the New Age movement talks about. We have to remember that the New Age movement is full of agents – all these personalities, channelers and so-called ‘seers’ etc.. they are all fake. It is run by the tribe and marxists to subvert and to socially engineer etc…

      I believe that ancestry, DNA and genetics is metaphysically significant. I firmly believe that we have racial soul groups… suggesting that we will have known many other people in our communities and families before in previous lifetimes. So you may recognise others on another level and be drawn to them as you have known them previously.

      I believe people should look for someone who is of good character and will help them raise healthy children and have a successful family – and someone who is of the same race. No need to look for ‘divine’ signs… that sounds like New Age waffle. Your best bet is to study psychology and personality disorders, such as narcissism(NPD) and other disorders etc – then you can avoid these manipulative characters.

      Relationships have been overly romanticised by Hollywood. People need to be more practical and assess the mental health, as well as the physical heath, of the possible life partner. All this ‘Soul mate’ and ‘love of your life’ talk distracts from that. Of course people need to feel some sort of connection to the said other, but people also have a responsibility to their people, to their race, to raise healthy children to provide healthy future generations.

      People are also programmed to lust nowadays, the media has done this on purpose… this lust shuts down their reasoning and many selfish and self-indulgent mistakes are made.

      I think you got more of a response than you bargained for 🙂 I hope it helped in some way.

  • July 10, 2020 at 5:22 am

    Thank you, for the response! I am currently just having a metaphysical experience: the name and numbers, associated with a certain person are all around me, especially when something good happens 🙂
    Unfortunately, we barely know each other, and are now physically far away, but we were drawn to each other…
    Also, idk if they’re racially conscious or not, it would be very heartbreaking, if they aren’t 🙁
    Yes, I totally agree about the lust thing, many people I know, are, unfortunately, sometimes lustful.

    If there isn’t an exclusively special connection with them though, then how do you people avoid cheating? Idk, I’ve always believed in Soul Mates, but that they should be of the same race and values.

  • July 10, 2020 at 5:32 am


    Have you ever had to deal with the fear of losing traits of your race? Like, I have always been ugly, but at least my eyes were grey, which I find nice. Idk why, but sometimes, I fear they would change color to brown or black and sometimes even get a feeling they’re changing 🙁 Like, it’s warmer and sunnier overall too. How do you counter this fear???


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