Comets, Pestilence, Plague, City Fires, Earthquakes and Miraculous Signs. Resets and Genocides, Part 10

  • Background / Setting the Scene
  • Introduction – Comet Books Used
  • Comet Quotes
  • Books on Miraculous Signs or Miracles / Portents (Including comets)
  • Illustrated Broadsheets and Pamphlets of 1400s and 1500s on signs, portents and miracles
  • Illustrations from 1500s showing craft / battles in the sky
  • Forster’s and Webster’s Books on Comets and Disease
  • The Comet Book (Kometenbuch)
  • The Augsburg Book of Miracles
  • The Aztec Genocide, Comets and Pestilence
  • 17th, 18th & 19th century comets, fires and earthquakes (New Madrid 1812, Moscow 1812, Lake Baikal, Siberia 1862)
  • North American City Fires
  • Plagues of Insects / Animals and Vapor Clouds
  • Blood Rain
  • Birds and Animals, Toxic Air
  • Genocide of the North American White Indians – Pestilence
  • Concluding Thoughts

Additional Images and Information:

  • The Comet of the Black Death (Comet Negra, 1347)
  • 536 AD – The World went Dark for 18 months
  • Lisbon Earthquake, 1755 (and city-wide fire and tsunami)
  • Naples Plague (1656)
  • Pompeii – Subversion and Lies (Analysis)
  • More Comet Images
  • Strange ‘Suns’ and ‘Stars’
  • More Sky Battles

Background / Setting the Scene:

As you can see in the preceding articles in this series, there have been vicious assaults against the cities and people of this planet in more ancient times – via mud floods and the melting of buildings – as well as the desertification of large areas of the planet. Assaults using advanced technology and – what has to have been – powerful energy weapons. Major assaults occurred at some point to disable the energy harnessing networks of Old-World cities on each continent. Perhaps with a few major assaults initially. Once the major assaults took place then it was time for this manipulative, malevolent, advanced force to create large amounts pain and suffering on the planet with a great many other events. Moulding the populations and tactically targeting locations.

Once the energising networks were destroyed the planet became a type of ‘plaything’ for this advanced group. They also had to keep the population suppressed. As well as this, they seemed to have a long-term plan and various objectives.

For perhaps a few thousand years (dates have been messed with by TPTB, so it is difficult to be exact), humanity has been inundated with large plagues, horrific pestilences, city flattening earthquakes, disastrous volcanic eruptions, huge famines, city-wide fires, ‘blood rain’, fire from the sky and city swamping floods. These have not been natural occurrences. These types of events have greatly abated in the latter half of the 20th century and in the 21st century (They pretty much stopped not long after WW2) for reasons I will discuss in later articles in this series. There have been more of these ‘natural’ disastrous events than you realise in Earth’s history – their frequency and circumstances do not make sense. But the vast majority of people are too busy, or too distracted, to really look into all these events and see the patterns and do some analysis. These events are very often connected to ‘comets’.


The modern definition of comet (Merriam Webster):

“A celestial body that appears as a fuzzy head usually surrounding a bright nucleus, that has a usually highly eccentric orbit, that consists primarily of ice and dust, and that often develops one or more long tails when near the sun.”

Disaster (word origin):

The term disaster came from the French word “Desastre” which is a combination of two words, ‘des’ which means bad and ‘aster’ which signifies a star. Thus this term is referred to as ‘Bad or Evil star’.

I have also seen it said that “disaster” is Latin for “bad star”.

Perhaps, because the more ancient people knew that disasters came from bad ‘stars’ (comets).

If you look into the history of this planet, you will find that there have been a great many comets recorded. With a wide variety of artists depicting them. Comets were very much associated with very negative / disastrous events all throughout history. They were not good omens. Not all comets were depicted as a bright fuzzy head / ball, with a tail – and some of the ‘comets’ hung around in the sky for quite some time – many days on occasions and sometimes for weeks, months or years.

I have found some very interesting information about comets. These two books displayed below provide tremendous data on comets and their relationship to disastrous events throughout history.

‘A Brief History of Epidemic and Pestilential Diseases; with the principal phenomena of the physical world, which precede and accompany them, and observations deduced from the facts stated’ — by Noah Webster, 1758-1843

‘Illustrations of the Atmospherical Origin of Epidemic Diseases, and of its relation to their predisponent constitutional causes : and on the twofold means of prevention, mitigation, and cure, and of the powerful influence of change of air as a prinicpal remedy’ — by Forster, T. (Thomas), 1789-1860

(Information from these very significant books later)

I also found an incredible amount of artwork depicting ancient comets and their effects, from a wide variety of artists. There are two excellent books that compiled some significant images which I use in this article called: The ‘Augsburg’ Book of Miracles and The Comet Book, ‘Kometenbuch’.

The Book of Miracles (Augsburg Manuscript)
The Comet Book ‘kometenbuch’ – Introductory Text
The Comet Book ‘kometenbuch’ – Two Images from ‘kometenbuch’ as there is no title page illustration.

Introductory Quotes

Marcus Manilius (10-20 AD) wrote thus:

“Death comes with those celestial torches, which threaten earth with the blaze of pyres unceasing, since heaven and nature’s self are stricken and seem doomed to share men’s tomb.

In times of great upheaval rare ages have seen the sudden glow of flame through the clear air and comets blaze into life and perish.”

Comets and Contagion: Evolution, Plague, and Diseases From Space, by Rhawn Gabriel Joseph:

“Comets Are Vile Stars”- All ancient civilizations, without exception, have looked upon comets with a sense of trepidation and awe. Comets were considered to be harbingers of doom, disease, and death, infecting men with a blood lust to war, contaminating crops, and dispersing disease and plague. (Hippocrates 1900; Olson and Pasachoff 1999).

Comets in English history and beyond – harbingers of disaster, disease and death:

“Essentially the Normans and the Londoners who saw the comets in 1066, 1664 and 1665 (there were two rather than one prior to the plague and Great Fire of London) believed that they were fiery messengers of the heavens – a direct line from God. They were an indication of his irritation with humanity and a heavy hint that something extremely unpleasant was bound to follow. If it wasn’t fire, war and plague then someone important was bound to die.” –

It was not just Europeans noting and recording the comets and seeing the correlations to certain events. The ancient Chinese did as well:

Comets Foretell Doom? The Historical Record – Citizens Journal:

Ancient Chinese astronomers chronicled numerous episodes where the apparition of comets preceded plague and disaster. Meticulous observations were compiled in 300 BC in a series of books known as the “Mawangdui Silk” (Ling-feng 1976). It details 29 different cometary forms and the various disasters associated with them, dating as far back as 1500 B.C [4]

“Ancient Chinese astronomers chronicled numerous episodes where the apparition of comets preceded plague and disaster. Meticulous observations were compiled in 300 BC in a series of books known as the “Mawangdui Silk” (Ling-feng 1976) It details 29 different cometary forms and the various disasters associated with them, dating as far back as 1500 B.C: “Comets are vile stars. Every time they appear in the south, they wipe out the old and establish the new. Fish grow sick, crops fail, Emperors and common people die, and men go to war. The people hate life and don’t even want to speak of it.” -Li Ch’un Feng, Director, Chinese Imperial Astronomical Bureau, (648, A.D) ”

Miraculous Signs or Miracles

We cannot start looking at the images of comets immediately, as we cannot just look at comets in isolation. As during these times of great ‘comet’ activity there was also a lot of other activity in the skies. Lights were seen moving about in the skies, and phantom ‘suns’ and phantom ‘moons’ were being recorded. Battles and interactions in the ‘heavens’ (sky) were also being observed.

Images from The Augsburg Book of Miracles – 1527 and 1540 (More unusual ‘suns’ and ‘moons’ in the Additional Information section, as well as in some other sections)
Images from The Augsburg Book of Miracles – 1549 and 1547 (More images craft and battles in the sky throughout the article)

The ancient people often referred to events that they did not understand as miraculous. Comets were included in this topic of miraculous signs. Some other types of miraculous signs: Blood rain, fire in the sky, very unusual bipedal beings, very unusual ‘creatures’ / ‘animals’ – and sometimes ‘animals’ or ‘humans’ with extra legs or body parts.

Some ancient people (scholars and artists) recorded these events – though most books, pamphlets and broadsheets would have been destroyed by many of the disastrous events they were attempting to record.

I purchased one of these books / collections. I saw some images from it online and knew I had to purchase it and analyse it. I am very glad I did. Not only are the images illuminating and informative, but it has an excellent introduction and descriptions under each image. It is called The (Augsburg) Book of Miracles. More on this Augsburg Book of Miracles later. It was certainly not the only collection or publication that was recording and sharing information on the ‘miraculous’:

The first surviving book we have evidence of recording displaying ‘miraculous’ events was created in the 4th century AD by Julius Obsequens. Various people have published books containing his descriptions, some with added illustrations. His descriptions are said to be of events that occurred from 249 BC to 11 BC. Here is a link to one of these publications on – said to be created some time in the 1500s –

As you can see below, all the way back then strange phenomena was being observed in the sky and strange figures and animals were being encountered:

(Note: The person who posted this book on suggests the illustrator may have been ‘Vergil Polydore’ with a question mark – but the illustrations look like the work of Conrad Lycosthene)

Illustrations depicting scenes based on Julius Obsequens’ descriptions:

The images above show strange ‘suns’ and ‘moons’, comets and different ships / craft in the sky etc…

In Part 13 of this series, we will see that these strange human-like figures were extremely likely to be robots (Remember the illustrations were created a long time after the old descriptions were recorded – it is said to be more than 1500 years after the already confused descriptions). Note that you can see the inner workings of one of the strange ‘humans’. The ‘elephant’ man is a confused illustration – you will see in Parts 11, 12 and 13 what that figure likely represents.

Conrad Lycosthene, as well as assisting with the publications of Julius Obsequen’s work, created his own book of more recent miracles in 1557 called ‘Chronicles of Prodigies and Portents’ (prodigiorum acostentorum chronicon)

In roughly 1503 Jacob Mennel produced the book ‘On signs a Portents and Prodigies’ (De signis portentis atque prodigiis). The illustrator for this book is unknown:

‘On signs a Portents and Prodigies’, Jacob Mennel
‘On signs a Portents and Prodigies’, Jacob Mennel

Pierre Boaistuau, also known as Pierre Launay or Sieur de Launay (c. 1517, Nantes – 1566, Paris), was a French Renaissance humanist writer, author of a number of popularizing compilations and discourses on various subjects. He also published work on disasters, miracles, prodigies, portents and signs:

Illustrations for Pierre Boaistuau’s writings.
Illustrations for Pierre Boaistuau’s writings

There was also a compendium/ compilation called ‘Wickiana’ that collated a lot of information from pamphlets and broadsheets that were being distributed in and around the area of Switzerland in the late 1400s and in the 1500s. As well as more everyday events, this compilation also included some miraculous events. It contained images and descriptions of strange phenomena in the sky, strange creatures, demons, dragons, blood rain, floods, plagues etc…

“The Wickian was Johann Jakob Wick of Zurich (1522-1588). It is a collection of large-format one-page newspapers (illustrated pamphlets and broadsheets) gathered in 24 volumes between 1560 and 1587. It is an important source for the Period of the Protestant Reformation in Switzerland.” –

Note here how the ‘locusts’ are seen as coming down from ‘god’ – from the sky.

Some publications were just books with descriptions of ‘miraculous’ events without any illustrations – like Hiob Fincel’s Wunderzeichen books (3 volumes) and Caspar Goldwurm’s ‘Wunderwerck und Wunderzeichen Buch’:

Hiob Fincel’s Wunderzeichen book (3 volumes) + Caspar Goldwurm’s ‘Wunderwerck und Wunderzeichen Buch’:

We must also discuss the pamphlets and broadsheets that were being created in the late 1400s and thoughout the 1500s, which are very significant. These illustrations and descriptions would also inform other authors and other artists. Illustrated broadsheets and pamphlets spread the reports of these ‘prodigies’ and ‘portents’ to some degree, but most towns were still isolated at these times and there was not much long distance communication.

Illustrated broadsheets combined a printed woodcut image with a textual description and commentary on one side of a single sheet of paper. These sheets were useful ways to spread information in a city or region – but these single unprotected sheets were vulnerable and easily destroyed. Very interestingly, the main places of production – of these broadsheets – were said to be Nuremberg and Augsburg. I know that Augsburg was also very successful town at this time, with two very rich influential German families, and the town was greatly targeted in this period with many ‘natural disasters’.

Examples of illustrated broadsheets and pamphlets:

Illustrated broadsheet reporting a celestial phenomenon in Constantinople, July 1490 + Representations of several miraculous signs in the twelfth century, including blood rain, earthquakes and fiery arrows. Nuremberg, 1493
Illustrated broadsheet reporting celestial phenomena over Poland, March 1545 + Illustrated broadsheet reporting strange hail in Dordrecht 1552
Leipzig 1527 + Augsburg 1531

In the image above note the size of the ‘locusts’, the gunk and disease on the trees, and the dead sheep on the ground. Also note the strange appearance of this ‘whale’ with tusks and scales, with what looks like some type of fire coming from the cloud.

Illustrated Broadsheet reporting a ball of lighting over Zaisenhausen, 4th May 1543 + Illustrated Broasheet on celestial phenomena over Vienna, January 1520

There are various other people not featured in this article that created work documenting miraculous events ‘portents and prodigies’ who are spoken of in the introduction of ‘The Book of Miracles’, but I just wanted to establish that the recording of these events was a part of this planet’s history. However, we are just able to see small surviving remnants of the recordings of these strange events – and no one really understands them and exactly what was occurring. But I am going to help people understand what was occurring in further parts of this ‘Resets and Genocides’ series – to help people understand that they were obviously not ‘miracles’.

Craft and Battles in the Sky:

Two very similar separate events depicted side by side:

1561 Hans Glaser engraving, celestial event in Nuremberg + 1566 celestial phenomena over Basel, by Samuel Apiarius and Samuel Coccius.

“According to the broadsheet, around dawn on 14 April 1561, “many men and women” of Nuremberg saw what the broadsheet describes as an aerial battle “out of the sun”, followed by the appearance of a large black triangular object and exhausted combatant spheres falling to earth in clouds of smoke. The broadsheet claims that witnesses observed hundreds of spheres, cylinders, and other odd-shaped objects that moved erratically overhead.”

“A series of mass sightings of celestial phenomena occurred in 1566 above Basel, Switzerland. The Basel pamphlet of 1566 describes unusual sunrises and sunsets. Celestial phenomena were said to have “fought” together in the form of numerous red and black balls in the sky before the rising sun.”

Title page of a pamphlet from 1531. Said to be depicting Haleys Comet in the description I have seen. This is definitely not a picture of what we would call a comet!
Conrad Lycosthenes, 1557 publication
Conrad Lycosthenes, 1557 publication
On November 4, 1697, two glowing wheels sailed over Hamburg, Germany, according to one account.

This first image below is an illustration of a ‘comet’, but it looks like a depiction of a sky battle. The second image, again, shows some type of sky battle. With craft in the sky and three ‘suns’, and a beam coming from one of the ‘suns’. This sky battle is occurring over the top of a human ground battle:

Amrose Pare illustrated the comet of 1528 in his Livres de Chirurgie (in a chapter titled Des Monstres Celestes), + No source and date for second image but it is an old woodcut engraving typical of the 1500s or 1600s

Look in the sky on the illuminated manuscript image of Troy below – in the centre of the sky. A hand is flying / suspended there with fire coming from it. Strange phenomena in the sky would often be seen at battles and are sometimes depicted in late medieval or renaissance art.

The Fall of Troy; Helen Takes Refuge in the Sanctuary of Vesta; Venus Counsels Aeneas; Juno Encourages the Greeks ca. 1530–35

You will see more craft or battles being depicted in the skies in The ‘Augsburg’ Book of Miracles. There are some of these images displayed in the Additional Information section at the end of the post.

Comet Data from Books:

Now we will briefly look at the two books I mentioned above, by N. Webster and T. Forster. Books that look at the relationship between comets (and other unusual phenomena) and disease / pestilence / plague. We don’t get books like this anymore. People actually collating data and doing some analysis and seeing patterns!

T. Forster:

To begin with, here is a gallery of screenshots I took of Forster’s data on comets and disease from his book ‘Atmospheric Origin of Epidemic Disorder of Health‘ – I thought this was the best way to present it in this article. (Thumbnails, click to enlarge)

Here is a link to the book, so you can download the book – or the text from it, if you want to translate it:

“It is recorded that about 500 Comets have appeared since the Christian era, and above 100 are noticed before it. No doubt many small ones have at all periods passed unnoticed, and others have escaped observation from their position. It is certain that the most unhealthy periods have been those when comets of some size have appeared, and they have been accompanied by earthquakes, volcanos, and atmospheric commotions ; while healthy periods have been those when none of these phenomena have occurred.” – T. Forster, 1829

T. Forster references Webster in a concluding section of his book, as well as others who hold the same views as Webster (Meade and Sydenham) that comets and related phenomena are the cause of the pestilence / plagues. Forster concludes that the ‘pestilence’ is not contagious (Which all of us who studied Germ Theory and the Truth of ‘Viruses’ know already):

“I have made out the above catalogue from curiosity, and with a desire to see if possible how far the opinion of the ancients, and of Meade, Sydenham, and Webster, among the moderns, respecting the influence of these phenomena, might be found correct : and though I am by no means prepared to make any positive assertion on the subject, yet no one who dispassionately compares facts, can I think deny the coincidence to which I have alluded, however much he may doubt any theory of causation founded thereon. At all events I have established it as certain that epidemics depend immediately on atmospherical causes, whatever may be their remote origin, and have confuted, I trust, the idle tales about contagion being the source of pestilence, which seem calculated to produce mischief by leading to erroneous and oftentimes to unjust modes of practise.” T. Forster, 1829

N. Webster:

For Webster’s data I recommend this site, which has arranged Webster’s book in a way that is very easy to access and navigate;view=toc – here is a screenshot of the contents page, which is also linked to the webpage if you click on it:

Here is a link to Volume 2 of Webster’s book on if you wish to download it (The linked website above includes both Volumes 1 and 2):

Webster came to the same conclusion as Forster:

It will not escape the most inattentive reader of the foregoing history, that all the violent and general plagues have been preceded or accompanied with remarkable phenomena in the physical world, as comets, earthquakes, explosions of volcanoes, and others of a subordinate kind.” – Noah Webster, 1799

You will see, when you have looked at the data and testimony in these books (particularly in Websters more detailed descriptions), that plague and pestilences were very brutal and severe. Death and degeneration could happen very quickly, and unusual symptoms were often observed. It could also greatly affect the vegetation and animals.

Some descriptions of the pestilences:

“The first plague in Rome happened about the 16th year from its foundation, soon after the murder of Tatius, and in time of peace. “It killed instantly without any previous sickness. Even trees and cattle were not exempt from the malignity of its influence; but all nature lay one desolate and abandoned waste. It was even said to rain blood.” This was 738 years before the Christian era.” – Noah Webster, P. 30

“The year 1600 was remarkable for pestilence in almost every part of Europe. Spain, where the disease was fatal the year before, was this year almost depopulated. There raged throughout Europe, a pestilential, mortal cholic which destroyed the lives of all whom it seized, within four days. The patient, as soon as he was seized, became senseless—the hair fell from his head—a livid pustule arose on the nose, which consumed it— the extremities became cold and mortified.– Noah Webster – P. 171

More extracts from Webster’s book appear in further sections, on topics such as: The strange influx of ‘noxious’ insects before and during ‘plagues / pestilence’, the effects on animals and the toxic vapor clouds.

Some more quotes from Noah Webster’s “A Brief History of Epidemic and Pestilential Diseases” Pages 117-118:

“Hippocrates learnt that pestilence could not be ascribed solely to visible causes; he therefore admits to theion, something divine, or beyond human investigation, to be a primary cause of this calamity.”

“[Fernelius]… agrees with Diemerbroeck, that the cause must be some unknown principle, “inquinamentum e coelo demissum,” some cause of corruption in the atmosphere, which is infused into it from the celestial regions.”

“Sennertus decides also most positively against putridity or corruption of the humors, as the cause of pestilence; and maintains that it proceeds from an occult malignity in the air.

The Comet Book (Kometenbuch)

According to a 1977 article by Jean-Michel Massing, most of The Comet Book’s chapters have their origins in an anonymously authored treatise Liber de significatione cometarum [A book on the meaning of comets] made in Spain around 1238. In the fifteenth century this was translated into French, a translation which itself spawned various illustrated abridged versions that same century.

Commonly known as The Comet Book (or Kometenbuch in German), its full title translates as “Comets and their General and Particular Meanings, According to Ptolomeé, Albumasar, Haly, Aliquind and other Astrologers.”

Translations of the text in The Comet Book are hard to come by (not available). In this article linked, a German speaker has read the book and provided the author of the article with some translations:

“…comet Aurora was said to trigger wars, fire, strong winds and the like, which is why the corresponding image depicts burning houses, fleeing people etc. The Miles comet is described as being “as big as a horse” and the harbinger of upheaval to laws, social norms and hard times for royalty.

Comets ‘announced’ that war, famine, pestilence and other consequences of sinful behaviour were on their way. This kind of religious punishment explanation of comets persisted up until the 16th and 17th centuries in Europe, when the speculative literature (and illustrations!) gave way, over time, to a more scientific appreciation of the phenomena.

Comets then are seen in terms of their mysterious terrestrial effects, which as a rule firmly occupy the disastrous category (“disaster” being Latin for “bad star”) — devastating fires, wrecking winds, bloodshed, pestilence, famines, and a fair few celebrity deaths…. One comet, named here “Veru” (depicted as a fiery lance in The Comet Book) and now known as Swift-Tuttle, has been described as “the single most dangerous object known to humanity”.

As you can see, not all the ‘comets’ were streaking across the sky with a tail. It very much seems the word ‘comet’ meant something different humanity from before the 1900s. A variety of phenomena are being witnessed in the skies.

You can view The Comet Book’ (Kometenbuch) at this link, where you can zoom in with a viewer —

The ‘Augsburg’ Book of Miracles

The ‘Augsburg’ Book of Miracles is quite possibly one of the greatest renaissance art finds. It only recently came to prominence. Apparently, this was after it was put up for action in 2007. It is said that the manuscript itself was probably produced between 1545 and 1552. It correlates with all the other books I have mentioned that documented ‘miracles’, ‘portents’ and signs

I think very few people on this planet will understand its true significance and importance though. The book correlates with all these other books on ‘miracles’, ‘portents’ and ‘signs’ that were being created in this period. But the artwork in those other – hard to find, and greatly neglected, books does not compare to The Book of Miracles, with its numerous engaging and detailed depictions. These other books also do not have a fairly easy to acquire English (and other languages) translation.

It includes images of plagues of ‘insects’, flash floods, city fires, earthquakes, very severe weather, famine, blood falling from the sky, strange animals, strange bipedal beings, strange ‘humans’. And the most frequent images are of occurrences and phenomena in the sky: numerous ‘suns’ that move, ‘comets’ that hang around for many days, battles in the sky, fire in the sky etc

A variety of images from ‘The Book of Miracles’ to give you a feel for its content:

It is important to note that it says in various descriptions of these so called ‘comets’ that they stayed in the sky for long periods, moving about. These comets were not depicted as hitting the ground. There is one image of a large rock coming to Earth in the book, but it is not depicted as a ‘comet’. When these ancient people say ‘comet’ we should not think of ice, dust or rock that is hurtling straight down to Earth. The word meant something different to these people.

While all these strange occurrences in the sky were being witnessed numerous disasters were occurring, as well as some occasional encounters with strange beings and animals. Again, just like in the other books in this era on ‘miracles’, ‘signs’ and ‘portents’

I have created a separate gallery page containing many images from the book (most of them) linked here, so that you can see them for yourself.

At this gallery page you will see images from 73 BC to 1552 AD – I have arranged them into categorises so as to help others get a better feel for the content and the patterns / correlations. I have not included the images depicting scenes described in the Bible (Genesis, Exodus and Revelation) that are depicted in the book – though they are definitely worth checking out, and some will be used in my ‘Mythological Creatures and Technology’ article (Part 13 of this series).

The book begins with images depicting scenes described in the Old Testament, then the bulk of the book is a chronicling of ‘miracles’ from 73 BC to 1552 AD. It ends with some images depicting scenes from Revelation. I am focusing on the ‘miracles’ from 73 BC to 1552 AD.

Here, in this article, I will focus on the comets and a few other incidents – and this will just be a small selection. The comet images tend not to be quite so engaging and detailed, but the descriptions that accompany them are very important.

LEFT: In the year AD 367, in the second year after the reign of the emperor Valentinian, an earthquake struck that was felt across the whole world, and the temple in Jerusalem collapsed. And on the next day, fire fell upon it from the sky and destroyed its iron and stone. And the sea completely flooded the city of Nicaea and many people were slain or drowned. And this spread right across the province of Asia.
RIGHT: In the year AD 595, in the time of Muhammad, something wondrous and fearsome appeared. At that time, a bright comet was seen over Constantinople for a whole year.
LEFT: 1184 a comet appeared for three months. This was followed by such heavy rain, storms, wind and thunder as had never been heard before. And this element acted as if it wanted to destroy Rome completely, and a great many livestock died in terrible ways. And people died from the lightning in the sky they saw.
Right: 1462 a great and wonderful comet appeared in the sky in Italy. This was followed by a great famine, so that many people perished and were found dead in alleys.
Left: In the year AD.1102, on the Friday of the first week of Lent, an unusual star appeared in the evening. It appeared in the south and the west. It was visible for twenty five days and always at the same hour. From the south a great shaft of light moved towards it. After this, on Maundy Thursday, two moons were seen, one of them in the east.
Right: In the year AD 1300, a fearful comet appeared in the sky. And this year on St Andrews Day, the ground was shaken by an earthquake so that many buildings collapsed.
Left: In the year AD 1401 a large comet with a peacock tail appeared in the sky over Germany. This was followed by a most severe plague in Swabia
Right: In the year 1527 several streaks like long spears were seen next to the comet, with several faces and small swords in amongst them, all intermingled in a pale red colour. Between them could be seen several large flames that blazed very brightly and with a fiery light. And the faces, with hair and beards the colour of grey clouds, were seen here and there to be flickering through each other as if they were lying in water that was flowing in rivulets of blood, and as if everything was mixing up together, which looked so terrifying that many who saw it died.

Two cities where ‘weather’ / natural causes caused the buildings where the gunpowder was stored to explode – in one of the descriptions it says that ‘fire fell from the sky’ on to the building (Just like in the image above of Jerusalem in AD 376 being destroyed where ‘fire fell upon it from the sky’):

Left: (1537) Furthermore on St Mark’s Day in this the 37th year at 4 o clock after midday, a thunderstorm broke out in Heidelberg – violent, wild and blustering with great, awful and terrible peals of thunder. And with the third peal of thunder it struck the old castle, which is called Heidelberg. In that place there was more than 200 tons of gunpowder, which sparked because of the lightning-strike
Right: In the year 1546, in the month of August, the fire from the sky fell upon a tower or building in Mechelen in the Netherlands, in which there was more than four hundred tonnes of gunpowder. And exactly half the city burned down, which is also a special sign from God.

The Aztec Genocide

Pestilence was the main cause of the eradication of the White tribes / civilisations in North and South America – these genocides took place in the 1500s, 1600s and 1700s (There would have been other reset-related events as well that contributed to their genocide). We will look at the Aztecs as a case study:

Moctezuma watching a comet. 1519

A comet appeared in the skies over ancient Mexico, witnessed by Montezuma, the Aztec Emperor. That same year plague began to sicken and kill the native peoples, tens of millions subsequently dying of the disease (Fenner 1988; Li et al., 2007).

(Remember, disease is the result of toxins in the human body. Disease is the body trying to protect the organism from the toxins and safely remove them. There is no such thing as a contagious virus. See my article on Germ Theory and Viruses on this website. The information in this article on ‘comets’ greatly supports my findings in that previous article.)

A civilisation of roughly 16 million people was almost totally wiped out by disease. The official figure for how many Aztecs died from smallpox is around 15 million. The Spanish Catholics also played their part in this genocide (Note that the Spanish troops would not have known who created the pestilence / plague, or where it came from). This all happened after a comet, as well as after various recorded strange phenomenon in the sky (various ‘omens’), and fires breaking out spontaneously in their cities.

8 Omens before the Spanish Conquest / Attack on the Aztec Civilisation

  • A fire plume in the sky for almost a year (said to be a comet).
  • Huitzilopochtli’s (national God of the Aztecs) temple suddenly caught fire and was destroyed.
  • The temple-monastery complex dedicated to the god Xiuhtecuhtli destroyed by lightning without thunder.
  • Three large balls of fire emitting sparks streak across the sky from west to east.
  • The lake on which their capital sat, Lake Texcoco, welled up and a tidal wave occurred which flooded many buildings.
  • Sounds of a weeping woman heard throughout the capital city for several nights.
  • A very strange bird was found by fisherman on Lake Texcoco. It had a flat, round, black reflective surface on its forehead, almost like a mirror.  When Montezuma looked at the mirror-like fixture on the bird’s head, he could see the sky and the constellations and then people came into view. 
  • A two headed man appeared on the streets of Tenchtitlan. The two headed man disappeared as soon as Montezuma laid eyes on him.
Temple fire, and the two headed ‘man’. (The second image is from the Florentine Codex)

Note 1: It is said elsewhere that many comets flashed overhead in the nights that followed the first comet, and the Aztecs came to believe that a time would come where the Sun would no longer be able to destroy these comets, and this would signal the end of the world for the Aztecs. Note 2: Two headed ‘men’ were also depicted in many of these books created in the 1500s, that were mentioned earlier in the article, that recorded ‘miracles’, ‘signs’ and ‘portents’. Note 3: This ‘bird’ is clearly some type of technology.

A depiction of the so-called ‘bird’ and Moctezuma from the Florentine Codex

How smallpox devastated the Aztecs – and helped Spain conquer an American civilization 500 years ago | PBS NewsHour:

“In February of 1519, the Spaniard Hernán Cortés set sail from Cuba to explore and colonize Aztec civilization in the Mexican interior. Within just two years, Aztec ruler Montezuma was dead, the capital city of Tenochtitlan was captured and Cortés had claimed the Aztec empire for Spain. Spanish weaponry and tactics played a role, but most of the destruction was wrought by epidemics of European diseases.”

Not ‘European Diseases’ at all – but a poisoning. Poisons released from this advanced space faring force.

The Mexican interior was home to the Aztec civilization, an empire of an estimated 16 million people at this time. How did the Spanish conquer the civilisation with so few men – somewhere between 500 to 1000 men? They did not conquer it, another force poisoned the Aztecs, which meant the Spaniards, working for the Spanish Catholic Nobility, could take over.

This has very likely happened throughout our history on this planet before 1946 – on nearly all occasions I should imagine. This unseen off-planet force interferes during a conflict and creates destruction or death where it seems fit – and then the destruction or mass death is blamed on the war or other factors.


An important note on the Spanish attack against the Incas (Another powerful South American civilisation): The Spaniards did not attack at the time Huayna Capac was emperor. They left and returned after Huayna Capac had fallen to smallpox. They defeated both the Aztec and Inca civilisations because these civilisations were being poisoned on a massive scale.

Information on the genocide of the North American White Indian tribes is in a further section.

The 17th, 18th and 19th Centuries:

Over the centuries the tactics and goals of this advanced group changed slightly. This force had to adapt, and they had a plan. For example, the people in the Middle Ages were incredibly religious, so the people at that time explained-away many of the strange occurrences as signs or messages from ‘god’. In the early renaissance era – the advanced space faring group was intent on gradually killing off the upper classes / the 7 foot plus White humans / ‘giants’ (These 7 foot plus rulers and upper classes in Europe seemed to be more fanatically religious than the shorter humans).

In the 1600s, 1700s and 1800s they would have to be more careful, as the printing press had greatly developed, and new technology and a greater awareness was developing. People were communicating across the world more and more. All of these disasters had to look natural.

Note: The ancient plagues / disasters of Egypt were known by the people to have come from ‘god’, and the tactics employed throughout the ages by this advanced force were similar to the ancient Egyptian’s experiences: ‘locusts’, ‘frogs’, ‘flies’, disease / pestilence (unhealable boils), darkness / blocking out sun, fire and hail, blood like liquids (blood rain).

In the 1600s and 1700s the main objective was to kill off all the giants / upper classes – people over 7 feet-tall – and they could also destroy some more Old-World architecture while they were doing this.

In the 1800s they had to target certain groups and keep the people, in general, struggling and in fear. But they were also reinventing the planet, moving people around – creating a planet of just 5-foot-tall-plus humans. They were repopulating areas of America for example, after the genocide of the Native White Indians. So they were creating issues in Europe, and in some areas of America. Famines, some disease and poverty – so as to create orphans for relocation to other parts of the word, as well as adult migration away from these struggling locations (due to either destroyed infrastructure, disease or poverty). They were not trying to wipe us smaller humans out, but were keeping us oppressed and relocating us.

The incredible number of insane asylums that were formed the 1800s would have likely played a big part in keeping the public mind controlled and would have very likely successfully taken any dissidents and so-called ‘crazies’ out of society… those who had seen very unusual phenomenon and were questioning what was occurring and calling out lies.

In the 1600s, 1700s and 1800s there still plenty of comets, as documented in T. Fosters book above (The gallery of pages from the book). Here are some illustrations that were created in those times of various comets:

Some comets of the 1600s:

Left: 1607, about Halley, the total and partial eclipses, and the plague waking up. Centre: Detailed drawing of the big comet of 1618 observed December 1st. Right: Apparition of a prominent comet, Nov, 1618, engraving, Augsburg.
Left: A Dutch religious woodcut from 1627 of the tailed star. Centre: Cassini observed the comet of 1652 inside the constellations from Bologna. Right: Comet Of 1665 above Augsburg
Left: From the ancient work The Tome of Hevelius in 1668. Centre Left: The comet on April 1677, by Robert Hooke. Centre Right: The Comet of 1680. Right: Lambert Doomer, Comet over Alkmaar, 1681.
Left: Halley’s comet 1682. Right: Comets and shooting stars in Description de l’Univers, by Alain Manesson Mallet, 1685
Left: Comet leaflet from 1687, the comet as a harbinger of death and destruction. Right: Artwork by Weigel, 1690.

Some comets of the 1700s

Left: A meteor shower in the night sky, Mezzotint c 1783. Right: Comet with six tails, Engraving of the Great Comet of 1744, also known as Comet de Chéseaux or Comet Klinkenberg-Chéseaux.
Left: Comet Halley filling the sky in 1758 at Island Palau. Right: Halley’s Comet, 1759
Left: Giant comet in September 1769, from Nurnberg, by Paul Kufner. Right: Comet of 1783, P. Sandgy

Strange Events of the 1800s and some of the Comets Witnessed:

In this section we will focus on some of the events of the 1800s. There were plenty of earthquakes and large city fires in this century, as there has been in all centuries. Here we will focus on some very unusual events at the New Madrid Earthquakes in 1811-1812, The Great Moscow Fire of 1812 and the Tsagan Earthquake/ Lake Baikal, Siberia, 1862:

The New Madrid Earthquakes:

“Lightning and crackling sparks were reported across the ground. One witness near New Madrid reported sparks of fire spewing from the earth. In the sky, more flashing lights and fires. Metal objects clung to walls. Many reported a strange tingling all over their bodies, while others described being electrocuted. Even stranger were those who said they had no idea an earthquake were [was] rocking the joint due to the electric shocks they were receiving.”

Some snippets from this article –

“The great New Madrid Earthquakes were preceded by the arrival of a comet that had not been seen since the ancient Egyptians. Tecumseh’s Comet, as some called it, was also known as ‘Napolean’s Comet’ in Europe and is estimated to have measured a million miles across from head to tail and was a very visible sight in the night sky.”

“The earth relentlessly moved in waves like those of the ocean, and people thought the end of the world had arrived. Accounts of the earth moving in a wave-like manner similar to water and undulating like the still twitching muscles of a freshly killed cow illustrate a fascinating and horrifying event.”

“Many accounts of flashes, glows and fires in the sky were recorded during the New Madrid earthquakes. Similar phenomena is often recorded around the time other major earthquakes strike and is known as earthquake lights. Despite the widespread and numerous accounts of earthquake lights, there is still dispute among scientists on what causes earthquake lights or whether they even exist.”

“Years before the earthquakes struck, tales of weird lights moving through the forests and hills began to emerge among the locals and the stories began to quickly multiply months before the earthquakes. With the initial quake and following shocks, bright flashes were reported. A resident of New Madrid at the time, A.N. Dillard while speaking of the shocks mentioned the flashes: “There issued no burning flames, but flashes such as would result from an explosion of gas, or from passing of electricity from cloud to cloud.”

Lewis F. Linn, United States Senator, in a letter to the chairman of the Committee on Commerce, says the shock was accompanied by “ever and anon flashes of electricity, rendering the darkness doubly terrible.”

“Several observers in Kentucky reported that the atmosphere prior to the shock of February 8 was strangely luminous, objects being visible for very long distances, with no moon in the sky… In North Carolina witnesses reported three large extraordinary fires in the air; one appeared in an easterly direction, one in the north, and one in the south. Their continuance was several hours; their size as large as a house on fire and it was noted that no sparks accompanied the flying blazes.”

The Moscow Fire of 1812:

Some testimonies from soldiers who experienced the fire, from this article :

Lieutenant Charles Artois wrote this in his diary:

“I stood in the courtyard of the big home. Low sun flooded Moscow with golden light. Suddenly caught fire a second sun, bright, white, dazzling. It was located twenty degrees above the first, true, and shone no more than five seconds, but it has managed to singe person Paul Berger, relaxing on the balcony. The walls and roof of the house began to smoke. I ordered the soldiers to pour out on the roof a few dozen buckets of water, and only because these measures could save the estate. In other estates that are closer to the latter-day luminary, the fire started. It is this mysterious celestial flash, and was the cause of the terrible fire that destroyed Moscow.”

The people who survived the fire were hit with some severe sickness:

“Around the ongoing fires. Homestead, where we quartered, survived, but, unfortunately, a new attack hit our numbers. Putrid water, intemperance in eating or some other reason, but our people are suffering from the most severe bloody diarrhea. Weakness in all terms, dizziness, nausea, turning into uncontrollable vomiting, added misery. And we are not alone in this position—all the battalions of the regiment, all the shelves in Moscow. Doctors suspected dysentery or cholera, and recommend to quickly leave the inhospitable city. Just now came Pierre Duroy. His squad is ten miles from the Moscow Gate, all are healthy and happy, however, troubled Russian partisans. Seeing our deplorable condition, he immediately turned back, afraid of catching an infection.”

A week later, the lieutenant reported:

“He started losing his hair… I fear, soon our entire squad… the whole band, will become [a] bald regiment. “

Not only were the soldiers hairless; they were covered with ulcers and sores. Even the horses were sick.

“That,” he said, “is confusing to the veterinarians.”

Another Russian soldier present in Moscow when Lieutenant Charles Artois’s second sun appeared presents a similar testimony. “The fire came from the skies,” Aleksei Babatyev wrote. It came “three times and [then] went away.”

Tsagan Earthquake/ Lake Baikal, Siberia, 1862:

Note the intensity of this Earthquake in Siberia:

1862 started badly for the people living around Lake Baikal. Between December 30, 1861 and January 12, 1862, the region was hit by multiple, terrifying earthquakes. More than 200 square kilometers of land fell underwater (and remain so to this day).

I transcribed some parts of the image for those of you who are using a translating app:

“Buildings wobbled violently, crack and collapsed (especially churches and other stone structures). Church bells ran uncontrollably and an organ in someone’s house suddenly stated playing on its own… Barrels of fish weighing over seven hundred pounds went flying across courtyards… Across the lake on the eastern shore on the Tsagan Steppe, the shock of the earthquake unreleased a tsunami that rolled rapidly over the steppe and retreated as quickly as it came. It left behind a ‘mince meat’ landscape and piles of ice blocks more than two kilometres inland. More ominously, water began to gush from widespread fractures in the land created by the seismic shaking and the ground began sinking. More than two hundred square kilometres of the Tsagan Steppe, along with the villages on it, sank permanently under water – Atlantis style.

Some comets and ‘meteors’ of the 1800s:

Left: Explosion of the Quenngouck ‘bolide-meteor’ 27th, Dec 1857. Right: The Great Meteor of October 7, 1868.
Left: The great comet of 1881, Etienne Leopold Trouvelot’s Astronomical Drawings. Right: Drawings of the ‘meteorite’ fall at Knyahinya (Ukraine) on June 9, 1866
Left: Leonid meteor shower over Niagara Falls, 1892, Edmund Weiss. Centre: The November-Meteors by E.L.Trouvelot,1868. Right: The falling of the stars. Prophetic Lights by Ellet Joseph Waggoner,1888.
Comet Donati 1858, above Cairo Egypt, and Paris France, and Northumberland England. How can a ‘comet’ be seen all over the world?
Comet Donati 1858 as seen from Slater’s observatory.

The North American fires – 1800s and early 1900s:

Hopefully you are beginning to question all these disasters that have occurred throughout this planet’s history. You should also be questioning all the great city-wide fires that have occurred. North America had many.

We can also look at the image of the aftermath of these Great Fires and see all the obliterated stone and brick buildings – and realise that this was not caused by a little fire starting somewhere in the city and spreading. It had to be some type of directed energy weapon attack from above.

A reminder: All these cities were already there before the Europeans arrived. Large Old-World cities full of large, stone, brick and concrete buildings. How could they burn like this? The destruction does not make sense.

You can see in the image below, created by someone else online, that people are starting to question what really caused this destruction:

The Great Boston Fire of 1872:

Below are 2 photos of aerial shots of Boston in 1860, before the great fire that occurred there – some of the first photos taken from air balloons apparently. Boston was clearly a large city made up entirely of stone, brick and concrete Old-World buildings.

Boston 1860

How could a fire cause all this destruction below? It is impossible.

Boston Fire 1872

The Great Chicago Fire, 1871:

The Great Chicago Fire of 1871 remains one of the greatest mysteries of the 19th century. The fire lasted from October 8 to October 10, 1871, destroying one third of the homes in Chicago. One Mrs. O’Leary and her cow were blamed for starting the fire, even though there is no evidence to prove they were guilty. Other speculations have been raised, including one that involves a comet. In 1883, Ignatius Donnelly claimed the gas from the tail of a passing comet fell to Earth and caused the spark that started the fire. Donnelly’s claims were corroborated by Mel Waskin, who blamed a comet for starting the fire in his 1985 book Mrs. O’Leary’s Comet. Donnelly, Waskin, and everyone else who have blamed a comet for starting the fire based their theories on claims by some people who said they saw fire fall from the skies at the time the Great Chicago Fire started. Those theories may actually be plausible, considering that Chicago was not the only place that burned that October. Similar fire outbreaks occurred along Lake Michigan and in Peshtigo, Wisconsin, the same day the Chicago fire started. The Peshtigo fire was actually the deadliest wildfire in US history, despite being overshadowed by the Chicago fire.” – Source

Chicago Fire, 1871

More large-scale fires in North America:

Seattle Fire, 1889
San Franciso, Fire and Earthquake, 1906

San Francisco was said to be on fire for 4 days after this Earthquake. A city of stone, brick and concrete buildings burning for 4 days because of an Earthquake. Does that make sense to you?

Baltimore Fire, 1904
Pittsburg, 1845
New York, 1835

A great deal occurred in the 1700s and 1800s and early 1900s. There were also famines, some flash floods, hurricanes etc etc. Some notable ones in North America: The Californian Great Flood of 1862, The Johnstown Flood of 1889 and The Galveston Hurricane of 1900.

In Europe, Ireland suffered with famines: The Irish famine of 1740 (labelled Arctic Ireland) caused by Incredibly severe frost. The Irish Famine of 1740–1741 is estimated to have killed between 13% and 20% of the 1740 population of 2.4 million people. Ireland was targeted again in the 1800s with ‘The Irish Potato Famine’ in 1845 (Potato Blight). A strange disease struck the potatoes as they grew in fields across Ireland. Many of the potatoes were found to have gone black and rotten and their leaves had withered. The 1845 Great Irish Famine gradually ended up with millions of people migrating. It is believed the first people reached Canada and then later moved to the US on foot. The Great Famine is known to have resulted in 26% of the Irish population living in Manhattan by the 1850s. Thousands of people from Ireland landed on the shores of America in 1852.

It is not my job to go through every single disaster, but to assist you in thinking more critically about all of them. For you to understand that they were not natural occurrences and there were reasons behind the disasters. Locations were targeted. It was tactical.

For more large city fires look at this link – you will find out about many more destructive fires from around the world that destroyed large parts of Old-World cities (obviously research beyond that site, but it is a useful list as a starting point):

Animal / Insect Plagues + Toxic Vapor / Fog:

In preceding sections I have already displayed two images of ‘locusts’: One illustration of the locusts coming down from the sky (from ‘god’) in Egypt, and one was a front cover of a pamphlet from Leipzig showing very large locusts surrounded by ‘gunk’ on trees and with dead sheep below them. Below I will display images from The ‘Augsburg’ Book of Miracles on this subject with their descriptions below. Then I will share some information from Noah Webster’s book.

Left: In the year AD 864 (not 1364), countless locusts with wings and two teeth – harder than a stone – flew about everywhere in Gaul and covered the ground like snow and afterwards flew into the sea all at one and drowned there. Afterwards the sea washed the vermin ashore and it caused great stench that so many people died. Right: In 1348, in the first year of Emperor Charles IV, a great vapor moved densely and hideously in the clouds so that the Earth was darkened. At that moment, a great number of worms and vermin fell upon the earth in the East, so that many people died from the stench and hardly ten were left alive out of a thousand.

Left Image Above: The publisher of ‘The Book of Miracles’ says this event in Gaul occurred in 864 – but we can clearly see that the original artwork says 1364. The publisher of the book also suggested dates were different under a number of other images throughout the book, without any justification. It seems to me the original image would be more trustworthy or valid. This date brings up some questions related to Gaul. Remember what I said elsewhere, about how it seems like ‘The Powers That Be’ have tried to ‘stretch’ our more ancient history where they can… something to keep in mind.

Left: In the year 1483 locusts swarmed in Italy, laid waste to the district around Brixen and if Margave Louis of Mantua had not prevented it they would have destroyed all the crops in Lombardy. He had them killed burned or chased away. Afterwards, a darkening of the sun was seen and then came a great dying, so that more than twenty thousand people died in Brixen and around thirty thousand died in Venice. Right: In the year 1527 a terrible wind from Turkey carried great hordes of locusts into the kingdom of Poland, which then caused great harm to the people and livestock. The locusts were grey and gold…
Left: In the year 1538 flies as big as gnats were seen in the Castel Sant’Angelo in Rome, so that the people had to flee them. And whoever they bit died. A storm broke out at the same time too and fire fell from the sky. Right: In the year 1542 such loathsome locusts invaded Poland and Silesia, as well as Milan and Theodoric’s Verona, in September and October, that afterwards a great a many people died on account of the stench.

A few quotes from Noah Webster’s – A Brief History of Epidemic and Pestilential Diseases, 1799 on Vapor / Fog:

“Schreibner, cited by Van Swieten, Vol. 16. mentions that a small cloud often hangs over the infected place.”

“A similar fog or vapor during easterly winds, appeared in New-York, in September 1798, in the most fatal period of the plague. Persons who felt and saw it, describe it as most disagreeable to the senses; and its effects were very remarkable. The pavements of the streets and other objects were covered with a coat of dew or mould, not however exactly resembling either of those substances; not unlike perhaps the “ros tabidus,” or “ros sanci similis,” of the year 252. Its effects were equally wonderful on the leaves of trees, which were covered with spots, which appeared as if corroded by an acid. And I have seen a cotton garment, which had been washed, and hung out on the night of the fog, which was also covered with spots of a dark, grey color, and which could not be taken out by any process of washing. During this period also, iron railings and pump-handles were suddenly covered over with scales of rust, or a ferruginous color. These phenomena correspond with the effects of the pestilential air at Oczakow in 1739, in which surgical instruments became livid or black, as did the silver hilt of a sword.”

Noah Webster – A Brief History of Epidemic and Pestilential Diseases, 1799 – Animal and Insect Plagues:

“But in truth, as to most of the noxious insects which mark periods of epidemic diseases, we know them not to change their forms of existence, nor are the times of their appearance, periodical. On the other hand, we observe they appear in sickly periods; and in unusual numbers, at no other time.

“The year 1633, which produced a pestilential fever among the settlers at Plymouth in America, was remarkable for swarms of large flies, which filled the woods with their humming sounds.”

“Lord Bacon informs us that during a plague in his time, there were found in the ditches and low grounds about London, a species of animals which he calls toads, with tails two or three inches long—a kind of animals doubtless which we often see in waters, but of larger size. He remarks further, that “those years have been noted for pestilential and unwholesome, wherein there were great numbers of frogs, flies, locusts [etc]…””

“The plague of 1635 and 6 in Holland was accompanied or preceded by an incredible number of insects, as gnats, butterflies, beetles, wasps, grass-hoppers, but especially flies, which were so numerous, as to cover the ceilings of houses, and even to obscure the sun in the open air.

“In 1798 and 1799, the meadows in some parts of Connecticut have been almost covered with small toads, of the size of a chesnut, and as described by Fernelius, “coloris cineritii,” of the color of ashes. These animals, in such numbers, are unusual —they are not of the color of the common toad, and never grow to the same size. They come suddenly and in a few weeks disappear! Who knows their origin or their end?”

“In the month of August, during a dreadful drouth at Bengal in 1770, which cut short the rice-crops and produced a terrible famine, and subsequent epidemic fever, the air was filled with a cloud of insects, of the size of a horse-stinger, with a long red body and large head; they continued to obscure the sun for some days, during which all toads, frogs and insects on the earth disappeared, but this cloud in the air did not descend to the earth. The next year, a million of people perished with epidemic diseases.”

Left: “1545 years after the birth of Christ, in the summer around St Margarets day, such terrible vermin in the form of vipers and lizards appeared in the land of Hungary that many people died as a result. And they did great harm to the grain and various fruit…” – The Book of Miracles. Right: A 16th-century illustration shows a rain of frogs recorded in Europe in 1355

Why would toads and frogs – or any amphibian – turn up in a very toxic environment in massive numbers when these creatures are especially susceptible to toxins and poisonings?

Snakes are rare in Europe, and they do not congregate and swarm in massive numbers. Snakes also do not eat grain or fruit.

Have you ever heard a locust described as being ‘harder than a stone’? They are very delicate creatures.

Nicolaes de Bruyn, 1594.

Above image: What on Earth is that creature on the left? Why would you include that image with those illustrations of regular crickets, locusts and other insects?

Something else was occurring here. These were not naturally occurring ‘plagues’ / mass influxes of creatures. If you read the following articles in this series, you will be more inclined to believe that these short-lived plague creatures were created by a certain advanced non-human force and sent down to the surface of the planet. I know, it seems ‘far-out’ – but if you finish the series, it will make much more sense.

Blood Rain:

The surprisingly common phenomenon of Blood Rain and Blood Coming up from the ground:

Six images from The Book of Miracles:

Left: In the year AD 1009. a well in Lorraine was changed into blood for a long time. It spilled out day and night, which was terrible and frightening to behold.
Right: In the year AD 1114, in the month of June, it rained blood in several places in Italy; it could be seen far and wide and in a very strange way… just as is painted here.
Left: In the year AD 1229, snow fell around St Martin’s Day and was turned into blood at once and everywhere recognised as being blood.
Right: In the year AD 864 (not 1364) it rained blood near the city of Brixen for three days and nights, as is painted here. (The publisher changed the date to 864 in the translation, without reason of justification – I have a lot more faith in the original image that says 1364)
Left: In the year AD 938 (not 1438), the sun was seen to be sweating blood for several days. This was followed by sudden deaths in Venice and other places. (Again, the publisher has changed the date in the translation for some reason and without justification – the original image clearly shows the date as 1438)
Right: In AD 1550, in the month of June, a spring of blood welled up on a meadow between Halle and Mersburg at Meissen, so that both nobles and commoners went out of the city in their hundreds and saw such a marvel.

More Blood Rain Images:

Left: Blood rain in Dinkelsbühl on May 26, 1554, by Hans Glaser. Right: Blood rain illustration in Jacob Mennel’s 1503 publication.
Disasters in connection with two comets sighted in 1456, The Luzerner Schilling (or Luzernerchronik, Lucerne chronicle)

Some quotes from this Russian Article –

“The first documented rain of blood fell in Paris in 582. Eyewitnesses noted that precipitation, falling on clothes, left red spots on it. In 1571, torrents of “blood” fell on Holland for almost a week. They painted buildings, trees, fences and flooded an area of ​​tens of square kilometers. People believed that the bloody rain was formed from the evaporation of the blood of bulls killed in the slaughter…. In 1669, a document appeared in the archives of the French Academy of Sciences describing the rain that had fallen on Chatillon: “A mysterious heavy viscous liquid fell from the sky, similar to blood, but with a sharp unpleasant odor. Large drops of it hung on the roofs, walls and windows of houses…. Already in 1689, the inhabitants of Venice also fell under the bloody rain. And in 1744, red streams threw another Italian city, Genoa, into a panic…. the bloody rain that fell in 1813 in the Kingdom of Naples, was described in more detail by Cementini, a scientist who lived at that time. He wrote that this phenomenon was preceded by a strong wind that blew for more than two days. Then a huge thick cloud appeared, approaching from the sea. She covered the mountains and the sun, and the wind suddenly died down. Frightened people watched as the cloud changed color from gray to pink to crimson red. Dusk fell on the city, and even during the day the inhabitants were forced to light the lamps. The sky was like red-hot iron, thunder rumbled, for some reason the sea was very noisy, although it was quite far from the city. And, to complete the terrible picture, powerful streams of a liquid that looked like blood poured from the sky “

“The next flow of “heavenly blood” was recorded again in the USA, in North Carolina, on the farm of Thomas Clarkson in February 1850. That day, his whole family was working on the street. Suddenly, a sharp, deafening sound, similar to a weapon salvo, was heard from the sky. Children and adults ran for cover when suddenly Clarkson’s wife passed out. The reason was pieces of meat that fell on her from somewhere above, and streams of thick sticky blood that flooded the unfortunate woman.”

Animals and Birds Affected by the Pestilence:

The quotes below are from ‘A Brief History of Epidemic and Pestilential Diseases’ — by Noah Webster, 1758-1843:

“Another strong proof of the doctrine here maintained of a pestilential principle in the elements, is the well-known fact, that during the plague, fowls abandon the atmosphere of the infected places.”

“Livy mentions that in the terrible plague in Rome, anno urbis conditae 571, not a vulture was to be seen for two years.”

“Dr. Gottwald remarks that in the Dantzick plague of 1709, sparrows, daws, storks and swallows deserted the place for four months. Dr. Schelwig has recorded a similar fact; and Sorbait affirms that birds deserted Vienna during the plague. Those kept in cages died.”

“Diemerbroeck has informed us that in the Holland plague of 1635 and 6 birds were unusually rare. He remarks that birds more readily perceive the poisonous state of the air, and change their residence to places more salubrious, even abandoning their nests and their young. The same fact has been observed by many medical and historical writers.”

“The ancient physician and compiler of medical science, Aetius, mentions, among the signs of approaching pestilence, the death of birds and quadrupeds. If, says he, the circumambient air is the cause of the disease, it will first show its effects in destroying birds; if vitious exhalations from the earth, are the cause, quadrupeds will be first affected.”

“The fact goes to demonstrate that the pestilential principle pervades the aerial fluid and is offensive to the delicate organs of fowls. It may be further mentioned, that the deleterious principle is often fatal to small birds in cages, before it is perceived by the human race. It is a curious and well authenticated fact, that in the progress of a plague, in cities, small birds sicken and die; and not long after, the people in the same house, are seized with the pestilence. Diemerbroeck was frequently an eye-witness to the fact, and he observed, that wherever the small birds died in cages, the plague never failed, sometime after and often in two or three days, to attack the inhabitants of the dwelling. This is another proof amounting to demonstration, that the pestilential principle is a quality of the atmosphere, and that it is progressive in its malignity, having little or no dependence on the powers of contagion.”

North and South American Natives – Genocide:

Two separate groups of American Indians suffering with disease in the early 1500s. The first image is likely the Yucatan. The second image is of the natives encountered by Hans Staden in Brazil. Engravings by De Bry. (Yes, these are White (Caucasian) humans if you haven’t seen my article about the White Native Americans)

“In 1507, small pox invaded the “New World” beginning in the Caribbean and jumping to the mainland in 1520” (Fenner 1988; Li et al., 2007). [Note: It did not ‘jump’ anywhere]

Quotes from Noah Webster’s book – pages 177 -180:

“Capt. Dermer, an English adventurer, who had arrived in America, in a fishing vessel, a year or two before, passed the winter of 1618-19 in Monhiggan, an Indian town on the northern coast On the 19th of May 1619 he sailed along the coast, on his way to Virginia, and landed at several places, where he had been the year before; and he found many Indian towns totally depopulated—in others a few natives remained alive, but “not free of sickness;” “their disease, the plague, for we might perceive the sores of some that had escaped, who described the spots of such as usually die.” These are his words. He found some villages, which, in his former visit, were populous, all deserted—the Indians “all dead.”P 177

“The time then is fixed. The disease commenced, or raged with its principal violence in 1618 and through the winter. This was the year of the remarkable comet, when the plague was raging in many parts of the world. So fatal was the pestilence in America, that the warriors from Narragansett to Penobscot, the distance to which the disease seems to have been limited, were reduced from 9000 to a few hundreds.* When our ancestors arrived in 1620, they found the bones of those who perished, in many places, unburied.” – P 177

“In Gorges’ description of New-England, there is the following account of this pestilence. ” The summer after the blazing star, which moved from the east to the west, even a little before the English removed from Holland to Plymouth, in New-England, there befell a great mortality among the Indians, the greatest that had ever happened in the memory of man, or been taken notice of by tradition, laying waste the cast. P – 177

“The author further remarks that this star was much noted in Europe. In America it was seen in the south-west, for “thirty sleeps,” as the Indians express themselves. The description of the comet here given answers to that of Riverius, who represents it as very splendid, larger than Venus, moving from the east to the west, and visible from Nov. 27, 1618, till the close of December. This was the time the pestilence was raging among the Indians. Gorges indeed says, it was the summer after the blazing star. It is true, that the disease continued not only into 1619, but occurred in autumn for some years subsequent. We hear of it among the Massachusetts Indians in 1622. From this it appears that this was a long and severe period of pestilence, between 1617 and 1623, or a later year; like the present period in the United States.” – Pages 179 – 180

Looking up to the Sky:

Here are a few interesting, related images that I found:

The image above is showing one of the tribes in Brazil that the explorer Girolama Benzoni encountered in the 1500s. I have seen a few translations of the text that accompanies this image. Apparently, the Indians suddenly started going insane, and there was no apparent reason for it. They started killing themselves and each other. You can see them hanging themselves and jumping off of cliffs in the background. Some of the people are depicted as looking up to the sky. Could a space-faring group that had advanced technology do this to people? Yes, of course. Likely some type of frequency / energetic weapon. People do not just suddenly start behaving like this.

The Gauls fire arrows into storm clouds. I cannot find a date for this painting, but it looks like art from some time in the 1700s or very early 1800s to me.

This image above is depicting some Gauls firing arrows up into storm clouds, with some other soldiers pointing up to the sky. Obviously, this art was created a long time after that occurred, but the artist would have had a good reason for creating an image like this – from a description of events that has likely been destroyed or hidden now. The Gauls obviously feel that there is some sort of threat coming from above.

Concluding Thoughts

‘Comets’ are very obviously related to disastrous events and the coming of pestilence and plague. Something is purposely causing these disasters.

These pestilences / plagues were very clearly poisonings. The evidence is overwhelming. Mass scale poisonings.

The word ‘comet’ also clearly had a different meaning to the people in more ancient times.

You will not be able to understand it all if you do not allow yourself to imagine a very advanced space-faring group carrying out these assaults. As I will discuss in the next article, it is a very technologically advanced non-human group that also utilises artificial intelligence. A group that was mentioned, or alluded to, in the Nag Hammadi scriptures.

I know the alternative media is a real mess, and there is so much subversion and confusion within it, with truly incredible amounts of controlled opposition. For example, we have ‘flat earthers’ (and some religious people) who cannot believe in life existing out there in the rest of the cosmos – and for many of them there is no cosmos and other planets, and there is just a ‘dome’ above us and projections / holograms (I am not saying that all ‘flat earthers’ and religious people are controlled opposition – just that they have often been subverted by them). But everything will remain confusing and a mystery unless you allow yourselves to imagine that there is life out there… some of it very advanced. This space-faring group did not want the populace to know that there was an advanced group out there creating these disasters – but wanted humans to believe it all happened naturally. My next three articles focus on this non-human force. By combining the information in those three articles with this current one on comets – you will see clearly that there has been an invading non-human force.

Many people do not consider that there are space faring groups that can create all these different disastrous events. They think that because they haven’t seen any that they cannot exist. Earth has been quarantined / cut off from the rest of the Cosmos for a long time. No other off-planet groups were allowed to come down here, except this hostile advanced group who had decided that Earth was theirs. I will show you in Part 11 of this series that these beings have been interacting with humans on the surface of this planet… some of them were ‘gods’ to the ancient people. They have also been living inside the large, cavernous regions inside Earth’s crust for a long time (I am pretty much certain that they are not there anymore). In Part 11 of this series, I will visually show you who the advanced group was / is. It has been right there in front of our faces, we just needed someone to bring all the information together and point out the patterns and correlations.

All the evidence I have suggests that this force is no longer inside our planet, or able to physically affect us anymore. That the vast majority of this force very likely left our Solar System during the last reset / re-jigging of the planet in the 1700s / 1800s. All evidence also suggests that we now have a protective, benevolent, advanced force that is scouting and patrolling our upper and lower atmosphere. More on all that in Part 14 of the series.

This article hopefully helped to prepare you for my next article in this series.

You must also contemplate that these strange short-lived animals that made up the huge influxes of small ‘creatures’ or ‘insects’ during a pestilent period are not our regular organic Earth species, but something created by this advanced non-human group.

Obviously, these are not all of the reset-related events that occurred. These are the one I have found evidence of. There will be more. If you find evidence on any more than please share the information with others in the comments section.

Don’t miss the significant additional images and information in the Additional Information section below.

Additional Images and Information:

  • The Comet of the Black Death (Comet Negra, 1347)
  • 536 AD – The World went Dark for 18 months
  • Lisbon Earthquake, 1755 (and city-wide fire and tsunami)
  • Naples Plague (1656)
  • Pompeii – Lies and Deceptions
  • More Comet Images
  • More Sky Battles

The Comet of the Black Death (Comet Negra, 1347)

The Comet of the Black Death is said to have coincided with the great plague, the “Black Death,” that killed half the population of Europe from 1346 to 1350. It’s [falsely] believed that the plague originated in Central Asia and was carried along the Silk Road into Europe by fleas on rats. There are other theories, too, about the origin of the Black Death. One says that a comet or fragments of a comet precipitated the Black Death.

“In France . . . was seen the terrible Comet called Negra. In December appeared over Avignon a Pillar of Fire. There were many great Earthquakes, Tempests, Thunders and Lightnings, and thousands of People were swallowed up; the Courses of Rivers were stopt; some Chasms of the Earth sent forth Blood. Terrible Showers of Hail, each stone weighing 1 Pound to 8; Abortions in all Countries; in Germany it rained Blood; in France Blood gushed out of the Graves of the Dead, and stained the Rivers crimson; Comets, Meteors, Fire-beams, corruscations in the Air, Mock-suns, the Heavens on Fire . . .”

(From A General Chronological History of the Air, Weather, Seasons, Meteors, Etc., by Thomas Short, 1749. London.)

536 AD – The World went Dark for 18 months:

The ninth plague of Egypt was complete darkness that lasted for three days. But in 536 A.D., much of the world went dark for a full 18 months.

“There was a sign from the Sun, the likes of which had never been seen or reported before. The Sun became dark, and its darkness lasted for about 18 months. Each day, it shone for about four hours and still this light was only a feeble shadow. Everyone declared that the Sun would never recover its full light again.” —John of Ephesis

“What happened? We don’t really know. It got very cold and cloudy all over the earth. Rain for weeks, clouds that lasted for months, darkness at noon, snow in the summer…the records show these things from around the globe. People spoke of a “veil” across the sun or a “dry fog” that persisted for over a year. Imagine, sunlight so diffused that no shadow is cast at noon. For months in 536 the stars couldn’t be seen at night. Crops failed for years, it was fifteen years before the sun and weather returned to normal! Some parts of the world suffered great droughts, others had terrible floods… Humans suffered, terribly. Starvation was everywhere, the first great plagues ravaged Europe. Nations changed their religions, Empires fell. Wars broke out, dozens in Europe and the Middle East alone. It is estimated that about half the world’s population perished in these fifteen years. Every other person died, think about that. It is not an exaggeration to say that this is the greatest historical catastrophe that has ever befallen the human race.” –

Lisbon Earthquake 1755 (and city-wide fire and tsunami):
Artwork depicting Lisbon in 1755

“…all of Lisbon’s major churches collapsed during the quake, annihilating entire congregations of worshippers. More than 80 percent of the city’s houses suffered serious damage, as well. But the shaking earth wasn’t the only deadly effect of the quake, the epicenter of which is estimated to have been in the Atlantic Ocean, about 186 miles southwest of Lisbon. About a half an hour after the quake, a tsunami looming as high as 20 feet tall slammed into Lisbon and rushed more than 800 feet inland. The wave probably killed around 900 people on its own, 600 of whom had sought shelter on a pier that collapsed.

The quake also sparked deadly fires across the city, started either by candles, cooking fires, or even ignited by looters looking to take advantage of the situation. With narrow streets, highly flammable building materials, and the chaos of the quake, the city burned for five days straight.”

This article suggests the the fire lasted a whole week:

“Lisbon burnt for a whole week. The fire was kept active by strong winds, which blew for several days, rendering it almost impossible to rescue the people and salvage the goods trapped in the ruins. This fire was even more devastating than the earthquake itself. At the time, some estimates indicated that in Lisbon alone between 30,000 and 70,000 people died.

Again, like the other cites destroyed by fire this city was all stone, brick and concrete (very likely the stronger geo-polymer concrete). We are told the city was on fire for either five days or for a week. How could that be? That is impossible. Even if the buildings were made of wood – which they definitely were not – this would have been very illogical. But these buildings were all stone, brick and concrete! Something else was causing this burning effect / fire.

The all stone, brick and concrete buildings of Lisboa (Lisbon) in 1709. You can view the whole illustration / map here –

As mentioned before in this series, it is often said that libraries, art and city records are destroyed in the numerous city disasters. This was the case in Lisbon in 1755 as well:

“The earthquake and, more specifically, the fire that followed consumed not only part of the city and its inhabitants but also truncated its history as it destroyed city records, monuments and other noble buildings, magnificent libraries and artistic and scientific collections

When you are a force that carries out resets to control a planet, you will always have to destroy historical records. This is how you control populations. This is why this planet’s ancient history is so confusing, with absolutely massive holes in it.

Naples Plague (1656):
Naples Plague, by Domenico Gargiulo (c. 1609-1610 – c. 1675)

The Naples Plague refers to a plague epidemic in Italy between 1656–1658 that nearly eradicated the population of Naples. The epidemic affected mostly central and southern Italy, killing up to 1,250,000 people throughout the Kingdom of Naples according to some estimates. In Naples alone, approximately 150,000–200,000 people died in 1656 due to the plague, accounting for more than half of the population.

Note: The much taller (giant) upper classes lived in the cities. The smaller 5 foot plus humans mainly lived outside the walled cities (from what we can tell from medieval art).


What really killed the people of Pompeii? There are many conflicting stories.

Some people think the people in Pompeii were smothered / overcome by volcanic dust. But people do not lie down and let themselves be buried by ash; it takes plenty of time for ash to come down from the atmosphere. People can escape from volcanic eruptions. They hear it and then get out of the area; they don’t just lie down.

Some ‘experts’ say it was the poisonous gas that killed them all instantly – and some even say it was a very hot ‘lethal cloud’ that came from the volcano… Some people came up with ‘theory’ / tale of a lethal fast-moving cloud coming from the volcano – this lethal cloud was said to be 100 degrees Celsius.

But the problem is that if there was this extremely hot (100 degree) fast moving ash cloud, then the flesh of the people would have melted – and this dispels this nonsense that Giuseppe Fiorelli poured plaster into cavities to create the ‘rock’ bodies they found.

That’s right, the (somewhat new) official story is that all the stone bodies were created by Giuseppe Fiorelli pouring plaster into the remaining ‘pockets’ under the ash. The so-called pockets that remained after the bodies had decomposed (Give me a break). I looked for evidence of them actually carrying out this ‘procedure’ / technique – I found none of course, but we do get some fancy modern diagrams. I don’t believe this occurred for one second. Giuseppe Fiorelli was said to be an Italian Archeologist who directed the excavations between the years 1863 and 1875.

Three extremely deceptive images / diagrams. Note: The bodies were said to be buried MUCH deeper than this.

These diagrams above show ‘Fiorelli’ using plaster of Paris – which is very weak and brittle when set – and also very white. Other sources online say that he used ‘stucco,’ which uses Portland cement. Stucco is usually very thick – to pour ‘stucco’ into these holes you would need a very runny (watery) mix, which would mean the set cement would have less strength. This Stucco mix would not be much stronger than the plaster of Paris (possibly even weaker). If we look at the arrangements of the bodies (displayed below) with arms partially raised, and away from the body, the chances of excavating these forms, that are under very compacted ash and pumice, without them breaking is pretty much zero. As an artist I have worked with both plaster of Paris and Portland cement. Plaster of Paris would break SO easily. If using Portland cement (used in Stucco) you would need a lot of carefully created (welded) steel rebar and a robust steel armature inside the cement for the form not to break when moved (the cement mix would also have to have various types of reinforcing additives in the concrete mix and it would be massively different from a Stucco mix). Even if you have a strong armature and steel rebar then it would be extremely likely to break when being excavated or moved (obviously it was impossible to put steel rebar inside the holes). The whole narrative is totally absurd.

The bodies were said to have been under a lot of volcanic dust and stone – said to be 19 to 23 feet (6 to 7 metres) deep layers of pumice stones and ash (data from Would these deep layers not compress the skin and flesh of the bodies? The answer is yes, the flesh of the body would have been very much squished and compressed. The people would have also been in much different positions. If a heat cloud or poisonous gas killed them, like they say, their bodies would be totally limp – and if it was a heat cloud the flesh would be melted off the bones. The depth of ash / stone also dispels this notion of people created of plaster by Fiorelli.

Image Above: Do these people (and the dog) look like they have died from a gas poisoning, or by a 100-degree heat cloud, and then been buried and compressed by 6 – 7 metres of ash and stone?

We should also take into account that if the flesh had rotted away and left these cavities, many of the bones would have fallen / moved – the chances of not seeing any bones protruding from these supposed castes is very slim indeed (They say they found bones of other victims that were not ‘caste’, so according to their narrative the bones should have survived)

Right: The idea that you would get a cast like this, of this child, after the body decomposed under at least 6 meters of ash and stone is ridiculous. Left: We often see arms raised above the body – these people were not dead and limp and then buried with ash and pumice.

The people of Pompeii look like they have been turned to stone (petrified) before they were buried in ash (We also have to consider that some of these bodies were not buried under many layers of dust, but were found on, or close to, the surface). If you have seen my article called ‘Old World in Ruins’, it is not far-fetched to suggests some advanced weapons caused this petrification, and the bodies were possibly buried by some volcanic ash at a later date.

Petrified definition: (of organic matter) changed into a stony substance; ossified.

The narrative that the bodies are made of plaster or stucco, created by Fiorelli, seems to have been invented in fairly recent times – before this it was accepted by others that they were petrified bodies. Look at these extracts from old texts:

Text from 1817, 1875 and 1885
Links for the sources of these texts can be found here:

Look at the descriptions under these images of the stone / petrified bodies from Pompeii – they are described as petrified victims:

Of course, in ancient ‘myths’ there are many stories of the petrification of human bodies: Medusa, the basilisk and the cockatrice are some ‘mythical creatures’ (they were really advanced technology) that were said to be able to turn people into stone. Part 13 of this series addresses the so-called ‘mythical creatures’.

This linked presentation on ‘Stolen History’ greatly questions the mainstream narrative related to Pompeii and provides some interesting information:

The Augsburg Book of Miracles shows a large eruption from Mount Vesuvius in 1482. This does not mean the people were petrified then – and this could have been a different eruption. There could have been more than one… there could have been a number of eruptions. Especially if you realise the advance force could create volcanic eruptions when they wanted to with their technology. There is possible evidence for another Vesuvius eruption in 1631 at the Stolen History link provided above. It looks like the petrified people of Pompeii may have actually been buried in ash at a later date – later than 1482 and in more recent times. If there was a deep covering it was likely an ‘artificial’ / contrived covering.

You can see in the translated description above, that the publisher of ‘The Augsburg Book of Miracles’ added this information that says [in fact: A.D.79] – but the original said 1482

It is difficult to know exactly what happened at Pompeii and exactly when it all occurred – but it was a contrived, tactical, reset-related, targeting of that location – and advanced technology would have been used. It very much looks like the people, animals (there were petrified horses and dogs) and other organic substances (food was turned to stone) were petrified by some advanced weapons.

As I have said before in this series, dates have been messed with – and when you study ancient history with critical thinking you get the strong sense that ‘The Powers That Be’ have tried to ‘stretch’ the planet’s history where they can. It is extremely unlikely that the people of Pompeii were petrified and buried all the way back in 79 AD. It all likely occurred a great deal more recently.

Some More Relevant Images:
Istanbul Comet and Earthquake, 1556
Bayeux Tapestry, Comet Halley
Two broadsheets from the 1500s. The one on the left is said to be by Hans Glaser
Left: A broadsheet from the 1500s showing fire coming down from the sky. Right: On Christmas day 1704 a great light appeared in the sky of Catalonia. Josep Bolló made the drawing, describing it as Signe Magnus, “And as we have observed, it can be said that it was an omen for the miseries and calamities that has suffered and suffers all the Kingdom of Spain, and more particularly the Principality of Cathalunya.”
Left: Types of cometary forms, illustrations from Johannes Hevelius’ Cometographia (Danzig, 1668) Right: [Notable comets of the period 1577-1652] Library of Congress Rare Book and Special Collections Division Washington, D.C. 20540 USA b
An old woodcut engraving, with colour added in the second image so as to highlight the two objects in the sky,

Some more Strange Suns and Stars seen in the Sky from The ‘Augsburg’ Book of Miracles (A selection, there are more):

Some more Images from The ‘Augsburg’ Book of Miracles depicting craft or battles in the sky:

The people who described all these scenes, on which the old illustrations are based, did not really know what they were seeing and had no understanding of advanced technology. The artist used his experience of life to create the scenes. For example, there obviously weren’t any medieval knights in the sky – but something else more advanced.

You can view larger images from The Book of Miracles here:

The Iliad of Homer, Book 19:

“Like the red Star, that from his flaming hair,
Shakes down diseases, pestilence and war.”


Next article in the series (The image is linked):

14 thoughts on “Comets, Pestilence, Plague, City Fires, Earthquakes and Miraculous Signs. Resets and Genocides, Part 10

  • September 14, 2022 at 10:17 am

    Thank you so much for this amazing series of articles. Are you going to write more on this? I have read everything on your site. I had an experience a few years ago with the German “Aliens.” Which is how I found your site. I had been worrying for a year or more about the future of our race. then one night, I was lying in bed reading with my cat at my feet. I had never had any UFO experiences prior to this, but lots of “supernatural” ones. Anyway, I became aware of three, very handsome, tall and blonde men standing close to me. I knew immediately that they were from the Reich, so they seemed to be able to communicate with me telepathically somehow. They just smiled in a reassuring way. Then I saw three disc shaped UFO’s flying off. I could put it down to a dream, but my cat also saw them. The impression that I got from them was that they are indeed living elsewhere. I have O negative blood, not sure if that is why they came to me. Have been awake about the WW2 stuff for a few years. It is a lonely place when everyone else is still asleep (I am in Northern Ireland.) Anyways, thanks for everything that you do.


    • September 15, 2022 at 5:28 pm

      Hi Fiona

      You are very welcome.

      Yes, there are three more articles in this series that are close to being ready for publishing and one that I have a framework for.


      Thanks for sharing this experience. It reminds of my grandad. He was a no nonsense war veteran. He told me how he was sitting in his comfy chair dozing (sort of in and out of sleep) one evening and he saw my great Aunt Betty in front of him and she spoke to him and said that she had died but that she was fine and not to worry.

      My great aunt Betty (his sister) was living in Canada – she had died that night – he did not know this, he found out about it the next day.

      My granddad was not definitely not interested in any topics related to spirituality etc… as I said before, a straight down the line war veteran. If he said he saw this I believe him. It was quite some time ago when he told me this, before I had any of my own experiences.

      It seems that – and I know this from experience – there is a state between waking and sleep where we sometimes get contact. There are obviously many levels to reality and a lot we do not understand.

      It is interesting to me how people who have some sort of connection to this breakaway civilisation find their way to this site.

      By the way, they are not all blonde – there is also red hair, brown hair and black hair in the civilisation, from what I have seen. Just like in North, West and Central Europe.


      Yes, it can be tough when surrounded by the sleepy normies – hang in there.

      Best regards.

      • September 16, 2022 at 11:14 am

        Entity art,

        Thank you, friend, and thanks for sharing your Grandfather’s experience. Yes, the state between awake and asleep is very powerful.

        When I say this, I don’t mean it in an egotistical way at all, but I have had abilities all of my life that other people don’t seem to have ( I keep those to myself).

        I have also been attacked relentlessly over the years, starting from childhood. When i was around the age of 6, I remember becoming aware of an energetic “net” around the earth. Shortly after that, the ceiling in my bedroom fell through (luckily I had decided to sleep in my brother’s room that night). Then I suddenly got type 1 diabetes and unfortunately the medical estasblishment seem to be collectively possessed by this enemy or dark energy.

        My Family has been attacked through the most bizarre circumstances from different people and organisations. Partners suddenly turning into an enemy and all kinds of things. Despite all of this, I have never been really harmed, although I am extremely discerning now about who I befriend as even ordinary, seemingly nice people can suddenly turn on me, almost like agent smith from the matrix. I am 41 now and have learned a lot. My partner seems to be immune to it, he is half german, half danish so I wonder if that is the reason. I am half Danish myself by blood. Any time in my life that I have felt in danger, I have asked inside my head for help and the danger is removed almost immediately. My father seems to have the same protection around him, some of his stories are so strange that nobody would believe them.

        It is definitely telling that the Reich waited until I had come to the truth about WW2 myself before they came to me. I really believe that I am part of them. I’m an astrologer by profession and use my work to subtly wake people up about certain truths that they need to know. I will continue to do my bit in fighting in this war.

        By the way, people have been seeing fireballs over Belfast Belfast for the past couple of nights.

        • September 26, 2022 at 2:15 pm

          Hello Fiona,

          Thankyou for the share.



          You could have very well have taken part in some projects with the Breakaway Civilisation and you have no memory of it… in fact, I think it is fairly likely. They could have been working with you from a young age. My earliest memory with them is as a 3 year old (rough estimate) riding on some type of tricycle in some strange hall with a sloped floor, competing against other children. They assess you from a young age for these projects.

          Time and space appear to be more flexible / malleable than we realise. We have very little understanding of what is possible in the cosmos once you understand its mechanics. It is very easy for them to pick us up when we sleep – as easy as walking through a door (very likely some type of portal). From what I have seen, it happens very quickly and smoothly without resistance, like we are switched to our alter immediately.

          You are the right age for it as well, just a bit younger than me… And if you have some ‘metaphysical’ gifts it is even more likely. They are assessing the DNA, your psyche as well as who you are as a Soul. Though I took part in physical military missions I also utilised metaphysical abilities for them in other roles… and it seems that sometimes I used them part way through a physical mission – my consciousness coming out of my body / projecting and zooming into distant locations ahead of our squad. Scouting ahead with a type of remote viewing… I have flash-backed to some incredible things during the night… and some very scary and intense scenes as well (Scary to the Earth part of me – there did not seem to be much fear in the projects).

          It is perfectly possible that you and I know each other on a different level, or from some of the projects. In my memories I saw a lot of young people being collected and congregating in halls in other realms – and in the military projects. I saw training and barracks involving a lot of young people. There were definitely some women in these military projects. In one memory from my earliest times serving in one of these military projects there was a young woman with straight dark hair who was bunking next to me (yes, unisex barracks it seems) – she was disappointed with me for getting into a fist fight in some type of recreation area that evening. (I had already flash-backed to the fight before seeing her). This was a multiple scene chronological flashback that involved three consecutive scenes – the third scene was the following morning and the building we were stationed in was attacked from above by a non-human ET group (you seem to mainly flashback to emotionally charged events). It seems that eventually, after this earlier ‘rookie’ stage, I became a part of some type of small, elite squad performing covert missions… it is hard to reconcile and integrate all these flashback memories, as I do not have any military training on Earth. You maintain a good level of detachment, but are also fully aware that you absolutely completed these missions… it is a very strange feeling.


          Other level targeting:

          Yes, there seems to be a fair bit occurring on other levels that can affect and influence people.

          I know for certain that I am targeted by these very strange ‘floaty’ incorporeal beings on another level during the night – an ex-girlfriend was also targeted by them as well… they can attach themselves to you as you sleep. I can find myself in different states of consciousness on occasions in the night and I have seen them, I saw one of them very clearly – very strange looking beings – and I even heard one of them once!

          As I am sure you know, there are various other levels and connected overlaid realms with negative and positive beings / Souls. Everything is a lot more complex than most people realise.

          I may be wrong, but I feel like my other level targeting really started, or fully kicked off, in my late teens, perhaps after I was returned to Earth after the long initial stint with the Breakaway Civilisation.



          Thanks, yes there are still plenty of those so called ‘bolides’ and ‘meteors’. They are occurring regularly – all over the world. I keep an eye on them. I also have a list of over 15 more videos were you clearly see UFOs neutralising the so-called ‘bolides’ / ‘meteors’. It is incredible how many are occurring, but it seems like I am the only person to have done any analysis and shown the significance of it all… most humans really are so shut down and distracted, how many of these fireballs do they need to see before they investigate? As well as this, there are so many gatekeeping controlled opposition agents out there in Ufology misdirecting people.


          Energetic Net:

          It is interesting that you talk about an ‘energetic net’. I have always imagined there must be some metaphysical / other-level mechanisms involved in this type of ‘prison planet’ – there has to be. As humans are so shut-down metaphysically on the surface of this planet – most don’t realise it, as they don’t know what they should be able to do and experience. The more I saw what some human Souls are capable of (what I am capable of) in these flashback memories to the projects and missions, and the more I understood that there are many levels and realms, the more this all made sense to me. There has to be some implemented metaphysical mechanisms shutting the surface dwelling human Souls down – various types (from my experiences the dream-scape is very much controlled / influenced as well). Of course, the most obvious metaphysical mechanism in-place is the light and tunnel afterlife-realm Soul collection mechanism.


          Assessing people:

          I think it is wise to be very cautious with who you spend time with. I am always carefully assessing people, watching all their mannerisms, facial expressions, body language and I mentally note everything they say… and also feel / sense their energy. There are psychopaths, narcissists and sociopaths all around us. Most are good at hiding it (especially the numerous covert narcissists), good at pretending to be human Souls – you let these people in and they can mess with your life a great deal, and distract you from your mission. I think they can be more easily influenced by other level negative forces as well. I don’t think psychopaths, narcissists (npd) and sociopaths are human Souls, they feel no connection and empathy to human Souls – though many have learnt to fake their empathy… but if you are conscious of energy you can observe and feel the lack of warmth, lack of heartfelt connection and their fakeness. I think these non-human intelligences / ‘souls’ living among us could possibly be from the same ‘soul’ group as the bipedal reptilians – at the very least they are related to this agenda that is playing out on Earth.


          Best of luck with waking people… One of the problems we have is the people who acquire knowledge and then remain passive and do not have the courage to attempt to wake others… If everyone one does their bit we can win the information war.

          Not that I think anyone needs to go around telling normies about aliens, breakaway civilisations and ‘floaty’ incorporeal entities in other realms! Just issues that clearly directly affect them, and Truths they can handle 🙂

          Best regards.

  • October 9, 2022 at 10:10 am

    This is definitely a magnum opus.

    I know it’s a difficult question, but what are human origins?

    Did we evolve from some simpler mammal?
    [I am aware of Sepehr’s theory that
    the other primates came from us]

    Or were we created by something more directly (e.g. the Greys long ago,
    or the Earth’s Atoma or the Sun)?
    Or did we enter this solar system through a portal or spacecraft then devolve?

    Was there ever a period where humans (all on this planet at least) were without metallurgy,
    agriculture and writing i.e. a hunter-gatherer/caveman period (as is repeated ad nauseam)?

    Are planets spawned by the Sun sterile or with life?

    I am aware Walter Russell’s idea that everything is alive, but speaking more narrowly,
    what is the origin of life – or at least simple cells?
    If it’s just some powerful spirit willing it directly, then are there any limitations
    on what a spirit can materialize?

    Thank you for all your work.

    • October 11, 2022 at 1:06 pm

      Hi Heightmogged by giants

      You are welcome, my friend.

      Firstly, you really think if Sepehr knew the exact Truth that he would share it? (And that theory of his will not by True).

      After reading all this Resets and Genocides series of mine you still think he is on our side?

      (((YouTube))) is a ridiculous place – an extension of Mainstream Media now. More than 6 years of heavy censorship, and the incessant seeding of control opposition, and pretty much all you have left on there are controlled gatekeeping agents and naive normies.

      I have exposed a great many things all the controlled people on YouTube are gate-keeping in this series.

      Read through the series in order more than once – it all fits together. I very much doubt anyone will see all the correlations reading through it all just once

      I can tell you this – all the evidence I have seen from my research shows that humanity on Earth had a technologically advanced and cosmically knowledgeable past and then humanity was regressed and degenerated by an invading off-planet force through resets, manipulations and so called ‘natural’ disasters. I do not think those incredibly knowledgeable giants started of as hunter gathering cavemen! 🙂

      Also, remember that there has been a large amount of subversion from controlled academia and we have been lied to about a great many dates.

      It is likely the largest giant humans created / genetically engineered the smaller giant humans – the 7-9 feet tall humans and the 10 – 14 feet tall giants, for example. The wide variety of smaller 5 foot-tall-plus humans added to the planet in 1700s and 1800s were very likely created by the bipedal reptilians – it is also possible that the 5 foot-tall-plus humans that were on the planet in the 1300s, 1400s, 1500s and 1600s may have also been created by the bipedal reptilians using the giant humans DNA – it is possible that they modified it to create the 5 foot-tall-plus humans.


      I believe, after studying alternative cosmology, that it is likely that suns emit some type of energetic conglomeration which eventually forms a planet – attracting matter and gasses to it over time.

      It is also very likely that the more mature planets that have become somewhat habitable are often seeded with life by space faring groups.


      The origin of all life? … Who knows my friend? I would not worry about that right now though 🙂 … Those are some big questions that people on the surface of this planet cannot possibly know 🙂


      Hope that helped, best regards.

        • October 21, 2022 at 5:23 pm

          Indeed. And of course, Zelenskyy is jewish as well. It is all so ridiculous and obvious, this guy was famously a jewish actor and now is he is performing his scripts written for him by International Jewry – in this preplanned, contrived war with various nefarious agendas to further oppress and harm the European people. Exactly which parts of the military conflict are real and which parts are faked I couldn’t tell you (I have seen some very fake footage) – but, as you very likely already know, the whole thing was obviously carefully planned with Jewry controlling both sides.

        • December 30, 2022 at 7:23 pm

          By the way, I am not sure about Trump being jewish. But they certainly totally own him – they very likely have financially bailed him out on at least a few occasions, and they will have all sorts of dirt on him (let’s not forget he was a friend of Epstein). He also has strong connections to powerful jews and, of course, his son in law is very obviously jewish as well. Trump is also a narcissist without morals or empathy.

  • November 22, 2022 at 11:30 pm

    Hi Entity,

    I have been thinking about this for some time now…

    After two winters defeating Napoleon’s army(1812) and Hitler’s army(1941), two massive military operations, do the (((tribe))) have any help left from their masters that can make a difference in some future battle in Russia’s land again? Apparently, the land of Russia is somehow very important to the Yahwehs/foreign race or the (((tribe))).

    I can understand the problems of a military operation on a winter season. But those two operations were the biggest military offensive against Moscow/Russia in modern history(as we were told and I can be wrong). In both cases, the weather was the turning point for Russia. I’m sure the (((tribe))) had a massive help from the Yahwehs/foreign race in those battles. Again I ask, do they still have this massive help/support? They still have the ‘winter weapon’ at their disposal? Or the ‘winter weapon’ got limited to ‘earthly’ actions like ‘cut off the power’? I see the weather manipulations, but it seems that they are mostly about climate propaganda than military weapons now. At least not in a large scale like in the past. They still can do a lot of damage with the ‘cut off the power’ weapon but not the same kind of damage they used to do with the German Breakaway Group out there now.

    (((They))) are exhibiting weird behaviors in the last months. Getting out of their lair a little clumsy. (((Their))) propaganda machine are on steroids and it seems that they are losing control of some of their flocks. Looks like they not even care so much with the spotlights and their actions turn against them pretty easily.

    I know that we are in a very complex situation right now. Even here in Brazil things are SO out of place(more than usual), so much propaganda and it seems that ‘qanon’ landed here not too long ago.

    Without a master to guide them properly, the (((tribe))) can become stuck with their old plans of world domination, even if they still have more to do yet? In a loop of actions that eventually will end up with their own demise? Kinda looks like this is the case. Am I seen this wrong?

    White Folk

    • November 25, 2022 at 10:38 pm

      Hi White Folk

      Yes, it is likely that they had help with those two wars from the reptilians (easy for an advanced group to influence / control the weather) – I am pretty sure that when the main reptilian force left our solar system (likely at some point in the 1800s), they left a small force in this area for just those reasons. And yes, they could have influenced those wars in various other ways as well… we just don’t know.

      The incredible destruction in Dresden (melted people and melted streets) was likely caused by them and their advanced weapons… and likely the destruction in Japan as well.

      But no, I do not think they can get to us now, and influence wars etc… All evidence suggests otherwise. We clearly have a protective force in our atmosphere.

      We simply would not be having this awakening if they could get to us…. Numerous terrible so called ‘natural’ disasters would have occurred. We were never meant to get anywhere near to this level of knowledge and consciousness.

      And there would have been a real ‘pandemic’ if they could get to us – as in they would have released a pestilence (very dangerous toxins released upon certain populations)… But all we got was the obviously fake Covid 19 – which was pretty much just the Flu and Pneumonia re-branded and deception via the PCR test.

      Jewry and the Freemasons try to use the same tactics, but they have much lesser technology and they cannot get any dangerous advanced craft into the skies, as the Breakaway Civilisation and their allies will just take them down.

      Yeah, the insanity is ramping up. Narcissists and psychopaths never stop, they cannot change, their desire for power and control are at the core of their being. They will just up the levels of propaganda and lies… and will be incessantly seeding controlled opposition agents and creating various psyops and fake terror events… and a whole lot more.

      As they lie more and more, and increase the propaganda, it wakes more people up – more people notice. They are playing a dangerous game.

      By the way, I intend to reply to your previous message as well. I haven’t forgotten it.

      Best regards.

  • December 7, 2023 at 2:15 am

    Hi entity

    What are the comets made of? And do you think steam engines are advanced since they use water.

    Best regards

    • December 13, 2023 at 7:14 pm

      Hi Michael

      The ancient comets were often the Reptilian’s advanced craft or some of their tech / weapons. The word ‘comet’ meant something different to the ancient people.

      I don’t know what all these modern day comets we see in our skies are – they are very different and head straight down towards Earth. They look like something energetic – often glowing green or blue. They look like some type of weapon. They are being neutralised by UFOs.

      I wouldn’t call steam engines advanced technology.

      • December 15, 2023 at 7:03 am

        Ok then because i thought steam would be advanced because it did not need any diesel or petrol and it also uses water but i will be open. Btw we should be using ecletricy for all applications

        Best regards


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