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Zionism, Extraterrestrials, Secret Space Programs, Milabs, New World Order, Real Truthers
(Disinfo – Controlled Opposition – My Personal SSP Milab ET Experiences)

Article Sections: 1 – Introduction 2 – A little bit about and my ET/SSP experiences  3 – The Real Truth Movement, 4 – Zionism and Secret Space Programs, 5 – Secret Space Program ‘Nazi Dark Fleet’ disinfo, 6 – My Thoughts on SSPs, 7 – Nazis, Zionists and Reptilian Humanoids, 8 – Is Earth an ET Experiment or a Soul Prison Slave Planet? 9 – Overview of my SSP / Milab and ET experiences


(Update Feb 2018: After much analysis of all the secret space program narrative and the prominent whistle-blowers I can see that they are deceivers. I see all the inconsistencies in their testimonies and their agendas… (groups of controlled opposition agents) so I am more inclined to believe that my experiences, flashbacks and memories are more related to an ET group that I am connected with, and working for or with. It is logical that there are going to be Earth funded secret space type projects but the narrative we are being given is full of deception. I rule nothing out completely when it comes to extraterrestrials and advanced technologies, and I keep my mind open.

This below article was me still attempting to come to terms with what had been happening to me, and all the subversion within Ufology… it is not as well set out, and clear, as some of my others. There is much more clarity in my more recent ‘Ufology Explained’ article.)

I am attempting something that is somewhat tricky – I am trying bridge a gap between a few sections of the alternative media. I am in a somewhat rare situation as I have had ET abductions, various otherworldly and other dimensional experiences – and as well as this I would definitely say that I am also well researched in nearly all aspects of the alternative media /global conspiracy and I am capable of critical thinking – and a part of the, what I would call, The Real Truth Movement.

(I don’t know exactly how this article will evolve… I may also express personal feelings about my otherworldly experiences as well.)

Anyway, as I mentioned, the aim of this article is not to try and get anybody interested in Ufology. In fact, if you start researching Ufology it will just send you around in circles and you will be fed lots of disinfo – as it is almost totally Zionist controlled. I have researched Ufology a tremendous amount, you would if you had the experiences I have had. But Ufology is mainly just being used as a distraction and a Limited Hangout to stop people from finding out Real Objective Truths and it is also used to pacify them – lots of ‘saviour programming’ in Ufology. It is also very much a compartmentalised area of the alternative media, where disinfo can be given to people on other areas of the alternative media. And the real testimonies are getting drowned out by so much disinfo. But in this article I will describe some of what I have perhaps learnt from my experiences and my research regarding Extraterrestrials,Secret Space Programs and Advanced Technology – particularly in relation to Zionism and the New World Order. What are they distracting you from – well a great many things, some of which I list in this article – but fundamentally to get ourselves out of this oppression humanity is suffering we need to address debt slavery and usury – countries need to print their own money and totally detach themselves from the Jewish Zionists central banks. You always have to go to the root causes of the problems – and use most of your energy on resolving these root causes.

A little bit about my Experiences:

The things I have seen… it totally shifts your paradigm. I can’t truly describe what it feels like to see some of the things I have. I have seen many different types of strange holographic-type ‘screens’ in the night, I have experienced myself go into some type of portal – become lucid mid-mission briefly seeing advanced craft and strange worlds, otherworldly battles, holographic displays, facilities etc. I have become conscious when they take me from my bedroom – I feel forces take control of my body in the night, powerful energetic forces… resistance is futile, as they say. I have seen and even briefly touched small ETs in my bedroom and also met them in other dimensional experiences. I have had the same alien being appear in my third eye twice… I have had ET abductions where they take me onto a ship or base – I could go on) (Some of these are very brief, and some are in different states of consciousness – mainly its glimpses, its just moments of paradigm shifting lucidity during these experiences)

But what I will tell you is that I don’t really know what they all mean – I know I am involved in something far beyond the realms of what the average person on this planet contemplates. I will also tell you that these ‘experiencers’ who tell you exactly what their experiences all mean – it is highly likely they are controlled opposition… these experiences bring up more questions than answers… and what they all really mean is tightly controlled.

I sometimes get a little emotional talking about all this, because… well I am here and there, I am here on Earth but I have been ‘there’ as well, carrying out tasks on other planets and in ships – how can I only get glimpses, why? How exactly does all this work? Who is this extraterrestrial group that I seem to be connected to? (Don’t give me some paraphrased copy of what these so called SSP ‘insiders’ say. I have listened to all the videos and read all the articles – I have listened to the disinfo that is mixed in with truths and half truths that comes from Corey Goode, and other SSP whistleblowers – the disinfo from these numerous fake ‘Channelers’ – and the disinfo from the so-called’ insiders’, controlled people like David Wilcock – he is another Controlled Opposition disinfo agent – you get bits of truth mixed in with lots of disinfo.)

I dream of people I don’t know from this Earth life but I am sure they are from this other life I have led, or am leading. I have had relationships with people in these Secret Space or ET projects and I can’t really remember them… only occasionally in my dreamscape and ‘astral’ experiences do I sometimes see them. I seem to have lived another life and been brought back to Earth – I am involved in something that I only get glimpses of (Mk Ultra type alters?) And it has made my life here on Earth very difficult, there are strange health issues, strange occurrences throughout my life, monitoring, the helicopters circling my house for nearly 30 mins… my life has been made very difficult by ‘them’… and the PTSD, don’t get me started on that.

And I will tell you — no one down here on Earth is going to be able to tell you exactly what it all means and exactly what is going on. I feel that I know more than most of these so-called experts, to be honest. I have contacted many people, well known people in the Ufology field, and they haven’t helped me at all, and some are just full of shit (please excuse the language, it is the best expression for it)… some are pure, out and out, Zionist controlled disinfo agents and some are just totally naive ill-informed New Age types. There are not people you can go to who can help with this… to stop you being used by ETs and SSPs and from being targeted here on Earth… you just have to evolve consciously, eat an impeccably healthy diet, meditate and become a wise, knowledgeable critical thinker… But at least I know where all the hypervigilance, anxiety, adrenal fatigue and PTSD originated from in my late teens… I was a very talented guy, I had so much going for my in my teens, I was pretty gifted in various ways and was outgoing… it was then in my teens that my life just got really difficult and all these anxiety, PTSD and nervous system and immune system issues surfaced, and this was also when I started to create all this otherworldly Art and started withdrawing from my friends and feeling somewhat disoriented. These SSP and Secret Milab type projects, if they truly exist,  are going to have ruined many lives – the vast majority won’t have seen what I have seen, and will not know why they feel like they do. Some of them I will know from these projects, though I would not recognise them now in my Earth ‘alter’. (It may all just be ET projects some people are recalling and not Earth based ones)

I appear to have been, and still seem to be, until recently anyway, very much involved with some sort of secret space or ET projects. I seem to be have been involved in a military capacity, in many battles on different planets. In recent experiences I also seem to give orders to people, and also train people – it’s just what I see that I am, or have been, involved in. I have also become fairly lucid during a mission here on earth, finding myself in a foreign country briefly, but this appeared to be taking place in another dimension. Although some of this is ET related, there are wide variety of experiences (although most are brief, there have been a lot) – I do appear to be connected to an extraterrestrial group – and there is just something different about me as a soul. And during nearly all of them I am in a slightly different state of consciousness.

Here are photos of some of the Art I created – all this was before I had had any conscious otherworldly or ET/SSP/Milab experiences. It was hidden memories and my subconscious coming through about the otherworldly projects I had been involved in – they were coming through in my art and the stories I wrote. I did not know that then, but after my flashbacks and experiences I know that now. This is just a selection, there is more in the gallery section on this site. None of my Art is for sale – it is my subconscious, it is my hidden memories coming through.

On this website of mine there is a long article describing my extraterrestrial experiences, my other dimensional experiences, the operations I become lucid during and what seem to be Secret Space Program remembrances/flashback – operations I am being used in. Below is a link to this article – I started writing about my experiences about three years ago, and then continued to add experiences to them as I had them, perhaps naively as I was just telling those that monitor me what I was seeing, and they probably abducted me more and targeted me more. This article describes some of my ET abductions and Milab/SSP type missions in a fair amount of detail. It also tells you about the stories I started writing in my later teens and early twenties about being taken by Extraterrestrials onto a ship with other talented young humans and placed on other planets etc – my subconscious really can express itself through my artistic pursuits. I will tell you what else my Art has told me – and I have seen this in one experience – the small aliens that have been abducting or perhaps I should say ‘collecting’ me, they are involved in talking me through portals to other planets, as amazing as that can sound.

ET experiences Link:

The Real Truth Movement

All the Alternative Media, just like mainstream media (MSM), although not to the same degree, is very much controlled by the Jewish Zionists. By now, surely you must realize that MSM is controlled by Jewish Zionists, I mean…. this isn’t even up for contention – the facts and figures are there for all to see – and the research is out there. Anyway, the Zionists also control a great deal of the Alternative Media – and have their controlled opposition agents everywhere. Of course they control the media – they control the money, the banks, so it’s not difficult for them to buy up all the media companies and networks – this again is not up for contention, do your research., for example the one with Corey Goode’s Cosmic Disclosure ‘show’ on it. is so obviously Zionist owned company, I remember seeing a post where it showed that it traced back to them – nearly all this New Age stuff is pretty much one massive controlled opposition limited hangout. (Corey Goode… Give me a break – Blue Avians and these Inner Earth groups… you’ve got the Blue Avian pretty much doing the freemasonic satanic luciferian ‘as above so below’ baphomet pose with its hand as well… Sorry… I digress… I could go on and on about this guy… and I totally believe he is a controlled opposition agent, there are agendas… it’s so obvious when you are knowledgeable… definitely not a fan of him.)

Links to two articles: Corey Goode is Controlled Opposition and an article about Controlled Opposition in the Alternative Media

So this article, as I have mentioned, is attempting to create a bridge between Extraterrestrial and Secret Space Program research and the Real Truth Movement. So what do I mean by the Real Truth movement? People who understand many of these things below:

(Before you read them — a warning — Some of you are going to experience cognitive dissonance when you read through this list, as you may be from the new age or ufology community researching SSPs – anyway, you don’t have to agree with me straight away, as I always say, ‘to become a good truth seeker you always need to hold information that you don’t agree with in a box in the back of your mind to correlate information with at a later date’. This is what happened to me with the Holocaust truth, the ‘Jew World Order’ truth and Hitler truth etc. Initially you can’t compute certain truths, it’s like ‘woah there, that can’t be right, they could not have deceived me that much’, then you see it again from different sources and then you investigate and do your research, looking at many sources – and then it’s ‘Of course, it all makes sense now’. And you realise that if they control all the news networks, all the television networks, the education systems and hollywood – then they really can make you think something happened when it didn’t, or someone is evil when they aren’t – and then all the pieces of the global conspiracy begin to fit together.

(Side Note — I am not racist or a part or any religious or social movements – I am all about love, truth and justice. I can hold my head up high, I am an honorable man with integrity whose intentions are pure and I seek to inform and empower humanity to break free from this satanic system and to stop the Zionist Satanic New World Order from occurring)

Anyway, some of the things the Real Truthers or the Real Truth movement understands:

— It is not the ‘Illuminati’ but the Zionist Jews who are causing all the problems on this planet
— Trump is just a Zionist puppet working towards the New World Order
— These terrorist events reported on by Mainstream Media are faked using Crisis Actors – some of the most obvious faked ones Sandy Hook, Boston Bombing, Orlando Pulse, Russian Ambassador Assassination, Virginia Reporter shooting, France/Nice truck attack, Stockholm Truck attack… and so many more
— Almost everything on the Mainstream media news networks is scripted and fake and is more like a TV show – it’s all just carefully selected and scripted propaganda and brainwashing
—The Zionist Jews own all the news outlets, TV networks and Hollywood and brainwash the masses with it – research it, they  pretty much own it all
— The Freemasons (Masonic Lodges) is a Jewish establishment used by the Jewish Zionists for their New World order agendas and world domination
— No planes were used for 9 11 and Israel and Mossad were the main protagonists ( Dancing Israelis, anyone?)
— Israel controls America and determines American Foreign Policy
— The Zionist Jews want to rebuild their satanic Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem and rule the world from there – It’s not a ‘new world order’ but a ‘jew world order’
— Judaism is essentially communism and has become like a mind control cult based on Babylonian Talmudism
— Jewish holy books, such as the Talmud, say really terrible things about the Goyim (non- jews)
— That the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion is a real document written by Jewish Zionist Freemasons and describes exactly why the world is the way it is.
— Gaddafi was not a bad man and nor is Bashar Al-Assad — but the Zionist owned media will tell you that they are (anyone who is not playing ball in the Zionist bankers mind is in line for destruction and for a propaganda campaign to demonize them)
— Hitler was not an evil man, but an honorable intelligent man
— Hitler transformed Germany by getting rid of the Jewish Zionists Bankers and Freemasons (Illuminati) from Germany
— Hitler showed you could transform a country if you get rid of the international Jewish banking cartels and print your own money and have your own independent debt free currency – and that you don’t need gold to create a thriving country (hence why Hitler and Germany were destroyed and are constantly lied about an demonized by all the Jewish Zionist owned media)
— The National Socialist German Workers Party (NSDAP) were peaceful and never called themselves ‘Nazis’
— Hitler never wanted to conquer the world or kill all the Jews – More Zionist lies
— Hitler and The National Socialist German Workers Party (NSDAP) were not racist and respected other cultures and races.
— The Holocaust did not happen and the Holocaust myth is being used by the Jewish Zionists to gain both sympathy and huge financial reparations that are still ongoing (the amount of evidence that it did not happen is overwhelming) Article Link: HOLOCAUST DEPROGRAMMING COURSE
— A Genocide Of the German People occurred at the end of WW2 .e.g – Dresden firebombing, Eisenhower’s Rhine Meadows death camps etc
— Controlled Opposition Zionist agents are all over the alternative media
— The Debt Slavery (Usury) is the Zionists power base – and the root of this satanic power – so countries need to print their own money – have their own debt free currency –  until all countries get rid of Usury and print their own money we will struggle to make significant changes on this planet

But you see, within these areas of the alternative media, in the Real Truth Movement, where you find well researched and knowledgeable people, extraterrestrials are very rarely discussed. And perhaps rightly so – as Ufology is being used as a distraction and a limited hangout by the Zionists who control Ufology with their controlled ‘researchers’ and controlled ‘whistleblowers’. And in Ufology you will not get many well researched knowledgeable critical thinkers who understand the real truths mentioned above in my list. I have researched ufology extensively and the lack of critical thinking and the amount of naive people who just take these people’s word for it… well it is a real problem… this article is more for them – not that many would get this far into this article. Many people are too weak minded, fearful and not humble enough to engage with material that threatens their belief systems.

(A great deal of information is in the below article about Zionism — and it is also about Hitler and WW2 Germany Truth — there are videos, links and quotes – and at the end of it there is a gallery of images and quotes as well.)

Zionism – Judaism – Freemasonry – New World Order – Satanism – Kabbalah – Israel – Palestine – Holocaust – Hitler – Second World War – National Socialism

Zionism and Secret Space Programs.

Let’s be clear, the Zionist Jews have a great deal of control of this planet, stemming from their control of the debt slavery financial system – so if Earth does have a very advanced Secret Space Program then it would be run by the Zionist Jews of course. They control the debt slavery financial system and have done so for a long time, and they own all the major companies and corporations. So therefore, it is, in the main, not going to be a pleasant set of Secret Space Projects – it is going to be a communist type slave system, which would only serve the interests of the Jewish Zionist Elites and whichever ET group or groups they are working with. And what are these ‘elite’ Zionists into? Pedophilia, luciferianism, satanic ritual sacrifice, artificial intelligence/transhumanism and all sorts of perversions. – and most of all they want power and to rule over the Goyim (all the Non-Jews). The Jewish holy books talk about this – research the Talmud, the Jews essential text – these elite Zionist Jews follow this book – as well as the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.

Activist and ex-U.S Marine Ken O’Keefe calls them the “Jewish Supremacist Talmudic Satanic Pedophile Bankster Cult”

These Secret Space Programs or Secret Solar System Projects are going to be huge business, massive business, bigger than what you can imagine, bigger than anything on Earth by a long distance. It is going to be the most protected and lied about part of the global conspiracy. They are going to try and control the whole SSP narrative with  controlled agents put in place by the Zionists – and that is exactly what they are doing! Many people still don’t realize how manipulative these Jewish Zionist Freemasons are, and how all this works…(Protocols of the learned Elders Of Zion) And this is why NASA is so obviously faking and photoshopping all their images and video footage, the solar system is very busy, full of ships and bases etc – it isn’t because the Earth is flat!

Secret Space Program ‘Nazi Dark Fleet’ disinfo

I have talked about this in another of my articles, but I will make some new points related to this in this article, anyway, I am not buying this ‘Nazi Dark Fleet’ rhetoric, not one bit: What do we get from all these controlled opposition SSP whistleblowers? We get so much of this rhetoric that there is an evil German Fourth Reich ‘Dark Fleet’ – come on, give me a break… 

‘Dark Fleet!’ Why would this fleet be called this? Its ridiculous anti-German propaganda. And The National Socialist German Workers Party wore brown by the way… and German Soldiers under Hitler wore greyish green or greyish blue and also mottled camouflage brown and green just like other armies – all this black uniform imagery is used extensively for the Zionists anti-German propaganda even though the black uniform was a rarity. The black SS uniform was dropped in 1938/39 – it was only used as service dress, just for parades – it wasn’t used in the army. Why would the Germans makes themselves a ‘Dark Fleet’? The German tanks and vehicles were, again, camouflaged – they were not black. This whole ‘Dark Fleet’ SSP rhetoric is just tying in with the anti-Nazi propaganda in Jewish Zionist controlled Hollywood. It is because these SSP whistleblowers are Controlled by the Zionists, just like Hollywood is – these people are Controlled Opposition Agents. Some of these SSP whistleblowers even tell us that all the Nazis in the ‘Dark Fleet’ look like the Evil Empire from the movie Star Wars – they actually try to tell us this. Trying equate them to some type of Evil Empire out there in space… give me a break. (The Fourth Reich could possibly have some stealth ships, that would be black – but they wouldn’t call themselves the ‘Dark Fleet’. In fact, from my understanding, if there are various fleets out there in space – many military ships of all the different factions or fleets are going to be painted black – its just common sense.)

Ernst Zundel, David Irving, Dennis Wise are some good people to look up in relation to Hitler truth… and you can look at my article on Zionism – there are links in there.

I am an English guy whose Grandad fought in WW2 for England – but let’s get this straight: German people are not and were not evil, it’s all lies – and they did not want to conquer Europe or the World! I am well researched in this area. They didn’t just want a race of blonde hair and blue eyes, that is ridiculous — Germans were black haired, brown haired , blonde, redheads… It’s all been propaganda and brainwashing – they were not white supremacists – this is all propaganda – wake up and do some research and critical thinking. And look how many different nationalities volunteered and joined the German army in WW2 — Black soldiers, Asian soldiers, Arab soldiers etc etc – and by the way 60,000 Muslims did. Look at what Jesse Owens said about Germany and Hitler – he said they weren’t racist… wake up people.

The German people were not mind-controlled by Hitler, they just believed in him — he very quickly transformed their country from a place of poverty, destitution and corruption to a thriving family oriented country – he was a leader that looked after his people and got rid of the Jewish Zionist Bankers and Freemasons ( what some call the Illuminati ) who were causing tremendous problems in Germany. Overall they were a country and group of people who wanted to live to high moral ideals and encouraged other races, countries and cultures to do the same, and yes they wanted to protect their unique culture and race, as all or cultures and races should. Hitler got rid of prostitution, pornography, animal cruelty etc etc . If all people of the world looked after their own country like this – and printed their own money and had their own debt free currency – and tried to have a common goal and high moral ideals, then the Satanic Zionist New World Order agenda would not be just around the corner! This is why Hitler And Germany were destroyed by the Zionist controlled Allied Forces.

This SSP rhetoric is just an extension of this anti-Hitler and anti-NSDAP propaganda, (not Nazis, they never called themselves that). Remember Hitler and The NSDAP were the biggest threat these Jewish Zionists Bankers have faced, that is why international Jewry declared war on Hitler and Germany in 1933, do your research.

Many SSP ‘whistleblowers’ say they have all these memories from being in Secret Space Programs and working on German Secret Space Program vessels. Surely if they did would know that the ‘holocaust’ did not happen and the truth that about Hitler and WW2? The German fleet would have told them all this very clearly, about all the truth about WW2 and how this planet really works – as the German National Socialists were against those Jewish Banking Cartels that have all the power on this planet – but they don’t give this side of things, and the so called  ‘whistleblowers’ portray them as conquerors and the users of slave labour – and that they have this ominous ‘Dark Fleet’. And we never get anything about the Jewish Zionists fleets and their infrastructure, who are clearly going to be the people who run the vast majority of the SSPs. I feel Corey Goode, William Tompkins, Randy Cramer and controlled by the powers that be – these lesser known SSP whistleblowers could very well be Controlled Opposition as well. As previously mentioned there are articles on this website which discuss and analyse these ‘whistleblowers’ in more detail.

Yes, we do get a bit of rhetoric about there being slavery on mars but the culprits are not named, the clique at the top is not named – ooh it must be the ‘the cabal’. The cabal phrase is just a distraction, just like the Illuminati phrase, it’s deceptive and a deflection – it’s the Jewish Zionists and Freemasons – it just is, look into it. (Freemasonry is a highly manipulative malevolent Luciferian Jewish Establishment, all the most powerful Jewish Elites are in charge of the Freemasons Masonic Lodges)

“The meaning of the history of the last century is that today 300 Jewish financiers, all Masters of (Masonic) Lodges, rule the world.” – Jean Izoulet, prominent member of Jewish Alliance Israelite Universelle, 193

“At the head of all those secret societies, which form provisional governments, men of the Jewish race are to be found.” – Benjamin Disraeli, Jewish, Prime Minister of England

Do we get any Jewish Zionist rhetoric from these ‘whistleblowers’? – when these are the people that essentially run our planet and will be therefore being running any secret space projects. Do we get any solutions offered to any of the problems on this planet?- No we do not! As I am totally convinced believe they are controlled and I firmly believe they are just giving you stories to keep you distracted and thinking that you can relax the ‘truth is coming’ take it easy, things are going to get better’ etc . Again, they are just telling stories, distracting stories, whether they are genuine stories or not – they’ve not got any solutions in them – or any great benefit to humanity – its just mostly entertainment for people.

I believe the Zionist Jewish Bankers do eventually want to gradually introduce our Earth slave plantation to some aspects of the Secret Space Program. This is why we are getting all these Controlled Opposition testimonies, I think they want to gradually introduce some of the SSP technology to Earth, but on their terms, and when it benefits them – it will only be introduced if it benefits their agendas and goals. This is why we have a ‘three year disclosure plan’ from the likes of Corey Goode – as he is a controlled agent. Of course the Zionist Jews want to control it all completely. Again, it will only be for their benefit, when and if they decide to give the ‘Goyim’ some advanced technology – don’t be naive – it will be on their terms. The Satanic Jewish Zionist bankers want to do it while still keeping the human population totally enslaved – this is why what we should be concentrating on is countries totally disengaging from the central banks and printing their own money. Countries thrive when they do this – and this satanic slave system were are in will crumble if all countries have their own debt free currency.

In these articles talk about these so-called SSP whistle-blowers in more details: Links:

‘Nazis’ – Secret Space Programs – ‘Dark Fleet’ – Disinfo    and    Controlled Opposition – David Wilcock, Corey Goode etc

Nazis, Zionists and Reptilian Humanoids

So, we have all this nonsense about ‘Nazis’ and Hitler being evil, it is told to us from the moment we are born by the Jewish Zionist owned Media, Hollywood, Education Systems etc – when it is the very people who are brainwashing us who are evil. And what to do we get in Ufology, we get: ‘Hitler and Germany are in an alliance with the evil Reptilians’. Now I have researched Ufology a lot and I have seen the ancient depictions of the reptilian humanoids, ancient sculptures and carvings – and the talk of the serpent people from ancient tribes etc. There are also a fair amount of abductee testimonies that say that they had experienced with these Reptilians. There is a decent chance that there are some sort of Reptilians humanoid ETs that are very much involved with the running and subjugation of this planet. However, there is no evidence that Hitler had an alliance with the Reptilians – none at all – and if you know the truth about Hitler – it is totally illogical. And, I don’t buy into the whole shape-shifting information, and that the Queen of England and the Royal Family are shape-shifting reptilians – David icke is Controlled Opposition, he has some good stuff but he also has disinfo in there, and there is certain information he purposely does not touch or expose – I think he is using his shape shifting Reptilians and Archon stories as distractions. 

If there is any group here on Earth that would be working with an evil group of Reptilian beings surely it would be the elite Zionist Jews. But let’s be honest, there are so many controlled opposition agents out there – so many lies have told to us, so much of what people believe is upside down. We were told the German National Socialists (nazis) were evil when they weren’t – we are told that the Reptilians are evil – maybe they aren’t… we don’t know, that’s why I say the Ufology areas is a minefield as we can’t gain facts and proof, it’s all just hearsay – it is better to concentrate on issues that we can effect and ascertain the truth of.

There are also stories and some evidence that Hitler and the Germans were working with Aryan looking ETs that survived when their advanced craft crashed in 1938:

My theory is that these Zionist Jews are being led by an ET race. In ancient times, and in scriptures, there are many stories of God or ‘god’s’ giving groups of people, or certain individuals, messages – I believe this ‘God’ – or these ‘gods’ were extraterrestrial races. Now the Jews believe that they have been told by ‘God’ that they are the ‘chosen people’. They believe their very unpleasant ‘holy books’ such as the Talmud came from God. (You must learn about the terrible things the Talmud says about Non-Jews ‘ – the ‘Goyim’) ( How could what is said in these books ever come from God – God with the big G) I believe that some of the original content of these books may have come from malicious and manipulative satanic Extraterrestrial races – and this could well be these Reptilian humanoids. If an ET race wants to manipulate and control the planet and push the population into a very satanic and oppressed future, and do not want to be seen, then of course they are going to use a group of people here on this planet, and direct them and manipulate them from behind the scenes. And the best way to do this would be to convince them that they are above all other races, and that they are ‘god’s chosen people’. Classic extraterrestrial deception and manipulation. This becomes complex as it appears that these Ashkenazi Fake Jews somehow think they are the Semites and are god chosen people – they have somehow convinced themselves, or have been convinced by someone of something, that they are Semites – there is much debate about who the Semites are but they are definitely not the Zionist Ashkenazi Jews who run most of the western world’s governments. But the ‘Semites’ are not really ‘Gods’ chosen people either, this information would have been given to them by an ET race who had certain agendas. If their is a God with a big G, a Prime Creator / Godhead – then we would all be his chosen people, so to speak. But these unpleasant so called ‘Holy’ Books in Judaism are said to come from God and I think that some of content may have originally come from a malicious extraterrestrial race – that back then could easily convince people that they were ‘a god’ or ‘god’.

My Thoughts on Secret Space Programs

I am almost  certain that I have been used one of the so called Secret Space / ET Projects, (you’ve always got to maintain a bit of doubt to keep yourself open to alternatives and new information and possibilities). With what group I don’t know – I am definitely connected to an ET group. What the Secret Space Program involves – its agendas, infrastructure, factions etc – we can’t be sure right now, but let’s just say don’t hang on any of these whistleblowers every word… and research all areas of the global conspiracy and relate that information to what the SSP disclosure narrative is, then you can see a lot of the disinfo and who is Controlled Opposition. I have reached all SSP whistleblowers and written articles on this website about them. I would strongly suggest to you that pretty much all of them are controlled opposition, that doesn’t mean there isn’t some truth in some of their information , but there is also disinfo and half truths – and they will purposely not tell you about certain aspects of the global conspiracy. To me Michael Relfe is the most credible whistleblower, and he was the very first one to come out with information and has shunned the limelight. I certainly don’t feel we are getting the truth from the ‘whistleblowers’. As I said before, the Secret Space Program is going to be the most important area of the alternative media for the Jewish Zionists to control – they will want total control of all its disclosure narrative – I am sure all the activities occurring out there is massive, massive, massive business for them.

My ET connected missions / operations, recall comes in two different ways. One is becoming lucid in the middle of the night during other-worldly missions in first-person – and secondly becoming lucid in the night and seeing the missions from more of a third-person perspective, where my consciousness viewpoint seems to be slightly behind and above myself.

There is the case of ‘Ahlex’, a young guy who says he has had ET and otherworldly experiences – some similar to my own – I don’t know if he is totally genuine – but he is the only other experiencer, as well as myself, who gives some Hitler  Truth. Ahlex says he has to relay information from the ET groups that work with, or are connected to, the Fourth Reich breakaway civilization. He says, in his interview with Miles Johnston, that Hitler is not karmically responsible for the holocaust – and Ahlex is correct, there was no holocaust, so Hitler is not karmically responsible (I have heavily researched this, there are many researchers who prove that the holocaust is the biggest lie ever told) – Ahlex also says that National Socialism has been misrepresented and that it is the system that the free world’s in the galaxy use – how about that? To me it gives him some credibility. As I have researched National Socialism, especially Hitler’s brand of National Socialism, and it is the system that most threatens the Zionist New World Order (the Illuminati) hence why they declared war on Germany and Hitler and then destroyed them and demonize them incessantly, international Jewry declared war on Germany in 1933, look it up… National Socialism is a system for the people, it looks after the people in the country – and takes the power away from the so called Elites and Immoral Global Jewish Bankers – you can read my article on this website about it. I, of course, cannot vouch for everything this guy Ahlex says, but that particular information is interesting. Ahlex also says the Fourth Reich breakaway group is trying to help humanity, and are working towards trying to free humanity. He gives a different impression of the Fourth Reich German breakaway civilization, very different from the so-called SSP whistleblowers. But I also feel he is a perhaps a controlled agent – there is also savior programming in his info and some dis-info as well – again it is mainly just distracting stories, distracting people from Earth based issues that we face. Although it does mention National Socialism as a system used in the free worlds.  (I have completed more analysis and Ahlex is definitely a psyop as well, trying to introduce more saviour programming… this time with the 4th Reich will save us. It shows how important is to them for us to be pacified. You see Ahlex references James Casbolt and Max Spiers in his interview, saying he has had contact from them, and has had ‘experiences’ with them – these two put out tonnes of disinfo… no credibility… all controlled psyops)

I do believe in National Socialism… it is such a lied about and misunderstood system with great benefits, and no its not a racist ideology, that’s just more Zionist lies. A link to my article on it below:

National Socialism: An Antidote and Solution to the New World Order and the World’s Problems – Nature, Family, Altruism, Spirituality, Economics, NSDAP

I don’t know if this ‘twenty and back’ SSP service spoken about is real, A lot of my experiences have very much felt like they were happening that night, but I could have also had a ‘twenty and back’ type service and then they just carried on using me. I definitely don’t think it is just ’twenty and backs’ it is much more fluid, and people are being perhaps used sporadically. I very much feel these whistleblowers out there are giving a bit of truth truth mixed in with disinfo. Corey Goode began with ‘oh it’s just twenty and backs’ then others whistleblowers started saying they had been used for forty or sixty years, then Corey Goode started saying that as well… I don’t even think Corey is an empath – as he claims to be – there is nothing about him that suggests he is emphatic… he seems unemotional to me, he lacks any passion for change, or passion for the end of suffering for people… he is so fake in so many ways…

Alternatively, what I could be experiencing is being utilized by an ET group for various missions. As well as being used in missions, I also have experiences where I become lucid and see screens in the middle of the night, a part of my consciousness/soul seems to accessing this otherworldly, or other dimensional technology – either I am accessing this myself or I am being used to access this for an ET group or an SSP group, or perhaps I am just being shown these images by other groups – I do not know. I still do not know whether I am working for a benevolent group or malevolent group, most people used in the SSPs are going to be working for a group that is not looking to break the Earth slave system – I just hope that I have been. I would think like to think it would be a benevolent group, as I have always been a person with integrity and with moral fibre etc, but they could have just carried out some MK ultra type procedure on me. In one experience I did see myself beat up an extraterrestrial in an elevator in a facility ( one of those third person experiences/recall ), in another I was definitely warring against ETs in a city, and in another I carried out some type of solo mission rescuing humans from an ET facility (first person experience) – as totally crazy as that can sound to the people – and this doesn’t mean I am definitely working for a group that had humanity’s best interests at heart, but it is interesting. I have had a wide variety of experiences, I could be involved with various groups, I keep my mind open about it all – but I do feel connected to the Fourth Reich or German breakaway group, but that might just be because I have researched WW2 so much and feel a sense of injustice in how they have been portrayed and the vast amount of lies told about Germany and Hitler. Maybe I have been working for an ET group aligned with the Fourth Reich group… I just dont’ know.

And I am not going to pretend to know what the ET experiences have been about – the brief glimpses of  laboratories with strange humanoid beings where I seem to be working with them, others where I am lying down and I’m hooked up to equipment, another where I am being examined by a strange creature. There has been a lot going on – perhaps various groups – perhaps various groups that are all connected.

I do hope that the stories that Hitler and Third Reich developed advanced craft and advanced technology are true. From my research there does seem to be a fair amount of evidence that Hitler was working on advanced technology – and he was a progressive forward thinker, a very intelligent man – he was absolutely nothing like what people are taught. I do think that a Fourth Reich breakaway civilization would be working towards trying to free humanity – they fought against the Jewish Zionists before, to try and save their country and culture, as well as to protect Europe — they were also trying to save themselves and the rest of Europe, from Communist Russia and Jewish Bolshevism. And German people are still down here on Earth – Hitler went into Poland to rescue the German people there that were being murdered and raped on a huge scale – so hopefully if there is a Fourth Reich group, they will have a similar outlook to Hitler’s National Socialist Germany – then they would be working toward helping Humanity free ourselves from the Satanic Jewish Zionist system we currently live under… Just some thoughts.

Is Earth an ET experiment or a Soul Prison Slave Planet?

Our Solar System and Galaxy is teeming with life and other civilizations – the exact reason as to why we as a human population are denied access to the other civilizations is not totally clear. This planet, in all intents and purposes, does seem to be some type of farm – the human population in truth are heavily oppressed mind-controlled slaves – we can see this most clearly through the debt slave monetary system – and also how the poisons in food and water, and the use of television… all used to control people and dumb them down. I believe there is also perhaps some type of energy farming going on – negative or low vibration energy farming. Some say that Earth is an experiment but this information comes from the controlled opposition agent Corey Goode and so-called’ channelers’ (channelers in my experience are agents and limited hangouts with pacifying disinfo). If you take a step back it does look like an experiment – with all the different races, all with different combinations of extraterrestrial genetics. The different races on Earth most definitely did not evolve these unique genetics. Evolution does not work that quickly – Darwin was not correct in a lot of matters and was an agent – each human race has different ET genetics. So to some degree this is perhaps some type of experiment – but it does not mean that the experiment hasn’t been hijacked by malevolent ET groups and turned into a soul prison planet – this may well be what has occurred. Whatever is going, whether it is a totally unethical experiment that was then hijacked by malevolent evil Extraterrestrials or not, we must take action to create change, or we will continue to be enslaved.

Some say this is all a game for souls. I say this is a free-will universe and some beings using their free-will have created a slave planet – a soul prison planet – and this is maintained in various ways – and we need to focus on the practical ways we can break this system and stop the Satanic Zionist New World Order. One of the ways we can do this is, again, is to get rid of debt slavery and each country print their own money – stop having anything to do with the Zionist Controlled Central Banks – as the debt slavery system of usury is their powerbase. Countries thrive when they print their own money and get rid of the Zionist bankers. All evidence strongly suggests that human souls are being forced to incarnate over and over on this planet – we need to take steps to break the control system so we can make contact with other benevolent civilizations and to stop us having our soul memories wiped each time we incarnate into a new body.

What we can clearly see on this planet is the increasing attempt to create a planet totally dominated by Satanic and Luciferian mind-sets and practices. The Satanic Zionist agenda is clear for all to see. The rebuilding of Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem is crucial to this. Solomon’s temple is where satanic sacrifices used to take place – and this is one of the reasons as to why the Palestinians are being murdered. We can see this Satanic agenda through all parts of the media – through the books, movies, the TV series, computer games. And, of course, who runs all these industries? It’s the Jewish Zionists – this is fact – it’s not speculation. If you can’t see that they are shoving Satanism down our throats then you are not that conscious yet.

Overview of ET experiences / night-time operations recall and lucid glimpses of other planets – what I have seen that I think I have been involved in:

Small grey aliens (not the ones you see pictures of the internet) – about three foot tall with pupils (not black eyes) – have taken me onto ships and through portals. And I know them well, some aspect of me knows them very well, I felt that.

I am connected to an ET group and have been taken to their ship. (I may have been working with or for this group)

I have been involved in many battles on other planets — I have seen advanced drones, evacuations, advanced craft.

I have been involved in exploring other planets — I have briefly seen strange creatures and indigenous humanoid type beings.

I have been stationed in barracks on other planets with other humans and we suffered ET attacks on us.

I train other humans recruits for one of these secret space or ET programs.

I have leadership roles on at least some of the missions.

I seem to be a highly skilled warrior who can do solo missions (totally insane – I save tiny insects that have fallen into puddles, and help snails on their way across paths so they don’t get squashed – I wouldn’t hurt a fly)

I am still being used – it is not just a ‘twenty and back then age regression’. 

There is a chance that I have two children from my time in the secret space programs – I was shown two human children travelling on strange small vehicles on a beach after going into a rectangular portal screen. This occurred after a voice telepathically asked me in the middle of the night if they could contact me, I agreed. I fell back to sleep and had this amazing experience of seeing these children (Pretty sure I saw them when they were younger in old dreams of mine as well) 

There are advance weapons used and advanced body suits in some of these missions.

I can access screens with other dimensional information and remote view. (Not consciously, but during the night I seem to access them.)

I was put through training – various types that pushed me to my limits.

I think I was put through traumatic experiences to test the limits of my ethics, fear responses and morals etc.

They have used my DNA to create other warrior type beings (shown an image in one experience), another member of my family has had an abduction experience. And in one abduction experience I was told all of my family’s DNA has been used – which upsets me when I think about it.

I believe, from looking at my art and stories, and my brief night time glimpses, that I have had a great deal of interactions with various types of extraterrestrials in these projects.

This is more what I feel: I was being groomed and had experiences with these groups from when I was young, they knew they were going to use me when I incarnated.

(I also see who I am as a soul – we all, as souls, have our unique energy. I am someone who puts themselves on the line for truth and justice, for what they believe in – who will question those in authority who are corrupt – who will sacrifice themselves for a cause and will take responsibility – and who does this motivated by love, fairness and justice. I believe that this is what I am like through lifetimes – and they would know this, and it’s just one of the reasons why I am a targeted individual)

But again, don’t take too much notice of Ufology, research what I talked about above regarding what Real Truthers are exposing – educate yourself, come up with solutions and take action. There are articles on this website that can very much help you with this.


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This new age stuff about ‘all you need is love’ etc – this is all a psyop, this is not how this universe works , you need to know how to protect yourself, you need to be wise, you need knowledge. There are very distorted psychopathic evil souls in this free-will universe and you do have to protect yourself and educate yourself as to what their tactics and agendas are.

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  • August 1, 2020 at 3:22 am

    What are you thoughts on why The Government is now releasing footage of what appear to be UFOs? The Tic Tac Video was released by the Pentagon last year.

    Is this an attempt to convince the masses of an ‘imminent alien invasion’ so they can implement stricter and tighter controls over the populations? It appears to me there are ulterior motives for releasing the footage and I’m sure they have lots more.

    • August 1, 2020 at 11:39 am

      Not totally sure, but very likely just some carefully considered subversion… and just distraction from something else perhaps.

      And yes, I am sure they will have tonnes of footage… they also need to give people little bits and pieces every now and then, giving the Ufology obsessives some hope, keeping them in their limited hangout, believing that ‘disclosure is coming’ etc. Related to all that Q nonsense perhaps.


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