Jewish Owned Hollywood – Programming – Dystopian Future – Bi-Level World – Brainwashing – Mind Control


I don’t want to go too much in depth in this article, I mainly want to inspire people to think critically and to sow some seeds. I will write some introductory paragraphs and then move onto the dystopian and bi-level world future that International Jewry wants, and how they use the movies to try to help bring this to fruition.

If you are knowledgeable you will know that jewish people own Hollywood. Their control over it is pretty much complete now. This is not debatable, this is fact – verifiable truth – they even admit it.

I am not racist – I am talking about verifiable facts here – these facts are inescapable. I only wish to help humanity… do some research if you don’t believe me…

“Hollywood is run by Jews, it’s owned by Jews.” – Marlon Brando

A little gallery of images from some of the movies and series I am going to refer to: The Hunger Games, Total Recall, Robocop, Elysium, Colony, Altered Carbon, Westworld.


Movies are for Programming You:

So knowing these facts – who is responsible for the movies that contain all the unnecessary violence, murder, rape, traumatic scenes, psychopathic behaviour, puerile horror movies and satanic themes that Hollywood churns out incessantly? The Jewish people who control Hollywood! They control the TV networks as well – and platforms like Netflix and Amazon. All of these unpleasant themes I have mentioned have increased and increased as the jewish control of Hollywood and Television increased. They are becoming less subtle with their manipulating programming. When I was a child it was not like it is now.

Lets get his clear – the content of movies it is not based on supply and demand. No, no, no. They don’t need to make big profits, or any profit, on most of these movies. They are super rich… these film studios are well connected… remember International Jewry own the central banks and most of the major corporations, they are connected to the powerful rich jewish bankers, and so the financing of the movies is not a problem.

These movies are there to program you, to affect your consciousness and affect you psychologically. To bring forth their agendas and visions. To get you to think or behave more like them and bring forth their agendas for them.

There is also, of course, the use of Predictive Programming:

“Predictive programming is a subtle form of psychological conditioning provided by the media to acquaint the public with planned societal changes to be implemented by our leaders. If and when these changes are put through, the public will already be familiarized with them and will accept them as natural progressions, thus lessening possible public resistance and commotion.” – Alan Watt

Hollywood is a huge propaganda machine for the jewish supremacists and their world domination agendas.

Those that own the media control how the masses think – well, how the still-sleeping masses think anyway. The TV networks, Film studios, News outlets, Publishing houses, Education systems… who is control of these? Jews are – there’s no getting get away from it.

“The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses.” – Malcolm X

The jews control the media. They control the minds of the people.

International Jewry write the history as well, they tell us what happened in our history. Jewry were the victors in WW2, if you know your history you know that these wars were created by influential jewish zionist supremacist bankers. They have lied about, or hidden away, so much of the world’s history – just for example the Armenian Christian genocide, the African slave trade, the Russian Bolshevik revolution, Holodomor in the Ukraine… evidence shows that influential jewish people are behind these events… hundreds of millions of people died in them… Did you not hear about them, and who was really behind it? Well, there you go.

The fact Jewry owns Hollywood means they can incessantly lie to us about WW2 and Hitler and the National Socialists in their movies. ‘Evil Nazis’ this ‘Evil Nazis’ that… Honestly, if you haven’t worked out the Hitler was not an evil tyrant and was actually fighting against the Jewish bankers after they conspired to create WW2 because of Germany’s economic and social success, then, well… you really need to do some research… read some revisionist books… break free for your programming.

I used to like the Star Wars movies but the anti-Germany and anti-National Socialist programming in them, in these Jewish made movies, is so overt now – they try to hard to make you equate the evil empire with the German National Socialists, which is ridiculous. Always distracting you from the real evil on this planet – these Jewish Supremacists.

Here is a link that will help you break that through some of your programming:  Zionism, New World Order and Adolf Hitler was right Quotes – NWO, Illuminati, Conspiracy, WW2

Anyway, the levels of violence, the amount of rape and abuse in all these Hollywood movies is increasing all the time. We have very disturbing themes in series and box-sets as well: cannibalism portrayed in a light-hearted manner, serial killers portrayed in a sympathetic light… ones series is even called Lucifer. And how many movies are they going to make about deadly viruses and zombies? There is also the ever increasing references to occult satanic practices – the hexagram is regularly seen, demonic entities are regularly seen. Vampires, demons, witches, portals to hell-like dimensions – strange terrifying entities. They are indoctrinating people, trying prepare people… To desensitize and create an interest in the occult and satanism. You see, Judaism seems to have very strong connections to satanism and luciferianism – some jewish people say this themselves:

“Most Jews do not like to admit it, but our god is Lucifer…and we are his chosen people…” – Harold Wallace Rosenthal – a Jewish whistleblower

Horned beings and satanic references are in children’s movies – often in reference to the androgynous Baphomet entity, and other demonic beings, that these supremacist elites worship – for example the movie ‘Maleficent’ …and Harry Potter is obviously a satanic occult series. There is also that movie that Daniel Radcliffe recently did where he had horns… although not a children’s film, children are drawn to it, as he is one of their favourite actors because of Harry Potter – all is connected, all is thought out… don’t be naive.

Jewish Actors, Producers, Directors

Daniel Radcliffe is jewish by the way. People also don’t realise how many of these actors and celebrities are jewish… most don’t promote it and many have changed their names (as jewish insiders have openly admitted that this is something that jewish people do)… look into it… A very high proportion indeed… you may be suprised

In the Howard Wallace Rosenthal (A jewish supremacist insider), Hidden Tyranny interview: “We asked why do Jews frequently change their names, he said: “Jews are the most intelligent people in the world so if it benefits them to change their name they do so. That’s all there is to it. They mix in your society which is plenty corrupt so while the Jews are benefiting themselves the the dumb goy (non-jew) doesn’t realize that these Jews with non-Jew names are Jews.”

The producers and directors as well, the majority jewish… research it, its true… (And if they are not they will often be married to someone Jewish, and occasionally they may just be a Marxist and are aligned with Jewry’s agendas) and, again, you will be amazed at how many of these ‘stars’ are jewish. It’s not because they are all that more talented than others… but it’s because they are jewish – and Hollywood and the music industry is run by jewish people… 

Links to some more videos:

Who Controls Hollywood?

Famous Jews who changed their names

Hollywood Jewish Control

100 Famous Jews

What the Jewish Books Say

You can’t get away from it – this is factual stuff: the Jewish books say some terrible things about non-jews ‘goyim’ (The Talmud in particular) and there is talk of world domination… the domination over the non-jews… Ruling the world from Israel and Jerusalem, rebuilding Solomon’s Temple. Do some research if you don’t believe me… The Talmud says terrible things about the non-jews and I believe it is the Zohar that talks even more specifically about this Bi-level world that they want.

Judaism is not a regular religion – they have convinced the majority of the world that it is, but it isn’t – it is like a tribal mind control cult… it’s very tribal. Jews believe they are “the chosen people” and the Goyim (non-jews) are there to serve them, and are less than them… we (non-jews) are compared to cattle, or worse. If that doesn’t sound like a cult to you… then… Jewish insider Harold Wallace Rosenthal even admits this in his Hidden Tyranny Interview. It is a tribal cult.

These elite jewish supremacists appear to be heavily into satanism – many years ago in their Temple of Solomon (that they wish to rebuild in Jerusalem) they used to do blood sacrifice. If you look into the practices of the rabbis throughout history there is evidence of ritual sacrifice and what some would call ‘satanic’ practices. There just is.

(There is also evidence for practices of pedophilia historically within Judaism, it is even condoned in The Talmud. And we all know there is so much spoken about the pedophilia that occurs in Hollywood – Corey Feldman, Macaulay Culkin and Elijah Wood have spoken about this… to name but a few. People seem to ‘forget’ however to mention that Hollywood is pretty much totally Jewish controlled and run)

Dystopian Future – The Incessant Programming

As well as satanism, violence… and just the morbid and twisted movies pushed in our faces, a dystopian future is incessantly pushed – this seems to be very much a talmudic, zohar, jewish zionist thing. All the time these sci-fi movies promote a dystopian future. The Jewish supremacists want a world where they rule over an oppressed, controlled and impoverished rest of the world… over the Goyim. It is not a New World Order agenda but a Jew World Order agenda.

This dystopian future seems to be a big thing for the elite jews – this bi-level world that they desire – the elite jews as the rich elite living in luxury, and the non-jews (goyim) serving them like cattle… like slaves. Again, not racist… It’s written in their jewish books and many famous jewish people have spoken about it.

There are so many movies with Dystopian futures – just a few: Mad Max, Children of men, The Matrix series, Blade Runner, the Terminator series… we could go on and on with this list…

Where are the movies where humanity has a bright future? A beautiful and bright future… with thriving countries and communities living off the land, in balance with nature? Where nature is thriving, wildlife and all the animals thriving – happy empowered people, with technology used for the benefit of the people and nature, rather than against it – where are these uplifting movies? Where are the inspiring hopeful movies predicting beautiful futures? Where are they? Why aren’t there storylines set in these beautiful futures on Earth? Why aren’t they making these movies? It’s a rhetorical question by the way, I know why they aren’t making them.


There is also a huge transhumanism, artificial intelligence (A.I) agenda as well. A.I is having more and more control over our lives – controlling and monitoring us. Fully armed authoritarian police forces are often in these dystopian movies – sometimes all robots, sometime robots working with armed humans… armed drones flying around monitoring us as well. This is the future they want for us.

A.I is slowly being incrementally pushed upon as, little by little in everyday life – people think ‘oh great look at this new gadget’ etc – but pretty much all technology is essentially going to be used against us – seems harmless right now, but… Even now wifi, mobile phones, cell phone towers are causing people physical or psychological damage. Not to mention the new full-body airport scanners pouring radiation into us. They are also getting us used to having drones flying around, so that they can be used against us eventually. And technology is also being used to cause social problems and the gradual breakdown of society. Moving us away from nature and living off the land… away from being in balance with nature. It is a gradual process. They are speeding it up now though and we potentially have 5G towers being put up all over the place soon, which will be very harmful to us. Just at the basic level we know that wifi is harmful to us… and it is everywhere.

Who owns many of these super rich tech companies pushing artificial intelligence? Jewry. Israel is where a high proportion of this A.I is being developed. Israel has been buying up, or acquiring, a great deal of advanced technologies. Israel is developing advanced drones, creates the chips in our computers (pentium etc) and they are said to have backdoors into computer systems around the world (talpiot), there is also the ‘smart cities’ program. Combine that with the fact that all these dystopian, ‘smart city’ and A.I promoting series and movies are mostly made by jewish people… as they run Hollywood, Netflix, Amazon, etc

So they promote how great this technology is through their movies and TV shows. Technology isn’t inherently bad, but when International Jewry are in charge of it… it is going to be used to further enslave the goyim.

But they have much larger agendas with A.I and transhumanism. It’s pushed in so many movies – putting human consciousness into computers or into robots. Or making humans part robot.  The elite jewish supremacists seem to be anti-human, by looking at what they promote in their movies. I don’t know what makes people like this… I believe it’s perhaps a combination of their genetics and their distorted and twisted souls. And for the average jewish person – they are often mind controlled – indoctrinated – part of the tribe.

Technology can be used for a civilizations benefit – but this is certainly not going to be what happens in the long run for humanity if we let this One World Jewish government come to fruition.

Humanity is going downhill fast – we should be using natural materials, connecting with nature, living in harmony with the land, growing our own food. There are not technological inventions to help us do this – there aren’t technological inventions being promoted in these movies that inspire humanity to create more beneficial ways of living… inventions that would free up our time for example and help us live in balance with nature.

These movies constantly promote hedonism, psychopathic behaviours, selfishness, decadent liberalism… and they constantly twist and lie about our history – attempting to get us to blame Muslims or the White race for things International Jewry have been guilty of.  International Jewry are the terrorists – for example: they did 9 11… we all know this… Israel did it. And jewish people were the main slavers, they were behind the transatlantic slave trade, not white people… do your research. Research Lois Farrakhan and his insights on the slave trade, he will tell you the Truth.

Bi-Level World

What the elite jewish supremacists plan for world domination definitely seems to involve a Bi-Level world… and A.I and technology is a big part of this – it will be used to control their slaves (non-jews). Two examples: Robocop (2014) Total Recall (2012)

I am not saying that jewish people write all the books that these movies are adapted from, but they only adapt certain selected books and then implement more manipulation via the adapted scripts and casting. There are a great many books out there and only certain ones get adapted.

Some movies go a step further and show both the dystopian future as well as this Bi-Level world with the elites living in luxury and the masses living in poverty. This Bi-Level world they want is demonstrated clearly in the movies ‘Elysium’ and the ‘Hunger Games’ series. ( I am sure you can think of many other examples)

This Bi-Level planet is also demonstrated in the series ‘Colony’ – and the new netflix series ‘Altered Carbon’.

There are many more movies promoting these agendas I am mentioning. If you haven’t been already you will start noticing them more now.

In the movie – Elysium – this huge disparity between the elites and the rest of the population is demonstrated. The rich elites living in their advanced and luxurious Space Station up in the sky and humanity suffering in poverty down on Earth. Advanced technology only for the benefit of the ‘elite group’.

The movie – The Hungers Games – again shows the huge disparity between the elites and the regularly folk. And look at these ‘elites’ in this movie, how they behave and dress… look at how our own television presenters and pop stars are starting to look like this.

The series ‘Colony’ shows humanity oppressed and ruled over by (((elites))). Cordoned off, separated… there are curfews and armed police – people taken off planet to be slaves. Drones are used to monitor the population.

The Netflix series – ‘Altered Carbon’ – is disturbing and shows you the disdain that they have for the human body and the human soul – saying we can be put onto computer chips – that our bodies are just sleeves etc . Then there’s also the grim dystopian future – with the large disparity between the rich and the rest of humanity… oppression for humanity… lots of depravity and suffering. The rich can live a very long time and buy numerous clones and keep ‘uploading’ themselves to their ‘sleeves’ ( how they refer to a human body).  The (((elites))) live in luxurious advanced tall towers away from the human population.

There are many more movies or series depicting this Bi-Level word and trying to program people with… So as to attempt to bring into fruition their deepest desires. Whose visions are these that we are seeing on our TV screens and in Hollywood movies? It is the Jewish Supremacists visions .

On a slightly different note – the series Westworld as an important series for them as well. It is showing how the powerful jewish ‘elites’ view humanity – its allegorical – these robots are us – they see themselves as the manipulators of humanity.  And just like these Artificial Intelligences in the theme park – we forget our past lives over and over on this planet… we repeat mistakes from previous lives, as we lose access to our past life memories when we incarnate… You could write a whole article just about Westworld with all what it is alluding to about the top Jewish Supremacist ‘elites’ and how they view us and the world and their transhumanism agendas. The series works on various levels. But the most obvious is the disdain for the human consciousness and the human body… and how they see themselves as the manipulators and controllers of humanity. The whole transhumanism agenda in the series is very creepy.

Again, where are all the empowering uplifting movies about the brilliance of the human soul… the magnificence of the human beings? The human souls natural tendency to love and nurture and create? There are very few, if any, genuine uplifting and empowering movies made anymore.

Other Programming

I am not going to get into all the other agendas the Jewish supremacists promote through their movies and series – race mixing, erosion of unique cultures and races, breaking down of the family and various perversions are promoted… Essentially, just learn what the jewish supremacist agendas are and what satanists like – and read the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion – research the Kalergi Plan read the ‘Howard Rosenthal, The Hidden Tyranny’ interview for starters….

I will just mention the Kalergi plan. What the Jewish Zionist, Richard von Coudenhove Kalergi said  – “The man of the future will be of mixed race. The races and classes of today will gradually disappear due to the elimination of space, time, and prejudice. The Eurasian-negroid race of the future, similar in appearance to the Ancient Egyptians, will replace the current diversity of peoples”  See my article on this: Multiculturalism is being used against Humanity – to help bring about the Zionist New World Order

It is one of the Jewish Zionist elites agendas to encourage immigration and ‘diversity’ – they want other races to intermarry and have mixed race children – to create one mixed race – to erode all cultural and racial identity, so as to gain more control over the masses… this is very heavily promoted in the movies and television shows. But it will only lead to unique races and cultures dying out… it is a part of their plans for world domination. These jewish supremacists particularly want to kill off and get rid of the White race. There is so much anti-White programming in movies and on television shows, and so much promotion of race mixing.

I can’t finish without a mention of the huge amount of holocaust movies… firstly the holocaust is a lie, probably the biggest lie ever told… no gassings occurred… they were labour or containment camps, that is all. And numerous other real holocausts or genocides have occurred, huge massacres: The Armenian Genocide, the Incas, Holodomor (Ukrainian genocide), Bolshevik Revolution, Dresden Firebombing massacres, Rhine Meadows Death Camps etc etc… but the only genocidal event we seem to hear about is a fictitious jewish one. If this doesn’t show you that International Jewry control Hollywood…. then… well…

Concluding Thoughts

All of it, all of it – the movies , the series, box sets… all of them have agendas – they are there to affect you. Manipulate you into allowing or creating what the ‘elite’ Jewish Supremacists want on this planet… getting you to behave how they want you to behave… all of it is there to affect you.

From all the evidence out there is there any other conclusion we can come to?

I am repulsed by the majority of modern television – I see the agendas in everything.

I have seen other bloggers call television ‘Talmud-vision’ – after the the so-called ‘religious’ book of the jews: the Talmud. I think that’s pretty accurate.

Most of all I want people to realise the programming that is occurring. Who is doing it and why they are doing it. This Bi-level world – this ruling elite of jewish supremacists – ruling over the non-jews… this is their goal… domination, the enslavement of the non-jews… they believe it is their right… and their destiny. This is what is in store for humanity if more people don’t wake up. It can sound crazy to people who are new to this and just waking up, but it is all written in their books: the Talmud and the Zohar etc etc…. it is all very real… humanity is in danger. And they wrote about how they are going to do it in the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion… and these Protocols are in full swing. Hollywood and ‘Tell-a-Vision’ Programming is a great tool for them… predictive programming, psychological manipulation and mind control. 

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18 thoughts on “Jewish Owned Hollywood – Programming – Dystopian Future – Bi-Level World – Brainwashing – Mind Control

  • September 21, 2018 at 9:27 pm

    Thx, great post

  • September 18, 2020 at 6:48 pm

    Hi EntityArt,

    Though I grew up enjoying the ’90 X-Files series with its main star David Duchovny now I wonder… is there any good info to it ? Are there any other artistic movies (sci-fi / history) that you’d still recommend ? What about books ? Could you recommend some worthy sci-fi (or other artistic) literature ? Also, I’d appreciate your answer on the question I posted under the “Censorship – Hasbara Trolls – …” article.

    Thank you.

    • September 22, 2020 at 4:23 pm

      Many thanks for answering the question posted under the “Censorship -…” article.

      • October 11, 2020 at 1:12 pm

        Interesting… my favorite scifi novel was & still is the first book of Dune also. Though I like the story very much, there are some things that alarmed me somehow even since the first reading: the christian theme of the messiah, the Arabic / Islamic inspired names of some characters / events / rituals, the using of the Islamic holly war symbolism and recently the using of the judaistic theme of ‘the chosen ones’. And then, there is that passage in which Paul Atreides learns about Hitler. Now, I wonder if this book is a genuine product of Frank Herbert’s imagination / inspiration or is social programming project as well.

        • October 11, 2020 at 5:13 pm

          Hi Doru

          Yes, you are correct, I spotted that as well. Pretty much all these well known books have some sort of social engineering in them. I chose to ignore it so I could enjoy the story… it is a well written story. And all these types of beliefs and rituals will be in primitive or not fully evolved civilizations. I am aware of their agendas so any programming does not affect me. It certainly won’t make me religious!

          I tend to like a book that is both well written, with a believable world, and also reminds me of my other life (my hidden memories) – the book had an alien world, war, hand to hand combat and desert survival!

          As far as I am aware there was nothing about Hitler in the first book. Did you read other books in the series? (as I did not) It may have been in one of them.

          • October 11, 2020 at 6:02 pm

            I read all six books that make up the Dune saga by F.H. I read the first book several times while the rest only once. There is a sequence / passage where one character (Paul or Stilgar) learns about Hitler and possibly Genghis Khan. If it’s not in the first book then it could be in the second (Dune Messiah).

            And speaking of Dune saga, in my opinion, the first book rules. You’re right… “an alien world, war, hand to hand combat and desert survival!”… a guilty pleasure.

    • October 9, 2020 at 2:03 pm

      Hi Doru

      Nah, X files is just lots of subversion. I have a new article called ‘Ufology Explained, Part 2’ which you will probably be interested in.

      I am not sure to be honest. I hardly watch any movies anymore. Only the occasional Sci-Fi one. The Sci Fi movies I used to watch were usually personal to me, as I was being drawn to certain movies because of these off-planet projects I have taken part in (and had my memories wiped). I have had many brief memories come back to me. So the movies were usually about memory suppressing and hidden memories like Total Recall, Oblivion and The Bourne Movies… I was also drawn to the series ‘The Expanse’ and ‘Altered Carbon’, for different reasons, both related to my memories. I had to grit my teeth or bite my tongue at times as I watched those two series because of the social engineering and marxist programming and propaganda in them. I had read the Altered Carbon book and the changes they made, especially the casting, was infuriating… A white blonde family changed to a mixed race family etc etc… and ‘White man bad, other races good’ is always a theme in (((their))) movies and series. But mainly it was my Soul or Subconscious Self being drawn to certain movies and series as I was seeking answers. I was also drawn to the movie and book ‘Enders Game’ – as I went through some sort of training like that at some point – training that looked far more intense than what was in the book and movie though.

      (As I mention in my new article all the ‘Super Soldier’ and ‘Secret Space Program’ psyops are precautionary – and were reactions based on intel they had on the German Breakaway Group.)

      It was the same with the Sci Literature, I eventually realised that I was being drawn to certain books due to what it would tell me about what I had been involved in. I particularly liked Sci Fi books about squads of men carrying out missions in space. I also read some books that heavily involved AI.

      The first Dune book is my favourite Sci Fi novel… it does give a feel of the treachery and ‘survival of the fittest’ nature of the Cosmos. It is also set on a desert planet, which also is related to my memories and flashbacks. I also enjoyed the book Starship Troopers – it was absolutely nothing like the movie – much better than the very silly movie. It is interesting how they made such a trash movie out of a book like that. But yes, you can see, again, I am drawn to certain books and movies as they speak to the part of me that remembers these off planet projects I was in.

      I tell people to avoid all Hollywood movies – all of it is social engineering. But as mentioned I do watch some Sci fi ones very occasionally, to see what they are saying – like watching ‘The Martian’ to see all the lies and programming in it.

      I do think the Blade Runner movies are both well made movies. I cannot, and will not, watch any of the new star wars movies. The old ones like New Hope I could watch for nostalgic reasons, but the new ones are ‘woke’ marxist trash. And you couldn’t pay me to watch any Marvel or Superhero nonsense.

      I spend most of my spare time researching and gaining, and then spreading, knowledge.

  • October 2, 2020 at 6:14 pm

    What do you think of the subliminal messages inserted between the frames of most big production films / movies ? How dangerous this technology really is for our mind / brain ?

    A friend of mine recommended Sven Hassel’s novels. What do you think of this guy’s books ?

    Thank you.

  • November 1, 2021 at 9:54 pm

    For years I have been writing how one desiring insight into the horrific Jewish mind and their murderous planning, need only to watch their movies and read their fiction. Jews have long telegraphed their intent in their movies, books and other forms of fiction.

    Fiction is one of the very few ways Jews actually tell the truth. It is interesting that such truths are always framed in a fictional format, as doing so factually would result in massive backlash against their plans. Yet, when addressing their own inner elite circles, Jews state such truths in a forthright manner, as evidenced by documents like “The Protocols of Zion.”

    It is as though there is some cosmic law that must be obeyed. A law stating Jews must tell us their future intentions beforehand. Then, if we fail to actively reject and resist their plans, it is taken as tacit agreement to their actions. One notes that as cowardly Jews have gained overwhelming power, they now arrogantly state their genocidal intentions in a forthright manner.

    You have nailed the case solidly with this well thought out and well stated article. I have long noted your point about Hollywood’s constant din of horror and the dearth of uplifting movies. This trend has steadily increased since my youth. This article should be required reading for every white person, especially for every white television watcher. I will keep a copy of it and distribute it whenever the occasion arises to do so.

  • November 11, 2021 at 1:25 am

    Letter for letter, THIS is an excellent read, beyond reproach. THANK YOU!!

  • November 22, 2021 at 1:50 pm

    I’m sure you’ve already come across ‘Squid Game,’ the Korean death game series that recently returned Netflix’s highest viewing figures for a single series. Well, I confess I did watch it – and before too long I’d reached for a notepad and pen to begin deciphering the obvious and not so obvious Masonic and numerology references. Much of what I’ve deciphered has already been uncovered by truth seekers on other sites, so I won’t repeat the obvious references. Instead, I’m just going to focus on a couple of numerological sequences that appear in Squid Game, and offer my interpretations.

    The lead character, Seong Gi-hun is seduced into taking part in the Squid Game in the hope of clearing his debts (as are most of the other players). Gi-hun is player number 456. Interestingly, shortly before he falls for the seducement, he wins ₩ 4,560,000 on a horse race – although he is mugged soon after and loses the money. As the last man standing at the end of the Squid Game, he wins ₩ 45,600,000,000. Converting these ‘wins’ into any other currency is irrelevant – the number 456 is what we need to focus on, as its triple appearance in Gi-hun’s story represents the three important stages in his journey to what I can only call a perverted form of enlightenment.

    So, remove the zeros from Gi-hun’s ‘wins’ and we’re left with three 456 sequences. Break each sequence down by adding 4+5+6 and we get 15. Reduce 15 to a single digit, by adding 1+5 and we get 6. Thus:

    Gi-hun’s horse race win reduces to a 6.
    Gi-hun’s player number reduces to a 6.
    Gi-hun’s Squid Game win reduces to a 6.

    666. Gi-hun is literally and figuratively being played by satanic forces. In fact this is all but confirmed in the last episode when, a year later, he meets Il-nam, the ‘creator’ of the Squid Game, who tells him that he and all the other players were regarded as no more than horses in a race and that Il-nam and his ‘elite’ friends placed bets on them. The ‘elite’ display no signs of humanity and we learn that games similar to Squid Game are being played around the world. Hence, this ‘elite’ control the death games and, by extension, the world. This is apparently the only way they can add a little excitement to their dull existence. Oh I feel so sorry for them!

    Ok, so the 666 revelation isn’t difficult to discover, as it’s surface level numerology. However, the three 456 sequences also conceal a reference to Nikola Tesla’s Universal Law of Attraction, 369. To find it we need to create a ‘square’ of the three 456 sequences, then focus on the columns instead of the rows and/or diagonals.

    456 (Horse Race win)
    456 (Player Number)
    456 (Squid Game Prize)

    Now add up the columns of 4s, 5s then 6s.

    4+4+4=12. Reduce 12 to a single digit (1+2) and we get 3.
    5+5+5=15. Reduce 15 to a single digit (1+5) and we get 6.
    6+6+6=18. Reduce 18 to a single digit (1+8) and we get 9.

    So here we see evidence of the self-appointed ‘elites’ once again mocking natural laws by embedding the 369 code within the square of 456 (666). Let’s not forget that these despicable creatures love to pervert what is good and beneficial to humanity. As if this wasn’t enough, a mirrored (i.e opposite, and therefore perverted) 369 is also referenced at the start of the scene in which Gi-hun enters the betting shop. Over the tannoy we hear the line up for the 9th horse race, and the first three horse numbers announced are 9, 6 and 3. This time it’s mockery by reversing the 369 number order.

    There are many more numerology ‘games’ hidden within Squid Game, e.g. the birthdate of Gi-hun’s daughter, his betting numbers, Gi-hun’s birthdate (which changes from one episode to another), the name of one particular character which translates to ‘Number One Man’ in English and so on. It takes a long time to decipher Squid Game and I don’t claim to have unravelled everything yet, but the more I dig into it the more I discover.

    Coming back to 456. That number kept nagging at my mind as I was sure I’d come across it before, in terms of its importance to a story plot. It was actually a friend who put me on the right track.

    There’s also a tenuous connection between Squid Game and a 2009 BBC TV series, Torchwood (a spin-off from Doctor Who). Season 3 was titled ‘Children of Earth.’ The plot was as follows: the British Government had covered up contact with an alien species in 1965, which had offered a cure for a ‘new strain’ of ‘Indonesian Flu’ destined to kill 25 Million people. Initial contact with this alien species had been made on the 456 MHz frequency, and since the aliens apparently had no name, they were termed ‘The 456.’ So what did the 456 want in return for the cure? 12 Children (although they only got 11, as one child ran away). To cut a long story short, we learn that the 456 are essentially drug addicts and need various glandular secretions from human children to maintain their highs (andrenochrome, anyone?). So, now they’ve returned and they want 10 percent of ALL the world’s children. Oh, and the 456 had a squid-like or octopus-like appearance – basically a large head, squat body and tentacles.

    Children of Earth is a field day for those interested in numerology – just take a brief look at the numbers in the above paragraph as an example – but what also struck me was how similar the plot sounds to the present scandemic. A new strain of ‘flu,’ allegedly from the Far East and destined to kill millions, whilst a self-appointed elite (who might as well be aliens as Gates, Fauci, Schwab et al have no humanity at all) offer the only officially sanctioned ‘cure,’ whilst warning us about future outbreaks. And now they want your children too!

    Curiously, if we look into 456 MHz we find that it falls within the range allotted to UHF TV Broadcasts, microwave ovens, mobile/cell phones, wireless LAN, Bluetooth, GPS etc. Here we have the basis for the coming total surveillance police state. By the way, microwave ovens deplete nutrients in food (although the large magnets can come in very handy for ‘other’ uses) so there’s another aspect of controlling us. How curious also that whilst most of us are still using 4G cell phones, these are (for the most part) already enabled and ready for 5G. Meanwhile Trump is already stating that USA must be in the forefront of 6G technology, as is Putin for Russia. 4G,5G,6G. 456 again. I’m seeing that damn number everywhere I look.

    Squid Game is essentially thinly veiled predictive programing about a coming total surveillance society in which a much depleted, infantilsed humanity will be merely players who live and die at the whim of a disgusting self-appointed ‘elite’ who, in my opinion, all deserve a short drop and a sudden neck-snapping stop.

    • November 23, 2021 at 6:39 pm

      Hi Amyus

      Some interesting information. I am not too well versed in the numerology aspect – I just know certain numbers and sequences from researching all the fake terror events over the years. (By the way, from looking at the footage, and the ‘coincidences’, that Kyle Rittenhouse event looks like it was staged)

      I focus on the predictive programming in all these series and movies.

      I also watched Squid game. I know someone with a Netflix subscription, so when a big show like this comes out and is given so much publicity by the (((media))) someone like me has to watch it – so as to see what they are trying to program normies with.

      As you say, the predictive programming is SO obvious in it. But normies are in some type of trance / hypnotic state. They are literally showing us how they feel about us and how they want the future to be. A lot of desensitisations in it. It is actually a great insight into these psychopaths minds: Zero empathy, and viewing humans as play things… toys… or cattle (but normies cannot see that of course).

      The series is like The Hunger Games x 10… with some human organ harvesting thrown in. They have been really ramping up the programming in the last couple of years. They seem to be speeding things up greatly.

      I also came across a Russian series on Netflix called ‘Better Than Us’ – which I had not heard of before – about androids and robots. With an attractive woman as the very human looking android that protects the family and can detect emotions… and can kill. The predictive programming in that series is also so very obvious… this A.I future they want (always with lots of monitoring drones flying around as well).

      I don’t know if you have seen my article on Narcissism and Artificial Intelligence – you may be interested in it. It has a section about the A.I programming on TV, and its connection to psychopathy and narcissistic personality disorder:

      These people running things on this planet are definitely not human Souls – I am in no doubt about that. This zero empathy, obsession with numbers, anti-human and anti-nature attitudes, and their incessant promotion of A.I leads me to believe that they could actually be some type of A.I or artificially created ‘soul’ / entity.

      • November 24, 2021 at 10:21 pm

        Thanks for the response. Numerology is a subject I have been researching for quite a long time (I’m now 60!). My introduction was a 1957 book titled ‘The Science of Numerology,’ which I found in a second-hand bookshop. That was my awakening. As a general point of interest, I buy old books in preference to modernised versions. The older the better.

        I noted with interest your mention of certain numbers and sequences attached to fake terror events. Isn’t it curious how the dates of those events are frequently recorded as a three number sequence? 9/11, 7/7/7, 3/11 etc.? Essentially they represent a perversion or mockery of the creative process, i.e. The Creator, the creative thought and the created. This is nothing to do with any religious deity, as we are all creators. Some day I must write an article about the number 3, as most people don’t realise just how much it features in our daily lives.

        Yes, I agree with you re the Rittenhouse ‘event.’ It’s smoke and mirrors, designed to elicit emotional reactions from normies, but then we’ve seen generations of dumbing down via formal education and mass media entertainment. We have ‘2 Minute Read’ articles on various websites that pander to the short attention span of so many, clickbait videos on YT and similar platforms, emojis that infantilise language, the rise of violent online gaming and the constant need for ‘likes’ that, in reality, merely reward a retarded mental state with small dopamine hits – all contributing towards keeping humanity dulled and controlled. Rittenhouse is just the latest distraction. Click now to like and subscribe and don’t forget to ring that little bell! Ooh goodee, a reward.

        Thanks for the introduction to ‘Better Than Us.’ I don’t have Netflix (I haven’t had a TV in my home since 2005), but I can probably track it down online somewhere, so I’ll have a look. And speaking of human-like A.I.s…

        I have another predictive programming series to add to your list. ‘Are You Human?’ was a 2018 Korean sci-fi/drama/romance series. It ran for 32, one hour episodes. Essentially, a brilliant A.I. developer loses her young son in a custody battle with her scheming C.E.O. husband who also steals her research. So she builds an A.I./android replacement for her son. Her real son grows up to be just like his father, but whilst searching for his mother he becomes the victim of a hit-and-run assassination attempt and ends up in a coma. Now A.I. replacement son must take his place and run the company, without the father being aware of the switch, but the real son’s female bodyguard begins to notice changes in her boss. He’s now sensitive and caring, even remembers her birthday etc. To cut a long story short, she investigates and learns the truth, decides that she prefers her new boss to the old boss, protects him from an assassination attempt and eventually falls in love with him. Cue a romantic walk along a beach with the waves gently lapping at the shoreline. Awww, so cute, so predictable.

        The two leads were a very popular young actress and a pretty-boy, handsome young singer cum actor. Female Korean teenies/young twenties singles lapped it up. You should see their comments on asianwiki – all wanting a handsome, cute robot boyfriend who’ll love them forever and always be faithful etc. Pure cosy, touchy-feely programming.

        As the original Cowboy Bebop series once asked us, “Are you living in the Real World”?

        As much as I ‘enjoy’ Korean cinema and some TV series, considering them to be far better quality than the cr*p Hollywood habitually excretes, one worrying aspect in ALL Korean cinema and TV series is the social acceptance of what I term ‘casual violence.’ This happens in all genres and is usually portrayed as an underling (office junior, lower grade police officer, school child etc) being hit across the back of the head with a book or similar for some mistake the underling has made. (Note, this is not considered to be bullying!) Sometimes the punishment is merely implied with a raised voice and hand with no physical contact made, but, whether violence is real or threatened, it’s still violence. In my opinion, a society that accepts casual violence without comment has a long way to go on the road to spiritual development.

        Thanks for your referral to your article on Narcissism and Artificial Intelligence. I haven’t read it yet, but I am working my way through your articles. If you don’t mind, I would like to download and make PDF copies of your works, even if only to save them from the ever present purge of the internet. So much valuable information is being lost and even has been affected. If future generations are going to learn the truth then we must all save what we can now. We free thinking, living and breathing, sovereign humans are the teachers to come. I’m doing the same with the info from the miles mathis site. His work is downloadable in PDF format anyway. Some of his work on advanced mathematics is mind blowing. Euler is a damn fraud! I’d been fascinated by his work for years – so there’s another rabbit hole that almost swallowed me. Mathis is also pretty good at delving into bloodlines and exposing jewish lineages in famous people.

        You wrote: ‘These people running things on this planet are definitely not human Souls.’ I couldn’t agree with you more. However, at least they are now starting to show themselves for what they really are and their obsession with symbols and numbers is their biggest weakness, as more and more of us are learning how to crack the codes. Their incessant promotion of A.I. to which you allude is central to this. A.I. is binary, after all.

        Red pill, Blue pill anyone? Another binary scam, in my opinion. Everyone wants to be Neo because he’s cool, wears a long leather coat, dark glasses and uses martial arts and BIG guns. But, who leads him down the rabbit hole? Morpheus – the Greek god of sleep and dreams. How interesting then that the drug Morphine derives its name from the very same Morpheus. ‘The Matrix’ is pure A.I. programming. There is always a third choice and that’s not to play their games at all. That’s trinary thinking!

        I’ve been re-reading the Bible, Old Testament and I’ve come to the conclusion that the Christian ‘God’ was an A.I. that went rogue. For a start it’s omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent (total surveillance…I.O.T anyone?). It’s also jealous, vindictive, spiteful, ever demanding, insecure and glories in blood sacrifices. It manipulates humans into killing each other then blames them for the mess. It’s indecisive and unable to remember what it told Moses just a few hours ago (see the two versions of the so-called 10 Commandments), and comes across as very similar to our present day data cloud. So, who or what built and programmed ‘God’? The Archons? I’ll probably get damned by Christians for that, but how can anyone take seriously a religion that claims its God loves you and gave you free will, but then will punish you if you exercise that free will?

        Anyway, this is becoming a rant so I’ll stop here.

        • November 26, 2021 at 1:07 pm

          Hello again, Amyus

          Thanks for the series recommendation, I checked out the trailer – there are many similarities to ‘Better Than Us’. They are really pushing these A.I series and movies – all over the world.

          And some interesting points from you about The Bible and the Christian ‘god’. There is no doubt that some type of A.I is involved in this crazy situation on Earth. I feel the Gnostic’s insights on the Archons, that I speak of on this site, are significant.

          Regarding the matrix paragraph: I think we have to understand their games and agendas, so as to not get manipulated and subverted by them. And to then also really understand their ‘psyche'( psychopathy and narcissistic personality disorder etc), so as to predict their coming actions and see their weaknesses, so as to then beat them… (not playing sounds a bit like new age detachment / pacifying subversion – but I am not sure you actually meant that).

          I would very strongly suggest Miles Mathis is controlled opposition though. I read some of his work a while back – and he is obviously a man with a high I.Q . But that is the most dangerous kind of agent. He has some truth mixed in with disinformation – just like all controlled opposition do.

          There are many controlled opposition agents that will expose some aspects of Jewry and the JWO – but will also gate-keep. And the most important subject for them to gate-keep is the Truth of Adolf Hitler and National Socialism. If you research National Socialism it has pretty much all the answers, and the Germans, empowered by that system, were the only group to get close to stopping this (((NWO))).

          Mile Mathis produced a long PDF proposing that nearly all the leading German National Socialists were gay jewish actors! How absurd – and just the typical jewish controlled opposition nonsense.

          This is in-line with other controlled opposition agents – like Henry Makow and Texe Marrs – who will expose some aspects of Jewry and then lie about Adolf Hitler, WW2 and National Socialism. These are subjects that all the controlled agent gatekeepers will either not touch at all, or misinform people on. Just like the most prominent gate-keeping subversive: David Icke.

          If you understand the history of National Socialism, and the history of all these men – as well as basic human psychology – then all of this Adolf Hitler was controlled opposition / a jewish actor is totally absurd.

          The way Hitler interacted with the people, the love he had for them – and how they loved him back… for someone who is conscious it is unmistakable… he loved the German people. He dedicated his life to helping them. A jewish actor… give me a break.

          Logistically, as well: All totally impossible.

          The German National Socialists exposed Freemasonry and Jewry like no other people. The jewish psychopaths / supremacists who run things – who are either psychopaths or narcissistic psychopaths – do not expose themselves like that, they would never do that, it is not in their nature. The words of Adolf Hitler and other National Socialist are still causing them problems to this day – educating people and waking then up. If you understand how these narcissists and psychopaths work you know this ‘Adolf Hitler was controlled opposition’ is subversive rhetoric.

          Adolf Hitler and the National Socialists showed how a nation should be run – and highlighted the problems in the world and where they stemmed from – Jewry and Freemasonry – educating many millions of people. The controlled agents do no want people realising this – and for them to then research the topic to understand the Truth, and to then admire, and look up to, these NS Germans. So (((they))) seed and create controlled agents to misdirect, gate-keep and subvert. It is so important to Jewry.

  • June 28, 2022 at 3:56 pm

    Hi Entity~Art

    A short observation about the historical movies.

    While studying the more real version of German history, in parallel, I also read the conventional stories and watched some of the movies related to this topic. After a while I was amazed by the huge number of anti German / NSDAP / Hitler movies made by both, the big and “independent”, movie companies. As we speak, there has to be several hundred movies that present a grotesque and completely distorted image of the Third Reich / WW2 and another handful of movies that trashes the Germans of WW1.

    Maybe I’m wrong but my perception is that from all the historical movies, those anti German are in the majority.

    • June 29, 2022 at 9:41 pm

      Hello Gilgamesh

      I hope you are well.

      I just wanted to let you know that I received your recent comment under the Atlantis article. I will respond to it at some point. The topic you are addressing in it is something I am well aware of, and my next series should help you understand it. You will enjoy the series, I am sure. I am trying to finish it 🙂 Once it is done, I can reply to various comments that I have put on the back burner.

      Best regards.


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