Life on Mars: Lakes, Forests, Rivers, Animals, Civilizations…


  • Introduction
  • Background information on the Mars images
  • Lakes, Rivers, Trees and Vegetation
  • Civilisations / Cities
  • Animals / Herds
  • Concluding Words
  • My Art Work
  • Additional Videos


Whenever I put together an article I always consider how much it benefits us in stopping this (((New World Order))) agenda. Will this article help as much as my others? No, probably not. But it will hopefully bring some people to the site that otherwise would not have made it here.

This is more of a companion article – to my articles called ,‘Ufology Explained’ and ‘Ufology Explained: Part 2’ – where I talk about The German Breakaway Group. From my research it seems that there is a very good chance that they would have gone to Mars with their advanced technology and attempted to settle there. (The original documents and evidence of this technology are in my ‘Ufology Explained’ article.)

Advanced Technology – German Plans and Diagrams

Showing the large amount of evidence that people have discovered of life on Mars not only shows NASA and many Mainstream Scientists are lying, but also gives credibility to the narrative that The German Breakaway Group settled on Mars.

Some Truthers may say: “Why would they leave any evidence at all on those images released to the public from the Mars Global Surveyor Satellite?

Firstly: There are massive amounts of images to be tampered and altered, huge amounts, things are missed – and some of the obfuscation techniques were not as effective as they thought.

Secondly: As long is it is not very clear and very obvious the masses will not take any notice. The images provided are either in black and white (many of the forest areas are only given to us in black and white) or the landscapes are often all orange. (The planet apparently has no other colours other than shades of orange and the white snow at the North and South Poles!) Just making an image a little more ambiguous is usually enough to fool normies… or at least allow them to dismiss it.

Thirdly: The ‘Powers That Be’ think people are so much in a trance and brainwashed that they will not pay much attention to the Mars images. Only if very large numbers of people believe there is life on Mars will it make any difference to them. And this is True: The vast majority will not look into the topic, analyse any images, or even care – and most are either too busy or too self-absorbed to even think about it. Only a very small amount of people analyse and show any interest in the images

Fourthly: NASA has to pretend, and make out, that they are actually of some use. They also have to give people a few crumbs every now and then.

There has been clear attempts to obfuscate and hide / blur so many areas of Mars. So we know they are trying to hide areas and details from us. If these Mars images were just totally fabricated there would not be so much evidence of tampering and obfuscation. And CGI is very easily exposed. The ‘Powers That Be’ have developed incredible cameras, very high definition, that could easily show a lot of detail. But we get blurry obfuscated images.

The Mars Images:

Launched November 7, 1996, Mars Global Surveyor became the first successful mission to the red planet in two decades. After a year and a half spent trimming its orbit from a looping ellipse to a circular track around the planet, the spacecraft began its prime mapping mission in March 1999.” –

Images have been released to the public since that time. And in 2009 Google added an explorable Mars to Google Earth. Some people have been exploring the images NASA have been releasing – carefully looking for signs of life and anomalies.

We are told by Mainstream Media ‘Experts’ and ‘Scientists’ that Mars does not have a breathable atmosphere and that it is extremely cold, and that there is such a lot of radiation there… so nothing could possibly live there… And the masses just accept this as Truth, and get on with their lives… as they never question anything.

We all know that NASA is an extremely dodgy organisation that lies. Some folk think they lie all the time because the Earth is flat. (I am not going to get into the distracting Flat Earth psyop). Well, the real reason that they lie is because there is plenty of life out there in our Solar System.

There are some people who dedicate their YouTube channel to looking at images from the Mars Global Surveyor, images of Mars in Google Earth and from the Mars Rover. Some of these channels really do themselves no favours by continually looking at rocks shown to us from the Mars Rover, and comparing them to animals and spaceships etc… I am not a fan of these rock videos… they are rocks… if you look at enough rocks they can look like all sorts of things. I think these channels who pump out videos looking at these rock shapes from the Mars Rover images are very likely shills, placed to distract and remove credibility.

However, the landscape images from the Mars Global Surveyor show us much more… they show us clear signs of life.

The videos I am embedding and the photos I am sharing are showing images that show pretty clear signs of life… they are not just rocks that look a bit like alien faces, squirrels or tanks!

The people who seriously explored these images of Mars – images from the Mars Global Surveyor – found that most of the images from Mars have been tampered with and some had been heavily tampered with. Colours are changed and images are sprayed or painted over… and messed with in other ways… smudging etc. Some researchers were able to bypass some of the obfuscation and tampering that NASA have been using to hide the Truth of Mars.

(Everything looks so orange in most of their Mars images – it is so ridiculous when you see all the terrain changes – why would everything be orange?)

Of course, many people have seen the famous images like the supposed glass tubes / tunnels on Mars, the apparent face on Mars in the Cydonia region and also what looks like possible remnants of very old pyramids on the planet. These images do not show life. You have controlled opposition shills like David Wilcock and Richard Hoagland using these images, these images are widely known in the alternative media, and seem to be more a diversion than anything else.

Many of the images I have used in this article will be from a website called Mars Anomalies – this man has completed some amazing work scouring through images and categorising them –

Before we begin, here are some images of Mars that are much more True to the colours in the rocky desert areas of Mars. Mars has a light blue sky.

Lakes, Rivers and Forests:

NASA present so many images in black and white… and as you can see in one of the images they also employ blurring techniques. Much of the evidence of life can be found near the polar regions of Mars – many of these images were taken at the South Polar region.

These images below are from Mars Global Surveyor. These are lakes, you can even see the forest canopies in some of them surrounding the lakes – and in the second set you can see rivers / moving water:

This image below is also from the Mars Global Surveyor. It is an image of an area that is just below the South Polar cap. It sure looks like a forest to me:

Here is a selection of more images showing water and vegetation, there are more. I am not sure much else has to be said. There is clearly vegetative life on Mars… there are forests and lakes on Mars. Which very strongly suggest breathable air and a climate that humans could live quite happily in. It is an image gallery, click to enlarge. Someone has added colour to one of the images to highlight what it is showing.

You can see more Mars images of Trees, Forests, Lakes and Rivers here:

Here are two images taken from this article, on this website – – that are accompanied by some text discussing some analysis of the images:

Image 1

“This photo, taken by the Mars Global Surveyor (MGS) looks quite like aerial photos of an Earth desert dotted with shrub growth. But these sand dunes are in the southern hemisphere of Mars. A Hungarian research team, which has been analyzing the photos (and other photos of the same area over time), has concluded that the black dots are indeed living organisms.

“Each spring,” writes David Leonard in an article for, “[the Hungarians] report, ‘gray fuzzy spots’ appear in the bottom of the ice cover. By the middle of the first half of spring, these spots become darker, are bounded, and grow in size. By early summer defrosting, the naked dark soil of the dune is visible, and surrounded by a lighter ring. Year after year, the dark dune spots ‘renew’ on the same place with almost the same configuration, or ‘constellation’ of patches. This repeat action, the team asserts, strengthens their suggestion of fixed, biological causes of spot formation.”

The Hungarian scientists conclude that this strongly suggests the life cycle of some kind of plant life.

NASA and its associated research teams don’t agree with this conclusion. Their theory is that the dark spots are “the result of springtime defrosting process on Mars, not signs of biology.” A somewhat less dismissive opinion from Bruce Jakosky, a Mars researcher at the University of Colorado in Boulder, states that the conclusion for Martian biology is “premature… when other, simpler processes have not been ruled out.” –

Image 2

“Another controversial photo, shown here, reveals much larger forms that look like spreading trees as seen from above. No less a personage than respected author Arthur C. Clarke opined that they resemble Earth’s Banyan trees. He too noted that these forms appear to change with the seasons, growing with the warmth and increased sunlight of Mars’s spring season, just as vegetation would. But NASA has likewise explained these shapes as some kind of freezing/defrosting phenomenon or a part of the “bizarre geology” of Mars.” –

The ‘Powers That Be’ have released lots of movies and series over the years, trying to keep up the ‘no life and no breathable atmosphere on Mars’ narrative… they are still doing it to this day… the programming (e.g ‘The Martian’, ‘The Expanse’ etc etc). They also make a lot of video games with this narrative as well.


Hale Crater:

NASA seems to have tried hard to eradicate from view the civilisation that is built in Hale Crater . I will very strongly suggest to you that there are functioning civilisations on Mars right now. Hale Crater is where the most obvious obfuscation has taken place. They appear to have attempted to blot out an entire city. You can find quite a few videos about this Hale Crater civilisation on YouTube, some of these I will embed in this article below.

Hale Crater – Magnified and with some of the NASA obfuscation bypassed.

Much analysis has occurred – researchers altered brightness, contrast, as well as others setting, so as to bypass some of the obfuscation.

I found these two comments by the same lady under two different Hale Crater civilisation videos on YouTube, saying how she saw the original images of Hale Crater at Goddard NASA, and that there was a very modern Earth like city there:

Here are the comments in text, from these screen grabs… for people using a translate app or who can’t see the screen grab images clearly. The grammatical errors in the comments are included:

Sorry folks. I was at Goddard when the pictures first came in and were being compiled. I observed the process and saw the results. There is a city there. A VERY modern looking city. Could be just like here on Earth. After combing some 35 or 36 film strips, the girl doing the alignments of the film asked me if I saw enough because now she has to take the composite photo and spray paint out the entire crater floor. It took only a few minutes of spray painting to more or less cover the city. She had the original intact and what you see today on the internet is the copy which was spray painted. Yes. You are just too stupid to be able to stand the mental anguish that any knowledge of life on other planets so you are kept stew ped. I was fortunate and a few others in that room were fortunate to know what was really in Hale Crater. Maybe someday they will be forced to release the original pictures and not the doctored ones. Till then – Be Happy knowing how fragile your government thinks you all are.

I was installing equipment at Goddard (NASA) when the first pictures were downloading. I was called into a dark room by a technician and she showed me the film she was compiling. They were VERY HIGH RESOLUTION and I could see streets, doors, windows but NO vehicles in the streets. I could see two faces carved in the center mountain and a[n] arching temple with what was probably a woman’s dress showing but nothing more. The shadow indicated a human statute, but no proof of sex or other specifics.

Below are images from the website Mars Anomalies of Hale Crater. There are also additional videos at the end of the article investigating this area. You even see in the starting images, where no clarification has occurred, that the ground seems to be floating, it looks unnatural. And like the lady above says – the original pictures were sprayed over. In this gallery you can also see that some type of track system was discovered near Hale Crater – as well as some craters nearby that contained water. These very zoomed in images, that have bypassed some of the obfuscation, clearly show some buildings. Click on images to enlarge.

This Hale Crater civilisation, they way it is set out, looks like a human one. There are other settlement areas that have been seen on Mars that do not look human made. I believe this Hale Crater civilisation could very well be The German Breakaway Group – their main city on Mars. Evidence suggests they had the capabilities to get there in the mid to late 1940’s. My Ufology Explained article on this website documents this.

You can go to this page for more analysis of the Hale Crater evidence:

Two more videos looking at the Hale Crater civilisation evidence are at the end of the article. This one below has managed to move beyond some of the obfuscation techniques better than most.

The Hale Crater images were a part of some of the earliest Mars images released. Since then NASA seem to have changed and modified some of their obfuscation techniques.

A second Human looking city: This video below contains images from another region. Again, remember NASA employ different types of obfuscation techniques on the images. This also looks like a human city. Separated into blocks and streets. A dome type building can be seen. Is this a thriving city or remnants of one? I would suggest it is probably a current city and they have tampered with the images again. I have no idea why this person below called this an ‘Atlantis City’ – probably for views… it’s layout is like a European city.

This image below looks like a group of housing created by a different species. These are fairly big. Not rocks and and not dunes. It looks like a non-human settlement of some kind:

Below we have a dome inside a crater. Very unlikely to be a natural formation. Of course we cannot be sure exactly what it is, but it looks like a larger version of the glass domes that we create on Earth – and it looks to be strategically placed inside this crater. Below the image is a link to a video showing more of these domes inside craters on Mars:

The following pictures show some sort of large settlement, that is what it looks like to me. These are screen grabs taken from a video that I had downloaded from YouTube but has now been deleted for some reason, which is a shame as the video shows the settlement more clearly than these screen grabs. I have shown the images at different magnifications. The way the shapes are spaced out shows lines and rows and thought out spacing… clearly not just random rocks:

Some close up images of this settlement- click to enlarge:

Below is a video of another location that looks like settlements – look at how they are arranged and grouped… they are spaced and have some organisation to them, some are in lines… it does not look natural to me… and remember these images are sprayed over and tampered with so they look more ambiguous:

This video depicts a very unusual looking settlement. It looks like another non-human settlement to me.

I have been studying all the analysis of the images from Mars for a few years now. It looks to me like Mars has many different settlements on there. At least one, possibly two, look like they could be human cities. They tried hard to spray and smudge out as much evidence as they could but you there are so many images… and most people will just dismiss it all anyway, and find any reason to not believe it… so I am sure NASA are not too worried.

The image below is from –… as is the text below it:

A space port?

“This photo depicts the so-called “port,” which has been examined in some detail at Mars Unearthed (no longer online).

This highly geometric structure, appearing on a Martian cliffside, looks like an artificially constructed two-story building of some unknown purpose. In the opinion of the article,

“the first-floor walls of [the port] are facing the camera and in shadow. The second floor is a well-defined square and is turned at a precise 45-degree angle to the first floor. Centered in the midst of the roof of that squared second floor is an abrupt, sharp circle… a ‘landing pad’ as for helicopters atop tall buildings and on decks of ships.””


This section displays 3 sets of images. Each set showing a different herd of animals seen in Mars images.

Herd 1:

This first set has a video to accompany the images. I am not a fan of the channel, as most videos are just of rocks from the ‘Mars Rover’ that he tries to compare to various objects, which is a waste of time… but this video is very good and shows a satellite image that clearly shows a herd of animals.

A close up of some of these animals:

A screen grab image from another video showing this same herd, which has since been deleted from YouTube (from the now deleted Mars Mysteries channel).

A close look as this image:

Herd 2:

The next herd I discovered was on this website:

There is a link to the official Nasa image on the website – and here it is:

This is NASA official text that accompanied the image:

“This July 2004 Mars Global Surveyor (MGS) Mars Orbiter Camera (MOC) image shows a group of aligned barchan sand dunes in the martian north polar region. At the time, the dunes were covered with seasonal frost, but the frost had begun to sublime away, leaving dark spots and dark outlines around the dunes. The surrounding plains exhibit small, diffuse spots that are also the result of subliming seasonal frost. This northern spring image, acquired on a descending ground track (as MGS was moving north to south on the “night” side of Mars) is located near 78.8°N, 34.8°W. The image covers an area about 3 km (1.9 mi) across and sunlight illuminates the scene from the upper left.”

(A totally ridiculous description from NASA)

Not only does this look like a herd of animals but it also very much looks like vegetation on the ground… tufts of grass.

Herd 3:

This next set of images are from a video from the now deleted Mars Mysteries Channel – I have no idea why it was deleted from YouTube. These images below are screen-grabs from a video that I downloaded from the YouTube channel a year ago. It is a shame the video has been deleted as the images were clearer on the actual video. This is the only video in which I have found these particular images. To see this particular herd the video zooms into an area very close to one of the polar regions on Mars. All of these herds in this article were spotted near the polar regions, as were the forests and vegetation.

Remember, nearly all images are tampered with and or sprayed by NASA. To give them less clarity.

I will show the images in order of magnification. The first image shows you that the animals are descending from an elevated area of landscape. The sand has built up against the higher ground to create dunes, or deep sand. The two other photos, that are zoomed in, show the animals leaving trails in the sand as they make their way through it. Small animals appear to be following the larger ones. These animals are very big by the way.

I have now found another video documenting these – what I believe are large animals – that is still on YouTube… showing them from different angles.

All three herds very much seem to consist of different types of animals. All look like large herbivores.


We did have this image below used in some of Mainstream Media a while back – with the headline ‘Huge alien herd of animals found in space probe images of Mars’:

You can see why MSM used it. Obviously the image from Mars is the one on the right, and the left is from Earth. A terrible image from Mars. Clearly heavily tampered with – it looks like it has been sprayed over. Colours distorted and no clear shapes, with no definition. It could well be a herd near some water, but with the distortions they have implemented it makes you look ridiculous for claiming this image shows evidence of life in Mars. It was an image used to discredit those who claim there is life on Mars.

Concluding Words

As mentioned in other articles on this website, I have memories of living on a planet that looks just like Mars. But not taking those memories into consideration, what can we deduce from these images above? I think they show that Mars has a breathable atmosphere – that it has rivers, lakes, trees, forests and vegetation – herds of large animals – and some settlements and cities. That it has a thriving ecosystem.

Most people pay no attention to all of this of course. They have succeeded in obfuscating so many images to make them look ambiguous. People see one image and dismiss it. But if you see a variety of images, that suggest there is life, it is much more compelling.

NASA’s explanations for these signs of life are embarrassingly bad.

It does not change much for us down here though. The only way we can get any Truth is to take back control of our Nations that are controlled by International Jewry and to stop this (((New World Order))) agenda.

It does however give more credence to this idea that the German Breakaway Group has settled on Mars. Which I think can be very inspiring.

My Art Work

On this website I have also spoken about my own very vivid metaphysical experiences that occurred in the night, which suggest to me that there is plenty of life on Mars. It did not occur to me that this rocky, desert like planet, that also had forests, lakes and large unusual animals, various hominids, settlements and cities, that I was seeing in the night, was Mars, until one day I came across a website called ‘Mars Anomalies Research’, which analysed the satellite images of the Mars Global Surveyor. This sparked my interest and I researched further. That is when I found all the evidence of life on Mars, and my middle of the night recall of living on another planet made more sense to me. (And this notion of there being different non-human settlements on Mars, as well as a ‘European type’ city, correlate with my flashback memories of this planet I lived on) I was almost certain that I had created much art work depicting Mars and the creatures that live there – in my late teens and twenties in sketches and paintings… this was before I had had any metaphysical experiences, or any memories come back to me in the night. Some of this art work is in my Art Gallery section.

Below are some related images. My art has been in these galleries on my website for many years. All my art was from my subconscious – straight from my ‘imagination’. I would just sit down sketch, paint and sculpt – no copying of anything at all… I could show you many more depictions / sketches and practice sculptures of these large herbivore type animals I kept creating… I was trying to get them ‘right’.

This is a mixed media wall hanging sculpture. Those are lots of tiny people coming out of a crater… created in my early thirties, before I knew anything about anything… I had no idea what I was creating back then. Why was I creating what looked like a birds eye view of Mars?

You can look at more of my sketches, sculptures and paintings in my Art Gallery section.

Additional Videos:

(By the way this Art Alien TV guy is one these people that obsesses about rocks most of the time… which seems to be a discrediting technique to me… they are just rocks. But I looked through his videos and he had a few videos with signs of life.)

These images below could possibly be cities and settlements, but the images have just been heavily tampered with. They use all sorts of techniques to obfuscate. Cities or civilisations being built inside rocks / cliffs correlates with some of what I have seen in my memories. Who knows? … But in the 2nd image below you can clearly see the blurring and obfuscating applied… they have very advanced HD cameras that can show great clarity from very far away, so this blurriness is not logical. It is important to note that J P Skipper – who put together the ‘Mars Anomalies Research’ website – could see the images in more detail, as he could see the non-compressed images that first came out. The images he provided on his website are lower resolution and compressed – as he was creating his website quite some time ago when then internet was much slower.


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18 thoughts on “Life on Mars: Lakes, Forests, Rivers, Animals, Civilizations…

  • October 14, 2020 at 5:55 pm

    Hi EntityArt,

    These images truly are thought provoking.

    For a long time the main subjects regarding life on Mars were indeed the face & the pyramids. Still, even if these images were used by shills, as you say, could those be genuine constructions ? Maybe remnants of some older civilizations that lived on Mars ?

    Reading this article & watching these images the movie John Carter (2012) came to my mind. Leaving aside the story, there are some interesting things that are shown in the movie like several types of beings & civilizations, buildings & art, different technologies, the idea of a manipulative but hidden society present in many other worlds and the idea of connection between Mars & Earth.

    You mentioned in the beginning of this article “I am not going to get into the distracting Flat Earth psyop”. Maybe the flat earth theory would be a good idea for a future article given two facts: that it’s a psyop and that so many people are attracted to it. I would very much like to have a clear understanding on it, though indeed, it’s not an important aspect.

    Thank you.

    • October 18, 2020 at 1:21 pm

      Hi Doru.

      Yes, I believe those features are real, such as the old pyramids, the face, and the tubes. There were clearly some ancient civilizations on Mars. It does look like there was an ancient war on the planet using very powerful weapons – when you see all the large areas of scarring on the landscape. But these well known controlled opposition personalities don’t show evidence of biological life and the current civilizations and settlements existing there right now. The shills publicize those 3 images and purposely neglect the evidence I am showing in this article.

      I do believe that some of the people who write and create these Hollywood movies know more about Mars then they let on. We have very powerful high definition cameras here on Earth. Some of the rock formations in John Carter, as well as the large creature that is ridden in the movie, make me think they know things – and from what I have seen there are also primitive / less advanced humanoid beings on there. (Though the large animal on Mars that looks similar to the one in the movie does not have 8 legs – that part is not accurate) Even some movies like Star Wars suggest they know more than they are letting on. I have had many vivid flashbacks, and there are anti-gravity speeder type bikes used there to travel over the rocky desert areas… not the same as in those movies, but similar. I think this is on purpose by those that run Hollywood – so as to attempt to discredit people with memories. I started drawing these rock formations from my imagination, as well as much of my other art, before the John Carter movie came out.

      I do not feel inclined to produce something on Flat Earth at the moment, but I just wrote a reply to Rob in this article’s comment section, regarding the flat earth psyop – which you may be interested in.

  • October 15, 2020 at 9:08 pm

    The flat earth is a reality which i think you need to come to terms with bro we live in a toroidal field tesla coil cellular like world. That’ s all ill say i would hate for you to discredit all your other research by writing this reality off because the evidence is everywhere, i am also waking up from programming uncovering milab and other memories fighting battles in a foreign land like you describe and will soon be releasing my own story and research into the awakening community.

    • October 18, 2020 at 1:06 pm

      I wanted to address your MILAB comment. You do not have MILAB experiences. The MILAB rhetoric was all subversion. Perhaps the first big promotion of this was from Aaron McCullum with Kerry Cassidy. He speaks a whole lot of nonsense – lots of disinfo on many topics. Cassidy is a clear shill. I also studied all the other MILAB testimonies – all of them – and they are lying.

      If Military Abductions were possible – and these (((elites))) had some of the technology these fake whistleblowers are saying they have – then the world would be a very different place and modern history would be very different. You would not need wars to take out leaders you don’t like – you would just portal into their bedroom and induce a heart attack or other illness in the night. You could take out any ‘undesirable’ anywhere in the world if they could do what they say they can do. … but they can’t.

      The MILAB rhetoric is subversion and deflection. Any collections / abductions are being made by an off-planet group. I have had so many collections and vivid recollections of time spent on other planets – and I guarantee everything I have seen is related to an advanced off-planet group.

      Though I don’t readily discuss the ‘flat earth’ psyop, as I responded to your other comment I will say something about this.

      Firstly it is not reality – as you say – it’s something that you believe. The majority of Truthers don’t believe in Flat Earth. In fact it is used by government shills online to attempt to discredit Truthers who are sharing Truths on other subjects. I have come across many government shills / agents who use this in a discussion in the comment sections to attempt to discredit. Like they used to do with Ickes nonsense about shape-shifting reptilians. Now they use Flat Earth instead to discredit.

      My favourite way to debunk the flat earth psyop is through looking at Ancient History:

      People who believe in Flat Earth have clearly not studied Ancient History. If you do take the time to really study it you will see that a great many different types of ‘gods’ interacted with Earth humans. The Norse ‘gods’ looked like them, but were not them. The Indian ‘gods’ looked like them, the Chinese ‘gods’ looked like them. There were also different types of ‘gods’ in South America and all over the world. So many different reports of star people from smaller tribes as well – and many depictions of these different ‘gods’ in sculptures, art and architecture. These interactions were recorded in scriptures and in their art.

      The ‘gods’ created temples, cities, pyramids and stone circles all over the word. These temples, pyramids and stone circles were perfectly aligned with different constellations. Such as Orion, Cygnus, Pleiades etc etc. The ‘gods’ had a very intimate relationship with the stars and excellent understanding of them and spoke of which constellation they came from. Nearly all the ancient people back then talked about their ‘gods’ coming from the stars – and how the ‘gods’ created humans.

      (These stone circles and some monuments were aligned with the stars when they were built, but the position of the stars changes over time in relation to Earth – so they are very slightly out now, but they were proved be perfect at the time of their creation thousands of years ago – strongly suggesting that we are on a moving planet and in an ever changing galaxy.)

      These ‘god’s were not ‘fallen angels’’ as some Christians say. These ‘gods’ were clearly off-planet humanoid groups with advanced technology. ‘Angels’ were merely the name for the ‘gods’ messengers. They were just more technologically advanced humans that flew down from the sky, or heavens, to interact with humans and bring messages from the advanced craft above our atmosphere. There is so much evidence of advanced technology in our ancient history… massive amounts of evidence – from advanced weapons to genetic engineering and advanced and extremely precise building techniques.

      Where are all these different groups coming from if the Earth is flat and there are no other planets? (Rhetorical question) And you can’t tell me that all these different off-planet groups / ‘gods’ – from all over the world made an agreement:

      “Oh, when you go down to see the humans make sure you pretend the Earth is a globe and that there are planets out there. You guys say you are from Orion – you guys say you are from Cygnus, you guys say Sirius – look here is a map of the sky, you pretend you come from these four stars etc etc. We must make sure the humans think they are on a globe.”

      These ‘gods’ have no motivation or reason for doing this. And they wouldn’t agree to do this anyway because many of these off planet groups / ‘gods’ were battling with each other. There is much evidence of this – they fought each other – many battles in the skies and heavens – as well as some on the surface of the planet.

      People who promote flat earth are also often heavily into Christianity. A religion created by Jewry to subvert.

      And this is not getting into some of the totally ridiculous explanations for the moon and the stars that we get from Flat Earthers.

      But like I said, through really studying Ancient History you can understand that the Earth is not flat, and that there are solar systems and galaxies – and that there is a great deal of life out there in the Cosmos.

      As well as this I have memories of living on a planet in our Solar System. Extremely vivid re-livings and recall in the night. I even know what some of the animals look like there. I will never believe in Flat Earth, I know with certainty that there is life out there – as I know my ancient history… and also because of my collections and memories … as well as vivid recall of astral travels.

      I have no desire to get into a ‘to and fro’ debate with someone who believes in ‘flat earth’ – but it is good to have this additional information at the bottom of the article.

  • October 20, 2020 at 4:36 pm

    Hi EntityArt,

    So far two types of Mars images are presented for the public: the satellites images & rovers images that apparently roam the surface of this planet. But is the rovers presence on Mars true ? If Mars is truly inhabited by some advanced civilizations (perhaps even by the GBG – German Breakaway Group) and if there’s such a competitive / dangerous world out there, would NASA’s rovers be aloud to touch the martian soil let alone to search for info?

    How come NASA’s and/or other agencies space crafts / probes are even aloud to settle themselves on orbits around Mars ? Why do NASA insist on exploring Mars and not other planets, Venus for example ? Why did they conclude there’s nothing else to see & discover on the Moon ?

    You mentioned several times that the GBG, once it left the Earth, is not aloud to come back… hence the dropping in UFO sightings. Then what about NASA’s / other agencies crafts / shuttles / etc ? Are these, in your opinion, aloud to come back once they left Earth’s gravitational / electromagnetic / quarantine field ?

    Thank you.

    • October 21, 2020 at 1:41 pm

      Hi Doru

      Some interesting comments and questions. Some questions that I have contemplated myself. I like when questions like these are put forward, as it assists me in fleshing out a subject.

      I don’t take much notice of the Mars Rover’s images – they are a highly controlled distraction, and a psyop. None of us are seeing live feed from these cameras – it is all very controlled.

      Regarding the possibility of the rover actually being on Mars:

      We must remember that very large parts of Mars are sandy or rocky desert – almost uninhabitable – very exposed areas with very little life. The biological life on Mars is very much concentrated around the poles of the planet.

      I don’t know for sure if those rovers are actually on Mars or not, but it is possible to land in these remote desert areas. They don’t go anywhere near the poles for a reason. They would know where the settlements are and where the biological life is.

      I don’t think the Germans are going to be worried about a small robot that moves around in a very remote deserted area at a few mph. (and the viking landers didn’t even move around) These rovers and viking landers would be no threat at all.

      There was the case of the woman who called into ‘Coast to Coast’ radio and said she worked at NASA and saw two humans in protective suits, a suit which was not like Earth astronauts, walk up to one of the Viking landers on Mars in 1979 to check it out. (on the live feed NASA were getting)

      Of course, Coast to Coast is going to be controlled opposition – but the sort of instructions and restrictions they have are to not mention the holohoax, or jewry’s control of the banks and White nations and the Protocols of Elders of Zions etc. A call like this could easily be allowed through to the radio show… great for ratings.

      It is competitive out there – in that there and there are hostile groups. But most of these hostile groups on Mars are not that advanced. From what I have seen / remembered I think the Germans are the most technologically advanced on Mars. These other humanoids can be brutal but they do not seem to be as technologically advanced. I certainly don’t think it is like you have craft continually whizzing past overhead – not like that. Space is big – very, very big. I think it is very possible that a rover could land on there – not saying it definitely is on there – but it is very feasible.

      I am glad you brought it up regarding the unforgiving nature of life in the Cosmos, as I do need to remember to bring balance to my comments on this subject – as most of my flashbacks and memory recall were of emotionally charged incidents serving in some sort of military – with some traumatic incidents. I don’t have that many memories of civilian life or downtime. It is the emotionally charged incidents that tend to come back. They came back when I was meditating a lot and processing intense emotions. Then in the night I would get flashbacks.

      I tend to emphasise that the Cosmos is all about survival of the fittest and can be very unforgiving, as certain areas of New Age & Ufology love try to make out it is all about experiencing love and thinking loving thoughts and ‘raising your vibration’…. Which of course is all a lot of nonsense.

      Subversive and highly controlled Ufology portrays Earth as some sort of hub where all other races are interested in our planet. But is it? I don’t think so. As I mentioned, space is very very big. We could well be in a far flung area of space without much going on.

      There is something occurring whereby the Germans are not supposed to directly interfere with Earth’s development – from my collections this seems to be the case. It is difficult to know exactly what’s going on. But the more I see and contemplate it seems to be some sort of controlled experiment, or plan, here on Earth, by some other group.

      Earth groups are not allowed on the Moon it seems… I have a hunch that maybe the far side of the moon is inhabited by the group that set up, or coordinated, the plan or experiment here on Earth. Possible. But isn’t it interesting that no one has attempted to get to the Moon since the so-called ‘Moon Landing’. Probes and satellites are sent to Mars by the US and the Soviets / Russia etc. But the Moon seems to be ‘forgotten’ about or ‘neglected’.

      I do think the Germans are able to come back into our atmosphere once they have left. (I believe in a previous article I proposed that maybe they could not – but I do think they can, but they just are not allowed to physically interfere.) As mentioned in a few of my other articles, a metallic disc shaped craft showed itself to me in the hills near where I live about 4 years ago – and then about a week later I had my longest and most lucid collection in the night (In a slightly different state of consciousness though). They very much seem to have cloaking technology on their craft. Again there seems to be some non-interference pact or agreement – not made with anyone down here on Earth, but possibly with whoever is overseeing the Earth experiment / plan.

    • October 28, 2020 at 9:53 am

      It seems I’ve rushed a bit asking why space agencies aren’t interested to further study the Moon. I’ve just heard on the news their “theory” of water existence on the bright side of the moon and their wish that humanity might explore it / inhabit it in the near future. I wonder if there’s more to this story & what are their true intentions. Also, could this be just another distraction / subversion from something else going on ?

      • October 31, 2020 at 2:25 pm

        Hi Doru

        You can be sure that this is a subversion, manipulation or distraction. There is an agenda behind releasing this information, you can be 100 percent sure of that.

  • October 30, 2020 at 4:50 am

    HI entity art, great article as always! I have one question please:

    What do you think about Lawrence R. Spencer ‘Alien Interview Book’ ?

    Thank you.

    • October 31, 2020 at 1:22 pm

      Hi Saturn Trap

      That book is fake. I remember the obvious shill Corey Goode, and his friends, promoting that book as real. I had read it before he promoted it. I read it quite some time ago – and when you are not well informed. and just starting out researching these sorts of topics, it can be quite compelling. But when you are informed you can very clearly see that it is absolutely a work of fiction, with plenty of disinfo in it.

      The author even says he no longer has any of the original records / letters / transcripts… Why would you not keep them safe? He is also an author of other books of fiction.

      From what I have seen. And from what I can tell from my research, the small Greys are biological beings and work with the Germans ‘Nordics’. The big thing for the (((PTB))) is to hide the Truths that the National Socialist Germans were never defeated and live on in our Solar System… and that the small Greys very likely work with them.

  • November 1, 2020 at 6:12 am

    Yes, he even has some reference to the holocaust as real and Hitler official story, it’s crazy how all these guys are shills and disinfo agents!

  • May 7, 2021 at 8:49 pm

    It is very interesting that Mask said that atomic bombing should take place on both poles of Mars!
    But i have questions, some say NASA did not go to Mars and this is just a simulation on Earth!And,why should NASA release images which is contrary to its official claims about life on the Mars?!Also why did NASA spray over it?has NASA forced by someone to publish these photos without its consent so spray over it to be not so clear?!

    • May 10, 2021 at 12:29 pm

      Hello, The seventh country

      ‘Mask’? I think you meant to type Elon ‘Musk’.

      I just looked into it. Yes, Musk does indeed want to Nuke the poles of Mars! And there you go. Just like they want to nuke The Moon, they also want to Nuke the two areas of Mars that support most life! Which shows that they know that the Germans are on Mars as well.

      So thanks for this comment, I did not realise that he had said this. Total insanity.

      “Musk believes that by hitting Mars with nuclear weapons, the planet’s polar ice caps could melt and release vast amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, which would essentially create a greenhouse effect that raises the temperature and air pressure of the planet — like a really quick version of climate change.” –

      Just like the A119 project to nuke The Moon, they are using nonsensical and totally illogical ‘scientific’ reasons to attempt to justify this insanity. And Mars already has an atmosphere, and life on it, … and … do you know what, I just don’t need to go into the insanity of this proposal – it is obvious to anyone with an ounce of intelligence that there is another agenda there.

      Yes, NASA may not have gone to Mars physically and have possibly faked the video footage using other locations and perhaps some CGI. But they do have very advanced cameras that can take images of Mars.

      They sprayed over images to hide the civilisations and signs of life – as they want us to think it is a dead uninhabitable planet – and to hide that the Germans have a civilisation there. NASA has to be seen as a legitimate organisation, they have to be seen as achieving something or they will become defunct and come under much criticism. So they have to give us photos – they just hide the signs of life.

      I do not know about the internal politics of NASA – but the photos I have shown correlate both with own memories of Mars, and with the Art I created from my subconscious, which was before I had seen any images of Mars and had regained any memories.

  • October 16, 2021 at 9:35 am

    Quite apart from any pictures or video – and there were some amazing .GIF format videos on a “space cowboy” website 25 years ago – the constant creep of revelation by NASA about water on Mars is enough to prove deliberate deceit as part of some sort of plan.

    In the space of 45 years we’ve gone from “no water has existed on Mars for a billion years” to “there’s frozen water all over Mars under the surface and maybe some of it melts and escapes on the surface as well”.

  • February 22, 2022 at 1:47 pm

    Another question EA,
    Do you think Mars’ sky is blue,or reddish like they show us?

    • February 26, 2022 at 5:09 pm

      Hi Hans

      It is in the main blue, and it is not reddish like they show us.

      Some of the brief memories / flashbacks, that I speak of in other posts, were of being on Mars. Though I did not look up into the sky, the light was like Earth – like being on Earth. In my depictions of Mars, in my paintings, some of which are in my art galleries (art from my subconscious), I also painted the sky blue.

  • January 14, 2023 at 4:20 pm

    Hi Entity Art!

    Another few questions:
    Have you seen anything evidence-wise, or do recall, that there is any terraforming going on on Mars? It is obvious that Mars is inhabitable, but I don’t see why a little gardening might not be in the works to make it a little more earthlike. I’de imagine, as I’m sure you do as well, that advanced knowledge of ecology would be high priority.

    What do you think of the speculation that Mars was once a verdant waterworld sometime in the distant past- with giant oceans like our’s? Do you think Mars might have once been even more earthlike?

    I found another comment reply that you wrote a while ago that I’m wondering about.

    ” From my memories, I think some white humans were found on Mars, living in basic settlements/caves.”

    How do you think they got there? Do you think they were originally from Earth? Did they look like they’d been there a while?

    Thanks a lot!


    • January 22, 2023 at 2:07 am

      Hi Mike

      Again, this would take a fair bit of writing to answer, I will try and create something more detailed.

      The humans would have very likely been created by the bipedal reptilians, and the humans still there were the ones that survived the massive reset / destruction that occurred on there.


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