Half Truthers, Controlled Opposition, Limited Hangouts, Shills – How to spot them. What aren’t they telling you?


I am not going to go in-depth for each point – you can research further for yourself… it’s an overview. I may just give you a few pointers for further research on various subject areas.

The topics listed in this article are what Real Truthers are talking about and exposing.

Some people are Half-Truthers because they are not knowledgeable and have not properly woke up yet.

But many people who are Half-Truthers are Controlled Opposition agents – these are the big alternative media personalities. They are creating limited hangouts on purpose. They are purposely not talking about certain subjects and putting out pieces of carefully selected disinfo. The alternative media is pretty much run by these people. You cannot underestimate how many agents are out there.

Controlled Opposition quotes:

“A controlled opposition is a protest movement that is actually being led by government agents. Nearly all governments in history have employed this technique to trick and subdue their adversaries.”

Notably Vladimir Lenin said:
“The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.”

What these agents distracting you from, or not telling you the truth about:

1 — Exposing the Holocaust Myth / Holohoax?

Anybody capable of critical thinking and basic levels of research ability can work out that the holocaust is a hoax and did not happen. Go to this website for comprehensive evidence that it didn’t happen: https://holocaustdeprogrammingcourse.com/
There are numerous videos on youtube exposing this myth – and the are also many books written about it http://holocausthandbooks.com/

2 — Are they saying that Hitler was not an evil dictator, and the ‘Nazis’ were certainly not evil?

Hitler was a brilliant leader who wanted peace and tried hard for it – he even warned us about the Jewish banking cartels in his speeches. And nobody should be using the term ‘Nazi’ which is a slur made up by the jewish man Konrad Heiden – its actually The National Socialist German Workers Party (NSDAP). National Socialism is a family oriented, community based, altruistic system that gets rid of debt slavery /usury and brings abundance and high standards of living to a country. The jewish zionist controlled allied forces conspired to destroy Germany. The half-truthers also don’t expose the needless genocidal Dresden firebombing war crimes, and the Eisenhower’s Rhine Meadow death camps war crimes. There are very good reasons as to why they put so much effort into demonizing and spreading lies about Hitler and National Socialism. ( I have various articles on this website about these subjects)

(The Myth of German Villainy – Benton L Bradberry
Adolf Hitler: The Greatest Story Never Told documentary – Dennis wise
Hellstorm documentary / and the Hellstorm book by Thomas Goodrich
Revisionists: Ernst Zundel and David Irving)

3 — Are they exposing Usury?

The use of interest on money and loans, which has been introduced by the Jews to countries throughout history. People often say it’s the ‘Bankers’ – but more accurately its really Usury and the Jews. Again, the Jews introduced it to countries – historically verifiable, do some research. Usury / Debt Slavery has been used throughout history to enslave the rest of humanity / the ‘goyim’. Look into how many different countries whole populations of Jews have been kicked out of throughout history, often primarily for their immoral use of Usury – the Jewish populations have been expelled from countries over 100 times. The Jewish banking cartels have so much power now through their insane debt slavery / Usury. Why would any nation borrow at high interest rates from foreign private central banks when they could issue their own debt and interest free money to the people via a national bank? It’s insanity.

(Read this book – ‘A History of Central Banking and the Enslavement of Mankind’ by Stephen Mitford Goodson.)

4 — Talking about The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion?

Are they talking about this very important document that tells you exactly why the world is as it is. Are they showing that these Protocols are playing out in the world right now – and that it was written by Jews… it even has their terminology in it .. e.g ‘Goyim’ referring to non-jews.  

Here is a link – you can read the whole book online here: https://www.biblebelievers.org.au/przion1.htm

5 — Are they exposing Israel and Zionism?

Are the exposing the ridiculous amount of international laws Israel has broken and the systematic murder of Palestinians and the occupation of their country?
The huge amounts of weapons of mass destruction Israel own? (but no inspections ever occur)
Are they exposing the Greater Israel Project?
How Zionism is destroying the world?
If they are proposing a ‘two-state solution’? Then again, red flags – Israel are illegally occupying palestine, they have no right to it.
Are they exposing how Israel dictates American foreign policy?That American soldiers are continually fighting Israel’s wars for them…
I could go on… there is also the Israeli attack on the USS liberty that they try to cover up…
And of course, we know that Israel and Mossad were behind 9 11. (Christopher Bollyn)

(Johhny Gat on YouTube, as well as many other YouTubers are exposing all these things about Israel) ( And listen to ex congressman Jim Traficant)

6 — Are they exposing Judaism for what it is? – which is most certainly not ‘just another religion’

Judaism is a destructive cult. It is made up of tribe members. It is a self-serving ideology of hate for humanity and destruction of the the world. It is a demonically driven destructive force. Communism stems from Judaism.

This tribal cult is based on Babylonian Talmudism and says truly terrible things about non-jews (the goyim) – particularly in their ‘religious’ book The Talmud. It is a mind control cult. The Jews think they are Gods ‘Chosen People’ and that the non-jews are pretty much worthless – like cattle: ‘Goyim’.

“On the first and fundamental lie, the purpose of which is to make people believe that we are not a nation, but a religion…” – Harold Wallace Rosenthal – Jewish Insider

Harold Wallace Rosenthal gives you insights into how Judaism is not a religion in this interview link: http://www.antichristconspiracy.com/HTML%20Pages/Harold_Wallace_Rosenthal_Interview_1976.htm

7. Are they using euphemisms for Jews? – i.e Not calling them out

The jewish elite are masters of deception. Half Truthers and Controlled Opposition put forward so many other names to distract:

It’s not ‘The Bilderbergers’ — or ‘The Illuminati’ — or ‘The Jesuits and Black pope’ — or ‘The Banksters’ — or ‘The Shape-Shifting Lizards / Reptilians’ — or ‘The Archons’ — or ‘The Globalists’ — or ‘The Cabal’ — or ‘The Club of Rome’ and many other secret societies…

It’s the Jews.

The New World Order / One World Government agenda all stems from the Jews – the Jewish supremacists.

They – ‘The Jewish Supremacists’ – have everyone on the wrong subject while they move forward towards world domination.

(See my article on Zionism – link at the end of the article)

And we all know this term ‘anti-semitism’ is just a term that they have created that means nothing really – firstly the jews aren’t really the semites, and secondly it is just a defensive and deflecting term, that they throw around whenever some actually exposes their nefarious activities and lies.

8 — Exposing Fake Hoax Terror Events?

Some people think these terror events are flags flags, but the are actually totally fake, no one dies in them…. (Boston Marathon, Orlando Pulse, Manchester Concert, Las Vegas Mandalay, Paris Bataclan, Nice Truck etc etc) there are various agendas: gun control, automated vehicles, electronic bollards in cities, increased security measures, armed police, invoking fear, divide and conquer psyops… CGI is sometimes used, Crisis Actors are always used… if you are an intelligent critical thinker, and have the time, you can spot all the anomalies, all the inconsistencies, the illogical occurrences, the bad CGI, the impossible logistics.

So many Youtube channels have been censored and banned because of how clearly they expose these events.

These Fake Events set up by Freemasons and Zionists / Jewish supremacists. You can clearly see these events are set up by the Jews / Freemasons as their Gematria is coded into the events – they are obsessed with this – they code certain sequences of numbers into their fake terrorist events.

Look up Jim Fetzer watch his YouTube videos – Ole Dammegard has many videos exposing hoax terrorism, he exposes many events – although Ole may be controlled, as he interviews  some clear controlled opposition operatives on his channel… but he does expose so many of these events as hoaxes and his videos are still widely available on Youtube, whereas others have theirs censored. (We can’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.)

And there are some good truthers out there who know about all the other points I have mentioned in this article but call these events ‘false flags’, when they are really ‘hoaxes’ – but at least they know they are set up and not genuine – perhaps they just haven’t done that bit if extra research to ascertain that nobody was killed and that Jewish and Freemasonic gematria is coded into the events.

You can read my article on this website about Fake Terrorism

 https://153news.net/ – has many fake hoax terrorism videos loaded on there – I have loaded about 40 on there myself. Search Las Vegas Hoax on it for a compilation video about that event.

9 — Are they exposing The Kalergi Plan and White Genocide?

Using wars to create mass immigration the Jewish Supremacists Zionists destabilise countries, particularly in the middle east, then they encourage the white countries to accept millions of refugees that they have created. They intend to destroy the white race – there are so many Jewish commentators who have publicly spoken about the reality of this agenda – and it is clear to see. Zionist controlled leaders of the European countries are given awards for carrying out the plan – ‘the charlemagne prize’. Through the media, that these jewish supremacists control, they promote the race mixing a great deal – which, in the end, will lead to a great many cultures and races dying out.

“We intend to turn Europe into a mixed race of Asians and Negros ruled over by the Jews.” – Freemasonic Zionist, Count Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi

(Research The Kalergi Plan and the agendas behind hit.)

10 – Exposing the destructive nature of Freemasonry? – a Jewish run establishment – and the Temple of Solomon rebuild

Freemasonry is a tool for the Jewish supremacists move towards world domination. Its being used by the jews to bring forth their agendas – (Mainly 33rd degree masons and above). Such as their huge desire to rebuild the satanic Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem, and their desire to dominate the world from there. Are they talking about their Luciferian worship, the kabbalah and how it’s related to freemasonry and judaism? (Yes, the kabbalah – that which all these hollywood celebrities follow, and wear their little red piece of string around their wrist — related to judaism, satanism and luciferianism.) Also, are they exposing that jewish people run the masonic lodges? Their use of Gematria, how it is coded into so many things, freemasonic symbolism everywhere, the ‘as above so below philosophies’ – the use of alignment of the stars and moon cycles for their satanic rituals.

“The meaning of the history of the last century is that today 300 Jewish financiers, all Masters of (Masonic) Lodges, rule the world.” – Jean Izoulet, prominent member of Jewish Alliance Israelite Universelle, 1931

11 — Just the Symptoms? Root causes and real Solutions not discussed?

Are they just continually focusing on the symptoms – or do they actually go to root cases and offer practical solutions. And no, just focusing on love is not going to save us and stop the jewish new world order! That is not a solution, but a New Age psyop.

Poisonous vaccines, chemtrails, GMO foods, poisons in the water, unjustified wars, pedophile networks, satanic ritual sacrifice, mass immigration, transhumanism, 5G towers, mobile phone radiation, false history books…. Etc – the list could go on and on — more and more people are aware of these things but they are not the root cause – it’s these jewish supremacist cults that run the world, and they do it through having control of this insane usurious debt slavery banking system – their power base… it is where their control stems from.

Don’t treat the symptoms go to the root cause. Countries need to take control of their currency and have national banks and issue their own debt free money – getting rid of debt slavery – just like the Adolf Hitler and the National socialists did in Germany – as have many other leaders tried to do before – then having wars brought against or getting assassinated: JFK, Lincoln, tsar nicholas 2nd, Napoleon, Caesar, Gaddafi etc etc

And people somehow need to take control of their governments – to stop our governments carrying out the agendas of these Jewish Supremacists and Israel… but even that is because these jews control the banking system. We need to identify our oppressors and go to the root of their power and come with solutions / alternatives. (The widely misunderstood National Socialism system is a very real alternative for all countries, in my eyes.)

ZOGs: A ‘ZOG’ is a Zionist Occupied Government… there are a great many of them. We must come up with alternative systems and implement it in our countries and take their power away.

Some Concluding Thoughts

I am not going to go and call out all the alternative media personalities now, this would take a while… there are so many controlled people – but you should be able to clearly see that the most famous one, David Icke, is clearly controlled opposition.

And you can clearly see that whole areas of the alternative media are totally controlled – such us Ufology for example – which is one massive controlled opposition limited hangout – it’s just full of dis-info agents now. Any genuine testimonies drowned out by a myriad of disinfo agents.

I am not saying every truther who is not exposing every one of these eleven aspects of the global conspiracy is a controlled opposition shill – but I hope this article can help you work out who is.

Perhaps the most crucial points: Are these people exposing that it’s the Jews / Judaism / Zionism causing all the problems, and that it is this tribal cult that is working towards a New World Order / One World (Jewish) Government? Are they exposing all their tactics? (most of which are actually laid out in The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion?) And are they telling you the Truth about Hitler, National Socialism, WW2 and the holohoax? Exposing the lies we have been told? And are they talking about and exposing the root causes of our problems and their power base – their most powerful weapon against us? Usury / Debt Slavery. These are some of the crucial things to look for.

The list:

1 — The Holocaust Myth / Holohoax  
2 — Hitler was not an evil dictator, and the ‘Nazis’ were certainly not evil
3 — Are they exposing Usury?
4 — The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion
5 — Are they exposing Israel?
6 — Are they exposing Judaism? – not ‘just another religion’
7 — Are they using euphemisms for Jews? – Not calling them out
8 — Exposing Fake Hoax Terror Events?
9 — Are the exposing The Kalergi Plan and White Genocide?
10 — Exposing the destructive nature of Freemasonry – and the Temple of Solomon rebuild
11 — Just the Symptoms? Root causes and real Solutions not discussed?

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