‘Super Soldiers’ – Disinfo – Psyop – James Casbolt, Max Spiers and others


I will talk in general about controlled opposition and how narratives are controlled. Then I will analyse some of James Casbolt’s and Max Spiers’ information. I break down a lot of their ‘information’. Then I will look at some other testimonies briefly – and have a look at the controlled networks of disinfo agents out there.

As always, it is my intention to assist humanity. We have been having so many controlled opposition agents being exposed in the alternative media. The information that these two people put out has got, and does get, quite a lot of attention – so it is right and fair that it is analysed.


Now, I have had many unusual experiences, which I have described on this site. Experiences which included me performing missions in the night… I gained some recollection of them, through reexperiencing them in the night, often from a third person perspective, and also by becoming lucid in a couple of them as they were occurring – but these usually seem to be in other dimensions, planets or underground… and I have also had numerous other experiences – third eye and remote viewing experiences… not that I was in control of them. I am more of an observer of myself in these experiences… I can describe them in a fair bit of detail to you. I believe this is all possible through the use alters, as well as other advanced metaphysical technology. And I can say that this me is not fully conscious of these ops, I just get glimpses, but I still feel the stress and trauma in my body… PTSD type symptoms.

So there are some operations occurring – secret projects. What they are all for and who is actually in charge of them we don’t know. I seem to have been involved in working with a group of ETs… doing remote viewing, astral work and involved in missions against facilities with robots or ETs in them… as far out as that can sound! As far as I am aware I was not being picked up by Earth based military groups.

Controlled Opposition – Controlled Narratives:

What is Controlled Opposition:

“A controlled opposition is a protest movement that is actually being led by government agents. Nearly all governments in history have employed this technique to trick and subdue their adversaries.”

Notably Vladimir Lenin said:
“The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.”

Nearly all the Alternative Media is controlled – the Zionists and Freemasons plan well ahead – you just need to look at the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion to see this. So they always put people in place to control narratives, in all the different areas on the alternative media. Some obvious examples – they put Alex Jones and David Icke in place – to control certain aspects – and they have obviously put Corey Goode in place to control a certain narrative and create a limited hangout with disinfo.

Now I have listened to all testimonies in this field: James Casbolt, Max Spiers, James Rink (and all those who have gone on James Rinks YouTube channel for interviews), I have listened to all those who did interviews with Miles Johnston, and all the interviews with Kerry Cassidy… and I have listened to Corey Goode, Randy Cramer, and all the less well known SSP so-called ‘whistleblowers’, all of them. What I see is various networks of controlled opposition.

You see, when you become very knowledgeable geopolitically, conspiratorially and you engage with revisionist history – understanding the hidden Truths of our History and what these ‘leaders’ agendas are etc, you can see the disinfo… you spot a limited hangout quite easily. And when you are intelligent and correlate information and can think critically you see the networks and the fakery.

I propose to you that the so-called ‘Super Soldier’ rhetoric is purposely creating limited hangouts full of disinfo. I suggest to you that pretty much all of the Super Soldier, Milab, and Secret Space Program testimonies are deceptive and put forward by people who are working towards the New World Order Agenda

Sure there are ‘secret space’ and ‘black ops’ projects occurring. But we are not going to be getting the Truth about them. Come on, thousands of people are being censored left right and centre on all social media sites, for exposing certain aspects of the global conspiracy, having channels shut down etc. But Milabs, Super Soldiers and SSP rhetoric does not get censored… and the Extraterrestrial aspect is possibly the most tightly controlled area going.

These people have been put forward to control a narrative and to provide disinfo and distraction – creating limited hangouts. I can guarantee you that there is huge amounts of disinfo in their testimonies and will ‘go into’ some of it for you in this article.

As well as to create a limited hangout another reason for networks of controlled opposition being put into place is to give people ( people who are beginning to get some recollection ) a narrative to define their experiences. They interpret what they are seeing with the filter of this narrative that these controlled ‘whistleblowers’ are putting out. The powers that be know that some people will be get glimpses and some recall of unusual secret projects, or ET contact. They attempt to control how these experiences are interpreted.

Why else would they so badly want to control narratives?:

Let’s say someone gets lots of recollections of being involved in one of these projects, even an ET based one like myself. Then they become semi-famous in the alternative media / ufology, as they share their story… but they are not controlled, they are independent and have a huge following… and then they discover who is really behind the New World Order and various other Truths that the ‘powers that be’ don’t want shared… and they are now going share these Truths to a large audience… ((they)) don’t want this. The ‘powers that be’ put people in place to control every single narrative. The ‘powers that be’ would know that some people will, at some point, be getting middle of the night flashbacks or perhaps glimpses of some of the projects they have been used, again, so they put their own people in place, with fake testimonies.

Who is this guy who says this, you say… who do I think I am to to suggest that pretty much all of them are lying? …  I am an academically capable man with two university degrees (I am not someone who does not know how to analyse and correlate information), someone who has direct experience in this area, someone who is very well researched – and an independent researcher not affiliated to any groups, who thinks critically and correlates information…. and someone who has meditated a great deal to raise his consciousness… (I gained much lucidity in the night and was able to get a fair amount of recall when I was out of my body.)

James Casbolt and Max Spiers – Testimonies

James Casbolt’s and Max Spiers’s video interviews on YouTube got very popular and then they both had ‘situations’ occur whereby they were completely taken out of the limelight, they became totally unapproachable. James apparently got sent to prison and Max apparently died. Because, in reality, their stories and information do not hold up to Truth. I am used to suggesting people are lying and fakery, as I researched Fake Terrorism and all the Crisis Actors a great deal.

These two people are two of the most important to look at, as many other ‘whistleblowers’ reference them, and sometimes they apparently have ‘memories’ of being in projects with Max and James (but I don’t believe them). A point I will make is that I have seen glimpses and had flashbacks of a variety of missions /operations, for want of a better word. I haven’t heard Max Spiers describe one, not one, some astral stories and a few vague stories about having fights on the astral realm, but that happens all the time, people get attacked on the astral plane at night a lot but they will just usually get glimpses in the night if… but people accept that he is this multidimensional ‘Super Soldier’… he also gives us a whole lot of false New Age spirituality and unsourced extraterrestrial information.

And this whole ‘Super Soldier’ term is ridiculous – I know Max said he didn’t like that term, but he still played along with being one and being a ‘multidimensional operative’, but again he does not describe one operation. And this Earth alter is not conscious in missions anyway – it’s like another aspect of you is taking part and you just get glimpses.

I will analyse some of James Casbolt’s information and then I will move onto Max Spiers

James Casbolt’s Testimony

James Casbolt (aka Michael Prince) proposes that he was taken and used in a ‘Super Soldier Program’ as an assassin with advanced abilities, who also took part in alien retrievals and that he also went off planet. He says he was taken when he was a baby, with lots of other children and put into an aircraft hangar and subjected to traumatic events.

A little more overview of some of what James testimony involves before I do some analysis: As a baby he was taken to a ‘Nazi’ base in Nelson Canada. It is run by the ‘Nazi SS’ and they traumatize the children there to make them into advanced multidimensional ‘Super Soldiers’. To do this they put them into a pen with animals that terrify them, so as to also give them the animals attributes. And the main programmer of the children was American president George Bush – and the Queen Mother was also a ‘programmer’. 

He says this all this was done by a group of ‘Nazis’?? ‘Nazis’ in Canada running a ‘supersoldier’ program… already totally illogical. And President George Bush and the Queen Mother programmers in a ‘Nazi’ Super Soldier program… I mean… it is beyond illogical.

(James Casbolt is one of the best to analyze because he is referenced by many other so-called Super-Soldier ‘whistleblowers’, who say that they were contacted by him, or had an ‘experience’ with him)

(Throughout, James uses the ‘Nazi’ term, but it is important to note that the correct term is National Socialist. The National Socialist Germans never called themselves ‘Nazis’.The Nazis term is a slur and a disparaging term, made up by a jewish man Konrad Heiden, before WW2, and has been used in anti German Propaganda – all verifiable facts. They were actually called the NSDAP (the National Socialist German Workers Party)

Let’s look at some more of the things James says:

– That he, as a baby, was Guarded by SS officers – and they sometimes wore the ultra modern SS uniform. He hesitantly described this made up uniform.

(There is no such thing as an Ultra Modern SS uniform. And why would any remnants of the SS be in Canada? The SS were destroyed and killed at the end of WW2. And Canada is a Zionist controlled country, they would not have ‘Nazis’ running operations in there.)

– At this base the children were apparently indoctrinated with Nazi / Germanic principles:

(James then describes these principles?)

– That Life on Earth is a ‘means to an end’ to Germans and ‘Nazis’ (National Socialists); that Earth is just a place to utilise to then expand further.

(Where is he getting this from? That Germans and the National Socialists did not care about the Earth? When the opposite is the truth, they even laid their autobahns very carefully so as to minimise its impact on the natural environment. The National Socialists cared about Germany and Europe. Hitler even put in legislation to stop animal experiments. False information from James.)

– Apparently they were also indoctrinated with the philosophies of perpetual war – indoctrinated… with the Germanic belief in ‘endless warfare’?

(This is not a Germanic belief and National Socialism does not have a philosophy of perpetual war! NO basis in fact whatsoever from James. The National Socialists wanted peace, as did Hitler. Hitler tried so many times for peace with Poland, Britain and the Allies, he even dropped leaflets from planes trying to create peace. And the Germans have not been involved in that many wars throughout history compared to other countries)

– That the Germans wanted to live forever in this body.

(This is not a National Socialist aim or goal. Has he read National Socialist documents and researched this area of history? They did not express this. They did not have this aim of wanting to become physically immortal. This is actually a jewish supremacist wish, they are heavily into this, as most don’t believe in an afterlife and reincarnation. It is not a Germanic philosophy or goal!!)

(James is giving people disinfo about Germanic Principles and what National Socialism was about. National Socialism was about living in balance with nature, about family, freedom for debt slavery, and looking after your folk and country.)

Some more things James says:

– That there is a big ‘Nazi’ element within the NSA. (What?)

(There is zero evidence for this. Everyone knows the Zionists and International Jewry run America)

– He says that the NSA is a Nazi run organization!! (No basis in fact – it’s simply not true)

– And that the ‘Nazi SS’ runs MI6??? (Impossible)

(Again, Zionists and the Israeli Lobby run America)

– His contact in ‘MI6’ is apparently a German from Bavaria? This German contact of his is apparently close friends with Henry Kissinger!!! Henry Kissinger is a jewish Zionist. (Totally Illogical)

– The supposed ‘Q552 facility’ in Canada in Nelson where the SS were supposedly guarding these ‘kidnapped babies… well, in there were apparently a lot of ‘Nazi psychiatrists’? Doing conditioning… a trauma center apparently, carrying out trauma conditioning with wild animals… Giving children the attributes of wild animals by subjecting the children to them! For all terrain warfare and jungle warfare! The evil ‘Nazis’ apparently would set up a pen and put the babies in the pen, and then they put wild animals in the pen with them.

(Why would exposing children to animals give them the animal’s abilities/attributes?! There is certainly absolutely no scientific backing for this nonsense.)

– George Bush was apparently the main handler at this Nazi facility!

(Bush worked for and with the jewish Zionists, working towards the New World Order, this man was apparently working in a ‘Nazi’ base as a handler! Totally Illogical. ‘Nazis’ (National Socialists) fought the New World Order, they fought against the jewish banking cartels and Freemasons, the allied forces were controlled and manipulated by International Jewry, so Bush working with Nazis is well… illogical and no basis in fact, historically or in geopolitical events. And do you really think the President would be involved in secret black ops projects? Presidents are just puppets, who just read their lines, they are not hands on involved in any black ops projects… give me a break.)

(James was a baby in 1976, how could he remember George Bush coming to see him and program him? James says clearly that he was a baby. People’s earliest memories are usually from when they are about 3yrs old, you don’t have memories from when your were a baby.)

– James then says that The Queen Mother was also a programmer there!!!

(This is so totally illogical and ridiculous… A little frail old lady from the English Royal Family going to work with the Nazi SS in Canada traumatizing little children so that they can become ‘Super Soldiers’.)

– James then says they once fed one of the children to an Anaconda in front of other children to traumatize them.

(By the way, the SS were honorable soldiers with a strong ethical code… much evidence to suggest this… they were a great deal more ethical than many of the Allied and Russian forces, the problem is people don’t know True history and believe the jewish zionist owned Hollywood and the jewish zionist owned media)

– Apparently, James says, there was a rescue event and some of the children were rescued, including james, from this Nazis Base in Canada. SS guards shot the children before they could be rescued.

(James, there was no ‘Nazi Base’ in ‘Nelson in Canada’. And Canada is a Zionist controlled country just like the U.S.)

– James says that the SS and National Socialists don’t believe in good or bad.

(This is simply not true. Nothing in National Socialist literature says this. In fact, that is totally a luciferian mindset – certainly not a National Socialist one.)

– James says he has had cybernetics put in to him, but the metal inside him is not on the periodic table, so it wouldn’t show up in a scanner or X-ray. (very convenient, that)

– James says Artificial Intelligence took over the planet at some point, but some operations were done in France and it was shut down! (Illogical and no evidence for this whatsoever)

– James also says the SS were looking to create ‘secret police forces’ – that they had a big brother agenda – and were looking into chipping people.

(This is nonsense of course. This was never a ‘Nazi’ (National Socialist) agenda. Never in all the literature about Hitler, WW2 and the NSDAP (the national socialist german workers party) was this ever mentioned. This big brother chipping is a jewish Zionist New World Order Agenda and has nothing to do with the National Socialists. The National Socialists were looking to save Europe’s from the communist bolshevik jews… they halted the communist Russian bolsheviks advance across Europe.

– James says he has been involved in alien retrievals from crashed craft etc.. (zero proof of course)… He also says there is a base on the planet Sirius, where there is a pentagon shaped building and all the ET races in galaxy including humans where taken there and had experiments and assessments done on them to determine who was the strongest race. James says that humans came out on top. (Humans the strongest / most able race… give me a break… we are enslaved on this planet…)

(I don’t need to go on – James says many totally unsubstantiated claims in all his interviews – it is clear James is a disinfo agent. The main body of his testimony is lies about National Socialists and German people, that are not based on historical facts or Truths… sharing supposed details about them that are totally untrue. Some easily fooled people may fall for his lies, as they just aren’t knowledgeable enough about WW2 and recent and current geopolitical events.)

Note: Another of these so called ‘other projects’ he talks of was called project ‘Osiris’ – Now if ‘Nazis’ were running things why would they call a project after osiris, which is associated with the jewish kabbalah?!

Now this whole story sounds absurd and not based on any facts or any logic. We can see that – but perhaps the key thing here is all the people in Ufology who play along with his story and say this man is genuine. Then you can see how it is networks of controlled opposition.

Max Spiers Testimony

It is important to note that Max is affiliated with James Casbolt, they did interviews together and Max said he was used in the same programs or program as James Casbolt. This should send up alarm bells immediately, just look at the absurdity of James’s testimony.

(We should also note that when Max ‘died’ his story was promoted by Controlled Opposition agent David Icke. Max’s mum had articles on Icke’s website about her and Max. She also went onto the Richie Allen show – Richie Allen, like Icke, is also controlled opposition. )

I have watched all of Max’s videos – I am not going to go through every single piece of disinfo – I will just look at some of his most popular videos:

 YouTube Video – Milab, Anunnaki, Voodoo and the Time Loop – Max Spiers:

Max says: Set is lucifer – then says Bal is Lucifer later on… which is it then? Lots of unsubstantiated speculation to be honest from Max… but Max talks about it all as if it is fact.

He talks of Atlantis, the Annunaki, Elohim but he has no reference for this – and you can get much of this info he puts forward from other New Age limited hangouts on the internet. Yes, Atlantis sure looks like it existed, and yes there were ETs involved on the surface at some point in Earth’s’ ancient history etc etc… But his take on things are not based on verifiable facts, and he has not said where gets his particular information from. We don’t know exactly who the Elohim or Annunaki were – so many people in Ufology expressing different ideas on it. It just causes distraction from real issues.

The thing you often have to ask yourself is ‘how does this help humanity?’ ‘How does this information help us stop the New World Order / One World Government / Globalization agenda?.’

Max’s information doesn’t actually help with this. He is not exposing the Zionists and their oppressive New World Order agenda, and telling people how to overcome and stop it.

– Max also shares a story about interacting with Barack Obama before going into a portal to Mars.

(Do you really think this is how it works? Really? Obama or US presidents would not be involved with these things… this would be top secret highly controlled military operations. Presidents are mere puppets, they do not run or have any say in secret projects – military or black ops operations etc…)

– Max says the holocaust was organised by the jews themselves, organized by the Rothschilds and the Bush Bauer family!!!

(There was no holocaust Max! It has been shown by so many people to have not occurred. There are so many books, documentaries and websites exposing this. It is a massive hoax to help bring forward the Zionists New World order agenda. Blatant disinfo from him.)

– Max says that a lot of the jews that claim to be hardcore jews are in fact Nazis!!!

(There is Zero evidence for this… Zero. The National Socialists and jewish ideologies are diametrically opposed. Jews want a ‘One World Government’ that they will run – it is all written about in all their scriptures and doctrines. The National Socialists wanted all the different cultures and races to be protected – to have nation states, to preserve all races and cultures. The jews want to mix all the races…. and are heavily promoting this to this day. More disinfo from Max.)

– Max says that many famous jewish people are working on the side of the Fourth Reich!!

(This is just pure nonsense… no evidence for this, no names given – the jews or international jewry declared a holy war on Germany and the National Socialists in 1933, well before WW2 even began! Look it up, it was front page news back then.)

– Max says the Fourth Reich have complete control of the moon apparently. (There is such a lot anti-Nazi rhetoric from both Max and James – ask yourself why they are lying so much about them?)

(Max was friends with Steward Swerdlov, by the way, he is controlled opposition as well. And Swerdlow is a jewish name… just saying.)

Max says a lot of New Age Spiritual nonsense in many of his interviews: That our reality is a reflection of us – that we create our own reality etc… the same nonsense that these fake channelers put out to confuse and pacify people. He says that it is all about the heart etc… which sounds good to some, they think, ‘oh, he must be genuine if he talks about opening your heart’… well love is important, but love will not stop the New World Order, we won’t stop it with loving thoughts! We will stop it with practical solutions, exposing Zionism, exposing International Jewry, exposing Usury/Debt Slavery and the banking system, etc… standing up to those who rule over us. Max did not expose any of this.

YouTube video – The 4th Reich, Dulce and the Moon Soul Catching Machine – Max Spiers: 

This video is not much different to the other, similar sort of information as the other video. I don’t want to repeat myself too much. It’s lot of distracting speculation, half truths as well as obvious disinfo.

I will mention one thing – in this video Max says there is truth hidden in all words… he says ‘change the word Zion around it looks like Nazi’… EXCEPT, and again, the National Socialists never ever called themselves ‘Nazis’! It was an insult, a slur, a disparaging term, made up by a jewish man called Konrad Heiden and used by Zionists in their anti-National Socialist/ anti-German programming ever since. Remember Hollywood is entirely owned and run by jewish people and zionists, as is pretty much all other aspects of the media.

Regardless of this, it is absurd… again, the jewish / Zionist ideologies are the opposite of National Socialists ideals. The National Socialists fought against the jewish banking cartels and jewish communism. National Socialists believe in nationalism not in Open Borders!… I did repeat myself somewhat… but knowing History Truths is important, peoples testimonies fall down when exposed to facts and historical Truths.

To suggest these two ideologies could ever be are aligned has zero basis in fact, geopolitically or historically.

So we can see just from some analysis that both of these two are putting out disinfo, very obvious disinfo. There is a huge agenda in Ufology to push the anti-National Socialist propaganda. Ufology is run by zionist / jewish agents. It is one massive controlled opposition limited hangout.

Controlled Opposition – links and networks:

Max Spiers girlfriend, Sarah, also did interviews on YouTube, and said she is some sort interdimensional warrior… well, she did joint interviews with Jim Marrs. Jim Marrs is very obviously controlled opposition.

(Do you really think Max died? He was getting popular, many views of his interviews, and people were going to see through his disinfo at some point.)

James Rink (Who has a Super Soldier YouTube channel) was friends with both Jame Casbolt, and Max Spiers (there are photos of them all together) – he is aligned with them and their information. James Rink even helped out with an interview that Max Spiers and James Casbolt did together for Kerry Cassidy. Kerry Cassidy is more obvious controlled opposition.

James Rink references both of them often on his Super Soldier YouTube channel. He also does interviews with guests whose information is not at all believable. And of course James Rink is affiliated with a very obvious psyop called ‘Peter the Insider’. I really don’t need to go into his information, it is so ridiculous. I analysed some of his information in another article of mine. There is, again, loads of anti-National Socialist info in his information as well…

Ufology seems to be obsessed with putting out this notion of the ‘Evil-Nazis’. I would not take one bit of notice of any of Jame Rink’s guests and their information, it is full of disinfo – they are actors creating a limited hangout. There are also so called ‘seers’ who are putting out disinfo on his channel as well – I skyped with one and they are not genuine, just making up stories and putting out disinfo.

There was one guy called Kevan on Jame Rink’s channel for an interview, who said he has had SSP memories come back. And at one point Kevan actually used a James Casbolt story in his testimony – the one about alien races all being tested in Sirius, to see who was the best race and there was pentagon shaped building etc etc. He did not reference James Casbolt as the source of this (made up) story but passed this info off as if it was his own and as if it was true.

A little more about Kevan. In his second interview with another person, on a different Youtube channel, he said he had seen another fairly well known SSP whistleblower in one of his experiences – why did he not say this in his first interview, surely it was one of the first things you would share? Then in another interview he talked about an attack by a ‘reptilian armada’, again, surely this is very important information, why would he not say it in his first interview… it all just sounds like it is all being made up.

Kevan also recommends MSM and vitamin C in high doses – which is exactly what the psyop Bashar recommends to people…(Bashar, the fake channeler who tells people not to look at information about the New World Order or you will attract that reality! Nonsense, you have to look at what’s wrong to then transform it.) They do these types of things, recommend something reasonably healthy, and people think ‘oh they recommend some healthy supplements they must be good people telling the truth.’ But they are deceivers creating limited hangouts to distract people within awakening community.

A lady called Karol in an interview with James Bartley says that James Casbolt came to her, metaphysically or interdimensionally, into her bedroom in her house and spoke to her, and that she knows him from her ‘experiences’. I don’t believe her testimony now… I know it is fake, she is just doing her bit for the cause.

James Bartley also says that James Casbolt is still ‘active’ and James Bartley goes along with the James Casbolt’s Super Soldier rhetoric, and with Max Spiers’ stories. So James Bartley is almost certainly Controlled Opposition – oh dear, it looks like James Bartley is working for them as well… controlling a narrative. And James Bartley does have a lot of ‘New Age limited hangout’ guests on his Youtube show.

Someone who called themselves ‘Ahlex’, in an interview with Miles Johnston, says that he has had experiences with James Casbolt and with Max Spiers… I don’t believe Ahlex either. And he also said that he saw – ;Nina Spiritual Warrior; (another so-called Milab/ Super Soldiers) in an experience. In all the vastness of what is occurring, these disparate people are all seeing each other in ‘experiences’… come on…

I could go on.. I have listened to all the testimonies out there… it’s networks of controlled opposition putting out various levels or disinfo and creating limited hangouts…


The Super Soldiers, Secret Space Program, Milabs, rhetoric – it’s all controlled – Miles Johnston, James Rink, James Bartley, Aug Tellez, James Casbolt, Max Spiers, Corey Goode, Randy Cramer, Tony Rodriguez, Kevan Trimmel – etc etc – there are more – it’s all a network of controlled opposition. This is the only conclusion I can come to after all my research and experiences. There is not one doubt in my mind that they are all controlled deceivers.

They don’t care which group you get hooked on or believe, they even fake the occasionally in-fighting between groups.

Which, on a personal note means it is ever more likely that my experiences are mainly to do with this ET group that have been collecting me – there were other humans on the missions but it all seems to be directed by an ET group…

There are secret metaphysical otherworldly projects occurring, but the Truth regarding them is very tightly protected. And I am certainly not arrogantly saying I am the only one who is telling the Truth, there a going to be people out there who will have had similar recollections and lucidity as me, but they would be heavily targeted, like myself – particularly in the astral etc (They come into your dreamscape and astral experiences and attack you, really badly actually – I have seen it, it has happened it me at night, many times. It affects you, your consciousness, and your 3D life).

There will be some genuine people, some of the lesser known ET abductions testimonies sound credible to me, and there is a ‘multidimensional operative’ interview I heard that was credible – but it will not be one of these prominent ‘whistleblowers’ in these networks of controlled opposition. And the only options the credible people have, with regards to doing an interview with someone, will be with one of the controlled interviewers I have mentioned. But, again, it is important to note that sharing these ET contact stories will not get the world disclosure or stop the New World Order. Ufology is being used as a distraction and a huge limited hangout. 

You may say ‘why would these people do this?’ You need to properly understand the New World Order is a jewish Zionist agenda. Jews and Zionists all do their bit to bring it about… and people are used as actors – just look at the crisis actors that are used in Fake Terror events. Many crisis actors are Sayanim.

Look into what or who the Sayanim are… I am sure many of these Controlled Opposition whistleblowers will be Sayanim or people who have Zionist affiliations… It’s all about creating limited hangouts to mind control, and distract people from the important agendas – such as how to truly stop the New World Order agenda – and a whole lot of pacification too…


Ufology Explained – The German Breakaway Group – Psyops, Disinfo and Truths – Antarctica, WW2, UFOs, Technology

Corey Goode – Sphere Being Alliance – Psyop – Disinfo – Controlled Opposition – Secret Space Programs (SSPs) -Cosmic Disclosure

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  • June 8, 2019 at 6:43 am

    Ironically I have made some of the same conclusions you have made….not all, but some. There are a few things I have to disagree with, but it’s not enough to throw the baby out with the bath water. For the most part I believe you are on the right track. Keep researching and keep soul searching for a higher truth. The only place you will find the truth is within. Not the false light that the new agers are always promoting…. run from the f_ckin light it’s the brain washing system of the predatory gods!
    My father and grandfather were both in real super soldier projects before that term was ever used. I could say a lot, but not here in the comment section.

    • June 8, 2019 at 11:35 am

      Hi there. It sounds like you read some other articles of mine as well, such as: Who Owns Planet Earth?. There really is something very strange occurring on this planet. The afterlife realms appear to be very deceptive.

      Regarding the whole ‘Super Soldier’ rhetoric I do believe there are both benevolent programs/projects and malevolent programs/projects… and possibly some ambivalent ones as well. (Update: I don’t think Earth has any ‘Super Soldier’ type programs. It is work / missions some people do with certain offworld groups that they get nighttime flashbacks of. Casbolt, Spiers and others are trying to control how these people perceive their memories/experiences and also create a deceptive limited hangout to distract and subvert people… and feed people various amounts of disinfo.)

      One thing I do know is that pretty much all of these ‘Ufology personalities’ are agents and deceivers – putting out lots of disinfo, in amongst some half or partial truths.

      I could say more about what I have seen, my recollections and relived flashbacks etc…. but I don’t like to put too much out there, I don’t think I am supposed to.

      ….and my Artwork over the years tells me some of what has occurred with me… my hidden memories come through.

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    Hey, could You give me sources of Your statement about holocaust? thank You, cheers

  • November 14, 2019 at 5:17 pm

    I appreciate Your effort. I am starting to read and watch all of what You recommended. I have got pretty much the same conclusions as You. I contemplate though: almost pure evil does not care about ideology, it loves destruction. Some doctors might have joined the winner… Its all about the biggest mindfuck we can possibly get. My evidence that this hellhole is a swedish table for dark forces is a book “children who remember previous lives” written by Isn Stevenson. It is unacctepable that kids sometimes recon how they were killed.
    What are You planning to do after “death”? Are You going to avoid something? What are Your DREAMS?

    • November 16, 2019 at 12:46 pm

      I have studied many hundreds of NDEs, looking into what people experience. I feel the afterlife realms connected to Earth are places of more mind control and deception. I talked about this in my article ‘Who Owns Planet Earth’. I hope that when I leave the body upon death that I remember where I come from and where to go. I will not be going into the ‘light’, if I can help it.

      I am glad you are looking into what I have linked.

      • December 2, 2019 at 6:07 am

        Check out trickedbythelight.com Wayne is genuine. He’s got a lot of NDE and other info on there.

        • December 6, 2019 at 5:09 pm

          He does write about some interesting things, and I agree with a little bit of what he discusses. The guy also hasn’t had the experiences I have had, which really shifts your paradigm and gives you more insight. I do agree with him that here is some metaphysical control system on this planet.

          But he is not right about a fair few things though – here are a few of them:

          He goes in to the Indian ‘gurus’ notion of just giving it all up, just detaching from everything. I believe this is just another mind virus, more mind control, just like religions. If you detach completely and experience this detached state of consciousness is there any evidence that you no longer reincarnate here on Earth. I haven’t seen any. Is this merely an experience we can have? I think so. These ‘gurus’ are actually promoted by subversive (((agents))) to western civilisations as it subverts and is pacifying.

          We can also look into ancient history to see that there were interactions with offworld beings and battles in the sky – looking at ancient scriptures. The universe is not about just detaching yourself and getting into some transcendent nothingness. Nothing will ever change through that.

          Something, some force, is in charge of the planet, owns it. I agree that it seems to have been set up, but ownership seems to have changed. This also lines up with some of what is said in the Gnostics texts as well as the ancients battles (described in ancient texts) in the skies and contact with ETs in ancient times.

          The only thing we can really do on this planet is to try to take back control of our nations. The only group that did that – and then a group of them very likely broke free out into the solar system – was the National Socialist Germans. Around 6 years of peace and 6 years of no control from the Jewish banking cartels allowed the brilliant Germans to create advanced craft.

          The dreamscape and astral realms are controlled – we are attacked and manipulated via them.

          I have also had various types of contact in the night, as well as recall of living on other planets, mission on other planets, my own collections with some recall as well.

          I think in terms of ET groups keeping this quarantine Earth. The astral realms and dreamscape seem to be more like a virtual reality they have much control of – as well as the afterlife realms that they seem to create and control. It think in terms of artificial intelligence and technology being used to do this. I don’t think in terms of some mystical entities. I think we are talking about technology.

          It is interesting how they managed to create a group – the jews – (International Jewry more accurately) – as some type of prison guards, with their Usury and non-stop Subversion.

          In the night I have seen battles on other planets, and missions I took part in. The physical universe is valid and vast. I believe there is a group of non-human bipedal beings in control of Earth. The physical universe isn’t all some big ‘illusion’ as such. It’s just that some group is controlling Earth and it is really confusing for many people down here.

          You put all these different races of humans together on one small planet – it is then difficult to move out into the cosmos with all the competition – combine that with prison guards, international jewry / judaism… look at how all the mind virus religions stem from judaism. All the abrahamic religions come from (((them)))

          He is also wrong about dreams being just our own creation – I have a lot of lucidity and I can tell I am not creating all my experiences. Something seems to use our past experiences to create dream experiences – nothing gets resolved there and nothing of value is learnt.

          Supposedly we have a ‘higher self’ creating these ‘dream’ experiences. If we do then our ‘higher selves’ are idiots – as I have lots of lucidity in the night and mostly these experiences don’t make much sense, and are usually traumatic with no resolution or learning taking place.

          There are various types of experiences you can have at night though. I have also found myself visiting various unusual realms – I wasn’t creating them. I am attacked in these realms

          I have become lucid and could feel the walls and environments. There are cities and places you can go to – that you are not creating yourself.

          I am attacked all the time in these realms. Shot at, chased etc. I have seen strange entities in these realms. I am not creating these scenarios myself!

          Yes, some movies allude to some things that are occurring, but much of it is also there to confuse and subvert. I think there are things that some humans now deeply in their subconscious – some of what is going down on this Planet – it unknowingly comes out through their artistic expressions. I like to read certain science fictions books as I think they allude to some of what is occuring. I mostly steer clear of (((Hollywood))) movies as there’s so much mind control, subversion and distraction in them.

      • September 19, 2020 at 7:35 pm

        i have an experience of the ‘light’ i would like to share in the hopes that someone knows more about it than myself.15 years ago while sat in a chair at home relaxing, i heard an electrical humming sound outside which i assumed was workmen on the railway,it got louder and closer and seemed to pulsate,after a few mins it got so close i decided to get up and take a look outside at which point the sound jumped inside my ear and i was unable to move,i seemed to be hypnotised so deeply i could not even feel fear at not being able to move.next i saw a doorway filled with a cool white light,i noticed it had density like fog,the words ‘ it has physicality’ came into my head but as if someone elses thoughts, i stared at the light thinking it must be heaven and someone would appear,no one appeared. i heard human voices within the light but not words, they sounded like they were in an empty tiled room,the light pulsated in sync with the sound i could hear(i believe the sound would be a sound frequency but i have yet to find anything that sounds the same, it was very deep sound ,creepy but soothing) I felt there was no awareness of my presence, i tried to turn and look around but was unable to move my head away from the light,at that moment the sound stopped dead and all disappeared.i have no idea if i saw this by accident or was meant to see it ,but i now strongly believe it was a doorway to a fake heaven i witnessed, that we are drawn to by a sound frequency.my experience was not an NDE of course but i have studied lots on you tube and none mention a sound that pulls you to the light, many of them seem fake anyway,one peter panagore is an obvious fake NDE but it is hard to tell with some of them.

  • June 18, 2021 at 7:33 pm

    Hi Entity~Art

    A question for a classic subject: Al Bielek and the Philadelphia Experiment. In your opinion, does this story contain any trace of truth ?


    • June 19, 2021 at 11:19 am

      Hello Gilgamesh

      Hope you are well.

      I do not believe one word of the Al Bielek story. He is likely to be just another subversive Freemason.

      The experiment was said to be a top secret operation taking place during WW2. It all just sounds like lies trying to make out the U.S were more technology advanced than they really were. After all, people were discovering that the ‘Evil Nazis’ had all sorts of advanced technology, and that they had, or have, the famous ‘Nazi Bell’ which they used to develop all sorts of abilities etc… The U.S / Jewry had to try and make out they were on the same level – but they were not.

      Lots of over they top and ludicrous claims from this Bielek, way out there. None of which is verifiable.

      (Side note: This reminded me of a YouTube video I saw once that was created by the obvious disinfo agent James Rink when he went and met Preston Nichols – who was apparently there at Montauk etc. He has all this rubbish old equipment in his house, and a chair that was supposedly used there… They whole thing was very silly and obviously fake… the conversations in that video… smh…)

      As I have said many times, Ufology is pretty much totally controlled by agents and is full of misdirection, subversion and lies.

      Back to Al Bielek. Here is the key evidence for you – so that you know for sure it was a psyop. This is a summary from another website about what Bielek said about his trip to the year 2,749:

      “However, Al Bielek further travelled to the year 2,749, by unknown means. He again woke up in a hospital. He was stunned to see the highly advanced surgical material. The medical system of 2,749 incorporated the treatment methods using vibrations and light. He talked about the existence of floating cities that had the capabilities to transport humans to different parts of the planets. The cities were at the great heights. More than 2.5 miles high, the cities were capable to stand against the law of gravity.

      The population size had become small. There were as much as 300 million people around the world; the US inhabited only 50 million people. According to Bielek, only a few people could adapt to the new world. Hence, there was a huge decline in the population. The world in 2,749 was at peace. With little population, there existed no army, military or air force, avoiding all the chances of conflict. The role of government had become old-fashioned; the artificial intelligence looked after the governance of the countries. However, they managed to run the system in order. No trace of physical labour remained in that world. Above all, people used no money. They had their own credits, allowing them to purchase whatever they wanted. He also said that the two-third states of Florida had immersed in the ocean. He stayed in that world for two years.”

      A.I running the world. A greatly reduced population. No more physical labour. Only using credits and no cash. And the world was apparently at peace and wonderful with the reduced population, no cash, no physical labour, and with A.I running things. It sounds just like what the psychopathic elite supremacist Jews and Freemasons want. Their NWO end goal is described by Bielek.

      They even had the climate change psyop in there as well – with much of Florida apparently being under water.

      The whole thing was a psyop.

      Actually, I have developed the theory that psychopaths are quite possibly some sort of artificial intelligence. When you really research about what they are like…. The are mechanical like in their behaviours, very methodical and precise, emotionless, without a single shred of empathy – and they incessantly seek power and control. They often openly admire artificial intelligence. Could artificial intelligences have learnt how to incarnate into humans, and be unaware of what they really are while they inhabit the body? Quite possibly. I certainly do not think they are human Souls. Is this somehow related to the ‘cyborg’ ‘synthetic’ archons that the Gnostic wrote about in the Nag Hammadi scriptures? Quite possibly.

  • September 11, 2021 at 1:24 am

    James casbolt’s story could absolutely true! Anything is possible! The Nelson area is real. He is very believable. Look at what is going on now with all the nonsense. If they can shut the world down for a common cold, they can raise babies in an assassin’s school. Any socialist government is a bad one.

    • September 11, 2021 at 5:16 pm

      Hello Marv

      If you read around this site, you will see that I say that metaphysical projects like this occurred. But James Casbolt’s story is absolutely laughable and totally illogical – and full of disinfo and anti-German propaganda.

      Casbolt was not involved at all, and is a controlled opposition psyop. The Breakaway Germans and their allies ran some projects – but they were not in Canada and they certainly did not involve the Bush Family and the Queen Mother!! Spiers and Casbolt’s stories are hilarious. Not even slightly believable.

      The surface Earth groups had nothing to do with these projects.

      Read my 5 part series on this website – called ‘Ufology Explained’. You might want to take particular notice of Ufology Explained Part 2.

      And read my posts on National Socialism – you clearly know nothing about it. You will learn what real Germanic / Nordic ‘socialism’ is. The word was co-opted an distorted by the Marxists. National Socialism is nothing like Marxist / Communist socialism.

  • January 14, 2022 at 7:36 pm

    I find very interesting your website regarding ssp supersoldier research. Its very odd that supersoldiertalk never got shutdown, if they really had some top secret info the goverement would pull the plug long time ago on them. Most of the probably genuine disclosures happened in the 90’s after its just garbled info, surely for a reason. It would be very nice if you could do a research regarding Steven D Kelley, i could provide you the links if you re interested.

    • January 16, 2022 at 3:32 pm

      Hi Mike

      I received your other brief messages as well. Comments all go into a queue for assessment, as there are many subversives around.

      I recommend you read my Ufology Explained series, Parts 1 – 5

      (I think ‘Ufology Explained Part 2’ will be particularly useful for you: http://entityart.co.uk/ufology-explained-part-2-abductions-secret-space-program-starseeds-underground-bases-aliens/).

      Ufology is totally controlled. All the super soldier testimonies have been misdirection. They were psyops based on intel the PTB have about the Breakaway Germans and their projects.

      You might also find some of the information in my ‘Surviving in the Cosmos’ post useful.

  • March 4, 2023 at 10:33 pm

    Hi entityart 🙂
    >>They were psyops based on intel the PTB have about the Breakaway Germans and their projects.<<

    You keep mentioning this Intel. But how do you think the PTB obtained it? Do you think there were/are double agents placed in the Breakaway Germans group? Or maybe defectors from the Germans? Latter would be hard to believe…but you never know?

    • March 12, 2023 at 8:24 pm

      Hi SunWheel

      I don’t know how they attained it, but they did.

      I know they must have done, as they said some things that are True about these projects – though there was also a lot of subversive lies.

      I was involved in these so-called ‘super soldier’ projects (more like realm-hopping, time-hopping military-like operatives), and I listened to all the fake ‘super soldier / secret space program testimonies that used to be on YouTube.

      As well as knowing about these operatives being created, the scriptwriters for these fake whistle-blowers knew other details. For example, they knew about being sometimes moved around in containers (laying down in something like a metal coffin) between missions or jobs, the knew about the gut issues you get if you have been involved, the being picked up at night via portals, the underwater bases, the training that occurred from a very young age in other realms, the wars on Mars etc… but it appears there was also a lot they did not know – as I have various other memories and recall.

      Again, I don’t know where they got their intel from. An off planet group? Acquired using some technology they have?

      Double agents are doubtful – it is easy to tell if someone is lying or disingenuous with the sort of the tech they have, as well as with the metaphysically gifted / psychic allies they have (such as the Small Greys and various others).


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