Medieval and Renaissance Giants + Celts / Gauls, Israelites, Romans & Vikings. Resets and Genocides, Part 2

(Part 2 of a 14 Part Series)

  • Introduction / recap
  • Smaller humans (us) and the taller European Nobility (‘giants’)
  • Kings and Queens of Europe – portraits (16th + 17th century), the tall red-headed nobility of Europe
  • 1800s Humans
  • Renaissance Art and Illuminated Manuscripts – France, Italy and Troy
  • Israelites, Jerusalem, King Solomon, Jews
  • Celts and Gauls
  • Caesar and Romans
  • Vikings
  • Concluding Thoughts
  • Additional Images and Information


Hopefully you have read my previous article on ancient giants (Part 1 of this ‘Resets and Genocides’ series) which looked at giant skeleton discoveries in Britain and North America, the giant’s Old-World buildings and the famous giants of ancient history. In that article we were beginning to see that the history we think of us our own is really the history of the giants. All these ancient historical figures are not really us. They are much taller White humans (giants).

After seeing this I studied images of medieval and renaissance art. I looked at the European upper classes. Again, they are very tall – what we would likely call giants (As shown in my previous article in this series, in this day and age if a skeleton is found over 7 foot tall it is recorded as a giant skeleton). It is important to note that at the end of the Middle Ages – around 1500AD – a male human in Europe was on average around 5 foot 5 inches and women somewhere around 5 foot and half an inch tall. Of course, our average height has increased now. Now, in many countries in Northern Europe, the average height for a male is somewhere around 5 foot 9 / 10 inches and even 5 foot 11 inches in a few nations. The increase in height was perhaps due to the taller humans (giants) breeding with the smaller humans when the taller humans ‘giants’ numbers greatly dwindled (for reasons outlined in Parts 10 and 11 of this series).

Additional Note (06/09/2022): After some further contemplation, I do not think that small amounts of 7 or 8 feet-tall giant DNA remaining within the human populations is the reason for the increase in height. I think there is a lot we do not know about DNA. Looking at how pretty much all populations have increased in height I think we have a lot to learn about DNA. There must be other factors that affect and influence DNA – and perhaps some metaphysical factors as well. I think there may be very small amounts of the 7 or 8 feet-tall giants DNA in the White population, but that would not have been enough to create the large increase in average height. Something else is occurring with the DNA of the surface population.

Not only do all the medieval and renaissance portraits and scenes from the 1400s – 1700s depict much taller humans, they also show that their facial features and bodies are different. The women have broader shoulders, bigger arms and overall, more girth. Their faces lack the petite facial features of our modern, smaller, more delicate women. The ancient giants children are also usually more robust and not the same as our more delicate babies. In the renaissance period, we see some very skilful oil paintings of tall leaders / nobility (duchesses, queens, princes and kings etc) – as well as people related to them. It is not always easy to see the size of these people, so I have found some images of both humans and nobility next to each other – though these images are hard to find, as obviously they don’t want us to realise what has occurred and for us to wonder where all these people went.

Before we look at the images I have found, a reminder from my previous article on ancient giants: Merlin was a giant, Queen Boudicca was said to be a giant, the Druids were very likely giants (many giants were Druids / geomancers), King Arthur was 9 foot tall, and Charlemagne King of the Franks was over 8 foot tall.

Left to right: King Arthur, Galahad and Gawain depictions.
Images of Charlemagne.

Medieval and Renaissance Art

Smaller Humans (us) and the Taller European Nobility (‘giants’):

Image below: It looks like a smaller 5 foot-tall-plus human standing behind that dog – facing two red haired giants. Note that this lady is sitting down. Again, of course, in these medieval and renaissance times, the ‘giants’ were referred to, and thought of, as humans. They were the ones who wrote the literature and created the paintings – they did not call themselves ‘giants’. They saw themselves as the norm. That lady is huge. Really study the picture – the two very big red-heads are not us.

Double portrait of Alethea Talbot (1585-1654), Countess of Arundel and Sir Dudley Carleton (1573-1632), with two servants. Painting date: 1620

Now look carefully at the images below of the painting ‘Venus in the Forge of Vulcan’. I labelled one for you. Again, notice the very robust (chunky) looking children the giants have. Though this is a painting depicting one of the old Gods of Greece it is still very telling, as it was created in the late 1500s or early 1600s. People often depict ancient scenes based on their current experience of life. Red-head giants with the smaller humans completing the labour. It appears to be a well-known and normal hierarchy for the people in the 16th / 17 century.

Venus in the Forge of Vulcan. By, Jan Brueghel The Elder (1568 – 1625)
Venus in the Forge of Vulcan. By, Jan Brueghel The Elder (1568 – 1625) cropped / zoomed

I zoomed in a little so you can see the humans on the same level / depth as the giant nobles. These are clearly two sets of people of very different stature and build.

I believe that The Powers That Be have been hiding that the upper and middles classes, through the Middle Ages and Renaissance and before were roughly 7-foot-tall to 8-foot-tall humans (giants). Which is interesting, as if you look at the data in my previous article on giants, the majority of the giant skeletons found in Britain were around this height. By the way, I definitely do not trust the dating methods that ‘The Powers That Be’ use for old bones and artefacts. I have seen others questioning it as well.

They have made up so many fake stories about how we humans designed and built these massive Old-World buildings, and they have been deceiving us massively with this part of our history. These kings, queens, upper classes, and likely middle classes, in Europe were not us, they were not 5 to 6-foot-tall humans. There are not many images at all of humans and these ‘giants’ tall humans together side by side…. TPTB would surely have made sure to destroy and hide many of them. But once we get our eyes tuned and contemplate this information you will see that they are not us. We only start getting portraits of smaller humans in the 1800s which to some degree coincided with the use of photography.

Below is an image of the attack on Troy. It is an illustration created in the 1400s, created for a manuscript describing the battle of Troy that was written in the 1200’s. I don’t know if they have got the scale spot on, these artists were obviously not there at that ancient battle, but they base their work on the very old descriptions they read, and importantly, also on their own experiences of life in the Middle Ages. Who are all these smaller humans? (Dwarfism was a real rarity) I very much doubt they would have had a battalion of dwarves!

Battle of Troy from an Illustrated Manuscript

Below you can see some images from some Illuminated Manuscripts, created roughly sometime in the, 1300s / 1400s. The first image shows smaller soldiers kneeling to the tall nobility. The second shows soldiers fighting some much taller humans.

Images from two different Illuminated Manuscripts

Below is an interesting image. You can see the Duchess of Lennox and Richmond with her dwarf maid Anne Shepherd. Anne was said to be 3 foot 10 inches tall (The average 5ft human female at that time would have been just 1 foot and 3 inches bigger than Anne). I measured the images with a ruler, from where the feet would touch the ground to the top of their heads (Note: One leg of the Duchess is down a step and her other leg is bent). On my monitor Anne Shephard is around 8.5 cm tall and The Duchess is at least 15.5 cm. Which would make the duchess easily over 7 foot tall, probably closer to 7 and a half foot tall. Again, the average height for a ‘human’ (smaller human) woman in 17th century England was said to be just over 5 foot. Only around 5 foot and 1/2 an inch to be more precise.

The very tall Duchess of Lennox and Richmond (1622–1685) with her lady’s maid, the dwarf, Anne Shepherd – by Sir Anthony van Dyck
Some Fresco Images:

Smaller humans (some of our ancestors perhaps) and the much taller upper classes:

Found in the book ‘The Medieval World Complete’, by Robert Bartless. The image is titled: Two classes in harmony in an Italian 15th century fresco at Castello del Buon Consiglio, Trento. Labourers toil at the land, harrowing, sowing and ploughing, while well-dressed ladies enjoy the countryside. (Note: The book failed to mention that these pale, red-headed females are massive. 2nd Note: This is in Italy showing pale red haired upper classes)

Ambrogio Lorenzetti’s 14th Century frescoes (1338 – 1339):

This one is the ‘good’ part of Ambrogio Lorenzetti’s ‘good and bad governments’ depictions. We can see the size of the leaders in comparison to the lower classes. Also note the red and fair hair. These people are Italians – this is an Italian artist. There is a second part to this fresco which shows a ‘bad government’, with some type of horned ‘devil’ in the centre – you see smaller humans and giants (taller White humans) in that image as well.
This is a cropped image from a market scene by Ambrogio Lorenzetti. Markets seem to be places where you will see both the lower-class shorter humans and the tall upper-classes at the same time. Also note the small market / shop sellers and assistants inside the shops.

Before we look more closely at the facial features and stature of the people in the portraits throughout Europe in the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries I want to show you more images of the ‘giants’ / upper classes and the humans ‘lower class’. There was a hierarchy. In fact, a long time ago, there would have been a more complex hierarchy with much larger giants as rulers of these 7 – 9 foot humans. I found many images through searching the Illuminated Manuscripts. The smaller humans in Europe were the farmers, builders, shepherds, blacksmiths etc…

Illuminated / Illustrated manuscripts:

Some of the images above were from Illuminated / Illustrated Manuscripts, and I will use more images from these old publications in further sections of this article.

“Illuminated manuscripts are hand-written books with painted decoration that generally includes precious metals such as gold or silver. The pages were made from animal skin, commonly calf, sheep, or goat. Illuminated manuscripts were produced between 1100 and 1600, with monasteries as their earliest creators. Wealthy patrons also wanted these illustrative works for personal libraries and encouraged the formation of private workshops that flourished in French and Italian cities between the 13th and 15th centuries.” – Source

Most of the manuscript images available online are from the 1200s, 1300s and 1400s. I saw some from the late 1100s and some in the very early 1500s – but most seem to be from the 1200s, 1300s and 1400s. Many of the manuscripts were made in Italy or France. There are various different types of illustrated manuscripts – some of the books are very small and called miniatures.

I have used images from these Illuminated / Illustrated manuscripts above in the preceding sections and will use more images from them in following sections. I studied a great many of the images from a wide variety of manuscripts.

What they show:

  • Religious events from The Bible
  • Marriages between the various upper classes in Europe
  • Significant battles
  • Other historical events in Europe
  • Some historical events of the world in places that were inhabited by people of the same or similar genetic stock (Jerusalem, for example)
  • Everyday life in and around European cities / town

Interesting patterns / things of note:

  • Tall, pale, White people are depicted.
  • Women nearly always with red hair.
  • Men with either red, reddish brown or brown hair. (Sometimes it can be a very light brown)
  • Kings and Queens often shown to be even taller than the upper-class people
  • Tall nobles / rulers in Europe are very rarely depicted with blonde hair – and black haired leaders are also very scarce.
  • The tall upper classes were very religious.
  • Historical female figures depicted as tall, very pale skinned, red heads (Helen of Troy and Mary from The Bible, for example)
  • On rare occasions some smaller humans are depicted – they are usually farming or labouring. They are shown to live outside the city.
Humans alongside the Upper Class / Nobility (Giants):

(Images from Illuminated / Illustrated manuscripts)

Below: These first two pictures show the hierarchy and size difference clearly. Note: I very much doubt they would have been building this castle and the wall, but they were likely repairing it.

Taller upper classes and the smaller humans working.

Below: Some smaller humans in a tall humans (giant’s) shop.

These smaller humans are clearly not children – the facial hair is clear.
Very clear size differences.
The master of the hunt quartering a stag, tempera on parchment, from Gaston Phoebus, Le Livre de la chasse C 1380.

Note: Do children go on hunts and butcher stags? No, they do not. These smaller people are obviously not children. The image is showing the roughly 5-foot 5-inch humans doing all the hard work, with the very tall (giant) upper class gentleman in charge of the hunt.

Below: This manuscript below was apparently some type of comedy or satire. This small man featured in it. A smaller human talking to some of the much taller upper classes.

Below: It looks like this scene was used in two different illuminated manuscripts. It shows smaller humans being less ‘civilised’ than the taller humans ‘giants’. Smaller 5-foot plus humans at the front of the illustration, and the 7-foot plus humans in the background, as well as to the left of the table.

Humans Farming:

Here we have images of the smaller humans farming – growing plants, pig farming, sheep shearing etc…

Below: You can see the hierarchy again – giants / nobility and the smaller humans working.

The much taller humans directing the smaller humans.

Below are images depicting just the smaller humans. We can see how they are drawn. Much shorter and stockier. Remember, the average height of the shorter human males and females back then was less than it is now.

The image on the left, again, clearly shows the hierarchy: The taller human conversing with a smaller human while the other smaller humans work. I like this last image on the right with, the older lady in the red carrying the jug and basket – with a little smile on here face – and a dog next to her. These people are more relatable, compared to the somewhat pompous and self important demeanour the very tall humans seem to have. These small people are – in the main – representing the current Northern European human populations ancestors.

The smaller humans (some of our ancestors) depicted as living outside the walled cities:

The giants of the upper and middle classes were killed off. I will show you how in proceeding articles in this series.

One of the reasons the current human European population are so easy to rule is that they have always been at the bottom of the hierarchy – up until the 1800s anyway, when some of us rose to leadership positions. 5 foot humans were seen as the more simple people who do the hard work and labour. The taller giants ruled – they had the free time and privileges.


During the Middle Ages / Early Renaissance large elaborate tapestries were created. Here are a few interesting ones I found. From Europe, but I cannot find the exact date or source. I do not know what scenes they are depicting. But you can clearly see different sized humans.

You can clearly see the smaller humans at the front. Obviously not children due to the relative proportions of their body parts.
I am not sure who these really small people are, which the blue arrows are pointing to. I was more interested in the small figure playing the drums with the tall humans.

Now let’s look at some of the people who were ruling Europe in the 1500s and 1600s:

Some of you may not want to look at lots of images of Old European Nobility, but it is important. It is important for understanding the resets and systematic genocides that have occurred – and the so called ‘evolution’ of humanity on this planet. No one is doing any analysis.

Lots of Red-Heads everywhere – some more blonde. Red heads even ruling places like Portugal, Spain, and Cyprus. And many have the longer nose, very pale / fair skin and more bulbous eyes, that a fair amount of the nobility of Europe had. In my Tartaria article (Part 3 of this series) I show you that the Novgorodians, Moscovites and Suzdals were tall Red Heads – so in the 1400s, in what could be called Russian domains, they had a similar type of nobility. I also showed in that post the Moguls and Tartarians that dominated Asia in the 1300s – 1700s were also very tall, and most had red hair or reddish-brown hair.

Kings, Queens / Rulers in Europe in the late 1400s, 1500s and 1600s:
France (France was actually full of red headed nobles in the 14th century if you look at the old art of that era)
First 3 images are Swedish kings and the last is Denmark.
The Queen of Cyprus — Maurice of Nassua Prince of Orange and Stadhouder —- William III of Orange (Orange = Netherlands)

A lot of these nobles had a certain look about them – though a few looked more like us. The people making up the current general European populations of the countries, that these people used to rule, do not look much like these nobles. These people above were what was left of the ruling families after the medieval times. From looking at the art of the Illuminated manuscripts it looks like these rulings red heads went back a fair way (especially red headed women). They seem to be very dominant in Europe in the 1200s, 1300s, and 1400s – even more dominant than they were in the 1500s and 1600s. They were also dominant in Asia in these periods: The Moguls / Tartarians and Muscovites etc.

These women below are not Queens, but they are part of the upper classes, or perhaps some are of the middle classes. They are not us. I am using women as examples here, as it is easier to see that they are very different to our current human women – it is not always as easy to see with some of the male nobles.

There were still portraits being created of these larger / taller women in the 1700s:

1700s portraits of women
1700s families

In the 1800s you start to get oil painting portraits of the more delicate smaller human women – there are not a huge amount of them it seems, but there are some. You did not see any paintings / portraits like this, of smaller more delicate women, in 15th, 16th, 17th, or 18th centuries (They have darker hair as well now):

1800s portrait paintings.

You still get some portraits of the taller more robust women, with the less pretty and delicate facial features, in the early 1800s, but they are not as numerous.

In 1800s you also get black and white photographs of human families, and couples, depicting people that are much shorter (I did not just seek out photos of smaller humans – if you do searches on 1800s photos of families and couples etc – these are types of photos you get). You also have some black and white portraits. There is a very obvious contrast between these people and the images of families and couples in the 15th to 18th centuries. Very different builds, stature, facial features and demeanours (and often darker hair):

You seem to start getting the occasional oil paintings of the some of the smaller humans in the 1700s, but it is not until the mid to late 1800s that you start getting a good amount of depictions of them. Some examples for you below:

c 1760 – 1770 by Jan-Josef-Horemans + The Emigration Scheme 1885, by James Colllison
1860 Car Johann Lasch + Johan Hamza late 1800s
Adolf Eberle late 1800s. German families.
Adolf Eberle late 1800s. German families.

All these paintings above are so much more relatable. Not only how the people look, but also their demeanour. I don’t know about you, but I feel a great deal more connected to these paintings of the smaller human families than I do to any of these tall upper classes.

And now another reminder of how tall / large the people could be in the earlier centuries, and their demeanour:

Anne Erskine, Countess of Rothes, d. 1640. Wife of the 6th Earl of Rothes Scotland + Frances Teresa Stuart, Duchess of Richmond and Lennox 1687
Duchess Katherine Villiers c 1633

French people in Illuminated Manuscripts:

Maria of Brabants marriage (1214) + The grandmother of King François I of France
Philippe Auguste dispute with Richard Coeur de Lion (1157 – 1199) 12th century + Godefroi de Bouillon as declared on the Holy Sepulchre (c 1099)
Chantilly Musee Conde (1412 – 1416) + Margaret of France (1197)

You will find it very hard to see tall, pale-skinned red heads in France in modern times.

Tall Italian Blondes and Red-Heads:

After looking at a great deal of European artwork from the 1400s and 1500s I saw that mostly tall red-heads (or people with reddish brown hair) were depicted. The most ‘tall blondes’ were seen in Italy, though they were not as common as the red heads. I thought this was interesting.

I was surprised how few blondes I saw in the European upper classes in general, they were very rare. Note: Paintings of the Israelites also often depicted tall blondes, the number of blondes depicted among the Israelites was probably only second to Italy.

Italian scenes and Italian families depicted: 1525-1530 and 1456-1457
Italy: both 1400s
1448-1523 -Pietro Perugino Storie di-San-Bernardino, Italy
1530s – Italian – Esther led before Assuero. Detail / Crop

It was still mostly tall red-heads depicted in Italy though. Here is a Venetian Ball depicted in the 1500s:

Troy from Illuminated / Illustrated Manuscripts:

These first two depictions are taken from the illustrated manuscript called ‘The History of the Destruction of Troy’ (amongst other names) manufactured in Paris ca. 1500 – by Guido delle Colonne and Jean Colombe.

The people back then had access to more knowledge and historical documents. So much of it has now been destroyed. But we should also recognise that people will paint historical events based on their own looks and what they see in their world. So, images of Troy, from various European countries, are also telling us about the look of the people in the civilisation that created the artwork. Most illuminated manuscripts were created in France and Italy. They are telling us that the European upper and middle classes felt they were of the same, or similar, genetic stock as the people of Troy.

Below: The people of Troy discussing and debating after the long war. The people in the 1400s and 1500s depict them as tall people with reddish brown hair, red hair and occasionally sometimes fairer, more blonde hair. They look like the European Nobility displayed above, as well as the Moguls / Tartarians shown in Part 3 of this series.

The rebuilding of Troy
The rebuilding of Troy.
King Priam meets Helen of Troy and Paris outside the gates of Troy c 1470 + The Fall of Troy; Helen Takes Refuge in the Sanctuary of Vesta; Venus Counsels Aeneas; Juno Encourages the Greeks ca. 1530–35
Priam sends Paris, the rape of Helen, the siege of Troy 1332-1350

This painting below is not from an illuminated manuscript and was was created in Italy:

The Departure of Helen and her Entourage for Cythera – Dair di Govanni – Italian ca. 1468 (More very tall blondes depicted, as it was created in Italy)

Israelites, Jerusalem, Jews:

The illuminated manuscripts also depict some scenes and people from Jerusalem. This image below is taken from an illustrated manuscript created in 1232, called ‘Histoire d’Outremer’. It shows Baldwin IV. He was King of Jerusalem from 1174 until his death.

Baldwin IV, called the Leper, was King of Jerusalem from 1174 until his death. He was admired by his contemporaries and later historians for his willpower and dedication to the Latin kingdom in the face of debilitating leprosy, which eventually left him blind and unable to use either his hands or his feet.
King Solomon and other inhabitants of Jerusalem – 1320

The inhabitants of Jerusalem are depicted in the Illuminated / Illustrated manuscripts as tall White people, often with fair or red hair. They are depicted in the same way that the European nobles and upper classes are in all the other manuscripts.

The jews in our current society are clearly not these people! The jews were convinced that someone else’s history was there’s. Just like many other smaller human populations were convinced that the tall White human’s history was theirs. Some strange things occurred in the late 1700s and early 1800s – dealt with in further articles in this series.

More images of the tall, robust, muscular and fair Israelites:

The Israelites were tall White humans – likely of a similar genetic stock to the tall White Europeans, and perhaps some of the tall White Mogols and Tartars of the 12th to 18th centuries. They were not these people in the black and white photographs below:

Jews living in Germany in the early 1900s
Jews living in Germany in the early 1900s
Jews living in Germany in the early 1900s
Jews living in Germany in the early 1900s
King Solomon and The Israelites:

Here are some more images for you – showing King Solomon and the Israelites. Again, the people depicted are nothing like the small, dark ‘jews’ living in Germany in the 1900s. These people below are White giants:

Some close ups / cropped images of Israelites, Solomon and Jerusalem:

The problem we have is that people cannot believe, or understand, that other groups of humans have been convinced that another people’s history was theirs. But it has happened all around the world. For example, the current ‘Mongols’, the current ‘Native Americans’ and various other populations around the world have also been convinced that other people’s histories are their histories. It appears that some very strange things happened in the late 1700s and early to mid 1800s.

Celts / Gauls

Some people say the Celts and Gauls are the same people, some say they are somewhat different. I am going with that they are essentially the same people but with some different sub-groups. Isolated populations can develop some differences. A couple of maps to give people a feel for how dominant in Europe these people once were.

You can see that the the Celts and Gauls were also dominant in Eastern Europe and in Asia Minor – which is interesting when you consider the information in my Tartaria Article about the Moguls, Turks, Moscovites etc. The furthest arrow to the left on the left map says ‘fugitives from Troy’ – suggesting that some of the Gauls originated from there – which is interesting and food for thought.

Ancient Celtic Warriors, by an ‘Italian School’ (Italian Artists c 1800 -1818)

If you have been paying attention to this series, you will have seen that the best way to see if the people were ‘giants’ or very tall humans, is by looking at the women and children. The women have different builds: tall and robust with different proportions… wider shoulders, bigger arms and different shaped breasts. I have searched and there are no dates for the creation of the first image below and its source. Dates are important, because after the mid to late 1800s so much knowledge and memory seems to have been lost, and the depictions of people changed. But it is an engraving and definitely looks to have been created before the 1800s. The second image on the right is by Hieronymus Wierix (1553–1619) – he was a Flemish engraver, draughtsman and publisher – of an old image of Gaul woman. Note: From what I have read, Gaul and Celtic women were known to be fairly fierce, and Gaul women took revenge themselves when they had been wronged. The artists depict the Celts and Gauls with giant physiques, and not as the 5 foot-tall humans.

The image on the left – A Gaul Family – is an engraving that has had coloured added at a later date – it will be of some age, perhaps sometime in the late 1700s or early 1800s, and French. The second image on the right of the Gaul woman – by Hieronymus Wierix – is older, late 1500s or early 1600s. The title of this second image is ‘The revenge of the wife of the Gaul Orgiago’

Iodorus Siculus is said to have said this about the physical appearance of the Gauls / Celts:

“The Gauls are tall of body, with rippling muscles, and white of skin, and their hair is blond, and not only naturally so, but they make it their practice to increase the distinguishing color by which nature has given it. For they are always washing their hair in limewater, and they pull it back from their forehead to the top of the head and back to the nape of the neck… Some of them shave their beards, but others let it grow a little; and the nobles shave their cheeks clean but grow mustaches that cover their mouths.”

Some descriptions of the Gauls and Celts by people who would know and remember: Ancient Romans and Greeks:

“Their [the Britons’] hair is not only naturally blond, but they also use artificial means to increase this natural quality of color. For they continually wash their hair with limewash and draw it back from the forehead to the crown and to the nape of their neck, with the result that their appearance resembles that of Satyrs or of Pans, for their hair is so thickened by this treatment that it differs in no way from a horse’s mane. The men of Britain are taller than the Celti, and not so yellow-haired, although their bodies are of looser build…. The following is an indication of their size: I myself, in Rome, saw mere lads towering as much as half a foot above the tallest people in the city, although they were bandy-legged and presented no fair lines anywhere else in their figure.”   – Strabo

“As is so often the case among barbarians, it is difficult to say whether the men who first dwelt in Britain are indigenous or whether they came thither. We may deduce arguments from the fact that their physical characteristics differ. For the reddish-yellow hair of the inhabitants of Caledonia [Northern Britain or Alba], as well as their sturdy limbs, point to a German origin; the swarthy complexion and curly hair of the Silures [from South West Britain], together with their position opposite Gaul, make us believe that the Iberians in ancient times crossed over and seized these territories. Those who are nearest to the Gauls resemble them, whether from the persistence of heredity, or whether, since the lands stretch out opposite each other, the climate has given the same character to the individuals.”– Tacitus

“[Queen Boudicca of the Iceni] was huge of frame and terrifying of aspect with a harsh voice. A great mass of bright red hair fell to her knees….Boadicea mounted the general’s tribunal—her stature was of the largest —her appearance terrible—her aspect calm and collected—her voice deep and stern. Her hair fell as low as the hips, in long golden tresses, collected round her forehead by a golden coronet. She wore a Tartan dress, fitting closely to the bosom, but below the waist opening in loose folds as a gown. Over it was a chlamys, or military cloak. This was her usual attire—on this occasion she carried also a spear.”  – Dio Cassius
“Almost all the Gauls are of tall stature, fair and ruddy, terrible for the fierceness of their eyes, fond of quarreling and of overbearing insolence.” – Ammianus Marcellinus

“Physically the Gauls are terrifying in appearance, with deep sounding and very harsh voices. The Gallic women are not only equal to their husbands in stature but rival them in strength as well.” – Diodorus Siculus

A Gallic Horseman early 1800s + Chief of Gauls (not date but looks to be the same French School and early 1800s)
Gallic Warrior – French School early 1800s + Gaul and Druid (No date, but is not a modern image)
Gauls – 1800-1818 (Italian School). Again, large robust women.
These old engravings were by a famous engraver called Theodore De Bry. Picts are Celts / Gauls (The same people). Again see, the large robust woman and her shape / proportions.
Gauls and Romans.

I live in England and have been to Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland – I also have some Scottish blood – and I would suggest to you that the people in these regions are not really the Celts / Gauls. For sure, some of the people will likely have a little bit of their blood (Note: The average height of the smaller humans has gone up since the medieval times), but they are in the main the small human genetic stock that was at the bottom of the hierarchy. The shorter, skinnier humans that also tended to have darker hair (The Celts and Gauls were never described as having dark / black hair). The current people / smaller humans who inhabit these lands do not have the same inclinations either – they do not have the same behaviours. The smaller skinnier humans are docile and subservient – Celts and Gauls were certainly not! And it seems that the Celtic and Gaul women were almost as fierce and fiery as the men from the descriptions I have read – as well as being almost as strong. The current smaller people of these lands also do not have the same inclination towards nakedness.

I have been to France as well – not that you need to visit these places to know what the people look like – and they are obviously not these Gauls and Celts. So where did they all go? They were totally dominant in large areas of Europe at some point. The answers are in proceeding articles in this series.

Caesar / Roman Emperors and Empresses

From the descriptions I have seen it appears that the Romans were not quite as tall as the Gauls and Celts, but I do not think they were small, and I do not think the Romans – at least the Roman Upper Classes – were the small, playful, docile, more slight and delicate humans. Below are some 16th century depictions of Roman Emperors and Empresses. We can see that these were not the delicate human rulers we see around the world today. And again, the women give it away, as they are substantially different to the more delicate women we see today.

Flavia, Livia and Julius Caesar
A 16th century Engraving + Julius Caeser and some Roman Women

‘Ingolf tager Island i besiddelse’ by Johan Peter Raadsig (1850)

In various mainstream publications we are told the Viking men were a little larger than average European man in that time period. Said to be on average around 5 feet 6, or 5 foot 7 inches. The Saxons of England were apparently around 5 foot 5 inches at that time, so it would not have been much different (If these battles were actually just between the smaller humans). This mainstream rhetoric on the height of the Vikings is apparently based on some mass graves found around Europe (One of which, in Scotland, turned out that it was very likely to be some Scottish people who had some of the same Viking customs).

From my research it is obvious that the small, 5 foot 5 inch humans in Britain would not be writing / recording the history in these times, but it would be the much taller nobles / upper classes. The 7-foot-tall humans were the upper classes of Europe, they wrote the books and very likely created the illustrations. If England was being attacked by groups of the smaller humans, this would have surely been noted and recorded. The Vikings would have been known as small people, not as impressive tall warriors.

Engraved illustration of Nordic Raid Under Olaf Tryggveson Engraving Engraving from Great Men and Famous Women A Series of Pen and Pencil Sketches, by Charles F. Horne and Published in 1894.

Growing up it seemed natural to assume Vikings were large, impressive looking people, but it does appear, in more recent times, that there has been a push (some might say agenda) to change this notion. When medieval writers from Europe and other lands wrote about the frightening Norse raiders, they frequently mentioned that the invading Vikings were very tall. Here is some information I found that contradicts this more modern rhetoric:

In 884 a Frankish text known as the Annals of Fulda comments on the enormous size of the Vikings raiding in England and France. (And remember, the people recording history at this time would have been at least 7 feet tall)

Later in 921, the Arab diplomat Ibn Fadlan also commented on the height and physique of the Vikings, commenting that they were as tall as date palms.

Below is information about these two descriptions, taken from this website

“In 921, an Arab, Ibn Fadlan was sent by the Caliph of Bagdad to accompany an embassy to the King of the Bulgars of the Middle Volga. Ibn Fadlan wrote an account of his journeys with the embassy, called a Risala. During the course of his journey, Ibn Fadlan met a people called the Rus, a group of Swedish origin, acting as traders in the Bulgar capital. Ibn Fadlan tells us:

“I have seen the Rus as they came on their merchant journeys and encamped by the Volga. I have never seen more perfect physical specimens, tall as date palms, blonde and ruddy.”

European observers made similar observations. The Annals of Fulda record that, in 884, the Franks defeated a party of attacking Vikings in a battle in Saxony, mentioning their great size:

Quales numquam antea in gente Francorum visi fuissent, in pulchritudine videlicet ac proceritate corporum.“”

“In that battle such men are said to have been killed among the Northmen as had never been seen before among the Frankish people, namely in their beauty and the size of their bodies”. (Coupland, pp. 188-189)””

This does not sound like 5 foot 6 inch / 5 foot 7 inch humans, especially considering the history of those times was written and recorded by the much taller (7 feet-tall plus) upper classes in Europe. Again, these taller upper classes would have surely mentioned that the Viking were smaller humans, if they were only 5 feet 7 inches.

There is also said to be a surviving Viking bow that had a pull weight of 100 pounds:

“Just as an example, a 10th century Viking bow survives that has a pull weight of 100 pounds. If you were to go to an archery range today, they would suggest a 40-pound bow for a 160-pound man.” (A 100 pound bow could only be used by a large man of tremendous strength)

There are also two separate reports of 9-foot-tall Viking skeletons being found. One in Knocksedan, Ireland – and one in Repton, Derbyshire, England. There is speculation that the 9-foot skeleton found in England is Ivar The Boneless, who was a Viking leader known for being tall. He was the son of another legendary leader, Ragnar Lodbrok, who is depicted (imagined) in an image below. You generally do not have a very tall son if either you are your wife are not also tall. A 9-foot-tall man would have been tall compared to 7-foot-tall Vikings. A 9-foot-tall man is said to be tall by 7-foot-tall men.

Ragner Lothbrock (Lodbrok) & Kraka – by August Malmström C 1880
Ragnar Lodbrok with sons Ivar (The Boneless) and Ubba + Ivar and Ubba ravaging the countryside. From a 15th century Illuminated miniature manuscript.

There is also a report of 800-year-old ‘massive’ Viking skeletons found in Sicily:

We get very little information about this significant find in Sicily, of course… close to nothing. No photos and no measurements, it looks to have been totally covered up — (‘Massive’ does not suggest 5-foot 6-inch or 5-foot 7-inch skeletons.)

Harald ‘Hardrada’ Sigurdsson was the son of the Norwegian king, Sigurd the Sow. At the age of 15 Harald fought his first battle alongside his brother, Saint Olaf.

A Victorian depiction of King Harald in Stained Glass – Kirkwall Cathedral, Orkney

Here is some information about King Harald from this website –

“King Harald was handsome and noble,” Snorri wrote. “ His hair and beard were yellow. He has a short beard, and long moustaches. One eyebrow was a bit higher than the other. He had large hands and feet, but these were well formed”. There would have been no mistaking Harald on the battlefield. His banner, called Land-Waster, of white silk bearing a black raven – for centuries the stand of the Viking rulers, symbolic of old father-god Odin – marked him out for all to see. And Harald in 1066 fifty one ears of age, was a veritable colossus. His mail hauberk, hanging to mid-calf, would have draped to the ankles of any lesser man.

“Five ells was he in stature”, declared Snorri. The Viking ell, used in Iceland up to the 13th century, ran about 18 inches which would make Harald some 7 1/2 feet tall. As few Vikings carried measuring sticks, the ell was a practical matter based in the length of an average man’s forearm form the elbow to the tip of the middle finger.”

What was the average men’s ell length? What size was an average Viking in reality? If it was measured by the ‘ell’ of a man that was over 7-foot-tall, then Harald would have been a lot taller than 7 1/2 feet.

The arrival of King Harald of Norway and his defeat of the Northumbrians at Fulford, from The Life of King Edward the Confessor by Matthew Paris. 13th century.

From my research it would be very unlikely that there would be 5 foot 6 / 7 inch Viking men (women around 5 foot 2) travelling on these large boats all by themselves in that era. The taller humans in Europe were the leaders, and the upper classes, and they were dominant – I cannot see why it would be any different in Scandinavia in this period. Smaller humans did not seem to become prominent, and dominant, in Europe until some time in the 1800s.

Old images – engravings / artwork depicting Vikings are incredibly scarce, so it is difficult to try to ascertain their size and physique from artwork. This scarcity of artwork from them also alludes to the resets that have been occurring.

When you read Part 4 of this series – showing the tall, White Native Americans found by the New World Explorers – then you will see the depth, and size, of the lies on this planet, and how it is possible for ‘The Powers That Be’ to convince people of huge mis-truths, and the lengths they go to. We already know about how dedicated the Smithsonian Institute is with regards to covering up, not only the large size of many of the skeletons in the Americas, but also that the skeletons they are finding were White / Caucasian skeletons.

There is not enough information available to be definitive about the Vikings physical characteristics, but these smaller humans as Vikings does not ring True, and it does not fit in with other information I have seen. It is not only physique but also character. Character, behaviour and inclination is also something important to consider (Like we did earlier when comparing the belligerent and fierce Gauls and Celts, in comparison to the current populations of Scotland, Ireland and Wales).

Temperament and behaviour are also an indication of similar genetics. The current Scandinavian men are, in general, much more docile, conforming and placid (Just like the majority of the current European men). Are these people the direct descendants of these fierce, tall Viking men of old that we hear about in those old stories? Something to consider. At the very least, the leaders and upper classes of these people, in that time period, would have surely had to be very tall humans – which some would call giants.

Concluding Thoughts

An important point to remember: The tall humans wrote the history. The small humans in the 5 foot range were not significant to the European upper and middle classes. The small, roughly ‘5 foot’ to ‘5 foot 9 inch’, humans were the shepherds, farmers, blacksmiths, woodcutters etc. The tall humans were the norm – they were THE humans back then – they would not refer to each other as giants. To them, it was likely the 12, 13, 14 or 15 foot plus people that they called giants. For example: King Arthur, a 9 foot-tall human, was said to have fought giants. And a man that is around 9-foot-tall would be referred to as tall by a 7-foot human.

A list for you to consider:

  • The current Italians (mainly small and dark haired) do not look like the muscular, robust, tall blondes and tall red heads that lived in ancient Rome and other regions of Italy. Nor do they look like the large red-headed and blonde upper classes of medieval / renaissance Italy.
  • The current French (mainly dark haired and short) do not look like the tall red headed upper classes that dominated in medieval times and they do not look like the tall, muscular, blonde and red headed Gauls that once dominated their land.
  • The current English do not compare to the tall, muscular, blonde and red-headed ancient Celts / Gauls and the tall fair muscular Vikings that settled there – and they do not look like the tall, red-headed upper classes that dominated their cities in medieval times. It is also very likely that the ancient Anglo Saxons were also 7 feet-tall plus, as shown in Part 1 of this series.
  • The current Irish, Welsh and Scottish (short and the majority darker haired) do not compare to the tall muscular, blonde and red headed, ancient Celts and Gauls. (Celts and Gauls are never described with dark hair)
  • The people that we call jews in our modern era do not look like the tall, pale, blonde, brown haired and red-headed, muscular ancient Israelites and the tall, robust White people of ancient Jerusalem.
  • The current Greek people (nearly all small and dark / black haired) look nothing like the original tall and muscular fair-haired White Ancient Greeks.
  • The current Portuguese and Spanish (short with dark / black hair, in the main, and darker skin tones) do not look like the tall, pale, red and brown haired Portuguese and Spanish upper classes that dominated their cities in the medieval and renaissance periods.
  • The current Russians do not look like the tall red-headed Muscovites and the tall red, brown and fair-haired Novgorodians and Suzdals (Shown in Part 3 of this series).
  • The ‘Mongolians’ we see in our modern era look absolutely nothing like the tall red-headed and brown-haired White Mogols and Tartarians (Moguls and Tartars were pretty much the same genetic stock, as shown in Part 3 of this series)
  • The people that we currently call Turks do not look like the much taller lighter-skinned people from ancient Constantinople and the tall pale people of the Ottoman Empire, nor the large, fierce-looking giants that were sometimes the leaders in that region (All shown in Part 3 of this series).
  • The small, skinny, dark, so-called ‘Native Indians’ of North America look nothing like the red-headed, blonde and brown haired White people of various sizes that were encountered by the New World explorers (Shown in Part 4 of this series).
  • The small, skinny, dark so-called ‘Native’ Indians of South America look nothing like the tall White people found living on the Caribbean Islands and other Inland locations in the 1500s (Shown in Part 4 of this series).
  • The small dark Mexicans and Peruvians do not look like the much taller, more muscular, and paler, Aztecs and Incas (Shown in Part 4 of this series).
  • And let’s not forget how the small, dark people we call ‘Egyptians’ in our modern era look nothing like the original Egyptians (Tall White people with red and blonde hair – as shown in my Atlantis post)

(If we keep on digging, we could find more examples like this)

Human populations all around the world seem to have been convinced that the history of these much taller and fairer White people was their history.

What has happened? Where did all these tall White people go? We know they were dominant in both Europe and Asia (Part 3 of this series) in the 1300s -1700s and we know that they were dominant in North and South America in the 1500s (Part 4 of this series), albeit living different lifestyles. And we know that tall White people ruled in Egypt and Mesopotamia at one point (Check out my Atlantis post for evidence, and more evidence in Parts 3 and 14 in this series). We know nearly all the tall White people in South America were killed by plague / pestilence and finished off by Columbus / The Spanish Catholics… genocide. But another force has been at play… Further parts of this series look at the question of how they were killed off and by whom.

There have been various resets in our history and populations have been wiped out.

Some White Folk likely have a little bit of these tall White people’s genetics (I am 6 foot 4 inches, it is likely that I do), but it is just some of it, a bit of it. Is it accurate to say that we are them? That their history is ours? No, not really. We do have connections to them though: In past lives we would have known them… We would have been led by them, worked for them, fought for / alongside them, served them, traded with them – and as mentioned, some of us will likely have small amounts of their DNA. A small amount of inter-breeding would have likely occurred – likely between the taller men and the 5-foot women – but we are not them as a population.

The last stage of this transition from Tall White People dominating the globe, to shorter humans of many types becoming prominent seems to have occurred sometime in the late 1700s and early to mid 1800s. A lot of strange occurrences and much movement of people – a massive rise in orphans and insane asylums in America and Europe around this time as well. The 1800s is when a lot of the art and depictions of some of these people greatly changed. For example, before this time the Tartars and Mogols were well known to be tall and White – and Native Americans were also known to be White people of various sizes. Such a lot of brainwashing has occurred.

Note: From what I have seen so far in my research, China was also dominated by giants before the early 1800s and had smaller 5 foot-tall-plus Chinese humans living with them – more on that in a later article in the series. It also looks like Japan was also dominated and ruled by Japanese giants before the 1800s. In next article in the series you will see that the Tartarian Empire in Asia was dominated by tall (giant) White humans, and that they had 5-foot-tall plus White humans living with them in certain regions of the empire.

There is a force that has been arranging and organising this planet while trying to remain unseen – the force above the current human proxies (Jewry, Jesuits and Freemasons as the proxies) on Earth. We feel there has been a natural progression, and a natural changing of the physical attributes of the people – as well as a natural movement of people, but there has not been. A plan has been unfolding. It has been going on for a long time. But there is an awakening occurring, which is showing you that the plan is no longer running smoothly. There is a force working against the plan – there is a large spanner in the works.

The tall White people (called giants by some) were mainly killed off by, pestilence, plagues, famine, floods, wars, earthquakes and city fires…. my article on comets, in this series, provides a lot of information in relation to all this… and there may have also been some other means of removal.

Something to consider:

  • Where is this intense fighting spirit of the Celts, Gauls and Vikings?
  • Where is the empire building of the ancient Italians / Romans and The Mogols / Tartars?
  • Why don’t the so-called native Egyptians, Peruvians and Mexicans build the same structures and civilisations that the Ancient Egyptians, Incas and Aztecs built?
  • Why don’t any current European humans build in the same style as these impressive Old-World buildings (Baroque, Greco-Roman, Gothic & Renaissance) that we see dotted around our cities?

The history we have been told is ours, is really the history of the giants / taller White humans – a different type of White humans.

Where are all the genuine leaders now? They are few and far between. Smaller 5-foot humans do not have a long history of leadership. The very first real ‘shorter human leaders’ likely came to be in the late 1700s and early 1800s. We had one particularly excellent one in Europe in the 1930s and 1940s.

Look at the general population. They are so willing to give their power away. Always looking for someone to tell them what to do. So placid, naive, playful and trusting – and it takes a lot to rouse them (many are starting to rouse though). Most are very willing to be slaves. This is likely, to some degree, because that has been the five-foot-tall human’s role for a long time. They were the bottom of the hierarchy in ancient times. It was always like that until the 1800s – and even then, in the 1800s certain humans were selected and put into positions of power as proxies, by ‘The Powers That Be’. The Proxies (Mainly Jews, Jesuits, Freemasons) had to be put in place to hide the Truth.

It is why leadership is so important for the current population. For one – genuine, wise, knowledgeable, insightful, selfless, evolved and honourable people are few and far between in the current human population – mainly due to the media and educational mind control they are bombarded with from birth. And two, because, in general, the 5-foot humans are predisposed to look to authority for guidance, organisation and leadership. Most seem to want to be led and told what to do, which means they can be controlled more easily (they need guidance and educating). However, when a wise, honourable, and inspirational leader unites, educates, inspires and organises them, then there is no stopping them!

I am talking about the 5-foot-tall-plus people of White European stock in the last sentence of the above paragraph – though there are also a few other ethnic groups of 5-foot plus humans on this planet who have potential, if they had an excellent leader.

Note: It very much looks like many new 5-foot-tall human populations were added to the planet in either the mid to late 1700s or early to mid 1800s – as far out as that can sound to some. Many in Africa, North and South America and in Asia – as well as other locations. You will find out more about that topic in further articles in this series – it will become more clear.

If you find any interesting information and images during your research, please share it in the relevant comments section, so all can benefit. If you would like some more clarity on an any aspect of the article (or any article in this series) let me know in the corresponding comments section, and I will try to help.

Additional Images:

The Bishop of Paris pronouncing the Benediction for the relic of the True Cross at a market fair in Saint Denis:

French manuscript illumination,14th century. Bishop blessing fair. The Bishop of Paris pronouncing the Benediction for the relic of the True Cross at a market fair in Saint Denis.

Smoking Council of Frederick William I of Prussia, c.1737:

Smoking Council of Frederick William I of Prussia

The Execution of Louis XVI – January 21st, 1793:

The Execution of Louis XVI

The Potsdam Giants:

The Potsdam Giants. It looks like the 5 feet plus humans, 7 feet plus humans and the (around) 9 feet plus humans.

The Potsdam Giants: Between his accession in 1713 and death in 1740 King Frederick William I of Prussia greatly expanded the size of the Prussian Army from 38,000 men to 83,000 men. He became known as the “Soldier King” and his military projects paved the way for his son Frederick to Great to turn Prussia from a relatively minor German kingdom into a great European power. However his chief military interest was in creating his own personal regiment of extremely tall men, known to history as the “Potsdam Giants”. The official name of Frederick William’s regiment was “The Grand Grenadiers of Potsdam” but they were almost universally known as “The Potsdam Giants” or “The Long Guys”.

Festivities organized in Paris in the spring of 1612 on the Place des Vosges:

Festivities organized in Paris in the spring of 1612 on the Place des Vosges –

Two close ups from the above image, showing some very large giants depicted in the celebration. I would say at least 15-feet-tall… at the very least. This is the early 1600s, so the majority of the other humans in the procession will very likely be 7 feet-tall plus.

Ancient Roman Mosaics:

I wanted to remind people of some images that I shared elsewhere on this site. These pale red-headed and brown-haired people below are very robust / chunky. The women have the same ‘giant’ physiques we have seen above, and particularly in Part 1 of this series: With more girth, more muscular arms and the rounder breasts. They are not our current smaller, more delicate women. The men in the mosaics were tall red-heads.

These are mosaics from the four large and elaborate Roman villas: the House of Dionysos, the House of Aion, the House of Theseus and the House of Orpheus. Preserved mosaic floors:


The next article in the series:

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      As hard as this is going to be for people to get their heads around, many new 5 foot-tall ethnic groups were added to the planet in either the mid to late 1700s or in the early to mid 1800s. They were convinced that other people’s history was theirs. It was a big part of the most recent reset that was completed in the 1800s.

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      Hi Adam

      In general, it seems that the (giant, 7 – 9 feet tall) ruling classes in Europe ate a lot of meat and fruit – and the lower classes (smaller humans) at a lot of bread and vegetables.

      It is evident that the larger giants craved meat greatly. Some of the very big giants even turning to cannibalism due to necessity. Some of the smaller giant tribes (7-9 feet-tall) in North America were also cannibalistic, though I don’t think they did it just out of necessity. If they killed some people in a war they ate them – it made sense to them. These people were in more of a survival mode.

      There are various stories about large cannibalistic giants eating smaller humans or even smaller giants. It was not easy for them to sustain themselves – and the cities had nowhere for them – the housing that was left was for the 7-9 feet giants – so the big giants in some regions seemed to become isolated and desperate.

      When the energy harnessing network (which sustained their large bodies) was destroyed the largest giants had to try and gain sustenance somehow. At some point some of the bigger giants built dolmens, mounds, stone circles etc – so as to try and bring some of the beneficial energy into their bodies (Energetically beneficial mounds / earthworks were also built by the North American giants). They still had some knowledge. But these creations would not have been enough to sustain them. Meat was what the large giants needed in the end – the next best sustenance after the beneficial electric energy.

      Hope that helped.

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    I’m not religious. Nor does wickstrom teach religion. He teaches thar true scripture is the history of rhe white western Europeans. Which we are. If you follow our ancestry back, we are the saxons, the goths, the Greeks and Romans, germanic tribes, Scythians. This is proven.
    Judeo Christianity they teach that God is called God or Lord. Which isn’t true. They are titles. Why remove creators real name.

    It is a fact that Yhwh was removed from the scripture upto 7000 times. Why is this. You got it rite with the jews in many cases. But I ask you wher do the jews come from. Its another fact by studying our subverted history that today’s Jews are of edom/esau. They the jews declare this themselves
    The Jews admit that they are not the descendants of the Ancient Israelites in their own writings.

    Under the heading of “A brief History of the Terms for Jew” in the 1980 Jewish Almanac is the following:

    “Strictly speaking it is incorrect to call an ancient Israelite a ‘Jew’ or to call a contemporary Jew an Israelite or a Hebrew.”
    (1980 Jewish Almanac, p. 3).

    “Jews began to call themselves Hebrews and Israelites in 1860″ —Encyclopedia Judaica 1971 Vol 10:23

    In 1867, the great Jewish scholar Abraham Harkavy, in “The Jews and Languages of the Slavs,” said that the Jewish Yiddish language came from the Khazars, not the Hebrews.

    The 1905 Jewish Encyclopedia Vol. XI p 533, stated that ‘probably 95% of the persons included in these estimates of Jewish populations are Ashkenazim‘.
    The Jewish Encyclopedia: Khazar Jews- “Khazars, a non-Semitic, Asiatic, Mongolian tribal nation who emigrated into Eastern Europe about the first century, who were converted as an entire nation to Judaism in the seventh century by the expanding Russian nation which absorbed the entire Khazar population, and who account for the presence in Eastern Europe of the great numbers of Yiddish-speaking Jews in Russia, Poland, Lithuania, Galatia, Besserabia and Rumania.”

    1943 Jewish Encyclopedia (pg 474)

    The Jewish religion as it is today traces its descent, without a break, through all the centuries, from the Pharisees.

    Their leading ideas and methods found expression in a literature of enormous extent, of which a very great deal is still in existence. The Talmud is the largest and most important single member of that literature.

    “Edom is in modern Jewry.” —The Jewish Encyclopedia, 1925 edition, Vol.5, p.41

    Genesis 36:8 ​​ Thus dwelt Esau in mount Seir: Esau is Edom. ​​

    The idea that modern-day “Jews” are the descendants of the ancient Israelites is one of the biggest deceptions in all of history — along with the official story on the so-called “Holocaust”, and the ideas that Judaism is the foundation of Christianity, and that Jews are the “friends” of Christians. The true origin of the so-called “Jews” is of critical importance for truth-seekers who want to understand world events — and especially what is happening in the Western/Christian world. The truth of the matter is that the Jews are counterfeits or impostors masquerading as “God’s Chosen People”, when in fact they are the biggest enemies of God and Christians, and working to destroy Western Christian civilization.

    As admitted by even Jewish authorities, the Jews are primarily descended from an ancient tribe known as the “Edomites.” It is well documented that approximately 90-95% of modern-day Jews are descended from a tribe known as the “Khazars”, who converted to Judaism in the 8th and 9th centuries A.D. while living in what is now southern Russia around the Caspian Sea. What is less known is that these Khazars were, in fact, descended from the Edomites:

    “No one can deny that the Jews are a most unique and unusual people. That uniqueness exists because of their Edomite heritage. You cannot be English Jews. We are a race, and only as a race can we perpetuate. Our mentality is of Edomitish character, and differs from that of an Englishman. Enough subterfuges! Let us assert openly that we are International Jews.”
    Manifesto of the “World Jewish Federation,” January 1, 1935, through its spokesperson, Gerald Soman

    Thats just a few examples from the jews own mouths.
    Yhwh has been found on silver scrolls,

    Let’s see how much you believe first.

    Answer these with a simple yes or no. Maybe get a piece of paper and keep a tally.
    1 The bible is a Jewish book.

    2 The earth was created in 6 days.

    3 Adam was the first man and Eve was the first woman.

    4 The serpent in the garden was a snake.

    5 Eve ate an apple.

    6 Cain was Adam’s first son.

    7 Noah’s flood was worldwide.

    8 All the different races came from Noah’s 3 sons.

    9 Ham was cursed.

    10 Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were Jews.

    11 Moses married a black woman.

    12 The tribe of Judah are Jews.

    13 Rahab was a harlot.

    14 Ruth was a Moabite.

    15 King David and Solomon were Jews

    16 The Star of David is the Jewish star.

    17 Jesus is a Jew.

    18 The Romans killed Christ.

    19 The Apostles were Jews.

    20 The Gospel is for the Gentiles.

    21 Jesus died for all mankind.

    22 The New Covenant is for the Church.

    23 We are Gentiles saved by grace.

    24 You become a ‘born again’ Christian when you accept Jesus.

    25 You become ‘adopted’ when you trust in Jesus.

    26 You become ‘spiritual Israel’ by becoming a believer.

    27 Once you are ‘saved’ you are always saved. You can choose to be ‘saved’.

    28 Believe ON the name of Jesus. You become spiritually ‘born again’ when you call upon His name.

    29 Believers will be raptured before the Great Tribulation.

    30 The law was done away with.

    31 The Tribes of Israel disappeared, or were absorbed.

    32 Faith alone will save you.

    33 The Jews are God’s Chosen people.

    34 Jews can be saved.

    35 When you die you go to heaven or hell, depending on if you are ‘saved’ or not.

    36 Jesus was God’s only begotten Son.

    37 You can’t lose your salvation.

    38 The Church is the body of Christ.

    39 The KJV is the authority on scripture. The true word of God.

    40 Anti-Christ is one person.

    If you said yes to most or all of these questions, then you have been deceived, led astray, have fallen under the spell of delusions and false doctrine, and become an unwitting supporter of Satan, and are therefore an anti-Christ.
    By now you must be in disbelief and rejecting the possibility that you are under a spell and ​​ believe lies. Even more so, you might be just about ready to stop reading this wake up call.

    But please, dear brother/sister, you are under a satanic spell and God has led you to this information so that you can choose to continue believing what you already know and believe, OR, you can educate yourself with this already prepared and presented information (whether it’s right or wrong) and make up your own mind.

    It matters Who and what we believe in.

    You already know what you believe. Now it’s time to hear the defense.

    A true Christian Israelite will hear both sides of a court case, then judge and decide.

    If you are willing to devote a little time to examine and prove the facts presented, you just might break the spell.
    If you shut down, remain stiffnecked and do not examine the evidence, then I can’t help you. You can’t help yourself, and God may not give you another opportunity.

    I agree with many of your articals, and they woken me up to the j. Q

    But I have gone alot further.
    Why are white people so persecuted?

    You know about that and you know who’s doing it. Ther history can be traced back to edom/esau and white people can be traced back to Adam. Adam means ruddy, to show blood in the face in itself. To turn ruddy in the cheek which only white people can do.

    I find it unfortunate that you say yhwh is phycopathic…. While at the same time we have jews running the world and dictating our lives.

    The Koran and Talmud are complete opposite to the bible.

    I know the bible has been edited and mistranslated, but all we have to do is read it along with the origional Hebrew translations of words.

    Which many have done the work. As o that site I provided a link to.

    If you are really for truth, you will look at it.

    I value your opinion on this matter.

    I have seen John lamb lash work but many say his a shill.

    I too thought that Christianity was too pacified and turn the other cheek. But I was wrong. Yes it’s weakened today but not always this way.

    Go through those 40 points and see how your answers turn out. You may not know as much as you think you do.

    I’m not here to argue or debate. Your work on Adolf Hitler ww1 and 2 is great.

    The fact is. No what we learn, no man can change the world today. Its way to corrupt. Everything’s infiltrated. So in my view only devine intervention will sort this out.

    Scripture is for the white man. It was written by white men and this is proven all through scripture if read properly. Have you read true scripture?

    James wickstrom is definatly not delusional. He may make some mistakes but his work is some of the best out ther.

    The point is. Yhwh was the name of creator in the origional. You can’t deny scripture and then belive the dead sea scrolls or the nag hammadi texts.

    Our freedoms were based on the word of God. Nations founded on the word of God.

    Then its the same people that take over and destroy.

    Why has the jew, stolen the identity of the isrealite people?

    If not means nothing. Why remove yhwh, if it means nothing.

    You seem like an intelligent man.

    Check out the links in this message, proove me wrong.

    • March 20, 2023 at 9:43 pm

      Hi Billy

      You are getting too caught up in all this. You haven’t gone a lot further my friend. Your still a little stuck in one of their psyops.


      It is not our history. The bible is telling us some of (just a small amount) of the history of the Old World White Europeans, who were not us and were taller. There have been various resets and genocides.

      We are not them. The vast majority of the bloodlines currently on Earth were added in the 1800s. There was a reset.

      The bible gives us bits and pieces of what occurred in the Old World, but it is subversive and meant to be confusing.

      Yahweh was / is a malevolent bipedal reptilian extra-terrestrial. 100 percent a bipedal reptilian with advanced technology.

      Satan was / is a bipedal reptilian extra-terrestrial.

      The modern day jews were added to the planet, like most bloodlines and races currently on the planet, in the 1800s. You can look at the old art and the Israelites are very obviously not related to current modern jews.

      The Israelites were very tall white people – what we would call giants – all over 7 feet tall, some significantly taller.

      Again the current jews were created (genetic engineering) created by the reptilians and added in the 1800s with many other races. The reptilians created all humans.

      We have been given the illusion of continuity, but there has not been any. Resets and Genocides.

      Some Europeans ancient ancestors may have gone back a bit further, as some 5 feet tall people were living with the 7 feet tall plus people in the latter parts of the Old World era, but all the ancient history is about the taller humans. The small amount of 5 feet tall humans that were around during the the latter part of the Old World civilisation were the peasants.

      Read Parts 10, 11 and 12 of my Resets and Genocides series for information on the Reptilians and what they have been up to.

      (From these articles you can also learn that angels, archangels and demons were all Reptilians)

      All religion is a scam. Also see my article on the Old World technology (Part 9 of the Resets and Genocides series) and learn what Churches, Cathedrals, Mosques, Stupas, Pagodas etc etc really were. All originally related to energy and sound.

      What is ‘divine’? (divine intervention, as you say) ‘Of or like god’ is a common definition. The ‘god’ of the bible was Yahweh – a dangerous and manipulative ET with advanced technology. You do not want him coming back down here.

      Hope that helped in some way.

  • April 2, 2023 at 3:16 pm

    One big cultural difference between 1750 and 2000 is that women now control who sires the offspring. I call this idea selecting toward androgeny, and my theory is this: When women control who the sires are, they choose more feminized and smaller mates than in the opposite situation, in which men dominate some resource essential to the women. In the case of the cave man, shelter is the needed resource that men could dominate. Only the largest man–the one who controls the cave–will be able to pass on his genes, resulting in bigger offspring. Marrying for love (feminine dominion) only started around the year 1800, and since that time men have gotten smaller, less aggressive, and more feminized. This doesn’t explain away what you’re trying to say. It’s just another factor. From this we can see that the culture of marrying for love and monogamy itself will result in weaker smaller males passing on their genes, whereas a more natural situation in which one big male can suppress all others and only pass on his genes would result in much bigger stronger offspring. These changes compound as the generations pass. Imagine if only the biggest and strongest males could sire offspring for five generations in a row. Would we have 7 to 9 foot tall men and women walking around again?

    • April 7, 2023 at 3:57 pm

      Hi Peter

      Interesting, marrying for love only really began in the 1800s… something else possibly related to the 1800s population reset. New types of humans.

      Women do generally prefer taller men nowadays – but they (often narcissistic women) also like powerful rich men, who tend to be rather small and unattractive (this is all related to the narcissistic, psychopathic intelligences that incarnate onto our planet and rise to the top due to their lack of empathy)

      I here what you are saying, but no, I do not think we would have many 7 – 9 feet tall people, even if that occurred… The giant’s genetics were almost all destroyed, though I am sure there is a little bit about in some populations that is very diluted.

      I am completely certain that the history before the 1800s cannot be classed as ours. The giants were systematically wiped out – and the vast majority of the bloodlines were added in the 1800s. There were some 5 feet tall people around in the medieval period, but not that many, and they were not seen as significant in most locations (Europe seemed to have the most, from looking at the ancient art, and they were the peasants – they also seemed to be the servants in China / Japan and Southern India… again, from studying the ancient art).

      Hardly anyone is going to want to accept it all.

      I was watching a documentary on the old Italian New York Mafia the other day, and all I could think was that these people are not descended from the Romans and Ancient Medieval Italians. They were all dumpy, stocky, short, unattractive, unathletic men with dark hair.

      People need to really study all the ancient art – the physiques, facial structures, hair etc – we are not them.

      Advanced alien groups exists, they can grow and genetically engineer humans easily, wipe memories etc etc… you should read parts 10, 11 and 12.

      Anyway, I am glad you are interacting with the information.

      Best regards.


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