Who is in our Oceans? A Secret War? USOs & UFOs – Ufology Explained, Part 4

(USOs) Unidentified Submerged Objects

The mains focus of this post is on USOs – but from what we can tell USOs are usually also the UFOs…


  • Introduction and recap
  • USO evidence (Unidentified Submerged Objects) – a strong presence in the oceans worldwide – O Bergmann
  • Soviet contact incidents, Soviet accidents and Submarines
  • ‘Death Triangles’ or ‘Circles of Death’ in the Oceans
  • The Soviet and United States pact
  • UFOs interest in nuclear facilities – deactivating or activating nuclear weapons at US and Soviet facilities
  • UFOs reported by military personal at every major conflict since WW2… Falklands War focus
  • Concluding Thoughts
  • Additional Information and Images


Introduction and Recap

I also recommend my other three articles in this Ufology Explained Series if you want to gain a good understanding of the UFO and USO subject.

Before we start, what can we learn from those above articles?:

The National Socialist Germans went to Antarctica, and South America, at the end of WW2. The flying-disc and the cigar-shaped craft belong to the German Breakaway Group. The small Greys worked for them and are not hostile. The abductions in the 60s 70s and 80s were mainly about collecting and analysing White European DNA. Ufology consists of various networks of subversive controlled agents. The Germans are very likely to have a strong presence on The Moon… and possibly on Mars.

We have seen from various testimonies, photos, and even video footage, that disc-shaped craft and cigar-shaped craft are flying in our solar system around The Moon, as well as in our atmosphere, but we must also address the unidentified craft in our oceans.

In this article I am using information I have found on the internet combined with the information in two suppressed, and hard to find books, by the author and researcher O. Bergmann. They are called ‘German Flying Discs and Submarines Monitor the Oceans’ Part 1, and Part 2 (Deutsche Flugscheiben Und U Boote Ueberwachen Die Weltmeere).

‘German Flying Discs and Submarines Monitor the Oceans’ Part 1, and Part 2

These books discuss and highlight the great many sightings and encounters in the oceans around the world of very fast, elusive and capable USO’s after WW2. The book is only printed in German, but you can translate the free on-line PDF using Googles Translate’s PDF translation function. Fantastic information – worth the effort.

Bergmann’s first book does spend some time showing how the UFOs and USOs are German, but I have already shown that in my other Ufology Explained articles, so there is no need to include that information in this one. However, Bergmann does have plenty of information in his first book that adds to, and expands upon, the evidence I have previously discussed from Ernst Zundel’s book ‘UFO: Nazi Secret Weapon?’. So in the Additional Information Section, at the end of this article, I have included a summary of the very informative German submarine construction passages that discuss the submarine technology and the increase of submarine production at the end of WW2, from Bergmann’s first book, as well as a testimony from a Naval Captain about the transfer of machinery to Antarctica from 1939 onwards.

As well as my other articles these four books will provide you with the evidence that the craft belong to the German Breakaway Group: UFO: Nazi Secret Weapon, by Ernst Zundel… German Flying Disks and Submarines Monitor the Oceans, 1 & 2, by O Bergmann… Secret Miracle Weapons, by D H Haarmaan…. The Third Power, by Gilbert Sternhoff. Links to free PDFs are in the Additional Information Section at the end.

So, although the title of this article is ‘Who is in our Oceans?’ it is not really an unravelling of a mystery, but more of a further confirmation, or reaffirmance, of who it is – and an investigation into what they are doing. There is very interesting information below – I know it took me to a new level of understanding.

A question I asked myself after reading through Bergmann’s books was… Has WW2 ended? This is the question you may well be also asking yourself after this article. Did it just morph into a secret / hidden undercover battle? Or is there something else going on?

USOs – Unidentified Submerged Objects

Anyone who has studied Ufology will know that the flying discs are regularly seen entering and exiting the oceans – as well as some of the large lakes of Earth. As reported by the Russian UFO researcher and former Navy officer – Vladimir Azhazha – quoted later in the article – who says that 65 percent of sightings, in and around Russia, involved bodies of water. Much more on the Soviets in the next section.

These disc-shaped craft and cigar-shaped craft seem to be just as fast and manoeuvrable under water as they are in the sky. Not affected by the pressure or friction from the water. The craft seen exiting or entering the water are nearly always disc-shaped flying saucers or cigar-shaped craft.

On YouTube you will find independent researchers who look at the oceans of Google Earth. There appears to be some unknown structures at the bottom of some oceans, but I very much doubt any of these are secret German bases – I should imagine any German bases would be very deep and the Google Earth camera would certainly not penetrate that deep into the sea. The Earth’s oceans are huge and extraordinarily deep in certain areas – it may sound obvious to says this – but we don’t tend to think about this underwater world. We cannot readily observe this world. We do not have access to this deep ocean landscape and would only ever hear what the ((( the powers that be ))) want us to hear. The oceans cover more than 70 percent of the planet and parts of it are deeper than you can imagine – again, a whole world we do not think about. To get down to the deep areas the nations on Earth must create this very slow moving highly specialised craft. Whereas the flying disc craft we see can whizz around the oceans with no problems at all.

I propose that there are likely some very advanced deep ocean bases on Earth – as well as perhaps in some of the very large lakes of the world – and they are very likely to have been created by the German Breakaway Group. It is logical when you review the evidence.

To get us started, here are some images from Bergmann’s first Book with a brief explanation / translation:

I realise it is difficult to read the small text of some of these article extract images below – if you actually speak German that is – so there are links to both of Bergmann’s books at the end of this post, so that you can download the book for free and see the text more clearly (Some English, Norwegian and Swedish articles as well). I used google translate to understand the text in each embedded article. Translated overviews will be provided.

Norwegian article about one of the various ‘Phantom U boats’ reported in Scandinavian waters after WW2, with a great many sightings in the 1980s:

Canadian department of defence investigate a UFO that dived into Nova Scotia bay. Divers are being used to search for the unidentified craft, 1987:

Searching for Mystery ‘U Boat’ in South African waters off the Natal north coast in 1972 – the mysterious submarine was said to resemble the German U-boats of WW2:

Some teachers on a school trip at Lake Lacar in Argentina, on 19th February 1982, see craft enter the lake in the early hours of the morning:

Strange concurrences in Australia’s Oceans:

I have written the text out from this last image:

“Many naval experts are convinced that UFOs operate from bases deep beneath the ocean. The theory received a dramatic boost during the US Navy’s operation Deep Freeze in the Antarctica.

While crew members aboard an icebreaker in Admiralty bay watched amazed, an immense silvery craft smashed upward through thick ice and hurtled into the sky.

According to the ships log, the ice through which the bullet shaped object sliced was at least 12 metres think.

Huge blocks of frozen seawater hurtled high into the air, came cascading down around the existing hole, in which the ocean boiled and spouted steam.

This encounter was only one of hundreds reported between ships and UFOs in the past 40 years.

So many saucers have appeared above the seas around Australia that in 1966 the US Navy sent a professor McDonald here to study them. His findings about ‘floating reefs’ and globes of light seen plunging into the Bass Strait have never been publicly released.

But the sheer weight of evidence suggests that something very strange is going on beneath Australia’s oceans. Many sea captains and their officers have reported seeing gigantic, seemingly alien craft near their ships.

A typical witness was Captain Julian Ardanza of the Argentine ship Naviero. While sailing off the Brazilian coast, he and his crew saw a ‘huge glowing cigar’ on the starboard side. “It made no noise and there was no sign of periscope”.

Here is a translated text extract from O Bergmann’s ‘German Flying Discs and Submarines Monitor the Oceans’ Book 1, pages 62 – 63 – Unknown construction seen deep in the ocean, 1000 miles west of Cape Horn:

“The American ship ‘Eltanin’ managed to capture something that was strange on the Seabed. Through a camera in a metal cylinder – when the cable was lowered from the ship it was possible to take pictures of the seabed. On the 29th August 1964, 1000 miles west of Cape Horn, at a depth of 4500 meters they photographed an inexplicable piece of machinery, one with a series of masts like that crossing of a television antenna and a telemetric antenna. Dr. Hopkins, the Navy-Biologist said that because of the great depth this thing could not be a plant or any coral shape. If urged that it is a technical entity he dodged and said, ‘I don’t want to say that people built it, because that would have to raise the question of how to get there – at a depth of 4500 meters! Above all, we don’t have any underwater vehicles to get into the advance deep. ‘Dr. Hopkins placed this object on the 45,000 mile long fault line moving our planet. So it could be a placed seismograph. According to this, an extraterrestrial organization would have to have vital geodetic and collect seismographic information about our Earth. You get a little restless when you consider that either a visitor from space, or an as yet unknown earthly organization, has more knowledge about the dangerous underground movements of our earth as the pinnacles of our science.”

The ‘Eltanin’

Swedish and Scandinavian waters – Phantom / mysterious U boats:

Bergmann’s books highlight that there were a great many sightings of mysterious and unidentified ‘U-boats’, or underwater craft, in the waters of Scandinavia – in and around Denmark, Norway, and especially Sweden, after WW2. I had never heard of this before reading his books. There is so much hidden from us – these events were not reported world wide, even though they made the press in Sweden.

Sweden was somewhat unique as they regularly reported these encounters with phantom boats via the press. Whereas Norway and Denmark did not – for example, official reports in Bergmann’s books say that Norway had more than 250 territorial violations of ‘foreign’ submarines in it’s waters between 1970 and 1988  – but they were not reported like in Sweden. Bergmann suggests this could be because Sweden are not still officially at war with the 3rd Reich, as they were able to remain neutral during WW2, whereas Denmark and Norway are still officially at war.

Bergmann reports that Sweden still do not officially know who these underwater craft belonged to, and also how occasionally the Swedish press or military would pass them off as possible Soviet craft (Of course those at the top of the Swedish military know who they really are). However, this notion that some of these phantom craft were Soviet craft was also shown to be untrue:

On one occasion in October 1981, about 10 nautical miles from the secret naval base Kalrskron, there suddenly appears a Soviet submarine (u1370) run aground on a sand bank. The media hushed it up. The Soviet crew were not detained and questioned – and the captain of the U-boat was not put on trial as a spy. Bergmann points out that the Swedish government is essentially run by communists anyway.

There is also another incident documented in Bergmann’s books that shows these mysterious underwater craft did not belong to the Soviets, and that the Soviets and Swedish government / military were working together in reality. There was a well known incident where the Swedish military said they had cornered, or surrounded, some of these Phantom U-boats / USOs. While they had them surrounded Soviet military planes flew over the scene observing. There should have been Swedish military jets sent out, as the Soviets had invaded the Swedish airspace – but this did not happen – nothing happened. Of course, the elusive and more advanced phantom underwater craft escaped, even after being bombarded with a great many depth charges.

According to an official report, there were 40 incidents of these phantom / foreign submarines in Swedish waters between April and September in 1987 alone.

Sweden greatly increased their naval military funding due to all these phantom underwater craft.

Below are images of many newspaper reports of Sweden’s interactions with, and sightings of, unidentified phantom underwater craft – as well as some others near Norway, Greenland and Denmark.

Here are some images from the French magazine / publication called ‘Top Secret’ . These were apparently taken by an officer named John Kilka, while serving on the USS Trepang in 1971. The steam we can see in the first photo certainly correlates with many of the testimonies and sightings of when craft exit the ocean or lake. There is more information on these photos in the Additional Information section at the end of the post, and there are also more of these photos from the publication there. Apparently the magazine published 11 photos in total:

Soviet UFO Contact – ‘Accidents’ and Submarines

Documents released, and testimonies from military personal, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, show that the Soviet Union had a great deal of UFO contact. Perhaps on par, or even greater than, the US had in the same period. Mainly discs and some cigar-shaped craft – just like the United States.

The Russians have claimed that they can predict when UFOs will appear and that they can even willingly summon them. They claim that UFO activity is increased when large scale weapons testing is taking place and have been measuring UFO activity by doing so.

According to Vasily Yeremenko, a Major General of FIB in reserve, academician of the Academy of Security, Defense and Law Enforcement:

“We can say that we learned to summon UFOs in Vladimirovka. To do this, we dramatically increased the number of military flights and movement of the equipment. If the intensity on our side increased, UFOs appeared with the probability of 100 percent.”

According to Vladimir Azhazha, a UFO researcher and former Navy officer:

“Fifty percent of UFO encounters are connected with oceans. Fifteen more – with lakes. So UFOs tend to stick to the water.”

According to one report, a nuclear submarine on a combat mission detected six unknown objects pursuing them. After failing to lose the objects, the captain ordered the submarine to surface – the objects followed, departed from the water and flew away at high speed.

According to Captain 1st rank Igor Barklay of Navy Intelligence:

“Ocean UFO´s often show up wherever our or NATO’s fleets concentrate. Near Bahamas, Bermudas, Puerto Rico. They are most often seen in the deepest part of the Atlantic Ocean, in the southern part of the Bermuda Triangle, and also in the Caribbean Sea.”

Above quotes taken from: https://alien-ufo-sightings.com/2015/06/russia-ufos-are-real-and-we-know-how-to-summon-them/

Where were the most UFO sightings since WW2? It was assumed to be in and around the United States… and now after certain documents have been released, we can see that the Soviet Union could very likely have had even more than United States. The Soviet Union military appeared to have a great many experiences with flying disc craft and USOs and observed them with some regularity.

Below are four articles from Bergmann’s books about Soviet contact / sightings:

Soviet ships being swarmed by underwater UFOs:

Soviet interaction with underwater craft that smashes through the very thick polar ice:

A Soviet whaling crew watched in shock and disbelief as a glowing UFO hissed through the atmosphere and crashed into the Atlantic, reports Soviet and European news agencies:

Soviet scientist, Vladimir Ashari, from the Institute of Oceanology, after looking through a selection of about 1500 observations, from a much larger number, which happened over the last 30 years in the Soviet Union, suggests these incidents should be taken more seriously:

(Note: They are always cigar-shaped or disc-shaped – with the occasional anomaly possibly due to the fact these craft can move very fast, so you can’t necessarily always see their exact shape)

There were various disasters and accidents during the Soviet era (an unusually large amount I do believe) involving missiles testing going wrong, weapons factories explosions / fires, many space exploration malfunctionings and submarines sinking or going missing. And various military ‘accidents’ are still occurring in the more modern era of Russia. Weapon dumps going up in flames for example, submarines sinking. Could there have been some unseen sabotage in many of these incidents during the Soviet era? Is it a coincidence that they also had high amounts of UFO activity during that era?

Below are some newspaper clipping of some of these accidents during the Soviet era, from O Bergmann’s 2nd Book:

“The biggest disaster in the Soviet war Navy since the second world war began here at midday on May 13, 1984: In a whole series of explosions that lasted for several days and not before May 18 could be brought under control, many of the separated ammunition dumps and the port facility of Severomorsk were destroyed. The explosions were sometimes so strong that the detonation and pressure waves still extend into the vicinity from 20 to 30 km destroyed the houses.” – Translation from O. Bergmann, Bk. 2

The Soviets Northern Fleet disabled for 6 months! That is a huge occurrence, don’t you think?

As Bergmann points out in his book, these super powers have many decades of experience in storing ammunition – and they would be especially careful when storing powerful and expensive missiles. These facilities are set out very carefully so that there aren’t chain reactions and total destruction of the site. So something unusual has happened at this site to cause all this destruction.

In his book Bergmann lists the various types of missiles that were destroyed – various types of powerful missiles – many hundreds of them. For example, the Soviet Northern Fleet’s entire stock of surface-to-air missiles had been destroyed.

Bergmann also points out that far more would have been destroyed than the press reported. The pressure waves from the blasts were huge. The boats and aircraft stationed there would have been destroyed as well.

The second article in the above image describes some of the other Soviet military explosions / ‘accidents’ in other areas… 6 in 7 months!

Many ‘accidents’ occurred during the Soviet era, and they are still happening in Russia – a few examples from the below article:

A string of explosions and fires has rocked Russia’s military in recent weeks. Business Insider, August 08, 2019 – quotes and information below from this article – https://taskandpurpose.com/news/russian-military-base-explosions/:

The past few weeks have been rough for the Russian military, as a string of serious accidents have led to dozens of deaths and injuries.

“Accidents are certainly not uncommon for the Russian military.”

“Over the past month and a half, the Russian military has seen a fire claim the lives of sailors aboard a secret nuclear submarine, an explosion at an ammunition depot, and, as of Thursday morning, an explosion during the testing of a rocket engine at a military test facility.”

“A string of explosions and fires has rocked Russia’s military in recent weeks. The latest one triggered a radiation spike” (Russian Ministry of Defense)

The huge explosion at an ammunition depot in the Krasnoyarsk Region.
  1. A deadly fire aboard a top-secret submarine in early July. Russia’s latest string of bad luck began with a fire aboard a secret deep-diving nuclear-powered submarine and resulted in 14 deaths. Russian media reports that the submarine was the Losharik, a vessel designed for “intelligence gathering and, probably, the destruction of or tapping into of undersea communications cables,” A.D. Baker, a former naval intelligence officer, previously told INSIDER.
  2. A huge explosion at an ammo depot at a military base on Aug the 5th. A view shows flame and smoke rising from the site of blasts at an ammunition depot in Krasnoyarsk region (Reuters/Dmitry Dub) On Monday, an ammo depot at a Russian military base in Siberia said to house around 40,000 artillery shells and other weapons suddenly exploded, igniting fires that killed one and injured over a dozen other people. The explosion created a massive fireball, and led local authorities to evacuate thousands of people from surrounding communities within 20 kilometers of the blast.
  3. A deadly explosion of a missile engine at a military test site on Aug 8th. On Thursday, a missile engine exploded at a Russian naval base, leaving two dead and four others injured. Among the dead and wounded were military and civilian personnel. The engine, according to Russian state media, exploded while specialists at the base in the rural village of Nyonoksa, a town in northern Russia, were testing the rocket engine’s “liquid propulsion system.” The Nyonoksa range is a critical test site for Russian missile systems, everything from intercontinental ballistic missiles to cruise missiles.

(Russia has experienced ammunition depot explosions before. For example, an ammunition storage site in Chapaevsk that housed around 13 million shells exploded in 2013, injuring around 30 people.)


Soviet submarines had various accidents during the Soviet era, various types of submarines sunk in strange circumstances, apparently due to fires or malfunctions – but at least one just completely disappeared. A few United States nuclear submarines were also reported to have sunk due to malfunctioning equipment.

(When we say nuclear submarines, it usually means they are nuclear powered. Some submarines also have nuclear missiles on them.)

A little snippet for you – this is short quote is from wikipedia. I saw this list / quote on some other websites as well – the ‘official list’ that we seem to get:

“Nine nuclear submarines have sunk, either by accident or scuttling. The Soviet Navy has lost five (one of which sank twice), the Russian Navy two, and the United States Navy (USN) two.”

Nine very expensive and advanced nuclear submarines sunk without being attacked! These are the most advanced and highly tested sea faring craft ever created by the US and Soviets, that apparently sunk by accident. Nine of them!

And remember this is only the ‘official list’ on wikipedia of nuclear submarines sinking – I am certain there are more incidents not officially disclosed. And this is just nuclear submarines – there were also regular submarines that sunk after WW2. As well as this, these are just those that were reported to have sunk – there have also been various bad ‘accidents’ that put the submarines out of action and meant they needed repair.

The Soviet Union were a threat to Europe. Were aliens monitoring the Soviets after WW2? Or was it the German Breakaway Group? Of course it was the Germans! They had just recently been at war with them and the (((Communist))) Soviets were a big threat to the future of European people if they became too powerful.

Submarines are very expensive. For example, the Kursk that sunk by ‘accident’ in 2000 was estimated to have cost well over a billion dollars to make. It cost Russia about 90 million dollars just to raise the wreckage from the seabed. It was the Russian Navy’s pride and joy and said to be ‘unsinkable’. Advanced submarines like this having ‘accidents’ that result in the whole boat being destroyed like this…. You have to question what is really going on in the depths of our oceans.

The Kursk raised from the seabed.

The US Navy’s Seawolf Class Submarines cost 3.5 billion dollars to make. The US Virginia Class Attack Submarine costs 2.6 billion dollars.

US Virginia Class Attack Submarine

Strange stories and reports emerge from submarine activity… when they have to be reported that is – usually when another nation has seen the incident or another nation has been involved… Essentially when the incident cannot be hidden, and brushed under the carpet, it is reported. Some strange accident examples: a US nuclear submarine apparently colliding with another US vessel, or a French nuclear submarine colliding with a British nuclear submarine, or a Chinese submarine hitting an underwater sonar array being towed by the destroyer USS. (These incidents, as well as various others, can be found on-line).

Really? These advance submarines with incredible echo location and the worlds most advanced navigation technology colliding with other vessels in the vast oceans?! No one is apparently at war down there… It does not make sense. We have no way of knowing what is really occurring in the oceans. We know about as much as what is occurring in our oceans as we know about what is occurring in space surrounding the Earth and on the Moon. As I mentioned earlier, it is another world down there. (In fact, if you look at my ‘Who is on the Moon?’ article we may actually know more about what is happening on The Moon than we do about the depths of our oceans)

Here is an example of two accidents involving America’s nuclear submarines, this one taken from one of Bergmann’s books. Here is an overview / translation of the below newspaper article:

Overview of the below article: America’s nuclear submarine Gibraltar ran aground In the Strait of Gibraltar. The “Atlanta” became one of the most modern American nuclear powered submarine to… [run aground]. It was the second such incident with an American nuclear submarine within two months. The submarine “Nathanael” armed with Poseidon nuclear missiles ran aground off Ireland on March 13th. During the accident in the Strait of Gibraltar, the “Atlanta” had a leak in one of the outer ballast tanks and the outer sonar dome was cracked:


Here are some more newspaper reports taken from Bergmann’s books with some translations to accompany them:

These eight newspaper clippings certainly add to the evidence of a possible secret war in our oceans – six are about Soviet submarines, and there are two more American incidents:

Translations / overviews of the above newspaper clips:

1983 – November. Nuclear submarine to Cuba. The Soviet Nuclear submarine that has been manoeuvring for days incapacitated 470 nautical miles from the East coast of the USA in the Atlantic towed to Cuba for repairs. American newspaper reported that the Frigate ‘McCloy’ in pursuit of a submerge object lost its Sonar bouy (A submarine tracking device). In this pursuit the ship was apparently damaged by a collision with the submarine tracking device. There is also suggestion that the lost Sonar bouy has been caught by the Soviets.

(That all sounds like lies and misdirection – The US and Soviets were not at war with each other, they had made a pact… Soviets did not steal the bouy when they are both very likely hunting for the German craft and deep water bases)

1983 – August. Soviets hid sunken nuclear submarine. The Soviet Navy has, after messages from the Pentagon, “in the last few days” recovered one of their nuclear powered U-boats from the North Pacific.

1981 – Canadian freighter captain saw some ‘round fire discs’ ascend out of the ocean and disappear into the sky at the same location where the American Nuclear Submarine ‘Thresher’ sank years ago.

1986 – A Soviet nuclear submarine sustained damage around 200 kilometres off the coast of northern Japan and on Wednesday a spokesman for the Ministry of Defense in Tokyo announced. The wrecked submarine was discovered by aircraft on Tuesday. It belongs to the “Echo II” class. The nuclear-powered submarines of the “Echo II” class can carry along with Torpedos cruise missiles. One does not know why the boat is unable to manoeuvre.

1987 – Russian submarine sunk in front of the Mexican Pacific coast , reports the newspaper “Ex-celsior “. The Navy moved out, to save survivors of the sunk nuclear submarine. Broke on the ocean floor? How dangerous is the wreck? The Soviet ‘Yankee-class’ nuclear submarine, on which a fire broke out three days ago, sank yesterday morning at 11:03 am in the Atlantic. Since then, the question of what dangers are faced from the wreck containing radioactive substances.

1986 – November. U.S. Nuclear U-boat Damaged. Washington (AP). The American nuclear submarine “Augusta” crashed into an unnamed object and has been damaged.

1980 – August. A Soviet nuclear submarine caught fire off the coast of Japan. According to the Japanese coast guard, analysis of air and water samples taken afterwards say that there are no signs of radioactive contamination. It will probably towed to the port of Vladi Vostok.

Currently, China has the largest submarine fleet on Earth. They spend a great deal of money and resources on advanced submarines. China are very secretive indeed, and it would be very interesting if they released their UFO / USO files. There are a few accidents they have had that you can find out about online though.

Additional note: Australia has a 100 billion dollar submarine program that they began in 2016 – which has come under much criticism, particularly from one Australian senator – for it’s ‘questionable strategic value’.

What do you think all these expensive nuclear submarines are for? It is likely that they are mainly built to attempt to seek out these German Deep Underwater Bases and, of course, to try and destroy them. Some nations may have given up though, at some point, as they do not seem to have much success against these phantom underwater craft (USOs). Just imagine all of what has been occurring deep in our oceans since WW2. Are the Breakaway Germans just too advanced for them? Have they maintained and improved their technology advantage over the years?

(In my ‘Who is on the Moon?’ article I also discussed all the failures at attempting to get to The Moon or Mars – whether manned crew, or satellites or landers, by various nations, but mainly by the U.S. and the Soviet Union. Russia and The Soviet Union had a great many failures, and many were not disclosed.)

Death Triangles or Death Circles

You may not know this but Russia have their own version of the Bermuda Triangle. With all the disappearances and incidents occurring after WW2. Below is a video about this:

Bermuda Triangle of the Russian Far East (Tartar Strait and Sea of Japan)

Video blurb: “Why do Russian ships and at least one Soviet Navy’s submarine disappear in the seas of the Far East, in the area close to Russia, and also Japan, and Koreas? Some have dubbed it “Bermuda Triangle” of the Russian Far East…UFOs and USOs have been observed there for centuries…the best records from the past are found in Japan.”

Important note: This researcher says ‘centuries’ in the blurb of the video – but the incidents in this area, that he talks of, occurred after WW2. He then says, after the descriptions of the incidents after WW2, that in Japan there were reports of UFOs in this region throughout the centuries. This is a subversive tactic. The man is controlled opposition. He mentions just four incidents, one in 11AD, one in 1235, one in 1271 and one in 1361. They happened over Japans mainland, and one over a Japanese Island. None of them had anything to do with the water! Only one was seen over the water and it did not come from it – all others were in the sky above land and not directly connected to this area of ocean or the water. They are four descriptions of phenomena in the sky. How can you relate four very old possible sightings, which happened over Japan, in the sky, 2000 years ago, and roughly 700 years ago, to incidents in the modern era – modern incidents that involved disappearances and sightings in a nearby stretch of ocean after WW2? He is purposely attempting subversion – I have experienced this sort of misdirection so many times researching Ufology – they often try to get people to think that all this UFO activity we have had since WW2 is related to very old possible sightings, so that you do not realise it is the Germans. He is a jewish researcher by the way. He is using genuine incidents that occurred after WW2, and then using misdirection.

In fact, there are also two other areas said to be like the Bermuda Triangle – more articles from Bergmann’s books:

Translation: ‘Death triangle in the Atlantic’ – More and more ships are disappearing off the French coast in a mysterious area. Reported in a 1984 German article:

Also in the Swedish waters around Oland and Gotland something similar is happening. Swedish sailors call the area the “Circle of Death”. 1987.

The fourth such area is, of course, the famous Bermuda Triangle, off the coast of Florida in the US. The disappearances, just like in these other areas, began after WW2. The earliest suggestion of unusual disappearances in the Bermuda area appeared in a September 17, 1950, article published in The Miami Herald (Associated Press) by Edward Van Winkle Jones.

Two translated excerpts in the above 1978 DNZ article:

Best-selling author Charles Berlitz said: “Since 1945 in this Devil’s Triangle 150 planes and ships, and around 1,500 People disappeared without a trace. Without a trace in the truest sense of the word…”

Bermuda Triangle: a ship disappeared again. This time it is the Soviet research giant “Akademik Kurtschatow”. Just before the editorial deadline the DNZ reporters phoned: “This case, the first one in 1978, causes tremendous sensation in the world.”

These two above articles talk about the joint Soviet / United States projects to research the Bermuda Triangle in 1978. Showing how they were not really at war with each other – the so called Cold War was more misdirection.

Overview / translation of the above embedded article: Soviets and Americans are involved in this joint, large-scale action each with five specialist ships, those ships were outfitted with an abundance of scientific research equipment. It is said that there are a number of people gifted with PSI powers aboard the ships that are to participate in the operation. The adventurous company wants to cover every square meter of the secretive region …

The Soviet and United States Pact:

U.S. and Russia vow to join forces against UFO onslaught

The text from the above article:

“In a superpower pact more secret than the A-bomb or the Normandy invasion, President Reagan and Soviet Premier Gorbachev have agreed to combine their military might — to defend planet Earth if it’s attacked by space aliens!

The authenticity of the mutual defence alliance was confirmed in a highly classified Soviet military briefing paper leaked to a Western journalist by a top echelon official in the Kremlin.

The mutual defense agreement calls for both the U.S. and Russia to muster all of their nuclear missiles,
supersonic jet aircraft, manned and unmanned spacecraft — including the shuttles — in an all-out operation to repel alien invaders from our skies.

The astonishing pact was signed, sealed and delivered to Reagan and Gorbachev only three days after Alaskan radar trackers confirmed that an immense UFO was spotted as it hovered near a Japan Air Lines 747 jetliner last November. That UFO —described as “bigger than two aircraft carriers” — was ‘just one of literally hundreds of UFO sightings \ that have been reported from every country since October 1986. “We have strong reason to believe that there is a definite routine being carried out by what can only be spaceships from outer space.” the briefing paper stated. “There are also intelligence data from our field agents that indicate some of the alien craft have landed on Soviet territory.”

In light of these confirmed reports, the Soviet Union and the United States of America agreed to take prudent steps to insure a united capability to defend Earth in the event of an invasion by alien forces from other worlds.

The paper outlines the onslaught “mobilization” of conventional air, sea and ground forces and the immediate dispersal of Soviet and U.S. nuclear-armed submarines.

Of greater importance, however, will be the activation of strategic satellites already in Earth orbit which will fire their laser rays at attacking alien starships while they are still in deep space.

“Everyone has been terrified that President Reagan’s so-called Star Wars Initiative posed a threat of world annihilation. But an invasion of Earth by space aliens would bring a global holocaust no one can even begin to imagine.” a Pentagon official said. “I cannot help remembering something President Reagan said in 1980,” the official continued. “He told the audience, ‘We may be the generation that sees Armageddon.’ But this pact with the Soviets could be the salvation of Earth.'”

(We, of course, know that it is not about ‘aliens’)

Who the Soviet and U.S. military really serve:

Hopefully no one reading this is naïve enough to believe that the United States military serve, and look out for, the American peoples interests… or believe that the Soviet or Russian military was ever doing what is best for the people living in the Soviet Union or Russia. Both serve the Banking Cartels interests, and if you know the history of Central Banking then you know that this essentially means serving International Jewry. Of course the boots on the ground do not know this – the very top echelons of the military organisations are the only ones who know this Truth. Yes, of course there are some good people in the lower levels of these nations military organisations, but they don’t know the Truth and they are not really serving their nation.

Pretty much all nations serve these Banking Cartels / Jewry. If you aren’t then action will be taken against you… ask Germany, Iraq, Libya and Syria about that.

So when the German Breakaway Group take action against these two military super powers – which seems to be only when they have to, or to keep them in check – they are helping you and me, helping us work against this New World Order dystopian slavery that International Jewry / The Banking Cartels want to put us in.

UFOs interest in Nuclear Missile Facilities

It is well known that over the years, since WW2, UFOs have been very interested in nuclear missiles sites and other military installations and facilities. The researcher in the below article has interviewed more than 120 former retired military personal who were involved in incidents at military sites in the US.

These articles linked below have some interesting verifiable information about two such incidents, one in the US and one in the Soviet Union. Here is an excerpt from the first. Note: He calls the UFOs ‘aliens’ and mentions that they attacked the nuclear site at one point. They did not attack them at all. They hovered over, assessed the weapons and activated them and de-activated them. (No idea why he used the word ‘attack’) As well as the Germans assessing their own advanced capabilities and making sure they can disable the weapons if needs be, these incidents also seem to be messages to people higher up in the Soviet and US military. Showing them their far superior technology and capabilities:

UFO Activated Nuclear Missiles in the USSR in 1982, Say Former/Retired Soviet Army Personnelhttps://www.theufochronicles.com/2013/06/ufo-activated-nuclear-missiles-in-ussr.html :

“Persons familiar with my work know that I investigate nuclear weapons-related UFO activity. Over the past 37 years, I have interviewed more than 120 former or retired U.S. military personnel who were involved in UFO incidents at nuclear missile sites, weapons storage depots, strategic bomber bases, or atmospheric test sites in Nevada and the Pacific. Many of my findings are available at my website, www.ufohastings.com. A more comprehensive summary may be found in my 600-page book UFOs and Nukes: Extraordinary Encounters at Nuclear Weapons Sites.

Following the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, a number of ex-Soviet Army personnel came forward and began discussing their involvement in similar incidents in that country during the Cold War era. One of those events occurred on October 4, 1982, near the Ukrainian town of Byelokoroviche, when a disc-shaped UFO apparently hovered over a nuclear missile base for an extended period. At one point during the encounter, a number of nuclear missiles suddenly activated—without authorization from Moscow or any action being taken by the missile launch officers—and were preparing to launch! Had they done so, World War III would have very probably been underway. Fortunately, after 15 seconds, the anomalous activation ceased and the missiles returned to stand-by status. A subsequent investigation by the Soviet government discovered no equipment malfunctions that would have explained the event.”

Below is a link to an article about the North Dakota incident in the United States:

Retired U.S. Air Force Captain David H. Schuur — whose dramatic testimony about a UFO temporarily activating his nuclear missiles at Minot AFB, North Dakota, in 1966 https://www.theufochronicles.com/2013/06/reprise-ufo-activates-nuclear-missiles.html

I am going to repeat myself somewhat here – who would be most concerned about Soviet and US Nuclear weapons? Some supposed random ‘alien group’, or the German Breakaway Group? Who has a real vested interest on what is occurring with the nuclear weapons and missiles? A group who have people down here on Earth that they are concerned about?

There have also been many reports of UFOs hovering over and observing nuclear power plants. This article is from the San Antonia Express, October 1976. One police officer says that he has been at the scene of 5 of these sightings and said that when you looked at the hovering lights through a telescope you could see red and green lights rotating:

These UFOs not only seem concerned about our use of nuclear missiles, but also our use of nuclear power. It not only suggests a concern for the people of Earth, but also suggests a concern for the Earth’s ecosystems.

UFOs Observing all Major Conflicts

The disc shaped craft seemed to be more easily seen in earlier conflicts – such as the Korean war and Vietnam for example – and in the more recent conflicts they are more readily seen as orbs, and sometimes only by using infra-red or night-vision technology. Perhaps their cloaking technology developed and improved. There were even sightings fairly recently of UFOs that were seen closely observing a drone strike in Syria.

An article on sightings in the Persian Gulf:

Of course these UFOs did not get involved – not in any way that you could perceive anyway.

But you can research this for yourself. UFOs have been seen by military personnel at all major conflicts since WW2 – reported to be monitoring what was occurring – they were always reported as observers… Except for one testimony where it is said that the UFOs actually got involved. This was in the Falklands Islands conflict:

I will write a little something about this strange war. Do you think it is a coincidence that this war occurred around some small islands so close to Antarctica and Argentina? Antarctica: the place the Germans went to at the end of WW2, a place they had been openly mapping and had transferred equipment and personnel to. And Argentina whose leader during WW2 (Peron) – was very sympathetic to the National Socialist Germans and who admired Adolf Hitler… and there are many reports of German colonies springing up in Argentina after WW2, and that large areas of land hand been purchased by the Germans.

Why did the people running Argentina at that time really order their troops onto that island? It did not make much sense at all. And then why did Britain needlessly destroy the Argentine cruiser ARA General Belgrano, killing 323 crew, when it was outside the exclusion zone, and then through this act created conflict and death that could have been avoided?

A strange war that made little sense. In one testimony from this conflict it is suggested that the UFOs got involved – I believe the following testimony, but we cannot say for sure that they actually did intervene, but this is what is suggested. This testimony is from Gennaro Martino, a former Navy SEAL. He spoke out as an old man, when he had nothing to lose. This below extract is from an article relating what Martino said in his testimony:

“Next he tells how they got to the island (which was officially in Great Britain’s possession) and occupied it without any resistance, then waited, he uses the same words, like slaughter lambs, for the British to come and smoke them out. When they did, it was absolute chaos and carnage.

There was so much fire from the English that the other Argentinians didn’t notice the ships (UFOs ) or did but thought they were hallucinating cause of the fear, but we both saw them, me and Pero. There were many models, ” he remembers, referring to his mate Pedro “Pero” Escalante who recently perished out of unknown causes. “We were all firing cannon like crazy, but we almost never hit anything, yet when I got home and heard the English death toll, I knew what we’ve seen was real,” he added.”https://ufoholic.com/unexplained/falklands-the-alien-war-i/

Gennaro Martino

Again, it is important to note that the UFO’s (the Germans) have not openly, or overtly, intervened in any of the numerous conflicts since WW2 (perhaps over 40 conflicts), only observed, so this above testimony is the exception. They could have been retaliating after being attacked while observing. (In a few testimonies from other conflicts, it was observed that if the military shot at the UFOs the bullets would come straight back at the attackers and would not touch the UFO). But if they did actually intervene in this particular battle, why this one and not any of the others?

Here is an interesting article I found about numerous UFO sightings in Vietnam – I also found it particularly interesting to see all the Vietnam vets sharing their own sightings in the comments section – http://www.openminds.tv/ufos-during-the-vietnam-war/563

This is the only known UFO photo taken during the Vietnam War. It was shot with an Electro-35 Yashica camera by an American serviceman traveling in the back of an army truck along a country road near Chu-Lei in March of 1967 (image credit: UFO Photo Archives/Wendelle Stevens).

Of course it is a flying saucer we see in the image… and there were testimonies of flying saucers being seen, but most sightings of UFOs in Vietnam were made at night, and many consisted of lights in the sky moving in ways the witnesses could not explain. Moving at great speed and then stopping dead still, for example.

There are many stories of soldiers and military personal being threatened and forced to keep quiet about the UFOs and USOs they have seen in various wars and conflicts. The letter by the JMP (Justice for Military Personnel) group that was sent Ronald Reagan very much highlights this… copies of the letter were also circulated to congressmen and the press. I cannot find an English version of this letter, but here is the German version of the letter, with an English translation of the list of fraudulent activities underneath – (Image below from Bergmann’s 2nd book.)

A letter from the ‘Justice for Military Personnel’ group (JMP):

JMP letter to Ronald Reagan – 4th December 1987 – Request for an Executive Order

Within the letter is a list of the fraudulent activities they had to carry out. The list is translated from the German version of the letter:

  1. We had to order the pilots to fire at UFOs, just to see what happened, and for another reason – we hoped
    (wrecked) saucers for research to obtain. This sometimes resulted in immediate explosion and thus death of the pilot, or an instantaneous “Disappearance” of the pilot and aircraft. The occupants of the UFOs seemed to know all the actions of our pilots in advance.
  2. We silenced military pilots who reported UFOs. It was strictly forbidden for them to speak about it publicly.
  3. We interrogated, intimidated, and harassed military personnel who saw UFOs in order to convince them that they actually saw nothing. . .
  4. We distributed fraudulent information through military and government spokesmen or scientists to the public, UFO sightings take their nimbus of the extraordinary.
  5. We forced the FAA, NASA, and other government agencies to comply with CIA policy
  6. We are violating the constitutional article freedom of information through the dragging [suppression] of documents.
  7. We covered up commercial pilots, who publicly reported about UFOs, with a smear campaign and forced their firms to lay them off.
  8. We have not reported any of the cases where pilots temporarily lost control of civil aircraft, or even lost complete control over their machines, which disappeared as soon as UFOs appeared.
  9. We unscrupulously slandered those of our most outstanding and competent citizens who dared to report UFO sightings; because we knew, yes long ago, that they were telling the truth. . .
  10. We bought congressmen and silenced senators who asked for information about UFOs for their bodies. Some representatives are now silent partners of the silent group and thus responsible for the crimes, that we committed (and are committed by our followers)

Here is some text from a small article about this letter:

The magazine Simply Living (1989, Volume 3, No. 9) published a long anonymous letter to President Reagan about UFO cover-up. In part it said:

“The UFO cover-up is not in a national security interest. It should be stopped, because it hurts military morale. Our group, Justice for Military Personnel (JMP), consists of retired military personnel who were affected by, or involved in different capacities with the UFO cover-up. Under orders of the CIA, in the ‘interest of national security,’ we took part in intentionally misleading the nation, manipulating the press, the courts and most politicians.”

The letter went on to list the, “Crimes we committed under CIA pressure” (List shown above). Then comes a long plea for the President to end the “insane CIA’s cover-up”. The authors, JMP, claimed they must stay anonymous because: “the CIA has a clear policy of eliminating any insiders who may expose the UFO cover-up”.

From this we can see that there are going to be so many more UFO sightings, and contacts, during military exercises and conflicts that we are not told about.

Concluding Thoughts:

Hopefully I have got you to think more critically about what is occurring on Earth, in our solar system and in our oceans. Not that it matters too much right now to be honest, regarding working towards stopping this (((New World Order))). We need to spread important Truths and wake people up to the agendas.

Talking about UFOs to the brainwashed ‘normies’ can really turn them off – they often just shut off and then totally dismiss you. If someone is interested in the UFO subject then tell them the Truth about it and share information – but when waking people up to the corruptions, lies, manipulations – and the New World Order plan – you usually need to use examples and agendas that regular folk can relate to, and agendas that will effect them and their families directly… as well as subjects that they are interested in. A skilful Truth Teller assess each person individually and finds the best subject to use.

Gilbert Sternhoff in his book ‘Di Dritte Macht’ refers to this German Breakaway Group as ‘The Third Power’. He wrote this sometime ago. But really we should say they are ‘The Second Power’, or ‘The Other Power’, if you like. As we all know that these rich and powerful nations around the word all work together, and are owned and run by, The Banking Cartels / International Jewry. The United States, Russia, China, Britain, France, Canada, Australia etc… we could go on and on … and of course Israel… they all work together. Because, of course, they are all working towards the New World Order and a One World Government. And all at the very top of these nations, particularly at the very top of the military, know about this German Breakaway Group (not the visible puppet politicians who are merely actors). NASA have incredible cameras at their disposal and they most certainly know the Germans are out there. Once you understand this the world will make more sense.

Can we call it a secret war? It looks much more like a monitoring and a ‘keeping in check’ of (((The Powers That Be))). ‘The Powers That Be’ cannot get a foothold in space, they cannot dominate the oceans, and they don’t seem to be able to shoot down, or catch, the advanced craft in our atmosphere.

The actions of these USOs and UFOs demonstrate even more that it is the German Breakaway Group:

Malevolent aliens are very unlikely to care about human life, and with their advanced technology they would surely just take over with no concern for the turmoil and loss of life they would create. The UFOs and USOs appear to be very strategic, careful and tactical. They monitor military installations and military exercises. They monitor nuclear missiles and nuclear power plants, which strongly suggests a concern for our well being, and for the planet’s ecosystems. They observe land, and air-based, conflicts between nations, but do not get involved (possibly with exception of the one occasion mentioned above). If they wanted to I am sure they could wipe out those fleets of submarines – so many of the ‘accidents’ and damage occurring to submarines would perhaps be due to a retaliation from the UFOs and USOs – or if any of the submarines threatened one of their underwater bases.

Why, if the German Breakaway Group are so much more technologically advanced, do they not just take over and stop the New World Order? Well, who knows for sure? But, again, if we look at the evidence they are highly strategic and tactical.

It is likely that if they make a play to take back Germany, and to free Europe, there will be WW3 (well, not WW3 – as WW2 has not really ended – but I am sure you know what I mean…). There could be tremendous turmoil and loss of life… and possibly even terrible affects to Earth’s ecosystems. Who knows what heinous plans the psychopaths, that run our nations from behind the scenes, have for just that occurrence? And be sure that they do have plans.

Yes, now, after many years of further advancing their technological advantage, and increasing their population size, the German Breakaway Group would surely win. But at what cost? I am sure there are many factors to consider… many elements and factors that we are not aware of. (Perhaps the powers that be on Earth have actually developed some technology that can repel the German’s advanced craft… it doesn’t look likely to me… but who knows?)

For anyone who is not aware, WW2 was really International Jewry / The Banking Cartels / Freemasons against Germany. These people conspired to destroy Germany. These are the people behind this New World Order agenda. The National Socialist Germans have always been against this New World Order agenda.

We must also remember that the majority of the world, and even their own people in Germany, have been brainwashed against the National Socialist Germans.

The National Socialist Germans were the ones who tried so hard for peace before and during WW2. Over 20 peace offers. They don’t want to see death and deconstruction. Adolf Hitler regularly appealed to the Allies to not bomb the cities and civilians.

Contemplations on the German Breakaway Group and Earth:

From looking at all this additional information. I would suggest that this type of ‘quarantine’ – that Earth appears to be in, which I have mentioned in a few other articles – is most likely being enforced by the German Breakaway Group. I am not saying this definitely the case, but it is the most likely scenario after looking at all the evidence in Ufology Explained parts 1, 2, 3 and 4 – as well as the books recommended.

No one in, and no one out. No other off-planet groups allowed down here, and no nations on Earth allowed to got established on any planet or moon in our solar system.

Possible reasons:

To enable the people on Earth to wake up and learn some important lessons… and it is NOT how to love and forgive everybody – that is obvious new age subversion. Out of struggle and strife comes great learning. It can be a tremendous catalyst for Soul evolution and learning. The vast majority of ‘adults’ on this planet are programmed to be subservient slaves – they are like naïve, brainwashed, gullible, little children. Struggle is without a doubt a catalyst for learning – an inspiration for research, critical thinking and the raising of consciousness. It is how a Soul truly evolves. And often the very sleepy brainwashed Souls need some real trauma or hardship to snap them out of there mind programs and unquestioning subservience. They often need to experience the manipulations and corruptions first hand to get them questioning and researching.

The Germans had this sort of learning experience in Weimar Germany. The level of poverty, degeneracy and suicide created by Jewry in that nation – before the National Socialist Germans turned things around – was like nothing seen before. This was a catalyst for the NSDAP and National Socialism. These men marched in the streets standing up for their people. Great leaders emerged from this struggle – new levels of bravery and courage – and new levels of understanding were gained as to what was important in life, and also how a nation should be run. And perhaps most importantly for this planet, they learnt about the manipulations, agendas and callousness of a certain group of people… through this traumatic period of their history they learnt about usury, freemasonry and International Jewry.

Now we can see, in our streets around the world, that some brave people are starting to make a stand against (((their))) control and lies – certainly not nearly enough at the moment – but more and more are taking part. More people are waking up and learning – they are less naïve and gullible. Protests are happening all over Europe.

America, in many ways, is becoming more and more like Weimar Germany, and is heading in that direction due to Jewry’s control… and more people are now noticing the subversion and the manipulations – and who is behind it.

If the Germans were to make themselves known now, and attempt to openly assist us, is the world ready for them? I don’t think so.

If the Germans had made themselves known ten years ago, the world would certainly NOT have been ready for them. Very few people back then knew the Truth of WW2 and the New World Order agendas, and who was behind it all. For example, back then the online documentaries – ‘Europa the Last Battle’, ‘The Greatest Story Never Told’ and ‘Hellstorm’ had not been created… no one had seen them…

Are the German Breakaway Group keeping the world powers in check, keeping us safe from nuclear weapons and making sure nothing really drastic happens, while allowing us to wake up, learn our lessons, evolve and seek answers / knowledge?

Will they make themselves known to us when we are ready? When enough people have woken up, developed courage, gained important knowledge and Truths, and become wiser, more evolved Souls? Or maybe they will make themselves known when we have stopped this New World Order and taken back control of our ((( Zionist / Marxist ))) run nations?

There are very likely other factors involved that we are not yet aware of… these were just some contemplations based on the information we currently have.

One of the best things we can do right now is wake people up – to inform as many as possible about the New World Order agendas, and to tell people the Truth about WW2 and National Socialist Germany. Those online documentaries mentioned above can assist with this.

This is a very useful link – The documentary ‘Europa The Last Battle’ – https://archive.org/details/EUROPATheLastBattle/EUROPA+-+The+Last+Battle+-+Part+1.mp4

There are also articles / posts on my website which can help.


Additional Information and Images:


Submarine Production and Numbers. Bergmann Bk1. Pages 9 – 14 – An overview of these 5 pages:

Bergmann’s book presents official documents that showing hundreds of submarines missing after WW2. (P. 9-12). At least a few hundred submarines missing – not sunk, but missing – no knowledge of there whereabouts.

There is also a suggestion that many of the submarines recorded as sunk in the latter part of WW2 were actually not… as the records did not make sense – a sharp rise in ‘losses’.

In his book there is a testimony which describes the urgency of the German New Submarine Program towards the latter part of the war. Testimony that submarine parts were also being shipped out to be built and assembled elsewhere, away from Germany – which would not be recorded in Germany’s official documents for submarines. Bergmann suggests the amount of submarines the Germans could have had at the end of the war would have been a lot more than a few hundred – perhaps closer to a thousand.

There is also testimony saying many micro submarines were built, not to be used during WW2, and they were taken elsewhere to be used overseas. (These small U-boats have been described on occasions in testimonies after WW2, when military personnel get glimpses of phantom U boats )

A testimony of a trip to Bremen in 1944 describes U-Boat after U-Boat lined up with hundreds of people busy working. New radar-safe submarines are being built there. The submarines are said to have made a terrifying impression with their size and armaments. They can move as fast as a destroyer and there is a new type of electro propulsion. The new U-boats can also stay underwater for any length of time.

Essentially there was a huge emphasis and focus on submarine innovation, and especially on swift production, towards the latter part of WW2. With many submarines, and submarine parts, being shipped off overseas to unknown locations.

U-boat / Submarine Building Yard, Bremen, Germany 1945


Testimony of a Merchant Navy Captain. Antarctica and Neuschwabenland. From Bergmann’s Bk 1 – P.14 (the translation is using on online app)

After one of our lectures in southern Germany, in October 1987, there was a captain of the merchant navy, which was used before 1945 – using speedboats and war submarines. He provides additional information about the German base in Neuschwabenland:

“Around the end of 1941, while I was on duty, I met Siewert and the two soldiers while fighting together, who were ordered from the time for the Russian campaign. They were both participants in the German Antarctic Expedition 1938/39 (both also appear in the official list of participants in the expedition; see extract from the list in the appendix). They reported to me that they were still working after the expedition was over, and in the spring of 1939 they continued to serve on the expedition ship ‘Schwabenland’ and their ship moved equipment and entire mining facilities to Antarctica four times a year between Neuschwabenland and the home port. This also included track systems and lorries, but also a huge milling machine. To be able to drill tunnel systems into the ice. As far as the statement by the retired captain.”

German Antarctica Expedition 1938-1939


Here are the other images from the French magazine / publication called ‘Top Secret’ . Again, these were apparently taken by an officer named John Kilka, while serving on the USS Trepang in 1971 in the Arctic. Here we see also see a more triangular shaped craft – these triangle shaped craft have been reported in other areas of the United States and Europe. From their actions they certainly look to be another type of craft that the Germans developed.

These photos were sent into the magazine anonymously. They look genuine to me: You can see the periscope crosshairs, they look like photos from the 70’s, they correlate with various USO / UFO testimonies… and the Trepang is verified as being in the Arctic at that time, and was carrying out tests on it’s weapons systems – and we know this sort of activity attracts the USOs and UFOs.


JAL Captain Kenju Terauchi – from O.Bergmann Bk.1:

An interesting interview. Terauchi is asked if the interference he heard from the UFO was like Germans talking – ‘did you say its like German taking?’. Terauchi says, ‘yeah, yeah, yeah’.

Richard Gordon’s interpreter then asks if it was just a jamming noise. And then Terauchi says: ‘It was just noise, sounded ‘zaa zaa’.’ Richard Gordon seems pleased with this ‘I am glad you brought that out’ – when it was Gordon who ‘brought it out’ with his follow up question.

You can read if for yourself. It looks like Captain Terauchi has said that the radio interference he heard sounded like German talking before the official interview. And then confirmed it when asked, with three confirmations, ‘yeah, yeah, yeah’… Why did he then say it was just jamming noise? Was he influenced during that interview? Another cover up?


Some more images from Bergmann’s books not used in the main article

Various USO & UFO sightings and strange occurrences (flying saucers and cigar-shaped craft), some are about the Bermuda triangle (they are thumbnails click to expand):

A little selection of translated descriptions for some of the images:

  • A flying saucer seen by a fisherman on a lake in Norway taking something out of the lake.
  • Australian warships discovering a huge cigar-shaped craft on the bottom of the ocean.
  • Two Brazilian physicians being saved by a UFO near the Bermuda Triangle, which dropped an old air force dingy for them.
  • Flying saucers with swastikas seen in Uruguay
  • Chilean scientists being followed and observed by UFOs in Antarctica


Note: After the last Website Update the galleries are all playing up. If it is not displaying properly, if you refresh the page twice (sometimes once) it will work just fine. I will endeavour to rectify this issue as soon as possible. 4 / 1 / 2023


Further ReadingBook Links:

UFO: Nazi Secret Weapon?, by Ernst Zundel – https://archive.org/details/UFOsNaziSecretWeapon1974/mode/2up

German Flying Disks and Submarines Monitor the Oceans (Deutsche Flugscheiben und U-Boote überwachen die Weltmeere) – Book 1 and Book 2 – by O.Bergmann: https://archive.org/details/BergmannO.DeutscheFlugscheibenUndUBooteUeberwachenDieWeltmeere11988101S.https://archive.org/details/BergmannO.DeutscheFlugscheibenUndUBooteUeberwachenDieWeltmeere21989104S./mode/2up

(If you download the version ‘PDF with TEXT’ of Bergmann’s books then you can also copy and paste the text in the embedded articles, which is incredibly useful when using a translate app.)

Secret Miracle Weapons (Geheime Wunderwaffen), by D H Haarmaan – Books 1, 2 and 3: — https://archive.org/details/Haarmann-D-H-Geheime-Wunderwaffen-1https://archive.org/details/Haarmann-D-H-Geheime-Wunderwaffen-2https://archive.org/details/Haarmann-D-H-Geheime-Wunderwaffen-3-Text

The Third Power (Die Dritte Macht), by Gilbert Sternhoff: – https://archive.org/details/DieDritteMacht

The German Weapons, and Secret Weapons of the Second World War and their Further Development (Die deutschen Waffen und Geheimwaffen des Zweiten Weltkrieges und ihre Weiterenwicklung), by Rudolf Lusar – https://archive.org/details/lusar-rudolf-die-deutschen-waffen-und-geheimwaff/mode/2up

The cover art for all of these linked books:


There is a readily available book based on the released Soviet files on UFOs, called ‘Russia’s USO Secrets: Unidentified Submersible Objects in Russian and International Waters’

Written by Paul Stonehill, a former Soviet Jewish refugee from the USSR, and Philip Mantle who is an international UFO researcher, lecturer and broadcaster. He is the former Director of Investigations for the British UFO Research Association and former MUFON representative for England… his book, Once Upon a Missing Time, was published by Richard Dolan Press.

These people are obvious Controlled Opposition. A jewish man, and a man who worked for MUFON and was published by the government agent Richard Dolan! Never underestimate how much Ufology is controlled. It is all controlled. They are going to refer to those Russian official documents in the book, but will be saying aliens, aliens, and aliens. Because that is what Ufology is all about… misdirection, subversion and distraction. You cannot trust people like this.


An Addition – June 2021 – Video – A U.S submarine smashed into an undersea mountain.

Another example of a strange and implausible ‘accident’ involving a submarine (2005).


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    Keep up the great work! As these articles about the German breakaway group gives me hope and optimism for our race.

    • March 10, 2021 at 4:30 pm

      Hi Tank88


      My only concern is that some people may become a little complacent and not spread Truth as readily as they should be. For some though, I think it will motivate them even more and give them a boost.

      But as well as this, I feel that if I am coming across this information, and I am inspired to create these articles, then it means that we are ready for them. (Much can happen on other levels / realms that we do not see… contact is made with some souls, on other levels in the night, which affects their subconscious – but we usually have no recollection / recall…)

      Yes, it does give hope and inspiration. It actually should give hope and inspiration to the vast majority of people on the planet, though most won’t realise that. The National Socialist Germans were – and are – fair, ethical and honourable people… but, of course, most people have bought into the incessant ‘Evil Nazi’ lies and propaganda.

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      I find your research fascinating however you lack the flat earth research. It is 100% provable that we live on a flat stationary non-rotating plane with an enclosure above us ..undeniable as far as the moon, it’s just a light in the sky you cannot land on it. What the f… Obviously aliens are fake and they are demons… What about all the other land on the other side of the Antarctic ice ring? And our deep .oceans.That’s where all the riffraff is coming from.

      • August 24, 2023 at 2:32 pm

        Hi Jo

        I don’t ‘lack’ flat earth research, my friend, I have looked into the topic and believe we live on a mostly spherical, slightly pear shaped, hollow Earth (and that all planets are hollow). There is a lot we do not know about the mechanics of the cosmos. But through observation we know about the mechanics of nature, and this makes a flat earth extremely illogical.. Everything is microcosms /macrocosms… Think of an atom for example… And everything is in constant motion, but to our eyes things appear stationary and still.

        Lots of people have bought into the flat earth psyop, and I understand how confusing things can be on Earth with so many subversives. You are, or course entitled to you opinion, but the statement that is is ‘100 provable’ is absolutely not correct. Just say that you think it is flat, my friend.

        Ice ring? Sounds likely you are listening to the controlled subversive (((YouTube))) content creators.

        I have had various ET collection experiences (my aunt also had one) – and as well as this I have had many 3rd eye experiences, as well as flashback memories via my 3rd eye. Aliens are definitely real. Small greys are biological beings with far greater intelligence than us and with psionic / metaphysical abilities. The small greys are not hostile. The cosmos is full of life

        Demons are Bipedal Reptilian Extra-terrestrials. I showed this in my Reset and Genocide series. Parts 11, 12 and 13 of the series deal with them specifically. It is very clear when you read them.

        It was the Reptilian ‘gods’ who taught all the ancient civilisations that the Earth was flat with a dome over it. It is an ancient psyop to control humans started by a malevolent psychopathic ET group.

        Anyway, my friend, we can agree to disagree regarding the shape of the Earth, I won’t let it come between me and other Truth seekers. There are more important issues out there.

  • March 11, 2021 at 1:02 am

    I’m wondering if the french nuclear essay in the pacific ocean (193 bombs) are relating to a war against UFO. Have you heard abour the A-bomb being fake ? Nagasaki and hiroshima photos show the same caracteristics as germans cities bombarded by the britains (carpet bombimg), the A-bomb could be a big lie since 1945 to justify billions into army develoment and spread fear onto other countries and also germans breakaway group maybe. What’s your take on the french in the Pacific Ocean ? Not so much info on the internet about that. If nuclear nukes are fake, why faking the french essay in the Pacific, keep spreading the lies about nuclear nukes ? Destroying USO bases there ? Distracting for whatever reasons maybe to study if UFO will show up ? Covering other underground facilities at that time (like the secret underground bases from the french and Israël but can’t remember the name of it during the same period of time)

    • March 12, 2021 at 4:36 pm

      Hi Vortex Modulation

      Yes, that is a good point about the nuclear testing. After the French stopped all their nuclear testing Chirac bizarrely began them again 3 years later in 1996. It was a PR disaster, there was a lot of outrage from the public about it, from what I have read, and understandably so… but they still went ahead with it anyway. They detonated very powerful nuclear bombs under the ocean floor in the South Pacific. Why? They did 6 tests, when they wanted to do 8 – apparently because there was a lot of people against them. Again, why would you need to do so many ‘tests’ under the ocean floor?

      Once you understand the Truth about The German Breakaway Group, and their presence in our oceans and solar system, you began to look more closely at the actions of the powerful nations on our planet – and some of their actions begin to make more sense.

      And of course the US also did very powerful and destructive underwater nuclear tests after WW2, in the 40s and 50s at Bikini Atoll – this time in the Central Pacific:

      “For the first time, scientists have mapped the environmental toll of underwater nuclear tests conducted in the 1940s and 1950s. Using advanced sonar, scientists scanned the underwater nuclear test sites at Bikini atoll. They found huge craters left by undersea nuclear tests, as well the wreckage of ships that had been anchored around the blast zone.”- https://www.popularmechanics.com/military/weapons/a30199405/bikini-atoll-imaging/

      It all seems like illogical madness if you do not factor in the German Breakaway Group. No one was under threat – apparently the ‘Evil Nazis’ were defeated – so why so much nuclear testing? And why under the sea, or under the ocean floor?

      (People will say the ‘cold war’ – but that was mainly misdirection and a farce. And France were certainly not involved with that in the nineties.)

      I do not think nuclear weapons are fake.

  • March 15, 2021 at 2:31 am

    This part 4 is mind-blowing! Especially when you think that it’s the Germans, with all the evidence here and in previous articles, there is no doubt that the Germans are still around and the (((superpowers))) are struggling with them, and the Germans surrounded them from above and below like rats haha! Maybe in the future, the German will simply reveal themselves to the world, and the ‘power that be’ could do nothing about it. When you think about it, the German could colonize all the planets in the solar system and build a huge civilization there that will contact us in the future. Maybe these huge cigar UFOs sometimes shown in the ring of Saturn are the German Breakaway Group! It’s a really exciting time, for ‘real’ this time.

    Thank you for this great work you did, when I think it’s over then surprise: more evidence! Cool.

    • March 17, 2021 at 1:06 pm

      Hi Saturn Trap


      Yep, it appears that is what they have been doing: Creating settlements in the Solar System. Well, at the very least on Mars and The Moon, and I strongly suspect Ceres. Can you imagine over 70 years without subversion? What the Germans achieved from 1933 to 1945 was phenomenal, with all their technological developments – the weapons and craft they created – and even the boom in new technology in the 50s and 60s on Earth appears to be mainly from patents stolen from the Germans at the end of WW2. Then imagine 70 more years without any subversion and perhaps even contact with some other technologically advanced groups… (Though, they surely would have faced threats out in the Solar System / Galaxy as well, so we don’t know how much this would have hindered them) Many of their best minds were still with them, many of their best and most advanced scientists and engineers were not found at the end of WW2.

      I hear what you are saying about it being ‘exciting’ times – I am not sure that is the best word though, for many there are some very difficult times ahead as these psychopaths ramp up their medical tyranny and control… some people are really going to struggle and lose a lot. Working against this tyranny, and the dissemination of information, is very important.

      Since the late 40s and 50s the (((Powers That Be))) have been planning against this German Breakaway Group… pretty much all the most powerful nations around the world working together. There is still much we don’t know. It certainly does not look to be a straight forward situation.

      Knowing this information – that the Germans are out there and could make themselves known at some point – we can see, even more so now, how important it has been for (((them))) to keep up this ‘Evil Nazis’ rhetoric… So it is important that we all keep spreading the Truth about WW2 and the National Socialist Germans.

      Anyway, thanks for the comment. It is good to get feedback.

  • May 7, 2021 at 4:20 pm

    Probably the Jews had found the German bases under the sea or they probably wanted to block the underwater tunnels! Did they really succeed ?, do you think the German bases under the sea are still safe After the atomic bombing !?Honestly, I’m worried about them

    • May 10, 2021 at 12:47 pm

      Hello again The Seventh Country

      I think they are safe. We cannot know for sure, but I would suggest those bases in the very deep oceans are safe. The Germans can go very deep, and their craft are so much more capable.

      We can look into the the skies though – and if you look through ‘Ufology Explained, Part 5’, you can see that the Germans very much appear to be dominant in our skies. Which suggests they may also still be doing very well in the oceans.

      The Germans would have been aware of any nuclear ‘tests’ the ‘Powers That Be’ were preparing. They are constantly monitoring the activity of the military groups on Earth. I very much doubt that they would have been caught by surprise at any point.

      (The Germans and their allies can also very likely make use of other dimensions, by the way – for reconnaissance for example.)

      Again, I think the very deep underwater bases will be just fine. I think the Breakaway Germans are too advanced for the nations on Earth.

  • June 23, 2021 at 12:32 pm

    Hi Entityart.

    What do you think of this guy: https://www.bitchute.com/video/dOJZHxgLyUm2/

    He knows the UFOs are Germans, but he is weird and seems like some sort of a shill!

    He said something interesting, that it will come a phase when the gov will reveal that the UFOs are “Nazis” to strike fear in people and turns them against the Germans again.

    • July 25, 2021 at 4:29 pm

      Hi Saturn Trap

      I had the chance to check this out.

      Yes – a shill. It is a Controlled Opposition channel. Jewry have to control every part of the alternative media. Controlled Opposition is everywhere. The costumes and gas masks are embarrassing… that video with him in the middle, and the young women in black leather and gas masks on either side, is ridiculous visuals.

      Normies will not take in anything from someone like him and his channel – they will be turned off instantly – and that is the idea. This whole gas mask imagery plays into the whole ‘Wolfenstein’ and ‘Iron Sky’ ‘scary evil nazis’ nonsense. They are just creating a distracting limited hangout.

      These people clearly do not know what National Socialism really is.

      • August 5, 2021 at 11:37 am

        Exactly, you are right, I didn’t think about that but it’s clear now, they are ridiculous shills. Thanks for the answer.

  • July 2, 2021 at 2:54 pm

    Only the initiates know that Iraq is an ally of the German Reich and that all the shelters in Iraq were built by the Germans. Also according to the information gathered by the “insiders”, not far away from Baghdad, it would seem that there is a military UFO base of the Reich. Iraqi soldiers and citizens of the Reich would work there together, preparing for the eventual outbreak of the Third World War planned by the Illuminati, which is said to break out in the Middle East. Many will find the statement that “flying saucers of the German Reich” would be unreal in Iraq in the 90s, but only in the case of those unfamiliar with the problems of the Third Reich and its foreign relations.

    One of the reasons for the attack by US troops on Iraq was the destruction of the Reich’s UFO base on its territory. No rocket hit its target. It would seem, therefore, that in the case of the Gulf conflict, not only the flying discs of the German Reich came into action under the Iraqi flag, but also a whole series of secret weapons of the United States, including a flying saucer the size of a a football field with US flag, which allegedly transported about 30 CIA agents to the American military base located near Baghdad. This information was disclosed by an American soldier who belonged to the mentioned military base.

    But let’s see how things went: According to a report I received from a US hostile agent employed for several months in the Gulf events (the report is accompanied by some very clear photos of Reich flying saucers with an F-14 behind them!!!). The “forces of evil”, as Saddam Hussein rightly called the Illuminati in his last speech before the outbreak of the Gulf War, undertook on January 12 and 13, 1993, a new attempt to wipe the Iraqi people off the face of the earth. “), as well as the military base of flying saucers.

    An 11-day air offensive was initially planned, aimed mainly at Basra, agricultural areas northeast of Basra, populated areas around Al Najaf, and some villages on the east bank of the Euphrates, at 200 miles south of Al Najaf, then settlements in the lake area at the junction of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, as well as the southern and southwestern suburbs of Baghdad. They were ready for battle 182 F-14 fighter jets, 56 F-18 fighter jets and 81 F-15 fighter jets, 12 F-15 escort fighter jets, 22 F-15 fighter jets escort F-4 and 8 F-16 aircraft, 12 Tornado aircraft, 4 Mirage 2000 bombers, and in addition 48 F-111 aircraft and 9 B-52 bombers. A total of 434 fighter jets !!!

    The Allies insisted on an offensive because they had learned that the two flying saucers of the German Reich, stationed in Iraq, were on a long-range mission. One of the main US targets was the Al Najaf area, where the German military base was supposed to be located. The attack on it had been entrusted to the 12 Tornado aircraft of the RAF forces, under the protection of the 22 F-4 aircraft of the USAF. Another objective of the military intervention was to decimate the Iraqi people by destroying their agricultural food base. The first air raid was undertaken by the USAF with the combined forces of 144 F-14 aircraft and 22 F-15 aircraft, flying in attack on Basra. However, 16 of the F-14 planes and one F-15 plane were shot down by the Germans, and in these conditions the rest of the planned air attacks will be immediately canceled. Only the squadron of 32 F-111 aircraft, already in the air, attacked the territory of Basra, and one of the planes disappeared during the action.

    The offensive was therefore interrupted. All that followed was bombing of abandoned Iraqi positions in northern Kuwait, actions of no military importance, ordered only for the morale of the troops. All the unnamed combat units have been sent to these areas so far, except for 8 Tornado aircraft, equipped with fixed point sighting devices. The USA had therefore shot down 198 planes in combat, of which they lost a total of 18 (resulting in a loss of about 10% of the air force !!!) The total duration of the attack itself was 3 hours and 45 minutes.
    After that, the USA carried out another fictitious attack for the morale of the troops, with a force of 228 combat devices. Among them were 9 B-52 bombers as “observers”, but without the mission to drop bombs. The total duration of the fake attack was one hour and 20 minutes.

    On January 16, 1993, Iraqi bombers launched a reckless attack on the American aircraft carrier KITTIHAWK, from which most F-14 aircraft had taken off. It is true that Hussein had announced a proper response to the first American attack, which the media hid as usual. Even if only partially, the success of the Iraqi attack is highlighted by the temporary interruption of the aircraft carrier’s communication channels. Between 21:25 and 21:40 followed the American reply aimed at the city of Baghdad. During two raids, a total of 42 missiles were launched on the city from 5 different US Navy ships. The missiles in the first raid were launched almost simultaneously, while the second raid, due to technical faults in the deck, could be compared to a staggered fire at irregular intervals. Of the 42 missiles, about 20 exploded in the air and according to existing documents, only 6 of the others caused damage. The supposed objective of a “nuclear research center” does not even exist (Saffranya being in fact a textile dyeing factory). In the case of this attempt, it was therefore a typical attack after the well-known Hiroshima or Dresden model

    • July 17, 2021 at 2:01 pm

      Hello The Seventh Country

      An interesting account.

      Regarding this excerpt:

      “…including a flying saucer the size of a a football field with US flag, which allegedly transported about 30 CIA agents to the American military base located near Baghdad. This information was disclosed by an American soldier who belonged to the mentioned military base.”

      I have not seen any evidence of the US having the anti-gravity technology that the Breakaway Germans have. All evidence suggests they haven’t got that same level of technology. It would seem strange for all the worlds Superpowers to be secretly building (at great cost), and using, the much less capable hypersonic planes and hypersonic drones if they had this anti gravity technology at their disposal. And especially as we see the Breakaway Germans flying around our atmosphere in the cigar and saucer craft, and taking down and neutralising, what very much look to be, hypersonic missiles.

  • April 15, 2022 at 1:21 am

    The small greys are RO robots created by the Germans. There are no aliens. WWII never ended. The Germans are light years ahead of us. If the US had anything close, it’d be allover the news, with Biden bragging he had invented it. When the Germans reappear will will know much more.

    • April 19, 2022 at 4:00 pm

      Hi Bob

      What you mean to say is: ‘You think there are no aliens’. I doubt you have any experience in this matter and you probably have not done the relevant or necessary study of abduction experiences. And you should provide some reasons for this conclusion if you are making such a firm statement.

      By the way, you are wrong, there is most certainly such a thing as ‘aliens’ (non human life-forms).

      Just because you are on a quarantined planet, and have not seen any, does not mean that planets do not have a wide variety of bipedal forms – as well as other types of animals. From my returned flashback memories (spoken about in various other articles of comment sections on this site) I can describe various types of bipedal beings I have seen / remembered – at least 5 different non-human bipedal beings. One of which was a bipedal reptilian.

      I have also had experiences with the Small Greys – briefly during collections and brief ‘astral’ experiences. I have seen them (albeit very briefly).

      Lets consider this idea that Small Greys are robots (By the way this rhetoric of them being robots was introduced and promoted by the obvious controlled agent ‘van helsing’):
      The small greys started collecting people at some point in the 60s. It is extremely doubtful that the Germans developed an absolutely incredible ‘robot’ like that in that space of time, as well as the ability to remotely control it from great distance, when they were trying to establish themselves on other planets and were building bases in remote regions on Earth (at the bottom of the ocean for example) – as well as having to deal with some conflict in the solar system. They did not have the time and resources in that period to create a remotely controlled robot as impressive as a Small Grey.

      From testimonies, we know that these small Greys could fly the advanced craft, perform delicate, complex, advanced and precise procedures on the people they collected, and could communicate telepathically with the abductees.

      I have hugged a small grey in a different state of consciousness when it came to collect me, and I have touched one of their heads. They have a rubbery, slightly spongy, skin – a little like a dolphins skin I should imagine.

      In a brief astral experience recall in my 30s – from one of these projects run by the the breakaway civilisation and their allies – I was with two humans and there was a Small Grey there. One of the young men turned to me, and when referring to the Grey, and he said to me “time and space mean nothing to him”. Which suggests the Small Greys are independent and are not being remotely controlled.

      I cannot say with absolute certainty that the Small Greys are not synthetic beings. But it is very doubtful that they were made by the Germans. And after all the brief experiences I have had with them, and all my research, I would suggest that they are very likely independent biological beings with a Soul. They are almost certainly allies of the Breakaway Germans and the forces that have been working against the malevolent Space Faring force that has been causing issues on this planet.

      Many groups would have wanted to join forces with and assist the Germans to fight against the ET group (Reptilian / A.I / ‘Archon’ group) that has been controlling and subverting the people of Earth, and causing a great deal of problems in our Solar System / section of the galaxy.

      And I certainly don’t think Biden would be on the news bragging about any advanced technology. This topic is the most secretive going. And regardless, he would not even be told about it. He is just puppet – and a bad one at that.

      But we can conclude from analysing the activity in the skies (take downs of ‘meteors’ / missiles) and the behaviour of the UFOs, that the Earth Surface Powers such as the U.S, China and the Soviets cannot compete with the Germans and their allies. A dominant scouting and monitoring force is in our atmosphere, and it is certainly not craft from any of Earth’s ‘superpowers’. The Germans and their Allies are dominant in Earth’s atmosphere. Analysis of UFO footage is the main way that we see that. And the information in the my Ufology articles suggest a dominance in the oceans as well.

      Hope that helped.

  • October 30, 2022 at 1:06 am

    I have great hope for the future even though everything below is quite doom and gloom. I think we are in a hostage crisis, hence the jabs, pollution, toxins in our food and water, 5G, and the buying up of all farmland. Our rulers will try to kill us all before any intervention which is why they are hastily setting up all these ways to passively kill use or poison us to the point of sterilization. And its working so far.

  • January 26, 2023 at 3:24 am

    Hey just leaving this ufo video here which disguises itself as a cloud. Not sure I’d real but thought you would like to see.

  • March 1, 2023 at 1:26 pm

    Hi man great research ! Do I have your permission to make videos out of the material posted here? also try to put SSL on your domain for better visibility and make it https instead of http

    • March 1, 2023 at 9:40 pm

      Hi general relativity

      Yes, jews and Freemasons use elements of my content a twist it to create their limited / misinformation hangouts, so if someone is going to actually display the Truths then that would be a refreshing change.

  • March 1, 2023 at 1:32 pm

    also another question – how do you think they got the resources to build any deep underwater bases? that would require massive equipment? have you found any proof pointing to this ? or any researches done on the topic?

    • March 1, 2023 at 9:37 pm

      Hi general relativity

      They ventured out into the Solar System and to the hollow inside of our Earth.

      As well as all the underwater UFO stories, believe it or not, I have a returned memory (via my third eye) of some type of advanced underwater base, though it could have been on another planet or inside the Earth. There was an absolutely massive tank there with either small whales or large dolphins, and they had equipment strapped to them. There was also some housing.


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