‘Spirituality’ and ‘New Age’ psyops and deceptions – false philosophies and pacifying modes of thinking. The New Age Movement is mind control – that is run by the Zionists

Some of the modes of thinking addressed and analysed in this Article:

—‘All you need is love’ — ‘ If you look at negative or dark things happening in the world that is the reality you will attract and create’— ‘That you attract absolutely everything into your life’ ‘Law of Attraction—‘You create your own reality absolutely’—‘That Truth is subjective and there is no objective truth’— ‘Whatever you say is just a reflection of you’-‘Don’t Judge’— ‘That there is no ‘right or wrong’-‘good or bad’— ‘Transcend your ego, all sense of self,’ — ‘You are God – or can become God’— ‘I will raise my vibration and shift to a different timeline’— ‘An ET race will come down and save us’— ‘We can wait for the ascension ‘Event’ or the ‘solar flash’ of energy.’


Now, I would say, with humility, that I am somewhat of an expert on all this ‘New Age’ and ‘spirituality’ information, with regards to the philosophies and ways of thinking they promote – as I have waded through it all and researched it a great deal – as I was, and still am, very interested in consciousness, meditation and metaphysics – trying to understand how things work. I have had to move through and beyond many gatekeepers and Zionist agents. I speak from experience on this subject as I have read all the books, watched all the channelers and have heard what they have to say. I have been researching incessantly for a long time – I am not new to all this – I am not a kid who has a few theories – I am an educated man who has researched all areas of the alternative media – and almost all modes of spiritual thinking –  I have been at this for a long time. And I understand how these Freemasons and Zionists work: they try to control everything – they infiltrate and control or manipulate spiritual movements and they plan ahead. 

If you are heavily into the New Age movement then you wont like some of the things I have to say – but I just suggest to you that if you don’t like it – just put it away in a box at the back of your mind and continue to research and just bring it out know and again – never dismiss anything outright initially – always hold it somewhere and bring it out so you can correlate info with it. This how you learn the truth and how you become a good truth seeker.

I have no reason to try and deceive you, my intentions are always pure and for the benefit of the world – I am trying to get people to take action against the system – and educate themselves about who runs it all and how it really works. I am trying to get people to be active and not passive – to get them to be critical thinkers. I am trying to help humanity.

I found that the New Age movement is essentially run by the Zionists – by their controlled opposition agents and it actually promotes a lot of Luciferian modes of thinking – and modes of thinking that pacify people so that this Zionist Satanic New World Order can be brought about. (One of the ways I know all this is that I contacted many of these prominent ‘New Age personalities’, asked them questions and even Skyped with a few – I worked them out. Their obvious lies combined with my research in to all areas of the alternative media and global conspiracy highlighted the disinfo they were putting out. 

Again, their main aim is to pacify people – so that people don’t actually try to bring down the satanic Zionist system that controls  us – and this slave systems power-base is the debt based slavery financial system, which is run by the Jewish Zionists (verifiable facts) – whoever controls the money controls the world. They don’t want people to truly become educated about what is occurring on this planet. They don’t want people to know that they need to take action and come up with practical solutions and make practical changes. They want to grab hold of people (their attention) who are just awakening and hold onto them – and then feed them with metaphysical disinfo and totally pacify them. They do this not only buy false metaphysical and spiritual teachings but also through lots of saviour programming –  thinking that these Zionist Controlled ‘Researchers’ or ‘Insiders’ or these ‘ET groups’ or various other made up groups are going to ‘sort it all out’ – when they are not. 

I’m not saying there isn’t some bits of truth about consciousness and metaphysics in the ‘new age’ material – but it really is run by the Zionists and is filled with pacifying disinfo – and it is especially filled with lots of disinfo about the geopolitical aspects of the global conspiracy and what is really going on on this planet. I discovered, through my research and investigation, that there are networks of controlled opposition agents that are supporting each other and backing each other up. A few quotes about controlled opposition:

“A controlled opposition is a protest movement that is actually being led by government agents. Nearly all governments in history have employed this technique to trick and subdue their adversaries.”

Notably Vladimir Lenin said:
“The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.”

People think the New Age movement and literature is an antidote to what is wrong with the world — to the Satanic Zionists and their New World Order – but they have been duped. (actually a lot of people in the New Age movement wont even know anything about this agenda as they falsely believe that you shouldn’t look at any negative things. (face palm) 

Let’s look at some of the modes of thinking that they put forward to pacify, confuse and disempower people – and to help bring in the Zionist New World Order

A list of the modes of thinking I will address:

— ‘All you need is love’ – or ‘Love is always the answer’
— ‘If you look at negative or dark things happening in the world that is the reality you will attract and create’
— ‘That you attract absolutely everything into your life’ ‘Law of Attraction’
— ‘You create your own reality absolutely’
— ‘That Truth is subjective and there is no objective truth’
— ‘Whatever you say is just a reflection of you’ – or ‘Don’t Judge’
That there is no ‘right or wrong’ – ‘good or bad’
— ‘Transcend your ego, all sense of self, and all thoughts feeling and emotions’(a Non Duality one )
— ‘That it is OK if someone is suffering, as they chose this life time to experience this’
— ‘You are God – or can become God’
— ‘I will not be affected by the zionist (jewish) new world order agenda and coming turmoil as I will raise my vibration and nothing bad will come near me’
— ‘I will raise my vibration and shift to a different timeline’
— ‘An ET race will come down and save us’
— ‘We can wait for the ascension ‘event’ or the ‘solar flash’ of energy’
— ‘Donald Trump is going to disclose and disseminate all the hidden advanced technology and save us!’
— ‘Putin is going to save us all’
— ‘The ‘Mandela effect’ psyop’
— ‘That it is all the ‘Illuminati’ Bloodlines and the Reptilians (or whatever ET race is the flavor of the month) that are causing all the worlds problems.’
— ‘Freemasonry is a benevolent organisation’ 

‘All you need is love’ – or ‘Love is always the answer’: love is very important and is inspiring – but it is most certainly not the only thing you need on this planet! You also need many things: you need to protect yourself – you need knowledge – you need to understand what is happening on this planet. You need to understand the Freemason Zionist Elites who are poisoning our food our water and spraying us with chemtrails. You need to understand how to look after your body to combat all these chemicals and heavy metals and get them out of your body…etc etc – We are not going to get out of this Satanic world system and stop the Zionist New World Order by sitting around and thinking loving thoughts – it’s not going to happen! Again, love helps and is a motivating force – but it is definitely not all we need! Knowledge and Action is needed.

‘If you look at negative or dark things happening in the world that is the reality you will attract and create’ – this is nonsense – we can only transform and combat the dark agendas, the dark acts, by bring them up into everyone’s consciousness – everyone needs to be conscious of them. How can you transform what you are not conscious of? Should we ignore the children being murdered by the ‘Elite’ Satanic Zionists? Should we ignore all the people being killed in Palestine by the Israelis? Many of the ‘new age types’ think they are evolved souls, when they are not.

‘That you attract absolutely everything into your life’ – Question: Do babies and very small children attract the terrible abuse that they suffer from some of these Satanic Zionists and the Pedophile elites? Yes, people tend to gravitate towards others similar to themselves, and they tend to create certain situations in their life if they have unresolved emotional issues – does this mean you attract everything into your life? No it doesn’t. Obviously we have many different souls on this planet all with different agendas – some of the unpleasant souls even seek out the pure and innocent souls on purpose, to try and corrupt them or traumatise them.

(And as well as this, all these ‘demonic’ interdimensional entities attack the more evolved souls far more than the average unawakened person on the street – I know from experience. The more I evolved and the more knowledge I assimilated the more Astral attacks I had (I have vivid Astral ‘4th dimensional’ experiences in the night – these attacks affect you a great deal – I’ve seen some really weird things. I regularly find myself in some very strange situations – being put through incredibly traumatic scenarios – regularly being chased and shot at). Even some spiritual people from history will tell you that when you become more evolved spiritually or are more conscious you will face certain ‘demonic ‘ attacks. ( I say ‘demonic’ – but they are just very strange beings in some of these realms connected to Earth). And also ‘targeted individuals’, such as myself, can occasionally have helicopters circling our houses etc. This targeting (particularly the Astral targeting) can often be related to the knowledge you are sharing, your higher levels of consciousness, previous lifetimes of yours that they are aware of, latent abilities they don’t want to manifest, or ET contact you may be having in the night that you are not aware of etc etc. So this train of thought is more new age deception. It is not true that if you reach a certain ‘evolution’ you won’t be attacked or targeted – if you are a threat to the new world order agenda you will be probably be attacked in some way, or your life will be made difficult in unseen ways (Astral manipulation mainly). If you are a naive new age person who is not a threat to the Satanic Zionists then you definitely won’t.)

Related to this, is the idea that ‘You create your own reality absolutely’ – this is promoted by many fake channelers (this is a type of Solipsism – and this is simple not true and is a psyop) we are very clearly in a collective consciousness of sorts, full of souls with a wide range of agendas – and we are not creating our reality completely – we, as a soul, are not generating our entire reality here on Earth! We are obviously co-creating our reality with many other souls. 5 or 6 billions souls are said to be on Earth! People who push Solipsism also say that there are infinite versions of reality for each being – this would make soul evolution pointless – the whole universe would be pretty much pointless if this was the case – and it is just totally illogical to be honest.

This is of course related to ‘Law of Attraction’, which is a massive psyop – one of the Zionists favourite ones I think. Yes, you can have a positive effect on your life by changing the way you think and your attitudes, this is obvious, but the universe does not work the way the law of attraction people are suggesting. ‘Law of attraction’ again, is not taking into account that we are co-creating this reality, and there are so many souls with so many different agendas and we are affecting each other. Law of Attraction also does not address the fact that most human have little in the way of access to their subconscious mind and they do not realize how much the subconscious affects us – it gives people no tools to access their subconscious. And the Satanic Freemasons / Elite Zionists know how to effect us with rituals at certain time of the year, alignments of planets and stars etc – often performed on certain energetic leylines etc. And regardless of this – all the ‘Law of Attraction’ is promoting is to just attract things into your life, often materialistic things – focusing on yourself not for the greater good of humanity – it promotes a selfish mode of thinking which is more in line with satanism and luciferianism – which is all about the promotion of self and hedonism, materialism, self gratification and wealth etc. As well as this it is all a massive distraction.

‘That Truth is subjective’ – many New Agers promote the idea that truth is just our interpretation of events – that their is not objective truth to be found – again this is nonsense – there is objective truth and you can find it! – with critical thinking an open mind and diligence you will find it. This is one of the Zionist new age paid trolls and shills favourite lines – ‘ah but truth is subjective – it’s just your interpretation and reaction based on your state of being’. This is such an obvious Freemasonic Zionist tactic to confuse those who are just awakening and trying to seek some truth.

‘Whatever you say about others is just a reflection of you’ – Classic new age psyop. This is related to the new age mode of thinking that we must not judge others – ‘don’t judge’. Now when we say something about another person, yes, sometimes, depending on how conscious you are, you are telling them about yourself, to varying degrees – if you are needlessly saying hateful things about another then you may be telling someone that you are a jealous person who is insecure etc — and also people who are not very conscious often project their issues onto others. But there is also objective truth – people are capable of being objective! This reflection mode of thinking is another Zionist psyop similar to ‘political correctness’ – it is trying stop people from criticizing those in power and standing up against tyranny. For example — If I say that the Jewish Elite Zionists running the world are power hungry psychopaths practicing satanism and pedophilia – it does not mean I am hateful or a psychopath or a nasty person – I am most certainly not – it is not a reflection – it is a judgment based on many factual documents and world events – in fact, if anything, it shows that I am an educated man with a heart who wishes to help people overcome tyranny.

Here is something from the Zionist controlled  ‘non-duality movement’ – they promote ‘Transcend and destroy the Ego’ – that ‘All you are is awareness, that you are just the ‘witness’ of your thoughts and feelings’ – and that ‘you should just try to transcend all thoughts and feeling and emotions and be some sort of passive non entity’ — nope — the witness awareness is just one aspect of you – it is just one aspect of your being. You are a soul with a vast history, you have lived many many lifetimes, you’ve just had your soul memory wiped, as that is what happens on this soul prison – you are an ancient totally unique conglomeration energy, a unique multidimensional being – but right now you are cut off from your abilities to experience the other dimensions – and you are enslaved on a prison planet and being forced to reincarnate over and over again into this satanic system — having your memory wiped each time so you don’t learn from your lifetimes and don’t work out what’s going on here. You do not need to try and get rid of your ‘ego’ or ‘sense of self’ and or experience some other different ‘transcendent’ aspect of your being – you just need become more conscious, more evolved, more knowledgeable and take some action against the system. You will not escape this slave system by sitting in meditation all day and by experiencing some alternate states of consciousness. To me, it looks like that If we don’t break this system then when you die you will go into the false light realms and perhaps be forced to incarnate again.

(I don’t know if every soul is ‘recycled’ in the reincarnation cycle, but I have studied NDE’s a great deal, such as what people experience after going into the light and the tunnel…  and well the whole thing is very deceptive indeed. Although, perhaps, some more evolved souls, or souls with connections to other civilizations, may avoid the cycle. And, yes, it does appear that souls from other systems can incarnate here so as to attempt to help, but again, whether after ‘death’ they then go into the reincarnation cycle here cannot be known for sure. But the vast majority of souls here just seem to keep incarnating over and over and are caught in the cycle – and the way the world is now so many are devolving rather than evolving.)

This whole ‘trying to get rid of this sense of self’ is a very big psyop promoted by the Zionist controlled Non-Duality crowd. The Zionists love to promote this to people interested in spiritually who are just waking up – the aim again is to pacify people – as well as distract and confuse them . All spiritual movements and religions have been infiltrated by Zionist Agents – never underestimate them – you need to do your research and read The Protocols of the Learned Elders Zion, just for starters.

That ‘there is no right or wrong’ – ‘good or bad’ etc – that it all just depends on your interpretation of events and acts and your reaction to them – again this is nonsense! There is obviously good and evil. There is the destruction of life and the upliftment and empowerment of life – there is respect and care for others – and the there is selfish disregard for others and the oppression of life. This is getting into dangerous territory – and it is one of the ways in which some of the New Age movement is trying to slowly indoctrinate people into the ways of Luciferianism – as this is one of the things taught by them – it is the religion of the Zionists. The Satanic Zionists also promote that destruction is good and that it is an act of creation – they love to promote this – it is promoted by them in various hollywood movies – that destruction is an act of creation – trying to justify their evil acts. Hollywood is owned by these Luciferian Jewish Zionists – and they promote satanic and Luciferian modes of thinking in all the the hollywood movies – and through their TV series on amazon, netflix, sky atlantic etc etc.

(Update: My understanding of the universe is clearer now with regards to ‘right and wrong’. The Universe, and this planet, is all about survival of your DNA and species/race. There are only Nature’s Laws. There is the preservation of your race and the developement, empowerment and advancement of your race and people. Just look at Nature and Nature’s laws – this is how the universe works. And we are not all one human race on this planet – there are various different subspecies of humans on this planet.)

That ‘it is OK if someone is suffering, as they chose this life time to experience this’ – people are going to sit around and not help people because of this mode of thinking?! Really? – It is a ridiculous mindset that I have seen taught and pushed by some teachers ‘gurus’ and channelers. This is presumptuous and a nonsense – again this would make soul evolution and the universe pointless if this was the case. This is related to a similar pacifying mode of thinking that ‘everything is meant to be’ – ‘just sit back, everything is meant to be’ – this is insane mind control.

‘You are God – or can become God’ – now this is also a Luciferian teaching that the Zionists have promoted through their false ‘gurus’ and the new age movement – again, it is a Luciferian mindset – look it up.

‘I will not be affected by the New World Order Agenda and coming turmoil from their dark agendas, as I will raise my vibration and I will not be affected by them’ – we have touched on similar modes of thinking earlier – the universe and this planet doesn’t work like that and it is a new age psyop – so I will just say ‘oh yes you will’. And all those you love will be affected by the Satanic New World Agenda. If people don’t stand up and make practical changes and take action. Here is another phase that gets used in the new age movement: ‘I will raise may vibration and shift to a different timeline’ – ‘a timeline where this new world order agenda is not occurring’ – no you won’t, you will not just shift to another timeline – this is not happening, it is a psyop. I know from personal experience that this is not happening: Over the years I have evolved, meditated a great deal, became more conscious, more knowledgeable, more kind, loving, caring, and I changed to a very healthy diet etc etc – and increased my ‘vibration’ and the world has not got any better, but much worse and these Satanic Zionists are increasing their controls and manipulation day by day – so I will tell you that I know that these modes of thinking are psyops. The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion have been in full swing for a very long time, but are even more evident now.

‘An ET race will come down and save us’ – no they won’t – we have to sort out all these problems ourselves. All this ET saviour information is clearly Zionist controlled opposition operations – Ufology is almost entirely Zionist controlled – pacifying you and distracting you. If an ET race was going to come and save us they would have done it a long time ago. Yes interdimensional beings and ET Races are real, I have had various abduction experiences, as have other members of my family – but you will not find the truth about it. If you research ufology you will see some genuine testimonies and then loads of controlled opposition agents attempting to control the narrative and putting out lots of disinfo. Ufology is essentially being used by the Zionists as a huge distraction from what is really going on this planet regarding the Jewish Zionist New World Order agendas and tactics. The real truth regarding ETs and inter-dimensionals is closely protected – but ETs and advanced craft exist – I am hundred percent sure of this.

We can wait for the ‘Ascension’ or the ‘Solar Flash of Energy’ which will ‘spontaneously ascend all of us to the new earth and the next dimension’ – again, sorry to say this, but this is a psyop as well – mainly propagated by the Zionist controlled opposition agents Cobra and David Wilcock. In The New Age movement you will hear: ‘The Event’ is coming soon -or ‘the Endgame is near’ – all of it designed to pacify you. It is a clear Zionist psyop – all the people who promote this idea also put so much disinfo about geopolitics, ufos, historical events and current affairs event etc etc… The amount of disinfo Cobra puts out… so much rubbish… and Wilcock… disgraceful.

Oh, this is a good one ‘Donald Trump is going to disclose and disseminate all the hidden advanced technology the elites have, for the benefit of humanity’. Trump is the most obvious Zionist Puppet! Trump is not on your side, he is just playing a role for the Zionists and their New World Order Agenda – look at who has surrounded himself with politically – almost entirely Jewish Zionists – look at his family’s history – look at what he has said about Israel – declaring his love and support for that disgraceful regime that is murdering all the Palestinians and creating tremendous unrest in the middle east etc etc… and there is more – I will leave it there.

Or ‘Putin is going to save us all’ – Putin is Controlled Opposition with a history of Jewish Zionist connections, he is ex KGB, does huge tech and trade deals with Israel and has also made it illegal to question the Holocaust (Holohoax) in Russia etc, glorifies the ‘Soviet Union’, and he does not come out and condemn Netenyahu and Israel — I could go on… It is obvious to me that Putin is a Zionist puppet and is just playing a role – he is not humanity’s saviour. They want you to believe he is some type of saviour – so that you will sit back and rely on him – it is just a tactic to pacify people.

‘The Mandela Effect’ – this feels like another Freemasonic Zionists psyop to me – a psychological operation, never underestimate how manipulative they are – it’s a distraction and a great way to confuse people. When people discover some of the harsh truths on this planet related to what the Zionists have been doing to us – when people come across terrible unexpected truths that are contrary to all they believed — then they can go ‘oh this is just the Mandela effect’. I know all this Mandela Effect stuff can be compelling to some but to me it is just a distraction – and It just screams ‘Freemasonic Zionist psyop’– just like the ‘jumping timelines’ psyop. And I know very obvious controlled opposition Zionist agents that heavily promote the ‘Mandela Effect’ – if they are promoting it then it is almost certainly some sort of Zionist psyop. Here is a link to an interesting article about the Mandela Effect psyop: https://newsspellcom.org/2017/06/30/__trashed-2/  — and let’s not forget that Nelson Mandela was a Freemason – and of course they would choose someone like this as the name for their psyop – the Freemasons love to rub it in our faces – their ability to deceive and manipulate humanity. There are people in organisations like Tavistock etc, who think up all these psyops – that is the purpose of certain organisations, to think of new ways to manipulate humanity and control their minds. Whether it is all collective mis-remembering and or perhaps AI changing things on the internet, combined with CIA and Zionist paid trolls and shills propagating this shifting timeline rhetoric – I will pay this distraction no more attention, there are far more important subjects to concern yourself with. Again, it all just feels like a Freemasonic, Zionist, CIA psyop to me.

‘That it is all the ‘Illuminati’ Bloodlines (or The Cabal) and the Reptilians, the Archons (or whatever ET races is the flavor of the month) that are causing all the worlds problems.’  It is the Jewish Zionists that are causing all the world problems – this ‘Illuminati’ term, and  ‘the Cabal’ term is a distraction. Who owns the banks and is in charge of the debt based slavery system? – Jewish Zionists. Who owns all of the news media outlets, TV networks and Hollywood and therefore controls the minds of the public? – Zionist Jews, who owns nearly all the major corporations? – Zionist Jews… need I go on…

It is the Satanic Jewish Zionists who are using Freemasonry as a tool for world domination.  They want to completely take over Palestine – and then rebuild their Satanic Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem on the Temple Mount. And this is where they want to rule the world from. Judaism is really some type of mind control cult based on Babylonian Talmudism (if you don’t know what the Talmud says about non-Jews then I think you should research it). Now that was a mouthful,  but research it yourself – I am right. The other terms used all the time in the alternative media are psyops, and diversions. It is the elite Jewish Supremacists who run things and who are the problem – some like to just say the Jews. Look into Trump’s, Putin’s and other world leaders close connections to Chabad Lubavitch and other jewish groups and organisations. I am sure there is some sort of malicious ET race above these Zionist Jews – but we need to concentrate on what we can see and understand and affect, and be practical – and we need to combat the Zionist Jews and their agendas. We need to understand all the Jewish Zionists’ agendas and tactics – and we need to come up with solutions and take action. Read ‘The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion’ and ‘The Talmud’, for starters.

‘Freemasonry is a benevolent organisation’ – No it isn’t! You see the elite Freemasons – those above the 33rd degree – know a great deal about how this reality works and use this knowledge to manipulate humanity. The knowledge is closely guarded, but from what I can tell they use the alignment of stars, they regularly refer to the saying ‘as above so below’. If you look into their occult practices they use the stars and worship the planets – and do their satanic rituals at specific times of the year, when certain planets and stars are aligned. They also use gematria – the use of numbers – they are obsessed with this – and code certain sequences of numbers into their fake terrorist events and fake news events. They also use geometry, symbols and colours to effect us as well. Freemasonry pretends that it is a benevolent organisation and the lower levels are oblivious to its true purpose. But Freemasonry is a Jewish Zionist establishment, that promotes the worship of Lucifer and the working towards a New World Order and the rebuilding of Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem – with the goal of the Supremacist Jews dominating the world from there.

I hope some of this information helped some people wake up to new levels – and please don’t let these disinfo agents pacify you. People need to become knowledgeable, they need to come up with solutions and they need to take action.

An Addition: June 2019:

This we are ‘All One’ rhetoric spouted by so many New Age personalities/agents is total rubbish. DNA, race, genetics and ancestry is so very significant – it is very important throughout the universe. And we are not all one Human Race. We have a variety of Human subspecies on this planet. But the New Age movement is a Jewish / Zionist run psyop – and it tries to get you, especially White people, to not be racially conscious and to protect the future of your people. Remember White Genocide is 100 percent an agenda of International Jewry – I have shown it clearly on this website. Who are the most tribal people, the most protective of their race – it is the same people who push multiculturalism. (((Multiculturalism))) is a genocidal ideology that will lead to ancient races and cultures dying out. The universe is about survival of your race and advancement of your people. You have to earn the right to exist as a race.

The New Age also promotes Veganism. This is a big part of this ‘raising your vibration’ rhetoric – and it is all a big psyop. Humans are essentially carnivores (omnivores to a degree), the shape and size of our gut and the strength and type of the acid in the stomach shows us this. Vegans are dropping like flies, becoming sick and weak – there are so many videos about this on YouTube showing their deterioration and the health issues that develop. Veganism is the (((New World Order))) diet that (((they))) want us to eat. There are anti-nutrients in plants and nuts, and lots of toxins they don’t tell us about – and lots of fibre wrecks your gut over time. Raw milk, raw eggs, raw butter, raw honey and raw meat and raw fish – eat all this and your health, vitality and mental health will increase greatly – hugely in fact (Big emphasis on the RAW) (A small amount of fruit should also be consumed to help detox the body and to aid the sluggish digestion that has developed from years of a deficient diet.). You will feel more conscious and balanced eating raw animal foods. Look into Dr Weston A Price, Dr Aajonus Vonderplanitz and Dr Natasha Campbell Mcbride. There are over 15 nutrients you cannot get on a Vegan diet – and raw animals fats and raw animal protein are so important to the human body. Have a leaky gut, crohn’s, colitis? Feel depressed? Go on a raw animal foods diet, it will change your life. I have lots of videos about all this on this page: Food is Medicine

The Germ Theory Deception – Viruses, 5G , Vaccines, ‘coronavirus’

Zionism – Judaism – Freemasonry – New World Order – Satanism – Kabbalah – Israel – Palestine – Holocaust – Hitler – Second World War – National Socialism

Controlled Opposition – David Wilcock, Corey Goode, Darryl Anka (Bashar), Benjamin Fulford, Cobra, Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, Trump, Putin – Ufology – Alternative Media

Meditation – Third Eye – Fake or Limited Spiritual Teachers – Dimensions, DNA, Genetics, Nature

17 thoughts on “‘Spirituality’ and ‘New Age’ psyops and deceptions – false philosophies and pacifying modes of thinking. The New Age Movement is mind control – that is run by the Zionists

  • August 4, 2019 at 8:49 pm

    Today someone commented on another article of mine and asked me why I do not believe in the ascension rhetoric. I thought it might be useful to post my response under this article as well:

    “Hi there. Thanks for the comment and appreciation. And for the question.

    Years ago when I was naive and less conscious and knowledgeable I believed in this ‘ascension’ rhetoric. Let me explain some of the reasons as to why I – 100 percent – no longer believe in it.

    1. Every person I have come across who promotes this notion of ‘ascension’ has turned out to be a shill – a controlled opposition, limited hangout. All of them.

    I would like clear evidence of this so called ‘ascension’, any at all… not some shills saying it is happening.

    The New Age and Ufology is run by shills. It is used by these shills to pacify people – and the ascension rhetoric is a big part of this pacification.

    This ‘raising your vibration’ is a big part of the ‘ascend’ rhetoric: You are mainly supposed to Think Loving Positive thoughts, be nice to everyone, and eat a Vegan Diet to ascend:

    2. Veganism is not really good for you. Vegetables don’t raise your ‘vibration’!. Vegetables and nuts and seeds have anti-nutrients and protective toxins in them – they do not want to be eaten – and over time the fibre, and various other substances, like lectins, harm your gut… I know this from experience. Humans are carnivores and survive best on an raw animal fat and raw animal protein – your mental health and clarity of mind greatly increases when eating this diet. I utilise raw butter, raw milk, raw eggs and raw meat. Weston A Price did some brilliant research. People can feel good for a short while on veganism, as they cut out processed foods, but it is really like fasting. Humans were meant to be much more robust and live longer.

    3. To stop this New World Order you need to hate. You need to passionately fight against those that want to oppress you and your people. Love and Hate are intrinsically linked: The more you love, the more you hate… you hate that which is harming that which you love. The Universe is about protecting your people, your race – to do this you will need some hate, anger and aggression. You just need to be wise enough to use those powerful emotions in the right way to benefit your people. The ‘raising your vibration’ rhetoric is a psyop pushed by shills.

    4., A massive consciousness shift? People being more conscious is just a natural progression of a race and species when they become more developed – people are gaining knowledge and becoming more conscious – and seeing through lies … as there is more knowledge available to us on many different subjects.

    You do realise the vast majority of the world population – billions – live pretty much in poverty and are not very conscious at all. It is predominantly in White Nations that consciousness has raised (as well as some other developed countries) as they have built civilizations that let them have access to knowledge and allows them plenty of time for introspection, and research – before they would have not had time, as they were just trying to survive. (And White people are the minority on this planet btw). So because of a civilizations progression many more people have time to assess their motivations behind their actions, and have some time for introspection and meditation – they also have access to much more literature and information as well – and they have developed new technologies. It is a natural progression a civilization.

    So civilization progression and development of technology allows many more people more time for introspection and contemplation, as well as access to much more knowledge and information. This means a gradual raising of consciousness. But only for the Races and Nations that have developed these types of civilizations. The vast majority of people on this planet are not very conscious at all.

    I think I repeated myself a little at the end, but I was trying to bring clarity to my point ?

    A little extra stuff….

    You know so many of these fake channelers and fake new age personalities say very different things about what ‘ascension’ is – so many different lies:

    You will instantly go to a New parallel Earth that is beautiful and wonderful… Or – You will gradually start seeing other dimensions … Or – You will stay here on Earth and just can no longer see those who did not make it… Or – You will start remembering other versions of you and merge with them all!… Or – You will just merge more with your ‘higher self’…. Or – You will become an avatar… Or – You will see the ‘ascended masters’… Or – The Spontaneous Mass Ascension is coming… Or – You will ascend to a totally different state of being in a higher dimension… Or – There will be turmoil initially and then a transition period to a New Earth – … Or – you will be taken onto ships and craft for a period so that you can transition… Or – There is a cut off point in time when you must have raised your vibration to a certain point, or you will be left behind. (It is all lies, each of these different sayings came from verifiable shills)

    When I first researched ‘spirituality’ – i heard all these different versions, and more… I am thorough when I look into topic.

    It is just a load of different shills creating different subversive pacifying manipulative rhetorics. These shills have directives – they don’t care which shill / agent you get hooked on. So many new age and ufology shills.

    They all also have different ideas of how many people will make it and what will happen to people ‘left behind’. Some say it is a mass population thing – and some say and individual thing…. And some say that only certain people will take part in this mass ascension… just so much contradiction. Some say you are going to the 5th dimension, some say the 4th dimension. Some say you are going to 4th density, some say 5th density. Some say we are already in the 4th density…. or we are already half-way in the 5th dimension etc etc etc… there are more variants.

    The people behind the (((NWO))) plan well ahead. Don’t underestimate them and their manipulations – they created this ascension rhetoric to subvert.”

  • September 8, 2019 at 11:58 pm


    I really enjoyed reading this article. I was just curious so I’m asking about the idea of protecting your race. Personally, my family was born in Colombia, however I also have traces of Lebanese and English descent as well (my mother told me this). So my question is: how do those who’ve already been subject to multiculturalism in the form of being several different races especially if we are unsure of which race we even originated as?

    • September 10, 2019 at 5:18 pm

      Hello. Thanks for the comment.

      I am almost totally of White European stock – so it is easy for me to be protective of White / Aryan people.

      You can of course be protective of two or more different races if you are of mixed race.

      I strongly believe there is a racial consciousness or racial soul group. DNA has metaphysical significance. I would say I am an Aryan Soul and I am a part of that Soul Group – even if I have a very small amount of another races DNA.

      So it is probably what DNA you have most of – that is what you should look into.

      It can be difficult to know where you belong, and who you are, when you are a mixture of races – I know this as I grew up in London and knew many mixed-race people.

      The key is becoming racially conscious and understanding the significance of Race and DNA. So that cultures and traditions that are born out of the Genetic differences do not disappear. What is a culture without it’s race?

      I think it is key for people to realise that being racially conscious and protective of your people/race is the most natural and normal thing in the world. Not something to be frowned upon.

      If people in general can see that multiculturalism will only lead to races and cultures dying out – and see that it causes great problems in all nations. Then all the races can see that people should stay amongst their own people, and help build that civilisation, rather than trying to go to another nation and benefiting from their more advanced civilisation, that many generations of that race have built up.

      It is often indicative of today’s world – with many narcissists and selfish, hedonistic people just looking to get as much as they can, from wherever they can, rather than looking at the bigger picture and having a more evolved outlook.

      If we become racially conscious ( or just conscious in general ) we can also see that White people are particularly being targeted by (((them))) – for genocide, subversion and oppresion. Any moral, conscious and aware person – regardless of what race they are – can then speak out against this. The propaganda on TV here in the UK and all over Europe is incessant – promoting race mixing – the lies about European History – belittling of White people – promotion of all other races above White people. As International Jewry own all the media.

      This is because International Jewry want to bring in this New World Order – and White DNA and the more advanced Civilisations that stem from this DNA / Soul Group greatly threatens their designs and agendas. If White civilisations fall then they are well on their way to their NWO.

      So even if you are of mixed race being racially conscious can help stop the New World Order agenda. Really – for now – for starters – we all just need to stop all this immigration asap. Globalisation is a tool of International Jewry that leads to races dying out and cultures and civilisations being subverted.

      I hope that helped in some way.

    • January 30, 2022 at 4:56 pm

      Hello, Thank you been reading your articles since yesterday, I started with icke come over from telegram and I’ve just been through your spiritual section. Has been a brutally/beautiful experience as you put it.

      I am from London, have the same dream recall everyone and have been on this same aspect of the samsara wheel, was at a tug of war as pect as well whether I just got to the top of the mountain leave society behind or do I actually sacrifice my being for society.

      After watching Dennis wise both movies and Euorpa. Started to look more into the racial consciousness the activation of your spirit through your blood and DNA. There as o e part all the historic of ww2 that I am still not grasping Hitler never died in the bucket there was a trap and he left that is becoming more evident as we go deeper into this material.

      I am abit like you my DNA is Britain and Ireland, don’t know about vikings but I have seen people with the same features like doppelgangers. The thing I was looking into was the ogham and learning the ancient dialect if by spelaibg these words they word awaken my DNA?

      The only thing is I do have a jew ancestors, a women who come from Spain sheperdic jew tribe from my mother’s one, with scottish Irish and English. I do suffer with NPD symptoms as well after reading your other article on this aspect of society, there is a lot of trauma bounding nd just all violent and crazy stuff with my bloodline even on my fathers irish side. All of truama and separation and dysfunctional traits you was talking about. I do have some form of soul I feel as I am very aware and conscious and do feel as I have awakend I have become some what empathic to a degree. But I still have the cold tendency that keep me as a monster if you like, maybe not a bad thing to be part cold because sometimes I nit fooled so easy with the lights and love woohoo song and dance, I see the predators as clear as day.

      The thing I wanted to ask, was how do you feel the best practice to engage with the subconscious, is just meditation?

      The other things was your bit on being god or becoming God. I always had this innertaidng that God is a generator and we are the light bulbs?

      There is loads more especially the dream aspects that you speak off, bee think the same things nd when I read it it felt like it was a light bulb moment that connect the dots.

      Thank you, I am really enjoying this material, like magnetic reading as much I can fathom. Been at this since 2008 I am finally found something really engaging with.

      • January 31, 2022 at 9:19 pm

        Hi Mark

        Yes, meditation will be the best way. You don’t need any unnecessary robes, special beads and any other superflous nonsense 🙂

        So many great minds and inventors talk of the importance of having time for some stillness and solitude.

        You need to still / calm your mind. And you need resolve and release emotional traumas held in the body. Allowing all these stored emotions / energies / feelings to come up, and let them come out by really feeling them.

        These will come up in meditation. In a following the breath and observing thoughts type meditation you will get to know yourself and your psyche very well. It can be uncomfortable, but to get in touch with the subconscious and intuition you have to sit with the uncomfortable energies, and they will subside eventually as they are released. Sounds a bit ‘woo woo’ but it works. One person calls it ‘The Tao of Fully Feeling’.

        Hope that helped.

  • December 5, 2020 at 7:54 pm

    Hello EntityArt,

    I have been listening to various conspiracy and new age personalities for over 10 years and although some have drawn me in quite far, I have always had the sense that each was missing a part of the truth. One of my family members has totally bought into the ascension story that David Wilcock is selling, even paying for an online course. When I began researching him something felt very off to me which led to an intense urge to find out who is legitimate in this world of alternative media and so called truthers. This is how I found your website and after spending days reading your articles and viewing some of the sources I am blown away. Many of the things you have written about here make sense to me even when they contradict ideas I thought to be true my whole life. One thing I have been experiencing more are synchronicities that seem to be presented in my life to lead me closer to the truth. Do you see any evidence of any sort of energetic shift happening on this planet or is that simply a New Age distraction technique? Also, as a white American male with European ancestry, I would like to ask your thoughts on the genocide of the Native Americans. Who is really responsible for this and does it mean that white people do not truly belong in America?
    Thank you for taking time to respond in the comments. Cheers

    • December 8, 2020 at 12:52 pm

      Hi Patrick

      Thanks for the feedback. Appreciated.

      Yes, there is no energetic shift. It is a total psyop to distract, subvert and pacify. New Age and Ufology is totally run by agents.

      Now this question of ‘Native Americans’.

      Firstly there is lots of evidence that White European people were there before the ‘Native Americans’. lots of Evidence of Viking / Norse type people living there before them. There are also plenty of stories of tall red headed humans living there – and even stories in the ‘Native American’ history of tall White red haired humans being attacked and killed by them. From these stories it sounds like the ‘Native Amercians’ wiped these tall red haired humans out. Robert Sepehr has done some good videos documenting these facts. You can also look into articles on the Soultreans in North America.

      There is an incredible amount of anti-White propaganda blasted out by the media that Jewry run. Everything is twisted by them to attempt to make White people look bad or feel guilty. There is nothing wrong with White Europeans going and living on all that unclaimed land. They also have a right to protect themselves.

      We must also remember that the ‘Native American’ warriors were brutal, aggressive and fierce … pretty savage in their ways. They also certainly did not own all of North America.

      It is difficult to know the Truth of exactly what happened in the early days of North America, as Jewry distort history a great deal and propagandise everything against White Folk – but there was no genocide agenda. It was mainly just Europeans building new lives for themselves on unclaimed land.

      (Just for example – the cotton farms were owned by jewish people and they were the slave owners, and jewish people were the owners of the slave ships – but most people think it was White people, as Jewry own all the media – very few White people had slaves… an example of how they can distort Truths with the control of the media)

      I am not an expert on American history but these are some important considerations and Truths.

  • June 26, 2021 at 1:58 pm

    But you sound too materialistic, what happens when we die than ?

    • June 26, 2021 at 3:28 pm

      Hello Nobody

      I am not exactly sure what you mean about me being too materialistic. Do you mean that I am too involved and invested in physical reality? That I care too much about it?

      They want you to not be invested in 3D physical reality. It is very valid – and just as ‘spiritual’ and important as any other dimension. Probably even more valid. They want you to be passive slaves who do not concern themselves with physical reality.

      I am actually putting a post together that talks about the so called ‘After Life Realm’. It is a holding place for Souls. If you go into the light you will face the subversion, distraction and mind control in this so called ‘realm’. Which is very likely a type of virtual reality / construct.

      I will let you know when the new article is posted so you can see me talk about it in more depth.

      Let me know if you have you have any more questions.

      Best wishes.

  • September 8, 2021 at 7:55 pm


    I have read a couple of articles on your website which I find very interesting and very well written. Thank you for putting it out, it looks like there has been a lot of research made.

    I wanted to ask you how you see things from a spiritually evolved point of view if you try and detach your narrative from the Jewish owned shills. As people are waking up more and more to the “Truth” of our world and who owns it, don’t you think that somehow they are elevating their levels of consciousness and thus helping shed the light on the veil of illusion?

    I am myself part of the “spiritual” community and although I am not blind to all the deceptive agenda that is going on, I also see how it can be a viable solution to the problems we are facing today. I was wondering because you seem to have a lot of knowledge on this topic, what your views were on the subject of the creation of a New Earth. As part of the rethoric of the elite is to take some bits of truth and spread mistruths in it, could there not be some amount of truth in this way of seeing things (Ascension – not in an event type of thing but as a process)? You put a lot of emphasis on the “pacification” of people and their passive approach and how we should all be more active in our fight against the forces at play – do you think there is a particular way we should go at this is order to make the most impact? I have been exposed for a long time now to the attrocities that are going behind the scenes and can say with certainty that many people in the spiritual community also have – the whole “toxic positivity” scheme is also being dismantled but at the end of the day, how much more can we see and take before we change our own paradigm? I mean, how much do we need to “be in the know” about who owns what and what *exactly* are they doing to these poor people. I’ve been there and it is pretty dark to say the least.

    Considering that the spiritual movement (not the New Age per say) is also really focused on healing – your blocks, your traumas, your way of interacting with others – not just on numbing down the pain and trying to think positive thought, could it be one of the ways in which we could all start co-creating a collective reality that is better than the one we are in right now? I feel this idea of timeline shift is mainly focused around the idea that if you change your reality, you will impact others to do the same and as we all work towards creating a better future for ourselves, people are going to have to be honest and truthful – which also means have to stop deceiving themselves as to what is really going on.

    There would have to be planning, of course, as to how can we start shifting this current “timeline” based on real, tangible actions. This would be in alignment with each person’s best course of action, desires and needs and could happen simulteanously as the outside pressure of the establishment becomes more and more intense.

    One of the thing about this spiritual movement I am following is about empowerment of self, learning how to tap into your unlimited potential to co-create your reality – putting the emphasis on the CO-creation – with tangible actions. I know the universe is not as fairytailish as some shills may make it to be but are we really doomed because there is an organisation that seeks to gain power and control over us? As “strong” as they may appear to be.

    Without making it about an external saviour (no matter what race, shape, color they may have) – I feel that without the whole “spiritual” flavour to what is going on here – there is not much hope left. I am never going to push any agenda that aliens or anyone else will save us – we are the saviours we were looking for – but are we alone in all of this? Considering that the forces at play are not only a threat to us but they are a threat to other planets and civilization around us – couldn’t there be a logical reason as to why we could be *assisted* by other galactics?

    I am saying this because if we don’t take into consideration the spiritual aspect of it and dismiss the whole movement by labelling it “New Age Propaganda” we are also missing some crucial information as to how and under which principles and values we wish to see the continuation of the human race. It is good to focus on what is going wrong with the world and understand all the subtleties of the current geo-political game – so we can be conscious of it (it’s not about dismissal of course) but we also need to connect back to our heart spaces so we don’t perpetuate more and more suffering and chaos.

    So what are your views on a healthy balance between love and anger – spirituality and tangible efforts – passivity vs action?

    Thank you very much in advance, I truly respect your work and has made me think about many different perspectives as a result!
    Wishing you all the best

    Kind regards,


    • September 12, 2021 at 5:26 pm

      Hello Kala, I hope you are well.

      Thankyou for your message. You raised some important points / topics.

      I will share some of my perspectives:

      Yes, healing through meditation is very important – sitting with the feelings, emotions / energies – allowing them to come up through observation meditation and breath work – and then processing them and understanding them. But that is just the beginning, when you are clear, or almost clear, then you can then get on with the job of acquiring knowledge and critical thinking – and then taking action.

      Anger and hate should be acknowledged and processed – sitting with them, observing them, letting them move through you, and understanding what they are telling you… they are often things of importance. Letting them move through you – and sometimes expressing / releasing them in private – so that they don’t consume you and make you unbalanced. Anger and hate are useful, and enable your survival in the cosmos – but love is just as important, and a huge motivation and it keeps you balanced.

      Action is very important – but checking in with yourself each day for some self observation meditation and breath meditation is also important. To maintain balance and clarity of mind.

      Yes, ‘spirituality’ plays some part. Healing is the focus – and then, yes, staying in touch with heart intelligence – but it is not just about loving everyone. This notion of co-creating a New Earth with our consciousness is also a psyop.

      Without wanting to sound condescending I see where you are at – I was there at one point. This co-creating with our consciousness and intentions, and the changing timelines etc – it is new age subversion.

      Those who have the power on Earth will create the reality. Those that control the banks and the media and therefore the politicians… International Jewry. Power and Influence.

      Will power – which can often stem from an overwhelming sense of love, and then the anger that stems from the love of those who are suffering and face a very grim future – is what you focus on. Will power, and wise, focused and determined action from one individual can make a huge impact.

      I would let go of this notion of ‘Timelines’ and ‘Ascension’ – both are (((New Age))) psyops. There is no ascension to 4D or 5D – it is not how things work in the cosmos. And we are not all flitting between timeliness.

      I do think it is very good for some of the naive people in spiritual communities to learn about Psychopaths and Narcissists, and how prevalent they are. These Narcissists, Sociopaths and Psychopaths cannot ever change – they have no empathy and they run our planet – and narcissists are everywhere in our society. No amount of love, understanding and compassion will make any difference to them – they will always seek control and power – and lying is their very nature and many are consumed by well hidden hate, contempt and jealousy. I have an article on my website about them:

      ‘Galactics’? The whole ‘Galactic Federation’ rhetoric is a psyop. It is the Breakaway Germans and their allies (At least one of which is an Inner Earth group) that are assisting us. You might want to read through my five part series called ‘Ufology Explained’. Teachings are occurring via the astral – I have seen this vividly myself. Being picked up from Earth ‘astrally’ and taken to halls (I have had many metaphysical experiences and collections). Teachings from them that effect our subconscious and inclinations – and they are related to healing, gaining knowledge and being proactive.

      I hope some of that helped in some way.

      Very best regards.

  • December 12, 2021 at 9:46 pm

    I read couple of your articles and thank you for all the investigations and putting it all together.

    The only comment I have is that new age does talk about Love and be pacifying – I do agree with you on that. The thing is that all that love is superficial. Nowadays people don’t actually love. They are too narcissistic to genuinely love (including themselves).

    Men stopped loving the women ages ago. Men don’t love, they are onlookers and they get turned on by outside beauty but they don’t genuinely love. I was surprised when I read one of the Jung stories when he even stated.

    When men start putting their lives down to save their women is when you might start seeing the real love. Nowadays, many men are just bunch of cowards, or you see the warriors but they fight for the wrong things because they are not wise enough to see things as they are (i.e. military).

    You might wanna read more books about true Tao.

    • December 14, 2021 at 2:46 pm

      Hello Lia

      You are welcome.

      I understand where you are coming from. There is so much Fake love around. So much acting and superficiality. But all love is not superficial.

      I recommend you read my long article on Narcissists (NPD):


      Yes, the (((PTB))) on this planet have purposely created hedonistic and selfish societies. But not everyone is narcissistic! I can assure you there are plenty of people around who love. There are people who love, who will sacrifice themselves for their family and for their people / race.

      I assure you that not all men are like you say.

      You may have had some bad experiences with men growing up, and have been around a lot of men like this in your adult life – but maybe you should look within and ask yourself how you were drawn to men like that? For example, many women are unconsciously drawn to men that are like their fathers, sometimes to subconsciously resolve issues they had, or resolve and understand past traumas.

      You are certainly correct to a degree though, a lot of men nowadays are ridiculous – cowardly and greatly subverted.

      Conversely men could say the same about a lot of women. Lots of very superficial, shallow subverted women – and especially some of the liberal / marxist brainwashed White women who are selling out, and are unsupportive, of racially conscious White men.

      (By the way, it is natural for men to be attracted to physically attractive women with a good physique, it is nature – survival of the fittest etc. All of nature is like this. But the more evolved and conscious men assess the woman as a whole, and do not get swayed just by the physical attractiveness. When young I was guilty of this myself, blinded by the physical attractiveness – but as you gain consciousness, and wisdom, you grow out of this. Society is very much set up to get you focusing on just physical attributes, but men can grow out of this.)

      There are plenty of brainwashed, hedonistic, fearful fake women out there. But there are also some very brave, wise women speaking out and and doing their best to work against this (((NWO))).

      It is not all men, or all women. There are definitely still plenty of loving, courageous, passionate men and women out there.

      Have you not seen all the ‘covid’ tyranny protests, and the independent journalism, occurring all around the world? Maybe get out there and join some of them – and then you will meet some of the best men and women around.

      Any by the way, you are saying all this to a man who has dedicated a massive amount of his time to producing many articles that expose the lies and agendas of very dangerous and psychopathic people – and put myself at risk. I do it free of charge. I do out out of love and compassion – and some righteous anger. I get nothing from it. Again, there are good men about, you are just not moving in those circles.

      If we don’t stop this (((NWO))) – and I do believe that we will – and they gain more control, many people who are exposing lies will likely be put into gulags for the rest of their lives. There are other real Truther blogs like mine, which are nearly all run by men. What have you done? I am not having a dig at you, but it just something for you to contemplate. But not speaking out is not an option, as there is no real future for anyone if we don’t – only slavery, sickness, extreme mind control and oppression for almost everyone.

      This is a great quote from Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn on gulags, and the regrets of not doing more to stop the impending tyranny of communism / bolshevism. We should all learn from the lessons he learned:

      “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”
      Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, quote from The Gulag Archipelago 1918-1956

      What books are you suggesting? You need to be specific. I have read a lot of books on spiritually and philosophy – and also have memories that came back in the night (a sort of reliving) of time spent living in a White civilisation on a different planet, that is very likely in our solar system. I would recommend my essay on Surviving in the Cosmos, if you want to learn about much of what is needed to be a successful civilisation in the cosmos… it has both philosophy and ‘ethical’ considerations in it.


      I haven’t come across any Earth philosophers who really understand surviving in the cosmos, and key elements of living within it. They wouldn’t know, as they have been incarnating on a controlled planet for a long time.

  • October 15, 2022 at 3:41 pm

    Hello – I just found your website and the stuff about David Icke and the jews – wow, spot on! It’s certainly cleared a lot of things up for me – I knew there was something not right about him and the things he was spouting. This makes perfect sense. HOWEVER – please do not purport to be an expert on subjects such as “spirituality” which you have no personal direct experience in, only what you have researched. I have never read any new age books as I hate them, I look inside for answers. 20 years ago I had treatment with EFT (an energy therapy) for severe emotional problems caused by my father’s abuse. After 3 months work with my therapist, and at the point when all the baggage had finally gone, I experienced enlightenment. I call it that, although to me it was a normal state of being that I had forgotten, it’s just that the last time I remember being like it I was about 6 years old, before my father had started to corrupt me.
    Anyway, I will describe it for you. It is indeed “transcendence of ego” and being the “witness of your emotions” and yes it is feeling whole, connected to where I am from (spiritually) – HOWEVER – it does NOT mean being pacified or lacking in the ability to experience anger or anything else. It makes you feel supremely confident like you can do ANYTHING as you have complete control over yourself and your emotions. It is a calm and self-accepting state. But you become MORE passionate in life, not less. Also it is impossible to take yourself seriously as you no longer identify with your ego, and you can laugh at all your past mistakes.
    I don’t know if everyone is capable of “achieving” that state or not – I’m not being big-headed about it, I just want you to know that this state exists, but it is not what you think it is. Until you experience it yourself, don’t write nonsense about what you think it is.
    Love the rest of your website anyway x

    • October 25, 2022 at 11:13 pm

      Hello Jade

      I am glad you found it useful.

      I have covered what you experienced in other articles. I can tell you have not fully read around the site. I have had many metaphysical / ‘spiritual’ experiences. I have plenty of experience.

      You say you experienced ‘enlightenment’. You experienced a certain state of consciousness. It was an experience. The controllers of our planet have told people it is ‘enlightenment’. This state of consciousness is not some type of ultimate goal.

      I have studied this experience you speak of a great deal. I read a great deal of literature related to the ‘gurus’ who practised the pursuit of this experience – the so called non-duality people. I know this experience exists.

      You did not ‘achieve’ this state. It is a state all Souls can experience. Again, it is not some ultimate goal.

      By the way, did you know people who take hallucinogenic / psychedelic drugs also sometimes have this experience?

      As well as this, some people who ‘die’ for a period and come out of the body can also sometimes have this experience for a brief period, and then still end up going into ‘The Afterlife Realm’ light and tunnel Soul trap.

      Learn about the fake afterlife realms here:


      The literature I read from these so-called non-duality gurus taught me nothing – they had zero metaphysical knowledge. In fact, pursuing this detached, serene state is actively pushed by subversive jews in the realms of spirituality. Shown in this article:


      I meditated a great deal in my thirties, raising my consciousnesses and releasing a lot of stored emotional energy. This led me to seeing much of what I was up to at night, I started experiencing / recalling a wide variety of metaphysical experiences. The reason I was having so many was due to my connections to some metaphysically capable off planet / inner earth groups.

      From my metaphysical experiences I can tell you that there are so many levels – and there are realms upon realms. There are so many different types of experiences you can have – and Earth has overlaid realms.

      I have had spontaneous remote viewing experiences, various out of body experiences, collections from advance groups, third-eye projections, flashback memories returning via the third eye, ‘astral’ realm hopping experiences etc etc

      You do not know more about spirituality, metaphysics and the mechanics of the cosmos because you had this detached, serene experience. Again, I have read the words of the non-duality gurus who dedicated their life to sitting in isolation and meditation, so as to experience this state of detached and serene state of consciousnesses. I learnt nothing from them.

      This website of mine will teach you some very important things that none of these so called non-duality gurus ever mentioned.


      Advanced realm hopping multidimensional ETs can enslave / imprison Souls and keep them reincarnating over and over in the same place while they harness their energy. This is what has been happening on this planet. There are metaphysical / other-level mechanisms shutting down humans’ abilities.

      Humans are allowed to have this detached, serene state you speak of as it is of no threat to these other dimensional entities – it pacifies and distracts people from what is occurring on this planet. You say it made you more passionate – well it does the opposite to the vast majority. They detach from life. You would be one of the exceptions.

      The universe is so vast and complex and people think that this experience you speak of is the ultimate goal… because they do not know any better. If it gave you more confidence that is great, I am pleased for you… but it is ultimately an experience / state of consciousness which does not really help us on this planet and greatly distracts and subverts people. People who experience it are of no threat to the metaphysical control mechanisms that enslave Souls.

      Energy emitted by human Souls is a source of sustenance for other entities. I will post my article on The Underworld and Hells soon – It is tough reading – but I very much recommend you read it.

      Here are other articles with significant metaphysical and spiritual information – a lot of it related to energy:




      And here are the two I embedded earlier in case you missed them:

      I greatly recommend that you read the Afterlife Realm section in the first article below – to my mind a Soul has failed if they have not worked out the deceptive nature of the fake Afterlife Realms we currently have. Will you be able to avoid the light and tunnel trap?:



      Best regards.

      (By the way, I am the observer of all of my emotions now, and I can laugh at all my past mistakes – achieved with introspective vipassana-type meditation. I have meditated for many years, but never sought any transcendent experiences – though I did experience serene states. I wanted to raise my consciousness, release energy and bring clarity to my mind so I could complete my mission and benefit others)

      • March 28, 2023 at 6:25 am

        Wow, your articles are of great significance. You commented that you had Skyped with prominent personalities at the time and that you have had helicopters surround your house, it seems that they are aware of your identity even at that time which makes me wonder of your safety and how you have managed. Considering this was made some years ago and you are still active today as far as I’m aware, I’m quite curious. Also, I assume that I’m being overly precautious in even saying that I myself am even a little skeptical of commenting and sharing the website link as I’m not aware of ‘their’ ability to see what people are engaging with on their devices, considering the amount of information people have on their own phone.


        • March 29, 2023 at 9:52 pm

          Hello 1enny

          Yes, I skyped with some Ufology people… what a lot of nonsense I was told… all controlled agents, they are everywhere.

          The helicopters (3 times it occurred) were about 10 years ago, and may have been more related to the ET contact I was having (collections by the breakaway civilisation etc). They do not do that anymore.

          The Powers That Be will know who I am and where I live – and will have done so for a long time. I have been posting information online for a long time, I am still here.

          People are often overly worried – there is not a lot they can do to you other than having websites like PayPal, YouTube and other organisations banning you if you get too popular and use your full name.

          My main targeting seems to come from other levels of reality, other realms etc… from other-level beings. I have seen them on occasions in the night. But that is also because I offer certain insights others do not, and as well as, again, because I have had contact from the breakaway civilisation and the Small Greys. Most people who share Truth online will not be targeted at all.

          Hope that helped.


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