David Icke – Controlled Opposition – Shill

David Icke – Controlled Opposition – a Limited Hangout – Shill – Psyop – Deceiver

“A controlled opposition is a protest movement that is actually being led by government agents. Nearly all governments in history have employed this technique to trick and subdue their adversaries.”

Notably Vladimir Lenin said:
“The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.”

So why is it obvious the David Icke is not really one of us? … That he is not our guy…. That he is working for (((them)))… so many reasons:

Media appearances and previous jobs

Firstly, Icke has appeared on mainstream television here in the UK on quite a few occasions, many times in fact, even appearing on a very popular morning television program just a few years ago. And, of course, he was on prime time TV when he was just starting out with his ‘conspiracy theories’. The Zionists are not going to allow anyone onto mainstream TV stations that they don’t want on there. Come on.

At one point he was also a politician here in the UK! That’s right, he was one of them. And he worked for Zionist run BBC as a presenter… the BBC! Does it look like he was groomed and put in place already – with just these few points? … It does, doesn’t it? … Keep reading there is a great deal more.

He also has huge, massive talks, and a very popular website ( I believe some of his presentations have been almost day long affairs, they go on for many hours anyway, with no real solutions offered… and you don’t need this long to explain what’s going on and who is behind it and how to fight back – lots of distraction and deflection from Icke though)

How many people have been censored and shutdown on Youtube and various other social media websites… loads. Does Icke get censorship? Nope, hardly any, if any at all. Who owns all these social media websites? Hmm…

And within the alternative media look who Icke works with: Alex Jones. Alex Jones is the most obvious Controlled Opposition shill out there.  He also works with Luke Rudkowski  from ‘WeAreChange’ – another hugely obvious Controlled Opposition shill… I could go on…

Fake Terrorism

Icke does not expose terrorist events as being faked – staged drills passed off as real, with nobody dying in them. And he does not expose the Freemasonic / jewish gematria coded into them and the Freemasonry symbology on display. He calls some of them false flags, but there is a big difference between a false flag and a hoax. Boston, Orlando, Las Vegas, Paris Bataclan etc etc, ( so many more, pretty much all of them ) all hoaxes – set up by the Zionists and Freemasons.

New Age Nonsense

He perpetuates lots of New Age nonsense – pacifying New Age nonsense. This is one of the (((powers that be))) main aims: To Pacify People. Icke says: The only truth is ‘infinite love’, and we must focus on ‘infinite love’ and loving thoughts to free ourselves etc… nonsense, love is obviously a powerful motivating force, but just thinking loving thoughts will not save us!!! And love is not the only thing that is real. When you think of the universe, think more about the rules of nature, natural laws, its about living in balance with nature – and often it’s mainly about survival. Not sitting back and just thinking loving thoughts. Meditation and sitting back and thinking loving thoughts didn’t stop the Tibetan monks and Tibet being taken over by China. Just thinking loving thoughts is a psyop.

Icke likes to say ‘it’s all simply a cosmic game’… more pacifying from him… it is not just a game… or he says that ‘nothing is real’ another pacifying comment, and a very pointless and unhelpful comment as well.

He also says you attract everything into your life… more New Age nonsense – he says that if we fear something we attract it to us… this is inline with a lot of New Age psyops – inline with controlled shill ‘channelers’ that I have exposed elsewhere in this site … anyway this is an enormous exaggeration and a deception from Icke. There are billions of souls on this planet, each with free will, with varying agendas. I did not attract to myself living on this insane planet and being ruled over by psychopaths because I am afraid of it! Little children do not attract physical and sexual abuse because they are afraid of it! I could go on and on. Yes, energy and frequency play a part, but not like this New Age nonsense purports. We do not entirely create our own reality. It’s a Free Will planet and universe, billions of souls on this planet, all with agendas. And often these dark souls seek out and attack the innocent pure souls, they set out to corrupt.

Reptilians and Archons

Icke uses the Reptilian rhetoric as a deflection and distraction. Politicians and Royal Family members being shape shifting reptiles etc… I don’t believe this at all. Sure, there are going to be some extraterrestrial intelligences having a big influence this planet, probably mainly offworld somewhere, but this shape shifting rhetoric is nonsense in my eyes, zero proof for it.

Icke also uses the information about the Archons that came from the ancient Gnostic Nag Hammadi texts… but really he is just using John Lash’s work. John Lash painstakingly studied and interpreted the texts. But John Lash says more than Icke tells us, and says that:

“According to the Gnostic warning, the Jews, who follow the agenda of racial supremacy, and domination of the goyim (non-jews), are proxies of the Archons.”

– John Lash

But David Icke won’t tell you this part – as this is who David Icke ultimately works for – he is working toward the jewish New World Order. And yes, it is absolutely a jewish agenda, Icke won’t emphasise this. This New World Order agenda all comes from the jewish doctrines and scriptures (the Talmud, the Zohar, the Kaballah, the Protocols of the Elders of Zion)… it’s all there in them… no escaping from it, this is where it originates from… not difficult to work it out really…

Let’s get this clear, Zionism is the term we are allowed to use, to some degree, but the reality is that it is International Jewry and Judaism that want this One World Government / New World Order – they are behind the open borders and Globalisation. Its the jewish state of Israel, the jewish Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, the jewish Talmud, the jewish Kaballah, jewish Zohar, jewish run Central Banks, jewish run Media, jewish run Hollywood etc etc etc… and it was the jewish run atlantic slave trade, the jewish bolsheviks who killed many millions of Russians, the Ukrainian genocide ‘Holodomor’ was done by jewish people … I could go on

Lash also tells you that the Gnostics were killed off because they told people the ‘god’ of the jews ‘Yahweh or other names’ was a demented malevolent extraterrestrial intelligence… and Lash also said that the Gnostics were easily killed off as they were too passive and lacked hate. Lash says you must hate and fight against that which wishes to oppress etc. Icke wont go into this as it goes against his pacifying New Age nonsense.

This is a clear example of how limited hangouts work. They will often take someone else’s work, make it seem as if it is their own and leave out certain important pieces of information. John Lash clearly tells us that the Gnostic Nag Hammadi texts tell us that it is judaism and international jewry that are being used by extraterrestrials and artificial intelligences to manipulate and oppress the planet.

Nazi this and Nazi that!

Now this is the biggy, this is what the Zionists and International Jewry are most scared of, and try very hard to hide the Truth about: National Socialism, Adolf Hitler, and WW2 Truth.

John Lash also tells you about how Hitler and National Socialists were not the bad guys. Just like many other Real Truthers will tell you. Lash also tells you how the holocaust was a lie, a massive hoax. So Icke will use some of John Lash’s material but not these pieces of very important Truth.

Of course Lash is not the only person who is saying this, the Truth about National Socialism WW2 and Hitler is coming out, some easy to find sources of information on this:

Adolf Hitler The Greatest Story Never Told, by Dennis Wise
Europa: The Last Battle – Parts 1-10 
The Myth of German Villainy, by Benton L Bradberry
Germany’s War, by John Wear
Breaking the Spell, by Nick Kollerstrom
A History of Central Banking and the Enslavement of Mankind, by Stephen Mitford Goodson
Hellstorm documentary, by Kyle Hunt – and the Hellstorm book, by Thomas Goodrich
David Irving articles, lectures, and books
Ernst Zundel videos and documentaries
Leon Degrelle’s books / articles
And many more sources… 

(And no Hitler was not a jew, a Rothschild, or a Secret Agent… absolute nonsense… a link to an article about this:

Hitler – ‘The Secret Agent’

There is plenty of ridiculous anti-’Nazi’ rhetoric that David Icke still perpetuates. He even still carries on with the lies that Fluoride was used in the work camps – that the Nazis invented this method of pacifying and dumbing people down… this is nonsense, zero evidence for this. As well as this we get the nonsense that the ‘Nazis’ were the ones who developed the technique of putting poisons in the vaccines… This is more absolute nonsense… zero evidence and totally illogical… and we know who really developed these poisonous techniques.

Anyone who is knowledgeable will know that there really is no such thing as a ‘NAZI’ – National Socialists did not call themselves this. They were actually the NSDAP (the National Socialist German Workers Party) – ‘Nazi’ was a word made up by a jewish man called Konrad Heiden, as a slur and insult. Then was used in all the anti-Nazi propaganda, and all the lies after the war. Icke won’t tell you this.

Again, this whole ‘evil’ Nazi rhetoric is breaking down now as more and more people discover the Truth about Hitler, WW2 and National Socialism.

Adolf Hitler was against the New World Order…. against the jewish banking cartels, against the freemasons and against jewish bolshevism. Germany was protecting Europe from jewish bolshevism. And National Socialism was the opposite of the New World Order / One World Government / Globalisation that the jews want. National Socialism was incredibly successful, and all done for the German Folk, for the people, creating happiness and the highest standards of living in Europe. To do this it ended Usury / Debt slavery – freedom from the international jewish bankers.

National Socialism was never against other races… the Germans just wanted to ethically rid their country of the destructive jewish influence that had destroyed their economy and country… this expelling of jews has, of course, been done throughout history more than 100 times by many other countries. I won’t talk any further on this now, as there are other articles on this site about this.

Again, Icke also doesn’t tell you that the holocaust didn’t happen. NO gassings took place. This is another big one. This is another of the things that all these controlled opposition agents, that have often been put in place many years ago, won’t tell you about.

Other Points – Kalergi Plan, Protocols of Zion, Freemasonry, Nationalism, Cultural Marxism etc

Does Icke emphasise the problem of White Genocide and the Open Borders in Europe that are displacing and killing off the White Race. The race mixing agenda. The Kalergi Plan?

( An Addition to the Article – April 2019:

This is an extract of an interview on Youtube that demonstrates some of Icke’s subversion. Here are words straight out of Icke’s mouth:

“Go on my website and you’ll see a video – a ten hour talk that I’ve been doing for the last two years – show me where there’s any anti-semitism or racism in it. Quite the opposite, because what I am saying is, ironically, we need to put down these irrelevant manufactured fault lines of race and religion and culture and color that divide us, and realise that we are actually all one consciousness having different experiences and that we have got caught in the illusion, in the experience of who we are, when we are that consciousness that is having the experiences. So I am presenting what you could easily call the ultimate non-racist view of life, because I say race is a nonsense and an irrelevance and an illusion.” – David Icke – The Interview Link

What Icke says above is absolute music to the Jews and Zionists ears!!! Being Racially Conscious is absolutely critical to understanding this planet and what is occurring. Probably the biggest agenda of the International Jewry in their quest for their NWO is Multiculturalism and White Genocide. Here is Icke very clearly working for (((them))). DNA is so metaphysically and cosmically significant, but Icke is trying to get you to not become Racially Conscious so as to further the jewish New World Order. All this ‘we are all one’ New Age nonsense – this is not how the universe works – the universe is mainly about survival of your DNA and Genetics. Who are the most Tribal and Racially Conscious people on this planet? (((Them of course))) But Icke is saying: ‘No Goyim, you must not become Racially Conscious and protect your people.’ )

Does David Icke emphasize the destructiveness of Cultural Marxism? If you look at Icke’s material he subtlety, and sometimes not so subtly, promotes Cultural Marxism. Cultural Marxism is one of the major tactics of the plan for a jewish New World Order / One World Government.

And Icke really tries to get people to not have a strong identity, to not identify with anything – country, race, religion etc … Icke regularly tries to impress upon people that we are just infinite consciousness etc… suggesting that we as souls don’t have a strong identity… that we don’t have a deep history and strong connections to our ancestors etc … The only reason it can appear like this, and that Icke can manipulate people into believing this rhetoric, is that we have our soul memories wiped on this soul prison, and our DNA is shut down / disconnected somehow, and we cannot access other dimensions to contact our soul family/groups and ancestors. When we do not identify with anything we are very easy to control, very malleable, very passive.

Does Icke emphasise that the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion is a jewish doctrine that explains everything that is occurring in the world?

Does Icke emphasise that Freemasonry is a destructive jewish run establishment. That it is being used by the jewish supremacists and Zionists to create their One World Government? That they are working toward building Solomon’s Temple on the Temple Mount as part of this new jewish world order?

Does he offer solutions other than focusing on love?

(Yes, Icke does expose Israel to some degree… and I do say to some degree… certainly not fully though… there are many other things he doesn’t mention regarding the destructive Jewish state… for example, one area Israel is really looking to dominate is the high technology sector – they want to dominate through artificial intelligence – and they are buying up or ‘acquiring’ everything related to this, including being able to carry out world wide cyber attacks… all so they can create this Bi-Level World where they rule over the Goyim.)

But it’s all symptoms with Icke, no solutions.

Does he emphasise that Usury is “their” powerbase and has been used by jewish groups throughout history to enslave the Goyim? Does he tell you about the numerous countries Jewish people have been chucked out of throughout history, mostly because of this practice of Usury / Debt Slavery – as well as various other reasons.

He tells you about the banking system, but it’s just the Rothschild’s with Icke… he always uses the phrase ‘Rothschild Zionism’, not the jews or International jewry. It is not just one Jewish family, the whole New World Order agenda stems from the jewish doctrines:

“The meaning of the history of the last century is that today 300 Jewish financiers, all Masters of (Masonic) Lodges, rule the world.” – Jean Izoulet, prominent member of Jewish Alliance Israelite Universelle, 1931

“At the head of all those secret societies, which form provisional governments, men of the Jewish race are to be found.” – Benjamin Disraeli, Jewish, Prime Minister of England

And he doesn’t tell you that nothing will change if we don’t have National and State owned banks to end Debt Slavery – and he doesn’t talk about all the countries and leaders throughout history who ended or attempted to end Jewish Usury and what happened to them – i.e Adolf Hitler, Napoleon, Caesar, tsar Nicholas the 2nd, Japan in WW2 era, JFK, Abraham Lincoln and James Garfield et al – assassinations or wars brought against them)

Does he emphasis that the way we can get out of this is to get rid of Usury / Debt Slavery in our countries, each country having National / State Banks, issuing debt free money for the benefit of the people, and not having our governments use privately owned foreign bankers that charge interest on the money they ‘print’ and issue? And that to do this you need patriotic political Nationalist type movements to get rid of the Zionist puppet politicians who run our governments?

I am talking about intelligent proactive movements that promote National / State owned banks, that call out the root causes of the world problems: International Jewry and Zionists / Israel and their NWO / Global Domination agenda, and expose all the Zionist puppet politicians running all our countries. These movements should also put forward measures to stop all the immigration, which is causing tremendous problems and conflict around the world – and which will lead to the eradication of many unique races and cultures. Before these types of revolutionary movements can occur, or have a major impact, enough people need to be informed, so the sharing of Truth on these subjects is very important.

Does he promote this type of activism? Does he emphasize all these topics above? No, he doesn’t do these things. Bits of truth, some half truths, some disinfo, some pacifying information, then lots of distraction and no solutions.

David Icke is very clearly Controlled Opposition. It’s scary how far these people plan ahead, putting him in place all those years ago. We had better get organised.

Does the jewish New World Order not scare you? Look at how the Palestinians are treated by Israel, that will be all of us one day.


(Addition June 2019) — A summary for you:

Regularly appears on Zionist run mainstream TV and radio
Used to be a politician in the UK
Used to work for Zionist/Jewish run BBC as a presenter
Pretends people die at the fake hoax terrorist ‘events’
Continues with the ‘Evil Nazis’ rhetoric and lies
Lies about WW2 and the National Socialists
Does not expose the Holohoax
Says that race is an illusion
Tries to get people to have no identity
Distracts people from the cosmic significance of Race, DNA, and Ancestry
Does not call out the (((NWO))) (((One World Government))) as a Jewish agenda
Does not expose the Jewish White Genocide agenda
Talks about New Age nonsense (vibration and law of attraction)
Says that we are ‘All One’  (New Age Jewish Mind Control)
Says British royal family are shape-shifting reptilians
Says that love will save us – ‘just thinking loving thoughts’ (no it wont)
Does not offer solutions, but talks a lot about symptoms
He works with other Controlled Agents — Luke Rudowski, Alex Jones etc
He offers bits of truth, lots of half truths, plenty of distraction, some disinfo and some pacification
He is extremely manipulative and was put in place many years ago by (((them)))

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7 thoughts on “David Icke – Controlled Opposition – Shill

  • February 23, 2019 at 2:07 pm

    I believe people do attract things, people, situations, etc., into their life. Things may not always match up to patterns because life is diverse, but even in cancer patients, people who have positive thoughts, etc., do better. Thinking adversely can have consequences. Because I think I’m going to fail a test going in and I pass isn’t exactly proof that thoughts have no power.

    Here is a video about shapeshifting. A reward was offered for someone who could explain or prove it is false. This was offered by an investigator. No one to date has claimed it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mZGh5cCiEF8

    • February 25, 2019 at 12:50 pm

      You are drawn to certain people, places and activities due to who you are. You are not magnetically attracting situations. This whole attracting things that you fear to you because you hold certain energy is not true.

      This whole law of attraction is a massive distraction, distortion and massive exaggeration. The power of the will is what’s important. Billions of souls with their own motivations, personalities and agendas. Maybe unconscious people unintentionally get themselves into situations over and over again, due to a defect of character, that they can’t resolve because of their lower level of consciousness.

      Positive thoughts, or the correct way of thinking, does have an effect. But not like this ‘law of attraction’ rhetoric puts forward. Diet is far, far more important – the knowledge of what highly nutritional food to eat is more important. If people subconsciously hate themselves they tend to not worry about diet. Making the unconscious conscious is very important. But ACTION is the key element always – and ACTION must be taken with WISDOM and KNOWLEDGE.

      And again, it is also a distraction from the fact that there are evil malevolent souls using their free will to actively and purposely corrupt and subvert humanity.

      For example: If a so called ‘spiritually evolved’ monk goes into the jungle to meditate he will get eaten or attacked by animals.. There are even cases of this occurring. He will not come to no harm because he is some type of puritan and renouncer, and therefore supposedly ‘vibrating at a high rate’. The universe is about nature and survival… and the power of will. For example: The Gnostics were killed off, Tibetans taken over – both set of people were meditators and ‘spiritual’. This loving thoughts and ‘high vibration’ is a psyop.

      The Universe is mainly about WISDOM, KNOWLEDGE, ACTION, WILL… and POWER. And unfortunately: Might is Right – history shows this time and time again.

      You just need to become informed and critical thinkers – becoming balanced and evolved individuals moving beyond any harmful character defects – and then creating moments to implement change – taking action in a wise, informed and canny way.

      This ‘law of attraction’ is promoted and put forward by all these shill new age channelers, that can easily be proven to be shills with the phenomena amount of disinfo they put out on a variety of subjects… historical and geopolitical disinfo for example

      Do people really believe a small child draws to itself due to its vibration frequency some sort of terrible abuse? This is absurd.

      That video you linked shows nothing – that is most certainly not proof. I have seen all these videos of this apparent ‘shapeshifting’ – I came across it years ago when i was first waking up – I have not seen one convincing piece of evidence. And who is the biggest promoter of this rhetoric? David Icke – and he is an obvious controlled shill.

      The shapeshitfting rhetoric is just a distraction and a way to make those who are awakening sound like they are nuts and without credibility.

  • April 17, 2019 at 7:48 am

    I definitely have more levels to go. After 4 or 5 years of following David Icke I see him now as a shill. I’m gutted but like you say there is so much evidence to prove he is, especially how he is NOT a holocaust denier, your also right how he doesn’t have a solution, its like ” the secret”….thanks for the article, sharing all the info / links, I have seen I will definitely refer back to this and study it. Please can you share on your website any new info, or point me in the right direction? I want to be as awake as possible.

    • April 18, 2019 at 3:05 pm

      Thanks for the feedback Suzy. I suggest people watch: ‘Europa: The Last Battle’ (Parts 1-10) – some parts can be found on Youtube after some people reuploaded it – the original uploads were censored by (((Youtube)))

      But you can watch all parts of ‘Europa: The Last Battle’ here: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/thetruthseeker/

      ‘Adolf Hitler: The Greatest Story Never Told’ is a good online series as well, but ‘Europa: The Last Battle’ is better.

      And Hellstorm is an important Documentary as well:

      I think many people can’t see the truly enormous significance of WW2 and how it was a victory for International Jewry, and that in Truth the German people / The National Socialists were the victims. There are articles on this website that show this.

      • April 18, 2019 at 4:51 pm

        Absolutely agree. I’ve seen all the Europa last battle epidoges plus the The Greatest Story Never Told, both totally shocked & disgusted me to the core! I haven’t seen Hell Storm yet, thanks for the link.

    • September 13, 2019 at 5:50 pm

      so now you believe david icke is a shill and doesnt have a solution, i presume you found the solution we all need right here on this website?

      • September 16, 2019 at 11:59 am

        Hello Angela, you seem somewhat put out. I know it can be tricky for people to move beyond these deceptive shills that they have grown attached to. I have had to do this as well. We all have had to move beyond shill after shill, as people who are waking up are bombarded with them when we first start seeking the Truth. (((They))) put a great many people in place well in advance.

        And I don’t think Icke is a shill – I know he is!

        It is so clear. And yes, he does not offer solutions.

        I think I outlined it all pretty clearly – even providing a summary at the end. Suzy could see the Truth of what I wrote.

        In fact the brainwashed and manipulated world got together and destroyed the solution in the period of: 1939 to 1945.

        I say this as an Englisman whose Grandad fought in WW2. The world destroyed a wonderful nation in the destruction of National Socialist Germany. Nearly 20 million Germans died from WW2. The majority of them died after the war had finished – they were murdered. When there was absolutely no reason for the war – other than International Jewry wanting to destroy them (declaring war on the Germans in 1933). And Britain seeing them as an economic threat – and the jews used Churchill and funded and backed him. Churchill the drunken homicidal maniac.

        You should probably read some of the Articles in my Hitler and WW2 section on this site.

        The National Socialist Germans were the world’s hope – And they were the last people who really fought against the jewish banking cartels that rule us today.

        You cannot understand this planet and what is going on without understanding the Truth of WW2, and the Truths of National Socialism. Not the nonsense we have been fed. And does Icke tell us the Truth about it. NO HE DOES NOT. Icke doesn’t even expose the holohoax!

        Who do the jewish owned media vilify incessantly?: The ‘Evil Nazis’. As National Socialism was the most successful system ever created. The people had the standards of living – they were the happiest people on Earth. The world has been fed a truly massive amount of nonsense about them – because, to put it simply, they had pretty much devised the system that is anti-NWO and anti-Globalisation and anti-Usury (so therefore anti-Jewish Banking Cartels and anti-Jewish Marxism and Communism)

        Nationalism is the answer. Each Nation having an ethnically homogeneous country that is not controlled by International Jewry. We can all learn from Germany’s National Socialism.

        Multiculturalism is possibly the most significant tactic the jews are using to bring forth the New World Order.

        International Jewry see the White Race and White Civilisations as their biggest threat to their NWO total domination agenda. The only way we can stop the NWO is to take back control of our nations who are currently run by International Jewry and Marxists.

        I did allude to this in the article.

        It recommend the documentary: Europa The Last Battle – Parts 1 – 10. Here are three different places you can watch it.




        (You won’t be able to watch the above documentary on jewish run YouTube, as they delete it whenever someone tries to upload it. But you can watch plenty of videos by Icke on YouTube – as he is a controlled shill.)

        I also recommend this bitchute channel (Many good videos on WW2, NatSoc and Hitler here):


        I hope this helped in some way.


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