It’s not the “Illuminati” – It’s International Jewry

An Article from Digger for Truth and then a quote gallery with a large amount of quotes and information:

If it’s not the Jews…
(An article by Digger for Truth)

If it’s not the Jews (International Jewry) who are the instigators of this NWO (New World Order). Could you please explain to us ….

1/. ……why JEWS make up two tenths of one percent of the population, yet represent a whopping seventy percent plus, of high positions in global government?

2/. ……why it is not the four leaf clover, nor the Australian kangaroo, nor the Islamic crescent in the centre of £20 & £50 note and the dollar bill – it’s the JEWISH star of David?

3/. ……why is it that the ONLY area in history one is not allowed to question, in sixteen countries without facing incarceration, happens to be JEWISH history? (Just look at  how many people have been put in prison for questioning the official holocaust narrative… this is outrageous! – ‘The Truth Does Not Fear Investigation’)

4/. ……why is it that the JEWISH Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion are the exact blueprint manifesto for this NWO (New World Order)?

5/. ……why is it that out of ALL the multitude of holocausts throughout history – it seems to be only the JEWISH holocaust which is constantly shoved in our faces (which has been shown to have not actually happened)?

6/. ……why the complete members of the American congress gave an unprecedented 29 standing ovations to the JEWISH prime minister? (To Benjamin Netanyahu)

7/. …..why is it that one is allowed to defame the Muslims, black people, white people, gypsies, antipodeans, red necks, Mexicans; in fact any group of peoples on the planet; as well as aliens – yet JEWISH people are somehow the untouchables?

8/. …….why is it that the JEWISH state of Israel is the only country in the world to be exempt from international nuclear weapons inspections?

9/. ……how is it that the JEWISH cabalistic symbology is in both Freemasonry and the police uniforms?

10/. ……why out of all the world’s religious texts, it is only JEWISH scriptures which are replete with evil, satanic laws; promoting pedophilia, genocide, rape, theft, deception and anti-non-Jewish practices – which is in exact alignment with this NWO? [ e.g – The Talmud, and others ]

11/. ……why is it that when you google ‘the most hated country in the world’ – it comes up with the JEWISH state of Israel?

12/. ……why was it JEWISH Mossad agents (The Five Dancing Israelis) who were jumping up and down with joy in New York dressed as Arabs (just after the planes hit on 9 11)? Why did they then go on JEWISH national TV boasting that they were there to ‘record’ the event? (how did they know 9 11 was about to happen?)

13/. ……why JEWS openly boast about running Hollywood and the Media, and Academia, and Global Finances, and the Military, and the Mining Industries, and Major Corporations; in their own manuscripts?

14/. ……why oh why it is only JEWS who have been booted out of 84 countries 109 times throughout history?

Or are these mere coincidences?

By Digger


Many more questions can be added to Diggers article… just a few… 

15/. …… why is that the Jewish state of Israel can purposely attack an American Navy vessel, the USS Liberty,  murdering many Americans, who were supposed to be allies, and face zero repercussions?

16/. ….. why is it Jewish scholars and activists who talk of the death of the White race and promote multiculturalism, open borders and diversity for Europe and America, but not for Israel? 

17/. ….. why is it Jewish scholars, Rabbis and Jewish scriptures that talk of a ‘One World Government’, supremacy, domination, and ruling the world from Jerusalem — and also how jews are the ‘Chosen’ and Non-Jews ‘Goyim’ are less than them and just there to serve them? [ In scriptures such as The Talmud – The Zohar – The Kaballah … and The Protocols of the Elders of Zion] 

18/. …. why is it Jewish run Hollywood that incessantly promotes this ‘dystopian – big brother – smart city – future’ and artificial intelligence, as well as producing all the degenerate and satanic themed movies? … and why are the vast majority of these “white” actors or actresses jewish?

19/. …. why is it Jewish people that boast that they run the Secret Societies and Freemasonry?

Just some questions…

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If it’s not the Jews…


“One outstanding characteristic of the Jewish race is its persistence. What it cannot attain this generation, it will attain next. Defeat it today, it does not remain defeated; its conquerors die, but Jewry goes on, never forgetting, never deviating from its ancient aim of World Control in one form or another.”
(Henry Ford, The International Jew, op. cit.)

The “Jewish revolutionary spirit” , as it has been called, operates on an insidious agenda of social overthrow under the false pretences of making a better world. The Jewish ideal of tikkam olam, “fixing the world,” is not the benevolent program it pretends to be. Its actual aim is to enable total Jewish dominance of the Goyim, the non-Jewish nations, and centralization of all wealth and power in the Jewish elite… The trajectory of history over three millennia shows that Jews have been centrally involved in the corruption and destruction of many civiilizations.” – ( John Lash )

“To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” – Voltaire (some say it wasn’t Voltaire, but who cares who said it – it’s absolute Truth.)

Quotes below that provide further information:


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    • April 10, 2021 at 1:28 pm

      Hi Vortex

      It is just misdirection and disinfo, I have seen it all before. They do all they can to deflect from them.

      The ridiculous disinfo and lies about Hitler and the ‘Nazis’ in those pages is laughable.

      Those who are well read, and able to think critically, will not buy into their lies.


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