‘Nazis’ – Secret Space Programs – ‘Dark Fleet’ – Disinfo – Breakaway Civilizations – Hitler – Germany – Corey Goode – Penny Bradley – Elena Kapulnik – William Tompkins – Tony Rodrigues

‘Nazis’ – ‘Secret Space Program Whistleblowers’ – ‘Dark Fleet’ – Disinfo – Breakaway Civilizations – Hitler – National Socialism – Germany – Fourth Reich – Corey Goode – Penny Bradley – Elena Kapulnik – William Tompkins – Kevan Trimmel – Tony Rodrigues – Peter the Insider – Milabs – Psyops – Super Soldiers – Controlled Opposition


In this article I will discuss the propaganda against Germany, Hitler and his National Socialist movement (‘Nazis’) within the Secret Space Programs disclosure narrative. I will also discuss the various Secret Space Program ‘whistleblowers’ and my suspicions about them. As well as this, Controlled Opposition agents and movements will be explained.

I research the global conspiracy a lot – as many areas of it as I can, from health, to transhumanism, mk ultra, fake terrorism, geopolitics, Zionism, Freemasonry etc etc. As well as this I also research the areas of ET abductions, Milabs and Secret Space Programs. I have been following the Secret Space Program area since it really came about – following all these ‘whistleblowers’ and ‘insiders’. This is mainly due to me having various related flashbacks, memories and experiences of my own. Ever since becoming lucid during various night time otherworldly operations, and the fragmented memories that have been returning, I have been researching these areas incessantly and diligently.

With all the different areas of the global conspiracy I correlate information, cross reference and analyse what each is saying. Now when I cross reference and correlate Secret Space Program testimonies with what is happening, and what has happened, geopolitically on this planet red flags come up – I become very suspicious. I have written an article which is on this website called Controlled Opposition. Controlled Opposition is everywhere in the alternative media. So I always try to assess whether each source could be Controlled Opposition. I have a university degree, a published academic article and I am a qualified teacher – I know how to research and to correlate and assess information.

Controlled Opposition

Throughout history Controlled Opposition has been used to control the masses. It catches people like a net, holds onto them for a while, distracts then, gives them some truth, some carefully selected pieces of disinfo – and also makes sure certain very important truths are not exposed to the audience that they have managed to build up. The people who are in charge of this planet employ this tactic all the time.

“A controlled opposition is a protest movement that is actually being led by government agents. Nearly all governments in history have employed this technique to trick and subdue their adversaries.”

Notably Vladimir Lenin said:
“The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.”

The Zionists will put people in place to control the narrative of all aspects of the alternative media. One of the things they, the Zionists, don’t want is a personality becoming popular in within the alternative media and exposing things they do not want exposed. Some of the things the Satanic Communist Freemasonic Zionists (what some call the Illuminati) don’t want exposed: What is really happening geopolitically on this planet – for example that Trump and Putin are both working with the Zionists (Israel) – (Trump has surrounded himself with Zionists, he also openly backs Israel and Netanyahu “100 percent”. Putin endorses fake terrorism in Russia, has made it illegal for people to question the holocaust – and makes huge trade and tech deals with Israel). Everyone surely knows by now Israel controls the United States and that Israel and Mossad were the main protagonists behind 9/11. They also don’t want you to know that the Freemasons and Zionists are faking all this terrorism and trying to create Islamophobia and further various other New World Order agendas through these staged terrorist attacks. The also don’t want people to know that ‘the holocaust’ was a hoax, and that Hitler and Germany in the second world war were fighting against the Zionists and the New World Order.

Secret Space Programs and the ‘Nazis’

There is a lot of anti-Nazi / Fourth Reich rhetoric in the Secret Space Program testimonies, which just does not correlate with what Hitler and National Socialist Germany was all about. People who are not knowledge will have been brainwashed by the anti-Germany and anti-Hitler propaganda created by the Zionists – they got me as well when I was younger, but I have done my research and moved beyond the Zionist brainwashing we receive in schools, and found out the National Socialist Germany was a positive thing. Hitler was fighting against the Freemasons and Satanic Zionists. This whole ‘Nazi’ and ‘Nazism’ term is something created and perpetuated by the Zionists. Hitler and National Socialist Germans did not go around calling themselves ‘Nazis’ or refer to ‘Nazism’. A crucial point to understand is that the greatest threat to the Zionist New World Order agenda in recent times has been Hitler and the German National Socialist Movement (The National Socialist German Workers Party). I have put together an article about Zionism and some of the real truth about Hitler, and posted it on this website – there is a link to it at the end of this article.

We have this narrative coming from various so called ‘whistleblowers’ like William Tompkins and Corey Goode; saying that the ‘Nazis’ have created this ‘Dark Fleet’ and are a very negative group – That the ‘Nazis’ have been working with the Draco Reptilians, fighting for them and with them. That the ‘Nazis’ have been aggressively colonizing other planets. It just doesn’t make any sense or add up. It does not correlate to what Nationals Socialist Germany and Hitler was all about. Surely if the National Socialist Germans did create a breakaway civilizations around the time Hitler was in charge they would be adhering to these positive National Socialist Philosophies, which did not involve war and conquering – that is a lie you have been told. Hitler wanted peace, he wanted to uplift and empower people – he was not racist and was very respectful to other cultures and races – he believed all races and cultures should strive, like the Germans, to the highest achievements and quality of life. Hitler was against the Zionists – he was trying to save his country and protect Europe from the Freemasonic Satanic Zionist Jewish bankers and Communist Bolshevism. Hitler chucked them all out of Germany to create a thriving and happy society. He chucked out the very people that are still causing tremendous suffering all over this planet.

From the Secret Space Program ‘whistleblowers’ we also get this ‘Operation Paperclip’ narrative of ‘Nazi’ scientists going to America and infiltrating it and taking over. The Zionists are in control of America – not ‘Nazis’! So some German scientists appear to have gone to America after the second world war – but there is not any evidence that the ‘Nazis’ have infiltrated and ‘taken over’ America- it is just more propaganda. If you are a German scientist and after the war you and your family were offered a life there, rather than death – you would choose to go there. I am not buying the Operation Paperclip narrative as it is told to us. ‘Nazis have not taken over America – please… give me a break… It’s the Zionists who are in control of America!

I am also very suspicious of the idea of the The German National Socialists creating an alliance with the Satanic and psychopathic ‘Reptilians’. These ‘Reptilians’ have so much more in common with the Satanic Zionists than The National Socialist German Workers Party. It all sounds like more anti-National Socialist Germany and anti-Hitler propaganda and disinfo. Again, people need to realise that in modern times Hitler and National Socialist Germany were the biggest threat that the Satanic Zionists and Freemasons (Illuminati) had ever faced – they will do all they can to make everyone think Hitler and The National Socialist German Workers Party were evil.

Ahlex – The Fourth Reich – National Socialism – Breakaway Civilization

There is a significant testimony on Youtube from a young man called Ahlex, in which he relays information he has about the Fourth Reich breakaway civilization. He did a series of interviews with Miles Johnston. He relays some interesting experiences he has had, memories which have come back to him – experiences which I can relate to, as I too have seen some very unusual things I have been involved in – various memories and flashbacks. (there is an article about my experiences on this website) There are some interesting historical and geopolitical aspects to his information. Ahlex suggests that from his experiences, and from what has been told, that the Fourth Reich SSP breakaway civilization is fighting against the Reptilians and looking to free humanity. He also says that Hitler was not karmically responsible for the holocaust. (And of course the holocaust was a hoax, no ‘gassings’ took place – so this certainly seems to be correct). Ahlex also says he was told that the National Socialist system used in Germany is the closest system to what the free worlds in the rest of the galaxy use – and from my research I can believe that. Hitler transformed Germany into a thriving country with his brand of National Socialism (The National Socialist German Workers Party) – and to do this he kicked out the Satanic Zionists and Freemasons.

You can see that above I have said that the holocaust was hoax – and I have no doubt that it was a hoax. Regarding the holocaust and Germany: The work of David Cole, Fred Leuchter, David Irving, Benjamin Friedman and Dennis Wise should all be listened to or read. The Dennis Wise documentary ‘Adolf Hitler: the Greatest Story Never Told’ should be watched by everyone. And again, there is no evidence of gassings taking place – there were no actual functioning gas chambers at the work camps.

This is a link to an amazing site that has an extremely definitive and conclusive collection of information and images on the Holocaust – that will show you what really happened in those work camps. This linked article conclusively shows that the Holocaust did not happen — if you really want to wake up, read through it all: Holocaust Deprogramming Course

People could also watch the Fred Leuchter investigations to begin with when researching the holocaust, there are also videos of researchers going to the Treblinka site and using technology to scan for mass graves – and no mass graves could be found. No gas residue at the so called chambers was found, and none of the blue staining that should be there on the walls – the only evidence is stories, stories which have been shown to have lots of inconsistencies, and many so called witnesses have been shown to change their stories. The Zionists won the war and wrote the history. The chambers were also modified after the war, this has been admitted and proved – and even then they still could not possibly have been used for the gassings of people. And there is not one document found after the war showing that Hitler had any plans to exterminate or gas Jews – none at all. The reason for the pictures of emaciated people at the end of the wars was that the Zionist led allied forces had bombed the german infrastructure so badly that no supplies could get to the Work Camps – this also meant that diseases such as typhus spread quickly. Anyway, the whole holocaust story is a mathematical impossibility and totally illogical. They were work camps. The holocaust is a hoax – used by the Zionists to further their New World Order agendas.

When you come to see all the lies we have been told about Germany, Hitler, the ‘holocaust’, National Socialism and the second world war – I am sure you too will begin to question all these ufology researchers and Secret Space Programs whistleblowers that keep perpetuating and pushing this whole notion of a ‘Dark Fleet’ of negative ‘Nazis’ out there in space. It just doesn’t correlate with historical truths.

Secret Space Program ‘Whistleblowers’

We have Tony Rodrigues suggesting that he worked for the ‘Nazi’ ‘Dark Fleet’ – suggesting that they were an aggressive and unpleasant group that needlessly shot a missile at an alien colony. Tony Rodrigues was apparently vetted by Rob Potter and Michael Salla. Now Rob Potter is not to be trusted – I have written articles about Corey Goode and Cobra, that show both of these two people as Controlled Opposition disinfo agents. Rob Potter promotes both of these two deceivers. And Salla promotes Corey Goode vigorously. So if Tony Rodrigues is connected to Potter and Salla then that should send up Red Flags. Corey Goode and Cobra are such obvious pacifying and disempowering psyops, you can read my articles on these two: (Article Links)

Cosmic Disclosure – Corey Goode – Controlled Opposition – Secret Space Programs

Cobra, (The Portal) is Controlled Opposition putting out Disinfo

We also have Michael Salla and William Tompkins saying that the Germans (‘Nazis’) and Hitler worked with the Draco Reptilians during the second world war – the psyop that is Corey Goode also perpetuates this. Always lots of negative Nazi propaganda from these people – but again ‘Nazi’ is not a term Hitler and the German National Socialists used. German National Socialism was a positive movement and system… look into it. There is no proof that Hitler or National Socialist Germany were in league with the Reptilians.

William Tompkin and Randy Cramer (another SSP whistleblower) are obviously just Controlled Opposition, only disclosing what they have been allowed to, and not disclosing anything of significance regarding the enslavement of humanity and the Zionists. Randy Cramer just relays the same script in every interview and William Tompkins was an engineer working for some of these groups he is supposedly ‘exposing’, of course he is going to be controlled.

Penny Bradley says that she worked for the German ‘Dark fleet’ and that they work with the negative Reptilians and went around taking over planets and various other negative dealings. Elena Kapulnik also does joint interviews with both Tony Rodrigues and Penny Bradley and carries on with the negative stories about a ‘German Dark Fleet’. Controlled Opposition can often work like this. The Zionists will put forward certain fake whistleblowers to control a narrative – and if you have a group of them supporting and backing each other it is more powerful and convincing.

Some more about Elena Kapulnik – she admits that she spent time growing up in Israel and from my research it appears that her father still works there – and this is suspicious, as all of the New World Order conspiracy leads to Israel and the Zionists. Israel / Mossad have so many agents infiltrating all areas of the alternative media. She also made this website with all these very far fetched and unsubstantiated ET stories before she came out as SSP whistleblower. The way she described it is that she heard others talking about SSP memories and the suddenly realized she had some of her own – which sounds strange to me. This ET website she has… I’m sorry, but when people are writing about all these ET races and using images from the web to depict them – stating the information as though it is fact, that these ET races look like this and act likes this etc etc – RED FLAGS – obvious controlled opposition and distracting disinfo. These unsubstantiated ET stories – they are just distractions – no benefit to humanity at all – just distractions. Elena also used to do ‘channelling’ and she predicted that everything will change in the fall of 2106 – and of course it didn’t. Predictions like this, that these so called ‘insiders’ make, only serve one purpose – to pacify and dis-empower people. 

There is a new guy on the scene called Kevan Trimmel who I’m also suspicious of. In his first (long) interview he did not mention that he had seen Elena Kapulnik in one of his SSP memories, but in his second interview he said that he had forget to include it in the last interview – he went onto say that he had a memory of her teaching him to swim. Now if you were going to give an interview surely the most important thing you can include is a memory of being with another prominent ‘SSP whistleblower’ in a memory? This is suspicious. In his third youtube interview , which was with Elena Kapulnik, he discussed a so called attack by the Reptilian Armada with Elena – that they were apparently both involved in, in which they helped to repel this Armada, apparently this was in 2012. Again no mention of this in his first or second interviews – now surely this ‘reptilian attack’ is incredibly significant – his most important memory alongside being with another SSP whistleblower in an experience. It sounds and feels like they have a script writer, or someone telling them to include more new details in each interview, to keep the viewers interested in their stories. Kevan Trimmel has also done an interview with James Rink whereby he is passing information from others as his own. I am very knowledgeable about this subject and he is stating things as if they are fact and does not reference where he has got his information – but this information has come from various other sources – some of the information was from a James Casbolt Interview – some was from a Max Spiers interview and a small amount was from Corey Goode. He did not reference them once and say that the ‘intel’ was from them. To others who are not as knowledgeable as me it would definitely look like he has actually experienced these things, they would assume he had firsthand knowledge of these things, when they are not his experiences at all. It felt very deceptive. We are also told that within a few weeks of Kevan Trimmell doing his first interview Tony Rodrigues had driven a significant distance to meet up with Kevan and have a chat. All of this is suspicious to me.

I am a student of psychology I have studied it at college and university, I am also very conscious and meditate a great deal, and would say that I am very empathic guy. There is something not quite right about the way these people talk about their experiences. No real emotion and personal idiosyncratic details – it feels scripted. Many of my own memories are fragmented, but I can still describe little details within the battles I have seen. Some of the things these people describe are so traumatic – there would surely be much more emotion. I have memories of Secret Space Black Ops type missions – I have also had conscious abductions and ETs in my room – I have direct experience in this area and there is something amiss here with these people. I for one would be much more emotive when talking about the things that I have experienced and the impact it has had on my life, and also those in my life. I mean Tony Rodrigues apparently endured satanic child sexual abuse and rape – and also being dismembered by an alien creature! Penny apparently endured lots of child abuse, Penny does have a sad voice and sad face as she talks about some of these things – but it doesn’t feel quite right to me – I don’t want to cause offence but I just don’t buy it. Elena Kapulnik is almost totally devoid of emotion as she talks about these fantastical and often traumatic experiences.

They all also act if they know what all of their experiences mean – what they are all about. From the more credible testimonies you will see confusion from them, they will be trying to work out what it means – they put forward many questions about their experiences. There are some more credible Milab type testimonies mentioned later on in this article. These memories you get in these ‘otherworldly middle of the night experiences’ bring up more questions than answers – and I speak from experience on this.

There is a Milab / ET abduction researcher called James Bartley and it appears he feels the same way as me about all these recent SSP testimonies – in a blog post on Youtube he says he is just not buying their stories. He can obviously sense and see that there is something off with this group and some of the other newer ‘Super Soldier’ testimonies..

There are various Milab testimonies that I feel are much more credible than the testimonies from this group of SSP whistleblowers.

Milabs referring to SSP related experiences

As I mentioned before, I have memories, flashbacks and experiences that are perhaps related to Milab, Secret Space Programs and Super Soldier type operations. I relate more to testimonies by other people who I have not yet mentioned in this article. People whose experiences are more varied and more credible in my eyes. Secret Space Program is a term I don’t like, I don’t like the Super Soldier term either. Secret Space Program experiences, Milab experiences, ET abductions, Super Soldier type experiences, MK Ultra Black Ops experiences, Astral operations, Other dimensional experiences, remote viewing experiences – are all so linked. I have seen various operations I have involved in, they are so varied – and you can’t just put a simple label over them as they are diverse and varied.

There is an interview my a lady called Karol, which she did with the Milab researcher James Bartley. Karol comes across as very genuine and credible. Her experiences of being in Mars are somewhat different to the group of SSP experiences that I talked about previously in this article. She does not talk about ‘twenty and backs’, but suggests these terms, or periods in which she is used for operations for, can be months at a time. She does not refer to a ‘dark fleet’. Karol talks about her targeting – which I can relate to as I am targeted individual. Karol gets emotional and has a bit if a cry at one point… She also talks of her experience battling cyborgs, I too have had a flashback fragmented memory of battling cyborgs. I feel her testimony is more credible than the SSP ones I have mentioned.

Will Glover (willgolightly on Youtube) also has some interesting experiences. He also talks of battles with cyborgs and missions. He has these little details in his testimony, just like Karol, and you can see the emotion and confusion he is going through in his early interviews. He also describes ET experiences – experiences which I can relate to and he sounds more credible to me.

I have mentioned Ahlex’s interview with Miles Johnston before. Again my experiences align more with what he has experienced: ET contact – taken onto bases – going through portals – various unusual memories – military operations / involving rescue missions – ET contact in astral experiences etc etc. He also gets very emotional and displays some confusion as he attempts to come to terms with some of these memories and experiences. He describes how difficult his life is, and has been, due to what he has been involved in. And of course the things he has said about National Socialist Germany and Hitler also makes his testimony more credible.

There are earlier Milab type testimonies: David Marrow, Sarah Stanga, Alara Blackwell. With these testimonies you can see people people trying to come to terms with their experiences – attempting to analyse it themselves, posing questions, and trying to come to terms with them – they are not pretending to know what they all mean. They are people attempting to come to terms with these traumatic experiences and their targeting. As well as this these people also have little details that the SSP whistleblowers I have mentioned above don’t tend to have. All these people are more credible to me that any of these SSP whistleblowers. There is also, of course, James Casbolt’s first few interviews. And there are Max Spiers earliest interviews, where he describes his experiences in a similar way, posing questions, little details, some confusion, and trying to come to terms with them – they seem more credible than the group of SSP whistleblowers mentioned in this article – although I feel there is some disinfo in both Max Spiers and James Casbolts testimonies.

The most credible testimony to me, regarding SSPs, is the one from Michael Relfe – he was also the first person to come out and explain his experiences, – all the other SSP whistler-blowers out there on YouTube seem to be Zionist controlled opposition, put in place to control the SSP narrative. A link to an interview with Michael Relfe and Stephanie Relfe by Eve Lorgen: http://evelorgen.com/wp/articles/military-abduction-milabs-and-reptilians/interview-with-michael-and-stephanie-relfe-of-the-mars-records/

‘Peter the Insider’ – James Rink

This last section is dedicated to an obvious disinfo agent called ‘Peter the Insider’

I have listened to ‘Peter’ on James Rink’s youtube channel – some of the things ‘Peter’ comes out with – ridiculous. As well as this there is all this negative talk regarding the Fourth Reich by ‘Peter’, which I will address in a later paragraph. There is definite disinfo in his information: One of the most obvious was when he said that the guy who did The Orlando Pulse Shooting was some sort of MK Ultra supersoldier. The Orlando Pulse shooting was fake, a total hoax using crisis actors. The guy they said did it (Omar Mateen) was an actor – he was proven to be an actor by so many truthers – he has film credits. In this event he was a hired crisis actor. All the interviews afterwards were done by terrible crisis actors. (One of the worst was Norman Casiano, apparently getting ‘shot’ four times with a semi automatic rifle, and then coming out of hospital the next day for an interview! He says the bullets went straight through his torso, he had no bullets wounds at all.) The official story was also totally illogical, and there is so much illogical footage. Look into it – the Orlando Pulse Shooting was fake, just like Sandy Hook, the Boston Bombing and all these fake terror events they are constantly creating in the US and around Europe, used to forward the Zionists agendas. They are created by the Freemasonic Zionists. So ‘Peter the Insider’ is definitely putting out disinfo about this event – and so what else is he lying about? I don’t trust him one bit. You cannot underestimate how manipulative the Freemasonic Zionists are. As well as the ETs runnings things – this isn’t the first planet they have done this to – they will agents and Controlled Opposition infiltrating movements everywhere – and they have – all over the UFO field and alternative media.

‘Peter the Insider’ also regularly talks about a Fourth Reich Nazi group that lives in alternative reality or timeline. ‘Peter’ suggests that they are a big threat to our reality and are attempting to come back or get into our reality, or our timeline. We should get this clear – if Hitler and the National Socialists won the Second World War the world would be a better place. The world would not be run by the Satanic Freemasonic Communist Zionists. This idea that the world would be a terrible place if the German National Socialists won is just more propaganda and disinfo. Peter the Insider is working for the Zionists and towards the New World Order – he is putting out disinfo. I am not going to go through all his ridiculous claims, you can listen for yourself, and if you are capable of critical thinking you will see for yourself that he is a Controlled Opposition agent. James Rink is well known for not vetting people who go on his youtube show – James Rink is either incredibly gullible and naive or some sort of Controlled Opposition himself.

There is a so called ‘seer’ that Peter is affiliated with, who has appeared on James Rink’s show with ‘Peter’. She talked of these screens she sees. Now I have experiences where I see framed screens in the middle of the night, in my third eye, that contain images and strange movies – so I thought I would get a reading from her via skype, and see what she had to say. After this session I was not impressed at all, I would strongly suggest that this woman is not genuine, she is a storyteller and a controlled opposition agent.

Now Penny Bradley, Tony Rodrigues and Elena Kapulnik have all said they had consultations with ‘Peter the Insider’. They all sang his praises. If you don’t know, ‘Peter’ says that he works for the ACIO, (an organisation that he says has detailed files on all ET abductions, Milab operations, Super Soldiers etc). Peter said that he would give free consultations for people with memories of being used in some of these secret projects – SSP, Milabs, ET abductions and ‘Super Soldier’ type experiences. People had to write in describing what they had remembered and then they may get contacted for a consult. It was obviously a way to get information from people. So he was saying ‘I can give you some intel about your fragmented memories, but first all of you write in and tell me what you are remembering’ – this was widely accepted on a Super Soldier forum I was following as a way of collecting intel on those gaining memories – this can then of course be used against them: targeting, monitoring or increased monitoring, re-abduction etc… It is a great way to get loads of data on what SSP, ET or Milab experiencers are remembering or seeing in the night – to assess them and take action.

All of these three do joint interviews – Penny Bradley, Elena Kapulnik, and Tony Rodrgiues – and all have praised Peter after having a ‘consult’ – so combining this with the other suspicious things I have noticed about them I would suggest to you that it is very likely that they are also some type Controlled Opposition and are putting out disinfo. It is all connected. We can never underestimate the Zionists and their desire to control everything – and the amount of Controlled Opposition out there.


Hopefully this article has inspired people to think more critically and question all of these so called ‘insiders’ or ‘whistleblowers’. We cannot afford to be naive and uneducated on this planet – and we must question everything – the lies go so deep, the propaganda is so pervasive. And also to look into truth about Hitler and Germany’s National Socialist system – and the truth about the Second World War and the ‘Holocaust’. ‘Adolf Hitler – The Greatest story Never Told’ is a good video to start. Benjamin Friedman, Fred Leuchter, David Cole, Dennis Wise are also good people to start researching. These subjects are so critical when attempting to understand the many areas of the alternative media and the global Zionist conspiracy. It is important to remember that Hitler and Germany’s National Socialism was the biggest threat to the Communist Freemasonic Zionists and their aim for a New World Order – so the negative propaganda and lies about Hitler and Germany’s National Socialism is very pervasive. Understanding the truth about this subject will put huge doubts in your mind about these so called ‘Secret Space Program Whistleblowers’ and their negativity regarding Hitler and National Socialism (Nazis). I am certain that we are not getting the real truth about the Secret Interplanetary Space Operations that are occurring.

It is important for people to understand how much the Satanic Zionists strive to control every section of the alternative media – and each level of awakening… and there are levels. These Freemasonic Communist Zionists control so much, and have the funds to buy people and put numerous disinfo agents in place. They work at deceiving humanity continually – it’s non stop for them – they have clear goals and work at trying to achieving their New World Order with great determination, using various types of manipulations. We too must work hard – we must try to understand them and their agendas.

Best wishes, Rick

Just a few quotes below to show you that what you have been told about Hitler, WW2 and his National Socialism by the Zionist controlled media and education has just been on ongoing parade of lies and deception. I could have added many more from many more sources – there are more in the article about Zionism below these quotes.

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