‘Nazis’ – Secret Space Programs – ‘Dark Fleet’ – Disinfo – Breakaway Civilizations – Hitler – Germany – Corey Goode – William Tompkins – Randy Cramer – Ahlex – Milabs

‘Nazis’ – ‘Secret Space Program Whistleblowers’ – ‘Dark Fleet’ – Disinfo – Breakaway Civilizations – Hitler – National Socialism – Germany – Fourth Reich – Corey Goode – William Tompkins – Peter the Insider – Milabs – Psyops – Super Soldiers – Controlled Opposition


Update, May 2021 – This article was created in 2017, when I was just discovering the huge amounts of subversion within Ufology. I have now created a 5 part series explaining Ufology – they are superior articles – they can be found in my Ufology section – http://entityart.co.uk/category/ufology/ :

This article below is still valid, and has very good information and insights – but the ones above have far more clarity and a great deal more information. 


In this article I will discuss the propaganda against Germany, Hitler and his National Socialist movement (‘Nazis’) within the Secret Space Programs disclosure narrative. I will also discuss the various Secret Space Program ‘whistleblowers’ some anomalies regarding them and some of the things that resonate with me. As well as this, Controlled Opposition agents will be explained.

I research the global conspiracy a lot – as many areas of it as I can, from health, to transhumanism, MK ultra, fake terrorism, geopolitics, Zionism, Freemasonry, economics, history, WW2 etc etc. As well as this I also research the areas of ET abductions, Milabs and Secret Space Programs. I have been following the Secret Space Program area since it really came about – following all these ‘whistleblowers’ and ‘insiders’. This is mainly due to me having various related night-time flashbacks, night-time memories and ET experiences of my own. Ever since becoming lucid during various night time otherworldly operations, and the fragmented memories that have been returning in the night, I have been researching these areas incessantly and diligently.

With all the different areas of the global conspiracy I correlate information, cross reference and analyse what each is saying. Now when I cross reference and correlate Secret Space Program testimonies with what is happening, and what has happened, geopolitically on this planet some red flags come up – I become somewhat perplexed.

The reason for this is that I have discovered that Hitler and Germany were actually the good guys, and the Allied forces were the bad guys (To put it in simplified terms). There are articles on this website with a lot of information about this, from a wide variety of sources. But in Ufology and the SSP narrative there is such a lot of negativity directed towards the ‘Nazis’.

I simply research Hitler and WW2, as well as a great many other subjects, as it is very important part of the global conspiracy and our history – I am peaceful man, who cares about the planet and the people on it – and I like to seek the truth, to do this we must think critically and analyse. I research and write only with the intention to help humanity wake up and improve the situation here on Earth.

Anyone who is well researched would surely know that the term ‘Nazi’ was created by a Jewish man called Konrad Heiden as a slur and an insult against the National Socialists in Germany, look it up, research it. The National Socialist people in Germany were peaceful and they never called themselves ‘Nazis’ – this is verifiable with research. There is an article on this website explaining how the National Socialists in Germany were peaceful, altruistic, family orientated people… they did not want war and made so many peace proposals… we have been incessantly lied to about WW2, Hitler and the National Socialist German Workers Party (NSDAP) and their philosophies and ideals.

Is there a Fourth Reich… a Breakaway German Civilization?

There is of course this idea and notion of there being a Fourth Reich all over Ufology – and there are also some silly Hollywood anti-‘Nazi’ propaganda movies about this subject. But there is also documented evidence that a breakaway National Socialist German Group escaped at the end of WW2 – that a German group, that had advanced technology, went to Antarctica.:

There is of course the case of ‘Operation High Jump’:

“In 1947, Admiral Richard E. Byrd led 4,000 military troops from the U.S., Britain and Australia in an invasion of Antarctica called “Operation Highjump”, and at least one follow-up expedition.
That is fact. It is undeniable. But… the part of the story that is seldom told, at least in “official” circles, is that Byrd and his forces encountered heavy resistance to their Antarctic venture from “flying saucers” and had to call off the invasion….

Operation “High Jump”, which was, basically an invasion of the Antarctic, consisted of three Naval battle groups, which departed Norfolk, VA, on 2 December 1946. They were led by Admiral Richard E. Byrd’s command ship, the ice-breaker “Northwind,” and consisted of the catapult ship “Pine Island,” the destroyer “Brownsen,” the aircraft-carrier “Phillipines Sea,” the U.S. submarine “Sennet,” two support vessels “Yankee” and “Merrick,” and two tankers “Canisted” and “Capacan,” the destroyer “Henderson” and a floatplane ship “Currituck.” A British-Norwegian force and a Russian force, and I believe some Australian and Canadian forces were also involved….

Rumors began to circulate that even though Germany had been defeated, a selection of military personnel and scientists had fled the fatherland as Allied troops swept across mainland Europe and established themselves at a base on Antarctica from where they continued to develop advanced aircraft based on extraterrestrial technologies.

It is interesting to note that at the end of the war the Allies determined that there were 250,000 Germans unaccounted for, even taking into account casualties and deaths. This would be quite a population base for a fledgling colony, and provide the essential degree of skill, expertise, and pure manpower for an industrial base of any sort, let alone the production of, even by today’s standards, extremely high technology.” – Erich J Choron https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/antarctica/antartica11.htm

We know that Adolf Hitler and the NSDAP were working on advanced technology, and because of Hitler’s extremely successful economic reforms, and his elimination of debt slavery, he had turned them into an abundant county – so they had the resources and the infrastructure to work on advanced technology. In Ufology some say that they worked with some Extraterrestrial ‘Reptilian’ race – but there is not any evidence for this, just hearsay from some UFO ‘personalities’ – I believe the controlled agents within Ufology want people to believe that Hitler and Germany were and are in alliance with an evil race of Reptilian ETs.

There are also stories and some evidence that Hitler and the Germans may have been working with Aryan looking ETs that survived when their advanced craft crashed in 1938 (It is a possibility):

“To understand this dedication, it is necessary to go back, before the outbreak of the Second World War, to an isolated section of the Bavarian Alps, It was there, in the summer of 1938, that an Unidentified Flying Object, crewed by a distinctly human, and Aryan appearing race, made a forced landing, very similar to the one which was to occur, some ten years later, in the desert, near Roswell, New Mexico, in the United States.

While the occupants of the two craft were completely unrelated, the technology involved, seems to have been strikingly similar. Also, the outcome of the recovery effort, undertaken by Germany, just as a similar recovery effort was undertaken by the United States, had strikingly different results.

The Bavarian crash of 1938, seems to have yielded an functioning, or almost functioning and repairable (with the technology of the time) power plant, and a nearly completely destroyed, or unrepairable airframe. The Roswell crash resulted in exactly the opposite… a nearly intact airframe and a ruined power plant. Because of this, the German research, which was to follow, took a vastly different turn from that which was undertaken in the United States, some ten years later… Germany needed an airframe which was capable of supporting the “engine” (for lack of a better term), while the United States would eventually need an “engine” capable of giving maximum performance to the airframe.

This, of course, would explain the vast array of “experimental” aircraft… of extremely “unique” design… to literally pour out of the design bureaus of Messerschmidt, Focke Wulf, Fokker and a multitude of smaller firms in the period between 1939 and 1945. The most notable, of course, is the Sänger “Flying Wing” which was later copied by the United States, and is, of course, the ancestor of today’s “stealth” bomber and fighter designs… notably, the B-2 Heavy Bomber.

It is also beyond doubt that both Unidentified Flying Object recoveries are the initial impetus for the long standing and ongoing research in “anti-gravity” propulsion seen in work of current aircraft manufacturers such as Boeing and Lockheed in the United States, and PanAvia in Europe.

In any case, it was the work on “reverse engineering” the downed Bavarian Unidentified Flying Object that was the catalyst for the “exodus” to the South in the final days of the Second World War. Germany was in ruins, and the research was viewed, by those conducting it, as vital… vital enough to risk packing up all that they had and risking a perilous submerged crossing of the Atlantic.. to an isolated experimental and research base on a frozen continent…

Granted, by modern standards… even by the standards of the day… U-Boats were small and cramped. They had very little cargo capacity. Still, a tiny fleet of them… ten to twelve boats… could easily transport the essential equipment, making several “runs”, and serve to supply and, later re-supply the Antarctic bastion of the research.

Speculation exists, with much to support it, that at least one of the boats in the valiant little fleet contained the biggest prize of all… at least one living survivor of the 1938 crash… an Extraterrestrial… a literal Human Being… not a “Grey”… born on a distant planet. The best evidence indicates that there were several survivors of the crash, and that they worked, and are most likely still working, with the original German scientists and engineers, or their descendants, in an effort to construct a viable “flying disc”.

These are not the “Grey Aliens” of Roswell. These beings, biologically, completely human, are described as “Aryan” in appearance, and completely human, although at least two to three generations more advanced, technologically than Earth born Human Beings. While their technology is similar to that of the Grays in general theory, it is somewhat different, apparently, in application. – Erich J Choron

(I am not convinced that the Germans had offworld help. They had a history of being brilliant inventors, engineers and scientists.)

Here is a link to a free and very interesting online book, by the late great revisionist historian Ernst Zundel called – ‘UFOs Nazis Secret Weapon’. It is easily the best source of information on this subject. As well as a great deal of information about the National Socialist’s UFOs and advanced technology it also shows how it is very unlikely that Adolf Hitler killed himself:

A very interesting book on this topic.


Here is a free online PDF of the above book:


Here is another important link. It is Ernst Zundel responding to an inaccurate article. As well as discussing New Swabia, and the technology, he also talks about how the Roswell crash has elements of deception to it:


Here is a video about Operation Highjump called: New Swabia (Neuschwabenland) Antarctica:

Intent to destroy and lies:

Let’s be clear – these ‘Allied Forces’ (which were run by the Zionist Bankers) went to Antarctica to attempt to destroy these German Forces and then probably to attempt to capture some of their technology. I recommend you watch the documentary Hellstorm – or read the book by the same name. Then you will understand the horrendous war crimes that the ‘Allied Forces’ carried out the on the innocent German civilians at the end of the war. Also research – Eisenhower’s Rhine Meadows Death Camps. They wanted to obliterate all the Germans:

Winston Churchill: “German cities . . . will be subjected to an ordeal the like of which has never been experienced by a country in continuity, severity and magnitude . . . To achieve this end there are no lengths of violence to which we will not go.” [Garrett, Stephen A. Ethics and Airpower in World War II—The British Bombing of German Cities. New York: St. Martin’s Press, 1993. Page 31]

I will tell you that Neo-nazis have nothing to do with National Socialism and Hitler’s philosophies. The vast majority of neo-nazi groups are set up by agents to cause trouble and divide and conquer psyops. National Socialists are not racist and never were… listen to what Jesse Jackson and W.E.B. Du Bois say:

“The brilliant black historian and sociologist W.E.B. Du Bois visited National Socialist Germany in 1936. He related that he received more respect from the German academics then from his white colleagues back in America. He was treated like a human being in Germany, and stated: ‘The National Socialists did not show any trace of racial hatred toward blacks.’ Society under Nazis was completely integrated.

(Jesse) Owens said, “Hitler didn’t snub me – it was FDR who snubbed me. The president didn’t even send me a telegram.” On the other hand, Hitler sent Owens a commemorative inscribed cabinet photograph of himself. Jesse Owens was never invited to the White House nor were honors bestowed upon him by President Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR) or his successor Harry S. Truman during their terms though they did meet many other American medalists.” – http://lovkap.blogspot.co.uk/2012/10/germany-or-hitler-were-never-racist.html

And look at all the different nationalities that who fought alongside the National Socialists in WW2: African people, Asians, Muslims, and a great many different nationalities.

Again, the term ‘Nazi’ was created by a man called Konrad Heiden as a slur and an insult against the National Socialists in Germany, look it up, research it. In reality there really isn’t such a thing as a ‘Nazi’. The National Socialist people in Germany were peaceful and they never called themselves ‘Nazis’ – this is verifiable with research. There is an article on this website explaining how the National Socialists in Germany were peaceful, family orientated people, and showing how the National Socialist system brings great abundance to countries – it revolves around comradery, community and love for your follow country men – and importantly: a Debt Free Currency. That’s right, no debt-slavery in National Socialism.

We really have been incessantly lied to about WW2, Hitler and the National Socialist German Workers Party (NSDAP) and their philosophies and ideals.

Controlled Opposition

I have written an article which is on this website called ‘Controlled Opposition’. Controlled Opposition is everywhere in the alternative media. So I always try to assess whether each source could be Controlled Opposition. I have a university degree, a published academic article and I am a qualified teacher – I know how to research and to correlate and assess information.

I have found that there are networks of Controlled Opposition within the alternative media (all over it) – they back each other up.

Throughout history Controlled Opposition has been used to control the masses. It catches people like a net, holds onto them for a while, distracts then, gives them some truth, some carefully selected pieces of disinfo – and also makes sure certain very important truths are not exposed to the audience that they have managed to build up. The people who are in charge of this planet employ this tactic all the time.

“A controlled opposition is a protest movement that is actually being led by government agents. Nearly all governments in history have employed this technique to trick and subdue their adversaries.”

Notably Vladimir Lenin said:
“The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.”

I have also found in my research that pretty much all of the New World Order conspiracy leads to Israel and the Zionists – Israel/Zionists has/have so many agents infiltrating all areas of the alternative media (they are called the ‘Hasbara’ or the ‘Sayanim’). Some commentators call the Sayanim ‘The Sayanim Army – The largest Fifth Column in the World’ – one of their tactics is to create controlled opposition Limited Hangouts to distract, mislead and pacify the public. But this does not mean all controlled opposition are Sayanim – many people can just be bought or blackmailed or have just bought into an ideology – some are just controlled by the organizations they work for, or are affiliated to. I feel this is also the case with Secret Space Program narrative.

Well, the people who run these Secret Space Programs are going to be incredibly rich and want to maintain their power – and its huge, massive, massive business for them – so of course they are going to attempt to control the secret space program disclosure narrative. And I believe this is mainly being done through Corey Goode. I have written about Corey Goode on the website – there are so many anomalies, pacifying saviour programing, distracting fantastical ET stories, illogical testimonies, strange behaviour from him, affiliations to other obvious controlled opposition agents, the pushing of various agendas that the ‘elites’ love to push… Corey Goode has had lots of backing, and has been pushed and promoted. There will be some truth in there, but there will be lots of disinfo and distracting information – and I do not take any notice of his ET stories. And you do not break the system here on Earth just by having loving thoughts and raising your ‘vibration’- you must become knowledgeable, find solutions and take action… make changes. Create change.

On this website I also have an article on how the New Age movement (and Ufology) is mostly just run by agents – I have clearly highlighted this in this ‘New Age ’’ article and my ‘Controlled Opposition’ article — explaining how the New Age Movement is full of deceptive and pacifying modes of thinking – with lots of disinfo, just as Ufology is.

Secret Space Program ‘whistleblowers’ – Corey Goode:

We have this narrative coming from various so called ‘whistleblowers’ like William Tompkins and Corey Goode; saying that the ‘Nazis’ have created this ‘Dark Fleet’ and are a very negative group – That the ‘Nazis’ have been working with the Draco Reptilians and have an alliance with them, that they have been fighting for them and with them. He even says the ships look the ‘evil empire’s ships’ in the movie Star Wars. That the ‘Nazis’ have been aggressively colonizing other planets. It just doesn’t make any sense or add up. It does not correlate to what Nationals Socialist Germany and Hitler was really all about. See my article about this on this website to find out what the National Socialist Philosophies really were… again, they were about living in balance with nature, family, beauty, respect, peace, community, comradery, health etc. Again, The ‘Nazis’ the NSDAP (The National Socialist German Workers Party) were actually the good guys… if you do some real research you will find this out… David Irving, Ernst Zundel, Dennis Wise etc

Surely if the National Socialist Germans did create a breakaway civilizations around the time Hitler was in charge they would be adhering to these positive National Socialist Philosophies, which did not involve war and conquering – that is a lie you have been told. Hitler wanted peace, he wanted to uplift and empower people – he was not racist and was very respectful to other cultures and races. Hitler actually believed all races and cultures should strive, like the Germans, to the highest achievements and quality of life. Hitler was against the Zionists – he was trying to save his country and protect Europe from the Freemasonic Satanic Zionist Jewish Bankers and Communist Bolshevism. Hitler chucked them all out of Germany to create a thriving and happy society. He chucked out the very people that are still causing tremendous suffering all over this planet, and this was one of the main reason as to why the destroyed him. Remember, international Jewery declared war on the Germany in 1933, way before the beginning of WW2 – this is verifiable truth. (see attached image)

From some of the Secret Space Program ‘whistleblowers’ we also get this ‘Operation Paperclip’ narrative of ‘Nazi’ scientists going to America and infiltrating it and taking over. The Zionists are in control of America – not ‘Nazis’! So some German scientists appear to have gone to America after the second world war – but there is not any evidence that the ‘Nazis’ have infiltrated and ‘taken over’ America – it is just more propaganda. If you are a German scientist and after the war you and your family were offered a life there, rather than death – you would choose to go there. I am definitely not buying the Operation Paperclip narrative as it is told to us. ‘Nazis have not taken over America – please… give me a break… It’s the Zionists and Israel who are in control of America! Everyone who is knowledgeable and truly awake knows that Israel controls American Foreign Policy – watch some Jim Traficant (ex congressman) videos on YouTube, just for starters.

As mentioned before – I am also very suspicious of the idea and notion put forward of that the German National Socialists are creating an alliance with the Satanic and psychopathic ‘Reptilians’. These so called ‘Reptilians’ or ‘Reptoids’ that are described have so much more in common with the Satanic Zionists than The National Socialist German Workers Party. It all sounds like more anti-National Socialist Germany and anti-Hitler propaganda and disinfo. Again, people need to realise that in modern times Hitler and National Socialist Germany were the biggest threat that the Satanic Zionists and Freemasons (Illuminati) had ever faced – they will do all they can to make everyone think Hitler and The National Socialist German Workers Party were evil.

Ahlex – The Fourth Reich – National Socialism – Breakaway Civilization

There is an interesting testimony on Youtube from a young man called Ahlex, in which he relays information he say he has about the Fourth Reich breakaway civilization. He did a series of interviews with Miles Johnston. He relays some interesting experiences he has had, memories which have come back to him – experiences which I can relate to, as I too have seen some very unusual things I have been involved in – various memories and flashbacks. (there is an article about my experiences on this website) There are some interesting historical and geopolitical aspects to his information.

Ahlex says that Hitler was not karmically responsible for the holocaust. (And of course there is lots of evidence that the holocaust was a hoax, that no ‘gassings’ took place – so this certainly seems to be correct). Although he doesn’t say the holocaust never occurred just that it was ‘the reptilians’…

Ahlex also says he was told that the National Socialist system used in Germany is the closest system to what the free worlds in the rest of the galaxy use – and from my research I can totally believe that. Hitler transformed Germany into a thriving country with his brand of National Socialism (The National Socialist German Workers Party) – and to do this he kicked out the Satanic Zionists and Freemasons.

Ahlex suggests that from his experiences, and from what has been told, that the Fourth Reich SSP breakaway civilization is fighting against the Reptilians and looking to free humanity. Relaying some memories he has been given related to this.

Ahlex relays all this information in a one off set of eight interviews, and then pretty much says ‘that’s all I had to relay to the public’, and that he would do no more interviews. 

So, a few things he said were of interest in his long testimony, but he still has savior programming in his testimony ( ‘the 4th Reich will save us’, which can only pacify people) – he still says its the ‘reptilians’ causing all the problems on the planet (he is not exposing the Jewish supremacists and Zionism). He is a limited hangout – nothing he actually says says helps humanity, just more stories to distract people. I just find it amazing that he promoted National Socialism – as I believe National Socialism is a solution and an antidote to the New World Order and Jewish Zionist Supremacy (see my article on National Socialism). I am sure there is an agenda in there with all this… we all know Ufology is totally controlled by the Jewish Zionists, mainly through the use of Sayanim controlled opposition agents. (Update:  I have now had the opportunity to analyse James Casbolt’s and Max Spiers’ testimonies – they are full of more disinfo than I had realised – Ahlex references them… Ahlex is not genuine… he is an actor… it’s just more psyops… Ahlex is mainly attempting to introduce some more pacifying savior programming…)

You can see that above I have suggested that the holocaust was hoax – and I absolutely believe that it was a hoax. Regarding the holocaust and Germany: The work of Fred Leuchter, Nick Kollerstrom, Ernst Zundel, David Irving, David Cole, Benjamin Friedman and Dennis Wise should all be listened to or read. The Dennis Wise documentary ‘Adolf Hitler: the Greatest Story Never Told’ should be watched by everyone for some Hitler and Germany truth. And again, there is no evidence of gassings taking place – there were no actual functioning gas chambers at the work camps. You can read the books: The Myth of German Villainy – by Benton L Bradberry, Germany’s War, by John Wear and Hellstorm – by Thomas Goodrich to get you started on the Truth of WW2.

This is a link to an amazing site that has an extremely definitive and conclusive collection of information and images on the Holocaust – that will show you what really happened in those work camps. This linked article conclusively shows that the Holocaust did not happen — if you really want to wake up, read through it all: Holocaust Deprogramming Course

People could also watch the Fred Leuchter investigations to begin with when researching the holocaust, there are also videos of researchers going to the Treblinka site and using technology to scan for mass graves – and no mass graves could be found. No gas residue at the so called chambers was found, and none of the blue staining that should be there on the walls – the only evidence is stories, stories which have been shown to have lots of inconsistencies, and many so called witnesses have been shown to change their stories. The Zionists won the war and wrote the history. The chambers were also modified after the war, this has been admitted and proved – and even then they still could not possibly have been used for the gassings of people. And there is not one document found after the war showing that Hitler had any plans to exterminate or gas Jews – none at all. The reason for the pictures of emaciated people at the end of the wars was that the Zionist led allied forces had bombed the german infrastructure so badly that no supplies could get to the Work Camps – this also meant that diseases such as typhus spread quickly. Anyway, the whole holocaust story is a mathematical impossibility and totally illogical. They were work camps. The holocaust is used by the Zionists to further their New World Order agendas.

When you come to see all the lies we have been told about Germany, Hitler, the ‘holocaust’, National Socialism and the second world war – I am sure you too will begin to question all these ufology researchers and Secret Space Programs whistleblowers that keep perpetuating and pushing this whole notion of a ‘Dark Fleet’ of negative ‘Nazis’ out there in space. It just doesn’t correlate with historical truths. It just sounds like more of this anti-Hitler and anti National Socialist German Workers Party (again, not ‘Nazis’) Hollywood propaganda – please look into who owns Hollywood – who runs it… its run by Jewish people… Jewish Zionists – so they can continually pump out propaganda… and they seem to be doing this in the alternative media as well. I think it is very likely that there a Breakaway German Space Faring Group, that broke way at the time of WW2, but I do not buy into all this ‘dark fleet’ rhetoric and all the negativity.

Other Secret Space Program ‘Whistleblowers’

I have already mentioned the anti-‘Nazi’ (National Socialist German Workers Party) rhetoric from obvious controlled opposition: Corey Goode and William Tompkins. William Tompkins was an engineer working for these companies in the U.S that apparently developed these ships used for the Secret Space program – of course he is going to be controlled.

Theres is Randy Cramer who also says he was used in Secret Space Programs – no mention of the ‘evil Nazis’ doing bad stuff out there from him – but, to me, he is clearly controlled and relays pretty much the same script in each interview.

There is a group of less well known whistleblowers – four of them who are connected: Penny, Illeana, Tony and Kevan. Two of them say that they were used by the ‘Nazi Dark fleet’ that Corey Goode talks about. Stories from them that the ‘Nazis’ are in league with the Reptilians and are aggressively colonizing other planets, shooting missiles at planets needlessly etc. There is some information that resonates somewhat with me in their testimonies, that these Secret Space Programs involve kidnapping, slavery, pedophilia and traumatic mind fracturing… as this could well be the case. But this would be the Zionist run SSP programs – it is the Zionist bankers who are into satanism, pedophilia and slavery (communist type systems) – The German National Socialists certainly weren’t.

But I also have found a great many anomalies and inconsistencies in their testimonies, and some are connected to very obvious controlled opposition agents. Could this group be also be put in place to help control the SSP disclosure narrative? Of course they could be – when you know how this game all works on this planet… when you have uncovered other networks of controlled opposition in the alternative media… you know that this happens all the time. There are just another group of Controlled Opposition to distract you by creating a limited hangout – and they are there to give you an alternative to Corey Goode and ‘friends’.

One of this group was apparently vetted by Rob Potter and Michael Salla. Now, I absolutely don’t think Rob Potter is to be trusted – he is just another Controlled Opposition agent, a part of the network. I have written articles about Corey Goode and Cobra that are on this website, that show that these two people are Controlled Opposition disinfo agents. Rob Potter promotes both of these two. And Michael Salla promotes Corey Goode vigorously. Michael Salla is obvious Controlled Opposition to me. Michael Salla’s articles also demonstrate hardly any knowledge of what is really happening geopolitically on this planet, hardly any critical thinking and they just distract people from the real issues. So if he is connected to Potter and Salla then that sends up Red Flags. As already mentioned, to me, Corey Goode and Cobra are such obvious pacifying and disempowering psyops, you can read my articles on these two: (Article Links)

Cosmic Disclosure – Corey Goode – Controlled Opposition – Secret Space Programs

Cobra, (The Portal) is Controlled Opposition putting out Disinfo

As mentioned, a few of these whistleblowers are putting forward that the SSP’s are essential kidnapping people and using them and that the Secret Space Programs are based around slavery – and highlighting how terrible the mind fracturing is – as well as exposing the pedophilia that takes place in he projects. This is unlike Corey Goode, who seems to be trying to sanitize the SSP’s saying – and I am paraphrasing here – ‘that one day all the people used in the SSPs will sit around and joke about their experiences with a drink’ – he said something like this. From my memory fragments I don’t think this will be the case – these SSP’s seem very brutal and traumatic – lots of death and abuse. I think people will need a tremendous amount of counselling.

This is an important thing to realise – these Secret Space Programs or Projects that are affiliated to Earth (not the German Breakaway Group) would be mainly run by the people who are in charge of this planet – the powerful Bankers – and these sorts of people are usually Jewish Zionists – they are into satanism, pedophilia, sacrifice etc. I think what is going on out there in the solar system is probably even worse than what is going on down here… and there are terrible things happening down here.

Why is there all this ‘Nazi’ talk but not calling out any other groups?… The German National Socialists (NSDAP) promoted traditional music, peaceful cultural traditions, community, altruistic behavior… Hitler and the NSDAP outlawed testing on animals, were one of the first to bring through legislation to limit smoking, brought forth legislation to limit prostitution… the NSDAP were not promoters of hedonistic lifestyles…. Why are we getting negative rhetoric about them, but none of the other Earth groups are being called out? Controlled Opposition? Controlling the Narrative? It all just sounds just like more anti-German and anti-Hitler and anti-National socialist propaganda.

A major problem I have with this lesser known group of SSP ‘whistleblowers’ is how they are connected to someone called ‘Peter the Insider’ – someone who does interviews with James Rink.

‘Peter the Insider’

I have listened to ‘Peter’ on James Rink’s youtube channel – some of the things ‘Peter’ comes out with… they sound totally ridiculous to me, and there is lots of disinfo, so much. As well as this there is all this negative talk regarding the Fourth Reich by ‘Peter’, which I will address in a later paragraph. There is definite disinfo in his information: One of the most obvious was when he said that the guy who did The Orlando Pulse Shooting was some sort of MK Ultra supersoldier. No he wasn’t. The Orlando Pulse shooting was fake, a total hoax using crisis actors. The guy they said did it (Omar Mateen) was an actor – he was proven to be an actor by so many truthers – he has film credits. In this event he was a hired crisis actor. All the interviews afterwards were done by terrible crisis actors. (One of the worst was Norman Casiano, apparently getting ‘shot’ four times with a semi automatic rifle, and then coming out of hospital the next day for an interview! He says the bullets went straight through his torso, he had no bullets wounds at all.) The official story was also totally illogical, and there is so much illogical footage. Look into it – the Orlando Pulse Shooting was fake, just like Sandy Hook, the Boston Bombing and all these fake terror events they are constantly creating in the US and around Europe, used to forward the Zionists agendas. They are created by the Talmudic Zionists. So, to me, it is glaringly obvious that ‘Peter the Insider’ is definitely putting out disinfo about this event – and so what else is he lying about? I don’t trust him one bit. You cannot underestimate how manipulative the Jewish Talmudic Supremacists and Freemasons are, they put disinfo agents in place all over the internet and alternative media.

Again, I am absolutely convinced that there are agents and Controlled Opposition personalities infiltrating movements everywhere, all throughout the Alternative Media – especially and particularly all over the UFO field and New Age Movement. I have an article about this on this website, highlighting and exposing the ‘New Ages’ psyops and deceptions. Such as the fake rhetoric about ‘The Event’ and the ‘Solar Flash Ascension’ etc – these are pacifying psyops – they are just designed to pacify the people, and stop them from being proactive, becoming more knowledgeable, finding solutions and taking actions against the system.

‘Peter the Insider’ also regularly talks about a Fourth Reich Nazi group that lives in alternative reality or timeline – he talks about them a lot… it is very clearly a propaganda agenda. ‘Peter’ suggests that the ‘Nazi group’ in an ‘alternate reality’ are a big threat to our reality and are attempting to come back or get into our reality, or our timeline. We should get this clear – if Hitler and the National Socialists won the Second World War the world would be a better place. The world would not be run by the Satanic Freemasonic Zionists and these debt slavery banking cartels. (Read the book: The History of Central Banking: and the enslavement of Mankind by Stephen Mitford Goodson) This idea that the world would be a terrible place if the German National Socialists won is just more propaganda and disinfo, Adolf Hitler was essentially fighting against the Jewish international banking cartels (that still rule us today), as Hitler had eliminated their influence in Germany and created a thriving economy without the backing of gold and by issuing a debt free currency and getting rid of debt slavery in his country – so they brought war against him and Germany. To me this shows that ‘Peter the Insider’ is a disinfo agent, that he is putting out disinfo . (Do people really fall for all his stories about evil ‘Nazis’ in an alternate reality that are trying to influencing our planet, and trying to get into our reality?). I am not going to go through all the claims he makes, you can listen for yourself, and if you are capable of critical thinking I’m sure you will develop the same opinion as me – that he is an obvious Controlled Opposition agent. James Rink does not seem to vet people who go on his YouTube show – at all… not one bit… hmm ??

Three of these lesser known SSP whistleblowers all sang ‘Peters the Insider’s’ praises, and endorsed his consultations and worked with him, so combining this with the other suspicious things I have noticed about them this suggests to me that they could be being used to help control the SSP disclosure narrative… Are they putting out disinfo and creating a limited hangout? Well, they are certainly creating a limited hangout… and yes it sounds like they are certainly putting out disinfo and are part of a controlled opposition network.

If you don’t know, ‘Peter’ says that he works for the ACIO, (an organisation that he says has detailed files on all ET abductions, Milab operations, Super Soldiers etc). Peter said that he would give free consultations for people with memories of being used in some of these secret projects – SSP, Milabs, ET abductions and ‘Super Soldier’ type experiences. People had to write in describing what they had remembered and then they may get contacted for a consult. To me, it was obviously a way to get information from people. So he was saying ‘I can give you some intel about your fragmented memories, but first all of you write in and tell me what you are remembering’ – this was widely accepted on a ‘Super Soldier’ forum I was following as a way of collecting intel on those gaining memories of ET abductions and the Black Ops Milab type operations they get glimpses of in the night – this can then of course be used against them: targeting, monitoring or increased monitoring, re-abduction etc… It is a great way to get loads of data on what SSP, ET or Milab experiencers are remembering or seeing in the night – to assess them and take action.

There is a so called ‘seer’ that Peter is affiliated with, who has appeared on James Rink’s show with ‘Peter’. She talked of these screens she sees. Now I have experiences where I see framed screens in the middle of the night, in my third eye, that contain images and strange movies – so I thought I would get a reading from her via skype, and see what she had to say. After this session I was not impressed at all, I would strongly suggest that this woman is not genuine, she appears to be another storyteller and a controlled opposition agent. 

Milab testimonies – Milabs referring to SSP related experiences

As I mentioned before, I have memories, flashbacks and experiences that are perhaps related to Milab, Secret Space Programs and Super Soldier type operations… which may actually be more related to ET contact and an ET Group I am connected to… but it got me interested in this subject. I relate more to testimonies by other people who I have not yet mentioned in this article. People whose experiences are more varied and more credible in my eyes. Secret Space Program is a term I don’t like, I don’t like the Super Soldier term either. Secret Space Program experiences, Milab experiences, ET abductions, Super Soldier type experiences, MK Ultra Black Ops experiences, Astral operations, Other dimensional experiences, remote viewing experiences – are all so linked. I have seen various operations I have involved in, they are so varied – and you can’t just put a simple label over them as they are diverse.

There is an interview by a lady called Karol, which she did with the Milab researcher James Bartley. Karol comes across as genuine and credible. Her experiences of being in Mars are somewhat different to the group of SSP experiences that I talked about previously in this article. She does not talk about ‘twenty and backs’, but suggests these terms, or periods in which she is used for operations for, can be months at a time and then put back as though no time had passed here. She does not refer to a ‘dark fleet’. Karol talks about her targeting – which I can relate to as I am targeted individual. Karol gets emotional and has a bit if a cry at one point… She also talks of her experience battling cyborgs, I too have had a flashback fragmented memory of battling cyborgs. I feel her testimony is more credible than the SSP ones I have mentioned.

I have mentioned Ahlex’s interview with Miles Johnston before. Again, my brief nightime experiences align much more with what he has experienced: ET contact – taken onto bases – going through portals – various unusual memories – military operations / involving rescue missions – ET contact in astral experiences etc etc. He also gets very emotional and displays some confusion as he attempts to come to terms with some of these memories and experiences. He describes how difficult his life is, and has been, due to what he has been involved in. And of course the things he has said about National Socialist Germany and Hitler also makes his testimony more credible.

There are earlier Milab type testimonies: David Marrow, Sarah Stanga, Alara Blackwell. With these testimonies you can see people trying to come to terms with their experiences – attempting to analyse it themselves, posing questions – they are not pretending to know what they all mean. They are people attempting to come to terms with these traumatic experiences and their targeting. As well as this these people also have little details that the SSP whistleblowers I have mentioned above don’t tend to have. All these people are more credible to me that any of these SSP whistleblowers. There is also, of course, James Casbolt’s first few interviews. And there are Max Spiers earliest interviews, where he describes his experiences in a similar way, posing questions, little details, some confusion, and trying to come to terms with them – they seem more credible than the group of SSP whistleblowers mentioned in this article – although there is definetly disinfo in both Max Spiers and James Casbolts testimonies.

(Note: I have completed further analysis. Now I actually think all these people above are controlled – all of them – and they are putting out disinfo and controlling a narrative – this new article, link below, will explain )

‘Super Soldiers’ – Disinfo – Psyop – James Casbolt, Max Spiers and others

People might be being used in these secret space based milab type projects – and I feel there are some genuine testimonies (some of the Milab testimonies), but the SSP ‘whistle-blowers’ seem to have been put out / placed there, to control the secret space program disclosure narrative.

I have researched Ufology such a great deal because my own experiences and it is totally controlled by Sayanim agents – it is like one massive controlled limited hangout. Trying to find any truth in Ufology is almost impossible. Because I am very knowledgeable about so many other areas on the global conspiracy I see through all their disinfo… and because I have a high I.Q and an excellent memory I see anomalies and inconsistencies in testimonies… and I see networks of controlled opposition.

Could the majority of these people involved in the Milab and SSP disclosure narrative (particularly The SSP narrative) be controlled? I think, yes, its very possible, and likely, that the majority are controlled. Well, they are all certainly limited hangouts and none of them offer any practical solutions or help to humanity… and many are putting out obvious disinfo – and they mainly provide distracting unverifiable stories.

Closing Thoughts

As previously mentioned: I believe that Corey Goode, Randy Cramer and William Tompkins are being used to control the supposed SSP disclosure narrative. And Corey Goode says a lot about this so called ‘Nazi Dark Fleet’, and in another articles on this website I have shown him to be highly suspicious and to me he is certainly some sort of Controlled Opposition. Corey makes the German Breakaway Group out to be this mysterious and ominous ”dark fleet’ that colonizes other planets and works with the evil ‘Reptilians’. He says the ships look the ‘evil empire’s ships’ in the movie Star Wars. Again, it just sounds like the anti-Germany and anti-National Socialist rhetoric we get from Zionist controlled Hollywood.

The powers that be are going to try and control the SSP disclosure narrative, this is clear, they try to control all areas of the alternative media.

But its almost all of Ufology – there is always the use of the word ‘Nazi’ and the disinfo regarding Hitler and the National Socialism.

I believe that we are not getting the real or full truth about the Secret Interplanetary Space Operations that are occurring in our solar system – I believe that it’s mainly lots of stories from Controlled Opposition agents.

I believe there is a decent chance that there is German Breakaway Group/Space Fleet out there, but I don’t think we are getting the truth about them. I think they would be looking to try and help humanity and this planet in some way – working against the satanic Zionist banking cartels and their infrastructure. But I don’t think they will be our saviors, we have to do it ourselves and come up with solution’s and take action

Hopefully this article has inspired people to think more critically and question all of these so called ‘insiders’ or ‘whistleblowers’. We cannot afford to be naive and uneducated on this planet – and we must question everything – the lies go so deep, the propaganda is so pervasive. And also to look into truth about Hitler and Germany’s National Socialist system – and the truth about the Second World War and the ‘Holocaust’. ‘Adolf Hitler – The Greatest story Never Told’ is a good video to start. Ernst Zundel, Benjamin Freedman, Fred Leuchter, Dennis Wise are also good people to start researching. These subjects are so critical when attempting to understand the many areas of the alternative media and the global conspiracy.

It is important to remember that Hitler and Germany’s National Socialism was the biggest threat to the Freemasonic Jewish Supremacist Zionists and their aim for a New World Order / One World Government – so the negative propaganda and lies about Hitler and Germany’s National Socialism is very pervasive. Understanding the truth about Hitler and The National Socialist Workers Party (NSDAP) should cause you to question the legitimacy of many of the testimonies in the Ufology arena.

You must also realize who your oppressors are, it’s not the ‘Illuminati’ or ‘The Cabal’ – its the 33rd degree and above Freemasons and the Jewish Supremacist Zionists – read ‘The Protocol of the Learned Elders of Zion’… it actually shows you exactly why the world is as it is, you can see that these protocols are in full force.

It is important for people to understand how much the Satanic Zionists strive to control every section of the alternative media – and each level of awakening… and there are levels. These Zionists (International Jewry) control so much and put numerous disinfo agents in place. They work at deceiving humanity continually – it’s non stop for them – they have clear goals and work at trying to achieving their New World Order with great determination, using various types of manipulations. We too must work hard – we must try to understand them and their agendas. And we can never underestimate the amount of Controlled Opposition that is put in place out there.

You don’t save humanity and get real beneficial disclosure through sharing ET stories – you get it by becoming knowledgable, finding solutions and taking action against the system – if these Satanic Zionist Bankers have the power they aren’t going to do any disclosing for our benefit. I have three articles on this website that discuss the root causes of the world’s problems and that offer solutions. One on ‘Zionism’, One on ‘Usury and Debt Slavery’ and one on the truth about ‘National Socialism’.

Limited Hangouts:

Pretty much everyone one of these personalities or groups in the New Age Movement or Ufology and the SSP narrative are limited hangouts:

Are they emphasising the problems Israel and Zionists cause?
Are they emphasising the problems that the mind control cult of Judaism causes?
Are they telling you that Israel controls American foreign policy?
Are they telling you about the amount of International Laws Israel has broken?
Are they emphasing the need to get rid the Debt Slavery and how debt slavery is the Satanic Zionists power-base and root cause of our problems?
Are they telling you about the Jewish and Freemasonic agendas related to the rebuilding of the Satanic Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem? Are the telling you about their plans for world domination?
Are they telling you Trump is working for the Zionists?
Are they telling you Hitler was actually the good guy, did nothing wrong, and was fighting against those who are oppressing us today?
Are they telling you about the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion?
Are they telling you about the Kalergi Plan?
Are they telling you about The Greater Israel Project?
Are they telling you that no real positive change will occur until each country takes control of their money, ends usury and debt slavery, taking away the Jewish Zionist powerbase?
Are they offering any real solutions? — NO, they are not!!

They provide you with pacifying philosophies, distracting unsubstantiated ET stories and saviour programming… all to stop you from being truly knowledgeable and making practical beneficial changes.

Just thinking loving thoughts or trying to raise your vibration will not stop these Jewish Zionists and the Satanic forces. ‘The Event’ is not coming soon, ‘The Ascension Wave of Energy’ is not coming soon, ‘The Solar Flash’ is not coming soon… these are all psyops – pacifying psyops. It’s all Controlled Opposition agents feeding people with disinfo. Never underestimate how many Controlled Opposition agents are out there.

Here is a Bitchute Channel with a great many Hiter and WW2 Truth Videos. The image is linked it will open in a new tab if you click on it:


Here is a link to another channel on a censorship free site with a great many Hitler Truth videos:


Here is an article I produced more recently that explains this subject very clearly and has a great deal more information:

Ufology Explained – Part 1 – The German Breakaway Group – Psyops, Disinfo and Truths – Antarctica, WW2, UFOs, Technology

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8 thoughts on “‘Nazis’ – Secret Space Programs – ‘Dark Fleet’ – Disinfo – Breakaway Civilizations – Hitler – Germany – Corey Goode – William Tompkins – Randy Cramer – Ahlex – Milabs

  • October 31, 2017 at 12:29 pm

    I am very happy to have found you! With your article I have now been able to put all my thoughts n feelings which I have been experiencing into perspective, to form a clear focus for future research

    • November 2, 2017 at 6:22 pm

      Thanks Sylvie. I am glad my research and insights have helped you.

  • July 3, 2020 at 11:54 pm

    I think a lot of people with SSP memories have actually undergone traumatic MK mind control programming and genuinely believe they have been in a SSP, 20 and back etc, even though they haven’t. This doesn’t make them controlled opposition though. They genuinely believe these experiences are real because they have had false memories inserted. The zionists implanted these memories to spread their lies. these people aren’t CO, they are unwitting victims of the Z agenda.

  • July 5, 2020 at 7:38 am

    They are Controlled Opposition. Most of these so-called ssp ‘whistleblowers’ are jewish… jewish controlled opposition. They have been told what to say, given a script that they must stick to. There aren’t many of them out there – but they are small networks of Controlled liars. I have analysed their rhetoric… I have delved deeply into this subject and their stories.

    I am someone who has many memories, very vivid memories, that came back during sleep. There are some projects that people have been involved in, but there are not stemming from Earth. I know how Control Opposition works in Ufology. They put information out there to control the narrative in all cases. There has been a concerted effort to distract from certain Truths and to gatekeep.

    I recommend you read my ‘Ufology Explained’ article on this website. There is more information on this there.


  • August 1, 2020 at 7:33 pm

    Wernher von Braun is said to have warned that (((they))) will use a false flag “Alien Invasion’ in an attempt to usher in their NWO. That the US government is attempting to become ‘transparent’ and ‘honest’ I find alarming. Definitely something to keep an eye on as more and more footage gets released.

  • May 13, 2021 at 11:20 pm

    I’m glad I found this. I just recently learned about Tony Rodrigues and Randy Cramer. I saw an interview with Tony and ‘Johan Fritz’. After I saw it, strange lights showed up in my room and the next morning I was lethargic. Staring at the walls and really out of it. I read through my Withdrawal Of Consent and less than 10 min later I had a black helicopter over my house. Flying so low the walls were shaking. I contacted Tony and told him to be careful of Johan. In that interview Johan was flashing Masonic hand signs and programming with his hands which I picked up on. 2 months later Tony did another interview with Johan and I thought that was suspicious. Through Tony I found Randy. I contacted him 3 months ago and never got a reply. I started watching more of his interviews and noticed him doing the hand signs as well. Added to that, the USMC alleges they don’t have a record of Randy Cramer. Which means that’s not his real name. And if he were lying and full of it, surely he would have been removed. But he’s still talking, so *someone* is putting him out there. I also don’t agree with his reality of aliens coming down to be our friends and teach us their language and trade with us. I used to believe Max Spiers until the BBC announced his death which I found odd.
    I was beginning to wonder if something was off about the survivors of these programmes. It’s as though some of them are in a club and some aren’t. I have noticed there’s a lot of exclusivity; you can only see Tony’s videos on Patreon that you have to pay for. Randy is teaching psionics classes at $100-$500 and no-one has that sort of money. They seem to be scamming the real victims of these programmes and cashing off of their vulnerability. Something is certainly wrong with it all and I’m glad someone is willing to say they are controlled ops..

  • December 15, 2023 at 5:12 pm

    I always wonder about the image of early Type VII U-boats accompanied by Vril saucers. For some reason the illustrators can never get it quite right. The Type VII was originally designed as a coastal boat. However due to German genius, it was discovered that by running on the surface and shutting down one of the diesels while running the propeller with the electric motor the boat’s range could be extended to cross the Atlantic. The Type VII was the most produced U-boat during the war with more than 700 examples being built.

    At 200 examples, the Type IX was the second most produced boat after the Type VII. The Type IX was Germany’s first true, ocean going, long range submarine. By far, the most advanced U-boat was the Type XXI “Elektroboot” of which a 118 were produced by the end of the war, but these submarines never saw combat. The Type XXI was the first true submarine designed to stay and cruise underwater, unlike earlier submarines designed as surface vessels that could submerge. The Type XXI had a range of almost 15,500 miles at 10 knots on the surface. The hulls of America’s early atomic submarines like the Nautilus were pattered after the Type XXI.

    So if those evil Nahdzees had planned on “escaping” to secret bases in the Antarctic, they would have done so in the advanced Type XXI Elektroboot. Thus the Vril saucers should be pictured flying over two Type XXI U-boots. The idea for the Type VII escape to the Antarctic came from the U-977 that sailed to Mar del Plata Argentina, where it was interned after the war had ended.

    “German submarine U-977 was a World War II Type VIIC U-boat of Nazi Germany’s Kriegsmarine which escaped to Argentina after Germany’s surrender. The submarine’s voyage to Argentina led to legends, apocryphal stories and conspiracy theories that it and U-530 had transported escaping Nazi leaders (such as Adolf Hitler) and/or Nazi gold to South America and that it had made a secret voyage to Antarctica.”

    One example of each type of submarine still exists. There is a Type VII located at the Laboe Naval Memorial near Kiel, a Type IX, located at Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry and a Type XXI, located the Maritime Museum in Bremerhaven.


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