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I have researched this area of the alternative media heavily, as I have had various otherworldly experiences: ET collections, third-eye experiences, seeing screens in a void in the night, night time flashbacks / recollections of taking part in some projects or missions… but it all seems to be connected to an ET group. I wanted to explain why I know so much about this subject, and why I have had such an interest in it. I have incessantly researched looking for answers… I discovered networks of controlled opposition. 

(Note: I wrote and published this article quite some time ago, but had to repost it as a ‘post’ as I changed my website theme.)


If you are knowledgeable and well researched, in all areas of the alternative media and global conspiracy, you find controlled opposition agents everywhere: A very obvious one is Alex Jones, for example – in fact the majority of the alternative media is Controlled Opposition. When you know how it all works on this planet and the depths of the manipulations and lies, it is easy to see the deceivers.

“A controlled opposition is a protest movement that is actually being led by government agents. Nearly all governments in history have employed this technique to trick and subdue their adversaries.”

Notably Vladimir Lenin said:
“The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.”

I am going to write this with the assumption that you know a decent amount about Corey Goode’s testimony – about the Secret Space Program narrative he provides and this group of Extraterrestrials that he claims to be in contact with. I listened to at least 7 series of Cosmic Disclosure… and have read pretty much all his articles – I know what Corey has been saying.

Corey Goode’s Secret Space Program Testimony and the Sphere Being Alliance

Memories and Geopolitics

Regarding the glass pads that Corey talks about: Do you really really believe that these SSPs, which would be very corrupt and nefarious, just like our governments, would put ALL the information about all the different SSPs and the solar system on these glass pads for research vessel technicians and empaths to read?!

Do you really believe that all of this info on the glass pads that Corey talks about is totally accurate and correct? Look at our own history books, they are full of lies and distracting information – the SSPs are run by the same sort of people who run this planet.

(Come on people, these SSPs (if they are out there) are going to be run by the same Satanic Zionist Freemasonic Luciferian Bankers that run this planet. They are going to be run by highly manipulative nefarious deceivers.)

A note on censorship – we have people being censored left right and center on all of Social Media. People exposing fake terrorism, zionist / jewish power, that israel did 9/11, revisionist Truth about Hitler / WW2… people having their channels terminated and videos taken down. Why is Corey not having any censorship, when the ET reality is one of, if not the most, closely guarded subject… if they did not want this info out there he would have been censored heavily. But ET / Ufology stories have no effect on the New World Order agenda.

Corey Goode’s Cosmic Disclosure is also on ( a very suspicious organisation, full of pacifying new age misinformation and obvious controlled opposition personalities ) and Corey has had millions of views on YouTube… come on people, he is not a threat to the New World Order Agenda, heavily supported and no censorship.

How does Corey remember all this information from the glass pad? When people remember only a small percentage of what they read? Think about an article or book you read years ago…

Let’s deal with him saying he has all, or most, of his memories back. If you were to get all your memories back from 20 years, or longer, it would take a very long assimilation period… It doesn’t make sense…

Just think about that, trying to assimilate a third of a lifetime, surely it would take nearly a third of a life to re-live and assimilate all these memories… and then come to terms with them…? We are talking about thousands upon thousands of hours of memories – they aren’t going to just all return in a flash…the mind can’t cope with that… how exactly are these so called ‘memories’ returning and being assimilated into all his other memories? Does he have full visual memory? Is it also audio memory? Taste and touch as well? He doesn’t discuss these things, and of course we get no real probing questions from David Wilcock, none at all. ( I listened to what Corey has to say about his memories – and it is not discussed in depth at all, and not at all convincing… brushed over… we are supposed just accept he got all his memories back ) And think about what a memory actually is and then how they fade etc – it’s usually pretty vague and fuzzy… are all these returning memories crisp and clear? As that would be totally overwhelming and probably cause a psychotic episode… how vivid are they? Did they replay like a movie – a twenty year movie? To assimilate 20 years into the memories you already have…

How this Psyop is negatively affecting humanity:

He promotes a ‘One World Religion’, via his so called ET associates ( this is exactly what the Zionist Jews want – read their scriptures – it is a part of their New World Order agenda – it involves mixing all the races ( which they are trying to do through mass immigration i.e – The Kalergi Plan) and a One World Government – and One World Religion)

He also promotes pacifying New Age spirituality. Just raising your vibration is not going to save humanity. Practical solutions derived from economic, political and sociological knowledge is needed to save us from the New World Order agenda. Revolution and solutions. (Just raising your vibration is a psyop!)

More pacifying, with the ‘saviour programing’ that comes with Goode’s stories. (Goode can say what he likes, but some people believe these blue avians are out there helping us, protecting us, and assisting us, some believe they are our saviours – I have seen the comments on the internet from the ‘believers’… all because of his stories)

Distraction, these ET and Inner Earth stories… people are using it for escapism. ( There are major geopolitical issues people should be focusing on, there is much knowledge to gain about new alternative systems and how to end Usury / Debt Slavery but no, they listen to Corey’s stories)

Creating a UFO religion and a cult following – particularly trying to capture them minds of the young as they wake up – creating a deceptive and distracting limited hangout for them.

Influencing our children with colourful comic books – trying to influence our youngsters.

Distraction with his pointless video blog – which is so forced and unnatural… painful to watch.

This hole ‘surviving the transition to 4D ‘and ‘the ascension event’ etc… Not one doubt in my mind this is a psyop, no doubt about it… all there to pacify you… it’s all about distracting and pacifying you.

Finally in this section – ‘The Dark Fleet’: this rhetoric from Goode is Hollywood type anti-National Socialist and anti-German propaganda. A Dark Fleet of ‘Evil Nazis’ flying around with Evil Reptilians taking over planets… Give me a break!

And there is zero evidence that the ‘’Nazis’ ‘Fourth Reich’ are working with evil Reptilian humanoids. The people behind this New World Order agenda are the Zionist Jews – not the National Socialist Germans. National Socialism was against globalism, and a one world government and the open borders – they fought against communism and the New World Order – they were about having Nations States and Nationalism, the complete opposite of the New World Order!

(It is important to note that the term ‘Nazi’ was created by a man called Konrad Heiden as a slur and an insult against the National Socialists in Germany, look it up, research it. In reality there really isn’t such a thing as a ‘Nazi’. The National Socialist people in Germany never called themselves ‘Nazis’ – this is verifiable with research. Look at what National Socialism was really about, you may be surprised if you are not very well read, it is nothing like you have been told… family, altruism, nature, freedom from debt etc)

Further Insights:

Sharing ET stories does not get disclosures and does not stop the New World Order agenda. The powers that be are not worried about this. Nobody is censored for sharing ET information, never… The channels I see getting censored on Youtube are ones that expose fake terrorism , expose jewish / zionist power, exposing Israel’s crimes, and for posting revisionist WW2 Truth… that’s what you get censored for.)

Those who control the money supply control the word. Until Usury / Debt Slavery is ended and we have national and state banks where debt free money is printed, and run for the benefit of the people, not the bankers, then nothing will change. They will be in control of any disclosure that comes out, if it ever does, and it will be full of deception, as they control the world’s money supply.

If thousands, or even a few million, people sign a petition wanting ET disclosure, well these people are not going to bat an eyelid about that, they are in control of the worlds money supply, all the media outlets, global corporations etc etc.

A side note: The mere fact that Corey Goode is so closely affiliated with David Wilcock should highlight he is not to be trusted. Wilcock has been wrong about a great many things. Everyone who is a Real Truther knows Wilcock is controlled opposition – there is an Article link about this at the end of the article.

Corey Goode, like Wilcock, pacifies people with these stories about ‘The Cabal’ being defeated or their defeat being imminent. All these psyops always want to pacify people. They are not defeated and it is not imminent – if you are knowledgeable about the level of control the Zionists / International Jewry have, and what is occurring geopolitically then you know the falseness of these statements.

All these stories about Inner Earth and the Aliens etc – I am not going to go into all the details here about why it is highly unlikely he is having these experiences… If you are knowledgeable it is obvious this is all a psyop without needing to delve into the minutiae of these very far fetched tales. Some of the Secret Space Program info, yes some of that sounds believable, but it wont be the Truth of what is occurring in the Solar System – some of it will be half truths at the very most.


Would the powers that be want to carefully control the SSP narrative, if they had built advanced bases in our solar system and hidden it from us? Yes, it will be one of the most important narratives to control, SSPs if they are out there, would be massive, massive business for them, and I am sure what is occurring in them is, or would be, very unpleasant indeed, worse than Earth. So could they have various controlled SSP whistleblowers? Yes. Could nearly all of them be controlled? Could all of them be controlled? Various Networks of Controlled opposition and limited hangout ? Yes, absolutely.

In fact, I would strongly suggest that pretty much the entire SSP narrative is being controlled by agents put in place by the Zionists with their New World Order agenda in mind – I have analysed all of the info they are putting out, and there are so many strange anomalies. It’s just various groups of controlled opposition, they don’t care which group of ‘whistleblowers’ you believe in, just as long as you do. It’s the same with Milabs / Super Soldier whistleblowers – I have analysed them as well – so much historical and geopolitical disinfo and so many contradictions and anomalies. Networks of Controlled Opposition put in place. These groups even pretend to dismiss others information or try and call others out, but that is part of the psyop, they are all in on it.

The SSP disclosure, (particularly Corey Goode and his alien stories) is also being used by the Zionists as a distraction and a tool to manipulate the minds of the naive and less well-informed younger generation. They are creating a limited hangout. Corey Goode is probably one of the most obvious controlled opposition agents in history. I believe there is some sort of advanced secret space program – but we are not getting the real truth from these people – again, I feel they are controlled opposition. These SSPs are going to be more even more lucrative than the Earth Slave Planet we live on. These Jewish Zionist Bankers are going to be in charge of it, just like they are on this planet – and of course they are going to use Controlled Opposition agents like Corey and others to control the SSP narrative – so that the people of Earth don’t really know what is going on in these secret space projects.

I believe that the Zionist Banker Elites are now looking to gradually introduce our Earth slave plantation to some aspects of the ‘Secret Space Program’ or at least some more advanced technology – possibly some artificial intelligence (artificial intelligence is incredibly dangerous). This is perhaps one of the reasons why we are getting all these Controlled Opposition testimonies (although the SSP ‘narrative’ is mainly used as a pacifying distraction), they perhaps want to gradually introduce some of the SSP technology to Earth, but on their terms, and when it benefits them – it will only be introduced if it benefits their New World Order agendas and goals. This is why we have a  ‘three year disclosure plan’ from the likes of Corey Goode. Of course the Zionist Bankers want to control it all completely. Again, it will only be for their benefit, when and if they decide to give the ‘Goyim’ some advanced technology – don’t be naive – it will be on their terms. The Satanic Zionist bankers want to do it while still keeping the human population totally enslaved – this is why what we should be concentrating on is countries totally disengaging from the central banks and printing their own money. Countries thrive when they do this – and this Satanic Debt Slave System were are in will crumble if all countries have their own debt free currency. This debt slavery (Usury) is their powerbase.

People who believe Corey Goode is genuine have still get various levels of awakening to work through. Again, YouTube channels are being taken down left, right and centre for exposing the fake terrorism and the use of crisis actors, for exposing jewish tyranny and Zionism’s crimes, for exposing the WW2 and Hitler lies we have been told etc etc. Thousands of videos are being censored by Jewish Zionist controlled YouTube – just for people exposing and questioning… whatever happened to free speech!. “The Truth Does Not Fear Investigation”. But here we have someone like Corey, who isn’t being censored and is not going to be censored – because he is a psyop – a controlled opposition agent.

And, again this whole ‘raising your vibration’ theory is just there to pacify you – I have been meditating for many years and eat an incredibly healthy diet – this ‘raising your vibration’ is not going to sort things out on this planet… and how come so many people are working at this ‘raising your vibration’ but the world is getting worse all the time – more control mechanisms implemented all the time, more censorship, more artificial intelligence, more fake terrorism, more destabilizing of the middle east, more refugees, more immigration etc etc. Not that evolving spiritually isn’t important, but you have to become more conscious – you have to become wise knowledgeable critical thinkers, find solutions, and take action against the system. The Corey Goode alien stories psyop is there to pacify you and distract you.

Ufology is pretty much on massive controlled limited hangout used to pacify, distract and misinform you. All used to help bring about the New World Order.

I recommend researching and learning about the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, it will explain to you the way the world as it is. The book, or plan, is a jewish / zionist book – If you don’t know that the New World order is an agenda of International Jewry and the Zionists then you need to wake up to this reality. The ‘Illuminati’ phrase is a deflection as is ‘The Cabal‘ phrase.

Many of these controlled opposition fake whistleblowers and controlled personalities in Ufology will be Sayanim, and they will have fake accounts, or associates, who are in on it, backing them up (often Hasbara) with comments on social media.

It is important to note that you don’t save humanity and get real beneficial disclosure through sharing ET stories – you get it by becoming knowledgeable, finding solutions and taking action against the system – if these Satanic Zionist Bankers have the power they aren’t going to do any disclosing for our benefit. I have three articles on this website that discuss the root causes of the worlds problems and that offer solutions. One on ‘Zionism’, One on ‘Usury and Debt Slavery’ and one on the Truth about ‘National Socialism’.

Controlled Opposition – David Wilcock, Corey Goode, Darryl Anka (Bashar), Benjamin Fulford, Cobra, Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, Trump, Putin – Ufology – Alternative Media

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4 thoughts on “Corey Goode – Sphere Being Alliance – Psyop – Disinfo – Controlled Opposition – Secret Space Programs (SSPs) -Cosmic Disclosure

  • August 7, 2020 at 6:40 am

    I’ m not sure of a ssp program at all, they may be telling lies when in fact they can’t even go out of the earth atmosphere because of the german breakaway group at the poles ? Any thoughts on the AI organization and his latest article/video UFO AI Master plan ?

    • August 12, 2020 at 11:36 am

      I don’t think there is an off-planet Earth based SSP program at all – not anything like they talk about. They don’t have a base on Mars or anything like that. All the SSP whistleblowers are a network of NWO Marxist / Zionist controlled subversion. The people higher up knew about the German Breakaway groups and that some people would be getting some contact etc… so the SSP, Milab, Super-Soldier rhetoric was created to control the narrative on the benevolent German breakaway group… to subvert people looking for answers… I take no notice of the Controlled Agent deceiver Goode… just a deceiver. I might look at it at some point just to see the their current angle of subversion.

      • August 17, 2020 at 1:55 am

        Yes i share the same view point… did you see tianwen-1 the first China probe to be launched to Mars recently ? I’m feeling this is kind of like a test to see how the german breakaway group will react to it, there are sending message saying we got artificial intelligence now and it is escalating, also 5G satellites could be a space defense grid against german UFOs by disrupting the electromagnetic propulsion system of the german craft preventing them to enter into earth atmosphere..

        Also what do you think about nuclear nukes being a hoax ? some people say nuclear power plant are water cloud factory to balance the effects of ionization by chemtrails for weather control but i need more digging on this one…i’m trying to figure out if a possible connection between chemltrails and 5G satellites lead to something related to UFO. Also i’m trying to understand the UFO/nuclear nukes connection since decades as reported by soldiers… it might surely be connected to Tesla technology and scalarwaves which i believe to be a hoax or maybe manipulated in the wrong way making powerful devastating laser technology

        • August 21, 2020 at 4:08 pm

          Hello Vortex Mod

          I don’t know what China are doing to be honest. The Germans are so far in advance of them. Earth nations send probes and surveyors up there and then proceed to obfuscate and tamper with all the images to make Mars look lifeless, but it is teeming with life. And has various settlements by other humanoids, and I would strongly suggest at least one large city built by the Germans. To be honest the Germans probably have enough to deal with and just monitor what these Earth groups are doing unless they send anything too close to them. I think some of it is Earth nations just keeping up with the charade that they are trying to explore space and explore Mars etc… it’s ridiculous that no one has even been to the moon since the ‘moon landing’… they haven’t even pretended to go.

          I am sure once they knew of the Germans’ strong presence in the solar system the Nations down here worked hard to try and stop them flying around… but I don’t know if they have developed anything. The German ufos were flying around between the 40s and late 70s without feeling threatened at all… even during the Iraq war there were numerous sightings. I am not sure if something has happened since then. It could also be because the Germans moved all their operations off planet and were not allowed back down once they did…

          From what I can see The Germans have been monitoring the nuclear power stations and the military bases, as well as monitoring the major conflicts such as Vietnam, for example. Not sure about recently though.

          I have not looked into if Nuclear bombs are a hoax or not… I can’t see the big benefit to them making it up… They have other types of very destructive bombs as well.

          Something else is stopping craft from other civilizations coming down here physically. If something wasn’t stopping them all sorts of craft would be down here trying to abduct humans for massive amounts of free slave labour. The cosmos is a brutal place. They would have been doing this for thousands of years, but still no craft coming down to get their free slaves.


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