Our World in Ruins: Melted Buildings, Vitrified Forts, Desert ‘Rock Formations’. Resets and Genocides, Part 6

(Part 6 of a 14 Part Series)


  • Introduction
  • Prints in Soft Rock
  • Melted Cities – Cave Complexes
  • Lichtenberg Effect – Deserts
  • Desert Glass
  • Desert Dust Cities
  • ‘Rock formations’ in Desert – Grand Canyon and Africa
  • Melted Castles / Forts – Europe and Middle East
  • Rocks ‘Pushed’ Against Buildings
  • Vitrified Forts – Scotland and Sweden
  • Melted Churches
  • Old Cities Hidden in Plain Sight – Greece, Venezuela, Peru
  • Melted Bricks
  • Concluding Thoughts / Interlude

Additional Images:

  • Pyramid Popping
  • Meteora, Greece
  • Luoyang and Longman Grottoes, China – Asian Statues not ‘Carvings’
  • East Asia – Stupas and Pagodas ‘on’ ‘mountains’
  • Petra, Jordan – Melted Buildings and ‘Greco Roman’ Architecture
  • Naqsh-e Rustam Necropolis, Iran
  • Cappadocia, Turkey – Göreme Historical National Park
  • Pockets of Survival
  • Walls on large flat ‘rock formations’
  • Large Scale Destruction and some less obvious Melted Cities
  • Strange so-called ‘Rock Formations’ from around the world
  • Utah, North America – Goblin State National Park – More
  • More North American ‘rock formations’
  • More North African ‘rock formations’ – Chad and Ethiopia
  • Mars Scarring and Lichtenburg effect


As I mentioned in the mud flood article (Part 5), there has been a well-planned, systematic destruction of the Old World civilisation. The next part of this series is focusing on the melted buildings, vitrified buildings and the desert ‘rock formations’.

An off-planet force has moulded and created the world we live in. A great many advanced, ancient, thriving cities / civilisations were obliterated. But some were left only partially destroyed – so that they were still liveable for some humans. Some locations just had little pockets of surviving architecture within the ruins – but in some locations almost whole cities were spared. It was a tactical destruction.

This article is not focusing on the obvious, and most famous, ruins and archaeological sites, but on the less obvious ruined cities and buildings.

The amount of destroyed cities and melted buildings around the world is incredible when you really look. Especially when you realise that many of these unusual ‘rock formations’ and strange massive ‘hills’ were actually previously massive buildings or cities.

Some areas of the planet have been turned to desert from the intensity of certain weapons.

Like the last article, this one is very image heavy. It is how you see the Truth of this topic. In some images I will highlight certain areas.

The surface of our planet was moulded and shaped, in the main, by both the melting of buildings and the liquefication of landscapes (mud floods). Were two different types of technology used? One for the melting, and one for the liquefaction of soil? Directed Energy Weapons surely had to be the method used for the melted buildings.

Prints in Soft Rock

In the article about Ancient Giants in this series (Part 1), we saw large footprints embedded into rock… it was like someone had stepped onto wet sand. We are told that they are fossils and are millions or billions of years old! (We are told this by controlled experts – but I do not believe one word of it.) Of course, they are not fossils, out in the open and exposed like they are. The only way these prints could have occurred is if the rock was soft and then re-hardened. If the rock had been melted and had become soft / viscous for a certain period of time. Below are a few more images, one is of handprints / finger markings in rocks… it perhaps looks like a group of people realised the rock was soft, and were intrigued – or alternatively, perhaps they are the finger / hand prints of some people trying to escape some sort of directed energy attack. There is also a new image of smaller footprints in a different piece of rock to the right of it.

Below are some of the giant footprints again. It was simply a very large human, quite some time ago (nowhere near as long ago as they say), stepping on some soft rock which had been exposed to very extreme heat.

A little bonus: What could have made these stone stairs slump like this? Surely, only very extreme heat could do this.

England + Italy

Melted Buildings

‘Cave’ Complexes

Uplistsikhe, Georgia 

Uplistsikhe (In Georgian it literally means, “The lord’s fortress”) is an ancient rock-hewn town in eastern Georgia, some 10 kilometers east of the town of Gori, Shida Kartli.

Official story: The town was cut into a flat, straight, but slightly inclining mountain…. The majority of the caves are devoid of any decorations, although some of the larger structures have coffered tunnel-vaulted ceilings, with the stone carved in imitation of logs. Some of the larger structures also have niches in the back or sides, which may have been used for ceremonial purposes. The facade of the large ceremonial hall of the southern part is decorated by the Roman type arch with pediment.

In the images below you can see how the melted rock flowed.

Left: Uplistsikhe. Right: A view from the ‘cave’ complex. You can see the dusty ruins of a city down below. A whole civilisation destroyed.
Images inside the Uplistsikhe ‘cave’ complex.

Image Above: See the ‘Greco Roman’ (Old World) style arches and the detail in the roof of the arch . Was this just a ‘boj job’, a very rushed, poor piece of workmanship – or a melted complex / city? The answer is obvious.

China’s ‘Caves’ and ‘Grottoes’:

China has various ‘cave’ and ‘grotto’ complexes. Here is a small selection.

Guyaju Caves

Official story: Guyaju Caves are the ruins of a cave complex that may have served as dwellings for a fortified community situated in a valley near present-day Dongmenying, Yanqing District, Beijing, China. The origins of the community are mysterious due to uncertainty about the founding people and later disappearance of the community.

Guyaju Caves. Clearly a melted building. Are these large mounds behind, of the same colour, other melted buildings? Yes, it is extremely likely.
The Yungang Grottoes

The Yungang Grottoes, in Datong city, Shanxi Province, with their 252 caves and 51,000 statues. Many statues are damaged, and partially melted. Some are just poking out from walls, looking like they have been carved from the rock, when it is merely that the rock has partially engulfed the statues from behind. You can see various melted columns and to the far right you can just about see some pagodas embedded in the rock. You will see more pagodas embedded into rocks at two more ‘cave’ complexes below.

The Yungang Grottoes
Mogao Caves

The ‘Caves’ of the Thousand Buddhas’ (Qianfodong), also known as Mogao. A magnificent treasure trove of Buddhist art. They are located in the desert, about 15 miles south-east of the town of Dunhuang in north western China.

Below you can see a large pagoda embedded in rock… the rock which flowed around it and into it. You cannot enter into the pagoda as it was flooded with rock. (And of course, the main large stone building that was connected to the pagoda, and underneath it, is buried underground)

Mogao Cave complex – this whole place makes no sense and looks like a mess. But the people believe the stories attached to these places.
Matisi ‘Cave’ Temples

This is getting ridiculous now 🙂 We can see small parts of pagodas embedded into and sticking out of some rock. Pagodas, which lead to a large ‘cave’ complex that people have apparently laboriously excavated for some reason. Can you imagine the size of the huge stone buildings, or city, that was behind this pagoda? – The rock slumped down, turning into a thick fluid like substance, and then engulfed these pagodas.

Matisi ‘Cave’ Temples

All these supposed ‘caves’ have fake stories attached to them, about what they are, and how they supposedly came to be.

A small selection of more melted buildings / complexes from around the world:

Desert Cities

Here I will show some images of ruined dust cities in the desert, as well as showing you the Lichtenberg effect / fractal burning and the scarring near these deserts. These deserts in North America, Africa and Asia were artificially created. After this we will move away from deserts and focus on vitrified forts, melted castles and more ‘rock formations’.

Fractal Wood Burning or The Lichtenberg Effect:

Fractal wood burning is a process of applying an electrically conductive solution on wood and then applying high voltage electricity through a transformer using two probes. When this electricity is applied, it burns in the wood from one probe to the other. The figures that are created are commonly called Lichtenberg figures or fractal burns. These burns create a lightning like image that is burnt into the wood.

Lichtenberg effect – fractal wood burning using electricity.
Lichtenberg effect using electricity.
North Africa.

Image Above: Look at the different colours in the desert. It looks like red brick colouring in areas, as well as a grey type of dust in amongst the more yellow colours. In another article in this series, I show you that there were maps in the 1500s and 1600s that showed various large rivers in North Africa that are no longer there. They rivers were obliterated some time after the early 1600s.

Lichtenberg effect on Earth’s landscape – birds-eye view.

Image Above: You can see what very much looks like the Fractal burning / Lichtenberg effect on the outskirts of the African desert region and in Asia, where the desert meets rock and vegetation. I believe the above image is the outskirts of an Asian desert region.

It is well known that you can find glass in various locations in this desert region.

“In December 1932, Patrick Clayton, a surveyor from the Egyptian Geological Survey, drove between the dunes of the Great Sand Sea, close to the Saad Plateau in Egypt, when he heard crunching under the wheels. When he examined what was causing the sound, he found great chunks of glass in the sand.

The find caught the attention of geologists around the world and planted the seed for one of the biggest modern scientific enigmas. What phenomenon could be capable of raising the temperature of desert sand to at least 3,300 degrees Fahrenheit, casting it into great sheets of solid yellow-green glass?” – https://www.messagetoeagle.com/ancient-material-from-the-mysterious-vitrified-broborg-hill-fort-can-offer-nuke-waste-solutions/

“When digging began in the ancient Babylonian Euphrates Valley (current day Iraq), archaeologists uncovered a layer of agrarian culture 8000 years old, and a layer of herdsman culture much older, and a still older caveman culture. Under the caveman culture there was a layer of fused green glass… If you think this discovery is a onetime anomaly, then think again. There is further evidence that atomic weapons were once deployed against Ancient Egypt, the Near East, and the Indian sub-continent. In the Southwest Egyptian desert, near the borders of Libya, Chad, and Sudan, there is a sea of the same fused green glass, known as “The Libyan Desert Glass.” – https://trinfinity8.com/evidence-of-ancient-civilization-nuclear-wars/

Note: I do not trust a lot of the dates we are given, and I do not trust carbon dating. I think ‘The Powers That Be’ have tried to stretch our ancient history.

Some cities that have been turned to dust and ‘rock’. But we can still see that they were cities:

Gaochang, China
Jiaohe, China
Chad, North Africa (Not natural rock formations)
Ennedi landscape, Chad, North Africa (A destroyed city)
Ethiopia – Part of a building ‘coming out’ of some ‘mountain rock’… a small pocket of survival. A small piece of the city that survived – swamped in melted rock. It looks like it has been painted by the local people.
Ethiopia: Another very small part of a city that survived. The local people use this building as church and think it is ‘sacred’.
Tigray province, Ethiopia, Africa (Destroyed building complex)

Note: There are many so called ‘Greco-Roman’ style ruins in North Africa. There are examples In Libya, Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria, as well as other locations. This is very ancient White giant architecture, as Africa was once the home of a White (Caucasian) civilisation – there is ‘European style / White giant style’ Old World architecture in South Africa as well ( as shown in part 7 of this series). More on this particular topic in Part 14 of the series:

Algeria and Tunisia
Morocco and Libya

A few more clearly defined pockets of surviving architecture below. There are many more of these pockets of surviving architecture. Nobody carved these details into random rocks in the middle of nowhere!

Verses from the Mahabharata (an ancient Sanskrit poem from India):

“…a single projectile charged with all the power of the Universe. An incandescent column of smoke and flame as bright as the thousand suns rose in all its splendor… a perpendicular explosion with its billowing smoke clouds… …the cloud of smoke rising after its first explosion formed into expanding round circles like the opening of giant parasols… ..it was an unknown weapon, an iron thunderbolt, a gigantic messenger of death, which reduced to ashes the entire race of the Vrishnis and the Andhakas. …The corpses were so burned as to be unrecognizable. The hair and nails fell out. Pottery broke without apparent cause and the birds turned white. After a few hours all foodstuffs were infected… …to escape from this fire, the soldiers threw themselves in streams to wash themselves and their equipment.”

This extract suggests it may not have just been Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs) that were used to cause some of this destruction. Though DEWs would have surely been used to melt rocks.

Grand Canyon Fractal Burning / Lichtenberg effect:

In the Nevada / Utah / Colorado area, in the United States, there does not seem to be any clearly recognisable surviving parts of buildings (I actually found one pocket of surviving architecture in Colorado). You can clearly see melted rocks in some of these areas. To me it looks like some massive buildings and very large cities were destroyed in this region.

Grand Canyon fractal burning / Lichtenberg effect.

It looks some very powerful weapons were used in this location.

Bryce Canyon National Park. An obliterated city? Yes.
Grand Canyon.

Image Above: You can see the red brick dust on the hill on the left, and at the bottom of the monolithic like rock on the left you can see some lines of destroyed brick work at the base. Observe the strata in massive rock formations in the distance. We get told that this is all a natural occurrence… I beg to differ.

The Grand Canyon could well have been an area where some of the largest Old World giants lived. Those massive rock formations in Chad could have been another area where they lived.

Melted Rocks. Grand Canyon / Utah, Nevada

Goblin Valley State Park, Utah:

Wind and water supposedly made these shapes. These are actually melted / burnt / destroyed buildings.

‘Anasazi Ruins’, Cliff Palace:

Very little survived the destruction in the desert regions of North America, but in the below image there are some small remnants:

‘Anasazi Ruins’, Cliff Palace. Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado, North America.

Image Above: Nobody built towns or cities inside or under rocks like this. Obviously, the surrounding rock has been melted. The melted rock then slowly slumped and moved – and then it re-hardened.

This looks like a melted building. How could this be a natural formation?
Huge destroyed building complexes? Yes, almost certainly

More images on ‘the large rocky hills that were previously buildings and cities’ in a further section. And more images of Nevada and Utah in the Additional Information section at the end of the article.

The deserts of North and West Africa have similar so-called ‘rock formations’. This one below is in Mali:

Mali, Africa

Here is some surviving architecture on one of these large, flat-topped ‘rock formations’ – this one is in Sri Lanka:

Sigiriya, Sri Lanka. (Nobody climbed up there and built these walls and buildings)

Devil’s tower, Wyoming, North America:

Devil’s tower, Wyoming, North America (Not a tree stump from some type of ancient giant tree, but a destroyed building, or building complex)

Castles and Forts

Note, these castle and fort complexes in this section have been melted. The vitrified forts are significantly different and are in a following section.

There are melted and burnt buildings everywhere, on every continent. Here are melted castle complexes from Europe and the Middle East. In later articles in this series you will learn about how large and complex the castles mounds were. They had walls and connected buildings all the way down to the bottom of the castle mound / castle hill:

Trail of Eagles Nests, Ogrodzieniec Castle, Southern Poland.
Ogrodzieniec Castle, Southern Poland
Left: The Pog, or limestone peak of Montségur, and its Cathar castle in Ariège, France. — Right: Rocca Calascio, Italy.
The Belogradchik Fortress, Bulgaria
Left: Castello di Roccascalegna, Abruzzo, Itally — Right: Itália Civita Di Bagnoregio, Italy
Monteagudo Castle, Murcia, Spain
Two different melted castles in Turkey

This melted mess below is actually called ‘Behestan Castle’ and is said to be an ancient Persian castle:

Behestan Castle, Iran
Liechtenstein Castle, Germany
Devin Castle, Bratislava, Slovakia
Left: San Marino — Right: Castillo de Lanjaron, Spain
Left: Stonehaven, Scotland — Right: Slovenia

Rocks pushing up against walls:

You will see in many images of old castles, rock pushing up against the walls or against the forts remaining castle buildings. This can only occur if the rock was in liquid form and moving – directed by a powerful force being exerted in that area.

Building on top of melted rock / stone:

Buildings on top of the melted building / complex / town that they used to be a part of.

These buildings below were not built on top of these tall rocks! No one traversed these very dangerous terrains, and often sheer rock faces, with materials on their back, or on a donkey. It is totally illogical. They are buildings that survived a powerful energetic attack. Probably directed energy weapons.

Vitrified Forts

“In 1777, a man named John Williams, who was one of the earliest British geologists, described the phenomenon of vitrified forts. Vitrified forts are the name given to a type of crude stone enclosure or wall that shows signs of being subjected to intense heat. The structures have baffled geologists for centuries because people can’t figure out how the rocks were fused together. There is currently no accepted method for the vitrification of large scale objects. “The temperatures required to vitrify the entire fort structures are equal to those found in an atomic bomb detonation… Did the aliens visit Scotland?” – https://coolinterestingstuff.com/how-did-the-ancients-make-vitrified-forts-did-aliens-help

“The process of vitrification made headlines in 2012 when scientists used it to preserve organs and tissues at very low temperatures. Many historians have argued that vitrified forts were subjected to carefully maintained fires to ensure they were hot enough to turn the rock to glass. In order to do this, the temperatures would have been maintained between 1050 and 1235°C, which would have been extremely difficult to do... It is also uncertain why people would have exposed the structures to such intense heat because when rock is superheated, the solid becomes significantly weaker and brittle. Some scientists have theorized that the vitrified forts were created by massive plasma events (solar flares).”-https://coolinterestingstuff.com/how-did-the-ancients-make-vitrified-forts-did-aliens-help

Hundreds of vitrified fort structures have been found across Europe, and 80 such examples exist in Scotland.

Vitrified fort walls in Scotland
What remains of a Scottish fort that has vitrified walls – Tap O’Noth, Scotland
Dun-deardail Fort and its vitrified walls
The fort ‘Dun mac Sniachan’, Scotland. + The walls under a layer of dirt + Some fused vitrified rock examples.
Dunnideer Castle – what remains of the vitrified fort.

“As the first vitrified structures were discovered in Scotland, it was thought that they were exclusive to Scotland, the most famous being Dun Mac Sniachan, Benderloch, Craig Phadraig, Ord Hill, Dun Deardail, Knock Farril, Dun Creich, Finavon, Barryhill, Laws, Dun Gall, Anwoth, Tap or O’Nort.

However, examples of similar structures have been found in Bohemia, Silesia, Thuringia, in the provinces of the Rhine, in Hungary, Turkey, Iran, Portugal, France, and Sweden, among others.

What is strange is that the vitrification is not total in all the forts, nor is it homogeneous in the walls of the same sites. Experts have found that in some cases the stones appear partially calcined and fused, while in others they are covered by a layer of vitreous enamel, and sometimes, although rarely, the entire length of the wall presents a solid mass of a vitreous substance. Nobody knows how these walls came to be vitrified.

Some scholars believe that it was intentional, to strengthen the defenses of the forts, but in reality, this would have weakened them, so it is unlikely that this was their intention… Experts also say that the vitrification was unlikely to be the result of war damage, as the result of a siege, because in order to reach vitrification, the fires must have remained burning for days at a temperature between 1050 and 1235 degrees Celsius…” https://www.ancient-code.com/mystery-vitrified-fortresses-europe-unexplained-geological-anomaly/

Swedish Vitrified fort:

Broborg fort hill in Sweden – vitrification examples
Broborg Hill Fort, Sweden – what could have obliterated a building like this and vitrify the walls?

Churches in Europe:

Examples of just a few of the melted ‘churches’ in Europe:

Spassky ‘Cave Church’ in Russia.

Obviously, it is not a cave church – nobody carved part of a church into some rock and fitted some onion steeples on top of some rocks!

St Peters, Salzburg, Austria

Melted and Obliterated Cities:

Clearly a huge stone city that has been melted down. We can see the remnants of the walls, some arches and remnants of buildings.

Unknown Location (I tried some image searches and got nothing)

Below you can see all the red rock / red ‘dirt’ which is actually remnants of city that was destroyed. We can see a reddish brown brick wall that remains at a lower level. We can also see that there were some building and walls made from different materials. We can see the remains of a building at the top of the hill, and then we can see the arches in the wall / bridge that has fallen on its side.

Santori, Greece

Here is broader view of the island, Santori. A large city, with some big buildings – mainly built of reddish brick – was obliterated here, and humans have built there little dwellings on, and in amongst, the ruins.

Panoramic aerial view of houses on the shore of the coast, Oia Town, Santorini (Thira), Greece

Below there is clearly another destroyed city. Some may not see that it is, because they are not taking notice and are not looking carefully. Look at the different colours, like we see in the African desert regions from above. On the far top ridge we can see more ruins. I think this place would have been immense.



People often mention the huge rocks used in the construction of some of the Old-World ruined complexes in Peru, as well as the huge terraces created. But the melted ‘mountains,’ which have small pockets of surviving architecture jutting out of the now hardened melted rock, do not seem to get much of a mention. Structures in various illogical and inaccessible places. Below are images from Ollantaytambo, Peru:

Ollantaytambo, Peru
Ollantaytambo, Peru

While we are on the subject of Peru, what is the real reason for the colours on Peru’s ‘Rainbow Mountain’?

Rainbow Mountain, Peru. It looks like some red brick may have been used here once.

Melted Bricks

These images are of Fort Zverev in Russia showing melted bricks. I think the pictures speak for themselves.

Bricks dried hard after becoming fluid like and dripping.
A close up of the melted bricks.

Concluding Thoughts / Interlude:

You may be starting to get a feel for this topic now. But I am not sure any of us can fully grasp the enormous amount of destruction that has occurred on the surface of this planet. This presentation obviously cannot show it all, but now you will have an ‘eye for it’, and you will see the destruction everywhere. Some of this damage may have been caused by some ancient wars, but most of it very much seems to have been planned and strategic.

You will not be able to understand how this has occurred unless you contemplate a very technologically advanced off-planet force. Directed energy weapons would have likely played a very big part in all this. Parts 10, 11, 12, and 13 deal with this advanced force and exposes them.

In the next article, among other topics, we will look at old artwork, mainly from the 15th, 16th, 17th and 18th centuries. Artwork that shows melted, and mud-flooded buildings in the backgrounds of various old illustrations, as well as on old maps.

But for now, here are many more incredible images below in the Additional Images section – so that you can get a better feel for the world-wide destruction that has taken place. A destruction of the Old-World infrastructure. The infrastructure that harnessed the beneficial energy from the atmosphere and the crust of the Earth. The infrastructure that was all created by the taller (giant) humans, who used to dominate the surface of planet Earth.

Note: I feel that these huge rock formations that we see in desert areas may have been locations where the largest giants lived. There certainly seems to have been a plan to only leave housing and cities for the smaller giants. It seems that after the first major reset, or first few major resets, the Old World housing that was left on the planet was, in the main, for the 7 – 9 foot-tall humans.

Additional Images:

  • Pyramid Popping
  • Meteora, Greece
  • Luoyang and Longman Grottoes, China – Asian Statues not ‘Carvings’
  • East Asia – Stupas and Pagodas ‘on’ ‘mountains’
  • Petra, Jordan, Melted Buildings and ‘Greco Roman’ Architecture
  • Naqsh-e Rustam Necropolis, Iran
  • Cappadocia, Turkey – Göreme Historical National Park
  • Pockets of Survival
  • Walls on large flat ‘rock formations’
  • Large Scaled Destruction and some less obvious Melted Cities
  • Strange so-called ‘Rock Formations’ from around the world
  • Utah, North America – Goblin State National Park – More
  • More North American ‘rock formations’
  • More North African ‘rock formations’ – Chad and Ethiopia
  • Mars Scarring and Lichtenburg effect

Pyramid Popping:
Very likely heat causing the large pyramid stones to ‘pop’ and deform.

Meteora, Greece:

Charred Melted Rocks.

Meteora, Greece
Meteora, Greece
Meteora, Greece

Asia – Statues Not Sculpted Into Rocks:
Luoyang, China

Longman Grottoes, China:

Longman Grottoes, China
Longman Grottos, China
Longman Grottos, China

East Asia:

Obviously, nobody laboriously climbed up these rocky hills to build these! They are melted buildings and melted complexes with just small pieces of surviving architecture.

Petra, Jordan:

Masses of ‘Greco Roman’ style architecture. Not ‘Greco Roman’, that is a subversive label. It is one of the main architectural styles of the Old World White (Caucasian) civilisation that was ran and dominated by White giants. You see this all over Africa. Arches and Columns everywhere.

Great Temple of Petra

Naqsh-e Rustam Necropolis, Iran:
Drawing of the ruins from the 1600s
Sculptures of large, robust men at the ruins.

Cappadocia, Turkey:
Entrance to the Dark Church in Cappadocia. Inside are frescos.
The ‘Dark Church’ frescos shows various religions scenes and other events. All depicting tall White people with brown or reddish-brown hair.

Pockets of Survival:
Caminito del Rey, Spain
Saudi Arabi (Someone apparently went out into the middle of the desert and carved this? Apparently, it is a tomb – give me a break!)

Walls on the top of flat ‘hills’ / ‘mountains’:

Less Obvious Melted Cities:
Ruins of The Gurge Kingdon, Tibet
Unknown Location

Unusual ‘Rock Formations’ From Around the World:
The Hoodoos at Ah-Shi-Sle-Pah Wilderness Area, North Mexico
Svartifoss, Iceland + Twyfelfontein ‘Organ Pipes’, Namibia
Wave Rock, Australia
Giants Causeway, Northern Ireland + So-called ‘balsamic prisms’ in Huasca de Ocampo, Hidalgo, Mexico
Engraving of Susanna Drury’s A View of the Giant’s Causeway: East Prospect, 1768
The Wave, Northern Arizona.
Shilin Stone Forest, China
Goreme ‘Fairy Chimneys’, Turkey
Nebraska, North America
Nebraska, North America
New Mexico, United States
New Mexico, United States
New Zealand
New Zealand
Utah, North America – Goblin State National Park – More:
More, Various Locations:
Unknown Location
Unknown Location: See the lines of bricks in the top section.
Owyhee River, Oregon. Offical Story: Ancient lake sediments exposed in Chalk Basin. (nonsense)

More North American Destroyed Cities and Buildings:

More from North Africa:

Mars Scarring and Lichtenberg Effect:
Large scale scarring on Mars
You can see the Lichtenberg effect in these two images of Mars.

Hopefully you have got a feel for this subject now.

Next article in the series:

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  • August 19, 2022 at 12:19 am

    Very beautiful natural, geologic formations, thank you. Unfortunately, you are allowing your imagination to run wild with notions of hidden cities. Natural volcanic plugs and columns often appear like man-made structures!

    • August 31, 2022 at 10:22 am

      Hello Trevor, how did you find yourself here?

      Cognitive dissonance is strong with you.

      Those so-called ‘beautiful natural, geological formations’ were actually very likely locations where genocidal acts took place.

      At the very least, how can you not see that they are not natural from this presentation?

      (I will assume you are not a subversive / some type of Freemason. I don’t think a subversive would offer up such an obviously flawed comment)

      I will respond as it is always good practice to talk to resistant people experiencing cognitive dissonance.

      You said: “Natural volcanic plugs and columns often appear like man-made structures!”

      That made me smile. And where are the volcanoes near all these formations? You just magicking volcanoes out of thin air? And please explain how these non-existent volcanoes create these numerous, strangely-shaped, columns and various other vast and lengthy formations… For all the varieties I have presented.

      You said “…you are allowing your imagination to run wild.”

      That was a little bit rude, don’t ya think? I am not someone who offers insights based on ‘imagination’. I do not allow my ‘imagination to run wild’. If you look at my articles on this site I base my insights on patterns, on correlation of data / information across various topics – as well as on critical thinking based on the broad knowledge base I have. In this current article there are many very clear reasons as to why I came to these conclusions.

      Did you even read about the temperatures needed for vitrification of forts? If something was creating temperatures that high, it is not a far stretch to think that buildings were being melted.

      Did you read about the huge sheets of glass in the desert?

      Did you look at the Lichtenberg Effect?

      Try to think critically and consider logistics. How did they make these buildings on the top of these obscure, isolated, messy, bumpy hills and sheer faced monolithic rocks? And why would they?

      Why would people even want to go and create ‘shrines’ and other small religious buildings in the middle of nowhere in desert regions, and in places that are incredibly difficult to reach?

      How could the weather, or the Earth’s crust movement, possibly make these arrangements?

      How did these ‘cave grottoes’ melt? How did that occur? We can see clearly that they have been melted.

      Look at the lumpy arrangement of Behestan Castle – it is the same formation as the rocks in some desert regions. They are not even hiding it there… they are telling you that these lumpy formations are destroyed buildings.

      I could go on. When you look at all the information in total, and do some correlations and critical thinking, then it is fairly obvious what has occurred.

      The conspiracy goes deep, they have been lying about so called ‘geological formations’…

      Powerful, technological, advanced off-planet groups exist. I know its a bit scary, but everyone will have to come to terms with what has gone on at some point.

      If you really study and analyse UFO sightings, you will see that we clearly have a protective, scouting force up there in our atmosphere, so no need to be too scared. It very much looks like the hostile force cannot come down here and do any more 3D physical damage (My Ufology Explained series on this website may help)

      Articles later in the series will likely give you even more cognitive dissonance… The one on comets (Part 10) might help you see the Truth of what has occurred.

      By the way, the questions above are all rhetorical questions.

      Best of luck with your analysis and critical thinking.

      • November 17, 2022 at 2:24 am

        That’s unknown at the end is lions head in Cape Town. Those “bricks” are granite rocks. If anything, the whole table mountain complex is very unusual, but geologists have their say. Other examples very supportive of your theory, but some not so much. Amazing. Can’t wait to read on!!

        • November 17, 2022 at 5:29 pm

          Hi suze

          Thanks very much for this. I checked out some more images of this area – some birds-eye and panoramic.

          There are some more huge rock formations in the area. A very large civilisation was once there.

          You can also clearly the mounds below, and connected to, the ‘lions head’ more clearly with the birds-eye view images. That rock sticking up from the mound with all the lines of rocks / slabs / bricks look even more odd when viewed from a distance.

          Granite was the Old World giants’ favourite material to use in their buildings.

          Thanks for the share.

  • August 21, 2022 at 4:01 pm

    Thank you, your work is incredible. I know there are certain “unknowables” in history but the devil’s tower does seem to be more of an ancient tree or stalk. It’s not the official story of lava like they say , but If it was a previous melted structure, the odds of it forming near perfect hexagonal columns would also be highly unlikely. It seems more likely it was an ancient stump of something, perhaps a giant bean stalk like in the old fable.

    • August 22, 2022 at 10:23 am

      Hi Ragingbeartigerman

      You are welcome and thankyou.

      I do not think it is a massive tree stump.

      Look at Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland. It has the same hexagonal forms (columns) as the Devil’s Tower. I have added an illustration of the Giant’s Causeway from the 1700s to the article (additional information section) where you can see this more clearly.

      Also there are the same type of columns / geometric forms in Huasca de Ocampo, Hidalgo, Mexico and in Svartifoss Iceland (both images are in my additional information’s section).

      If you observe these masses of geometric columns at these three other locations you will see that they have a different starting form, in that they are not shaped a bit like a tree stump.

      I think the Devil’s Tower it is extremely likely to be a specific type of Old World building. The invading force had extremely powerful weaponry.

      Best regards.

  • August 26, 2022 at 8:06 pm

    Hi Entityart,

    Thanks for your research. I’m a German and I recently visited the so-called “Saxon Switzerland” in East Germany. After learning more about ancient megalithic structures, it seems to me that this whole region is melted buildings. They also have some “organ pipes” there with hexagonal-shaped stone formations.
    And it’s no wonder that they bombed Dresden. The buildings are too beautiful and impressive to survive in the “New World”.

    Best wishes and thanks for your articles,

    • August 26, 2022 at 8:36 pm

      Hello StellaMaris

      You are very welcome.

      Thankyou for this information. I had a quick search of this region. Wow, yes, a huge civilisation was destroyed there. One of the images I saw looked like an Old World aqueduct (Apparently it is a bridge – Bastei Bridge) surrounded by monolithic-like melted rocks and there were some huge flat topped mounds in the distance. I will add some images from this region to the Additional Information section when I get the chance.

      Yes, Dresden. A truly terrible event on many levels. It had many incredible surviving Old World buildings. The descriptions of the destruction in Dresden strongly suggests to me that directed energy weapons were used there – I don’t think just bombs caused all that destruction. The melting streets and the melting people was very extreme. I believe the destruction of Dresden (and the events in Japan at the end of WW2) were some of the last times the off-world force was able to use their directed energy weapons down here. We now have an advanced, protective force scouting our atmosphere. It is no coincidence that this scouting, protective, advanced force came to be not long after WW2.

      Best regards.

  • August 28, 2022 at 7:46 pm

    Hi Entityart,

    I just wanted to say thank you for the information you have put together on this site, it’s really incredible work.

    However I have one important question for you which I cannot see that you have addressed anywhere:

    Flat Earth

    For someone as conscious as yourself you must know we don’t live on a spinning globe!

    I’d love to know your thoughts on this topic, apologies if you have addressed it elsewhere on the site and I’ve missed it.

    Cheers again.

    • September 2, 2022 at 2:16 pm

      Hi Sam

      You are very welcome, and thanks.

      Ooh, Flat Earth. Why is it that ‘Flat Earthers’ talk about their theory as though it is indisputable fact? It is a theory they have – which they justify with some very far fetched claims – space projections / holograms and massive domes etc…

      I do not know why many ‘Flat Earthers’ act like the best Truth Seekers believe in Flat Earth. In my experience most genuine Truther Seekers do not believe in Flat Earth. The people I have seen pushing Flat Earth the most are (((YouTube))) content creators and Christians.

      For example, the subversive ‘Tartaria / Mud Flood’ content creators on (((Youtube))) – that I have shown are subversives with this series of articles – promote Flat Earth.

      If you are connected to nature, and carefully observe nature, a flat earth is illogical. The universe and nature is all about fractals, microcosms and macrocosms… as well as spirals and vortices… and electricity.

      I suggest you look at my Hollow Earth, 3 Part series. The first part is about our Electric Universe and Electric Sun… and about vortices and fractals etc. Though I know ‘Flat Earth believers’ can be like religious folk and very attached to their beliefs, so I realise you will be resistant. From all the evidence I have seen from many subject areas, I believe the Earth is extremely likely to be hollow and expanding – and that all planetary bodies are the same. And If you really study a lot of ancient history there are so many stories / tales that allude to the Earth being hollow.

      We can also look at how the extremely knowledgeable ancient giants used to align their constructions with constellations and the solstices. Space cannot be a projection / hologram, everything is connected and celestial bodies very likely have significant energetic effects on other celestial bodies.

      Sometimes I say that being a TruthSeeker is like putting a jigsaw together – but it is actually a lot more complex – and more like a huge crime board (the type we saw on some of these TV detective shows) with numerous pieces of red string connected to all the different elements of the case. I have researched a great many areas of the alternative media and I have had various metaphysical experiences and off planet memories come back. Even if I exclude my metaphysical experiences and off-planet memories, ‘Flat Earth’ does not fit in at all. It does not fit into the jigsaw and correlate with all the other elements. You may begin to see this for yourself when you have read all of this series.

      There are various reasons as to why TPTB want people to think all that exists is a Flat Earth. One of them is that you will not be able to work out what really happened in this planet’s ancient history, who caused all this destruction to the planet and who ‘The Powers That Be’ ultimately work for (Advanced space faring ET groups exist – I have had various partially-lucid collection experiences and a whole lot more…) They also don’t want people to aspire to go out into the Cosmos and to consider certain possibilities. And Flat Earth has also been an incredibly big distraction for some people and moved people away from finding out cosmic Truths related to energy. To my mind Flat Earth has been one of their most successful distracting psyops – some of their controlled agents have put a lot of effort into it.

      Who do you think melted all these buildings and caused the ancient massive mud floods? Was it some group living down here with us under ‘the dome’? It cannot be.

      And who brought the numerous new ethnic groups to the planet in the late 1700s and in the early 1800s? Where is this advanced group now?

      It has to have been an advanced space faring off-planet civilisation. A space faring group that can no longer get down into our atmosphere (since some time not long after WW2 – no coincidence there) to create any more plagues / pestilences, massive earthquakes, city wide fires, mud floods, melted buildings etc (with directed energy weapons and other technology) … I am going to show you who they were in Part 11 and some of the horrific things they did in parts 10 and 12.

      People are never going to understand it all if they think we are all there is, and that we live under a dome on a flat Earth – and that there are no other civilisations in the cosmos. Further articles will provide more important information.

      By the way, I don’t want a debate Flat Earth, my friend. It is not a high priority topic. The questions related to Flat Earth are rhetorical questions.

      I am not worried about you believing in Flat Earth, you are still very welcome here on the site. I won’t hold it against you 🙂 But many ‘Flat Earthers’ seem to elevate the topic to such high importance and then go around questioning others validity if they don’t believe in their ideas (which can be illogical and very far fetched at times).

      To further clarify my position:

      I had numerous (hundreds) brief metaphysical experiences in the thirties – and I am connected to a certain off planet / inner earth group and their allies and had some memories of living with them that returned. I do not understand all my experiences, but I can say that the universe is vast, expansive, complex, full of life and very brutal and unforgiving at times – and there are so many possibilities and levels and abilities – and there are also realms upon realms and overlaying realities… and the pineal gland / third-eye is an essential piece of ‘equipment’ in the cosmos… and time appears to be more malleable / flexible than we realise. We are so cut off and shut down on the surface of this planet.

      In my memories and experiences I have seen a variety of bipedal aliens (one of which was a bipedal reptilian). I even experienced myself remote viewing an alien being in a strange landscape after falling asleep just after meditation once. This could have been a being on another planet or perhaps inside the hollow Earth. It was incredible – and let me tell you, seeing with your third-eye is like seeing with your eyes – it is a ‘metaphysical’ eye.

      I also have had various memories return of living on what very much looks like Mars, with what must have been some of the Breakaway Civilisation (I assume it was Mars, it was a desert like planet and they were White humans there – and it definitely was not Earth). So I am in a somewhat unique situation.

      I have spoken about some of these metaphysical experiences and memories in other articles, where it is relevant and necessary. My Surviving in the Cosmos article includes some of the memories from the desert planet.

      In Part 11 of this series I will show you that a malevolent ET group has been down on the surface of the planet (and inside the very large caverns in our Earth’s crust) in humanity’s past eras.

      Best regards.

    • September 3, 2022 at 7:10 pm

      LOL I dont get you flattards. You can clearly tell the Moon is a solid object (plasma moon flattard theory deboOked), there are craft flying around it (NASA deboOked).

      Who is on The Moon? – Ufology Explained, Part 3

      The Last Battalion Part 5: The Moon

      Excerpt from the 2nd article:

      In November 1970, the Steckling brothers observed three very large, cigar-shaped objects(32*4.5km = 144km) at the bottom of “Archimedes”.

      The Last Battalion Part 7: Lunar bases

      The Last Battalion Part 9: The Moon under the magnifying glass

      The USA wanted or had plans to hit the Moon with explosive weapons in the past.


      Both the USA and USSR planned to nuke the Moon out of existence

      And if the Moon actually was in the “firmament”, it would mean its in atmosphere and thus can be visited by planes. But it cannot, thus flattard earth at its most basic level of model is deboOked.


      Dome/flat earth is LITERALLY an ancient judaic/abrahamic concept. Discard into the trash.

      Having a flat earth goes against nature. Nature and the Cosmos is all microcosms, macrocosms and fractals. Just look at nature with all the spiralling, look at cells with a nucleus inside and look at atoms.

      The Electrical nature of the Universe/Cosmos

      A flat stationary physical world seems totally illogical when you look at the spiralling, electric nature of the cosmos and how nature creates and works.

      • September 11, 2022 at 5:12 pm

        Hey Tank88

        I very much appreciate your support and your comments, but can you try not to insult other commenters.

        Seeking Truth is not an easy endeavour, there are so many psy-ops and so many controlled agents. If someone is mostly aligned with what I am saying but caught up in one or two psy-ops I want them to hang around. They may see something that sows some seeds of doubt in their mind.

        Sam seems like he is on board with everything else and has just been caught up in one of TPTB biggest psy-ops.

        All of us have been somewhat subverted by, or caught up in, certain psyops at one time or another in our lives.

        It is a bit like when people call Christians ‘Christ-tards’ – I don’t think it helps. We will never sow any seeds of doubt in their minds if we push them away with ridicule. Though I am fully aware how hard that is to achieve with Christians.

        Thanks mate.

  • October 21, 2022 at 12:14 pm

    typo found, close to subheading “prints in soft rocks”: We are told this be controlled experts.

    great work!

    • October 21, 2022 at 5:34 pm

      Hi Kaya,


      I just went in and changed the ‘be’ to ‘by’.

      It was actually on my list of typos to correct in this series, but I have been very focused on finishing parts 12 and 13 and haven’t had the time to go in and change some of the little typos that I spotted in additional read throughs.

      Thanks again.

  • October 30, 2022 at 12:36 am

    Zoomer here, I think devils tower is a tree stump and nobody will change my mind. BUT I have a lot of speculation to contribute to the molten architecture theory. Look at molten material found at the WTC on 9/11. Its a conglomeration of steel, glass, carbon, cement, etc.
    What if this weapon (perhaps a cyclical electromagnetic catastrophe) electrified and melted these ferrous, glass, and cement structures into a fused material? While also pulverizing atomized dust mixed from dirt, sand, cement, and rock, and depositing this dust onto the electrified buildings to then sinter everything together with the immense heat and pressure. What if the weapon worked in two stages that first electrifies and pulverizes the local area with a constant 10.0 earthquake that hums rather than jolts ( does not knock everything over and crack the ground open) for an extended duration, and then blasts it with an instantaneous increase in pressure and heat that IMMEDIATELY sinters everything into a solid piece?

    Excavation INTO these structures is the only way to tell. Is there a very high concentration of silica and iron encrusted within stone? How well is the encrusted stone adhered to the silica and iron? Does it just flake off or is it all completely fused together in a gradient? Or is it all just a homogenous monolithic chunk of the same material. IE molten stone.
    This is all very fascinating and its too bad the world is designed to keep people like me outside of scientific institutions.

    • November 4, 2022 at 2:39 pm

      Hi AmericanKozak

      A Zoomer, good stuff. It must be hard to go through school with social media and everyone having smart phones – a very different experience. I am from ‘Generation X’.


      For sure, from a distance, it does have a similar shape to some tree stumps. But I think you might have to let that belief go at some point. With all this evidence of destroyed buildings, the evidence is pointing to it being yet another destroyed building.

      And we have the other hexagonal patterns / prisms found in other locations (ruins) shown in this article. We can also see what petrification looks like in the pompeii images in Part 10 of this series.


      You also have the messy rocky area towards the base of the tower – it looks like fused and melted rocks in places – which looks the same as the messy areas near other melted buildings.

      TPTB also named it ‘The Devils Tower’ – and if you have read the rest of this series, you will know that is significant.

      But in Truth, exactly what the Devils Tower was is not that important – massive tree or building – anyone who seriously studies the rock formations and ruins around the world can see the massive assaults that have taken place. Once you get an eye for it you see the destruction and remnants everywhere.


      I am not sure much iron was used in the Old World buildings. You might want to check out Part 8 of this series, where there is a section on materials:



      Indeed, you will not get any serious impartial investigations from highly controlled academia.

      Best regards.

  • November 18, 2022 at 11:41 pm

    i’m not convinced by your melted cities explanation. yet anyway. but there’s a 3-4 part series on rocks on the newearth channel which shows how weird rocks are. & if you’re ever in the dustanburgh area of northumberland check out the beach on the north side of the (completely obliterated) castle. it’s like someone built a 20 meter road out of concrete then melted it like you talk about here so it ended up like a wave

    • December 11, 2022 at 6:28 pm

      Hi david

      There are some topics in the awakening community, where I can see why some people may be unsure, but this is so flippin’ obvious. I laid it out so clearly… the evidence is clear. There is also no other credible explanation.

      I showed you the vitrified forts, the fractal burning patterns, the sheets of glass, melted bricks, hand and foot prints in rock, pagodas consumed by rock, melted rocks with steeples, Behestan Castle – and much more… again, it is all very obvious.

      And in part 10 on ‘Comets’, I showed you plenty of evidence of this advance force in our skies, and then in part 11 I showed you who they were… What more do you want? (rhetorical question)

      One of the biggest problem we have is with cognitive dissonance, and people not wanting to accept harsh Truths. The subconscious can try to get you to avoid the uncomfortable feelings and emotions. I am patient and understanding to a degree, but people are going to have come to terms with the harsh Truths. Space faring groups like this exist, this is what some of them do to planets – welcome to the cosmos…

      I warned people all about this in my Surviving in the Cosmos article. I am not suggesting to people that large forces like this exist in the cosmos, I am telling people. I have seen them in my flashbacks and third eye experiences in the night – and from what I have seen it is not just the bipedal reptilians – it looks like there are other forces like this as well. From what I have seen, I would suggest it is more of a galactic issue. We have protection on this planet now – as seen by the very numerous scouting UFOs in our atmosphere – hence why we are having this awakening.


      That it is a very weak channel on (((YouTube))) that you recommended – with very weak ‘repeater content’, with no critical thinking demonstrated. And that 4 part series on that channel contained useless birds-eye view images from Google Earth with zero analysis. I am so far beyond this person. They 100 percent look like just another gatekeeper / limited hangout.

      (((YouTube))) is a totally ridiculous place now. 6 – 7 years of censorship and the incessant seeding of controlled opposition means it is really extension of mainstream media now. There are no critical thinkers or genuine Truthers with even the slightest bit of influence on (((YouTube))). Ancient history and geology information is just as controlled and subversive as other areas… so much gate-keeping – and so many limited hangouts.


      I checked out that area, looking at images online – yes, more ‘unexplained’ destruction – that knights, horses, fire and canons could not have created. The amount of destruction on this planet, and melted cities and buildings, is incredible, when you have the eye for it.

  • December 1, 2022 at 7:57 pm

    Another great article, thank you EntityArt! When reading it I had a memory of visiting and standing on Turtle Rock in Arkansas. It is a very unusual rock formation…but I’m not sure how well it fits into your theory.

    And speaking of Arkansas – there’s also Pinnacle Mountain in Little Rock. It is so clear that it is an actual pyramid (probably built by some white native tribe in the distant past) yet everyone just says oh, it’s just a mountain that happens to look like a pyramid. lol! I was there and I was totally baffled by the fact how obvious it is that we’re dealing with an actual pyramid. It is very much overgrown with vegetation but oddly enough, it stands there quite alone – and there were giant square-like stones all over the place at the base of the mountain, in the woods surrounding it. But hey…it’s just a mountain! lol And the place was very energetic too. I’m really flabbergasted that academia never seemed to have researched the notion of an actual pyramid but who knows…maybe they have and are keeping it under wraps.

    Come to think of it – maybe it could have been a building complex too. The top was/is rather strange which could fit into the molten or destroyed aspect…

    –> Turtle Rock

    –> Pinnacle Mountain


    As a funny side note – when I was at Pinnacle Mountain it was the first time I ever got to see an armadillo (in the wild)……:D (I’m originally from Germany :)) Oh, and when I was at the top sitting there I had a butterfly visiting me, sitting on my shoulder. O_o What fond memories! 🙂

    • December 7, 2022 at 11:38 pm

      Hi SunWheel, you are welcome. Thanks. And thanks for the share.

      Once you have an eye for it, you start seeing these destroyed buildings everywhere.

      I would very much like to see an armadillo in the wild as well 🙂

  • January 14, 2023 at 3:13 pm

    Hi again Entity Art!

    Have you ever heard of the “Montana megaliths”? Check this out.


    If you scroll through them, you’ll see some really interesting images.


    • January 22, 2023 at 2:09 am

      Hi Mike

      Yes, another area of mass destruction with some remnants / melted buildings. The destruction is everywhere. The Reptilian Resets.


  • December 24, 2023 at 10:49 pm

    I suggest you guys take a lokk on the “Parque Nacional de Sete Cdades” in Brasil, where there are clearly melted buildings.

  • February 13, 2024 at 4:08 pm

    Hi entity

    I have seen videos of people saying that the US was The original Egypt and that there are to look like sphinxes in the grand canyon and other places. Also in Illinois there’s a place called little Egypt which is in the southern part of it.

    So all the white giant Indians does that include Inuits,Polynesians,austronesians,
    Africans and aboriginals.

    Also about me is that I have a photographic memory that means I can remember things with crystal clear images.

    Best regards

    • February 22, 2024 at 8:38 pm

      Hello again Michael

      Most don’t realise that Sphinxes were seen in locations all around the world (often smaller statues and carvings) – they are not just Egyptian. There was a huge Old World – World Wide Civilisation that was ran and built by the same Bipedal Reptilian Gods. Pyramids were also seen all around the world in ancient times. See Part 9 of my Resets and Genocides series for the variety of pyramids in Europe. There could have been some sphinxes in the Grand Canyon location – a huge civilisation was obliterated there.

      From what I have seen, White giants were on a great many of the small islands all around the world. Some that come to mind: Caribbean Islands, Marquesas Islands, Easter Island, Canary Islands – and it very much looks like the Maori and Hawaiian islands as well. They were wiped and new smaller darker populations were placed there in the 1800s and were convinced another peoples history was their own. Most will find this hard to believe, but it has happened. People just do not do enough research into it – and they also cannot comprehend the capabilities of advanced races in the cosmos beyond our little planet.

      In the 1500s, 1600s and 1700s it appears that Africa was inhabited by White humans and Black humans. White people very much inhabiting the Northern section of Africa, and also in some other areas towards the centre of Africa. Mainly White giants, and there were likely some 5 foot White humans as well.

      Form the artwork I looked through, it looks like there were Black giants as well – over 7 feet tall – as well as some smaller 5 feet tall Black people. It appears they were mainly in the central regions of the African continent.

      I found no evidence in literature or old artwork for the current short, dark, so called Australian Aborigines existing before the 1800s.

      All the best.


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