Who is on The Moon? – Ufology Explained, Part 3


  • Recap
  • Introduction
  • UFO activity on The Moon – videos and photos
  • Signs and evidence of settlements / buildings on The Moon – videos and photos
  • The 1959 plan to ‘nuke‘ The Moon – by both the USA and the Soviet Union (To explode a destructive bomb – as there are no ‘nuclear’ bombs) 
  • Admiral Byrd’s testimony – Operation Highjump
  • Ernst Zundel’s book extract – testimony from a Professor
  • The numerous failures for both the US and Soviet Union (as well as other Nations) attempting to get to the Moon and Mars
  • Reinhold Schmidt testimony on satellites
  • Concluding Thoughts
  • Additional Videos and Images
  • Recommended Books – with links



You could read my other Ufology Explained articles before this one, but they are not essential for you to benefit from this new one. But if you haven’t read them I recommend you read them afterwards.

German diagrams found after WW2 of the craft they were building. Disc-shaped craft and cigar-shaped craft.

What I show in these previous articles: The highly controlled and subversive Ufology is essentially all about misdirection… and is mainly about directing you away from the Truth of the German Breakaway Group and their strong presence in our solar system. If you read those articles above, as well as this one – and then perhaps do some further research by reading the books I recommend (links to free PDFs at the end of the post) – you will be in no doubt about it either… that all the disc-shaped craft, orbs and cigar-shaped craft that are being seen (and very likely a few other types of unidentified craft) belong to the German Breakaway Group. The (((PTB))) want you to believe that it is aliens.

In those previous posts I mention how after studying Ufology for many years I strongly believe that the Germans are now on Mars, and possibly also Ceres… and that they could possibly also be on The Moon. If they are on those two celestial bodies, and had – or have – some sort of base in Antarctica, it would make sense that they are on The Moon as well? This article will look at some of the evidence we have regarding The Moon.

I know many people are somewhat obsessed with the ‘Greys’ (grey aliens), and believe they are on The Moon. This is by design. But the small Greys work for, or perhaps with, the Germans. They were mainly involved in sample collecting and DNA analysis in the  60s and 70s and 80s. That is pretty much all they did, scan and collect samples – and they did it for the German Breakaway Group. The ‘Greys’ are not malevolent. People have just bought into all the propaganda about them – the many lies from numerous fake whistle-blowers, controlled opposition UFO personalities and fake channelers that came out in the 90s and 2000s… Reading my ‘Ufology Explained, Part 2’ article will help you to see this clearly. If you do genuine analysis of the abductions is in the 60s, 70s and 80s you can work this out for yourself…. well, if you possess some analytical skills and critical thinking skills. (Since I made these conclusions regarding the ‘Greys’ I have discovered that the researchers Gilbert Sternhoff, John Carpenter and Jenny Randles also came to this conclusion)


With the increasing affordability of high quality microscopes and HD cameras the activity on The Moon cannot be hidden as readily as it used to be. Much of the official NASA images we get – just like they do with the Mars images – are obfuscated / tampered with / blurred… certain areas of the images are often greatly tampered with… (and NASAs cameras are also capable of much higher levels of detail and resolution). I have a video below demonstrating clear evidence of this tampering occurring. Some type of structure was seen by a researcher, and then when he went back to look a while later NASA had completely smudged / cut it out. So amateur astronomers are very important.

In this article I will present to you some of the best videos and images I have come across – as well as further information which indicates who is responsible for the activity on The Moon. (Not the fake CGI images, such as the very fake CGI swastika shaped moon base that shows up at the top of Google searches) What makes the visual evidence below so compelling is that the vast majority of it is not from NASA, but from a variety of independent amateur astronomers. Only the Tycho and Zeeman crater images are connected to NASA, as they are from Google Earth.

Not many people realise that The Moon is colourful. It has some large very reflective areas so it can look all white, or light grey, when looking at it from Earth. But there are brown, green and blue areas on The Moon if you can nullify, or bypass, the overpowering highly reflective areas. There are apparently even some type of clouds on The Moon (whether it is steam, smoke or genuine clouds it is difficult to tell). These amateur researchers / astronomers, that are not connected to any organisations, have uploaded some incredible photos and videos. It is difficult to know the exact shades and exactly how deep the colours are, but The Moon is much more colourful than the ‘Powers That Be’ show.

Some of these amateur astronomers testify that the colours on some of The Moon terrain seem to change colour or shape throughout the year.

The Flat Earthers suggest that The Moon is just a holographic image that is being beamed into the sky to deceive us (for some reason?).  How can people believe this? Where is it being beamed from? Who is beaming it? The Moon with moving clouds, changing terrain, expanding settlements and craft flying around just above the surface is a holographic image? Are they suggesting it is a movie being beamed into the sky – that the whole of space is like a movie being beamed into the sky? This is so incredibly far fetched. I understand it can be confusing on Earth with the multitudes of lies we are fed but The Flat Earthers that suggest The Moon, and all of space, is a hologram or movie are… shall we say, somewhat desperate with these assertions.

Another one for the Flat Earthers: If NASA are showing you some structures on purpose so that you believe in space, planets and aliens why are NASA going back into the images after they were published and erasing parts that they do not want you to see? Parts that they missed when they were implementing their smudging, extractions and obfuscations. Surely they would leave them there so you believed in it all – If they were trying to deceive you and wanted you to believe in their space movie that they are supposedly projecting into the sky! They smudge them structures out as they don’t want you to know that there are settlements on The Moon. Settlements created by a group of people that the (((powers that be))) really don’t want the masses to know about.

I previously created my ‘Life on Mars’ article, which collated some of the best images on the web for showing signs of life and civilization on Mars. This one here is called ‘Who is on The Moon?’, as The Moon is much smaller than Mars and I think there is only one group on there. Whereas Mars has clearly defined regions and it looks like there are various civilizations on there… I should imagine there are borders and ‘no go’ areas on Mars. But with The Moon it is very likely just one group on there, from looking at how all the settlements are similar – all the angular, spaced out and connected buildings, and from looking at the UFO activity… fleets of the same flying saucer UFOs, sometimes in formations, and large cigar-shaped craft.

I strongly suggest that it is the German Breakaway Group on The Moon. Below I also display images of what look like an agricultural area with fields… yes, fields. If The Moon has some clouds then there is some type of atmosphere. The angular buildings / settlements you see look like they would be built by humans. Some of the settlements look Like mining colonies. As well as this, the craft being seen flying over the surface of The Moon are the same shape as the ones the Germans were building in the 1940’s… diagrams were found.

Craft flying around The Moon:

These amateur astronomers are looking at The Moon from some distance of course, so the craft are very small. These images below can give you a feel for what you are looking for in the videos. You can see them more clearly in the videos. Sometimes you can only really see them when the footage is slowed down, as some of them move so fast. The fact that so many different people are seeing these flying-saucers and cigar-shaped craft suggests very strongly that there is a civilisation on The Moon…

Screen grabs from some of the videos embedded in this article:

The first is Jean Michel Tenac’s video and then two from Bill Bryson Videos.
Large cigar UFOs above The Moon – May 2021 – Aleksey_nz
Images from the ‘Tic Tac’ video in the Additional Information section, by Real Moon Anomaly-Sébastien BRARD
Images from the video ‘Live UFO Activity Under The Clouds On The Lunar Surface’ and UFO Exits Tunnel On The Moon To Join a Ufo Fleet in Flying Formation both by ‘Bruce Sees All’. These images are just above the surface.
Images from ‘UFO Exits Tunnel On The Moon To Join a Ufo Fleet in Flying Formation’ by ‘Bruce Sees All’ and ‘Footage of a huge cigar type UFO launched from the moon’ by ‘masamon2005’
From – ALERT_ALIEN_BASE_ON_MOON_UFO_fleet – tibolt 43 – video in additional information section

Footage from independent amateur astronomers:

This first video is an excellent piece of footage. It has been mirrored by many others, but this video here is the original. Three huge cigar-shaped craft in this one:

‘Jean-Michel Tenac – OVNI sur la Lune , 2020-03-26’:

A YouTuber called Bill Bryson (obviously not the famous author) – a friendly American amateur astronomer –  uploaded some incredible footage of the Moon showing the colours on the surface and the great amount of UFO (flying saucer) activity. He has not uploaded a video in 7 years – no one knows why. He often calls the UFOs ‘slow-movers’. He is clearly not some government agent trying to deceive, but a man who is genuinely excited, surprised and intrigued. You can watch through his videos, he sees these craft all the time. Pretty much every video I watched of his has some, sometimes there are over 20 sightings of them in one video. Sometimes in formation, sometimes following each other, sometimes a single UFO at a time. He mainly sees the disc shaped flying saucers. As Bill explains – the type of telescope and HD camera make all the difference when trying to see detail and colours on The Moon. I included 2 of his videos here, and there is another at the end of the post, in the ‘Additional Videos’ section – all three are live from The Moon on different nights – highlighting how often he saw the craft. The often whizz past pretty quick but Bill usually lets you know when one went by, you rewind and slow the video down if you missed it and there it is, or there they are.

‘073 Moon Musings – Fleet of UFOs on moon? Or swarm of bats?’ (At 3.20 mins in – a surface UFO fleet):

‘075 Moon Musings – Supermoon UFOs’ (You see a fleet right at the beginning):

Bruce Sees All’ is a channel on YouTube that is still currently uploading. He also catches UFO activity – although his speciality seems to be highlighting the structures, facilities and cities on the Moon… as well as clouds and smoke. He has a powerful telescope – it looks like he may have received some funding. I have embedded his best videos and images in this article. Below are two of his videos. In the ‘Additional Videos’ section at the end there is another video called ‘Live UFO Activity Under The Clouds On The Lunar Surface’.

This video is one of his best showing the UFOs – these ones look like flying saucers (go to 7 mins in, if impatient).

‘Massive UFO on The Moon’ – Skip to 3.39 mins on the video below:

A huge cigar type UFO launched from the moon from ‘masamon 2005’:

Three huge cigar shaped craft (Added to this post in May 2021) just above the surface of The Moon – filmed in portrait mode by someone on Tic Toc – another brilliant sighting (filmed on, May 14th, 2021). The Moon is clearly not that far way from Earth. The craft are at the very top of The Moon. (This area where the light-side meets the dark-side of The Moon, was apparently the zone that the US and Soviets wanted to ‘nuke’ in 1959 (Project A119):

‘Cigar shaped UFO crosses moon 04.01.2020’:

(As always – flying saucers and cigar-shaped craft.)

I have included some more cigar-shaped craft videos at the end of the post in the ‘Additional Videos and Images’ section – there are also some more flying saucer / disc videos.

Settlements and Buildings on The Moon

Some images taken from the below video footage:

Buildings at the edge of Sinus Iridum on The Moon. Images by Bruce Sees All – videos below
Zeeman Crater – Evidence of Nasa removing a large building / structure from one of their images – before and after photos – from the video below called ‘Amazing Five Mile Entrance To Zeeman Crater Lunar Base! MUST SEE!’ Images from Google Earth.
Two sets of buildings in Tycho Crater – there are many more. Various videos below on Tycho Crater. These structures were found on Google Earth / Moon. NASA either missed some buildings when they were obfuscating, didn’t blur them enough, or perhaps thought people would not notice them.
Image from Google Earth / Moon
Screen grab from the video below called: ‘Alien Cities On The Moon Entirely Exposed Here’
From the video below called: ‘UFO Over Damoiseau Crater & Ground Level Construction’, by Bruce Sees All (I believe this is Sinus Iridum again)

Tycho Crater:

‘Real reason NASA never went back to Moon ‘Alien’ cities on the Moon Tycho crater populated’:

There are plenty more videos at the end in the ‘Additional Videos’ section looking at Tycho crater.

Zeeman Crater:

This video is by a channel on YouTube called ‘WhatsUpInTheSky37’

‘Amazing Five Mile Entrance To Zeeman Crater Lunar Base! MUST SEE!’:

Sinus Iridium and Plato Crater:

New Cities Of Sinus Iridum Fully Exposed:

Sinus Iridum & Plato Crater Exposed:

If you watch these videos about Sinus Iridum you will see on the floor of the crater, what looks like, a patchwork of different shades of green, with a little brown or yellow as well.

To me this looks like an agricultural area – they are fields. Look at a birds eye view of an agriculture area on Earth, somewhere in Europe perhaps, and it looks like this – a patchwork of shades of green, yellow and brown. Remember this is being viewed from a telescope many thousands of kilometres away.

Here is a screen grab I took from one of the videos – hopefully you can see all the different shades of green. Looks like fields and agriculture to me.
A zoomed in close up of Sinus Iridum – buildings on the edge and then a green patchwork (obviously it eventually gets pixelated) but you can still see the different shades of green. Next to a birds-eye view of fields on Earth.

This one is again from ‘Bruce Sees All’. As well as taking video he takes HD photos, blows them up and analyses them. ‘One Of The Biggest Constructed Objects On The Lunar Surface Exposed’ (Skip to 8.12 minutes to see the image of the installation featured above)

We must also remember that we cannot see large parts of The Moon – the dark side. The Moon is also extremely likely to be hollow. As well as this, our view of The Moon does change – so some locations may sometimes be in slightly different places:

By the way, ‘Bruce Sees All’ says that all the structures and craft are built by aliens. Many people believe this.

The propaganda, fake whistle-blowers, controlled agents and misdirection in subversive Ufology (controlled by networks of agents) has worked on most people.

The vast majority of these popular YouTube UFO channels are run by controlled opposition agents. Some may have a powerful telescope, or access to lots of the general public’s footage – and are promoted in the algorithms, so they have lost of followers… but you should be aware that they are extremely likely to be subversives, with some misdirection for you.

Plans to Nuke the Moon (1959)

(Edit: I have since studied the electric nature of our universe, so I know ‘nuclear’ weapons don’t exist. But they certainly wanted to explode a very destructive bomb on The Moon.)

This was actually a plan by both the United States and the Soviet Union. Both had the same plan around the same time in 1959. Though we have a lot more information about the United States plan, as there was a freedom of information request made.

The document released after the freedom of information act request.

Yes, this is absolutely true. They wanted to nuke The Moon. The closest celestial body to us. The Moon that has such an affect on our planet – on the animals, insects, birds, tides, plants, agriculture… and humans… all sorts of cycles that occur in Nature on our planet are effected by The Moon – it even gives us light at night. They wanted to nuke it!

This insane and illogical plan was said to be for research purposes, and another supposed reason for it was also apparently to intimidate the other side in the supposed ‘cold war’. The main pretence throughout though was that the plan was for an assessment of the geology, and to learn more about the composition of The Moon. To be done in the name of scientific research. Anyone who believes these reasons is completely brainwashed and has lost all ability to think critically.

This abandoned project only came to light by accident through some research by an author who was writing a book on Carl Sagan’s life. From some information that he discovered, about a project Sagan was a part of, a freedom of information request was made and a document was released showing this insane plan. Their absolutely illogical and nonsensical plan.

Well, in Truth, it is only illogical and does not make sense unless if you do not factor in that the targets were almost certainly the German Breakaway Group who are on The Moon.

Some may say, ‘Well, they may be trying to destroy aliens on there’. Why? Had aliens recently been at war with the United States and Soviet Union, or at any time – have they caused them any harm? Is there a another group these two Nations were attacking not long ago? If you read my other articles on Ufology you will see it is almost certainly the Germans on the Moon that these two super powers wanted to destroy.

What does this tell us? One, it tells us that there is definitely something or someone on the Moon (((they))) want to destroy – both the United States and the Soviet Union. It very much looks like that 14 years after WW2 these two were still trying to destroy the National Socialist Germans. Did WW2 ever end? Only the Wehrmacht surrendered, as far as I am aware.

Do people really think that it was a coincidence that both the United States and Soviet Union had the same plans at the same time? It shows you that they communicate and work together. They are both obviously controlled by The Banking Cartels / International Jewry.

It also tells us that the United States and Soviets had no real plans to colonise the Moon – you certainly would not plan to detonate a nuclear bomb on somewhere you planned to colonise. They very clearly knew they had no chance of getting on there with whoever was on there. It was a group who they saw as an enemy, a group they could not negotiate with or form any alliances with.

This also very strongly suggest that the people at the very top of the United States and Soviet Union knew the Germans were on there before the attempt at landing on The Moon in 1969. Though there would have obviously been much compartmentalisation, and only those at the top of the pyramid knew who they might come across on there. This was probably why those involved in the Apollo landing attempt had codewords given to them to use if they saw UFOs.

A video overview of this ‘Nuke the Moon’ plan:

If you factor in that the World Powers knew since the end of WW2 – well, at least after Admiral Byrd’s failed ‘Operation High Jump’ ‘expedition’ in Antarctica in 1946/1947 – that there was an advanced, technologically superior, German Breakaway Group then the world, and especially the geopolitics, will make much more sense. After this failed ‘expedition’ The World Powers had to deal with not being able to get anywhere near the numerous elusive advanced craft flying around their airspace – and the United States had to deal with some mass flyovers of German UFOs, in formation, over their nation.

Eventually, using expensive telescopes, or perhaps a satellite the Germans allowed them to get into orbit, they could see that the Germans had developed settlements on The Moon. Amateur astronomers with their telescopes in their backyards are seeing cities, settlements and craft – imagine what the United States government could see from the enormous telescopes in their observatories, even back in the mid to late fifties. They obviously saw something that they did not like as they wanted to nuke The Moon! When United States attempted to land on The Moon in 1969, after abandoning their ‘nuke the moon’ plan, they then saw how the German technological advantage had increased even further, when they were greeted by their huge craft, and warned off.

If The Moon is occupied by the Germans, then just like with any unoccupied / unclaimed land, they landed there and claimed it legitimately. The land is owned by them. So when nations on Earth send their craft up, and attempt to land there, they are essentially invading another groups territory.

When President Reagan spoke of ‘aliens’ and a threat from outside bringing the world together in that fairly famous speech, he was really talking about the German Breakaway Group. The United States formally set up a mutual defence alliance with the Soviets.

“In a superpower pact more secret than the A-bomb or the Normandy invasion, President Reagan and Soviet Premier Gorbachev have agreed to combine their military might – to defend planet Earth if it’s attacked by space aliens.”

Predictive programming and misdirection.

Admiral Byrd’s Testimony:

The evidence that a base was established in Antarctica by the National Socialist Germans is very strong when you read the correct books on the subject. For example: UFO: Nazi Secret Weapon, by Ernst Zundel… German Flying Disks and Submarines Monitor the Oceans 1 & 2, by O Bergmann… Secret Miracle Weapons, by D H Haarmaan…. The Third Power, by Gilbert Sternhoff . (Links to the books at the end of the article) The documents, reports and testimonies are all there in those books. We can also see from the Allied Forces reactions, and actions, that a base was established there. There is no doubt from Admiral Byrd’s testimony that he was scared. The convoy left the region very quickly – suggesting that the German’s were way too advanced for them. What is the next logical step for an advanced group on Earth? Exploring and colonising The Moon is the next step.

Operation Highjump Background:

From ‘UFO: Nazi Secret Weapon?’ pages 98 – 99:

Washington, Moscow and London then decided to really “get into the act”; in fact, eight countries in total decided to do some “scientific” work and in Antarctica, of all places!! A large expedition, lavishly financed was quickly put together. It consisted of over 4,000 specially selected elite U.S. navy troops along with an eight month food supply. Thirteen ships under the overall command of Admiral Byrd made up this purely “scientific” expedition, composed mostly of military-types and very few scientists.

The U.S. Antarctic battle fleet left Norfolk, Va. on Dec. 2, 1946 — three distinct battle groups, comprised of the Mount Olympus, Admiral Byrd’s command ship, the ice-breaker, “Northwind”, the catapult ship “Pine Island”, the destroyer “Brownsen”, the aircraft-carrier “Philippines Sea”, the U.S. submarine “Sennet” and the two support vessels, “Yankee” and “Merrick”, as well as the two tankers “Canisted” and “Capacan”, an additional floatplane carrying ship, “Currituck” and the destroyer “Henderson”.

At the same time it was announced officially that a similar English-Norwegian force was operating in a support capacity in Antarctic waters around Bahia Marguerite. A Soviet contingent was also reported to be participating in the “research”.

The general public was told that the “RESEARCH” mission was interested in locating uranium and studying the weather.

However, it was soon learned that as well as the scientific jobs, the mission had the task of “observing the activities of a foreign power in the South Pole Region”. Questioned further on this part of the expedition’s activities, Adm. Byrd reportedly replied “To break the last desperate resistance of Adolf Hitler, in case we find him in his Neuberchtesgaden inside “New Schwabenland” in the Queen Maud Land region, or to destroy him”.

What Admiral Byrd said after his failed Operation Highjump ‘expedition’ to Antarctica:

From Ernst Zundel’s bookUFO: Nazi Secret Weapon?’ pages 98 – 99

“It has been reported by papers and sources previously mentioned here, that Admiral Byrd had located the Secret Nazi Base and was approaching it when the above incident took place causing abandonment of the flight, but not before he is reported to have dropped an American flag (some reports mention a bomb) on the approximate spot of the base. Undoubtedly this was done to warn Hitler he was not entirely safe even in his “New Berchtesgaden” or, as one writer calls it, Hitler’s Shang-ri-la.

Vengeance was apparently swift and it seems the Fuhrer was not to be humoured. Within 48 hours, four of Byrd’s planes had been lost, some without a trace and others without any survivors. (See crash sites marked on map). Adm. Byrd hastily abandoned all his efforts and disembarked, with all his force, for home.

On board his flagship “Olympus” he gave the following startling interview, translated from the Spanish as it was reported in the paper El Mercurio, Santiago, Chile on March 5, 1947. It appeared on the front page under the headline “On Board the Mount Olympus on the High Seas”. Apparently Adm. Byrd granted an interview to Lee van Atta. “Adm. Byrd declared today that it was imperative for the United States to initiate immediate defence measures against hostile regions. The Admiral further stated that he didn’t want to frighten anyone unduly but that it was a bitter reality that in case of a new war the continental United States would be attacked by flying objects which could fly from pole to pole at incredible speeds. (Earlier he had recommended defence bases at the North Pole). Admiral Byrd repeated the above points of view, resulting from his personal knowledge gathered both at the north and south poles, before a news conference held for International News Service”.

During this press conference the Admiral also stated that in a quickly shrinking world the United States could no longer derive any sense of security from its isolation or on the geographic distance of the poles or oceans. The Admiral affirmed once again his belief that the entire Antarctic continent should be closely watched and surrounded by a “wall of defence installations, since it represented the last line of defence for AMERICA”. (These defence measures have since been taken).

Admiral Byrd further stated that no one could give a more accurate accounting of the true significance of the situation than he could, since he had had occasion to employ the latest scientific developments and from what he had learned he could make comparisons. (Meaning he had encountered the effect of the secret weapons?)

When Admiral Byrd had arrived in the United States and the significance of his findings had found their way into the press, he was hospitalized. No hard information was ever unearthed but it seems his frank statements to the press in South America and on board the Olympus were not appreciated by the powers that be in Washington. Was he thus the first victim of a long string of prominent people “removed from circulation” for their honest belief in Unidentified Flying Objects, flying at incredible speeds from pole to pole? (And specifically because he knew who they belonged to)

A Professors TestimonyErnst Zundel Book Extract

Another interesting extract from Ernst Zundel’s book ‘UFOs: Nazi Secret Weapon?’

“The American astronomer, Prof. Dr. James Greenacre and four of his colleagues made an astounding observation from Flagstaff, Ariz. Observatory and reported it to a Conference on “Moon Problems” in New York City in May of 1964. Because of the UFO cover-up policy still in force by the U.S. government, Prof. Dr. Greenacre was only able to give his report verbally to colleagues who were present at the Conference. Here is roughly what he said “On 29th Oct. 1963 we observed several colourful spots on the Moon, the spots moved in formation across the motionless face of the moon. One month later Prof. Dr. Greenacre observed the same phenomena. The May 1966 issue of “UFO Nachrichten” Vol. 117 reproduced what Dr. Greenacre had stated he had observed . . . “Prof. Dr. Greenacre saw on or close to the moon at least 31 space craft of gigantic size. Some were from 300 metre to 4.8 kilometres long. They were in motion while being observed through the telescopes. Also, clearly discernible were numerous smaller craft approximately 150 metres in diameter, which moved past or alongside the huge craft, the “mother craft” occasionally changing colour, as in the often-reported, pulsating style.” (The distance from the earth to the moon is 384,000 kilometres). End of report.

The American Professor thought at first the Russians might have beaten the Americans to the punch but as it turns out, the workers’ paradise has not managed to land even a man on the moon — last report was that they were seen improving the brand barbed wire used in their more than 1,000 slave  labour and death camps on earth, not on the moon. So, who is out there in the wild blue yonder? Prof. Dr.  Phillips of Berlin, Hitler’s wartime comrade claims he knows! He even sent the author of this book some charts and times tables of his flights. They match!!” – Ernst Zundel – UFOs: Nazi Secret Weapon?

Note: Of course The Moon is not actually 384,000 kilometres from Earth. It is a great deal closer than that. NASA, and related organisations, lie to us about how far away The Moon is.

Failures at getting to Mars and The Moon 

It is of course very significant that we have not had any official successful attempts to land any humans on The Moon since Aldrin’s and Armstrong’s. The Moon is not that far away. It is not difficult to get there. Not one nation on Earth has managed to get any humans onto The Moon, because, of course, Aldrin and Armstrong did not get on there either.

(Except for the Germans, of course, who very likely got there in the 1940’s)

The numerous failures of various missions to go to the Moon and Mars are also significant.

Apparently NASA’s fact sheet states that more than 40 per cent of missions to Moon have failed so far in the last 60 years. But we know NASA lies for a living – it is what they do. So I should imagine the numbers of failures are higher than this.

And remember, a successful mission for them is either getting a small satellite to orbit at a distance for a period of time to take some photos, or getting a little stationary lander or small very slow moving rover on a remote area of The Moons surface. Not very impressive at all!

“Out of 109 lunar missions till date, 61 have succeeded while 48 have failed.”

Can we believe much of what is said about these missions? Where are these rovers and small landers really?

The Soviets had a lot of trouble and suppressed information about their numerous failures.

“… the Soviets were virtually unable to get a probe to Mars or keep it there. The Russian space agency longed to be first, whether to Mars, Venus, or the Moon. But it quashed knowledge of the failures, many not coming to light until much later.” – Source – article below.

Some articles discussing and highlighting some of the numerous failures from various nations: https://www.geektown.co.uk/2010/06/11/apollo-13-and-other-famous-failed-space-missions/https://www.popularmechanics.com/space/moon-mars/a17407/mars-mission-failures/ https://www.opindia.com/2019/09/moon-missions-in-60-years-the-success-stories-and-many-many-failures/https://www.realclearhistory.com/articles/2019/03/08/10_worst_space_disasters_in_history_420.html#!

Is there a force interfering and stopping any real exploration of The Moon or Mars? Sabotaging some from a distance and strategically allowing some through. Reinhold Schmidt’s testimony suggests there is.

(Schmidt was treated really terribly by the authorities. His testimony is probably the most credible UFO contact testimony that exists.)

Reinhold Schmidt on Satellites – The Kearney Incident:

In Schmidt’s testimony of his contact with a German speaking UFO crew in 1957 there is a clear suggestion that the German Breakaway Group are monitoring all that happens on Earth, especially regarding the Earth’s ‘superpowers’ attempts at space exploration. It also suggests they are having some influence on what happens. When talking about his conversation with one of the crew Schmidt relayed that:

“He also asked me if I knew anything about the U.S satellite program. I said I did not. Then he said, “Yes, they’re planning to send some up, but the first two will never leave the ground and the third one will go up, but won’t send back much data. “

This prophecy has since proved itself.

They all spoke to me in the English language with what seemed to me to be a German accent. Among themselves they talked high German which I could understand as I graduated from a school where they spoke and taught German as well as English, and I was able to speak, read and write German at that time. I can still understand it and speak it fairly well.

After being inside the ship about 30 minutes, one man said to the other, Wir sind fertig. Translated, this means, ‘We are finished’. So the leader told me, “You will have to leave now.” I was glad to hear this, for I wondered if I would ever get off that ship again.”

Concluding Thoughts:

It is not, ‘Is there anyone on The Moon?’ But, ‘Who is on The Moon?’ And everything points towards it being the Germans. If the flying saucers and cigar-shaped craft in our waters and sky belong to the Germans, then who are going to own the flying saucers and cigar-shaped craft flying around The Moon? It is obvious that after establishing themselves in Antarctica the next step for the German Breakaway Group was to go to The Moon.

Additional Videos:

Cigar shaped – Tic Tac UFO – 1.45 mins in:

Another cigar shaped craft’ UFO Cigar Shape Crosses Moon’ . At the 24 second mark a cigar shaped UFO crosses in front of the very top of The Moon): :

071 Moon Musings – Slow movers all over the moon tonight! Or Bugs?’:

Another from ‘Bruce Sees All’ – ‘Live UFO Activity Under The Clouds On The Lunar Surface’ (some good close up footage at at 3.09):

An Image from the above video – Ufos Moon – Ufos close to the Moon – Ufo vicino alla Luna

Video below – watch the left side of The Moon closely at 1.32 mins and 1.57 mins:

From the above video ALERT_ALIEN_BASE_ON_MOON_UFO_fleet – tibolt 43

An image take of one area in Sinus Iridum – it looks like some sort of wild vegetation.

Additional Reading – Book Links:

UFO: Nazi Secret Weapon?, by Ernst Zundel – https://archive.org/details/UFOsNaziSecretWeapon1974/mode/2up

German Flying Disks and Submarines Monitor the Oceans (Deutsche Flugscheiben und U-Boote überwachen die Weltmeere) – Book 1 and Book 2 – by O Bergmann https://archive.org/details/BergmannO.DeutscheFlugscheibenUndUBooteUeberwachenDieWeltmeere11988101S.https://archive.org/details/BergmannO.DeutscheFlugscheibenUndUBooteUeberwachenDieWeltmeere21989104S./mode/2up

(If you download the version ‘PDF with TEXT’ of O Bergmann’s books then you can also copy and paste the text in the embedded articles, which is incredibly useful when using a translate app.)

Secret Miracle Weapons (Geheime Wunderwaffen), by D H Haarmaan- https://archive.org/details/Haarmann-D-H-Geheime-Wunderwaffen-1https://archive.org/details/Haarmann-D-H-Geheime-Wunderwaffen-2https://archive.org/details/Haarmann-D-H-Geheime-Wunderwaffen-3-Text

The Third Power (Die Dritte Macht), by Gilbert Sternhoff – https://archive.org/details/DieDritteMacht

The German Weapons and Secret Weapons of the Second World War and their Further Development (Die deutschen Waffen und Geheimwaffen des Zweiten Weltkrieges und ihre Weiterenwicklung), by Rudolf Lusar) – https://archive.org/details/lusar-rudolf-die-deutschen-waffen-und-geheimwaff/mode/2up

The cover art for these books:


35 thoughts on “Who is on The Moon? – Ufology Explained, Part 3

    • February 26, 2021 at 4:09 pm

      Hi Ma

      You are welcome, and thanks. I did think of you when I was putting this together.

      • March 25, 2021 at 1:33 am

        hallo! your site is very informative & plenty of reference! thank you. I was aware of Zionist & NWO that they are preparing to happen but I found out that we already in it ! ;( Do you think USO is related to Beirut’s bomb? that it happened on 4th of August?

        • March 28, 2021 at 8:39 pm

          Hello May

          Thankyou, I am glad you have found it useful.

          Regarding your question, I very much doubt it.

          International Jewry and Israel are not fans of Lebanon…

          And the German UFOs/USOs would not be attacking Lebanon – they would more likely be trying to help them and stop the explosion, if anything.

    • March 17, 2021 at 9:26 am

      Good book ‘Atlantis, Edda & Bible, 200000 years of Germanic world culture’ Thank you for this recommendation MA, it’s the best thing I did when I started to read this book. I’m on chapter 12 and started to confirm what I always taught, that Ancient Aliens is a code word for Ancient Aryans! I see why this book is banned and destroyed by the allies, “banned books are always great” It shows with strong evidence how the Aryan heritage has been falsified and stolen by the Jews, and that there were wars to exterminate the Aryan race since the days of Atlantis, there is a conspiracy against Aryan people by the lower breed as the author calls them. I haven’t finished the book yet, so I don’t know the whole idea of the book yet but I think Anyone interested in Aryan history should read this book. EntityArt you should really read this book, It maybe the missing link 🙂

  • March 11, 2021 at 3:44 am

    I’m still keeping in mind the possibility of earth being concave and the universe inside the earth. What’s your explanations against concave earth ? Germans was known to believe in concave earth, All your analysis would be the same but the scale would be different and the entry point to space would be the poles

    • March 12, 2021 at 5:02 pm

      Hello again VortexMod

      Some of my perspectives: All this Concave and Flat Earth is meant to be a distraction. Promoted to distract people from important agendas and ways to stop this New World Order. I knew of the basic assertions of ‘concave earth’, but looked into it again as you mentioned it and… just… no… I find some of the assertions almost as ridiculous as some of the Flat Earther’s theories… This Concave Earth, like Flat Earth, is another theory that Christians seem to like. There was this one guy on YouTube who called himself ‘Lord Steven Christ Concave Earth’…

      Sure, if people want to keep in the back of their mind some alternative theories, then fine – I don’t agree with their theories, but I understand keeping an open mind – but when people start preaching their Flat Earth theories all it does is distract from the real issues / agendas, and the dangers that we face. It all creates time wasting discussions.

      Yes, there will be both physical and metaphysical elements related to Earth, and how the universe functions, that we do not yet fully understand just yet. But the main reason NASA lies so much, which creates so much suspicion and confusion for some – is that the Germans are settled on The Moon and other celestial bodies in our solar system – and there could be some other groups out there as well. It is that simple. Jewry and The Banking Cartels (and freemasons) are running things and are looking to create this New World Order. Who is it they wanted to wipe off this planet – who was their nemesis that nearly stopped them during WW2? It was the National Socialist Germans. A group that they have lied about incessantly, and that they have told everyone they have defeated… but, of course, they have not. They want to hide this from us.

      This information is going to be the missing piece of information for some people. A big missing piece of the jigsaw puzzle. It will explain a lot of NASA’s weird behaviour, lies, obfuscating, subversion and misdirection. It also helps to explain many of the unusual expeditions, projects, military events and geopolitical developments on Earth.

      (You will have to say specifically what Germans believed in concave Earth. I saw that one German author in the 1930s wrote about it. Not sure how it is that relevant or particularly significant, to be honest. The National Socialist Germans did not promote it – there was some talk from them of there perhaps being hollow areas / large caverns inside the Earth – but I have not seen them promote ‘concave’ or ‘flat earth’.)

  • March 14, 2021 at 1:48 pm

    Hi Entity art,

    I have been following your website since last year and been learning lots of things on your core content. At first, it was a struggle for me to give away the mainstream narrative but the depth that you plumb through with all evidences and also me spending time on watching TGSNT, Europa, Ernst Zundl’s books made me see light at the end of the day. As usual, this article / research on moon is very detailed and convincing with the amateur astronomer’s videos who have neutral perspective. Some of the books that you have uploaded are in German and I wont be able to read but nevertheless I am very clear as to who is on the moon and why even India (where I live) seem to be interested in moon and mars. They are just following their masters’ orders in Israel and US. Your work is amazing and keen to follow your future works.

    • March 15, 2021 at 7:34 pm

      Hi Gopal

      Thanks for your comment. It is encouraging to get feedback like this… I am glad the site has helped.

      Yes, Ernst Zundel’s book is the only book in English. Each German book provides some additional information and evidence, but there is a fair amount of overlap in those books. For example, some of Zundel’s information was from Lusar’s book. Zundel’s and Bergmann’s two books are probably the most important – and I have included most of the key points from those three books in my articles. As you mention, even just from looking at my four ‘Ufology Explained’ articles it is clear who the UFOs belong to… and we can get a decent feel for what is really going on.

      It is all really quite obvious once you wade through all the subversion, I am surprised more people are not saying it. But it just shows you how subversive and controlled Ufology is – they really have put in such a lot of effort into the misdirection – so many fake ‘whistle-blowers’ and so many controlled shill ‘researchers’.

      Good luck with the madness in India – from what I have seen it is just as mental there as it is in the UK at the moment. Hopefully many Indians have learnt from the time Bill Gates and his crew went to India and killed and maimed many of your children with their poisonous vaccines.

      • March 18, 2021 at 7:42 am

        Hi Entity art,

        Nice to see your reply and thanks for for receivinig my comments well. Your work is very rare and special and people can only accept it if they are ready to drop their egos. My own brother is settled there in Munich, reads, speaks and writes fluent German but is not aware of the holocaust hoax.

        I have toured Germany once (Frankfurt, Stuttgart (Benz museum), Munich, Ulm) during 2016 summer and it was an amazing experience. My curiosity on Hitler would leave me thinking alone in Munich whether those events were real but I could not ask anyone about Dachau as it was a highly censored topic and most of them were tight lipped. I was even advised not to have any discussion in public. I understood that it is especially difficult for Germans to come out of the forced guilt they have been pushed in to.

        Destiny had it that I was to get exposed to your work and that opened the pandora box.

        I really appreciate the fact that you have covered key points from Bergmann / Lusar’s books in the UFO articles and it is better to have clarity now only or else, who knows the Jewish crime syndicate might come up with some mysterious alien attack theory in distant future. They might be preparing all countries even like India for the same purpose if the 4th Reich decide to interfere. This is quite a possibility and I hope such a thing happens.

        One question I wanted to ask you which is if the JCS are in total power now and they want to depopulate, what is stopping them from throwing a bomb like in Hiroshima, Nagasaki on many countries and destroy the gentiles? Are they aware of universal laws or such a move would easily expose them? Even if they get exposed, no one would be in a position to take the attack to them, right?

        Regarding Corona in India, yes, its been a total madness last year especially, many people lost jobs, got sucked in to fake virus and are now seen with masks everywhere. A few % of modern generation people like me are waking up but sad part is most of them are lost in controlled opposition like D Icke. They do a good part in telling half truth and then distort the remaining. Your article on him was an eye opener for me.

        Also, I was a follower of Ramana Maharishi and after reading your article, got an insight in to this new age enlightenment which is a total diversion. As for Raman Maharishi, he was only interested in tamil siddha philosophy and taught the same to locals but once the westerners and other Hindu Vedanta followers started flocking, they funded for his ashram heavily and then projected as if Ramana Maharishi was teaching non dual philosophy. Such a philosophy is good to calm the mind but it makes us soft targets for the evil agenda and a true awakening is applying spiritual principles in life yet at the same time participating in the world stage.

        I have read about your lucid dreaming and the experiences you had and hope, one day, I too can have a live experience like that. I have never had any so far.

        As told previously, I will be following your work with more interest and curiosity.


        • March 20, 2021 at 12:43 pm

          Hello again Gopal

          “One question I wanted to ask you which is if the JCS are in total power now and they want to depopulate, what is stopping them from throwing a bomb like in Hiroshima, Nagasaki on many countries and destroy the gentiles? Are they aware of universal laws or such a move would easily expose them? Even if they get exposed, no one would be in a position to take the attack to them, right?”

          There are possibly a few different reasons. Some thoughts on your question:

          I feel that the most crucial element to all this is that the German Breakaway Group have been monitoring all the weapons down here on Earth. Hovering over nuclear missile installations and even activating and deactivating weapons… which demonstrates their advanced capabilities. There is much evidence of this monitoring. This type of monitoring can also be achieved through other dimensional methods as well… an area of expertise that I do believe the Germans have developed.

          (((They))) quite possibly could have attempted something like this already and the Germans stopped it.

          I don’t think it is anything to do with ‘universal laws’. I do not believe that there are ‘universal laws’ that civilisations abide by. It is survival of the fittest in the Cosmos. This notion of ‘universal laws’ was introduced by the highly controlled Ufology and New Age movement and their shills. I also do not believe in this magical notion of ‘karma’. The notion of ‘karma’ was introduced to us at some point to pacify us.

          It could also be that it just does not currently fit into their NWO plans, and would wake the world too quickly. It is an slow incremental process they are using, constantly increasing their control a bit at a time… which is why this ‘covid 19’ scam has been a bit odd, as they really increased their control very quickly, which has woken a lot of people up. An action like you suggest will create a great many problems for them… they want people to accept and want their enslavement – they parasite off of the naïve gentiles. (‘you will own nothing and be happy’)

          Jewry / Banking Cartels also have people all over the world running various government and big organisations and corporations – they are called International Jewry for a reason. They all want a piece of the empire. The corrupt leaders of nations and various organisations also want their power to supply their narcissistic needs and desires.

          If you look at history we can see how genocidal they can be – Dresden in Germany, Eisenhower Death camps and The Morgenthau plan in WW2. The Holodomor, the Atomic bomb on Japan etc etc etc… so your question is valid … And in more recent times, where they can cause death and destruction and get a way with it, they will – like in the Middle East – all these unnecessary wars they create there. As of course this is where they have least control… Jewry don’t have complete and total control.

          I feel the only way they will attempt something like you mention, is if they realise they have lost – then these psychopaths will try to take as many down with them as possible, but I think we will have help from a certain Breakaway Civilisation with that.

          I personally believe that this planet would be in a much worse state if the Breakaway Germans had not been watching over us and stopping various events.

          Regarding spirituality. Those other-dimensional / metaphysical experiences I have had totally change your view of spirituality… (there are even various other metaphysical experiences I have had that I have not discussed or mentioned on this site). There is very limited knowledge coming from all these ‘gurus’. It is almost like Earth Human DNA was, or is, limited in some way… or there appears to be something limiting what Human Souls can experience here on Earth… I feel that Human Souls on Earth are probably like children, or babies, when it comes to understanding the universe, cosmos and all the metaphysical elements – and yes, that includes the so called ‘gurus’.

          I hope that was of some use.

          • April 15, 2021 at 10:38 pm

            Concur. I would like to see some research into what potential tragedies have been averted by intervention.

            • May 27, 2021 at 11:27 am

              Hello Mr Trotsky

              (By the way, I very much suggest a name change.)

              The Germans were not ‘SO’ advanced at the end of WW2 – but they are now. They were just finishing their haunebu and vril craft at the end of WW2 – and they did not have that many of them – some of them were not even fitted with weapons at that time. And I don’t think they had completed any cigar shaped mother ships then.

              They also had a policy not to use any weapons in WW2 that they could not combat themselves – weapons that they themselves did not have answer for. Only when they had developed a robust defence against the newly developed weapons would they use it. If one of their weapons fell into the enemies hands it could cause them a lot of trouble, if they did not have this policy. Which was a wise move.

              It was very clearly a tactical retreat to Antarctica and South America. They had to secure the future of the German people – that was their most important goal. And they have done that now. They have also collected DNA and now have a much larger, and even more gifted, population.

              You don’t risk your newly developed technology. They had a small population and new – largely untested – technology. You retreat and regroup. This is common sense.

              In 1945 they had a large submarine fleet, and a very small (newly developed) UFO fleet and not many troops – all mainly stationed in Antarctica. They could not stop the heinous and despicable atrocities committed against the German people in their homeland. You protect what you have and go from there. In 1947, during Operation Highjump, they could defend themselves very successfully at their remote base with their new technology.

              After WW2 the allies tried to ‘tempt’ the Germans out, and get them to show their hand too early. But they were wise to this. It must have been hard but they maintained their discipline. (Ernst Zundel does address this subject briefly in his book)

              With wisdom you use your technology to venture out into the solar system and establish yourselves there. You expand and develop further – with access to new materials, information and technology. Eventually you assist the people on Earth in other dimensions / realms… Yes, they are absolutely doing this. You also secretly sabotage military targets as well as space and military technological developments on Earth.

              (They were beginning to develop an understanding of other dimensions and the bending of time with ‘The Bell’ / ‘Die Glocke’. They are capable in this area now.)

              They are in space, in the depths of our oceans and flying around our atmosphere – they are now much more advanced.

  • March 17, 2021 at 9:38 am

    Nice work EntityArt. There is no doubt the Germans are on the moon, and the fact that they wanted to nuke it suggests that it’s the Germans there. As they also nuked Antarctica 2 times in the 50s to destroy the German there with no success. I’ve read it from that German website you linked in part 1 article, I think he was based on hermman’s book. Just the fact that they couldn’t go back to the moon nor any other nation suggest that (((they))) are trapped on here.

    Good article, Thanks.

    • March 20, 2021 at 12:48 pm

      Hi Saturn Trap


      Yes, I read that on that website as well. Though I have not come across information that confirmed that it did occur. I know there were so many Antarctic ‘expeditions’ by the Nations considered to be the ‘allied forces’ in the 1950s though. Admiral Byrd even went back there on one of the ‘expeditions’ in 1955.

      I am pretty much certain that they would have tried to destroy their base various times. Them trying to nuke the Antarctica base in the 1950s sounds exactly like what they would do. Especially as we know of the 1959 ‘nuke the moon’ plan, as well as the real reason for Operation Highjump

      You say it may have been from Haarmann’s books. I will have a look through them more closely, when I have the chance, and see if it says anything about these nuclear attacks.

  • March 20, 2021 at 4:41 pm

    Hi EntityArt,

    Graham Hancock & Randall Carlson talk a lot about history, geology, astrology, ancient aliens, earth and of course about Moon. Hancock claims that the Moon orbits around Earth since circa 2000 BC only. What do you think about them ?

    Not quite on topic but related: what do you think about Naomi Seibt, the young german woman who speaks against global warming, human made climate change and globalism in general ?

    Thank you.

    • March 23, 2021 at 5:35 pm

      Hi Doru

      Graham Hancock: The man has a series on the ridiculous and highly subversive Gaia.com, and has worked with the shill David Wilcock. Hancock was also interviewed by the shill Kerry Cassidy / Project Camelot (she is one of the tribe)… Hancock was on the Joe Rogan show… he was interviewed by the shill Dark Journalist (very likely a tribe member), did an interview with the shill Russell Brand (again, very likely a tribe member), and was on Ted talks… I could go on… a whole load of obvious controlled opposition channels and controlled opposition agents. Yes, he will say some truth about ancient civilisations, but he is a controlled limited hangout and a gatekeeper… and there will be misdirection

      All of Ufology and the vast majority of Ancient History Researchers / Personalities are controlled… and if they are not, if they ever talk about certain topics they are ostracised, and will receive no funding or publicity etc… For many reasons, and on many topics they gatekeep and misinform – but here are a couple of significant ones: One, they don’t want people to learn the Truth about the German Breakaway Civilisation – and two, they don’t want people to learn the Truth about the Ancient Aryans, such as how widespread they were, how they were seen as the noble class and leaders back then… how they were looked up to, and brought many new ideas and technology to other tribes…( For example, in places in Asia and Africa mummies and remains were found of the leaders/noble class, who were taller with blonde and red hair… ) and how the swastika was spread around the world by them – hence why we see it in so many different ancient cultures – and blonde or red hair and blue eyes sometimes occurs in some tribes in Asia, Africa and the Middle East because of this. And I am sure they are hiding so many more Truths… About Atlantis for example – that White civilisation that was destroyed for some reason… I am sure there is so such more they are hiding from us.

      I do not know Randall Carlson’s work – but I looked him up and did a little research. The man is a Freemason – openly a Freemason. That says it all. Sure he may say some Truths here and there – but he will be gatekeeping and using misdirection. I would not be surprised if Hancock was one as well.

      Naomi Seibt – seen her a few times here and there – not really taken any notice of her – don’t know much about her work. She looks like controlled opposition. I just went onto YouTube and did a search, and she is still allowed on there and has over 100,000 subscribers! … yes, almost certainly controlled opposition.

  • May 6, 2021 at 9:46 pm

    Hi Entity art,
    Thank you brother, many things became clear to me!many questions and points over the years!!i am from Iran,i just found out that we Aryans used to be in Atlantis, a continent in the North Pole that someone in Iran has completely proven, the seventh country in the North Pole or the same Atlantis, and many of the traditions in Iran is still in Harmony with life is there،That continent was destroyed 12,000 years ago as you may know,There are thousands of maps that still show the seventh country or Atlantis, but unfortunately it has been censored by the Jews!!It is quite clear that they lied not only about Atlantis but also about the giants and that human civilization was sinusoidal and up and down and you may know The Sphinx is probably 900,000 years old and..You proved with good logical reason that the Nazis were continuing their civilization, but I had a few questions:
    – These UFO moving over the moon on the Videos could not be satellites or stray objects on the orbits of the earth that seem to be flying on the moon ?
    -And how do you know that the Nazis are not survived in the very big caves of the earth, the caves discovered thousand kilometers wide and very deep inside the earth, or in Antarctica, which is very big, according to what document do you claim that the Nazis left the pole in 1961?
    -Could the recent attack by NASA under the pretext of discovering water on the moon have harmed the Germans living there?
    -The explosions of the Columbia shuttle and the Challenger shuttle may have been carried out by the German spacecraft, and of course the other explosions ؟Even the high speed UFO was seen passing by the exploding American missile on the platform!

    • May 10, 2021 at 12:35 pm

      Hello The Seventh Country

      “– These UFO moving over the moon on the Videos could not be satellites or stray objects on the orbits of the earth that seem to be flying on the moon ?”

      Most recordings I have provided show them moving at incredible speed past, or over, The Moon. Look at the videos from ‘Bill Bryson’. The saucers are staying in formation at amazing speeds – they are often very close to The Moon.

      A ‘Bruce Sees All’ video shows them coming out of the surface of The Moon at great speed.

      The fleets are also very often in formation, spaced out equidistantly. Definitely not ‘space junk or satellites’.

      There is one video from a different YouTuber of a cigar-craft clearly being ‘launched’ at great speed from The Moon as well… that video disappeared from Youtube but there is a screen shot of it above – and it travelled at great speed – as did the cigar-craft in many other videos I have seen.

      “- And how do you know that the Nazis are not survived in the very big caves of the earth, the caves discovered thousand kilometers wide and very deep inside the earth, or in Antarctica, which is very big, according to what document do you claim that the Nazis left the pole in 1961?”

      I should imagine that they do have some bases inside some of the large caverns inside the Earth – in remote regions. Some have suggested that the 2003 Iraq war was related to a German enclave in that region.

      I do not know for certain if the Germans left Antarctica in 1961. It was something that Wilhelm Landig proposed. The fact so many famous ‘elites’ visited Antarctica not long ago, (many visits in 2016) suggests they found something of interest there (possibly an abandoned base), and it suggests that the Breakaway Germans have perhaps moved on from there now. But we can’t be sure about that.

      There were many more so called ‘expeditions’ to Antarctica after Operation High Jump (Admiral Byrd even went on another one in 1955), these would have been more attempts at destroying the Germans there. The Breakaway Germans could have abandoned there base in Antarctica once they had established themselves elsewhere – such as in the easier to defend deep underwater bases, perhaps in some large underground caverns in another location, and once established on The Moon. They will very likely be established in a variety of remote locations – planet Earth is a big place that is mostly uninhabited.

      “-Could the recent attack by NASA under the pretext of discovering water on the moon have harmed the Germans living there?”

      You cannot trust anything NASA says. If you look at my ‘Ufology Explained, Part 5’ article you can see that the German UFOs are dominant in Earth’s atmosphere. I do not think Earth craft can get near The Moon to harm the Germans there.

      “-The explosions of the Columbia shuttle and the Challenger shuttle may have been carried out by the German spacecraft, and of course the other explosions ؟Even the high speed UFO was seen passing by the exploding American missile on the platform!”

      Yes, I have seen a variety of these videos, and some others… and I saw the UFOs in some of the footage. And it does look like these shuttles could very well have been taken out / sabotaged by the UFOs… as well as the sabotage of various military missile tests / launches.

      Essentially, these shuttles were attempts at invading the German territory on The Moon – not that most of the ‘boots on the ground’ would know that – they were just pawns in an Earth experiment.

      (By the way, please don’t use the word, ‘Nazi’. It is a slur and an insult created by their enemy. They were, and are, National Socialists.)

      And, my friend, Iranians are not Aryan. They have some Aryan blood in their population, but are not Aryan. Aryans ruled in many places around the world in ancient times and brought new information, technology and techniques and systems to non-Aryan tribes – they were the ones who spread the swastika symbol all around the world. They were usually seen as the noble class in ancient times. They were very much White, and taller than the other ethnicities. They would sometimes breed with the local non-Aryan populations, which on occasions could lead to new ethnic groups. Even in some remote tribes in China occasionally you see Chinese children with blonde hair, and green or blue eyes, because of this inter-breeding. And in India it is seen as desirable to look more European, with light skin and with green or blue eyes – as there was also some inter-breeding in that region a long time ago.

      As I am sure you know that some Iranians look more European than others, with green or blue eyes, and some have lighter hair. I have seen some say that Iranians are Indo-Europeans who have physically changed due to the climate – but this is obviously not true. The reason some Iranians have European features is that you have some Aryan blood / DNA in your population from some inter-breeding a long time ago… it looks like you have more Aryan DNA than the Indian population has, but you would not be classed as Aryan. This certainly does not mean that you and cannot be allies though.

      There is an agenda in the world to distort Aryan history in the jewish controlled mainstream media, and jewish mainstream history – and on occasions they try to make out that the Indians and Iranians are the Aryans, but it is not true. Non-mainstream researchers show this clearly.

      The Germanic / Nordic / Celtic people – are the truest Aryans. But there is plenty of Aryan blood throughout Europe. Europeans are all spiritually / metaphysically connected through our DNA – and more and more realise this connection and kinship – I don’t think (((they))) can ever create another large war between Europeans again.

      But Iranians seem to have more Aryan blood than the other non-European ethnic groups – so they have more of a kinship and connection with Europeans.

      Best of luck to the people of Iran – you have a very dangerous foe near to you.

      • May 11, 2021 at 3:42 pm

        Well!, I talked to a historical professor in Iran and he confirmed your claim. He said that the Aryans came to Iran after the destruction of Atlantis, and because it was a pleasant area, they settled there, and of course we Iranians were a race called “feradwash” and my Previous comment was wrong but we are ally and friend yet

  • May 11, 2021 at 6:49 pm

    I was wrong, you were absolutely right,we Iranians are not Aryans, if you can not publish my answers,

    Thank you

    • May 11, 2021 at 8:02 pm

      Hello, The seventh country

      You are not the first person to have suggested it. There is an agenda to hide and distort Aryan history on this planet – stemming from Jewry. Certain agents purposely put out disinformation to confuse and to subvert.

      Sure. I will not publish that other comment. Not a problem.

    • June 16, 2021 at 7:50 pm

      Hello The seventh country

      Michael Salla is a shill and there is going to be a lot of disinfo in this piece you linked. I have exposed Salla in my Ufology Explained series on this site… he loves to misdirect and he promotes fake whistleblowers and agents.

      I will look more closely at this linked article at some point and provide some analysis for you… exposing some of his lies.

      • June 17, 2021 at 1:31 pm

        i think they’d infiltrated NASA about 1950 maybe the duty of him in NASA was related on Mars base ,during 10 years he helped Germany to reach mars and beyond
        You can see during those years he conducted the moon flights!it was just a hoax to hide main goals of Germans
        of course in the moon they were not allowed to landing even one of their spacecraft was targeted by Germans! at the same time The Germans were building their bases in the Mars poles!
        and after they were hopeless of the moon,SS direct them to The mars ,and again The Germans stopped them over there !!
        if we assume That article come true !
        or another scenario
        German break away group still used Wernher von Braun as a bait
        Perhaps they didn’t took money from the USA space program
        But those money were poorly invested in other types of engines
        Rockets Wernher von Braun just misleading them. The real solution was electromagnetic propulsion

        • June 18, 2021 at 2:43 pm

          Hello The seventh county

          I had a bit of time so I did a little analysis of that post you linked:

          The only thing of value that you can gain from the Salla’s exopolitics website is that you can see that International Jewry / The Banking Cartels are concerned about the German Breakaway Civilisation and put out this illogical disinfo to try and control the narrative and misdirect… and they add plenty of anti-German propaganda while they are at it.

          My Ufology Explained series already exposes his work and highlights some of the lies he is telling.

          Lets look at some quotes from the article you linked:

          “What is not widely known about the Apollo Program is that it was used as a very effective cover for massive amounts of funding, resources, and personnel covertly being transferred to Antarctica to help the expansion of a breakaway German Space Program hidden in underground bases.”

          This is completely absurd. Why would the United States be funding the expansion of a German base in Antarctica, and helping their space programmes, when they tried to destroy them in 1947 via Operation Highjump? (They also had many more much less publicised expeditions to the area to try and destroy them after that as well)… And when they wanted to nuke the Germans on The Moon as well? And there is no way any of the blackmailed German rocket scientists could have done this secretly, as they would be so intensely monitored. And regardless, as shown in Ernst Zundel’s book, the Germans did not need funding – they already had plenty of funds – they had planned ahead.

          “In chapter 12 of the US Air Force Secret Space Program (2019), I detail how the Apollo program was used as part of an agreement reached between the Eisenhower Administration and the Antarctica based German colony, also known as the Fourth Reich.”

          Anyone who knows the Truth of WW2 knows that this is another absolutely absurd claim. Firstly, Dwight Eisenhower (who was a jewish man) hated the Germans, and expressed this very openly (jealousy). He also starved to death millions of Germans in the Rhine Meadows camps – he was responsible and gave the orders to not give the prisoners the available food. There is absolutely no way the Breakaway Germans would work with Eisenhower and the jewish controlled US.

          “While the German scientists appeared to be providing technical assistance for US rocket and other advanced aerospace programs, many were sabotaging US industry efforts to replicate the advanced aerospace technologies the Nazis had reverse engineered from extraterrestrial spacecraft.”

          We can see more lies here. The NS Germans made the craft themselves, they did not reverse engineer. You can see a progression of ideas expressed by some great minds, then experimentation (Die Glocke etc), preliminary plans, diagrams, prototypes and improvements… all in the books linked in my Ufology Explained articles. There is zero evidence they reverse engineered the craft – all evidence suggests other wise. Jewry hate the thought of the word knowing how brilliant the Germans were.

          And again, I doubt the German rocket scientists would be able to sabotage anything in the United States. The most they could do is withhold more advanced information – though they were all just rocket scientists or engineers – so it is extremely doubtful they had any of that advanced flying-disc technical information, especially as there was a great deal of compartmentalisation in NS Germany, and they would not know about the more advanced projects. No ‘UFO’ scientists were found after WW2 by the allies – the isolated facilities where they were creating these flying-discs were all cleared out – no personnel and no equipment left at those installations.

          (Though I suspect a good deal of sabotage of both the US and Soviet / Russian (and possibly Chinese) technology and military equipment has been occurring by they Breakaway Germans – but through other methods)

          Additional note: Jewry do not want the world to know about the Breakaway Germans – so if any of the secret and remote U.S or Soviet facilities were attacked by the Breakaway Germans they certainly would not let the world know about it.

          Salla also talks about William Tompkins in the article – Tompkins is an obvious shill. Tompkins says that the ‘Nordics’ are working with the U.S secret secret program. Firstly, there is no advanced space-faring US secret space program, and second, there are no ‘Nordics ‘- as of course, the so called ‘Nordics’ are the Breakaway Germans and they would never work with the U.S military.

          Salla also talks about the Majestic 12 psyop in the linked post. That Majestic 12 information is all lies and misdirection. Which was promoted by the shill, and anti-German holocaust ‘believer’, William (Bill) Cooper.

          And this one of the the absurdities of the website you linked. It will have articles about Operation Highjump showing how the Allies went Antarctica to try and destroy the Germans – and it will also have posts saying that the U.S and the ‘Nazis’ work together or share information, bases and technology! It is not difficult to debunk his work.

          Ignore all this operation paperclip rhetoric that says that the kidnapped and blackmailed German scientists infiltrated NASA and took it over. Just more distraction and misdirection. They did not take it over. A totally ridiculous statement with no evidence at all… it could not possibly occur.

          There is the small chance that a few of senior and trustworthy rocket scientists, like Von Braun, were briefed by the Breakaway German National Socialists before they left for Antarctica – but these scientists would have had so much surveillance on them in the U.S. There is the small possibility that someone like Von Braun was a plant – but I feel it is unlikely – the escape to Antarctica was pretty covert.

          In truth, they would not even need to sabotage the rocket projects. The Germans already had a huge technological advantage and made sure they maintained it, and further increased it, by leaving no one and nothing behind that could bridge that gap. All the German ‘UFO’ scientists and equipment went to Antarctica.

          Lets look at one last quote:

          “From 1974 – 1977, Werner Von Braun began privately telling Carol Rosin, a colleague at a major aerospace company Fairchild Industries, about a sequence of contrived global false flag “cards” such as asteroid impacts and extraterrestrial invasion, which would lead to the militarization of space and usher in a New World Order. Now more than 40 years later, the sequence predicted by Von Braun appears to be on the verge of playing out as mainstream media increasingly speculate about asteroid strikes and an alien invasion in what many believe are cases of predictive programming.”

          This is just misdirection. You cant believe anything Salla says, or the controlled shill ‘whistle-blowers’ he promotes. There is conflict occurring in our atmosphere – and from what I can tell, by looking at the reports of the so-called glowing ‘meteors’ (hypersonic missiles), that are low in our atmosphere, it perhaps started roughly around 2005 or 2006 – possibly a bit earlier. But it really seemed to kick off in 2013… and then in 2020 and 2021 there has been a further increase / escalation. Though we must take into consideration that there are now more people that have smart phones with video capabilities. But there certainly has been an increase. (As you can see in Ufology Explained Part 5)

          A fake extraterrestrial invasion is not going to usher in the New Word Order – it is just misdirection. It is not going to happen. The Breakaway Germans are dominant in our atmosphere.

          It is clearly going to be the Germans and their allies who are in our atmosphere taking down and eliminating the hypersonic planes / drones and the hypersonic missiles (that the PTB call ‘meteors’ or ‘asteroids’) – which the nations down here are attacking them with.

          By the way, UFO sightings are very frequent at the moment. So many all around the world. They are showing themselves on purpose, and some are even doing displays.

          The Breakaway Germans and their off-planet allies are dominant in our oceans, atmosphere and local space. Jewry / The Banking Cartels really don’t want people to know this. One big reason is that lots of these anti-White and NWO Marxist agents / shills around the world, who are working against White people and Western civilisation, would be concerned, and far less likely to carry on with their lies and subversions. The subversives would certainly think twice about all their activities if they realise that it is inevitable that at some point the very advanced Breakaway Germans will initiate some type of ‘return’. (Though they never really went away)

          As far as I can tell, Jewry and The Banking Cartels have essentially already lost. It is just a matter of how it will all play out. How much death and destruction will be caused on Earth. If Jewry do wipe out most of the population (I don’t think they will be able to) then the Breakaway Germans will have no reservations or concerns and will just – at the bare minimum – take back Germany and Europe and capture all the ‘elite’ psychopaths. As far as I can see The Breakaway Germans certainly seem to have a plan – they seem to want to minimise death and destruction, and to minimise problems for themselves by timing their operations correctly. Jewry and the Marxists expose themselves more and more each day.

          Anyway, this is what it looks like with all the available information and evidence that we currently have.

          One of the best things that we can do to help, and to perhaps speed things up, is to share Truths with others about the New World Order, WW2 and how the world really works… wake people up.

          • June 19, 2021 at 4:11 am

            Great analysis. As you said the only value from this kind of Salla’s articles is that jewry are desperate, putting all kinds of distraction and propaganda to control and program people against the Breakaway Germans.

            This kind of Salla’s articles are a good measurement for us to know what’s on jewry’s mind. With all the control that’s going on in the world with this virus hoax and the anti-white propaganda…etc, all of this that happens with the recent rise of German UFO sightings, it all seems that jewry are desperately playing their last card, as they know their days are numbered.

  • June 19, 2021 at 1:54 pm

    Thanks for your accurate response ,I am completely convinced.
    I agree with you about that tThey are scared of us to be red pilled about NWO and WW2 Truths and the Breakaway NS
    through your excellent articles i could connect the dots ,of course i can see their concerns are growing and emerging in medias, 4 weeks ego i saw a video about UFOs in fox news ,the corespondent expressed angrily why the UFOs and why they broke nuclear facility and destroy some of military devices!!and also i saw explosion of nuclear facility in Russia which i am sure that was done by the Baway G :
    you know in Ghostezra chat (which has about 300K member )
    about some month which has about 300K member some few American and me started to send some fact about NS , NWO and Jews ,at first some people also Jews in chatroom left me cold and also insulted me but slowly another NatSoc joined us and they formed a telegram group which raised member to 2000 (of course 95 % of them was American whits ) ,over there people discussed about NS and most of them were redpilld , i send your articles to group but they weren’t so interested in Contents because they cant believe in surviving of Third Reich anyway during we one month we could take narrative in ghostchat and people show interest to our posts in chatroom also i realize ghost slowly turn to NS and he started to post many thing against Zionism Jews and in support of NS and Hitler and was unbelievable ! of course our group was banned in telegram and another group is formed(the new group is named “NatSos truth” in telegram )
    i know the ghoesezra is fool about the flat earth and some other strange belief but an a honest fool !
    even he do believe in German break away ,i always sent your articles there and some people show interest as they once time ghost himself admit it but he told me the moon base is BS because he once doesn’t believe in moon and once time he told me moon is just flash light !
    tow days ago i told him about importance of cultural Marxism and he asked me a video to post and i send him so he post that video ,We NS always discuses about him because he is a Qtrad and trump supporter but i believe its better than nothing !
    I want to know your idea about him ,is he reliable person?
    and i have another question about the Baway German base in Iraq ?was there a NS base in Iraq ?there was any conflict with NATO and USA during Persian golf war ?which i heard UFOs destroyed many NATO and USA army aircraft ?

    • June 20, 2021 at 10:55 am

      Hello The seventh country

      You are welcome. I will create a response to these questions at some point. I also need to do a little digging on one of the topics you mentioned.

      • June 21, 2021 at 6:11 am

        Hi ,I should add as I said before ghost group in these recent mouths has become a NS supporter and a open ant Zionism anti Israeli channel which we can easily criticized Zionism and support NS even too many Jews start nagging about his posts and our presence over there but he not only don’t care about their complaints but support us and even use of our post and videos even the issues that we state there !and we know in the other Q group we will banned even we have a mild discussion about these matters which some of them openly support Israel and Zionism !
        I’d mentioned before trough the Ghost chat room NS found a NS group which was growing each they and reached to 2000 member and suddenly we were banned and reported and guys establish anther chat room and now questions come why they banned us but do anything against Ghost chat!?
        You know I played a game that called Mafia , and I know how it could be difficult to find Mafias even between 10 persons! I saw haw easily citizen in that game were manipulated !even in some round of game some of Mafias sacrifice themselves to help surviving their partner to End of the game!
        Now in reality in such world I can trust anyone! Especially in the world of politics

  • August 29, 2021 at 11:04 am

    Dear Entityart,
    I haven’t read any mention of the book Die Reichdeutschen: Das Dritte Reich Als Dritte Supermacht Auf Erden, by Martin Neumann. What is your opinion on his work?

    I would also like to recommend reading these following documents. They may help in corroborating certain pieces of your evidence.


  • March 22, 2022 at 2:32 am

    Hey man.I read on many places that Ernst Zudnel told to some people near him that he lied about the info he wrote in books and that he charged 10k euros to organize a trip to the poles of the earth,whats your take on that ?

    • March 23, 2022 at 1:33 pm

      Hi Bob

      Firstly, all of Jewry (and Freemasonry), and their agents, want to discredit Ernst Zundel, as he was one of the most courageous Truthers out there – a real trailblazer. A very intelligent, well read, honourable man. He would not release a book that he did not believe in!

      All of Ufology, as I have shown in Ufology Explained articles – particularly Parts 1 and 2 – has been set up, and seeded with agents, so as to subvert you away from the Truth of the German Breakaway Civilisation. I laid this out in these first two parts of the series. So there will be people trying to discredit him. And not only because of this, but because he exposed the holohoax and Jewry – and so many lies about WW2 and Adolf Hitler. If you have watched all of the videos Zundel created over the years, and learnt about his life, you would not question his character.

      He was not trying to scam anyone with the trips he was trying to organise. He was genuinely trying to get to the pole as he believed in the information he had put together in his books.

      I saw in one interview in later years, towards the end of his life – many years after the UFO book was released – that he played down the information in his UFO book a bit. I think he may have lost a little faith in it, as he could not visibly see a ‘return’ and fight back from the Breakaway Germans. But he could not have possibly understood the full situation out there in the solar system, and what was occurring in remote areas of our planet. The technologically and metaphysically advanced Other Worldly force, which is behind the enslavement of this planet, needed to be dealt with and neutralised. The Breakaway Germans and their allies had to deal with the root cause, not the symptoms.


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