Surviving in the Cosmos – A Breakaway Civilization – Inc. Morality, Emotions, Nature & Diet

What is covered:


  • Introduction
  • Overall Perspective
  • Emotions, Morality & Survival
  • Our ‘Rulers’
  • Weaknesses
  • Peace, Harmony, Conflict
  • Animals, Nature, Food
  • Farming
  • Animals, Nature, Food, continued
  • ‘Viruses’, Bacteria, Toxins, Radiation
  • Sustaining and Advancing the Civilization (Inc. Military)
  • Concluding Thoughts

Additional Information

  • Ancestry
  • Some of my Memories
  • Additional Raw Primal Information


Most people base what they believe about our planet and galaxy, and what the Cosmic Truths are, on all sorts of subverting agents online – and all our philosophers base their thoughts and beliefs on limited information. I base mine not only on my wide ranging research and analysis but also on my memories. My memories of living on another planet with other humans and the establishment of a civilisation there. (I have briefly described some of them in various posts on this site throughout the years.) I am not asking you to just believe me on my word… I would not expect anybody to do that… But if you read what I have to say in this article – which contains some forgotten, unknown or neglected Truths about how to survive out there beyond ‘our’ planet – in the Cosmos – it may well connect with something buried deep within you… something you have long forgotten, or Truths you have been searching for… With some critical thinking you can assess the information for yourself.

If you can’t believe or fathom how there could possibly be humans settled elsewhere in our solar system then I suggest you read my articles ‘Ufology Explained, Part 1’Ufology Explained, Part 2 and ‘Life on Mars’ in my Ufology section on this website. I have extensively studied and analysed Ufology since I had all these memories return, as well as having other metaphysical experiences. I break down the very deceptive and controlled Ufology in those articles and explain some of what is very likely occurring in our solar system. There is much evidence that at the end of WW2 a group of Germans broke away with their advanced technology… going to Antarctica and then out into our solar system.

I am going to lay out some of the fundamentals for surviving in the cosmos and what it is like… well, at least in this solar system and in our part of the galaxy. My art work, a lot of it is in the art galleries on this site, demonstrates that I have these memories – it was created before the memories came to me, the Art was my subconscious coming through. Some of it was created in my late teens, some in my twenties and some in my early thirties.

The memories came through during sleep, through what I describe as a re-living of them, definitely not dreams, but a vivid sequential reliving or re-experiencing of certain significant scenes. They were usually either traumatic or emotional scenes – with the re-experiencing of the emotions. I remember these brief memories better than any Earth memories. These memories / relived events are, for want of a better phrase, burnt into your mind. They came back during a period where I was meditating a great deal, I was attempting to process lots of very intense emotions that had been coming up… the more I processed the more flashbacks I had… many scenes / events were relived and witnessed in the night. Sometimes they involved a set of related scenes / events in chronological order.

My artwork on this website is not a direct representation of what I remembered in most cases… and don’t be distracted by some of the bright colours – I was often experimenting with colour combinations. The memories came after the art – and I can now see, in most pieces, what I was actually trying to create…(What the more knowing part of me was trying to tell me) They were physical occurrences – the art pieces are mostly representations of scenes I have been involved in… Most of the surreal skinny ambiguous figures (some without arms) are actually humans. (I did not know what I was trying to create at the time) The pencil sketches however do show some animals that are very similar to the creatures I saw vividly in my memories. Nothing I created was copied – I would just sit down and draw, sculpt and arrange composition straight from my ‘imagination’ / subconscious… hidden memories.

This essay is not some self indulgent waffle about these memories. I could write them out and it would not help us much. At the end of this article I may describe some of them just to illustrate some points. The memories are important to me personally but to readers they will not mean that much – what is important is what I learned from them. If you read the article below through you will see for yourself that it is very practical. It is what I have learned from what I have seen in my memories, combined with some of what I have learned living on Earth. I don’t have the answers to everything of course. But this, I feel, is a decent overview of various important elements you need to consider when attempting to survive out there in our little section of the galaxy.

I generally don’t describe my memories in detail to people, and I no longer share them with people I know and people close to me. People just do not have a frame of reference. The look on their faces is one of ‘cannot compute’. I am aware that what I am relaying is very unusual for people on this planet. But you can see that the very controlled (((Ufology))) was aware that some people may regain memories and they have spent quite a bit of effort in putting fake ‘secret space program’ and fake ‘super soldier’ whistle-blowers in place, with fake made up memories, so as to take control of the narrative and to subvert.

Most of the memories seem to be on the same planet… I am almost totally sure (99.9%) that this planet was in our solar system, and I am 99.9 % sure I know which one. But some also seemed to be memories of some scouting / reconnaissance type missions – which looked like they were sometimes on different planets or moons. It is important to note that most of my memories that came back were of military type scenarios… though there were also some brief civilian life memories.

A few people have suggested that these memories could have been implanted in me, to mess with me and subvert me. They definitely would not have given me these particular memories if they wanted to subvert me. And I certainly do not think they can put memories into your Soul and give you new Soul memories – if they could we are all done for … but they can’t. And as mentioned, they would not have given me these ones, as they led me to seeing harsh Truths… Truths that have helped me gain insights into many areas.

If they could have given some fake memories it would have been about living on a planet with some fake peaceful ethereal beings – and living in peace and harmony with other humanoid species and all the animals – and with love being the only Truth – and all you have to do is love everything and everybody, and then all will be well … it would have been some New Age rubbish like that to pacify me – but I have seen pretty much the total opposite. The memories / recall occurred some time ago and broke me out of the New Age spirituality nonsense that I was reading and engaging with at the time – it also enabled me to very clearly see through all the Ufology psyops. I doubt these posts on this website exposing New Age spirituality and Ufology would have occurred if I didn’t get these memories back.

(I have looked through images on the internet to try and find some inspiring and suitable images to help with this essay, none of them represent any scene I have seen exactly of course, but some of them are fairly close. All will resonate with me on a certain level regarding my memories, but some more so than others… some are based on scenes I have seen, and some based on what could very likely be a scene.)

I did not see a city like this, the city I had glimpses of in my memories was more like an advanced European city… but it is still an inspiring image.

My Overall Perspective:

The Earth is not flat – we are on spinning ball planet, the solar system, galaxy and universe is full of planets and life, the German Breakaway Group are out there in our solar system, we, on Earth, are in some sort of twisted quarantine type ‘experiment’ or ‘plan’ – and No ETs / Off Planet Groups are currently allowed on Earth physically… none. The New Age scene and Ufology are both totally controlled by dis-info agents – many networks of them.

If you disagree with any of these perspectives please just read on and see if these insights below spark something within you. You have been incarnating for a long time on a very controlled planet. See if the logic behind them rings true. NASA lies not because the Earth is flat but for other reasons.

(I will write this from the perspective of White / Aryan people. As the people in my memories – in this civilization – very likely to be on another planet in our solar system – are of White European ancestry, and I am a White European. This does not mean that I am against you if you are not White or are mixed race. Aligned and like-minded people of different races need to work together on this planet to stop this Communist / Marxist (((New World Order agenda))).)

This planet I have memories of had large areas of rock and desert, but it also had areas with forests, lakes and rivers.

Emotions, Morality and Survival

Nature does not care about ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ or ‘good’ and ‘evil’. The Universe does not care if you survive or not. If you survive in physical reality and you breed, and your DNA and genetics continue, you have earned the right for your bloodlines to continue. You are always, in each moment, earning the right for your species and race to continue.

(Of course you as a Soul are eternal though – but this does not mean your existence as a people and a race is. Our DNA is metaphysically significant and it connects us – it has Soul level significance. Where will your Soul incarnate if all your people have died out?)

Nature and the Universe does not care how kind you are. Nothing out there is keeping a tally of good deeds.

(Religion and New Age spirituality are mind control… and the After-Life realms are almost certainly places of deception and manipulationall these topics are discussed in other articles on this site.)

(I am not saying there is not some sort of higher, supreme, or vastly superior, consciousness. That some may refer to as ‘God’. But it would be something we could not possibly imagine. It would also be totally neutral and without investment in what plays out in each area of the vast universe.)

Moral codes are established within the Civilisation / Racial Community to enable it to survive, thrive and advance – so that the Race / Tribe lives on.

There are no universal ‘rights’ and ‘wrongs’. There is only that which benefits your race / tribe, and that which does not… That which enables your people to survive and thrive, and that which does not.

Our emotions are there to help us as a race. Love, empathy and compassion are to be used in a tribal / racial community… they are there to enable your race to survive. We, as a race, are tribal communal beings. We love this sense of belonging and connection because of this. This communal tribal living brings us a much greater chance of survival. This morality or ethics we have made up here on this planet… well, it is just that, made up. Of course some of it is very useful, and morals that have developed within the tribe have helped our civilisation to advance and our race to survive. But much of it is now also influenced by those who wish to subvert us… Some of the ethics we are being conditioned with are not based on the True dynamics of the Universe.

White / Aryan people are particularly susceptible to being subverted on Earth as they tend to have high levels of compassion and empathy… and are therefore more altruistic. These emotions are very useful on a planet where there are not many other races of humans in close proximity, as well as the absence of (((a particular race of humans))) that wishes to subvert us and manipulate us at every turn. These emotions would be less likely to be subverted with a more alien looking species as our neighbours. It is a very unique situation that we find ourselves in on Earth… a ‘quarantined’ / cut off planet containing many different races of humans… again, perhaps some sort of twisted experiment, or plan, by other beings… we can’t be sure exactly what is going.

On Earth White people have been manipulated via our emotions to take in all sorts of immigrants into Europe – massive amounts into our homelands – at our expense and to our own detriment – (crime, conflict, violence and sexual abuse is massively on the rise because of this – statistics show this very clearly… just a few of the many drawbacks) this would all be classed as an insanity by other beings and civilisations in the galaxy. Though it was not White people who instigated it of course – but our ZOGs (Zionist Occupied Governments) – but we have been very placid and acquiescent.

White Nations have also set up all these charities – far, far more than any other race has. Charities to help poor or ill people all around the world in other Nations – even though there is plenty of poverty, illness and homelessness in their own civilisations… I am not just talking about all the many large charitable organisations we have set up – there are also smaller groups / organisations of White people, from all sorts of Nations, going to poor places in Africa and Asia, building schools, wells, teaching, improving sanitation facilities etc…. You don’t even hear about it in the mainstream media – nothing – as our media is run by Jewry. This work doesn’t help improve relations with the other Nations.

This may sound harsh to some, but all this is subversion – part of our downfall.

(Of course, again, a lot of this is caused by Jewry controlling all our mainstream media – so White folk do not really see the wider problems amongst their own people, but are constantly shown images other races’ problems.)

It is good to have alliances with like-minded people of other races on this planet – but in Nature, and in the Universe, this charitable work of helping other races when your own people struggle and suffer, and when your future as a people / race is definitely not secure, and when you get nothing in return, it would be deemed as very bizarre behaviour and perhaps as mental illness by other races out there in the Galaxy.

When taking into consideration the Cosmic Truths of the physical universe, the only way any race should be doing this type of charitable altruistic activity for other civilizations / races is if ALL their own people are safe, healthy and thriving – and their future as a people, as a race, is absolutely secured – and if they are getting something in return. You do not understand the Cosmos, and life within it, if you do not understand this.

(When I say ALL – I do not include psychopaths, sociopaths and people with narcissistic personality disorder. These people do not have empathy and they do not, and cannot, recover from their ‘personality disorders’. Someone without empathy is a big danger to a community. These people need to be kept separate from the community and closely monitored.)

Aryan / White people, when not brainwashed and subverted, are actually set up to be a space-faring people… a people that can very successfully survive out in the cosmos – building communities and civilizations.

(I am not saying we are the only race down here capable of this. But we are the race that is best designed / suited for it.)

I do believe this empathy and compassion for all life, that we White folk often have, is not just useful for creating excellent tribal communities but also useful in that it enables us to have alliances with other species / groups, out there in the Cosmos, that can look very different from us – alliances with other groups that have skills and technology that can greatly benefit us… If forming alliances with other like-minded, aligned, honourable groups and civilizations / races, alliances would have to be mutually beneficial – in that they enable both groups survival and advancement. Then some altruistic activity between species or races would make sense – but the integrity of each set of people would never be compromised.

These emotions can also enable us to build relationships with other sentient creatures on the new planet, ones that are not necessarily humanoid. For example, if you love your horse and it loves you back this relationship will benefit you far more than if you dominate it with fear and do not care for its needs. And these bonds can be mutually beneficial in other ways, not just labor. The wild is a dangerous place – especially on other planets – we can provide safe havens for animals and provide them with easily accessible food – while also benefiting from them ourselves with wool, milk and eggs etc. This connection to nature makes us very good at animal husbandry – producing high quality foods (independent farmers) – happy healthy animals create healthier humans. This interest in nature also makes us excellent at growing our own plants and crops – though crops are mainly for animal feed if you run out of grazing – fruits, in moderation, are for us though.

White / Aryan people are animal lovers, we always will be, we are well known for it on this planet. It has benefited us in some ways in terms of our survival. But as with all our emotions and inclinations unless they are properly understood they can also cause us problems. For example – the numerous White couples who have lots of dogs and treat them as their children rather than actually having children. Or the women who have numerous cats for companionship rather than seeking a husband to have children with. Again, if we are all conscious enough to understand the purpose of our emotions and our natural inclinations we can avoid these scenarios which have subverted people… they have lost sight of their purpose – to continue their race and their bloodlines.

Our love of Nature also enables us to care for the biodiversity and maintain our natural surroundings – living in some sort of balance with nature. This needs wisdom as well – misguided altruism will also cause problems here. Sometimes animals will have to be culled. Sometimes balances have to be realigned, for example, when there are environmental disasters, or if animals were accidentally introduced into an ecosystem and are causing imbalances. Our connection to nature, and love for it, enables us to have a deeper understanding of it, which is very beneficial – as we are dependent on nature for our survival. Aryan people, because of their connection to Nature, seek to eventually find a balance with nature and preserve it. Living in some sort of balance, keeping biodiversity intact – but also making sure that it benefits us. Skilled ecologists are very important, and much research and monitoring would take place.

(Assessments would have to be made at some point on a new planet. There could very well be more than a few species of animal that are very dangerous and aggressive, that kills a fair amount of your people. Can you take precautions? Can you just avoid them? Will they have to be culled or even killed off? What other animals do these creatures prey upon? Can you just kill off those living near your settlements? You would have to assess the impact that this culling, or killing off, would have on the ecosystem. Or the last option, let this species keep killing your people… which is not an option… though many self-haters on this planet would consider that an option. I am not just talking about a few bear-like creatures – there are creatures out there far more dangerous than the animals currently on Earth)

If you were to arrive on another planet conscious and very aware of all these emotions that we naturally have – all these communal inclinations we have – it would be a huge plus, and would enable us to form close-nit highly connected communities. These emotions we have would also enable parents and other members of the community to be fiercely protective of their children, and also the bonds will be very strong via the high levels of compassion and empathy.

Anger, hate and fear, are there for our survival. This enables us to stay safe from danger – and to not be subjugated by other races. These emotions are most certainly not to be totally suppressed like these so-called ‘spiritual gurus’ and the ‘new age types’ try to tell us. They try to tell you that you have to suppress, or get rid of, these emotions. But they are absolutely essential emotions. We just need to have high levels of self awareness and consciousness to be aware of them and in control of them, understanding what they are telling us about situations. To use these emotions in wise ways whenever possible. (New Age spirituality rhetoric is mainly just more Marxist and psychological subversion by Jewry)

We also have instinctive primal fear, which is a survival mechanism that kicks in and can save our lives instantaneously when surprised by a threat. Though humans can be trained to use this primal fear more effectively as well… being able to remain balanced and conscious when it kicks in and choosing the correct response – fight or flight or other variants… this is what well-trained elite military units can do.

Do you not think there are space traveling civilizations and beings out there who would enslave us the first chance they get?…They are out there. What forces are stopping us ‘Earthlings’ from being picked up by enslaving groups, or even, conversely, helped physically by a benevolent group? I do not know. The Nations down here do not have the technology to stop them and never have done… something else is stopping them.

Just observe the natural world on this planet – it is very beautiful and also very brutal and unforgiving. The natural world on this planet is a microcosm of the universe.

If you put the New Age types out there onto a planet, as well many of these naive soft liberal types of people, they would not last long:

You arrive as a group of people on a habitable planet. You all wonder at the new wildlife, you watch the interesting insects and birds, paddle in the pristine rivers, sleep in the woodland under the stars, you meditate on loving thoughts perched on a rock – you sit and sing songs of love and peace around a fire at night – nothing can harm me, the universe is about love – I have love in my heart, no harm can come to me… An unusual bipedal alien being appears from the forest – You wave – ‘Hello, we come in peace my friend,’ you say. The alien being retreats back into the forest – returns with more of his people and you are enslaved for the rest of your life, or eaten, or killed instantly. Or perhaps a ship slowly moves overhead, you wave, they come down… enslaved or killed. The New Age gurus lied. And that was if some of the indigenous wild animals didn’t kill them first – there are a lot more dangerous animals on other planets… very big and aggressive ones. Pretty much all these types of big aggressive land animals were killed off on Earth a long time ago. This is not an exaggeration, outside of this quarantined / cut off Earth there are no rules and it can be very brutal – you have got to be very prepared, alert and savvy. It is not some nonsense New Age utopia out there. People on this planet have forgotten what is like to be hunted by some large powerful animals. These ‘untamed’ / ‘wild’ planets also can have primitive bipedal type beings – various kinds – that don’t go much beyond the hunter gatherer stage, because of their DNA. Some are peaceful, but some are unremorsefully brutal.

A nice little greenhouse. It would not support many people though. The biggest issue is where are the defences and military protection? It would not last long out there. So exposed.

Our ‘Rulers’

The (((tribe))) of people who control most of ‘our’ planet Earth would not survive on another untamed planet by themselves. They would not be able to establish a civilisation out there by themselves. As they mainly survive by having other races of humans to subvert, manipulate and parasite of. How weird is that? And this here – the planet Earth – is currently the perfect place for them to do that… the perfect setup for them to thrive and survive… again, that’s pretty weird when you think about it… does that possibly allude to something? Is this why they are insistent that they must have a world of their own? To have this planet Earth as theirs? This world, to dominate and control. Do those at the very top know that they wouldn’t be able to make it out there anywhere else in the Cosmos?

Let’s think on this a little more: If you put all the psychopaths, paedophiles and narcissists that run ‘our’ world onto a planet together, an untamed habitable planet full of life and resources but without any other humans on there, they simply would not survive. They don’t have the emotions to create a healthy community, they don’t have the skills for food gathering, they don’t have the physicality to build anything or to protect themselves… nothing… they’ve got nothing… they don’t have anyone to manipulate and parasite off… But you give them a planet full of naive humans who have forgotten who they really are, and how the universe works, whose emotions they can manipulate, who they can subvert, and use for their own wants, desires and needs, to parasite off… Well, this is their paradise. Just let that sink in.

(If you want to understand what is occurring on planet Earth I think it is important that you study some psychology, and specifically personality disorders. I don’t think you can understand it all unless you have not only got a good feel for what a psychopath is, but also an understanding of what ‘narcissistic personality disorder’ is – and particularly the deceptive ‘covert narcissist’… as well as an understanding of the co-dependency element.)

Many types of bipedal beings can be living on a planet. From the more advanced with large settlements or cities, to the less evolved hunter gatherer types, which can be nomadic or have small settlements.


All our emotions are there for survival. These emotions should be one of our great strengths. We are supposed to be conscious enough to recognise all our emotions, to have control over them and use them wisely when they are needed. They are continually informing us. They can bring us great insights into situations and very strong intuitions if we are very conscious of them. This is why we meditate to really know our emotions and to also see into our real motivations and our faults and weaknesses… to become conscious of them so we can serve our people successfully and enable the survival of our race. When we are conscious of our emotions, and balanced and wise, emotions are fantastic tools for our survival… but, again, you must have control of them…. If we are not very conscious of them they are our downfall. If we have no control over them they will cause us many problems. For example: Extreme anger can be channeled into very positive activities that do not involve unwise or impulsive violent or harmful actions that will set you and your people back as they were not thought through.

It is important to recognise the connection between love and hate / anger. The more you love something, or someone, the more you hate that which wishes to destroy it, and the more angry you will be with those who harm that which you love. This is a totally natural response and enables the survival of a race or civilization.

Other beings in the galaxy do not necessarily have our range of emotions and also perhaps the same intensity to which we can feel them. From what I have seen / remembered other physical beings can be more gifted psychically and telepathically, and even inter-dimensionally it seems. But the beings with these psychic abilities also have their weakness, and can be frail or vulnerable…. physically weak or more slow and cumbersome. These metaphysical abilities do not seem to be our strength though, and we seem to use advanced technology to make up for that. Aryans are great inventors and engineers, making advanced craft, vehicles and tools… and we are very productive and industrious. We also make up for it with highly skilled physically gifted soldiers. We have plenty to offer others in the galaxy so alliances with like minded beings do not seem to be difficult to make… and trade does not seem to be a problem.

Each race must be aware of their weaknesses and vulnerabilities. Aryans / White Folk are vulnerable via their emotions – especially our empathy and compassion that can be manipulated and subverted… our emotions when not understood can also distract us from our purpose. We Aryans are also too playful, too trusting, too carefree, too tolerant… too naive… and we have the tendency to become complacent. Yes, I know much of this is because of the strange set up on this planet we are on. But this planet also highlights our weaknesses and vulnerabilities as a race… when we understand what they are we can overcome them. We are out of balance on Earth. We are certainly learning some lessons now though.

There is, of course, a (((very tribal race))) on this planet that is very serious, and incredibly focused… who are dedicated to gaining complete and total control over us and this planet.

Even wider disparities can exist in the Cosmos. Highly advanced space faring groups to very primitive hunter gatherers. Slaving definitely does occur. If you were not advanced you would hide from any unknown ships.

Peace, Harmony and Conflict

The Universe / Cosmos was never meant to be some peaceful harmonious Utopia. Sure, in some regions there may be some alliances and they may have eventually created some safe zones – and I am sure there can be some long stretches of peace in some areas – but even within these zones problems can easily arise from within… and something from outside will test their resolve at some point.

(Our solar system is very likely not in one of these possible ‘safe zones’, as I call them)

Peace and harmony does not lead to all the necessary learning… there are no real challenges to overcome… and species and races cannot fully know themselves just through harmony and peace… and this peace and harmony does not prepare them for the dangers faced in the Cosmos. Any race that has not had to deal with a devious, deceptive, ruthless race cannot be wise. How do they get this wisdom though? They have to encounter these sorts conniving and ruthless races / Souls… and their first encounter could lead to annihilation and extinction, but if your people survive they are wiser and more equipped to survive and thrive in the future. It is imperative that this knowledge gained from the encounters and experiences with these sorts of races is then passed from generation to generation. (At the very end of this post I talk more about reverence for ancestry and record keeping.)

There is always going to be some tension and friction in the cosmos. Sometimes just a very small rippling undercurrent, sometimes a brewing storm, sometimes all out war. This testing of each other is what exists out there. Survival is the name of the game. Like minded races will form alliances. Some races will survive by living in balance with the planet and maintaining the biodiversity as much as possible. Some races will be more like devourers, moving for place to place. Various methods of survival. There are no rules.

We cannot know ourselves without being tested. Through meditation we can gain control of our emotions and evolve to a degree. But can we really know ourselves without facing life threatening challenges? Can a man really know himself unless he has to make those tough decisions – the life and death decisions – to see what sort of courage and fortitude he really has? Will he sacrifice himself for something greater than himself or hide from the challenges to protect his own life? Can he overcome his fears – can he feel the fear and still battle on anyway? Can he maintain his composure during chaos and make the correct decisions for the greater good of his people? Conflict is where a Soul is truly tested… and it enables you to gain knowledge, insight, wisdom… and to evolve

Conflict is where any race, species or creature is truly tested.

I briefly saw battles with unusual tanks and a hangar with advanced jets. There were battles on the planet itself. Not like these tanks though – the tanks I saw were much lower to the ground. I should imagine the metallic disc crafts were not exclusively used as they are essential pieces of equipment using rare materials, that would be needed to scout space and travel large distances quickly. If there is a war on a planet you create vehicles specific to that task and enemy.

Animals, Nature, Food

I have a close affinity to Nature, as a teenager, when I wasn’t playing sports, I used to spend a lot of time building wildlife areas and wildlife ponds in the garden and then studying the creatures. I feel most at home in the woods and forests – nowadays I avoid urban areas as much as possible. As mentioned earlier, having people in your civilization / tribe with this affinity to nature is a great thing – people with the inclination to work with and maintain the ecology and biodiversity of planets – as it benefits our survival.

I would never harm an animal without good reason – I am against factory farming – and I am against hunting just for ‘pleasure’ or ‘fun’. But when existing beyond ‘our’ strange ‘quarantined’ / cut off planet many people will have to reassess some of their beliefs and curb some of their instincts towards animals… if they want to survive as a race that is. On Earth I have even jumped into the road to save a small deer, not the first time I risked myself to save an animal. But now that I’m more conscious and knowledgeable I realise that was a mistake. It was very naive – not something to be proud of, or a virtue. It was a stupid thing to do. How does that benefit my family and my people if I badly injured myself or get killed? Other civilisations in the universe would view this sort of behaviour as very bizarre. This sort of behaviour is not aligned with life in the Cosmos and the Truths of existing and surviving in it.

I am not saying do not ever help an animal that is suffering… on Earth we can do that safely on most occasions. I also occasionally watch those animal rescue and animal recovery videos on YouTube, just like many millions of others… I love to see them recover. But it would be even better to see some of our children who have suffered abuse due to ‘our’ immigration policies being rehabilitated and happy… and some of our homeless being housed, rehabilitated, reinvigorated and given purpose … and some of our depressed, confused, disillusioned, drug using Youth, being rehabilitated and inspired – finding their True purpose… all this, I would truly love to see.

I am saying that when dealing with animals we need balance, composure, perspective and wisdom… and to not be just run by our emotions.

I am going to have to deal with this subject of diet and animal rights. I know it can be an emotional subject for some. It is a big subject on this planet because of the uniqueness of the planet and how it is set up. I just ask that you listen to the logic of what I am saying, contemplate it and then investigate for yourself.

No one has any rights out there in the Cosmos. Animals have no rights and nor do we. Human and animal rights are established by each tribe, each race, each civilization.

Environmentally, the long term goal for Aryans is to maintain the biodiversity of the planet, but it is to also make sure the planet’s wildlife benefits us… and also that it does not cause us harm.

When we arrive on a planet there are certainly not all these man-made vegetables or any of these large man-made fruits we have selectively bred or modified. In the wild there are none of these vegetables, they don’t exist in the wild, there may be a few small tubers or rhizomes here and there but they will be few and far between, difficult to find, and may not even be edible due to them containing too many protective toxins… most rhizomes or tubers are not edible. There may be some small seasonal fruits (which many other animals will also be looking to eat – fruit is also sparse and small in the wild, and it is there for a few weeks, if you are lucky, and then gone for a long period). You can say the same for nuts – very scarce and available for a very short period – and nuts also do not want to be eaten… even the nuts that we class as edible have protective toxins and enzyme inhibitors in them. There is no way any of this will sustain a small settlement or a growing civilisation. But there are always plenty of animals which eat the abundant leaves and grasses that we cannot digest – and in the rivers, lakes and seas there are plenty of fish, birds and mammals which eat the abundant microorganisms that we cannot eat and digest. We eat the animals. If we were not carnivores we would not be a successful space-faring species. Of course we can gain some energy and nutrition from other foods – so you can say we are omnivores, to a degree. This enables us to survive if something detrimental occurs and if meat (and eggs and milk if we have started farming some species) is not abundant – then we can go to the other food types to see us through this lean time.

Whatever the planet is like that supports life – whether it is rocky and sandy, mountainous, an ocean planet, a planet of lakes, swamps and rivers, dense forest or jungle, a planet of snow and ice… or a combination of these biomes/habitats – there are always animals to eat. This is why it is important to be a carnivore if you are a successful race in this galaxy. And importantly animals are available to eat immediately. Harsh but True. You don’t have a choice where you set up a civilisation or outpost. Some planets are taken and completely settled, sometimes you are fleeing other planets, sometimes there is only one habitable planet in your region of the solar system or galaxy… and not many have climates, biomes or habitats just like Earth.

Aryans are naturally excellent hunters. We are inventors – making all sorts of traps, tools and weapons… and many of us have excellent problems solving skills, pattern recognition and lateral thinking – we have the intelligence and creativity to understand, and then outwit, the new animals we encounter.

Raw food, not cooked – this is important – cooking mutates and damages fats and proteins and destroys the amino acids, enzymes, minerals, vitamins and beneficial bacteria – which means the cooked meat is not only much more difficult to digest but it also creates some toxic by-products when digested. Cooked or processed meat is not comparable to raw meat. Just like how raw milk is not comparable to pasteurized milk – pasteurized milk is not very good for you – whereas raw milk is really good for you. Raw milk fermented with kefir grains is also very good for you. Raw milk and raw eggs are packed full of nutrition – full of a variety of beneficial, easily assimilated, vitamins and minerals. You can look into the Raw Primal Diet – so many people have had tremendous success with it and reversed their ailments. I have been on it for about 18 months – it totally transformed my health and body. Mainly grass-fed raw meat, free range raw eggs, raw milk from pasture grazing cows and raw cultured butter… as well as small amounts of raw honey from countryside bees and a piece of fruit each day.

This sounds obvious, but animals do not cook their food. Heat destroys. Wild carnivorous animals eat raw meat all the time and are very healthy on it – omnivore animals eat plenty of raw meat and they do very well on it. The (((PTB))) want you to be scared of raw meat. And you do not get salmonella from eggs – that was a hoax – salmonella always exists in our gut and on our body. Do some research into it for yourself, again, never just take anyone’s word on something. Contemplate, correlate information and read around the topic. I realise that for some of you this information will be controversial, so I have provided some information regarding people’s common concerns at the end of this post in the Additional Information section… I know some people will be concerned about ‘bacteria’ and ‘parasites’ – I discuss these misconceptions in that end section.

(Steak tartare – a raw meat dish often served with a raw egg yolk on it – has been popular in Europe for a long time and people are perfectly fine eating it. Sushi after being popular in Japan for a long time is now very popular in Europe, and again, people are doing just fine eating it. You do have to be more careful with sourcing your fish though, as some seas are polluted with toxins.)

It was a mistake for us to start cooking meat, we became addicted to the taste.

I woke up via spirituality. I listened to all these so-called spiritual gurus saying to not eat meat. As well as all the subversive New Agers telling people that vegetables ‘raise your vibration’ ‘eat the vegetables to help you ‘ascend’’, they said. Vegetables do not ‘raise your vibration’. And the New Age personalities are nearly all agents, there is no ‘ascension’. And these Asian ‘gurus’ teachings being brought to us Westerners contain no real knowledge. ‘Just detach from life and think loving thoughts’, they say…. What nonsense. These so-called spiritual ‘gurus’ do not know the Cosmos, they, just like everyone else, have been incarnating on this very strange and very controlled planet for a long time.

I was vegetarian for a while, vegan for a short time – both to try and cure my gut issues… I lost some weight and muscle, and my gut and other ailments did not improve at all. Eventually I found the Raw Primal diet and that fixed my gut… it healed me and rebuilt my body… improved everything. Other people online have used it to fix their gut issues as well.

My research into nutrition and what I discovered by observing my body on these different diets aligns with the logic and Truth of surviving in the Cosmos.

It is just one of those things with us, as a race, we love animals but we also must use them to survive and thrive.

There are larger animals on untamed planets. I could see a scenario like this occurring when scouting. Taming the larger animals, as they don’t give of certain electronic signals and can navigate more easily through the forest areas.


Grasslands and pasture occur naturally in the wild, and keeping animals on sectioned off areas of grassland maintains biodiversity. The grazing of grass also builds the soil. As the roots recede after the grass has been grazed short, the fungi and bacteria in the soil break down the unneeded roots and fix minerals and nutrients into the soil – the microorganisms, fungi and bacteria also break down the animal’s feces enabling it to be assimilated into the soil and utilised by the grass… The grasslands abundance of microorganisms in the soil, and in the low levels of grass, survive as does the important balance of fungi and bacteria in the soil. As all skilled farmers do, you rotate the animals onto different grassland and pastures, letting the grass grow taller and then having it grazed short by the animals – which mimics what occurs in the wild with grazing animals.

You can also confine and protect grazing animals in areas of brush land, to feed on the brush and smaller trees, they will benefit this land as well, as long as the animals are rotated and moved onto new areas of brush. If you manage the animals and rotate them biodiversity is very much maintained when keeping livestock.

Conversely, to grow a large amount of crops the ground is cleared and the biodiversity is lost, all microorganisms living in top layers of soil, roots and grass die off – the ground is also often dug over and the bacteria and the fungi in the soil is dirstubed and dies off and can take a while to get established again. If you take away the grass, shrubs and animals the bacteria and fungis main source of food is lost. The ground becomes depleted.

If you were insistent that you wanted to plant some of our modified grain type crops or vegetables you would have to prepare the ground. And this depends on if you managed to bring some vegetable seeds with you from Earth – remember, they don’t exist in the wild. And also remember – introducing new flora and fauna is not recommended for any planet if you want to maintain the balance and biodiversity. Would the soil have the necessary minerals in the soil? Not many planets have ‘ready to go’ arable land. So you very likely would also have to try and create fertile rich soil. (good compost takes time). The planet would also have to have a long enough growing season… is the planet’s climate conducive to growing these crops? And by the time you had the crop, if the crop actually survived, you probably would have starved. You would also have to protect these crops from all the wildlife. (And bread is not good for you – empty calories / hardly any nutrition, and is it is really just like eating sugar)

If you find any indigenous edible tubers or rhizomes then it would be wise to grow and propagate them within the perimeter of the settlement – as a back up food source to provide some additional calories/energy – but they would provide minimal nutrition with regards to vitamins, minerals, protein etc. Some large greenhouses can be created eventually – to increase the growing season if needed… if you had the capabilities to create glass that is… that would all take some time to set up though. You could also grow some fruit like this. But all food is better for you if it gets direct sunlight and is either grown in the ground of the planet, or raised on the ground of the planet.

Farming and Livestock considerations would come later though. Initially you would have to hunt the wild animals to survive and provide for the population.

These three images above depict some of the types of animals, and scenes, you might see near to the North or South Polar regions of this planet in our Solar System. Not exactly the same, but similar.
Here are some photos of my art work – of trying to recreate this giraffe like animal before I had any memories come back to me. I did not know what I was trying to create, all the inspiration was from my subconscious. In my returned memory, which came after this art, I saw these giraffe type animals fenced off… perhaps they were livestock . I also saw many hairy elephant / mammoth type animals fenced off on a type of ranch – I can’t be sure what they were used for though.

Animals, Nature, Food… Continued

The human was not created to have some extremely complex diet – to struggle to get all the correct vitamins and minerals they need – having to gather hard to find food from all over – having a diverse diet of various seeds, different types of nuts, tubers, rhizomes, algaes, vegetation and lots of different types of fruits etc – this would not make us a successful species… it does not make sense – and there are also no supplements on these planets. Things are usually pretty straightforward in Nature. An animal’s diet is often very specific. Cows eat the grass and get all the nutrition they need. Giraffes eat the leaves and get all the nutrition they need. Bats eat the insects and get all the nutrition they need (There are also fruit bats of course, which eat fruit and get all the nutrition they need). Whales eat the plankton and get all the nutrition they need. Dolphins eat the fish – the whole fish – and get all the nutrition they need. Animals that are carnivores eat all the animal, including organs, and get all the nutrition they need… We eat the animals, including organs, and we get all the nutrition we need.

Of course it is useful to be able to derive nutrition from more than just one food type. We can even look at animals classed as omnivores, like chimpanzees and chickens for example… They choose meat over anything else. Omnivorous birds choose meat over anything else. Chimpanzees go to great lengths to get it. Pigs love meat… Even animals classed as herbivores, like a tortoise for example, will eat the meat of a dead animal if it comes across it, and they eat worms and snails with relish if they can find them.

(All carnivores can get some nutrition / energy from other foods. Dogs can get energy from other foods. Dogs get fat when the owners feed them carbohydrates – not from feeding them animal fat and animal protein.)

Why would something totally natural and created by nature, like raw meat, be bad for us? Because it isn’t bad for us at all. It is not logical that it would be bad for us… and there is no proof that it is bad for us. If it was bad for us it would be bad for all the other animals – but it isn’t. You feed a dog or cat raw meat and they will thrive – you feed them that kibble and the tinned cooked meat and eventually they get various illnesses.

If you eat the fresh muscle meat and fresh organ meat from animals you will have all the vitamins you need. Organ meat, like liver for example, is incredibly nutritious, and they have plenty of vitamin C if you are worried about that. Even muscle meat has a small amount of vitamin C apparently. People who just eat fresh meat do not get scurvy and vitamin definces. But if you don’t want to eat the organs then you can grow some of the indigenous fruit trees in safe areas and then attempt to preserve them. These fruit orchards would also take a long time to get established. It is not going to be like here on Earth where you can get fruit all year round flown in from around the world. The fruit trees in your area of the planet all fruit at a similar time, and then you don’t have fresh fruit for the rest of the year… of course, eventually, you might have trade agreements with over groups, but this would take a lot of time to set up – you would have to be an established civilisation.

When Orcas (killer whales) catch sharks and rays they actually carefully and skilfully extract the liver, and often just eat the liver – as livers are incredibly nutritious – full of vitamins and minerals. Orcas are said to be the second most intelligent creature on this planet behind us. They have emotions like us, they form tightly-nit family groups, they have language and also have long standing friendships with other pods of Orca, and when they see them again they give each other Orca hugs. They solve problems and are curious, playful and creative… developing ingenious ways to catch their food. You could say their level of conciousness is on par with humans – or a least very close to our own levels – it may even be higher… As well as catching sharks and rays they eat various types of mammals – such as seals, sea otters … and they also eat dolphins and whales. I write this here so as to help people get things into perspective. These emotional, intelligent, conscious, beautiful creatures are not ‘bad’ or ‘evil’ because they eat meat. It’s all just nature – all perfectly normal. Just like humans are not ‘bad’ or ‘evil’ when they eat meat. (Orcas are not whales by the way – they are dolphins)

Orcas are the smartest and animals in the ocean and they are the top predator. We are the smartest animals on land and we are the top predator.

The top predators on land do not eat seeds, nuts and leaves. Orcas do not eat seaweed and algae.

Just because we can eat other foods doesn’t necessarily mean we should be – and just because we can cook food does not mean we should be. The only animal on this planet that cooks its meat is us… and we are the animals with the most illness and disease.

Yep, it all sounds horrible to some of you, I understand, but we have forgotten who we really are and how we survive and thrive. Some humans seem to think of themselves as above and separate from nature, as if we are not an part of the animal kingdom. People say they love nature – but most of these people don’t seem to really understand nature. They often seem to have selective attention or selective focus when it comes to nature. Nature is brutal. Food chains, hierarchy / nature’s order and survival of the fittest.

It is quite simple for people to learn how they are placed within natures hierarchy and food chain: Drop groups of people off into an area of very remote wilderness – those groups that are good at hunting will survive and thrive and build settlements… those who will not, or cannot, hunt will become weak and eventually starve.

At some point we lost this part of natural selection. The men who were masculine, athletic, and had good coordination, as well as being intelligent and creative (good at problem solving and lateral thinking) survived as did their offspring – as they could hunt and protect their family and tribe. Those that could not died off.

Yes, of course you can survive on other diets… and some people feel they are doing OK on other diets… I am talking about our optimum diet… The diet that enables us to be a successful race in the Cosmos and to thrive.

Historically, the kings and the ruling class ate meat and fruit, and the peasants ate bread and vegetables.

When eating raw animal fat and raw protein you need less of it… you need to consume less food. As it is raw it is much easier to digest and assimilate. There is a lot of energy in raw fat and the body can utilise it very easily. I see people on plant based diets (I used to do this as well) eating huge amounts of food, and very regularly as well, regularly wanting snacks as well. It is very different on Raw Primal. You also don’t get ‘hangry’ (angry and irritable if you are hungry) you just feel that maybe you should probably eat some more… it is very different and you are on an even keel all day.

Animals on any planet are to be utilised by us… it’s not the only reason they exist of course, but again, this is all about survival and maximizing your chances. Some humanoid beings will see us humans as animals, or just lifeforms that are there to be utilized by them. This is how nature and the universe works. We certainly don’t have to cause animals any unnecessary harm of course. (In the wild, animals are often eaten alive). We can give them good lives of comfort, health and safety if they are being bred and farmed – and kill them as humanely as possible. But we must remember the universe is about survival of your race and people. We cannot get too hung up on the morality of eating animals. You focus on your people.

Out there in the Cosmos it is a very competitive environment, you need every advantage. Again this may all sound harsh to some, but people are using their made up morality – morality that stems from this weird ‘quarantined’ planet we are on. This is why so many White people are vegans, their high altruism and compassion has been subverted. An ethical vegan I have spoken to understands that raw meat, raw eggs and raw unpasteurised milk and raw butter are very nutrient dense foods that have great benefits and are very healing – but they said to me that they will still not eat them. Their high compassion is mainly there to make them excellent mothers and fathers, to be protective of their other tribe members, and to inspire them to strive to assist any less fortunate people in the tribe – and for women in particular, to become very valuable maternal members of the community – educating, nurturing, guiding and other activities.

Everything dies at some point in physical reality… and the universe is a brutal place. On other planets those bigger more powerful animals will kill you and your family in a heartbeat – you have to have your wits about you just out scouting, hunting or collecting resources. Once you have been hunted by some large animals and realize that ‘you are also prey’ your perspectives can change. When you are out of this creepy ‘quarantine’ that we find ourselves in then you do not have the indulgence to even consider many of these ‘ethical quandaries’… you take every advantage you can.

Food has also become an obsession and indulgence on this planet… often used for escapism and self comforting… a pursuit of sense pleasure… people have become obsessed with taste, texture, visual appeal. It also consumes such a lot of people’s time. Food is fuel, replenishment of vitamins and minerals, and the building blocks of new cells – that is what it is for… that is it. As mentioned previously, my experiences and research show that raw animal fat and raw animal protein is what you need most of. Very nutrient dense, very easy to digest, with very bioavailable nutrients, easy to source locally and with almost zero preparation time, it increases your stamina, strength, health and work output – so that you can benefit your civilisation.

Humans should also be living longer and should be much more robust than they are. They should also be more active in their old age – our old folks are often so frail – they should, and definitely can be, more robust and fit… and could then, willingly of course, contribute much more and have a much higher quality of life. (This is also important as then the civilization can more readily benefit from the memories and experiences of the older generation)

When you are establishing a civilisation in a competitive part of the galaxy you need to be as productive as possible.

We are told by the (((PTB))) that raw meat will make you very sick, and so will raw milk apparently… and that there is salmonella in eggs that will make you very sick… it is all lies… we are even told animal fat makes you fat and will give you heart disease – it doesn’t, and it will not. These foods are demonised more than any others…. As a Truther this should be making you want to look into this subject… if something is being demonised by them then it is usually a good sign that it may be very good for us.

(Some further information on these Raw Primal type diets is at the end of the article)

I saw hovering anti-gravity type vehicles being used on the surface of the planet, and I did see one jeep like vehicle with wheels being used inside a large cave settlement.

‘Viruses’, Bacteria, Toxins, Radiation

This raw food topic also coincides with Germ Theory. Which is another nonsense product of this weird ‘quarantined’ planet that we find ourselves on. The guy who came up with it and promoted it – Louis Pasteur – was a terrible man who had connections to the Rockefellers and was very likely a Freemason… he was also the man who got us cooking our milk and destroying it – turning it toxic.

We are not vulnerable to ‘viruses’ and bacteria. This is a lie. Contagious ‘viruses’ and disease creating bacteria do not exist. We work symbiotically with bacteria / microbes (or what people some people call ‘germs’) we are made up of them – they are constantly inside our body and on our skin….bacteria are also pleomorphic – they can change form and function. Even the word bacteria has negative connotations – we should call them something like ‘our tiny little helpers’ (not very catchy, I know). Again, we are naturally a space exploring and colonising species. Our purpose is to survive and thrive, and then get out there and explore the Cosmos. There cannot be all these ‘viruses’ and disease causing ‘germs’ out there in the Cosmos that can get into our bloodstream and affect us. We would not be able to explore the Cosmos if this was the case. We can see this is illogical – we would be too vulnerable – exploring and settling on planets would be impossible… These ‘random viruses’ that can supposedly just suddenly occur, that can just suddenly spontaneously create themselves from anywhere and get into our bloodstream, and then apparently tell our own cells to replicate it until it kills us… this is just not true.

The official narrative on how viruses work is ridiculous. T. C Fry apparently described it like this: “Believing that a virus attacks a cell and forces the cell to reproduce the virus until the cell explodes, is like believing that an ant bites an elephant and forces the elephant to reproduce the ant until the elephant explodes.

My post on ‘Germ Theory’ and ‘viruses’ on this website provides a great deal of information, so you can investigate this for yourself: The Germ Theory Deception

But we are vulnerable to radiation – and to certain toxic materials / toxic substances – so an understanding of them and their effects, and how to protect yourself from them, is very important. Especially, when existing on other planets, as these materials could be used against us by other civilizations. There are many substances toxic to humans…. but that is if it can get into our bloodstream and cells… just do not allow them into your body. There are likely new types of toxic materials that we would come across out there. But we are not vulnerable to natural bacteria and made up / non-existent ‘viruses’. When we get sick it is not because of a ‘virus’ or ‘germs’ – it is because the body is attempting to protect you from toxic substances you have in your body – often it is trying to eliminate and expel the toxins that are in your cells and or blood.

You do not need some sort of high tech space suit to breathe on this planet that I have memories of. It has a breathable atmosphere and a light blue sky. But NASA will tell you that there is no oxygen or life on this planet. The oxygen content might be different but people did not need any equipment to help them breathe. Suits like this, with radiation protection and an optional oxygen supply, would be needed when exploring new unexplored planets and moons. This suit is a bit too bulky though.

Sustaining and Advancing the Civilisation

You are also going to need a talented, wise, fierce, and technologically advanced military, especially if there are other civilizations nearby. Most races will not take kindly to others moving into their region. Military is absolutely imperative. It is pretty much inevitable that at some point you will have to fight for your right to establish a civilization in that region of the solar system or galaxy. This military would have to be established very quickly, or even better, already in place, depending on where you are attempting to establish a civilisation or outpost… and it is also important for protection from any other primitive bipedal beings on the planet… and also if there are large aggressive animals. This is all crucial to your survival. Luckily for us, people with European ancestry are fantastic soldiers. Anyone who has studied the Waffen SS knows this… the British SAS and the various US special forces are gifted as well… In the military this compassion and altruism can also be a hindrance if you have let it overrule you and let it become too prominent in your psyche… a new level of fierceness is needed outside of ‘quarantine’ Earth.

Men, in general, will make better soldiers. Of course Men and Women are the way they are for a reason. To enable the race to survive and thrive – Men and Women compliment each other. Men are supposed to be the protectors of their family and tribe. To fight off threats. Men have higher levels of aggression and testosterone for this reason – as well as superior physical strength – in general their minds also work differently, men are more geared towards problem solving and action, and are less emotional. As with anything, balance is the key. Certain emotions are put aside during conflict and war. Ruthlessness is often called for when negotiations and peaceful resolutions have failed – some other races are more brutal than you can imagine. Emotions can be dealt with at a later date. A race with overly emotional feminine men will not be successful in the Cosmos.

(This is not to say that there will be no women in military roles)

Women’s natural tendencies with their higher levels of compassion and empathy mean that they are better as nurturers and homemakers. (Of course there are always the occasional exceptions to the rules)… Marxists can only get away with their ‘toxic masculinity’, modern feminism, and MGTOW psyops on a planet like Earth… they would get no traction anywhere else. Aryan Women on another planet would truly love Men for being Men and highly value their masculinity. And the Men would truly love Women and highly value their feminine qualities. Again, this is Nature. Uncorrupted Males and Females making a perfect match, to enable healthy families and communities… and, as always, for the survival of the race.

Of course some men are more masculinine than others. Some have genetics and Souls that are less suited to warfare and military activities and more geared toward other roles – scientific research, ecology, engineering, labor, farming, etc. You need a variety of people to make successful civilizations. But they still need that masculinity to compliment their wife’s femininity and natural inclinations – and to bring balance to the family and community. This would also be the same with women’s femininity, of course.

To establish a civilisation you would need your people to breed a lot, to quickly increase the size of your civilization – so as to increase your presence in that area of the solar system and the chances of the civilizations survival… You would also need the people with the best DNA to be having plenty of children, and especially with other gifted individuals. (Unlike how it has been manipulated to be on Earth in our White Nations, whereby the less gifted tend to breed more and the gifted have fewer children… all White people need to increase their birth rate though)

Great individuals help civilisations make breakthroughs – in all areas of research and in engineering – to move to new levels of technology and understanding – so it would be very beneficial to have two intellectually and creatively gifted individuals creating offspring. You need to be continually innovating. You would also need to make sure you had a physically gifted military. So having two physically gifted people having children is also very beneficial. So your people would have to be conscious of this. When you do not have the subversion and mind control faced on Earth much of this would happen naturally. There could possibly even be some carefully thought out breeding programs geared towards this. Taking these details into consideration may seem extreme to you, but you are living on Earth – cut off from everything – it is not the same out there – high levels of competitiveness.

This understanding and use of DNA would not be to create any elitism. People would be valued for their efforts and commitment, not just their DNA – the character of a person is just as important. The racial community would be seen as one organism of many individuals – each with their own talents, contributions and part to play – working together for the same goals.

Children would very likely be assessed at a younger age for their aptitudes. A science behind this assessment would be created to enable the civilisations to accurately see children’s natural gifts and inclinations from an early age… Specialist schools would very likely be set up. For example, if children are military inclined, and gifted with fast reactions, excellent spatial awareness, natural intuition, and are physically gifted, they would very likely receive specially tailored training at a younger age to enable them to be the best soldier they could be. An understanding of DNA will be important, as will an understanding of a child’s lineage / bloodlines. From analysis of DNA it could be possible to see the likelihood of future abilities and future aptitudes of children. The identification and training of natural leaders is also critical for the continued success of the civilisation.

Of course there is also a need for artists and entertainers to keep morale up, for inspiration and to give outlets for expression – but this expands later. It will really take a back seat initially. It would also be absolutely nothing like this degenerate so-called entertainment that we see everywhere on Earth. Competitive sport would be important as well… as well as other healthy outdoor leisure activities. Competition is always important – it should be encouraged within the youth to prepare them for life in the Cosmos and to help them excel to new levels..

As mentioned previously, the establishment of alliances and trade routes will become very important, But you have to be a successfully established civilization, and have something of value to offer other races and groups. You would have to be a very industrious civilization, with continual innovation. Trade will be important out there in the Cosmos – if you have a shortage of a particular resource, or wish to have access to some new technology you need something others will find valuable.

As the new civilisation advances and the safety and security of the people is increased then a civilization can become complacent. This must be avoided at all costs. One of the most dangerous things for a civilization is peace – or peace time. It breeds laziness, arrogance and complacency. You cannot afford this in a competitive environment. There will be always something looking to capitalise on your weaknesses.

(Again, of course there is down time to enjoy other aspects of life, but most of my memories / flashbacks were of military type scenes and scouting etc – and not much of civilian life – and maybe this essay may be a little unbalanced because of this. It’s just very important that people understand the competitive and unforgiving nature of the Cosmos.)

Exploration of the surrounding planets, moons and asteroids in your area of the galaxy is imperative. You have to ascertain if there are any other threats you face from off-planet groups. Constant methodical scouting is crucial. Exploration would also enable you to find new food sources for the growing population and new mining projects for hard to find materials and substances.

And, of course, you would need an intelligent, insightful and honorable leader to oversee it all, who would bring everyone together… everyone working for the common good of the people. In such a competitive environment you will need a tightly knit highly motivated group of people all pulling in the same direction. Racial homogeneity is going to be very important – that psychological and spiritual connection. When you see the members of your community and civilization as your family it makes a huge difference. Much sacrifice for the greater good of the people would be needed to get the civilization established.

I saw helmets similar to this with some type of little screen over one eye. But this blue light depicted here is ridiculous, you would never have something signalling your position like this… nonsensical. I also saw armour that was more advanced than this, that conformed to your body – as well as some more enclosed helmets with a full visor.
On this planet that I have memories of, there is very likely a city somewhat similar to this, inside a very large crater.

Concluding Thoughts:

In modern history there has only been one group of people on Earth that has ever been both mentally and technologically prepared to venture out into the Cosmos: The National Socialist Germans. They had also developed a world-view and system which puts into place the fundamentals of what is needed to survive as a civilization in this galaxy. When people say National Socialism is true to cosmic reality they are quite correct.

The Germans had also come to see, via WW2, the level of deception, treachery, bloodthirstiness, callousness, brutality and remorselessness that can exist in the universe – they were no longer naive … they were mentally prepared for it.

The period of abundance under National Socialism had also allowed them to carry out much research and development in various areas. Much innovation took place and advanced technology was developed – and due to WW2 being brought upon them it was imperative that much of the advanced technology was for military purposes, for both attack and defence – and they had also trained and developed gifted elite troops. All this would be very important in establishing a civilisation on another planet.

Evidence also strongly suggests that the Germans had a base in Antarctica from which to transfer resources from Earth to other planets or moons. This would be very useful if wanting to establish a settlement on another planet. Especially as this base was on Earth, which appears to be a ‘quarantined’ / ‘out of bounds’ planet that other hostile advanced races cannot come down and interfere with.

They had the technology, the trained military, the societal system and the mental preparation.

We have to stop this Communist / Marxist / Jewish New World Order agenda and take back control of our Nation’s controlled by Jewry’s puppet politicians, this is the only focus anyone should have right now…. and then after that – which is some task in itself – develop the technology to get us out into the Cosmos, to find out what is really going on… and I certainly think that we would find some allies out there… probably some hostiles as well, but also some allies.

I know this goal can seem fantastical to some. But that is what comes after. If we can take back control of our Nations then it is the next step for us to consider. If you don’t have grand goals then you never have grand and fantastical achievements. And we will never know what is occurring if we do not get out there and see for ourselves. No one is coming down here to save us and explain what is occurring. We have to do it all ourselves.

Even if we take control of our Nations we are still on a very bizarre planet. With so many races in close proximity, and with the multidimensional / metaphysical control exerted on this planet, it is very important that we explore our Solar System and assess what is out there.

Space-faring craft have been built by humans before that can easily travel these distances – the Ufology disinfo agents will try to tell you that ‘malevolent aliens’ helped the Germans build their space-faring craft … Jewry can’t stand the thought of people knowing how brilliant the German scientists and engineers were… I am pretty much certain that it was the Germans themselves that built them… There is no evidence to suggest otherwise. There are also many German preliminary diagrams and a clear progression of their crafts development.

When attempting to survive and establish a civilization in the Cosmos there will obviously be many other aspects to consider not mentioned in this essay, but hopefully this essay gives you a feel for what I have learned from my memories. Perhaps it has given you some food for thought, and maybe something within you has recognised the Truth of some of these aspects of surviving in the galaxy beyond ‘our’ planet. I hope it has also been somewhat inspiring. Though the Cosmos can be a very harsh place it is also full of beauty and wonder.

A couple of interesting conceptual images of dwellings I found. Some dwellings I saw were built into rocks, and some were possibly on top of tall rocks – and it appears that at least one city was built inside a large crater.

Additional Information:


  • Ancestry
  • Some of my Memories
  • Additional Raw Primal Diet Information


A movie quotation I wanted to share:

“I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain…” – Rutger Hauer, Blade Runner (said by Roy Batty before he dies)

(By the way, I have no intention of dying anytime soon… and yes, Roy Batty is a replicant, and I know the movie has dystopian future predictive programming, but it is a great scene that has a hidden message… unintentional I am sure, but it is there.)

This quote makes me think about my other life, and resonates with me…. but it also reminds me of the huge importance of ancestry, of record keeping and of legend… of true stories being passed down from generation to generation. This is how we know who we are as a people and as an individual, and also how we progress – by learning about those of our race who worked and fought for our survival and then building upon their wisdom, dedication and achievements. This is what inspires and guides the new generations. (((They))) definitely do not want us to have this. Our history is being rewritten on Earth by those who seek our demise. Many people have forgotten the importance of ancestry and heroes. Our memories, our wisdom, our struggles and our achievements can live on through our people, but only if we have a respect and reverence for ancestry. We are the teachers of our children… parents, grandparents and even uncles and aunts, we have the responsibility… we cannot allow our corrupt (((governments))) and their Marxist ‘schools’ to take our place.

Some of my Memories

As mentioned in my ‘Ufology Explained Part 2’ article on this website – the ‘Super Soldier’ and ‘Secret Space Program’ Ufology psyops were based on intel that there is a Breakaway Group that has developed a civilisation in our Solar System – and that this Breakaway Group were running projects like these mentioned. They were NOT Earth run projects. These ‘Super Soldier and ‘Secret Space Program’ Ufology psyops were created by Jewry to subvert and control the narrative. This Breakaway Group appear to have been using advanced technology, and advanced metaphysical techniques, to enable gifted people from Earth to work with them.

(I recommend you read my articles ‘Ufology Explained Part 1’, ‘Ufology Explained Part 2’ and ‘Life on Mars’ articles)

Animals: In my memories of working with this other civilisation in our solar system I saw dolphin-like creatures being utilised for military purposes. I also saw livestock in ranches (Not the same type of animals as used by us on Earth though, they were a few of the indigineous species, herbivores that looked more like animals you might find in the plains of Africa rather than our traditional farm animals). And I also saw some large wild animals being shot. But I also saw that there were also bonds with certain animals… well, at least I seemed to have bonds with certain animals… I also saw that I had some sort of friendship with a small, around 5 foot tall, peaceful bipedal species (With faces a little like a certain type of monkey from Earth) that lived in the forest region of the planet…as far out as that can sound… but I saw it and felt the emotions that went along with the memory. Again, most of my brief memories were of military missions, battles and scouting… this memory was from what looked like a scouting mission.

From what I have seen there are also large dinosaur-like creatures, which are herbivores, on this planet – not with particularly long necks though. I also created art of them before I gained a few memories of them. (There is actually some evidence of these creatures in the Mars Global Surveyor images in my ‘Life on Mars’ article.)

From what I saw, most of the animals on this other planet were often just variants of animal species that exist, or have previously existed, on Earth …. for example: giraffe, elephant and kangaroo type creatures…. there seemed to be some exceptions though… some more unusual animals. (The kangaroo type animals were definitely bigger than those found on Earth.)

I am certain that people there would have pets, and bonds with certain animals… Once established I am certain these natural connections would occur. It is natural for us to form these bonds, it would just have to be put on the back burner as the settlement and civilisation is established.

(Does this contact that animals have with us, this bond we form, does it benefit them – does it benefit the animals Soul? Is there a metaphysical significance for the animal itself? It can often increase that species chance of survival on that planet, if they have relationships with humans… or even if they are merely useful to humans… but is there also more significance as well?)

The human cities there, from what brief glimpses I had, are similar to European cities from Earth – not surprisingly. No car traffic from what I saw though… I did see one small electric type buggy in the street in one of my brief memories. I also saw waterside housing – a row of civilian housing looking out over a lake.

I did see, in a memory, that there is swimming in the clear natural lakes of the planet for leisure purposes.

I do have some other brief civilian memories which are more personal, and that I don’t share… they don’t tell us anything particularly significant.

And to move around the sandy and rocky desert areas there are vehicles that look like speeder bikes from the movie Star Wars – some sort of small anti-gravity type vehicle. Do some of these Freemason Hollywood producers and directors know certain things? … I think so. On Earth we have very advanced high definition cameras that they can use to view our solar system, but we get shown these blurry, obfuscated / tampered with images from Mars.

I will just give a little overview about the military recall:

Holographic briefing displays, advanced intelligent armor that conformed to your body, advanced equipment and weaponry – and drones used. Bipedal alien beings faced in battle, I also had one flashback of facing some sort of cyborg being – and one of facing a very capable 4 legged robot that came out of a facility that we were observing when on some type of reconnaissance mission. Various very brief flashbacks of a variety of battles and facilities. When younger I was stationed in some type of barracks, there were communal bathrooms and communal socialising areas etc. I have a memory of our barracks being attacked… (You see, if I tell you too much detail you wont believe me – as you have no frame of reference… but I will just say this: some people were killed by some unpleasant looking bipedal aliens when we were attacked on this particular occasion.) Some of this seemed to perhaps occur off planet and some on the planet itself.

There were some large battles at some point on the surface of the planet during daytime – as well as some smaller missions during the day – some of which were in tunnels, either underground or dug into rocks… But I also saw some in dark cities with high rise buildings and sometimes in facilities.

It was difficult to know the overall picture as most of what I saw were only brief memories… sometimes they are longer with some consecutive chronological scenes / events, but sometimes only flashbacks to a reexperiencing of one scene, event or occurrence. There were a lot of them, and many were very vivid, and nearly all of them were jotted down in notebooks, but they were not prolonged, so it was a case of putting the jigsaw together and solving the puzzle. Eventually it was clear to me what had been occurring – once I put the puzzle together it all made sense. It was certainly a different level of warfare out there – you needed very skilled soldiers. This is one of the reasons as to why this Breakaway Group, with the help of some other benevolent groups, perhaps either arranged for certain Souls to incarnate into certain bloodlines on Earth, or selected people due to the monitoring of certain bloodlines… and then trained them from a young age via portals and other dimensions / realms. Creating alters / some sort of compartmentalisation of the Soul or consciousness… and also either through the use of age regression and, or, perhaps some sort of cloning… (something like all that, difficult to know exactly how they do it)… it appears that at some point these people then went and worked with this Breakaway Group, bolstering their ranks. Then at some point they returned with wiped memories.

I saw a settlement built in underground caves / tunnels – or possibly built into a large rock. There was some sort of jeep with a mounted gun in this brief flashback memory, it was my squad’s jeep – there was conflict.

Additional Information on Raw Primal Diet

I wanted to add a little more on this topic – as I know how people can react to the eating of raw meat, raw milk, raw butter and raw eggs etc. We have been programmed against them. I don’t want people to think I am attempting to make anyone ill! I am trying to open some minds on this topic… trying to help.

I have had to explain certain things to the people that I know, and those who are close to me. They are very used to me eating this food now and can see how it has greatly benefited me… and some of the people I know are also eating these foods as well now, because of this.

The big thing for people is often the thought of bacteria / ‘germs’ and parasites – ‘You need to cook the meat to get rid of the bacteria and germs’ they say…. As well as.. ‘You will get parasites’ etc …

People need to re-think ‘germs’ and bacteria… our ‘tiny little helpers’. My post on ‘Germ Theory’ on this website can help you. The process of meat ‘rotting’ is very natural. Meat begins to ‘rot’ not that long after the animal dies. But I don’t think we should be using the word ‘rot’ – it has negative connotations. This is what is occurring: The naturally present bacteria / microbes that were already in the animal’s body and cells will change form / function and begin to break down the protein and fat. Reducing the oxygen and keeping it cold slows down this process a great deal. Raw meat is just a combination of proteins, fats, amino acids, minerals, vitamins and bacteria etc… Nothing to be scared of, all of this is natural and beneficial.

If your raw meat has gone brown it is showing you that the bacteria / microbes, that are naturally already in the meat, have been eating and breaking down the meat – just like how the bacteria that live in your gut break down food. You can eat this brown meat. It is actually even easier to digest as the bacteria has already begun the process of digestion. As long as you have good quality raw meat it will do you no harm and will only benefit you. Some people even allow their meat to ‘rot’ and ferment for quite some time and then eat it – it gives them a high – it is called ‘high meat’ for this reason. I have never tried high meat but I have eaten brown meat many times. Once you get over your fear – as we have been programmed incessantly against it – then it becomes quite normal. A lot of the raw meat is broken down in our strong stomach acid, and then the bacteria in our gut continues the process for us and further breaks it down. We can then assimilate the nutrients into our body. We need to rethink bacteria / germs / microbes… our little helpers. You can just eat fresh red meat though if you like – I do, but if it goes brown, not a problem. I would obviously just start with that. And with any change like this, go slow and build up.

As mentioned, I know some people will be worried about intestinal parasites. I have not had one single problem with that on this diet. My gut feels better than it ever has. It is my understanding that intestinal parasites are symbiotic and will live in your gut if you have a need for them there. A bit like you will get a Candida overgrowth if you have a need for it. Candida is attempting to help you and assist you in fixing your damaged / toxic gut… and we have all these New Age types telling us to kill the Candida! You can just change your diet to mainly raw fat and raw protein and it will go away at some point when it has done its job. Aajonus Vonderplanitz explains this all more clearly. I have not come across anyone on this Raw Primal type diet that has had a problem with parasites. It is another scare tactic to stop you from eating the raw meat. If you are really worried just start with raw muscle meat. And if you really can’t bring yourself to eat raw meat you can try some raw milk, raw butter and raw eggs. I just drink the eggs down ‘Rocky style’ and follow it with some milk.

The alkaline rhetoric is subversion, as is the must not eat ‘mucus forming’ foods. Mucus is needed to successful detox and expel toxins. If your body is forming mucus it is doing it to help you. Our stomach is supposed to be acidic to digest our food properly. Just because you urine is alkaline it doesn’t mean your internal environment is. Taking baking soda to try and make yourself more alkaline will not be good for your digestion. Our digestive system it geared towards eating raw meat and raw fat. This is easy to find out for yourself – when you eat it it digests very easily, no gas at all and it gives you tonnes of energy and strengthens your bones and your body… and heals you.

As mentioned earlier, I study nature – it teaches us. Everything is about survival. The reason fruits have lots of sugar is because they want to convince animals to eat them – so that the animals spread their seeds. Everything has defence or survival and propagation mechanisms. Animals can run, hide, camouflage themselves, counter attack etc. Plants also have defence mechanisms. A plant does not want to be eaten like fruit does – it wants its species to survive. It does not want you to eat its leaves, it needs them to photosynthesise. Many plants have toxins in them – and what some call anti-nutrients in them, which inhibits the uptake of other minerals. Substances that humans are not supposed to ingest. They are there as an attempt to put animals off eating them.

Some animals, such as tortoises for example, can taste the toxins in plants. For example – they will spit out spinach, and various other plants and weeds, as soon as they taste them. Spinach is full oxalates. Can we as humans taste the toxins and identify them? No, we cannot – as we are not adapted to, or designed for, a herbivore diet. I know anti-nutrients exist in plants as a tortoise also should not be fed any of the brassica family, as they contain goitrogens, which limited the uptake of certain vitamins and minerals and and then their shell and bones will not develop properly – so no broccoli, cabbage, kale etc. Seeds and nuts are the same – they have protective substances such as phytates – nuts don’t want to be digested by animals, they want to germinate. Some animals have developed ways of coping with the toxins in nuts and seeds, such as birds – they have different digestion and different methods of excretion – white substances are excreted (uric acid). These protective toxins and mechanisms are not necessarily as bad as some of the man-made toxins in processed foods, but the human body still has to deal with them and people are negatively affected by them over time.

Mental Health: Through my research I came across many people online saying that eating raw meat had cured their depression… a lot of people have said this. This diet helped me with my concentration levels and my clarity of mind has definitely improved…. I can work for much longer and much more effectively.

I discovered the Raw Primal Diet from someone called Aajonus Vonderplanitz – a fairly unusual character. I watched a great many of his talks and lectures and then read his books… I learnt a lot… he does say a few fairly implausible things about his past though. His talks and books led me onto many avenues of research. Weston A Price’s research is also useful to look into. There is also a guy called Tom Barnett on YouTube, he follows this Raw Primal diet and talks about it in his videos… he also exposes Germ Theory. He also, like Aajonus, teaches how animal fat is necessary to detox and protect you from toxins.

Dr Natasha Campbell McBride explains how fat and meat are not the cause of heart disease and obesity. The ‘Low Carb Down Under’ channel on YouTube also has videos about this. Sugar / carbohydrates cause most problems for people. And people on a low carb diet lose weight. Animal protein and animal fat does not make you fat. The whole statin and cholesterol subversion / hoax has been exposed in various documentaries – statins are bad for you. The Doctors and researchers on ‘Low Carb Down Under’ have also exposed some of the very scientifically weak studies that anti-meat advocates have used to justify their claims (studies on cooked meat by the way, not raw meat). They also talk about Insulin Resistance and how people react differently to carbs.

Look how much it is promoted everywhere in the mainstream that fat is bad for you. Animal fats are not bad for you. Everywhere we have ‘low fat this’ and ‘low fat that’. Again, sugar and carbohydrates make people obese – not raw animal fat.

It can be useful to look under the comments section of Aajonus Vonderplanitz’s YouTube videos, many people use this diet now and talk about it there. There are many testimonies online as well… once people change to it they don’t change or go back… As your health improves and you feel great on it.

This is also a note of interest – as this knowledge of this diet spread and it began to gain popularity, Jewry, as they always do, put out some controlled opposition agents onto Youtube to control the narrative – creating new channels promoting it. Three of these fairly new channels definitely seem to be run by mixed race jews – by their appearance and by some of their occasional anti-White and anti-Hitler content. They are, as far as I can tell, not putting any disinfo out about the diet – but Jewry always wants their people in place, on every single topic… there are no exceptions. Before them there was only really that Sverige / Goatis fella, and a few others, talking about raw meat, and I am not a fan of him either. He talks nonsense about many other subjects and seems to have somewhat of a disdain for animals – and doesn’t seem to have any gratitude and respect for them… that is not the attitude of an evolved Aryan.

There are some genuine channels out there talking about this topic… and most of the Aajonus Vonderplanitz videos are still easy to find. Hopefully I have provided you with enough information to look into this topic for yourself. There is a website that you can do some searches on.

Eating this way also encourages you to shop locally at farm shops – supporting your local community and not these huge corporations. Getting to know the local farmers, seeing how they work and how they care for the animals. We have many very good small farms in the UK.

I can come at this subject from other angles as well, such as how much veganism is promoted here in the UK – promoted in the mainstream media a lot… and our media is totally run by Jewry… just on a basic level you have to be suspicious of this. And we have the emaciation aspect related to veganism as well – the sunken eyes, women losing their hair, women losing their periods, brittle teeth – various illnesses as well, such as rosacea. When I was researching diet I came across so many videos clearly showing that this is occurring to many people – we also have all the ex-vegan videos documenting their unpleasant experiences. It is horrible to see how emaciated some people are getting – I really hate seeing this. Of course, some people can cope with a plant based / vegan diet better than others…. but we cannot ignore that this is occurring to many of our people.

Yes, Adolf Hitler was vegetarian in the latter years of his life. But he drank milk every day and regularly ate eggs. Hopefully it was raw, full fat milk. Unfortunately diet was not one of his areas of expertise. Apparently he had cookies for breakfast everyday with his milk… (I eat zero sweets and processed foods like this). Adolf Hitler was a brilliant, honourable man, but he was wrong about meat, and was not fully clued up on diet. And again, that Aryan compassion can sometimes get in the way of your best interests at times. He didn’t force this vegetarianism on anyone – it was his own personal choice.


If you have a good reason as to why my assertions, and my logic, are out in any way I am happy to hear why. But please make sure you have read around the topics and looked at them from various angles with critical thinking and analysis.

If you need any elaboration, or clarification, on a topic in this you post you can let me know in the comments section… and I will do my best to help.

Through carefully observing and studying nature we can gain excellent insights.

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54 thoughts on “Surviving in the Cosmos – A Breakaway Civilization – Inc. Morality, Emotions, Nature & Diet

  • November 4, 2020 at 3:58 pm

    I am starting the raw primal diet now. It is a pleasure to have you here.

    • November 5, 2020 at 1:21 pm

      Hi Muted Matrix

      Thanks and good for you. I read two of Aajonus’ books, read through the website, watched all of his videos, and all the testimonies from other people on YouTube before I changed to it. I also researched raw milk and raw milk kefir – so many very positive / glowing testimonies. I started with raw milk, raw eggs and some raw milk kefir, with some small bits of honey and some raw butter… as that was what was needed for me. My liver function and digestion was sluggish at the time – so I also used papaya and raw honey to help initially… and then progressed onto the raw meat – and then introduced some raw organ (liver)… I also sometimes make my own raw soft cheese. You can just change gradually. Some people struggle letting go of certain foods – I didn’t though – I was very motivated and disciplined. I eat a piece of fruit each day as well – usually just the juice though.

      To have my gut fixed is priceless, I struggled with it for years… and now I can put on muscle so easily and I have so much more energy. It frees up so much time as well.

      I also use the hot detox baths Aajonus recommends. I use sea salt, apple cider vinegar and a bit of raw milk in them to soak up any toxins (there should be info on the raw primal website about the baths). Most toxins pass out through the skin so a long bath where you sweat is good for you – like how a fever is good for you, as it is your body’s way of getting rid of toxins through the skin. When you eat these nutrient dense high fat foods your body detoxes stored toxins at certain points. When your body has all this nutrition, nourishment and animal fat given to it will eventually stimulate some natural cleanses. So detox baths help with eliminating the toxins.

      • November 5, 2020 at 1:48 pm

        Thanks again Entity. This journey just got a little better with your help.

    • May 18, 2021 at 5:24 pm

      What do you think about tanning ?

      • May 21, 2021 at 11:17 am

        Hello iamnotashillentity

        I will assume you mean sunbathing and getting a suntan using the suns rays. (not ‘sunbeds’)

        The Sun is very good for you. Your body creates vitamins with the suns rays. Hence why the PTB sell us all this (toxic) sunscreen and demonize The Sun. And then blame The Sun for the cancer caused by all the toxins in our body. The PTB even try to block The Sun out with their chemtrails etc…

        It is good for us psychologically as well.

        I don’t think we understand the full extent of the sun rays benefits as yet.

        • June 1, 2021 at 3:07 pm

          Sunning by itself, by itself is absolutely wonderful. However, if you eat processed and/or fake foods, your body does not know what to do unnatural “foods” and chemicals and as a result opts to store these substances in various places in your body. Your skin is one of those places. When these substances are exposed to sunlight, light energy driven reactions can and do take place with the result that some of the stored materials are transformed into carcinogens, which can manifest as various skin and other cancers. Also, since these materials can/will be moved around to different locations in your body, you can get cancer in locations with little to no solar exposure. Example: melanoma on the soles of your feet.

          • June 2, 2021 at 2:34 pm

            Hello Oh-Two

            Thankyou for your thoughts on this.

            Toxins mainly exit either through the intestines or skin. I regularly have detox sweat baths because of this.

            Yes, the body stores the chemicals and toxins in various places. When the body feels it is strong enough, or has the necessary resources, it will try to get rid of them – often this is through the skin.

            As I am sure you know, all disease is a result of the body protecting us, and ridding us, of these toxins.

            This idea that these toxins are being stored in the skin and that the sun is turning them carcinogenic and causing the body additional problems is not something I have heard about – so I am not totally sure about this. Do you have a reference for this? It doesn’t make sense to me. I have found the human body to be very intelligent – for it to store the toxins in the skin knowing that the Sun could react with it and then cause the body extra problems does not seem to be a good protective / detox tactic. Again, I am open minded and I am very willing to read any literature this.

            (The information I have seen suggests that toxins are not so readily stored in the skin, but that they often exit through the skin.)

            I have forgotten his name, but there was a type of holistic healer / naturopath – who died fairly young ( he was a handsome Greek looking man… maybe killed off ) – who would talk about how the sweat from sunbathing was full of vitamins and that you should not bathe or wash straight after sun bathing so that you could absorb the vitamins.

            You can indeed get skin cancer in other locations with little or no solar exposure – as cancer is the bodies attempt to heal you and rid you of these toxins in your body. This does also suggest that the sun is not causing the cancer.

            I have an open mind to this, but the beneficial suns rays and the vitamin rich sweat could be another stimulant for the body to detox and repair itself – which would mean you would get some symptoms.

            If you have any literature to read on this reaction you mention I would be interested. Thanks.

  • November 8, 2020 at 4:17 pm

    Entity, what are your thoughts regarding interdimensional beings having the ability to control or possibly have major influence on humans in the 3d? I agree that the ets cannot come here anymore physically but some human behavior just doesn’t make any sense. Sure there are psychopaths and narcissist and for lack of a better term complete nut balls but they don’t necessarily have to be physical to have an impact or to manipulate someone who’s vulnerable do they? Also, could this explain what many consider to be ghosts and the paranormal in general? Thanks friend

    • November 11, 2020 at 5:49 pm

      Hi Muted Matrix

      I think it has been overplayed by the subversive New Age and Ufology. They use this ‘inter-dimensional beings’ rhetoric as a deflection and a distraction. Yes, there are some other dimensional beings, as I mentioned in an article, I had a girlfriend who could sense beings and even saw some unusual things – and this was when she was depressed, but I don’t think they are affecting us as much as (((they))) say. It could very well be that when you are depressed some beings are drawn to that energy. I know she had some issues that were created by how she was brought up by her parents, she was getting depressed because of that.

      What happens to you in the early years of your life has such a profound effect on you. For example, If you are raised by a narcissist (someone with NPD) it can really affect you and give you Complex PTSD.

      There is a lot of mental illness on this planet – so much . We have been living in the dark for many thousands of years, so many incarnations, with subversive religions being introduced to us and wars created. Not knowing who we really are. Before that we had the so-called ‘gods’ playing with us – messing with us – not being honest with us… more wars and destruction and humans as submissive naive followers – worshipping these ‘gods’. The ‘gods’ enjoyed ruling over us it seems.

      And in the last hundred years via the media, and other manipulation, our psyche has really been assaulted – so much subversion and degeneracy. It is no wonder that we have so many Souls who are damaged. But some are more resilient than others. We have many immature damaged parents damaging their children with their poor parenting, neglect and narcissistic behaviour – perpetuating the cycle. Of course there are still conscious emotionally intelligent souls around… however, we really have a lot of mental illness and damaged souls. I don’t think it is inter-dimensional beings doing it. It is mainly a result of our history and the years of manipulations and lies – from the ‘gods’ (more advanced off-planet humans that lived with us and ruled us in ancient times) and then from the very damaged and twisted Earth Souls.

      Jewry have been subverting us with religion, wars, propaganda, psychological manipulation via media, porn… etc we could go on… A great way to deflect from all this is by psychologcial subversion is blaming it on inter-dimensional beings. And jewry totally run Ufology and the New Age psyop.

      Of course we also get from Ufology and New Age that interdimensional beings are responsible for starting all the wars. When we can see historical Jewry were behind creating most of the wars and behind the destruction of many civilisations. You see deflection again… it is used as deflection

      Again, not saying influence from these realms is not happening, but from my experience i believe it is greatly overplayed. I think the inter-dimensional beings going up to people in physcial reality and affecting them is greatly exaggerated.

      Many of the people influenced the new age rhetoric and ufology blame everything on inter-dimensional beings when they are not in their notion of what peace and happiness is. Every bad mood and every time they get angry for making a mistake they blame ‘interdimensional beings’. Which stops them from evolving and from taking responsibility for their own actions, thoughts and emotions. They are usually just not properly aware, not as conscious as they think they are, and are not in control of their emotions. The more we look at how the rhetoric is used, the more you can see how it used to subvert.

      The new age types will very likely not be targeted at all – if there is some sort of other-dimensional force assisting jewry they are not going to be worried about someone who thinks that we are ‘all one’, and that they are here to spread love to all!

      The main people who will be having contact in other dimensions / realms are the people at the very top of the pyramid – that we don’t even know the names of – and possibly some people in the super rich banking families. Of course I don’t know how much these people would be aware of the contact they are having on other levels. You only need a small group of interdimensionally gifted beings or souls, to have a big effect on Earth – as they can inform the humans in places of great influence and power.

      As well as this, benevolent Souls who are gifted in other realms, who are connected to off-planet or breakaway groups – they will be targeted negatively. It would be very specific who was targeted. It would be Souls who regularly have contact in other realms and were trained in navigating them before they incarnated.

      From my experience this targeting of certain individuals seems to mainly occur via dreamscape manipulation – and also when people are out of body, or in in-between states…. they can affect you, or attempt to, in other realms and states.

      I have had so many vivid experiences in the night – lots of bleed through from the out of body me to the physical Earth persona. But it is difficult to work out how it all works and what is going on in these other dimensions / realms and with the dreamscape… and what dreams actually are… It is the most difficult aspect of our existence on this planet to understand. (there is also such a lot of nonsense written online about it all)

      Hope some of that helped.

  • November 10, 2020 at 4:02 pm

    Hi Entityart, thanks for a great article they’re always insightful and make me think. I’ve been applying natural law to my life as much as possible. I’ve been raw Primal for 2 years and I have someone coming to help at my farm that is also on the diet. Anyways, when we apply the law of nature to milk, we don’t see any mature animals drinking it and especially not drinking the milk of another species. Could you comment on this from a natural law perspective? Also, animals in nature tend to procreate and ask questions later. In humans this seems clearly a mistake to get someone pregnant before we fully assess them. I’d appreciate your thoughts here as well. Does natural law break down in certain areas of our modern cultural Marxist influenced society?

    • November 12, 2020 at 8:48 pm

      Hi Adam

      Thankyou for the feedback.

      Another couple of Raw Primals… and I just had a new commenter on another article say they are a Raw Primal as well… discovering more and more all the time.

      Yes, the raw milk thing. I have seen someone else mention this in a comments section elsewhere on the web – but I have not come across many raw primals that don’t drink some raw milk. You are right of course, it’s not necessarily something totally natural for us to eat when looking to nature and what other less intelligent carnivores do. And in a small tribe you would hunt the animals, and as a tribe share the organs, and you would all drink some of the nutritious blood. So to some degree consuming milk is the alternative to this in our society – in that we can’t readily do this nowadays – very hard to get any fresh animal blood – and not as easy to source a variety of the grass-fed organ meats. (This talk of blood and organs will sound bizarre to any newbies, but this is, of course, how humans use to live and is a part of their optimum diet.. Most people have no idea how subverted humans are from what they should eat to be at optimum health). You could say that perhaps eggs and milk, which contain a wide variety of nutrition, makes up for not being able to do this. Raw milk is, of course, full of beneficial fats and proteins and a wide range of vitamins and minerals.

      Personally I have found great benefit from raw milk, in healing my gut and liver and especially with detoxing… (I use A2 Guernsey milk, which is some of the best you can get) The raw eggs, raw milk and raw butter really helped to get me back on my way to health. I followed the recommended protocol by Aajonus for my particular gut and liver problems. I have found when wishing to successfully detox large amounts of raw fat is needed and of course raw milk and raw butter provide us with this.

      But I suppose a non-toxic healthy Raw Primal purist who actually has their own livestock may not use raw milk. Of course raw milk does have carbohydrates as well – and I think kefir makes it even more beneficial for us, as it eats the sugar/carbs in the milk and then provides even more vitamins. Here is a link to a video of how a mother cured her son’s autism with raw milk kefir. It must have detoxed him from all the toxins and fixed his gut issues:

      Aajonus talks about how raw milk helped him turn his health around. It is difficult to know if we are healthier just eating raw meat and organs without milk, as no one gets grants to genuinely study this of course. All I can say is that from my experience raw milk can be very healing – but of course I certainly think you could thrive and be at your optimum without it if you are eating the right variety of meats / cuts / organs.

      We are the only animals on this planet that can milk the animals. Would a bipedal being on another planet milk a cow if they could? Yes, very likely. If you had just a few cows, or other types of animals you can milk, you would milk them as you would get far greater nutritional benefit long-term from milking the animals rather than slaughtering them for meat.

      Milking a cow or collecting eggs from colonies of birds enables you to support large populations of people – supplementing their raw meat. And a very healthy and strong population at that.

      Regarding mating: Yes, less intelligent and less conscious animals do tend to give into their urges and hormones more readily. But they can also be quite selective and they do select their mates. In zoo breeding programs, for example, they can place two animals (i have seen this with lions, panthers, gibbons etc) together and they won’t mate at all, and they have to keep trying new partners for animals until they accept one. Other animals also make assessments of their mates, there is quite a lot of courtship in the animal kingdom. Even in many of the less intelligent ones – like the various birds of paradise for example – they make assessments – some build structures out of nuts to attract a mate, some put on grand feather displays and elaborate dances, there are rituals and displays from all sorts of animals. There are lizards and amphibians that make certain noises and the female selects which one has the best voice or croak. Some males, and in somes species the females, don’t get picked.

      Years ago in the UK people used to call it courtship or courting, it was much more formal and reserved. Young men picking up the girl from the house, and meeting the parents. This was also what used to happen in the US. Having numerous fairly formal dates, there even used to sometimes be chaperones. Nowadays with all the degenerate subversion in the media it is no longer like this. As I have mentioned before in another comment, a more intelligent and conscious human would take great care to assess their future life partner and mate, and not just be run by hormones, pleasure seeking and emotions.

      Animals do not make as many assessments as us, or at least as many assessments as we should be making. But they do still make them and are selective.

      We are a part of the animal kingdom but are also more advanced thinkers. We are a higher level of nature, at the top of the hierarchy. Because of our higher intelligence we can make much better judgments on certain matters, such as on whether someone is a good potential mate.

      We observe the other animals and improve upon them. We can observe animals and nature to learn about the food chains, hierarchies, ecology, biodiversity, competition and the survival of the fittest dynamic.

      Yes, our society is fairly insane and most of it is based on whatever benefits International Jewry, and not on nature, as they have so much control. Marxism is against natural law, nature’s hierarchy and competition, as those behind it cannot compete with us on that level.

      Some of my thoughts on these matters. Hope they were of some use.

  • November 14, 2020 at 3:20 pm

    Hi Entity, thanks for sharing your insights in these topics, they’re valuable.

    I have some questions regarding the foods to be taken in the Raw Primal diet.
    I’m trying to get into the diet in the hope that it will cure my Candida overgrowth that I have for more or less five years now. I’ve been drinking milk kefir for about 20 days now, but the milk that I use is pasteurized because I don’t have a stable source of raw unpasteurized milk. Does the milk kefir still give plenty of nutrients and probiotics in this case?
    Regarding the raw eggs, I also get mine from the conventional stores, which are very likely from ‘industrial’ chickens fed with synthetic grains etc. Sometimes I’m able to get eggs from free-range chickens in my grandpa’s backyard, but I can’t have a stable supply from them so oftentimes I get my eggs from the store. From my experience you can easily distinguish the ‘industrial’ eggs from the free-range ones. The former smells and tastes ‘fishy’ (I don’t know the exact word for it) while the latter seems to have no smell or taste.
    But, are the store-bought ones still somehow safe to consume raw and still have plenty of nutrients in their case?

    • November 15, 2020 at 6:19 pm

      Hi Morgan

      Your messages did get through – first time commenters go into a moderation queue, and some comments also end up in a spam folder, for some reason.

      I have provided two sets of information for you. One set from Aajonus’ book ‘We Want To Live’ and one set from his book ‘The Recipe for Living Without Disease’. I hope they help.

      “Candida is a yeast-like infection that eats little stagnant pools of blood that result from internal lesions caused by dryness and cracking of the tissue within the body. Candida fungus cleans the system by eating degenerated tissue damaged by accumulated cooked carbohydrate based food, adrenaline, or insulin related chemicals. Candida is helpful and should have its cycle. The worst thing anyone can do if he or she wants to improve her health is to destroy Candida.

      Symptoms: a somewhat pallid complexion, sensitive and swollen extremities, dry skin, extreme lethargy, critical attitude, a general dislike for people and a tendency toward isolation.

      Soft drinks with caffeine, salt, alcohol, smoke, coffee, teas and aspirin are all poisonous because they overstimulate the adrenals and pancreas, causing excess adrenaline and insulin that spends fat, creating dryness that cause lesions, the storage of volatile toxins in tissues and disturbing blood sugar levels.

      When experiencing extreme symptoms, eating half of a Nut Formula once daily in the afternoon for 3 days helps remove toxic adrenaline and insulin.

      Eating a raw diet with cooked starch in combination with plenty of raw fat eliminates high adrenaline and insulin levels. Eating raw tomatoes, fresh or non steamed unsulfured sun-dried figs, fresh raw green vegetable juices, raw unpasteurized apple cider vinegar and fresh unripe pineapple neutralizes and soothes the condition over a period of years. Eating raw fish or raw organic raw chicken or turkey helps heal and restore damaged and dead nerve tissue and skin. Raw beef and other red meat may be eaten when the conditions are neutralized enough. A sign that a person is too toxic to eat beef is severe itching and irritability, accompanied with nausea after eating beef.

      Drinking the fresh raw juice of yam once every 4 days helps produce hormones that reduce swelling and soreness in the joints as a result of Candida. Yam juice should be consumed within 10 minutes after juicing.

      To re-lubricate the joints and body, I suggest daily consuming the Drink for Moisturising and Lubrication, P. 210, but made with only 1-3 teaspoons of fresh raw lemon juice

      To temporarily reduce rampant Candida, I suggest that you blend 4 tablespoons of fresh lime juice, 1-2 tablespoons unheated honey and 1-2 tablespoons raw unpasteurised apple cider vinegar, add to that 4 ounces of naturally sparkling water, and drink 2 ounces every 4 hours for no more than 3 consecutive days. In some individuals, that may cause increased symptoms for the several days but ultimately it reduces Candian proliferation.” – We Want To Live, by Aajonus Vonderplanitz

      (The second and third extracts below are outlining how to make the Lubrication Formula and the Nut Formula suggested above, as I thought you might be interested.)

      “Moisturizing/Lubrication Formula Drink:

      1 to 2 raw eggs
      2 to 4 ounces unsalted raw butter or coconut cream
      1 to 2 tablespoons lemon juice
      1 to 2 teaspoons unheated honey
      All ingredients should be room temperature. Warm all ingredients in an 8- or 12-ounces jar, capped with the blender washer/ blades/base, immersed in a bowl of mildly hot water for 5
      minutes. Blenderize on medium speed for 10 seconds. It is most
      effective when consumed with, or shortly after, a meat meal. Most bodies are so starved for healthy raw fat that when they get fat, the organs, blood, glands and nervous system consume it. The lymph, bones, joints, connective tissue and skin continue to starve and shrivel with dryness unless we get enough fat. We cannot eat enough fat to supply all that our bodies’ need after years of cooked food. However, this formula helps rush fats into the body so that lymph, bones, joints, connective tissue and skin receive some wonderful fats. Because fats are utilized for so many functions, I suggest eating this recipe almost daily. To make this recipe sound appealing to both sexes, I gave it two names. When I give this formula to women, I call it the Moisturizing Formula. When I give it to men, I call it the Lubrication Formula.”

      Nut Butter/Nut Formula:

      1 to 2 Servings
      2 to 4 ounces raw pecans or walnuts, pine or hazel nuts,
      sunflower or pumpkin seeds, or peanuts
      4 to 8 tablespoons unsalted raw butter
      1 to 2 raw egg
      1½ to 2 tablespoon unheated honey
      Blenderize nuts in an 8- or 12-ounces jar on high speed until
      they are flour. Add remaining ingredients and stir. Blenderize on
      medium speed for 20-25 seconds, until smooth.
      ALTERNATIVE: Substitute coconut cream for butter.”

      – The Recipe for Living Without Disease, by Aajonus Vonderplanitz

      My thoughts on raw milk and eggs:

      I can only say from my own experience.

      I did try kefir with pasteurised full fat organic milk many years ago. It is of course better than drinking just pasteurized milk but it is not ideal, and if you are doing this then full fat organic milk would be best. I still think the kefir will create a fair amount of nutrients and probiotics, but you are still consuming some damaged fats and proteins. It really does not compare to raw milk fermented with kefir though – you really need to aim for that if you can. There are lots of places online that deliver it raw milk.

      Obviously if you can get free range organic eggs from a local farm, that is best – I am lucky as I have a small local farm just around the corner from me. But I personally feel that if you are eating plenty of raw fat then eating the best quality supermarket eggs you can is not going to be a problem. You can get free range organic eggs in many supermarkets and shops. I have on occasions eaten good quality supermarket eggs raw when I couldn’t get local free range farm ones and I was just fine. I never thought they tasted or smelt different. What I noticed most was that the supermarket yolks are pale and a washed out yellow, whereas my free range ones from a local farm are either a much deeper yellow, almost orange or totally orange… more nutrients in the free range ones from the local farm.

      From reading and listening to Aajonus, if you are eating a plenty of raw fat you should be fine. Raw fat is what binds to any toxins and takes it out of the body. I get raw cultured butter produced by grass fed cows from a company online, as it is hard to come by locally.

      I hope some of that proved useful.

      • November 23, 2020 at 2:10 pm

        Thank you for clarifying what’s Candidiasis and sharing these information, I will try to make these recipes as well to help with my recovery.

        Few weeks earlier I was sharing links into your website, and I believe I was able to convince a few people to read on here. I’m busy recently but I’m still trying to do my part in spreading the truth. This awakening of the masses is just the beginning in my opinion. When enough people are awake, revolution is inevitable, and international Jewry won’t easily give up their power, war is very likely to happen, and I will do my part when that time comes. It is an honor to participate in this struggle between existence and extinction. As sentient beings, we naturally choose to continue living because the cosmos, despite its brutality, is beautiful.

        Strength to you and our fellow readers.

  • December 6, 2020 at 12:36 am

    So, wouldn’t be there some sneaking jews behind the scene? lol just kidding. Excellent article as always. Keep them coming! It’s always a pleasure to read them. Thank you very much.

    • February 4, 2021 at 10:06 pm

      Hello Entity Art,

      I always like reading your posts, as there is always something there, that resonates with me.
      Having seen the world from many places, I, indeed, am finding many people to be brainwashed, and disconnected from nature: the subverted-liberals not caring about their dna and ancestry, not wanting to think globally; subverted-communists-in-post-USSR using their talents to work for ((them)), e.t.c…
      Nature… It is quite interesting, to get in touch with yourself on a deeper level – with your nature.
      I am still trying to get in touch with my nature: healthwise, I feel my best, when on a vegan diet, though I have, in the past, tried raw eggs, fish and liver. Perhaps, this is because I have a mild thyroid/hormone-related mutation, which means I cannot grow much and so need less. (Am about 1.58 meters, and 22 years old, and have small hands/feet. Also now am of normal weight, sometimes losing weight, whilst feeling intellectually engaged).
      Talent-wise, I find myself most connected with the sciences, but also art – kind of like the ancient Greeks philosophers.
      Though, when you describe this cosmos as a brutal place, I feel, as if I would not be a predator. Indeed, does not nature allow for some mutations, provided they are productive for your people? If I had lived in a National Socialist society, I would likely be the person, who made art and studied geometric proportions, sometimes also writing about newly found patterns and/or formulas, about observations on the psyche/souls in general…
      Soulfully, I feel very connected with the Aryan Race.
      Yet I still cannot find people, who fully resonate with my outlook on life: people in academia do not understand this love of Race, and people who do understand it tend to be more practically inclined, and do not really share my love for the theoretical…
      I am a bit lost, to be honest, on how to get on with life, after graduating: I do not want to serve ((their)) interests, but need to somehow make a living…
      Also, in general: how do you find people who resonate with you?

  • January 13, 2021 at 2:38 am

    Hello, it’s me again. This is just a random subject that’s been on my mind for some time now. Are Irish Travelers white? I’m just curious because they aren’t related to the Roma peoples, and I recently found out that I’m related to them.

    • February 8, 2021 at 11:54 pm

      Hi Connor

      I would not know for sure, not an area of expertise for me. But from the brief research I did it appears they are closely genetically related to the Irish people. One article suggests: ” [Irish]Travellers are genetically closest to other Irish people. Nevertheless, they have formed a sufficiently isolated breeding population to have diverged from the Irish population at a number of gene loci”. So it sounds like they are Irish, but an isolated population. And the Irish are most certainly White.

  • January 13, 2021 at 1:21 pm

    Hi EntityArt,

    First of all I wish you A Happy & Free New Year !… 2020 was a crazy year but I think this is far from being over…

    I’ve read the article the very next day it was published yet I took my time to read it several times. Although it does make sense it’s a pretty hard piece to digest, the Morals / Ethics part especially. A vast cosmos without Morals / Ethics & Right / Wrong at it’s core and instead being ruled by the same earthly natural laws is, if true, unsettling at least. From this thought alone so many other questions arise. Some of them:

    A certain tribe (its leaders at least) believes there’s no right or wrong, no good or bad and no sin at all. Could this mean they’re aware of this reality also ? Could this be one of the reasons they act so decisively & remorseless ?

    There are so many terrible, gruesome and horrible things (in my perception) happening everyday on this planet due to so many other reasons but surviving… things like child molesting / sacrifices, rapes & all that related garbage. What kind of actions are these then ? Could these be classified as bad / wrong in a universal consensus ? Or should it be looked / understood within certain perspectives as you’ve explained about Emotions ?

    And then there’s this sensible aspect on how would today people use this understanding. Would people use it to liberate themselves of all the limiting & self destructing programming gathered since birth or will they use it to satisfy their selfish, ill & destructive urges ? To find out there’s no sin, no karmic retribution, no watchers to punish, no cosmic mechanism to correct the ‘wrongs’ and no divinity to listen to someone’s prayers could be an intense revelation with so many outcomes…

    Thank you.

    • February 8, 2021 at 10:58 pm

      Thanks Doru.

      A belated Happy New Year to you.

      Just to let you know the post came through.

      I will definitely write you a proper response and explain these elements you mentioned.

    • February 28, 2021 at 12:26 pm

      Hello Doru,

      I have been busy with some other projects, so I had to put some responses off until later. I have looked through your comment:

      It sounds like you are still overcoming some of your programming. I understand, I had to move beyond some of these notions at one point. This universal ‘good’ and ‘evil’ / ‘bad’ concept is related to religion. This notion that there is this force out there that effects people called ‘evil’. That people have become consumed or influenced by this force is a very outdated religious out look…

      (not that you used the word ‘evil’, but I am going to use it to highlight this issue)

      People are defective, they are mentally ill… some are extremely defective… why are people calling this ‘evil’? Calling it ‘evil’ stops you getting to the bottom of it, and looking for what causes these people to be like this. Sometime it appears to be a soul-level defect / issue – such as psychopaths, who are born like that – and these people just need to be taken out of society. But there are also people who have been mistreated or abused in various ways as children (psychologically or physically) – the first 4 years of a child’s life is so important – these people can then become defective and mentally ill due to the abuse they suffered.

      I do not believe in ‘Karmic retribution’. Is a lion being punished in it’s next life for killing an antelope to feed its children? (this supposed ‘magical force’ called ‘karma’ that operates behind the scenes)

      This is why we have emotions – so that when someone commits these terrible acts against our people – our race / tribe – then we get angry, that we use our emotions to stop these acts against us. Your emotions are there to correct wrongs – to inspire you to correct wrongs. There is no magical force out there correcting wrongs against you and your people.

      This notion of ‘karma’ was given to us to pacify us.

      You just need to observe nature. When an animal kills another animal, whether due to rivalry, or their desire for food, we do not say it is ‘evil’ or ‘bad’. Whether something is good or bad is entirely dependent on the different beings perspective, and how the outcome affects them, and how it effects their species, race, tribe and family.

      We can look at some extreme acts:

      We can talk about serial murders who derive pleasure from killing others, it excites them etc. To them the murders are great and they are fulfilling their desires, and they feel some relief from the killings. These people are obviously very defective, and to have these sorts of people in the tribe or community is a very bad thing!! So the acts are bad for the victim or course, and for all the people that depended on the victim, and all who cared about them – and most importantly these acts are very bad for the tribe and the race as a whole!

      That is the key thing – it is bad for the people / race as whole? … and these act is bad in a variety of ways: the psychological trauma, as well as one less breeding member to continue the bloodlines and race… it can also have generational trauma effects.

      When you talk of molesting children etc. (a terrible subject to discuss, but a significant one on our planet unfortunately) It is easy to say this person is ‘evil’ – it just slips off the tongue, as we are programmed with these words. But really we should say that the perpetrator is obviously extremely defective and very mentally ill – and a danger to the community and race. Does it benefit the community / race or the perpetrator? The perpetrator derives pleasure and a satisfying of urges – as disgusting as that is – they do not necessarily feel they are ‘evil’ or ‘bad’. But this act is clearly so very damaging to the community and race. You would have to look at the deep psychological trauma to the child – and it would then effect generations – a knock on effect – deep psychological effects through the tribe / community / race. So obviously the extremely defective and mentally ill person would not be allowed anywhere near the tribe or race. They would be, at the very least, imprisoned for life away from your people.

      Now if you have a tribe / race of people who abuse the children of another race. Which has been happening on our planet – stemming from a certain very manipulative tribe. Then you can see that this tribe – if it is looking to dominate and oppress the other race – can think that this abuse of another races children will be good, as it will greatly damage that other race, set them back a great deal and mean that you can more easily dominate them. But then, you can say that in the long-run these acts will be bad for that particular race / tribe perpetrating these acts – as other races will find out about it, and then they will be in trouble.

      When we just label things as ‘evil’ or that person is just ‘bad’ we do not look into the causes and reasons. It can stop people from analysing the situation and fully understanding it.

      It is very clear that there are no universal rights and wrongs. Things are classified as bad when it negatively effects you and your race. Things are classified as good when it positively effects you and your race. It is entirely dependant on the perspective. So, it all entirely depends on how it effects the success of your race and the survival of your race and genetics – the continuation of your people.

      This ‘understanding’ is already understood by a lot of people. Many people around the world are racially conscious and do what is best for their race / folk… more and more people are becoming like this. Europeans are waking up to how they have been subverted. Understanding that there is something greater than yourself, and working towards preserving the future of your race will stop people being so egocentric and help raise their consciousness.

      Hope that helped.

    • March 20, 2021 at 4:15 pm

      Thanks, your last comment brought more clarity to these subjects. Yes, you’re right. I’m in the process of questioning my spiritual & social perceptions. Although it’s not quite a lovely walk in the park, it’s rewarding. Your hard work is much appreciated… the last two articles (about the Moon & the USO) were a delight !

      You’re talking about nutrition also. What do you think of Shawn Baker and the Pettersons who all promote the carnivore diet ? Shawn Baker (as you surely know) is a former surgeon who promotes eating mostly grilled beef. Mikhaila Petterson promotes her “own” way of eating meat called The Lion Diet (only grilled beef, salt & water). Jordan Petterson, the psychologist, who talked extensively about meat eating on Joe Rogan’s show.

      While speaking about health, do you have any info on how to treat / cure endometriosis ? It seams women are heavily affected by it and most treatments require surgery but without any certainty of healing.

      • March 31, 2021 at 3:21 pm

        Hi Doru, I am glad it helped.

        Jordan Peterson is controlled opposition, 100 percent – a gatekeeper. Some examples – he never exposes the tribe – even when asked – and says you should never be proud of, or love, your race. His wife is clearly one of the tribe if you look at a photo – which also makes his daughter one of the tribe… even if Mikhaila doesn’t look she is.

        Joe Rogan is also a controlled opposition shill gatekeeper.

        Shawn Baker is talking nonsense. Meat should not be cooked. This guy is mainly just eating cooked muscle meat. He will not get all the nutrition he needs from that – cooking it is killing lots of minerals and vitamins and is destroying the beneficial bacteria. If you are just eating meat, and no fruit, then raw organs will have to consumed as well for optimum health. Heat destroys and the browning / crispy hardened areas of the meat, after cooking it, are very bad for you. Animal carnivores in nature obviously do not cook their meat.

        I follow the Raw Primal Diet outlined in my article.

        I can only tell you from all my research, and all the testimonies I have read and listened to, and particularly from my own experience with diet. My advice to anyone who wants better heath and overcome health issues is to detox all the toxins from their body. And to do this you follow the raw primal diet – eating plenty of raw animal protein and raw animal fat. Raw butter is particularly good for detoxing – as well as raw milk and raw cheese. I have no information about endometriosis specifically ( I did not come across any info from Aajonus on it – nothing in his books) – but illnesses are caused by toxins in the body – stress can also play a part of course, but toxins are the biggest problem. You need an optimum diet to detox fully – and this involves plenty of raw animal fat and raw animal protein – and stopping all processed carbohydrates and processed sugars, not using vegetable oils, and no cooking of food… and no coffee, tea or alcohol…. and cutting out rock salt. I don’t add salt to anything – it is my understanding that it is actually toxic to the body (Aajonus explains this.)

        I did receive your third message as well, by the way. Not a problem. Glad you will still stay in contact.

        Anyway, hope that was useful.

      • May 18, 2021 at 2:30 pm

        Hi! I digged through Aajonus’ materials on the website and came across these. Hope these are helpful!

        From 20060910LA 10 Sep 2006 Los Angeles Q&A @02:58:53
        Aajonus: “Endometriosis is the utilization of cells in another place that don’t normally really belong in that place. It happens in everybody because we don’t have enough protein in our diet in the form it can be utilized (raw). So everybody is in endometriosis. It’s only used as endometriosis relating with ovarian cells. If you have ovarian cells that are utilized in another part of the body, that is the general medical term. When a woman has her period and goes to a cramp, those ovarian cells that are not in the ovary will go into cramping also. And that causes severe pain outside of the ovarian area depending upon where the cells are. I knew of a woman that had ovarian cells in her brain. Every time she went into a period she had a spot in her brain that gave her cramping. Another woman who had it in her elbow, she was a tennis player, she was such an avid player that her body was very low on protein and nutrients that her body started borrowing cells from other areas of her body and putting them in her left elbow. so then when she had her period, her elbow had a period. So endometriosis isn’t only related to ovarian, but that’s where the term is used more commonly, because people can identify it. People can’t tell if you have elbow cell in your uterus, no way to tell, they can tell if an area goes into a spasm on a regular cycle with your menstrual cycle, you have ovarian cells in that cells. your body will borrow cells from any kind of area, and utilize them anywhere in your system. to reverse endometriosis, you have to eat enough meat to replace cells that are localized, eat enough raw meat so you will reproduce cells, so cells will divide, not just regenerate. that’s why [raw] meat is so necessary.”

        From “Aajonus Q&A of March 26, 2000 in Los Angeles, California”:
        Aajonus: “Endometriosis occurs when the body is lacking regenerative abilities somewhere and it needs cells from some other area and it happens to pick an ovary to take those cells and to plant them somewhere else – to borrow those cells. So, when you go into a period, not only are your ovaries reacting; the cells that have transported somewhere else that are normally ovarian tissue react on that same monthly cycle. So, you are having pains in other areas where those ovarian tissue cells are alive. That is what endometriosis is. That occurs from having some kind of damage somewhere in your body that needs some new cells or live cells and your body goes to the ovaries and gets them.”

        From “Q&A of September 11, 2011”
        Question: “What is your take on hot flashes?”
        Aajonus: “Menopause is changeover in hormones that you produce. Instead of reproductive hormones for reproduction, you produce growth hormones. This is another reason women live longer than men. The sweating is a form of detox; you’re getting rid of a lot of those old hormones. Let’s say endometriosis is when your body uses a cell that belongs in one location somewhere else because your body is not reproducing a cell in that area. So your body will borrow cells from one area and heal another area when you’re not producing cells fast enough and that area needs a lot of help. So if you have a lot of endometriosis with ovarian cells used throughout the body, you’re body will go into periods in other areas of your body elsewhere like a woman having a pain in her ovaries and her shoulder, heart, lungs back because of ovarian cells that go into period along with the ovarian cells that are normally located. When your body needs to get rid of those you’ll have massive heat spells – hot flashes – and immense amounts of perspiration. Remember, the lymph system is responsible for breaking those down into a liquid that is perspired through the skin. Hot (105F degrees) baths reduce the burden on the lymphatic system.”

        • May 19, 2021 at 12:25 pm

          Hi Max

          Thanks very much for taking the time to post this. Useful information. Hopefully Doru sees it.

          (With regards to your other comment: Sometimes comments go into a spam folder – I don’t know why some do – but I just have to un-spam them. It is what happened with this one.)

      • December 9, 2022 at 5:04 pm

        Read this book regarding endometriosis – Natural health for women by Robert Mason.

        Endometriosis is caused by excess estrogen and not having enough progesterone.

  • June 4, 2021 at 2:38 am


    Just found this website.

    I just wanted to mention That Aajonus’ (John Richard Swigart) father was a jew – at least, this is what he himself stated.

    • June 4, 2021 at 2:51 pm

      Hello Aryus

      Welcome to the site.

      Have you got a link to where he says this?

      Though I have found much of his dietary advice and insights on health excellent, and the diet transformed my health massively, I always had a feeling he may have been controlled opposition and a Freemason. 3 main reasons for my suspicions:

      He put out some obvious disinformation about Adolf Hitler in one of his talks.
      In one of his books he advised a woman to eat ‘33’ raw eggs, which seemed weird in the context in which it was said.
      And he also has some stories about his childhood that seemed most implausible.

      Lots of people are now coming to realise that ‘germs’ / bacteria are not harmful, that raw meat (raw animal protein and raw animal fat) is incredibly healing, that viruses are not contagious, that nuts and vegetables have protective toxins in them, that carbohydrate is what makes you fat… etc etc. He did wake a lot up to these facts.

      But Aajonus could very well have been put in place to be a gatekeeper. Jewry and the Freemasons seem to have people in every single area of the alternative media.

      A bit Like how David Icke will share many Truths but he will not expose the long history of jewish subversion / crimes and the Truths of WW2. Aajonus would likely have had a similar remit. Like so many other gatekeepers he was to become an expert in his field but had to gatekeep certain key aspects.

      They have gatekeepers in every area.

  • September 24, 2021 at 5:34 pm


    I see things similar to you with some differences.

    I had a experience some years ago. Something that I, until now, can describe as a “awakening”. But I don’t think I did it. Someone “else” did it. I’m sure of that. Since I would NEVER reach the point of awareness that I am now, by myself.
    A extraordinary, amazing, indescribable feeling of joy. At that time I was an “atheist” and in a few seconds I was changed completely. From “atheist” to understanding every aspect of my life until that moment and more, much more. The “weird” part was that the first thing that came out of my mouth was “at last”. I was kinda expecting that to happen, somehow.
    My struggles with anxiety and panic attacks suddenly vanished. That feeling lasted for one year and a half.

    When you say that “After-Life realms are almost certainly places of deception and manipulation”, I think is the opposite. Our world IS the place of deception and manipulation. And the After-Life realms are what makes things in our world and others functioning in accordance with the “creator of things” intended for each world. Unless you are talking about other worlds and not a type of “temporary dimension” realm that our spirit “stays” or “pass through” of course.
    Each world is a “kindergarten” for each race of beings created. A place where we learn the “basics” of life in this worlds. In our case, we are a “young” race, with so much to learn yet. Endless cycle of lives here, where in each one we learn a little more. Until we “dominate” all that exists in this world. Everything that our race(humans) has to learn HERE first.
    When we learn all that it is to be learn HERE, then we don’t need to “comeback” anymore. Unless we need to help in someway.

    And yes a agree, at the moment we are in a state of “looping” in our soul, where our spirit is stuck in this after-life realm with the same experiences and learnings that “THEY” put us. Cycle after cycle of lives through religions and systems of control, not “delivering” new learnings and experiences into our soul. Our soul purpose is to evolve and this controlled “looping” of our spirit is keeping us from doing that. Evolve our soul.

    In my “awakening”, a massive download happened and what “came” to me was very simple. What I “saw” was very simple:

    An infinite eternal tube keeps our soul in it(it’s just a vision of what actually can be of course. What my mind processed at that time!), like a fluid essence.
    Our spirit is our link and gateway to our soul. And also, the armor of our soul, what protects it. Our body is the “vehicle” in this world. Which transports our spirit here.
    When we achieve total dominion of knowledge of the third dimension(this world), as the third dimension itself, we move to the fourth dimension and so on. You may call this “ascension”, which I disagree. I see this as been just steps towards other stages of evolution of our race. In an infinite process of soul evolution.
    As I said before, this world(the third dimension) is for our body and spiritual learning process. The beginning of our evolutionary soul process. All of our struggles here are lessons to be learned. It’s not “meant to be”, it’s just how it is. Simple as that. A natural process of learning.

    Also what I “saw”: The Creation(the science of everything) and the Creator(the scientist). The Creator is who understands the science of everything and apply it in the vast amount of universes that exists. It’s not that easy to explain what it cames to me(the download process!). But that’s what I got it from.

    What I understand so far is that the worlds are created for a specific race of beings. Like our world was created for us only. The after-life realm is the “space” between the third dimension(the physical dimension) and the place where our soul are. Wherever that is.
    Our spirit is stuck in this “space”, some sort of specific dimension that links our spirit to our soul. This “looping” that we are in, keep us in some state of knowledge that prevent us to evolve our soul appropriately. In this way we are stuck in a vicious cycle where we cannot evolve our spirit and soul.
    We die and comeback at the same point, fall for the same traps, etc… We are always taken to the same paths, in the same way. And easily fall into the same beliefs. The same system of control every time.

    We have to break this “loop”.

    As I said before, we are a young race in this universe. Older races want to take advantage of this. Like a 20 year old man taking advantage of a 10 year old boy. I don’t know which races but clearly one of them are controlling the jews(maybe because they were fool enough to believe in the thing that THEY told to them thousands of years ago when they “arrived” in our world!). And I think you’re right, because of this, we are in a state of “prison”, as THEY(a foreign race) are too. Breaking some type of universal natural law.
    I also believe that we have a set of “skills” that serve us like a “defense skill” mechanism against this foreign races. And THEY(this foreign race) don’t want us to reach this point of awareness where we can defend ourselves properly in this universe. To learn this “defense skill”. Keeping us slaves of THEIR “style” of world. Where natural thing to them, are unnatural thing to us. Like psychopathy for example.

    The differences between the races of humans are for us to learn with each other. We are not equal for a reason. We learn with our differences. We evolve with our differences.
    We are not here to only fight with each other, but to learn with each other. It’s really very simple.

    Only WE can get out of this situation, as this is OUR world. Where we were set to “start” as a new race in this universe. We have to get back to the point where we were stopped in this process by THEM(this foreign race).

    I don’t know if all of this makes sense to you. But in my research and insights of things, seems to me kinda natural the way things can work in the universe itself.


    • September 24, 2021 at 6:56 pm

      Hello WhiteFolk

      Some of what you say I agree with – but some I disagree with. When I get the chance I will write a longer response.

      I would like to direct you to my article called:

      ‘Narcissists, Artificial Intelligence, Movies, Dreams, The After Life – Are Narcissists and Psychopaths Human Souls?’


      (There should be some interesting related insights and ideas for you in that post – it expands upon this ‘Surviving in the Cosmos’ post, and deals with some more metaphysical concerns)

      • September 24, 2021 at 7:45 pm

        Thanks for the reply

        I didn’t see this article yet but I’m sure will. I’m reading other articles of yours as well. WW2, Hitler, etc… Watching documentaries about it and everything… I’m catching up 🙂 There’s a lot of material out there.

        I expected that you would have some disagreement. But that’s how it works right? Sharing thoughts and insights…
        Maybe I didn’t explain or put my thoughts in a better way. But we go with moment so….

        I would love to see a longer response from you if possible. Your articles are very interesting and I see some or lots of similarities with what I have in mind. I’m learning a lot. Thanks for that….


  • December 16, 2021 at 12:53 am

    I love a lot of what you write. It’s all very thought-provoking and it’s clear you´re doing a lot of research, thinking clearly and looking for the truth. This article made me cry a lot though. I’m usually very good at being open to anything, changing my perspective if necessary, adjusting, learning and all that – without even feeling affected much. But in this article there were 2 things that felt quite heavy to me.
    Picturing that life is mainly about survival…is rough. I understand it, but it kind of makes me not wanna incarnate…All this killing, defending yourself/others, fighting….I understand that that’s the type of universe/solar system we’re obviously in, but it doesn’t make me very excited about life….Though it may just be what it is.
    I’ve been a truthseeker all my life, trying to make sense of this world and with a strong love for humanity/people and life. I want us to thrive. But I also have this tiredness sometimes, even more so after reading this article, where I am just sick of it somehow and just want to be done with all of this and not be human anymore. Just be a soul somewhere and live in peace….I know it may sound weak. I just despise war and violence so much….I guess I just long to be in this peaceful tribal phase – but clearly this is not where we are at and I know that this fight is inevitabe, necessary and we have to win. I am so sick of these bastards and I know we have to get rid of them….But yeah, it seems against my nature which is very peace-loving, but I also know there is no choice right now. I guess what affected me was reading that this is the way things are in the universe in general…like it’s never gonna stop…
    And the other thing that hit me even more, was the meat thing. I’ve been interested in health all my life. I know in my heart that the right diet is crucial. And I definitely believe that a diet should be raw… It’s mostly the meat part that almost makes me wanna throw up. And cry a lot. I just watched some videos on Youtube of primal eaters and it makes me cry. I’ve been vegetarian for a long time. Out of compassion for the animals. It’s very ingrained in me, not wanting to hurt. I mean, I am super into trying what’s best for my body, but first. I could never kill an animal myself and I also find it so bizarre to eat flesh or even drink blood, like some primal people seem to be doing. It reminds me of satanic rituals. Don’t you think that eating raw fruits would also do the body good? That’s what I’ve been meaning to explore with more discipline. That was my plan. Now Im so confused. I guess I could include raw milk/butter or eggs maybe but I don’t think it mixes well with eating too many fruit. (fruit and fat is not good combination from what I’ve understood)….But I feel I would traumatize myself If ate meat. Even cooked, but more so if raw. I guess I would need a lot of convincing of this being the right thing for me. I understand it from the health perspective… But everytime I think of the animal it kills me inside. Because I cannot dettach enough from knowing that a being has to go through pain for me to be nourished…I feel like a cannibal just considering it or seeing other people do it in videos.
    Anyway. I’m still loving your website which I only discovered recently.
    One a few more question on the topic of health. What do you think of distilled water? If you know about it and have an opinion about it. And have you heard of Urine therapy? And also have you ever checked people who are lot into fasting and breatharianism? Just curious. I believe fasting is very beneficial.
    Anyway. I hope you are doing fine.
    Best regards from Germany.

    • December 18, 2021 at 12:06 am

      Hello Siegrun

      Thankyou for your comment.

      I knew that when I wrote this some people would have these feelings and thoughts.

      I just wanted to let you know that I have read your message, and that I will write a detailed response to your thoughts and questions. I may be able to bring a bit more clarity to the subjects.

      Best regards.

    • January 16, 2022 at 3:18 pm

      Hello Siegrun

      As promised here is a detailed response.


      I understand. I might find it hard to kill an animal with my own hands – as we have lived a coddled sheltered life. But I know I could – and I know I would get used to it. You drop me off in the wilderness I am going to kill and eat animals — you will die otherwise. I have a very strong will.

      I like to watch and listen to these skilled survivalists who survive with very little in the wilderness. Catching animals to eat is SO important. Their level of knowledge and skills is fascinating and inspiring. What is also fascinating is how hard it is to find edible vegetation in the wild. You absolutely, 100 percent, have to kill and eat animals to survive. We have become too detached from what nature is really like. When you have hunting and survival skills it offers you great freedom and you are not dependent on the government. Nature clearly shows us that we are carnivores.

      If you are dropped off onto a planet and have to defend yourself against some aggressive animals, and also have to kill animals to survive, you will soon get over your overly emotional attitude to animals.

      By the way, you get used to eating raw meat very quickly. And your body loves it.

      That you say that you are upset by what I wrote suggests you are someone who has become too emotional – I understand, so many people are.

      What I have discovered over the years is that humans on this planet have become way too emotional, too soft and sentimental. We are now easily manipulated because of this. We are overly emotional, and conversely the psychopaths – who run our planet – can be almost emotionless, and they manipulate us via our emotions.

      I am far more in control of my emotions now – in nearly all circumstances – it is so much more difficult for others to control or manipulate me – I cannot be tossed around by the world. You develop a balance: A hardness and some detachment, with a much more analytical mind – but you maintain your love and compassion for what is really important. One of the big things for humans on this planet is to get in control of their emotions, and to toughen up…. and of course, for them to stopping being SO naive and gullible!

      Psychopaths and narcissists find it hard to manipulate people who are conscious and in control of their emotions.

      When you are not incarnated into 3D physical reality I am sure there are places of rest and peace – though I would not trust our Earth’s After Life Realms – I would avoid them when your body dies. See my post on ‘Narcissism, A.I, Dreams and the After Life’.

      Water, Food and Breatharianism

      Distilled water is good for washing your hair. I create both Distilled and Reverse Osmosis water – I very rarely drink any of it though – I use it for my animals. I also re-mineralise the RO water and use it for my fish tanks. I will never put that poisonous tap water in my fish tanks – the fish get pure water and are extremely healthy because of this. Most of the water I consume comes from fruits (cucumber and melon) and from raw milk. If I drink distilled water I take a few very small sips. When I used to drink a good amount of water I used to structure the water with a vortex machine. By they way – these whole rhetoric that you must drinking 4 -5 litres of water each day is nonsense and subversion.

      Water in fruit and in raw milk is already structured. And when you drink raw milk or fresh fruit juice the minerals and vitamins in them are easily assimilated into the body because of how they are bound to molecules – they also hydrate much more. I get the vast majority of my water from raw milk, cucumber and melon.

      I have also been developing this theory that the reason so many White / Aryan people become vegans, or vegetarians, is not just because of high levels of altruism – I also believe that many White Souls may have originally / previously lived (previous lives) in the Inner / Hollow Earth. So meat eating is something that feels unusual to their Souls. There are high levels of Chi / Prana / Vril energy in the Hollow Earth. It accumulates there. You can also bring more of it into the body by specially designed buildings and by head-devices and ‘clothing’. So perhaps meat is not totally necessary when Inside the Earth – if you make an effort to bring lots of this electric Vril / Chi energy into the body… I don’t know though. By the way, there are definitely aggressive carnivorous animals inside the Earth though.

      Planet Earth would have been much closer to the Sun at some point, and significantly hotter. White people would have found it very difficult to cope with the very high intensity of the UV rays back then. White people may have ventured onto the surface of Earth when the planet had cooled after moving further away from our Sun. White people would have very likely first inhabited the North Polar regions of the surface, as they would have been cooler – and this is also the area where Hollow Earth is most easily entered and exited. People with very dark skin could cope more easily with all the Solar radiations / UB rays etc. And inside the Earth there is a concentration of the Vril / Chi / Prana energy – which could mean that you would not need to eat quite like we do on the surface.

      But optimal health on the surface of the planet is through eating raw meat and raw fat. We are the top predators, we are a part of natures hierarchy. And to establish yourself on other planets you are going to have to eat meat and hunt the animals – this is very obvious – there is no escaping this. I know first hand how beneficial to our health raw meat and raw fat is – from experimenting on my own body.

      Breathariansism: It only can be done if bring in very large amounts of Chi / Vril / Prana energy into the body. Which nobody is doing on the surface of this planet!!! And it also helps if they have far superior Mitochondria DNA. (see my long article on Atlantis on this wesbsite) – but even if you do have this superior mitochondria DNA and used some efficient energy harnessing devices to bring in the Vril energy to your body, you would still need to eat some meat / animal foods when on the surface of this planet.

      The whole notion of Breathariansim is based on some Cosmic Truths. The notion of ‘Sungazing’ is related to it – which comes from the vague memory that the Sun is sending us electric energy that can be utilised by the body (Vril/ Chi/ Prana). But there just is nowhere near enough of this energy on the surface of the planet, and our bodies do not take much of it in without some assistance.

      Fasting is not something I know a great deal about. Someone suggested on another post of mine that fasting helps you detox. It certainly helps you use up your reserves of fat, but it will make your body weak eventually, which will lead to your body not cleansing – so I am not a fan. Your body will only detox and create the cleanses when you have some good quality fat on your body, and when you are consuming a good amount of protein. My body began detoxing and repairing when I consumed lots of raw meat and raw fat. I have never felt inclined to fast. People will also lose weight by eating raw fat and raw meat and cutting out carbohydrates – and this will happen gradually.

      On this planet you can survive without eating meat – but you will not be in optimal health. You could drink raw milk and eat raw eggs to get some of the raw fat and protein that your body craves if you simply cannot bring yourself to eat meat… but on the surface of this planet you will need to consume raw meat to be at optimal in health – the raw meat encourages the body to repair and create new more efficient cells.

      You should actually eat fat with fruit. The fat means that you absorb the sugar more slowly. I eat fat with fruit all the time.

      And if you look into mitochondrial DNA its preferred food sustenance is raw fat. It produces less waste when utilising raw fat.

      Vril / Chi Energy in warfare

      (Something I thought I would share)

      Some beings / other type of bipedal intelligences in the universe may have DNA which harness a great deal of this invisible Chi / Vril electric energy. So much that you either don’t need to eat – or only need a small amounts of food (also dependent on where they live and their proximity to a Sun).

      I know that some beings naturally harness this energy from one of my memories of one of my missions. I was in a small squad in a city – and I saw some beings that could clearly take this energy out of the ether and emit this energy from their hands – like an electric type energy beam / fire coming from them…. dangerous beings. The beings were naked without clothing or equipment – so this appeared to be some type of natural ability… That sounds so far out I know – but I have a memory of this. And it makes perfect sense if you understand the vril / chi energy and how important DNA / Genetics is… and how some bodies can be very receptive to this energy (I have never shared that part of a memory before). I saw this in a flashback night time memory of a mission in a dark city full of buildings. My squad was carefully moving through the city towards these beings. My squad stopped, taking cover behind some buildings – and it appears that I was able to remote view these beings from where we stopped. My consciousness / awareness came out of my body and went above the tall buildings and I could see them. It all sounds far out – but this is what humans are capable of if we have enough of this chi / vril energy inside us – and if we have been trained to carry out these metaphysical tasks. But we cannot emit electric type fire from our hands in beams of energy to attack people! But it appears that some other beings in the cosmos can!!! We humans have to develop technology to use this energy for attack and defence.

      By the way there is another memory I have where I used this remote viewing type awareness ability. I was with a squad (military mission) and we were in desert type environment and there was facility ahead of us. A long way from us. And my consciousness / awareness zoomed in and I could see inside the facility. There were some capable four legged robots in there. The robots did not look that dissimilar to the four legged police robot dogs that are being created on Earth . But this robot was more advanced, and it could walk up walls like a gecko or spider )

      Nature and Violence

      The violence thing: As mentioned in the above essay, the article may be a bit unbalanced as most memories that came back were of battles, missions and conflict. I also saw other planets and some of the brutal beings that can live on them. I was a part of a group that fought to establish a civilisation. Of course when you eventually establish defences there is time for art, play, sport, exercises, music, etc in a civilisation – I saw a little of this. But it was mostly battle, as most memories you get back are from the most emotionally charged incidents.

      Nature is not really very peace loving. Even in and around a forest that seems peaceful, there are birds hunting and killing slugs, snails and insects… Hawks and owls hunting mice and voles. Crows steeling other birds eggs. Stoats hunting and killing rabbits. There are rodents hunting insects and worms. Ants killing worms and beetles and taking them back to their nest. Wolves hunting all sorts of mammals etc etc… I am sure you get the idea.

      But there is peace to be found by human civilisations. You just have to earn the right for some peace in the Cosmos.

      I love the forests and woodland, I find a certain level of peace and contentment in them – but I know what nature is like.

      Yes, I too have that strong sense of protectiveness towards the human Souls on this planet – I often think of all the pain we have been through throughout our long history… Conscious, intelligent humans Souls are amazing and can be very resilient. But I do not have any sympathy for the narcissists, psychopaths and sociopaths though – who are very likely not human Souls. They cause us tremendous problems, and do not belong on this planet with us.

      There is something very pure and beautiful about fighting for your people. Righteous anger is something to embrace and channel. If you have to die, then dying in battle fighting for those you love, for the future of your people is the best death.

      Righteous anger is different from anger through fear. Righteous anger comes from love and compassion. Love and compassion are very much related to anger and hate. When someone is hurting that which you love then righteous anger can become prominent, and it can be very energising. You just need to be in control of it and utilise it effectively.

      Killing is so much a part of nature. But not everyone has to do this in an advanced civilisation. You have an army and elite soldiers for this. As mentioned in the article – the essay will be a bit unbalanced as the majority of memories were of military events, battles and missions etc. There is a place for all the activities that evolved and conscious humans enjoy.

      I did not mean for you to think like it is never going to stop. That was not my intention. There is a White / Aryan civilisation out there in our Solar System, and I am sure many people in it live a life without fear and with great abundance – but there will always be some dangers, and that is why you put a lot of effort into having a very capable military force.

      The Earth is also hollow and there are civilisation inside there. From what I can tell the Breakaway Germans are inside the Earth, on The Moon, and on Mars and Ceres (and probably some other places). Some of the memories that came back were almost certainly from inside the Earth. One was meeting with some White humans in a very large cavern with housing in it. Another mission was in this lush verdant environment with large very round and smooth boulders near a waterfall – that was not Earth… as well as a few others. I also have one very brief experience where I saw in the distance the huge elephants that exist there, inside the Hollow Earth – with people riding them. They were massive elephants. I could not work out where these particular memories took place until l worked out that the Earth was Hollow. I am convinced that the Breakaway Germans also made it to the Hollow Earth and allied with some races / groups that live there. You should read my Hollow Earth parts 1, 2 and 3. By the way, from what I can tell, there are still many dangerous creatures inside the Earth. Dinosaur type predators and also some aggressive bipedal races.

      Anyway, these are some thoughts that came to mind when reading your comment… and I offered some extra bits of info that came up as I was writing 🙂 I hope some of it helped.

  • December 30, 2021 at 7:01 am

    Hi Entity

    What do you think about Wim Hof and his breathing technique? Do you think his breathing technique could make us “super human”? I see him doing these some sort of tests with his breathing technique where he would take off his shirt, bare chested in cold environment for hours and surprisingly he’s doing well and can uphold the cold. Do you think his technique is subversive or not that important for our health because it’s so popular that the ((((media)))) and Science™ also promoted his technique?

    Would love to hear your opinion on this one.


    • January 24, 2022 at 11:02 am

      Hello Athenian Wonder

      Sorry for the delay, I have been deep into some research. But I always reply to any questions.


      I have not been drawn to him and his information. I am not an expert on him, but of course I have heard about him and what he does. I don’t know his actual specific breathing technique.

      When I began meditating over ten years ago I read many books from many sources on the topic.

      I just did (do) my own type/variations of vipassana meditation and prana breathing exercises. To raise my consciousness, gain insights into myself and my subconscious, get in touch with intuition, remain balanced, calm the mind, to reduce the heart rate when needed and improve health etc. (it was never used for escapism) Eventually you don’t need to do it as often, as it is like the state of high awareness / consciousness becomes your normal state.

      The breath is important. How you breath is important. You can improve your health, your state of mind and also gain greater control over the body.

      To me Wim Hoff is mainly a distracting sideshow, and he is a limited hangout. And as you mention – he is so prominent on (((their))) platforms and at the top of searches and algorithms.

      In this day and age being able to withstand cold temperature through breathing exercises is not really important or relevant. I mean, how useful is that – how often is anyone going to need that? For the vast majority – never. There are more important matters. And there are also more important survivalist skills that can be learned.

      Some thoughts for you. Hope some of it helped.

  • January 9, 2022 at 5:22 pm

    Hello Art,

    You have quite an imagination! No wonder you are also an artist. I am an artist and I find that my creativity also spills out into all other areas of my life. But – I have to say that there is such a heaviness to your work. You seem to feel that the only means to a happy life and survival anywhere is through the physical, the material. Your imagination should tell you differently. Try not to be so fear based. Also, you seem to be reverting to the past with your emphasis on raw meat diets and no cooking, etc. Mankind HAS evolved from that primal state – another reason we are here on the Earth – and our bodies are fantastically adaptable. If they were not, we would have all died out by now. I do not agree with our junk food culture, it is extreme – and, of course, promoted on purpose. But many of these modern ‘alternative’ and very restrictive diets are, I think, also too extreme. I do agree with you about viruses, that they definitely do not exist. Again, if they did – and really behaved the way the industrial, medical cartel proposes that they do, we would all be long extinct. So, the ‘powers that want to be’ have used a tremendous amount of mental manipulation regarding viruses, germs, age degeneration and so forth over ages of time to convince people that ‘there are these hideous things out there just waiting to get us – to invade our bodies and spaces! Oh my!’ When, of course, this is exactly what the ‘powers that want to be’ are trying to do to us. If we just listen to our bodies, respect their individual integrity and adaptability and use common sense, we would not have these totally fear based ‘scamdemics’ or much of any other dis – eases for that matter. But the ‘powers that want to be’ know how powerful a tool fear is and use it to the max. One last comment; you refer to the physical varieties of humans as ‘races’. I think that term, as used in that context, has been discontinued. In other words, the only race of humans is the human race. The differences are cultural and physical adaptability to the areas of origin, nothing more.

    • January 19, 2022 at 2:56 pm

      Hello Kate.

      I am glad you understand the ‘virus’ deception.

      Here are my insights on some other aspects of your comment.

      “You have quite an imagination! No wonder you are also an artist. I am an artist and I find that my creativity also spills out into all other areas of my life.”

      Not my imagination at all! All my Art is my subconscious memories coming through. Look through my Art and you might see that there are many scenes related to Mars, Hollow Earth and missions on other planets etc etc. Those ‘monks’ I made (not really monks) with blue and green skin are beings from inside the Hollow Earth that have connections to the Breakaway Germans. I eventually found that the Tibetans actually used to depict these blue and green skinned ‘gods’ in their ancient art (not ‘gods’ but metaphysically gifted humanoids beings). The Breakaway Germans made it to the Hollow Earth and made contact with them, as well as some other Inner Earth groups.

      I didn’t create my art as I wanted to make something beautiful or be famous, or anything like that. It was a compulsion. I had to create these pieces. They were like breadcrumbs for me, which led to Truths – signs and confirmation that would be needed at later date. They correlate to the memories that came back years after the art was created, and they also correlate to the research I have completed. So definitely not my imagination – they are based on real scenes and events that I took part in, and they also show some connections I have. I know it can be hard for people to understand this but I am not your average Soul.

      This Surviving in the Cosmos article is all based on a great many short memories that returned to me during sleep – of living with this White / Aryan Breakaway Civilisation that was started by The Breakaway National Socialist Germans. Fighting wars and battles for them to establish themselves on Mars and elsewhere in our Solar System – and creating alliances with Inner Earth groups. I know it is unusual and very rare to have these memories come back to people who took part in these projects, but I have some.

      “But – I have to say that there is such a heaviness to your work.”

      Good, I am glad there is a heaviness. I don’t want to sugar coat anything. The universe can be a very ‘heavy’ place indeed… absolutely brutal. With respect, you are still a somewhat naive human Soul (almost all human Souls are) who does not know, or perhaps remember, the way the physical universe works in the Cosmos (as well as the other realms, which can also be very pleasant). You have been cut off.

      I have seen many missions… Have had memories return and had bleed-through of experiences. You should take heed with regards to what I have said about what the Cosmos can be like.

      “Try not to be so fear based.”

      There is a balance to be found, for sure, but this sounds very much like the pacifying ‘don’t look at the bad stuff’ New Age rhetoric from you.

      ‘Fear based’? I am offering people some hard Truths. I am giving people a wake up call. You have to look at the realities of situations and the Harsh Truths. People need to toughen up and accept the harsh Truths before we can progress – mental strength is needed.

      Offering harsh Truths and calling out all these New World Order agents is not ‘Fear based’ – it is pro-active and courageous.

      And Fear is a necessary emotion, it enables survival. All emotions and feelings are valid – and need to be utilised and understood to enable survival and success in the Cosmos.

      “One last comment; you refer to the physical varieties of humans as ‘races’. I think that term, as used in that context, has been discontinued. In other words, the only race of humans is the human race. The differences are cultural and physical adaptability to the areas of origin, nothing more.”

      Kate, you are still somewhat subverted – you are very much wrong about this.

      Who ‘discontinued’ it? With respect, you do not realise how subverted you sound saying that? The Mainstream Media – which is run by Jewry – have tried to ‘discontinue’ it, as it benefits Jewry to get people to think like this. Jews are very tribal and very racially conscious. If they can get other races to not be (particularly the White race) then they will get their Jew World Order.

      We are different races. Again, as mentioned in another of my replies, you are still somewhat brainwashed with the subversive jewish New Age ‘we are all one’ rhetoric and other similar Marxist rhetoric. You are not racially conscious yet.

      Ask yourself why does the modern New Age rhetoric sound so similar to so much of the Marxist / Communist rhetoric? Because jews are behind them both – and it is all subversion.

      There are different types / races of humans with different abilities and inclinations… different Soul groups.

      Do some analysis of the history of the different races – we are not the same. As an extreme example compare the civilisations, and histories, of Europe and Africa. Africa with extremely abundant natural resources and climates conducive to year round crop production, but look at what they achieved compared to Europeans. Also compare the I.Q ratings and the natural inclinations and cultures.

      We did not evolve from apes! We did not all come out of Africa!

      If anything it seems there has been some devolution on the surface of this planet, for the White race anyway. Some of the races on the surface came from the Inner Earth.

      I suggest that you read my ‘Racially Conscious’ article on this website. It might help.

      “Also, you seem to be reverting to the past with your emphasis on raw meat diets and no cooking, etc. Mankind HAS evolved from that primal state – another reason we are here on the Earth.”

      We have not evolved from a ‘Primal State’. It is actually much more likely that we have devolved somewhat. You surely don’t believe all the human evolution nonsense.

      You seem to not understand nature and diet – most people don’t. I studied it greatly. People are just so subverted. Raw meat is our optimal food on the surface of this planet. The human body wants raw protein and raw fat. Yes, we can adapt to eat other foods to survive, but the human body needs raw meat and raw fat for optimum functionality. There is no doubt in my mind about this. I have studied it all – and I am also very in tune with my own body. I know it is hard for some people to accept.

      There is a reason why (((The Powers That Be))) are trying to convince us to not eat meat, and are trying to make it scarce and very expensive. Nothing they do is for our benefit.

      Heat destroys. And the ‘bacteria’ in meat is very good for us. The human body is made up of this ‘bacteria’. Do not cook food, it destroys it. It is so obvious, but many people are stuck in their mind control and are addicted to taste. Self discipline and an understanding of nature is lacking.

      I would like to drop vegans and vegetarians off into the wilderness. Like I mentioned in my post. Not in a horrible way, but in a controlled experiment way. This will be a very big wake up call for many. We are carnivores. Nature is telling us this, but people are not listening – or they just don’t want to hear what it is telling us.

      True freedom from our governments comes from having survivalist skills and knowledge – and especially having hunting skills and knowledge. From my experience, the people who are the most skilled in these areas understand nature better than anyone else, and also have a profound reverence for nature, as well as a deep connection to it… and they do not underestimate the harshness of nature and the wilderness.

      Growing lettuce and cabbage in your back garden and perhaps having some chickens is not freedom. It can certainly be a positive activity (I like homesteading), but it is not any sort of real significant connection to nature – it is still significantly removed from it.

      Though we now need methods to produce large amounts of meat for large populations we should not lose the Truth about Nature – and we should especially not lose the skills and knowledge that give us the greatest level of freedom.

      Perhaps also read my 3 part Hollow Earth series which deals with the Vril / Chi / Prana electric energy. And also read my recent reply to Segrun above, in this comments section. Which talks about this energy in relation to diet.

      Best of luck to you on your quest for Truth. I hope I helped.

  • April 21, 2022 at 1:53 am

    Hello Entity Art,

    How do you source your raw dairy, eggs, and meat products? Do you get them from a local regenerative/organic farm?
    How important do you think it is to have maximum freshness (owning chickens…etc.)?


    • April 24, 2022 at 6:11 pm

      Hi Heinrich

      I get my eggs from a local free range farm. I get my raw A2 milk posted to me from a farm in England, and my raw cultured butter is also mail order. I get my meat from a variety of sources, all organic meat.

      Maximum freshness is not important for eggs, they last a long time. Some people even purposely age the eggs and ferment them, as it offers us benefits.

  • July 7, 2022 at 2:37 am

    Hi Entity,

    Hope you’re doing well and thanks for this article.

    – What do you think about the idea that Aryans seeded themselves here on this planet in order to combat the (Tribe) who would otherwise have been fully abusing virtually all other races on the Earth by now no doubt with unchecked cruelty?

    It kind of fits with the Altruistic to a fault spirit that many (that I know personally Aryans) seem to have. Sacrificing and taking actions detrimental to oneself in order to help other groups whose fate if left alone would be worse than cattle to the Tribe. Sounds pretty Aryan to me.

    I have mixed blood, white/asian, but I feel a sense of ‘duty’, I’m not sure how to express it, to help the Aryan peoples of this world pull through this planets disorder no matter what. No matter what. Even to my own detriment if need be. I feel like I have an ‘Aryan’ soul and feel most drawn to my Aryan/Celtic roots incomparably more than my other racial makeup.

    – My question is, would you have any idea why a soul who wants the best for the Aryan peoples would choose or not choose to incarnate as a ‘Mutt’. I say Mutt in a lighthearted way. Could it have been a choice? Or maybe when people have a mix of DNA its like a lottery as to which racial group you incarnate next and it isn’t a choice at all?

    My Asian mother is also one of the most kind, caring of a soul on this planet, maybe that played a factor.

    – Another question a bit off topic,

    Regarding Astral Projection, what do you think of the author Robert Monroe? I have personally found his books to be very helpful relating to Astral Projection.

    Thank you,

    • July 8, 2022 at 5:32 pm

      Hi Josh, you are welcome.

      – What do you think about the idea that Aryans seeded themselves here on this planet in order to combat the (Tribe) who would otherwise have been fully abusing virtually all other races on the Earth by now no doubt with unchecked cruelty?

      No, I don’t think they did. Aryans were here a long time ago – long before them. The Jews that we see today were introduced to the planet. They are not the same people as the Israelites/ ancient people of Jerusalem, those people died out. (controversial, but I will deal with this in a future post)

      It kind of fits with the Altruistic to a fault spirit that many (that I know personally Aryans) seem to have. Sacrificing and taking actions detrimental to oneself in order to help other groups whose fate if left alone would be worse than cattle to the Tribe. Sounds pretty Aryan to me.

      I have mixed blood, white/asian, but I feel a sense of ‘duty’, I’m not sure how to express it, to help the Aryan peoples of this world pull through this planets disorder no matter what. No matter what. Even to my own detriment if need be. I feel like I have an ‘Aryan’ soul and feel most drawn to my Aryan/Celtic roots incomparably more than my other racial makeup.

      Sounds like you are an evolved Soul. It also makes sense to help White folk as they are the group that will be most likely to stop this New World Order, and you sharing some blood will mean you feel more of an affinity and likely some similar character traits.

      – My question is, would you have any idea why a soul who wants the best for the Aryan peoples would choose or not choose to incarnate as a ‘Mutt’. I say Mutt in a lighthearted way. Could it have been a choice? Or maybe when people have a mix of DNA its like a lottery as to which racial group you incarnate next and it isn’t a choice at all?

      I don’t like it when people use the term mutt or mongrel for mixed race people. I don’t see any reason to insult people like that. There is nothing wrong with them. But it is more difficult for them to feel a sense of belonging to a people, and they can also be used against the other races – weaponised against one of the races with who they share DNA, and whose civilisation they benefit from, in some cases.

      The problem comes from how mixed race relationships eventually leads to the destruction of both the races unity, blood and connection, which leads to the breakdown of their civilisations… and eventually their extinction.

      The subject of mixed race people is a complex one. I for one see certain mixes creating their own small nations if the current control system breaks down and we are able to do some well-planned reorganising of the planet. For example, people with mixes of Asian and White blood starting a state or country. Seems logical to me.

      We don’t know about the incarnation process, but it is very likely a Soul with some White blood is going to be more similar to me.

      We can only speculate on the incarnation process, Soul and DNA must have a connection, but I don’t think it is quite as cut and dry as we think.

      My Asian mother is also one of the most kind, caring of a soul on this planet, maybe that played a factor.

      I can imagine – I met a few very motherly, kind Asian mums growing up in London.

      – Another question a bit off topic,

      Regarding Astral Projection, what do you think of the author Robert Monroe? I have personally found his books to be very helpful relating to Astral Projection.

      I definitely think Robert Monroe is a controlled gatekeeper. I read some of his astral stories, and as someone who has had a decent amount of recall of these realms, I will say that they very much sound like subversion to me. Though I can understand why people are drawn in.

      Hope that helped. Best regards.

  • July 9, 2022 at 9:37 pm

    Yes, the history of Aryans being here before and that it was the Tribe that were seeded here to cause disorder makes more sense. I have heard this a couple places before.

    ‘But it is more difficult for them to feel a sense of belonging to a people, and they can also be used against the other races – weaponised against one of the races with who they share DNA, and whose civilisation they benefit from, in some cases.

    The problem comes from how mixed race relationships eventually leads to the destruction of both the races unity, blood and connection, which leads to the breakdown of their civilisations… and eventually their extinction.’

    Yes, I can personally attest the feeling of not fully beloning even while being in the country and around the people that I love. Most if not all mixed race people feel the same way if they’re being honest. It can actually get fairly lonely at times. The National Socialists of Deutschland had this natural law very right. I want what’s best for all distinct human races (even the Tribe in a ‘tough love’ kind of way as you might say) as they are all creations of this awesome universe we are sharing. But I particularly want the best for the Aryan peoples at this time in history. I assume that I am conscious enough that I realize that my being here as a mixed race person in an as of now predominantly Aryan country, I might actually be undermining their ability of self determination for them… At the same time I never want to leave them as half of me feels this is my home with them. It’s a bit of a pickle I feel to be in. I also realize that physically I am the end result of what the Tribe wants all Gentiles of the world to be one day and I can tell you it does not feel very good.

    However, like you said, groups who have certain mixed blood may be able to one day form nations of their own and form alliances with like minded races if we can get it together. Certainly preferable to the Tribes alternative for us all.


    • July 9, 2022 at 10:12 pm

      Thankyou for that honest insight, Josh

      I knew some mixed race people growing up (African and White mix) and you could tell that they truly identified with other people of the same mix – they were drawn to them. It was a subconscious thing that was occurring with them, but I could see it clearly.

      You should be proud of who you are, of both of your ancestries.

      You can have a very positive impact – some people will take more notice of what you say because of your mixed background. Many people are programmed to believe that any racially conscious White person is a supremacist and they shut down their minds when they talk about racial matters. (This may be some type of role you have to play – designated from another level.)

      Indeed, I think a racially conscious mixed Asian and White race (without any jewish subversion around) would get on very well indeed with White nations.

      By the way Josh, I didn’t mean ‘you’ when I said about the mutt or mongrel term – I know you were just using it in a light-hearted matter. I just don’t like it when the term is used in a way to try and dehumanise or belittle someone. Afterall, mixed race people are obviously going to have a spark of Universal Mind in them and have a human Soul! (Except for the psychopaths, people with narcissistic personality disorder and sociopaths – they are not human Souls. And we get such a lot of them in all races now, it seems). It also makes racially conscious White people look bad, and generates unnecessary bad feeling and poor relations.

      I am happy to have intelligent, racially conscious, mixed race allies.

      • November 21, 2022 at 1:57 am

        Hi Entity Art,

        I hope you’re doing well lately. I usually don’t comment, but I like reading your articles in my free time and they help me make sense of the world around me better.
        I also have a question about mixed race people. How much is too much to you? Is it like a gradient? Should they be completely “pure”? I’ve always heard debates about the one drop rule a lot.
        When people think mixed race, they usually refer to 50%/50% people. Currently, I’m in a great relationship with a guy who is about 12% Native American (from one of his great grandmas). The rest of his DNA is European, mainly German. His relatives were even in the third Reich and he’s quite proud of it. I’m sure we could have a Nationalist family with his interests and skills. I also like him on an individual level with his quirks and the feeling is mutual.
        I don’t think I have any mix in my blood to my family tree knowledge. I don’t know how this would affect any kids we have, genetically and spiritually. He looks white, including dirty blonde hair and acts white too. It seems ridiculous to end it over such a small amount of DNA. At that point genetically, any children would be about 6%. I’ve heard that would barely, if at all, have an influence on their White genes. I have no clue spiritually though what would happen to them. Either way, I don’t want their physical bodies or their spirits condmned because of our actions together. What do you think?

        Thanks for listening,

        • November 22, 2022 at 5:10 pm

          Hi Nicole.

          I am good thanks. It is good to hear from you – glad you connected.

          We can look at this in different ways – we can say he is 12 percent Native American, but we can also say he is 88 percent White.

          I agree, I do not think you should abandon a good relationship because of that small amount of DNA. I have discussed something similar with another commenter. I shared what the National Socialist Germans outlook was:

          In National Socialist Germany when deciding who was Jewish, regarding citizens with both German and Jewish blood, they looked carefully at people’s ancestry, specifically grandparents. If someone had just one Jewish grandparent they would be classed as German (as long as they were not married to someone jewish and were not part of a communist group). These Germans with one Jewish grandparent were encouraged to have children with pure Germans so that in a few generations the alien blood would become totally insignificant.


          It’s a crazy world, and so many people are psychologically / mentally corrupted (and there are many psychopaths, socio-paths and narcissists around). If you have found a conscious, honourable man with a small amount of DNA from elsewhere (from a great grandma), who will help you to raise your children to be proud of their Whiteness, then good for you.

          Hope that helped.


          By the way, the people you are referring to are not really the ‘Native’ Americans, but not many people realise that:

  • January 14, 2023 at 2:43 pm

    Hi there Entity Art!

    I’ve been reading your research here for quite a little time now, and thought it’s high time to ask you a couple questions, if you don’t mind.
    Do you have any recall of other ET species other than the ones that you’ve talked about here?
    Have you ever seen any small little guys with ears that look like little tubas? They don’t talk, but they can talk to you right into your head. Ever seen something like that?
    How many planets, out of all the planets in the solar system, do you think have some kind of inhabitation?

    Anyways, I’ve got some more, but I’ll be putting them in the right sections for you.

    Happy New Year from flyover country,


    • January 22, 2023 at 2:02 am

      Hi Mike

      That all requires a fair bit of writing to answer. I will try to write something detailed at some point. But, yes, I have seen / recalled other ET species. There is loads of life out there, my friend. And, yes I did see an ET with tuba / trumpet like ears in one experience – I raised my eyebrows when you mentioned that.

  • July 19, 2023 at 10:20 am

    Hello – I have perused your site for quite some time now and share a lot of your experiences in regards to military experiences in other dimensions/realms/whatever you want to call it. I’ll keep this short and simple – I just had a few questions.

    1. Do you feel there is any value in our current education system? Obviously there are a lot of useless degrees that we don’t need to mention, but what about something technical (I am considering going back for computer/electrical engineering) that could be of potential benefit to a breakaway group. I have a natural aptitude for this kind of thing but feel as though it might not be worth the time/money investment.

    2. Building off my previous question – how can someone earn a stable living without contributing to the (((system)))? I have absolutely no desire to use engineering knowledge to work a (((good job))) and help these degenerate pieces of filth in their sadistic conquest. How do you earn an income and afford to purchase the high quality foods our body needs? Entrepreneurship seems to be the only way to go here, but I’m curious to see what you think about this.

    Hope this comment finds you well – and as a little interesting side note – since visiting your site I have been frequently visited by what are clearly breakaway spacecraft in the night sky. Blinking lights moving in erratic ways, flying in formations, etc, all right outside my window on a nightly basis. It almost appears as if I have a personal “overwatch.” Thank you for all the work you do here, without your contributions I would’ve surely blasted out my brains into upper earth orbit. Instead, I intend to stay and fight, ensuring that I am massive thorn in the side of these walking sacks of refuse until I am forcibly put in the dirt.

    Here’s hoping everyone on this site can one day have a fulfilling in-person relationship with some of the other users. I look forward to future correspondence.


    • July 21, 2023 at 12:07 am

      Hello couriersix

      “Hello – I have perused your site for quite some time now and share a lot of your experiences in regards to military experiences in other dimensions/realms/whatever you want to call it. I’ll keep this short and simple – I just had a few questions.”

      If you want to share some of what you have seen, I would be interested. I researched every corner of Ufology when I was having my experiences and flashbacks, and I merely found fake whistle-blowers and subversive controlled agents – most of them were Jews. I even had a few that contacted me via this site and tried to subvert and misdirect me. I have only shared some of my experiences on this site – I held a lot back. It is pretty easy for me to see through subversions and made up stories with the variety of experiences and memories I have.

      I have not found anyone who is sharing genuine other-dimensional and other-planetary soldier / military experiences / memories. I know many people took part in these projects, but I think the vast majority are totally unaware of where they went and what they took part in – and those that have seen something do not want to share it. So many people do not want to share. For example, my Aunt had a collection experience and she has only told me about it.

      I think Jewry and the Freemasons thought there would be lots of people regaining off-planet / other-dimensional military memories and having bleed through of experience, but this did not seem to happen. The knew Souls on Earth were working with the Breakaway Civilisation and these narcissists and psycopaths are so desperate to control every single narrative they created agents to pre-empt some type of community developing. Some of their agents were really rubbish actors and their stories / scripts from their handlers were also ridiculous – with so many holes in them. All the Super Soldier / MILAB / SSP stuff was all from fake and controlled agents – all of it… misdirecting, subversive limited hangouts.

      “1. Do you feel there is any value in our current education system? Obviously there are a lot of useless degrees that we don’t need to mention, but what about something technical (I am considering going back for computer/electrical engineering) that could be of potential benefit to a breakaway group. I have a natural aptitude for this kind of thing but feel as though it might not be worth the time/money investment.”

      You have to take what you need from it – use what is available to learn useful skills / develop a trade.

      That sounds like a good idea. I think that is going to be of great use. Could be very useful in the information war, as well as for you earning a living.

      “2.Building off my previous question – how can someone earn a stable living without contributing to the (((system)))? I have absolutely no desire to use engineering knowledge to work a (((good job))) and help these degenerate pieces of filth in their sadistic conquest. How do you earn an income and afford to purchase the high quality foods our body needs? Entrepreneurship seems to be the only way to go here, but I’m curious to see what you think about this.”

      Yes, I think that entrepreneurship and learning a future proof trade is the way.

      I think to become successful in any business you will need to get good at spotting the manipulative and dishonest narcissists (NPD) and psychopaths/ sociopaths – they are everywhere, are good actors (good at pretending to be humans), and have no morals.

      “Hope this comment finds you well – and as a little interesting side note – since visiting your site I have been frequently visited by what are clearly breakaway spacecraft in the night sky. Blinking lights moving in erratic ways, flying in formations, etc, all right outside my window on a nightly basis. It almost appears as if I have a personal “overwatch.” Thank you for all the work you do here, without your contributions I would’ve surely blasted out my brains into upper earth orbit. Instead, I intend to stay and fight, ensuring that I am massive thorn in the side of these walking sacks of refuse until I am forcibly put in the dirt.”

      If I have helped, and given you some hope and motivation, then that is awesome. And I know where you are coming from – for certain Souls the surface of this planet can be depressing and disheartening… You can feel so out of place and frustrated at times – you need a certain level of determination, resilience and righteous anger to push on through.

      You also need a certain level of detachment from the normies and society in general – like we are observers of them.

      I have had 5 lots of UFO sightings near to my house over the last 8 or so years. The most recent was a large fleet (white lights) in the night sky only about 6 or so months ago (we are talking about 50 or more in the fleet) , which silently flew over my house and garden.

      It sounds like you may be connected to them as well.

      “Here’s hoping everyone on this site can one day have a fulfilling in-person relationship with some of the other users. I look forward to future correspondence.”

      That would be great.

      By the way, this comment will not show up on the site for about 24 hours. Something to do with how my host has things set up at the moment.

    • July 21, 2023 at 12:01 am

      Hi emile

      Are you testing to see if this appears?

      Comments go into a queue for moderation, they won’t appear straight away.


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