Bipedal Reptilians – ‘Demons’ and ‘Gods’ – incl. Satan, Lucifer and The Devil – Resets and Genocides, Part 11


  • The ‘Augsburg’ Book of Miracles’ Reptilian
  • Demons and Horned beings in Popular Culture
  • Reptilians in Movies
  • Reptilian Depictions in Ufology
  • Significant Information on ‘Demons’
  • Origins of the Medieval and Renaissance Depictions
  • Nag Hammadi – Archons / Reptilians

Depictions of Demons, Devils and Bipedal Reptilians in Ancient Art:

  • European Medieval and Renaissance Paintings and Drawings
  • Satan, Lucifer, The Devil (and Baphomet)
  • Ancient Egypt
  • Ancient Mesopotamia (Sumer, Assyria, Babylon)
  • Ancient South America (Peru, Mexico, Ecuador, Arawak etc)
  • Ubaid Culture (Persia / Iraq)
  • Japan
  • Africa
  • Scandinavia – The Golden Horns of Gallehus
  • Gargoyles in Europe
  • Moloch, Itay
  • Paintings and Drawings: The Aztec Civilisation, Islamic Art – and art from Japan, China, India.
  • Yahweh
  • The Vatican
  • My Art
  • Concluding Thoughts

Additional Information:

  • More European Medieval and Renaissance images of ‘demons’
  • More non-human and reptilian images in Aztec Codices
  • Mictlantecuhtli, Ah Puch / Kisin and ‘Death’
  • Stranger Things and Marvel’s Black Order
  • Toy Story, That Time Forgot – Bipedal Reptilians
  • The Dog Headed People – Cynocephali (and Moloch)
  • Some more ancient reptilian sculptures from around the world
  • My Flashback Memory and Third Eye experience

A little something to pique your interest:

You may have a clear idea in your mind of what a ‘demon’ or ‘devil’ looks like, and how the ancient people depicted them, but you have been spoon fed certain images. When you really do some determined research, you will get a much better feel for what ‘demons’ and ‘devils’ looked like… Lucky for you, I completed a great deal of research and I have displayed a wide variety of depictions throughout this article. ‘Demons’ and ‘devils’ were not red-skinned men with pitchforks and hoofed feet. Below is a selection of images for you, so as to pique your interest and open your mind. Larger images, and many more depictions, are displayed throughout the article.


My previous article in this series, about comets, should have started opening your mind to possibilities. Seeing those images of strange beings, depicted by a variety of well-respected authors and artists, in books about ‘miracles’, ‘portents’ and ‘signs’ in the 1500s should have inspired some questions and contemplations.

Who was the cause of the comets and other strange ‘miraculous’ phenomena the people of Earth were seeing in the skies? Who created all the plagues, pestilences, droughts, famines, city wide fires, city destroying earthquakes, mud floods and waterfloods? Who vitrified the forts and castles? Who melted the large buildings and cities? Who created the desert regions and turned cities into dust?

In the following three articles on ‘Demons and Reptilians’, ‘Underworlds and Hells’ and ‘Mythological Creatures’, I am going to try and provide a framework to enable people to better understand the medieval, renaissance and ancient art concerning ‘demons’, ‘gods’, ‘angels’ and ‘mythical’ creatures. This should help people answer those questions above.

To do this I collated as many medieval and ancient images from the internet as I could on all these topics, and analysed them, looking for patterns and correlations. I also purchased a variety of books on mythical creatures, medieval art, and demonology. I also searched on-line for data and ancient information.

You may be resistant to the information I present initially, as not only is the mainstream media highly controlled but so is the alternative media, with subversive controlled agents absolutely everywhere – completely dominating. But what I am presenting is all very close to the Truth (as close as you are going to get at this time), and the history of our planet will begin to make a lot more sense once you take these proposals on board, and then do your own research with these new insights and frameworks that I offer.

As mentioned in my previous article about comets, I came across the very interesting book called ‘The Book of Miracles’, which has images and descriptions of many comets, disasters and strange occurrences from Earth’s History. In ‘The Book of Miracles’ is this painting below. As soon as I saw it, I said to myself, ‘That is a reptilian’… in reality it is a somewhat confused depiction of a bipedal reptilian being – but some type of bipedal reptilian, nonetheless.

This is an image that had a big impact on me and was one of the images that inspired me to research the topic of demons, miracles, portents and signs:

The description under this image in The Book of Miracles says this:

“In A.D. 1496, in the month of January, at the time the Tiber burst its banks high and wide near Rome: what wondrous creature appeared, found dead where the raging and the might of the Tiber’s waters had subsided, and was in this shape and form, as is painted here.”

I will explain in further sections how the images in medieval and renaissance times came about, and the mindset of the people, and how information was likely somewhat skewed on occasions. In the image above you can see the bird-like (eagle) clawed feet, that bipedal reptilians are said to have in Ufology – and you can see the scales and the snouted face like an iguana, monitor lizard or komodo dragon. The artist, from the descriptions he has received, has made it look more like a horse’s head. Maybe the person who described the being to the artist suggested the shape of a horse head with a snout (as this was what was familiar to him), which led to the artist even giving the figure ears. Either way, it is some type of non-human – very likely reptilian – being (The two earlier images shown below look even more reptilian). We also have to remember it was a dead bipedal non-human being that was observed.

We can see that the being has had its hand chopped off and the original artist seemed to be caught in two minds about the feet. When you see more of the medieval depictions, in further sections of this article, you will see where this confusion, regarding the feet, comes from. Bipedal reptilians have somewhat goat-shaped legs and taloned / eagle-like feet.

I researched the image further and found out that this painting was based on an earlier sketch / engraving. In fact, I found two very similar sketches. The person who created the first depiction was called Wenzel von Olmitz (c1496 – 1500) the title above the image reads ‘Roma caput mundi’ (Rome capital of the world) and then Lucas Cranach the Elder appears to have copied the image for a publication in 1523 – where he named the image ‘The Papal Ass of Rome’:

Wenzel von Olmitz (c1496 – 1500) + Lucas Cranach the Elder (1523)

You will notice that demons or devils are sometimes depicted with scales / reptilian skin (and sometimes as hairy), with bird like claws / talons for feet… and sometimes with the face of a human or animal on their body (which looks very bizarre). Sometimes this ‘face’ is on their back, sometimes on their chest, knees, shoulder or arms. The bipedal creature above has one of these faces on its lower back – this is really just armour or technology that the humans at that time did not understand. I will explain this more in my ‘Mythological Creatures and Technology’ article (Part 13 of this series).

Before we move on to the depictions of demons and reptilians in medieval and ancient art it is important to look at what ‘The Powers That Be / The Proxies’ are showing us in their movies and popular culture – that they control. As well as this, it is important to look at what images Ufology have used. Ufology is also totally controlled by Freemasons and Jewry but Truth has to be added to draw people in so that they can then subvert and misdirect them. Controlled opposition agents always use a combination of some Truths, some half-truths and some lies.

At the end of the day, exactly what each being in ancient, medieval and renaissance art looks like in reality, is not of supreme importance. What I will show you in the next three articles (Combining these with my Comets article) is that a non-human force took over this planet a long time ago and has been moulding it to their desires. Most of them left our planet and solar system at some point – likely sometime in the 1700s or 1800s… and they left their human proxies in charge. As mentioned in previous articles in this series – from carefully studying Ufology (See my Ufology Explained 5-part series), everything I have seen suggests that there is now a benevolent, advanced force scouting our upper and lower atmosphere that is protecting us from any hostile groups.

Horned Beings / DevilsMovies:

Hellboy, Legend, Horns (Daniel Radcliffe), Maleficent, Pans Labyrinth. Series: Childhoods End, Buffy, Lucifer. Two images from music videos – one was by Jack Black.

Childhoods End, Hellboy, Legend
Horns, Buffy, Lucifer
2 music videos + Pans Labyrinth + Maleficent
Bipedal ReptiliansMovies:

(Not in the order of the images) Images from the Movies: Conan, Jupiter Ascending, Enemy Mine, Galaxy Quest, Star Wars, Land of the Lost, The Last Starfighter… as well as a few B movies. Sci Fi Series: Stargate, the original V series, and Star Trek.

Why do we get so many bipedal reptilians in movies, cartoons, TV series and other pop culture? (There are more, this not all of them)

In my ‘Mythological Creatures and Technology’ article we look more closely at some movies, and look at the technology they present in them, which is very likely related to this ‘demonic’ / reptilian force. ‘The Powers That Be’ cannot help themselves and hide information in plain sight – mocking the public to a degree and paying homage to their ‘gods’.

UfologyThe Early Images:
Earliest Ufology reptilian Images in the 90s
Earliest Ufology reptilian Images in the 90s
In the 2000s

We also had this controlled opposition movie below, which features some of Ufology’s wide array of misdirecting, gatekeeping agents – people like David Icke, Simon Parkes and friends… all people in it are controlled – guaranteed. They had these images below created for the title / front cover. You have to laugh, they put flying saucers in the background in one of the images to get us to associate them with reptilians – but that is subversive Ufology for you… constantly gatekeeping and subverting.

Alien Reptilian Legacy was made in 2015. This ‘Don’t Mention the Reptilians’ art / title is an alternative title. I think they might have had to change the name of the film.
Ufology: The Most recent Ufology Images (Within the last 5 years):

The first two images are related to two fake controlled whistleblowers – Corey Goode and Jason Rice. These are images created to accompany their fake stories. From studying Ufology and relating them to my own experiences I came to understand that Ufology – just like all the highly controlled areas of the alternative media – uses Truths mixed in with subversion and lies to suit their agendas.

Said to be the leading Draco Reptilians.

Note: The image above on the right, depicts some brown Draco Reptilians and shows them with the supposed “‘Nazi’ Dark Fleet”. We know this rhetoric of ‘Evil Nazis’ working with the Evil Reptilians is pure nonsense, as exposed in my Ufology Explained series. Ufology is controlled by the same people who created WW2 and murdered many millions of Germans – they incessantly carry on with the ‘Evil Nazi’ lies. It was the Breakaway Germans and their allies who fought against all the remnants of this hostile force, that were still in, or near to, our Solar System. It is very likely that this resistance force of the Breakaway Germans, Inner Earth groups and other allies, now patrol our solar system and upper atmosphere, so as to keep us safe from hostile groups. If you would like evidence for this, you can read my Ufology Explained series on this website.

Said to be Reptilian beings that are still living in some of the large complex cavernous regions in Earth’s crust. These images were created by an artist using Goode’s descriptions and approved by Goode. Not really approved by Goode though, but someone much higher up who writes the scripts for these controlled people – by someone who has access to intel.

Important Note: Observe how all the more recent Ufology images show the bipedal reptilians with legs shaped like the rear legs of a goat. They are also mostly shown with the three toes and talons / claws.

Goat legs in movies:

The alien from ‘Childhood’s End’, that looks like a ‘devil’ or ‘demon’, has goat shaped legs, but was given hoofs for feet. The Reptilian from the movie ‘Jupiter Ascending’ has goat shaped legs and the three toes with claws.

Childhoods End + Jupiter Ascending


Demons were not representations of our struggle with ‘sin’ or metaphors for any human struggles. They did not ‘represent’ anything. They were flesh and blood beings. They were what modern day people would refer to as aliens / extraterrestrials. These demonic forces we see in medieval, renaissance and more ancient art are this ‘archontic’ / reptilian force that we hear about in the Gnostic Nag Hammadi scriptures – discussed in various articles on this website. These ‘demonic’ forces are this bipedal reptilian force that we hear about in Ufology (Highly controlled Ufology, that mixes Truths in with a great deal of lies and subversion).

This ‘archontic’ non-human / reptilian / ‘demonic’ force, was the force that shaped this planet: melting buildings / cities, vitrifying forts, creating mud-floods and water floods, creating deserts from the dust of obliterated buildings, creating huge earthquakes, huge fires with energy weapons, disastrous pestilences / plagues and fomenting wars … they genocided the White (Caucasian) giants, Chinese / Japanese giants and the Southern Asian giants, etc etc… I provide plenty of evidence that they were culprits in this article.

Demons are not just associated with Christianity. They were everywhere, other countries / locations and religions just had different names for them. I will show you images from all around the world in a later section. You will also find the influence of ‘demons’ / non-human bipedal beings in ancient civilisations such as those in ancient Mesopotamia (Sumer, Assyria etc), as well as in ancient Egypt.

There is no denying that the word demon has come to possess strong associations with various iterations of the Christian faith, and yet demons as a class of beings are not exclusive to Christianity. Nearly every religion under the sun recognizes some class of being that can be interpreted as demonic. Hinduism has devas and asuras, which have strong comparisons to more familiar Christian ideas of angels and demons. There are demons in the Buddhist faith, and while they are more frequently depicted as conceptual beings representative of ideas and illusions, the shamanic Bön tradition native to Tibet fused with Buddhism to produce a cosmology rich in demons, gods, and hungry ghosts. – The Dictionary of Demons: Expanded & Revised (p. 19), by Belanger, Michelle.

Generally speaking (and certainly for the purposes of this book), demons are agents of disaster and chaos that willfully visit suffering and disease upon mortals. They are not exclusive to Christianity, nor is the concept of demonic possession exclusive to a Christian worldview. Demons are far older than Abrahamic religions, and many of our classic concepts of these antinomian beings have their roots in religious systems that were old before Christianity was even begun.– The Dictionary of Demons: Expanded & Revised (p. 19), by Belanger, Michelle.

Alphonso de Spina was a Spanish Franciscan Catholic Bishop, preacher and writer – in 1467. He studied the ‘demon’ phenomenon and prepared a classification of demons based on several criteria:

“For de Spina, demons weren’t just metaphors, but facts; they weren’t only allegories, but realities; they weren’t merely symbols, but personalities capable of altering the world as surely as any woman or man can.” – Pandemonium: A Visual History of Demonology, Ed Simon.

I bought a variety of books to assist me with this article and one of the most useful was ‘The Dictionary of Demons: Expanded & Revised: Names of the Damned’, by M. Belanger. This author has collated a lot of information from many different books and old texts about demons – all well cited. The book obviously not going to be completely accurate, as there have been various resets, and much destruction of libraries and records… and some aspects can be a little misconstrued or misunderstood by people who did not understand advanced technology, but with so much information brought together from many different sources we can get a pretty good feel for this advanced non-human force. I use some quotes from this book in the article. Below is some of what I noticed from reading the book in conjunction with my other research into the topic:

  • There were many different ‘demons’ – there were huge numbers of them. ‘Legions’.
  • There was a definite hierarchy with various leaders and subordinates. Organised like an army.
  • Certain demons were associated with different type of disasters that happen to humanity. The ability to create earthquakes, fire, destroy buildings, create storms / floods and famines – and some specialise in creating disease.
  • There are ‘demons’ that are associated with, or affiliated to, other planets such as Mars, Saturn, Mercury etc
  • Demons can ‘appear’ as the multi-headed ‘dragon’ or ‘take the form’ of a ‘dragon’. (Explained in Part 13 of the series)
  • Some demons appear riding a ‘dragon’ – or a ‘pale horse’. (Again, explained in Part 13 of this series)
  • There were physical interactions between ‘demons’ and humans.
  • ‘Demons’ are both physical and ‘non-physical’. Corporeal and ‘Incorporeal’.
  • They have an understanding of the astral realms / other realms connected to Earth and move between them with ease.
  • They likely have portal technology (Descriptions of demons being able to appear in distant locations in the book).
  • Certain leaders of nations, or of churches, would make pacts or bargains with ‘demons’.
  • There was apparently a war in heaven a very long time ago involving these ‘demons’ and ‘archangels’ (From my research it appears some sky battles also occurred after this war in heaven – btw, heaven is just the upper atmosphere and space / the cosmos)
  • ‘Demons’ lived inside the Earth.
  • Behemoth and Leviathan are also closely associated with this ‘demonic’ force.
  • ‘Demons’ look to take or catch your Soul at death.
  • The physical forms and colours of ‘demons’ can vary.

I look at the physical and non-physical (realm hopping / other-dimensional) aspects of ‘demons’ in the ‘Underworlds and Hells’ article in this series (Part, 12). This current article is focused on the depictions of demons, as well as the ‘demons’ links to the resets, disasters and genocides that have occurred to humanity. But I will just say briefly that there is another reality that is parallel / overlaid / intertwined with our 3D reality, sometimes it is called the ‘astral’ sometimes ‘4D’ (I do not think it is actually 4D). We humans don’t have conscious access to this realm / reality, but they do (There are very likely various connected realms). I have had some brief experiences in – or recall of – this realm, which I do speak about in Part 12 of this series.

Here is just a small selection of some ‘demons’ and their particular specialties:

  • Bechaud can be commanded to exercise power over storms of all sorts, raising hail, lightning, and strong winds. He even has power over toads, and can presumably make these rain from the sky as well.
  • Klio: A demon of destruction who can be called upon to shake houses or tumble entire cities with earthquakes. Klio serves in the court of the infernal duke Syrach, himself a subordinate to Lucifer. His name appears in the seventeenth-century text known as the Secrets of Solomon
  • Zambas has the power to tear down buildings and other structures, likely through the use of earthquakes. He is connected with the subterranean regions of the earth, and because of this he is also cognizant of the location of hidden ores and precious metals.
  • Samana, with his dragon’s teeth, eagle talons, and scorpion’s tail, was a constant threat… Samana could also affect crops, livestock and, according to Bertman, “had a special appetite for infants and prostitutes”
  • Leropaêl: According to the Testament of Solomon, Leropaêl is a demon of disease.
  • Keteb is from a Hebrew root. In modern versions of the Bible, the word is often translated as “plague.” In this, Keteb can be connected to a number of Sumerian and Babylonian demons of disease.
  • Laftalium: A demon of disease will rain suffering down upon a target when conjured forth. He afflicts the limbs so they weaken and tremble, and he scorches the body all over with terrible fever. There is no cure for these symptoms.
  • Furfur: Furfur is a deceitful demon, and he will lie in all things… he is credited with the ability to cause thunder, lightning, and tremors. In the Goetia of Dr. Rudd, he does not create tremors but wild gusts of wind, making him very clearly a demon associated with storms.
  • Ycanohl: A demon of war, death, and destruction. In the Sworn Book of Honorius as translated by Peterson, Ycanohl is a minister of the demon Iammax, king of the spirits of Mars. He has the power to incite unrest and bloodshed, and when he manifests, he assumes a body that is blood-red and glows like a burning coal. He is constrained by the ‘angels’ Samahel, Satihel, Ylurahihel, and Amabiel, who control the sphere of Mars.
  • Gimela: Gimela enables swift travel. He can cause a mortal to move up to one hundred leagues in an hour, and if that’s not quick enough, he can also whisk people away, transporting them instantly from one place to another (Note: portal travel).

(From Michelle Belanger’s book ‘The Dictionary of Demons: Expanded & Revised: Names of the Damned’)

At the end of the ‘Dictionary of Demons’ there is a list of all the things demons are associated with, and a list of demons that are specifically related to each aspect – here are these different aspects: Storms, Nightmares, Poison, Murder, Fire, Fever, Earthquakes, Disease, Destruction, Deceit, Death, Decay, Crib-Death, Warfare, Infidelity etc.and Invisibility, Transportation, Illusions, Hidden Treasure, Magic / Sorcery, Necromancy. It also has lists of what demons are associated with various other celestial bodies in our solar system: Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, Saturn, Venus, and The Moon

Note: They have been able to do these terrible things to humanity through the use of advanced technology and an understanding of the mechanics of the cosmos, it is not ‘magic’. This will also be discussed in the articles: ‘Underworlds and Hells‘ and ‘Mythological Creatures and Technology’. This non-human force was technologically very advanced, though you would not realise that by looking at all the naive medieval / ancient artwork created by humans who had no concept of advanced technology.

From analysis of artwork, and the reading of ancient descriptions, it is also obvious that a great many of these ‘demons’ lived underground, in the very large caverns that exist in the honeycombed crust of our planet. The caverns you have to journey through if you want to get to the Inner / Hollow Earth (If you cannot access it via the large hole at, or near, the North Pole).

The people in the Middle Ages and Renaissance period depicted demons and devils in many different ways. But you can definitely see some common themes. It is important to note that humans back then were a people without the technology, and the networks of communication that we have. They were naive (Even more naive than current humans!) and also extremely religious.

It is also important to note that demons were not walking around, mingling and chatting to the medieval people. These depictions will be based on legends and descriptions of older events – from information passed down through the generations, in the main. The non-human force had become very covert by the latter medieval period and had little physical presence on the surface of the planet.

Below is just a small selection of different ways they were depicted. Further on in this section I will show you depictions that look a lot more like reptilian beings (though some of these just below also have a very reptilian look). ‘The Additional Information’ section at the end also has many more European depictions of demons – and many of them also look reptilian.

Some European Medieval / Middle Age or Early Renaissance Depictions of Demons:

We have to deal with how the depictions of these beings would come about. There was no photography, and no one was sitting down sketching these beings as they posed in various scenes.

For example, in a town or city you may have one or two artists that produce sketches / woodcut engravings, or perhaps paintings. Someone commissions some art from the artist which involves the illustration of demons. The artist then must find descriptions of demons in available literature, or depictions from old art or from other artists – or maybe they ask around town if anyone knows what they look like. Information could be second, third, fourth or fifth-hand information.

Sometimes you are getting images created by a type of ‘Chinese whispers’ and sometimes you might get more direct and informed depictions. There are going to be all types of scenarios as to how demons are seen and represented – some depictions are going to be much more accurate than others.

Much of the interactions with these non-human beings seemed to occur a long time ago. In the medieval / renaissance period they would have been rarely seen, if at all. These non-human beings greatly reduced their visible presence on the planet over time. In Ancient Egypt and Ancient Mesopotamia, they would have been seen a great deal, and some lived with the people – as ‘gods’ and rulers in some cases.

Some artists would likely have been creating paintings or engravings with various pieces of information influencing them – from various sources – and they would surely, at times, be using their own imaginations as well to fill in gaps in the description – using some artistic license in some cases. Misinterpretation can also happen. Someone can say the demon had a long nose, when they meant it had a type of snout.

The human mind, as shown by numerous experiments in the field of psychology, can also sometimes see what is familiar to it, or what it thinks or assumes is there – especially when under stress and observing something that is unusual to them. Humans prefer familiarity, and unconsciously they will sometimes try to reduce any cognitive dissonance.

The people will also use examples of what they know, comparing body parts of the strange being to certain animals or creatures that are familiar to them. ‘It had a head like a cow, horse or dog’, for example. As the people know cows, horses and dogs very well, and they have a longer face with a snout. This description of a cow head / beast head, or goat shaped legs, could lead to demons being depicted as hairy. The hairy depictions we occasionally see could very well be just a mistake or misunderstanding.

Sometimes demons are shown as looking far more human than they really are. Some artists (particularly in Asia it seems) depict them as looking human but with a different colour skin – red or green for example, and sometimes humans with scales or horns are depicted. This sort of misrepresentation also occurred in the 1700s and 1800s in Europe – with artists depicting Lucifer as looking human. There appears to be a natural psychological tendency for humans to do this.

All this is important to bear in mind when looking at the phenomenal amount of artwork out there depicting ‘demons’ and ‘devils’.

Fortunio Liceti was an Italian physician and philosopher. In 1665 he published a book called Illustration from De Monstris , 1665.

Left: Image from Conrad Lycosthene’s book ‘Chronicle of portents and prophecies’ (1557) Right: Three images from ‘Illustration from De Monstris’ (1665) by Fortunio Liceti

In Licetis book it appears that he has used illustrations from various old publications (publications from the late 1400s and the 1500s it seems). In the image above you can see three creatures / bipedal beings that are displayed together in his book. One of which was featured in Conrad Lycosthene’s book (1557) on miracles, portents and signs, which I displayed images from in part 10 of this series. You can also see the bipedal being on the far right, which we saw in the introduction of this article that Wenzel von Olmitz first depicted (c1496 – 1500) then Lucas Cranach the Elder (1523) copied, and then artist for The Book of Miracles recreated it again in the 1540s. I do not know who created the original image that is on the far left of the three.

The author has obviously displayed them altogether for a reason, he is likely aware that the three different illustrations are very likely depicting the same being (or at least very similar beings).

We are seeing three different somewhat confused / skewed representations of bipedal reptilians in Liceti’s book. We can see the image on the left has the snouted face and some sort of texture added to the skin on the body (alluding to its scales). The Conrad Lycosthene central image has the small animal faces on the arms, chest and knees (like demons are regularly depicted with), as well as the three forward facing toes, but the snout / ‘long nose’ has turned into a trunk. The right image has the snouted face, scales on its skin and the three forwards facing toes on one foot with an animal face on its back. (The animal faces on the body were actually some type of armor or tech, as shown in part 13 of this series)

It all alludes to the fact that when descriptions are lacking illustrations can look very different from the bipedal being the original witness actually encountered – and also that each artist will be interpreting descriptions in different ways. As well as this, we see how mistakes or skewed depictions are passed down the generations – as these beings were rarely seen in the medieval and renaissance times.

Artificial Intelligence / Reptilians / Gnostic Nag Hammadi:

It does appear that there were different types of beings in this non-human / reptilian / A.I led force. Various types of bipedal reptilians in the hierarchy. And from my analysis of the art and descriptions from ancient history it appears that they also had robots / artificial creatures amongst them as well, that also interacted with people on Earth (Not understood by the people at that time – this is discussed in depth and demonstrated in the ‘Mythological Creatures and Advanced Technology’ article in this series). This all correlates with the ancient Gnostic Nag Hammadi information, which talks about strange organic beings, as well as artificial beings, influencing and ruling humanity:

“Gnosis (“inner knowing”) was a path of experimental mysticism in which the initiates of the Mystery Schools explored the psyche and the cosmos at large. Using psychoactive plants, yoga, and sex magic, these ancient seers experienced altered states and developed siddhis, occult skills such as clairaudience and remote viewing… The Nag Hammadi material contains reports of visionary experiences of the initiates, including first-hand encounters with inorganic beings called Archons…
This is exactly what Gnostics said about the Archons: they can affect our minds by subliminal conditioning techniques. Their main tactics are mental error (intellectual virus, or false ideology, especially religious doctrines) and simulation… Physical descriptions of Archons occur in several Gnostic codices. Two types are clearly identified: a neonate or embryonic type, and a draconic or reptilian type.” John Lash

The Gnostic understanding would have been limited by their own lack of knowledge on advanced technology and their limited experience with ET races. Archons were described as inorganic / synthetic / cyborg beings by Gnostics – and they were also described as organic beings: some as a reptilian type or some as a ‘neonate’ type. When you see my ‘Mythological Creatures and Advanced Technology’ article this will all make more sense. This reptilian force was / is heavily reliant and involved with artificial intelligence and robotics.

Depictions of Demons, Devils and Bipedal Reptilians in Ancient Art:

Some European Depictions of ‘Demons’ that look like Bipedal Reptilians / Reptoids

The huge mural of ‘The Last Judgement’ at St Cecile cathedral France:

The Huge Mural of ‘The Last Judgement’ at St Cecile cathedral France, 13th century:
Close up: ‘The Last Judgement’ at St Cecile cathedral, France (Very reptilian looking demons)
Close up: ‘The Last Judgement’ at St Cecile cathedral, France (Very reptilian looking demons)

But it is not just reptilian type entities that you see in this large 13th century painting, you also see reddish horned beings and bird faced beings, as well as some other types:

Close up: ‘The Last Judgement’ at St Cecile cathedral, France

Apollyon / Abaddon:

Apollyon. Both Images depicting ‘The Christian fighting against Apollyon’. Left: by William Blake Right: Stained glass window in Robin Chapel.
Another image depicting ‘The Christian fighting against Apollyon’. (A relief sculpture)

You can see the scales on Apollyon all three of these images above. The name “ Apollyon ” is the Greek for “Abaddon” meaning “Destroyer.” We see this name mentioned in Revelation 9: “They had as king over them the angel of the Abyss, whose name in Hebrew is Abaddon and in Greek is Apollyon (that is, Destroyer)” (Revelation 9:11). (The ‘Abyss’, refers to the very large cavernous regions in side Earth’s honeycombed crust)

St Francis Borgia helping a dying impenitent, by Francisco de Goya 1795. St Francis Borgia lived from 1510-72
From a medieval / middle ages Illuminated Manuscript

Medieval / Middle Ages / Renaissance Depictions of ‘demons’ in Illuminated / Illustrated manuscripts:

The Catholic Prayer to St. Michael says that “by the power of God [the archangel] thrust Satan down to hell and with him those other wicked spirits who wander through the world for the ruin of souls,”, Depicted here in this sixteenth-century painting by the Flemish artist Simon Benning in his Book of Hours.

There are a great many different depictions of Archangel Michael killing ‘demons’, Satan or ‘dragons’. More will be displayed in my ‘Underworlds and Hells article. By the way, archangels seemed to be very often depicted as very tall / giant White humans, I will show you this more clearly in the ‘Underworlds and Hells’ article.

How many ‘Demons’ were there?

Michelle Belanger, in her book ‘The Dictionary of Demons: Expanded & Revised’, relays this information:

“In his nineteenth-century opus Demonology and Devil-Lore, Moncure Daniel Conway starts out with a story. Three friars have snuck out to the German mountains to witness the gathering of devils rumored to occur on Walpurgisnacht. One of the demons attending this event discovers them in the process of attempting to count the frolicking hordes of Hell. The demon behaves in a rather sympathetic fashion to the three fellows, suggesting that they leave off their counting and instead head to safety. For, he tells them, “. . . our army is such that if all the Alps, their rocks and glaciers, were equally divided among us, none would have a pound’s weight.”

“Demons have titles and ranks like prince and king, duke and earl. Many of them serve superior spirits, and most also oversee whole retinues of their own. The spirits beneath each major demon arrange themselves in legions.”‘ – The Dictionary of Demons: Expanded & Revised, Belanger

Again, likely to be very numerous and arranged / organised like an army or military organisation.

Satan, Lucifer and The Devil


‘Satan in Hell’. This below image is interesting as it shows a scaled, very reptilian looking being, at the front and centre – and ‘demons’ with goat-like, bird-like heads… and two others with more ambiguous animal heads.

From the fifteenth-century French book .’Livre de la Vigne Nostre Seigneur. – said to be showing’ Satan in Hell’. A very reptilian looking being front and central, with clear scales and eagle-like feet.

Note: I looked for images where the artist labelled the art with the name themselves.

Left: Satan and the Locusts from Revelation (not organic locusts of course but technology, as discussed in a my Mythological Creatures article). Centre: A close up of the left image so as to see the labelling clearly. Right: A depiction said to be of ‘The Devil’. The text in the right-hand corner of the image also seems to say Saitan. See the reptilian ‘eagle’ feet with talons. Note: Satan can be spelled Saitan.
Satan, by Coppo di Marcovaldo (c.1225-c.1276), for the mosaic ceiling in the Florence Baptistery, Italy
Lucifer and Satan labelling.
Left: Woodcut engraving with Saitan (Satan) and Lucifer depicted. Right: The translation I got for the title of this broadsheet: ‘Lucifer’s rat with fine garish shaft’
Lucifer with a triple face devouring Judas and two other sufferers. From Opere del poeta Danthe, printed by Bernardino Stagnino, Venice, 1512 + Casus Luciferi (the fall of Lucifer). From Biblia Pauperum (the poor man’s Bible), a block-book printed at Bamberg, 1470. b
St. Michael evicting Lucifer and the fallen angels from Heaven. From Albrecht Dürer’s Apocalypse, Nuremberg, 1498 + Lucifer devouring sinners.

Above, you can see some images containing the ‘hellmouth’ – which looks like the mouth of a beast, from which demons and devils exit, and somewhere humans are coerced into. We will look at ‘hellmouth’ more closely in the article ‘The Underworld and Hell’ – Part 12 – assessing what it really is.

The Devil:

We can look at these first three depictions of The Devil below and see that they are showing a bipedal reptilian. We can see the snout on two of the images, the wings on all three, the horns, hairless skin and the reptilian three toed clawed feet (with one ‘toe’ pointing backwards / eagle-like feet).

Six images below, from ‘The Dictionary of Demons: Expanded & Revised’, that depict The Devil:

Witches making a pact with The Devil. From the Compendium Maleficarum, Francesco Maria Guazzo, 1608.
Left: Depiction of the osculum infame, or “shameful kiss,” supposedly bestowed by witches upon The Devil’s hindquarters. From Guazzo’s Compendium Maleficarum. Right: Woodcut of The Devil from the seventeenth-century England. The Devil was often said to appear as a tall man with coal-black skin.

Then we can see a further images, one that shows a reptilian like figure with hair:

Child promised by his parents to the Devil. From Geoffrey Landry’s Ritter vom Turn, printed in 1493 by Michael Furter

Below we see The Devil depicted as a more human looking figure, with fur on his goat legs. And lastly, we see a bipedal goat depiction of The Devil (Two very skewed depictions).

Left: Saint Cado giving the Devil a cat for the safe completion of a bridge. From the collection of Grillot de Givry, courtesy of Dover Publications. Right: In the Middle Ages, the Devil was thought to appear in the form of a black goat. Traditional Image from heraldy.

From this we can conclude that the ‘Devil’ is a name used for a reptilian being, but some artists add some hair to the illustrations, or even a goat’s head or hoofed feet on some occasions – as the descriptions they get are not detailed enough and gaps are being filled in by them. A figure described as ‘a beast with horns, an animal’s snouted face and two goat-shaped legs’, can get drawn like this image above, as the descriptions are weak and without detail.

Which strongly suggest the Baphomet is really an image representing a bipedal reptilian – you will see this even more when you study all the ancient depictions of devils and demons below (You will also see that ‘demons’ are sometimes depicted with breasts, like the original Baphomet image has). You will also notice that the bipedal reptilian found next to the river Tiber in Italy, that Wenzel von Olmitz (c1496 – 1500) + Lucas Cranach the Elder (1523) illustrated, which I displayed above in the introduction, clearly had breasts. There were female reptilians by the way (Yahweh had a wife, as you will see in a further section). There are also ‘demons’ depicted with breasts in the Additional Information section at the end of the article.

Left: This imagery here of the Baphomet with the children greatly reminds me of scenes in the TV series ‘Childhood’s End’, that featured the large, red, goat-legged demon / reptilian (Images of that being are also in the introduction). Right: Old / early depiction of Baphomet with the breasts.
Childhood’s End – One of the ‘Overlords’ from the TV series.

On this ‘Overlord’ we can see wings, horns, goat shaped legs… and significantly, reptilian eyes:

The reptilian eyes of the Overlord in Childhoods End TV series.

Important note: ‘The Powers That Be’ and their Proxies are not going to overtly show us actual bipedal reptilian beings as the overlords and subverters / controllers of humanity. In fact, all these skewed modern / pop culture demon-like depictions, Baphomet images, cow / ox-like Moloch representations and the modern human-like Lucifer representations seem be to a type of mocking, and also a way to pay homage to their reptilian ‘gods’ without us realising.

Some information on Lucifer, Satan and The Devil from ‘The Dictionary of Demons: Expanded & Revised’:


“In the True Keys of Solomon, Lucifer is one of three demons said to command all others. In this text, Lucifer rules over all the demons who inhabit Europe and Asia. In later legends focusing on the demon Lilith, Lucifer is often presented as her unholy consort.”

“In the French Livre des esperitz, Lucifer governs the west, directly overseeing King Paimon. His name appears in the Book of Oberon under several variant spellings, including Lucipher and Lucypher. In that grimoire, he is called the father of all devils, but it is not possible to summon Lucifer himself, as he is bound in the depths of Hell. Rather, his name is invoked to keep all the other demons in line.”


“In Mathers’s translation of the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage, Satan is identified as one of four principal spirits that oversee all the other demons in the work. He shares this rank with Lucifer, Leviathan, and Belial.”

“Later European demonology resoundingly reflects this depiction, where Satan is the head of devils whose sole purpose is the torture and temptation of living human beings. In this, he is equated variously with Lucifer, Beelzebub, and Belial—all demons who have been placed at the head of the infernal hierarchy in various traditions.”

“He is one of three supreme infernal kings named in the Book of Oberon. The other two are Bell (short for Bellzebub) and Lucifer. Note that this text (as well as the French Livre des esperitz) distinguishes between Satan and Lucifer, treating them as two separate entities.”

The Devil

“Throughout the Middle Ages, people in Europe believed that the Devil and his minions were a very real presence in the world. Not only did these demons seduce and torment humanity, but they also recruited certain mortals to their side, gifting them with unholy powers.” (This strongly suggests that after each reset the bipedal reptilians would create Proxies – people under their influence)

Note: In the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries some artists started depicting Lucifer as a man. But this was definitely not how he was depicted in earlier art.

Ancient Reptilian and Non-Human Depictions – Egypt, Mesopotamia, etc

Ancient Egypt:

Egyptian Demon Nebekhau:

All are Nehebkau. Left: 664 to 525 BC. Centre Left: Egyptian Bronze Striding Serpent Headed Deity. Centre Right: 664 to 332 BC. Right: Ptolemaic Egypt circa 235 BC

“The Egyptians believed in the existence of demons. One such demon was Nehebkau, who appeared at times as a powerful earth spirit, a source of strength for the other gods. At other times, though, he was a menacing monster, a serpent with human arms and legs who threatened the souls of the dead. Like many demons, Nehebkau had more than one role.”

“One of the fierce demons who endangered the dead person in the Egyptian underworld. He was a serpent with human arms and legs, unlike the female crocodile-lioness-hippopotamus Am-mut who devoured the souls of the condemned. Legend says that once Nehebkau was tamed by Re, he acted as a loyal servant of the sun god.”

“As a snake god, Nehebkau was also considered a dangerous, furious and fearsome demon.”

Nehebkau 664 to 525 BC
In Egyptian wall art Nebekhau was represented as a snake with two human legs.

Egyptian ‘god’ Sobek:

Nehebkau and Sobek certainly look reptilian. But there were various other non-human Egyptian ‘gods’:

Egyptian ‘god’ Khnum:

Khnum certainly looks to be a being with horns (I definitely do not think he was a bipedal ram / sheep – but was very likely a type of bipedal reptilian).



Tawaret is depicted with these saggy breasts – various demons / bipedal reptilians are depicted with saggy breasts in European medieval and renaissance art – keep your eye out for these European depictions. I have made a little compilation for you below. This is also related to Baphomet, who was also depicted as having breasts in early images.

The first four demon / reptilian depictions have the saggy breasts like Tawaret above – the last two have breasts but they are not saggy. I never thought that I would ever be writing about demons’ / reptilians’ breasts! But patterns and correlations lead to Truth.

Ceiling art at the Temple of Khnum:

Below, you can see Khnum and Sobek (yellow arrows). There is a different type bipedal non-human being at the bottom that might be Tawaret (green arrow). In the bottom corner you can see snakes (white arrows) – and one snake is depicted with two human heads. The orange arrow points to a creature similar to a griffin (you can see the wings). These ‘mythological’ creatures were greatly associated with this reptilian / non- human force, and the winged mythological creatures were very likely advanced tech, often representing their craft. (As will be demonstrated in Part B of this ‘Reptilian / Demon’ series). Snakes are greatly associated with this reptilian archontic force – many different types of ‘snakes’ with various abilities, they will be discussed more in further article in this series.

Ceiling art at the Temple of Khnum:

We also have the gods Sekmhet, Anubis, Thoth, Horus and a Set

Sekmhet, Anubis, Thoth, Horus and Set

Perhaps we should imagine them as looking more like this (and likely with some scales):

Anubis, Set and Horus

These beings were a hostile, manipulative, non-human, infiltrating force on this planet. Anubis, for example, was the ‘god’ of death and The Underworld. I will show you what occurred in ‘The Underworld’ in a following article. The ‘Underworld’ is the large, honeycombed, cavernous regions inside the Earth.

A non-human ‘god’ and a ‘demon’ is pretty much the same thing. A non-human ‘god’ is really just a more influential ‘demon’.

Thoth and Sekhmet. Both looking more reptilian in these ancient images. Sekhmet was often depicted with green skin, like Khnum.

What exactly was Osiris?


Take note of all these different types of beings in Ancient Egypt. You will also see dog, cat, bird, reptilian and horned ‘gods’ in the Mesopotamian civilisations and the Aztec civilisation below… and you will see that the ‘Jinn’ in ancient Islamic Art have the same types of animal heads.

Demon goddess Ammit / Ammut:

Demon ‘goddess’ Ammit or Ammut with Thoth and Anubis.

Ammut was generally depicted as a demon with the head of a crocodile, the torso of a wild cat, animals that were considered dangerous and man-eating animals by ancient Egyptians. Many times, she also took the human form…. During the Judging of the Heart, if the deeds of the soul being judged are found to be unworthy, more wicked than good with wrong deeds, then Anubis feeds the soul to Ammit. This results in the total annihilation and end of the soul with no hope of further existence…. Other scholars believed that Ammit, the demon goddess resides near the lake of fire in Duat (the underworld) and protects it. After every judgment is made, she throws the hearts of the wicked into the fiery lake to be destroyed.”

(A typical psychopathic ‘Soul’, projecting onto others… and I do not think they could cause a Soul to cease existing, but I am sure that ‘demon’ killed a lot of physical human bodies and traumatised many Souls… and fed off of many Souls’ energy.)

The name Ammit was also spelled as Ammet, Amhemit, Amam, Ammut or Amemet. Literally, the demon goddess name means “devourer” and so she also acquired titles like “Eater of Souls”, “Eater of Hearts”, “The Devourer of the Dead”, “Greatness of Death”, “Devourer of Millions”, Demoness of the Underworld”, “Bone Eater”, “Demoness of Death”, ” and “Dweller or Devourer in Amenta.

More Ancient Egypt:

Some more ancient Egypt images I found. The one on the far right is from The Hathor Temple, Dendera.

Mesopotamia – Sumeria, Assyria, Babylon

“The Sumerians, as well as their cultural inheritors, the Babylonians and Assyrians, believed that demons were responsible for many of the evils in the world. There were demons of earthquakes and demons of storms, and these were frequently depicted as literally grinding the earth to dust beneath the awesome fury of their power. There were also demons of disease, and these were the demons that attacked humanity directly, rather than simply sowing disaster all around.” – The Dictionary of Demons: Expanded & Revised, Michelle Belanger (pp. 16-17)

Both Pazuzu. See the scales depicted on the legs in the right image, and you can also see the reptilian ‘eagle feet’.

Pazuzu is an Assyrian/Babylonian demonic god who was most popular in the first millenium BCE. He was the son of Hanbi (also Hanba), king of the demons of the underworld, and brother to Humbaba, the demon-god protector of the Cedar Forest in The Epic of Gilgamesh who is killed by the heroes.

“He was the demon of the underworld (where all demons were thought to reside) in control of the west and south-west winds which brought famine during the dry season and, in the rainy season, tearing storms and locusts.”

“Pazuzu commanded howling wind, which was associated with the plague. “I am Pazuzu,” an inscription reads, “king of the evil spirits of the air which issues violently from mountains, causing much havoc.” Pandemonium: A Visual History of Demonology – Ed Simon, p. 29

Left: Circa 8th / 7th Century B.C. A Neo-Asssyrian Limestone head of Pazuzu. Right Bronze head of Pazuzu, Mesopotamia (probably from Nimrud), 900-612 BC

Above Image: You can see that the left image looks very much like a reptilian, and the right images looks more like some type of cat. It shows you how depictions can vary – and how a non-human ‘god’ with a different type of animal head could very well be a reptilian of some kind. This Pazazu most certainly looks like he was a bipedal reptilian – when taking all the images into consideration.

More depictions of Pazuzu. First two images looking very reptilian, and the image on the right showing a face that looks more cat like.

Humbaba (Pazuzu’s Brother) – some ancient sculptures:

Humbaba the demon-god of the Cedar Forest. The first image strongly suggests a bipedal reptilian.
Humbaba the demon-god of the Cedar Forest. The blue image in the centre clearly shows you that he was a reptilian.

“In Mesopotamian mythology, Lamashtu (Akkadian dLa-maš-tu; Sumerian Dimme dDim3-me) was a female demon, monster, malevolent goddess or demigoddess who menaced women during childbirth and, if possible, kidnapped children while they were breastfeeding. She would gnaw on their bones and suck their blood, as well as being charged with a number of other evil deeds. She was a daughter of the Sky God Anu.

Pazuzu, a god or demon, was invoked to protect birthing mothers and infants against Lamashtu’s malevolence, usually on amulets and statues. Although Pazuzu was said to be bringer of famine and drought, he was also invoked against evil for protection, and against plague, but he was primarily and popularly invoked against his fierce, malicious, rival Lamashtu.”

Note: Lamashtu is Anu’s daughter… because Anu and Enki were influential / powerful bipedal reptilians.

Pazuzu holding onto the plaque of Lamashtu. Lamashtu is depicted at the bottom, standing on a ‘horse’. We can see the back of Pazuzu, clearly with the reptilian eagle feet and scales.

Close up of the top portion:

Various types of beasts. Top row far right looks like a reptile and bird, or they could be both bird heads.

Pazuzu is certainly some type of reptilian. Lamushta very likely is as well – from looking at her eagle claw feet and lower legs. These are other bipedal non-human beings that have definite cat, dog, deer or ram type heads… but they could also be reptilians – different types of bipedal reptilians.


Did Lamashtu have a head that looks like a cat? Was she just a reptilian like Pazazu, with less of a snout? I think so, look at her taloned eagle feet.

Below: Part of another Lamashtu plaque. See the different heads of this non-human / reptilian force. We see some more reptilian like heads, but we also see a ‘deer’ head with horns, a ‘bird’ head, and what looks like might be a ‘goat’. Are these all just different types of bipedal reptilians though? We cannot be sure, but a lot of them seem to have scales on their necks.

Lamashtu Plaque.

More ‘Demons’ / depictions of this Reptilian force from Ancient Mesopotamia:

See the reptilian ‘eagle feet’ in the left image. It looks like these ‘eagle’-headed beings we see in Sumeria and Egypt were a part of this malevolent reptilian / non-human / ‘archontic’ force. There were various types of reptilian beings.
Left: Assyrian Dark Brown Diorite Lamashtu Plaque (3rd one shown). Assyria; 8th-7th Century BC. Right: Assyrian lion-headed devil of pestilence and evil – a wall carving at Nineveh (Note the reptilian / eagle feet).

Note: This Assyrian ‘lion’-headed devil above is yet another ‘demon’ / non-human ‘god’ associated with disease and pestilence.

Image from the ruins of Nimroud:

Image above: A black and white crop of full engraving plate scan. From an entrance to a small temple in the ruins of Nimroud. It is believed to represent the god to whom the temple was dedicated, driving out the evil spirit. Online it is titled ‘Sun God versus Chaos Monster’. The image seems to be depicting one of the Mesopotamian human giants attacking one of these reptilian beings… again, observe the eagle-like feet with talons,


This is a Mesopotamian plaque, referred to as the Queen of the Night, which dates to c.1750 BC. (British Museum). It is said to be Ishtar. Why does she have the reptilian / eagle feet? Originally the figure was said to be painted bright red.


Gilgamesh’s friend Enkidu in the centre.
This plaque is titled ‘Enkidu fights with the Sky Bull’. A reptilian / non-human looking Enkidu on top of that bull.

Important note: It is very interesting to see two such different depictions of Enkidu, and it suggests that horned beings with goat legs can, or do, represent a bipedal reptilian.


“In the Akkadian/Babylonian ‘myth’ of the Atrahasis, human beings have grown too numerous, too loud, and far too fertile. Further, they live so long that more of them are being born at any given time than those who die. They cover the earth and disturb the god Enlil with their noise to such an extent that he decides to destroy them in a great flood. After the flood waters subside, the god of wisdom Enki proposes a plan to re-populate the earth: the gods will create a new kind of human with a shorter life span and greater threats to their lives on a daily basis. Henceforth there will be disease, miscarriages, impotency, sterility, attacks by wild animals, and all other manner of death waiting in a day.

Demons were a part of this divine plan and were sent to punish the wicked, test the righteous, and could even be given leave to torment someone because a certain god felt it was justified even though another disagreed.”

Obviously not a ‘divine’ plan, but a psychopathic, narcissistic, parasitical plan by malevolent extraterrestrials.

South America

Arawak / Taino – Zemi Worship:

If you have read my article in this series called ‘The White Indians of North and South America’ you would have come across the Taino / Arawak people of South America. The Arawak were the American Indians of the Greater Antilles and South America. The Taino were an Arawak subgroup, and they were the first native peoples encountered by Christopher Columbus on Hispaniola. The official story says that the Island Arawak people were virtually wiped out by Old World ‘diseases’ to which they had no ‘immunity’. When in reality they were poisoned to death by the same force they were worshiping… genocided by their own manipulative reptilian ‘gods’.

The Arawak / Taíno were polytheists and their gods were called Zemi. The Zemi were thought by them to control various functions of the universe.

Here is a cropped image, taken from the front cover on Book 4 on the Great Voyages series by De Bry. Book 4 documents Girolamo Benzono’s experiences in the New World – where he encountered the Arawak and Taino. A devil/ demon takes centre stage on the front cover. Benzoni sailed to the New World in 1541.
Here is a cropped image from the book showing Zemi worship.
This scene has had colour added to it at a later date. It is from the book above. Showing one of the South American Tribes (there were many) being attacked by ‘demons’ and ‘devils’ (and dragons). These are European depictions of demons and devils based on some descriptions by Benzoni. It does not mean the demons and devils looked exactly like this.

All these Zemi sculptures will be pre Columbus sculptures:

Zemi Sculpture. 3 different angles.
Zemi Sculptures
Zemi Sculptures
Statues of the Peruvian ‘gods’: Left: Morrop. Right: Ai Apaec ‘The Decapitator Demon’.

The Peruvian city of Chiclayo, also known as the Capital of Friendship, has a monument dedicated to the ancient god Morrop the reptilian. The work of art shows the deity Morrop, and was built taking into account ancient descriptions of the reptilian god. Some 2,000 years ago, northern Peru was inhabited by the Moche people, a civilization with a rich culture. The Mochicas regarded Morrop – ‘The Iguana Man’ – as a powerful character who was crucial to their descent into the underworld. Acting as a mediator between the world of the living and the dead, Morrop was equally feared and revered. The Mochica or Moche culture developed from 100 to 800 AD (Official mainstream date, do not trust it and think critically).

Morrop was apparently not their main ‘god’ though. The main god of the Moche was ‘The Decapitator Demon’ called Ai-Apaec. Depicted above, next to Morrop in Chiclayo. Below are four more representations of Ai-Apaec. These are ancient sculptures below, very likely all pre-Columbus. See how two look very similar to the Ai-Apaec image in Chiclayo, and two look more human, but with large sharp teeth. Humans have a tendency to make these beings look more human on occasions.

Ai Apaec
Here is an very old drawing of Ai Apaec (this time a more human look) – it looks like some people are making offerings, and you can see some ‘dragons’ flying around in the sky. ‘Dragons’ are 100 percent connected to this force.


Below is an image that has been cropped from a larger drawing of Aztec sacrifice. In the back you can see who they are making this sacrifice for – two ‘devils’ / ‘demons’ (I do not know whether they are meant to be statues or not). It is an image created by De Bry for the Great Voyages books, based on information received from New World Explorers

Below are very old sculptures that were found in various parts of Mexico, all extremely likely to be pre-Colombus:


Sculptures found in Ecuador. All extremely likely to be pre-Colombus:

Costa Rica:

Many of these reptilian sculptures (particularly the South American ones) were found at these two links on this website: +

More Images from South America in the Additional Information section at the end.

Ubaid Culture (Persia / Iraq)

These are the reptilian sculptures the most people would have seen – they are the ‘go to’ ancient reptilian sculpture image.

The Ubaid Culture was said to exist between 6500–3800 BC. (Note: I don’t trust a lot of the dates were are given, as mentioned elsewhere, TPTB often seem to be trying to stretch our ancient history)

“Archaeologists discovered a slew of pre-Sumerian relics portraying a humanoid manifestation of reptilian humanoids in 1919. The figures possessed elongated heads, almond-shaped eyes, long tapered faces, and a lizard-like nose. Among the more perplexing statuettes is one depicting a female reptile nursing her suckling. This, researchers believe, indicates that these were not ritualistic objects, and their purpose remains a mystery even now…. Al Ubaid is a modest half-kilometer-diameter mound found near the Persian Gulf. Numerous male and female figurines have been discovered here, as well as at the Ur and Eridu sites. Some of these relics wear strange helmets and feature shoulder padding. Others wield sceptres, most likely as a sign of wisdom, power, or authority.” relatedposts_hit=1&relatedposts_origin=7423&relatedposts_position=1


“In 2017, under great secrecy, a statue (reptilian statue of the Horyuji Nara Temple) resembling a reptile’s figure was removed from the exhibition for the visiting public. This happened in Japan, in the temple of Hōryū-Ji Nara, in Nara prefecture in Ikaruga, where it was removed so that it now has unknown whereabouts.”

There are 3 different sculptures depicted here.
Close and side views of the 3rd sculpture from the preceding image.


Very old sculptures found in Sierra Leone.

Ancient Scandinavia (Denmark):

The Golden Horns of Gallehus were two horns made of sheet gold, discovered in Gallehus, north of Møgeltønder in Southern Jutland, Denmark. The horns date to the early 5th century. The horns were found in 1639 and in 1734, respectively, at locations only some 15–20 metres apart. They were composed of segments of double sheet gold.

The two horns were found incomplete; the longer one found in 1639 had seven segments with ornaments, to which six plain segments and a plain rim were added, possibly by the 17th-century restorer. The shorter horn found in 1734 had six segments, a narrow one bearing a Proto-Norse Elder Futhark inscription at the rim and five ornamented with images. The longer horn was discovered on July 20, 1639 by a peasant girl named Kirsten Svendsdatter when she saw it protrude above the ground. She wrote a letter to King Christian IV of Denmark who retrieved it.

Below you can see drawings showing the inscriptions / embossing on these two horns. The longer horn seems to be depicting the layers of hell. You can see two reptilians on the third layer down. The second horn shows some reptilian warriors without horns and then two horned beings that could also be reptilian bipedal beings.

Left Image: (This one is likely a depiction of the layers of the Underworld / Hell. Note how the central image in the sixth layer down seems to show some type of ‘Ox head’. Right Image: We can clearly see both humans and reptilians – as well as a three headed ‘man’.
Close up of the third layer from the top of the longest horn – Reptilians clearly depicted.
The top layer of the shorter horn. Showing two reptilian beings with shields and swords and two horned beings with other types of weapons.

Note: We can clearly see two different types of bipedal reptilians depicted above – two reptilians with horns and two without.

Human faces on the horns. We can see the images above are non-human / reptilian faces by comparing them to how the artist depicts human faces.

Gargoyles in Europe:

Notre Dame
The third image is from Cathedral de San Antolín – the rest are Notre Dame
On other churches and cathedrals in Europe

Moloch, Italy

Moloch statue from Giovanni Pastrone’s Cabiria (1914). The first two images show it in the National Museum of Cinema (Turin) and the one on the right shows it beings displayed at the colosseum.
Some old images of the ‘Moloch’ ritual / sacrifice – the being is sometimes said to have an ox head.

Paintings and Drawings from Other Locations

Aztec Gods:

You will see reptilian, dog, cat, bird and horned ‘gods’ depicted in the Aztec codices, just like you see in Mesopotamia and Egypt. You also see some other demon-like ‘gods’.

These depictions below, of Aztec Gods, can be found in these Aztec Codices: ‘Codex Magliabechiano’, ‘Codex Borgia’ and ‘Codex Vaticanus’ (one image is a modern depiction of a very old Aztec sculpture) – there are also some more interesting depictions in the additional information section at the end of the article, showing some small bipedal reptilians running around. In some cases, I have used modern images that have faithfully copied one of the old codex images, as they show them more clearly (some of the original old images are faded).

Xolotl was a god of fire and lightning. He was commonly depicted as a dog-headed man and was a soul-guide for the dead. He was also god of twins, monsters, misfortune, sickness, and deformities. He is the dark personification of Venus, the evening star, and was associated with heavenly fire.

Draco Reptilians?

Draco Reptilians?
Draco Reptilians?

This image below is interesting. It is said to be Xolotl – who we see as being depicted as a bipedal black dog above. But in this depiction below Xolotl looks like a bipedal reptilian:

Xolotl on an Aztec Codice

Islamic Art

Jinn / demons:

Note that in ancient Islamic art there are horned ‘demons’ and clearly reptilian looking beings – but also bipedal beings shown with deer heads, bird heads, cat heads, dog heads… just like in Ancient Mesopotamia, Ancient Egypt and in the ancient Aztec civilisation.

Some of these cropped images below show humans fighting against these jinn and demons – though one appears to show demons assisting humans (Though the image has been cropped so you cannot see this. They would very likely have an ulterior motive / agenda though). These were depictions of physical encounters on the surface of this planet. Art ranging from around the 10th century to 16th century.

Important note: These encounters being depicted below were said to have occurred well over a thousand years before the art was created (Sometimes said to be two or three thousand years before – whether it was actually this long ago, is a matter for debate). The important thing to note though, is that the artist had not seen a ‘demon’ and was drawing from vague legends passed down. Again, it is based on legend, old tales and old descriptions passed down the generations. There will have been a good amount of artistic license and the artist filling in gaps with his imagination.


Note: In Asia, like in Europe the ‘demons’ were not mingling with the people in these periods. The artists had not seen a ‘demon’. The art was based on old legends / stories.

Fuijin and Raijin:

Fujin, The God of Wind + Raijin, The God of Thunder c. 1570 – c. 1640

Kappa are reptilian looking beings that are said to have lived in ponds and rivers. They are often accused of assaulting humans in water and removing a mythical organ called the shirikodama from their victim’s anus!

Kappa (I am not 100 percent sure the two on the right are Kappa, but there were beings that were encountered)
Some Japanese demons related to Hell.
More Japanese Demons in Hell
Oni + other Yokai
Oni Yokai

“The Oni were giant horned demons said to have come to Japan from China with the arrival of Buddhism. Buddhist priests performed annual rites in order to expel them. The Oni are cruel and lecherous demons, said to swoop down from the sky to steal the souls of people about to die. They’re like otherworldly vultures, but uglier.”


Niu Tou Ma Mian, Guards of the Underworld
Close up of demons, from Raising The Alms Bow, The Conversion of Hariti the Mother of Demon. Qiu Ying (ca. 1494-1552)
Demons. 1222–1307 by Gong Kai
Taoist painting of demons, Ming era

Yaksha Demons outside Buddhist Temples:

The image of the far right shows a Yaksha Demon with a human face but with green skin and scales all over his arms and chest. Asian people had a greater tendency to depict these ‘demons’ with human faces.


I cannot find any information on this image below. It undoubtedly looks like some warring reptilians on a ‘chariot’ (It was likely a much more advanced vehicle that the people back then could not comprehend):

Indian Gods battling reptilian looking beings.
The first image is Durga Killing the Demon ‘Rakta-bija’, and I am not sure who is in the second image but one of them looks like a large reptilian.
Cropped images from old art depicting scenes of Indians (mainly their gods), battling with ‘demons’ in very ancient times – depicting events that took place thousands of years ago.
Kali Goddess.

Reminder: Just because one of these non-human gods was drawn to look to somewhat like a human does not mean they were (especially in Asia). Kali could well have been some type of bipedal reptilian. With all the resets that occurred, so much Truth was lost, and a lot was distorted.

A ‘demon’ of the ‘kali yuga’ on a poster about sacred cows and the gods. (No such thing as the ‘Kali Yuga’, by the way – it was just subversion and pacification by the non-human ‘gods’)

Below you can see how the demon Kumbhkaran is depicted as non-human in the first two images but with different colouration and skin. With animal feet – eagle feet with talons – and with horns in the left image. But then in another, on the far right (very likely a later depiction), he is depicted as an ugly man. Humans will tend to depict unusual animals and demons in ways that are familiar to them.

The Demon Kumbhkaran finally wakes up and eats + Kumbhakarna yawns as he is roused from sleep + Kumbhakarna is depicted as an ugly human.

Important Note: Ancient Asian civilisations were more likely to depict a demon as looking more human. Sometimes they will draw them as a human, but usually they will be an ugly human, or a human with different colour skin and possibly some scales. They didn’t do this so much in the image below, and depicted the demon with a very reptilian face and clawed / taloned feet.

The Ruhani Lhanas Nujum al-Ulum, fol. 255r, Bijapur, 1570

Yahweh, the Christian ‘God’:

Figurines discovered in Kuntillet Ajrud, an archaeological site in the east of the Sinai Peninsula dating back to the 8th century BC, speak of “Yahweh of Samaria and his Asherah” and “Yahweh of Teman and his Asherah.” Samaria refers to the central region of Israel, and Teman to the neighboring Edomites, confirming this as a reference to the God of the Israelites.

Painting on a jar found at Kuntillet Ajrud, under the inscription Yahweh of Samaria and his Asherah (c. 800 BCE)
Close up of the painting on a jar found at Kuntillet Ajrud, under the inscription Yahweh of Samaria and his Asherah (c. 800 BCE)

Image above: We see what looks like three non-human bipedal beings. They all look like reptilian beings (likely Draco-reptilians), though the front-on view means they can also look like other animal heads. We see the large penis hanging down from the central figure, which is also depicted in various other ancient and medieval images of large ‘demons’ / non-human bipedal beings.

“The mention of “his” Asherah indicates a consort relationship between this ancient ‘God’ and the Queen of Heaven. Similar inscriptions that refer to Yahweh and his consort have been discovered on tombs in Khirbet El Qom, an archaeological site in the Biblical kingdom of Judah that also dates back to the 8th century BC .

There are other figurines and artifacts that also hint towards the worship of Asherah in the Middle East in the 8th and 9th centuries BC. From horned altars and figurines to other ritualistic objects, many artifacts discovered scattered around much of the Middle East indicate that there was a cult of Asherah at some time in the 8th century BC.

The pieces of evidence show that Asherah was once worshipped as a goddess of fertility and prosperity spreading from Israel as far afield as Egypt. Most of the ancient inscriptions and texts ask for the blessing of Yahweh and Asherah together, which further strengthens the belief that Asherah is indeed the wife of [the Christian] God.

Apart from archaeological pieces of evidence and temple remains, the Bible also offers clues regarding the worship of Asherah alongside Yahweh. According to the Bible, Asherah was worshipped in the temple of Jerusalem alongside God, as His consort and divine equal. According to the Book of Kings, the goddess was housed in the temple complex, and rituals were regularly conducted in her worship.

Many Biblical scholars have concluded that a concerted effort was made by the priests who compiled the Hebrew Bible to remove all references to Asherah. However, they were not completely successful in this, and their failure suggests there was some popular support for a depiction of God which did not show him as all-powerful and solitary.”,this%20ancient%20God%20and%20the%20Queen%20of%20Heaven.

Book of Enoch on Yahweh:

89.29 And that sheep went up to the summit of a high rock, and the Lord of the sheep sent it to them.
89.30 And after this, I saw the Lord of the sheep standing in front of them, and His appearance was terrible and majestic, and all those sheep saw Him, and were afraid of Him.
89.31 And all of them were afraid, and trembled before Him; and they cried out after that sheep who was with them in their midst: “We cannot stand before our Lord, nor look at Him.”

Yahweh can act in the most vindictive ways, just like the other non-human gods and demons we have heard about. One example: When the Israelites complained and asked for food and water in the desert, he sent them venomous snakes:

“Why have you led us up out of Egypt to die in the wilderness? There is no bread or water, and we detest this wretched food!” So the LORD sent venomous snakes among the people, and many of the Israelites were bitten and died.

An interesting image below created in 1725 showing the flying fiery / venomous ‘snakes’ sent by Yahweh.

1725 edition by the Cartographer: Antoine Augustin Calmet,
a French Benedictine monk. Published in Leiden – Amsterdam by Samuel Luchtmans – R. & J. Wetstein en Smith1725-1731.

I have seen the ‘snakes’ sent by Yahweh described as ‘fiery serpents’ rather than venomous serpents:

“And the LORD sent fiery serpents among the people, and they bit the people; and much people of Israel died.”

This is all very interesting, as when you read the next two articles in this series you will see that serpents are greatly associated with hell and demons… and that those serpents connected to, and used by, ‘demons’ and ‘gods’ were not the small organic snakes we imagine them to be.

The Vatican

The Pope’s Audience Hall
I have had a reptilian being project an image of itself into the third eye, twice. This was what its eyes looked like – yellowish orange with the slit pupil. Though it was much more colourful and vibrant.

Image below: This is a somewhat ambiguous sculpture below, but if you have researched renaissance art then you will know this writhing mess below this Jesus / reptilian statue represents humans being dragged to hell by ‘demons’ or humans writhing in hell being tortured by ‘demons’. You can see various pieces of art depicting these events – they sometimes show these ‘Last Judgement’ or ‘hell’ paintings in the background of a movie or TV series scene – as the psychopaths that run the show down here love to mock, dupe, remember what occurred and pay homage to their ‘gods’. There is much more information on Hell The Underworld and demons in Part 12 of this series – with some images from these paintings I am referring to.

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that this central sculpture is supposed to depict a bipedal reptilian.

You can clearly see it is a reptilian head from a distance + Close up you can see the face of Jesus.

My Artwork from my Subconscious / Buried Memories:

My artwork has been displayed on this website for about 10 years. I have spoken about how it all has meaning and how much of it is related to what has been happening on Earth, in our Solar System and with the Breakaway Civilisation – and that it all came from my subconscious / Soul. I explained how I came to understand what much of my art meant from receiving flashback memories of my time working with this breakaway civilisation and from various metaphysical experiences (‘spontaneous’ remote viewing and out of body experiences in the night). I did not need any metaphysical experiences to work out what these two pieces of art below meant, or were alluding to:

I created the pencil sketch on a vacation in Italy in my late twenties (around 14 /15 years ago). I was sitting on a veranda and could see a view of the Italian countryside, and I decided to draw it on top of a reptile – without knowing much about anything at the time – it was spontaneous. The vibrant painting on the right was created when I was 19 / 20 years old. I just sat down sketched the basic outline and painted it in a short space of time straight from my ‘imagination’ / subconscious (Both pieces have been displayed on this website for over ten years). I was a naive young man, who knew very little – but I created this. If you can’t see the entity on the tower, it is a horned, reddish, ‘demon’-type creature (possibly representing Lucifer or a similar entity) in some sort of strange realm. My next article in this series, on The Underworld and Hell, will show more images created by the medieval / renaissance European people of this significant horned entity that was said to ‘consume’ Souls.

However, I don’t think it is quite as simple, or cut and dry, as saying it has been ‘The Reptilians’ – though I think that is still fairly accurate – as there might be some other extra-terrestrials / entities connected to this parasitical non-human force. We have seen that it is possible that there were some dog-head, deer-head, bird-head or cat-head beings. Though they could have been closely genetically related to the reptilians. They may have all actually been different types of reptilians! Remember, many of them were depicted with the taloned, eagle feet – and some were depicted with scales on their necks. Personally, I think it is likely that pretty much all these ‘demons’ and non-human gods were different types of reptilians. I also don’t think any of the demons were actually hairy – it was likely just humans, that had never seen a ‘demon’, adding features that were not there.

There was, however one entity, or group of entities, in this non-human force that were quite different to all the others: The skeletal / corpse entity seen in Mayan, Aztec and European art. I am going to put the information on the corpse / skeleton entities in the Additional Information Section, as otherwise it will break up the flow of this article and it can be pretty hard for people to get their heads around.

Concluding Thoughts


How accurate where these depictions of ‘demons’? How influenced were the people back then by what was familiar to them and their past experiences? How much artistic license was there? Certainly, some of the very bright colours used in some depictions suggests artistic expression and attempts to make the illustration appealing to the reader / consumer. It is, again, important to note the lack of any technology back then, and the lack of networks of communication.

When looking at depiction of reptilians (demons) in old artwork from around the world, most are depicted with horns. Highly controlled Ufology rarely depicts them with horns. There are also reptilians that are not depicted with horns: From ancient Mesopotamian civilisations and ancient Egypt there is Pazuzu, Lamushta, Nehebkau and Sobek as well as some others that have no horns. The Peruvian reptilian ‘god’ called Morrop, the large draco-type reptilians in the Aztec Codices and the smaller reptilians shown below in other Aztec Codices are not horned, various other South American reptilian sculptures shown in this article also did not have horns and the so called ‘Papal Ass of Rome’ was not shown to have horns. This again suggests that there are different types of reptilians in this reptilian force – likely different types for different roles within their ‘civilisation’. Sometimes a specific reptilian is depicted with and without horns in two different pieces of art – like Enkidu, who was shown with horns in one image and not in another. This also suggests a depiction is not going to necessary be totally accurate – there are various factors and circumstance that led to skewed depictions. For example, some were also depicted with hair – which again is very likely a misunderstanding. From analysis of all the information and images I do believe that the hairy demon (reptilian) depictions are skewed images – the hair was extremely likely to be a misinterpretation.

Some of you might be thinking about researching Ufology now. I am not saying don’t, but I do not recommend it. It is totally controlled – you may be tempted to go onto (((YouTube))) and look at the videos on there (YouTube is really just a small step away from Mainstream Media now). All you will find on YouTube will be controlled agents and fake whistle-blowers. If you really want to look at some information from the gatekeeping, misdirecting Ufology agents on (((YouTube))) I suggest you first read my Ufology Explained 5-part series on this website, and then go from there.

The Bipedal Reptilian Force:

There is no doubt that there was a hostile non-human force having a very significant impact on our planet. It also looks like this hostile non-human force goes back a long way, back to, and at least some way beyond, ancient Egypt and the ancient Mesopotamian civilisations. Though we must be suspicious of the dates we are given, as there is plenty of evidence that ‘The Powers That Be’ have been stretching our ancient history and saying some events occurred longer ago than they have.

What are the chances of all these isolated populations throughout history experiencing interactions with ‘demons’ and non-human gods? Yes, all of them – all significant ancient civilisations and religions spoke of ‘demons’ or non-human gods. And ‘coincidentally’ all of the focus on these beings seemed to stop at some point in the late 1700s or early 1800s. People in the 1800s were told it was all just a lot of made-up stories… just ‘myths’.

People all around the world made up ‘myths’ about these beings, because…? Why would they? I can’t fathom why they all would. How could they possibly coordinate it? They didn’t! There are no such things as ‘myths’! Just real occurrence that have usually been somewhat misinterpreted and lost some of their accuracy over time. But all based on real happenings.

It is clear to me that bipedal reptilians played a very significant role in this non-human force. Is it accurate to say that it was the ‘reptilians’? That it was a reptilian force? I don’t know for sure, but it seems pretty accurate. The Vatican seems to think so. My artwork from my subconscious also suggests this may be quite accurate, and all the art from around the world in this article suggests this is pretty accurate – but they also very likely had some other types of extraterrestrials working with them.

Ufology has not portrayed and depicted the variety of beings (various different types of bipedal reptilians in the main) that was in this force, and they have just shown us a few varieties of reptilians. Which I believe was likely done on purpose, so that we do not work out the depth of what has occurred. Ufologists – these so-called experts – have certainly never explained to anyone that the ‘demons’ were actually this reptilian / non-human force. Because these so-called experts are all controlled gatekeepers.

When studying demonology, it is clear these non-human invaders were a very big force with a lot of hierarchy and various leaders. With different groups having different domains and different leaders. Organised like an army. They likely dominated our Solar System for quite some time… it would not have just been our planet that they took control of. When you analyse the information, we have on demons and non-human ‘gods’, it is clear they had advanced technology and Part 13 of this series will demonstrate this clearly.

It is also very clear when studying ancient history and demonology that ‘demons’ (bipedal reptilians) and the non-human ‘gods’ are massively associated with earthquakes, storms, floods, plagues, pestilences, disease, famine, war and destruction of buildings and cities. It is clear that this reptilian dominated force was behind the various resets and genocides that have occurred in this planet’s history.

We can also see that ‘demons’ and the non-human ‘gods’ are hugely associated with The Underworld and Hell. We will look much more closely at this aspect in the next article. Many important insights to come in the further articles.

Additional Images and Information:


  • More European Medieval and Renaissance Art Depicting ‘Demons’
  • More Aztec Gods and Bipedal Reptilians
  • Mictlantecuhtli, Ah Puch / Kisin and ‘Death’ (The skeleton / corpse entities in European Medieval Art)
  • Stranger Things Netflix Series
  • Marvel Depictions – Black Order, Loki, Green Goblin etc
  • Toy Story, That Time Forgot – Bipedal Reptilians
  • The Dog Headed People – Cynocephali and Moloch
  • My Memory and Third-Eye Experience Involving Bipedal Reptilians

Some more European Medieval and Renaissance Art:

Observe the breasts on the left reptilian – like Baphomet.
I do not think there were actually hairy ‘demons’ (reptilians). Note the ‘eagle-feet’ these three images depict.
Note the breasts on the left and central image – like Baphomet. There would have been female reptilians as well. The image on the left is also showing the goat shaped legs.
Note the scales on the legs and the armour with a face on it, in the image on the far right.

Another stained-glass window for you:

‘Demons’ hounding souls into Hell at the Last Judgement. Detail of the Great West Window, St Mary’s Church, Fairford, England. Look at that scaled reptilian skin and the reptilian feet.

Some more interesting Aztec Depictions from Aztec codices:

(From the same Aztec codices as above)

Mictlantecuhtli, Ah Puch / Kisin and ‘Death’:

As I studied the medieval and renaissance artwork relating to demons, I came across an incredible number of images depicting ‘skeletons’ and ‘corpses’ interacting with the European people. We are told the skeleton ‘represents’ death in old art. That it is all merely symbolic (I say this is nonsense). It is just like how we are told that demons merely represent all sort of things related to the human psyche – but they were very clearly a real phenomenon. I will strongly suggest that like ‘demons’ these so called ‘skeletons’ / ‘corpses’ are actual living beings that the people back then did not fully understand. They were a part of this non-human force – working with the bipedal reptilians.

Skeletons / Corpses leading people somewhere.

The smoking gun in all this is that the Mayans and Aztecs had a ‘god’ of death that was described as a skeletal figure / corpse. You can see old images of this old Mayan and Aztec god of death. He was seen as a skeleton or corpse. He was in charge of the Aztec and Mayan underworlds. Apparently, this skeletal death ‘god’ in South America also had a skeletal / corpse wife.

Images of Mictlantecuhtli (Aztec) Ah Puch (Mayan) and then many images of the European entity called ‘Death’:


(pron. Mict-lan-te-cuht-li) or ‘Lord of the Land of the Dead’ was the Aztec god of death and worshipped across Mesoamerica. He ruled the underworld (Mictlán) with his wife Mictecacíhuatl. Mictlantecuhtli features a great deal in the Aztec Codices.

Ah Puch / Kisin:
Ah Puch / Kisin
Ah Puch / Kisin

Ah Puch is one of the names associated with a god of death in the ancient Mayan religion. He was known as a god of death, darkness, and disaster. But he was also a god of childbirth and beginnings. The Quiche Maya believed that he ruled over Metnal, the underworld and the Yucatec Maya believed that he was just one of the lords of Xibaba, that translates to “place of fear” in the underworld….He is the infamous Lord of Death and the Ruler of Mitnal, the deepest and nastiest department of Maya Hell. In terms of appearance, he ticks all the boxes of deathly hideousness: a rotten putrefying body, a skeletal face and an evil grin.

Deathin Europe:

It very much looks like at some point in European history these skeleton / corpse entities (extraterrestrial beings) interacted with the European people. A lot of these depictions and scenes will come from legend / old tales and descriptions passed on through the generations that likely originated from before the medieval period. I definitely do not think the skeleton or corpse figure represented or symbolised death (though some artists may have started to use it symbolically in later years as Truth was lost). The corpse / skeleton was associated with death, as it sometimes killed people or led people to their death. In fact, the name of the skeleton / corpse entity in Europe is ‘Death’ – it is the name they called the bipedal being. In the European artwork you will see humans meeting skeletons or corpses on their journeys. You will also see these ‘skeletons’ / ‘corpses’ alongside ‘demons’ or coming out of Hellmouth (Hellmouth is discussed in the next article in the series). You will see some on horseback. You will see them with bows and arrows (not just ‘scythes’). Sometimes you will see groups of them. Sometime there are stories of them speaking to people and illustrations to go with the tale. You will also often see the skeleton / corpse leading people somewhere.

The Three Living and the Three Dead:

The story of the three living three dead is a popular topic in Medieval illuminated manuscripts. It very much seems to have been an event that had occurred:

“The precise origins of the Three Living and the Three Dead are still somewhat mysterious, but there are many versions of the tale dating back to the 13th century, with the best-known coming from England and France. The basic version of the story goes like this: three young noblemen are out hunting when they suddenly come across three corpses, which are in varying states of decay, but nonetheless still animated. Unsurprisingly, the young men express shock and dismay at the sight, while the three corpses admonish them to consider the transience of life and to improve their behaviour before it is too late.” – Source

(I propose that they did not come across ‘three corpses’ but a small group of unusual extraterrestrial beings that looked pretty hideous and skeletal – and these three beings were connected to this occupying / invading non-human / reptilian force.)

The image on the right above is an illustration of The Three Living and the Three Dead, from the De Lisle Psalter England (East Anglia), c. 1308 – c. 1340. Beneath this miniature of three kings encountering three corpses is an abridged version of the Anglo-Norman poem ‘Le dit des trios morts et trios vifs’ which describes the ensuing conversation. Interestingly, above this double-register miniature is a series of inscriptions in the English vernacular, giving additional voice to the characters. The Three Living cry out: ‘I am afraid’ (Ich am afert), ‘Lo, what I see!’ (Lo whet ich se), and ‘Methinks these be devils three’ (Me þinkes hit bey develes þre). And the Three Dead reply: ‘I was well fair’ (Ich wes wel fair), ‘Such shall you be’ (Such schel tou be), and ‘For God’s love, beware by me’ (For godes love bewer by me).

You will also see depictions of ‘Death’ with demons, as well as exiting Hellmouth:

Left: ‘Death leaping from Hell on his charger with arrow and coffin, to claim his rights over mortals’ – from Le grant kalendrier, printed by Nicolas le Rouge, Troyes, 1496. Right: A detail from an illuminated manuscript illustration.

Just listen to the title of that image above ‘to claim his rights over mortals’. Do these skeletons and corpses look like they are just symbols – just symbolic of death? Would they be used like this in illustrations if they were just symbols? No, they would not.

Death’, Demons and Dragons together: Note, again, these particular illustrations would not be depicting actual scenes that the people had seen in the medieval and renaissance period. But they were representing events or phenomena the people / artists had heard about, like the Three Living Three Dead event. Some artists, in later years, perhaps used both demons and skeletons as somewhat symbolic in some illustrations, as the understanding of the origins of these entities, and the Truth, was lost. But these skeletal / corpse like entities were associated with demons, dragons and Hellmouth…. associated with this non-human / reptilian force (Much more on Hell, Hellmouth and Dragons in my next two articles in this series):

Demon and corpse entity together:

Some old wooducts showing a corpse / skeleton hunting people:

Death as mounted hunter and as reaper. From Der Ackermann aus Böhmen (The Ploughman from Bohemia), Bamberg, 1463 + Death hunting the hunters. From Geiler von Kaisersperg’s Sermones, De arbore humana, printed by Johann Grüninger, Strassburg, 1514 + Three revelers meet three corpses who warn them to repent. From Horae, printed by Wynkyn de Worde, Westminster, 1494
I could not find the source of this image but is certainly from some sort of illuminated manuscript.
‘Death’ is not depicted as just using a scythe (like the ‘grim reaper’), but also other weapons.

A few more meetings with ‘death’ (a skeletal or corpse like entity):

The official story of this ancient encounter: Anika the Warrior (Russian: Аника-воин; from Greek: ἀνίκητος, “unbeatable, unbeaten”) is a Bogatyr, a knight errant character of Russian fairy tales. According to a “universally known religious ballad”,[1] he was a violent and sacrilegious man who set out to destroy the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem, but was stopped by the half-beast Wonder. Anika challenges Wonder to a duel, but is immediately overcome because Wonder is Death in disguise. Though he begs for more time and attempts to bribe Death, no mercy is given. Proverbially, an “Anika the Warrior” is one engaged in something as hopeless as a fight against death.

The physicians discussion with ‘Death’:

People being led somewhere by ‘death’ in the Illuminated manuscript ‘The book of Hours’:

Notice how it is not just one ‘death’ entity – sometimes two. If the skeleton / corpse was symbolic, why would there be more than one?

Do you still think the corpse or skeleton figures were all merely symbolic? That the depictions of this entity, and its prevalence in the people’s consciousness, did not come from earlier encounters?

Stranger Things – Netflix Series:

Do you think it is a coincidence that in series four of Stranger Things – which is a very heavily promoted (((Netflix))) series – that the new entity / nemesis in the “upside down” (the hellish realm connected to our observable 3D realm) is a skeletal, corpse-like entity?

Vecna from Stranger Things, series 4

In the previous Stranger Things series, the entity in that connected hell realm was a ‘demogorgon’, which had the reptilian feet and the goat shaped reptilian legs. These reptilian legs we see on the ‘demogorgon’ are exactly the same as some of the legs depicted in those reptilian Ufology images we saw in the Introduction!


Marvel Avenger Movies – The Black Order:

Do you think that it is a coincidence that in Marvel’s ‘Black Order’ there is a corpse like entity with fine, thinning hair at the back of his head, just how ‘death’ or the ‘corpse like’ entities were often depicted in Europe?:

Ebony Maw
Left: The Black Order. Right: Ebony Maw alongside Black Dwarf (a very big Draco Reptilian character).
Black Dwarf alongside Ebony Maw in one of the movies
Here is the demon-looking Proxima Midnight from the Black Order – with horns and reptilian-like eyes.
Loko and a Chitauri. Loki, with demon like horns, leads the reptilian looking ‘Chitauri’ against the Avengers. (Chitauri is an African name for the ancient bipedal reptilians encountered in their ancient history)

Regarding these Marvel movies and many other Hollywood science fiction movies: They often make them so goofy, cheesy, tongue in cheek, over-the-top and silly because people are supposed to just think all this technology, and other civilisations existing in the cosmos, as just silly fantasy… just silly, make-believe science fiction. ‘It’s just the movies, goyim’. I guarantee you they are putting real advanced technology (vehicles etc), and some of the dynamics that exists, and used to exist, within our galaxy or solar system, in these science fiction movies and series. They did the same sort of thing with ‘Iron Sky’ and ‘Iron Sky: The Coming Race’ and made those movies so utterly stupid and cringeworthy.

More Marvel – Spiderman:

While we are on the topic of Marvel, here are a few more reptilians from them, to add to all the other bipedal reptilians in movies I presented in the introduction. The Green Goblin, is regularly depicted with green skin, reptilian scales, and sometimes with reptilian like eyes:

We also have the character ‘Lizard’:

There is information more on some of the ‘Truth in plain sight’ in Hollywood movies in following articles in this series.

Toy Story That Time Forgot (Pixar)

Bipedal Reptilians are in various cartoons / animations. But there was one animated short film I saw that stood out. I watched this with one of my nephews when it first came out. It is quite incredible what they show in it. It is important to note that this was not a full-movie released at the cinemas, but just a 20-minute-long animation. It was also not something that sold in any great numbers on DVD. It was free to view on SKY TV for a long time, not long after it was created. It was not a project created to make money. Which makes you consider what their motivations were for making this animation?

I will provide an overview and some images from the animation:

Buzz, Woody and friends come across a toy playset that is based around an army of bipedal reptilians. These bipedal reptilians turn out to be deceptive manipulators and hostile (pretty psychotic). They capture Buzz and Woody as well as other toys. The innocent, sweet toys are brutalized and dismembered in an arena, and all this is cheered on by hordes of bipedal reptilians. Interestingly, the two dinosaur toys that are friends with Buzz and Woody were given robotic attachments to enhance them by the bipedal reptilians.

There are various types of reptilians, each type having different roles. Some of them are called the ‘Elysian Guards’. As discussed in my ‘The Underworld and Hell’ article, Elysian (or Elysium) was the promise land of the Ancient Greeks inside the Earth, beyond the torturous underground caverns. Elysian (or Elysium) is very likely the paradise-like Hollow Earth. Which is also likely the place the Cherubim in the Bible were set up to guard, the so-called ‘Garden of Eden’.

There are clerics in this reptilian group whose faces look more bird like, they consult a brain high up on a tower (It is like the all-seeing eye in Lord of the Rings), this brain is supposedly some type of cosmic being that offers them signs, information and guidance.

The reptilian beings all have the goat shaped legs, with the taloned, eagle-like feet.

The ‘all-seeing’ cosmic brain on the left and right (That dinosaur is a friend of Buzz and Woody, and is not part of the reptilian army)
The cleric that consults the ‘cosmic brain’ (note the robotic arm). A bird like reptilian being? Where have we seen that before? Ancient Egypt anyone?

You will understand all this more when you have read the following article in the series called ‘The Underworld and Hell’.

I won’t get into all the parallels between what has happened on Earth and The Lord of the Rings books – with the all-seeing (Perhaps A.I) eye and Orcs, Uruk-hai and Goblins living underground, or coming from below the Earth. Perhaps another time. Tolkien must have been a part of some sort of masonic secret society. By the way, it is very likely that in LOTR the ancient 5-foot plus humans are represented as Hobbits, and Boromir and Aragorn are the 8 – 9-foot-tall humans that would have been dominant on the surface in those more ancient times.

One last bipedal reptilian from ‘popular’ ‘culture’. I realised that I did not include the bipedal reptilian from the 80’s movie ‘Battle Beyond the Stars’ in the introduction. A movie I watched as a child. It seems like many bipedal reptilians were in movies in the 80s. It was almost like some Freemasons in the entertainment industry, and some other secretive cult like groups, had been briefed about their existence sometime in the 1970s. We had lots of bipedal reptilians appearing in popular culture in the 80s, and then the controlled Ufology agents started talking about bipedal reptilians in the early 90s:

Battle Beyond the Stars. (1980)

‘Dog Head People’ / The Kynokephaloi / Cynocephali and Moloch

The ‘Dog Headed People’ / Cynocephali were encountered by the explorers of remote wilderness areas, these same areas also often contained some very strange ‘humans’ with three or four legs, faces in their chest… and sometimes the ‘people’ had one leg and large foot, or even six arms. (My Mythological Creatures and Technology article will show you that these other ‘beings’ found near to the Dog-Head people were extremely likely to be robots). It cannot be a coincidence that often where you find these robots and some other ‘mythical creatures’ you find these strange Dog-Headed bipedal beings.

Herodotus, Histories 4. 191. 3 (trans. Godley) (Greek historian C5th B.C.):
“For the eastern region of Libya, which the Nomads inhabit, is low-lying and sandy as far as the Triton river; but the land west of this, where the farmers live, is exceedingly mountainous and wooded and full of wild beasts. In that country are the huge snakes and the lions, and the elephants and bears and asps, the horned asses, the Kunokephaloi (Cynocephali) (Dog-Headed) and the Headless Men that have their eyes in their chests, as the Libyans say, and the wild men and women, besides many other creatures not fabulous.” –

They Cynophelia were also found by some to be hostile and aggressive, just like the robot people and ‘mythical creatures’ that used to be found in the same remote locations:

Illustrations for John Mandeville’s travels.

“Depictions of man-eating cynocephali appear in late-fifteenth-century German printed editions of John Mandeville’s Travels, embedded in the texts of a 1481 Basel edition and a copy in a 1499 Strasbourg edition. In the Basel edition, a cynocephalus is depicted on his hands and knees biting at the neck of a knight in an animalistic way as a predatory canid would. The knobbly spine of the cynocephalus evokes an almost reptilian effect, adding to the monstrosity and animality of the figure that guides the eye of the viewer to the canine head devouring the knight. The viewer knows these scenes are representative of cannibalism as indicated in the text that describes them as eating their enemies. While in the Strasbourg edition, a cynocephalus appears to be either lunging over his victim or attempting to pick him up to carry him away. The audience can only imagine that the large boar-like tusks will be used to bite into his victim. Mandeville described the cynocephali as using shields and spears in battle, offering a semi-civilised image.” (Editors note: How can they be cannibals? They are not humans!)

On the right you can see a cyclops and blemmyae as well – which are sometimes found in the same remote locations.

John Mandeville described the Cynocephelia as brutal and aggressive, but some of the other descriptions and renaissance images depict them as being more civilised beings who farmed and also traded with other people. The explorers Marco Polo and Ibn Battuta also described the dog-headed people. Battuta called them ‘vile’. Here is a video with some accounts of the Dog-Headed people:

Some more depictions of Cynocephali.

Perhaps crucially, the Dog-Headed People were known to worship an ox as their god, and sometimes wore a gold or silver ox on their head. The ox is very likely related to Molech / Lucifer (the entity consuming Souls in Hell) – essentially, they worship the entity – or one of the main entities – that are at the helm / top of this parasitical, invading (reptilian) non-human force.

Cynocephali with gold or silver ox on their heads.
Ox worship

Moloch: Originally a Canaanite deity, Moloch became famously demonized in the Bible through a passage in 2 Kings 23:10. This passage describes how children were consecrated to Moloch and cast into flames as a sacrifice. According to demonographer Manfred Lurker, the name Moloch itself may be derived from a Punic root MLK, meaning “offering” or “sacrifice.” From this, he suggests that Moloch may not have originally been a proper name, and was instead a formal term for this kind of sacrifice. Regardless of its roots, the name Moloch, through its association with child sacrifice, was rapidly adopted into demonology. According to a demonic hierarchy found in Waite’s treatment of the Grand Grimoire, Moloch holds the title of “Prince of the Land of Tears.” Like several other demons in this hierarchy, Moloch is also associated with Beelzebub’s knightly Order of the Fly. He is said to have been awarded the Grand Cross of the Order of the Fly. Although A. E. Waite credits the origin of these titles to Wierus in his 1910 publication The Book of Black Magic and Pacts, the real source is Les Farfadets by Charles Berbiguier. Interestingly, Berbiguier includes two versions of the biblical demon Moloch in his hierarchy: the demon Melchom is mentioned along with Moloch. Moloch is a Greek transcription of the Hebrew Molech, and in other parts of the Bible it is variously rendered Melchom and Milcom” – Michelle Belanger, The Dictionary of Demons: Expanded & Revised (pp. 277-278)

2022 Commonwealth Games, Opening Ceremony, Birmingham, England. Moloch worship from the psychopathic elites (Not Baal worship. ‘Baal’ pretty much means ‘lord’. It is Moloch worship… whatever this being may be, if it is indeed the name of a specific entity).
These five masks are ancient Buddhist Ox masks… Interesting.

This is an interesting old depiction of Cynocephali from the book ‘Medieval Monsters’, by Damien Kempf and Maria L Gilbert – it is showing the Cynocephali as having reptilian / eagle feet, like so many ‘demons’ have. A mistake, or something missed by other explorers or illustrators? – Who knows? But it is something to take note of:

A Cynocephali depicted as having reptilian / eagle feet.

It is also important to remember the Aztec god Xolotl was illustrated as a dog-faced being in one Aztec Codice and then with a reptilian-like face in another. Pazuzu was depicted with a lion face in one sculpture, but with a reptilian face in a few others. Enkidu was depicted as a being with a human-like face and horns (as well as with hooved feet) in one ancient carving and as a bipedal reptilian in another.

Below are some images on this very interesting map of the world from 1550, which I have also used in other articles in this series:

1550, Map of the known world commissioned by Henry II of France (r. 1547–59) or the Duc de Montmorency. One of the earliest maps to show Canada and Australia (‘Terre Australle’). (This link was working, but the site has now disabled the page… no wonder, the map showed some very interesting things – including tall White people living in America, Africa and Asia)

Left: East Indies / South Asia. Centre and Right: The very North of Asia

We also have these strange bipedal entities in the far South of South America. The strange man and the woman are depicted with the three forwards facing toes – they have the reptilian / eagle feet (Remember, illustrators will have not seen any of these beings themselves):

The very south of South America. See the reptilian / eagle feet.
There is also some devil / reptilian worship shown in East Asia.

Of course, we have also seen ‘dog-headed’ beings in some of the ancient Mesopotamian tablets, ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs and the Aztec Codices. It seems to me the dog-headed beings may be a type of bipedal Reptilian, but at the moment, the jury is out on that one.

Last Batch of Sculptures:

I will finish off the Additional Information Section with the last batch of reptilian sculptures and then one of my flashback memories.

From various locations in South America (all will very likely to be pre-Columbus)
Tairona, Colombia + Ecuador + Sumerian / Mesopotamian + Unknown
Ivory Coast, + Java, Indonesia + Java Indonesia + Columbia

A Nighttime Flashback Memory and a Third Eye Projection:

I left this to the end as I cannot prove this to you, and I know some people will find it hard to believe. I was not sure as to whether I should include it. But I did see a bipedal reptilian in one of my flashback memories – memories that vividly came back to me during the night in my thirties (I believe they are coming to me via my pineal gland / third eye). They are memories from my time working with The Breakaway Civilisation (How my flashback memories came back is described in my ‘Surviving in the Cosmos’ article). I have briefly spoken about this reptilian I saw in a few other articles on this site. Here are some images to help you imagine it’s face.

The central image of a Komodo dragon’s face is the closest image I have found.

I believe there are many types of bipedal reptilians, the one I saw in my memory had a snout and I did not see any horns (It was wearing some clothes, I am pretty sure it had a long coat on – it was not naked). It was over 6 foot tall – likely around 6 foot and 4 inches (a guess, as it was roughly my height, I was almost face to face with it at one point in the memory). The image on the left is a monitor lizard, its face was not as narrow as this (there was no tongue sticking out in the memory). The next two photos are of komodo dragons. All these images make me think about that memory. It didn’t look exactly like any of these images. The middle image of the komodo dragon is the closest image I found to its face. Its skin seemed to be a somewhat darker green than the central image, and the scales were a little more noticeable, perhaps slightly bigger scales.

There was quite a tense atmosphere in the memory and some panic from the people around me. I vividly remember turning to someone and telling them to go and get my gun when I first saw the bipedal reptilian at the front door of the craft. I do not necessarily think this reptilian was a part of the force that took over Earth all those years ago – this bipedal reptilian had a strange-looking, long-haired human companion standing alongside him, who had some type of textured skin and some type of reddish-brown pattern on it. They may have been a part of a different group – from what I have seen things are fairly complex beyond ‘quarantined’ Earth

As mentioned elsewhere on this site, I have also seen another reptilian being. It projected an image of itself into my third-eye on two consecutive mornings. This other one had a significantly flatter face and larger eyes. It was somewhat similar to this image below, but the eyes were much bigger, at least double this size, perhaps three times as big, and it had more orange in them. When you see with your third-eye the visual acuity is just like your other eyes, probably a little better in fact… I could see all the tiny orange flecks in this being’s large reptilian, slit-pupil eyes. Its skin was a similar colour, greyish green, but the scales must have been much smaller, as I could not clearly see scales like in the image below. I also don’t think it had snout, and its nostrils were higher. It was definitely a different type of reptilian to the one in my flashback / replayed memory.

I think the being projecting itself into my third-eye may have been an act of intimidation to my out-of-body / alternative self. This ‘other me’ has been heavily involved with various projects in other realms and on other planets (But it could have also occurred for many other reasons – things are very complex and expansive in the cosmos). But overall, it seems to me that there were specific reasons as to why I regained certain memories of my time with the Breakaway Civilisation. It opens your mind to possibilities and shifts your paradigm. Many of the articles on this site on Ufology and Spiritually, that expose various lies and subversions, would not have been created if I had not had all the metaphysical experiences I speak of, as well as all the returned flashback memories.


Next article in the series:

26 thoughts on “Bipedal Reptilians – ‘Demons’ and ‘Gods’ – incl. Satan, Lucifer and The Devil – Resets and Genocides, Part 11

  • September 20, 2022 at 3:45 pm

    Interesting stuff! It would be great if you could post more articles on the dangers Organised jewry pose to the ‘goyim’ or ‘amalek’ (and the dangers they pose to whites (Europeans) in particular):

    The hidden jewish hand behind in the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Truth about National Socialist Germany, National Socialism in general.

    Controlled opposition (e.g. ‘Kosher Conservative’ political parties/movements) who worship jews, zionism and israel. Gatekeepers and Shills.

    jewish control over the media, Disney, the big pharma companies (including those who manufacture the covid ‘vaccine’, aka the ‘Clot Shot’), finance, advertising.

    The jewish role in feminism and MGTOW. Drag Queen story hour and the jewish role in attempting to normalise pedophilia.

    jewish ritual sacrifices (burnt offerings) to their god: moloch.

    The holocaust hoax (they were internment camps- not death camps. Considering all the problems jews were causing in Germany, they had to be segregated from German society. The Concentration (Internment) Camps served that purpose. Soap, sausages, gas chambers, lampshades……all LIES).

    Loxism, jewish anti-white propaganda and narratives: ‘white privilege’, critical race theory (CRT), ‘diversity hiring’, ‘affirmative’ action or ‘positive discrimination’; the lie-ridden ‘official’ slavery narrative (scapegoating Europeans for slavery when, in fact, jews have played a dominant role in slavery). The jewish hand in abortion and promotion of miscegenation between Europeans and Africans, Asians and Middle Easterners.

    The jewish/judaic nature of communism: the jewish bankers and jewish ‘revolutionaries’ who introduced communism to China and Russia. The Holodomor Genocide of innocent Ukrainian Christians. jewish ‘compassionate humanitarians’ (sarcasm, by the way!): Genrikh Yagoda, Lazar Moiseyevich Kaganovich (Kogan), Lev Davidovich Bronstein, Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov-Blank, Matvei Davidovich Berman and numerous others I have not mentioned here.

    The hidden jewish hand in the overpopulation and climate change narrative. The Great Reset, IMF, WEF.

    To quote a jew (forgot his name): “We jews are a corrosive force”. They certainly are!

    I could go on and on. You can tell that I am no fan of the jew – and for good reason! My dislike of the jews is perfectly natural and organic. I’ve come a long, long, way from my brainwashed ‘normie’ days, when my eyes got all watery and a lump developed in my throat when ‘Mr School His-Story Teacher got our class to watch Swindler’s List.

    • September 26, 2022 at 10:53 pm

      Hi EndJewishPrivilege

      I appreciate what you are trying to do, and if you are posting this information on other websites that is great. As a proactive sharer of Truth I commend you. So many people are passive and do not have the courage to share Truths.

      But have you read around this site? You are preaching to the choir. I have covered pretty much all of what you mention in various articles on this site. Jewry are spoken of in most articles – just one example, my article exposing David Icke as controlled opposition also talks about the dangers we face from Jewry and exposes them. On this site there are various articles specifically on National Socialism and WW2 Truth, articles and large galleries containing a lot of information on Jewry / Zionism, articles about Jewry being behind multiculturalism, cultural Marxism, Hollywood, Usury and more…

      There are also numerous links to information on the holohoax and to various useful documentaries and lots of recommended reading.

      I suggest that you read around a website before posting, and then tailor / adapt your comment to the content of the website. The regular readers of my site will be wondering why you are posting this here.


      Tactics and Knowledge:

      If you just post about Jewry and their agendas over and over you will not widen your reach, you will not reach that many people.

      People who are interested in Spirituality, Metaphysics, Ufology and Ancient History find their way to my site, due to my content, and if they don’t know about Jewry and WW2 Truth they will certainly find out about them if they have a little look around my site – as they are mentioned in a great many articles. You don’t just post about Jewry when curating a website, that will not widen your reach.

      As well as this, people need to learn about a wide variety of topics. Just telling people it is the jews over and over will not turn things around (normies will also be resistant to that). Helping people understand the enormous influence of Jewry and their agendas is one part of awakening, an important part, but it is certainly not all you need to understand.

      You need a broad knowledge base and to be creative, you can subvert their agendas in a variety of ways. For example, you also have to learn about topics like health, detoxing, diet, psychology, ‘personality disorders’, introspective meditation, energy… On this website you can learn some universal Truths about electric / cosmic energy and ways to generate free energy – an engineer or scientist could take this information and through some experimentation create an easily replicable device that could change the world and massively subvert the (((NWO))) agenda.

      As well as this, if you can research into a topic and then clearly present the Truth (bypassing all the gate-keeping and subversive agents) and expose the lies, then you can save many Truthseekers a massive amount of time and effort, and also gain a lot of credibility.

      And in all honesty that ‘Interesting Stuff’ comment irked me a little. I am humble, patient an understanding but this is a lot more than an ‘Interesting Stuff’ article. Perhaps you did not read it all and grasp the significance. I know the alternative media well and I know the worth of some of my articles. There is nothing else to compare to this article out there in books or online. I have exposed an extremely dangerous extraterrestrial group, and helped people to understand our ancient history. This will save people a lot of time and get them straight to the Truth of the matter – people will not have to wade through the confusing maze of incredible amounts of subverting gate-keeping controlled agents who will keep leading them to dead ends or keep them going round in circles… it also exposes that there is so much controlled opposition out there.

      I have also shown people who Jewry, The Freemasons, Jesuits and Royal Families ultimately work for. I have brought a good deal of clarity to a topic that was a source of a lot of confusion for many people (Of course, Jewry have power over The Freemasons, other Banking Families, Jesuits and Royal Families…. they are all in it together.)

      Lucifer, Satan, The Devil, Baphomet, Moloch etc… we all know what group they are connected to now and what they represent.

      I also have a unique set of experiences and skill-set due to various metaphysical experiences, returned memories and a tuned intuition – I have a responsibility to look into certain topics and get to the Truth and offer insights.


      But again, I have a lot of respect for you as proactive sharer of Truth. Keep it up. But I suggest you check the website out more thoroughly first – and don’t think that just telling people that jews are behind it all is going to change everything and win the battle – it is an important aspect of the battle for sure, but not the only one. We need to be creative.

      By the way, I think you might be referring to the words of Douglas Rushkoff with the ‘corrosive force’ quote (It was from a video clip that used to be on YouTube a long time ago before the incessant censorship) – but I think the quotes from Maurice Samuel or Marcus Eli Ravage in one of my quote galleries are better… openly admitting that they are the subverters, intruders and destroyers.

      Best regards.

  • September 23, 2022 at 10:54 am

    Thanks for this. I have seen them a couple of times in dreams, the ones that I have seen are red and black. Pretty similar to the Sith in Starwars. Always had a bad feeling about them but never wanted to label them as reptilian because I was aware of the subversion from the people speaking about them in public.

    In the dreams, they have appeared as observers on the peripheral. Maybe because, as you say, they are not really active on this plane any more but always looking for a way in.

    • September 26, 2022 at 3:00 pm

      Hi Fiona

      Thankyou for the share.

      I don’t want to tell you what you experienced but that sounds more like an ‘other level / metaphysical experience / viewing’ that you were having – rather than what most people would call a dream. Something more than just a dream. It is tricky to discuss, as we just don’t have the vocabulary and necessary terms down here, and there are so many different types of experiences.

      Yes, I could have also mentioned Darth Maul from Star Wars. There is no doubt in my mind that he was there in that movie to represent a reptilian being… as shown in the article, there are various types.

      In a section of Part 14 I am going to talk a little about, and contemplate, what could have happened to the invading, parasitical reptilian group that was so dominant, why the bulk of them left, why the drastic reinvention of the planet in the 1800s, and if there was a change of power / new ownership of Earth? etc etc.

      They clearly cannot physically get down to (or up to) the surface any more though, they cannot get to us physically, and perhaps they have been cleared out of some of the connected other-level realms as well. Some people, who have bought into the subversive (((Ufology))) rhetoric, think malevolent ETs – specifically reptilians – can abduct people. I would have not even got close to exposing them if they, or any related malevolent beings, could get to us physically. We would not be having this awakening on this planet if they could get to us and abducts us… there would be no Truthers left. The bulk of (perhaps all) collections (abductions) from the 60s onwards have to have been from the Breakaway Germans and their allies (a resistance alliance) – it was for our own good (Some of the Small Greys even communicated that it was for their own good to some abductees). It is also yet more evidence that the Small Greys are not hostile and were allies of the resistance. As I have mentioned elsewhere, when you properly study the UFO activity since the end of WW2 up until present day, it is very evident that there is a benevolent, scouting, protective force in our atmosphere.

      Best regards.

  • October 5, 2022 at 6:31 pm

    I find the way humans were treated by these entities eerily similar to how animals are treated in medical experiments. I’m no PETA fan, but if you really look into what we do to animals in labs, it is absolutely appalling. If you look at what they are also probably doing in private labs with experimentation on splicing (like two-headed dogs and mixing species), it just gets weirder. I know there is also a spiritual component to what these entities do, so it’s hard to say how much what they do/did to us was corollary. Most of us live a very tame existence, so seeing some of these images of wanton cruelty can be very disturbing to those capable of empathy.

    I look forward to seeing the rest of your site.

    • October 6, 2022 at 4:06 pm

      Hello Anonymous

      Thankyou for your thoughts.

      Indeed, some of these images are very disturbing – there are a lot more to come in Part12, ‘The Underworld and Hell’. Hopefully, seeing these sorts of images might motivate people to try and turn things around on this planet and be more proactive working against The Proxies.

      I hear what you are saying, but it is not really ‘we’ who are doing those experiments. The general public, especially here in Europe, take great care of animals and our pets.

      But, yes. You could say that humans have been treated a bit like cattle – but cattle, in the main, are treated pretty well in comparison – especially by independent farmers who have their cows grazing in lush pastures. Humans do not torture the cattle.

      These non-human beings are very likely the same ‘souls’ / intelligences as the people down here that we call narcissists (npd), psychopaths and sociopaths – they just had no restrictions and did not have humans’ societal norms to conform to when they were in this non-human force.

      I am not entirely sure what you mean by spiritual component. Do you mean that these psychopathic entities serve some sort of purpose in the ‘grand scheme of things’? I am really not sure about that. Souls can be enslaved for a very long time – with holding areas for Souls when they die and then they reincarnate over and over. There is no real ‘learning experience’ for Souls that are shut-down, imprisoned (metaphysically), mind controlled and oppressed for a great many lifetimes… perhaps indefinitely. We don’t know enough about the cosmos and all the realms to be able to say that these types of entities have some type of ‘spiritual purpose’.

      One thing to note is that psychopaths, narcissists and sociopaths do not change, there is no treatment for them. So, will these entities ever change? It doesn’t sound like it. You have to neutralise or nullify a nearby intelligent alien species containing these types of entities (or at the very least, very closely monitor so that they do not become too advanced) – they only crave power and control – it is, in a sense, you or them. They will constantly seek to gain control or power over you – they are incredibly manipulative and will never stop.

      This enslavement of Souls is really all about energy harnessing for these entities. I talk about this in part 12 on The Underworld and Hells. The Cosmos is a pretty brutal place – it is like the natural world on our planet… Unforgiving and survival of the fittest.

      Best regards.

  • October 20, 2022 at 2:15 pm

    Hello is there a way to contact you? I want to discuss some topics with you. Also please let me know if you have a pdf of the 11 part series on reptilians?

    • October 20, 2022 at 8:49 pm

      Hi loki

      The only way to communicate with me is via the comment sections. I will respond to questions in any of the comment sections.

      The ‘Resets and Genocides’ series is all carefully saved, but I have not turned any of the articles into PDFs. I am still trying to get parts 12 and 13 of this series completed.

      Best regards.

  • October 28, 2022 at 10:08 pm

    Dear Entity Art and everyone else,

    First off, thank you for this article: I find it very eye-opening. My grandmother herself may have been taken by this malevolent force, because after her death my mother saw a weird creature running under my grandmother’s bed. So, I am especially motivated to help us fight against this force.

    I am writing here as a mathematics student, determined to help National Socialists like you. Unfortunately, I am facing great difficulties finishing my Bachelor’s degree – rather than studying conventionally, my Soul is moving me in the direction of discovering beautiful geometric proportions (much like the Chestahedron thing you posted, only more so in 2d), and, in general, the relation of Mathematics to the Metaphysical World. I have already discovered a formula, depicting when a^2=b^2+c^2 for a,b,c all natural numbers, and I have many other projects, which may be of great use.

    If you or anyone else on here knows of any ways I could get employed (am only willing to work for National Socialists), then may you please share this information with me? Note, that I am currently in a critical situation: my parents both have cancer, so there is only so much time left for me to search for Nationalist employers, before I may need to get hired by a conventional employer and waste my energy working for them. Contact me for my location and other details.

    • November 7, 2022 at 6:35 pm

      Hello Sieg Heil

      This isn’t really the correct article to post this under, but never mind. If you wish to reply to me, please write to me under a more suitable article.

      I am sorry to hear about your parents. I would suggest trying to assist them by helping them to change their diet to organic raw food – eliminating all processed food. I follow the raw primal diet and only eat raw easily digested foods and it is transformational. All disease is the body trying to rid you of, or protect you from, toxins – if you support the body with excellent nutrition / nutrient dense foods, then it can cleanse and repair.

      Some more thoughts to try and help you:

      All of us need to navigate our way through this insane prison planet full of brainwashed normies so that we can survive and pay the bills. It is unrealistic to think you can only work for National Socialists.

      I would suggest that you carry on with your mathematics and sacred geometry and finish your degree – but you also need to be practical and survive – we can’t always initially work in the field we want to and for who want to (hopefully you can, but it is not always the case). Staying alive and sharing Truth is important – but you need to be alive, healthy, have a roof over your head and have some finances to do so. You don’t always need to work for someone who has the same outlook to life as you – it would be great, but it rarely happens.

      While you are surviving, maybe think about eventually setting up a small business related to mathematics or another field you are interested in and know a good deal about… then you can work for yourself and perhaps then you can start thriving.

      Just some thoughts for you to consider.


      And by the way, whatever was seen under the bed would not have been a physical reptilian being of some kind. All evidence suggests they cannot get to us anymore – we have protection from that. There is no way I would be able to present these articles exposing them if they could get to us – in fact, the whole planet would look extremely different right now if they could, and we would not be having this awakening.

      Best regards and good luck.

  • December 16, 2022 at 11:09 am

    Hi I don’t know if you’ve seen this video yet. This video is pointing out that Yahweh is actually a dragon. In the Bible he was described as having an elongated snout. I know it’s on Youtube and this guy is probably a Limited Hangouts but it’s still interesting to give it a watch. Another thing that I wanted to add is I’m curious about this 7 headed dragon/serpent/reptilian bipedal thing as seen in the image I linked below. I couldn’t help but notice the second image looks like the Menorah. Is this creature the of the same being as those ‘demons’/archons?

    • December 18, 2022 at 4:14 pm

      Hi Tuisto

      Yes, that will definitely be a controlled opposition channel. (((YouTube))) is an absolutely ridiculous place now, after roughly 6-7 years of heavy censorship and the incessant seeding of controlled opposition. You can get some pieces of data on YouTube, but it is really just a hive of controlled agents trying to gate-keep and misdirect.

      As you very likely have already realised – if you read parts 10, 11 and 12 of this series – Yahweh was not a dragon, he was a bipedal reptilian. I had a quick look through this video you linked, I saw another video a while back, from a different gate-keeping controlled opposition channel, saying similar things. It is interesting how these controlled opposition ancient history academics, and ancient history YouTube creators, try so hard to misdirect us away from the Truth about the Reptilians – Truths that I am sharing in this series.

      As well as the evidence presented in part 11 of this series (the pottery illustration and old descriptions), If you study demonology you will see Yahweh mentioned. Sacrifices were being made to him and his wife in ancient times. People don’t sacrifice to dragons, and dragons don’t have wives 🙂

      Dragons were massively associated with this reptilian force. The reptilians flew in, and operated, the large flying ‘dragons’ – which were large flying vehicles. The smaller land dwelling dragons (there were various types) would have very likely been robotic creatures with artificial intelligence. When you hear about a ‘god’ ‘transforming’ into a dragon or other ‘mythical creature’ they were just getting into vehicles. So Yahweh, may have used a dragon (certain type of craft) but he was obviously not one.

      Mythical creatures were machines. Both A.I robotic creatures and vehicles. I will present information on this in Part 13 of this series on Mythical creatures and Advance technology

      Those multiple snake head images you shared are interesting, thanks. I present information on the seven, or multiple headed, dragons in Part 13 – which were again, some type of technology.

      Hope that helped.

  • December 21, 2022 at 2:43 am


    Greetings, just finished reading the article and I have few questions that I wanted to ask.

    1. Do you think the species that invade our earth is only Bipedal Reptilians type or are there any other species that we do not know of that invade our earth? (Excl. AI robot). Though I agree with your assertion that there’s another high dimensional being that pull the strings behind all of what’s happening and the BR are their proxies, like the Jews on earth.

    2. Why do you think it’s impossible that there are maybe hairy alien species in the middle ages? Maybe they are another species that worked with the Bipedal Reptilian force? What do you think?

    3. What do you think about ‘ghosts’ or human-like spirits that according to popular belief haunt people in haunted places? Are they of non-human force or are they Etemmu of deceased people?

    4. Lastly, this is just some wild theory of mine. I think the bird-like, crocodile-like, dragon-like, snake-like, etc., reptilians are actually different races of this same species i.e. the BR. Like us humans there are white, black, and yellow races. What are your thoughts on this?

    I apologize for asking too many and long questions but those are the questions that I’m curious about. I hope you don’t mind if I can ask more questions about other topics that I’m curious of and ask for your input on it in the future. Thanks a lot.

    • December 23, 2022 at 9:02 pm

      Hi Volkstrumm

      1. After completing some more research I do believe the bipedal reptilian force was in our Solar System before us and they created Earth humans / humanity. Probably not what people want to hear, but this is looking increasingly likely. I no longer think they invaded. They created a lot of stories for the human civilisations. The civilisations that they seeded after each reset.

      This force likely does work with some other non-reptilian ETs. I showed you the corpse-like ET – Mictlantecuhtli (aztec god) Ah Puch / Kisin (mayan god) ‘Death’ (european entity). Vecna in ‘Stranger Things’ and Ebony Maw in the Marvel movies represent these corpse like Extra-terrestrials.

      2. I believe it is most likely that the depictions of hairy demons (reptilians) were errors by the confused, low-consciousness medieval people, who heard descriptions of beastly faces and goat-shaped legs and then added hair to some of the illustrations. But we can’t know for sure, there may have been some hairy beings connected to them.

      3. I don’t’ know enough about so-called haunted places to have an opinion.

      4. Not a wild theory. Absolutely, yes. This is what I believe is occurring. There are different types of bipedal reptilians in the empire and some look like Earth animals, animals that were familiar to the humans of those times, so they are depicted with lion, dog, crocodile and bird faces etc – perhaps so as to differentiate them in some cases. And yes, they may be, what we might call, different bipedal reptilian subspecies or bipedal reptilian races (Not dragon ones though – dragons are some of the bipedal reptilians robots and vehicles – Part 13 of the series will show you that). These bipedal reptilians are also skilled genetic engineers, so they likely made different types of reptilians for different roles within the empire.


      You are welcome to ask questions. The amount of time it takes for me to reply varies, but I will answer them.

      Hope that helped.

      • December 25, 2022 at 7:03 am

        Hello EA,

        I am skeptical about your 1st answer to the 1st question that these hostile reptilian ETs created humanity. Maybe the “information” you stumble upon about it is yet another form of disinformation or subversion spewed out by disinfo shills and alike like you mentioned many times before. Plus, I hope you can answer my question and doubt about the Zanfretta Case that I asked in the comment section of the 2nd Ufology Explained article.

        • December 31, 2022 at 6:34 pm

          Hi Tank88

          I understand if you are sceptical, that is natural when you come across new information. And I know a lot of people are not going to want to believe it. I didn’t want to when I first saw the information coming together, but I just want to find the Truth. When looking at ancient history as a whole, with a critical eye, with some focus on some of the creations stories – particularly the Sumerian ones and some of the Aztec stories – in conjunction with other information on our strange genetic make up (fused chromosomes etc – Lloyd Pye’s work etc), it is pointing towards this being the case.

          By the way, it is not a piece of information ‘I have stumbled upon’. Mate, you should know by now that I don’t work like that – I collect data and info myself and then make my own conclusions. Again, when you take into account all of the ancient history information, looking at the patterns and correlations, it looks like this is the case. For starters, check out the Ehecatl Aztec Underworld Story in Part 12 of this series and then read up on Sumerian history, remembering that the Anunnaki are these bipedal reptilians.

          One thing we do have to bear in mind, is that the reptilians have lied to humanity on various occasions – however, the evidence is often ancient recorded histories, and I doubt the reptilians ever thought that we would have an awakening like we are, and would begin to correlate and analyse information.

          It looks like the bipedal reptilians may have been in this region of the cosmos before us and created Earth humans. It is not to necessarily to say that we are the first ever humans like us in the galaxy, or Cosmos. But it looks like they may have used DNA from their database and fused it / combined it with a little from some primitive hominids that were already on Earth.

          It looks like the reptilians have been creating different populations of humans on this planet, watching them grow, ruling them and or influencing them covertly, and then wiping them out (resets). Then starting some more – then wiping them out, etc etc (how many times we cannot be sure). We can look at all the remnants of very old civilisations that are being discovered around the world – some of which have sculptures of reptilians found on site.

          As so much history has been wiped, it is difficult to know who many times they have done this.

          I will talk about this more in a further article, and I will look into it all further.

          I can’t say it with complete certainty just yet – but at the moment, it is looking like this could well be the case.


          I will check out that abduction case you mention at some point, I haven’t forgotten it, but I am focusing on getting Part 13 finished at the moment – I have a list of comments to catch up on. Only so much time in the day, unfortunately. I will just say that it is unlikely that the Breakaway Civilisation had full control of who could reach earthlings in the 50s, 60s, 70s – and possibly the 80s – as this would also involve dominating the other realms / other levels connected to Earth, so some strange abductions or interactions may have occurred then… And, of course, as well as this, we have various fake ones made up by Jewry, Freemasons and their agents that we have to consider.

          Hope that helped.

  • January 14, 2023 at 3:34 pm

    Hi there again Entity Art!

    I was just reading some of your new comment replies, and I had a question about this:

    “I do not think it is just an Earth / Solar System issue – everything is going to be much more complex and expansive. Large empires can exist in the cosmos. It could be a galactic size issue.”

    Do you think that this reptilian empire that you’ve been talking about is native to our Milky Way galaxy?


    • January 22, 2023 at 2:04 am

      Hi Mike

      Maybe not ‘native’, but I would say that they were here before humans. That this was / is their region.

      All the evidence I am seeing is pointing towards the bipedal reptilians making / genetically engineering Earth humans.

  • February 28, 2023 at 5:35 pm

    Hello EA,

    I was wondering if you’d ever heard the story of The devil creatures of Quang Binh? If not here is a link.

    Regardless of whether we can prove the story is true or not, it seems to line up perfectly with what you’re saying here about bipedal reptilians. In these stories they emerge from caves and some report they are bio luminescent.

    In that video it says there is the largest cave known to man in Vietnam somewhere in the middle of the country. It reportedly has species of wildlife thought to be extinct and other species only ever found there. Also there are stories of these bipedal reptilians encountered within.

    Apparently the cave was opened to public tours in 2013.

    • March 1, 2023 at 10:04 pm

      Hi NinelsDivine

      If you really dig, there are lots of ancient stories about bipedal reptilian beings.

    • July 11, 2023 at 12:32 pm

      Hi meg

      Yes, she 100 percent looks like controlled opposition – as does everyone else on this playlist.

      She is probably another soulless narcissist (NPD). See my article on Narcissists and Psychopaths on this website.

    • February 21, 2024 at 6:43 am

      I am not sure about this ‘triad claw’. I haven’t looked into it enough. But it could possibly be related to this and could be them paying homage. I know these ‘elite’ Freemasons pay homage to their ‘gods’ in lots of different ways.


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