Black Lives Matter – The Lies and Deceptions

Black Lives Matter is an organisation that is based on false historical information, lies and propaganda… and official statistics do not support their rhetoric. Black Lives Matter is not there to help Black people and Black communities. It is a Marxist organization being used to destroy certain predominantly White affluent Nations, particularly America… one of many different tactics International Jewry are employing to attempt to bring forth their New Word Order.

I will show that Black Lives Matter is based on lies and deceptions.


  • Slave Trade Truths (Jewish run Atlantic Slave Trade)
  • A Marxist Organisation and Funding
  • Statistics
  • Crimes Against White Folk by Black People – Unreported by MSM:
  • False Reporting and Psyops (George Floyd fake death & the Trayvon Martin deceptions)
  • Black people speaking out against Black Lives Matter
  • White people do not run America or Europe – International Jewry does

Slave Trade Truths (Jewish run Atlantic Slave Trade)

I know Black Lives Matter was supposedly founded on this notion of Police Racism against Black men, but underlying this movement is this resentment and stigma attached to slavery. This subject is so often brought up by brainwashed liberals, and ill-informed Black people connected to BLM when discussing this topic. Perhaps the biggest lie related to this BLM movement is the notion that White people were behind the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. I think it is important to address this subject first. The Black Leader Luis Farrakhan exposed this some time ago with the books called ‘The Secret relationship between Blacks and Jews’. The books use mainly Jewish books and articles as their sources of information. The books expose that it was a Jewish industry and endeavour, as did the Black Professor Tony Martin in his lectures. We must also remember that Black people were catching other Black people to sell to these Jewish traders.

Louis Farrakhan and Professor Tony Martin

Here is a link to a website article called We Thought They Were White:

Below are two screen grabs from the article. The creator used to have a website but it was created on the weebly site, so it was censored. The article is packed full of information.

Some more information on who really ran the Transatlantic Slave Trade here and here

I have seen various historical sources estimate that at the height of the Transatlantic slave trade less than 2 percent of White people in America owned slaves… some say the actual figure was around 1.4 percent. It is difficult to ascertain the exact amount of White people who actually had slaves, but it was low… and White people most certainly did not run the slave trade. White people fought to free the slaves… it really is an upside down world we live in at times. The Jewish people owned the cotton plantations and the ships. Documented in the books above and in the linked article above.

Slavery took place all around the world. We never hear about all the other slavery that occurred on other continents – a few examples:


It is also estimated that there were as many Africans used as slaves by Muslims as were taken in the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. This Muslim Trading in slaves started before the Trans-Atlantic one. Why do we not hear about it in the Mainstream Media? Why do BLM never talk about this? These are rhetorical questions, I know why.

Christian Slaves, Muslim Masters, by Robert C Davis

It is estimated that somewhere between 1 million to 1.25 million European slaves were captured and used by Muslims.

“In this book, Davis uses many new historical sources to re-examine one of the least understood forms of human bondage in modern times – the systematic enslavement of white, Christian Europeans by the Muslims of North Africa’s Barbary Coast. Far from the minor phenomenon that many have assumed it to be, white slavery in the Maghreb turns out, in Davis’ account, to have had enormous consequences, ensnaring as many as a million victims from France and Italy to Spain, Holland, Great Britain, the Americas, and even Iceland in the centuries when it flourished between 1500 and 1800” –

Marxist Organisation and Funding

This video features one of the co-founders of BLM admitting that the people who run BLM are trained Marxists. “We are trained Marxists, we are super versed on… ideological theories.”

It is not about helping Black Communities then is it…

We know George Soros funds Antifa, this is very widely known… this same man also funds BLM… A left wing Marxist Jewish billionaire man funds the violent left wing Antifa… and BLM… what is his motivation for funding BLM? … I wonder.

“These days, it seems like if you scratch a violent radical protest group, you unearth the involvement of George Soros, merely one among a vast network of billionaire donors hell-bent on destroying America. Someone ought to write a book about that.” –

Below is a screen grab of a Wikipedia page of one of the other founders of BLM before the above video circulated, it has since been edited to take out that critical information… an attempt at damage control.


Here we can look at some graphs and videos. This idea that Black Men are being targeted by Police in the US is not based on facts or statistics. The reason people believe this rhetoric is because the people who own Mainstream Media have an agenda that they continually push… and many people are overly emotional, easily manipulated and do zero genuine research. Over the years I have come across lots of crimes statistics and not once have I seen statistics that back up and support the BLM rhetoric.

The first video below is Ben Shapiro debunking the idea of institutional and systematic racism against Black people. I didn’t want to use a video with Ben Shapiro – as he is Zionist Controlled Opposition (Shapiro is obviously Jewish and not White, by the way), but he makes some great points in this video. Here is one of them:

“Hands up don’t shoot was based on a lie, that’s problematic – the idea that there is a huge number of Black young men who are being shot for no reason by Police Officers is not statistically true, it’s just not statistically true. The fact is that, according to statistical studies at John Jay college (John Jay College of Criminal Justice), if you are a White man in a similar confrontation with police you have a better chance of being shot by a Police Officer than if you are a young Black man. More White men are shot by police every year in this country… (America)”

A video in a later section, by the Hodge Twins, also mentions some similar statistics… statistics showing that you are more likely to be shot by a Police Officer in the U.S if your are White.

Crimes Against White Folk by Black People – Unreported by MSM:

Here we have the Hodge Twins. Two Black guys exposing BLM. Showing White men being killed by cops – in two of these events the whole event was filmed – and one is of Black cops shooting at a car and killing a young White child – and you don’t hear anything about it! There are no protests organised, no White Lives Matter movements… and no media outrage… nothing…. They also tell you how the statistics do not back up the narrative – one example they put forward: Over a period of 2 years 86 men were killed for brandishing fake toy guns in America … 50 of those killed were White… we never heard about them…

During these George Floyd riots so many White folk have been attacked by groups of Black people. You do not see them on the Mainstream Media. They are buried deep. And YouTube deletes most uploads of them. You have to keep an eye on certain alternative media outlets to see them. I saw them on Bitchute and you also sometimes see them on twitter. Here are images with a brief description and a link to the video (these are just a selection, I have seen more, and these are the only ones that were filmed – I have heard stories of many others):

A small White woman standing outside her shop punched in the head and beaten with wood by some Black men:

A White man beaten very violently trying to stop Looters from looting his store – kicked in the head while down on the floor:

White man chased and attacked by a large gang and beaten because of his red hat:

White journalists attacked and beaten:

Young White guy repeatedly punched by young Black men;

Where is the media outrage for these events?? Just imagine if this was White people doing this… the media outrage would be extreme…

This has all been going on for many years… and is obviously getting worse. Through the internet and widespread use of mobile phones we get to see lots of the racially motivated crimes against White people. At the end of this article there are 3 more events featured – with images and links… I need to move onto the next section now.

False Reporting and Psyops

George Floyd fake death – and the Trayvon Martin deceptions

George Floyd

Most people see a few images, or a short piece of footage on MSM, and hear the official story and believe what they are told. Some of us do not – we analyse all the footage. And there is usually more footage than the very short clip shown on MSM. When analysing all the footage of the George Floyd event you can see that it is clearly fake… a staged event… a psyop…

Here are three images in chronological order and then two further images. George Floyd is handcuffed, and then when see him lying on the floor behind the car he is not. This is of course totally illogical. There is footage from different angles and cameras. At one point there is even footage of George Floyd inside the Police car. Then they cut to him being on the floor behind the Police car with his head sticking out from behind the wheel… and again, now he is uncuffed! There is also footage from an alternative viewpoint and we can see that the people who should be standing on the sidewalk filming and talking to the officers are not there.

Cuffed to uncuffed:

In the below image he is apparently in the car – as the official story says. They get a man, who has not been struggling at all, cuffed into a Police car – four Police Officers dealing with the situation, and then from here he ends up lying on the floor uncuffed in the road?! This is surely a first! And none of the Police Officers movements and actions in this scene make sense. ‘Maybe they got him on the floor on purpose to kill him,’ someone might say. Give me a break! Fours cops, at least 3 of them of different races, wanting to murder a Black man – this does not happen in real life… and why would they do anything illegal, or go against procedures when they can see at least two people are filming them? And they would also have been aware of the CCTV cameras.

The people talking to the cops and filming from the sidewalk in one set of footage are not there in this alternative footage from a different angle. The footage does not match up at all.

This was one of the main images that the MSM were using for George – it has a bottle of corona in the background… this a classic sign of Freemasonry at work… they do this in their fake events, they show people, with carefully placed hints, that it is fake.

Some more anomalies:

Who would kneel on a mans neck for over 8 mins while being filmed?! Especially as a White male cop, knowing that there is already a belief within the Black community that cops are racist against Black men. And while being filmed he is just staring blankly into the camera as well… totally illogical.

George Floyd did not struggle at all, at any point.

George Floyd and Officer Derek Chauvin both worked security at El Nuevo Rodeo nightclub as bouncers … what are the chances of that?

The next door neighbours of Chauvin did not know he was a cop and they thought he worked in real estate… very suspicious.

There is the 666 on the bin in the footage.

There are also various articles and videos on the internet showing that some people in George’s family are known to be Freemasons.

George Floyd has appeared in Porn Movies and is a convicted armed robber… does he appear to be the sort character who would be compromised?… that they would have some dirt on him to use against him? … as well as someone without any scruples?

Trayvon Martin

This case was supposedly one of the main catalysts for the forming of Blacks Live Matter. But the official MSM narrative for this case has proved to be false.

The amount of deception in the Trayvon Martin case is exposed here in this documentary. The amount of effort that went into the perpetuation of this lie… the false ‘White racist killing of a young innocent Black boy’ narrative… false witnesses exposed… the lies, deception and corruption exposed… You can watch the documentary to see the Truth.

Black People Speaking out:

It is important to note that not all Black People support BLM. Below are videos of Black people speaking out against BLM, there are some more out there, this is just a selection – but you will very rarely see people like this on MSM.

Generally in these videos Black people are saying that Black communities need to take responsibility for their actions and the problems that they have created. E.g. Very high rates of single parent families, very high rates of Black on Black murders, and high rates of crime, gang activity, drug selling and robbery… and high rates of school dropouts and poor attitudes at school – as well as dropping out of the workforce.

Some mention that there is no systematic racism – that so many Black people are able to rise in their professions unhindered… There are many rich Black professionals around, and not just in the media – there are high ranking Black police officers for example, America even had a Black president, there are even employment laws that discriminate for Black people… Some are saying that Black people have developed this victim mindset… a mindset of blame and complaining.

Some also mention the hypocrisy… Black people in America are killing Black people at high rates in their communities… but the only Black lives that seem to matter are the criminals.

White People do not run America and Europe – International Jewry does:

Central Banks, Hollywood, the major Media Corporations, the Music Industry, most large Pharmaceutical Corporations, Google, Disney, Amazon, YouTube, Netflix etc etc… these are not run by White people… but by Jewry. White people have very little influence compared to Jewry. Jewish people run America, they even admit that they do… even people with basic levels of research ability can work out this Truth.

Netanyahu has said very similar things, as did Harold Wallace Rosenthal

Jewry also run the major European Nations and their media – these major European Nations have Zionist puppet politicians doing what the Jewish Banking Cartels tell them to… the same can be said for Australia, Canada and other predominantly White Nations.

Concluding Words

The evidence is all there. So many lies and deceptions go towards creating this Black Lives Matter agenda. As mentioned previously, BLM is certainly not there for the good of Black people… and it is most certainly not good for White people.

They are creating ill-informed, victim and blame mindsets within Black communities, and influencing many of them to take their general life frustrations and aggression out on White people… the violence being carried out against White people is increasing all the time… and this is not just happening in America.

There is more than enough evidence in this article for people to see the agenda that Mainstream Media has – a very anti-White agenda. Mainstream Media is pushing lies, distorting information and leaving out other critical information. Who owns all the media? International Jewry.

This agenda against White people is very clear.


The events in the first two videos below occurred just after the George Floyd riots. Suggesting that BLM has created this feeling that White people can be attacked without consequence or that it is justified in some way.

The first is a guy nonchalantly hitting a 92 year old White woman – knocking her over.

The second is a gang of youths beating up a White guy outside a shop… apparently the beaten White guy said this afterwards: “They came up to me and kicked me in the face and said, ‘BLACK LIVES MATTER, ****!”

The third event occurred not long before the riots – it is of a Black care worker beating up very elderly White people that he is supposed to be taking care of… again, if this was a White person doing this to Black people the outrage would be immense, it would be everywhere on MSM.

(This is just a small selection – and as I have been writing this article I have seen at least five more recent events of violence against White people that have been filmed on mobile phones… the levels of violence in all this footage is shocking…)


2 thoughts on “Black Lives Matter – The Lies and Deceptions

  • June 29, 2020 at 1:16 pm

    Why is there no reporter who has tried to interview Derek Chauvin, any other police who were there, or any of those bystanders? We’ve had a lot of sequential attempts to stop the President to is destroying globalism. I don’t see anyone tying them together or tying any of this to the predictions in the 1980s book “The Aquarian Conspiracy.”

  • June 29, 2020 at 1:55 pm

    Hi Bob. Yes, indeed. Another sign that it is a psyop… no interviews with anyone involved, the various supposed ‘bystanders’ and those that knew the other officers. I don’t think they could interview the officers for legals reason though. The other officers are hardly even spoken of or mentioned in the MSM.. almost like they had nothing to do with it. It is also very peculiar how none of the other officers did anything when George apparently said ‘I cant breathe.’. None of it is logical.

    Not sure what you meant about the President and Globalism. Trump is a Zionist puppet… he is a puppet of the Elites. You can look into his connections and his families connections… He is connected to lots of Jews and Jewish groups… friends with Epstein as well of course.

    One of the reasons for Trump is to get people to keep buying into the Left / Right political deception. Whoever is ‘elected’
    always works for the Jewish Banking Cartels. Trump is Controlled Opposition to the Marxists and Communists – he is not really against them though. He is working towards this New World Order, he is just playing his part… reading his scripts. Trump is not trying to stop Globalism. Capitalism and Communism are both tools of the Jews/Zionists.

    But there is Third Position Philosophy.


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