Third Position Philosophy and the Left / Right Political Deception

Update: 1st August 2020

Renegade Tribune recently created an article on Cultured Thug. It makes some good points in it. The link to their article is at the end of this update.

I was reticent about using some of Cultured Thugs work in an article, I did mention this in the article, that I was not aligned with him on everything – as I had my concerns about some of his other videos and comments, as well as some of the suspect people he had worked with.

I was swayed to use some of his work by that recent video he did on 3rd Position, as it did a good job of highlighting and outlining some key aspects for creating a successful nation… I did however think it suspicious how little he related it to National Socialism. That did feel strange, when the obvious comparisons were there throughout.

The article by Renegade was timely for me as I had been contemplating my decision to use some of his work. I had also recently seen him working with Keith Woods, who I feel is controlled opposition. And I contemplated writing an update to the article.

I have taken away all links to this article on my website for the moment as I contemplate and investigate further, but the article is still live, as if people search for it they will find this update.

And I do feel it is not right to place National Socialism alongside these ‘fascist’ / ‘3rd position’ type movements. It stands apart from them, and above them.

The article by Renegade Tribune to take into consideration:

Third Position Philosophy – The alternative to the Left / Right political deception.

The core components of Third Position Philosophy:

  1. Collectivism
  2. Anti Materialistic
  3. Idealistic
  4. Traditionalistic and Futuristic
  5. Law and Order


1. Misconceptions and the Left / Right Political Deception

2. Transcript of the Video ‘3rd Position Philosophy’The Core Components explained.

3. Concluding Words

4. Bonus Video Transcript


Misconceptions and the Left / Right Political Deception:

We have many people aware of the (((New World Order))) Agenda. But we have many of these same people confused… as they are looking for ways to fight back and stop it, and they don’t seem to know how to defeat, or work against, this corrupt political system. Because the movements that have threatened the (((New World Order))) have been incessantly demonised and a great many of these people who think they are ‘awake’ are still brainwashed against these Third Position movements.

The amount of lies we have been subjected to about Italian Fascism and Germany’s National Socialism – which are two different Third Position movements – is astounding. Of course they have also lied to us about all the other Third Position movements as well… and suppressed and censored information about them… For example, people new to this topic are unlikely to have heard of Spanish Falangism. They lie about them to us incessantly, and even attempt to hide the existence of the lesser known movements, via the media that (((they))) own and run, and the education systems they control, because they truly fear the Truth of these movements – the tribe behind the New World Order agenda.

After researching Third Position philosophies and movements, you can move beyond the brainwashing and see that they are actually about unity, the common good, national communities, advancement, spirituality, love, grand goals, and comradeship. They are movements from the people for the greater good of the people in that Nation.

I have a couple of articles on National Socialism on this website. National Socialism was, and is, a Third Position movement. The most successful Third Position Movement. It was the movement that came close to stopping the New World Order agenda.

As mentioned, there have also been other Third Position Movements throughout History, that most are not aware of. They are, of course, not all equal – some are superior – and they do not all employ the same methods in their attempts to reach their goals… but they have the same core components.

So many people are stuck in the Left / Right political deception. Both Left and Right are controlled by International Jewry and the Banking Cartels. Communism and Capitalism are both tools of International Jewry. People in most Nations – especially affluent White Nations – are always electing just another Zionist / Marxist puppet politician that are owned by the Banking Cartels… and they are usually Freemasons… Jewry control both sides. We can see clearly that our Nations never improve and only ever regress because of this. But there is a Third Position. There is another way… and as National Socialism in Germany demonstrated, a much more successful and beneficial way… a way that can greatly benefit the Nation and their people… as well as the world as a whole.

“Capitalism is a Libertarian doctrine that is all about the individual. If you make a lot of money by harming many other people that’s insanely considered by libertarians to be fine. Communism is a Judeo-Masonic doctrine about the collective; your life belongs to the government and you need to work for the government or you die and you’ll probably die by the government anyways.” – enrightpedia

We have brainwashed people saying that the restrictions and the agendas from this New World Order agenda are ‘Nazism’ and ‘Fascism’. The ignorance people show when using these phrases is astonishing. It is Communism – the New World Order is obviously a Communist / Marxist agenda. Third Position movements come from the people. People coming together, uniting with high ideals, looking to sacrifice for the betterment of their people – it is often a reaction to Communism.

The controlled agent David Icke also regularly likes to say that the ever increasing NWO restrictions are ‘Fascism’ or ‘Fascist’… he knows what he’s doing. Fascism is really mainly about the notion of – ‘united we are stronger’… that is the root of Fascism. It is based on the fascis – the bundle of wooden rods tied together… a single rod is easily broken… the rods all unified and tied together cannot be broken. There is no set doctrine to Fascism, the methods of Fascism all depend on what is thought best to achieve that goal of unity – the goal of a National Community and advancements that benefit the Nation as a whole. All Third Position movements are based around this notion of unity and that ‘united we are stronger’.

We can use National Socialism as an example. The DAP (The German Workers Party) started out very small and then grew bit by bit, after a year or so they renamed themselves The NSDAP (The National Socialist Germans Workers Party) – after which they continued to slowly grow – through speeches, through leafleting, and marching in solidarity. Out of these early years a talented honorable leader emerged, who the people backed and championed… Adolf Hitler. The National Socialists were continuously attacked by their government and especially by Communists… spat at, missiles thrown at them, kicked, punched, shot at, killed, slandered – but they kept on marching peacefully in unity and solidarity, and they kept speaking out. A movement from the people that grew – it was a reaction to the corruption, poverty, degeneracy and disarray in their Nation and the suffering of the German people. It was not Right or Left – it was Third Position philosophy that they were advocating.

As people / ‘normies’ are so brainwashed against National Socialism and Fascism (Fascism being an Italian Third Position Movement) it can be useful to talk about Third Position Philosophy with them – especially when people are talking about Left and Right politics. They will, on most occasions, not have heard of this term. If you describe what Third Position actually is without mentioning National Socialism or Fascism many would very much agree with it, as their programming and brainwashing against those words would be bypassed. They can be told about the movements throughout history that were Third Position movements after they have come to see the solutions that Third Position Philosophy offers. (After watching Cultured Thug’s videos I found there were more than I had previously thought. They are hidden away from us.)

Core Components of 3rd Position Philosophy – Video Transcription

Below is a transcript of a video by Cultured Thug. He used to have a channel on YouTube but that was, of course, censored. His channel on Bitchute has many videos on Third Position Philosophy and Third Position Movements – and on the leaders that emerged from these movements. I chose this video as it is a clear explanation / overview of Third Position philosophy, that people new to the topic, or even perhaps ‘normies,’ can easily understand and engage with. Cultured Thug has produced some very informative work on his channel, I am aligned with most of his work, but I don’t agree with everything he says on certain topics – but not many people are aligned on everything.

This is an image of the Bitchute video. If you click on it it will open in a new tab. (A YouTube version of the video is embedded at the end of the article). Here is the Bitchute url link as well:

Video Transcript:

Fascism is a branch on a Third Position Tree. Fascism being the Italian expression of Third Position Philosophy. There are many different parties that sprung up in many different countries that are referred to as Fascist organisations, but Third Position being the more accurate term that binds the commonalities between these organisations. Third Position ideas stem from universal philosophical concepts that manifest into material governments that organically grow and adapt to their National Surrounding. This is why you will have differences of surface governmental applications between, let us say for example, Italian Fascism and Spanish Falangism. While they may differ in aesthetics and procedures they share the common well-spring philosophy of Third Position. Thus making them unique but comrades at their core. Let us look at the core universal concepts of 3rd Position philosophy.

First we must understand Third Position is neither Right nor Left. There may be parts of Third Position governments that have aspects that may be in common with certain right wing or left wing beliefs, but this as far as the resemblances go.

Third Position is created from the realisation of the failures of both the Right and Left.

1. Collective Philosophy

Third Position is a Collectivist Philosophy. Meaning: ‘United we are stronger’. It places the community over the individual.

2. Anti Materialistic

It is anti-materialistic. Meaning it puts more value to life than what merely the naked eye can see. It promotes a spirituality. Deeper meanings to life outside of just sense experience. Being that it puts value in the citizen as a wonderful spiritual being who has untapped potential and therefore is not reduced to mere numbers as man is under the capitalist and communist economic and governmental models. 3rd Position economics is anti-materialistic therefore it serves as a tool to benefit the individual and the community. Not dogmatic numerical gods to worship and sacrifice existence for. Man is not valued by his income but more so by his honor and character.

3. Idealistic Political Philosophy

3rd position is an idealistic political philosophy. Meaning it places grand goals to achieve on the individual and on the community.

4. Traditionalistic and Futuristic

It is also traditionalist and futuristic, meaning it respects the values of the culture that was an expression of a peoples ancestors and their sacrifices. But it also moves forward in technology and sciences to obtain the goals of the community.

5. Law and Order

Lastly it is a Law and Order system. Punishing bad behaviour. Not tolerating subversion, but rather rewarding discipline.

These are the core philosophical components that every Third Position organisation shares at their well-spring.

This is why it has been confusing for many people to try and define fascism. Because typically the lay man will try to define it by its material components rather than its philosophical core. With that said let us quickly materialise a hypothetical third position platform to show how the philosophy can and is manifested into reality:

Being a collectivist ideology it must create a common ground among the people to get them to work together and treat each other as somewhat of an extended family. This is created by forming unity. Unity is strongest under homogeneity. Therefore our hypothetical system would endorse and promote nationalism – and depending on the country in question the nationalism can come for either ethnicity, as it did in National Socialist Germany, or in religion, as it did in Legionary Romania, or shared culture and history and experience, as it did in places like Spain, Brazil and Italy. A country like America would fit the latter example. While a country like Sweden would fit in the former being based around Ethnicity.

(From my own insights into Race, DNA and genetics – and its social and metaphysical significance – my view is that ethnic homogeneity is very important. The only truly successful Third Position movement had this at its core. This is not about being against other races, but about understanding the social and spiritual significance, and the elevation and improvement of your own Race… your extended family. Is it absolutely essential for a successful Third Position movement? It is difficult to tell, but the most successful one had ethnic homogeneity at its core.)

Being anti-materialistic economics is now made to better the community as a whole. Therefore education and healthcare would be nationalised. An economic system like syndicalism can be employed where, just for example, we can say profit is divided into 3 categories for every business: The employer, the employee and the state. Avoiding division from class warfare and the vultures that seek to amplify division by pitting citizens against each other is obtained by:

A. Shortening of the gap between the pay differences of the classes.

B. True meritocracy – meaning even the ditch-diggers kid goes to the finest ivy league school if he has the Aptitude to do so. Just as the heart surgeon’s kid is not guaranteed the finest university because of wealth but ends up where his drive and intelligence takes him – be that an ivy league school, a trade school or some other pursuit.

(We can look at the Adolf Hitler Schools in National Socialist Germany. Great care was made to make sure the most talented, and those with the best character, would rise to the top – regardless of where they came from. Not just those who had rich families and elitist connections, like we see in our Nations today.)

C. Now work is not simply to make a company rich while the worker stagnates – but is actually a vital part of the system, which in turn benefits you and your community. Therefore work loses its purely material functions of making someone rich, and has a deeper meaning of being a vital part in the betterment of yourself, your family, your community, and your nation.

(We can also look at the National Socialist economic miracle. The economy in National Socialist Germany was created to serve the people – unlike in Europe now, where the economy oppresses the people and serves the Elites. In this National Socialist system individuality, creativity, small businesses and free enterprise were encouraged, but this enterprise could not be to the detriment of the National community. The state did not allow monopolies or damaging economic imbalances, as this did not benefit the National Community… National Socialism found the correct balance between state regulation and freedom… a free market with some regulation. Without this regulation the rich just get increasingly more affluent and powerful – and the Nation then suffers.)

Being Idealistic it places grand goals on self and community, and since profit for corporate oligarchies is no longer the main motivation of economics harmful advertisements that feed on man’s lower instincts are no longer.

What is encouraged and advertised are healthy moral upstanding people who strive to be their best selves – therefore producing their best results – potential that goes untapped in most people today, thanks to corporate oligarchies feeding on man’s sex drives, gluttonous instincts and other biological hard-wiring that advertisement has learned to tap into.

On a macro level, since individuals can no longer hoard resources now, resources are used for grand goals – say like planet hopping – exploring our universe – or the depths of our oceans. As life is given more value as we play our part in trying to answer and contemplate the many mysteries of existence that currently go largely forgotten about in this current cycle of work to consume – to feed physical urges – repeat until death.

Traditional and Futuristic – we know what a man and what woman is – both science and tradition agree here. Religious beliefs are respected but so is the pursuit of science – our ethics are maintained and do not change with the times, but our technology does. Scientists are no longer reliant on grants from private corporations serving their own interest, but are well funded by the community / the nation, because they play a vital role in the advancement of the people as a whole.

(If you study National Socialist Germany and watch the archived footage you will see parades celebrating traditional art and traditional dress…. celebrating their culture and traditions. You will also learn about all the tremendous technological advancements they made in a short period of time.)

Law and order: If you violate laws you go to work camps and you work yourself free – you learnt what it is to be a contributing member of the community. If the crimes are so severe you receive capital punishment. The madness of today where people are committing random violence against their fellow citizens, or molesting the young, are no longer tolerated and dealt with in a minimal manner, but instead are dealt with in a maximum manner – where it is made clear you are not wanted and your life is not worth more than that of the community.

And this is a quick example just to highlight how the philosophy of 3rd Position can be erected into actual politics. What is most important to understand is that 3rd Position philosophy – the core universal tenants of it are simply guidelines to building the politics of a people. It is the people, who through their support of a leader, that use those guidelines to create something truly progressive and beneficial to both the individual and the group.

(End of Transcription)

Concluding Words

For further reading I recommended Hitler’s Revolution by Richard Tedor. The whole book is excellent and has fantastic sources… the first two chapters on National Socialism are essential reading for anyone who wishes to begin to understand this topic.

And you can read – Origins and Doctrines of Fascism, by Giovanni Gentile or The Philosophy of Fascism, by Mario Palmieri, if you wish to understand more about Italian Fascism.

Cultured Thug explores other Third Position Movements on his Bitchute channel.

You can also look at my articles on National Socialism on this website, which give overviews of the movement, and also explains what this particular type of Third Position Movement can bring to a Nation… such as happiness, unity, abundance, advancement and very high standards of living. The links to these two articles on National Socialism are at the end of the article. You can find so many answers to the question ‘How do we stop the New World Order?’ from studying the Truth of National Socialism.

When people are talking about the Left or the Right, and are ingrained in that mass deception, you can explain what Third Position Philosophy is. You can get people to move away from the Left / Right deception that keeps us enslaved.

Hitler’s Revolution can be read, and downloaded, for free here:

Though I highly recommend you also buy a copy of the book to support the author… having physical copies available is important.

Third Position Movements in Europe.

Bonus Video Transcript:

This video has two titles it seems: ‘A Fascist is…’ and ‘What is Fascism?’

This is another Cultured Thug video. This one was produced a few years ago, well before his Third Position Philosophy one above. It was before he really began using the The Third Position term. You can read this transcript and in most places you can replace the words Fascism or Fascist with ‘Third Position Philosophy’ or ‘Third Positionist’.

The video overlaps with some of what is said in this above article, but I think it has some very good additional descriptions and insights. The image is linked. If you click on it a new tab will open and display and play the Bitchute video.

Video Transcript:

What is Fascism? It seems simple enough of a question. Hell, everyone knows what Fascism is: It’s that thing you don’t like… It’s bossy… demanding… restrictive… racist and oppressive. It could mean so many things all depending on the accuser’s self defined definition.

Fascist has become an abstract slander that seems to imply the person being called a fascist is in some way the oppressor of the accusing party. Therefore it is for opposing ends of the limited modern political spectrum to accuse each other of being ‘Fascist’. The Right will call the liberal Left ‘Fascists’ and the Left will call the conservative Right ‘Fascists’. Accordingly, the libertarian deems them both ‘Fascists’. Meanwhile all parties and people who toss around the ‘You’re a Fascist’ accusation couldn’t be further from the Truth. As there exists no political Fascists in the world of modern politics and no Fascist parties in the modern political spectrum. When there is none to speak up for the Fascist philosophy on the public stage it can be no wonder that the term Fascist has become merely an abstract psychological tool used for slander.

Since History is indeed written by the Victors the ideal of Fascism has been reduced to simple totalitarianism. Dictators, fiction and non fiction, are often, if not always, portrayed as cartoonist, evil, power hungry, lunatics that derive their only pleasures in life from the meaningless mass murder and suffering of innocent civilians. When this is the only representation of fascist hierarchy it is no wonder there is such a stigma attached to any kind of authoritarian society. With public education, mass media and pop culture all simplifying and demonising Fascism most people go through life merely scratching the surface of what it is to be a Fascist.

We are told we live in the freest part of the world where our political system allows free flowing conversation and true exchange of ideas. Tolerance and even sometimes of media promotion of ideologies that embrace the extremes of the modern right / left political spectrum, like Libertarianism and Communism. Libertarianism and Communism are represented as proofs of our free political system. But what of Fascism? Something that is neither Right nor Left but rather the proverbial middle. Where is the tolerance of the Fascist ideal? Where is the free flowing conversation and exchange of ideas? It does not exist.

While the individualism of the Libertarians may be an extreme extension of the right wing ideology it is still essentially an extension of the right. The same can be said of the extreme collectivism of the modern Neo Marxism, being an extension of the left. Fascism on the other hand is the revolutionary middle. Politics that neither magnify the Right of Left but is a monolith to itself. A true Third Position that uses individualism to enhance and promote collectivism.

The Fascist philosophy seems to find a reasonable middle ground in the Right Left political spectrum. At the roots of the Fascist philosophy is the understanding that ‘united we are stronger’. Even in man’s most primitive form it was quickly understood that the tribes whose members worked together not only survive but thrived. They grew from small tribes to villages, to towns, to cities, to nations – working together, growing together and advancing together.

The etymology of Fascism can be seen in the understanding that the single stick can be easily broken but the fascis, the bundle of sticks, could not. And from this most basic of foundations Fascism builds its obelisk. Understanding people with common goals were a united people, and a united people could achieve the unimaginable. The Fascist thought is a living idea, in the sense that every thought, like every person, every animal, every plant is cosmically intertwined and organic, forever growing an evolving, not sedentary and decaying like the Right Left paradigm, that – whilst slightly redefining itself from time to time – always ensure a heated divide and deliberate disharmony between the citizens. Our awareness to self and surroundings are forever growing and expanding, as to is the fascist thought of taking what exists and creating the fantastical. A realisation of great visions and collective goals fueled by the common desire to understand and prosper during this relatively short time on Earth.

Jaded by materialism and extreme individualism the idea of the common good and the great goal has long since lost its lustre with the people. Being written off as unattainable, unworthy or simply unrealistic. Dismissed from the possibility of reality, the common good is now scoffed at by the people that it would enrich the most, and the lack of unified goals leaves mankind running around like chickens with their heads cut off. Running to and from work and play, only pausing momentarily to admire and awe the latest upgrade in technology that makes his or her life easier or more complacent.

The integral nature of the Fascist philosophy serves as the cracks and crevices the climber uses to pull himself towards the light of a new day. Armed with a new perspective of life the Fascist approaches the problems of modernity and existence as wonderful challenges with solvable solutions, not stresses piled one on top of the other with no end in sight, and always weighing heavy on one’s conscience.

Fascism does seek fantastical goals, because the strength of a united man is unsurpassed in all living things on this Earth. The Fascist loves the idea of the united man, but distrusts man by himself. Man can be led astray by himself but man unified is supported and lifted by his brothers, by the common good, by the unified goals of his society. A common mission towards a greater ideal binds men together stronger than anything created in the world of capital lust and gluttony.

When man has no purpose he becomes a self destructive wreck. Living his life away in nihilistic hedonism. Life is reduced to mere pleasure seeking, consuming and measuring one’s worth through material accumulation. Living and dying, a whole life-cycle, without ever addressing the questions of why and how, instead living in ignorant bliss – servant to those that prey on his lower instincts. And like any good servant you remain loyal to your masters, or even develop Stockholm Syndrome for them, you even learn to speak their language as you brag about your ‘liberty’ and your ‘freedom’. All the meanwhile being a slave to yourself. And it is not even you – it’s the you that they have created with their advertisements, their institutional learning facilities, their means of mass communication. Molding a you at your lowest potential. Not high enough to demand more of life, but not so low enough to be able to be a functioning and appreciative cog in the wheel.

Fascism seeks a you of your highest potential. Fit of mind and body, in control of your passions. The high aspirations of a united society are only attainable when the people, both collectively and individually are of the best quality possible. When life is reduced for the pursuit of capital, men are reduced to mere commodities. In contrast, when life is lived for the pursuit of great goals men become integral components. Fascism is that philosophy of the great goal, of a united man and of a desire to ever strive forward and upwards together.

(End of Transcript)

I recently found out that Cultured Thug has been uploading selected videos onto YouTube – videos he thinks might not get censored. Here is his 3rd Position Video on YouTube:

Here is another video by Cultured Thug, which is based on the book: The Philosophy of Fascism, by Mario Palmieri. More inspiring words – Fascism is certainly not what most people think it is:


15 thoughts on “Third Position Philosophy and the Left / Right Political Deception

  • July 1, 2020 at 8:47 am

    the third way is what china has….a mix of communism and capitalism and that is the model for the west now. look at how the WHO and mainstream lib media gush about china’s handling of the virus

  • July 1, 2020 at 1:51 pm


    What are you talking about? Did you even read the article and do any further research? Communist China is not the third way! They are not the model for the West… they are everything we want to avoid.

    Yes, Jewry would like the West to be more like China, but I am baffled as to how you can read that article and come up with that comment about China being the ‘third way’.

    You have not understood Third Position Philosophy at all.

    Or perhaps you are attempting to be subversive…

  • August 1, 2020 at 3:15 am

    RT did a hit piece on CT.

    Love your site it’s among my all time favorite. Always checking back to see if there is a new article and I try to share and link often as this is a phenomenal website. Thanks for all you do and for speaking truth.

    • August 1, 2020 at 11:38 am

      Yes. I saw that. I took down the links to this article on my site, as I realised there was some Truth in what they were saying, and it helped me crystallize my thoughts on the matter. The article is still available though, if someone searched for it.

      I will create an update for the article, with a link to Renegades article. As people do need to take what they said into consideration. It was timely for me as I was regularly contemplating my decision to use his work in an article.

      I was not sure about using some of CT’s work as I have always had my concerns about him, I even mentioned this in the article, and did not agree with some of his other videos, however, I did like that video he did on 3rd position, as it highlighted and outlined key aspects for creating a successful nation… I did however think it suspicious how little he related it to National Socialism.. That did feel strange…

      Cultured Thug is not really advocating for White Folk, and has associated with some suspect individuals. I also recently saw him working with Keith Woods, who is clearly controlled opposition.

      He was also even playing along with the Covid Hoax in one of his videos.

      Renegades article did help me crystallize my thoughts on CT.

    • August 1, 2020 at 1:32 pm

      Oh, and thanks for the compliment. I am glad you have found it useful.

      • August 1, 2020 at 7:25 pm

        RT is suspect as well in my opinion. International Jewry wants us in a position where each and every advocate for White Well being is controlled opposition. It’s a way to keep Whites off balance. Also, controlled opposition while it does attempt to lead people in a certain direction often towards Civic Nationalist it does often fail and wake some people up, and they make their own decisions as to what constitutes the best for Europeans. We must have our own homelands which are homogeneous or we will go extinct.

        I like Keith Woods and would be interested in hearing your thoughts on him. Morgoth has had him on his channel several times, and helped make him well known and I am a big fan of Morgoth.

        KW & CT association with Dugin seems suspect to me as Dugin I believe is anti-white as is E Michael Jones who believes race and whites don’t exist. EMJ believes Africans can become poles or swedes.

        Anyone who isn’t openly pro-white and advocate for white ethnostates is suspect, at the same time those that do are instantly ostracized by the Jewish controlled Media, and likely to lose their livelihood as well so it’s difficult to find a balanced approach to get a message out.

        Again. I love your website and try to share as often as I can to wake up others as it has a plethora of information and truth.

        One other thing. Would you not consider NS an offshoot of Fascism, or a derivative of it as it puts race (instead of the state) above all else?

        • August 3, 2020 at 5:43 pm

          I don’t think Renegade are controlled. They can be intense, but not they are not controlled.

          Renegade are staunch National Socialists. This is what International Jewry hate and fear. My comments have been continually deleted on YouTube for many years for typing ‘National Socialist’ ‘NatSoc’ etc, or sharing any quotes about them. But you can write all these other phrases on there – ‘fascism’, ‘third position’ etc and promote them, no problem. National Socialism is what Jewry fear most.

          I don’t know how long you have followed Renegade Tribune but they – along with Johnny Gatt – exposed the pretty much totally jewish run alt-right like no one else…. Destroyed that subversive group. Another sign that they are not controlled. They have been correct about so many other people being subversive as well.

          I know they can be confrontational, but that tenacity is what has got them this far, you wouldn’t want them to lose it… they have done some great work over the years (They also created Hellstorm and that South African White Genocide Doc, as well some others films)… I respect their work and determination. (I do wish they would not promote veganism though. And also allow some more debate in their comments sections, but they do have a tricky balancing act with that.)

          They have done far more for White Folk than Cultured Thug.

          I don’t think Cultured Thug looks jewish though. He does not look particularly Germanic / Nordic or Celtic, but I don’t think he looks like he is jewish. But he has worked with some suspicious people and made some videos I am not aligned with. Renegade made some good points in their article – such as CT having a Dugin video – and him working with Keith Woods who has been promoting National Bolsheviks… and I will do some further investigations into this subject as whole.

          And I do remember CT talking about Richard Spencer in one video, a while back, and I was very suspicious, as he talked about Richard Spencer as if he had some legitimacy and wasn’t an obvious controlled subversive.

          Mark Collet is connected to all that alt-right lot, pretty much all those prominent pro white Youtubers are controlled in my eyes. Seeing in that RT article that Cultured Thug went on his show is very suspicious. I don’t think YouTube would allow anyone with a pro-white channel to get that many subscribers and views unless they were controlled. I have seen too many people deleted over the years. They can very easily find an excuse, or reason, to get rid of them. I have not listened to any Morgoth, so I have no opinion… I don’t take much notice of the people still up on YouTube to be honest…

          Again, I have seen so many people deleted from Youtube over the years – how are these particular people still on there? Like the obvious Controlled Agent ‘Adam Green’ – literally the only person allowed on there who can openly criticise jewry.

          For me National Socialism has the answers. It is more than just some political outlook – it is a worldview and exactly what the European people needed, and need today. It was not an off-shoot of fascism… It was a natural progression for the German people… it was centuries in the making. Adolf Hitler brought it all together and implemented it.

          I see people having all these debates, but for me all you need to really do is study the Truth of National Socialism and the National Socialist insights – and Hitler’s Revolution by Richard Tedor is a great book to get started with that.

          Keith Woods looks to be controlled opposition to me. I even saw him use an image in a video and there was a NazBol symbol there, alongside some others, but it was still there. If you are a knowledgeable pro-White European you would never have anything to do with bolshevism in any form. The mere mention of it… And he also promoted it on Twitter it seems – after seeing RT’s article.

          KW was also on Red Ice. Red Ice! Why would he go on Red Ice? And an interview with John Mcafee? What is that all about? And perhaps the most telling – an interview with E. Michael Jones? And I do believe he also worked with or had an interview with Mark Collet? (This paragraph in itself suggests he is controlled)

          I think KW is part of this new level / group of controlled opposition.

  • August 5, 2020 at 3:19 am

    We are in agreement about National Socialism. NS is what International Jewry fears more than anything and why they worked so hard to destroy Germany, it’s what Europeans need to ensure they have a future. You with your fantastic website are doing your part to plant the seeds to NS can take root and blossom. Thanks again for the fantastic work. It is uplifting and a fantastic resource for our people who know something is not right with the world but can’t put their finger on it.

  • August 9, 2020 at 2:44 am

    I just recently became aware of the Jewish problem, about late last year. After that, I’ve been watching videos and reading articles related to it on some sites, Renegade Tribune and this site is one of those. Sometimes a thought comes to me that what if Renegade Tribune is another controlled opposition?
    One factor that made me think of that is that Kyle Hunt, the founder of Renegade, and also Sinead McCarthy, can show their identity without being shut down by the establishment. Specially when they’re publishing contents that really does damage to the establishment.
    Out of this bewilderment, I searched ‘is Renegade Tribune a controlled opposition’ and one of the results is this (try to read it):

    I do agree on some points in this linked article. It seems that there is an aspect missing with Renegade, and that is encouraging their readers to take an action. Yes they do publish invaluable contents. They expose controlled oppositions, write about history, showcase the creations of famous Europeans in various fields, and also write about health and wellness. Don’t get me wrong, these mentioned subjects are NECESSARY. But, in my opinion, they fall short when it comes to encouraging others to take action and suggesting ways on how to effectively make others aware of the JQ. It is as if Renegade Tribune is another level of controlled opposition.

    Again, I’m just new to the Jewish problem.

    • August 13, 2020 at 9:11 am


      It is good to continually assess all who you come across for being controlled. I am glad people are doing this.

      My perspective:

      I don’t think Renegade are controlled. They expose all the core issues that need exposing. And are staunch National Socialists. National Socialism has the answers to our problems.

      They have also exposed so many subversive controlled opposition agents. I know they wind some people up, but they are uncompromising and tenacious and this has led them to expose so much.

      They have made various films as well – one of the them was Hellstorm – exposing the genocide of the Germans via WW2. As well as exposing white genocide in South Africa … as well as a few others…

      They run a news website that posts articles every day, and they run a radio show…. And they have been doing it for quite some time.

      But this person you linked expects them to be street activists as well, which seems unreasonable to me. Renegade do not proclaim themselves as street activists. It is time consuming and tiring what they do. Other people need to step up to the plate rather than just being observers.

      Digger just seemed to stop blogging – his old blog was a big part of my jq awakening and then he wrote for Renegade for a while – but not everyone has the tenacity to keep going… many people have come and gone… And the axe of perun explanation seems reasonable to me.

      I don’t agree with their alignment with veganism, but I certainly do not think they are controlled and I admire their work and determination.

      Their website is hosted by a censorship free host. So it can’t be shut down just like that. There is still free speech in many countries.

      Regarding not telling people exactly how to spread Truth: I suppose they expect others to take the initiative. Spreading the Truth: absolute bare minimum = commit various facts to memory and sow seeds of Truth in conversations in everyday life and online.

      They are not some totally perfect awakened Truthers – no one is of course – and I have not seen them profess to be – but they have done far, far more than the vast majority.

      Hope that was useful in some way.

  • October 2, 2021 at 2:42 pm

    Most of the video links and the book are dead, can you upload new ones?

  • May 19, 2022 at 6:31 pm

    I’ve been analyzing renegade tribune and they have good information on National Socialism and current events but i have some complaints on them. First they talk crap on a bunch of fascist movements and i get it NS is much better han fascism but it doesnt mean fascism is bad. Also i honestly dont think they are controlled opposition but i found this to be taken in account (sinead has been one of the major crictics of fascism) anyways i hope you can analyze this more and give me you feed back

    • May 20, 2022 at 4:15 pm

      Hi Diego

      Yes, there are some good ideas from some fascist movements. But fascism is not focused on race, and the spiritual and psychological connection through that shared blood / DNA / ancestry. Which is such an essential part of a successful civilisation. Sometimes fascism was even based around religion!

      The German National Socialists also actually fully implemented their ideas, refined them and were very successful. It appears that some people are put in place to promote fascism in ways that distract people away from focusing on National Socialism, and also move people away from being racially conscious.

      And remember, no fascistic movement exposed Jewry and the Freemasons like German National Socialism.

      The NS Germans did everything Jewry and the Freemasons hated and feared – even doing very extensive research into esoteric matters, the nature of the cosmos, and our real ancient history.


      I have followed Renegade for a long time. Yes, they have made some mistakes (as all humans do), and I do not agree with everything they say, but they are not controlled. It must be tough putting yourself out there so openly, as people seeking Truth, and then having your mistakes logged and documented. Also, a good amount of what was said about them is nonsense.

      They have been consistent with core important Nationalist Truths:

      No one who promotes National Socialism, exposes WW2 lies and exposes Jewry, like they have done for many years, will be controlled.

      These Truths are the ones Jewry hate being exposed more than any others, so Renegade will be a target.

      By the way, they also made some very good documentaries, such as Hellstorm and the one on White Genocide in South Africa for example. They have been putting out Nat Soc and WW2 Truth content for a long time… and they also made many very good parody videos exposing Jewry over the years.

      If you listen to the people who target them too much you will forget, and not see, what they have achieved.

      • May 21, 2022 at 6:19 am

        Yeah they seemed pretty legit thank you for your imput.

  • May 21, 2022 at 6:21 am

    Yeah and i think i was a bit to judgy on them just becuase of the people who were against them were saying.


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