Meditation – Third Eye – Fake or Limited Spiritual Teachers – Dimensions, DNA, Genetics, Nature


I often try to create articles that I would have liked to have read early on in my ‘searching for Truth’ so that my deeper levels of understanding and my awakening could have been sped up.

I could have split this up into three articles – but the subjects all link – I sometimes like to produce longer articles so the connections between subjects can be seen. It can be difficult to achieve this in short articles.


I can be pretty damning of most spiritual teachers and spiritual philosophies / movements. Most spiritual movements are infiltrated, or completely run, by agents… subversive disinfo agents. Some movements and teachers are just naive, and some old yogis may have had certain transcendent experiences and think that this is some type of ‘ultimate truth’ – when in reality they have practically zero metaphysical information or understanding of how the universe works.

I write this as someone who has meditated for many years, and has had Third-Eye experiences and other-dimensional experiences… and has read a great deal of ‘spiritual’ literature. I’m certainly not saying I know exactly how every facet of the universe and consciousness works, but I have some insights to share.

As mentioned on this website in other articles, so much of the spiritual information is pushed by (((agents))) to pacify humanity. To make people overly tolerant and accepting of all the injustices and to not question the insanity of what occurs on this planet. To not rise up and make changes… and to take back control of our nations.

I will talk first about meditation, and how it can be used on this planet, how it can be beneficial in this day and age, and how I have used it. I will also talk about spiritual disinformation and how we can observe nature and see how the universe works, and how we should be living on this planet.

As well as this I will discuss some of the spiritual ‘teachers’ / ‘movements’ and some of their disinfo and subversion…. discussing people like Eckhart Tolle, David R Hawkins, Osho, the ACIM, Ram Dass, etc … as well as some of the fake New Age Channelers.

As mentioned, I have read many spiritual books, such as ‘non duality’, ‘channelings’ , ‘new age texts’, hindu texts, buddhist texts, and looked at some of the abrahamic religions – I then correlate and compare this information with geopolitical and historical information, my own life experiences and my third-eye and other dimensional experiences.

At times in the article I also talk about some my own other-dimensional and other-worldly experiences and what the implications of them are, and the shift in your paradigm that occurs (I have discussed these elsewhere on my website and will integrate some of these experiences into this article, as I investigate this subject).

Order of sections:

Meditation Benefits (including DNA and Nature)
Fake Limited ‘Spiritual Teachers’
Third Eye and Other Dimensional Experiences

(There are some overlaps between sections as all subjects are connected and related)

Meditation (DNA and Nature)

Meditation has been used throughout history by a great many different cultures and on all continents.

It appears, from looking at ancient scriptures, architecture and art, that years ago meditation was used as a way to get in contact with other beings and dimensions – as well as for shamanic and astral / other dimensional travels – in a great many places: Europe, Asia, the Americas etc. Sometimes it was used in combination with some herbs, which helped people to achieve altered state of consciousness… and evidence also suggests people were perhaps using caves or structures made out of rock to assist with this, as well as carefully constructed structures like Stupas, for example – to energetically assist with getting into different states of consciousness. And as well this some peoples in ancient times used certain energetic rituals. But this is not at all prevalent now. Many of these techniques have been lost, these skills were not handed down. For example, the Gnostics who were said to be able to do shamanic travelings were killed off, as were the Druids – their lineages were lost. (We know the Gnostics found some important information from their journeyings and contact experiences – hence why they were killed off. The Druids and other groups probably had some important knowledge as well and their knowledge gathering techniques would have been a threat to certain groups. Druid actually means “immersed in knowledge”. I am sure various other metaphysically advanced groups in other parts of the world were killed off as well.)

(There are many references to the Third Eye and pineal gland in ancient sculptures and art throughout the world – there are drawings and engravings of the pineal gland and there are sculptures of it – these sculptures sometimes look like pine cones.)

Egyptian art and Vatican art
Buddhist, Mayan, Aztec art

(And the experiences people are having with DMT and Ayahuasca are not shamanic information gathering travels or Third Eye contact experiences – whatever these experiences are that people are inducing via these substances they are certainly no threat to whoever is in control of this planet. Both substances are pretty much advertised by controlled opposition shill David Icke and other controlled agents, so that should tell you something.)

It’s also perhaps harder to achieve this other dimensional contact with the amount electromagnetic interference (with all the wifi and phone masts), very harmful vaccinations, chemtrails being sprayed in the skies, all the toxins in our bodies from pharmaceuticals, pesticides, and from our poisoned water supplies etc etc. And the amount of mind control and brainwashing people are bombarded with from birth has a very harmful effect on people’s consciousness – television, movies, video games etc. There may also be some other metaphysical and other dimensional limiting factor that we cannot see – some type of technology we are not aware of – something blocking or limiting communications between us and other beings and dimensions. I also believe one of the reasons as to why we can’t contact other beings or consciously access other dimensions readily through meditation is that Humans DNA has been somewhat limited or disconnected – and perhaps it has been limited on purpose.

I also strongly believe these other dimensions / realms that are connected to the Earth – such as the astral plane – are very much controlled and manipulated as well. I sometimes have great lucidity in these planes and they are real. Some horrible things go on there, just like on Earth, and you can definitely be targeted and attacked on that plane and this will also have an impact your 3D Earth life. From my experiences it appears that depending on your Soul Energy there are wide variety of experiences you can have – from regular ‘dreams’ to OBEs and the visiting of unusual realms… etc. But in these realms is also where contact can sometimes occur from non-human beings – I have seen it occur.

DNA appears to be very important. Sages in fairly recent times – particularly in India – seem to have got themselves into transcendent altered states of consciousness through very long periods of meditation – but developed no, or hardly any, metaphysical abilities, and they were not able to contact other beings in other dimensions or other planets – they do not develop what they called ‘siddhis’, as some people apparently had in ancient times. Why did they not? Why do these sages not have any metaphysical knowledge? Why do they meditate for most of their lives and have no contact from other dimensions, or from any of the sentient civilizations out there and also not develop abilities? They do not talk of having any contact with other beings in other dimensions. (I think the people who had these ‘siddhis’ (metaphysical abilities) in ancient times were humans that were perhaps not from here with more advanced or superior DNA – perhaps the ‘star people’ or ‘gods’ often mentioned in ancient times – mentioned in a great many different cultures, nations and tribes. Or were these people at least more closely genetically related to ‘gods’ (visiting ET races) and had more of their DNA?

I have become lucid in the night and seen many types of screens in a void – otherworldly movies and diagrams in these screens… in these screens I sometimes appeared to be getting downloads. I have had an extraterrestrial being appear in my third-eye twice. I have these landscapes form in the my Third Eye, which appear to be on another planet. I have seen myself having contact with beings in other dimensions during the night… (more like an observer of this contact) so I know contact is possible and can occur. These third-eye experiences occurred when I became lucid during sleep, and also in the states of consciousness you can sometimes be in before you wake or just before you fall asleep – that in-between state I sometimes find myself in – and a couple when I was in full waking consciousness with my eyes closed.

Interestingly – once, after I had been meditating I fell asleep straight after and became lucid and found I was hovering – my consciousness – over a scene on a planet of an ET humanoid asleep on the ground in the wilderness with two smaller alien beings also asleep next to him (very vivid). It appears meditation influences our lucidity in terms of what you can see and recall when you fall asleep – but this viewing of this scene was totally involuntary – I have had many other similar experiences but this one occurred during a nap straight after meditating. My overall lucidity in the night and recall of other dimensional night-time activities greatly increased after I began meditating regularly.

My ET collections: These small beings who visited me, they had somehow come into my bedroom, and could paralyze me (I woke in the night paralyzed on my bed) – and they could instantly put me into an experience with them in another dimension. These beings were psychically very powerful. Far more metaphysically powerful and capable than any human that has been on this planet in modern history. The other time that I was conscious when they came was a collection experience – I was able to observe them: I woke in the night and I was in a slightly different state of consciousness, almost like I was myself but that I was also someone else – and I felt I knew these small physical (yes, physical) beings. I don’t know if they put me into this state of consciousness, or if their presence influenced my consciousness. As well as this they took me onto a ship, and they must have used some type of advanced abilities to do this. (I was in a slightly different state of consciousness on the ship – a bit like I was observing myself – and having lucid moments and then hazy moments) 

These types of experiences greatly shift your paradigm and then you question these ‘sages’. Do humans only manage to have the metaphysical experiences – or abilities – that their DNA allows?

(Interestingly, there appears to be something special about my DNA – another member of my family has also experienced an ET abduction – and believe it or not, in one of my experiences I was told by the beings that all my families DNA had been used by this ET group – far out I know, but I guarantee you I had these experiences… I have mainly nordic / germanic / celtic DNA (Aryan DNA) … but some of these experience are also related to who I am as a soul – your Soul energy and abilities, your Soul connections (not all Souls are equal)… and as I mention later on in the article I believe the the DNA Soul relationship is significant)

Modern Day Meditation Benefits and Goals:

Meditation, primarily, in this day and age, is a very useful tool to raise your consciousness. Firstly it helps you get in contact with your subconscious. Most people are being run by these programs, and these energies within them, that they aren’t even aware off. Many people are a bit like robots, reacting to stimulus without questioning, getting triggered left right and center – they cannot think or see clearly. Meditation is used to help you find balance, self discipline, to let go of any self defeating thoughts and self hatred, to transmute trapped energies / emotional trauma… to enable you to see the world more clearly… and to undo your programing / brainwashing… to evolve.

It can be difficult when you first start meditating if you have a busy mind and many unresolved emotional issues. It can be one of the most scary things for people, to sit with their thoughts. But if you are highly motivated and want change, and want to benefit the world and your loved ones then you can move through the pain and fear. If you have faith and belief in the process, that eventually things will get better through these methods you will persevere. If you can sit with very uncomfortable energies / emotions and with confusing and unpleasant thoughts, and just observe them and allow them, then you can begin to gain control of your body, your mind and your life.

This idea that meditation is to get rid of your ‘ego’ or ‘sense of self’ is a distortion and can be used as a manipulation. Suggesting that being totally detached from life and the universe is the ultimate goal. As though the universe is not valid. All this is promoted by various zionist / jewish controlled spiritual movements, and if any indian sages suggested that this is the ultimate goal, then these sages were promoted above all others. So an old indian ‘guru’ after getting themselves into a certain state of consciousness, perhaps the state that their DNA allowed, proposed that this was the ultimate purpose, to get rid of any ‘sense of self’ – then this is promoted by agents working for the jews / zionists as what spirituality is really all about (nearly all publishing houses are owned by jews) – as this mode of thinking helps them with their New World Order agendas. Trying to get rid of a ‘sense of self’ or the ‘ego’ is a distorted and crazy reaction to a crazy world that is cut off from the rest of the galaxy, universe and dimensions – a world full of distortions and lies. It almost seems like some form of subconscious self hatred for many who pursue this goal… I have observed some spiritual communities and it is often people who subconsciously dislike themselves, are confused and are in a lot of emotional pain that pursue this goal.

(If you have not worked out the New World Order Agenda is a jewish agenda… that it’s not the ‘Illuminati’ but International Jewry, then you need to do some research and wake up… some of the articles on this website should help you see the Truth.)

And the idea that meditations only purpose is to get into a transcendent state or ‘samahdi’ type experience is false… this is just escapism. The most evolved souls face what is occurring on this planet, they assimilate information that is hard to deal with, they find solutions and take action.

And as previously mentioned, I have read many of these sages books, or at least what these agents print in them, the selected parts of what the yogis have said – and they have no information on the metaphysics involved in living on the planet, no insights into the universe, on the soul, on reincarnation, the dimensions, planets, the third eye – they don’t even have any really good advice on how to thrive on this planet – many act is if the world is pointless and meaningless – as if existence is pointless and meaningless – and these people have their words picked up by (((agents))) who want to promote their work as it confuses and pacifies spiritual seekers.

I am not saying many of these spiritual teachers I criticize in this article won’t, to some degree, help you to raise your consciousness or self awareness if you contemplate some of the things they say – or that they wont give a few psychological insight here and there, they may help you calm your mind and find a bit more balance in your life, they may help you with a few of your relationships to some degree – but they are limited hangouts there to catch those who are seeking truth and becoming more conscious – catching them like a net and looking to hold onto them so that they don’t find out more important Truths and more important information about what is occurring on this planet, and what we need to do about it.

When I meditate I follow the breath, become aware of all sensations in my body, observe my thoughts… and alternatively sometimes I control my breath and do prana breathing. But my main aim is to get to place where I am calm and have clarity of mind.

Meditation is a way to raise your level of consciousness and self awareness – and a way to release trauma. It is also about gaining self discipline. Overcoming or being in control of addictions or harmful impulses and desires. It is also the best way to overcome depression, and to relieve and overcome anxiety.

(Diet and getting enough beneficial minerals into your bloodstream is also very important for anxiety and depression)

Sitting still and observing your thoughts and getting into a place of stillness where you can feel the energy that accompany, or give rise to, these thoughts – this is how to stop yourself being affected by unresolved traumas and brainwashing. As you observe the thoughts and the energy they begin to lose some of their power and charge – I am not entirely sure how this works metaphysically, but as you sit with the despair, anger, sadness, you can release a lot of the energy, almost like neutralising it by observing it and feeling it… allowing it to be. This also helps the mind to calm down, so that you are not bombarded with needless, irrelevant or self defeating thoughts. When your mind begins to calm, and the charge of these emotions lessen you can think more clearly and see what belief, programming, or trauma was behind the extreme emotions and thoughts.

(On a personal level, as I released much of this energy I would have vivid flashback ‘dreams’ in the night related to this trauma, and it was actually experiences on other planets that I saw and re-lived. It felt like I re-experienced the emotions of the events in the night as I re-lived the event – having the energy in my body as I woke (not many people encounter this, very few, but it is what happened to me). I have a lot of lucidity in the night. It felt like unresolved trauma was being brought up from my subconscious as I released some of the unresolved energy in my meditations. The fact that these appeared to be cellular memories suggest some highly unusual otherworldly things may have occurred to me in this lifetime… I have become lucid in the night and seen myself taking part in missions in other dimensions and on other planets – combine that with the abduction experiences I have had… anyway, this is a whole other article… but I can say objectively that they’re really is something very different about me as a soul)

As previously mentioned, Meditation will help you to access your subconscious. Your subconscious directs such a lot of your life – so it is important to become conscious of what is hidden there. It will help you to see unresolved issues that affect your life negatively. Meditation and higher levels of self awareness and consciousness enables you to attain greater dream recall… and some herbs (mugwort for example) can assist somewhat with this dream and astral recall. Although, I have found that you actually do not gain many insights from the dreamscape and Astral experiences… and people in the Astral are just as dumbed down and brainwashed as they are on 3D Earth. As mentioned before, there appears to be a great deal of control in place on the Astral as well.

(I personally found that as my levels of self awareness and consciousness increased I began to become much more lucid in the night, would have great recall of what I had been up to in the night on other dimensions / realms and what images had been communicated to me via my third eye… I have also seen so many otherworldly scenes…. as well as seeing myself attacked in these realms…. I will discuss some aspects of this in the last section.)

Through meditation you can eventually get to a place where you can sit and empty your mind of thoughts quite quickly, just following the breath to recuperate and revitalise – or you can sit and breath and allow the thoughts and observe them. You become much more in control of your mind and body. And when you have meditated for many years you can get brilliant insights into subjects you are researching, or you get very clear intuitions of what you should be doing to improve your life and those around you. I found that the higher your level of self awareness and level of consciousness is the less meditation you need to stay balanced and have clarity of mind.

Meditation is not about trying to get rid of all anger or even hate – these are very valid and important emotional reactions in certain circumstances. It is about reaching balance and higher levels of self awareness – to see the truth of situations, to not be triggered constantly. To not be thrown around by your emotions – to be in control of them – to manage them effectively, understanding what they are telling you, and using them to your benefit, as well to the benefit of others.

As I evolved I saw a direct correlation between love and hate / anger. If you are truly conscious of what is occurring on this planet and care deeply about people in your family, your race and wider community, then you will get angry at what is being done to people. If people aren’t getting angry then either they are not awake to the depths of the New World Order agenda and what they are doing to us and our loved ones – or they just don’t love, they just don’t care about others. Some people are actually pacified and brainwashed by spiritual disinfo regarding anger and hate. To protect those you love, anger and hate are necessary – as well as being prepared, having measures in place. The Gnostics suppressed hate and anger, and they got wiped out. The Tibetans were overly tolerant and overly passive and they were taken over and their culture, traditions and race are being eroded and corrupted.  They were not prepared for the conflict. They were not wise to geopolitical situations. Their years of meditation did not help in the end. Their ‘loving awareness’ did not help them. The universe and the cosmos works differently.

Raising your levels of self awareness and your consciousness through meditation can also help you let go of any self-hate. Self-hate is so prevalent and incredibly destructive. You can see it through the media how people are taught to hate themselves, or feel guilty for everything… almost to feel guilty for being alive.

The more you meditate the more it benefits your whole life and you become very conscious of all your actions during everyday life – you are much more measured in your approach to activities. You also see very clearly into others and why they behave as they do – the more you can see into yourself the more you can see why others are behaving as they are.

Through meditation you eventually also stop projecting your issues onto others and can clearly see when others are projecting onto you.

‘Spirituality’ is so much about psychology and self awareness. I see people who call themselves ‘spiritual’, but they are often being tossed around by their emotions and the world, they are not in control of their emotions… some people are so unconscious that they are not even aware of how they are feeling and why they are acting the way they are.

‘Spirituality’ isn’t about accepting everything – many ‘New Age’ types and people who call themselves ‘spiritual’ are these overly liberal types. It is not all about loving everybody and forgiving everybody. There is right and wrong. There are behaviours which are for the benefit of the community, for the race and culture, for the nation and for humanity in general – and there are behaviours that are destructive to the race, nation and community.

As mentioned before, we must attempt to understand the rules of nature and the natural world and live in balance and accordance with them. Humanity is being taught to go against nature – with artificial intelligence, GMO foods, chemicals for cleaning, pharmaceuticals, harmful plastics, transhumanism, transgenderism, sexual degeneracy, radical feminism, race mixing etc. The key to survival is living in balance with nature and observing nature’s laws… the natural world has everything we need for health and survival, we just need to live in harmony with it, and to learn from it.

(When we observe nature we can also see geometry. Much of the more advanced understandings of how to live and thrive on this planet is about physics, geometry, maths etc. This is not my area of expertise – but it is important spiritually, metaphysically, cosmically – and economically and socially: for beneficial technology, for ethical agriculture, for the protection of the natural world .. etc etc)

We can also observe that balanced and conscious males, and balanced and conscious females complement each other. Women are designed as they are for a reason, as are men. Men have certain instincts, predispositions and abilities for a reason, as do women. This is nature. The universe is so much about survival of your species and race. Radical feminism is very destructive, and is of course funded and promoted by the cultural marxist jews.

We know so little about how the universe really works as humanity has been cut off from it for so long, we are fed false spirituality and we have forgotten about nature and that the universe is about survival of the fittest races and species. The natural world on this planet is like a microcosm of the universe – of how the sentient civilizations / sentient races must primarily survive.

Decadent Liberalism and Cultural Marxism has been so destructive to the planet, society and so many races. So many people have lost their sense of what is right and wrong, and they lack self discipline. People must be conscious enough to see the agendas of Cultural Marxism playing out. There is much very important knowledge to be gained regarding the supremacist jews (International Jewry) agendas and their New World Order goals.

En ‘light’ enment. Light is seen as knowledge. Enlightenment is about knowledge – not getting into some alternate or transcendent state of consciousness – or having a ‘samadhi’ type experience. It is assimilating knowledge and understanding. And the interesting factor is that humans are limited by their DNA…. our DNA limits how much knowledge we can process or accumulate – it limits our level of understanding and our abilities. DNA is very important for civilizations. Preserving and promoting the most intelligent, the most creative, the most able and gifted in all areas is important for a species or race. For a sentient civilization in the universe reproduction of the most gifted, those with the best DNA, is going to be very important indeed.

My own perspective is that we are not the ‘human race’. But that we are a variety of distinct races of humans in this planet. We have not all evolved directly from apes or all come out of Africa – there is absolutely no way this occurred. We perhaps seem to have been engineered, created – to some degree. But this is a whole other article. Lloyd Pye’s work on our DNA and chromosomes is very interesting and helps open peoples minds on this subject. Evolution does not work like they say – there is disinfo everywhere. Planets are often seeded with life – flora and fauna is often introduced to them. Some of the races on the planet seem to have originally come from elsewhere – many stories from ancient tribes saying they came from other planets.  And advanced genetic engineering also takes place in the universe.

Fake and Limited Spiritual Teachers

Every single area of the alternative media contains some form of Controlled Opposition, in fact all areas are saturated with Controlled Opposition agents – put in place by the (((tribe))). The scope and depth of this conspiracy to bring forth this New World Order is so vast – never underestimate that. Spirituality is most definitely no exception – very much controlled. You can read the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion to give you a taster of how much they plan ahead and the lengths they will go to, so as to create their New World Order.

I have addressed some of the yogis and ‘gurus’ limitations – some of them can have some interesting insights but they are very limited and the ones who are promoted are the ones the jewish supremacists want you to engage with. So I wont talk of them anymore but just mention some of the other ‘ teachings’ I have come across.

I will address a few popular spiritual teachers. I know this is hard for some to believe but most well known spiritual teachers are agents essentially working for (((them))) towards the New World Order.

Eckhart Tolle, Ram Dass, Osho

Let’s look at Eckhart Tolle. He suggests he became ‘enlightened’ one morning after being very depressed, he suddenly was seeing the world differently, as though he was now in an ‘enlightened’ state of consciousness – he fails to actually describe this ‘state’ he says he found himself in. He is not ‘enlightened’. Being enlightened is a buzzword, which doesn’t really mean anything anymore. It is this ambiguous term that some people throw around. Eckhart Tolle has appeared on Oprah Winfrey’s show a fair few times. Oprah Winfrey is very obviously not on our side, she works for (((them))). If any ‘teacher’ appears on Oprah it is because (((they))) want them to. Tolle’s books are on bookstore shelves – do you think any information that is a threat to the New World Order agenda would appear in high street bookstore shelves? Come on.

What is Tolle’s main teaching? It is that you should ‘live in the now’ or his slogan: ‘The Power of Now’. Don’t plan ahead, don’t look into the future, just focus on ‘the now’. I have read his books, there are some basic psychological insights, and then he pretty much repeats himself over and over, he has pretty much no metaphysical knowledge and promotes lots of pacifying teachings. Now the people who run the show on this planet – the talmudic jewish luciferian supremacists – they plan ahead…. they plan well ahead – so that they can bring forth their New World order. But you Goyim (non-jews), you should just ‘live in the now’ apparently. Don’t think ahead – Don’t look at where humanity is heading – Don’t assess what is occurring – Don’t see the patterns – Don’t correlate information – Dont think critically – Don’t see the projected outcomes. Oh no Goyim – you should ‘Just Live in the Now’. Can you see how this psychological manipulation works? They manipulate the minds of the public through all areas. It is all manipulation – sure, when engaging with someone or taking part in an activity it is good to be present – to listen and be conscious of your surroundings – this is common sense, very obvious… but these controlled spiritual teachers put forward the notion that you can just ‘live in the now’ and things will just take care of themselves. Not one of these mainstream spiritual teachers I have come across promote critical thinking and analysis, pattern recognition, correlation of information or the identifying of trends and agendas.

Related to Tolle’s slogan is the ‘Be Here Now’ slogan pushed by Ram Dass. I would suggest to you Ram Dass is another subversive infiltrator agent to bring the pacifying ‘loving awareness’ rhetoric to the western world. It is almost like Tolle just reinvented and reinvigorated the Ram Dass slogan. Ram Dass was jewish by the way.

“My father was a very visible jew. He started Brandeis University and he was head of the United Jewish Appeal…” – Ram Dass

David R Hawkins – another fraud. He promotes kinesiology. (Well, he promoted it – he has passed on now) But kinesiology is a deception. Kinesiology suggests that you can learn the truths of any situation by muscle testing – that your body and subconscious is tuned into all the truths in the universe. I have experience of this, I partook in some kinesiology, guided by a ‘practitioner’, and it doesn’t do what they say. It just shows you what you believe to be the truth, not what is necessarily the truth. For example, if you believe someone is good and hold their image in your mind you muscles stay strong, if you believe someone is bad your muscles go weak. It just shows you what you believe, whether that is consciously or subconsciously. It does not give you universal truths. I read nearly all David R Hawkins books when I was seeking truth – there is a lot of rubbish in them – and a lot of ambiguous ramblings. He contradicts himself in many of them. He also promotes Christianity, and Jesus, and ‘Heaven’. Christianity is more mind control, pacifying the Goyim… that we need to worship, that people need to just love, turn the other cheek and forgive. Exactly what these jewish supremacists want you to do.

David R Hawkins also said some strange things, and gave strange advice at times. One statement was very telling and disturbing – in one of his YouTube videos he said that the boys who are sexually abused by priests should be glad or thankful that someone like that would do that to them… I guarantee you he said this. His work is also promoted by obvious controlled agents – the major shill Russell Brand even promoted one of Hawkins books. Hawkins also promotes this ‘just moving into a place of love’ – just ‘loving everything’ seeing ‘love everywhere’ – that is your purpose – sounds nice right? – But this is not the way the universe works! He also says other phases such as- ‘surrendering to life’ and ‘surrendering to God’ and apparently: ‘everything is perfect, nothing has to change’. This is Mind Control. I will keep saying this phrase and word – these narratives are there to PACIFY the Goyim. I say this as someone who greatly values love and think it is powerful motivating force – but it is being used against us.

David R Hawkins – and look ‘Steinberg’ listed on CD – another jewish person involved.

A Course in Miracles (ACIM) is a jewish psyop. It is supposed to be Jesus channelled. I don’t believe in the Jesus tales we have been told. Christianity definitely seems to be an offshoot of judaism, to create a pacifying religion for the Goyim. And regardless, the information in the ACIM is basic and of little benefit. It may help you to let go off some of your self hate and forgive yourself – but it has very little – almost zero – metaphysical or practical information for surviving on 3D Earth. It does not address reincarnation – and many agents that protect the ACIM online and are a part of the ‘ACIM community’ promote that reincarnation does not exist and upon death ‘that is it’ – that you are no more apparently… (give me a break). I have had OBEs – I have come out of my body – our consciousness does no cease to exist when you exit the body. My own mother has also had an NDE and was out of her body.

The popular Marianne Williamson promotes the ACIM psyop heavily – she is another pacifying disinfo ‘teacher’. She was promoted by David R Hawkins. She is also jewish.

“Williamson was born to a Jewish family in Houston…” – Wikipedia

Marianne Williamson and Oprah – and look who wrote the ACIM guide another jewish person ‘Alan Cohen’

People who follow the Abrahamic religions often say these sorts of phrases ‘God does everything’ – or ‘All is as God wills it’… To me – these are the phrases of a primitive civilization. This is pacifying Mind Control. You have Free Will. You can use your knowledge combined with your emotions, passion and desire to create change. (I have also heard Hindu followers say these sorts of pacifying phrases as well)

Buddhism has been totally infiltrated by jewish zionist agents (they may look ‘White’, some of these ‘teachers’, but many are jews). Original Buddhism also does have some little bits of good advice, to a degree, but it is very basic in terms of cosmic and metaphysical information. And probably at least 95 percent of those quotes you see attributed to Buddha did not come from Siddhartha Gautama (Buddha).

Buddhism, like most other ‘spirituality’, is also very pacifying – as this is what the rulers of this planet want – a passive, ill-informed and deluded population. Look how in so many of these jewish movies and TV series they have Buddhas in the background – loads of them (All hollywood movies are jewish movies – they own it all). The jews promote Buddhism as it is not a threat to the New world Order agenda. They know of its limitations. I want you to think about Tibet – how it was taken over by China. The Tibetans lineage is being destroyed, their country taken over, their traditions, race and culture disappearing. Sitting in meditation all day and having just loving thoughts is not the answer. There are lot of infiltrators… jews writing books about how they are ‘enlightened’, but again, they fail to be able to describe it – or give any metaphysical or cosmic insight – they have almost non-existent knowledge about the universe. Some of the traditional meditation techniques described in old scriptures are quite good, some of their philosophies can help you become more disciplined. But, like all the others it is full of more pacifying mind-control. ‘Just go sit in a retreat and meditate all day Goyim, while the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion play out and the supremacist luciferian jews take over the planet and destroy your race, your lineage, culture and all that your ancestors built.’ I think ancient Buddhism was probably somewhat different from this highly infiltrated and watered down modern Buddhism – it was probably much more about knowledge back then – but so much of our history in all parts of the world has been erased.

If there is a spiritual teacher or spiritual book being promoted by Oprah you can be sure it is very limited and created by an agent or a naive limited hangout. Jack Kornfield has been on Oprah promoting his ‘Buddhist’ books – as well as promoting his take on buddhism and spirituality. He is another infiltrator and an (((agent))). A limited hangout. He is also jewish:

“ [Jack] Kornfield is one of four boys born to Jewish parents” – Wikipedia

Jack Kornfield on Oprah as well as Eckhart Tolle with Oprah

(I may have previously made monk sculptures and sold them, and have some of my work displayed on this site. But that was quite a while ago – I am no longer a fan of Buddhism – it is not cosmically true – it is not based on natural laws – it is essentially more Mind-Control.)

The Dalai Lama is not who he portrays. He works for (((them))). He works with the (((Globalists))) – for the (((New World Order))).

Dalai Lama with Oprah – just like all the other spiritual agents. And with Merkel aligning himself with this Zionist puppet politician.
With Hilary.  And at the Wailing Wall, where he his bowing to his true masters.

Moving onto ‘Osho’. I read some of his books as well. He promoted the notion of ‘just being’ – and the goal of life is to gain the consciousness of a child, of just ‘picking up flowers and shells on the beach’, just loving and forgiving everything. There are a few bits of good advice about loving yourself and a few basic psychological insights, but it’s mainly lots of pacifying information about getting yourself into some deluded state of consciousness – somehow brainwashing yourself and convincing yourself that everything is just fine here on Earth – and that your only purpose is to smell the flowers, and think loving thoughts… etc. He also ended up creating a Cult as well, and had sex with some of the members, as well as accumulating expensive cars. All highly suspicious.

(This loving and respecting yourself is important, but what most of these teachers also promote is totally accepting yourself ‘just as you are’… You see, something positive can be turned into something detrimental and create more Mind Control. Just accepting yourself ‘just as you are’ brings inertia and acceptance of qualities that can be destructive to yourself, to your family, to your community, to your race and the World. Everything is about balance, so respect and take care of yourself – but also strive for continual improvement – to be a human that benefits those around you through your desire for excellence.)

You also have the jewish run Non-Duality crowd (which is also related to Eckhart Tolle) – look how jewish Jeff Foster and some of the other proponents of this movement look. Non-Duality is obviously obsessed with duality, and to some degree it takes bits and pieces from a variety of limited spiritual movements and repackages some of the most pacifying parts into a (((Movement))) to pacify the West. It also really wants you to have no identity – to be a non entity. And of course there is duality in physical reality… this is obvious. Non Duality is, again, yes I will say it again, there to PACIFY you. It is full of disinfo, ambiguous limited information and I propose that it is run by jewish people. They actually put forward this notion that you don’t actually exist and have never existed! And again, zero beneficial cosmic or metaphysical information from this (((movement))).

None of these so called teachers are telling you about the New World Order — about the tremendous threats we face from transhumanism and artificial intelligence… and they are not telling you about all the implemented tactics that affect your consciousness negatively: chemtrails, vaccines, GMOs, EMFs, mobile phone masts, wifi, 5G towers, toxins in water (fluoride and heavy metals), mineral deficiencies… I could go on and on about what they fail to tell you – they are all extremely limited hangouts.

If you see through all these spiritual teachings – and if you are a soul who has come from elsewhere in the cosmos it is more likely you that you will – then you will continue searching for answers.

A very critical thing to contemplate is: ‘Are our souls able to escape the reincarnation cycle on this planet?’ And yes this is very much related to meditation. Through meditation are you going to be able to reach a state of consciousness that can assist you, as a soul, in escaping the incarnation cycle on this planet? I am not so sure. I have studied NDEs and the light and tunnel that leads to a variety of afterlife experiences for people – and I feel it is all very deceptive. That light quite powerfully draws people in. Perhaps souls who have had lifetimes on other planets and connections to other civilizations may somehow escape the cycle, or perhaps more evolved souls have a greater chance of understanding what to do and where to go when you have left the body. It is difficult to know the truth of this situation. After researching many hundreds of testimonies of people who have died and come back, the afterlife realms sound like a place of more deception and manipulation. These above spiritual teachers are not discussing this crucial metaphysical information…

(Could highly advanced beings create deceptive afterlife realms, could they also manipulate and mind control the souls within this afterlife? Yes, I say this is a possibility.)

And then if you work out the deceptions of all the above spirituality there is the New Age and Ufology Community (with numerous fake channelers) putting forward a wide variety of metaphysical and cosmic information – as well as some little titbits about the ‘Illuminati’ and the NWO. However, if you are an intelligent conscious critical thinker and are capable of correlating and analysing you will see that the New Age community is totally jewish run as well – and is full of disinfo. The New Age is connected to Ufology… and networks of jewish controlled opposition link them both together.

I haven’t got space in this article to list all the people I came across in the New Age community and Ufology that are controlled, the list is very long – I have actually not come across one person who I don’t think is a controlled limited hangout – and who I could not show you clearly how it is obvious they are controlled… They are all purposely creating limited hangouts. So I will just mention some of the most popular: The likes of Bashar, Abraham Hicks, Adronis are disinfo agents who do fake channelings – the amount of disinfo and half-truths these channelers put out is remarkable… I have seen some of the lesser known ‘channelers’ as well, some ludicrous channelings – one guy is pretending to channel historical figures – and the amount of disinfo and illogical nonsense in them…. This guy is also connected some fake secret space program whistleblowers – it is always networks – networks of controlled opposition. The Goyim can be so gullible at times.

Within Ufology the likes of David Wilcock, Corey Goode, David Icke, Simon Parkes, Kerry Cassidy are controlled agents – half truths and disinfo again. I think it is ALL of them … All of the prominent personalities in Ufology and the ‘New Age community’ – they are disinfo agents. It is run by jews and zionists. ‘The Event’ is not happening soon, the ‘Spontaneous Ascension’ is not happening – the ‘Sphere Being Alliance’ is not going to save us – these are all psyops. And we do not ‘each individually create our own reality’ – another false teaching – in a long list.

There are other articles on my website that expose the New Age spiritual psyops and Ufology agents and deceptions. Here are links to them:

Controlled Opposition – Corey Goode, David Wilcock, Bashar, Cobra etc

New Age Spirituality is Mind Control – Deceptions and Psyops

David Icke – Controlled Opposition

Third Eye and Other Dimensional Experiences

A big part of my awakening was having numerous ‘third-eye’, other dimensional and ET contact experiences. It enabled me to more easily see through all the numerous spiritual disinfo agents.

I don’t see the third-eye as being all ‘mystical’ and ‘divine’ and mysterious as some people say (I am not sure what people actually mean by ‘divine’ – it seems to be a buzzword that is used incorrectly). To me, I mainly see the ‘Third Eye’ (which appears to be related to Pineal Gland function) as a practical means of communication, and information gathering, for many beings in our universe. This is important to note, as I see a lot of bloggers not understanding what the Third Eye’s main purpose is. 

These experiences I had usually occurred in the night, mostly it felt like, me, the physical Earth me, didn’t seem to be in total control of all of these experiences – sometimes it was like other beings were stimulating my third-eye and sending me information in the night – the info being relayed through the use of these screens containing images, diagrams and strange movies… But some of it definitely seemed to be me doing it – that somehow I had accessed these screens or images myself. It was nearly always feels like I was in a void when these screens were there in front of me – my consciousness.  Although I have had one screen take up my whole field of vision.

I hadn’t been doing any decalcifying and detoxing regimes to benefit the pineal gland at all at that point, so that wasn’t the reason for them occurring… or at least for me being able to observe and be conscious of them in the night – or sometimes it was when I was in that state of consciousness when you are just stirring from sleep, or sometimes that state when you are just falling to sleep. But I had been meditating a fair bit – that raised my consciousness to a certain level I believe, and allowed me to see what was occurring – but I think it is also both a Soul and DNA thing as well… who knows for sure.

(It is of course very important to detox for many reasons – extremely important.)

I am sure some other people have this happen to them but don’t know about it, but it just so happens that I regularly get a good deal of lucidity in the night. It was Information, (mainly images and strange movies… one time it was diagrams of advanced craft – another was of many tiny intricate levers moving, another was a movie of strange humanoids running through an environment, sometimes just a wide variety of unusual images flicking very quickly through the screen) – a variety of movies or images in these screens that my conscious mind did not understand, but I am sure it affected my subconscious and had an impact on me – and all my experiences do help to explain a lot of the otherworldly art I have created over the years.

As previously mentioned, I did have this alien being appear in my third-eye, upon awakening – appearing in the darkness that you can see with your eyes closed, on two consecutive mornings – its face looking at me in the darkness. Very disconcerting, but also paradigm shifting. It had cat like eyes and hairless greyish green skin. I was in full waking state, and opened my eyes and closed them again, and the being was still there ‘in’ my Third Eye.

There is also that in between state that I find I sometimes get into if I wake in the middle of the night and then lie there and meditate in bed – Then I sometimes see images forming in my Third Eye – it is usually landscapes – I see it gradually form until it is like I am viewing a landscape from slightly above and in the distance. This landscape will take up my whole peripheral vision. It is usually either mountain ranges or rolling forests. I do not think it is Earth. It doesn’t last for long  – I cant maintain the view for long at all.

This is the best piece of ancient art I could find with regards to experiencing images and communication in the Third Eye. But the guys eyes should be closed. I would not like an Image like that to appear to me though… ominous.

Once, I became lucid in some sort of void in the night, and all around were screens, like hovering LCD screens, and inside where these moving images – like movies – they seemed to be scenes from Earth that were occuring, they were of humans moving around in day to day life – I think this is related to remote viewing. The implications of this is pretty big – showing how easy it is for beings who have access to higher dimensions, or perhaps to advanced technology, to view scenes on Earth etc. It looks like they can view pretty much anywhere they want… whoever this group was… this group that I am connected to somehow.

Many more experiences as well… some were much more physical… as previously mentioned I had middle of the night collections by psychically powerful small ETs and taken onto a ship – these were even more paradigm shifting.

How and why has humanities Third-Eye / pineal gland been shut down so much? I am not sure. As mentioned previously, I think DNA is significant with regards to this, and I think other things have occurred… and I dont think its just toxins that shut it down, although I am sure they have an impact. And as mentioned previously there appears to be evidence that the ‘Third Eye’ was perhaps much more active in some ‘humans’ or ‘advanced humans’ in ancient times.

I have also been semi-lucid when I have come out of my body. It feels very much like a physical thing, It certainly doesn’t feel like some illusion or trick of the mind. Your body vibrates, a unique strong vibrating sensation, and you, ‘your astral or etheric body’, moves out of the physical Earthbound body and up out of the ceiling and over the house.

Why we are disconnected from these experiences and only get glimpses of what we are up to in the night is strange and feels unusual and unnatural to me. I used to become lucid when I was moving at great speed over landscapes in the night, as well as interacting with ET beings and humans on other ‘realms’. I don’t think everyone is doing this, I think it is also a Soul thing, dependant on your Soul Energy and Soul experience. We know so little about all this, so all we can do is speculate. Jewish Controlled New Age / Ufology people spout out loads of disinfo as well, to muddy the waters. The amount of distracting nonsense they come out with!

You have experiences like this and most people go to jewish controlled Ufology and the jewish controlled New Age. (I didn’t know it was jewish controlled when i first went to these ‘communities’ to see what they had to say, but I worked it out. When you are geopolitically and historically wise, and have had your own experiences, it’s not hard to see who runs it – there are many networks there, it is very organized). They are just full of agents trying to hold onto you and get you mesmerized by various limited hangouts… they are mostly just feeding people disinfo and half truths. What they also often try to do, especially within the ET field, is give people a false narrative, and then people define or interpret their experiences through the lense of this false narrative. And a lot of people don’t make it out of these limited hangouts.

I have also briefly vividly recalled or viewed experiences that I have had on other planets, this occurred in the middle of the night – and I was with other humans on these planets, very much White Aryan looking people on these planets, and I was White, my child was White – but the wildlife on the planet was very different. Perhaps parts of previous lives, I don’t know for sure…. or it could have been secret Earth based projects, which I believe is more likely due to the way the reliving of these experiences are connected to the body – the cellular memories – the emotions and energy felt within the body when reliving them in the night. Regardless of this I certainly don’t buy into this New Age reincarnation notion that you just jump around from humanoid species to humanoid species, or from race to race – just for the experience of it. 

I also had vivid recall of invasions and battles on other planets, advanced craft flying overheard – cities being attacked – and various evacuations from cities. I have briefly seen myself fighting battles with cyborgs, advanced technology, robots, drones and ETs. Many quite brutal and traumatic experiences. Again, I was with White / Caucasian humans in these experiences. Again, Secret Projects or Past Lives? I don’t know for sure. We are cut off from all this here – people are naive mind controlled slaves on this planet – totally unaware of what’s really occurring in our solar system and galaxy. I’m not saying it is all war on each planet – I can’t know that – I am sure there are free and mainly peaceful worlds in the solar system as well – but this recall I have had from living on other planets, combined with what I have learnt from my research, highlights to me that the universe is mainly about survival – just like nature is. It is mainly about evolving as a race / species – developing, inventing, creating, seeking knowledge and understanding – seeking excellence… and importantly it is also about protecting yourself – being able to defend your people, your race.

If there was not some otherworldly force somehow quarantining this planet we would have had attacks and visits in the last few centuries – I am sure of this. We actually did in ancient times – there are many stories of battles in the ‘heavens’. For example, in both the ancient Nordic tales and in the ancient Hindu scriptures there are a lot of descriptions of these battles, with advanced vehicles and advanced weaponry being described – Battles between different advanced ET races.


Meditation is beneficial if you use it correctly. It is a tool to become more self aware, to heal, to become more conscious, to find balance and clarity of mind. After becoming more self aware and more conscious you can then benefit others – benefit your family, race and community. You then combine this higher level of consciousness and self awareness to attain relevant knowledge about this planet and what is occuring – to combine this clarity of mind with knowledge – to find solutions to problems and the threats we face and then take action.

It is not all about just moving into a ‘place of love’ and ‘loving awareness’, or just loving and forgiving and becoming like a deluded naive child – as many of these ‘teachers’ suggest.

Meditation can also help increase your lucidity in the night and your recall of any other dimensional events that might be taking place. As well as this it can help to increase your dream recall – which gives you a bit of an insight into your subconscious. But your DNA and Soul Identity / Energy are also influencing factors. But the most important benefit of meditation is the raising of self awareness and clarity of mind – so that you can undo all your brainwashing and programming – and also so that you can heal. Even if you see otherworldly events like I have in the night it is very difficult to ascertain exactly what these otherworldly experiences actually mean.

The main aims of most of this heavily controlled spirituality on this planet is to pacify you, keep you ill-informed, and funneling you into limited hangouts. The vast majority of it is mind control, and it is mainly a huge subversive limited hangout.

We can see how much of the universe works by observing nature – we are a souls but we are also biological beings – and we are a part of nature – subject to natural and metaphysical / cosmic laws . When we move away from living in harmony and in balance with nature, and neglect its laws, then we devolve, regress and suffer. Nature is our teacher.

The universe is so much about surviving – the survival of a race or species. It’s about evolving as a race or species. It is about striving for knowledge, understanding, self discipline and excellence. It is about ascertaining that which does not serve the greater good of the people / race / community. It is also ascertaining what threats you face. There is that which elevates the people, that which elevates and enriches the Soul, and that which secures the survival of the race and their civilizations – and then there is that which regresses it and harms its future.

The solar system, galaxy and universe is all about nature – the laws of nature. An evolved soul that loves deeply and reveres nature and life – also hates evil and fights against it. It works against that which destroys life, that which suppresses life and that which goes against nature – and it fights against those that cause unnecessary suffering to its people. There are consequence for our actions in this universe, our actions have meaning and there are meaningful repercussions.

Altruism and love is important in terms of survival. You love your family and your race, you are altruistic to preserve your people, to advance your people. You are selective with who you help, you can’t afford to be naive. And this certainly doesn’t mean you don’t help people of other races and communities – good relations between races and nations is of vital importance. But it is about finding balance and prioritising. On this planet your love and altruism is often manipulated by evil or distorted souls. We are not ‘all one’ – this phrase is just jewish mind control.

You do not have to love everybody and forgive everybody. Obviously it benefits you to forgive many actions, but not all actions are forgivable. You have the emotions anger and hate for a reason – they are a part of your survival kit. All your emotions and feelings are a part of your survival kit – they are valuable – you just need to be conscious of them, to understand them and know what they are telling you. You need to find clarity of mind and understand how you can best utilize them to help you and your people survive, evolve, advance and thrive. 

Our DNA, blood and genetics appears to be very significant – it connects us – when we are very conscious we can understand this both intellectually and also emotionally, and can feel the significance. Our blood and DNA holds genetic memory. Our Soul and DNA is connected, this Soul DNA relationship is significant in ways we don’t yet fully understand.

Inspiring a people who have a natural spiritual connection through their related DNA and Souls to work together, for a greater goal – the greater goal of elevating and advancing this race and community of people – this is extremely conducive to having a happy, peaceful and abundant nation. And I am sure that this is what occurs in the successful sentient civilisations in the galaxy and universe.

One of the problems we have on this planet is that we have a variety of different races of humans, with different DNA and Souls: Racial Soul Groups with connected Genetic Memories. Multiculturalism is destructive and doesn’t work on many levels: metaphysical / spirituality and socially. Multiculturalism and the genetic mixing of races actually goes against natural cosmic truth. It is one of the major tactics of International Jewry to bring forth their New World Order – the mixing of the races that they relentlessly encourage and incessantly instigate (Kalergi Plan).

Well, thankfully, a lot of people are talking about this agenda now.

The people within a race should be working together in their own nations / homelands – staying together to help their own people to progress and evolve – to develop their own civilizations and to elevate their own people. When a people / race feel safe, happy and secure in their homeland then it is easier for them to feel confident and relaxed – and then they can more easily create positive alliances and relations with other races and nations.

People naturally feel relaxed and comfortable when in the company of their own people, with their own race. It is important for each race to feel they are safe and have a nation and homeland to call home. All this immigration is causing unease and distrust around the world – it causes great friction between the races.

When you have a nation of people who are not all connected racially / genetically and therefore not as connected metaphysically and spiritually – well, that is a recipe for trouble – these different racial groups are not going to see eye to eye, conflict will emerge, and it will be much easier for psychopathic power hungry souls to control the nation. As you can see in the nations of Europe with the problems they are having to deal with. The racially / genetically related people that have emigrated to that nation naturally congregate and come together within the country, and these groups will look out for their own races interests above all others, and will not properly assimilate in that country / nation – the connection to the host race will never fully be there as the DNA and Genetics is different – and their blood holds a different genetic memory.

( I grew up in London, the most multicultural city in the world, so I know what I’m talking about – the English people are losing their homeland, as are many other people around Europe. Europe is being heavily targeted. Multiculturalism does not work – and this agenda by International Jewry to genocide the White Race/Aryans is pure evil. )

Multiculturalism is one of the biggest tactics and agendas of International Jewry – it is being used to bring to fruition their New World Order plan – it is having a hugely negative effect on the planet, and if immigration is not stopped it will enable them to take their control of this planet to truly disastrous levels.

Was there someone, or a group, who understood many of the universal truths about Nature, the Laws of Nature, and DNA? That promoted living in harmony with nature, that used these Cosmic Truths to create a happy, peaceful and abundant civilization / nation? Yes, the National Socialists and Adolf Hitler did. You want to know how to stop the New World Order and create a better world for your race, community and all of humanity? Then study the Truth about National Socialism.

Savitri Devi understood the beauty of National Socialism (however, she did have one fault – she promoted the Kali Yuga rhetoric, which I believe is pacifying misinformation)

(Some brainwashed people will be triggered by this information about National Socialism. But if you are, it means you are not fully awake, and still have some deprogramming to do – and that you have some new knowledge to assimilate. Adolf Hitler and the National Socialists were actually the good guys. Don’t be fooled by the use of the word Socialism here – National Socialism is nothing like Marxist Socialism and Communism. International Jewry lie to us about everything –  as they own almost everything.)

National Socialism is based on an ancient European way of life – it is about love and community – Germany’s National Socialism was born out of love for the people and country – not out of hate. It is a very spiritual system – about having a national community, all citizens being valued, caring for the natural world and putting others before yourself.

The reason the National Socialists and Adolf Hitler have been so incessantly demonized and lied about by the media (which is totally jewish owned) is that the National Socialists implemented solutions and showed the world what should, and could be, done to create an abundant, happy and unified nation. It is the reason why war was brought against Germany and it was crushed. Again… You want to help the world? Study the Truth about National Socialism. (A couple of links at the end of the article to get you started.)

I covered a lot of ground in this article. Hopefully it assists people in a variety of ways.

One last thing:

(I see people providing lists online on how to ‘open’ or ‘activate’ the third-eye. Pretty much the same articles over and over on different websites – these people are often just repeaters – repeaters of New Age limited hangouts. And there are people trying so hard to ‘activate’ the third eye – detoxing, focusing on it, meditating on it – many people trying. How many have actually have had genuine third eye experiences? – As far as I can tell hardly any, if any at all. I have not come across anyone who I can say genuinely has. I even skyped with a so called ‘seer’ once who was a total fraud – these ‘seers’ lie and take your money (usually jewish agents, I discovered she was a part of a network of jewish controlled opposition shills). I have researched extensively and not found anyone having the Third-Eye and other dimensional experiences like I have had – and I was not trying to activate anything at all. I tried hard to find people who would know about what I was seeing – I only found deceivers, networks of controlled agents or very limited people out there. I am sure there are some other people who have had some similar experiences to me – but they are not these people you see on YouTube and Alt Media personalities –  I actually only came across one person who I felt sounded genuine, who suggested she was some type of multidimensional operative, and she sounded credible from what she described… but she did this interview with a controlled opposition shill – so I am not going to endorse her. (And Miles Johnston, James Rink, Kerry Cassidy etc, obvious controlled shills – and a less obvious controlled shill is James Bartley – but he is still a controlled shill.)

I was not detoxing, or attempting to decalcify the pineal, and had only been meditating for about ten months when I had my first Third Eye experiences. I think we don’t truly understand how the Third Eye works and how to ‘activate’ it – and if everyone actually can. I think there is much more going on than people realise to shut down the third-eye and our abilities to consciously and proactively access other dimensions and connect to other sentient civilizations. So you can keep detoxing and meditating… But DNA limitations, Soul Energy and Soul connections, as well as some sort of advanced technology that we are unaware of — these are some other factors to consider.)

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    I left a comment but it is not showing up here.. Hmmm

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      Yes, I have mentioned on the right sidebar that some comments occasionally do not make it through. From the nature of the other comments I do believe it is only when someone writes a long comment – that is when it sometimes does not get through.

    • March 12, 2022 at 12:05 am

      Where i can talk to you? I had also many lucid dreams..and i was seeing some things that needs explaining.

  • August 8, 2020 at 4:49 am

    Another amazing article. Spot on, I have noticed the same frauds and extreme delusions in the so called spiritual community. Ideas like eliminating the self and transcending duality are total bogus. Wondering if you could describe more about how you mediate to facilitate lucidity or OBE experiences? Also curious if you could explain more about what the landscapes and different wildlife looked like on the other planets you saw?

    And – do you think there are higher dimensions/planets where only the soul that is evolved/in alignment with cosmic truth can incarnate where psychopathic souls are not able to access or incarnate on – or will we always be struggling against parasitic jewish souls?

    Also do you think there is a god, gods, or goddesses who created our souls and the cosmic laws? Who made our souls/where did our souls come from? Do you have any opinion on the pagan beliefs of our ancestors and the pagan gods and goddesses?

    I am convinced Christianity was a Jewish infiltration tool from the beginning, a weapon used against the Goyim to make us passive and spiritually ignorant. Any wisdom to be found in the bible has stolen/corrupted from ancient pagan wisdom. Christianity causes spiritual/soul retardation. All you have to do is accept a jew named jesus as your savior and you wont be tortured in hell forever…total psy op. Having billions of Goy for centuries praying (giving psychic energy/power) to the jewish god and the circumcised jewish savior jesus seems to certainly be a tool of their energy manipulation/black magic/sorcery used to take over the world. A form of lesser magick.

    • August 12, 2020 at 12:15 pm

      Hi Rox

      My meditation was a regular practice – vipassana – observing the breath… as well as observing the energy in the body and the thoughts that came up. Nothing complicated. I was doing it to deal with intense energy and raise my consciousness. No goals for any OBEs. They were semi-lucid spontaneous occurrences. I seemed to have them around the same time that as I was having contact in the night and this was affecting my consciousness… who I am as soul is also important – soul dynamics etc… I may have had some sort of energetic implant as well. It could also be related to DNA. The meditation helped me to have some glimpses of them and some semi-lucidity. But if you are not having contact by a group like this meditation like this should at least help you get some dreamscape and astral recall, but that place is controlled – you won’t learn much from there. Meditation is good for gaining self discipline and becoming a better human so you can assist your people.

      (((They))) will not be successful out there in the galaxy, only on planets that have lots of other groups of humans on it can they thrive… and that is going to be very rare. Out there in the cosmos there are lots of other groups that are overtly aggressive.

      Who created our souls. I also occasionally think about these types of metaphysical questions. I have no idea 🙂

      Natural laws. Studying nature leads to cosmic truths. Nature is both beautiful and brutal… it’s all about survival. There are no rules out there in the cosmos… just nature… the survival and advancement of your people.

      It was a rocky planet and had areas of forest. The animals were larger: giraffe type creatures, very large creatures that looked a little like a dewback from star wars, furry/hairy elephant type creatures and very big kangaroo / rabbit type animals.

      Yes, that seems to be the case with Christianity. All subversion of course.

      The ‘gods’, who our ancestors interacted with, simply seemed to be more advanced versions of us. With advanced technology. Interestingly the European Gods looked European, the Chinese Gods looked Chinese, the Indians Gods looked somewhat the same as them but with bluish hues… and the Indians also had some monkey and elephant Gods. The Gods seemed to have a connection, a DNA connection, to the groups that they interacted with.

      • March 22, 2023 at 2:04 am

        Do you have a good source to read on how to do Vipassana? Every time I research this subject I run into nothing but brainwashed pacifiers, buddhism nonsense, etc. Basically just telling you to sit back, and be “at peace” while the world around you falls apart and your people are destroyed, but it’s okay because you have “trained your brain to see things differently” (brainwashing) by meditating. I am not going to lay back and find “peace and happiness” by brainwashing myself! I want to use meditation to undo brainwashing, and become more effective!! Not “train” myself to act like cattle!

        I understand you probably won’t have a good single source. If so, maybe you could tell us how you meditated? The form of meditation I used to do was very simple. I would focus on the in and out of my breath at the nose or the diaphragm, repeating the words “in” and “out” in my head, and every time a thought or feeling arose or I realised I lost focus, I would refocus. I now realise this is probably a form of escapist meditation – I am just not sure how you would use meditation the ways you say.

        • March 22, 2023 at 2:21 am

          Another thing I want to add,

          What is your experience in general with meditation and diet relating to psychological health? From reading The Tao Of Fully Feeling, Pete Walker seems to think that the reality is that true psychological health is not an absence of “negativity”, but an acceptance of it. He even goes so far as to say that not releasing negativity can cause physical disease (somatism). Meditators seem to think your brain function can be improved solely through will, through “clearing the mind”.

          But Aajonus and other such people, who are more physiologically oriented, seem to be diametrically opposed – boiling every negative feeling or emotion down to a physiological, dietary cause, and claiming they are a sign of poor health (i.e. saying that ideally negative emotions should not exist, they are alarm bells pointing to an issue, etc.) e.g. Foggy head? It’s your blood pressure. Depression? Blood sugar. etc. In opposition to the last paragraph’s ending sentence, people like Aajonus seem to think your brain function relies solely on your nutrition and physical health, and it will improve on its own if you can improve your health.

          What have been your experiences, as someone who has practiced both approaches? Is it that meditation and feeling (Pete Walker) are good for releasing these energies, but good physical health (Aajonus) stops these energies from forming in the first place? Would you still recommend meditation, after finding the Truth about health (Primal Diet)? If so, do you believe meditation increases your resilience to brainwashing and programming that we are all exposed to whether we like it or not (music, subliminal programming, brainwashed people parroting), or is it always going to be a matter of shooting down the voice in your head, one programmed sentiment at a time?

          • March 23, 2023 at 6:14 am

            An interesting note I found today, which is related to this:

            Aajonus states in one of his Q&A’s ( that crying actually transforms old toxins that have been stored in the body into endorphins! This adds up, with regards to Pete Walker’s ideas of crying to release past trauma. According to Aajonus, the body is literally releasing past hormones, and adrenaline, which is related to traumatic events.

            The quote from the Q&A:
            “A: It’s okay – be upset. It’s a relief. Really, crying is the best thing you can do. It actually transforms toxic hormones – like old toxic adrenaline and hormones that are man-made poorly out of old toxic stuff from years ago – and it actually transforms them into endorphins which relax and heal the body.”

            • April 7, 2023 at 4:11 pm

              Hi NG27

              Yes, these sorts of releases are essential.

              In my early thirties I had to deal with so many intense energies (due to the intensity of the metaphysical / off planet projects). Sometimes it is not enough to sit with them in meditation and fully feel them. You have to yell, beat the shit out of something that is not alive – (pillows, punch-bags etc) and cry.

              To truly become a composed, conscious individual this processing needs to occur.

              I have seen that information on crying that you shared, and yes that info sounds absolutely true.

              You always feel better after a good genuine cry, and meditation will allow these emotions to come up.

              I did not know why I was crying back then, and where the intense anger was coming from, when I was going through this in my early thirties – I had not had many flashbacks to the projects then. But the emotions came up, and the energy was released. Then when I had the 3rd eye flashback experiences I knew where the intense emotions and deep sense of loss came from.
              Though, this does not mean we have to buy into the liberal bullshit about men having to show and express their emotions.

              I will always do this in private. This releasing is a private matter. It is not good for a man to display his emotions and weaknesses publicly. For example, there are narcissists always looking for weaknesses they can exploit.

              The idea is that you put aside these feelings for a period of time, so as to be able to cope with any intense situations – so as to remain composed, focused and clear-headed – then you deal with the emotions at a later date in private.
              Not everyone has really intense emotions to release. But if you do, it can quickly move you into a high level of consciousness – if you work through them.

              People raised by one or two narcissists will also usually have a lot of releasing to do.

              Hope that helped.

              • April 11, 2023 at 12:01 am

                Hi Entity,

                I see. Thank you. That part about liberal bullshit was a refreshing read, good to have a clear answer – that Marxist subversion is too prevalent.

                I have been meditating for 15 minutes in the morning every day since your response, and, this has happened twice, right before the timer rings, I start to feel this energy rising, this uncomfortable feeling – fear, anxiety, something.. my body starts to react. Is this what I’m looking for? Perhaps I should increase the meditation length.

                I have not had any emotions come up out of nowhere in the past as far as I remember, it has just been my body reacting on its own. When I found your site however, and started to educate myself.. there was a lot of extreme anger and sadness, and I did release it like you say. I feel like my consciousness has risen since then, like I’ve literally “woken up” – that term is extremely suitable.

          • March 29, 2023 at 10:12 pm

            Hi NG27

            Yes, mediation – if done with the correct focus – does make you more resistant to programming, but you need knowledge as well.

            You are not shooting down the voices in your head (your internal monologue etc), but becoming acutely aware of it.

            I am not sure Aajonus said every negative emotion was due to a dietary cause – if he did, he was wrong.

            People have traumatic experiences and energies need to be ‘released’ (dealt with), it is not all about diet.

            But diet has a very big effect on mental health. Many people say they cured their depression by going on the raw primal diet.

            Look how a lot of vegans are so overly emotional and get brain fog etc… Raw Primal feeds the brain. The brain loves animal fat.

            Toxins in the body can also have a big effect on mental health and clarity of thought – so detoxing is also important.

            Introspective meditation for healing (releasing energies), knowing yourself / raising your consciousness and maintaining balance and composure. And then diet also has a big impact on your mental health / state of mind.

            So as you probably had worked out – both are needed.

        • March 29, 2023 at 10:15 pm

          Hi NG27

          Yeah, there is such a lot of nonsense in Buddhism. There is no source I can offer. I suppose I am the source. I just use that term as it is easy for people to look into it and quickly understand what I am talking about.

          I followed the breath. Initially counting, as that helped to begin with. But eventually it was just following the breath, observing any thoughts that arose and being aware of all emotions and sensations… and just sitting with them.

          When a thought comes up just obverse it, you can analyse why certain thoughts keep coming up after the meditation.

          If you lose focus don’t get frustrated, its just part of the process, just go back to following the breath observing sensations in the body when have you become aware that you have lost focus.

          Meditation is about becoming incredibly aware and focused.

          Meditation is for both healing and for raising our consciousness. Releasing energy (through fully feeling) and becoming deeply introspective so that we can be a better / more wise human (more composed and balanced).

          When people are not in control of their emotions and energies than they cannot be composed and will make many more mistakes. They are also easily manipulated.

          People think they have to find peace, serenity and happiness… that’s all bullshit, that’s not the meaning of life, especially on this planet. You have to find Truth and acquire knowledge. As hard as some of these Truths may be on this planet, you have to find them. Only the mentally strong can get to the Toughest Truths. Truth is everything.

          When you find the Truths you know what you need to do – until then you are lost.

          Something I also recommend to people (often those just waking up) is in every moment during the day, and before and during every action, ask yourself what your motivations are behind your actions. Why are you really doing this? Why do you want to do it? What are you seeking to gain or achieve? You are very likely past that phase though.

          Hope some of that helped in some way.

          • April 3, 2023 at 9:26 am

            Hi Entity (This ended up being longer than I thought it would be)

            Thanks for your help again, looks like I can get started now. It seems I have some intense energies stored up.

            “Something I also recommend to people (often those just waking up) is in every moment during the day, and before and during every action, ask yourself what your motivations are behind your actions. Why are you really doing this? Why do you want to do it? What are you seeking to gain or achieve? You are very likely past that phase though.”

            Yes, you’re probably right… I started to do this some time ago, in the past few months, a bit before I found your site, when I started to wake up/evolve, starting to overcome (((their))) distractions, these video games, TV shows, movies… but this was before I knew they were intentional distractions. Before this, though.. it seems I experienced some sort of change in my consciousness/personality. Not like I became a different person, but my attitude changed I suppose (it’s hard to explain, I don’t know if there is repression or something). Exactly why this happened I don’t know, but it was some time around the age of 14/15.

            I began to get anxiety (I’m not sure if this is the correct term to use). It was like my body was on overdrive. This happened for no reason at all. I had never had anything like this before. Just walking from one class to the next in school would be enough to get my heart racing, my body shaking, sweating… it would be like my breathing couldn’t keep up with my heart rate. My hands would constantly be sweating, just tiny things would be enough to make my heart race. Being around large groups of people especially, usually it was people that would set it off. All this while my mind is calm. I could hardly bear going to school with this, it was awful.

            I saw a psychologist about this and I could tell he was always puzzled at what I told him. Like what I was saying didn’t make sense to him (like my mind being calm, I tried explaining it was “bodily anxiety” at one point). He couldn’t do anything for me. (I have since come to believe that all this psychology/psychiatry is a Jewish tactic, probably connected to the insane asylums you covered in your Resets and Genocides series. Doctors don’t help people.)

            I still have this all today, though I seem to have gotten better at dealing with it recently, it doesn’t seem to be as severe. I began to change the way I think, trying to overcome it, using my will power (I used denial however). Maybe it has been suppressed because of this? Or benefits from my old meditation? Just because I got older/matured, or because I got bigger and stronger (less instinctive fear?)? I don’t know. But I will still notice my legs or my arms shaking, my hands shaking (this gets especially bad sometimes), my heart rate increasing from nothing at all, my breathing suddenly shallow…

            Around this time I also had these dreams often, dreams where I would be arguing, fighting, being attacked by people or creatures, sometimes I would wake up yelling, all stressful. I would wake up with my heart racing/pounding. I remember one dream was me standing in a hallway, and the door at the end opened and millions of tiny spiders poured out and engulfed me and the room I was in. Why would I dream about this? It makes no sense. I told people about these dreams, ones where I would wake up yelling, and they said things like “that sounds intense”, which surprised me – I didn’t know this was not normal, I assumed everyone had nightmares like this. These dreams have increased again recently, after having a third-eye experience, or I am remembering them better, I don’t know. In a recent one I had I was running from these shadows that seemed to be alive, they were chasing me down this road, and I was screaming. I also had these types of dreams commonly as a little boy from what I remember, I would sleep with my parents often because I was scared. Are they increasing because I am waking up, or because I am seen as a threat (If so, why?)? Why did I have them in the first place? As a little boy?

            And now I read your Awakening Timeline article. I felt like I was going to have a panic attack as I read it, as I started connecting the dots. I don’t know why this is happening. I don’t know if I’m connected to the Breakaway Germans, I have never had any significant recall like you have or subconscious art, as far as I remember. I don’t know why this is happening to me so young, it doesn’t make sense. It’s actually hard to write this, hard to remember a lot of this, everything is confused and blurry, I don’t know if I’ve repressed things or something, but my third eye experience makes me think something is really going on. I feel like the veil has been lifted from in front of my eyes. There is no explanation for why I would suddenly develop these symptoms, this anxiety (I don’t know what to call it, I don’t know if it is as bad as what you described, it seems to have lessened somewhat, though maybe I am just accustomed to the situations I find myself in).

            Does this sound like what you experienced at all, or am I over-reacting? I feel confused at the moment. Why would this happen to me, at so young an age? Maybe it was just my diet causing it? The toxins my generation has been inundated with, to make us mentally ill? Or is there really something to it? Was I guided to your site? I don’t know. It feels like I can’t think/remember clearly. Sorry, I didn’t expect to go on this rant. I am wary of posting something like this as so many things you described are like what I experience, it is too much of a coincidence, I don’t want you to think I am making this up. This has been sitting in my brain for a while, I didn’t just realise this all now.. there seems to be a lot of denial in my mind. The third-eye experience is what made me really think that maybe something is going on with me, on other levels.

            • April 3, 2023 at 8:10 pm

              (I made a mistake when re-arranging that 4th paragraph, the change in my consciousness/personality was more recent, I was still quite brainwashed and asleep when all this first happened at the age of 14/15.)

            • April 7, 2023 at 3:37 pm

              Hi NG27

              I was around 14 or 15 when I began to feel different as well. I really felt it in the late teens, but I remember slowly disconnecting, feeling different, not being quite so relaxed. I was one of those gifted and talented children – and I should have been a professional sportsman of some kind as well, but things started going wrong in my mid-teens, looking back I was feeling discombobulated… a little spaced out at times, things no longer ran smoothly, they were not as easy for me… my body reacting.

              (But the thing is, if did become hugely successful I wouldn’t have been able to offer people the insights I have, so there is that as well, it’s not all straightforward.)

              You are likely being targeted, because of who you are a Soul. You likely have some other level connections, which could very well be something to do with the resistance movement and or the breakaway civilisation.

              There is such a lot happening on different levels. I have seen a lot of contact occurring on other levels. Some significant contact could have occurred.

              Regular Human Souls don’t find their way to my work and understand it like you do. You found your way here for a reason. Likely guided.

              Dreams are not being created by you. Again, You are likely being targeted. In my experience targeting comes from other level entities. Something powerful knows all of us, is monitoring us, always learning about us – some type of A.I or ‘cosmic being’ etc. I talk about this in my article on Narcissists and A.I.

              Their is a pastel art piece I created that you would likely be interested in seeing, which involves a large eye – it is in one of my art galleries on this site. It was an expressive piece, I did it in an art class in my teens (about 17 or 18). It is quite incredible what it is showing – information was in my subconscious. In the background is a large eye behind me. There is also a tunnel (portal) leading to some other place, which is likely Mars.

              To cope with the targeting you are going to need to get good at meditating, so as to calm your body and remain balanced, composed and focused, and you are also going to need to have an excellent diet… but you seem to have worked that out already.

              Hope some of that helped.

              • April 10, 2023 at 11:12 pm

                Hi Entity, Thanks for the response.

                I was a gifted child as well… so many similarities.

                “You are likely being targeted, because of who you are a Soul. You likely have some other level connections, which could very well be something to do with the resistance movement and or the breakaway civilisation.”

                “Regular Human Souls don’t find their way to my work and understand it like you do. You found your way here for a reason. Likely guided.”

                I see.. that is motivating. What a privilege to be so hated that I would be targeted. To be a member of the race that is their greatest threat. I am able to fight. What privilege could possibly be greater than that?

                I still find it a bit hard to believe that I am really “special”/connected to this breakaway civilisation.. what if I’m just being arrogant? But then I remember the third-eye experience…

                “Their is a pastel art piece I created that you would likely be interested in seeing …”

                Yes, when I saw that art piece it shocked me – it sent a chill down my spine. It was like I was staring right into the eye again. The one I saw in my third-eye experience. Even as I look at it now I can see it. I assume that is what you are referring to. The fact that it has a tunnel as well is very interesting. I interpreted the eye as a tunnel in my experience for a short moment while it was forming.

                I have also thought that what I saw was not human at all.. but some type of metaphysical mechanism, related to the tunnel of light that traps us. Perhaps “it” was looking at me, surveying me, who I am, whether or not I am a threat, because my third eye was activating, or perhaps I was going out of body (I was very weak, likely about to pass out). It had to stop me from seeing anything. I am not sure though. But look, right there in your art piece, there is a grim reaper right next to the eye (as well as all this blood, skulls, knives, fire..). Of course this could just be representing events you experienced on other levels, the key possibly being “the key to your subconscious.”

                The heart in the tunnel.. could it be representing your Soul? The syringe going into multiple hearts, perhaps multiple previous incarnations being memory wiped? You (I assume) on the couch representing your Earth persona, brainwashed and asleep, back turned to what is happening – “in the dark”? Perhaps the Eye is your subconscious/your more knowledgeable self? The smaller pairs of eyes, possibly people from the breakaway civilisation? (This is what I felt when I saw the Eye in my third-eye experience. It looked like a human eye – it had a round pupil.)

                But yes, that art piece is incredible.

                Thanks for all the help.

  • November 10, 2020 at 1:27 pm

    i have spontaneous activation of pineal gland and of the crown, its very pleasant and intense vibration, can last for days and if i pay attention to it, it gets very powerful but other than this sensation, and occasion full body vibration i get no images or dreams. i try to connect them to information i ‘m exposed, something i’m doing, reading etc but i cannot link these activations to anything, they just appear and disappear. the first one, very poweful activation was when i found about cabal, i knew about jews’ control due to my financial background but never paid much attention until korona and what is happening now after that it’s very random. these activation lead me to new age movement but thankful to my critical mind i returned to reality of the slavery we are in. It is hard, knowing all this, experiencing non explainable situations and have so much brainwashing and misinformation to deal with.

  • January 7, 2021 at 3:01 am

    Dear IdentityArt,

    Hope you are well. Would you please delete my comments please as it seems rather lame to be talking about such trite matters when it seems the world is falling apart. Thank you. Much appreciated…and Good Luck with everything! It sure is getting crazy… Wishing you well.

  • October 21, 2021 at 11:46 pm

    i heard i cant travel alone

  • September 11, 2022 at 12:40 pm

    Hi There – Just found your website and have read a few of your well written and extremely detailed articles. Much appreciated.
    Just wondering if you have any insights into the subject of targeting?
    I’ve been targeted overtly for about 8 years now – but I suspect it has been going on a lot longer than I realised. I get slightly different treatment to other Targeted people I’ve spoken to. The significant difference being daily Helicopter harassment. This would be a fairly typical example – one of many thousands. ( ).
    I also experience directed energy weapon attacks – mainly aimed at the brainstem. Sleep deprivation and thought to skull.
    I’ve had people who don’t know each other scream abuse at me unprovoked – using the exact same phrases as each other – as though they’re working from the same script.
    Thank you for your time and keep up the excellent work.
    Brian H.

    • September 13, 2022 at 4:31 pm

      Hello Brian H


      I am also targeted. I will share some of what I have experienced. It is somewhat different to yours.

      I used to have the helicopters to try and intimidate me. They used police helicopters for me. It only happened 4 times – that I noticed. But they were over the top / very overt targeting to make sure I knew that they know who I am. I live on the outskirts of a village but there are lot of houses around – they could not do this too often, people would complain.

      The two biggest most prolonged events occurred (both about 25 – 30 mins of targeting) when I was in the house by myself – which is creepy as they must have known I was alone. I have video of one of these targetings. They were flying so low to the house that my radiators were vibrating. They circled my house so many times. At one point I stood on my balcony and they hovered not far away at a low level looking at me, and I just stared at them and filmed them.

      I have realised that the targeting during sleep has been occurring for a very long time for me – well before I started sharing information – probably starting in my mid-teens.

      (By the way, I have connections to the breakaway civilisation and inner earth groups – some type of resistance force. These groups have been working with me on other levels since I was a little boy – I have had many flashback memories, the earliest memory of working with them was when I was about 3 years old.)

      I don’t know exactly all that ‘they’ are doing to me – I don’t know how much comes from technology down on Earth. Most targeting seems to be coming from other levels for me – from the realms connected to our 3D earth. It definitely seems to me that most targeting comes from entities from these overlaid realms / levels.

      The sleep targeting seems to be really bad for me. I often wake up more tired than when I went to sleep! And I often have to meditate for a while and calm my body. The dream-scape targeting is pretty bad – they manipulate / control the dreams. When is say they – again, I think it is coming from other levels of reality / realms… though I am also open to the idea of some type of Earth tech being used as well, to affect me during sleep.

      As I sometimes have experiences in different states of consciousness in the night, I have seen that I am targeted by entities, who can attach themselves to me during sleep, on another level. I have seen one of these bizarre and creepy entities via a type of remote viewing state of consciousness (I don’t think we have a term for it yet). I have also felt them on me many times during the night – and when I wake up, I remember myself shouting at them to ‘get the f**k away from me’. I have even heard one of them make this really creepy noise.

      I have not had people just randomly scream at me, but I have certainty felt over the years that people I know are influenced and attempt to cause me to lose me cool and cause dramas I don’t need. It feels like ‘they’ can influence narcissistic individuals (people with NPD) more easily. I also feel that most of this type targeting, and influence, comes from entities from other levels.

      It is also interesting that some people who are targeted aren’t really doing all that much and are not that awake. I certainly think that some of the more prominent people on YouTube are lying about their targeting and are controlled opposition. But I also I think sometimes these entities on other levels know more about who people are as a Soul. A lot can occur with some people on other levels in the night / during sleep.

      I get the sense that some of my targeting throughout the years was because of what I have been up to on other levels, working with these resistance groups (breakaway civilisation and inner earth groups in the main) – though some is very clearly because of the information I am sharing.


      I understand what sort of things you go through. This sort of targeting is tough. But personally, it all just makes me more determined.

      I don’t think there is anything you can do to stop the targeting. But maintaining a healthy lifestyle is how I deal with it: Exercise, pure nutrient rich organic food, walks in nature, some meditation, some sound healing etc… these are the sorts of things that can help you cope. You have very likely worked this out already.

      (I also found baths / immersing myself in water as somewhat cleansing and beneficial when my energy has been messed with…)

      I have a few questions for you:

      How do you know when they are using directed energy attacks at your brainstem?

      Do you think this is coming from technology they have on the surface of this planet? How do you think they do this exactly?

      Best regards.

  • September 11, 2022 at 1:16 pm

    Hi, really like your articles and reading them with great interest. They gave me a lot clarity on things i knew that weren’t right in this world. I have one question though, I’m white European father and have a child with a half white half asian woman. What are your thoughts on DNA and implications that it might have of mixed race people?

    • September 13, 2022 at 4:12 pm

      Hi Father

      I am glad they have helped.

      It is not entirely clear to me exactly what implications you mean, but I will just share some of my views. If you had a very specific implication in mind, let me know.

      I do not think there is anything inherently wrong with mixed raced people at a physical or Soul level… if that’s what you mean. It is mainly that the cohesion in societies / nations is lost, and that psychological and spiritual connection can also be lost. We can clearly see how people who have similar DNA naturally congregate and gravitate towards each other in nations and then look out for their own interests. Anyone who is conscious can see this occurring in societies and civilisations.

      The nations or civilisations eventually lose cohesion and unity when the host race mixes their DNA with others – which is exactly what TPTB want. When you have a deeply connected people, all pulling in the same direction, that is very powerful.

      And for an individual mixed-race person, they are often not really sure exactly where they belong in a tribal sense – particularly if they are a 50 50 mix. (Though half Black people seem to be accepted as Black by many Black communities, in the main – and half Black people usually identify with other Black people)

      Incessantly encouraging the mixing of races is a tactic of Jewry and the Freemasons, so as to weaken White nations – as they see them as their main barrier to their New World Order.

      Hope that helped in some way.

  • September 28, 2022 at 7:07 am


    I don’t know if you already have done this but i wish you could explain exactly what is the phenomena of “synchronicity” or “repetitive numbers” or “equal hours”. I always see the same exact numbers on the clock and everywhere else, “44”, “33”, “11:11”, etc. I look it up and i just can find this subject in new age media/websites so i’m not really sure if i’m getting good information. Can you help me?

    • September 28, 2022 at 6:29 pm

      Hi Matt

      I am aware of it, but it is not something I have studied and researched. If I get the chance I will look into and do a little analysis and critical thinking on it.

      You are right to be suspicious of the rhetoric out there from these new ager type websites. I rarely found those sorts of places to have useful insights. They tend to repeat what controlled people on YouTube say and don’t think critically or analyse.

      Best regards.

  • February 9, 2024 at 12:53 pm

    Hello EA
    Thank you for yet another inspiring article.

    I too, on and off, have meditated for a number of years.
    I say ‘on and off’ because some of the time when I start to get relaxed, feel light and drift into it I have quite disturbing experiences. For the first couple of years I managed to relax and felt that I benefited from this.
    But after that for most of the time I visualize a group of faceless men attacking me. They are giving me a good kicking (Head, back, stomach – the lot). I’m curled up into a ball trying to protect myself as best as I can. They swear and threaten me to stop. They are very strong and forceful, I know that I do not have the strength to fight them off. Strangely, throughout this I do not feel a thing, just the force of their actions. This event does not last long and I come out of it and then find it difficult to get back into it on that session. Later in the night I usually wake up dripping in sweat and start to sleepwalk.
    Because of this I don’t meditate as much as I used to.

    Another thing that happens is, during the day I get a sensitive feeling on the crown of my head. It’s not a headache, my scalp is sensitive to touch. It feels as though it’s between my scull and head hair as if glue is in my hair. I massage it a little and it subsides. I sometimes think it’s caused by electro-magnetic frequencies.

    I find that I don’t have many dreams, and when I do they are forgotten soon after I wake.



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