Chestahedron – Sacred Geometry – Human Heart – Vril Energy – Ancient History – Religion – Hollow Earth, Part 2


In my previous post, in this Hollow Earth series, I looked at the Electric Universe. I shared some information on Nikola Tesla, Viktor Schauberger, Walter Russell, Robert Otey and others. I also shared some information on how our sun is cool and electric, and that…

“Twin opposing electrical vortices are therefore the means by which the infinite variety of motions and their resulting physical forms manifest themselves in our Universe.” – Robert Otey

Understanding sacred geometry and the chestahedron form, discovered by Frank Chester, is a critical part of understanding our planet, our solar system and our electric universe. Crucially, this three dimensional form creates vortices. Frank Chester not only discovered that this geometrical form sits inside our Earth (and therefore very likely all other planets), but that it is also inside the human heart. When you place this form inside the Earth it perfectly explains the differences we see in the northern lights (Aurora Borealis) and southern lights (Aurora Australis).

Sacred geometry is a universal language that describes the inner workings of nature and the intrinsic order of the universe. It is the natural sanction that unites all forms of life… from microbes, plants, animals and humans to the motions of the planets and stars…. Everything has an underlying geometric template which links it into the cosmos. Geometric cosmology provides a tangible means of examining the intrinsic order of the Universe.” –

I will also provide evidence that there was an ancient understanding of this geometry – by looking at images, clothing and architecture from ancient times. There are some incredible correlations in the Ancient History section. If you find some of the geometry hard to fully comprehend just make sure you keep track of the chestahedron shape, and the bell form it creates when spun, knowing that this creates vortices – and compare them to the ancient architecture, devices and ‘clothing’. You will see many patterns and correlations.

The information in this Chestahedron post correlates with, and supports, my Electric Universe post. I highly recommend you read the Electric Universe post before this one – but it is not absolutely essential that you read it first… but you will need to read it afterwards if you want to fully understand all the topics being addressed below.


(I created some internal anchor links to help you navigate the article. I very much recommend you read through the article in order first – and then the anchor links (headings in blue) can help you navigate to information you wish to revisit when you return)

1. Planet Earth – Sacred Geometry and the ChestahedronHollow Earth

2. The Human Heart and the Chestahedron (The Seat of the Soul)

3. Ancient Understandings / Knowledge and Religion:

  • Die Glocke (The German ‘Nazi’ Bell)
  • Chi / Prana / Vril Energy
  • Stupas
  • Buddha’s Hat
  • Crown Chakra & Pineal Gland
  • Ancient ‘religious’ head-wear
  • ‘Beards’ in Mesopotamia
  • Norse ‘gods’
  • Warriors Helmets
  • European Conical Bronze Age ‘Hats’
  • Religious Subversion and Hair
  • Religious and governments buildings
  • Meru Pillar – Pagodas
  • Petroglyphs

4. Concluding Thoughts

5. Additional Information

Planet Earth – Sacred Geometry and the Chestahedron – Hollow Earth

“This chestahedron shape has seven sides: each side has exactly the same surface area. There are four equal triangles and three equal four-sided shapes that look like kites. In the picture (below left) of his cardboard model, you see one of the triangles, and two of the kite-shaped sides. Mr. Chester has found that he can draw all the surfaces of this shape, flattened, by using two sizes of circles; the arc tracings on the sides of this model show the remnants of that drawing process. The relationship between the size of the two circles is the Golden Mean, a ratio that artists and scientists have found governs many natural items such as the proportions of a leaf or of the human body. –

There are various James Chester lectures on YouTube. I have chosen to use the two that are the clearest visually and descriptively. The videos are embedded in this article one at the end of the section and the other at the end of the post in Additional Information section. But before that I am producing selected descriptions and screenshots from these two videos – so as to give you a clear overview of how the Chestahderon and Sacred Geometry relate to our Earth – our Hollow Earth.

At the beginning of James Chester’s lectures he usually explains how he arrived at the chestahedron form – but here I am getting straight to the important findings. You can watch the embedded videos for further information.

Descriptions and screenshots from the two embedded videos, to give an overview of how the chestahedron relates to our planet Earth:

When you spin a chestahedron it becomes a bell shape:

If you spin a chestaheron in water it creates a vortex (Imagine this chestahedron under the water is bigger, and it goes right to the edges of this sphere. That vortex is occurring inside our Earth and explains the phenomena we witness at both our poles):

The six pointed star is found inside the chestahedron – and sacred geometry is very much tied up with the golden mean proportion:

Phi calipers are used to show the chestahedron, and the six pointed star inside it, correlate with the golden mean:

Though the six pointed star is not central in the chestahderon when you put the chestahedron inside a sphere (inside our planet for example) the six pointed star is exactly aligned with the equator:

The greatest two dimensional geometry ever discovered is the flower of life. Chester says that there is nothing more important two dimensionally than this design – and it is all based on circles. 19 of them:

The flower of life relates to the chestahedron. The six pointed star that is in the chestahedron fits in the flower of life – right in the middle of the flower of life.

When you relate this together, using the flower of life and 3 dimensional sacred geometry, it means that you have a cube and sphere on the outside, and a cube within a sphere on the inside of the planet (inside the Hollow Earth) – so below, so above.

“Walter Russell explains that all is the same as above so below, as within so without. From the atom to the galaxy, and stars, all are the same and twin opposing electric vortices are the mechanism by which light is given form.” – Robert Otey

It is also useful to remember what Walter Russell says about the cube and the sphere:

Frank also points out in his lectures, that where the points of the chestahedron touch the Earth actually correlates to areas that have many tornados – like Tornado Alley in the US that runs through Kansas and other states, for example:

Next piece of evidence: it turns out that tornado alley, so named because that area suffers the highest incidence of twisters, (map provided by the National Severe Storms Laboratory), is a tracing of the point of contact where two of these global lines meet in Mid-America, forming parts of two edges of the Chestahedron form.

Until now, no one has given any meaningful theory as to why tornados reliably take a turn to the northeast, as it were, at Kansas and Nebraska. Tornados have been seen forming a line. The unseen force that organized this arrangement comes from the edge of the Chestahedron, which formative power in the Earth follows. The organizing power that puts them in a line is not atmospheric in origin (coming from the weather), it is geo-spheric (coming from the earth).-

Frank Chester demonstrating the chestahedron form inside the Earth touching the edges of the sphere in places:

The cones represent the vortices – a vortex on the outside of the spinning chestahderon, and one in the inside. If you cut the top of the cone protruding from the centre it would be exactly the same size as the cone on the outside of the chestahderon:

Frank Chester showing that the two vortices (cones) that the chestahedron creates inside our Earth are parallel to each other. And he shows that it means that the energy (electricity) that is entering the Earth can also exit the Earth. (You can refer back to the Dutchsinse video in my Electric Universe Post and correlate this information)

Here you can see how there would be a North Polar opening:

Here you can see how the South Polar opening is different, with the point of the chestahedron slightly protruding from the hole, which is why Antarctica is raised (a cap). The circles where the chestahdeorn rests / fits at the south of the sphere (planet) is exactly same size as the circle the chestahedron creates at the north. At the Arctic there is a large depression:

The Antarctica cap and Arctic depression:

Images below: Aurora energy images of the South and North Pole. Aurora Australis, or ‘southern lights’ and Aurora Borealis, or ‘northern lights’. The depression and cap create two different phenomenon. See the line of energy going across the south pole lights / Aurora Australis – going through the centre of the circle, due to the protruding chestahedron point / the Antarctica cap. The light formations are different, and correlate with Frank Chester’s information:

Left: Aurora Australis – Right: Aurora Borealis

Bruce Leybourne Video presentation Excerpt:

Commentary on the video by Robert Otey:

“Bruce Leybourne speaking at Thunderbolts Project 2016 Electric Universe Conference admits to what Frank Chester has been teaching since 2001. The Chestahedron is the form that gives Earth it’s unique spherical shape, being a bit like an Asian Pear, oblate at its equator, depressed a little at the north pole and a bulge of a continent at the South pole, as has been proved in great detail.

The Chestahedron is the form which creates the heart of our planet and it also gives form to our human hearts, since our Mother Earth, aka the Goddess Sophia is our local Creator! Behind the light of the Sun is the great light of Universal Mind supplying all of the love and energy for our blessed Mother to create the awe inspiring Nature which we are all part of.

Frank Chester has been teaching these profound truths for almost 2 decades now and it is about time alternative Electric Universe scientists learned all he has to teach them and quit backing false academic knowledge viruses with their work.” –

Photographs of the Southern and Northern Lights from Earth

Video: As well as demonstrating the chestahedron and vortices inside the Earth, this video also goes on to demonstrate them inside the human heart. The other video by Frank Chester is at the end of the post.

The Human Heart and the Chestahedron

(The Seat of the Soul?)

“The Heart is not a pump as claimed in academia. The Heart is a Blood flow regulator which controls the imploding blood in our bodies via twin opposing vortices created within the Heart. The Heart has never pumped a drop of blood, it is not a pressure pump as Frank Chester has documented so clearly in his work. Please see his many vids describing the detailed work he performed his analysis of how the Heart actually functions.” –

“As seen in an MRI of the heart, the fibers of the surface epicardial layer spiral clockwise and the fibers of the subendocardial layer spiral counterclockwise, and all three layers of the heart twist forming a vortex at its apex. The spiral shape of the fibers of the heart and its overall vortex shape help to spin the blood through the vessels. The layers of muscle spiral around each other, following the golden-mean ratio. Since the heart is shaped like a vortex, it naturally produces the Golden Mean.” – Frank Chester –

“In the developing human embryo, blood is already streaming rhythmically through its blood vessels before the heart has even formed. Something other than the heart, therefore, must be responsible for this movement of the blood. The heart that develops later appears to function more like a balancing brake: blood streams into the left ventricle in a clockwise direction and then vortexes around itself, finally emerging from the left ventricle in the opposite, counter-clockwise direction. At the moment when the blood flow reverses, there is no movement; absolute stillness reigns. However, this is a dynamic rest. This is the exact moment, simultaneous in time and space, that for Frank Chester represents the eternally present heart-centered state in each human being.” –

Laura Maaske – The folding structure of the heart

Laura Maaske Msc.BMC, Medical Illustrator and Medical Animator, discovered that the human heart is a double helix spiral and it unfolds along embryo heart folding patterns.

Frank Chester demonstrating the Chestahedron form inside the Human Heart:

Twisting the myocardial fibers into a cone:

When you twist the myocardial fibres into a cone you get the same criss-crossing intersecting lines that you get on the bell shape:

When you blow a bubble inside a chestahedron it looks almost exactly the same as the left ventricle:

The left and right ventricles:

The left ventricle is a chestahedron and the right ventricle is a chestadron that is collapsed on one side, and it hugs the left ventricle. The left ventricle is a vortex. The right ventricle is a collapsed vortex.

The left and right ventricle vortices produce somewhat different shapes – but both are exactly the same volume:

A cross-section of the bell and cavity (vortex and collapsed vortex) strongly resembles the cross-section of a human heart:

Left: Chester’s vortex and collapsed vortex (bell and cavity) Right: Cross section of a Human Heart

Here is an explanation from about how Frank Chester investigated the chestahedron inside the heart creating vortices:

Frank Chester was inspired by Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) who had described the heart as a seven-sided form that sits in an imaginary box in the chest.

Chester, therefore, put this form (his chestahedron) inside the tightest cube it could fit into. The apex, or point, does not fall in the center of the cube, but slightly off-center at 36 degrees. This is the same angle at which the heart sits within the chest: 36 degrees off center to the left of mid-line. If you slightly round off the edges of the Chestahedron of proportional size, it will fit precisely into the cavity of the left ventricle, the largest chamber of our 4-chambered heart.

Chester next spun a wire model of the shape in water. It formed a vortex. A negative space formed that appeared attached to the side of the Chestahedron. Chester then sculpted the form of the whirling Chestahedron with its attached “appendix”. He found the appendix creates its own vortex when spun in water, but more horizontally, rather than the more vertical vortex of the Chestahedron. The horizontal vortex closely resembles the shape and attachment of the right ventricle to the left ventricle in a real human heart.

Chester then took a cross-section of the spinning Chestahedron, including its attachment, near the thickest area. This reproduced a similar cross-section of both the right and left ventricles of the heart. The wall thicknesses are the same, the size of the cavities is the same, the angles of attachment of the ventricles and the forms are nearly identical.

Further insights about muscle layers were gained.The apex (bottom) of the heart is one muscle layer thick. In the traditional pump model of the heart, this should be the area of most stress or tension. Why is it so thin?

He turned to the work of Dr. James Pettigrew. Pettigrew found that at various points in the heart, the number of layers of muscle varies from a minimum of one (at the apex) to seven.

Chester then wrapped his spinning Chestahedron in layers of paper at the angles outlined by the cones of water created by the spinning in water. The only way Chester could properly wrap the form – while still maintaining the outline of the spinning form – also reproduced the thickness of the muscle layers at the various point of the heart: seven layers at the thickest and one layer at the apex.

It was found that the action of the heart on the blood is not one of creating force, but instead of using suction to increase the momentum of the blood. The function of the heart is to create vortices. This perfectly aligns with our research at the beginning of this article. The heart is a vortex generator, not a pump.

The Intelligence of the Heart – The Seat of the Soul?

“It is of interest here to point out,” Keith Critchlow mentions, “that the ancient Chinese character for heart also signified mind, and was rooted in their belief that heart and mind were inseparable – the seat of the intellect is in the heart.”

“This relates to the ancient Egyptian concept of the “Intelligence of the Heart” that we discussed in previous articles. This includes the physio-philosophical notion of the “heart-mind”. It must be through the blood, and hence by means of the heart, that information is brought to the brain and nervous system concerning chemical and other factors leading to homeostatic decline or maintenance. The heart from this point of view may be considered as the major source of reinforcement and therefore fundamental to all learning. A Memphite physician over 4500 years ago wrote: “It is the heart which causes all decisions to be made, but it is the tongue which reports what the heart has thought.”

(Note: Egypt was very likely started by the Atlanteans – people from Atlantis appear to have started most of the advanced knowledgeable civilisations on our planet. They had various colonies / outposts. Evidence for all this is in the next article in this series: ‘Atlantis – Technology, Knowledge, Genetics, Spirituality – Hollow Earth, Part 3’)

Frank Chester: “The Heart is the Seat of the Soul.”

“He [Frank Chester] has found that the heart is a streaming organ that is itself formed by a reversing, swirling stream. The blood enters the left ventricle in a clockwise spiral. By the time it moves out of the left ventricle, it is spinning in a counterclockwise motion. It reverses direction inside of the left chamber.

This thought is of interest to me because it is my practice to bring my awareness to the space that is my heart as a meditative practice. When I align my kinesthetic awareness of my own heart-space with these new images of how my physical heart works, I feel something new. Chester says there is a moment at the midpoint of the reversing of flow where the blood actually pauses, no motion. I wonder if that moment is the essential meaning of my meditation. What if my heart is a bell, and the still-point is the ringing of that bell?

If we go back to the edges-only model of the chestahedron and spin it on its axis, the shape that is displayed through that motion is like a bell. Rudolf Steiner reported that the evolving soul, before it becomes living matter as you or as me, is apparent to the inner eye as the shape of a downward opening bell.

The bell shape has been used in ancient Egyptian paintings to represent the human soul, coming down to earth from the heavens to incarnate in flesh. These bell shapes, seeds of spirit, are the geometric templates for growing a human heart.”

Above Image: The Tempe of Hador in Egypt, where women go to give birth. There is a painting on the ceiling of Princess Nut who swallows The Moon and gives birth to The Sun. Hador is in a cube facing us, representing the fact that in Earth incarnation we are in three dimensional space. The picture also shows the Souls as bell-shaped, streaming down to Earth from The Sun.

The Chestahedron spinning to create a vortex. The Chestahedron looks like a bell when spinning.
Here is Lady Tapéret from the Third Intermediate Period, XXII Dynasty

It looks like Lady Tapéret is having a ‘spiritual’ / higher consciousness experience, and seeing bell-like forms coming from The Sun. A great deal of Egyptian Art is depicting spiritual / metaphysical experiences. The fact the figure opposite the lady is holding the Was staff and the Ankh energy manipulation devices, and that there are the two eyes of horus depicted above the two figures, strongly suggests higher consciousness experiences for both characters. For more information on the harnessing of this energy read my Atlantis post, as well as my Resets and Genocides series. (By the way, these bipedal beings with animal heads were, in reality, all bipedal reptilians – see my Resets and Genocides series)

There is some more information about the heart’s vortices in the Additional Information section at the end of the post. But now is the the time to look at how this chestahedron, and the bell shape, correlate with information and technology from elsewhere – particularly from Ancient History

Ancient Evidence Understandings and Knowledge

  • Die Glocke (The German ‘Nazi’ Bell)
  • Vril / Chi / Prana Energy
  • Stupas
  • Buddha’s Hat
  • Crown Chakra & Pineal Gland
  • Ancient ‘religious’ head-wear
  • Norse ‘gods’
  • Warriors Helmets
  • Hair and Religious Subversion
  • Religious and governments buildings
  • Meru Pillar – Pagodas
  • Petroglyphs

Die Glocke

Though this this first piece of correlating evidence would not be referred to as ancient – it is very significant and correlates with ancient architecture and ancient devices.

The first thing I thought of when I saw the chestahedron spinning was the The Bell device that National Socialist Germans developed in WW2: ‘Die Glocke’ – or as mainstream people call it: “The ‘Nazi’ Bell”. It was not a craft like some subversive agents like to suggest. It was a device they were experimenting with which created vortices.

The Bell was not actually found by the so-called Allied forces, but here are representations of it, which were created using information discovered about the device after WW2.
A chestahedron spinning to create vortices.

This is not something that is greatly advertised by the mainstream media, but the National Socialist Germans had been completing incredible amounts of esoteric research via various volkish groups and academics, and this culminated in Himmler’s Ahnenerbe, which was an organisation that had a great many institutes (over 50 of them). These institutes, investigated studied and analysed all sorts of ancient knowledge, ancient scriptures, cave paintings and partook in various archaeological digs and expeditions – with a focus on the history of the Aryan people (And this study would have led to them the advanced Atlanteans and their colonies / outposts).

Gilbert Sternhoff in his book ‘Die Dritte Macht’ wrote about how The Bell (Die Glocke) was a type of experimental device that would spin at great speeds. He explained that the Germans were creating plasma vortices with The Bell. It is very likely that from these experiments came the Foo Fighters (from Project Lantern) – flying balls of light seen by pilots in WW2. Some of the advanced technology their flying saucers and cigar craft use will very likely have stemmed from experiments with this device… What else have they discovered? Can they create portals? Bend or slow down time (Project Chronos)? They would most certainly have discovered how to create free energy if they understood vortices. The Germans had clearly discovered some of the secrets of the universe.

We should refer back to what Nicola Tesla said about invisible electric energy in the atmosphere all round us. This can also be related to the notions of vril, chi or prana energy – which could all be different names for the same subtle electric energy that we can tap into. The subtle electric energy that is all around us.

This new power for the driving of the world’s machinery will be derived from the energy which operates the universe, the cosmic energy, whose central source for The Earth is The Sun, which is everywhere, present in unlimited quantities. – Nicola Tesla

And as Viktor Schauberger, Walter Russell, Robert Otey and others have been saying: you can use vortices to tap into that cosmic energy.

Chi / Prana / Vril Energy:

This Cosmic Energy that Nicola Tesla is referring to is related to the ‘spiritual’ / ‘life force’ energy many refer to as either Chi, Prana or Vril energy – here are some definitions:


Chi energy is a subtle electro magnetic energy that runs through everything we know. It carries information with it as it flows from one thing to another. The energy flowing through your body will predominantly carry your thoughts, feelings and emotions, but will mix with other energies around you.

You could imagine it as an energy field that runs through you and around you – a bit like a magnetic field. All the time some of your energy is floating off, away from you, whilst you also draw in new energy from the ambient energy around you.

Chi is the energy of life itself, recognized as the balance of Yin and Yang (male and female, positive and negative, electromagnetic energy), which flows through everything in creation.


Prana can be translated from Sanskrit as “life force energy,” “vital energy,” “breath of life,” “spirit-energy,” or “vital principle.” This term is used in yogic teachings as a general reference to the manifest energy of the entire universe. This original creative power is constantly flowing around us and inside of us.


“Vril is the thready, living, glowing, generative energy which projects experiential space and matter… [It] is the living generator of the experiential universe.”

“I should call it electricity, except that it comprehends in its manifold branches other forces of nature, to which, in our scientific nomenclature, differing names are assigned, such as magnetism, galvanism, etc.” – Lord Edward Bulwer Lytton, “The Coming Race”

Vril: “A controllable form of energy”…. “a mysterious invisible energy.”

“Through Vril conductors it can be used for expanding the consciousness of the mind, and allowing the transference of thoughts from one person to another by means of trance or vision.” The Lost World of Agharti, Maclellan P, 171

“Taken in total, Vril is seen as an enormous reservoir of universal power, some parts of which can be concentrated in the human body.” The Lost World of Agharti, Maclellan – P, 172


Another thing that came to mind when observing the chestahedron spin and create a bell shape were Stupas.

Here is the official story on Stupas:

“A stūpa is a mound-like or hemispherical structure containing relics (such as śarīra – typically the remains of Buddhist monks or nuns) that is used as a place of meditation. A related architectural term is a chaitya, which is a prayer hall or temple containing a stupa.

Some authors have suggested that stupas were derived from a wider cultural tradition from the Mediterranean to the Indus valley, and can be related to the conical mounds on circular bases from the 8th century BCE that can be found in Phrygia (tomb of Midas, 8th c. BCE), Lydia (such as the tomb of Alyattes, 6th c. BCE), or in Phoenicia (tombs of Amrit, 5th c. BCE).

Archaeologists in India have observed that a number of early Buddhist stupas or burials are found in the vicinity of much older, pre-historic burials, including megalithic sites. This includes site associated with the Indus Valley Civilization where broken Indus-era pottery was incorporated into later Buddhist burials. Structural features of the stupa – including its general shape and the practice of surrounding stupas with a stone or wooden railing – resemble both pre-Mauryan era cairn burials, as well as pre-historic relic burials found in southern India.” Wikipedia

Apparently, to some Buddhists, the stupa can represent the Buddha, the path to Enlightenment, a mountain and the universe all at the same time

The veneration of stupas is also not unique to Buddhism.

The stupa is an important form of Buddhist architecture but it predates Buddhism. The reverence for the Stupa dates back a long way beyond Buddhism – and can be seen to date back to advanced civilisations like the Indus Valley Civilisation, which was said to be created by Aryans or Indo-Europeans from the North.

From what I can tell there are 3 main shapes of Stupas. These two above are the same shape as the German Bell Device. These are not stupas that you can enter into – it appears that you cannot enter most Stupas. These ones above are apparently solid and not hollow.

The diagram below shows two types of stupa and two types of pagoda. Easily the most common type of Stupa is the second diagram along – it is very common. The first flat dome shape Stupa is rare. What are the chances of the most common Stupa – which is associated with the buddha, enlightenment, spiritual energy and cosmic powers – being the same shape as a bell?

(As I will show later, Pagodas are also representations of advanced energy harnessing devices used a very long time ago)

There are various tales and theories in online articles about what the Stupas are, and what they represent. I believed one of these theories before I discovered the chestahedron / sacred geometry vortice information and completed further research. All the online theories I have seen are wrong.

When you visit some Stupas it is traditional to walk around the stupas circular path way in a clockwise direction. (Vortices)

These sacred buildings are actually representations of energy devices used by the ancients (mostly Atlanteans) and ‘gods’. I very much doubt they are having any energetic effect now, as they are representations, the actual devices would have been made out of specific materials and involved some complex engineering and technology – with, very likely, a form inside spinning very fast. These devices were revered by their ancestors, and the tradition of building stone or brick replicas of them, and revering and worshipping them, was passed on. These ancients devices were used to harness the subtle electric energy through creating vortices. Which could then be used to create free energy, to manipulate matter and to bring energy in to the body to enhance peoples consciousness and spiritual / metaphysical abilities. If you cannot believe this then read the rest of this post, as well as my article on Atlantis. Much of this technology seemed to be spread around the world by the Atlanteans – a very long time ago.

Why do these buddhas at Wat Yai Chai Mongkhon Temple have a Stupa on their head?
Buddha statue at the “Tiger Cave Temple” Thailand. Again, why has he got a Stupa on this head?

Later on I will talk about Pagodas, and show you clearly that they are representations of a different type of ancient energy device. But first we should address the headwear that Buddha is using, as well as other headwear of ancient times.

Pineal Gland and Crown Chakra

First we should establish that we have a pineal gland. The Pineal Gland (also called the pineal body, epiphysis cerebri, epiphysis or the “third eye”) is a small endocrine gland.

  • In the ancient Vedic energy system of the chakras, the pineal gland is referred to as the ‘Ajna’ or ‘3rd Eye’ chakra. Modern studies reveal that the gland contains rods and cones – just like those found in the retina of your eyes!
  • Your pineal gland receives more blood flow per cubic area than any other gland in your body. In other words, compared to all your other organs – including your lungs, your heart and your brain – this tiny little gland gets the highest concentration of energy.

As shown in the above image we also have a crown chakra. The central image above alludes to the idea that the chakras are twin opposing vortices. Which is very significant when we remember what was said in my Electric Universe post about twin opposing vortices. Also something of significance, in the central image above, is the demonstration of the white vortex coming out of the crown chakra.

Personal Experience with the Crown Chakra / Pineal Gland:

Before discussing the ancient knowledge I will relay a personal account of something I experienced while I was researching this topic. The ‘synchronicity’ of it blew me away:

I went on a relaxing meditative walk and walked up a hill, which I visit fairly regularly. This hill provides a great view of a valley and of The Sun setting. I sat down and eventually I laid back flat on the grass to look up at the clouds. At some point, directly above the centre of my forehead I saw about 7 or 8 very small flies. What we would call midges in the UK. You sometimes see them hovering in groups above water. They were are all at various heights, and they were all moving in what looked liked circles – but the particular way midges move means that they dart in little straight lines – so not in a complete circle. But interestingly they maintained their height / own level – and they were one above the other. The lowest moving in a small circle and the highest in the largest circle. They did not deviate from their path. They were all spiralling in a vortex above my pineal gland / third eye. So I decided to sit up to see what would happen – if they would fly away. I sat up straight and they moved directly above the top up my head, above my crown chakra. Still moving in circles in a vortex. Amazing! I like going on meditative walks by myself, but this time I wished someone was with me.

I decided to shuffle along and over to the left, the tiny flies followed, and I moved again, and again, and they followed. I laid back down flat on my back, and looked up at the sky again, and they moved back into the vortex above my pineal gland / third eye. I enjoyed the moment for a while and then stood up, and walked down the hill. The midges followed directly above my head in the crown chakra vortex all the way down the hill until I entered an area of woodland. Fascinating. Below is an image I found online, which best represents what I witnessed – without the midges.

(Interestingly, I went back to the same spot two days later. On this particular day I found that the midges would accumulate in a wider vortex just above and to the right of my right shoulder. When I moved, they followed, staying in this vortex next to and just above my right shoulder. Exactly what this means, with regards to my energy on that particular day, I do not know.)

The pineal gland is very significant, and this was known by the Ancient Atlanteans, and they shared this knowledge widely – as demonstrated in my recent article about Atlantis.

Many spiralling cones on Siddhartha Gautama’s (Buddha) headgear.

Have you ever wondered what the strange little bumps on Siddhartha’s head are? Some say it is his hair. Some ancient tales say they are dried snails:

“In reality, these ringlets are the snails that guarded him against the harsh sun-rays while the Lord was immensely deeply in meditation… snails embody enlightenment and spiritual wisdom in the Buddha sculpture.” – Source

I still smile about that one. They are NOT snails! 🙂

He is wearing a type of head gear / hat to harness subtle electric waves (sometimes called chi / prana / vril energy) and bring them into his crown chakra, and into his pineal gland, and very likely into the rest of his body. They are not snails – they are lots of little spiralling cones, likely made out of a specific conductive material. The hat was clearly a device to bring energy into his crown chakra. I wrote an article a few years back about meditation and how back then, in ancient times, it was mainly all about having third-eye experiences – and activating the pineal and the kundalini.

Why do people really sit in those poses? They are creating a circuit with their arms, and with their legs, to keep the electric energy in their body – and they have a straight back to keep the crown chakra pointed directly up to the sky and the spine straight – so as to bring energy into the crown chakra, and also down into the spine to the other chakras. In ancient times you would have had a device on your head to bring the electric energy in.

In the time of Atlantis, and not long after, when some of their knowledge and technology continued in their previous settlements, ‘colonies’ or outposts – there was a very big focus on bringing the subtle electric wave forms into the crown chakra. Exactly what abilities and benefits this lead to I do not know exactly. I have mentioned on this website that many times when I have been just drifting off to sleep images of either landscapes, faces, or scenes of people elsewhere, would begin to vividly form in my third eye. I never get to see them fully form – but they would begin forming. My Earth persona has also become lucid in the night and I observed myself remote viewing distant locations. It is incredible.

As well as remote viewing abilities, did this harnessing of energy also lead to other abilities? Like telepathy, the reading of minds and clairvoyance? As well as many other benefits, such as improved health?

Head Devices (‘crowns’ or ‘hats’) from other Civilisations

Here are more images from around the world of ancient leaders / nobility and some so-called ‘gods’ using headgear devices. It was a huge part of the ancient world. A wide variety of designs. Sometimes they were bell or cone shaped. Sometimes types of antennae were used (mistakenly thought of us horns by us), sometimes feathers and hair were added to the headgear:

(Often, in ancient images you can see the people wearing the beneficial headgear holding a staff, or another smaller contraption)

Ancient Egypt
Ancient Egypt: None of these ‘hats’ above are symbolic – they are energy harnessing ‘hats’. These particular ones, directly above, even have the serpent at the front, so as to tell you they are about harnessing energy.
Indian ‘gods’
‘Beards’ in Mesopotamia (Sumeria, Assyria etc)

Look closely as those beards. Are they beards? The small cone-like spirals look very similar to the small spirals on Buddha’s head. They are very likely coverings / devices used to harness more of this chi / prana / vril energy:

In the third image along you can see his actual facial hair at the bottom of the beard.
Again, in the third image along you can see his natural beard at the bottom, protruding from the spirals.
You can see clearly in this image where the man’s moustache is and where the spiral beard like device begins.
Odin and Norse Gods:

A variety of ‘hats’ were developed by ‘god’s’ and ancient leaders to harness the invisible electric waves all around us – and bring it into their crown chakra. The Norse ‘gods’ used a type of antennae to harness it. These hats must have been of great benefit to their consciousness and intuition in battles, as they are certainly not physically practical. They were interpreted by some people as horns, and in modern times we see animals horns depicted coming out of the top of Norse ‘god’s’ helmets. But they were not animal horns.

Ancient sculptures of Odin. These were not animal horns attached to his helmet.

Below we can see Heimdall depicted with strange wings on the side of his hat – he is also carrying a strange staff. To the right we have Odin with what looks like 4 horns and a fork coming out the top of his hat. You can see a line going from the ‘hat’ to The Sun, which is telling you where the energy he is harnessing is coming from. We can also see the staff in Heimdall’s hand and the strange device in Odin’s hand.

Heimdall and Odin

Here is Ullr and Thor. A strange hat on Ullr with a dome and two ‘wings’ or ‘horns’. Thor also has a strange hat with a dome top and at least one ‘horn’ – and he is carrying a staff . You can see that the The Sun is shown to be linked to Thor’s hat, as is the energetic representation of a serpent (spiralling energy), which we often see in ancient carving’s and drawings. You will realise the significance of the serpent if you have read my Electric Universe article. We can see that all these Norse ‘gods’ wore unusual ‘hats’ in battle, so as to harness this invisible beneficial energy.

Odin with ‘cone hat’ holding onto some type of contraption.

Warriors Helmets

Feather Headdress:

Before we look at warriors helmets we should mention the Mayans. The Mayan leaders used elaborate feathered headdress for harnessing chi / prana / vril energy.

Mayan feathered headdress.
Warriors – Domes with Feathers or Hair

Ancient warriors helmets also very much seemed to be designed to harness this invisible electric energy – that surrounds us – and bring it into the crown chakra and pineal.

Feathers, and what looks like animal hair, were used in some designs – which must have been related to harnessing and collecting the subtle electric waves.

‘Gods’ and semi-divine figures / heroes used dome helmets with feathers attached at the top. They would surely know the reasons for wearing such hats.

That warriors in more ancient times also seem to used this method to bring this energy into their crown chakra suggests a general all round benefit from this practice – and not just for third eye or remote viewing type activities – but also for intuition, reactions and greater awareness.

Did the warriors in the eras below know the exact reasons for these designs and the benefits? Where these traditions passed down without the background technical knowledge? Were they benefiting from them substantially?

Depictions of European Warriors – using hair and feathers.
2 ancient Chinese helmets and a Korean Helmet with hair or string of some type. You can see a dome / bell shape is used, with feathers or hair attached to the top.
Polish Hussars

Most of us will have seen the ancient art work / carvings where the advanced ancient Sumerians are depicted with wings. This is very likely because they had been utilising feathers in the same way, so as to harness the beneficial invisible electric energy. In a later section you will see an ancient petroglyph with a figure wearing the same feathered appendage on their back – there is also an image of a Sumerian utilising feathers.

Conical Gold Hats from Bronze Age Europe:
Conical Golden hats from Bronze Age Europe. Left to Right: Berlin Gold Hat – The Golden Hat of Schifferstadt – Golden Cone of Ezelsdorf – The Avanton Gold Cone (3 found in Germany 1 in France)

“The Berlin Gold Hat or Berlin Golden Hat (German: Berliner Goldhut) is a Late Bronze Age artefact made of thin gold leaf. It served as the external covering on a long conical brimmed headdress, probably of an organic material. It is now in the Neues Museum on Museum Island in Berlin, in a room by itself with an elaborate explanatory display.

The Berlin Gold Hat is the best preserved specimen among the four known conical Golden hats known from Bronze Age Europe so far. Of the three others, two were found in southern Germany, and one in the west of France. All were found in the 19th and 20th centuries. It is generally assumed that the hats served as the insignia of deities or priests in the context of a sun cult that appears to have been widespread in Central Europe at the time.[1] The hats are also suggested to have served astronomical/calendrical functions.” –

Not a ‘sun cult’ – but an understanding of Cosmic Truths, and how to harness the invisible / subtle electric chi / prana / vril energy coming to us from The Sun and bring it into our crown chakra.


Left: A Pre Roman Celtic ‘Ceremonial’ Hat – Right: Celtic art on the Gundestrop Cauldron, showing a metal ‘horned’ helmet. The Cauldron depicts various spiritual experiences.

Religious Subversion – Hair, Pineal and Crown Chakra

“The tips of our hair serve as an antenna that gathers energy from the universe. It then transmits the energy to the frontal lobes of our brain to stimulate a higher level of consciousness.” – Source

The United States military recruited male ‘Native Americans’ as scouts in the Vietnam War and — in the course of their training — the military discovered that long hair actually helps give people superior tracking abilities. The ‘Native American’s’ had performed much less effectively when they had their hair cut off (they were given the traditional closely cropped army cut) – so the army performed some comparison experiments and found out some Truth about our hair.

The women of the Vril Society – a group of female mediums in Germany – famously kept their hair very long.

Maria Orsitsch

Maria Orsitsch was the head of the ‘The All German Society for Metaphysics’ (Alldeutsche Gesellschaft fr Metaphysik) founded in the early 20th century as a female circle of mediums. The society was later renamed the ‘Vril Society’ or ‘Society of Vrilerinnen Women’.

Personal note: I grew my hair long quite some time ago, when I first started to meditate over ten years ago. I intuitively knew that I should. Our head hair is there for good reason. Facial hair is also there for good reason.

Subversive religions.
Symbolically showing us how they are against us harnessing and receiving The Sun’s invisible spiritual energies into our crown chakras. The church is anti-consciousness.

Catholic Church explanations for the skull cap: To retain body heat as the monks hair used to be shorn from that area of the head. Apparently the most common reason (for covering the head with a skull cap) is a sign of respect and fear of God (Yahweh). It is also felt that this separates God and human, by wearing a hat you are recognising that God (Yahweh) is above all mankind.

Judaism: The exact origin and purpose of the yarmulke is unclear – but apparently it’s used as a sign of respect to God (Yahweh): the wearer of the kippah acknowledges that God (Yahweh) is above him.

Religion has been all about hiding the True beneficial esoteric knowledge from us, and keeping us shut down – keeping us from our gifts and our spiritual / metaphysical connections and abilities. These ancient symbols above, which the Church are using, have relationships to the true nature of the Cosmos, and to the techniques the ancients were using. This pine cone we see was some sort of device used in ancient times – yes, it looks similar to our pineal gland (also significant) – but it also looks to have been a device. We can see the Sumerian below who is using a bell hat device, beard device and feathers – so as to harness the beneficial electric energy – he is also holding this pine cone device. He is using it in the same way the Egyptians used the Ankh device.

Bell-hat (with a fleur de lis on top), ‘beard’-device, feathers and ‘pine-cone’ device

We also see these Christian leaders above holding staffs with two curling serpents, which are really spiralling vortices representing the kundalini spiritual energy. In between, in the centre of the staff, is a Sun Cross. The priest above on the far right is also holding a Sun Cross with Jesus on it. As we have seen in my Electric Universe post our Sun is not a nuclear furnace! But it is cool, and electric, and has great intelligence. The Sun Cross is sacred geometry and nothing to do with ‘Jesus’. The Sun Cross represents our Sun and it’s importance to us… to our Souls and to our planet. The Sun has great spiritual and metaphysical significance. It is also sending us the beneficial / invisible electric energy (chi / prana / vril). The Sun also sometimes sends out solar flares… do you think these are just random occurrences?

The Sun Cross was an important image to the ancient Europeans. The Atlantean’s and the ancient Celtic and Germanic people revered The Sun – and The Sun Cross was one of their symbols. These religious figures are subverting people away from the Truth. These old men walking around with their fake bell shaped hats, and fake staffs. They are imitating the ancients – imitating the Atlanteans, and some of the highly advanced civilisations / colonies and outposts which stemmed from Atlantean knowledge. Truth in plain sight.

There is a lot of sun imagery in the Church. Why are they holding up The Sun when they worship Yahweh and Jesus? (It is all subversion)

“Behind the light of the Sun is the great light of Universal Mind supplying all of the love and energy for our blessed Mother [Earth] to create the awe inspiring Nature which we are all part of.” – Robert Otey

Let’s refer back and briefly discuss the information in my Electric Universe article:

The Sun is said to be birthing planets – birthing the unique vortices that eventually form each planet. Do you think The Sun would just randomly give birth to these unique vortices / conglomerations of energy? We can see there is an order and some sort of decision to create a variety of different planets, which seem to be carefully or purposefully spaced out. The two pieces of ancient Egyptian Art that we saw above suggest that The Sun has birthed our Souls – a very real possibility. The Sun created our Mother Earth’s Soul.

(I suspect that not all Souls on Earth were birthed by our Sun, but came from somewhere elsethose anti-human psychopaths that run our planet, for example they might not even be Souls, but something else.)

The Sun with its variety of electric waves is not only nourishing and giving life to everything on our planet, but it also seems to be offering us a type of ‘spiritual’ energy – a consciousness enhancing energy – that we can tap into. Is it also communicating with us? The knowledgeable ancients were very keen to harness this electric vril / chi / prana energy coming from The Sun. We know it very likely led to metaphysical abilities and advanced awareness – but we don’t know the full list and variety of benefits you can gain from tapping into this invisible energy.

The (((churches))) have been very manipulative by using these items and symbols displayed above. These symbols and items will be familiar to our Atlantean / Aryan / Pagan Souls. These sun crosses, sun imagery, spiralling serpents, pine cones, bell hats, long staffs – as well as the ancient Atlantean and Germanic tales partially used and altered in The Bible … All these things we have encountered and seen in past lives – all are familiar to our Souls. But then the people are subverted by the Church to the worship of Jesus and Yahweh – and diverted way from the very beneficial Cosmic knowledge.

Spiral and Vortex patterns / representations are all over these Celtic Sun Crosses
Viking Sun Crosses with spirals and vortices – as well as the spiralling serpent.
Left to Right: Ancient Danish Sun Crosses, Viking Settlement and Ancient Swedish Sun Crosses.

All the very ancient technological advanced civilisations – for example Atlantis, Egypt, Sumeria, and The South American Atlantean Outposts (Aztec and Incas) – revered The Sun. Places like Egypt and Sumeria, and of course Atlantis itself, had energy producing technologies, a variety of cosmic understandings, complex language and organised civilised societies and they revered The Sun. All the advanced civilisations that stemmed from the very advanced Atlanteans revered The Sun. The primitive civilisations did not worship and revere The Sun. Something very significant to consider.

Dome Buildings – Religious and others

Do you remember I showed you all those Stupas around Asia, and a diagram of the most common type:

Look at all these Stupas (domes) on the Church buildings – and look at the sun inside the domes:

St Pauls Cathedral with the sun’s inside the domes on the ceiling – and look a Freemasonic chess board pattern on the floor.
St Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican
The Sun inside the domes of St Peter’s Basilica
Sienna Cathedral – The Sun inside the dome
Berlin Cathedral – The Sun inside the dome

The United States Capitol Building:

This Stupa / Bell shape is actually used very widely on religious or prestigious buildings. Why?

I would suggest that this very much related to Atlantis. They are very likely replicas of the holy central temple of Atlantis. These superficial replicas have no real energetic effect as they are brick and concrete, and without the internal technology needed . They are likely building a replica of an ancient bell shaped building that harnessed the invisible electric waves (vril/ chi /prana etc) in our atmosphere. The time of Atlantis was a very significant time on Earth and that civilisation had great abundance. (See my article on Atlantis for further information)

The dome is said to be used in a Christian church or Cathedral as a symbol for the heavens and God’s (Yahweh’s) dominance over everything. Or to remind you to look up and remember heaven and the gods. (Yeah, OK then)

The 33rd degree Freemasons, Jesuits and secretive Jewish cults have access to hidden information about Atlantis (Information not shared by Plato). The psychopaths and narcissists do not share – they desire control. But there are some testimonies from ancient people that tell us that there was a large dome in the temple of Atlantis, which had a truly brilliant central ‘sun’ in it. Here is a significant quote from the book ‘The Lost World of Agharti’ — information by the researcher and author Harold Wilkins:

“Harold Wilkins recorded in his ‘Mysteries of Ancient South America’: There is a tradition current in the mystic east and, perhaps, derived from Atlanteans who quitted their great motherland before the time of the terrible cataclysm, that the central cathedral temple of old Atlantis’s capital, the hill city, ‘Sardegon’, had a dome-shaped ceiling from which flamed a magnificent central sun of blazing gold. The late inheritors of the remains of the civilization of the Atlantean imperial colony of Hy-Brazil, of South America, the Incas of Peru – Peru, as one has stated, being derived from a word (not found in the Quichua, or native Peruvian tongue) Vira, meaning the god of the sun – had a glorious sun of purest gold which shone with truly dazzling refulgence from the walls of Cuzco’s great temple of the Sun. It was there when the keels of Don Francisco Pizarro’s caravels and galleons touched the shallows of the Peruvian coast in AD 1530. The very eye-balls of the beholder were pained by its scintillations.” P, 143 – The Lost World of Agharti – by Alex Maclellan

Look at the inside of these domes above – what is at the top in the middle? – a sun – a blazing sun. I was not surprised when I first looked at these images – I knew I would find a sun. This ‘Sun’ in the Atlantis Holy Temple was likely related to energy – the harnessing of the subtle, invisible, electric, cosmic energy – this is why it was said to have ‘flamed’ and that the same sun in the South American Altantean colonies / outposts was said to have such ‘dazzling refulgence’ and people were ‘pained by its scintillations’.

Now look at this more modern Glass dome – the ‘Reichstag Dome’. They have created a central cone shape clearly representing a vortex right in the middle it – and around the outside of the interior are spiral walkways… The PTB are mocking us. The Freemasons, Jesuits and Jews (of course International Jewry / The Banking Cartels run the Freemasons and Jesuits) are mocking us.

Look at this ‘explanation’ of the thinking behind Riechstag Glass Dome:

“The Reichstag Dome is a large glass dome with a 360° view of the surrounding Berlin cityscape. The debating chamber of Germany’s parliament, the Bundestag, is visible directly below. A mirrored cone [note: vortex] in the center of the dome directs sunlight into the building, and so that visitors can see the working of the chamber. The dome is open to the public and can be reached by climbing two steel spiralling ramps reminiscent of a double helix.

A large sun shield tracks the movement of the sun electronically and blocks direct sunlight which, would not only cause large solar gain, but also dazzle those below.

The futuristic and transparent design of the Reichstag dome is intended to symbolize Berlin’s attempt to move away from a past of Nazism and instead towards a future with a heavier emphasis on a united, democratic Germany. Specifically, it symbolizes that the people are above the government, as was not the case during Nazism.”

(Surely I don’t need to tell you how ridiculous that last paragraph was – you can read my posts on this website on National Socialism if you don’t realise how inaccurate it was)

This Reichstag Dome is very symbolic – with Truths in plan sights. A large central vortex and spirals stairs / walkways – and it also alludes to the fact that (((The Powers That Be))) want to block out The Sun’s rays. These invisible spiritually beneficial electric waves that come to us from The Sun – these electric waves that give us higher levels of consciousness and abilities. (Is there also something in the chemtrails that disrupts and changes these subtle invisible spiritually beneficial electric waves, and limits the amount that reach us?)

Left to Right: Eiffel Tower, The Church of Les Invalides, Both the Eiffel Tower and The Church of Les Invalides lit up, Leaning Tower of Pisa

Other famous large buildings represent energy harnessing, or vortex creating, structures. The Eiffel Tower and the Leaning Tower of Pisa are two examples. Near to the Eiffel Tower (as shown above) is The Dome church of Les Invalides – which is another representation of the Atlantean Central Temple, with its vortex creating / energy harnessing ‘stupa’.

The images below show masses of small stupas and then there is an image of HAARP – a field of devices with antennas. I am not saying they have the same function, but you can see the electric connection.

Above: Hundreds of Stupas in Asia. There are various places like this in Asia with hundreds of small stupas in close proximity. What had the ancient people seen?

Meru Tower / Pillars

To clarify that Stupas are a representation of ancient energy harnessing device I want to show you the Meru Pillar or Meru Tower – which I also discuss briefly in my Atlantis post. This ancient diagram below, on the right, was found in a 2nd century Chinese manuscript. The image below, to left, is an image created by a scientist who designed particle beam weapons for a living – and he told William Henry (The author who presented the ancient diagram) that the diagram looked like some sort of particle accelerator, or even a particle beam weapon. Information from:

So this was also some sort of device to harness the subtle electric energy – and people revered this device and built replicas of them – and the tradition has carried on, but the knowledge regarding what they were actually building a replica of was lost. We don’t have an original diagram of the Stupa device – in its original state – but we do for Pagodas.

If you look at the bottom of the device in the ancient Chinese diagram it looks like it was also creating some type of vortex.

Also, compare the Meru Tower diagram, and these pagodas, to the spine of a human being – their obvious similarities. We are electric beings. Do we bring this chi / prana / vril energy down into the crown chakra through the top of the head, and then down into the spine, where the spine interacts with the energy and somehow amplifies it?

Lama Anagarika Govinda, says the Meru Pillar / Tower is:

“The seat of cosmic powers, the axis which connects the earth with the universe, the super-antenna for the inflow and out flow of the spiritual energies of our planet.”
All these four structures above are referred to as Mount Meru by the locals and worshippers. Of course it wasn’t a mountain but a device. You can see four smaller devices / ‘towers’ surrounding the base of the main pillar in three of the photos. You can see these four smaller ‘towers’ in the ancient diagram.
(This tower on the right of the first picture is also referred to as ‘Mount Meru’) Some of these other pagodas look a lot like the Meru Pillar diagram.

Legends: Pagodas were said by some to have magical powers to protect the village from wind, floods, and demons. Apparently everything about the structure was based on divine numbers — even numbers were considered to be unlucky, so a pagoda always had an uneven number of floors.

You can see that pagodas are representations of this ancient advanced technology. These pagodas represent a different type of device – they certainly do not appear to be the same as the device that the stupas represent.

Buddhism, like other religions, is full of subversion and misdirection. Religions seem to have been created to divert people away from our technologically advanced past and the True nature of the Cosmos. Religion is all about control. If you read my Atlantis post you will see that the majority of these technological understandings were spread around the world by the Atlanteans.

Some of these temples / pagodas look like the pineal gland, which is not a coincidence, as the pineal is a part of our body that receives / utilises this beneficial chi / prana / vril electric energy. They all represent ancient devices the natives saw, which were being used by their rulers / leaders / noble class… or ‘gods’.

Angkor Watt. Central tower, surrounded by four smaller ones. Like the Meru Pillar diagram.


Here are a selection of petroglyphs from around the world showing this ancient technique of harnessing this invisible electric energy coming from our Sun (vril /chi /prana energy):

Left: Showing bell shaped type hats on their heads. Right: Strange cone shaped hat with two strange ‘horns’.
Left: Showing types of energy harnessing ‘antenna’. Right: It looks like feather-like antennae are attached to a hat – and they have a spiral occurring inside them – and they are doing battle with the serpent energy (refer back to my electric universe article for the serpent significance)
Left: You can see the serpent spiral energy. Right: The person is wearing a ‘horned hat’ and a feathered appendage on their back – as well as holding a staff.

Concluding Thoughts:

I hope you agree that there is some very significant information in this post. Information that could be very beneficial… very practical.

Any open-minded free-thinking scientists, engineers or inventors could begin experimenting with the information on head devices and vortices in this post – and develop devices to expand or enhance our conciousness, perhaps heal our bodies and awaken untapped metaphysical abilities.

(We don’t know what was inside some of these very ancient tall bell / cone shaped hats (if anything), what lined them and all the materials used. We also don’t know exactly what the ‘antennae’ / ‘horns’ were made of and how they interacted with the hat.)

The above post, in conjunction with my Electric Universe post, could also help us develop a greater understanding of Mother Earth’s energy dynamics and intricacies – a deeper understanding of hurricanes and tornadoes, for example.

We can also use the information in both the Chestahedron and Electric Universe posts to inspire new Tesla’s and Schauberger’s. It did not go well for Tesla and Schauberger, but if we get information to enough people about vortices and free energy there will be too many inventors for them to suppress.

Intelligent and creative medical people could develop a better understanding of the human heart and stop a lot of the harmful medical procedures and harmful medication.

This article was also the second part in my Hollow Earth series. Though the post does not discuss the Hollow Earth in great detail – understanding the sacred geometry mentioned and the vortices created by it, is absolutely critical to understanding the Hollow Earth reality.

All the information on buildings and ancient technology presented supports both the Scared Geometry discussed and significant elements of the Electric Universe displayed – so therefore they also show much support for Hollow Earth.

We can see that religion has been very purposely diverting us away from the Truth of the Cosmos and keeping us controlled and oppressed.

In my third post in this series – ‘Atlantis: Technology, Knowledge, Genetics, Spirituality’ – I will show more information that correlates with various elements of the Electric Universe and Sacred Geometry.

We can see that the (((Freemasons))), (((Jesuits))) and of course Jewry have been going to great lengths to hide the connections I have shown – and they also achieve the subversion and misdirection through seeding controlled opposition in all areas. The majority of these well known mainstream ancient history researchers and authors – people in (((Ancient Aliens))) for example – are controlled (many will be Freemasons). They have been studying ancient history their whole lives, as their full time job, and they could not see the correlations I found?! I think not. Most are gatekeeping. I will show you more of what they are gatekeeping in my Atlantis post.

Link at the end of the post.

Additional Information:

Robert Otey and Frank Chester on the Heart’s vortices:

“Frank talks about the vortices spinning in opposite directions, but this is an illusion to the senses, since they both spin in the same direction as explained in great detail by Walter Russell. When the two vortices come together they do not clash. Frank studied this and found that the bottom vortex bends and they are both going in the same direction. That is because they always were going in the same direction, there is only one direction shared by twin opposing vortices, which appears clockwise from the north and counterclockwise from the South. The new work (Frank’s new work) will be based on two vortices which do not clash, in other words upon the way Nature works as detailed by Walter and Lao Russell.” – Robert Otey

“He [Frank] references hubble photos showing two vortices coming together and creating an accretion disc, which is an effect and is a torus. He says you can [get] a big spray where the two vortices meet. In Russellian Science that which is being ejected at the equator of the twin opposing vortices is not able to become its opposite mate via the fulcrum of still magnetic light which controls these vortices and it is radiated via the equator. Frank found that the human Heart does not sow this kind of resistance, the vortices are entering into each other, which is very soft and there is not a radiating outwards from an equator like in a galaxy.” – Robert Otey

The second video from Frank Chester, from which I took screenshots and used above. There are big overlaps with the other video, but some of the visuals and explanations are different, which may help:

Some more Churches / buildings with the Stupa dome on top:

A variety of domed ceilings in churches from around the world – with a sun, or bright sun-like dazzling light, in the centre:

I wanted to add this image below of the ‘Dalai Lama’ – it pretty much speaks for itself. I have exposed this man before in another post mine. Just another puppet of the (((New World Order))). I also saw various other images, from around the world, of Buddhist monks wearing face masks. They are not very conscious, wise and evolved, are they…

Below is an image of the whole piece of ceiling art showing bells (Souls?) coming down from The Sun in the the Hathor Temple. The Sun is depicted – symbolically – as being related to the the womb / vagina of some type of universal goddess – suggesting that The Sun is from where our Souls originate – or where they are ‘birthed’:


Next Article in the Series (Image linked):

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  • October 19, 2021 at 10:13 pm

    Thank you Entity Art for these posts. What a treat. You had mentioned parts of the Bible misrepresenting information (especially with regard to Aryan culture). I’m beginning to feel the entire Bible was a product of the Jewry. An egotistical hating god (old testament jewry where they are the chosen ones and everyone else exists for their control or devouring) and the new testament passive love god (where turning the other cheek is the MO… aka “easy to control and dominate”). Do you have any insight on whether the Bible in it’s entirety is a Jew Hoax? I’m currently looking into it… it is a dive. Thanks again for all your research and sharing.

    • October 20, 2021 at 8:42 am

      Hey Alp

      That is most certainly what it looks like. Using parts of Atlantean and Aryan history, so as to be familiar to our Souls, and then to subvert us.

      I have come across various pieces of information over the years that strongly suggests that the Christian Bible and Christianity, is a creation and subversion from them. I cannot think of one main source. If I come across a specific significant source I will let you know.

      When we know some of our real ancient history and the spirituality of that time – and their understandings of Cosmic Truths and energy – it is very clear that Christianity was created to subvert us.

    • November 7, 2021 at 2:05 pm

      I have had a few Christians commenting on a couple of posts after the release of these three October posts. I will address them here in this comments section. I rarely post, and reply to, Christian preaching on here unless I feel I may be able to sow some seeds of Truth. I don’t mind questions with a conversational tone, and a questioning of certain pieces of information. But this website is not a platform for religious people to attempt to convert others, so I will just address a five of their points and then express some points on how Christianity took hold in Europe.

      1. One commenter said this on Christianity: “It’s the only spiritual truth where God himself suffers among humans as a human. Like Jesus did.”

      What? How can Universal Mind / Source suffer? This person lacks metaphysical knowledge and understanding. This Christian may be talking about Yahweh suffering on Earth, as if you research ancient history there are recorded stories about Yahweh’s time on Earth – living on Earth – he even had a wife. He was / is not ‘God’. He also did some terrible things to the people of Earth.

      He may have been taking about Jesus though. Jesus was not ‘The Son of God’ or The only Son of God? The whole rhetoric of ‘Son of God’ was a part of the subversion away from the advanced ancients reverence for, and connection with, the Sun – our Sun. As it should be ‘The SUN of God’ – that is who we should be revering and trying to connect to. The subversion is so obvious when you see all the Sun imagery the Church uses and correlate it with the ancient advanced civilisations. As I have shown in these posts, the Sun – our Sun – has a great deal of spiritual and metaphysical significance to us.

      2. This commenter is also suggesting Christians have more children than Pagans (I assume that when he says Pagan he means people in touch with Cosmic Truths)… where he gets the data for this I do not know. But regardless, it does not help much if the Christians just raise naive children without the knowledge of Cosmic Truths.

      3. The other commenter said that “the Meaning of life is not to go to other dimensions, but to live simple manual life serving each other”

      I did not say that going to other dimensions was ‘The Meaning of life’ – but it is one very important element of expanding your consciousness and understanding the Cosmos… You cannot be a successful informed civilisation in the Cosmos without these abilities and understandings – it makes you very vulnerable to ‘other dimensional’ manipulations and more advanced civilisations. Having people in your civilisation capable of higher levels of consciousness and metaphysical experiences is very important.

      4. One says that your purpose is to live a “simple manual life serving each other” and to “love and forgive” – Again, a very naive, childlike outlook. That all sounds very nice, but if this is your only focus you will become oppressed, and enslaved – there is good reason as to why people have been subverted away from the Truth of our chakras, pineal gland and our electric bodies on our planet. Certain parts of communities can only behave like this when their leaders have established a robust defence of their civilisation – and you cannot do this without an understanding of the Comic Truths related to energy, and the development of technology based on it. As well as an expansion of consciousness, so that you can access the other dimensions / realms – which other civilisations can also access – and to be able to remote view, and also contact others via metaphysical means over large distances.

      5. I one hundred percent guarantee (one of these Christian commentators) that none of the Breakaway Germans will be Christians (as he suggests). None of them will be. The German Breakaway civilisation is immersed in Cosmic Truths and higher levels of consciousness – with metaphysical abilities. I know this with certainty.


      These people seem to be just selectively ignoring the Cosmic Truths related to energy, and our electric bodies, which contain vortices (chakras), a pineal gland and spine that utilises the electric energy – and how Christianity and other religions has been subverting us away from the Truth of them. Everything is energy, and we are immersed in this beneficial energy – harnessing this energy is absolutely critical for both survival in the Cosmos, and for our spiritual development.

      It is very important to understand Cosmic Truths – and to then have metaphysical and spiritual experiences, to expand your consciousness, and bring more of this invisible very beneficial electric energy (chi /prana /vril) into the body… As mentioned, a civilisation that cannot, and does not do this, will be very vulnerable and limited.

      Christianity has done exactly what it set out to do, and subvert Europeans / White people, and caused people to become so attached and dependent that they cannot see the Truth even when it is clearly presented to them. Subverting them away from the Atlantean knowledge.

      I know some Christians (it seems the majority are like this) and they are all kumbayah, ‘we are all one’ / ‘all gods children’, refugee loving and incredibly naive… with a child-like outlook. With the outlook of: love everyone, forgive everything, turn the other cheek, blessed are the meek, Jesus will save us… etc etc (Again, a higher birthrate – if they actually have one – is not much use if they just create more naive people without any Cosmic or energetic understandings.)

      (I know there are some racially conscious Christians, but they seem to be few and far between, and still often think ‘Jesus’ is our saviour or that love will save us.)

      And when these devout Christians die and leave their body, they will be presented with the ‘Jesus’ hologram / apparition, and they will then go into the light and into the fake subversive after-life realms. Which Christians call heaven. (see my article on Narcissists and the After Life)

      The Murdering in the name of Christianity:

      One side of my family is more Germanic / Viking – the other Celtic.

      The Germanic / Nordic tribes suffered at the hands of Charlemagne and his brutality and murderous ways, in his his attempt to convert Europe to Christianity – and they fought bravely against him.

      Some of my Celtic ancestors would have suffered at the hands of the Catholic Church’s brutality. The wise and evolved Druids, and their very beneficial Cosmic Knowledge, were killed off by the Church’s brutality. Many Celts fought bravely against the Roman Catholics, and stood against the Catholic Church’s forced conversions.

      Incredible amounts of the wonderful, and gifted, Aryan women of that time were targeted and called ‘witches’ because of their superior life force energy and their ability to tap into the cosmic consciousness enhancing / electric energy – and because of their connections to nature and knowledge. They were drowned, burned and executed in all sorts of ways because of the invention of Christianity. All because they had natural clairvoyance, powerful intuition and insights, and some could observe other realms… and some had also been trained in Cosmic Truths by Druids and other Sages, and had important knowledge… some just had a natural intuitive connection to nature. Those bloodlines and their more powerful mitochondria DNA, which led to more powerful life force energy, which they would pass to further generations, were lost for good. An absolute tragedy.

      At the very bare minimum it was at least around 50,000 women (which is an obscene amount in itself), but many say it was a great deal more than this – some say more than ten times this figure – some suggest an even higher figure in the millions. It was estimated that in Germany alone 40,000 “witches” were burned alive – so this 50,000 figure that is touted around looks to be massively wrong)

      To spread Christianity, and to get it to take hold in Europe, they had to threaten, terrify, and murder.

      • November 16, 2021 at 1:09 am

        I’m one of the Christian commenters. Thanks for answering. You don’t need to publish this one, but I just say few things. Your sources of how terrible the christianization was sounds like stripped straight from the leftist liberal books. 70% Europeans were peacefully converted and the rest came as part of a political struggles where the religion was just a byproduct. And did I mention the Popes pushing for inquisition were of the Crypto-Jewish families of Borgia and Medici? And Tomás de Torquemada in Spain.

        All the Christian Kingdoms had powerful armies. Haven’t you ever taken a visit to some of the many art museums in Europe? They are filled with painting of knights on horses. Like the Prado in Madrid and Vatican and Louvre etc etc.

        And not all people need to know and do the same things. There are different classes for each tasks. Some are monks, some are warriors, some are mystics, some are artisans, some are manual laborers etc. Not all normies need to know hi-tech and “Cosmic Truths” more than how to deal morally with their fellow brothers and sisters in everyday life. And to know they are loved by the higher power unconditionally. It’s spiritually healing. There are Good Shepherds, Sheeple, Goats and Wolfs. It’s the duty of the Good Shepherd to lead and protect the Sheeple from wolfs and Goats. Instead of trying to make more goats out of Sheeple. This is the Cosmic Truth that can be found in Bible(and Vedas) that you have missed.

        Strange how your kinds complain how violently Christianity was brought in and how terrible Yahwe was and then in the next sentence complain how pacifying and subversive Christianity is. You can’t have it both ways. I think Yahwe would be exactly your favorite kind of “God”. Violently conquering places and other people for his people. Isn’t that what you are calling for? Violent warrior?:)

        Only original form of racially conscious Christianity today is the so called Christian Identity and it’s not to be found on any mainstream Churches. And NSDAP had the Deutsche Christen reformation aka Positive Christianity. You have been given links, but you do not bother reading them. The Dual Seedline doctrine explains everything in plain sight. Your understanding of Christianity is on that of a comic book level and subverted modern universalist mainstream preachers. I don’t like the Hillsong Church type of places either etc. Actually I can’t stand it. The pastors are total abomination.

        Being a Christian means believing in Absolute Truth, not relativism. And that “God” can take human form is possible. I think you have also written about it. That is also a Cosmic Truth. And the love of God is a gift you can not deserve is also a Cosmic Truth. And the Imperial Germans know it. It’s the same in Vedic Hare Krishna cult Srila Prabhupada brought to west.

        The passage of turning the other cheek is modern mistranslation or interpretation. It most probably means that when a Roman soldier slaps the palestinian/israelite farmer with the palm of his hand(outer side), who supposedly was on a lower social ranking, then if he turned the cheek that would invite the soldier to slap him again with the hollow of the hand. And thus recognizing the farmer as equal. So there is spiritual humbling message to it. It doesn’t mean not to be allowed to defend oneself.

        And like I said the European culture come from the ancient Hebrews. Even book “The Irish Origins of Civilization” mentions how Celtic/Gaelic language is just like a dialect of paleo Hebrew. 80% derived from it. The Druids knowledge was not lost, it was preserved among the priests.

        About the birthrate. I gave you source. It’s a common knowledge that Bible teaches “to fulfill the earth” and for instance the Laeastadians are famous for big families. And look up Amish people. They don’t vaccinate themselves and are thriving. Religious myth with racial identity are the pillars for every civilization.

        Thanks for reading. I may not write anymore on these topics. I don’t want to sound like condescending, but you are clearly younger than me at least by 10 years, maybe 15, and lack life experience. By the way I’m from a Nordic country, sometimes touted as hosting the most educated nation. We have some of the most beautiful Christmas traditions and carols/hymns. And you come across as uncivilized nerdie commie in giving zero value to it. J.S Bach signed all his compositions with “For the glory of God”. Some of the most beautiful music in the world is made in the name of Christ. You can’t surpass that, ever.

        • November 26, 2021 at 1:37 pm

          Hi CI

          I will reply to your suggestions and assertions… It is useful to offer insights into this topic for others to see:

          Firstly, I do not dislike all Christians. But I do have a frustration with how dogmatic they are, and unwilling to see very important Truths – seeing everything through the lens of their religion. I always try to find common ground with them.

          But Christianity will only truly, and fully, fall away when they experience the Cosmos, other planets, other solar systems, other dimensions, higher states of consciousness… have out-of-body experiences – remote viewing etc etc. All of which are a natural part of being human – if we bring enough vril / chi electric energy into the body we are capable of this – some more capable than others though. So before this can occur I like to aim for Christians being more racially conscious and pro- active. I do not mean that to sound in anyway condescending – it is my outlook as I understand the attachment they have, and it is perhaps the best I can hope for right now.

          Forced Conversions:

          You say 70% of Christians were peacefully converted (again, a source for these figures would be nice, btw you did not provide a source before) – regardless, you are ignoring all the killing that was done – millions dead all because they did not want to believe in this rigid set of beliefs. If your figures are true then 30 percent of Europeans forced to convert at that time is a truly massive amount – many millions – looking at population figures of that time then could be somewhere between 15-30 million people forced into a religion.

          Some of the best Aryan women and man were murdered because of this. The fact that you dismiss this as not significant is pretty shocking (I am sure you are not really a callous man, but just someone struggling to defending their religion).

          So many White Folk murdered – burned alive in many cases – hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, of the most conscious and knowledgeable Aryan women. I experience all sort sorts of emotions just thinking about what was done to all those women. And these regular people (peasants) mostly just conform to what their rulers say (kings and queens etc). Though I am sure some regular people were convinced by the preaching, however, many would be seeing people in their community intimidated and aggressively coerced by the church – and some seen dragged away and killed – which will mean that they will be much more likely to ‘peacefully’ convert.


          You actually think we need Christianity to know how to deal with others in our communities? White Folk do not need Christianity to tell them how to live peacefully in communities. The Celtic, Nordic and Germanic people had been doing it from many thousands of years without Christianity. It is an insult to White folk to suggest that they need Christianity to do this. And the Atlanteans created the most advanced civilisation on Earth without Christianity.

          We can also look at all the wars fought because of religion on this planet. All religion on this planet is false and subversion.


          Your point about Yahweh is very poor. Yahweh decided certain people were not good enough, or to be more accurate, not wanted by him (they were probably a threat to his control), and then wiped them out, or made life very difficult for them.

          I never once called for violent conquest other races – not in one place have I said this on this website – a very strange thing for you to say. I say each race has the right to protect themselves – and if land is uninhabited and unclaimed, then you can claim it.


          You now talk about how people in communities need mystics – I am glad you are coming around to this. Where are the Christian mystics though? There aren’t any. None at all.

          The Church is anti-higher levels of consciousness. They killed all the European mystics off. All the Druids in Europe were killed off – and all the Female mystics (labelled as ‘witches’) were killed as well. Thanks to Christianity. All that superior DNA and knowledge gone.

          Pretty much all of the Druid knowledge was lost – it has not been preserved in Europe by priests! You seem to have no idea what the Druids knew… they had vast knowledge, understood energy, could have metaphysical experiences, and understood Cosmic Truths. They were killed off. Christianity was behind it.

          The Celtic culture stemmed from Atlantis. I showed this in my Atlantis post.

          Universal Mind:

          That God can take human form is NOT a ‘Cosmic Truth’. God is everywhere and in everything – it is Universal Mind – the source of all. These vast consciousness, which is beyond the comprehension of our Earth bound minds. And I doubt it has any emotional investment in the intricacies of what plays out on each planet. Universal mind does not ‘incarnate’ as a man. Maybe read some Walter Russell on Universal Mind… I don’t think people can get close to comprehending the vastness of infinity, and eternity, and the mind of Source / God.

          Breakaway Germans:

          My friend, please don’t tell me about the religious beliefs of ‘Imperial Germans’ (The Breakaway Germans) – I doubt that you now much about them. Where as I have (as discussed elsewhere) memories of living and working with some of them, and have had Astral contact… and I also completed a great deal of research about them as well. The knowledge and cosmic understandings they have are so far beyond Earth knowledge now. I guarantee you none of them will be Christians… the notion would be absurd to them. Those Breakaway Germans were run, and formed, by leading SS men – very Elite groups of gifted SS men were at the forefront. Men who would have been working with, and for the Ahnenerbe (An organisation that completed massive amounts of esoteric research). The Ahnenerbe became a part of the SS.

          When you know the level, and type, of research this organisation was completing then you know that they would have discovered Cosmic Truths and very significant esoteric and metaphysical information. They would have learnt all the information I presented in these three new October posts a very long time ago – and then found out a whole lot more.

          They will not be Christians. Not out of disdain or hatred for any Christian traditions or Christian people, but because once you are out in the Cosmos and discovering Cosmic Truths Christianity – and all Earth religions – can clearly be seen to be false.

          Adolf Hitler was not a fan of Christianity and spoke about how it would die out as people understood the Truth of the universe and Cosmos. Quotes:

          “The best thing is to let Christianity die a natural death. A slow death is something comforting about it. The dogma of Christianity gets worn away by the advances of science. Religion will have to make more and more concessions. Gradually the myths crumble…. When understanding of the universe has become widespread… the Christian doctrine will be convicted of absurdity.” – Adolf Hitler (Source: Hitler’s Table Talk, page 48).

          “The heaviest blow that ever struck humanity was the coming of Christianity. Bolshevism is Christianity’s illegitimate child. Both are inventions of the Jew. The deliberate lie in the matter of religion was introduced into the world by Christianity. Bolshevism practises a lie of the same nature, when it claims to bring liberty to men, whereas in reality it seeks only to enslave them. In the ancient world, the relations between men and gods were founded on an instinctive respect.”
          Adolf Hitler, (Source Hitler’s Table Talk, Page 7)

          Personal Attacks, Wisdom and Awakening:

          And by the way this is the second time you have tried to insult me. Both were very amusing to me. It is certainly the first time in my life that I have been called an ‘uncivilised nerdy commie’ – which is so ridiculous when you look at the content of my website. You attempt to depict me as some type of week, unsociable geek. Before, in your previous comment, you also suggested I was as a ‘pagan tech freak loner’. Which again, was very amusing. I ignored it as I find all that type of name calling pointless and distracting. But that is the way of the internet – people being rude from behind their monitor and keyboard or smart-phone. I sense that you are not typically like this, but you were somewhat rattled by my recent presentations. No hard feelings.

          By the way, I am not some weedy young nerd. I am 6ft 4in and in good shape – you would likely not say those things to my face (Again, I don’t think your are usually like that – we would probably get along just fine). Not that I would be in any way aggressive, or offended, I would laugh, give you a friendly slap on the back and invite you to sit down and have a chat with me. I might even look you in the eyes tell you about some of the flashback memories and other dimensional experiences I have had in the night – and about some of my connections to off planet groups… if you seem trustworthy and of good character that is. And if you were conscious enough you would feel my energy, and the Truth of what I was sharing with you.

          I have not said anything personal towards you – as mentioned, the fact you tried to ridicule and attack me personally shows that some of my information rattled you – but again, no hard feelings. Many people online use derogatory terms for Christians, but I do not, I am respectful and try to find common ground – and stick to facts. Not insults. You may be a somewhat subverted Christian but I still see you as a brother.

          Your suggestion that you are older, and this suggestion you have more wisdom because of this, is also amusing to me – it was another subtle attempt to try and belittle and assert a feeling of superiority. I think you should just stick to facts / information presented. The suggestion from you that if you are older you will have more wisdom, and more likely believe in Christianity – like when I get to 50 or 60 I will somehow suddenly think: ‘Yes, I should worship Jesus and the murderer Yahweh’ – is absurd to me.

          I will never get involved with any religions – Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Judaism, Christianity etc etc – all are subversive. I have had so many metaphysical experiences, and memories come back, so it is impossible for someone like myself to believe in any of these false Earth religions. And if you haven’t noticed, people become Christians because their parents were Christians – young children are incredibly impressionable. They are indoctrinated when young. Rarely do people in their old age think – ‘you know what, I am going to become a Christian’.

          Age does not necessarily bring wisdom on this planet. So many Boomers and Old folk are incredibly brainwashed (Though thankfully some of that boomer generation are being snapped out of their hedonism and sleepy brainwashed state by this Covid tyranny). I would say it is people in their mid to late twenties and up until their mid to late 40s, that are the most awake (always exceptions of course). It roughly seems to be that gap between millennials and ‘boomers’ were the most conscious critical thinkers are.

          By the way I have plenty of life experience, and if you look around the website I do talk about parts of my life where it is relevant – so as to make a point. One for you now: I am a qualified teacher – and used to be a school teacher in public schools.

          I am also objective – and I know that I do not come across as a ‘young inexperienced nerdy commie tech freak’ in my writings, but you just needed to think that as you cannot bear the thought that your religion might be wrong.

          The Lens of Religion:

          This conversation with you demonstrates the problem with so many Christians: I have presented very important insightful information in these three latest posts – information that can bring greater health and consciousness to you and your family. Also showing you ways that you can expand your consciousness to new levels… and to grow better crops and raise healthier animals – as well as ways to develop free energy. Information that could greatly assist the Aryan race / White Folk. But all you can initially think of is to defend your religion, and attack me, because I clearly exposed some aspects of this religion that you are so very attached to. Your religion comes first. All seems to be seen through this lens.

          And what on Earth does having some nice Christmas hymns have to do Christianity being good for Europeans? … come on – you are stretching there. Sure, some of that singing by those choirs is emotive and can give you goosebumps – but White Folk do not need Christianity to make inspiring and uplifting music!

          And the Christmas tradition would not have been invented by Christians, it would have come from some other ancient Aryan tradition well before Christianity. The legend of Fathers Christmas / Santa Claus is very likely top be related to the opening to the Hollow Earth, at the North pole, and someone, a very long time ago, from the Hollow Earth coming to the surface of the planet on an advanced craft (not a flying sledge) with some gifts. The Bible and The Church used so many ancient Aryan stories and traditions and distorted them to subvert Europeans towards the worship of Jesus and Yahweh.


          You have also sent my another message while I was writing this – with a notably friendlier vibe / tone. I will address some points in that message as well, at some point.

  • November 22, 2021 at 11:16 pm

    hi, minor point on Franks chestahedran. Having reverse engineered it in CAD, it seems that some of his claims don’t appear to stack up perfectly….hmm. In particular the plane at which the hexagon is achieved is not in line with the equator of the sphere whereby the top and bottom three points touch this sphere

    • November 24, 2021 at 5:34 pm

      Hello Richard

      I realise you emphasise it is just a minor point you are talking about, but the problem with comments like this is that I do not know you, and you have not provided evidence. No link to an article or presentation. I do not know your level accuracy and attention to detail, or you understanding of Sacred Geometry. Whereas, I can view Frank Chester’s many lectures and articles… the man has dedicated a large portion of his life to this topic.

      I am not saying Frank definitely has everything spot on. No one has got everything ‘spot on’ on this planet that is so full of lies and deception, but I cannot assess the significance of what you say.

      I am always open to compelling credible evidence that gets us closer to the Truth.

      (But as you say – if what you are saying is accurate – then it is a minor point that may just need a minor adjustment)

      Whether Frank is spot on, and perfectly accurate in all areas I do not know, he may need to make a few minor adjustments in one or two aspects – and there is very likely to be some other energetic and sacred geometry / universal factors that we do not understand, or are even aware of yet… but Frank is certainly very close to the Truth. We can see this from all of the correlating information in all three of my October posts in the Hollow Earth series.

      The reason I released my 3 latest posts on Electric Universe, Sacred Geometry (Ancient History) and Atlantean Technology all together is because the level of correlation between all three of them is phenomenal.

  • December 24, 2021 at 7:00 pm

    Hi Entity art,
    I am back to reading your articles after some gap. I have finished part-1 and part-2 above and they have been really eye-opening. After months of beating the dead wall on vaccine psyops, trying to argue with fellow sheeple on the fact that there is a central JCS group controlling everything here and how Covid is yet another episode of theirs, it got a little narrow but your articles gave me the expansion I needed in the current plandemic.

    Must say that my orientation or understanding was along the lines you have taken the reader through peeling off the layers of empty religions and the religious head figures who are just pawns to the powers that be.

    As you pointed out, unless we overcome the emotional aspects of religion, its fairy tales and get deeper to understand the cosmic truths, the energy vortices, the inner machinery of our human body and its ultimate purpose, we are going in a blind alley.

    Coming from south India, I have only relied on the amazing ancient architectures I see around and they have always been a puzzle to me. I got in to a habit of doing this because the regular mainstream hinduism’s explanation and stories somehow did not fit nor does it give any form of wisdom or enlightenment.
    These ancient monuments were something beyond our scope of understanding and as you wrote, they had a great understanding of cosmic truths and the universe as a whole.

    I am looking to read article 3 in the series soon and will collect my questions in the meantime and get back.

    I wanted some time because I know that I will have to read this stuff 2 or 3 times to get more depth.

    Thanks for the amazing content.

    One question I have outside of this topic and sorry, if you do not encourage this.

    Other than exposing the JCS, how are we to really win this war that has been forced on the entire population and I just cant digest the fact that the JCS continue to do what they usually do and the people are all the time at the receiving end.

    • January 16, 2022 at 3:08 pm

      Hi Gopal

      Good to hear from you again. Welcome back.

      Yes, I recommend reading through the 3 Hollow Earth posts at least 2 or 3 times, so that you can get all the correlations. Some very important information in them.


      Yes, I know your pain. It is has been very hard work trying to educate certain family members, and other associates, on the topic of the fake pandemic, viruses, vaccines and health… and once they take the jab they usually become even more invested in the narrative.

      I will assume JCS means something like: Jewish Control System? – as I know you are wise to this.

      It is a big question you ask. For me, it is all about a large awakening occurring. It is about numbers. Creating a tipping point. And, to be honest, at the moment, Jewry are doing a pretty good job themselves of waking people up, as they push SO hard with their medical tyranny, as well as their other obvious agendas, which become more and more obvious to normies every day. They seem to be giving us a bit of help with it all.

      For hundreds of years these people have gone slowly, slowly. Increasing their control bit by bit without people knowing – very covertly. But now they are going full throttle. A bit like they are panicking.

      Winning the information war is going to be key – spreading information. As well as being there for those newly awakened with relevant and important hard hitting Truths – so that they don’t find themselves in controlled gate-keeping limited hangouts.

      From what I have seen over the years, there is a certain Breakaway Civilisation, and some allied Inner Earth groups, that are keeping us as safe as they can while we do this. While we all grow as Souls. It is like they are giving us the opportunity to evolve and become wise proactive Souls. So we can actually become nations and racially conscious tribes of people, that do not give our power away so easily, and get so easily manipulated. Human Souls have to grow up, they cannot continue being gullible, naive slaves to every lying and controlling psychopath or narcissist that comes along. They are not yet ready for the Cosmos and what exists out there.

      Unfortunately, many Human Souls on this planet only wake up and evolve through a hardship or shocking event, which shakes them out of their psychosis.

      We have to try and reach this tipping point before there is too much death and deconstruction.

      Groups will form and people will fight back – it is already happening, it has started. We can see the protests around the world on the internet that our MSM organisations do not show. There have been many large protests in Europe. Many more people are starting to wake up from their psychosis and becoming pro-active. In a way, it is a test for Souls – seeing what they are made of… are they going to stand up and be courageous?

      Anyway, that is what it looks like to me at the moment.

      This is a great quote from Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn on gulags, and the regrets of not doing more to stop the impending tyranny of Communism / Bolshevism. We should all learn from the lessons he learned:

      “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if… We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”
      Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, quote from The Gulag Archipelago 1918-1956

    • February 1, 2022 at 9:17 pm

      Hi entityart, I hope this finds you well and thriving, this is just another great eye opener.

      Just read 1 and 2 and all your comments which is just another dip into the Intel and to be honest your pure and wise character. Truly injoyed your response it was strength, self control and some humour.

      I have posted before on about the narcissistic program.

      Because I really struggle with looping and I suppose being weak minded and effective by all the psychological warfare programs.

      I never said it before energy was erratic got caught up in the thought in my head. As they you think your thinking but your actually listening.

      I know deep down when I read that article that it was in a sense explaining my shadow or the real true essence of myself as you put it, is there a possibility that my soul is being suppressed and undertaking from this program, I was diagnosed with ADD hypersensitivity if there is such a thing but I do get very stimulated very easy, I have become much aware of the pain body and the program that play out from impulse way and have been learning more about this part pf myself.

      What is the way, best technique to tap into the unconscious.

      Moved up to Wales was looking to get land and move toward permaculture and free energy’s .
      And come across this place to learn called Findhorn, Whats your perspective on findhorn in Scotland?

      Thanks for taking the time to reading my post and responding.

      All the best

      • February 3, 2022 at 1:51 pm

        Hi Mark

        Meditation will be the best way to tap into the unconscious. You don’t need any unnecessary robes, special beads and any other superfluous nonsense! And it doesn’t have to be really long, just something you do on a regular basis.

        So many great minds and inventors talk of the importance of having time for some stillness and solitude. It can lead to insights and a much clearer mind.

        You need to still / calm your mind. Then you can gain clarity of thought and balance. You need to resolve and release emotional traumas held in the body. Allowing all these stored emotions / energies / feelings to come up, and let them come out by really feeling them. These will eventually come up in meditation. Self discipline and determination is needed to stay with them – to feel them and observe them. You need to have a strong will and clear intentions to evolve.

        In a following the breath, and observing thoughts and energy in your body, type meditation you will get to know yourself and your psyche very well. It can be uncomfortable, but to get in touch with the subconscious and intuition you have to sit with any uncomfortable energies, and they will subside eventually as they are released. Sounds a bit ‘woo woo’ but it works. One person calls it ‘The Tao of Fully Feeling’.

        Best of luck.

  • May 2, 2022 at 11:47 am

    Wery well made observation i say with unbeatable evidence cracking off the unlogical theories why domes have a bell shape.
    Also in part of the hair and the disadvantage or in wierd manner treason having them short i remembered a one trend which was and is a basic “fashion” practice in judeo communist regimes and also was during 20s,

  • August 25, 2022 at 1:50 pm

    Thanks for your info man. I was inspired to try using headgear during meditation after you posted this. I’m sure you’ve thought about it before. I don’t know of anyone who makes these now but there are actually some old tibetan/buddhist priest hats going on eBay right now that are shaped like the stuppas and have spirals made of mostly copper.
    I know there’s been a study done showing the effects of using copper on meditators. It was just a copper wall though. I bet the effects would be greater if worn. I noticed you uncovered further indicators of the ancients’ knowledge with their old copper armor in your latest articles too. Awesome find!

  • September 13, 2022 at 1:35 pm

    I just found your blog and I love it!!! I activated in 2017 and Taught myself about law and energy. I created a Trust named State of Atlanteus (pronounced atlantis but not sure i have a copyright). I created an Religious Organization called Congregation of Atlanteus. (I am not a fan of religion but I have to call it that as I am in America and when they try to put you in court to steal from you based on their immoral codes they leve you alone when you stand on religious rights). I just want you to know that I was able to access the technology from the secret space program, and they hide it in plane site (google patents). I can’t get the brainwashed masses to help me build some of the stuff, but if youre interested in cecking some of it out, I would be glad to share with a fellow Atlantean. I have patents where we can access hyperdimensional energy and potentially even phase the Body out of this dimension. I have acoustic thrust and levitation tech too.

  • February 8, 2023 at 8:41 am

    Would these energy-harnessing helmets and buildings still be beneficial in today’s world, with all the EMF pollution? Wouldn’t it just turn your head into an antenna? Or, if there’s no difference between The Sun’s energy and man-made EMF, then these energy-harnessing devices would be many times more effective. Though I doubt that, because the PTB wouldn’t be trying to beam 5G into our skulls world-wide if that was the case.

    My image is that they were just copper helmets, but maybe they were more complex than that (spiral “rifling” on the inside, like the barrel of a gun.. maybe provide easier path for the particles? or a unique alloy?).

    “and look a Freemasonic chess board pattern on the floor”
    Where could I learn more about the Freemasons and their symbols/traditions?

    • February 13, 2023 at 6:03 pm

      Hi eldiajin

      Yes, I have considered all the EMFs we have to contend with now, it is most definitely something people need to consider.


      Yes, some of them seemed to be simply copper helmets. I think in those times that was enough to bring beneficial energy into the crown chakra. Some type of energy vortices may have occurred inside the helmet.


      I don’t have a particular source, I just picked up various things about them throughout my research. They have many signs in which they communicate with other Freemasons – they obviously use numbers as well (numerology), 33 being their favourite it seems.

      I think the term Freemasonry may be related to how it is very likely that when the 1800s reset occurred, and all the new populations of humans were added to the planet, certain families all around the world were given estates with large Old World buildings. They were given ‘free’ ‘masonry’. These families were given all these Old World estates / Old World buildings and positions of power, as well as some hidden knowledge, and in return they have to control the populace and lie to them – acting as prison guards.

  • February 9, 2023 at 4:16 am

    “Also, compare the Meru Tower diagram, and these pagodas, to the spine of a human being – their obvious similarities. We are electric beings. Do we bring this chi / prana / vril energy down into the crown chakra through the top of the head, and then down into the spine, where the spine interacts with the energy and somehow amplifies it?”

    Maybe The Sun supplies us with the electricity/ions for nerve impulses. I wonder what would happen in space, then.

  • February 25, 2024 at 1:55 am

    Someone just shared your site with me. I was so happy to see you have taken up the torch and are promoting the Electric Universe Model of Creation.

    Many Blessings Robert Otey,

    aka Calen Tanner Lightheart, 77Gslinger and Robert Arnett Otey


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