My Awakening Timeline

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I could probably write a book about all that I have experienced, and all that I have learnt, and the implications – but I am going to try to keep it simple, this is a simplified version, an overview.

I realise that I will have had a fairly unique awakening timeline. I do not encourage people to get involved with Ufology – I know from experience – through many years of research and some networking – that it is currently totally controlled and manipulated by a great many controlled opposition disinfo agents. I have written about it all in various articles on this site. 

I wasn’t sure I should add this article. I know many Truthers are suspicious of people who say they have had ET experiences – as they know that the New Age movement and Ufology is run by ((( them ))) almost totally controlled by ((( them ))). But, as you can see, if you look around the site, I have numerous articles on this website exposing the ‘New Age Spirituality’ disinfo and many of the Ufology Psyops and the controlled personalities that push them. There are going to be some genuine testimonies out there but they will be drowned out by all the controlled disinfo agents. I am in a unique situation – as I am very much awake to what is occurring on this planet geopolitically, to the JQ, and what has really occurred historically – but as previously mentioned I have also have had numerous otherworldly and other dimensional experiences, which were a part of my awakening, and I can’t escape that.

I know it can be difficult for people who have not had any ‘otherworldly’ experiences, like those I mention in this article, to believe them and relate to them. I am not someone who one day thought they saw a UFO, or just dreamed of an ET once. There has been a great many incidents and many other-dimensional occurrences in the night. I am not some dullard looking for attention. I am a very conscious, intelligent and self aware man. I know what I have seen and experienced.  You sometimes get responses from people such as “Are you sure it wasn’t all a dream” etc. I am sympathetic when people can’t believe me, but I feel like saying, “Please don’t insult my intelligence and level of consciousness.”

(If you are really resistant to this type of paranormal information, then don’t bother with it, it doesn’t matter if you don’t believe me. Don’t let it put you off exploring the other articles on this site, as some are important articles that may very well help you wake up to new levels and have some epiphanies. That I am very likely to be originally from another star system or planet is almost irrelevant in truth. What I do know from my recall of my lives on these other planets is that the universe is about survival – survival of your race and species… and that it can be brutal. Living in the universe is about understanding nature’s laws. People have been subverted and are mollycoddled – they have become complacent and weak-minded on this planet… this planet that appears to be in some sort of metaphysical quarantine.)

I am letting people know there is more out there – But I am also using my ET experiences, in Articles like this, to attempt to get people who are mesmerized by the highly controlled Ufology to engage with the much more important information – such as who is really behind this New World Order Agenda and how we can stop it.

Not all Souls are equal. I have a good deal of lucidity in the night, far more than anyone I know. So I know the difference between regular Earth dreams (where you are working out issues), Astral or other-dimensional experiences, and subconscious or hidden memories being relived / flashbacks. I have very good recall of events that occur in the night. Why? I don’t know why for sure –  I believe it is related to level of consciousness, DNA and who you are as a Soul.

But this timeline is not all about these metaphysical subjects, many other subjects are touched upon, some much more important subjects.


Lets begin:

As a little boy I have vivid dreamscape / astral experiences with Earth animals – I vividly observe and interact with animals and creatures in my dreamscape. Some experiences were so real and vivid to me that I once believed chimpanzees lived in the local park. I had interacted with them there in the night. These experiences stop, or at least I am no longer conscious of them, as I progress through school.

A shift seems to occur in my consciousness in my late teens and I start questioning my motivations for each of my actions. I start standing back and observing the world more and contemplating what we are doing here? What’s the point of it all? Why are we doing what we are doing? – I sense there’s something wrong with the world. I feel disorientated.

Around the same time, In my late teens, I develop anxiety and agoraphobia (pretty much out of nowhere, no reason for it) – around the same time as I felt my consciousness change. I begin to experience some adrenal fatigue, hypervigilance etc 

In my late teens I produce a series of unusual otherworldly paintings and drawings. Strange planets, UFO’s, Surreal Environments. I just had to paint and draw them – a compulsion.

I go to university and get a degree – and try to get on with life.

In my early twenties I write a short novel about four children in their early teens getting abducted by ETs due to their abilities and unique characteristics… taken onto a spaceship and then placed on a wilderness planet to see if they could survive. (I had no interest in writing until then – but just had to write it.)

I eventually have to quit my teaching job as the PTSD, anxiety and severe adrenal fatigue gets so bad. I have no reason to have this PTSD (I didn’t know it was PTSD until much later life). Every morning waking up with a racing heart. Nightmares – small glimpse of other worlds, other planets, strange creatures, wars in strange cities – just little glimpses. I take no real notice of them… I am not that conscious back then and still wrapped up in this insane world – I still don’t yet understand that I have PTSD… you assume other people feel this way each morning and during their day.

In my twenties I obsessively write these short children’s stories about a boy going off-planet on a spaceship and helping all the alien beings on another planet.

In my twenties I also paint and draw many more otherworldly scenes and environments straight from my imagination. Again, I am still not that conscious, not feeling the content of them is all that significant.

I also write a short novel about a guy befriending a ‘small grey hairless monkey like creature’ that takes up residence in his garden, which is gentle and kind… and turns out to not be from this planet. (Again, more subconscious / hidden memories coming through via my Art)

I try all sorts of counseling, and therapists – all sorts – none could do anything about this PTSD and hypervigilance and extreme anxiety….the cellular memories, the instantaneous body reactions to situations due to these cellular memories… the body doesn’t forget even if the mind has been wiped.

I start reading every spiritual book I can get hold of: New Age, Nonduality, Buddhism, Hinduism, ‘Chanellers’ etc etc etc… I read many books about meditation.

I meditate every day – eventually around two hours a days, sometimes a fair bit longer. I sit with these incredibly intense energies… despair, trauma, anger, anxiety… transmuting these energies… over and over I sit with them following the breath and just feeling these emotions and energies – and I also do prana type breathing exercises – for a few years I do this every day… where did it all come from? I have not had a traumatic life. My levels of self awareness increase through meditation.

I continue reading spirituals books and begin to get a sense that something isn’t right with many of these so called ‘spiritual’ teachers and their literature – some disinfo from them and some are very limited in their understandings of how the universe works. None of them seem to have any great metaphysical knowledge. I begin to realise the metaphysical significance of DNA.

In my early thirties I feel compelled to create huge amounts of new otherworldly sculptures and sketches – again, straight from my imagination… it becomes an obsession for a year or two. Various types of beings, strange otherworldly environments – my subconscious memories coming out through my Art. I did not realise it was my subconscious coming through when I was creating them. I also create many sculptures of large headed beings that are friendly with glowing hearts and waving. Lots of portals are in these landscapes and sculptures – I did not know they were portals when I made them.

(The amount of Art I created was phenomenal – it was like the guy in that movie ‘Close Encounters’ – I just had to make all these pieces – if you click on my Art Gallery section – on the menu above – you will see many more pieces… at least 95 percent of these were all completed before the ET and other dimensional experiences. I have just given you a small selection here to brighten up and break up the article. None of this Art is for sale – I did sell many smaller pieces and a few bigger sculptures – but then stopped when I realized how personal these pieces are – they are memories… hidden memories.)

In my early thirties I begin to become fully lucid in the night and see framed screens in a void – perhaps downloading information – seeing otherworldly images and otherworldly movies in these screens that my 3D earth mind cannot always make sense of.

An ET then appears in my third eye on two consecutive mornings – it has vertical pupils / cat-like or reptilian like eyes. Greyish green hairless skin. This is most shocking – I told my open minded next door neighbor and a few family members about it. (This occurred with my eyes closed upon awakening – when something appears in your third-eye it is within the darkness you see with your eyes closed. This being seemed to want to make sure I fully acknowledged its image, as its face appeared on two consecutive mornings)

I see lots of vivid astral experiences and other dimensional experiences in the night in the following months – I’m visited by ETs in the dreamscape or astral realm, that briefly communicate with me, and I continue to see these screens in a void in the night. Full lucidity as I briefly observe these very strange screens in a void, these screens that contain scenes, movies, or diagrams that I do not understand.

Then one day, not long after, I see a metallic saucer like UFO in broad daylight on a walk in the hills local to me. It appears to show itself to me. It was about 300 metres away from me, and just moved through the sky.

A few weeks later I wake in the middle of the night paralyzed on my bed as two small ET’s sit, or kneel, either side of me – they have rubbery dolphin like skin, about 3 foot tall – a vivid astral / other dimensional friendly experience with them occurs straight after… I observe myself introducing my parents to these beings in this other dimension. This was a very scary experience – not that I think these beings wanted it to be scary.

A few nights later the small beings come to collect me in the middle of the night (not like the gray aliens you see on the internet – these were smaller and chunkier, and with smaller eyes, and with round pupils) – in a slightly different state of consciousness I hug one of these small beings (a bit like I am observing myself do it) – one holds out its arm out to me and I reach out to him – the next thing I know is that I am being examined in a strange room (I am still in this different state of consciousness, i.e slightly detached) after this examination by what appears to be a very strange octopus type being – or at least a being with tentacles – I am then walked through a ship or base – then taken to canteen area by a very human European looking man… who after a while seems to have pointed eyes and ears for some reason, not sure if this was a deception… we conversed in English it seems. Again a slightly different state of consciousness, vivid at times but also hazy – varying degrees of lucidity – to some degree it was like I was observing myself but I saw things from a first person perspective. I come too in my bed in the early hours my heart racing. My Paradigm has SHIFTED!! – somewhat freaked out I start sleeping with a night light!

I start having partially lucid out of body experiences in the night over the next few months – coming out of the body – the vibrating that occurs as you begin to exit the body, and then out through the roof etc

I have an experience in the night where I am collected in the street, in the night, by an ET craft with a group of people, all of us in a trance like state – perhaps in another dimension – not sure how it all occurred. But again, a little like I am the observer of this happening to me. I was taken to a different planet and to a large glass building.

One night I become lucid during ‘sleep’  and experience myself going into a large square portal and observe two happy smiling human children riding on small otherworldly vehicles.

(A lot of the Art I created throughout my teens and twenties is starting to make sense now)

I have some involuntary remote viewing experiences in the night – One was where these screens were all around me and inside the screens Earthly scenes are occurring – like movies.

Then come all the vivid, sometimes prolonged, nighttime flashbacks / recollections of otherworldly missions that I have been involved in – traumatic PTSD flashbacks in the night: Battles on other planets – I see advanced technology, drones, cyborgs, ET’s. Incredibly vivid and accompanied by extreme emotions. Seeing and experiencing myself getting shot in battles – seeing other humans, my comrades, killed by ETs. Emotional and traumatic. Re-experiencing the emotions. Short recall and reliving these traumatic events. And, again, sometimes it is like I am just behind myself observing myself in these events. ( I now remember many of these flashbacks more clearly than my Earth memories… what it all means? I don’t know for sure – when they occurred? I don’t know… )

I appear to be a war veteran of otherworldly wars and battles that I cannot remember taking part in…. This is all very confusing, to say the least – very hard to process. 

I research Ufology very extensively ( as you can imagine) – ET abductions, the Milab phenomena and Secret Space Programs etc

I also research all the ‘Illuminati’ material and the New World Order Agenda.

I go through all the well known alternative media personalities.

I continue meditating a great deal, releasing a lot of pent up and blocked energy from these incredibly intense experiences that I have somehow been taking part in… on other planets and perhaps in other dimensions.

I get lots of astral attacks occuring in the night, as well as energetic attacks. Entities attacking – seeing strange astral entities in my dreamscape. Beings, as well as humans (black ops guys at one point), coming into my dreamscape and attacking me. I get put into strange stressful scenarios at night – see myself trying to escape from strange creatures / beings, as well as unfriendly human astral operatives. Torture type scenarios as well. Become lucid during virtual reality scenarios. I realise that I haven’t been having any regular human dreams for a long time.

I have brief experiences where I am being taken out of my body, or perhaps collected – forces taking hold of me in the night that I cannot resist. I realise that there is this unexplained popping / clicking noise in my bedroom ceiling that occurs from time to time, which I feel is related to all this in someway.

More brief Flashbacks or brief fleeting lucidity in the night – in facilities and hooked up to equipment etc… recall of being in barracks with other humans – getting attacked by ETs – see myself training people with advanced equipment. I get some recall of a solo mission I did in an ET facility rescuing humans (which very much felt like it happened that night).

Then one night I briefly become lucid mid-mission. I observe myself taking part in a mission with other humans, alongside a river and perhaps a waterfall, I seem to be leading the mission. I am being used for missions in the night. Memory wipes, time dilation, age regression?… I am not sure exactly sure how they keep these memories from me. And how I can have these military skill sets activated in me. Like I am two people.

I continue to research all areas of the global conspiracy – incessantly. I eventually spend less and less time researching Ufology as I discover, through correlation of information and analysis that all these major personalities in ufology are obvious Controlled Agents. Corey Goode, David Wilcock, COBRA, Simon Parkes, Kerry Cassidy, Mile Johnston, etc etc… all these people are controlled agents – mainly half-truths and disinfo from them, and those connected to them…. Networks of Controlled Opposition backing each other up. Lots of pacifying info from them.

After contacting some well known people in the UFO field, and so-called ‘seers’ (fake seers, as it turns out). I realize they are all controlled… even James Bartley… all controlled creating a network of controlled opposition and limited hangouts. I know this through correlating information and comparing their intel with geopolitical and historical truths- and through my own direct experience with some of them (Skype and Emails) They are creating limited hangouts with networks of controlled people. All of it is controlled by these Alt media UFO ‘researchers’ or personalities – all put in place to control the narrative. All of it controlled by agents: Super Soldiers, Milabs, SSPs…all of this is heavily controlled.

I research a great many other areas of the Global Conspiracy, that you can actually find Real Truth about.

I discover that these major terrorism events are all fake. I spend a great deal of time analysing them all. Crisis actors are used, and sometimes CGI and even human dummies on occasions – all set up by the jews / zionists and freemasons who are looking to create this New World Order – jewish / freemasonic gematria is coded into the events. Nobody is being killed in them. E.g Boston, Orlando, Las Vegas etc … so many fake hoax terror events.

Begin to see that nearly all, the major personalities in the alternative media are controlled agents. David Icke, Jordan Maxwell etc etc – all clearly controlled opposition… Of course Alex Jones as well, but I worked that out very quickly.

I realise that we must take action against the system – all these spiritual psyops are there to pacify people. E.g about just ‘raising your vibration’ or just having ‘loving thoughts’ or trying to get rid of the ‘ego’… all psyops – this will not save us from the New World Order. Action is needed. Most spirituality is used as a tool to make you passive, and overly tolerant. Again, you have to take action.

New Age spirituality is one massive psyop, with pacifying information and metaphysical disinfo. I see all the ‘ET saviour programming’ nonsense and ‘The Event is Coming’ rhetoric for what it is – these are psyops… all there to pacify… all disinfo.

I no longer seem to be taking part in missions or operations in the night, I don’t seem to be collected or abducted anymore – they seem to be leaving me alone… my PTSD and hypervigilance begin to calm down a little bit. (This is after writing on my website that I no longer consent to being used by which ever group was taking me: one, I was exhausted and ill – and two, I had no idea who this group were)

I feel like a variety or otherworld things have happened to me – perhaps both benevolent and malevolent ET contact. Was it just ET projects or also some sort of Secret Space Projects run by Earth group (But all these SSP whistleblowers are controlled agents – are the SSP whistleblowers trying to divert us from the Truth of what is really going on out there in our solar system? Yes. I think so)

I start to see this planet more clearly.

I find out that the New World Order is actually a jewish agenda – it traces back to them and their doctrines – the Talmud, the Zohar, the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. Of course. And both Communism and Zionism come from Judaism. THIS IS A DEFINING MOMENT – it’s a jewish agenda, a jewish conspiracy … now it all makes sense – they want to control every single part of the the ‘awakening’ narrative to try to distract us from this. NOW I AM REALLY WAKING UP. Of course – jewish people control the news media, western education, publishing, Hollywood, TV Networks etc etc.

It’s not the ‘Illuminati’, it’s International Jewry!

As I expose Zionism and jewish power and their NWO agenda, in articles and posts on the internet, I come across many Israeli Hasbara Trolls who try to divert me and misinform me – lots of them contact me to try and divert me, but I see through them – and I see clearly that there are a great deal of Israeli Sayanim agents and Hasbara working throughout the internet and they are monitoring people.

I realise that all these spiritual movements: New Age, channelers, non-duality etc – it is all run, or controlled by (((them))) – most of it is there to pacify us, distract us or a create limited hangouts – limited hangouts that keep certain Truths from you. Most spiritual information is very limited or pure disinfo.

On this planet Meditation should be used for raising our consciousness, finding balance, gaining insights into situations, releasing pent up stored energies, remaining clear headed and finding solutions… it is a tool for helping us to transform the planet… definitely not something to get lost in, and not something to be used merely for escapism… and merely just meditation will certainly not save us. Just thinking loving thoughts will not save us!

I find out that we have been lied to about WW2, Hitler and National Socialism: Hitler wasn’t evil and National Socialism was extremely successful, and was a family oriented, altruistic system , which eliminated debt slavery and the influence of the jewish banking cartels. War was brought against Germany mainly because of their economic and social transformation. ANOTHER DEFINING MOMENT … yes, things are really making sense now. YES, I AM STARTING TO REALLY FEEL AWAKE.

I find out that the WW2 jewish holocaust is the biggest lie ever told – an abundance of evidence shows that it do not occur. Another huge piece of the jigsaw.

I understand the enormous significance of WW2 – how the world took a drastic downward turn after it – WW2 was a victory for International Jewry. To understand the world you must understand the truth of WW2 and revisionist history can help you do this… the victors write the history. 

I learn the depths of the jewish agendas and lies… the global domination agenda going back for many, many centuries. How deep this all goes is quite astonishing. I learn about the agenda to rebuild Solomon’s Temple on the ‘Temple Mount’. To rule the world from Jerusalem.

Understand that Israel controls America, and Trump is an obvious Zionist Puppet – I see that historically Israel is the only country exempt from nuclear missile inspections, that Israel attacked the USS liberty with no repercussions at all, and that Israel were behind 9 11. And just look at the terrible atrocities and abuse committed against the Palestinians by Israel. 

I understand the Putin is controlled opposition and not our ‘Saviour’ – as is often pushed by the Alt Media. I see both Putin’s and Trump’s strong connection to Chabad Lubavitch, and other jewish groups and organisations.

I discover the White Genocide agendas, and how the jews want to eradicate the White European / Aryan Race, and also to mix all races and rule over them.

I begin to understand the significance of race on this planet. Of racial consciousness, the collective and genetic consciousness of the races – how our DNA and blood is spiritually and metaphysically significant… genetic memories – genetic predispositions. How we have connections to our ancestors. Our Soul Energy connected to our DNA. Soul groups, soul families. Incarnating in bloodlines compatible with our soul energy.

I understand that we – the white race – have been brainwashed to only see other cultures and races as ‘spiritual’ – all the jewish led anti-white propaganda and their erasing or suppression of our history. Now interested in the ancient spirituality of Europe.

I understand that Usury is the powerbase of International Jewry. Usury and Debt Slavery – That NOTHING is going to change for the better unless we stop Usury and Debt Slavery – unless each country has a national bank that prints its own money.

I understand the huge threat we face from Artificial Intelligence and how this ties in with Israel and the New (jewish) World Order agenda. How this A.I technology will be used to control the ‘goyim’ (non-jews) in ‘dystopian big brother smart cities.’ I see this pushed heavily through Jewish owned and run Hollywood.

I understand that Diversity and Multiculturalism is actually a racist ideology – multiculturalism, diversity, open borders and globalization only leads to unique cultures and races dying out. All this immigration must be stopped.

I understand that National Socialism is anti-New world order. The New World Order is about globalization – which is open borders, race mixing, mass immigration, debt slavery etc etc

The New World Order is hugely threatened by Nationalism – Nationalism is intrinsically linked to ending Usury and getting rid of the Zionist puppet politicians that run our governments.

I understand that Adolf Hitler and National Socialism is incessantly lied about – so as to bring forth the Jew World Order – the National Socialists fought the international banking cartels and the National Socialists had the system that threatened their agendas.

International jewry are terrified of National Socialism and the Truth about what it was really like, and what it is really all about, coming out. That is why they incessantly lie about it – via jewish controlled media networks, jewish run western education systems, jewish run TV networks and jewish run Hollywood… the incessant propaganda.

I understand that National Socialism was the most successful ‘system’ in modern Europe – National Socialist Germany had the happiest population of people and the highest standards of living. Nationalists end Usury.

If a leader, or politician, is not looking to end Debt Slavery / Usury and is not looking to stop immigration into the country – then they are clearly puppets of the Zionist / International Jewry system.

I continue to post information on the internet.


I still don’t know exactly what all my otherworldly experiences were all about… I have some theories… I do contemplate it, to some degree, every day – but there are more important issues… and you will not find any answers from jewish controlled Ufology – I have an intimate knowledge of the workings of all the New Age and Ufology controlled opposition / limited hangouts / psyops.

I plan on creating an article analysing the implications of the otherworldly experiences I have had.

All the above is expanded upon on this website, in a variety of articles.

Sharing knowledge about the threats we face and possible solutions is more important than telling people about the ET experiences I have had. Real ET disclosure will only occur when we take back control of our countries – taking control back from the jewish supremacists and zionists that run them.

There is an old article I created about two and a half years ago on what I was experiencing. I kept updating it as I had more experiences. It got very long, and well, it is not my finest work – new bits of info were inserted into the article here and there. I created it as a page rather than a post, so it wont show up on my main site – but there is a section in this old article where I go more in depth about what I saw – It’s me trying to make sense of  it all.  As mentioned, I plan on creating an up to date in depth article where I look at what I have witnessed with critical thinking and asses the implications of these experiences. And again ET experiences and Ufology in general is mostly used a distraction on this planet –  to create a controlled and distracting limited hangout to stop people taking action against the system and making changes. Anyway here is that old article.

My ET Contact and Third-Eye, Other-Dimensional and possible SSP and Milab Experiences

I usually put two or three related articles links under my articles – but all articles on this site are related to this one 🙂

I will just add this one, which has a lot of information in it about both International Jewry / Zionism and some Truth about Hitler and WW2:

Zionism – Judaism – Freemasonry – New World Order – Satanism – Kabbalah – Israel – Palestine – Holocaust – Hitler – Second World War – National Socialism

28 thoughts on “My Awakening Timeline

  • May 25, 2019 at 1:56 pm

    How does someone contact you. This site is freaking ridiculous…so much information. It’s going to take me forever to read through, much less process. Thank you for what you do and helping to wake up the masses. I was redpilled, but don’t have indepth knowledge like this. For the love of all that is good and holy, how does someone contact you, find you on other sites, etc? Not sure if you’re still around or not.

    • May 26, 2019 at 10:51 am

      Hi Jeff, I appreciate the comments. You can only communicate with me via the comments section on this site. I am glad you found the website useful.

  • May 25, 2019 at 1:58 pm

    I tried to leave a comment, but it didn’t take. Love this site, so much information it’s crazy. Hopefully you keep this going…

  • May 31, 2019 at 7:39 pm

    Wonder what you think about (controlled opposition?) :
    – George kavassilas
    – Aug Tellez
    – Wes Penre
    Thanx for alle the info!

    • June 1, 2019 at 10:49 am


      – George kavassilas: Yes, I listened to him a few times, years ago, and he is Controlled Opposition. New age nonsense, tonnes of pure speculation and distraction – and he does interviews with other distracting disinfo agents.

      – Aug Tellez: Oh yes, I read lots of his info to assess him and his validity – partly due to the experiences I have had and the recall I have. (Real and genuine ones I have had – not like Aug’s vague nonsense ramblings). His info is full off distraction. He is definitely Controlled Opposition – he is promoted by other Controlled Opposition agents – I used to observe his interactions with other Controlled Opposition on the internet. Aug also promotes the obvious disinfo agent Donald Marshall. And Aug did interviews and videos with ‘Roger Ramsaur’ — Ramsaur was the guy who worked with controlled agents Goode, Sather, Deschamps etc… Ramsaur – a very suspicious character indeed. Nothing Aug is saying helps – he is not exposing the NWO agendas – it’s all just made up distraction. 100 percent an agent. I also saw how Aug, on his comments sections on his Youtube channel, would interject into discussions telling people to get back to the videos topic – as some people were actually starting to talk about real issues and not Aug’s distracting ramblings. He is also someone who made predictions saying everything will change in 2017 etc… suggesting things are going to get better without people taking action and making changes etc… (and it didn’t of course)… classic pacifying tactics agents use.

      – Wes Penre – I did not know of him, but I just read through some of his website. Yes, absolutely he totally looks like Controlled Opposition. Just for starters he is using the phrase ‘Illuminati’ …. the NWO agenda is a jewish agenda…. It’s not the ‘illuminati’ – it is International Jewry. ‘Illuminati’ is a phrase (((they))) often use to distract and deflect.

      I mean, just on a basic level these people should be talking about The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

      All these people are put in place to create limited hangouts to distract people from the fact that the NWO is a jewish agenda – stemming from their doctrines – as well to distract people from all the tactics they are using to bring this to fruition…

      New Age and Ufology is just full of networks of controlled opposition to distract, misinform and pacify people.

      And people should watch Europa: The Last Battle – one of the best Truth Documentaries out there: Parts 1 – 10. Some parts are still up on YouTube (reuploaded after being censored)

      But all parts are here on this bitchute channel – though I don’t recommend many of the other videos on this guys channel – I just recommend Europa The Last Battle, parts 1-10:

      ‘Adolf Hitler: The Greatest Story Never Told’ is good as well. You cannot understand what is occurring on this planet without understanding the Truth of WW2.

      When people understand the Truth about the New World Order and who is really behind it, as well as the Truth about WW2, then they can more easily see through Controlled Opposition Agents.

  • April 12, 2020 at 4:11 pm

    thank you so much for all the info!!!
    what are you thoughts about the so called “sovereign” movement (te renounce pasport, etc.)?

  • May 7, 2020 at 11:12 am

    Hi keung man. I don’t know enough about it to really comment on it. The (((PTB))) don’t seem to like it though. Just a quick search and you can see MSM and other sites saying things like ‘extremists’, ‘right wing’, ‘Neo Nazis’. It is definitely a positive thing for people to be aware of their rights and to create more awareness of this is great – but again I don’t know enough about it to really comment.

    National Socialism has the answers. You can read my articles about it on this website.

  • May 15, 2020 at 11:22 am

    Dear Entity Art,

    Very interesting website!!!
    For some reason, despite hearing numerous things about the National Socialists, not only from the media, but from my family as well, I have admired some of their ideas all my life. Since my early years, I have always feared losing my race – perhaps, because I grew up in different “multicultural” areas, and so I clung to it. Back then, not knowing the many evils of this world, I tried to be true to my sub-race, through the (dubious) means of being a (pro-Soviet) communist. My mom had praised those times, remembering the nice libraries, free healthcare, lots of interesting science and her many friends, and we watched/read many Soviet films/movies/cartoons/books (Nu pogodi, Yeralash, Guest from the Future, The Irony of Fate, or Enjoy your Bath, Krapivin and many more), some of them which I still like. (I am still trying to grasp, if the good things during those times were from the non-Jews, simply living there, or if they, in fact are not good, but an illusion).
    However, after living in my homeland recently, in which communism is highly regarded, I came to realize its’ flaws: it goes against Orthodox Christianity, valuing the interests of certain people, and its’ political system above the interests of God and Nature: there was corruption, a ruined ecosystem and in general a lack of respect for beauty and intellect.
    I became Orthodox Christian not too long ago, because I have felt God helping me and my mom, through tough times: with His help, she was cured of a serious illness, and I had finally found my career path, managing to get through some of university there. I have felt His help many times: I got good news about important things not under my control, usually soon after I prayed, I was guarded from people, who harmed my Soul (not always intentionally), and I was led to needed places/people. In fact, reading further, I came to realize, that Orthodox Christianity also values the idea of preserving one’s race (I hope you could translate this link):
    However, right now I am searching once more, for Truth: your posts seem very genuine, as I too, have witnessed similar flaws in this world, and would really like to understand, where everything stems from. To be honest, I am quite scared of being possessed by evil in disguise, as many things seem to be controversial right now. In my faith, I am currently wondering, why, like you said, there is no metaphysical knowledge, and why simply praying and taking care of the church is valued more than exploring the world through science/art, and solving problems. (I have 2 hypotheses: 1) That some things in the Bible were misinterpreted/changed, but the spirit helping me is good; 2) That the spirit helping me is evil and I am possessed). Have you ever felt possessed by evil spirits? If so, how did you cope with this?
    I have always, in general, seen God as all, which is beautiful, and which leads to good functionality/development of Soul. Distinct races are, indeed, beautiful, and I really hope, that none of them become extinct. As a child, I have admired Hitler as well, though that changed, after reading he was part Jewish and had affairs with Jewesses. Is this true? If so, then did he try to overcome his Jewish traits?

    Definitely keep posting!!!

    – Still_Searching

  • May 23, 2020 at 3:59 pm

    Hey Still-Searching.
    Adolf Hitler was not even the slightest bit Jewish, and he never had affairs with Jewesses.That is just lies, propaganda. (((They))) do not want him to be a hero to European people and White Folk, so they make up all sorts of lies about him.

  • May 26, 2020 at 7:41 pm

    hello Entity Art! Just found your website yesterday- 25th may- Busy going through lots of your info
    Amazing research, thank you. I believe the most difficult issue to look at will be Hitler, his life etc. The world has been told so many lies. anyway, just wanted to mention “Merkaba Carpet” you tube, if you are not aware of him, he posts amazing drawings and some musings.

  • May 27, 2020 at 10:34 am

    Hi Esty

    I am glad you are finding it useful. Yes, my brother and I talk about this. We call it the Hitler test – you explain certain Truths to someone and you usually leave Hitler Truths to the end… You see if people can handle it… As there hasn’t been more lies and propaganda about a single human on this planet… the programming is strong for some… The problem is that you can’t really understand what is occurring on this planet unless you understand the Truths about WW2 and Adolf Hitler.

    This guy you recommend – he talks about ‘Ascension’ – this Ascension rhetoric is fake… it is a psyop, made up by the subversive marxist / jewish run New Age movement. It is pacifying disinfo. I didn’t find anything useful at this channel.

    I have become lucid in other dimensions in the night – in these ‘realms’ connected to Earth – and I don’t really understand what is going on – and I have seen much more than most. Some folk talk about dimensions etc, and it sounds cool, but nearly all are just parroting rhetoric from the subversive New Age movement. I have lots of lucidity in the night – and there are various experiences you can have – out of body etc… But from what I can tell – our regular dreams are where some sort of Artificial Intelligence is tapping into our consciousness and using memories of people and places etc… and perhaps creating ‘dreams’. The majority of dreams are totally pointless and ridiculous… Why would I, as a soul, make up such unhelpful and pointless ‘dreams’? As well as very stressful ‘dreams’? To me, it feels like something is influencing our subconscious… I just know there is some metaphysical control occurring.

  • July 10, 2020 at 4:21 am

    Hey Entity Art,

    Nice to hear Hitler did not have affairs and wasn’t as corrupt as they tell us about him! For some reason, despite all those lies, I always had a subconscious trust to him and the National Socialists. Maybe, it is my DNA connecting with them 🙂
    I do not have the time to research history much, but I would definitely like to help develop useful technology and discover information, to be of help to the White Race. (Idk yet who to trust my work to though).
    By the way, I am also an artist in soul! Some of my art themes go into remembering certain places and people, no ETs yet though. Some of it is abstract, like trying to communicate with space, time and energy, and trying to establish the link between Soul and Science. I think, if I figure out that link, then we could beat them in this war.

  • May 8, 2021 at 1:06 am

    Hello –
    wow it’s May 2021 already – I write metaphysical crime fiction, have done the whole New Age thing too and arrived at a similar place/conclusion to you; sticking plaster Positivity is not helpful, we must look at darkness-bring it to light- get off our butts and take action; fight/put on the armour of God whatever you want to call it. Boy are they running some programs down here in the Matrix to confuse the heck out-of-us, or what? As I see it humanity itself is at stake, and we are here-right now to assist with this. [That is New Age I agree.but it totally feels true to me- this is a critical time in our evolution- which is of ET design/origin – in so far as a number of souls first incarnated off Earth and elsewhere in the Universe.] My relative Sir Frederick Hoyle was a Cosmologist of Stephen Hawkins calibre – better even – as he also wrote Sci-Fi and believed in Panspermia- we are seeded from the stars – indeed- and since we do indeed reincarnate – we pick our families/ancestors – and our DNA – cell memories are crucial —- [the jews of course keep their bloodlines pure!] – hence messing with RNA bio-genetic experimental treatments is a SERIOUSLY bad idea IMO.

    I always boycotted Social Media – but joined Twatter to follow Trump after the 2020 election ….then investigeted many conspiracy ‘realities’ and looked in depth at Satanic Ritual Abuse ‘SRA’ which is the flip side of ‘Q,’ really : a good vs evil/ blue vs red political PsyOP to divide and distract us, just as correctly pointed out the whole New Age thing is a PEACE/love/Vibration pacifier [face diapers off and dummie in?]….what I found was that on Social Media there are even more shills-trolls-psyOps, controlled opposition, propaganda merchants than on MSM.Meanwhile researching for my next book -fraction so 50/50, I tracked creation mythology -the Akenshic jews – studied the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, and concluded the plan has been in place since forever – so arrived by different route at the same place/conclusion,as your goodself, albeit being a full blown Holocaust Denier is not for me – not at this point – but we shall see. Nor am I totally convinced about the German Break Away group- parts of this narrative make sense but it is not the complete picture. For certain all the flying saucer stuff is total BS now-a-days – real E.T’s teleport through portals – so discs and saucers is just CGI fakery – which on that score they are going to rustle up a big Independance Day alien invasion threat PsyOp at some stage soon—-yawn— really, is this the best they can do? Look at CI@ financed [ or is it Mossad?] El-Elyon God most High Musk….oh man – that rocket SpaceX is just ancient tech – ditto micro-chipping monkey brains MIL Intel did that in 2012 – they think we are sooo dumb! Nickolai Telsa [from Venus ] was way way ahead way back then, the Germans too – so where does the advanced tech come from – E.T’s I’d say but ergo they teleport, so no mechanical stuff is actually required…… I aslo had ET connections although not the same as yours – but would be interesting to compare and bounce some ideas/theories around.

    Thank you for all your hard work, and for sharing your findings – I was losing hope as the rabbit holes are never ending – so finding someone on the same page is most reassuring – TRUTHERS – really have to co-operate and also call the ‘shills’ out – ergo Simon Parkes…there are many more on the $QInfluencer band wagon- all the New Age cult/controlled/channelling [what????] grifters too-[although it is useful to experience this as part of an awakening process- just not to buy in/get stuck or sucked in too deep] I actually can not even recommend a single one. Dont agree with you re David Ike – you are getting a bit OTT with the JEWISH angle and ‘dis-awowing anyone who doesnt agree with this – Ike has been out there taking mega flack like forever – as for Reptilians …well who knows I get that the whole shape shifting Reptilian thing is pretty out-there, but I have to conclude that down here on Earth we are controlled and always have been by Demonic/Dark ET – take your pick – flip side of the same thing – but it is dark/destructive/sociopathic and totally w/o empathy……on the New Age soul origin chart we have Dracos [they are careful to put some positive spin on these darkling of course]…………Zachary Sitchin says Annunaki…………. so Dracos/Reptilians/Annunaki…….or Demonic [the Christian’s would say that the dark E.T’s are but demonic projections…[so chanellers really do NOT know what they are tapping into…]

    There are some good Patriot US conspiracy-alt-news guys …but how the hxxx do you wean them off not only Q, but also Trump – totally agree he is the Russian Jewish MAFIA’S bitch………….then there is the whole Covid for the Sheeple PsyOP…….. I stood as a PPC for the Brexit Party – soverignty all the way – that caused big divides here in U of K and 4 years of squabbling with the Cabal funded by Soros trying to overturn democracy…..but that was nothing compared to CV19 – the fear/panic propaganda machine and kerching of Big Pharma and BIg Tech manning puppet clown governments
    I conclude that forming …………….a group of like minded people wb good — figuring out what’s going on is tricky enough, waking the relatively few open minded ones is a task [I have had to give up with the agressively deluded ‘rest’ but as Mark Twaine said ‘It’s is easier to get people to believe a lie than to accept they have been fooled.’ Cognative Dissonance rules!!!!!

    And now frankly, I am fed up – as the masses conforming put the rest of us at risk – Give control freaks an inch and they ALWAYS take a mile and they are laughing in our faces – so wake up as many as possible, and start organising the fight back ; bizarrely I think it is about the syncronistic connections falling into place, like a key that will unlock the right pathways……..if they have a plan – then there must be a plan B, surely? Let’s see….

    May the Force be with You!

    Baby Yoda x

    • May 10, 2021 at 12:26 pm

      Hello Baby Yoda

      I am glad we are on the same page on some issues, however – and I do not mean to sound condescending – you still have some way to go.

      David Icke is 100 percent Controlled Opposition, put in place many years ago by Jewry. Very obviously. You have no idea how many controlled opposition agents International Jewry seed and fund. Pretty much all the controlled opposition in the alternative media are jewish. You need to dig deeper and see the patterns.

      The main aims for many of these alternative media controlled opposition agents are to attempt to make sure White people do not become racially conscious and protective of their race, to make sure Jewry are not blamed for the NWO agenda, and to continue the lies about the ‘Evil Nazis’ and WW2. Icke does all of these things – as well as much more.

      You are using one of (((their ))) phrases with the term ‘holocaust denier’. How can you deny something that did not occur? You still have some way to go with your understandings… it did not happen.

      You mention you looked into ‘The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion’ and saw that this agenda goes back a very long way … Who do you think wrote the Protocols?! The NWO is a jewish agenda. You should look at what it says in the Talmud and some of their other religious books as well.

      Watch the documentary – ‘Europa: The Last Battle’ – It is a must watch:

      I do not disavow ‘everyone’ who does not expose Jewry as being behind this NWO – for example, some medical whistle-blowers and educators need to refrain from exposing them if they are to get their info out to a wide range of people. If they were to mention Jewry they would be censored and vilified immediately – which, incidentally, clearly shows that it is them who are in control.

      But if you are someone that makes out it is another group behind the NWO, and then distract from Jewry on purpose, and talk about ‘Evil Nazis’ and lie about WW2 – then you will be disavowed.

      I am most definitely not going ‘over the top’ with the ‘Jewish Angle’, my friend. The fact that you say this shows that you have more research to do. It is not an ‘angle’. It is where the rabbit hole leads. There is a commonly used phrase in the awakening community that goes: ‘Every. Single. Time.’ As where there is subversion, if you dig deep enough, it pretty much always leads back to the Tribe.


      I suggest you read all 5 parts of my Ufology Explained series carefully, and also look into the links provided – the orb, disc and cigar UFOs are definitely the Germans and their allies. They are in control of our airspace / atmosphere. Of course you will need craft in 3D physical reality – they are watching over us and stopping catastrophes – as well as occasionally sabotaging (((The Powers That Be))). Saucers are not just for abductions. Your logic is out – of course you need craft if you wish to dominate the atmosphere of a planet, and an area of space. If you want to survive in the Cosmos you need physical craft to defend yourself. It sounds like you may have been listening too much of the highly controlled and subversive (((Ufology))). It is all totally controlled, forget what you have learnt from all of (((their))) psyops.

      There were a great many photos taken of saucers and cigar-craft in the 40s 50s, 60s, and 70s etc – they were not digital – they did not have CGI then! Most sighting nowadays are of cloaked UFOs so they will be seen as large orbs in the sky. There are tremendous amounts of sightings – many times it is fleets them – I keep up to date with all the sightings. You are making some assumptions without really looking into the history of UFOs and the evidence.

      Yes, the Germans and their allies ‘The Greys’ can use portals – I know this for sure. The Germans and the Greys are also doing work in the other dimensions to help us. If you read Gilbert Sternhoff’s book, the Germans were beginning to develop these types of metaphysical techniques in the 1940s with the Die Glocke / The Bell. We have evidence and testimony that the Germans were developing all this technology.

      (I have seen a disc shaped craft with my own eyes, just a few hundred meters from me, it showed itself to me when I was walking in some some hills. I have also seen many orbs moving in the sky and one in broad daylight that moved alongside and kept pace with me. These large orbs are cloaked craft.)

      “real E.T’s teleport through portals” you say. This phrase of yours is not true at all. There are going to be so many different types of extraterrestrials. Only advanced ETs that develop the appropriate advanced technology can use portals – not all ETs can. And the Germans were beginning to develop this technology in the 40’s with the use of the The Bell / Die Glocke.

      (And these so called ‘channelers’ you mention are not tapping into anything – they are making it all up. They are just controlled subversive agents making up lies about a non-existent ‘ascension’ and non-existent ‘Pleiadeans’ etc etc)


      The control mechanism on this planet mainly comes from other dimensions. It appears to be very much related to Artificial Intelligence, I have more lucidity in the night than anyone I know, or have come across. Dreams are manipulated – they seem to be some type of virtual construct tapping into our memories and psyche – that leaves us either distracted, confused or stressed – they can influence us.

      Some (((New Agers))) say dreams are our subconscious, or Soul, working out issues. No they are not. We certainly would not have so much mental illness, and people in therapy, if this was the case.

      The after life realms also very much seem to be artificial constructs. Individual virtual constructs that tap into our memories, beliefs and psyche.

      There appears to be strange beings in these dimensions, or realms, connected to Earth (from some of what I have personally observed), and the control the have mainly seems to be through some type of A.I technology. It is is very likely related to the ‘Archons’ and Yahweh / Yaldabaoth – who are described in the Nag Hammadi texts. See my article on that, with the insights from John Lash. Link:

      These ‘Archons’ appear to be assisting Jewry. Jewry are their proxies.

      The psychopaths and narcissists on Earth – that feel no empathy – run the world. And they are very likely not human Souls, they cannot be – they are quite possibly something related to Artificial Intelligence. You can look into how mechanical, methodical and emotionless real psychopaths are (not the Hollywood versions). Psychopaths and Narcissists (people with NPD) have no empathy – any ‘souls’ with no empathy are a big danger to humanity and human Souls. In my mind, if they have no empathy they cannot really be classed as human Souls.

      You see, these psychopath’s end-game is to not have their consciousness in a human vessel, but in a robot / android. This is what they ultimately want. If people have not realised this yet then they have not been paying attention. We can see the transhumanism agenda being promoted all around us.

      My friend, it is not about ‘synchronist connections falling into place’ – that sounds like new age subversion. Nothing just falls into place.

      It is about will power… determination, courage and resilience. People with a very strong will can make a huge difference.

      I hope that helped.

  • September 19, 2021 at 12:12 am

    I am glad to have come across your site. I have traveled many roads and been up plenty of dead-end side-tracks. I have traveled on the light side of the Tree as well as the dark side. Somehow always moving on and taking with me a few ideas, generated emotional responses, but most importantly a feeling. It seems that the further I go the less relevant the facts – I am not too sure, but it seems that it is in feelings and gathering a certain sense for what this place is and what it is that I am and am not that has value.
    Are we (as in the psycho-physical bodies that constitute a “man”) not all just androids – the progeny of a previous humanities experimentation. How is it that I walk this earth with an excruciating yearning for something “other”, some otherness, incessantly searching for a clue, a lead, a scrap of information that will help me to bypass this miasma of “circuitry” that I may at last come to something real within.
    Here I am back again touching on the topic of Hitlers’ Germany and the dead feeling in my gives way to a familiar elation. This elation is accompanied by a terrible pain – my heart is breaking and I feel tears drawn from the depths of my being – what an absolute cataclysm this is. My only sanctuary is in the hope that it is true that they live on out there somewhere and will return one day soon.
    It perplexes me that such strong emotions are present. Perhaps something in me yet lives, for which I am eternally grateful. I have pictures of Hitler and Hess that I could gaze at for hours, though it brings the sensation of a breaking heart along with a type of yearning love.
    I am grateful for this site, Justice for Germans, and also to Miguel Serrano who brought me onto this path. May we persevere.
    There may be some interesting info that could be useful to you in the Mudflood/Great reset/Tartaria literature though I am sure that subversive agents have long ago tainted those waters.
    Also Anton Parks take on the Sumerian texts. An over view of his information can be viewed at The Ages of Uras blog. You may find the information on the Abgal race particularly interesting.

  • October 18, 2021 at 3:44 am

    Just found your website recently , just want to thank you for all this information . I’ve always wondered about the real truth, and so much just didn’t add up. WW2 always felt iffy to me. Thanks for exposing it all.

    • October 18, 2021 at 12:02 pm

      Hi Paul F

      You are very welcome my friend. Thankyou for the feedback. Share the Truth. 🙂

  • November 19, 2022 at 3:34 am

    Hi Entity Art,

    Thank you a lot for your contribution to community with your knowledge and awakenings. I read through a lot of your documents and found them so logical and persuading. I have some questions that hopefully I can get your answers:

    1. I want to know how the feeling of not belonging to the blood community happens? As I was a small kid and since my memory can still be clear, I always have the feeling of not belonging to people around me, I always feel myself so different from them, my family and little friends/relatives I am with everyday. Even my life I was living I always felt like I was watching through a screen where another me looking at the other me living from a close distance. As a child at around 4-5-6-7 years old, I looked up to the sky and the moon and stars every day and asking myself what people over there doing, I didn’t know by then but now I know that it was quite a bit strange kid so. I was attracted to vague feelings of somewhere very far and mysterious where I should go to, and I had a feeling like there was actually other living things living fully around and such mysterious life was closer to me than my real life. As a child of course I was not clear about boundaries of time, but I felt so good when thinking I was living an ancient time not present, and that in the present life I was happy and full but always lonely. The feeling of belonging to an ancient time and belonging to a distant place faded away when I grew up but the feeling of loneliness never really left me until 3 decades later I met with my now finacee who is from a distant land.

    2. How 2 souls from 2 distant places and races could feel attaching and belonging to each other? And how one person could feel they belong to somewhere totally strange, and it’s not de javu? I am a fully Asian woman, but since few years I am connected with a German man and our story is really a strange one. I can only say that we were connected by some arrangement from destiny. Like many people in this world, I was lied about WW2 and Hitler my whole life, to the degree my brain automatically rejected the image of Swastika. But due to destiny, I met and felt in love right away with a German man. Note that 1 year before I knew my German man, I myself saw a UFO with my own eyes, before that I had never trusted any story about UFO. Until that day when I saw the UFO I started believed in its existence but still did not know that UFOs belongs to Germans. Then I went to Germany, it is a nice country with nice towns, but it’s just a nice place, I didn’t have any special feeling, even his home even though it’s cozy and beautiful it didn’t have any special effect to me. (Also note that during the past years I simply just gradually having less and less interest and attachment with material things, just a natural feeling from inside of me). We travelled quite a lot and visited some towns and cities, both old and new. But one day we visited a small town nearby, the more I went into and around the town, suddenly there was a stream of strange feeling pouring out and overflowing my soul. Many corners or small buildings, all gave me the home feeling, like as if that was where I belonged to, I could imagine how I lived there with my community, the daily life. The feeling was very strong and I could help telling my man all about that, I felt like there was a hit in my head and during the walk I was like living in a dream. Then we went to a park, in a small street just at the side of the forest, I had the feeling like a young woman waiting for her lover to come down the street, I didn’t want to leave the place until my man urged me to leave. And after a while when we were passing a small spring, I suddenly cried as I felt a big loss in my soul. It took me a while after getting out of the place I could calm down and try to get rid of all strange feelings I just experienced. I was still shaking in hours after that i had no clue what happened to me. And only a few months after that I discovered everything about the 2 ww2, jew agenda and now UFOs. I am now totally awakened for this cruel agenda, it’s such a fast journey of discovering and awakening I took.

    Thank you again for your patience in reading and I would appreciate if you could give me some lights to my experiences.

    Best regards,

    • November 21, 2022 at 2:24 pm

      Hello Trang

      You are very welcome, and thankyou for your message.

      I understand what you are saying. I have had someone else explain a similar story / feeling to me.

      In Truth, I don’t think I can give you the answers you are looking for.

      We know so little about the incarnation process and its relation to past lives.

      With two of my ex-girlfriends, it was like I had known them before. One of them I am completely certain I have known her before. It was like we already knew each other when we met – and this is felt more than an intellectual understanding.

      Unfortunately, a malevolent multidimensional ET group / force has been in control of the other realms and levels connected to Earth, and they control the afterlife ‘realms’, I don’t know how the incarnation process works with them… If we are the same Souls trapped here, being recycled over and over, or if Souls can come from elsewhere – and I don’t how much they can influence / mess with the incarnation process.

      I personally think we are probably the same souls being recycled over and over, at least since the 1800s reset anyway, but it is possible that we go back to more ancient times as well.

      Sorry I could not help more.

      Best regards.

  • January 31, 2023 at 5:32 pm

    I wanted to tell you that in a dream when I was little, the moon was in pieces, there were planes flying overhead, I was running in a cornfield, it seemed like a memory of the future. Thank you for showing your awakening.

    • February 1, 2023 at 5:24 pm

      Hello Frau Brandt

      I suggest that you read my article on Narcissism, AI, Dreams and The Afterlife.

      Dreams are manipulation – a system of control. Possibly a type of virtual construct that part of our consciousness is tapped into when we sleep. I don’t think what you saw is the future.

  • March 1, 2023 at 3:50 pm

    Hey there.

    I stumbled across your website and wow…your articles are so well researched, and your thoughts and theories are so original and really resonate with me. I’m so grateful that you’ve shared your work with people.

    I was raised by a father who always taught us to never trust the government, the media, or the (((tribe))). Carried on with life as usual. I became aware of the NWO stuff around the time Trump was elected, but then COVID hit, which thwarted my plans of going to medical school because I would not carry on with this charade or take the injections. I started researching more about what was going on in the world after that catalyst.

    I watched The Greatest Story Never Told as well as Europa and I was so blown away. I’ve told my family and friends to watch it too, but it seems they don’t care/can’t be asked to invest the time. So far, the WW2 rabbit hole has been almost more like a spiritual journey for me than an intellectual one. I am German, but born and raised in the U.S. I’m so grateful that I have finally learned the real history of my people, but saddened to see how brainwashed and placid so many Germans are now. They were literally bombed into submission, and now they’ve learned to not question the agenda, if they’re even aware of it. So sad. I hope they can overcome their fear and save their identity. I imagine there are quite a few who have retained their secret history, passed down through the family, but institutionally and systematically, there’s major indoctrination and guilt-tripping going on.

    Before reading your posts, I wasn’t able to put a name to what I experience on occasion with the third eye. It usually happens as I am falling asleep or waking up, my mind starts playing a reel, and sometimes I will hear voices and noises. I have had many experiences of something in bed with me, and I always thought it was sleep paralysis, but now I am starting to think it might be something else. Like you, I’ve had many lucid experiences in my sleep, at times being able to change the dreamscape to visit a place I’ve never been.

    I read some David Icke books, and I remember thinking how bizarre that he can write books like this and totally evade the JQ. In fact, I remember somewhere in his books, he claims that the “elite” decided to hide behind the cover of being “Jews” even though they are not real Jews. Suggesting they just hijacked the religion as a cover or something. Haha.

    I think this information on your website came to me at the right time in my journey. I don’t know if several years ago, had I crossed your path, that I would be able to integrate this information with an open mind. I want to share your posts with everyone I know, but there are only a few who I think would be able to appreciate it, and many more who simply would not be able to handle it.

    Do you have any resources you can share with me debunking the Holocaust? I read about the Frankfurt Auschwitz trials, in which apparently SS officers gave testimonies – one name is Johann Kremer – affirming that gassing took place. I know one of the aforementioned documentaries taught that there was one officer who was blackmailed/threatened and “admitted” that the Holocaust happened – so his family wouldn’t get killed. I can’t remember his name. What happened with the others – did they deny it in the trials? I am aware of the many lies “survivors” have told about the concentration camps. That part, I can accept. Do we have actual testimonies of Germans verifying these claims and if so how do we explain those?

    I’m reading Mein Kampf, and I’m finding it hard to reconcile the holocaust into the WW2 narrative, because it feels like a glaring inconsistency. I would like to be able to say definitively that the claims are bullshit, but I don’t have enough information on that yet and it’s very difficult to find.

    What a mind you have! So inspiring!! Thank you so much for this website. It is truly astounding.

  • March 7, 2023 at 5:30 pm

    “International jewry are terrified of National Socialism and the Truth about what it was really like, and what it is really all about, coming out. That is why they incessantly lie about it – via jewish controlled media networks, jewish run western education systems, jewish run TV networks and jewish run Hollywood… the incessant propaganda.”

    I think the bigger reason here is that they are scared shitless of the Breakaway Germans returning/openly interfering/showing themselves to the world/etc…so they want the people to be afraid of them too. Hateful and even violent towards them! So far I think they were succesful with that….so maybe this also serves as a means to discourage the Germans from open interference?

    It seems to me that this continued war is mostly a public information/propaganda war. For the minds of the people…but I keep thinking that the Germans should actually have enough ways and technologies to present the truth and thus win over the hearts of the people. But they don’t really seem to be utilizing them (yet?) – only on a relatively small number of people…? Hence they allow all these books about them to be written and published…? Interestingely enough, there’s even been a sci-fi subgenre for several years now with novels about the life and return of the Third Power. The German novel series “Stahlfront” had even a couple of its books banned in Germany –>

    I remember reading the first book and while I liked it in some parts (obviously ;-)) I didn’t like some of the other stuff. Like it was a bit too over the top and a bit too racist. So I did not continue reading that series…I prefer keeping to the actual fact books anyway. Though we know that sometimes facts get to be disguised in sci fi/novel form…like the Wilhelm Landig books – which I know you are aware of, entityart. There’s another “truth novel” that I really liked that I haven’t seen you mention yet however. It’s called “Eine deutsche Legende” (“A German legend”) by Hans Altmann. I believe it’s from 1999. Here’s a link to it, I think you and your readership may enjoy it 🙂 :
    Basically, the author (born in 1940) claims to have been visited (and “abducted” ;-)) several times by the Breakaway Germans in his childhood/youth…could it be true?

  • September 24, 2023 at 10:28 pm

    Thank you for your awakening insight. Your experiences somewhat align with my own. I cracked the big one with my awakening, that I noticed that you have not alluded to anywhere that I can see.

    My experience is that what we are told about our physical existence, is all lies. My experience is that the beings I have met are inter-dimentional, not off world. I am able to shift my brain frequency to alpha wave state to meet them in parallel dimensions that are intertwined with our own, I do not have to travel anywhere, even though the OBE would suggest that I do. My “paranormal visions” and my physical world observations tell me that there is no space, planets, external universe. But a magnetic toroidal field with a central north vortex where all life on the physical plane emanates from. We exist physically on the plane of inertia. We have been conditioned only very recently to believe the heliocentric globe model, to hide many lands beyond the 60th degree parallel. We have been imprisoned physically and mentally, and our history erased.

    On another note, I am starting a journey of designing and creating old world resonators and energy technology. I am an electrical engineer, and my intention is to bring back working designs into practice. Any information or links to old design tech notes and such would be greatly appreciated.


    • October 6, 2023 at 12:39 am

      Hello Arise

      You are welcome.

      Sorry for the delay in responding and moderating your comment.

      I have flashback memories / bleed through 3rd eye experiences of space. I have two memories related to this. One inside a hangar in a large craft and seeing space beyond the hangar. The other seeing three pods dock into a large mothership in space and then my consciousness going into the craft and seeing the operation occurring – I believe seeing through the eyes of my body once inside the large craft.

      I also have memories of living on Mars.

      My experiences, and my research, very much suggest a vast physical universe full of life.

      There are most certainly other levels and parallel realms – it all seems to be very complex. I have had experiences / bleed through of other levels and I seem to have carried out missions in them, from the glimpses I saw.


      “On another note, I am starting a journey of designing and creating old world resonators and energy technology. I am an electrical engineer, and my intention is to bring back working designs into practice. Any information or links to old design tech notes and such would be greatly appreciated.”

      Sounds great. Good luck with it. The only thing I can think of are the various Nicola Tesla diagrams that I have seen online. I can’t think of anything else I have seen that could help. It sounds like you read already read my articles related this topic.

      Best regards.


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