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A couple of definitions of False Flag events:

Covert operations that are designed to deceive in such a way that the operations appear as though they are being carried out by entities, groups, or nations other than those who actually planned and executed them.

Horrific staged events that are blamed on an enemy and used as a pretext to start a war or enact Draconian Laws in the name of national security.

The (((Satanic Zionists))) and (((Freemasons))) (who some call ‘Illuminati’) – these people who have been controlling and manipulating this planet, have been performing and setting up these false flags for hundreds of years. It is easy to find out about these older false flags by searching on the internet. False flags have been used to start wars throughout history. The JFK assassination and 9/11 are two of the most famous false flags – but they go back further into history – this little article is about the more modern and current false flags – or shall we say, the totally fake and staged events – the ones that the deceiving mainstream media is continually reporting on as if they are real.

I propose to you that pretty much all of these current so called shootings, bombings or so-called acts of terrorism are fake events – they are staged using crisis actors – they are hoaxes. I just can’t see any real evidence that people are being killed – I see a great deal of lies, deception, irregularity, inconsistencies, ridiculous occurrences and many actors. The sleeping masses are being fooled time and time again. Never forget the power and influence of the Jewish Zionists and Freemasonic Bankers – they have all the money – they own the banks.

If you are new to this I hope I can at least sow some seeds in your consciousness – if you can’t even consider that these events I have listed below are fake, ask yourself, have you really looked into them and fully analysed the footage? If you still can’t even entertain the idea that these events are fake staged-events then just put the idea that they could be into a little box in the back of your mind, leave it there — and then whenever you look at one of these events just open the box and hold the idea in the back of your mind that there is the possibility that the shootings and terrorism you see on the mainstream media are fake. Then analyse and observe. I have personally watched hundreds and hundreds of videos of analysis and footage of these events – and from these videos and analysis the only conclusion I can come to is that these events are all fake. Please read through all the article before you decide as to whether you want to look into this for yourself or not.

These fake events are used to attempt to bring forth certain agendas for the controlling (((secret societies))) who are above our governments (these politicians you see on TV are just puppets) – one of the the main things they do through these events is to put people, and humanity in general, into a state of fear. People are much easier to control and manipulate when they are afraid. One of their big agendas is Gun Control in America – many events are set up to try and take all the Americans guns so (((they))) can take it over eventually. The truck and car attacks are trying to get electronic bollards installed in cites and to also to try and get automated trucks and vehicles in place. Some of the attacks are try to get more militant and extreme security measures in place, all around the world. All of it is to try and get more and more control over us. The (((New World Order))) agenda.

So let me present you with a list of some of the most obvious modern day totally Fake Shootings and Fake Terrorist Attacks:

Sandy Hook School Shooting
Orlando Pulse Nightclub Shooting
Paris Bataclan Shootings and Paris Bombings
Virginia Reporter Shooting
Charlie Hebdo Attack
Boston Marathon Bombing
Russian Ambassador Assassination in Turkey
Nice Bastille Day Truck Attack
Brussels Airport Bombing
Westminster Bridge Terror Attack, England
Manchester Arena (Ariana Grande) Bombing
Las Vegas, Mandalay Bay Fake Shooting, America
Update – another hoax — Parkland School, Florida
Update – another hoax — Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting
Update – another big hoax – New Zealand, Christchurch Mosque
(There have been more as well, but I am just updating to include the big ones)
(I haven’t updated this list in a while, and I am not going to keep adding events – there have been so many more fake events, various ones in the United States and recently another fake London Bridge one in the UK)

And some fake events are perhaps not so well known:

Parsons Green fake bomb, London
Charlottesville Car attack
Barcelona Attack
Grenfell Tower Fire, London
Otto Warmbier death hoax
London Bridge Van and Stabbings attack
New York, Times Square, Car Attack (New levels of CGI used here)
San Diego, Pool Shooting
Stockholm Lorry attack, Sweden
St Petersberg Metro attack, Russia
Melbourne Car Attack, Australia
Fort Lauderdale Airport Shooting
Berlin Truck Attack
Dallas Police Officer Shootings and the Alton Sterling – Philando Castille Shootings
Jo Cox, Brexit Murder, England
Beheading of a British Soldier in Woolwich, England
Oslo Bombings, Norway
Oakland Fire
Charleston Shootings
San Bernardino shootings
And many many more….

(Yes, I have researched all of these ‘events’)

(Update 2019 – Now (((they))) are also focusing on setting up Fake Events to attack White Nationalism or any Racially Conscious White Folk who wish to preserve their race: The Pittsburgh Synagogue and New Zealand Christchurch ‘Events’ were two of the most obvious hoaxes so far.)

This is a link to a collection of videos covering these fake events, it is a pinterest board I put together containing a lot of good analysis of some of these events. (Unfortunately the Jewish Zionist controllers of Youtube have taken lots of these videos down now, shocking… people are showing clearly how these events are fake.. and it clearly shows you that we are correct, these are fake events – but some are still up and running, and all of Ole Dammegards are still there, watch all of them):

(Actually Pinterest have deleted this Pinterest board now… the censorship of Truth is getting really bad now.)

And it is very easy to go onto YouTube, type in the name of the event, with the word fake or hoax after it, and watch analysis of these events – you will find people analysing these events and highlighting how fake they are – not as many as there used to be though, as censorship on Zionist controlled YouTube is getting pretty bad. (You will find hardly any on YouTube now –  very heavily censored)

I recommend this site for videos of Fake Terror Events:  https://153news.net/ 

People were having their videos removed by YouTube so some Truthers created this 153news site. And Truthers have been uploading their fake terror event videos on to it – go do some Hoax searches on it. There are many thousands of videos on there exposing these fake events.

( Note: I do not fully endorse this 153news site – it is run by suspect people, and there are shills on there – but there are some very good videos on these Fake Terrorism Hoax events on there – perhaps the only place left where you can see them after jewish run YouTube censored and deleted all the videos exposing these hoax events on their platform.)

This below link, goes to an excellent video by Jim Fetzer exposing the Sandy Hook, Boston Bombing, Charlottesville and Las Vegas hoaxes – and also the JFK assassination:

I have embedded this video from Ole Dammegard – it is a presentation covering various fake terrorist events and showing some of the links between them – a very good introduction to these more modern false flag, fake events. Ole Dammegard has pretty much dedicated his life to analysing these fake events and false flags. At one point in this presentation their is a very weird and creepy clip from the Queen of England, Prince Harry and the Obamas, which is related to the fake staged terrorism that took place in Orlando. The presentation begins at around 9 minutes:

Another newer Video from Ole touching on some of the Fake Terror that has been occurring mid 2017 – Manchester London Bridge etc (More videos at the end of the article, obviously this one was censored):

Here is a YouTube video about the Las Vegas hoax:

This YouTube video has now been censored – here is a link to this Las Vegas Hoax video on 153.news.net:


(There are other hoax videos on this linked channel above. (Charlottesville, Brussels, Melbourne, Sandy Hook, Stockholm, Manchester etc)

Some people struggle to believe that these events could possibly be faked – but they are often so asleep and mind programmed by their television ( tell-a-vision ), and have no idea about how the world really works. But there are many people waking up to all these staged fake events now, which is very positive. I honestly still can’t believe people are believing the testimonies of these awful crisis actors.

A quote about crisis actors:

“I asked Chip (CIA Whistleblower Chip Tatum) why are there no [Crisis Actor] Whistleblowers? He said: Very easy: First you pay them a lot. You keep it to as small group as possible to be in control of all parameters. If somebody gets second thoughts or wants to become a whistleblower – you kill their dog, their child, you threaten to beat them up. Or you kill one of the people in this group, and make very sure that the rest of the group sees it, and understand what’s going on. And that’s the way to control it.”
– Ole Dammegard – author, researcher and former journalist.

Crisis Actors: The stories of the people they interview at these events are scripted, they have been paid by the secret societies in control – the people they interview are crisis actors. Often their stories do not hold up logistically, as they do not match with video footage of the events or the lying news networks stories of the events – and they also do not match up with the layouts of the buildings or towns in which the event occurred. Sometimes they are displaying ‘duping delight’, where they will smirk when they are lying – a common phenomena. There is also no real emotion coming from them when they speak . Many of them have previously been actors in commercials or low quality TV programs and B movies, you will find this when you research them and look into their history. Sometimes there is specific symbolism on the clothes the people are wearing to affect your subconscious mind. Sometimes they are even interviewed in front of a green screen in a studio to deceive the public, in one case you can see the reflection of the studio in the crisis actors sunglasses. Most of them are absolutely terrible actors and you should be able to see through their lies – once you are aware that crisis actors are a very real phenomenon it will be much easier for you to see though them – and then you will analyse them and the so-called shooting or terrorist event the mainstream media is presenting us with. And some of these crisis actors are seen at more than one of these fake events (at some of the old hoaxes, they dont do this anymore).

Some points I would like to make about mobile phones, CCTV cameras and also the general public:

Everywhere all around the world people are always on their mobile phones, the vast majority of people have smart phones with excellent cameras and excellent video capabilities, they have them easily accessible all the time, always ready to take photos and videos. However, in all these events where is all the mobile phone footage from the general public? Go on, search for it on the internet – all we receive, in nearly every case, regarding mobile phone footage, is a few very grainy pieces of footage. That’s right, the only mobile phone footage you will find anywhere is the very short, grainy, wobbly pieces of footage that the mainstream media news networks provide. You wont find any good quality video or photos from random members of the public. It is because these are fake events.

And why do all, or nearly all, the CCTV cameras always go down just before these events occur? And why in many of these events is all the CCTV footage confiscated before anyone can see it? Again, because these events are fake.

And why aren’t the parents or close relatives of the victims creating support groups or movements to get answers as to how these events could be allowed to happen by the security within that country or city – how did they allow the so-called mass shooting or bombing to occur? Why isn’t there uproar from the parents and loved ones – who would be extremely emotional and passionate? Why aren’t they asking what happened to the anti-terrorist groups in these countries? What happened to the intelligence services? Well, it is because they are fake events!

And why in so many of these events were there documented practice drills taking place in the same area on the same day, or around the same time – yes, practice drills that were the same as the actual event taking place? Because the photos we receive from the mainstream media and any video footage is from these drills and they are passed off to the public as real.

And of course in all these fake terror events there are Freemason references. I am not an expert on the numbers and numerology but look at all the dates, ages, number of deaths etc… all the numbers that are put forward by the mainstream media: You will see certain combinations of numbers (e.g. 33, 322, 666, 777 etc) a great deal if you watch carefully – All to do with the Freemasons (Freemasonry is a jewish establishment) and the Jewish Zionists / International Jewry and their use of Gematria.

They also give you clues as to when and where the next major fake terror event will take place in the fake footage they produce. People like Ole Dammegard often predict where and when the next one will take place, just as he did with the Westminster Bridge attack for example. As did an YouTuber called ‘Anaconda Malt Liquor’, when he predicted the Las Vegas hoax from clues left at a previous hoax event. Lots of the smaller YouTubers get there channels shut down for exposing these hoaxes, so many get shut down, I think Anaconda Malt Liquor is on channel number 12 now! I would search him out, he also recommends other hoax exposes on his channel. The bigger names in this field don’t seem to get shut down – As well as Ole Dammegard, Nick Kollerstrom is a good name to search for, he has a lot of YouTube videos up and he has books available – and Jim Fetzer is good to search for as well, as he does interviews with both of these guys.

(Although Ole Dammegard exposes these events he is still clearly Controlled Opposition – he controls the narrative to a degree, never exposing the (((tribe))). He is the only person to have videos exposing these events still up on YouTube, there used to be a great many other independent researchers exposing these events, I used to follow many of them, and all except Ole Dammegard have been terminated. Ole Dammegard also interviews obvious shills on his channel. Ole Dammegard also defended the ex cult member Zen Gardner. But Ole’s videos exposing these fake events are good. Jim Fetzer is probably controlled opposition as well. Fetzer also has some good videos still up exposing the fake events. But you have to look at what they both don’t say about the jew world order agenda. It is amazing how the (((tribe))) attempt to control every part of the awakening community and alternative media.)

Please research this subject for yourself – when you see through these fake events you are benefiting all of humanity, and all those you love… and then wake others up to the deceptions. Seeing through these fake events and spreading the Truth about them is one small way you can help stop this (((New World Order))) agenda.

I hope this proved useful.

Ole Dammegard Hoax Terror Events Playlist (This playlist has been deleted as my YouTube account was deleted without waring by YouTube, even though I had not uploaded a single video – but I was sharing some Truths in their commentst sections about how useless PCR tests are when it come to testing for viruses and some Truths on WW2 – so they deleted me. Anyway I scoured YouTube and found some more of this videos and embedded them below – I will leave the deleted playlist there so you can see how much they sensor:

The Paris and Copenhagen False Flags In Detail by Ole Dammegård

Ole Dammegård – “Terror” – are you kidding me?

Ole Dammegård ‘When Terror Struck Norway’

Ole Dammegård “Light on Conspiracies – how they are all connected.”

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9 thoughts on “False Flags – Fake Shootings – Fake Terrorism – Psyops, Hoaxes – Zionists, Freemasons, Secret Societies – Politics

  • December 25, 2019 at 2:50 pm

    He did kind of expose the (((people))) behind the psyops. In his global war on terror presentation he said that there has always been a small little group of people that have thought we are so much better than the rest of you that we will control you and make you our slaves. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TY7gT7XDOis
    At about 16:48

  • June 15, 2020 at 1:19 pm

    That is not exposing (((them))) though. Most people think that this small group of people are just very rich people or ‘The Cabal’ as controlled agents call them.

    Ole Dammegard has produced some great videos on the subject. But rather suspiciously he was given a platform to talk about it all on the Zionist run Gaia TV.

    And his are the ONLY videos you can find on YouTube that expose these events. All other videos from other content creators exposing these events have been deleted.

    I do recommend his videos, but people should just be aware that he will gatekeep certain Truths.

  • October 10, 2020 at 6:35 pm

    Hi EntityArt,

    I understand the reason for these actions but why do they bother with staging & faking events instead of real killings ? Wouldn’t a real event have a more powerful impact on peoples minds ?

    Speaking of fake & red flag events, there are some voices who consider that the nuclear power / radioactivity is a scam, there are no atomic bombs and the 1945 Hiroshima & Nagasaki nuclear bombing is a hoax as well. Any thoughts about it ?

    Thank you.

    • October 11, 2020 at 5:18 pm

      Hi Doru

      When you actually kill people you have a great many people affected by the deaths. When you have many upset and outraged family members and friends you have many people looking for answers – dedicated to finding the Truth. And they will ask a lot of questions and investigate the event themselves, perhaps even hiring private investigators. Family members that could get a lot of publicity. And the press, that are not in on the act, will be looking to speak to these publicly vocal family members.

      You see, paid family members of the fake victims are also a part of the act. They are paid and do press interviews and go along with the official story.

      Everyone is carefully selected, so that they maintain much control as possible over the narrative.

      Actually killing people would cause them all sorts of problems – it would not be something they could control.

      I have not looked into this notion that nuclear energy and atomic bombs are a scam. But from what I know I do not think nuclear power or atomic bombs are a scam. There is even evidence of the ‘gods’ (visiting ET groups) using very powerful atomic or nuclear type weapons many thousands of years ago in our ancient history.

    • June 17, 2023 at 11:23 am

      “Wouldn’t a real event have a more powerful impact on peoples minds ?”

      That’s not how propaganda works. They love to make it all make believe, that actually works better. Propaganda is not about realism, it’s about mind control, and seemingly counterintuitively, the less it corresponds to reality the better it works. That’s why they have can have their “revelation of the method” operating in these psyops where they tell you clearly by making it obvious with sloppiness of execution, things that very obviously don’t add up, smiling and laughing parents of alleged dead children, etc.

  • February 2, 2022 at 10:15 am

    Add columbine high school massacre to this.

    • October 18, 2022 at 9:08 pm

      Hi John

      I don’t go on shows, my friend, but thankyou for the kind offer. I saw that you have some articles on your site sharing WW2 and Adolf Hitler Truth, as well as exposing Jewry… good stuff.

      Best regards.


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