Milabs, MK Ultra, Super Soldiers, Extraterrestrials, Secret Space Program, Abductions, Underground Bases, Mind Control

A short introduction – a quote from James Bartley’s website:

“Milabs are legitimate alien abductees who are trained by elements of the deep black military to perform specific tasks.  Some milabs have developed a dissociative ability because of childhood abuse or some other trauma. This dissociative ability is exploited by the milab controllers oftentimes in horrible and sadistic ways.  Coercive manipulative techniques such as Behavior Modification and Mind Control are utilized on milabs to prepare them for use by their military controllers.  Milabs can be used in a variety of ways.  Milabs can be divided into various categories based on the manner in which they are used. Regardless of the category milabs are in, they can all be brought together for mass examinations, inoculations, training and for other reasons when necessary.”
– James Bartley

I wanted to have a dedicated Milab page. So here it is. Initially I have just embedded my pinterest page on the subject, which contains a collection of videos related to this phenomena: Videos from researchers like James Bartley and Eve Lorgen – and testimonies from people like David Marrow, James Casbolt, Max Spiers, Sarah Stanga etc and many more – some less well known testimonies, that you may not have seen, are also in there.

(I’m not a big fan of the term Super Soldiers by the way – it is often being used to cover such a broad spectrum of experiences, but I will use it, as there isn’t really another widely accepted term around.)

I do want to make a point that Milabs and Super Soldiers are inextricably linked to Secret Space Programs. It is very telling that someone like Corey Goode, who calls himself a Milab, doesn’t have Milabs or Super Soldier researchers on his now long running Cosmic Disclosure show, and does not refer to, or very rarely mentions, Milabs and Super Soldiers. Corey Goode is obviously Controlled Opposition in my eyes – trying to control the disclosure process for certain powerful groups with agendas. He and David Wilcock actually try to belittle aspects of the Super Soldier phenomena in one episode of their show Cosmic Disclosure. There is a very good video in this collection below related to this – a roundtable discussion about Secret Space Programs and Super Soldiers – where it is put forward by one of the experiencers that she knows that Corey Goode is working for the G20 group:

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A link to the pinterest Milab page:

I will add to this blog post over time.

My own Milab experiences are documented in this article: My ET Contact and Third-Eye, Other-Dimensional and possible SSP and Milab Experiences

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