Milabs, MK Ultra, Super Soldiers, Extraterrestrials, Secret Space Program, Abductions, Underground Bases, Mind Control

Read this article below – which is part of 5 part series called Ufology Explained for the most up to date information on this topic:

Ufology Explained, Part 2: Abductions, Secret Space Program, Starseeds, Underground Bases, Grey Aliens – Psyops & Truths


The whole MILABS rhetoric was a psyop. No one is being abducted from their beds by Governments down here on the surface of the Earth. All the projects were run by the Breakaway Civilisation. Again, read the article above and the rest of the 5-part series.

(Old article below, which was created before my more extensive research and after in-depth analysis of my memories)

A short introduction – two quotes from James Bartley’s website:

“Milabs are legitimate alien abductees who are trained by elements of the deep black military to perform specific tasks.  Some milabs have developed a dissociative ability because of childhood abuse or some other trauma. This dissociative ability is exploited by the milab controllers oftentimes in horrible and sadistic ways.  Coercive manipulative techniques such as Behavior Modification and Mind Control are utilized on milabs to prepare them for use by their military controllers.  Milabs can be used in a variety of ways.  Milabs can be divided into various categories based on the manner in which they are used. Regardless of the category milabs are in, they can all be brought together for mass examinations, inoculations, training and for other reasons when necessary.”
– James Bartley 

“Milabs, due to their alien manipulated DNA, have innate paraphysical abilities. These paraphysical abilities, in conjunction with conditioned behavioral responses and in some cases a dissociative ability, are exploited in a variety of ways by the military controllers. Milabs can be utilized as “multi-task platforms.” Some milabs are “astral operators” that can be instantaneously sent to any part of the world to report back Intelligence to their controllers in “real time.” The controllers can speak to the milab from the military installation and the milab can verbally report what their astral “eyes” are observing at a distant location. Astral operators do not have the inherent limitations of overhead imagery satellites.” – James Bartley

After extensively researching Ufology I listen to very few people now within this field, hardly any…. as the vast majority are Zionist controlled opposition, and are purposely creating ‘limited hangouts’ containing disinfo. James Bartley is one has some good information that I can relate to, with regard to my own experiences and these secret otherworldy experiences – but I am certain that he is also controlled – a Controlled Opposition agent and is providing some truths mixed in with half truths – and he also provides some clear disinfo. I am also not a fan of the amount of New Age pacifying information on his channel, from many of the guests on his show.

Read these two articles below. All the Milab and Super Soldier rhetoric is created by agents. Lot’s of insight and anaylsis in these two articles linked below:

‘Super Soldiers’ – Disinfo – Psyop – James Casbolt, Max Spiers and others

Ufology Explained – Part 1 – The German Breakaway Group – Psyops, Disinfo and Truths – Antarctica, WW2, UFOs, Technology

I wanted to have a dedicated Milab page. Initially I just embedded my pinterest page on the subject, which contained a collection of videos related to this phenomena: Videos from researchers like James Bartley and Eve Lorgen – and testimonies from people like David Marrow, James Casbolt, Max Spiers, Sarah Stanga etc and many more – some less well known testimonies, that you may not have seen, were also in there. But Pinterest deleted my whole account, as on my other boards I was exposing Zionism and the jewish NWO agenda, as well as exposing the lies about WW2 and Hitler. All these jewish owned social media platforms are censoring Real Truthers.

(I’m not a big fan of the term ‘Super Soldiers’ by the way – it is often being used to cover such a broad spectrum of experiences, but I will use it, as there isn’t really another widely accepted term around.)

I do want to make a point that Milabs and ‘Super Soldiers’ are inextricably linked to ‘Secret Space Programs’. It is very telling that someone like Corey Goode, who calls himself a Milab, doesn’t have Milabs or Super Soldier researchers on his now long running Cosmic Disclosure show, and does not refer to, or very rarely mentions, Milabs and Super Soldiers. Corey Goode is obviously Controlled Opposition in my eyes – trying to control the disclosure process for certain powerful groups with agendas. He and David Wilcock actually try to belittle aspects of the ‘Super Soldier’ phenomena in one episode of their show Cosmic Disclosure. The whole ‘Super Soldier’ term is really just referring to these Milab type operations James Bartley is talking about in the quotes at the beginning of this article. Anyway the whole ‘Secret Space Program’ rhetoric is full of disinfo, and its clearly a controlled Zionist run operation.

I know James Rink has a channel about these subjects, using the term ‘Super Soldier’ – but he is clearly controlled opposition in my eyes. Lots of nonsense spoken about, with some ridiculous guests, and the obvious psyop ‘Peter the Insider’, putting out obvious dis-info. I recommend the article below and about ‘Nazis’ and SSP’s, where I discuss this in much more depth.

I have watched all the Milab and SSP videos and testimonies and there is some truth described in them, but also some disinfo, particularly from the so called SSP whistleblowers. But here is a link to an article that contains my Milab and ET Experiences (In this article linked below I list all the Milab testimonies I have researched) :

 My ET Contact and Third-Eye, Other-Dimensional and possible SSP and Milab Experiences

It is important to note that you don’t get Disclosure by sharing ET stories! You get it by becoming geopolitically and economically knowledgeable, coming up with practical solutions and taking action. Understanding that Usury and Debt slavery (private owned central banks etc) is the power-base of the Zionists. We must take back control of our governments, which are very clearly controlled by Zionists (ZOG’s) and then we can have National or State owned banks that print interest and debt free money for the benefit of the people, not for the benefit the jewish banking cartels that run the world. Once we control our countries and the issuance of money, then we can look to gain Disclosure.

And this below is a link to a newer article I wrote about Secret Space Programs and Milabs – where I bring together my SSP, ET and Milab experiences with my research:

Secret Space Programs, Zionism, Extraterrestrials, Milabs, New World Order, Real Truthers – My SSP / Milab / ET Experiences – Disinfo, Controlled Opposition, SSPs, Corey Goode , Nazis, Hitler

Update: Because of my multidimensional night time experiences, vivid otherworldly ‘dreams’, Milab type experiences and my ET abductions I have heavily researched the ‘new age and ufology’ area of the alternative media – and I have found that the ‘new age and ufology’ area is choc-a-bloc full, of Zionist Controlled Opposition agents – lots of agents controlling various narrative and putting out disinfo. I have written two articles about Controlled Opposition in the ‘new age and ufology’ area and posted them on this website: 

‘Nazis’ – Secret Space Programs – ‘Dark Fleet’ – Disinfo – Breakaway Civilizations – Hitler – Germany – Corey Goode – William Tompkins – Randy Cramer – Ahlex – Milabs

Controlled Opposition – David Wilcock, Corey Goode, Darryl Anka (Bashar), Benjamin Fulford, Cobra, Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, Trump, Putin – Ufology – Alternative Media

I can only conclude that the SSP and ET abduction area of the alternative media is, in many ways, being used as a distraction, a limited hangout operation. And a distraction from many of the more important issues in the world, they are not saying things that the Real Truther communities know about and research, for example:

The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion is a very real document that people need to understand.
That the Jewish Zionists are the problem in this world. 
That the Jewish holy books – such as the Talmud – tells them that they can do terrible things to non-Jews.
That the Jewish Zionists (Israel) run America.
That Trump is a Zionist.
That what is happening to the Palestinians is genocide and totally unlawful.
That the Jews have no right to Palestine – and the British had no right to ‘give’ it to them – and they are not even genetically the semites – and they are not ‘Gods chosen people’.
That Putin is not the saviour some say he is and is Controlled Opposition and working with the Zionists.

That Hitler was not the bad guy that he has been made out to be by the Jewish Zionist owned hollywood and media.
That the Jewish Holocaust in World War Two did not happen – it’s all lies – it’s been proven it’s all lies.
That all the Allied forces had Zionist puppet leaders in WW2 – Hitler fought the Zionists (he fought the bad guys!).
That Hitler had no intention of conquering world and was trying to protect Germany and the rest of Europe from Jewish Zionist Communism.
Hitler did not start the war and tried very hard for peaceful resolutions.
That Hitler transformed his country in a very short space of time by getting away from the Jewish bankers and adopting his own independent German currency.

That all these terrorist events are fake and created by the Freemasons and Zionists using crisis actors – all to further their the Jewish Zionist world domination plans, to attempt to bring forth various agendas and controlling changes to further oppress humanity (New World Order).
Freemasonry is used by the Jewish Zionist to further their New World Order agendas – look at the numbers coded into all the fake terror events as well – understand the Jewish Zionists use of gematria.
Freemasonry is Jewish and run by Jews – Jews are at the head of the masonic lodges and secret societies.
That the Jewish Zionists want to rule the world from the Middle East – and have their New World Order. 

We must understand all their tactics and agendas.

These are the sorts of things you should be researching.

I did have a wide selection of Milab videos, but I have taken them off here – as I feel they are a distraction, the topics above are for more important for you to understand. And below is an article to help you understand them:

Zionism – Judaism – Freemasonry – New World Order – Satanism – Kabbalah – Israel – Palestine – Holocaust – Hitler – Second World War – National Socialism

My own ‘Milab’ or ET experiences are more full documented in this article: My ET Contact and Third-Eye, Other-Dimensional and possible SSP and Milab Experiences

And an overview is here:

My Awakening Timeline

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