Censorship – Hasbara Trolls – Sayanim – Zionism – Ufology – Fake Terrorism – Holocaust


“To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” – Voltaire 

When you become very awake, when you’re getting to the bottom of the rabbit hole… you will know it – as if you are actively sharing Truths online you will nearly always come across some censorship – and you will come across Hasbara Trolls on the internet and you will see through the Sayanim agents… all are working for Israel.


Some people will not know the depths of the global Jewish Zionist conspiracy – how hard they work at attempting to bring about their New World Order / One World (jewish) Government – their global domination over all non-jews. But I have first hand experience of how far they are going – how organised they are.

It is often said that the Jewish Agenda for World Domination is the only real problem facing the world, all other problems are symptoms of this…

I have been posting on the internet for a long time, on various platforms and websites, about many different controversial and fringe subjects, and I will tell you the subjects I have got censored for:

– Exposing the nefarious Jewish Supremacist and Zionist activities and agendas.
– Exposing what really terrible things Judaism’s ‘religious’ books say about Non-Jews (Goyim).
– Exposing all the phony fake hoax terrorism set up by the Jewish Zionists and Freemasons.
– Telling the real Truth about WW2, exposing the Holohoax, and how Hitler was right, and how the Zionist controlled allies were the instigators and aggressors.
– Exposing the Zionist controlled Allied Forces war crimes against the German people (e.g the Rhine Meadows Death Camps and the Dresden Firebombings)
– Exposing Israel’s numerous crimes and agendas.

(I have not been censored for anything else – only these things)

I actually had both my pinterest accounts deleted by ‘them’ about six months ago. Tonnes of information on them, plenty of followers and they deleted them. First they deleted my board on Zionism – then my board on Hitler WW2 and holocaust Truth… then it was boards on The Karlergi Plan, and jewish run Freemasonry… and then they just deleted both my accounts. The boards and pages just had too much truth on them – I had collected such a lot of information – it was too good, exposed them too much – so they shut it down. Just like that… gone. They also blocked my website from interacting with pinterest – they made it impossible for anyone to pin anything from my website. Jews own all these major social media platforms.

I also had this jewish guy start writing all these obscene and very aggressive messages under my pins… incessantly – I just deleted his comments and then blocked him. But it was an eye opener for me at the time – as this guy was nuts… so aggressive, threatening and puerile… and another Zionist started writing lots of comments as well, a few weeks after this one… And as I said in the end ‘they’ just shut my accounts down.

Different social media platforms do seem to have different levels of censorship… and platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube are some of the worst for censorship – all jewish owned.

You will face Hasbara Trolls or Sayanim Agents when you get far down the rabbit hole – when you really become woke.

Hasbara Trolls are all over socials media and using a variety of tactics on them, sowing seeds of doubt, putting out disinfo, personal attacks, causing arguments on purpose etc…

When I started exposing Zionism / Jewish Supremacy, and sharing Hitler and WW2 Truth on my own website, I started getting contacted by a lot more people, just random people would email me, when this first started I didn’t realize what was happening… I had had people contact me occasionally before – but it was sporadic and mainly related to the artwork I have displayed on my website. But when I started posting articles about Zionism and Hitler truth…. that’s when lots of internet Hasbara Trolls working for Israel contacted me.

How these Hasbara Trolls / Agents work when they contact you via your website:

First they give you a compliment about your website, then they agree with something on your website… then they try to put doubt in your mind about some key points you have made in some of your articles. It is like these agents have a formula they are supposed to use: general praise, then specific agreement on something – then trying to sow some seeds of doubt in your mind. Some try different tactics… some try to befriend you, in the hope that they can then eventually sow some seeds of doubt. Some just try to distract you and get you interested in some other areas… with me they tried to show me articles on some New Age rubbish (as I also have some information about meditation, ET abductions and metaphysics on my website). I see right through these Hasbara Trolls. I have had quite a lot of them – it shows you they are monitoring websites and how many of them are out there.

I also exposed a Sayanim agent who traced back to Israel – she was pretending to have ET experiences and pretending she was doing ‘Channeling’ – saying some ridiculous things. She was very aggressive and threatening when she found out I knew she was an agent – her name is very rare so I easily found out that all her family came from Israel – she pretends to be all lovely on her youtube channel… but expose them and you will see their true colours.

Ufology – A Controlled Opposition Limited Hangout

I will tell that almost the whole of Ufology is controlled by Jewish or Zionist Sayanim Agents – and they have Hasbara Trolls backing them up with comments on their YouTube channels, the Hasbara Trolls have multiple accounts. Because of my ET abductions I researched this area heavily for quite some time – and it is totally controlled. The ‘Secret Space Program’ narrative, Milabs, all the recent ET testimonies – pretty much all of them are disinfo agents (there are some old ET abduction testimonies that I feel are genuine, there are going to be some genuine ones, but they are lost in a sea of disinfo). And all the major ufology personalities are totally controlled and just full of disinfo – and you wouldn’t believe the amount of political, geopolitical and historical disinfo they spout in the ufology ‘community’… and sometimes the lies they make up are just plain ridiculous and embarrassing…

I have a high I.Q – and I am very conscious… I see patterns and correlations and my memory is excellent – I see all the anomalies and inconsistencies in their testimonies. There are groups of them all backing each other up, promoting each other on their channels and blogs. I don’t even listen to them anymore – it’s networks of agents – it seems to be pretty much all agents, Sayanim and Hasbara Trolls backing them.

Ufology is being used as huge distraction and a huge limited hangout – catching people like a net and distracting them so that they don’t go to the bottom of the rabbit hole and become a Real Truther.

Regardless of this, you are not going to transform this planet by sharing ET stories! The only way to get any disclosure about what is really happening in our solar system and our galaxy, and answers as to why the general population is cut off from it all – is to take the power away from these Jewish Supremacists and Zionist Bankers. And it seems the key to all this is getting rid of their power base – their insane and immoral debt slavery powerbase – and as well as this, to stop our countries being dictated to by Israel and carrying out their agendas for them.

ZOGs: A ‘ZOG’ is a Zionist Occupied Government… there are a great many of them. We must come up with alternative systems and implement it in our countries and take their power away.

YouTube Censorship

So many people I followed on YouTube are being censored: Hitler Truth videos, Holocaust Truth videos… you can only watch many of these videos in certain countries – it’s the same with videos exposing Zionism and Jewish Supremacy – censored in certain countries — or sometimes completely taken down. Hasbara Trolls will often repeatedly report and flag these videos, bringing them to the attention of the YouTube censorship team and therefore helping to get them censored. Some people are getting strikes left right and centre – some have to create backup channels or start new channels.

The greatest level of censorship I have seen occur – and still occurs – is when people expose the fake hoax terrorism events, all the crisis actors, CGI, illogical logistics… etc – If you prove it was a hoax, then nine times out of ten they are going to take that video down and give you a strike. These events are of course set up by the Jewish supremacists / Zionists / Freemasons – their gematria is coded into it. And many of the crisis actors will be Sayanim.

There was a community of people on YouTube brilliantly exposing all the fake terror events – suddenly Jewish owned and controlled YouTube seemed to decide that too many people were working out that these terror events were fake – so within the space of about a month about 15 people who I was following had their channels terminated. One person I still follow is on his 15th YouTube channel, as they keep giving him strikes and terminating his channel – why? Because he is excellent at highlighting how these terror events are fake – he simply questions them and shows the anomalies and fakery in the footage. He is a calm mild mannered guy – but he is good at exposing these ‘events’. It shows you clearly, and confirms, that myself and this community of people are correct – they are faking these terror events, otherwise they wouldn’t take them down.

Maybe what we need is tech and internet savvy non-jews to create some good quality video sharing platforms like YouTube and other social media platforms that allow free speech – I know there are alternative video sharing sites out there – but they use some censorship as well and will be mostly Jewish owned.

153 news.net was set up recently, started by people who were fed up at being shut down by youtube for exposing the fake terrorism – some good fake hoax terrorism videos on there… have posted some on there myself… but who knows how that site will evolve?

Illegal to question the Holocaust

Who rules over us is very clearly demonstrated by the fact that it is illegal to question the holocaust in many countries: Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Liechtenstein, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Poland, Portugal, Romania and Switzerland – and Russian President Vladimir Putin signed for a law making Holocaust denial illegal in Russia as well.

This is outrageous when you think about it — why is it illegal to question a so called historical event?!

‘The Truth Does Not Fear Investigation!’

The only reason it would be illegal question the validity, or the official story, of something is if the official story doesn’t hold up to investigation. You would only have these laws if you were hiding something.

Can you think of any other historical event where it’s illegal to question it, and where many people have been put in jail for it? Just for questioning the official story of a historical event! It is clear the huge influence the Jewish Zionists have on our planet if they can make it illegal in so many countries.

Concluding Thoughts

So this quote is brilliant:

“To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”

Who are you not allowed to criticise? Who rules over us?

The Jews / Israel / Zionists. It is the only conclusion that you can come to.

Sometimes when you expose them too much you may well get contacted or trolled by a manipulative Hasbara Troll – we must be wise to their ways… and we most certainly can’t let that stop us from spreading Truth… never stop… people need to get as organised and motivated as they are.


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10 thoughts on “Censorship – Hasbara Trolls – Sayanim – Zionism – Ufology – Fake Terrorism – Holocaust

  • September 2, 2020 at 12:23 pm

    Hi EntityArt

    Reading this article I realized that I kinda fit in the above by posting perhaps to many questions and not always the most important ones. Truth is I do have questions… lots of questions. That being said, are you ok with me asking more other questions / clarifications ?

    Thank you.

    • September 22, 2020 at 4:03 pm

      Hi Doru

      I don’t think you are Hasbara. They don’t ask questions like you, and some of your questions helped me bring more clarity to some topics. I don’t mind you asking questions – not a problem.

  • June 27, 2021 at 7:32 pm

    Hello entity art.
    Thanks for this work i would never expect to add to list another type of disinfo agent and that comes from person who found this website more particulary (breakaway germans existence confirmation) from /pol/ where disinfo and desperate shilling by jidf ect is on daily occurence and sometimes hard to spot but one thing is still not explained to me enough.

    Maybe you heard about COINTELPRO dissinfo strategy or “chans mining” does hasabara agent use such doctrines or he works independently?

    Forward thanks for answering.

    • July 17, 2021 at 1:12 pm

      Hello SR anon

      I am not sure what you mean by this, could you explain further:

      “i would never expect to add to list another type of disinfo agent and that comes from person who found this website more particulary (breakaway germans existence confirmation) from /pol/ where disinfo and desperate shilling by jidf ect is on daily occurence and sometimes hard to spot but one thing is still not explained to me enough.”

      And I have not heard of ‘chans mining’ – please explain.

      Hasbara have directives, it is organised.

      Many controlled opposition agents are funded and seeded. They are given money and technology to produce content, and they are given directives: what to focus on, what not to say… etc etc. They will then be heavily promoted in the online algorithms that (((they))) control.

      Though, or course, some of the tribe can just take it upon themselves to spread disinfo and muddy the waters.

      • July 21, 2021 at 7:18 pm

        Hello entity art
        Of course i can explain (forward warning since my main language has very synonyous vocabulary some words may be considered in different meaning shortly slavic language struggles with english translating)

        “i would never expect to add to list another type of disinfo agent and that comes from person who found this website more particulary (breakaway germans existence confirmation) from /pol/ where disinfo and desperate shilling by jidf ect is on daily occurence and sometimes hard to spot”

        Okay on forums and also particulary on nowday dumpster fire called pollitically incorrect (seriously its not worth it to go there for 1 good discussion there (if it won’t be derailed) that dies within 10 mins are 50 uneceseary D&C fights or religion shilling which are working because what is thinking) are used profesional (idk a correct word for it now so i will use synonymous word) shills from jewish internet defense force or just some people who takes a bait and spreads the poison (many times is used cointelpro shill doctrine for such cases). You may ask you still dont get it fully, simply from such bombardment you will determine if you are not aware of hasbara or sayanim raids (since moderation is none or minimal there)
        Either its profesional from jidf or some agency. (Common conclusion)
        Artificiall inteligence (which is core of “chans mining” doctrine which is easy to spot since apparently they cannot into coding).
        Someone who took a bait and believes in it and got lost there.
        Organized group of people who took a bait. (Very documented thing there)
        Or just one funny lad who wants to have little troll moment.

        And none consideration its hasbara or sayanim because how can something exist if you are not aware of it.
        That was the reason why i wrote such sentence that i would never expect that i would find even more while i had time to continue reading more works on this website.

        Okay now to chans mining what i mentioned
        Since such topic is still tested (and brings its fruits slowly or falls like other things) there is not detailed description of it altrough official research website is here (https://crestresearch.ac.uk/projects/mining-the-chans/) .
        But simply short said its literally flooding some forum or website or even some community hangout group (unlikley) with some sort of forum bots or inteligent AI in order to lower quality on lowest levels possible or use it to derail the disscusion.
        Link related is one of the caught codes i could search post forme one jew who got self reflection while i was going on /pol/ but it would take long time to search trough archives using only webm hash since its commonly spread after it went out that time (https://www.bitchute.com/video/ykSqCF6ID8oI/)

        “Hasbara have directives, it is organised.

        Many controlled opposition agents are funded and seeded. They are given money and technology to produce content, and they are given directives: what to focus on, what not to say… etc etc. They will then be heavily promoted in the online algorithms that (((they))) control.

        Though, or course, some of the tribe can just take it upon themselves to spread disinfo and muddy the waters.”

        Understood thanks for that
        Hope that i did not forgot again something while quickly writing that

        • July 22, 2021 at 11:29 am

          Hello SR Anon

          Thankyou for taking the time to explain this. I understand what you are saying. Appreciated.

          Best regards.

  • January 27, 2022 at 9:42 pm

    It’s strange to see you are awake to jq, ww2 truth, terrain vs germ theory, but not to geocentric system/flath earth

    • January 28, 2022 at 1:43 pm

      Hello Axis

      It is not strange at all. In my experience the majority of people who are awake to WW2 and The JQ Truth do not believe in Flat Earth. Many who believe in Flat Earth seem to be Christians.

      It is not flat. There is no dome. The Moon is not a hologram. There are other planets – and civilisations and other beings (and some humans) living on them… I know that there is from my regained memories from being in certain off planet projects – read around my website and the posts on Ufology. We are cut off down here – as a force is keeping us quarantined, cut off and oppressed.

      I cover Hollow Earth and Electric Universe in my Hollow Earth series.

      Flat Earth is nonsensical and goes against all of easily observable nature – it also goes against all of the ancients knowledge. Read my three part Hollow Earth series on cosmic Truths. Look at all the spiral / vortex symbols the ancients used: Swastikas, fylfots, triskelle etc… look at the work of Schauberger and others… spirals and vortices… as well as Tesla and Walter Russell.



      Flat Earthers have been duped by a jewish freemasonic psyop.

      And the NS Germans did not believe in Flat Earth. They created a map of the hollow globe Earth. They made it to the inside of the planet.

  • January 31, 2022 at 1:03 am

    Hello EntityArt, I have a question. From everything I have seen about the holocaust, whether through documentaries or articles I’ve read, I have come to the conclusion that it seems most logical that the holocaust never occurred, just based off of the vast evidence. However, due to the fact that I never lived during those times, there is no way I can 100% confirm this as a fact. Because of this, anyone I try to teach about the holocaust may not be as convinced as I am due to the fact that they lack the logical way that I view this topic. Due you happen to have any sources or links to any article or movie that I could look into further that has REALLY STRONG EVIDENCE that the holocaust never happened?

    • January 31, 2022 at 9:03 pm

      Hello Daniel

      There used to be a website called: ‘The Holocaust Deprogramming Course’, but that site has gone down. However, it seems someone has taken the information from it and uploaded it to archive.org:


      Nick Kollerstrom’s Book is also fairly good: ‘Breaking the Spell: The Holocaust, Myth & Reality’. But I should imagine that the document above, from archive.org, would have more information.

      The section in ‘Europa The Last Battle’ on the ‘holocaust’ is also good – it is Part 8 in that documentary (though depending on where you live you may need a VPN to view it). Here is one upload of Part 8, but it will also be on archive.org and on various other bitchute channels – as will the full documentary:


      Hope that helped.


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