Subversive and Pacifying Spirituality – ‘Gurus’, Yogis, Enlightenment – Maharishi Mahesh, Ramana Maharshi, Eckhart Tolle, Yuri Bezmenov etc


  • Introduction
  • Yuri Bezmenov on Mahirishi Mahesh Yogi
  • Ramana Maharshi and the Tribe that Promote him
  • Other Subversive Spirituality – ACIM, David R Hawkins, Eckhart Tolle, Jack Kornfield etc
  • Fake New Age Channelers and ‘Gurus’
  • Conclusion – What type of Spirituality we need 


I speak on this subject as someone who has meditated a great deal. I know how to use it. I used it to reach balance by calming the mind and seeing into Truths – using it to evolve, undo my brainwashing and gaining insights into situations occurring on Earth. Meditation is not something to get lost in. I used it as a tool to assist me in raising my consciousness and for looking within, so that I could move beyond any character defects and any unresolved emotional issues that held me back. To improve myself and to eventually gain useful and credible knowledge through critical thinking.

(So meditation can be useful – what I am discussing in this article are the extreme meditation pactices and the escapism of transendental meditation… as well as promoted philisophies that subvert and pacify people that are awakening)

To be honest, I bought into these Indian Yogis philosophies and Buddhism a fair few years ago, when I was naive. You can see from my Art galleries that I produced some very peaceful looking monk sculptures. I sold a lot of them, they were popular. But then I stopped making them when I moved beyond these pacifying philosophies.

What really woke me up was having Third Eye Experiences, Out of Body Experiences, Other-Dimensional Experiences, Remote Viewing Experiences, recall of Past Lives on other planets, and ET Contact in the night – some ET collections… various degrees of lucidity in these varied experiences. I began to see more of who I was a SOUL – my connections to off-world groups, to other civilizations, the metaphysical abilities of some of these ET’s – and I saw a lot of the brutality that exists in the Universe. (Other articles on this website explain these experiences in more depth – for the most part these experiences were spontaneous experiences in the night, and sometimes they occured in in-between states.)

Wisdom, Knowledge, Action, Will and Power are very important on this planet – and will be throughout the Cosmos.

Certain Indian ‘gurus’ and types of Indian spiritual philosophy have been promoted to subvert and pacify European and Western Civilizations, by the Marxists / Communists / International Jewry.

This particular article has information from ex KGB agent Yuri Bezmenov on fake or just limited gurus and his take on Maharishi Mahesh Yogi – who he spent time with.

The article then discusses another ‘guru’ Ramana Maharshi. If you get involved in ‘spirituality’ you will see Ramana being pushed and promoted. In this article I will show which (((group))) of people are usually behind promoting him. Often suggesting to people that the transcendent state he managed to get himself in is some type of ‘ultimate Truth’ or ‘ultimate goal’.

At the end of this article I will use an excerpt from another article I wrote, to further expand on this subject – which exposes fake and limited spiritual teachers and who promotes them. Discussing: A Course in Miracles, David R Hawkins, ‘Non Duality’, Fake Channelers, Osho, Eckhart Tolle, Jack Kornfield, Buddhism etc

I have delved into all spiritual information on this planet, as this was the first part of my awakening. I found that Spirituality on this planet is full of subversion, disinfo and massive limitations – and most of it very much appears to be run by people from a certain (((tribe))).


Over 30 YEARS AGO, Soviet defector and KGB operative Yuri Bezmenov, specializing in the fields of Marxist-Leninist (Communist) propaganda and ideological subversion; warned us about the silent war being waged against America as part of a long term plan to take over and destroy the American system and way of life. Videos of Yuri Bezmenov can be found on YouTube – he has done interviews and lectures.

It is important to note that Communism stems from Judaism. All this Marxist ideology nearly always stems from Jewish minds. And the Communist Soviet Union was mainly run by Jewish people. This is not speculation, but factually accurate. This is important to note, as I will show you what group of people are often behind promoting certain types of pacifying and subversive spirituality to Western Civilizations. And this ideological war is not just being waged against America – it is global. European Nations and Civilizations are particularly targeted. It is also, of course, related to the rampant and destructive Cultural Marxism, which stemmed from the Frankfurt School – this was run by jewish people.

YURI BEZMENOV on Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Gurus and Indian Spirituality

In this above video you can see Yuri talk about Maharishi Mahesh Yogi specifically at 4.18 mins. Below the following images is the transcript of this section of the video:

Yuri Bezmenov – giving lectures and when he was working for the KGB. Bottom Centre: he is sitting with Mahirishi Mahesh Yogi.
Mahirishi Mahesh Yogi with the Beatles.

Transcipt of a section of the Interview:

YURI BEZMENOV: The KGB was even curious about this gentleman, it may look innocent, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi – a great spiritual leader – or maybe a great charlatan krook, depending from which side you are looking at him. The Beatles were trained at his Ashram… In India, how to meditate – Mia Farrow and other useful idiots from Hollywood visited his school and they returned back to United States absolutely zonked out of their minds with marijuana, hashish and crazy ideas of meditation.

To meditate, in other words to isolate oneself from the current social and political issues of your own country – to get into your own bubble, to forget about troubles of the world. Obviously KGB was very fascinated with such a beautiful school. Such a brainwashing centre for stupid Americans.

I was dispatched by the KGB to check what kind of VIP Americans attend this school… I was trying to get enrolled in that school, unfortunately Maharishi Maheshi Yogi asked too much, he wanted 500 American Dollars for enrolment. But my function was not actually to get enrolled in this school. My function was to discover what kind of people from United States attend this school. And we discovered, yes there are some influential members of Family – public opinion makers of United States who come back with the crazy stories about Indian philosophy. Indians themselves look upon them as idiots – useful idiots. To say nothing about KGB who looked at them as extremely naive, misguided people.

Obviously a VIP, say a wife of a congressman, or a prominent Hollywood Personality after being trained in that school is much more instrumental in the hands of manipulators of public opinion and KGB than a normal person, who understands, who looks through this type of fake religious training.

INTERVIEWER: Why would they be more susceptible to manipulation?

YURI BEZMENOV: I just mentioned that, because you see, a person who is too much involved in introspective Meditation – see, if you carefully look what Maharishi Mahesh Yogi is teaching to Americans is that most of the problems, most of the burning issues of today can be solved simply by meditating – don’t rock the boat – don’t get involved – just sit down and look at your navel and meditate – and they think due to some strange logic, due to cosmic vibrations things will settle down by themselves. This is exactly what the KGB and Marxist Leninists (Communist/Jewish) propaganda wants from Americans – to distract their opinion, attention and mental energy from real issues of United States [and] into a non-issue, into a non-world, a non existent harmony. Obviously it’s more beneficial for the Soviet aggressors to have a bunch of duped Americans, than Americans that are self conscious, healthy, physically fit, and alert to the reality.

Maharishi Maheshi Yogi is obviously not on the payroll of the KGB, but whether he knows it or not he contributes greatly to demoralisation of American society. And he is not the only one. There are hundreds of those ‘Gurus’ who come to your country to capitalize on naivety and stupidity of Americans. It’s a fashion, a fashion ot meditate, it’s a fashion not to be involved. So obviously you can see that if KGB were… if they paid my trip to… if they assigned me to that strange job, obviously they were very much fascinated. They were convinced that that type of brainwashing is very efficient and instrumental in demoralisation of United States.

Ramana Maharshi and (((Those))) that promote him and his philosophies:

The first thing people need to do is to admit that humans are, for the most part, rummaging around in the dark when it comes to spirituality, metaphysics, the cosmos… and how the universe works…. soul dynamics, soul energy, soul connections, consciousness, DNA significance, reincarnation, afterlife realms, dimensions, extraterrestrial life, extraterrestrial civilisations and metaphysically advanced technology… all is connected.

Many people have been programmed to think that spirituality is just about either learning to love everybody – or that is about letting go of all attachments… This is pacifying and distracting Mind Control.

Now, some of these indian yogis suggest the ultimate goal in the universe is to incessantly meditate and renounce all physical Iife, and all attachments, to such an extent that you get yourself into a transcendent state of consciousness where you only experience peace and love and have no sense of self. (Getting rid of the ‘ego’ or the apparent ‘self realization’ they talk about)

With some critical thinking we can dismiss this as not some ‘ultimate goal’.

The ‘poster boy’ for this mode of thinking is Ramana Maharshi. In certain naive ‘spiritual’ communities. It is seen as ‘cool’ to talk about him, and worship and adore him.

I have read huge amounts of spiritual literature. And as well as this I have had numerous other-dimensional and other-worldly experiences in the night… a great deal, I have written about some of them on this site. So I am in a somewhat unique situation with regards to assessing this subject.

Humans really are very naive and trusting and constantly looking for a guru, someone to whom they can put all their trust in and then hang onto their every word. This planet is highly controlled, not just geopolitically but also metaphysically. There is huge amounts of spiritual, metaphysical and multidimensional control and subversion. The Astral and After-Life Realms – these are also controlled – I have had a lot lucidity in the Astral realm and I have researched and analysed NDEs.

Ramana Maharshi got into certain states of consciousness that his DNA allowed. He has a view of the universe which came from his experiences – related to how much of the universe he could experience via his DNA… which wasn’t very much. For example, as mentioned, my DNA and Soul Dynamic is different – I meditated a lot and had spontaneous third-eye and remote viewing experiences – and middle of the night lucid recall of times spent on others planets and other dimensions – as well as other-dimensional contact in the night… and more.

This state some of these yogis got into – this total detachment … ‘all is fine, and peace and love’. This state is not some ultimate goal in the universe. Can you imagine all beings throughout the vast limitless universe just sitting there trying to detach themselves from life, from the universe to the point of this total detachment – trying to get rid of sense of self so they can experience peace and love – it all seems a very unbalanced outlook to me.

Ramana Maharshi essentially would just sit in his Ashram, slowly walk on the nearby hills every now and then, spend time with the cows, and speak to naive visiting Westerners about this transcendent and detached state of consciousness he experienced. He did nothing practically useful for the planet – he pacified people – just like Maharishi Mahesh, he was unintentionally a tool of the (((New World Order))). While the world is getting engulfed by the highly oppresive (((New World Order))) these Yogis are oblivious to it all, and telling people to do nothing.

This goal of getting rid of the ‘ego’ or ‘sense of self’ – so as to experience this transcendent peace and joy and total detachment and apparent ‘self realisation’ etc — it is all a consequence of living on a planet that is greatly manipulated, oppressed and controlled on many levels…. metaphysically speaking as well – again, there’s other dimensional control occurring as well.

There is something very unusual occurring on this planet – some type of metaphysical ‘quarantine’.

The universe is valid – as am I as a Soul, and as is everyone else. My vast history as a Soul is valid and real…. as is everyone else’s. We are just cut off from our memories and connections.

Ramana tells people to constantly ask ‘Who am I?’ But because of our manipulated or disconnected DNA and the metaphysical control of this planet, we cannot find out who we really are – 99 percent of people will not gain any memories of who they are at a Soul level, and remember some of their vast history. What they do seem to be able to do though, through intense meditation and detachment, is get into the transcendent and detached states of consciousness.

Many people are confused and persist with very extreme meditation practices searching for answers – many people are in pain and searching for relief from their confusion and pain. Rather than dealing with their emotional issues, and the malevolent issues and agendas occurring on this planet they seek the escapism of a transcendent state.

I read one of Ramana’s books, essentially it was created by one of these (((agents))), promoting Ramana Maharshi’s teachings, bringing it to Western readers… I learnt very little from it.

He had no information on soul dynamics, soul energy, soul connections, consciousness, DNA significance, reincarnation, afterlife realms, dimensions, extraterrestrial life and extraterrestrial civilisations.

Ramana also never developed any abilities, in ancient times they called them ‘Siddhis’ – the ‘gods’ would often have them. He developed no clairvoyance, remote viewing abilities, shamanic travelling abilities etc etc (The Gnostics and Druids could perform shamanic traveling to gain knowledge, but they were killed off.)

(((They))) promote these pacifying Yogis and their philosophies to the West / European Civilizations:

SS Cohen and Maurice Frydman who promoted Ramana, as well as various other Yogis with similar philisophies. Both are Jewish.

These yogis are often promoted by agents – often members of the (((Tribe))) as it pacifies humanity – confuses them. It helps bring forth the (((New World Order))) – if people just sit there trying to get rid of any sense of self – getting into some transcendent or detached state of consciousness – and just loving and forgiving everybody. These (((agents))) brought these pacifying philosophies to the West to pacify people of European ancestry and Western Civilization.

Look at who promoted Ramana Maharshi and a few other closely related yogis: SS Cohen and Maurice Frydman — two verifiable members of the (((tribe))).

And two big promoters of the jewish controlled and run ‘A Course In Miracles’ (ACIM): David R Hawkins and David Hoffmeister very much promoted Ramana Maharshi as well.

(A Course In Miracles is a psyop, and from my research appears to be mainly run by jewish people – One of the biggest promoters is Marianne Williamson – she is jewish. Look who promotes, and write books on, ACIM – it’s often (((tribe))) members.)

You must understand that the jewish ‘holy book’ – The Talmud – says it is perfectly OK to lie to the Goyim – and you must understand that the New World Order agenda stems from jewish doctrines – The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, The Talmud, The Zohar, The Kaballah etc

Robert Adams (left) is confirmed jewish. I could not confirm David Godman’s jewishness, but he definetly looks jewish.

Robert Adams was also a huge promoter of Ramana Maharshi – Even making up stories about being visited by Ramana in some sort of metaphysical / holographic way – appearing as tiny man at the end of his bed… (I don’t believe him).

“Robert [Adams] was born on January 21, 1928 in the Bronx. His mother was Jewish and father Catholic.” –

And another promoter of Ramana is David Godman, and he sure looks like a member of the (((tribe))).

These people all seem to be doing their bit for the (((tribe))) To bring forth the (((New World Order))) to subvert other civilisations to benefit the (((tribe))). 

What does it mean to be ‘enlightened’ anyway? – it’s a buzzword. Thrown around that means different things to different people.

Humans are limited buy their DNA. DNA is very important in the universe.

All this promoting of Eastern Gurus and their pacifying philosophies to European civilizations only benefits the (((Globalists)) and the (((New World Order))) agenda: International Jewry and the banking cartels benefit.

The Universe is mainly about WISDOM, KNOWLEDGE, ACTION, WILL… and POWER. And unfortunately on this planet: Might Makes Right – history shows this time and time again. Those with the Power, Make what is Right.

People need to become informed and critical thinkers – becoming balanced and evolved individuals moving beyond any harmful character defects – and then creating popular informed movements to implement change – taking action in a wise and canny way.

Other Subversive Spirituality

To expand on this we have a section from another article Exposing other Fake and Limited Spiritual Teachers and how many are members of the (((Tribe))). You often either have (((deceptive agents))) or you have limited spiritual philosphers whose ideas are promoted by (((Marxists and Tribe Members))), because of the subversive and pacfiying effect they can have on people.

Eckhart Tolle, Ram Dass, Osho.

Let’s look at Eckhart Tolle. He suggests he became ‘enlightened’ one morning after being very depressed, he suddenly was seeing the world differently, as though he was now in an ‘enlightened’ state of consciousness – he fails to actually describe this ‘state’ he says he found himself in. He is not ‘enlightened’. Being enlightened is a buzzword, which doesn’t really mean anything anymore. It is this ambiguous term that some people throw around. Eckhart Tolle has appeared on Oprah Winfrey’s show a fair few times. Oprah Winfrey is very obviously not on our side, she works for (((them))). If any ‘teacher’ appears on Oprah it is because (((they))) want them to. Tolle’s books are on bookstore shelves – do you think any information that is a threat to the New World Order agenda would appear in high street bookstore shelves? Come on.

What is Tolle’s main teaching? It is that you should ‘live in the now’ or his slogan: ‘The Power of Now’. Don’t plan ahead, don’t look into the future, just focus on ‘the now’. I have read his books, there are some basic psychological insights, and then he pretty much repeats himself over and over, he has pretty much no metaphysical knowledge and promotes lots of pacifying teachings. Now the people who run the show on this planet – the talmudic jewish luciferian supremacists – they plan ahead…. they plan well ahead – so that they can bring forth their New World order. But you Goyim (non-jews), you should just ‘live in the now’ apparently. Don’t think ahead – Don’t look at where humanity is heading – Don’t assess what is occurring – Don’t see the patterns – Don’t correlate information – Dont think critically – Don’t see the projected outcomes. Oh no Goyim – you should ‘Just Live in the Now’. Can you see how this psychological manipulation works?

They manipulate the minds of the public through all areas. It is all manipulation – sure, when engaging with someone or taking part in an activity it is good to be present – to listen and be conscious of your surroundings – this is common sense, very obvious… but these controlled spiritual teachers put forward the notion that you can just ‘live in the now’ and things will just take care of themselves. Not one of these mainstream spiritual teachers I have come across promote critical thinking and analysis, pattern recognition, correlation of information or the identifying of trends and agendas.

Related to Tolle’s slogan is the ‘Be Here Now’ slogan pushed by Ram Dass. I would suggest to you Ram Dass is another subversive infiltrator agent to bring the pacifying ‘loving awareness’ rhetoric to the western world. It is almost like Tolle just reinvented and reinvigorated the Ram Dass slogan. Ram Dass was jewish by the way.

“My father was a very visible jew. He started Brandeis University and he was head of the United Jewish Appeal…” – Ram Dass

David R Hawkins – another fraud. He promotes kinesiology. (Well, he promoted it – he has passed on now) But kinesiology is a deception. Kinesiology suggests that you can learn the truths of any situation by muscle testing – that your body and subconscious is tuned into all the truths in the universe. I have experience of this, I partook in some kinesiology, guided by a ‘practitioner’, and it doesn’t do what they say. It just shows you what you believe to be the truth, not what is necessarily the truth. For example, if you believe someone is good and hold their image in your mind you muscles stay strong, if you believe someone is bad your muscles go weak. It just shows you what you believe, whether that is consciously or subconsciously. It does not give you universal truths.

I read nearly all David R Hawkins books when I was seeking truth – there is a lot of rubbish in them – and a lot of ambiguous ramblings. He contradicts himself in many of them. He also promotes Christianity, and Jesus, and ‘Heaven’. Christianity is more mind control, pacifying the Goyim… that we need to worship, that people need to just love, turn the other cheek, be meek and forgive. Exactly what these jewish supremacists / Marxists want you to do.

David R Hawkins also said some strange things, and gave strange advice at times. One statement was very telling and disturbing – in one of his YouTube videos he said that the boys who are sexually abused by priests should be glad or thankful that someone like that would do that to them… I guarantee you he said this. His work is also promoted by obvious controlled agents – the major shill Russell Brand even promoted one of Hawkins books. Hawkins also promotes this ‘just moving into a place of love’ – just ‘loving everything’ seeing ‘love everywhere’ – that is your purpose – sounds nice right? – But this is not the way the universe works! He also says other phases such as- ‘surrendering to life’ and ‘surrendering to God’ and apparently: ‘everything is perfect, nothing has to change’. This is Mind Control. I will keep saying this phrase and word – these narratives are there to PACIFY the Goyim. I say this as someone who greatly values love and think it is powerful motivating force – but it is being used against us.

David R Hawkins – and look ‘Steinberg’ listed on CD – another jewish person involved.

A Course in Miracles (ACIM) is a psyop. It is supposed to be Jesus channelled. I don’t believe in the Jesus tales we have been told. Christianity definitely seems to be an offshoot of judaism, to create a pacifying religion for the Goyim. And regardless, the information in the ACIM is basic and of little benefit. It may help you to let go off some of your self hate and forgive yourself – but it has very little – almost zero – metaphysical or practical information for surviving on 3D Earth. It does not address reincarnation – and many agents that protect the ACIM online and are a part of the ‘ACIM community’ promote that reincarnation does not exist and upon death ‘that is it’ – that you are no more apparently… (give me a break). I have had OBEs – I have come out of my body – our consciousness does no cease to exist when you exit the body. My own mother has also had an NDE and was out of her body.

The popular Marianne Williamson promotes the ACIM psyop heavily – she is another pacifying disinfo ‘teacher’. She was promoted by David R Hawkins. She is also jewish.

“Williamson was born to a Jewish family in Houston…” – Wikipedia

Marianne Williamson and Oprah – and look who wrote the ACIM guide another jewish person ‘Alan Cohen’.

People who follow the Abrahamic religions often say these sorts of phrases ‘God does everything’ – or ‘All is as God wills it’… To me – these are the phrases of a primitive civilization. This is pacifying Mind Control. You have Free Will. You can use your knowledge combined with your emotions, passion and desire to create change. (I have also heard Hindu followers say these sorts of pacifying phrases as well)

Buddhism seems to have been infiltrated by jewish, zionist or marxist agents. Original Buddhism also does have some little bits of good advice, to a degree, but it is very basic in terms of cosmic and metaphysical information. And probably at least 95 percent of those quotes you see attributed to Buddha did not come from Siddhartha Gautama (Buddha).

Buddhism, like most other ‘spirituality’, is also very pacifying – as this is what the rulers of this planet want – a passive, ill-informed and deluded population. Look how in so many of these jewish Hollywood movies and TV series they have Buddhas in the background – loads of them (All Hollywood movies are jewish movies – they own it all). The jews promote Buddhism as it is not a threat to the New world Order agenda. They know of its limitations. I want you to think about Tibet – how it was taken over by China. The Tibetans lineage is being destroyed, their country taken over, their traditions, race and culture disappearing. Sitting in meditation all day and having just loving thoughts is not the answer. There are lot of infiltrators… jewish people or Marxists writing books about how they are ‘enlightened’, but again, they fail to be able to describe it – or give any metaphysical or cosmic insight – they have almost non-existent knowledge about the universe. Some of the traditional meditation techniques described in old scriptures are quite good, some of their philosophies can help you become more disciplined. But, like all the others it is full of more pacifying mind-control. ‘Just go sit in a retreat and meditate all day Goyim, while the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion play out and the supremacist luciferian jews take over the planet and destroy your race, your lineage, culture and all that your ancestors built.’ I think ancient Buddhism was probably somewhat different from this highly infiltrated and watered down modern Buddhism – it was probably much more about knowledge back then – but so much of our history in all parts of the world has been erased.

If there is a spiritual teacher or spiritual book being promoted by Oprah you can be sure it is very limited and created by an agent or a naive limited hangout. Jack Kornfield has been on Oprah promoting his ‘Buddhist’ books – as well as promoting his take on buddhism and spirituality. He is another infiltrator and an (((agent))). A limited hangout. He is also jewish:

“ [Jack] Kornfield is one of four boys born to Jewish parents” – Wikipedia

Jack Kornfield on Oprah as well as Eckhart Tolle with Oprah.

(I may have previously made monk sculptures and sold them, and have some of my work displayed on this site. But that was quite a while ago – I am no longer a fan of Buddhism – it is not cosmically true – it is not based on natural laws – it is essentially more Mind-Control.)

The Dalai Lama is not who he portrays. He works for (((them))). He works with the (((Globalists))) – for the (((New World Order))).

Dalai Lama with Oprah – just like all the other spiritual agents. And with Merkel aligning himself with this Zionist puppet politician.

Dalai Lama with Oprah – just like all the other spiritual agents. And with Merkel aligning himself with this Zionist puppet politician.

With Hillary. And at the Wailing Wall, where he his bowing to his true masters.

Moving onto ‘Osho’. I read some of his books as well. He promoted the notion of ‘just being’ – and the goal of life is to gain the consciousness of a child, of just ‘picking up flowers and shells on the beach’, just loving and forgiving everything. There are a few bits of good advice about loving yourself and a few basic psychological insights, but it’s mainly lots of pacifying information about getting yourself into some deluded state of consciousness – somehow brainwashing yourself and convincing yourself that everything is just fine here on Earth – and that your only purpose is to smell the flowers, and think loving thoughts… etc. He also ended up creating a Cult as well, and had sex with some of the members, as well as accumulating expensive cars. All highly suspicious.

(This loving and respecting yourself is important, but what most of these teachers also promote is totally accepting yourself ‘just as you are’… You see, something positive can be turned into something detrimental and create more Mind Control. Just accepting yourself ‘just as you are’ brings inertia and acceptance of qualities that can be destructive to yourself, to your family, to your community, to your race and the World. Everything is about balance, so respect and take care of yourself – but also strive for continual improvement – to be a human that benefits those around you through your desire for excellence.)

You also have the Non-Duality crowd (which is also related to Eckhart Tolle) – people should look into the backgrounds of the people involved in this movement. Non-Duality is obviously obsessed with duality, and to some degree it takes bits and pieces from a variety of limited spiritual movements and repackages some of the most pacifying parts into a (((Movement))) to pacify the West. It also really wants you to have no identity – to be a non entity. And of course there is duality in physical reality… this is obvious. Non Duality is, again, yes I will say it again, there to PACIFY you. It is full of disinfo, and ambiguous limited information… it is just another pacifying psyop. They actually put forward this notion that you don’t actually exist and have never existed! And again, zero beneficial cosmic or metaphysical information from this (((movement))).

None of these so called teachers are telling you about the New World Order — about the tremendous threats we face from transhumanism and artificial intelligence… and they are not telling you about all the implemented tactics that affect your consciousness negatively: chemtrails, vaccines, GMOs, EMFs, mobile phone masts, wifi, 5G towers, toxins in water (fluoride and heavy metals), mineral deficiencies… I could go on and on about what they fail to tell you – they are all extremely limited hangouts.

If you see through all these spiritual teachings – and if you are a soul who has come from elsewhere in the cosmos it is more likely you that you will – then you will continue searching for answers.

A very critical thing to contemplate is: ‘Are our souls able to escape the reincarnation cycle on this planet?’ And yes this is very much related to meditation. Through meditation are you going to be able to reach a state of consciousness that can assist you, as a soul, in escaping the incarnation cycle on this planet? I am not so sure. I have studied NDEs and the light and tunnel that leads to a variety of afterlife experiences for people – and I feel it is all very deceptive. That light quite powerfully draws people in. Perhaps souls who have had lifetimes on other planets and connections to other civilizations may somehow escape the cycle, or perhaps more evolved souls have a greater chance of understanding what to do and where to go when you have left the body. It is difficult to know the truth of this situation. After researching many hundreds of testimonies of people who have died and come back, the afterlife realms sound like a place of more deception and manipulation. These above spiritual teachers are not discussing this crucial metaphysical information…

(Could highly advanced beings create deceptive afterlife realms, could they also manipulate and mind control the souls within this afterlife? Yes, I say this is a possibility.)

New Age Deceptions

And then if you work out the deceptions of all the above spirituality there is the New Age and Ufology Community (with numerous fake channelers) putting forward a wide variety of metaphysical and cosmic information – as well as some little titbits about the ‘Illuminati’ and the NWO. However, if you are an intelligent conscious critical thinker and are capable of correlating and analysing you will see that the New Age community is mainly run by jews and marxists as well – and is full of disinfo. The New Age is connected to Ufology… and networks of Jewish / Marxist controlled opposition appear to link them both together.

I haven’t got space in this article to list all the people I came across in the New Age community and Ufology that are controlled, the list is very long – I have actually not come across one person who I don’t think is a controlled limited hangout – and who I could not show you clearly how it is obvious they are controlled… They are all purposely creating limited hangouts. So I will just mention some of the most popular: The likes of Bashar, Abraham Hicks, Adronis, Tom Kenyon are disinfo agents who do fake channelings – the amount of disinfo and half-truths these channelers put out is remarkable… I have seen some of the lesser known ‘channelers’ as well, some ludicrous channelings – one guy is pretending to channel historical figures – and the amount of disinfo and illogical nonsense in them…. This guy is also connected some fake secret space program whistleblowers – it is always networks – networks of controlled opposition. The Goyim can be so gullible at times.

Within Ufology the likes of David Wilcock, Corey Goode, David Icke, Simon Parkes, Kerry Cassidy are controlled agents – half truths and disinfo again. I think it is ALL of them … All of the prominent personalities in Ufology and the ‘New Age community’ – they are disinfo agents. It very much appears to be mainly run by jews, Marxists and Zionists – always look into the backgrounds of these people. ‘The Event’ is not happening soon, the ‘Spontaneous Ascension’ is not happening – the ‘Sphere Being Alliance’ is not going to save us – these are all psyops. And we do not ‘each individually create our own reality’ – another false teaching – in a long list.

There are other articles on my website that expose the New Age spiritual psyops and Ufology agents and deceptions in much more depth.


To stop the (((New World Order))) we need a more masculine spirituality. More of an emphasis on Heroic Courage. Like the men of Ancient Europe and the Samurai of Japan.

(Of course, women can also display this heroic courage as well.)

Again… Wisdom, Knowledge, Action, Will and Power are very important on this planet – and will be throughout the Cosmos. 

But now we are seeing the feminization of males, particularly in Western and European Nations – this feminization purposely being created through propaganda and brainwashing by the (((Marxists))) that control our media. We have an epidemic of weak, passive, effeminate Men – which is exactly what the (((New World Order))) agenda desires. Masculine Virtues need to return – Honorable, wise, courageous and evolved men of action.

I hope some of this information proved useful.



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    Thanks for the useful revisionism, but Hitler believed in God. There are no other planets and all that stuff is demonic and Luciferian. Repent and find truth.

    • May 14, 2019 at 11:17 am

      (It is unlikely that I will help you break free from your mind control regarding this subject, but I thought it may be useful for the website to create a response to his comment.)

      Hitler was tolerant of the German people’s belief in Christianity, but he did not align himself with the God of Christianity – Hitler just believed in a ‘higher power’. Hitler mostly believed in Nature’s Laws… Natural Laws. National Socialism is all about Nature’s Laws.

      Hitler certainly did not align himself with Christianity’s excessive notions of forgiveness, turning the other cheek, repenting, meekness and loving everybody!! He understood that the universe is about survival — The survival, upliftment and progression of your race, of your people. It’s all about DNA – your spiritual and metaphysical connection through it. There is nothing more precious than your own people.

      Christianity is pacifying and subversive Mind Control – just like all abrahamic religions. Christianity has been used to subvert and pacify European civilization.

      What is more likely that there is life all over the universe – Or that there is just this Earth and it is a realm watched over by ‘God’? And ‘God’ only made humans, because…. well he just liked humans – oh and some elephants, gorillas, ostriches, etc etc – as they looked pretty good. When there are trillions and trillions of other DNA combinations – but hey, he just decided to make Earth and then some humans and some animals for them – and then he just stopped.

      Is it more likely that NASA fakes images because there are craft and civilisations out there that they don’t want us to know about – or that the Earth is flat and a plane and it is the only thing that exists and it is looked over by ‘God’?

      And, I love it, you dismiss all my extremely vivid experiences. Other planets and ‘aliens’ are not demonic and luciferian. We are in some type of metaphysical quarantine on this planet.

      All Souls are not equal and some have connections to other civilizations and abilities that don’t manifest in the body – as humans have limited DNA – but these abilities are there when we leave the body at night – they are in your Soul Energy… for want of a better term. There is a veil though that makes it difficult to remember what occurs if you leave the body at night – some sort of metaphysical veil or disconnect.

      ‘Aliens’ doesn’t just mean weird big headed bug-eyed creatures – we are talking about humans on other planets – I’ve seen it vividly in the night – in past life recall. Just because you don’t have access to these types of experiences does not mean they are not real. These humans on other planets are not demonic. This word demonic is thrown around – I wish people would define it because people use it in all sorts of ways.

      Just because Ufology is run, and controlled by, subversive (((agents))) and zionists does not mean the universe is not full of life and other civilizations.

  • May 26, 2019 at 2:31 am

    I posted a comment and it did not show up???

    • May 26, 2019 at 10:48 am

      That’s odd, this comment came through just fine. I have not received any others from you.

  • July 17, 2019 at 10:18 pm

    I just found your site and you speak a lot of truth to me. Would you be open to having a conservation on whatever platform you’d like–email or otherwise–so I can pick your brain and ask you some questions I have? I admire all the research you’ve done, you’ve been at this way longer than me!

    • July 18, 2019 at 3:26 pm

      Hi Kevin. I am happy to answer any questions you may have via this comments section.

  • November 23, 2019 at 3:17 pm

    Thank´s so mucho for these article, i read some book Richard Dawkins and I totally agree with these article, your clarifying me, and saving a lot of time and research, and not continuing losing my time in his books

  • March 10, 2020 at 6:53 pm

    Ironically found you by reading E. Snowdens book, one thing lead to another on the internet and damn , I’m so glad I did ………..

  • June 3, 2020 at 7:27 am

    Have you looked into Miles Mathis? A rather interesting researcher who aligns with much of what you say. An artist too.

  • June 5, 2020 at 12:20 pm

    Hi Korin
    I have looked through his work. Yes, he does share some decent info on the staged fake terrorism, and the how all these Hollywood stars are connected and usually a part of the Tribe. BUT he fails the WW2 and Adolf Hitler test… plenty of disinfo on those subjects from him. Miles is very likely Controlled Opposition.

  • August 9, 2020 at 12:07 pm

    Greetings EntityArt,

    Do you know of the Falun Gong aka Falun Dafa school of qi-qong & spirituality ? If you do, what are your thoughts on it ? They do have the swastika as a main symbol & are persecuted by the chinese communist regime since 2000… some good 20 y.

    What do you think of the Reincarnation & Karma principles as presented in Buddhism & other asian or non-asian religions… the never ending reincarnations to burn the never ending sins ? Also, in your opinion, why are the memories of past lives deleted when reborn… time & time again ?

    Thank you.

    • August 11, 2020 at 6:23 pm

      Hi Doru

      Some good questions

      There is no such thing as sin. And I do not believe there is such a thing as Karma. Nothing is keeping a tally of good deeds. That’s either misguided assumptions by them, or it has been a subversion by whoever taught them that.

      Morality and widely accepted ethics is something that develops within a tribe or community to maintain the health of the community and help it thrive and advance.

      The wiping of memories, yes a good question. It feels kinda wrong doesn’t it? I studied NDEs and people’s experiences at that afterlife realm ‘place’ or perhaps artificial construct – it definitely seems like a place of mind control and deception.(I probably read about 4 or 5 hundred testimonies – I was fascinated with it for a while)

      I do not know whether this memory wiping is something that happens on other planets – i feel like it doesn’t – it really feels like it could be another control mechanism on this planet.

      It seems like some sort of controlled quarantined ‘experiment’ we are in – or perhaps a play thing of some advanced beings – it does feel like that… things are not right… And who put all these different humans down here on one planet?

      Falun Gong aka Falun Dafa school of qi-qong & spirituality:

      “…assimilation to the highest qualities of the universe—Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance—is the foundation of practice. Practice is guided by these supreme qualities, and based on the very laws which underlie the development of the cosmos.”

      I like meditation practice as a tool to get more self-awareness, control over emotions – observing and understanding your actions & motivations etc… as well as to achieve self discipline. But these philosophies are very naive. The universe is a brutal place, and there are deceivers all over.

      Compassion and altruism is there for your own people, your own race… and to people who deserve it. It isn’t something to handed out willy-nilly, and to all and sundry. Over tolerance is not good at all. People are way too tolerant of all that is going on in general, as (((they))) try to create this communist NWO.

      I cannot see how these qualities are the laws of the cosmos. There are no rules out there in the cosmos… just survive and breed – secure the future and continuation of your races bloodlines and DNA.

      I am going to create an article about what it is like out there in the cosmos.. Mainly based on my memories.

      • September 22, 2020 at 7:07 pm

        Hi entityart, thanks for another great article. Could you provide a suggested reading list to further develop the beliefs you suggest in the Conclusion section of this article?


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