‘Meteors’ / Fireballs – Saved by UFOs. What is happening in our skies? A secret battle in our atmosphere? – Ufology Explained, Part 5


  • Introduction
  • Blue / Green Fireballs – Chelyabinsk, Russia and Gloucestershire, England case studies
  • Slow Falling Objects Trailing Fire and Smoke
  • UFOs at the Fireball Explosions
  • Concluding Thoughts
  • Additional Information, Images and Videos (more testimony – hypersonic missiles and unmanned jets – embedded fireball and debris videos)
  • Update 1 – Update 2 – Update 3 – (April 18th, 2021): Some more events, images and information. UFOs seen near falling flaming / smoking objects. Update 4 (April 29th, 2021): Blue glow = radioactive / irradiated air. Update 5 (May 24th, 2021) – The ‘Starlink Satellite’ Hoax. Update 6 (May 24th, 2021) – More UFOs near disintegrating fireballs.


This topic came to my attention after seeing videos of two recent events in our skies. One was of a very bright, fast moving, fireball above England, seen by many people in various counties – and the second was a video of something slowly falling in the West Virginia sky in the United Sates – it was on fire, and leaving a trail of fire and smoke.

I investigated this topic of fireballs, and large objects falling from the sky that were on fire, and was amazed at what I found. The implications are hugely significant.

My findings relate to my Ufology Explained articles, and support some of my conclusions and assertions made in them.

It is important to note that there are two different types of events: The slow moving object with fire trailing from it and the blue or green fireballs that explode before they hit the Earth. The objects falling from the sky leaving a trial of fire are significantly different from the glowing blue or green fireballs that have been appearing in our skies.

I researched and found 35 incidents of these flaming objects falling from the sky – which sometimes leave a smoky trail (videos, photographs and testimonies). All in different locations – note, San Antonio has two separate incidents and Florida has four. They all occurred between 2008 – 2021.

A selection of images of these slowly falling, smoking and flaming, objects… there are more images later on in the article, in one of these other images, presented in a later section (from Peru), you seem to be able to clearly see the silhouette of a craft in the flames:

West Virginia Jan 2021 + New Jersey 2020
Peru 2011 + Arkansas 2012
Florida 2016 + Polk County, Oregon, Nov, 2019
Florida, Dec 2018 + Yakutia, Russia, Mar 2021

There was also one incident of three fireballs descending, side by side, at a faster speed, but that one was not included, but was surely related.

I found 72 instances of blue / green fireballs which then exploded and disintegrated just above the Earth. The first appears to be in 2009, and then there was a significant occurrence in 2013. In the last 15 months there has been a big increase in incidents. It is important to note that some of these events are recorded from a variety of people from different angles – some of the footage shows a green fireball and some shows blue. Sometimes the fireball is blue or green and the explosion causes a very bright white or yellow flash. All these fireballs are almost identical in shape. They often seem to be a round glow with a very short trail. All seem similar in size and have an almost identical explosion / flash when it disintegrates / vaporises… however some explosions seem to be brighter than others and some explosion / flashes are more orange, some more white, and some more blue – but all very similar. It is important to note that load sonic booms always accompany the explosions and tremors are often reported.

A selection of images from the Blue / Green fireball footage… more later on in the article:

Alberta, Canada, Feb 2021 + Florida, USA April 2019
Bangkok, Thailand, November 2015 + Australia, June 2020
Japan, November 2020 + Yushi, China December 2020. These two images show the explosions that occur, which are just below the lowest levels of clouds here.
Lebanon, January 2020 + Norway / Southern Sweden 2020
Cuba 2021 + Sulawesi, Indonesia 2021
Cyprus 21st January 2020 + Puerto Rico January 2020
Missouri, USA, November 2019 + Pilbara, Australia, June 2020

Important note: 71 percent of the Earth’s surface is water – 29 percent is land – much of that 29 percent is desert and wilderness. I have also seen the statistic that says half the planet’s population lives on just 1% of its land. It is difficult to get any real verifiable statistics on human coverage on Earth. But overall, we get a very skewed view of our planet, as so many people live in dense cities and towns surrounded by other people – and particularly as the media’s portrayal of Earth and it’s population has various agendas. Our planet is big and largely uninhabited. So these events mentioned in this post are the ones that happened over areas inhabited by humans, and areas where humans had mobile phones or cameras to record or photograph the events. There are no organisations filming these events for us – they are coming from footage recorded by member’s of the public.

Very interestingly 33 of these blue / green / yellow fireball events were in 2020 – and 22 were in the first 3 months of 2021.

55 out of 72 fireballs occurred in the last 15 months.

My searches were using English phrases, such as: ‘meteor’, ‘fireball’, ‘fireball lights up the sky’, ‘meteor falling from the sky’ ‘object falling from the sky’… as well as a few other similar variations using these same words. I did searches on google and duckduckgo, where I found some articles – but the easiest place to search for them is on YouTube – this is where I found most of the blue /green fireball instances…. though with the trailing fiery objects falling from the sky I found half of the images from web articles. If you search for these phrases in different languages I am sure you will find more of these events. This is certainly not some sort of definite list below, there will certainly be more incidents.

In some of these mainstream media reports we get so called experts saying that witnessing one of these events was extremely rare – and how privileged you are etc… I would suggest they are not actually that rare.

(More images, as well as embedded videos, appear later on in the article)

The data I collected from my searches:

Trailing fire or smoke from a large falling object:

2008 – Winnipeg.
2011 – England. Peru.
2012 – Texas. Arkansas. Australia. Peru. Idaho. New Zealand.
2014 – England.
2015 – Sweden. Arizona.
2016 – San Antonio. Florida. England. California. Utah.
2017 – San Antonio (2nd time). British Columbia.
2018 – Florida (2nd time)
2019 – Oregon. Florida (3rd time).
2020 – New Jersey. Florida (4th time). England (Hull). England (Cambridgeshire). California. Iceland. Iowa
2021 – Russia. West Virginia. San Francisco. Brazil (Para, 18th March). Canada (18th March). Washington (25th March)

35 in total. 22 in 11 years – and then 13 in the last 15 months.

(The California, Utah and Washington events were more like debris from a destroyed craft that were traveling more horizontally through the sky, so they were slightly different, but I have included them.)

Blue or Green Fireballs:

2009 – Texas (Feb) (The earliest one I could find)

2013 — Chelyabinsk, Russia (Feb)
2015 — Thailand (Nov) – East Russia (Jan)
2016 — New England, USA (May)
2017 — Finland (Nov)
2018 — Michigan, USA (Jan) – Texas, USA (Nov) —- (7 in 6 years)

2019 — Arizona, USA (Dec) – Latvia (Sept) – Missouri, USA (Nov) Wisconsin, USA (Nov) Florida, USA (Apr) Brazil (April) – Ireland (Oct) – Australia (May) – China (Oct) —- (9)

2020 — Columbiana USA (Oct) – New Mexico, USA (Aug) – Russia (Feb) – Japan (Dec) – New York, USA (Dec) Pacific Ocean (Nov) – Arizona, USA (Feb 26th) – Arizona, USA (Feb 26th) (Note: two events on the same day in Arizona on 26th ) – Mexico (Oct) – Australia (June) – Croatia (Feb) – Yavapai Count, USA (Feb 16th) – Norway (Nov) – Lebanon (Jan) – Belgium/ Netherlands (Mar) – Spain (Feb) – Washington. USA (Mar) – China (Dec) – Japan, Sakurgima Volcano (Nov) – Norway/Sweden (Nov) – Turkey (May) – Pennsylvania, USA (Nov) – Brazil (Nov) – Rome, Italy (Nov) – Japan, Hiratsuak (Nov) – Alabama, USA (Dec) – Lake Michigan, USA (Dec) – Puerto Rico (Jan) – Florida, USA (Jan) – Italy, Loiano (Jan) – Madison Wisconson, USA (Jan) – Poland/Germany (Jan) – Cyprus (Jan) —- (33)

2021 January to March 31st — Alberta, Canada (Feb) – Vermont, USA (Mar) – Turkey, Istanbul (Feb) – England (Feb) – Queensland, Australia (Feb) – Yakutia, Russia (Mar) – Bali, Indonesia (Jan) – Texas / Illinois / Oklahoma etc – seen in 6 US states and Toronto, Canada (Feb) – Melbourne Australia (Feb) – Tokyo, Japan (Mar) Brisbane, Australia (Mar) Fano, Italy (Feb) Dorset, England (Mar) Pennsylvania, USA (Mar) Sau Paolo, Brazil (Mar, 21) Sulawesi, Indonesia (Mar) Cuba (Mar) Norway (Mar) Channel Islands, UK (Mar) California, USA (Mar) Poland (Mar) Spain (Mar) (22)

There were 5 places that experienced powerful sonic booms and strong tremors in 2021, but no fireball was sighted (sonic booms accompany these fireballs and tremors are often felt) : Spain (Jan) – Manchester, England (Jan) – North Carolina, USA (Jan) – Western Kentucky, USA (Jan) – North West Georgia, USA (Jan) —- (22 + 5 just sonic booms and tremor incidents – so perhaps 27 in total, but I have not included these sonic boom and tremors incidents in my data)

55 out of 72 fireballs occurred in the last 15 months.

The official story is that these blue / green fireballs are small meteors that get so hot they explode. There is no ‘official story’ for the flaming and smoking falling objects – mainstream media does not seem to cover them much.

You can get some stats about meteorites entering the Earth’s atmosphere from government organisations, but you cannot trust one word they say – just like how you cannot trust NASA. I assess what is happening from the videos and photographs posted by the members of the public – this is how I get a feel for the frequency of these events.

You will be able to find information on all these incidents above – you have the place, year and the search terms I used – there is information provided on many of them below. I could continue with variations of the search terms, and use different languages etc.. but the main aim is establish that we are being lied to, and that there is something very significant occurring in our atmosphere that we are not being informed about… and I found more than enough information to prove that.

I will now look more closely at two of these fireball events that received a fair amount of mainstream media coverage, and then we will look at some testimonies regarding the objects that are on fire and slowly falling to the ground.

Blue / Green Fireballs Case Studies:

Chelyabinsk, Russia Feb 2013 – and Gloucestershire, England Feb 2021

If we look at both of these events and the official story, and the reports / photos they provide, we can see that the Powers That Be are covering things up – they are lying.

Chelyabinsk, 2013

Lets start with a quotation from this article – https://astronomy.com/news/2017/12/why-do-meteoroids-explode :

“On February 15, 2013, a near-Earth asteroid with a diameter of 66 feet (20 meters) entered Earth’s atmosphere travelling at around 40,000 miles per hour (60,0000 km/h). Within a few seconds, the cosmic projectile detonated 12 miles above the Chelyabinsk region of Russia, releasing as much energy as about 30 Hiroshima atomic bombs. This created a gigantic fireball — known as a superbolide — that caused shock waves to propagate outward for dozens of miles, damaging several thousand buildings and injuring 1,500 people.

Though the progenitor of the explosion had an initial mass of over 10,000 metric tons, only about 0.1 percent of that mass is believed to have reached the ground, indicating that something in the upper atmosphere not only caused the rock to explode, but also caused it to disintegrate much more than expected.”

( At least this article was more truthful about how much of the ‘meteor’ would have reached the ground – other articles, or so called ‘experts’, were very disingenuous regarding that aspect )

Important quote / information: “Commercial aircraft typically fly between 31,000 and 38,000 feet — about 5.9 to 7.2 miles — high and usually reach their cruising altitudes in the first 10 minutes of a flight, according to Beckman.” – https://time.com/5309905/how-high-do-planes-fly/.

Which means they are lying about the height that it detonated / exploded. We can see this for ourselves in the footage… how low it is. Other websites, such as wikipedia, say the ‘meteor’ exploded 18 miles high. Nearly three times higher than what commercial aircraft cruise at. Look at the image of the smoke and the explosion – does it look that high to you?

12 miles = 19.3 kilomertres or 63,360 feet. 18 miles = 28.97 kilometes or 95,040 feet

These diagrams below should help us to get a feel for the height and distance above Earth:

In the above diagram you can see where it is accepted that meteors can occur – up in the mesosphere more than 50km or 30 miles above Earth. We are seeing supposed meteors explode down below the stratocumulus and cumulus clouds, way down in our troposphere.
Showing the layers of cloud in the Troposphere – the lowest area of Earth’s atmosphere. The jet they display here is flying low – commercial jets fly at least two or three miles higher than that – 5.9 – 7.2 miles high.

They are very clearly lying to us about the height that the Chelyabinsk ‘meteor’ detonated – massively lying – not even close to being that high. It was below the lowest level of clouds.

Some smoke that was left immediately after the explosion in Chelyabinsk. Look at how low it is.

Important to note: The daytime fireballs do not look very green or blue – it is the night-time ones where we really see the blue or green colour. And in this particular event a fair amount of smoke was left after the explosion. Whereas, not as much smoke is seen at many of these more recent fireball events – but no other fireball exploded as low as is in Chelyabinsk, most appear to have exploded higher – and most others occurred at night, which perhaps means less chance of seeing any smoke.

Because of this Chelyabinsk event researchers had to try and discover ways of explaining this occurrence – mainly explaining the explosion and compete disintegration / vaporisation of whatever it was. This below is from the same article linked above:

“Today (2017), a team of researchers published a study in Meteoritics & Planetary Science that proposes a new and previously overlooked mechanism for air penetration in meteoroids, which could help explain the powerful breakup of the Chelyabinsk meteoroid.

According to the paper, as a meteoroid hurtles through Earth’s atmosphere, high-pressure air in the front of the object infiltrates cracks and pores in the rock, which generates a great deal of internal pressure. This pressure is so great that it causes the object to effectively blow up from the inside out, even if the material in the meteoroid is strong enough to resist the intense external atmospheric pressures.”

I am not buying that explanation – it is pure speculation and not logical to me looking at the explosions from the videos and photos.

These fireballs exploding just above Earth are not normal – but the mainstream media when reporting on these events (these events that have mainly been occurring in the last 8 years, and the vast majority were in the last year and a half) try to convince us that it is normal. I don’t know about you, but growing up I was NOT taught that meteors exploded near the bottom of our atmosphere, close to the ground, as they get ‘too hot’… and that they were bright green or blue. And just because something gets hot does it mean it will explode? They may melt and change form slightly perhaps, but a rock exploding with an extremely bright light, which lights up the sky and the town or city below it? This is not Hollywood, you need to have a reason for a rock exploding like that – and at the time they didn’t have one, and as far as I am concerned they still don’t. This is an explosion which seems to lead to a vaporisation of the supposed rock. Many meteors impacted the Earth without vaporising in ancient times, before we had the technology to monitor space surrounding Earth – there are craters left on the Earth.

There was no warning regarding this large and dangerous incoming ‘meteor’ – and the official reason for them not detecting this meteor was that… ‘It was entering the atmosphere with the sun directly behind it – so they couldn’t see it’ (paraphrasing). That is a ridiculous explanation. So the only equipment monitoring space and our atmosphere was situated on the surface of Earth, directly in front of the meteors trajectory? What happened to all the numerous telescopes around the world, all the satellites, advanced cameras and the weather balloons?

It is interesting, and significant, that the Chelyabinsk event seems to be one of the first of its kind (I found one in Texas 2009 but zero between this date and Chelyabinsk) – exploding fireballs – and it was the one that caused damage, injuring roughly 1500 people and destroying buildings. After this, nothing like this sort of damage has occurred – and there have been at least 69 more since Chelyabinsk. The fireballs are now exploding a little further up in the atmosphere, and causing no damage or injuries. Though many do create tremors, shake buildings and create loud sonic booms.

If we look at the trajectory of the Chelyabinsk fireball it is moving across the sky diagonally – more horizontal than vertical.

The MSM reported that a large part of this meteor smashed into a frozen lake. We are presented with a photograph of an almost perfectly round circle in a lake – a large circle. No cracks in the ice, just an almost perfectly round cut out hole.

Then we are presented with images of them dragging a boulder out of the lake – which must have been a lot later, as the lake was no longer frozen when they did this. The rock is much smaller than the hole. I would say this hole is at least 20 times bigger than the rock.

It is ridiculous to suggest that this jagged small boulder could have created this huge, almost perfectly round, circle in the ice – especially with the trajectory of the fireball. Even if this rock that they showed us somehow miraculously flew right up into the sky and then came perfectly vertically down from the sky it would not produce an almost perfectly round hole like this.

All of these fireball explosions result in disintegration, and what essentially looks like some sort of vaporisation. As the quote above says “the explosion had an initial mass of over 10,000 metric tons, only about 0.1 percent of that mass is believed to have reached the ground”. I would suggest even less than that reached the ground.

If the rock was that hot when it exploded you would see a glow from all the supposed remaining pieces of rock that would carry on towards the Earth – but you see nothing. The smaller parts of the rock are not going to suddenly and instantly get cold, they will be just as hot as they were previously – so you definitely should be able to see them. This is the case for all the exploding fireballs. They explode and everything pretty much instantly fizzles out.

There are articles and videos online proposing that this object descending towards Chelyabinsk was destroyed by a UFO. That a UFO vaporised it and saved the region from far more damage. I will discuss this more in a later section and display the related images / evidence.

Gloucestershire, England 2021

There is also plenty of the lying and misdirection regarding this event. There are always these so called ‘experts’ they bring out with lies and misdirection. If you have researched all the fake terrorism and fake news stories we have had over the years you will know how easy it is for them to pay people off in various organisations, and how they use paid crisis actors.

“At 9.54pm on Sunday, February 28, a meteoroid is believed to have entered Earth’s atmosphere, creating a spectacular yellow-green fireball in the skies over Gloucestershire… The meteoroid appeared to fragment several times as it entered the atmosphere, and was visible for about six seconds… Though the meteor mostly vaporised during these initial seconds…” says Dr Luke Daly of the University of Glasgow and UKFAll

We assume here that they are talking about where space starts, when referring to our atmosphere. Different organisations can give us slightly different measurements, but apparently the general consensus is that space starts roughly 62 miles above Earth, or about 100 kilometres. Please refer back to the diagrams embedded above if needs be.

There is no evidence of the object mostly vaporising during these initial seconds in our atmosphere. You cannot see that high with your naked eye – you would not be able to see it enter our atmosphere – and there is definitely no footage of it that high… there is also no evidence that it fragmented several times as it entered our atmosphere. The only footage of it is in the lower parts of the troposphere, and it was in the lower part of our troposphere for about 6 or 7 seconds without fragmenting and then it exploded and vaporised. Even if this so called expert was referring to ‘our atmosphere’ as somewhere just below the ozone layer, or somewhere in the stratosphere – where the highest clouds start – you would not be able to see the meteor there. This shows these so called experts are lying. They are attempting to down play the whole event – this object and explosion was dangerously close to Earth, and if it did not disintegrate / vaporise it could have caused death, injury and a lot of damage. Look at what happened at Chelyabinsk – and that did not hit the ground but disintegrated / vaporised in the sky… but the Powers That Be don’t want people to know the dangers these fireballs pose.

We see footage from many members of the public – almost a thousand people reported seeing this particular fireball. This fireball looked like the Chelyabinsk fireball, and all the other glowing blue / green fireballs we have seen. We see it travelling diagonally across the sky towards Earth and not fragmenting. It vaporised / exploded higher up than the one in Chelyabinsk, but it was still low in our atmosphere – certainly greatly lower than what commercial aircraft cruise, and like most others it seemed to detonate somewhere below the lowest cloud level – below the cumulus and stratus clouds. The people in the area could still hear a loud sonic boom, but the explosion did not damage buildings.

‘As it entered the atmosphere’ … and regarding the atmosphere, there is not some type of dividing line where there is suddenly all this air. The atmosphere very gradually gets thicker. It would have gradually been exposed to more and more air as it proceeded through the atmosphere. If this object had come from space then all these others monitoring devices we have in space, and on Earth – as well as weather organisations – would have about 60 miles of it travelling in our atmosphere to spot this ‘meteor’… if they hadn’t spotted it in space already that is, with their cameras and satellites. We are seeing these ‘meteors’ travel a very short distance in the videos, we are seeing them in the troposphere – it would have come through the thermosphere, mesosphere and stratosphere before becoming visible to us.

All this suggests that these are not meteors coming from space and, whatever they are, they are coming from our own atmosphere, possibly from somewhere in the stratosphere.

Again, we see no extremely hot glowing fragments flying away from the explosion – nothing. But they have to stick to this narrative of exploding rocks – so they create some fake stories about small rocks being found. I still smile about this next family and the photo of the supposed splatter on the driveway of their house. It is so obviously fake and their story is not convincing – and their ‘duping delight’ smirks are very evident when they tell their stories on camera. Here is the family and the dust on their driveway.

The supposed ‘meteor’ was travelling very fast across the sky diagonally, so any rocks, we would assume, would hit the driveway at an angle. This round splatter on the driveway looks like coal dust, or some type of charcoal dust. If a rock hits a hard surface with such force that it will make dust it will also break into lots of smaller pieces. You would not just be left with all that dust, and one lump of rock. The small lump of rock shown to us (looks like coal in one image) is not scarred and does not have any scuff marks. Even if this small rock had gone directly vertically into the air and then fell vertical to the ground it would still not have made a splatter of dust like this. And if the ‘meteor’ was like coal, and as fragile as it appears, then surely it would have broken up into many pieces much higher up in our atmosphere. To hold together all the way down to the very bottom of our atmosphere surely it would have to be very dense and not fragile like the rocks they present to us.

Some posts and articles online use the image on the left as the rock the family found, and some use the image of the rock on the right.

We also have another story from the mainstream media here in the UK. ITV is almost as bad as the BBC for their lies. This lady apparently found this rock, which she apparently suggests must have come from the ‘meteor. Which is a very different looking rock – it is smooth, shiny and has some round some holes in it. There is no explanation given for this. The article is merely a short story which says this lady found a rock in her garden – with a picture of this woman, and picture of a rock. Two separate photographs – a rock and ladies face – with nothing that ties them together. Not very convincing and very easy to fake.

If these large fireballs were actually exploding rocks then there would surely be huge amounts of fragments raining down on all these numerous cities and towns where the fireballs have occurred. But they are not. You can look for reports of found ‘meteors’ after all these 72 fireball events for yourself, there very much appears to be no genuine discoveries at all, only a few fake little stories like these ones above. And these only occur when the fireball has a large amount of sightings. Nearly 1000 people reported seeing this particular fireball above England – and obviously many more people were affected by the one at Chelyabinsk – so they had to create some fake stories.


Below are three sets of ‘before and after’ photos from other locations. The first city is in North East China. The fireball occurred in the night, when it exploded over the city the light was so bright it looked like daytime there for a few seconds. The second set is of Toronto. These images are from the CN Tower there. Here the fireball occurred in daytime – you can see the brightness of the light and how it made the city appear. The third is showing you the fireball light up the sky over Melbourne when it exploded. People actually believe that small rocks that can fit in your hand are exploding and causing this?! Humans are so gullible. (That is what many of these experts have said in the numerous videos I have watched. Suggesting that the rocks causing these fireballs can fit into your hand, or are the size of a grapefruit. They did suggest the Chelyabinsk one was bigger than that, but that appears to be because it got closer to the ground and caused damageso they could not get away with saying it could fit into your hand.) Videos of these three events are in the last section of the article.

North East China, 2019
Toronto, Canada, December 2020
Melbourne Australia, May 2019

Objects on fire falling from the sky:

Now we can look a little more closely at some of these flaming object descending from above – which, again, are significantly different to the blue / green fireballs, but must surely be related in some way… and then, after this, we can move onto the UFOs seen at some of the fireball explosions. I will share some testimonies from members of the public – there will also be some more links, testimonies and images in the Additional Information section. These below are all different events to the 8 images featured at the beginning of the article:

England, Cambridgeshire -17th April 2020: “People in Cambridgeshire have been left scratching their heads over a mysterious plume of smoke that appeared over the county. A large flaming object was spotted spiralling in the sky at around 8pm by Gerry Underwood, 55. He was sitting outside his canal boat in Stretham, having a little fire, when he spotted the trail. He said: ‘It looked like a very thick chemtrail to start with. It looked like a short, skinny cloud. It wasn’t moving quickly at all. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t a meteorite, because they are gone in seconds. ‘We have seen hundreds of shooting stars, but this definitely wasn’t that either. This was coming down very slowly and spiralling. It started to glow orange as you can see in the pictures.” – https://metro.co.uk/2020/04/17/mystery-burning-object-flies-uk-skies-leaving-trail-smoke-stayed-20-minutes-12569019/

England, Cambridgeshire (2020)

“Peru. In the city of Juliaca, Puno region – southwest of Peru, Tuesday, June 12 (2012) – at five o’clock in the afternoon, a tourist, captured in video the fall of an object on fire. Apparently, the object was a meteorite but it may be the fragment a spacecraft (earthly or not) or other device – as a probe or a disabled satellite” – http://brazilweirdnews.blogspot.com/2012/06/flaming-object-fell-in-peru.html

(The footage of this event appears on YouTube on more than a few occasions with no description and details, and I have seen the image appear in an article and the author did not know the source. But I found the origins of the footage and photo – as you can see from the article above (Peru 2012). Here is a screen grab from the video. You seem to be able to see the outline of a craft at the front of the flames. A video of the event is in the Additional Information section.)

Peru, Juliaca (2012)

“A burning trail lit up the sky over Western Australia (2 July 2012) for 20 minutes after an object suspected to be a meteorite plunged into the sea, leaving a burning orange trail that mesmerised local residents. Beachgoers in Perth debated what could have caused the strange burning line in the sky, which persisted for 20 minutes. Most meteorite trails are only seen briefly – and seeing an object plunge into the sea is rare.” – https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2167631/Burning-meteor-trail-lights-Australian-sky-20-minutes-rock-plunges-sea.html

Western Australia (2012)

England, North Devon, 31st March 2016: “Photos have surfaced of what appears to be an object falling from the sky. Gudrun Limbrick posted the photo in the Facebook page. These photos were captured by Gudrun Limbrick this evening… People have been coming up with possible explanations including a meteorite, plane entrails or a strange cloud. It was seen from all over North Devon including in Combe Martin and Braunton.” – https://www.sott.net/article/315587-Strange-object-spotted-falling-from-the-sky-over-South-West-England

Gudrun said: “I live in Woolacombe and popped my head out the door to have a look at the post-sunset sky about 8pm. I watched it for about 20 minutes as it moved down the sky and changed shape.”

North Devon, England (2016)

Slow moving bizarre fireball spotted over Hull, UK On Sunday evening (April 19, 2020), a mysterious burning object was spotted traversing the sky over the northern part of Kingston-upon-Hull, East Yorkshire, England. Eyewitnesses suggested that the object moved too slowly to be a meteor.

Rebecca Holmes saw it from her garden in Bransholme, near Kingston upon Hull and said ‘It was weird it looked like either a plane or a rocket or something.’ ” – https://beforeitsnews.com/paranormal/2020/04/strange-slow-moving-flaming-objects-fall-from-the-skies-2548371.html

Hull, England (2020)

As mentioned previously, in my searches I found 35 of these flaming or smoking falling objects in total. 22 in 11 years ( 2008 – 2020) – and then there has been at least 13 in the last 15 months. (2020 – 2021, March 29)

(This one below seems to be unique, as the craft seems to recover somewhat, and fly off)

“Well, here is a new one captured in the sky over Tracy, California on April 23, 2020. The photographer, who reported the sighting to Mufon, stated that he just got off work driving home when he saw a strange object in the morning sky.

Experts will say that it was a meteorite, but have you ever seen a meteorite turning into something with two burning trails behind it, which then, before hitting the ground, changes course abruptly before it continues its flight. This object was certainly not a meteorite, but rather something that is equipped with a technology unknown to us.” –https://www.disclosure.pw/2020/04/25/ever-seen-a-meteorite-that-changes-course-abruptly-well-this-one-does/

However, these objects seem to fall all the way to the ground on most occasions, as we do not see them explode. They always seem to be heading into remote rural areas or into the sea – never over cities. Which may explain why these are not vaporised. Has something projected the trajectory and seen that they will not cause loss of life or damage? The question remains though, ‘Why do we not hear of people finding charred remains / debris of these burning objects?‘ Do they burn up so significantly that they are not recognisable. Do the authorities in the countries get to the scenes and clear up before anyone find them? Can they pay people off and cover up any discoveries? – Yes, of course they can, very easily. Recently I have seen a story in the UK media of two pilots apparently ejecting from their military jet – and apparently there is some sort of clean up occurring up in the woods in Cornwall. A suspicious story that makes little sense. Very possibly a cover up of something that has crashed landed there. (Though there was one confirmed incident where some flaming debris coming from high up in the nights sky did cause a small fire, it was in Peachland, Canada, 18th March 2021 – video in the Additional Information section).

When the media can’t ignore one of these falling flaming debris occurrences they will get often paid and bought for ‘experts’ to say that it is the sun lighting up the contrails of a plane. I saw one ‘ expert’ say one of these incidents was re-entering debris from a Chinese rocket which had been sent into space a year before the occurrence – and this for was one of the incidents were the debris was many small pieces all grouped together – which meant his statement made even less sense. As well as this, the people in that location would be warned if they were expecting re-entering parts of a rocket – all these things are carefully monitored.

In the Additional Information section I have included 6 more testimonies and reports, with corresponding images.

UFOs at the Fireball Explosions:

Videos of all these events are in the Additional Information section at the end of the post – they will be in order and clearly labelled. I am using screen grabs here in this section.

North West Australia, June 2020:

Multiple UFOs at this event. Two large cigar shaped craft, and two smaller craft that are more round. A cigar shaped craft flies up past it on the left – and there are two small round craft observing. One directly in front of the fireball and one to the left. Another cigar shaped / cylindrical craft flies in from for the top right corner then swiftly changes direction and flies up. Three screen grabs from the video in order. You can see one of the smaller UFO stays in front of the fireball until it explodes.

Here are two images from a second video of this fireball. These are images from two different sets of footage. In both of them you can clearly see a UFO darting around:

Japan, 2013

Here is an image from this brief blog post – http://test-cracker.blogspot.com/2013/03/ufo-destroys-meteor-over-japan-2013.html :

Below are three screen grabs from a video of this event (Embedded in the Additional Information Section). There are two sets of footage from different angles / sets of footage. The 3rd photo below is from that second angle, and it shows a UFO following close by to the fireball, which you do not see from the first angle. I am not sure what the two very bright spots are that do not move. The UFOs are obviously highlighted in the circles. One UFO that you can see is clearly a flying saucer shaped craft – you can see this more clearly in the video when you slow it down… it shoots past the fireball at speed, and not long after this the fireball explodes.

Maine, New England, 17 May 2016

Something seems to fly through / pass through the fireball higher up on the trajectory and a small round UFO stays with it all the way until it is disintegrated. This is similar to the Chelyabinsk incident – which I will discuss in this section – and also has some similarities to the incident in Florida (2019).

Apparently there was another piece of footage of this fireball. A YouTuber called ‘Nemesis Maturity’ created a video analysing this event and showed the UFO, but it does not seem to be available anymore. However, here is a screen grab / from his video and you can see the other angle / perspective – you can see that the UFO starts behind the fireball. You can see the image on the top left corner of this compilation photo. So it started behind and then move ahead, clearly showing it was not a fragment from the so called ‘meteor’ – but a UFO illuminated by the glow of the fireball. We can see that the small object also clearly has no trail. The image was featured in this article on the express website, and they referred to the video’s assertions as a ‘crazy theory’ – https://www.express.co.uk/news/weird/672482/WATCH-Moment-meteor-is-struck-by-UFO-to-prevent-it-crashing-to-Earth

Below are two images from a video on YouTube of the event – from the second angle. You can clearly see a large cigar shape move through the fireball before the explosion. In the second photo you can then see a round UFO stay with the fireball until it disintegrates / vaporises.

Chelyabinsk, February 15, 2013

There are numerous articles and videos online proposing that Chelyabinsk was saved from destruction by a UFO. In the slowed down analysis of the footage you can see a shape – that could well be a flying saucer or perhaps a cylindrical / cigar shaped craft – catch up with the fireball and then burst through it. The fireball then explodes and disintegrates after this. The third image is of the event with an inversion of colours. Apparently, from the articles I read online, there were numerous angles of footage where you could see the UFO, but I can only find this angle below. But the footage in the videos clearly shows something destroyed the fireball. Again, the video from which these images were taken is at the end in the Additional Information section.

An article talking about this UFO – http://siberiantimes.com/weird-and-wonderful/news-and-features/news/so-did-a-ufo-shoot-down-the-famous-chelyabinsk-meteorite-last-month/

Melbourne Australia February 14th, 2021:

Another one from Australia. Here you can see a UFO staying in front of the descending fireball – it is being illuminated by the fireball, and like in all the other images above, it has no trail. In the second image a second UFO is then seen to the left of the fireball, and just to the right of the central building. It is not a light from the building – you can see it move down quickly alongside the fireball in the video – it is circled in the second image.

Lebanon, January 21st, 2020:

This one is a little different, as in this event there seems to be some sort of substance left in front of the descending fireball which causes it to explode. I am sure I can see a UFO moving around to the right of the fireball when it explodes – you have to slow the video down to really see it though. You can see it illuminated by the explosion. The significant part about this one though is the substance the fireball seems to move into, which appears to make it explode – something has placed it there.

Florida, March 2019:

Something very similar happened here. The substance, or craft, was there waiting for the fireball – in its trajectory – and it was illuminated when the fireball got close to it. The fireball seemed to travel into it and then it exploded – who placed the ‘substance’ there to destroy the fireball? If it even is a ‘substance’? Whatever it is, goes through the fireball and then their appears to be a cigar-shaped object illuminated by the glow of the fireball.

Toronto, Canada, December 2nd, 2020:

“A momentous boom rocked parts of Upper New York State on December 2 after an exceptionally large meteor infiltrated the earth’s atmosphere. The explosive flash produced a brilliant shadow across the city of Toronto, and the far reaching roar from the explosion created seismic like shaking across portions of north central New York.” – Skywatch Media News

This is another strange one, with a bizarre story from the news crew, with some obvious misdirection. Another example of how they think the public are stupid. (Unfortunately most people do seem to have lost all ability to think critically). They show some footage from someone’s car showing the fireball coming down diagonally from the sky – and they also show the flash over the city (which I have displayed previously in this article). But they also show us this UFO moving diagonally UP past the CN tower. Yes, diagonally UP past the CN tower, and then they say that this was the meteor that caused the blast. The UFO in this footage is one one of the small spherical ones, which I have seen reported by various pilots over the years, and that I have seen in other unrelated videos. They seem to be used for observation – like some sort of drone. It seems that UFOs were present at this explosion as well. Obviously some people spotted the UFO and the media attempted to pass it off as the ‘meteor’.

Alberta, Canada, Feb 2021:

You can see a cigar-shaped craft illuminated by the blue explosion at the top right of the screen.

It is not easy us for us to gauge the size of objects like this in the night sky, but these fireballs look to be big – much bigger than is suggested by the so called ‘experts’. Look how small the round (very likely disc-shaped) craft and the cigar-shaped craft are compared to them. The fireballs all look to be a similar size – I would suggest that they are probably around the same size as the one that destroyed parts of Chelyabinsk and injured more than 1500 people – and remember they suggested that that one released as much energy as about 30 Hiroshima atomic bombs.

I will strongly suggest to you that UFOs have disintegrated / vaporised all of the fireballs mentioned in this article. They are stopping them from impacting Earth.

(21st, May 2021) I have added 2 more images and videos that show a UFO near to a descending ‘fireball’ into the Additional Information Section below. One from Shanxi China and one from Eastern Morocco. Which means we now have 11 events where UFOs were seen close to a descending fireball.

Concluding Thoughts:

These fireballs are clearly not meteors. They are not rocks coming from space and moving through all the levels of our atmosphere that explode just before they hit the ground. (We have satellites, weather monitoring equipment / balloons, high powered telescopes and various organisations that specialise in monitoring these upper areas of our atmosphere.)

The fact that these flaming objects and blue fireballs are so close to Earth, and usually below the lowest clouds, suggests that some conflict is occurring in the upper levels of our troposphere and in our stratosphere. These battles are very likely occurring in our own atmosphere. They might not even be ‘battles’ but more like ‘take downs’.

It very much looks like UFOs are protecting us from these fireballs. As shown in my Ufology Explained articles, the UFOs monitor weapons and missile testing, military facilities, nuclear missile sites, nuclear power stations and all military conflicts… they have been watching over us ever since the end of WW2.

If we look at the footage it very much looks likes the UFOs are saving us from the destruction that these fireballs would cause. So it is very unlikely to be them who are firing, or launching, whatever causes the blue / green fireballs. There are also no craft from Earth attacking these UFOs while they neutralise the fireballs – suggesting that they have a dominance and superiority in our airspace.

In fact, we can look at many testimonies from pilots of their encounters with these disc and cigar UFOs over the years, and it very much appears that they have been dominant in our airspace for a long time and have superiority. The jets the pilots were flying could not get near the UFOs.

Are these fireballs objects, or craft, that have become engulfed in something? Or are they missiles that have been taken out? Are they missiles that have been fired by Earth nations that have missed their targets and are descending back to Earth? Who is firing them? Or is Earth firing them at the flying discs and cigar craft? Whether they are an engulfed craft, or a missile, it does not matter much, either way they are a real danger to Earth’s citizens, and our governments and media are acting as if they are no threat at all.

To fully understand all this it is important you read my Ufology articles – and particularly learn about Operation Highjump and the plans that the United States and Soviets had to nuke The Moon… then you can see the World Super Powers main aim since WW2 has been to destroy the German Breakaway Group / Civilisation. There is no evidence that the Superpowers on Earth have had much success with this endeavour. This advanced breakaway group very much appears to have a presence in our oceans, in our airspace, quite possibly on land in some remote locations… and very likely on The Moon.

German Diagrams found after WW2 of the flying saucers and cigar shaped craft they were creating.
Links to all 4 articles are at the end of this post.

The slow falling objects on fire absolutely look like destroyed craft. The craft look to be somewhat pointed, and some appear to perhaps have small wings. It is extremely doubtful that these are the flying-discs and cigar-craft , especially as it is the flying-discs and cigar-shaped craft that are saving us from the fireballs without any interference. They are most likely some secret advanced craft that belong to Earth nations that have been defeated / destroyed. (Some information on some of the advanced technology Earth Nations may have been developing is in the Additional Information section)

Why has all the activity in our skies increased recently? 55 fireballs in the last 15 months – and 13 flaming or smoking slowly falling objects or debris in the last 15 months (using my search terms and the English language). Very difficult to know for sure. But the (((Powers That Be))) are going to be more vulnerable than ever as they attempt to create this Great Reset and New World Order. There is more unrest than ever and more people are waking up as (((they))) ramp up their medical tyranny and intentional collapse of our economies. Ernst Zundel suggested in his book – ‘UFOs: Nazi Secret Weapon?’ – that the Germans would make themselves known when there was the inevitable economic collapse on Earth. It would be the perfect time – minds would be more open and many will be looking for a saviour. I am not saying they are definitely going to, but at the very least the (((Powers That Be))) on Earth will be aware that as the unrest increases they become more vulnerable.

Perhaps the nations (((The Banking Cartels))) down here are aware of this vulnerability and they are making an attempt to get to The Moon, and they are attacking the German craft? Perhaps they are sending up many powerful missiles in an attempt to destroy the German civilisation on The Moon? Again, we cannot forget the 1959 project (Project A119) to nuke The Moon. Do you think they would have just given up on this idea?

(Edit: I have since studied the electric nature of our universe so I know ‘nuclear’ weapons don’t exist. But the PTB still have powerful and explosive weapons at their disposal.)

Everything points towards it being the Breakaway Germans who are saving us from the devastation that these fireballs would cause.

We know that Earth is run by these psychopathic (((Banking Cartels / Families))). To me, it looks like they are attacking the Breakaway Germans with little concern for what the fallout could be, and how it will affect the people on Earth.

This large increase in incidents in recent months looks like an act of desperation (These fireballs and falling objects are occurring thick and fast in 2021, people are going to notice and start asking more questions).

But this is just what it looks like to me currently, we obviously don’t have all the information and knowledge to truly understand exactly what is occurring in our atmosphere… but undoubtedly something very significant is happening.

(Interestingly, Boris Johnson has just this month raised the cap of Britain’s nuclear weapons from 180 to 260. It is a totally illogical development, unless you know what we know. Of course, the puppet Boris didn’t do this, the Zionist Bankers who control the UK did.)

If you feel so inclined you could comment and provide your take on exactly what you think these fireballs are, and offer any other insights you feel you may have… or you can ask questions. And if you are aware of any other related incidents you could let people know in the comments.

Additional Information:

  • Testimonies and Images – Slowly descending fiery objects
  • Images and info – Advanced craft and weapons development – America, Russia, China et
  • Images – More blue / green fireball screen grabs
  • Videos – UFOs stopping the Fireballs
  • Videos – Fireball explosion lighting up the city and sky
  • Videos – Slowly descending fiery objects
  • Videos – Horizontal flaming debris

More slowly descending flaming / smoking objects – Testimonies:

“When: April 29th, 2017. Where: Near San Antonio. What: Smoky trail, object or meteor has possibly crashed; Identified?: Expert and popular opinion suggests this was simply a plane contrail, with the sun reflecting off of it. Eyewitnesses, however, seem to strongly disagree. What do you think?

5/2 4:06 PM: So far, still no official word form local officials or media (still trying to track one down), but many online and even Atlanta’s chief meteorologist Glenn Burns have shared their thoughts with Texas UFOs about the event. Burns believes it could have been an aircraft dumping fuel. Others still think the “UFO” could be a meteor or aircraft crashing, or even a simple jet with a contrail (passing through cold, moist air). Others have even commented that this event could be an example of a “chemtrail” plane exploding! What do you think?” – https://www.texasufosightings.com/new-sightings/object-crashes-in-san-antonio-leaves-behind-smoky-trail

San Antonio 2017

Aug 6, 2014 – Strange Sky Phenomenon: Mysterious Burning Fireball Flying Over Cheltenham. What is this mysterious ball of fire falling from the sky over Cheltenham, UK? Baffling? – https://strangesounds.org/2014/08/strange-sky-phenomenon-mysterious-burning-fireball-flying-cheltenham.html

Cheltenham, England 2014

Texas, March 4, 2012 – Time: Approx: 6:30 p.m. (Just a testimony with no image of the event)

My son, his friend and I also saw and heard three pieces of burning debris falling from the sky over Texas about 6:30 pm on March 4, 2012. We watched for around 10 minutes while three separate objects fell from the sky.

The first was over Northern Tarrant County, and as we watched it fall, it was obvious that it was getting smaller as the red tail reduced and the sound did as well.

We then heard a sonic boom, followed by another object falling to the right (North) of the first, around the same time that a third began falling well to the left (South) over what was the Downtown Ft. Worth area from our point of view in Keller, TX.

Each had its own sound of a “jet roar”. I did not hear a boom with the first, but we were driving at the time. The second two we’d stopped the car and got out to watch.

These were not typical meteors which have a trajectory all their own, and usually seem to streak in more horizontally and with speed. These three were simply pulled with the force of gravity and did not seem to have much speed.

They fell almost directly down with some slight angled slant. They seemed to fall for a very long time, getting smaller as they dropped.

There was a military jet which travelled from the location of close to the third object toward the first two, so there was some official notice of this event, though no official reports that I’ve seen.

The event looked identical to me as when the space shuttle exploded over Texas and the pieces rained down over the sky. Same types of tails with a center void of a sort. – https://www.theufochronicles.com/2012/03/ufo-news-burning-debris-falling-from.html

Iceland on April 14, 2020 https://www.disclosure.pw/2020/04/23/strange-slow-moving-flaming-objects-fall-from-the-skies/

Iceland on April 14, 2020

Near Phoenix, Arizona of the trail left behind by an incoming meteor/comet fragment that exploded above southwestern US on September 13th 2012. – https://www.sott.net/article/251268-Incoming-Meteor-or-Comet-Fragment-Explodes-Above-Southwestern-US-Prompting-US-Army-Missiles-Cover-up

Phoenix, Arizona – September 13th 2012

Iowa – US National Weather Service Des Moines Iowa wrote on their Facebook page: Does anyone know what happened this morning – April 21, 2020 around 6:20 am – in the sky looking East. I was on my way to Pella when I noticed the “explosion”. Looks like an explosion of some sort. I would hate to think an airplane but I’m not sure what else it would be. You can see a dark streak then a big poof a smoke and a bright object falling. I know there is a meteor shower tonight…..maybe this one is a bit premature? https://www.disclosure.pw/2020/04/23/strange-slow-moving-flaming-objects-fall-from-the-skies/

Iowa, April 21, 2020

Is it a comet, an aircraft, or satellite debris burning up in the atmosphere? A Winnipeg woman is asking for help to explain a mysterious object she caught on camera. – Tue, 22 Jul 2008 20:59 UTC – https://www.sott.net/article/162610-Strange-object-filmed-in-skies-above-Winnipeg

Winnipeg, July 2008

Slyvia Mcleod, Winnipeg:

“It was like a red fireball falling down from the sky,” Sylvia McLeod, 31, told CTV.ca Tuesday.

“I have no idea what it is. I thought it would be all over the news. I went on the Internet and tried to find any information, but couldn’t find anything.”

McLeod said she filmed the strange object Monday night between 9:30 p.m. and 10:30 p.m., just as the sun set.

“It was moving kind of slowly. But I knew it was falling. I couldn’t get the whole shot of it because my camera didn’t have enough memory,” she said.

Asked whether she had ever seen anything like it before, McLeod answered: “Only in movies.”

Craft and Weapons in Development by the World Superpowers:

I had a look into what craft and weaponry the Super Powers here on Earth may have been developing. Of course there is not a great deal you can find out, and most of it will involve some misdirection. Sometime snippets of information are released about new military tech developments, and then you are told that that project has been cancelled. You cant find out the Truth in this topic, but perhaps you can get a feel for what they have been developing. As you can see, lots of these are artist representations, as the whole topic involves much secrecy.

The trends I found are that there was a move towards hypersonic, high altitude, stealth craft, that are unmanned. And the development of long range hypersonic missiles that can be steered while in flight, and which can carry nuclear weapons.

Nighthawk 1983 – retired in 2008 – and the SR 71 Blackbird which first flew in 1962 but remained unclassified until 1976 was retired in 1990. They were both manned planes.
Both images are apparently the SR 91 Aurora – there is speculation as to whether it does or does not exist – it is said by some to be the successor to the SR 71 Blackbird.
RQ 180 – apparently the existence of the aircraft was confirmed with the briefest of details by an Air Force surveillance chief during an aerospace industry event in 2014 – it is unmanned. SR 72 – proposed test flights in 2013 and said to be ready in 2023 – officially. A hyper-sonic scram jet spy plane that can cross the Atlantic at Mach 6 & can carry weapons. It is an unmanned plane – so it is essentially a huge drone.
RQ 170 – unmanned – and the ‘Arrow’, a supersonic drone
DARPA Falcon Project – Falcon HTV 3 – Mach 6 Black swift (said to be unmanned) and Skylon Space Plane Projects
Russia and China spend billions developing hypersonic missiles
Apparently Australia are working with the USA in development of hypersonic missiles – this second image is apparently a test of the Russian’s ‘Zirkon’ hypersonic missile.

Videos, which very likely show some of these hypersonic planes, are below in the comments section.

Some more Screen Grab Images of the Blue / Green Fireballs:

Chicago, February 2017 + Wisconsin / Illinois / Michigan 2017
Brazil, April 2019 + Ireland 2019
Poland, January 6th 2020 (Showing the light from the fireball exploding) + Hiratsuka Japan 10th November 2020
Pennsylvania Ohio, October 2020 + New Jersey USA, 8th November 2020

UFOs close to Fireballs – Videos:

Videos of Blue / Green Fireballs lighting up the sky and cities (Toronto is in the above section):

Videos of descending flaming objects:

(A selection)

Virginia 2021:

Florida 2016:

Texas 2012 / Peru 2011 (There appears to be some confusion here in this video. There was an incident in Texas, as there were reports and testimony. But in this news section these people are using some footage that occurred in Peru in 2011, which is strange. Maybe a mistake by them, they can look similar, or maybe they did not want to show the actual Texas footage for some reason – but I have a very good eye for these things, and this footage shown is the incident in Peru 2011):

Peru 2012 (There was also a similar incident in Peru in 2011):

San Antonia 2017:

Arizona 2015:

Florida 2018:

At 2.44 mins there is the Peachland, Canada incident – mentioned earlier – where a small piece of fiery debris fell to Earth and caused a fire.

Slightly different types of Debris falling to Earth:

At 4.19 mins you will see debris going across the Mexico sky:

This last video was fromSkywatch Media News’, you will very likely come across them if you research this topic. This YouTube Channel creates compilations of the most recent fireball or falling debris events, from time to time (they don’t cover all of them though). But I would suggest that they are extremely likely to be controlled opposition. They also put out misleading information, seem to use misdirection – and how can you compile all these fireball videos over the last few years and not ask some of the questions I have been asking in this article?

Update 1 – (April 18th, 2021):

A gallery of falling objects in the sky – as well as fire and smoke in the sky. These are 14 additional images taken from more YouTube videos that I discovered (screen grabs). Though a few may look similar to other images above I assure you they are not duplicates, but more unique events. I have used the name of the YouTube video as the name of the image – so you can just copy and paste the name of the image into YouTube and the video should be at the top of your search (These are thumbnails – click to enlarge):

Update 2 – (April 18th, 2021) :

Images of UFOs near the falling fire or smoke. Again, these are screen grabs taken from YouTube videos. The title of the YouTube image is under the image – so you can find it very easily with a search. The first two photos are of the same event. The UFO follows closely above the flaming object and then it goes into the flaming object. Eventually it emerges. After it emerges the flaming object appears to be disintegrated, and it stops flaming.

Mysterious erratically moving UFO spotted in Somerset – Daily Mail (1)
Mysterious erratically moving UFO spotted in Somerset – Daily Mail (2)

In the video you can see more than 4 UFOs at this event:

Strange UFOs over Aiken, South Carolina

There are more than 2 UFOs at this event. The descending flames also get bigger and more orange:

Fleet of UFOs over Edmond, Oklahoma

The smoke formation below looks very similar to the ‘Iowa, April 21, 2020’ event – which was in the ‘More slowly descending flaming / smoking objects’ section – that photo also had a UFO circled nearby:

Tiny UFO Near UFO Cloud, Calgary, Canada 2 – 7 – 2021

Update 3 – (April 18th, 2021)

There are far more of these ‘blue / green fireballs’ and ‘objects on fire falling from the sky’ than I had envisioned. I found many more with some general searches online. I also came across a website that has been reporting on the events since 2005 . On this website – ‘sott’ (Signs of the Times). The first report of these ‘fireballs’ or ‘objects on fire falling from the sky’ seems to have been in December 2005. Then one on 2006, and then around twenty more sporadic reports up until 2013… 6 of these were in 2012. And then in 2013 it really kicks off and the incidents increase a great deal – there are now lots of images and videos of ‘fireballs’ and ‘objects on fire falling from the sky’. From 2013 all these ‘fireballs’, and the ‘slow objects on fire falling’, become a regular occurrence up until present day. Though the occurrences seem to speed up in 2020 and 2021. There are more ‘blue / green fireballs’ than there are ‘objects on fire falling from the sky‘. If you check out this link and work your way through the pages you will see how many more reports there are, and the increase for 2013 onwards – https://www.sott.net/topic/8-Fireballs?page=193

There are two topic areas on the site that overlap somewhat – as Fireballs has their own section, and the Fireballs are also included in the ‘Fire in the Sky’ section.

‘Fireball’ Section – https://www.sott.net/topic/8-Fireballs
‘Fire in the Sky’ Section – https://www.sott.net/category/17-Fire-in-the-Sky?page=1

Update 4 – (April 29th, 2021)

At the Chernobyl nuclear disaster a blue glow was reported after the explosion. The burning Chernobyl nuclear reactor was emitting a blue light / glow, which could be seen in the night sky.

A nuclear expert, and a team of researchers, examined the blue glow seen at Chernobyl in a 2017 paper published in the journal Nuclear Technology.

Lars-Erik de Geer – Swedish Defence Research Agency – wrote in the study:

“It is well known that criticality accidents emit a blue flash, or rather glow, which derives from fluorescence of excited oxygen and nitrogen atoms in the air.

“It is obvious that the most impressive explosion was the one that ruptured the fuel channels and threw the 2000-ton lid with its hanging fuel channels high up in the central hall from where it fell down and came to rest nearly vertically on the rim of the reactor tank.

“With the fuel fully exposed, the air was irradiated, and the typical blue glow was lit.”

And from – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ionized-air_glow:

“Ionizing radiation is the cause of blue glow surrounding sufficient quantities of strongly radioactive materials in air.

The most likely reason that these fireballs are nearly always seen as blue in the night sky is that the air was irradiated… Whatever these ‘fireballs’ are, they appear to be radioactive.

The UFOs seem to be neutralising the radioactive fireballs. They could be achieving this by using scalar waves:

“Scalar Waves are a form of radio waves creating what is known as Longitudinal Wave Interference. Where two Scalar Waves meet, an energy bottle is created which disintegrates all matter within that bottle, producing what is in effect a miniature atomic explosion but without any resulting radiation.” – Source

Update 5 (May 24th 2021):

‘Starlink Satellites’ – A Hoax / Psyop

I did not know where to put this information – as it is not enough information for a new post, but it is significant information that is related to my Ufology Explained series. So I have added it here, as it is most related to this particular article.

The supposed trail of ‘Starlink satellites’ that people are seeing:

These ‘satellites’ are said to be orbiting the Earth 341 miles high – roughly 550km. Way up in space.

Each satellite is said to be around 2.8m long and 1.4m wide – some say they are the size of a desk or table (which is smaller than these measurements). Regardless, they are very small. Much smaller than a commercial passenger aeroplane for example, which are often between 60 – 70 meters long and roughly 5 – 6 metres wide. Passenger planes are said to fly cruise at around 5.9 – 7.2 miles high in our atmosphere. These commercial passenger air planes are more than 100 times bigger than these satellites. We perceive cruising passenger planes as small dots in the sky – but these glowing orbs – which are supposedly very small satellites 341 miles above us – can be seen more clearly, and are often seen as larger than a cruising passenger aeroplane.

People actually think they would be able to see these small objects this clearly, and brightly, 341 miles above the Earth – way up in space? Humans truly are dumbed down on this planet.

(Why would theses angular / rectangular small ‘satellites’ up in space look like large round orbs that are moving through the lower levels of our atmosphere?)

I don’t think people have any concept of how high 341 miles is. It is way outside of our atmosphere – way up in space. I will say this again – to put things in perspective – commercial passenger aeroplanes usually cruise at somewhere between 5.9 – 7.2 miles high.

I have seen this supposed ‘Starlink satellite’ procession with my own eyes. It was directly above me – other people saw it with me. It was quite an impressive sight and mesmerising. There is absolutely no way they are orbiting the Earth at 341 miles high! These processions of round orbs are not ‘satellites’. They were way down in our atmosphere. If you look at the videos they are often below the clouds.

I do not know what they are, but when I viewed them they looked like the orbs that we often see grouped together in our atmosphere in various parts of the world, which people refer to as fleets of UFOs. They can also be seen by themselves – just one orb moving around. Except this time they seemed to be following each other in a straight line, rather than in a spaced out more random formation.

This ‘Starlink satellite’ rhetoric is a psyop. They are not satellites.

If you review all the different recordings of these ‘starlink satellites’ from around the world there is no consistency. The spacings are different in different recordings. Sometimes they are bunched up, some times more spaced out. Sometimes more orbs, and sometime less. When I saw them there were some orbs that were trailing quite far behind the rest, and not in line, but off to the left and right. Sometimes they are all totally aligned in a straight line, and sometimes there are also some orbs that are not in line, but to the left or right of the procession. Sometimes they are higher in the sky and sometimes lower – but they are always in our atmosphere – in the lower portions of it. And why would you need satellites – that are supposed to be providing greater internet speed and coverage – all bunched up like this? None of the ‘Starlink’ rhetoric makes sense. It is all misdirection.

This procession of craft, or perhaps some type of ‘energy balls’, will be a message to the ‘Powers That Be’ on Earth. A show of dominance from The German Breakaway Civilisation. It is not a message to the general populace.

Clearly below the clouds and low down in our atmosphere:

Bunched up and less orbs:

Just four orbs:

Just above the city:

Large aligned orbs low in the sky:

If anyone thinks these are 2.8m by 1.4m rectangular objects, 341 miles up in space, orbiting the Earth, then they really need to practice critical thinking and do some research.

Whatever they are, they are not ‘Starlink satellites’. They are UFOs – unidentified flying objects.

Update 6 (24th May 2021):

Two more blue / green fireball events where UFOs were seen close by as the Fireball vaporised / disintegrated. Making it 11 sightings of UFOs near to the vaporising fireballs. Screen grabs with highlighting, and then the two videos:

China, Shanxi, May 2021:

Eastern Morocco, May 2021:

China, Shanxi, May 2021:

Eastern Morocco, May 2021:

Another UFO near an exploding fireball (12 now) – added July 10th 2021. Taiwan, 7th of July 2021. You can clearly see the cigar shaped UFO move up past the ‘fireball’ as it explodes 4 times. Screen grab and then the video:

Added July 10th 2021 – A craft falling from the sky – jets then scrambled to the scene. Here is a link to the original video on TikTok – https://www.tiktok.com/@pmesasso/video/6972240557255003397?lang=en&is_copy_url=1&is_from_webapp=v1

Explosions heard in Toronto near Niagra Falls – added 10th July 2021:
The lady says that military jets were fly were seen flying around – and people in the comments also heard these same explosions. It sounds like a battle taking place (Thanks to Saturn Trap for this link):


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91 thoughts on “‘Meteors’ / Fireballs – Saved by UFOs. What is happening in our skies? A secret battle in our atmosphere? – Ufology Explained, Part 5

  • April 3, 2021 at 12:55 pm

    Thank you my brother for your great work as always !

    I’m still on the side that nuclear nukes are fake (still open to the contrary also until somebody convince me), emf directed energy weapons are the real weapons nowadays. I think hypersonic aircraft are used with laser now which is a lot faster and destructive than hypersonic missile nuclear or not. Nuclear nukes are the forefront for justifying billions into the military with an old fake propaganda military obsolete weapons that mislead all other countries (North Korea/Iran for example), although there is the keshe foundation by the iranian scientist working on plasma technology (psyop ?)
    From what i understood microwave radar was already a problem for UFOs since back in the sixties and many cases involved UFO crashes near radio stations. China used secret emf weapons during a conflict with indian troops last year. I’m pretty sure rockets and nuclear nukes are still a cover today for the real emf laser weapons technology

    As UFOs have obviosuly air supremacy, despite the presence of radar and potential laser from the ground, it is becoming evident that the world class is living underground since a long time now.

    What do you think of the Tungunska explosion in 1908 ? Some people say there is a planetary defense station underground there and that UFOs intercepted and destroyed this “rock” in the atmosphere before from devastating the earth, not as far as the fireballs we are seeing today. We need to put a light on the Tungunska event because it is the first and biggest incident occuring during Tesla period and german scientist working on UFO technology. Who could be behind those UFOs if this story is true ? Some other people say Tesla created this explosion with his tower experiments.
    The guy steven from concave earth is saying it was glass falling from the sky but i didn’t search enough on the tungunska event to really build an opinion on that. I’m feeling it is a really big important event to know about and investigate and it could be the missing piece to understand all of that.

    I think you forgot to mention 5G satellites, that i think are part of what is going on up in the atmosphere (since they are not in space, remember i’m analysing things from the concave earth model mainly but also from the normal model view). They may be carrying scalarwave weapon technology and could be well related to this fireballs since they have been launched this past year mostly. I’m speculating that UFOs are flying with vector wave emf systems but can be disrupted by scalarwaves. So it may be an atmospheric battle between some hypersonic aircraft with artificial intelligence backed by 5G satellites using regular propulsion system and scalarwave weapon technology and UFO with vector wave emf “anti-gravity” propulsion system and scalarwave weapon technology (who knows if there is other weapon). 5G satellites could create a space fence for preventing UFOs to fly in certain areas in the highest part of the atmosphere while attacking them with rays also. It could be possible also that the fireballs are debris from both sides but only UFOs are taking care of them as they have still the upper hand in the battle.
    What to think about the rover sent to Mars by China, Russia and USA recently ? Psy op or message to people on Mars?

    I think that the big tesla towers we are seeing like in Australia or in USA are part of this huge scalarwave weapon system linked to 5G satellites to prevent UFOs from flying over specific areas but covering the entire atmosphere until 100 km to the ground. Like this one : https://texashillcountry.com/mysterious-tesla-tower-texas/

    It could be great to connect all the electric/radio stations/haarp and tesla towers to see if we could see a grid forming over the years..

    Just 2 articles among others on scalarwave weapons : https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/ciencia/antigravityworldgrid/ciencia_antigravityworldgrid09.htm


    By the way in the video we are seeing sometimes 2 UFOs around the fireballs, it could be two lasers coming from each UFOs making a scalarwave for destroying it. It could be more powerful coming from two UFOs rather than 2 laser from one UFO. An aerial technique among others maybe.

    Since i have not the time to investigate that much anymore, it would be very intersting to see you put an article one day on scalarwave weapons, tunguska, keshe and plasma technology, underground cities/stations, a tesla tower grid sytem and a supposedly atmospheric battle going on and how you relate everything with the way you see things.

    By the way, do you believe time travel to be possible ?

    Keep the great work man !

    • April 3, 2021 at 11:37 pm

      Hi VortexMod

      Thanks – and thanks for the feedback and input.

      The article on scalar waves was interesting – in that it shows it could be the way that the German UFOs are vaporising / disintegrating whatever those blue fireballs are without a radiation fallout. Though that ‘bibliotecapleyades’ website is a controlled opposition site with a lot of articles that contain dis-info and misdirection.

      The other article was sourced from ‘stillness in the storm’ which is a controlled opposition shill site that promotes the shills Salla, Goode, Wilcock, Sather and various others. I do not trust that article and found various pieces of disinfo in it. This site, and the shills on it, always suggest the powers on Earth are more powerful and advanced than they actually are. But yes, it is likely that the Powers That Be have more advanced weapons than nuclear missiles… but I am sure the Germans will have a solution for whatever they have come up with. The Germans have been monitoring everything they have been doing since WW2… and it looks like some sabotage has been taking place as well, if you read Bergmann’s books.

      I have not come across any evidence that the German UFOs were being downed with microwave radar in the 60s . They seemed to be flying around just fine in that period. In fact the peak of their sighted activity and abductions appears to have been in the later part of 1960s and the 1970s…
      Lots of sightings and testimony then.

      Perhaps you over estimate the nations down here and their ability to compete with the German craft.

      The craft on fire that are slowly falling to the ground, in my article above, look like the large unmanned hypersonic planes that Earth nations have been said to be building – they certainly don’t look like the German saucer / disc craft or the cigar / cylinder craft.

      And I doubt those blue green fireballs are downed German craft. If they were you would not be getting German craft spending so much time in the lower areas of Earth’s atmosphere vaporising the fireballs. If they were that vulnerable to attack they would not be down this low. They would not be able to do that, and they would retreat. I found more than 72 fireball incidents (I found even more doing some new searches the other day) – and there must have actually been many hundreds of these blue fireballs falling to Earth, as we are only really counting the fireballs filmed by the public over cities on a large, mostly uninhabited, planet – with 71 percent surface that is ocean. The Germans would not be flying this low if they were losing hundreds of their very advanced craft. We cant know for certain, but from what we can see the Breakaway Germans are dominant.

      There have been quite a lot of UFO sightings recently as well. The usually type we have been getting since WW2, and particular the type we see in the 2000s – formations of lights in the sky.

      And the Germans have been able to vaporise all the fireballs before they hit the ground. None of them made it to the surface – you would think that if the Earth nations had the technology to down the UFOs they would do it while they were vulnerable and coordinating the vaporisation of these fireballs – which would then lead to at least a few hitting the Earth. But again, they managed to vaporise all of them from the looks of it, which is impressive.

      If the Earth’s nations had the technology to compete with the Germans this war / battle would surely not be taking place at these low levels of our atmosphere. It would be in space or above the surface of The Moon… these fireballs and falling craft are very close to Earth.

      If they had these lasers to shoot down the craft – the lasers Reagan and the Soviets said they were building in 80’s – this battle could not be taking place in our atmosphere. These lasers do not seem to be a threat to the German craft.

      The technology advantage the Germans had created in the 1945 was very significant. Then to have access to other civilisations technology, and know how, would also be invaluable. It is much more likely that the Germans increased their technological advantage over the years, rather than the Earth nations catching up.

      The Breakaway Germans have also developed skills whereby they can utilise other dimensions for contact / communication and for spying and reconnaissance – such as remote viewing / other-dimensional observation… metaphysical abilities.

      I honestly do not know what to make of this Mars rover. Whether the whole thing is fake or not – or if the Germans for some reason allowed them to make it there… it makes no difference to the Germans if a small slow moving rover makes it to a remote deserted area of Mars – not difficult to monitor and no threat. It is not a message to the Germans on Mars – if the machine is actually there it is because the Germans let the rover land there… The Germans know everything that they are doing on Earth. It could all be fake though – a psyop.

      Tunguska explosion: We know it wasn’t a rock, as there was no crater or rock debris. It was likely a large craft that has been shot down – and then some type of explosion by some advanced weaponry to vaporise it. Possibly an unrelated transient off-planet group – attacked by another off-planet transient group. Who knows for sure – but I don’t think it was to do with technology being developed on Earth – our history would be very different if it was.

      I believe time is probably not exactly as we think it is – I think it may be somewhat malleable or pliable in certain circumstances. There is so much for us to learn I feel. But I do not think anyone on Earth has any time travel technology. And I don’t think there is time travel like they show in the movies.

  • April 4, 2021 at 9:08 am

    Thanks for you insight man.

    Actually, i have a feeling that the world class is in deep underground bases, protected from the UFO technology and that they are releasing their technology high in the atmosphere to compete against german craft. If they would do that to close to the Earth people would notice there is a battle going on and it would mess up world politics and economics. So low atmosphere would be a war zone free but still vulnerable to debris from higher battle, a reason why german UFOs can still fly more or less freely in low atmopshere.It is still conceivable for me that weapons are only released high in atmosphere. If Earth nations doesn’t have a chance against UFOs, why are they still trying something ? They would have study the case over the decades and may have started a first try during the planned pandemics while everybody was locked up, thinking they could stand in the battle (or maybe others missions involved). But we don’t know for sure if there is a real battle going on right now. Maybe earth nations are just trying their new aircraft but UFOs is shooting them down anyway to slow them from technology advancements and economic reasons.

    I’m not sure hypersonic aircraft can work in space vacuum, they only work in the atmosphere in theory (because we don’t really know their secrets advancements also). I believe satellites were always in the atmopshere. See the International Space Station hoax which is actually around 60 kms. (part of the reason why i believe in concave earth since flat earth is a psy op). The main purpose of knowing about concave earth (if it is true) is that the entry to space is only from the poles, which would make those areas of utmost important and hotspot for battles, the reason why it is forbidden to anybody to go there and why there is a high military presence there.
    Think about how complex the situation can be if earth nations are underground in the outercrust of the universe and UFOs living on other planets inside the Earth ! Concave earth is the main reason why i would think about an atmospheric battle instead of a space battle because the deployment of earth nations aircrafts through the poles is a very vulnerable thing for them with UFOs capable of flying in the atmosphere and in space. The only things earth nations can do is sending satellites through the poles with scalarwave technology or rover with artifical intelligence i guess, but hypersonic aircraft would stay in the atmopshere until earth nations develop antigravty craft (which i highly doubt they have today also)

    By the way i believe steven christ concave earth could be some sort of psy op, a kind of a last attempt to mislead in the end.
    Maybe with the glass sky thing and also because he doesn’t talk about Germans UFOs and the fact that the poles are open both sides. Or maybe he is just trying to understand things like us without being an agent because he has agreed on “the greatest story never told”..

    See an “upside down ray of cosmic particle shower”-NASA, found in Antartica because the poles are opened !

    I remember coming across several cases where UFOs supposedly crashed because of microwave radar but in the ufo community we still can’t take anything from granted, but i’m keeping this possibility in mind while analyzing the whole thing. Yes maybe UFOs were never really harmed by anything since then.

    I’m keeping the awareness of all those controlled opposition website but there are the ones with the most infos, especially Salla and co, just trying to see things through their agenda.

    Sorry to bother you with concave earth but we need to keep this possibility angle 😉

    • April 4, 2021 at 11:57 am

      Hi Vortex

      Some responses to some of you points:

      If Earth nations doesn’t have a chance against UFOs, why are they still trying something?” –

      It is very likely desperation. They are desperate. They have to try.

      Maybe earth nations are just trying their new aircraft but UFOs is shooting them down anyway to slow them from technology advancements and economic reasons

      Yes, to be honest it looks more like that, As I said in the article above – it seems to be more like ‘take downs’ by the German craft, rather than a battle.

      I remember coming across several cases where UFOs supposedly crashed because of microwave radar.”

      You will have to provide examples. I have not seen any. If they have downed them then surely they would now have that technology at their disposal, but they don’t. It is important to realise that Ufology is totally controlled by Jewry and the CIA etc – always has been since 1945. All agents. It has been lies and misdirection after lies and misdirection.

      I’m keeping the awareness of all those controlled opposition website but there are the ones with the most infos, especially Salla and co, just trying to see things through their agenda.”

      Salla and co are such obvious agents. They have no info, only propaganda and misdirection. You can gleam a little of what’s going on from them if you know they are shills and you know the agendas behind all their lies. They have been lying for many years. You cannot believe a word they say – their subversion and misdirections are incessant. Look at Goode and his blue cosmic birds and lies about the non-existent SSP — Wilcock with his ‘endgame’ pacifying nonsense articles and the cone-head elongated skull people whose ship they apparently found in Antarctica, haha – misdirection as usual — And Salla with his ‘Evil Nazis’ took over the US Secret Space program and the ‘Evil Nazis’ run the European Union rhetoric. Tompkins with his ‘Nordic aliens’ working with the US government lies. Lying, deceiving shills… misdirecting…. all of them.

      By the way i believe steven christ concave earth could be some sort of psy op, a kind of a last attempt to mislead in the end.”

      He seems like a very confused man to me. Concave Earth is just as ridiculous as Flat Earth.

      but in the ufo community we still can’t take anything from granted,”

      To be blunt, the UFO community is pretty ridiculous, mainly made up of very gullible people believing the nonsense all these agents say – unable to see the Truth beyond them.

      “…the main reason why i would think about an atmospheric battle instead of a space battle…”

      There is no space battle because the German UFOs are dominant in our atmosphere. They will not let them get anywhere near their people on The Moon. The Earth nations do not seem to be able to compete with them. It very much appears to be that simple.

  • May 1, 2021 at 6:38 am

    Hello and thanks for this article series i don’t regret it and i will look forward to other works
    Trough my second reading of this article there is mention that NS breakaway group will show itself when total economic collapse is inevitable (and with nowday situation it may happen within 10 years because desperation is bigger than human can process), but my concern is on still high chance on confirmation for prophecy from Siener van Rensburg on apperance on german breakaway group, that they will appear during third world war (and with high probbability it will happen maybe in order to desperatly reclaim control or just apply scorched earth doctrine for NS breakaway group) and rebuild Europa so what truth is in it, because i can now only find confirmation on accuracy for his prophecies.

    • May 1, 2021 at 4:22 pm

      Hello again, SR anon.

      Again, thanks for your feedback – and you are welcome.

      WW2 has not ended – it did not stop. The war is still occurring right now. It has been occurring in our oceans, and we can see from this post, that it is also occurring in our atmosphere. Though some may say due to the changes in the type of warfare, and that it is now a covert /secret war, that it could be seen as WW3. But in reality WW2 never stopped, and it is not going to stop until there is a victor. It is still the (((Allies / Jewry))) against the National Socialist Germans. Though, the NS Germans seem to have some advanced allies as well – for example, those small Greys are very capable metaphysically and inter-dimensionally.

      The Breakaway Germans are neutralising the hypersonic missiles and craft. The Breakaway Germans are more advanced than people realise. To me there is only going to be one winner. But the question is, how will they do it? And how many lives will it cost? How can they secure victory without innocent lives being lost and without major catastrophes? Just like in WW2 the (((Allies))) clearly have no concern for innocent lives – they seem to be sending up powerful – very likely nuclear – hypersonic missiles, which are then coming back down towards Earth. Disasters have been averted thanks to the diligence of Breakaway Germans.

      As well as this, the majority of people down here are so brainwashed against them… which will make things difficult for them. (We still have war propaganda bombarded at the masses, just like at the beginning of WW2… Just look at Hollywood and the MSM – the war propaganda never stopped.)

      Yes, Ernst Zundel suggested that they may show themselves when there is the inevitable economic collapse. He just suggested this though. But it certainly appears to me that the Breakaway Germans are waiting for something. Right now they seem to be just holding their ground and protecting us from catastrophes – maintaining control of our atmosphere and probably parts of our oceans. But there is likely a great deal occurring, and many other factors we are not aware of.

      I keep up to date with all the UFO sightings – discs, orbs, cigars and the occasional triangle craft (Some suggest the triangle craft – ‘Tr-3b’ – are from the nations down here – but I do not think they are. Their behaviour suggests the opposite). There are a great deal of UFO sightings occurring at the moment – lots of footage – lots of orbs in the sky, and sometimes fleets of ‘orbs’ in formation. Their presence in our atmosphere appears to be strong.

      • May 5, 2021 at 2:50 pm

        Videos – UFOs near falling smoking or flaming objects:

        This video below is where the UFO can bee seen following above the flaming object, and then entering into it, and then emerging… the flaming object then fizzles out.

      • May 9, 2021 at 12:42 pm

        Hello entity art
        I would say the same on NS breakaway group but with difference that they are not waiting on something but by my point of view they are preparing for something maybe some sort of striking the match event that they try to trigger and judea tries desperatly to make their last stand to prevent them to get victory.
        Because i was wondering on such rising activity of these “meteors” why now? Only special anti arcraft “space rockets” and nuclear missiles have such height range trajectory looks like some sort of shot down rocket or some atmosphere jet.
        Why USOs are in areas of bermunda triangle baltic sea maybe mediteran sea japan sea ect? All of interesting trade routes that are heaven for convoy or navy ship raids.
        Why they are monitoring new types of technology nuclear missiles and other important areas like they are preparing on something.
        But thats maybe just my strategic thinking and i still didint find that columbus egg on what will be that event that will be their striking the match.

        • May 11, 2021 at 1:55 pm

          Hello SR anon

          Interesting point about these being trade routes – but I am not sure they could have planned that far ahead – and I don’t think trade routes will be that significant. The Bermuda Triangle appears to have been established just after WW2. I think back then they would probably just be looking to find the most easy to defend areas in the deep oceans when establishing a base. If the Bermuda Triangle is actually related to a German base. It is very likely to be related to a base, but we don’t know it’s exact purpose.

          I do know that the area with the most sightings of these ‘fireballs’ and ‘objects / debris falling from the sky’ has been the state of Florida – and that state is right next to the Bermuda Triangle. No where has had more sightings.

          To me it looks like the Breakaway Germans are keeping the ‘Powers That Be’ in check. Everyday it seems that Jewry and the Marxists expose themselves more and more, with their desperate and over the top propaganda and manipulations. It is like they are allowing them to expose themselves with their desperation. There is not much point in making yourselves known to the Earth population if the people are very happy with life, and living in their deluded fantasy that the governments down here actually care about them… as well as being hostile to you as a people due to the incessant anti-German propaganda… which is still occurring.

          The Breakaway Germans will be wise, they don’t want to have to initiate a hostile takeover where they are fighting against naive brainwashed innocent civilians, or enforcing rules upon people. The planet is a mess – they don’t need the hassle and logistical nightmare of trying to sort it all out. They don’t actually need anything from Earth, but they want to help.

          When looking at those links from the SOTT website, in my update, this ‘battle’ in the skies really seemed to kick off in 2013. There were some incidents before this between 2006 and 2013 – but they were not that common until 2013. The activity certainly seems to have increased in the last year and a half though.

          People wonder where all the trillions of dollars went in the United States. Well, some must have been spent on some secret bases in remote locations – from which they are building and sending up all these hypersonic planes – as well as launching all these hypersonic missiles… though the missiles can also be launched from submarines and the ships in the vast oceans.

      • May 10, 2021 at 6:57 pm

        Hello entity art.
        On topic how NS breakaway germans will reclaim earth i may found conclusion from my personal point of view and naval/earth maps studying and collecting all of events that i could find and videos provided in your articles to count out conclusion (i may be again wrong like in reply where i tought that NS are preapring on some event but they are more like waiting for some striking the match event that needs to be taken and thankfully it didin’t went trough moderation)

        By judging all of their areas where they operate as USOs and UFOs fighting or not i may say that they will use likley some sort of operation for crippling the movement and activity of enemy claiming important buildings roads ect. (paratroopers use simmilar thing but i forgot the name shortly its undermining of any logistics or reaction) and enemy will collapse because he cannot move or do anything and casualities on civilians will be low if any.

        And also one offtopic note i found that anonymous users post or more likely thread with recommending this article series in archive https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/318305007/ but i would not read reactions for reasons of safety of not loosing mind

        • May 11, 2021 at 2:06 pm

          Hello again, SR Anon

          To be honest, I don’t think we have enough information to know exactly what their game plan is. But the Breakaway Germans certainly look dominant in our airspace. Pretty much every day there are fleets of orbs, and groups of orbs, being spotted in our skies. The fact that this is all occurring low down, in bottom areas of our atmosphere, strongly suggests a dominance by the German craft.

          I don’t think they want to ‘reclaim Earth’. They never had Earth, or wanted Earth. All they ever wanted was to be left alone so that they could look after their people and develop their civilisation in Germany. I think they now want to help Earth and protect her. They have their civilisation, they don’t need anything from Earth – they want to help us. But as well as this, they could not afford their very hostile neighbour to become powerful, so they have been sabotaging the Earth nations military and their technology… quite possibly lots of other covert operations and interference as well.

          The Breakaway Germans have had more than 70 years away from Earth. They, of course, want to help their own people first and foremost, but I certainly think they want to help the planet as a whole. The insights they will have from being away from Earth will beyond what most can imagine. I am certain that they will also have much advanced technology that can help a great deal.

          It looks like there is this dominant force in our skies that easily swats away the Earth nations attacks – and then this dominant force has to tidy up afterwards, by neutralising the falling debris / missiles.

          It is almost like they are just neutralising their attacks and causing the Earth nations military to use up all of their resources.

          The Germans could also be allowing the fireballs to get a little closer to Earth than they need to – neutralising them a little further down in our atmosphere, so that people on Earth can see what is occurring – to wake some people up. Unfortunately most people down here are brainwashed drones and believe the governments ‘meteors’ story.

          By the way, the reactions were not that bad on that thread – I expected worse. It didn’t sound like some of them actually read the articles and were just reacting – some were expressing assumptions based on what they had heard from controlled opposition shills. If they had read my articles they would have seen that I debunked them. And some of it was just cognitive dissonance.

          I saw someone on there suggesting there is a US Secret Space Program, and they mentioned the supposed ‘whistle-blower’ Gary Mckinnon. That was just another psyop. They want people to believe that the German craft, and the activity in our skies, is related to their fake ‘Secret Space Program’. (((Ufology))) even show images in their online shill articles suggesting that the cigar craft belong to the United States. Mckinnon was just another psyop so that people do not realise that the infrastructure in our solar system – on The Moon and other celestial bodies – belongs to the Germans, and that the craft in our atmosphere belong to the Germans. They do not want people to know that the Germans were not defeated – this is what they really do not want. This Mckinnon psyop had so much publicity, and was out there in the mainstream.

          • May 12, 2021 at 10:19 am

            Hello entity art.

            Of course i count with their main priority aim to come back in peaceful manner (not like losses would be catastrophic but nobody likes meaningless fighting) and bring again prosperity to europe and wish for others to do the same how Leon Degrelle said in his explenation on NS (and i forgot to mention in earlier replies that i meant as a “reclaim earth” as to liberate it from international jewery since technically jewery rules this planet) but i still cannot get rid of the thinking that they are also having some backdoor if things will badly escalate to some sort of how Dr. Pierce would say race war because even influence of gatekeepers on “culture war” is facing slow backfire and people are finding out even truth on this covid fraud and its dangers on vaccination (some thankfully by research many by taking it and risking death or invalidity within 2 years) and are angry and i dont need to explain what anger caused in history. I am not saying that it will sort it out by itself it depends on individual if he will take that red pill of truth or not but i think they have some clean quick intervention backdoor plan if things will not go as planned because like i said areas (if the intervention would happen) near bermunda triangle, baltic sea, australia, japan sea ect. has masive radius on very important ship routes and full coverage of every continent of the world.

            Overall you made fair and interseting arguments and corrected much of my teories on NS breakaway groups appearence and other things.

  • May 5, 2021 at 7:48 am

    Hello Entityart,

    This is great work, thank you for your efforts. I don’t know what are these fireballs! It’s crazy, from that update, it seems they are radioactive! Probably they are destroyed nuclear missiles? And there is a lot of them lately, sound like the war is picking up in the sky, and from the great deal of UFOs sightings in the latter 2 years, it seems like the Germans are wining, and starting to show themselves more than usual!

    There is a cool thing about the Chernobyl I read from that German site you provided, I quote:
    “An author on the topic “The flying disks of the German Reich in the final battle” (H. Grimm) recalls that the Chernobyl disaster in 1986 on the birthday of Rudolf Hess and 12 days after a SU nuclear war threat against the FRG and in the year before the dubious death of Hess took place.”

    That German site have a lot of articles series about the German breakaway group a lot more of good infos. Interesting one of his articles (RD) he linked what sounds like intelligent storms with the third power.

    There is a rise of weird UFO sightings in youtube videos this 2021, something big is going on, like in this video (from this shill channel) a weird light started to make a crazy sound like mechanical thunder of some sort, here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L6EggteJvWo

    Of course, they are shills in that channel, but they put some good footage they receive from subscribers.
    There are many other weird sightings I watched from different channels that focus on the paranormal stuff, a lot of different types of lights behind the clouds, what sound like light-bombing and light-shooting behind the clouds. Lights of different colors brighten the sky, orange, blue and sometimes violet. With all the information we have, these lights are definitely a war going on in the sky.

    Thank you Entityart, I love your essays/articles, looking forward for more.

    (Note: it gives error when try to send comment with google account, this one is wordpress).

    • May 5, 2021 at 2:56 pm

      Hi Saturn Trap, good to hear from you again.

      Yes, regarding that video you feature – you are correct – ‘Third Phase of the Moon’ is definitely a shill, controlled opposition, channel – there will be incredible amounts of misdirection from them. They even have the obvious shill Michael Salla on there, with his usual misdirection. In this video from them they are showing craft, or missiles, that the Germans are taking down – but of course they do not allude to that possibility at all. I saw that flashing light in the sky on another UFO channel, and I also saw a very similar incident on a different channel. I have also seen people recording strange sounds coming from the sky above the clouds. There is a lot going on up there.

      Yes, I read through all of that website’s posts on the subject of ‘The Third Power’. I did not include that information about Chernobyl as he seems to be suggesting that the Breakaway Germans had something to do with the nuclear disaster – but I don’t think so. It is not in keeping with how the Breakaway Germans have behaved. From the evidence we have, they only seem to sabotage or destroy military targets, and they seem to be careful not to harm civilians… they are stopping these dangerous missiles / ‘fireballs’ from hitting the Earth all over the planet. I do not think they would harm civilians and cause this level of fallout in Europe – the winds took some of the fallout into other parts of Europe… so it seems unlikely to me that they had anything to do with it.

      Yes, the Breakaway Germans are very likely to have been instrumental in the Soviets Union’s failure, but hurting civilians is not something I think they would do. If you look on-line there are people that said there were some UFOs seen after the event, but it was suggested they did something to assist and limit the damage.

      Yes, it does appear that these so called ‘meteors’ are radioactive. They are likely some type of disabled hypersonic nuclear missile, which the Breakaway Germans then neutralise.

      Thanks for your feedback and support.

    • May 5, 2021 at 3:06 pm

      Hi Saturn Trap

      Here are some more videos for you:

      This is written in the description under the last video:

      “According to ufologists, these UFOs are known as clockwise UFOs and spin around in the sky. These UFOs were mostly hunted in Canadian and British cities between 2000 and 2021 but without explanation. In 2019, the British Air Force announced a close encounter with these strange objects in the sky of Wilshire. The most important fact about these alien objects is that they are performing a mysterious, unexplained and unknown activity for a specific purpose.”

      These spinning UFOs are very likely Earth nation’s hypersonic missiles or unmanned hypersonic planes that have been incapacitated and partly destroyed. There is a video on YouTube of a malfunctioning Russian hypersonic missile, and it span around like these so called ‘clockwise ufos’.

      Other phenomenon in the sky:

      This below was apparently taken from an airplane over Mexico. It looks very similar to the image from Iceland in my above article. I also saw a similar event in a video that was said to be from South Africa, but I cannot find that video at the moment:

  • May 6, 2021 at 11:31 am

    I agree, I don’t think the Germans will harm civilians, they have prevented many nuclear wars, they always shut down allied nuclear missiles, if it wasn’t for Germans, the world would have been much worst.

    These are interesting videos, yes these spinning clockwise UFOs look indeed like Missiles that Spins out of control when getting hit. The last video is interesting, it shows what looks like a jet, maybe some Aurora type craft, this means that the power that be are not very advanced, they don’t have advanced crafts like the German, not even close. I think the Germans are winning with ease, the only thing that prevents them from fully intervene is that those (((psychopaths))) are holding us hostages, especially Europe. If they are going down they will take as many with them to hell.

    What do you think about Randolph winters? I know he is a shill, but I don’t know what to make with this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m0z1qEnJwHg

    German base! Is it a legit video? But then Randolph is obviously a shill he have a book about the Pleiadian hoax, I looked in the comment and found a quote: “Randolph winters, he was compromised and now perpetrates the Billy maier hoax”

    • May 10, 2021 at 1:03 pm

      Hello Saturn Trap

      When talking about the Germans not developing the technology in time to be used in WW2, Randolph Winters says: “Fortunately for us they did not – or we would all be speaking German today.” People do repeat these ridiculous phrases like brainwashed drones. But I would say he is most likely a paid for shill. They fund so many people and seed controlled opposition everywhere.

      I just checked him out, and you are correct – he has been heavily promoting the Pleiadean psyop and the obvious fraud, Billy Meier. So yes, certainly a government shill, put in place to create misdirection. I doubt he was compromised – most likely someone put in place to control the narrative from the beginning.

      It is quite amazing how regular people cannot see the Pleiadean rhetoric as obvious misdirection. You have all this evidence of the Germans building these craft, then some jewish man says its the Pleiadeans in the silver discs – in the 70’s – and people believe him.

      The images that Winters uses may be genuine though. And the Germans may have had bases in Brazil – it is a big place with plenty of remote wilderness.

      Yes, that last video is interesting and looks to be the same type of craft as the one seen plummeting in Iceland. The way it is smoking certainly suggests an Earth craft with an engine – that smoke must be related to Earth technology. The front of the craft looks fairly flat, possibly with some wings. Under the YouTube video is a link to the original video – and some people in the comments were saying they also saw this event – it was in the skies of Mexico in 2018. I saw another video using this same footage saying it was in another location (probably just to get views) – but the actual footage was from Mexico 2018.

      Here are some videos of, what looks like, some of Earth’s hypersonic military planes:

      Inverted triangle black UFO

      Bell shaped UFO filmed in Oshawa, Ontario

      UFO over Normandy, France.

      Black Triangle UFO Over Pasadena California On March 17, 2021

      Black Triangular UFO Spotted Hovering Over Wiltshire In England On April 3, 2021

      UFO | Flying saucer over Bogota, Colombia. 5/6/2021.

      A slightly different video – an interesting one. It looks like a hypersonic missile alongside a very fast jet:

      Snake UFO overtaking fighters at high speed – California, USA – 2021

      • May 15, 2021 at 10:37 am

        Very interesting, I do think these triangle crafts will be of the (((elite))) down here, it is interesting that (((they))) started to openly admit to the public that UFOs exist with all the videos they released lately but they say they don’t know what they are, making it seems that it’s ‘aliens’ as this is what they want the public to think, and is probably what they will say in that paper they intend to release in June. That ‘Pentagon UFO report’ they will probably say that they don’t know what the crafts belong to making it seems it’s alien crafts and are not a ‘threat’ or what else are they gonna say? weird!… I wonder what are they planning!

        What do you think about that famous so-called ‘Black Knight satellite’? If the images are legit, then probably a Reich German satellite they put there in polar orbit for their own communications in Antarctica?

        I have one more question related to Admiral Byrd, we know they sent him to destroy the breakaway German on Antarctica without success, this expedition was documented, filmed and Byrd was interviewed. Then after this failed attempt, they send him again in a second expedition which was more secretive I guess, but this time we get all these inner earth stories…etc that seems like subversion, apparently Byrd was taken to hollow earth and the human civilization living there told him to bring back a message to the government that they have to stop using nuclear weapons so we all live in peace etc. What do you think about this? I remember back then in around 2011 when I first read about Byrd it was all about this inner earth story and I didn’t know the purpose of the expedition was to destroy the breakaway German, so it seems the inner earth story was only a distraction.

        Thanks for the Infos.

        • May 17, 2021 at 1:13 pm

          Hi Saturn Trap

          Yes, those triangular craft in those videos are very much look like they would be Earth craft, they are not Tr-3bs. They are quite a different shape. The craft in the videos are very likely some type of hypersonic craft – one of them is not that different to some of the images we get of the Aurora. It looks like some might be malfunctioning or damaged, and some may be just going low in Earth’s atmosphere to escape some German craft that are higher in our atmosphere and above the clouds.

          (Tr 3bs have the same sort of capabilities as the saucers and cigar craft, and are most likely another type of German craft. Tr 3bs, from the way they behave and the types of sightings we have had, do not look like they are Earth craft. )

          I do not know what the ‘Black night satellite’ is. From the images it looks like it could just be a piece of debris from a craft that has been destroyed – it looks to be an impractical shape. The Germans have been dominant in our atmosphere, and in space surrounding our planet, for a long time – if they didn’t want it there (if it is actually there) it would be gone. So it could be something related to the Breakaway Germans. It seems like it could also be another distraction as well, and some of the footage of it is clearly fake. It can also look very different in the various supposed photos and video. Lots of bizarre and dubious unsubstantiated theories out there.

          Yes, Byrd’s hollow earth stories could very well have been used as a distraction. It was the same with me – the first I came across Byrd it was him talking about Hollow Earth. As well as distraction it also makes him sound a bit kookie, a bit of a nut, and would perhaps give him less legitimacy in the eyes of normies if they were to come across his testimony about Operation Highjump and the Germans.

          (Though there is likely to be some big caverns below the Earth’s surface.)

          • June 5, 2021 at 10:22 am

            Hi EntityArt,
            Thanks for the infos.

            You know, they have already created a new TV series called Debris (2021) probably to control the narrative again and make people think that it’s “alien” as always. I didn’t watch it but from what I read it’s about Debris of an alien spacecraft has been falling across Earth over the last six months. The debris has deadly effects on humans and their surroundings, so a task force is formed to identify and collect these pieces. Then the series is cancelled after only the first season. Make me think that the deadly effect in the debris is probably a reference to the radioactive missiles which are the “Debris”. Anywhy I just wanted to let you know about that Serie. Also, glad that your updating new events and keeping an eye on what’s going on.

            • June 7, 2021 at 3:54 pm

              Hi Saturn Trap

              Thanks for this. The misdirection in this Debris series is very interesting and a good find.

              I embedded a link to the trailer below – for others to see – and 5 seconds into it there is the title scene with these slow moving falling flaming objects clearly displayed – and they are very similar to the flaming / smoking objects we are seeing in our skies. Of course they have to add all sorts of distracting paranormal nonsense to the series, but yes this series looks to be a direct response to all of the flaming objects seen in the lower parts of our atmosphere. If you look at the second video I have embedded below you can see a group of them – some craft of missiles ‘taken out’ low in our atmosphere.

              (Though I don’t feel the slow falling objects will necessarily be radioactive. The fast moving blue / green fireballs certainly seem to be, but they are being neutralised it seems – by some sort of tech we don’t yet understand – possibly related to scalar wavers.)

              Yes, I do add anything particularly significant that I come across to the relevant additional information sections.

              Most noticeable recent updates:

              Ufology Explained Part 1 – A section on The ‘Nazi’ Bell and Foo Fighters
              Ufology Explained Part 3 – Some additional Moon UFO videos
              Ufology Explained Part 4 – A video about a bizarre accident involving a US submarine in 2005
              Ufology Explained Part 5 – The Starlink Satellite Hoax

              So many sightings at the moment – I monitor various UFO channels – there are so many orbs flying around our atmosphere for all to see. There have also been places experiencing more sonic booms, and more ‘fireballs’ are being seen.

              Debris Trailer – after 5 seconds the title screen with the flaming objects coming down:

              Video of some type aftermath of a battle in the sky, with a group of flaming objects slowly falling (June 2021):

              Something interesting for you – ‘The Biggest Navy Exercise in a Generation, What is Coming? 2021’

              I wonder what this really all about?

              • June 9, 2021 at 10:56 am

                That’s crazy! Sound like the allies are joining forces again. Is it a coincidence that this big supposed military training is happening with the recent rise in UFOs sightings, flaming objects, and sightings that looks like battles in the sky? And with all the military reports lately, everyone is now talking about UFOs in the MSM! Some even started to consider them a “national threat”. Even Nasa said they starts investigation into UFO sightings. All of this is heading toward something, It seems as if they are preparing the world to fight the Germans again.

                That MUFON video definitely looks like flaming objects slowly falling!

                Thanks for the important updates and notes, very interesting.

  • May 15, 2021 at 7:14 am

    Apart from protecting their cities on the moon and Mars from the Jewish governments of the earth, the breakaway Germans are doing something for the people of Earth?For example, why not set up a global satellite network to inform the people, or informing their presence on the moon and Mars to their supporters on the earth More obvious?or even targeting the secret societies,or elites of The Jews?Of course, the explosion of the Argentine Jewish center probably is done by them.

    • May 15, 2021 at 12:52 pm

      Hello, The seventh country

      The Breakaway Germans assist on other levels / realms… in other dimensions. They can contact people on those levels, and can give them information and guidance, which will then reside in their subconscious. It is also very likely that there are people on Earth connected to them – who incarnated on Earth on purpose… This is what the ‘starseed’ rhetoric was really all about – the various controlled agents in ufology just used misdirection, saying it was souls from the Pleiades etc. The Germans have also been watching over all the nuclear missile sites – to keep us safe. The Germans can even carry out reconnaissance via other dimensions – remote viewing , astral travel etc.

      The Breakaway Germans would not be blowing up any Jewish centres. The attacks on Jewish people, or Jewish centres, that are reported in the mainstream media, are nearly always hoaxes / false flags… psyops.

      The Breakaway Germans do not target civilians. They destroy or sabotage military targets – the (((Powers That Be))) have been trying to destroy them since the end of WW2

      The Germans are careful and tactical. They will also have metaphysical insights that we cannot quite fathom as yet.

      Them telling, or showing, the masses that they are on The Moon and Mars in some grand operation is not necessarily helpful – it will distract the people from key issues and cause confusion. We also have a traumatised and mind controlled population down here on Earth – you need to be mindful of the psychosis, or hypnotic trance, that so many are in. You also need to be mindful of what stage the awakening community are at, in their overall understandings of all the agendas.

      It seems to me, from the information we have at the moment, that the Breakaway Germans are keeping us safe as they can, and not allowing anything too drastic to occur, while also keeping the (((Powers That Be))) in check – and then allowing them to expose themselves as they become desperate – and then this wakes the masses up on Earth. We all have the responsibility to wake people up, stop the (((NWO))), transform our nations, and then benefit our planet.

  • May 15, 2021 at 2:54 pm

    “and then this wakes the masses up on Earth”
    Didn’t say any thing about their return to the earth on their contacts with people?because we need help ,we can not survived without help of a major power ,they have mass media ,they’re brainwashing people and Corrupting young and Population decline of the white , even in a country like Iran, the population growth rate is lower than all Western countries! Cultural Marxism, game theory and many other tools, especially the seizure of the earth’s wealth etc..,If they are waiting for people to be informed, well, I think the rate of public awareness is very low..

  • May 30, 2021 at 2:26 pm

    I am so happy to have found your blog. Your commentary and insight is very precise. Perhaps the best I’ve yet found. Thank you for connecting many of the dots regarding the breakaway Germans. This info seems very plausible.

    What do you think of Robert Sepehr? I was first exposed to the breakaway German base under the ice in Antarctica through his videos.

    • June 2, 2021 at 2:40 pm

      Hello NineFuriesForASickWorld

      Thankyou for your feedback. I am glad you have found it useful.

      Yes, I have watched some of Robert Sepehr’s videos. They can contain some good information: He has some videos that show how Aryans were seen as the noble class in ancient times and brought new ideas to various tribes, and how widespread they were – and how they spread the positive swastika symbols around the world…… and how White / Nordic people were in North America a very long time ago… and talks about the blue-eyed buddha depictions… and how the first Pharaohs in Egypt were tall and fair haired etc. He did also shared videos featuring Yuri Bezmenov.

      I can tell you this for certain though, his videos on The Breakaway Germans feature information from some controlled opposition shills – Terziski is one example – Rice is another. They also do not have real in depth information and evidence like the books that I recommend and have used for my articles.

      Even though his videos open minds he is likely to be controlled, and doing some gatekeeping.

      He is also, of course, Jewish, so you must bear that in mind. Such a high proportion of the controlled opposition agents in the alternative media are Jewish… most of them it seems.

      I hope that helped.

      • June 5, 2021 at 8:44 pm

        Yes. Thank you and I have heard he is jewish. I did however watch an episode he did featuring some geneticists who did say that the Talmud was satanic.

        Also wanted to ask. Have you heard about the connection of the Egyptian Hyksos Shepard kings as being descendants of the hebrews? I’ve seen a few people talk about this. One of them being White Rabbit Radio on Odysee.

        Ahkhenaten the grandfather of King Tut according to one source I’ve seen was saying that he found out how to produce mono atomic gold which is a powder and this allowed him to go to another reality similar to DMT and “download” the knowledge which was then used to institute monotheism throughout Egypt and parasite the nation until their line was eventually kicked out.

        It is speculated that afterwards you see the emergence of the hebrews who then reintroduced a narrative that they were enslaved by Egypt and miraculously obtained redemption through their god yahweh.

        • June 9, 2021 at 3:06 pm

          Hello NineFuriesForASickWorld

          I have not undertaken any in depth research into this specific area / time of ancient history. I am not particularly interested in that sort of information at the moment to be honest. Knowing your own people’s ancestry is good, but all these details about other peoples history – which can be difficult to verify – can be a big distraction, and at this point it is pretty much irrelevant.

          People can just watch the excellent documentary ‘Europa The Last Battle’ and go from there. Jewry are behind the New World Order. We know their agendas and control mechanisms – and how they want to subvert, control and destroy White nations – and get rid of the White race to eventually achieve their total tyrannical control of the planet via a One World Government. And we have to stop them. Most other things are a just a distraction.

          Link to Europa The Last Battle:


          By the way, I checked out the White Rabbit channel on odysee, that you mentioned. He absolutely, 100 percent, looks like controlled opposition.

      • June 5, 2021 at 8:48 pm

        Also I’d like to mention the connection with the Abrahamic religions and the planet Saturn/ The Black Cube. Which may be related to the Gnostic writings you mentioned where Lash says that the archons are a malevolent alien entity which are behind the jews and their ideology.

        I find this information to be literal gold and I’m trying to learn as much as possible.

        • June 9, 2021 at 3:07 pm

          You are referring to the Nag Hammadi information in my Archons article. Yes, I feel that Gnostic information from the Nag Hammadi scriptures on the ‘archons’ and their connection to Jewry is significant. They Gnostics exposed the religious subversion coming from these other dimensional forces and that Jewry are the proxies of these ‘archons’.

          However, many years ago I read about the black cube and Saturn – when I was first waking up – but all this information seems to be coming from controlled opposition agents – like the subversive gatekeeper David Icke, for example. From what I could see these controlled agents were using it to distract from other important issues and away from Jewry and their control and subversion. Though the black cube may have had some ancient significance I do not feel it has any more. It seems to be a distraction from important issues and not particularly important.

  • June 5, 2021 at 8:50 pm

    Oh and one more thing. I heard you mention in another article that Red Ice is controlled op. While I surely do not doubt anyone could be at this point. I’m wondering what evidence there is supporting the claim?

    • June 9, 2021 at 3:12 pm

      Red Ice are very clearly controlled, my friend. Look at my article linked below:

      Half Truthers, Controlled Opposition, Limited Hangouts, Shills

      Some points for you about them:

      They used to feature so many ‘alt right’ jewish controlled opposition shills on their show – who have all been exposed now. And they still feature controlled opposition agents.

      They do not expose the lies of WW2 and all the lies about the National Socialist Germans. Even now, when they are no longer on YouTube and do not face Youtube’s strong censorship, they still don’t talk about it… they are definitely gatekeepers and a limited hangout.

      They do not expose Jewry and the depth of their control – as well as their numerous terrible crimes and subversions throughout history – which go back a long way.

      There are plenty of other subjects they gatekeep as well – for example: all the fake terrorism that they often play along with as though it was real.

      You can tell they are controlled as they were on (((Youtube))) for such an long time, with a big following, while pretty much all the genuine racially conscious nationalists were banned… often people who were actually exposing Jewry and shared significant WW2 Truths.

  • June 11, 2021 at 1:12 am

    Something really getting me are people that believe that the US Air Force, Navy and DoD would release video of actual unknown vehicles and admit they don’t know what they are. How anyone can look at the current “disclosure” and not see the deception puzzles me. Get the popcorn because as the US disintegrates they will put on a puppet show of grand proportion.

    I admit I hope that an Aryan civilization exists in our solar system and actually takes an interest in us. Will they intervene and help us? Unknown.

    This year should bring some pretty bizarre happenings here in the USA, so sit back and enjoy the freak show we are putting on for the world. At least we can entertain you all as we collapse…

  • June 18, 2021 at 5:54 pm

    Hi Entity~Art

    I’ve recently come across a UFO documentary released early this year called “Volcanic UFO Mysteries”. The movie is clearly a manipulation tool in the hands of the UFO master puppeteers but in the same time contains some provoking footage about sightings of cigar and disc shape UFOs entering and getting out of south american volcanoes. What does your trained eye say about these events ?


    • June 20, 2021 at 10:43 am

      Hello Gilgamesh

      Yes, I am aware of UFO activity around volcanos, with UFOs seen flying near to them and going inside them on occasions (I remember seeing some videos of cigar-shaped craft entering the volcanos) – particularly in Mexico, from what I can remember. I will complete some further investigation and prepare something for you on this topic at some point. I actually recently saw some interesting footage of some activity around a volcano in Indonesia. I will include that event as well.

      I have also received your other comment containing questions on a variety of topics. I need to do some research on a few points you mentioned and then I will get back to you. I had not heard of that Hawaiian psychologist.

    • July 24, 2021 at 11:49 am

      Hello Gilgamesh

      I have not forgotten you and this question – as well as your other set of questions. I will always answer your questions eventually. It is just that recently I have had some other projects I am working on, and the questions you asked needed some research and digging. I do appreciate your questions:)

      Anyway, a little update on the Volcano UFOs. I have looked into it, done some digging, and yes, there is something significant there – a fair amount of activity around the world, more than I previously thought. Thanks for inspiring me to look into this topic. And yes, you are correct, that video you talked of is definitely a controlled opposition production, it was pretty much useless.

      Anyway, I am going to use my research into the volcano UFOs in a future post. A little taster: Popocatépetl volcano has a particularly large amount of activity… it is clearly some type of entry point / access to somewhere.

      And I will answer your other questions at some point.

      Best regards.

  • June 24, 2021 at 9:31 am

    Hi EntityArt,

    Found some interesting ​videos:

    Hard Explosions heard in Toronto: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HVI2PDMntKs
    She says military jets fly around, and people in the comments also hear these same explosions.

    Here a TikToker capture an object falling from the sky, minutes later, aircrafts following its path: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yZfHeNE65uk (problem with this one is video is divided into two)

    Here I’d like to share a page documenting space debris 1960-1980 mostly found by people on farms, (lots of soviet piece of debris) : https://eclipsetours.com/paul-maley/space-debris/space-debris-1960-1980/

    • June 30, 2021 at 9:36 pm

      Hello Saturn Trap

      Thanks for these links.

      That video with the sound of a battle occurring in the background near Niagra Falls is a great find.

      Those images – and information – showing these metallic balls is very interesting. My first thought is that they might be related to the ‘foo fighter’ phenomenon. I will look into that more closely when I get the chance.

      Thanks for the tik tok capture video link – I saw that one not long after it came out. It is incredible footage. I have been meaning to add it to this post. Thanks for the reminder.

      By the way, I received your other comment on my ‘Who is in our Oceans?’ post. I will also look at that video you linked when I get the chance, and write something about it.

      Thanks again.

  • June 29, 2021 at 7:32 am

    Hi Entityart,

    Robert Sepehr recently uploaded an hour long video that contains obvious lies and disinformation of the Breakaway Germans like how they infiltrated and worked within the US government and NASA, how the US government has a secret space program and etc.

    This whole video is chock full of lies and disinformation from obvious disinfo shills that hail from the heavily monitered and controlled Ufology/New Age community that takes orders from the jewish infested US government and their agents.

    By the way, when is your next part of this Ufology explained series? Plus, will the Breakaway Germans show themselves and intervene in the next few years?

    • June 30, 2021 at 9:30 pm

      Hello again, Tank 88

      Thanks very much for this. I was not aware of this new video. Very interesting. I had a quick look through the video, I will look at it more closely when I get the chance.

      It looks like this video is perhaps a reaction to my series of 5 articles on the topic – some of the images in my posts are even used in it. But my series of articles debunk many of the assertions in his video.

      We can see Sepehr is very clearly controlled and has been told to create this video. He had not been promoting this notion that the Germans took over NASA and the United States, via Operation Paperclip – and he is now heavily promoting it.

      Also 6 months ago I noticed he also suddenly started promoting that there is a ‘Galactic Federation’.

      He included a long interview with the shill Tompkins in this recent vid.

      Tompkins promotes the ridiculous and nonsensical notion that Germans took over NASA and the US in operation paper-clip. Only uneducated simpletons can believe this nonsense. The scientists and engineers were blackmailed and kidnapped, they had no choice. I am embarrassed that some people believe this, ‘The Germans took over the US’ rhetoric. Anyone with critical thinking can see that it was an obvious impossibility…. Especially when can see that Jewry totality run the US. People can just look at a who owns all the media in the US (Jewry), look at how nearly all the people in ‘Biden’s’ government are jewish, and that the same people own and run Federal reserve. But apparently a small group of German rockets scientists took it over!

      Interestedly the controlled opposition agent Mark Fenton – on YouTube – also produced two videos on this topic recently… he had not touched it before. They are basic videos without demonstrating critical thinking or any in depth study on the topic. He has a lot of followers who lap up his WW2 subversions and they will lap up these subversions as well… Just more attempts at debunking the evidence of an advanced German Breakaway civilisation in our solar system and on Earth.

      I don’t have a Part 6 planned. But I am still researching, and I occasionally add additional information at the end of these ‘Ufology Explained’ articles. In last month certain pieces of info have been added.

      I have no idea my friend – all I can say is that there is a lot of activity up there right now. Loads of UFO sightings at the moment, and more so called low flying ‘meteors’ in our atmosphere.

      Thanks again for the information.

  • August 29, 2021 at 4:23 pm


    I’d like to know if you could bring more clarity to this assertion,

    “I have since studied the electric nature of our universe so I know ‘nuclear’ weapons don’t exist”

    I am not very convinced on this angle,( …electric universe theory, nonexistence of nuclear weapons…) and I would like to know more details.

    A topic for a new article?



    • August 30, 2021 at 3:56 pm

      Hello Andrew

      Yes, I will put something together on this topic.

      IN the meantime, here is a reply from me to someone who promoted Flat Earth under my Ufology Explained Part 1 post, which may help a bit:

      “Hello, new Anonymous

      I have researched Flat Earth and it is all lot of nonsense. A psyop.

      One of the big reasons these jews and jesuits lied about the true nature of the cosmos is because if you find out about the electric nature of the cosmos people would realise, and see clearly, the infinite abundance all around us. This electric abundance that can be tapped into very easily via devices outlined by Schauberger and Tesla – and various others. They have lied about the true nature of the cosmos to maintain and increase their control. Not because the Earth is flat. Flat Earth is a notion that goes against all of nature.

      From my research it very much appears that we live in an electric universe. The Earth is almost a ball – not quite though – a bit bell-like, or somewhat heart-shaped. It is somewhat flattened at the North pole. It is also hollow.

      Planets are born from their Sun. Planets are always expanding and slowly moving away from their Sun. Our Earth is clearly expanding (expanding Earth evidence is clear). Only a hollow electric earth could explain like this. All planets are hollow.

      Gravity is a lie – there is only electricity, and attraction due to electricity.

      The Sun is cool and electric. Not some furnace burning fuel!

      Robert Otey – who was inspired when young by Tesla and Schauberger – has been using the work of Walter Russell, Dewy B Larson – as well as many others – to explain the cosmos. As good as anyone I have seen.

      I think Otey’s explanations are the closet to the Truth that I have seen.

      The cosmos is electric – and all about spirals and vortices and implosion. There is a vortex being created inside the Earth, you can see the results at the North pole.

      Flat Earthers do not seem to be connected to nature and do not observe it. Existence is all about spirals and vortices… and continuous movement.

      The ‘Nazi’ Bell (die glocke) was about creating vortices. The swastika and black sun symbol are about vortices and the electric nature of the cosmos. Just look at them – spinning vortices. It was all a subconscious knowing coming through – as many Germans are Souls for Atlantis – and they had this knowledge there.

      Also, if you study ancient history and all the ancient architecture created by the ‘gods’ – all the alignments to the other planets or stars, careful mathematical calculations used in the monuments and architecture, and the sacred geometry based on spirals and vortices – related to the cosmos and electric universe – then it will help you understand that Earth is not flat.

      Flat Earth is a psyop to direct you away from the Truth.”

      Hope that helped.

  • August 29, 2021 at 5:07 pm

    Dear Entityart,

    I have copied and pasted pieces from your recent comments below as I believe you are on to a new vein of perspective. Although I am sure that these topics are best explained in a new article, perhaps you could give a glimpse of your latest research.

    Do you have any conclusions on the authenticity of the Inner Earth maps and the letter written by Karl Unger?

    “Yes, I am aware of UFO activity around volcanoes, with UFOs seen flying near to them and going inside them on occasions (I remember seeing some videos of cigar-shaped craft entering the volcanoes) – particularly in Mexico, from what I can remember. ”

    “… a little update on the Volcano UFOs. I have looked into it, done some digging, and yes, there is something significant there – a fair amount of activity around the world, more than I previously thought.

    “Anyway, I am going to use my research into the volcano UFOs in a future post. A little taster: Popocatépetl volcano has a particularly large amount of activity… it is clearly some type of entry point / access to somewhere.

    “It appears the the Breakaway Germans are working with some other groups – some allies – the other inter-dimensionally capable Small Greys are one – for sure. From what I can tell – from what I have seen and my research – one of these other groups is a metaphysical and spiritually advanced Inner Earth group. I think it is the Inner Earth group that was connected to the ancient Tibetans – something related to Agartha.”

    “Yes, Atlantis was an advanced Aryan / White civilization that somehow was destroyed – lots of different theories as to why. It seems that the people from there scattered and set up successful civilizations throughout the world. Having an impact on other races, bring new knowledge, methods and technology to them. Some of these Atlantean refugees may have gone inside the Earth – to the Inner Earth. It is a possibility.”

    “From my research it very much appears that we live in an electric universe. The Earth is almost a ball – not quite though – a bit bell-like, or somewhat heart-shaped. It is somewhat flattened at the North pole. It is also hollow.”

    “Planets are born from their Sun. Planets are always expanding and slowly moving away from their Sun. Our Earth is clearly expanding (Expanding Earth evidence is clear). Only a hollow electric earth could explain this.”

    “All planets are hollow.”

    • August 30, 2021 at 4:02 pm

      Hello Sinus Iridum

      Very perceptive of you.

      I am putting something together on these topics.

      Yes, I think they made it to the Inner / Hollow Earth.

  • September 27, 2021 at 2:33 am

    thank you for this blog and sharing this much needed information, entityart!

    I’ve been researching the Breakaway Germans for almost 20 years now – since I’m German and most of the information can be found in German this has been somewhat easy for me. Life has never been the same again. xD I’m pretty sure I have a personal connection with them. (But I won’t get into details here)

    Yes, there’s obviously some type of sky war going on. Consider that the shuttle explosions, the Challenger and Columbia, were caused by the Germans too. (Also various rocket disasters) There’s a video where one can clearly see a UFO shooting the Columbia with some type of laser before it disintegrates – I would provide a link but I cannoit find this video anymore (on youtube and similar places). These places have been heavily cleaned up in the past few years.

    Why would the Germans do this, you may ask?

    1) The Columbia had a military mission (as did most shuttles it seems)
    2) Apparently there was some type of toxic load/bio weapon on board (targeted against the Germans)
    3) The first Israeli astronaut on board

    I rememberly quite vividly the press conference the US governemnt held after the Columbia disaster. Bush & Co were VERY shaken. This cannot be explained if it had been just an accident. They weren’t even that shaken/pale in the face after Septermber 11. So yeah, the Germans sent them a message and they received it.

    And no, it is pretty clear, entityart, that the Germans were also behind the Chernobyl Explosion. You really think it was a coincidernce it happened on the birthday of Rudolph Hess? Sorry, but there are no coincidences. As a matter of fact, the Breakaway Germans have a tendency to do such things (“catastrophes”) on dates that are important to them or carry some type of significance in relation to the War years of 1939-1945. But only as responses, not as attacks. (For more information on that you may want to check out the website unglaublichkeiten com on the web archive. This site was ran/up between ca 2000-2015 by a German named Karl-Wilhelm Schneider and then taken down. Rumor has it he was put into prison in 2013.))

    Chernobly was an answer to an apparent very real threat by the USSR to nuke Germany – the Breakaway Germans are very protective of their original homeland and their fellow kin there. So this makes sense and in my eyes is justified. Consider that:

    a) these parties are still at war so civilian casualties are accepted and unavoidable at times (though the Breakaway Germans will try to avoid as many (civilian) deaths as possible)

    b) These people – for the most part – are SS! These are not kumbaya light workers. 😉

    This also explains the destruction of so many miliitary deposits especially in the USSR or the take down of the submarine Kursk. (Remember the battle of Kursk)

    Btw, if it hadn’t been for the Breakaway Germans there wouldn’t have been a reunification between the FDR and GDR. Though as we can see their enemies have done everything to use that to their advantage.But that may also have been in part a response in panic (to a looming OVERALL reunification – which I’m pretty sure has been in the Breakaway Germans’ plans from the get-go) And they pretty much rammed up everything since then (kind of like the price to pay?). The Iraq War shortly after (Iraq had/has German bases), Introduction of the EURO, ramming up of immigration, increase of anti-NS propaganda etc. It’s pretty interesting to see how everything went REALLY downhill shortly after that – culture wise, health wise, polticics wise etc. It’s like it sped up by at least 3 times! Of course, the cell phone technology helped with that.

    Speaking of cell phone towers – here’s one thing I haven’t figured out yet or just don’t really understad. It would be interesting to get your take on this, entityart. Beside the sky war there’s also a weather war going on (have you covered this yet?). Although one may consider that part of it. Well, how come the Breakaway Germans have allowed all that chemtraling to take place??? It’s been going on for at least 20 years now and it is especially bad over Germany. They actually ramped it up again in the past couple of months here which I think has to do with Covid. The cloud cover and cooler Summer temperatures allow the virus to spread and survive more – whereas warm weather and direct sunlight (UV) would kill it. So go figure.

    Either way, it should be easy for the Breakaway Germans – with their advanced technology – to neutralize those toxins and particles or to take down those drones and planes. Yet this doesn’t happen. (Or only to a small degree) I don’t think this chemtraling can be in the interest of the Germans as it contributes to the populace being in anxienty/bad moods (due to the lack of sunlight and greyer/darker skies) and staying dumbed down (or actually increasing that). And let’s not forget that they also still live and opearte on this planet so they should have an interest to live in/under a clean atmosphere. I’m really baffled by this….
    All the best to you,
    p.s.: It is really interesting how more and more of this information is coming out in the english speaking sector. 😉
    p.s.2: I posit that the Greys are biorobots produced and used by the Germans. Advantages:
    – a safe in-between, the Germans do not have to put themsleves at the forefront/in the danger line
    – giving them more time/room for other important work and freeing up human resources
    – aiding the alien narrative which gives them security/cover to keep advancing in peace/in the hidden

    • September 28, 2021 at 4:58 pm

      Hello Valiant Thor

      You are welcome, my friend.

      And thankyou for your input and perspectives.

      Yes, I think various people will be connected to them. They can connect to people in a variety of metaphysical ways in the night during sleep – and the vast majority would wake up and not have a clue that anything occurred.

      You could be right about Chernobyl. They would very likely be able to neutralise most of the fallout that spread over Europe. But it does seem to be an anomaly, as they usually only target military targets. It may have been a retaliation for something done to them.

      Yes, I researched many of those disasters and others – lots of evidence of sabotage and UFO activity. All these shuttles etc, were attempts at invading the Germans territory on The Moon by a hostile enemy force – they have every right to protect themselves. For sure, the SS Germans are still at war, as WW2 did not end – and some civilian casualties are inevitable in war. (As I am sure you know, Wilhelm Landig talked of these elite and secretive SS groups that formed during WW2)

      Yes, I do believe the Iraq war was either related to some Breakaway German bases — and, or, related to the (((PTB))) trying to gain access to the Inner / Hollow Earth and, or, secret ancient Technology. Afghanistan could also be related to Inner Earth, Hidden Technology and The Breakaway Germans.

      From my research and experiences I do believe the Breakaway Germans are also working with a metaphysical advanced Inner / Hollow Earth group. That expedition to Tibet just before WW2 was very likely related to this.

      The German’s actions seem to take into consideration the consciousness and psychology of the masses – they have great perspective now – and The Breakaway Germans also have metaphysical knowledge / abilities. They have been teaching people / Souls on other levels (some call it the astral level) – The Breakaway German and this Hollow Earth group assisting people with teachings and even some metaphysical downloads – this then effects their subconscious and leads them to knowledge. I know this has been happening. We would be in a much worse state if it was not for the Germans and this other group – and all the work they have been doing behind the scenes.

      Regarding the Greys, that is a possibility – however the shill Van Helsing also said that. From my experiences with the Greys I would say they are biological beings that are metaphysically gifted – we can’t know for sure either way though. But they are certainly working for, or with, the Germans – and it was a great tactic to use them for the DNA collections, as well as other related collections.

      Yes, chemtrails are bad here, as well. Criss crossing right above me at times. The planes are pretty low down and their destruction would be obvious, and would also lead to civilian causalities. I think the Breakaway Germans, and their allies, are very tactical in ways we cannot yet fathom or understand

      There is no ‘virus’ out there, my friend. There is no such thing as a ‘contagious virus’. Check out my long article on Germ Theory and ‘viruses’. We (our bodies) create the ‘viruses’ – they are cleanses to get rid of toxins. The increase in chemtrials could be related to the PTB trying to create more sick people – sickness created by the toxins in the chemtrails, which fall to Earth. I think there are likely a variety of concoctions they have – some for sickness – and possibly some for interfering with the subtle beneficial energy from The Sun.

      Personally, I feel actions are being taken by the Breakaway Germans which take into account the need for certain Human Souls on the surface of this planet to evolve and wake up. Surface humans have been naive, gullible, subservient worshippers for too long. A great catalyst for learning and developing yourself – your Soul – is struggle. Comfortable people rarely research or question anything, and remain passive and weak-minded. It also feels like we are being kept safe while Jewry and their cronies expose themselves. One example: Even brainwashed people in my family are talking about the Anti-White agenda now – as it becomes more and more obvious.

      Yes, I have certainly noticed the strange occurrences with the weather – worldwide. As well as videos about very strange noises being heard. I personally believe that the Inner / Hollow Earth, and the very long tunnels and very large caverns running under us, are significant in all that is occurring.

      Anyway, good to hear from you.

  • October 7, 2021 at 4:15 am

    Hello, what do you think of Christian Identity? I am personally an adherent of this particular school of thought.

    In short:

    – I believe that those who call themselves “Jews” these days are the biological offspring of the devil (sons of Cain) Canaanites, so not the true Israelites, a race we were called to extirpate.

    – I believe that the true “chosen ones”, the true Israelites of the Bible are the Aryans since they fulfill all the prophecies and the “Jews” of today are just pretending, just like Jesus said in Revelations 3:9 and many other passages.

    – And i believe that they want to exterminate us because, just like the Bible says in Genesis 3:15 “there is enmity between the two seeds” referring to the seed of the devil (Jews) and the seed of God (Aryans)

    You can watch those three videos to have a better understanding, the first one is very short.

    But first let me say that we basically agree on everything related to the cause, Racial consciousness, Zionist trickeries, the war on the White man, the German Breakaway group etc. I consider you a brother in this fight.

    When it comes to Christianity though, i have to respectfully disagree by you saying that is just another Jewish ploy as it is fairly far fetched, and also unfair to be honest. Here is my dissertation:

    (My main role here is to have an intellectual conversation with you as to why Christianity should not be considered Jewish subversion and not to convert you or to “preach” please keep this in mind as you read.)

    – There are historical evidences for Jesus

    – The Talmud made it clear, they hate Jesus with a passion.

    – In their most holy book (Talmud) they say Jesus is boiling in shit and semen, they say he practiced black magic, they say its the son of a prostitute, they say also that they exploited their influence and forced the Romans to nail Him on the cross.

    – Also you seem to ignore the fact that of the 109 countries that casted them away 90% of them were Christians.

    – Catholics and Protestants alike (Luther also made a book about them) persecuted Jews all throughout Europe.

    – Christianity brought civilization basically everywhere and i believe that the people conquered, in hindsight, liked their conversion.

    – Hitler was a Christian. (Yes, he may have said those things only to be liked by the Church, but that would make him an hypocrite, and i dont think he is an hypocrite, it would be also far fetched since there are thousands of quotes confirming that he is a Christian and that Germany is a Christian nation)

    – Since Germany is a Christian nation all the “Breakaway Plan” and wonder inventions were done by a majority of Christian minds, it is not too difficult to imagine that “The Last Battalion” out there is still composed by some Christians.

    – The people who bled in the Eastern Front against Judeo Bolshevism were Christians.

    – Europe thrived under Christianity

    – Christianity has accomplished in Europe more than any other tree fucker pagan tribe.

    – No thing has ever existed where all Aryans are united in one flag against a common enemy, except for the Great Holy Crusades

    – If Christianity was really all just a Jewish scheme, why the same Jews pushed so much against it in Europe and the US? They were already Christians, why change that?

    – The victims of the Holodomor were Christians, it was a deliberate Christian genocide.

    – The Russians before the Bolshevik revolution were Christians, and the Czar Empire was doing great, it was the Soviet Union (Jewish) to push for an atheistic mess. Again why pushing for atheism when Christianity was part of their game?

    – The Jews were also infamously known for poisoning Christians wells and sources of food and a lot of the medieval diseases were fabricated by them.

    – The Jews sided many times with Islam against Christianity, helping them in war, the Moors for example had a lot of help by them in Spain.

    – It was for all the people of Europe united under Christianity that the Caliphate did not conquer us, defending Europe from such a massive enemy would not have been possible by isolated tribes. If it wasn’t for Christianity we would probably be speaking Arab now.

    – Dont you see a pattern? What i see personally is a special connection between Aryans and Christianity.

    – Also you cant deny that Jesus and His name have power in the spiritual realm, you have done your research you know what im talking about

    – Jesus refers to “the Jews” as the children of the devil and the synagogue of Satan in multiple instances (John 8:44) (Revelation 2:9)

    Ultimately, in my view, the Jews that run the world now are not descendants of the prophets of the Old and New Testament but are Canaanites, offspring of the devil.
    Even calling them “Jews” is incorrect since its really just an alias that they are using.
    The Jew hate us because he knows he is projecting by calling us Amalek and that we are the true Israelites (that’s why you have Aryans in the middle east, for example the Egyptians were White before they race mixed)

    I do not believe that Christianity is another one of their subversions. Im curious to hear your thoughts.

    • October 18, 2021 at 12:15 pm

      Hello Cleet

      I am definitely not a fan of Christianity, my friend – I know it is hard but you need to try and let it go. These articles linked below should help… and at the very least sow some seeds.

      And it was not Christians they were poisoning or starving to death – but White Folk… Europeans / Aryans. Christianity was just the religion they managed to hoodwink Europeans with.

      All religions are subversion. Christianity has been a disaster for Europe… you just don’t know how it was meant to be, and how it was in ancient times. In these articles below you can learn Cosmic Truths, and some of the knowledge of the ancients before the abrahamic religions. In the Atlantis post there is also information about the very knowledgeable Druids – who the Catholic Church helped to kill off.:

      Electric Universe – Free Energy – Solar System – Hollow Earth, Part 1:


      Chestahedron- Sacred-geometry – Vril Energy – Ancient History – Religion – Hollow Earth, Part-2


      Atlantis – Technology – Knowledge – Genetics – Spirituality – Hollow Earth, Part, 3


      I hope that these can help you break free… and to see the Truth about religions.

    • January 11, 2022 at 6:38 pm

      Christianity is a huge subversion. Europeans were forcefully converted by the sword, Charlemagne mass murdered thousands of Pagan Saxons and then passed laws like the “Lex Saxonum” which made not being a (((Christian))) and/or practicing any native European religion punishable by death.

      Jesus was a jewish Supremacist who practiced jewish holidays like Passover (Jesus celebrated the mass murder of Gentiles during this holiday). Jesus was also circumcised and called “rabbi.”

      Hitler was absolutely not a Christian. And Himmler was even more anti-Christian than Hitler.

      Watch this: https://www.bitchute.com/video/kXy43n9IYz83/

      Also read this three part article about how Christianity spread in Europe. Open it with Google chrome and it will translate to English:


  • October 15, 2021 at 11:33 am

    Hi entity art, I want to know your opinion about these articles, and existence something like Q connected to our comrades among the world’s ZOGs,of course Q is a fake thing but I talk about some secret action like those which this fake Q supposed to do but from our comrade’s infiltrators ?!
    by the way we have a telegram channel and chatroom which consists of the American and European Whites NatSoc, and we will be delighted if u join us, this channel is based on your articles and the other reliable source


    our channel :
    The true Axis of deterrence against the jewish world order!

    1) No trolling
    2) No flat earth debates
    3) No infighting
    4) No porn
    5) No promotion of Abrahamic ( Jewish ) religions ( Christianity, Islam and Judaism )

    our chatroom:
    A channel for intelligent people, the ultimate red pill that someone could take.

    1) No trolling
    2) No flat earth debates
    3) No infighting
    4) No porn
    5) No promotion of Abrahamic ( Jewish ) religions ( Christianity, Islam and Judaism )

    • October 19, 2021 at 6:41 pm

      Hello The Seventh Country

      I read through all 4 parts. I could not see the compelling evidence that Schwab is an infiltrator. It seems to be mainly based on the information that his family ‘collaborated’ with the NSDAP / the ‘Nazi’ party. But the NSDAP obviously ran Germany for quite a while – so many German families, if you look into their history, will have connections to them.

      Narcissists and psychopaths just do whatever is best for them – which is what Schwab is likely doing. They just look for where there is power, control and wealth… they adapt to find what they need.

      If anything, it looks like he is perfect for (((them))) – perfect to front the Great Rest. A German to be the spokesperson of the Great Reset, a German whose family has some distant connections to the ‘Evil Nazis’. Then they can get the brainwashed normies to say – “Oh it’s the the Evil Nazis again”, etc… I have seen the normies saying it online. Especially when Prince Charles spoke some German in an interview about a year ago, at around the same time Schwab was speaking out about this Great Reset. I saw people online saying ‘Prince Charles speaking German, and Schwab is German = It’s the Nazis’.

      After studying psychopaths and their meticulous nature and how they plan (and their high I.Q) – I can’t see them letting someone who was not one of them, and someone who was not compromised (easy to blackmail) getting in a prominent position like that.

      And the well known faces of these organisations are not really making any big decisions. Unseen higher ranking psychopaths with higher I.Q’s make the decisions… people we have never seen before make the decisions.

      I keep an open mind, and will keep an eye out, but I am not convinced. I read through the posts and could not see the compelling evidence. I am happy to reassess if something more is presented.

      One thing I do agree with is that the Breakaway Germans are having an effect on what is occurring in ways we do not realise. This is an advanced group with metaphysical know-how, and an understanding of the Soul and human consciousness. I don’t think they are necessarily influencing through any publicly prominent infiltrators, but by more subtle metaphysical means (Soul / ‘Astral’ level / subconscious contact / assistance…. Contact that the vast majority would not have a clue was actually happening).

      By looking at the UFOs actions it does strongly suggest they have been mainly watching over us – as well as taking some covert military actions from time to time. Overall it has been more of a watching over, some covert ops, and not letting anything too terrible happen – with metaphysical assistance on other levels. (And the Soviet Union failed and Germany became unified…. which suggests they have been having some impact)

      So when he says in the article that the mass immigration and other attacks on us had to happen – I can see what he means. Jewry have to be exposed, they have to be kept in check and made to panic to some degree, so that they then expose themselves.

      And they are exposing themselves. For example, so many people are now talking about the Anti-White agenda – even brainwashed normies in my extended family have woken up to it. As the propaganda on TV has been ramped up to ridiculous levels. This incessant promotion of multiculturalism is waking many people up to the importance of DNA, race and ancestry. The UK is still said to be around 84 percent White – it might a bit less than that now – but essentially many more people are becoming racially conscious and we are still greatly in the majority – the Kalergi Plan was not as successful as (((they))) thought it would be… and this was one of Jewrys biggest agendas / tactics.

      This ‘Covid’ nonsense has also woken up millions around the world… There has to be a large awakening. So although things can look bad, in a sense this always had to happen – things had to get bad – because humans have to stop being naive, gullible, apathetic, ill-disciplined, hedonistic, little children. Struggle, threats to them and their families, and trauma are altogether a very big stimulus for Souls to evolve (not all Souls, some fall by the wayside, but certain Souls come alive)

      As a more advanced group you don’t just come down and take over… take over from a traumatised mind-controlled people. Too many people will still be brainwashed, and will also strongly resist the information given to them.

      What seems to be happening is that Jewry and The Banking Cartels are feeling the pressure – they are pushing too hard, going a little too fast – and exposing themselves. It is very likely that these mistakes – and them going too quickly – is related to actions the Breakaway Germans and their allies have taken.

      That’s what it currently looks like to me, with the information we have available.

      Now is the time to spread Truths, as more and more people are beginning to question our rulers – and we don’t want them getting caught up in limited hangouts and gatekeepers.


      I am too busy at the moment to get involved with your endeavours on telegram, but I wish you the best of luck with it.

    • October 20, 2021 at 8:03 am

      The Seventh Country

      But if you guys have any questions on the topics I write about, you can write to me in the comments sections of this website.

      I am always happy to help in that way.

      • October 21, 2021 at 9:00 pm

        Thanks, however it would be great if u join us,because this channel is a real red pill and u can publish each of your articles there and also u can post every thing which u think gonna be effective for waking up the white European and American people ,plus we have been sending lots of excellent post there and i think u will enjoy it,i insist your presence there but if u are busy at least u can glimpse our channel and tell your opinions about quality of our work there!bytheway i made a post about fake starlink satellites according to the article numb 5:

        • October 24, 2021 at 6:26 pm

          The Seventh Country

          I appreciate the invitation but my time will be better utilised putting together new content for my website. That is my path. I am not sure people realise how much time it takes to put together these articles. Plus, you will want me to focus on new content, as there will be at least one more very interesting post related to the Breakaway Germans topic.

          I had a quick look through your channel. Some good stuff. I will say that you should make sure that if you write a summary you should make it clear that it is your writing, and that it is based on content in the linked article, and not actually taken directly from it. I am also fine with you copying and pasting some small text extracts / paragraphs from my Ufology articles for the posts, as long as you put quotation marks around the text and indicate that it is from the linked article.

          A suggestion – you could do a post about how different Reinhold Schmidt was treated by the authorities compared to the two Jewish deceivers Elizabeth Klarer and Billy Meier. There is information on Reinhold Schmidt in Ufology Explained Parts 1 and 2 – and information on Elizabeth Klarer and Billy Meier in Ufology Explained Part 2. Schmidt was treated very badly.

          It is good to see that you are also sharing WW2 and National Socialism Truth on the channel.

          Best regards.

  • November 5, 2021 at 6:27 pm

    Hello Entityart. I am a relative newcomer (started really digging into that which we aren’t being told in 2016 even though I never believed the narrative) to this whole reality that is everything you describe in your articles (and I read 1-5 plus the book UFOs: Nazi’s Secret Weapon before reaching out). I have always thought there was more going on (in everything) than what meets the eye. I especially never knew why Israel was such a sacred topic to most people, but no one I ever asked could answer “why” very well. But you did, so thanks for that!

    For my entire life, I have felt out-of-sorts by something but not knowing by what exactly. When I was little, I had imaginary friends names Gretchen and Hans (that I still remember vividly and I am 52), and my dad tells me I spoke German before I learned to speak English. I live in Florida, and experienced a UFO for the first time ever last year in midday–a white cigar shaped object that split into 3 objects and moved in different directions.

    I found you because I was searching for information on the German Breakaway Civilization and because I have been fascinated with Antarctica and learning the truth. I know Dolan is a shill, but I came across something that said he coined the term “Breakaway Civilization” interestingly enough. It’s mind bending to contemplate how 250k people sustained themselves in Antarctica and how they compensate for O2 on the moon and in the deep ocean, not having the knowledge or ability to comprehend their tech.

    Also, disappointed to know Sepehr is controlled, especially since he recently got banned from YouTube.

    Having spent countless hours on what I now realize was mis-information, I do have some questions that I hope you can help me with:

    1) Since 95% of resources are misinfo, can you give a few website references/people who you feel are most reliable?

    2) After reading your post on the submarines and knowing most “accidents” are anything but, I noticed this article at DailyMail regarding a US sub in the S China sea: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/wires/reuters/article-10168787/Leadership-U-S-submarine-South-China-Sea-crash-relieved-command–officials.html You think this is NS related?

    3) A few people have mentioned Q, but I don’t think you commented on it. I realize it is a psy-op, and the posts do have Christian references such as to pray, but do you think that it was at least somewhat successful in starting to get people to wake up, or do you think it is purely controlled opposition? Do you think Q is connected to Trump & is Trump a jew if not a Zionist? He was recorded lately saying that Israel used to have more influence in Congress and we need to get back to that, or something similar.

    4) What are your thoughts on Project Looking Glass? Do you think there are multiple timelines?

    5) I know you say it is Jewry vs the people, and that is it basically. Could it be that using the term illuminati and other references are by design by ((them)) to further obfuscate and create the perception that there are many groups, when there is only one?

    6) You say that the NS/greys took collections for DNA purposes. Do you think the Betty/Barney Hill account is accurate? Is there a reason they took him as a black man you think?

    7) I know you say Greer is a shill (and even bragged of working with the Rothschild’s), but is there any validity at all in his ability to perform CE5 like he says he does?

    8) In the book Day After Roswell, Corso tells of all the alien tech recovered and how it was given to companies to develop, and that’s how we got kevlar, fiber optics, lasers. Is he disinfo or any truth to that? Also, I came across letters from a nurse (Matilda McElroy) who claims she interviewed the surviving grey from the crash. http://thenewearth.org/AI_FREE_READERS-EDITION.pdf Have you seen this? Any validity to it at all? I know Roswell seems so “mainstream” but most normal people are going to look at that early in their search for any truth, so any info is greatly appreciated.

    9) Why do you suppose there is this acceleration to destroy white people with increased immigration, CRT, multiculturalism? One would think it’s just part of the Great Reset, but after reading your articles, it sure seems like there is more to it?

    Lastly, just want to say thank you for taking the time to put your articles together. What you say does make tremendous sense, even though I have a hard time wrapping my head around Christianity being fake. I feel like that one is really pulling the ground out from underneath me and I need to contemplate that!

    • November 7, 2021 at 1:46 pm

      Hello Atlas

      I will insert my responses into your original comment. It makes things easier and more clear. My responses are in bold:

      Hello Entityart. I am a relative newcomer (started really digging into that which we aren’t being told in 2016 even though I never believed the narrative) to this whole reality that is everything you describe in your articles (and I read 1-5 plus the book UFOs: Nazi’s Secret Weapon before reaching out). I have always thought there was more going on (in everything) than what meets the eye. I especially never knew why Israel was such a sacred topic to most people, but no one I ever asked could answer “why” very well. But you did, so thanks for that!

      For my entire life, I have felt out-of-sorts by something but not knowing by what exactly. When I was little, I had imaginary friends names Gretchen and Hans (that I still remember vividly and I am 52), and my dad tells me I spoke German before I learned to speak English. I live in Florida, and experienced a UFO for the first time ever last year in midday–a white cigar shaped object that split into 3 objects and moved in different directions.

      Various people have contacted me saying similar things about feeling a connection… (on a personal note my nephew had a German accent when he was little and he grew up in England). Certain people are drawn to my website and the information it contains – and it is not a coincidence. The fact you had a clear UFO sighting which would have ignited your interest in the topic is also likely not a random occurrence. We have not been forgotten. We have Soul level connections to them. The Breakaway Germans have great metaphysical know how now.

      I found you because I was searching for information on the German Breakaway Civilization and because I have been fascinated with Antarctica and learning the truth. I know Dolan is a shill, but I came across something that said he coined the term “Breakaway Civilization” interestingly enough. It’s mind bending to contemplate how 250k people sustained themselves in Antarctica and how they compensate for O2 on the moon and in the deep ocean, not having the knowledge or ability to comprehend their tech.

      Dolan may claim that, but I have no doubt that others used that term before him. Not all 250,000 went to Antarctica – they went to various places – many to various locations in South America. Believe it or not, but some Germans eventually also went inside the Earth – to the Inner / Hollow Earth.

      Also, disappointed to know Sepehr is controlled, especially since he recently got banned from YouTube.

      Loads of controlled opposition were banned by (((YouTube))) in the last couple of years as their NWO Great Reset speeds up – whereas all the real Truthers were banned 3, 4 or 5 years ago by them. But Sepehr is still on there by the way. Both his channels are up. Jewry have various levels of controlled. Some have a fair amount of Truth with some gate-keeping and subversion on certain important topics.

      Having spent countless hours on what I now realize was mis-information, I do have some questions that I hope you can help me with:
      1) Since 95% of resources are misinfo, can you give a few website references/people who you feel are most reliable?

      I don’t rely on anyone – I rely on my ability to gather info and analyse. I tend to gather information from a wide variety of sources on specific topics, and then correlate, look for patterns and analyse, and then think critically – taking into account all the agendas – and then get as close to the Truth as I can. There really is so much controlled opposition out there.
      In terms of a specific website I visit regularly, I follow Renegade Tribune and one other small blog – and I also follow various channels on Bitchute using a VPN – if you don’t use a VPN on Bitchute nearly all the good Truther channel’s are blocked in Europe. Bitchute are compromised.
      You might find this post useful:

      2) After reading your post on the submarines and knowing most “accidents” are anything but, I noticed this article at DailyMail regarding a US sub in the S China sea: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/wires/reuters/article-10168787/Leadership-U-S-submarine-South-China-Sea-crash-relieved-command–officials.html You think this is NS related?

      Yes, I have seen the news about this one. It could very well be related to them.

      3) A few people have mentioned Q, but I don’t think you commented on it. I realize it is a psy-op, and the posts do have Christian references such as to pray, but do you think that it was at least somewhat successful in starting to get people to wake up, or do you think it is purely controlled opposition? Do you think Q is connected to Trump & is Trump a jew if not a Zionist? He was recorded lately saying that Israel used to have more influence in Congress and we need to get back to that, or something similar.

      Q is purely Controlled Opposition – all about subversion. Pacifying people. I don’t think it helped, only hindered – it diverted people away from real hard hitting Truths and pacified them.
      In office Trump surrounded himself with jews, he was financially bailed out by them, has many connections to them, and has jews in his family – but I don’t think he is jewish.

      4) What are your thoughts on Project Looking Glass? Do you think there are multiple timelines?

      I do not think there are multiple timelines. I don’t think we are shifting between timelines. I think it is a new age psyop with a clear subversive pacifying agenda. We cannot shift to a new timeline with positive loving thoughts and ‘raising our vibration’! As they say.

      5) I know you say it is Jewry vs the people, and that is it basically. Could it be that using the term illuminati and other references are by design by ((them)) to further obfuscate and create the perception that there are many groups, when there is only one?

      Yes, absolutely. That is what they have been doing. All sorts of names and secret groups to divert you, and in reality this whole NWO agenda is from them – and involves them recruiting the influential psychopathic narcissistic goyim via the Freemasons, which is run by Jewry. It all stems from Jewry.

      6) You say that the NS/greys took collections for DNA purposes. Do you think the Betty/Barney Hill account is accurate? Is there a reason they took him as a black man you think?

      There were some anomalies – and they may have just been interested in her. And it very much does appear that the Germans did not want the general public on Earth to not know it was them behind the collections, and the reasons for them – so there would have been some diversionary tactics. Though I don’t think the Germans mind now – otherwise I would not be exposing, and showing, what they did. It was all for our own good in reality.

      7) I know you say Greer is a shill (and even bragged of working with the Rothschild’s), but is there any validity at all in his ability to perform CE5 like he says he does?

      Greer is a subversive. And no I don’t, I would ignore him and all those other prominent people… though you can listen to them just to see their agendas and to be aware of their subversions. And most others who follow his nonsense are gullible and naive. People do not realise how huge it was for Jewry to discover the Germans out there undefeated and very advanced. So much effort has gone into controlling the entire narrative – so many subversive agents. If the Germans or an Inner Earth group (some German allies) want to contact you it is because you have a connection to them, and they see something in you, and will assist you to find Truth (astral level connection, which most will not even recall one bit of – and will only subtly effect your subconscious). I find it ridiculous that people believe aliens are hanging around listening out for humans doing some nonsense meditation…

      8) In the book Day After Roswell, Corso tells of all the alien tech recovered and how it was given to companies to develop, and that’s how we got kevlar, fiber optics, lasers. Is he disinfo or any truth to that? Also, I came across letters from a nurse (Matilda McElroy) who claims she interviewed the surviving grey from the crash. http://thenewearth.org/AI_FREE_READERS-EDITION.pdf Have you seen this? Any validity to it at all? I know Roswell seems so “mainstream” but most normal people are going to look at that early in their search for any truth, so any info is greatly appreciated.

      Most of that technology came from the patents and technology that the (((Allies))) illegally took from the Germans after totally ransacking their country. They had no ethics or honour. The Germans, without the control of the bankers, had made so many inventions and technological advances – far more than people realise. That is where most of that new technology came from after WW2.

      I don’t know what Roswell was really all about. But if it was a crashed craft it was extremely likely to be a German one. The small greys may have been piloting it. The US did not seem to be able to reverse engineer the anti gravity tech, it likely would have had – so I am unsure what it really was, and what it was all about. I do know that one of the Germans big goals was to sabotage the advanced tech developments of the US and Soviets – so as to keep them far behind and maintain the large tech gap.
      Yes, the Matilda McElroy is nonsense written by a fiction writer, who says he has lost all the original documents / letters (no surprise there). It is just another psyop which was promoted by the obvious shill Corey Goode. I mean it is compelling piece of fiction for someone interested in Ufology ( I read it many moons ago, as I new naive researcher of Ufology) – but it is fiction.

      9) Why do you suppose there is this acceleration to destroy white people with increased immigration, CRT, multiculturalism? One would think it’s just part of the Great Reset, but after reading your articles, it sure seems like there is more to it?

      Various reasons, but the main one is that we are the ones that pose a threat to their NWO. We are the most successful race – with the best inventors and soldiers, for example. And the Germans very nearly stopped (((them))) in WW2 – as well as exposing them in a big way. No other people came close. There is also a hatred and jealousy from them towards us that goes back a long way. Psychopaths and narcissists will always try to destroy their biggest threat. But one extra reason is that we have advanced relatives out there in our Solar System and inside the Earth… Those at the top of International Jewry know this.
      Many White people are also Atlantean Souls. We lived in that era, we know things, buried deep inside our Soul – we search for more. We look for higher consciousness, information, knowledge and Truth.
      Yes, it has greatly accelerated. They really are so over the top and overt with it now. They seem desperate – it is waking a lot of people up.

      Lastly, just want to say thank you for taking the time to put your articles together. What you say does make tremendous sense, even though I have a hard time wrapping my head around Christianity being fake. I feel like that one is really pulling the ground out from underneath me and I need to contemplate that!

      You are very welcome. Thankyou for your thoughtful questions. I hope I have helped.

      Check out my Chestahedron / Sacred Geometry article where Christianity is greatly exposed:


      • November 15, 2021 at 6:05 pm

        Thanks Entityart! Since I wrote you these questions, I have read several of your other articles, including the ones you reference in your answers, and have your site bookmarked. You also answered some more of my questions in other article comments. You are extremely consistent in every article too. There is not much info on the net that aligns with your thinking, yet it does make the most sense–if you already accept some basic truths. I’ll check out Renegade Tribune too. Thanks again.

    • November 11, 2021 at 6:11 pm

      Hi Vincent

      I would suggest these billionaire bankers have underground areas much more advanced than this. They wont show you the state of the art ones.

      I would not read too much into it though, that first article seems to have been released just to scare people about the fake covid virus. Nothing of note like this hits the mainstream – there is a subversive manipulative angle behind it if it does.

      We have always known that they have these large underground bunkers. But in reality, they have nowhere to run. They will have to face up to what they have been doing.

  • December 6, 2021 at 4:12 pm

    I came across this recent headline and since reaqding the above article on fireballs, I thought I’d share, in case you, or anyone else, wanted to check it out further: https://www.sott.net/article/461605-Meteor-fireball-over-Idaho-on-December-5

    There seem to be many sightings between 11/30 and 12/5 over the USA.

    (Still learning and processing the tremendous information you have on your website. 🙂

    • December 7, 2021 at 3:38 pm

      Hello Atlas

      Yes indeed, they are occurring even more rapidly now. I do keep on eye on them.

      39 ‘meteors’ / ‘fireballs’ reported on the SOTT website in November of this year (and there will be some more).

      And at least 13 in the first week of December!

      (That SOTT website is a controlled opposition site by the way, but they do post information on all the ‘meteor’ / ‘fireball’ incidents.)

      I look at the video footage and there are more UFOs seen right next to the explosions / disintegration.

      There is a whole lot going on up there, things seem to be escalating. Perhaps some type of desperation, or ‘big push’ from the PTB down on Earth. The fact all these Fireballs explode at roughly the same height above Earth makes me think that perhaps the UFOs (The Breakaway Germans) are allowing the ‘fireballs’ to get to a lower point in our atmosphere before they disintegrate / neutralise them… perhaps so that we notice them. Either way the UFOs very much seem to be in control of the situation.

      (Plenty of UFO fleets of orbs, as well as cigar / tic tac craft, being seen in our atmosphere right now as well.)

      I should imagine there are also some very secretive operations occuring on, and inside, our Earth right now as well. As well as some in the Ocean, I should imagine.

      People can see all the latest ‘meteors’ / ‘fireballs’ at the link below.


      Thankyou for sharing

  • January 16, 2022 at 3:30 am

    Hello again Entity Art,

    Besides our moon and Mars, do you believe that any other bodies in our solar system are currently colonized?

    What do you think is the likelihood of the current Vril, Andromeda, Haunebu, and other such craft developed in the past 75+ years having extra-solar travel capabilities? Could they have yet traveled to Alpha Centauri, or even further into the expanses of our galaxy?

    Considering the time that has elapsed since the mid 1940s, the various bases possibly located in remote areas on our planet’s surface and underneath the worlds oceans, outposts in the Inner Earth, and colonized areas on (and in) our moon and Mars, what do you think would be the best estimate of population size- ballpark figures, as Americans say?

    Many thanks again for your replies, and for all the phenomenal work that you do,


    • February 5, 2022 at 6:41 pm

      Hello again Vincent

      “Besides our moon and Mars, do you believe that any other bodies in our solar system are currently colonized?”

      I am fairly sure the Germans are inside Ceres as well. Probably pretty much every moon and planet has some type of settlement either on it, or inside it (some could just be small mining settlements). But not necessary all from the Breakaway Germans.

      “What do you think is the likelihood of the current Vril, Andromeda, Haunebu, and other such craft developed in the past 75+ years having extra-solar travel capabilities? Could they have yet traveled to Alpha Centauri, or even further into the expanses of our galaxy?”

      From what I have seen they are great deal more advanced now – those are very old craft. Yes, I think they have been probably been travelling beyond our solar system, perhaps to other galaxies – but how far and wide I do not know. From what I can tell they have some type of portal technology. But their main focus would have always been defeating this reptilian/archontic force that is causing us problems.

      “Considering the time that has elapsed since the mid 1940s, the various bases possibly located in remote areas on our planet’s surface and underneath the worlds oceans, outposts in the Inner Earth, and colonized areas on (and in) our moon and Mars, what do you think would be the best estimate of population size- ballpark figures, as Americans say?”

      I would love to be able to answer this, but I have no idea. In my memories I briefly saw some civilian city areas, at street level, and I remembered / saw some experiences like outdoor swimming in lakes, and sledging in a snowy region… I also saw a large ranch type home there with fenced off animals. But pretty much everything else was military operations. I never saw a birds-eye view of any cities / civilisations that I knew were German settlements. I did see a birdseye view of busy city with a lot of hovering vehicles, but I do not know if it was a German city.

      With the focus they had on breeding, and with what very much looks like an advanced breeding project in place it, it will be big. And considering the fact that they are also inside the Earth – which I believe is a very safe and secure location. Very substantial by now. We are talking millions, but how many I could not say.

  • January 16, 2022 at 9:17 pm

    I was wondering what you meant in your recent comment reply about us having “advanced relatives in the solar system and inside the Earth. Besides the Reich, what evidence is there for other groups/civilizations with whom we may share common ancestors?
    Incredible and elucidating articles by the way- exactly what is needed in today’s world!

    • January 24, 2022 at 11:13 am

      Hello Hugh

      I meant The Breakaway Germans, or I could say the White Breakaway Civilisation – from the people I have seen it is like the best DNA / Genetics of the White people with North West European and Central European ancestry. I have seen Blondes, Red heads, Brown hair, Black hair – all White people.

      They are advanced. So much more advanced metaphysically and technologically.

      I also strongly the believe there are surviving Atlantean groups inside the Earth. Who would also be related to us.

      I have seen your other questions. I will get to them as well at some point.

  • January 16, 2022 at 11:38 pm

    Entity Art,

    I have a few more questions that may be of interest.
    I. Are you aware of any genuine photographs of the Greys as you have described them?
    II. Are you familiar with Axel Stoll ( his books “Hochtechnologie im Dritten Reich” ,”Das Wissen um die Unterdrückte Physik, and video recordings that can be found at the channel :”DerStahlBesen” and on Internet Archive)?
    III.Do you believe that supposed photos that can be seen by searching the keywords “nazi helmet on mars”, and “nazi car on mars” have any validity?
    IV.Although I would assume you may speak more of this in your upcoming articles, do you believe that there are currently open areas to the Inner Earth, on the north and/or south pole, which are enter-able?


    • February 5, 2022 at 6:16 pm

      Hello Hugh

      “Are you aware of any genuine photographs of the Greys as you have described them?”

      No. I have not seen one that looks genuine. Some photos are particularly ridiculous.

      “Are you familiar with Axel Stoll ( his books “Hochtechnologie im Dritten Reich” ,”Das Wissen um die Unterdrückte Physik, and video recordings that can be found at the channel :”DerStahlBesen” and on Internet Archive)?”

      No I am not. I will have a look when I get the chance.

      “Do you believe that supposed photos that can be seen by searching the keywords “nazi helmet on mars”, and “nazi car on mars” have any validity?

      I don’t take any notice of them – and I don’t need to look for that kind of proof. That looking at rocks and rubble for signs of life is just diversionary, and mainly people imagining things…. a distracting sideshow.

      “Although I would assume you may speak more of this in your upcoming articles, do you believe that there are currently open areas to the Inner Earth, on the north and/or south pole, which are enter-able?”

      The North Pole area is the best place for access. Wilhelm Landig describes how the German Elite SS groups were flying over the North Pole in their advanced planes, taking off from the bases they had in the Arctic at the end of WW2 (a fair amount of evidence for these Arctic bases by the way.)

      Probably the best way to get there from the surface of the planet is by either submarine or advanced anti-gravity craft. It appears that Submarine is how some of the Germans first made it there – but they were allowed in and were assisted with directions. There had been some agreements made – I do believe they were probably invited by a certain Inner Earth group… there is some evidence for previous contact. I do not think they would have got in there otherwise. The metaphysically advanced Inner Earth groups know all of what is occurring on the surface of Earth – some are very metaphysically gifted – and they know who the good guys are.

      I think nearly all the other entry points, via tunnels etc, are probably blocked or carefully monitored.

  • January 17, 2022 at 2:42 pm

    Hello again Entity Art,

    I have a few more questions which I have been thinking about.
    I. What do you think of Martin Neumann’s book Das Dritte Reich als Dritte Supermacht auf Erden?
    II. Have you seen any recent notable UFO activity that may hint at what is to come in the near future?
    III. Any thoughts on the obvious disinfo agent Stephen Quayle ( Empire Under The Ice…)?
    IV. What about Jack Heart (His articles such as Titthakara: Nazi Germany’s Secret Installations beneath Polar Ice Caps, and others from Veterans Today)?

    Apologies for so many!

    • February 9, 2022 at 11:59 am

      Hello Hugh

      From observing the UFO activity being filmed (I follow various channels that upload footage) there is obviously a scouting and protective force of benevolent UFOs in our atmosphere (fleets of orbs mainly seen, but also cigar shaped craft). It is obvious to anyone who studies the footage. The question is who they are protecting us from? Just the governments down here, or another force as well? Here is what looks like a recent display of force from the Breakaway Germans and their Inner Earth group allies:

      I am aware of Martin Neumann’s books, but I have not read them. It is very time consuming for me reading these German books, as I have to copy and paste and translate each page. Have you read them? Could you provide a summary?

      Veterans Today = a controlled Opposition gate-keeping limed hangout. I read that article by Jack Heart. What a lot of distracting gate-keeping waffle that was.

      Steven Qualye = controlled opposition with misdirection and gate-keeping

      The books I endorse are the ones I have linked under the articles in the Ufology Explained Series. And I also think Henry Steven’s book: ‘Dark Star – The Hidden History of German Secret Bases, Flying Discs and U-boats’ has some good information in it. (Though Stevens does unfortunately buy into some of the Ufology psyops from the likes of Salla and friends on occasion – he doesn’t pay them too much attention though. And he also seems to want to, for some reason, discredit Zundel’s book on UFOs – but Zundel definitely did not get all his information from Landig’s book!)

  • February 26, 2022 at 2:45 pm

    Hello Entity Art,

    Thanks for the replies. That is an incredibly large fleet! Its tragic that so many people are not aware of all these almost daily sightings.

    I have not read Martin Neumann either, but I believe it is the source of the series of articles on Fliegendewahrheit, which for the most part correlate with your conclusions.

    Axel Stoll looks very interesting. I look forward to your impression of him.

    I know you must be deep in your research at the moment and I don’t want to distract you from it, but when you have the time I have more questions which may be of interest.
    I. What do you think of the Third Reich maps of the Inner Earth, the instructions, and the letter that was written by Karl Unger?
    II.Do you believe that there is any significance to the theories on Liesegang Cavities that can be found on “malagabay.wordpress”?
    III. What about the site “malagabay” in general? It looks very interesting (…theories on the inflating earth, electric universe, structured water… etc.).
    IV. Are you aware of the books of Jan Lamprecht?
    V. Do you have any thoughts on Wallace Thornhill and the Thunderbolts Project?

    On a different note, have you seen that there is a degenerate “Iron Sky 2” film, making a ridiculous distortion and mockery of the Hollow Earth?

    I hope that you received my other comment.
    Incredible work that you do as always!

    • March 21, 2022 at 1:23 pm

      Hi Hugh

      I was talking about the population, not the fleet.

      1: I believe the maps are genuine, and that the Germans made it to the Inner Earth. They received assistance / guidance from at least one group inside the Earth. I think it is connected to the SS / Ahnenerbe expedition to Tibet just before WW2. I have also seen certain things in the night – metaphysical experiences. By the way, those colourful monks and blue people that I created – displayed in my galleries – are related to an Inner Earth group. Look into the ancient paintings of the old Buddhist gods (blue and green skinned). They were definitely not Tibetans though – a different race. (Subconscious memories of mine coming out through my Art)

      2 and 3: I had a quick look at this malagababy info. My initial thoughts are that I am not a fan, in general, of what I saw. I will have another look if I get the chance.

      4: I read some Lamprecht – he got a fair bit wrong with regards to the Inner Earth – but came to the conclusion it must be hollow. If I recall, he did some good work on the seismic waves.

      5. No, I don’t, I have not looked into him enough. But there are various different EU groups. I am aligned with what I presented in my article on Electric Universe. (Some people will be controlled opposition, by the way).

      6. Yes, that is the main purpose of the movie. To make the whole concept and idea seem absurd and silly. But if they are making movies like this about that topic, we can see that there is Truth there and that they are trying to subvert us away from it.

      I did get your other comment – it is still in the list of comments that I need to reply to.

      Best regards.

  • April 10, 2022 at 10:23 pm

    Hello Entity Art,

    I just posted under another article of yours. Excellent work! Guess I’m no longer a “lurker”, for the time being.

    Yes, there’s been an uptick of these aerial occurrences. Pretty intriguing. I’ve noticed an uptick of disinfo regarding free energy research during WW II as well. Besides the obvious, long time shills, Mark Felton and Nick Pope, there is another I came across several months back, Tino von Struckmann. Not sure if you’ve heard of him. You’re not missing much. However, he has been putting out a lot of false and misleading material which has resulted in rapidly growing his channel.

    This individual is a former (current?) actor. He has appeared on T.V. shows such as “Colony” (irony?). He has a YT channel called “Lost Battlefields”. Yeah, he’s on YouTube so that is a major clue he’s not to be trusted. He is most certainly promoted. His subscriptions continue to increase. Hopefully, they’re paid for and not genuine. Well, he claims to be searching for the truth about WW II technology and the secrecy surrounding the Germans, especially Dr. Ing. Hans Kammler. He is obsessed with the man. But somehow makes sure to sully his name at every chance. Strange.

    He claims to have proof of Dr. Kammler’s alleged surrender to the Americans (and passing on all research involving the projects he supervised to the U.S. military). Another individual recently wrote a book suggesting the same. This conclusion is totally absurd. Anyone who understands the dynamics surrounding that period (up to present day) would never fall for such misleading material. The staggering amount of patents stolen from Germany circa 1945 generated at least 40,000 new technical terms in the English language. They were created/translated from German.

    It is curious how a lot more interest is being cast upon Dr. Kammler at this time.There was even a PBS special about him not long ago in the U.S. Yes, his research and the projects he supervised were nothing short of fascinating. And, officially he’s listed as “dying” at least four or five times.Yet, none of this information wasn’t truly hidden. Why the sudden interest as of late? There is irony in there.

    Thanks for this series of articles. Truly appreciate it.

    • January 20, 2024 at 9:29 pm

      Did you heard about Untersberg myths? Untersberg is a mountain near Salzburg, Austria. One of the popular myths is centered around a time anomaly, where time goes slower than on the “surface”. Apparently Dr Ing Kammler found this anomalous cave and now resides in it.

      Multiple innkeepers reported either seeing him or talking to him. He sometimes goes to the inns for lunch, lol. I don’t know how believable these eyewitness accounts are. There was a video titled ‘dr. Hans Kammler ist Schuldenfrei’, but it got deleted, unfortunately.

      But I’ve also seen multiple people claiming witnessing him (along with Bormann) in other anomalous mountains, not just Untersberg. So maybe he is up to something.

      • January 22, 2024 at 11:53 pm

        Hello Freya

        I don’t know about the validity of these occurrences, but I find it very interesting as I have had the strong intuition for a long time that inside the Earth time moves more slowly.

        There is information in my subconscious, and I am very intuitive about certain topics.

        There is a movie called ‘Time Trap’, which shows that time moves more slowly inside our cavernous and hollow Earth (as I am sure you know, they allude to Truths in movies).

        This has some interesting implications when considering the Breakaway Germans and the evidence that they made it to the hollow centre of our planet.

        This is all related to the cosmic energy that accumulates inside our planet. The subtle cosmic electric particles that are emitted by our Sun. The energy inside our Earth is quite different. It is very likely the same energy that the Old World buildings were focused on harnessing and maintaining on the surface of our planet.

        Best regards.

  • August 14, 2022 at 10:32 pm

    Thanks for your excellent and enlightening work.

    A couple more data points.

    Recently the Australian government propaganda arm, the ABC (our equivalent to the BBC), had several articles about ‘space junk’ falling on the country.


    There are a lot more articles than these ones – when they have a topic they hammer it hard, and it is always lies from them.
    I suspect it is connected to the fireballs.

    Also the Melbourne fireball you discuss occurred when the following edicts were in place for Melbourne, I don’t think there is a direct connection … who knows …


    You cannot leave your home unless it is for one of four reasons: shopping for necessary goods and services; care and caregiving; exercise; and permitted work.

    You must stay within five kilometres of your home. This limit does not apply to work or when giving or receiving care. You can leave your home in an emergency or if there is family violence.

    Face masks must be worn indoors and outdoors whenever you leave your home.

  • October 22, 2022 at 11:16 am

    Hello Entity Art,

    I found your website some time ago when I was looking for clues about how the New Age scene is a PsyOp. Your views and research have confirmed my picture about it.
    I have also read with interest the other information you offer on your website, and for the most part it confirms my own research.
    So far I have not dealt with the subject of the German Breakaway Group, because the theories seemed too wild to me. Based on your research, however, I plan to look into it more closely. Since I am German, I have the possibility to easily read into the literature you mentioned.
    Two questions, which result from your research, occupy me, however, already now. Maybe you can answer them.

    1. How was it possible for a German Breakaway Group to escape to the Antarctica and from there to travel and settle the moon and other planets, if one assumes that already a highly developed extraterrestrial race rules the earth? These should have intervened, in my opinion, with their far superior, sophisticated technology and artificial intelligences and prevented the plans of the German Breakaway Group.

    2) The assumption of a German Breakaway Group sounds to me altogether, quite apart from it whether there are founded indications to it or not, like a pacifying PsyOp. Isn’t it a nice thought that there are still some well-meaning allies up there somewhere? And even if they can’t and won’t free us, they are apparently still there for us to prevent the worst from happening. Therefore, are you sure that you are focusing on the pure facts in this issue and combining and concluding them without even a subtle wishful thinking?

    If you could address the above questions, I would certainly appreciate it. And as I said, I agree with your views on many issues and topics. However, on the subject of health and nutrition, I have had different experiences, have researched very deeply, and have come across profound truths that I would like to share in brief. In my experience, the subject of nutrition is not as important as is commonly believed nowadays. It can only become important when a human is already ill. And illness is always a state of consciousness. The physical, emotional or mental symptoms of a sick person can then possibly be reduced or completely eliminated for a time by a special diet. A healthy person, however, is able to eat everything what we commonly call food without any negative effect. This does not mean, however, that possibly certain aspects or performance capabilities cannot be improved by a certain diet like „meat only diet“. If you would like more information on this topic from me, feel free to let me know. Then I will write more about it in another post.

    • October 24, 2022 at 8:50 pm

      Hello Vingr

      Just a quick message to let you know that I have received this comment. I am going to write a longer more complete message, and answer your questions in more depth, at a later date – probably when I have finished part 12 of my Resets and Genocides series.

      Just a few quick points for now.

      Did you actually read all 5 Ufology Explained articles? There is a great deal of evidence for my proposals. ‘wishful thinking’? No, I do not engage in ‘wishful thinking’. I read a great deal around a subject and then deal with data, evidence, correlations, patterns, analysis and critical thinking. I think my articles throughout the website demonstrate that. Also, I never proposed that they are ‘coming down’ to save the day.

      And as well as this, don’t you think it a little odd that you have not even read all the literature I recommended? You have not completed anywhere close to the necessary level of research needed to have a good feel for the topic. You should have really read it all and then commented. But never mind.

      You are absolutely wrong about diet – Illness it not always a state of consciousness! My friend, you sound like a new age type saying that. It sounds a bit like ‘German New Medicine’, which I have studied – as well as many other schools of thought on diet and disease – and it is greatly flawed. I will address this further in my longer comment to come.

      I have been on the Raw Primal diet for nearly four years now and it has transformed my body, and everything has improved (mental clarity and concentration levels, as well as the physical), it was not because I started loving myself or anything like that! It was because of the incredible amounts of nutrient dense foods (full of raw fat and raw protein) – that were also alive with bacteria and enzymes – that I was consuming.

      Again, I will answer your questions more fully at a later date.

      (Also, the answer to question 1 can actually be found in my Resets and Genocides series on this website)

      Best regards.

  • October 26, 2022 at 10:24 am

    Hello Entity Art,

    and thanks for the feedback.

    Well, the subject of the German Breakaway Group is quite extensive. The literature you recommended is several 1000 pages long. So it makes sense to get a rough overview first and if possible clarify basic questions about the big picture before you start getting lost in the details for days.
    About the topic itself: German scientists who manage to develop anti-gravity technology shortly before the loss of WW2, escape to Antarctica with it, build UFOs and establish space bases. From there, fly to Earth to kidnap people and collect DNA. Sounds pretty wild. And in the end it has no fundamental impact on our situation down here anyway as you write in your articles as well. And yet the whole issue smacks of a pacifying PsyOp, in my opinion. At the very least, I suspect that many people who are concerned with this issue and take it seriously feel somehow reassured that there is still someone up there who is on our side. Also, for example the more recent books by the author Gilbert Sternhoff (The Third Force) are clearly in the direction of a pacifying PsyOp. The titles include “The return of the third power” and “The third power from 1945 to the takeover of the world.” So apparently it can go that fast from “objective data” to “they will save us all.” So the topic itself is apparently not as harmless as you make it out to be and I think some basic questions are quite warranted before delving into the subject.
    On the subject of health and nutrition, I am not speaking from the perspective of theoretical considerations, but from a very individual experience. I myself was tormented for years by chronic disease states of various kinds. And yes, changing my diet to special diets could partially free me from certain symptoms. And there I tended also rather to a quite meaty nourishing way. However, a healing occurred only through a transfer of information on the level of consciousness. Not due to developed self-love as you suspected, but rather due to traumas that were forced to process through this and suppressed emotions that wanted to be perceived and were pushed up to the level of consciousness. It was an intense and painful journey through my shadow issues, which made healing possible and also physical symptoms finally disappeared.
    I look forward to your longer response to my questions. I like the way you approach and analyze a topic. Best regards.

    • October 30, 2022 at 9:11 pm

      Hi Vingr

      Yes, I was probably a bit harsh when suggesting you should have read them all before messaging 🙂 But Zundel’s and Bergmann’s should have definitely been read.

      I will also give you a tip: Henry Stevens book called ‘Dark Star’ is good. Though he does say some nonsense about Zundel getting all his info just from Landig, which is not true – and he gives too much attention to some Ufology psyops – but he has some good information and summations of Landig’s and Bergmann’s work – as he speaks German.

      You said: “And in the end it has no fundamental impact on our situation down here anyway”. I never said that. Just that they are clearly not coming down and taking over.

      It absolutely has had an impact.

      My friend, humans down here, in the main, are very limited in their thinking – and they also have no clue about what has been going on in other realms and off-planet. The cosmos is more complex and full of life than you can imagine.

      Why do you think we are having this awakening? If it was not for the breakaway civilisation and their allies the situation down here would be really terrible… so much worse… can you not see that everything is not going to plan for (((TPTB)))?

      Anyway, I will provide a longer response to all the topics you brought up, likely after Part 12 of my Resets and Genocides series is posted.

      Best regards.

  • February 2, 2023 at 10:08 pm

    Hi again Entity Art!

    I found a part of a comment reply that you wrote a short time ago in Ufology Part One, and I keep wondering about it.

    You wrote:

    “…I (my alternative self) performed many missions on other levels and on other planets with other White humans (and there was actually an Hispanic man with us in one mission)…”

    Why do you think that was? First off, could this Hispanic man be somehow involved in operations or bases down in South America? It got me thinking. Maybe some work is being done with people, White or not, that are here, who are somehow contracted/recruited through a planned or maybe even unplanned encounter. Do you think there might be a chance of that? The way I see it, unless some wildly unlikely longshot of Mestizos on another planet is true, this Hispanic man has got to be from right here.

    One other thing- I can’t find it, but I think you talked about remembering a Japanese group too.

    Do you see any lights in the dark with all this?

    Thanks a lot, as always.


    • February 4, 2023 at 9:51 pm

      Hi Mike

      I will tell you a little about that memory:

      When you get recall, if you see a face clearly your mind ‘super-imposes’ / replaces their face with someone you know. I was on this mission and the group of men/soldiers were taking cover behind a wall in a ruined building. We had our backs against the wall and one of the men I saw as Arturo Vidal – who is a Chilean footballer that played for Barcelona – he is a combative and aggressive footballer. So I saw this guy as this famous footballer, but it obviously was not him. It is strange what your mind does – this has happened in various other returning memories – the face replaced. It may be a mechanism / implant in place – in me – that stops me seeing their face for our protection.

      Yes, he would be from here. I think there were groups recruited in South America. It is totally logical.

      I had one brief memory where I saw a large strange building with grass / lawn on the roof and I saw what looked like a Japanese man outside. I feel intuitively that there is some type of small breakaway Japanese group, possibly inside the Earth. There is information in one of Henry Stevens books that make me think this as well.

      The Earth is vast – there is a lot of living space inside it.


      “Do you see any lights in the dark with all this?”

      My thoughts vacillate on this matter. I have recall of my own successful on-the-ground missions. I know the capabilities we have. I also see the UFOs quite easily neutralising the fireballs. But I have also had recall of some terrifying scenes. I don’t really know what to think. I think this is all very big and complex. From one memory, I think genetically engineered non-human soldiers have also been created by the resistance force, for use elsewhere (most of what I saw / recalled was on Mars and inside Earth). In one memory / recall I was shown a holographic representations of one of these genetic creation and was told some of my DNA was used.

      Hope that helped.

  • February 5, 2023 at 9:00 pm

    Hi Entity Art!

    Thanks for that! That’s very interesting.

    But couldn’t it be that the super-imposition of a face that you recognize, over the actual face of the person that your recalling, prevents you from accurately determining the real race or ethnicity of that person? In other words, this person that you’re recalling, whose face was super-imposed with the face of this Chilean soccer player, could be White, not Mestizo. Or do you think that the faces that are super-imposed, match the real race of the person that’s being “disguised” through some sort of mechanism in your recalls?

    I sure do agree with you, that groups could have been recruited in South America. It is logical. What I’ve been thinking though, is if there might be any chance of recruitments of people who are not White. I sure would doubt it being top priority, but I just keep thinking about South America, what you’re saying about the chance of this Japanese group, and the diversity of ethnic and racial units -foreign conscripts- in the Wehrmacht. Not really important, but curiosity doesn’t kill the cat.

    “From one memory, I think genetically engineered non-human soldiers have also been created by the resistance force, for use elsewhere (most of what I saw/recalled was on Mars and inside Earth). In one memory / recall I was shown a holographic representation of one of these genetic creations and was told some of my DNA was used.”

    That’s about as wild a thing as I’ve ever heard, but I sure can see how that could be a strategic advantage.

    • February 5, 2023 at 9:26 pm

      Hi Mike

      There is a slim chance he could have been White. But my subconscious would have very likely super imposed a White face that corelated to his character if he was. We can’t know for sure, but I think he was likely Mestizo. The Germans went to various locations in South America at the end of WW2, and UFOs have been seen in Chile a lot – especially around certain Volcanos. If you come across honourable, committed, skilled men then you recruit them (like the Waffen SS did) – there was a very big task at hand.

      Yes, it does sound wild, but I am pretty sure this is happening. They showed me this creation very clearly. It is the logical step for advanced groups. You create an army with genetic engineering. You are always looking for a strategic advantage. A type of clone army, if you like.

  • February 15, 2023 at 10:44 pm

    Hello Entity Art,
    do you have any idea what the current media articles about downed ufos might be about?

    • February 17, 2023 at 10:14 pm

      Hi Vingr

      Who knows for sure? But the media will be lying.

      A Chinese Spy balloon, haha, give me a break. I don’t know what that was, but it wasn’t a Chinese spy balloon.

      I saw the other report from Alaska as well. Not sure what that was about.

      There seems to be a lot going on at the moment in our atmosphere, so many sightings of UFO fleets and strange phenomena (the strange moving phenomena are often destroyed or damaged craft emitting ‘substances’).

      If craft are being downed in our atmosphere, it will very likely be the more advanced surface dwelling Earth craft. The Breakaway Civilisations UFOs are very advanced, and from what I understand, exist in a sort of time bubble (slowing down time in a sense) and should be able to avoid any surface Earth missiles with ease.

  • February 21, 2023 at 8:17 pm

    Hello entityart,
    I wanted to let you know that the url for Fliegende Wahrheit has changed. There was an attack on their site several months ago and they went offline. But fortunately they came back, with a new host I believe and they had to change the url. It is now org instead of com. Seeing that there are a few articles and comments on this website linking to that old discfunctional url I think you should fix these. You just need to replace the com with org. 🙂 If you have a search function in your site editing program this should be rather easy to do I think.

    There have been some new articles on the “third power” there, given Sternhoff’s new book. Personally I don’t pay much attention to Sternhoff anymore, seeing that he openly proposed a “Day X” in one of his previous books – you know, a date where the Breakaway Germans would openly show themselves and directly interfere. AKA liberate/take over the world (or at least, Europe). I don’t remember exactly, but I think he said this would happen in 2017 or 2018. Well, that didn’t pan out, did it. And he even went so far as to name the (earth) headquarters of the Breakaway Germans. Some obscure mountains in Venezuela I think that no one had ever heard of before (in this regard). Give me a break.

    Granted, there are other authors (KaWi Schneider of the now defunct sites unglaublichkeiten and nsl-archive for instrance or Jan van Helsing (who btw promotes Sternhoff quite a bit)) who have been talking about a Day X. I’ve been really wondering why authors/ researchers would do this. Wishful thinking? Intentional pacifcation and misdirection of the readers? (Looky here, it’s Venezuela….and hey, just lean back, the Reichgermans will take care of everything!) Intentional misdirection for the TPTB? (Making them scared for an open return-scenario, forcing their hand and thus exposing themselves more) Maybe it’s a combination of these….

    Either way, if I was a book author and wrote about this subject and I would have certain Intel that the Breakaway Germans were planning on a “Day X” and even had a specific date for it I would never ever disclose that. But it’s actually kind of ludicrous to think that the Breakaway Germans would actually ever disclose such information to any author on earth – I mean it’s propbably the most vital information of all! LOL! (If they are indeed planning on something like this, that is. Personally I do hope so. I have to admit, that for a long time I too was hoping for an open retaking of the world by them – but now, after over 20 years of occupying myself with this subject (as I mentioned in my previous comment), I had to change my view and mentality on that. I am somewhat disappointed I have to say…..
    But I also recognize there’s so much we still don’t know or are not privy too and I’m still very very glad that they exist and do what they have been doing for the past 70 years. I agree that things would probably be a even worse on earth, if they didn’t existed. Hard to believe, actually… :/

    Btw, I too am not convinced about that Klaus Schwab thing Rabe proposes on the fliegende wahrheit site. Schwab looks very Jewish (nose, lips etc) and I even read a couple of articles where it showed part of his ancestry being so. Granted, that may not have to mean much (let’s remember there were Jews and Half-Jews serving in the Wehrmacht and also in the NS government) but given that I’m quite photo-sensitive (meaning I can read people through their photographs) I can also see that he’s involved with black magic. That still may not nix the whole argument in the bud but personally I consider it a red flag. Then again, as usual, who knows what’s going on!?

    Last but not least – seeing that the primal diet is a subject here on your blog – have you ever gained any insights as to what diet(s) the Breakaway Germans engage in? I doubt it’s vegetarian, but if Hitler had/has a strong influence on them, they may be? At least some of them. Not that it matters much but it would be kind of interesting. Maybe they are so advanced that they don’t even need normal food anymore….

    Btw, while I personally don’t quite follow that primal diet I do see its legitimacy and acknowledge your amazing experiences with it. However, did you know that Vonderplanitz died in 2013, being only 66? Some people say it was an accident or that he was accidented (he fell from some type of pier at his home in Thailand after the railing broke, if I remember correctly) but frankly, he realldy didn’t look good in his past couple of years before his death. I watched one of his last seminars and was very shocked to see him frail and sickly. So apparently that diet wasn’t doing him good anymore. And it wasn’t sufficient to make him recover from his accident injuries either. To be honest with you, there was always something off-ish to me that made me stay away from him and his diet teachings. Progbably because he is very dogmatic about his diet (and other things) and personally I always have an aversion to dogmas. Obviously that goes with a lot of other diet proponents too. Their diets are so dogmatic (which can cause stress)….and they often think/ propose “this diet fits all”. Sorry, but to me it’s pretty obvious that a Chinese will thrive on a different diet than a Japanese or an Arab or a Germanic person. In that regard, I find the blood type diet very interesting (by D’Adamo). Have you ever looked into that? It is not the ultimate solution IMO (no diet is IMO) and again it’s too dogmatic, but it may give some important pieces of the puzzle.

    Personally I believe that the lively factor is the most important aspect when it comes to nutrition. Aka Bio-Photons. And obviously you will find a bigger quantity and better qualitiy of them in raw foods. Raw meats, raw fruits, raw dairy, raw veggies and raw mushrooms will all have them. Though quality will vary depending on what locations they were sourced from and how the conditions were at the time. (Sunlight, Moonlight, Rain, Soil Nutrients, Bacteria, Pollution, EMF, POR/DOR energies etc) I truly believe that if people are advanced enough they can source the bio-photos (prana? vril?) direclty and won’t need to do it via food. Maybe (some of) the Breakaway Germans have advanced to that point.?

    • April 12, 2023 at 7:42 am

      Not Entity, but I have been thinking about this diet aspect a lot too – having to eat foods is a big weakness, even when you are a carnivore. Especially on this planet. It’s easy for the enemy to create food shortages and wipe out your population, or poison your food supply (which is being done right now).

      I have also thought that the life-energy is what we really need, not food, and yes, I think I agree. I have not looked into Bio-Photons however. I am not sure if you have heard of Walter Russel’s cosmogony and other related things but basically the consensus is that all matter is actually energy in different states of motion – think of a pool of water with ice in it, we perceive the ice to be an individual object but in reality it is just a different state of water. This energy is said to be a “primordial energy” as is Prana/Vril/Chi/Orgone/etc. After researching this I believe all of these terms refer to the same thing, which is the universal energy, the universal One – Light. POR (Positive Orgone) is possibly the centripetal/creating form of this energy and DOR (Deadly Orgone) is the centrifugal/decreating form. (By the way, I recently discovered this excellent series of articles/book on the “sexual revolution” which includes one on Wilhelm Reich, apparently he was a seriously perverted Jew, I believe his Orgone discovery was a coincidence, perhaps he had to be killed for it: https://nationalvanguard.org/2018/11/jewish-merchants-of-sin-and-porn-part-6-wilhelm-reich-and-the-sexual-revolution/)

      It then follows that with enough of this energy it is possible to build the body as well, if all matter is just energy. Raw foods are likely better for the body because they have not been “killed” and have more of this energy (this life-force energy can be pictured using Kirlian photography I believe, perhaps someone has done this with meat). It’s possible that different foods affect us differently due to the unique energies they carry, which is why we can use certain foods to remedy issues. But I think there is still a chemical aspect when you are eating foods, it is not all about life-force energy.

      I have this theory that the body’s digestive system is actually only meant to be used in emergencies, i.e. when there is not enough energy in the environment. Perhaps if we are colonising a planet we eat the animals for a short period while we get our energy-harnessing technology set up. It’s also possible that our bodies were genetically engineered by our “creators” to not absorb much energy so we would be easier to control – dependent on food.

      Perhaps food could be created which is highly imbued with this energy, maybe in a drink form, easily utilised by the body.. “Mana potions” (This energy is sometimes referred to as Mana/Manna as well). Perhaps we can find a way to do this on the surface of this planet. I don’t know if you’ve heard of them, but ORMUS/M-state elements are supposedly what were used to create the “bread of gold” that was given to the Israelites by Yahweh. There are also hieroglyphs of Egyptian “Gods” being given “golden bread”, bread that is literally made of gold, or supposedly ORMUS gold. ORMUS is meant to be a different atomic state for certain elements. There are people who ingest these “ORMUS elements” and supposedly have “Kundalini awakenings” with them, but I don’t know – there is a lot of New-Age subversion surrounding this topic. Very interestingly though, people who ingest ORMUS elements are said to get a “healing crisis” where they experience symptoms of their past ills before they are healed. They attribute this to a “release of karma”, but I find it interesting how similar this is to Primal Diet detoxes – perhaps they are in fact one and the same?

      Very interesting also is breatharianism. It’s a “diet” where instead of consuming food, you directly absorb “the energy of the Universe”. It’s also called “sustenance through Light” which I think is very interesting given Walter Russel’s work. It originates from Ancient Hinduism. I believe this “diet” was only possible because of the huge energy density back then, due to the energy-harnessing complexes. These yogis who practiced this also could have been using techniques to harness more energy, pranayama possibly – perhaps they were Giants with different genetics which allowed them to do this. (By the way, how did the Buddha meditate for so long without eating? Hmm..) I believe sun-gazing is also related to this. Think of how TPTB try to brainwash us into believing the Sun gives us cancer. Direct sunlight is likely a dense source of this energy.

      Another interesting note, Entity suggests in his Energy-Harnessing Old World Buildings article that the Larger Humans in the ancient world may not have needed to eat food, because there is very little evidence of waste disposal systems etc. in those old cities.

      I think it is very likely that food is not a necessity. It’s possible that we cannot absorb this energy because we are on the surface of this planet where the energy is not very dense, the Inner Earth may be different. Or possibly there is some mechanism in place to stop this energy from reaching us – hopefully not.

      By the way, according to some Indian yogis the hairs on your head actually serve as antennae to harness this energy – apparently it takes 2 years for the antenna on the tips of your hairs to form after having them cut. Personally I am growing out my hair after learning this, I believe haircuts are subversion in general (insane amounts of EMF from electric razors). Makes you think that maybe the stigma/negative stereotypes against and about men having long hair was inserted into society on purpose by a certain (((group))) – a group that likes to grow long sideburns. I have heard that in the past men of conquered nations would have their hair cut short to show their status as a slave – it was known that having the hair cut short would weaken them. There is also an interesting study on Native American trackers being recruited into the army related to this, which I believe Entity has mentioned on this site in his Hollow Earth series. Supposedly our hair is not the primary mechanism for harnessing energy though – I do not know what is.


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