Controlled Opposition – David Wilcock, Corey Goode, Darryl Anka (Bashar), Benjamin Fulford, Cobra, Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, Trump, Putin – Ufology – Alternative Media

Controlled Opposition – Corey Goode, Cobra, Bashar (Darryl Anka), David Wilcock, Benjamin Fulford, Edward Snowden, Trump, Putin etc…

(I used a picture of ‘Ashtar’ from ‘Ashtar Command’ as that is a huge psyop and is associated with Cobra. I am referring to Cobra from the website ‘The Portal’)

Interestingly, this article leads to Fake Terrorism, North Korea, Zionists and Israel.

Anyway, here are some of my thoughts on Controlled Opposition in the alternative media (A hint: It’s everywhere!)


It can be very disheartening when you are awakening to what is happening in the world – as when you really do your research and become informed you realize that most of these prominent ‘players’ in the alternative media are Controlled Opposition. And I have been shocked about the amount of Controlled Opposition operatives and Gatekeepers there are – and how hard people will push unsubstantiated claims. An example for you: Alex Jones and InfoWars is perhaps the most obvious controlled opposition operation going.

We also have David Icke and Jordan Maxwell who also very much seem to be Controlled Opposition… ‘what?’ you say … ‘some of their videos woke me up’, etc…. (they initially helped me as well) But, yep, it is the Zionists putting people in place to get you to rely on them – so they give you some truth to draw you in and then some carefully selected disinfo and then also failing to include some pieces of important information. Just like all Controlled Opposition. The alternative media is a minefield. (Both these guys appear on the Richie Allen show – he is contolled opposition. And David Icke even appears on the shill Alex Jones’s show!)

The UFO community, in particular, can be incredibly naive and get distracted and carried away with the fantastical ET stories that give them some hope. I am not going to say that I haven’t been a little caught up with someone’s information until I realised it to be coming from someone who was clearly Controlled Opposition. But then eventually you see some of the agendas behind the operation – and see the disinfo they put out. When you go far down the rabbit hole it can all get little scary and something within you is looking for some ‘hopium’ ie – ‘there must be some good guys down here fighting back’, then these people come forward and say I have an ‘insider that I know’, or ‘I am an insider’ – and often they come with statements or firm predictions of change – ie: everything will change this year in the fall of 2106, or you will see great changes in this most of this year etc. These people are really just there to disempower you, pacify you, distract you and feed you bits of disinfo.

I particularly research the extraterrestrial and ‘Milab’ phenomenon because of my various and numerous experiences – i.e ET abductions and memories returning of times spent in some sort of ‘secret space program’ and becoming lucid during ‘Milab black ops’ type missions. I have an article on this website describing my experiences. But I also research many other facets of the global conspiracy. Particularly all the fake terrorism and fake shootings – all the nonsense that the Freemasons and Zionists set up – the staged drills that are passed of as real. You cannot understand what is going on on this planet if you do not understand that all these terrorism events are Fake and Set Up by the Freemasons and Zionists – as I said earlier, they are usually drills passed off as real using paid crisis actors – and sometimes they even use CGI in them.

Link to Article: False Flags Fake Shootings Fake TerrorismPsyopsHoaxesFreemasonsZionists

Anyway, throughout history Controlled Opposition has been used to control the masses. It catches people like a net, holds onto them for a while, distracts then, gives them some truth and also carefully selected pieces of disinfo. The people who are in charge of this planet employ this all the time.

“A controlled opposition is a protest movement that is actually being led by government agents. Nearly all governments in history have employed this technique to trick and subdue their adversaries.”

Notably Vladimir Lenin said:
“The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.”

Below are my perspectives on various people I have come across in my research – I hope I inspire others to think critically and to question all these so called ‘insiders’ – and for people to get an idea of how Controlled Opposition works.

Corey Goode, David Wilcock, Cobra, Fulford, Snowden – and others

Some obvious Controlled Opposition within, or related to, the UFO field of research is: David Wilcock, Corey Goode, Cobra (the portal), Benjamin Fulford, Simon Parkes etc – and there are blogs that promote many of these people that are also Controlled Opposition — these blogs are normally just set up primarily by people, who themselves are controlled, to the promote these other controlled agents. ‘Stillness in the Storm’ is an example of one of these Controlled Opposition blogs who vigorously promotes and defends Wilcock and Goode, as well posting about Fulford and Cobra. And there is also ‘Discerning the Mystery’, which has been obviously set up just to promote Corey Goode, Cobra, and David Wilcock etc. It is very interesting that as soon as the ‘Discerning the Mystery’ website was set up ‘Stillness in the Storm’ started posting ‘Discerning the Mystery’ articles on his blog, promoting him – just as he did with Jordan Sather. As soon as Jordan Sather’s youtube channel was up it was promoted immediately by ‘Stillness in the Storm’, and who does Jordan Sather work with now? Corey Goode! There is a network of Controlled Opposition here people all backing each other. (If you research a great deal and have an excellent memory – you see unusual things in the alternative media and you see networks of controlled opposition) And when Corey Goode started working with Bridget Nielsen ‘Stillness in the Storm’ started posting about her as well. This is the woman who says she has had sex with reptilians and it was great! Seriously, how does that help humanity – articles about this? Again, a network of Controlled Opposition promoting each other.

(I know that some of the ‘intel’ that some of these people put out can be very compelling, I followed some of these people for a while before I worked them out. ‘How can they not be ‘of the light’ when they put out this type of info?’ – read the rest of the article and about how it all works.)

Within the ‘Secret Space Program’ area of research we also have William Tompkins – who is obviously Controlled Opposition – a limited hangout operation – and is only divulging what he is allowed – and also the same with Randy Cramer. They are told by the people who control the organisations that they are affiliated with, what to divulge and they do as they are told. William Tompkins displayed some suspicious behaviour when he cancelled, without reason, a second set of interviews with Kerry Cassidy – he had obviously divulged too much – I  think he said too much about the Reptilians in previous interview. It is so obvious that the have some type of script and then say only what they are allowed. There could be some disinfo in there as well – we don’t know just yet.

I have written about the Corey Goode ‘Sphere Being’ psyop / cult on this website – it is one of the the most obvious limited hangout and Controlled Opposition operations out there. It seems to be creating a cult, a ufo religion and now trying to capture the minds of the younger generation – again, like a net drawing them in and trying to hold onto people as long as possible. Corey also seems to want to control all the SSP disclosure narrative and also try to sanitize what is going on in them – and there is very obvious saviour programming in there as well – which disempowers and pacifies people. And why does humanity need to hear so much about Corey’s UFO stories, it is beyond me – how does it benefit people to hear so much about unsubstantiated ET stories like these? It is dangerous what he is doing – these SSP projects are not to be taken lightly – they ruin lives – and are run be incredibly nefarious people.

Link to Article: Cosmic Disclosure – Corey Goode – Controlled Opposition – Secret Space Programs (SSPs)

I have also written about Cobra on this site. I have looked through the majority of is interviews and followed his intel for quite some time and I also looked through a website that had collated Cobra’s responses to questions – there is so much disinfo in there and lots of pacifying and disempowering responses – if you research the global conspiracy like I do – you can see the disinfo and the agendas. It also, like Corey Goode’s info, contain saviour programming – here instead of ‘blue avians’ and ‘inner earth’ groups it promotes this totally unsubstantiated idea of a ‘resistance movement’ on ‘planet x’ – and also the unsubstantiated idea that there some pleiadians that he is working with to help free humanity. These stories are absolutely disempowering people – stopping them from coming up with solutions for humanity. He talks about these ‘toplet bombs’??? and other exotic weapons – he says that there ET groups are clearing all these bombs that are surrounding us here on Earth. For five years he has been saying this! and he say things like we are close to clearing them all – and then, ‘low and behold’ they have found some more and some more weapons have been found – then the next month – and again, its ‘oh we found some more toplet bombs etc – over and over again this goes one. And of course Cobra talks about Ashtar Command and Galactic Federation etc etc – pacifying and disempowering – these are psyops. Cobra has also promoted this book by Ishtar Antares called Aurora 2012, which I have read – that also made some predictions that didn’t come true, and which also contained other disinfo regarding the psyop that is Ashtar Command. And Cobra also promoted this guy Drake in 2012, who was a psyop, who also predicted changes in 2012, as did Wilcock who aligned himself with Drake – why do people forget about all these things? Unfortunately, my fellow humans, we have to sort all this insanity on this planet out ourselves. People need to realise that Cobra has been saying the same things over and over again for over 5 years. And of course Cobra does joint interview with the obvious psyop Corey Goode – which should send up red flags for you.

Link to Article: Cobra, (The Portal) is Controlled Opposition putting out Disinfo 

David Wilcock continually tells us the ‘End-game’ is near, or words to that effect – how many endgame type articles is he going to write? One each year? One every 6 months? Again, he is disempowering us – the endgame is not near. For example – ‘ It’s ok, we can relax the ‘Endgame’ is near!’ I do not think it is near. David Wilcock is obvious Controlled Opposition – some truth mixed in with disinfo. His so called ‘insiders’, and contacts – people like Pete Peterson for example, are also obvious Controlled opposition, basic stuff from these people who give us little titbits of carefully controlled info. Wilcock also collaborates with Corey Goode, who is also obvious Controlled Opposition, Wilcock also comments on Benjamin Fulford, who again is obvious Controlled Opposition. Wilcock also promotes this idea of a mass spontaneous ‘ascension’ – again, disempowering people, pacifying people – stopping people being proactive and make changes to benefit humanity and detach from the satanic matrix system – we can wait for ‘the resistance movement’ – or the ‘sphere being alliance’ or the ‘inner earth groups’ or the ‘ ascension wave of energy’ – that will sort all out all our problems apparently. They are disempowering and pacifying the public – over and over!

We also have people like Edward Snowden and Julian Assange – totally controlled opposition and limited hangouts. What has Snowden released that people who are knowledge didn’t already know? – nothing – and he even gave out disinfo about 9/11. His is info is basic, and he is obviously controlled and some type of agent. Pretty much the same things can be said for Julian Assange… controlled.

And Benjamin Fulford won’t tell you that Snowden and Assange are just Controlled Opposition Limited Hangouts. And Fulford wont tell that all these terror events are fake – he might say some are false flags but that stills perpetuate the myth that people were killed and it perpetuates the fear they create. But they are hoaxes, totally fake – just one example for you: the Russian Ambassador shooting – this is such an obviously fake shooting. Fulford will not tell you that these so called terror events were set up by the Freemasons and Zionists to further their agendas. Benjamin Fulford is obvious Controlled Opposition – a limited hangout operation.

People get hooked on what all these people are saying – they sit back and think these guys have it all in control – these so called ‘insiders’ – but they are just telling us stories – but it’s all just carefully controlled commentaries from these people, with some disinfo. Better to spend your time looking to make some practical changes on this planet and learning about the Zionist and Freemason agendas and researching all the fake terror events – so that these fake events have less effect on the collective. We have people saying ‘the cabal’ or ‘the illuminati’ – But I think people should be just saying the Zionists and Freemasons – I think these alternative names are a psyop. Go down the rabbit hole geopolitically and it leads to the Zionists, Freemasons and Israel.

Fraudulent Predictions and Statements for upcoming change… and channelers — Bashar, Adronis, Abraham Hicks etc

So we have Wilcock regularly making endgame, or the battle is nearly won, statements in his articles. Wilcock also backed and made predictions in 2012 regarding this fake guy ‘Drake’ – people forget how wrong Wilcock was then, and Cobra was involved with this. Corey Goode said everything will change in in 2016 and it didn’t – now he is pushing a three year disclosure plan – what ridiculousness. More disempowering. Wilcock also wrote an article whereby he perpetuates the idea that people actually died in the Boston Marathon Bombing – when anyone who is a real researcher knows that the boston marathon bombing was another fake hoax event a drill passed of as real. Cobra is also affiliated with the website ‘prepare for change’ change – more disempowering – it should be Create Change! Let’s just sit back and prepare for change, what a disempowering and pacifying slogan – again, it should be Create Change.

We also get these popular channellers like Bashar and Adronis, for example, making predictions – they were both saying everything will change in the fall of 2016. The SSP ‘whistleblower’, Elena Kapulnik, also joined in with her own ‘channeling’ and also said all will change in the fall of 2106. Bashar is the most obvious psyop – he promotes solipsism for one thing, which is nonsense, as we are in a collective consciousness and we are not in total control of our reality – again, we collectively manifest what happens here. He also constantly distracts people from the global conspiracy from the Zionists and Satanists etc – suggesting that if you look into that dark information then that is the sort of reality you will manifest – nonsense. We must shine a light on the dark to transform it.

When these channelers and so called ‘insiders’ make statements on when things will change – be very suspicious. There is also the case of Aug Tellez now, who promotes himself as insider – and has put out lots of interesting information, but it is mostly information that I have heard before. I am wary of him because he has come out with the statement that everything will change in the fall of 2017. Why regularly put out a statement like that? It only pacifies and disempowers humanity. And also because he promotes the disinfo agent Donald Marshall – I am sure cloning does goes on, and we all know some really terrible things go on with the elites, but Donald Marshall is almost certainly controlled opposition with disinfo – some ridiculous things have been said by him, particular the things about Reptilians, such as them having this ‘thing’ come out of their head that goes into your eye and takes you over – obvious disinfo. I will certainly not be holding my breath about this Aug Tellez 2017 prediction! He also has very few details about the time he says he spent in Solar Warden – lots of information is given out which would be complex to many, but no solar warden details of operations he took part in. So I am not totally sure about Aug, I think we will see after this fall 2017. Will he be the first ‘insider’ to actually predict when the changes will come?

While we are in the subject of channelers: we have people like Bashar and Abraham Hicks putting forward this notion of people just trying to manifest an abundant life for themselves. You don’t need to transform the planet, they suggest – just try to manifest a happy and abundant life for yourself. Nope, actually we should be looking to highlight all the darkness, all the satanic practices – we need to bring it to the light to transform it. We need to work together to create change – helping each other, practical solutions etc – so we need to know where all the problems are and where they originate from. These two channelers are obvious controlled opposition psyops. And there are many other channelers who just go on and on about different ET races. Firstly, do people realize how easy it is for the ‘powers that be’ to manipulate these people – who they are channeling – most are not going to be channelling who they think they are. Anyway, regardless of this, what purpose does it serve to listen to a ‘channeler’ telling you about unsubstantiated info about ‘ET races’ – how does this help humanity evolve and break free from this Satanic Slave System and understand the tactics of the Zionists and Freemasons. Are these ‘channelers’ telling you any useful practical information regarding this planet. Nearly all are just distracting you.

One more thing related to Bashar, he goes on about hybrid children – not human children, but hybrid children. Our human children are getting poisoned, abused, sacrificed and eaten on this planet! We do not need to worry about hybrid children! And this woman Bridget Nielsen aligns herself with Bashar and promotes making a safe place for the hybrid children to live. She also says that she has had sex with reptilians and it was great. Do you know who aligned themselves with this woman? – Corey Goode did. He is good ‘friends’ with her and does videos with her – it’s networks of Controlled Opposition – psyops linked together.

Anyway, there is absolutely no benefit to humanity in the people making these statements and predictions with dates about big changes – the only purpose can be to dis-empower and pacify humanity – there is nothing else it can do. I would take them with less than a pinch of salt, and be suspicious of those who are making them – especially as all the statements so far have been wrong. And carry on researching, and carry on trying to make a positive and practical difference to this planet – and carry on learning about all the fake terrorism and fake shootings, the controlled opposition agents, the CIA limited hangouts, the Zionists, the Freemasons. Question everything and don’t stop learning. We need to become informed critical thinkers and then to come together somehow and make changes.

Early ET abductions, Milabs researchers and whistleblowers

The whole UFO field has been infiltrated by Controlled Opposition. Some of the first researchers like Barbara Bartholic and Dr Karla Turner were doing some diligent and credible research and investigations exposing the nefarious ETs – but they were killed off, as was Phil Schneider who was exposing some important information – and then the UFO field was filled with agents. We did have some very credible testimonies in the Milab, Secret Space Ops and Black Ops area years ago – but now, in the last year or so, this area of research seems to filled with agents and disinfo and it is difficult to find the ones with genuine information.

Trump and Putin

As I mentioned earlier one of the areas I spend a lot of time research is all the fake terrorism. Some questions for people who believe Putin is some kind of savour: Why did Putin play along with, and essentially endorse, at least two fake terrors acts. Firstly the fake shooting of the Russian Ambassador in Berlin – it’s totally fake, research it – watch Ole Dammegard’s video on it, for starters. And Putin also endorses the St Petersburg Metro bombing – again, a staged drill passed of as real – fake. There are videos about these fake events in a playlist on my youtube channel. Why is Putin endorsing these fake deceiving acts, as well as playing along iwth other fake terrorism from around the world? Truth seekers who go far down the rabbit hole suggest that Putin is just playing a role – that pretty much all these leaders are just playing their roles. I would also suggest he is just playing a role – and I certainly do not trust someone who deceives humanity like this.

Putin has also made it illegal for people to question the holocaust in his country. From my research I have found no evidence that any gas chambers were used or that any Jews died in gas chambers – but there is lots of research which point to the fact that the gassing did not occur. Watch some Fred Leuchter (The Leuchter Report), David Irving, Old Dammegard and David Cole videos on this subject for starters. The people you see dead in the videos and photos died from diseases such as Typhus, this was due to the allied bombings towards the end of the war, which took out the supply infractures in Germany which meant medicine and food could not get to the work camps. Diseases spread quickly. Now putting people in these camps is not a good thing, for sure, and it is terrible that people died but the lies surrounding these camps is shocking. Its propaganda by the Zionists to try to gain sympathy for their Zionist agendas. I could go on about this subject but you can research it yourself.

Now to Trump: he is of course endorsed and praised by Putin. And in case anyone does not realize, Trump is exposed as an obvious Zionist. Look at what he has said about Israel… shocking… 100 percent backing for Israel he said… wow… supporting this disgraceful regime that is taking part in the incremental genocide of Palestinians. Look at Trumps behaviour related to visiting Israel and Netanyahu. These Zionists have never had any right to Palestine – These European Khazars, who are often referred to as fake Jews, are behind the Zionist movement and are not the semites – they are from a region around Georgia originally. The Palestinians are the semites. And who has Trump surrounded himself with? I will tell you who: Loads of confirmed Zionists! Putin is friendly with and has endorsed and praised a very obvious Zionist … hmmm… what does all this suggest to you?


One of the purposes of this article is for people to become aware of what Controlled Opposition and ‘CIA Limited Hangouts Operations’ are – and to question all those people who suggest that they are insiders. Look for the signs – and one of the signs is that they start making statements of when great change will occur and attempt to pacify and disempower with various articles and statements. There are so many people out there who will try to catch you and distract you, feed you some disinfo.

The way is see it is that one of the things they are distracting you from is all the fake terrorism: crisis actors are used – they are staged drills passed off as real, CGI is also used –  I have been researching these fake events for over two years now. Who owns the media and sets up these events – it’s the Zionists and Freemasons. I have followed a whole community of people who were dismantling all these fake events on Youtube. So many of them have had their channels taken down for questioning these events and explaining to others how they are obviously fake (luckily most of them just make a new channel and come back). No one else I have followed is having their channels taken down – only the people question these events and people questioning and exposing the Zionists and Freemasons – as Youtube is owned by the Zionists of course. Far more offensive channels are left up. Anyway… Three of the most obvious phony fake hoax events: the Boston Bombing , Sandy Hook, Orlando Pulse nightclub shooting – if you can’t see or work out that these are totally fake events… then… well.. Speechless… And there are just so many more… so many

Link to Article: False Flags – Fakes Shootings – Fake Terrorism – Psyops – Hoaxes – Freemasons – Zionists

The fake events are one of their main tools for manipulating humanity. The powers that be (the zionists) can’t go around just blowing people up and killing people – you would get hundreds and thousands of very angry family members, large groups of very irate people to deal with, who would certainly question your homeland security – and also, karmically it’s not good for them – so you deceive the public with fake events. These ‘events’ put people in fear and they are also used to attempt to bring forth various agendas – gun control, martial law, armed police, automated travels systems, Islamophobia, World War 3 etc etc – essentially more and more control over us.

Through all the UFO psyops ‘the powers that be’ are also trying to distract the awakening / alternative media community from the Zionists activities. When you go down the rabbit hole it leads to the Zionists, it just does – I believe there are definitely some ET races that are ultimately in control of this planet and governments – but in dealing with practicalities of day to day on Earth the Zionists tactics and agendas need to be understood… and all the lies they have told.. Israel and Zionists is where it all leads. They own hollywood, the corporations, the media… they are in charge it seems. And they are trying to create World War 3 in the middle east and trying to demonize Muslims – they are trying to destabilize that region, taker it over and essentially try to run this planet from there. They also want to distract from the fake North Korean threat – that is fake – look at the fake Otto Warmbier case – so fake – and all the North Korean photoshopped pictures, just for starters. And the fake threat from Muslim fundamentalists – that is fake as well, there are not any muslim terrorists running around Europe or the US shouting ‘allahu akbar’ and killing people – again, these events are fake and set up by the Freemasonic and Zionists. The propaganda against the muslims is shocking. They also want to distract you from what is going on in Palestine – it is just shocking what has been done to the Palestinian people. And, we of course, know that Israel was the main force behind 9/11.

I realise that I have gone from the Controlled Opposition in the alternative media to the Zionists – that is how this article evolved – and it is not surprising because all the problems on this planet seem to lead to the Zionists.

And don’t take my word for it on any of this – research it yourself – I am confident in my conclusions regarding all the players, but you need to come to your own conclusions through investigation, but please always bare in mind that these people who call themselves ‘insiders’ or someone ‘in the know’ could well be Controlled Opposition – and may well be subtly deceiving, manipulating, distracting, pacifying, disempowering you… and have certain other agendas.

It is scary to think about how much Controlled Opposition is out there.

Peace. Rick

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