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I created this page a while ago, but I have since becomes suspicious of Corey Goode and Cosmic Disclosure. I research all Secret Space Program and Milab experiencers / whistleblowers, and there are various reasons as to why I am not trusting Corey Goode. I am not saying he is not putting out some genuine information about Secret Space Progams but many things, if you do some analysis and critical thinking, do not add up or feel right.

I have some Corey Goode and Cosmic Disclosure images and information below at the end of this page – as I believe we should review all information about a particular subject, listening to all experiencers, then analyse and think critically to attempt to understand the situation. And there are many more Secret Space Program and Milab experiencers out there with information. There is a list of many other Secret Space Program and Milab experiencers later on in this article. I would suggest that it is not wise or healthy to get stuck on just one whistleblower, research all of them.

Some questions I have about Corey Goode and Cosmic Disclosure:

How could Corey possibly  be ‘exposing everything’ about SSPs’ (this is what Corey wrote in the comments section on Youtube to James Rink ) – when Corey was only on a research vessel? There are so many other parts to these vast secret space programs, so how could Corey be ‘exposing everything’? Why does Corey want to try and convince people he is ‘exposing everything’?

Regarding the glass pads that Corey talks about: Do we really really believe that these SSPs, which appear very corrupt and nefarious, just like our governments, would put ALL the information about all the different SSPs and the solar system on these glass pads for research vessel technicians and empaths to read?!

Do we really believe that all of this info on the glass pads that Corey talks about is totally accurate and correct? Look at our own history books, they are full of lies and distracting information – the SSPs are run by the same sort of people who run this planet.

How does Corey remember all this information from the glass pad? When people remember only a small percentage of what they read?

Why is Corey going onto Youtube and writing comments that are attempting to discredit other whistleblowers on there, when this behaviour looks very fear based and suggests that he is threatened by other SSP whistleblowers information?

Why is it that Corey is the only SSP or Milab experiencer who is attempting to discredit other experiencers?

Why does Corey accuse other people of believing in ufo religions, such as Jame Rink on Youtube – And why does he keep saying this phrase on his show when it is Corey, with all of his stories and fantastic images of otherworldly beings, which seem to be in the process or creating some sort of ‘ufo religion’ for some people on this planet.

Why is Corey saying that what Elena Kapulnik, Penny Bradley and others are saying about the SSP programs is not helping with the push for full disclosure? They are not contradicting Corey’s info – they are adding more depth and details, so how are they affecting it negatively?

Why when Elena Kapulnik reached out to Corey, to try and have some dialogue and work with him, did he throw it it back in her face, and leak a part of their private emails? Elena is a human being – why did Corey treat her like that? Corey could have got to know her and understand her. Surely pushing her away isn’t going help him understand where she’s coming from and her information?

And I am also very suspicious of the group of other ‘Secret Space Program Whistleblowers’: Penny Bradley, Elena Kapulnik, Tony Rodrigues, Kevan Trimmel and their disinfo agent friend ‘Peter the Insider’, and would suggest that they are also Zionist Controlled Opposition. If you are knowledgeable about the Zionists / Freemasons and are knowledgeable about the New World Order agendas and tactics you can clearly see the disinfo and that they are Controlled Opposition Limited Hangouts. I discuss this group in detail in another article of mine: ‘Nazis’ – Secret Space Programs – ‘Dark Fleet’ – Disinfo

In fact, I would say that the SSP narrative is being controlled by Zionist Agents – I have analysed all of the info they are putting out, all of them are putting out varying levels of disinfo. The only one I listen to is Michael Relfe – who was the first one to come out and does not seek any attention since he disclosed his memories – and since then the Zionists have been using their controlled people to control the SSP narrative – it is obvious if you are knowledgeable about the Zionist New World Agenda and the Freemasons and all there lies. The SSP disclosure, (particularly Corey Goode and his alien stories) seems to be being used by the Zionists as a distraction and a tool to manipulate the minds of the naive and less well-informed younger generation. Corey Goode is probably one of the most obvious controlled opposition agents in history. I believe there is some sort of advanced secret space program – but we are not getting the real truth from these people – they are controlled opposition.

I recommend researching Zionism and learning about the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, this article will help you:

Zionism – Judaism – Freemasonry – New World Order – Satanism – Kabbalah – Israel – Palestine – Holocaust – Hitler – Second World War – National Socialism

Why is there no attempt from Corey to work with any of these other Milab experiencers and SSP whistleblowers? (So they have had one on Cosmic Disclosure now – Niara Isley – but she doesn’t share, or have, much Milab and SSP info at all – she seemed to be very carefully selected, only revealing things that fit in with the sanitized Corey and David SSP narrative)

Why on an episode of Cosmic Disclosure did Corey and David Wilcock try to belittle and dismiss aspects of the Super Soldier phenomenon, when neither of them have experience in this area. Corey was not involved in military operations. And the glass pads would not tell you about these very covert operations – Compartmentalization. There is also lots of testimony backing up these aspects of the Super Soldier phenomenon that the two of them tried to dismiss. Look at David Marrow’s and James Casbolt’s early interviews, for starters.

Why is Corey leaving out so many of the very unpleasant aspects of the Secret Space Programs? Why is he talking so much about his ‘otherworldly friends’ rather than exposing all the details of these terrible Crimes Against Humanity, that have been committed by various SSP connected organizations?

Why doesn’t Corey ever have any other Milab and SSP experiencers on Cosmic Disclosure?

Why does Corey not ever mention or refer to other SSP experiencers on his show? And also why does never mention or refer to some great Milab testimonies? – Alara Blackwell, Max Spiers, James Casbolt(early interviews), Dave Marrow, Karol’s interview with James Bartley… and many, many more — Corey calls himself a Milab – why is there not a focus on exposing what terrible things Milabs go through? But instead making comic books and family vlogs?

Why does Corey suggest on Cosmic Disclosure that we should only listen to whistleblowers that he talks about when he only ever mentions William Tompkins? When Mr Tompkins wasn’t a Milab or ‘SSP twenty and back’ experiencer, but an aerospace engineer and designer for just some elements or factions of the SSPs.

Why doesn’t Corey ever have Milab and Super Soldier Researchers like James Bartley and Eve Lorgen on his shows? Milabs and Super Soldiers are inextricably linked to SSPs.

Why is Corey creating vlogs of his family? How does that benefit the push for full disclosure?

Why is Corey making some sort of comic book with all the images about his tales of meeting with otherworldly beings? How does this really benefit the push for Full Disclosure regarding the crimes against humanity? When it is full of images of all these otherworld characters which distract people from what is really going on in the SSPs? Are there not far more productive projects to help push for Full Disclosure?

Is there something very suspicious about Corey Goode? It doesn’t all add up because he is a Zionist NWO Controlled Opposition Agent.

There is something called ‘controlled opposition’. The people who are in charge of this planet employ this all the time.

“A controlled opposition is a protest movement that is actually being led by government agents. Nearly all governments in history have employed this technique to trick and subdue their adversaries.”

Notably Vladimir Lenin said:
“The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.”

Something for us all to consider.

I research all the Milab, Secret Space Program and Super Soldier material and these are some of the questions that I have about Corey Goode.

And I would be very wary of all this Antarctica disclosure. Sure there is some advanced ancient technology there, but with a place like that, which is so inaccessible to the rest of the population, it is very easy for them to deceive us. Just look how much it’s publicized – and how obvious they made it that people in power and politicians were visiting the site. They want some disclosure to come from this area – why? There are underground bases and advanced technology hidden all over the planet – the elites have chosen Antarctica.  

Here is a list of SSP and Milab whistleblowers and researchers:

I would start with James Bartley when trying to understand the Milab phenomenon – the articles on his websites and his Youtube talks and interviews are essential viewing when trying to understand the ET agendas, the Reptilians, Milabs, Abductions and Super Soldiers. I have Skyped with James when I was beginning to attempt to understand my own ET and Milab experiences – he is well researched, astute and capable of critical thinking. His website containing some very good articles: 

One question we have to ask is: What is Full Disclosure? There are people talking about pushing for Full Disclosure – but how do we know if we are getting Full Disclosure when disclosure comes? This why we must research diligently and listen to as many different whistleblowers as we can, then cross reference, correlate and think critically. We must try to understand how the Freemasons and Zionists operate – how manipulative they are. We cannot underestimate this. It seems to me that the Zionists, with their New World Order Agenda, are using the Secret Space Program as just another huge distraction – to keep people distracted from what is occurring on this planet – the Zionist and Freemasonic Agenda – again learn about the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. Learn who it all leads back to – the Jewish Zionists.

I have researched all these people below – the vast majority are controlled opposition Zionist agents.

Tony Rodrigues – secret space programs
Penny Bradley – secret space programs – mk ultra
Elena Kapulnik – secret space programs – extraterrestrials
Randy Cramer – secret space programs – extraterrestrials
James Rink – secret space programs – milabs – mk ultra – super soldiers – targeted individuals
Aug Tellez – mk ultra – milabs – secret space programs – metaphysics – extraterrestrials – global conspiracy – illuminati – human cloning
Michael Relfe – secret space programs
Cobra, The Portal – earth’s transformation – extraterrestrials – illuminati – archons – metaphysics – the resistance movement – full disclosure – secret space programs
Corey Goode – secret space programs – extraterrestrials 
William Tompkins – secret space programs – extraterrestrials
Richard C Hoagland – secret space programs – structures on the moon and mars
Max Spiers – mk ultra – milabs – occult meanings – secret space programs – extraterrestrials – global conspiracy – illuminati – super soldiers
James Bartley – mk ultra – milabs  – extraterrestrials – super soldiers
Eve Lorgen – mk ultra – milabs  – extraterrestrials – super soldiers – targeted individuals
Dr Michael Salla – secret space programs – extraterrestrials
David Wilcock – global conspiracy – secret space programs – extraterrestrials – illuminati – metaphysics 
Laura Eisenhower – global conspiracy – secret space programs – archons – earth’s transformation
Gary Mckinnon – secret space program – computer hacking evidence
James Casbolt – mk ultra – milabs  – extraterrestrials – super soldiers – military black-ops – SSPs
David Marrow– mk ultra – milabs  – extraterrestrials – super soldiers – targeted individuals
Alara Blackwell – mk ultra – milabs  – extraterrestrials – super soldiers – military black-ops
Sarah Stanga – mk ultra – milabs  – extraterrestrials – targeted individuals

Here is a link to a pinterest page I created containing interviews with many of the SSP whistleblowers:

And below is one of my pinterest pages with many Milab and ‘Super Soldier’ whistleblower videos, and as I said before – Milabs and Super Soldiers are so very much linked to Secret Space Programs:

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Forum Post

Below is something I posted on a forum some time ago. And since then my knowledge has deepend further and I don’t pay any attention to these SSP ‘whistle-blowers’ — the amount of disinfo and fabrication is so easy to see. Corey Goode is Zionist Controlled Opposition as are pretty much all these SSP ‘whistle-blowers’.  Pretty much the whole of Ufology is Zionist controlled now:

There are so many other MILAB and SSP testimonies out there, they are getting drowned out by Corey. This hard promoting of just his story and his ‘ET friends’ – it’s a distraction. He should not be pushing his stories so vigorously without proof. Sure, share experiences if you genuinely have them, like many others do – put it out there for people to consider and perhaps correlate other information with, but to make it into a brand like this and all that is happening with it… wow… If you have really researched this area and know all about UFO’s, MILABs, Black OPs groups, Secret Societies and SSPs you can see that Cosmic Disclosure is embarrassing – Look at the guests they have and the ones they don’t – it is clear to see what is happening. Again, so many Milab and SSP testimonies out there are being drowned out – when people first  try look at this subject  on internet they will be pretty much bombarded with Corey’s testimony and then also get lots of very distracting information about Corey’s fantastical ‘ET friends’ – no balance here at all. People will struggle to find the hard hitting MIlab and SSP testimonies that have some very interesting intel for us to consider, and all the other quality researchers in this field. Some people just cannot see what is happening here.

Corey and company do not seem to take on board that a large proportion of the this alternative community are not at all happy with what they are doing. He says ‘Unity in the Community’ – hollow words – what he is doing is the opposite, he is creating divisions and not listening to the community – he seems to be creating a biased insular self promoting little clique and a cult like movement. Whether this is by design or just pure ineptitude, we cannot be totally sure as of yet. But it sure feels like a network of controlled opposition, perhaps with some compartmentalization, whereby some of them perhaps don’t realize exactly what is going on. I think this goes deep, perhaps all the way back to certain secret societies.

To many it feels like the UFO community has been, to some degree, hijacked – how did someone like Corey get to be at the front of a so called ‘disclosure push’? (which in reality seems to be a very sanitized controlled disclosure slow down, not a real push for full disclosure) Somehow he jumped ahead of so many great researchers and testimonies. Have powerful hidden hands done something here to get someone they can control in place? It appears so. It seem like this insular very selective group has appeared with a lot of backing – and it has managed to create an unquestioning following through the use of Gaia TV. Who is deciding who can be in the insular group? I don’t want Goode or Wilcock at the front of a disclosure push. I don’t want to come across as attacking anyone personally – but surely people can see how self promoting these two are, how narcissistic they often are – they are not heart-centered promoters of humanity, and they are not bringing a wide variety of testimonies and researchers together.

And are these people even questioning what Full Disclosure would actually involve – its certainly not just what Corey and Wilcock is talking about, that’s for sure. So, so much more! First of all we need to try establish what Full Disclosure should actually involve, what should we be getting information on. Again, it’s so much more than what Goode and Wilcock are talking about.

Why on Earth do people so desperately need to hear about Blue Avians and all Corey’s ET stories? How does that benefit humanity? Please someone tell me why is it so important for people to hear about Coreys ET stories? It will just distract and confuse people more than anything. So, if he really did have contact with Blue Avians – what are the Blue Avians really bringing to the table. What good does it do for people to hear that Corey says there are ‘Blue Avians’ and ‘Sphere Beings’ out there? It makes no difference to us. There is not any proof, it all just creates confusion, ambiguity, needless debate and distraction… It does also seems to be some sort of psyop of ‘savior programming’ to disempower, to make people passive. Goode can say that it’s not – oh they say we must do it ourselves etc. But even just the phrase ‘Sphere Being Alliance’ is going to affect people’s subconscious – so much of this reality is about them affecting our subconscious mind = for example, people subconsciously thinking – ‘that’s good, a powerful benevolent ET alliance, sounds positive – let’s relax a bit, take it easy – we don’t need to look for solutions to our problems here on Earth, if things really go wrong they will come and intervene….etc  etc, I’m sure you get the idea. And peoples energy is being diverted onto an ET group that nobody knows anything about or if they are real. Energy – where are we all putting our attention and energy?

It is us, humanity who must come up with solutions. And the Blue Avians message is just so obvious: it has been said by so many humans before. Yes by humans! Why do we need to hear that it is also said by some Blue ET birds. There are also so many people with ‘messages’ from ETs out there, so why is this particular story being so heavily promoted? You can easily find out how to evolve spiritually and become more heart centred if you want to. And what they are saying is not just what we need to focus on, yes eating healthily is obvious, helping others out as well is obviously a positive thing, as we are all energetically connected. (Becoming heart centered is very important – letting go of fearful beliefs is the key becoming heart centred – always understanding your motivations behind each of your actions etc – heart connects you to intuition). But we also need to focus on is coming up with practical solutions here on Earth. We need to take action, reach out to one another. We need to become knowledgeable, practical and informed, we can’t afford to be naive. Thought, Word and Deed. Don’t forget the Deed, – yes, action as well. Practical solutions to move more away from the matrix – practical solutions to assist one another, coming together in local communities, how we can care for our planet and protect her, etc etc.

And this point is very important: We need to understand how the Secret Societies, Zionists, Freemasons , Reptilians etc work – their agendas how manipulative they are – the tactics they use and what they have really been up to on this planet. People need a handbook on their agendas, all the tactics they employ etc – surely not a comic book, graphic novel, or a family vlog! Only when you understand how all these nefarious groups work can you really think critically. Do people really understand the nefarious Reptilian groups and the Freemasons, Zionists et al and their manipulations. They are well versed in how to control populations and manipulate, they do this to many planets, and they have used controlled opposition throughout history on this planet to do it. As Lenin said: “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves”.

And also how about a handbook on all the numerous ways you can heal cancer naturally, with all the evidence to back it up, and how about a handbook on chemtrails and all the evidence and research done on them, etc etc. So much more important info out there – a comic book or graphic novel of one mans ET experiences, and family vlogs should be way down at the bottom the list of what we need. We need to be heart-centered as well as knowledgeable and informed critical thinkers.

Corey and co also seem to think they are experts on how to engage with children regarding disclosure – that they have decided all this branding and comic books are needed. People who are really awake know how talk to their children about what is happening in the world – they know their children – how to get them to question things and what they can handle. Surely we don’t need more mind programing through comic books or graphic novels? The backing and force behind Corey is scary – the momentum they created – just one guys story being pushed so heavily. Why is Corey is not listening to anyone’s concerns? Hmm… it seems to be fairly obvious why he isn’t.



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Below are some images from Cosmic Disclosure and Corey Goode, so you can see some of what he is promoting and putting forward:

All images are courtesy of

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