The Energy Harnessing Old World Buildings – Technology – Resets and Genocides, Part 8

(Part 8 of a 14 part series)

  • Introduction
  • Domes, Steeples, Antennae and Metal Cladding
  • Cathedrals and Churches: Sound, healing, cymatics and consciousness
  • Cavity Magnetrons
  • Cymatic Gardens
  • Water: Aqueducts, reservoirs, star forts, canals, waterways, step wells, world fairs
  • Materials
  • Columns, Arches, Crenelations, Walls
  • Castle Mound Complexes
  • Lighthouses
  • Batteries
  • Pyramids
  • Mercury

Additional Information:

  • Mihrabs
  • Gateway and Gates
  • The Crystal Palace Organ
  • Six-pointed star on Synagogues
  • Menorahs
  • Ancient Egypt’s Walled Old-World City
  • Pyramid Energy
  • The National Socialist Germans’ ‘Stonehenge’
  • Mercury and Die Glocke
  • The Story of Submarine U-859 from ‘UFOs: Nazi Secret Weapon?’

Introduction and Recap:

This article is related to much of the information in the 3-part Hollow Earth series of articles I produced in October 2021. The articles were mainly about harnessing beneficial electric energy from the atmosphere and the Earth’s crust, how the Sun is electric, how we live in an electric universe and how we humans are electric beings. It is related to the ‘Chi’ / ‘Prana’ / ‘Vril’ electric energy spoken of in spiritual and metaphysical circles and the tiny solar particles that are emitted by our electric Sun, which accumulate in the Earth’s crust and atmosphere. These three previous posts will certainly prepare you for this one, but it is not essential to read them all before this article, but you should definitely read the sections dedicated to exploring this energy, that are in those previous articles, at some point – so as to get the full picture.

We are all electric creatures floating in the electric sea of this electric universe. — Walter Russell

All these Old-World buildings that I have been discussing in this ‘Resets and Genocides’ series – that were built by giant humans, and not us – were geared towards harnessing this beneficial cosmic electric energy. The energy is often referred to by different names: chi, prana or vril energy… but some people also refer to it by other terms. The Old World builder’s main purpose was to create areas of high energy so as to positively affect human bodies and cells. To create health and vitality, as well as likely to have metaphysical experiences / experiences of higher consciousness (They also likely used the energy for some other more advanced metaphysical purposes, which we have no frame of reference for or experience with).

Humans are electric beings, and we have a pineal gland and vortices within us.

The human spine is like a Pagoda, or a Djed Pillar from ancient Egypt.

Ancient humans used to bring this electric energy down into their crown chakra, and then down their spine, by utilising dome and cone shaped metal hat devices. In the same way the Old-World builders used to bring energy down into their stone buildings, with steeples, domes, stupas and pagodas.

Siddhartha Gautama with his energy harnessing hat device.
Hittites – Energy Harnessing Hat Devices
Ancient Egyptians – Energy Harnessing Hat Devices
(There are just some examples, a great many ancient people used these hat devices – including the ancient Sumerians and Assyrians.

We learnt about the significance of the bell, cone, pyramid and ‘stupa’ shapes in relation to harnessing energy and creating vortices.

I showed you how the ancient Egyptians used a device similar to the NS German Bell – ‘Die Glocke’. Which would very likely spin to create vortices. Again, showing the significance of the bell and cone shape. We also learnt about the ancient Sumerians harnessing and amplifying energy with the ‘tree of life’ and the ancient Egyptians using the Djed pillar.

Ancient Egyptian Cone Device + Die Glocke + Assyrian and Sumerian Tree of Life (energy device)
Ancient Egyptian Djed Pillar (energy device)

We also looked at a variety of other ancient buildings that were clearly designed for harnessing and amplifying energy – such as henges and stone circles, the Irish round stone towers, pyramids, pagodas, stupas, obelisks etc etc. There is a lot more information in those previous three posts. This was just a quick recap.

There are ancient buildings, that used to harness huge amounts of energy, all around us. We travel past them, and see them on our monitors, tablets and televisions, every day.

In this previous Atlantis article – published in October 2021 – I proposed that these buildings all over Europe (and the world), with the domes on top, were replicas of the Holy Temple of Atlantis – as that Temple was said to have a large dome, and there was some suggestion from old texts that it may have generated energy. Yes, the Atlantis Holy Temple would have very likely looked very similar indeed to all these huge Old-World buildings with domes on the top of them – but these buildings around the world are not just replicas, they are buildings that were actually used, at some point in Earth’s history, to harness and amplify a great deal of energy.

There are some people online speculating as to exactly how all the different architectural techniques, that were used on the Old-World buildings, harnessed and amplified the electric energy. It is something we struggle to fully understand, as we did not build them. But we can investigate the topic and try to get close to some Truths.

Nicola Tesla Quotations:

“In 1901 Nikola Tesla was one the first to identify “radiant energy.” Tesla says that the source of this energy is our Sun. He concluded that The Sun emits small particles, each carrying so small of a charge, that they move with great velocity, exceeding that of light.” –

“Tesla’s intent was to condense the energy trapped between the Earth and its upper atmosphere and to transform it into an electric current. He pictured The Sun as an immense ball of electricity,”

“This new power for the driving of the world’s machinery will be derived from the energy which operates the universe, the cosmic energy, whose central source for the Earth is The Sun and which is everywhere present in unlimited quantities.” – Nicola Tesla

My article on the electric nature of our universe and our electric Sun.

Schumann Resonance and Earth’s Atmosphere:

I found this image, below and far left, during my research, which showed a resonator and a cathedral floor. I looked into the information and found more images of the cathedral and resonator – and then added two more images that showed the patterns, and the device, more clearly. Someone has created a Schumann resonator using the pattern on a cathedral floor – ‘Charters Cathedral, Notre Damme, France’. I do not know the science behind why he has used this pattern. But it must be significant. Note: People have also created Schumann resonators using other designs.

A Schumann Resonator + Charters Cathedral, Notre Damme, France

In further research I found a small article about this Schumann Resonator and found an interesting explanation on the Schumann resonance and the Earth’s atmosphere:

What is a Schumann Resonance?

Believe it or not, the Earth behaves like an enormous electric circuit. The atmosphere is actually a weak conductor and if there were no sources of charge, its existing electric charge would diffuse away in about 10 minutes. There is a ‘cavity ‘defined by the surface of the Earth and the inner edge of the ionosphere 55 kilometers up. At any moment, the total charge residing in this cavity is 500,000 Coulombs. There is a vertical current flow between the ground and the ionosphere of 1 – 3 x 10^-12 Amperes per square meter. The resistance of the atmosphere is 200 Ohms. The voltage potential is 200,000 Volts. There are about 1000 lightning storms at any given moment worldwide. Each produces 0.5 to 1 Ampere and these collectively account for the measured current flow in the Earth’s ‘electromagnetic’ cavity.

The Schumann Resonances are quasi standing wave electromagnetic waves that exist in this cavity. Like waves on a spring, they are not present all the time, but have to be ‘excited’ to be observed. They are not caused by anything internal to the Earth, its crust or its core. They seem to be related to electrical activity in the atmosphere, particularly during times of intense lightning activity. They occur at several frequencies between 6 and 50 cycles per second; specifically 7.8, 14, 20, 26, 33, 39 and 45 Hertz, with a daily variation of about +/- 0.5 Hertz. So long as the properties of Earth’s electromagnetic cavity remains about the same, these frequencies remain the same. Presumably there is some change due to the solar sunspot cycle as the Earth’s ionosphere changes in response to the 11-year cycle of solar activity. Schumann resonances are most easily seen between 2000 and 2200 UT.

Given that the earth’s atmosphere carries a charge, a current and a voltage, it is not surprising to find such electromagnetic waves. The resonant properties of this terrestrial cavity were first predicted by the German physicist W. O. Schumann between 1952 and 1957, and first detected by Schumann and Konig in 1954. The first spectral representation of this phenomenon was prepared by Balser and Wagner in 1960.… —

An interesting note before we begin the investigation:

The Old-World Cities did not have sewage systems / sewage treatment facilities – well, none seem to have been found – which suggests they were harnessing such incredible amounts of beneficial electric energy that the giants and smaller humans did not have to eat – or ate very little.

The giants Old World cities had tunnel systems which moved water for energetic reasons, and some of these underground tunnel systems were eventually converted to sewers by us smaller humans, when we populated their cities. There were also no indications of any large-scale farming, or any facilities for the storage of food.

They were harnessing and ‘amplifying’ this atmospheric electric energy mainly for their own electric bodies – to benefit their bodies and their consciousness. I am sure it had various other uses – but this was the main purpose. We are electric beings in an electric universe.

Some online explanations of ‘Chi’ / ‘Prana’ / ‘Vril’ Energy:

Chi energy is a subtle electro magnetic energy that runs through everything we know. It carries information with it as it flows from one thing to another. The energy flowing through your body will predominantly carry your thoughts, feelings and emotions, but will mix with other energies around you.

Prana can be translated from Sanskrit as “life force energy,” “vital energy,” “breath of life,” “spirit-energy,” or “vital principle.” This term is used in yogic teachings as a general reference to the manifest energy of the entire universe. This original creative power is constantly flowing around us and inside of us.

“Taken in total, Vril is seen as an enormous reservoir of universal power, some parts of which can be concentrated in the human body.” – The Lost World of Agharti, Maclellan

(Vril) I should call it electricity, except that it comprehends in its manifold branches other forces of nature, to which, in our scientific nomenclature, differing names are assigned, such as magnetism, galvanism, etc.” – Lord Edward Bulwer Lytton, The Coming Race

Domes, Steeples, Antennae and Metal Cladding

On the top of Old World domes and steeples were types of antennae, protruding up into the atmosphere. The crosses we see are not related to ‘Jesus on the cross’ and Christianity – the crescent was not related to Islam and the Moon – and the 6-pointed star was not the ‘Star of David’ and related to Judaism. These metal antennae are shaped like they are to harness / collect the electric energy and bring it down into the top of the building (often a steeple or a dome) – though many antennae have now been modified, and some attachments removed. After the energy has moved down via the antenna it is amplified in a variety of ways. Religion was created to divert you away from the original purpose of some of these ancient buildings (The creation of religions actually had multiple subversive purposes). The Stupas and Pagodas in Asia are also not representative of ‘the path to enlightenment’, as some religious people propose. They were also energy harnessing devices.

Note: Crosses and a crescent used here.

Many of these antennae would have been quite elaborate originally. Here are some more elaborate designs that have survived.

Again, look closely at these more elaborate crosses, they also have a crescent below them.

Mosque crescents:

Occasionally, ‘mosques’ will have star inside the crescent.

One reason for the creation of religions was to subvert the remaining giants, as well as us, away from all these energetic and cosmic understandings. This can help us when trying to create a time-line for events. The Abrahamic religions – Christianity, Islam, Judaism – as well as Hinduism and Buddhism were created quite some time ago to subvert.

Look at this old image of a Gaul and a Druid. The Druid is holding a metal crescent in his hand. As shown in other articles on this site, Druids were very knowledgeable and focused on harnessing, and directing, the subtle electric energy all around us. The Druid is holding a metal crescent as it is a tool related to harnessing and directing the ‘chi / prana / vril’ electric energy. (He also has a metal wreath on his head to harness the energy into his crown chakra)

A Gaul and Druid with crescent device. In my Atlantis post we saw a Druid holding a different metal device – there are many types. Egyptians used an ankh and Sumerians a pine-cone like device.

Domes and steeples would have all been clad in metals. Mainly copper and gold, from what we can tell – as they are very conductive metals. Below we can see domes and steeples that have not had their copper cladding removed. Copper turns green when exposed to the elements. Some buildings would have been clad in other metals like gold or silver. There is a dome clad in gold below, and a steeple clad in, what looks like, silver.

Old-World building roofs clad in copper.

The domes on mosques were also originally clad in metals. There are some mosque domes clad in gold in modern times, though most have had their cladding removed.

Pagoda Antennae:

Below we can see how the antennae on a pagoda would originally look – the complexity. Near the top of the antenna photograph you see an arrangement of metal that looks like the ‘tree of life’, which was used by the ancient Sumerians and ancient Assyrians for energetic purposes. We can also see all the attachments on the pagoda in the old drawing: Those bell-like attachments hanging from the side of each level, and the metal chains attached to the antenna. (Of course, in the old sketch we are not seeing the whole pagoda structure – the main stone building is buried underground):

The pagoda antenna and an old sketch of a pagoda with original attachments.

Pagodas like the one above will also have various resonant chambers inside it that amplify the energy – like the Irish Round Stone Towers and Lighthouses, which are both discussed in more depth below, in a proceeding section.

Some remaining antennas on Stupas or Pagodas in East Asia. The two in the centre look like they have lost various attachments and would have likely been more elaborate.

Star of David / Six-pointed star antenna examples are in the Additional Information Section at the end of the post.

Dome Diagrams:

These dome diagrams below are very interesting. If anyone speaks Russian and can read the annotations in the second image, I would very much appreciate it if you left a comment with a translation.

Observe the cone-shaped chamber above the dome.

This first diagram (above) shows that the dome roofs we see when inside the building, when looking up to the ceiling, is not the whole mechanism – but there is an area above – another chamber. Significantly, it is cone shaped. The second diagram below shows more of a bell-shape above the smaller dome. We know that both cone shapes and bell shapes are forms that are used to create vortices and to harness / amplify energy.

This second diagram below, with the yellow colouring added in the first chamber, suggests something energetically significant is occurring in this first chamber.

Below are two interesting images I found. The first shows what are sometimes called ‘onion domes’ or ‘onion steeples’. These are often found in, and near to, the region we call Russia, but they can also sometimes be found in various other locations around the world. We can see the metal that forms the onion – as well as some sort of rod running through the onion form. Are these what all the onion domes look like without the metal cladding? Some sort of hollow resonators / energy amplifiers? The second image is of a contraption I only saw once in my research. I am not entirely sure what to make of it. We can be sure that it was designed to harness and amplify the electric energy.

Hollow ‘Onion’ Steeples + Unknown device

Most Old-World Building we see around the word have been significantly modified by humans. Much of the energy harnessing components have been removed or modified. It is difficult to know how much has been removed and modified as we can’t see them in a confirmed original state.

Below is a comparison. It is the dome on Budapest Castle. The comparison is showing you what it used to look like and how it looks now. I added arrows to help describe some of the changes. The yellow arrow shows that the antennae was very different, unfortunately the image does not show the whole metal antennae – it looks like it may have been gold. You should now refer back to the Atlantis post where we looked at the Meru Tower/ Pillar – it had a central tower and four smaller towers spread out equidistantly around it. In fact, many ancient civilisations and Old-World constructions had a large central tower or dome and then four smaller towers placed equidistantly around the outside – Ankor Watt has this as well, for example. This has to be of significance energetically. This original Budapest dome had this arrangement. It had these four smaller contraptions spread out around the domes. In two different levels on the domes, and then the light blue arrows show there were four more smaller ‘towers’ devices around the base of the central antennae. All of this was to amplify energy – likely creating vortices. We have to imagine this swirling and spiralling movement of electric energy as it interacts with all these components – as we cannot see it with our human eyes.

Budapest Castle – Before and After

Another Dome Comparison. This is the Berlin Cathedral:

Present day Berlin Cathedral.
The Berlin Cathedral, close to how the top portion of the building originally looked.

We can see how different the antennae were – and we can see that all the numerous energy harnessing components have been taken away. By looking at these images of the Berlin Cathedral, and the Budapest Castle dome, we can start to get a feel for how much these Old-World buildings have been modified and how many energetic components have been removed. The canal of water running alongside the Cathedral is also energetically significant and there for good reason.

This formation of a central dome or tower with four towers, or four further similar devices, that are arranged in square around the central device, is very common. In part 9 of this series we also see some images of old portable metal devices with this formation. It is energetically significant in ways we do not yet understand. Below are more buildings in other parts of the world with the same formation.

Ankor Watt
Meru Towers (also sometimes referred to as pagodas in East Asian regions).

The main purpose of all Old World architecture was the harnessing, amplification, movement and utilisation of this beneficial electric energy / tiny solar particles coming to us from the Sun. These tiny electric solar particles are in our atmosphere and also accumulate in the crust of the Earth. This electric energy can be brought down from the atmosphere, and it can also be brought up from the crust.

Cathedrals and Churches

Sound, Cymatics, Cavity Magnetrons

The churches and cathedrals, that we see throughout the world, nearly all have very similar designs. They were designed to harness energy, and most importantly, to create and manipulate sound. They were built to create certain frequencies, tones, resonances… To create certain cymatic patterns – so as to heal and energise humans (mainly giants) – and also very likely to help them reach higher levels consciousness and to have metaphysical experiences. The carefully planned and intricate architecture was designed to amplify and manipulate both sound and energy.

In Part 1 of this series, on the Ancient Giants, we saw some some images of huge ancient ‘bowls’ / ‘cauldrons’. I also shared information that said that some of the ancient giants of Ireland and Britain were known to use ‘cauldrons’ to give vitality and health to people, as well as to have metaphysical experiences. This is related to Tibetan / Buddhist singing bowls. There are also modern day sound healers who use large crystal singing bowls. Ancient cauldrons were very like some type of large singing bowl.

The term “cymatics” was coined by Hans Jenny in the 1970’s, as a way of describing how to visualize sound. The cymatic patterns were related to what could be called acoustic sacred geometry. Our bodies are made of liquid, so the patterns made through the resonance of music and sound can very likely create beneficial (healing) patterns within us – it could also be affecting us energetically on other levels.


The huge powerful organs in churches and cathedrals were not there to create music for choirs to sing about Jesus and Yahweh!

Some of the less massive / more simple organs.


The large bells in churches were not there to announce the start of Christian services, or to remind people to go to Church. They were not there to ring for weddings and funerals, and to commemorate certain Christian events.

European Bells:

Found in ‘churches’ and ‘cathedrals’. These are very big metal bells. Who cast them all those years ago? It wasn’t us smaller humans.

Asian Bells:

These Asian Bells are found in temples and Pagoda complexes.

Windows: Acoustic / Energetic Openings

All these ‘windows’ / openings have been filled in with glass at a later date when the knowledge was lost, after some resets. There are so many different patterns. The giant humans that built these must have understood sound, resonance and energy so intimately. Knowing the different energetic effects each design would have.

Organs and Bells were there to heal, expand consciousness and give vitality to the people in the town or city. Smaller subverted humans added the stained-glass windows to the once carefully shaped openings. The sounds, vibrations / resonances would have surely been sent out into the walled towns and cities. I should imagine, for a more powerful experience you went into the cathedral of church – which was built in very precise ways to positively influence people’s health and consciousness. (This was obviously just a general summation by me – there is much we do not understand about this topic)

These first two images clearly look like speakers. The third shows an opening that has been neutralised with stained glass.

Other religious people, such as Hindus and Buddhists, traditionally use bells. Tibetan Buddhists are known for their singing bowls, and they use bells before a meditation. But no one really understands how to properly utilise these bells and bowls anymore. Most don’t know what they are really for, and just use them as it is traditional.

The Development of Cymatics – Hans Jenny:

“Modern Cymatics is based on the work of Hans Jenny (1904-1972), a Swiss doctor who was an Anthroposophist (meaning that he was a part of the Spiritual Science developed by Rudolf Steiner.) Jenny was following up the work of German physicist Ernst F. F. Chladni, who in the late 1700’s demonstrated that drawing a violin bow across a metal plate covered in sand would create precise geometric patterns in the sand.

Instead of just using a metal plate, Jenny used a variety of surfaces such as rubber, steel, or stretched paper. Instead of using just sand on the surface, Jenny used many different substances including sand, powder, pastes, salts, oils, water, and molten plastic, all of which went through dramatic and instantaneous shape transformations as the vibrations applied to them changed.

Instead of just using a violin bow to create the vibration, Jenny used a sine wave generator and a speaker to create the sound vibrations in his experiments; he also would use crystal oscillators attached to the underside of the surface membranes, with electrical stimulation applied to the crystals to achieve specific vibrations of audible sound…. It is worth noting that Jenny’s experiments in the vibrational structuring of salts, water, oils, etc. can be directly related to the structuring of the human body, which is also based on these same substances.”

Below are a couple of very simple cymatic experiments conducted by someone in a YouTube video:

The Architecture of Sound by Tanya Harris:

Tanya Harris visited various churches around Europe and recorded the silence of each church for seven or so minutes, and then played the recordings back while recording the sound again to gain an amplified recording. Once she attained an audible sample, she created her own cymatic device and played the sound through light and water to observe the patterns created by the frequency of each church. The results were extremely interesting. The patterns produced resembled the classic stained-glass rose windows typically found in cathedrals. The resonant frequency of one church even displayed a five-pointed star that was in proportion with the golden ratio.

Scientific research is verifying the cymatics healing power of sonic frequencies. Professor Sungchil Ji of Rutgers University conducted an experiment that concluded that red blood cells exposed to classical music had a significantly improved lifespan, in comparison with blood cells that sat in silence. As shown by Tanya Harris’ experiments, not all sounds need even be audible, simply by being near spaces or objects of beneficial resonance is enough to receive the amazing properties of subtle waves that contribute to the body’s well-being. Information from:

Engravings of cymatic patterns by Tanya Harris

The Cymatic Patterns from Tanya Harris’ experiments:

“The study of cymatics reveals that sound vibrations excite matter into geometric forms, which coincide with the golden ratio. By placing water inside a loudspeaker, she discovered the hidden geometry of these resonant frequencies, hence translating sound into liquid architecture. Watching a cymatics experiment makes it possible to see that everything oscillates, vibrates, and undulates in nature, which orchestrates geometries found throughout the natural world. Harris engraved these sound glyphs onto stone tablets in an attempt to freeze the music of the architecture onto the very stone used to construct Hawksmoor’s buildings. This project aims to provoke new insights into the subtle vibrations through which all life manifests itself.”

Every natural and man-made structure emits its own subtle energetic frequency that we are inadvertently influenced by.

As mentioned, the so-called ‘windows’ in the ‘churches’ and ‘cathedrals’ did not have glass in them originally. They were openings – either circular or arches (sometimes pointed arches). These opening would have patterns inside them to manipulate or amplify the frequencies, so they had to be open and without glass. Does this suggests that there may have been some type of climate / weather control in these Old-World cities – and that there may have been a temperate climate inside all these highly energised walled cities found all over the world?

Cavity Magnetron

These type of shapes below, that you see on cathedrals, churches, and other Old World buildings, are surely related to cavity magnetrons:

Cavity Magnetron shapes used in Old World Buildings.
Cavity Magnetron Diagrams

A definition: ‘A magnetron is a device that generates high power electromagnetic wave. It is basically considered as a self-excited microwave oscillator. And is also known as a crossed-field device. The reason behind calling it so, is that the electric and magnetic field produced inside the tube are mutually perpendicular to each other, thus the two cross each other.’

It is also known as cavity magnetron because of the presence of anode in the resonant cavity of the tube. The operating principle of a magnetron is such that when electrons interact with electric and magnetic field in the cavity then high-power oscillations get generated.

Obviously, the Old World magnetrons will work in a slightly different way, but you can see it is all related to the movement / flow of energy and the resonant chambers oscillating and amplifying energy.

Applications of Magnetron in our society:

  • A major application of magnetron is present in a pulsed radar system in order to produce a high-power microwave signal.
  • Magnetrons are also used in heating appliances likes microwave ovens so as to produce fixed frequency oscillations.
  • Tunable magnetrons find their applications in sweep oscillators.

The cavity magnetrons are possibly related to the symmetrical cavity forms found inside the large domes of the Old World Buildings, that could also be said to be resonators. Architectural techniques to create more energy. Symmetrical cavities and forms oscillating and amplifying energy in resonant chambers.

Cathedral Ceilings – Veins

The Old World ‘cathedrals’ also have the large ‘veins’ in the ceilings which very likely direct and amplify the energy and sound.

Cymatic Gardens

There is evidence that some of the grander Old-World buildings / estates had very big cymatic gardens:


In my previous article – Part 7 of this series – we looked at old artwork and saw all the tall walls around Old World cities, as well as the canals of water that ran around the cities. We also looked at the ‘star fort’ walls and ‘star fort’ canals that were beyond that initial large wall. In my Atlantis post from last year we saw how water can hold energy, and how water changes form and can become structured. We also learned that water was used under Silbury Mound in Avebury to generate certain types of beneficial electric energy. Water may well have some more metaphysical uses as well… there much for us to learn.

Small Towns / Settlements with ‘star fort’ walls:

All areas between the star walls / canals would have water in them originally, with canals leading into and out of the ‘star fort’ canals. Smaller settlements tend to have more complex arrangements and more layers of ‘star-walls’.

It is very likely that all the White Giants Old World cities, towns and small settlements had at least one set of ‘star fort’ walls and canals around them.

We saw in Part 7 that cities, or large towns, had fewer layers of ‘star fort’ walls and often just one (sometimes two) layers of canals.

Vienna, Austria
Berlin, Germany
Strasbourg, France
A town in France in the 1600s + Tonning, Germany
Breda, Netherlands + Douai, France. Showing the surrounding walls, canals and star fort walls.

Some inland towns or cities just had a narrow canal of water water leading to and from their ‘star fort’ canals. Some ‘star forts’ / ‘star cities’ were built directly onto large rivers. Some ‘star-cities’ also have more than one canal leading off from their surrounding canal arrangements (as seen in Dunkirk below).

Dunkirk, France + Deventer, Netherlands
Gorinchem (gorkum) Netherlands + Wilhelmstadt, Germany
The large city of Paris originally had large star fort walls (Red Arrows). You can also see it had large walls encompassing the city before the star fort walls began (Light Blue Arrows). And to the left of the image you can see there used to be canal of water that ran all the way around parallel to that inner wall (Yellow Arrow).
Graveline, France 1649 and current times. Some of the original waterways and canals can be seen here.

Towns and cities had different types of layouts. Some with the encompassing inner walls and a few more layers of canals. Some just had large star fort wall canals and no round canal. Some had large, encircling, crenelated inner-walls and then large ‘star fort’ walls of many layers which contained water. All cities had canals or rivers leading to and from the city, canals surrounding the city, walls encompassing the city and water on the outside of large city walls.

All cities had water running through them, around them and – as we will see later – some also had water running under them with underground rivers and some also contained in large underground reservoirs (perhaps they all did).

Structured Water:

As mentioned earlier, water holds energy. It can be energised. In my Atlantis article I explained that people used vortex machines or copper tensor rings to structure and energise water. You can also let the water sit in a copper cup, or copper jug – for 16 hours or more – for the water to become energised. The copper is simply harnessing the electric energy that is all around us and transferring it to the water. When you drink the water that beneficial electric energy is used by your body. Water in fruit is structured and energised, as is the water in raw milk.

All the Old World cities were linked by water. It must have been a very important element utilised for energy harnessing and for energy amplification. The giants also built huge aqueducts in some areas, so as to bridge valleys and depressions. It also highlights how level ground, in and around these cities, would have been very important. So when we see all these messy, irregular mounds of Earth, with no purpose, in and around the cities, in these old images I have shown you – in Parts 5, 6 and 7 of this series – we know that these have been created some time after the cities were constructed…. by some other force.

The Old-World builders also created huge reservoirs under their cities. We can refer back to the information in my Atlantis post on Silbury Mound in England. This is a very relevant piece of information:

Silbury Mound, England

“The Master Dowser Guy Underwood, whose geodetic system of earth energies we have thoroughly researched, discovered that Silbury Hill was sited above a vast source of underground water and numerous energy lines and underground streams converge and emerge from the site. Thus, Silbury Hill a regional power centre. Our studies reveal that although invisible to the naked eye, within and beneath the mound there is perpetual activity. Under the planet’s unrelenting bombardment by cosmic rays, the water’s molecules – the small nuclei – disintegrate, and in the process release fast-moving beta particles, slower moving alpha particles and ultra-high frequency gamma rays at the top end of the electromagnetic spectrum. So, at this location we have the in-filled mound with its alternate layering, standing above a reservoir of underground water generating negative ions, sub-atomic particles and gamma rays. Indeed most of the particles would never reach the surface but the negative ions and gamma rays would, creating a highly energetic cocktail at the regional geodetic power centre. If this energy was harnessed by the mound’s geometric shape, as we suggest it was, Silbury Hill was generating a continual source of geodetic energy charging the surrounding area with invisible power.–

Underground Reservoirs

Images from around the world of underground reservoirs:

The Basilica Cistern Istanbul + Greenwich London
Ramla the Pool of Arches, Israel + Leicester, England
Two more underground cisterns in England
Mazagan, Morroco + An underground cistern in Canada

The vast majority of these Old-World under-city reservoirs would have likely been buried by the mud flooding, and the melting of buildings, that I showed you occurred in previous articles in this series – in what was a large scale moulding and destruction of the Old-World infrastructure in Earth’s more distant history. Old World buildings all around the world are partially buried, so many reservoirs would have likely been filled in with dirt / mud. They would also be cut off from the water supplies that filled them, which could have been from manmade over-ground or underground rivers.

The water ways (both above and below ground), and canals systems, that we have all over our land masses, would have nearly all been built by these Old-World builders (giant humans).

Aqueducts and Waterways

There are so many aqueducts around the world – some are still functioning. It shows you how important this movement of water (in, under and around the cities) was to these Old-World builders.

Images of water-way maps in England. If you were to have a more zoomed in map you would see a great many more narrow canals:

Image Below: Little humans in England using their narrow, little canal boats on aqueduct canals. They built their little narrow boats so that they could use these canals for transport, trade and leisure activities. It was not the canals’ original purpose.

Waterways in North America:

Obviously, not all waterways are shown, as the smaller canals / waterways are not shown – and some will have been destroyed.

Erie Canal, New York and The Rideu Canal in Canada

The Erie Canal is a 363-mile waterway that connects the Great Lakes with the Atlantic Ocean via the Hudson River in upstate New York.

“The Great Loop is a system of waterways that encompasses the eastern portion of the United States and part of Canada. It is made up of both natural and man-made waterways, including the Atlantic and Gulf Intracoastal Waterways, the Great Lakes, the Rideau Canal, and the Mississippi and Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway. The entire loop is approximately 6,000 miles (9,700 km) long. The first recorded instance of someone completing the Great Loop was three boys who did it in a sailboat in the 1890s.” – Source

Erie Canal + The Augusta Canal in Augusta, Georgia
North Africa Waterways:

There is also evidence that Northern Africa once had a similar network of waterways. North Africa did not used to be desert (All continents would have had these networks or rivers and canals at one point – the White Giants civilisations would most certainly have complex networks of waterways).

This 1618 map shows a variety of rivers in North Africa that no longer exist (Amsterdam, Jodocus Hondius Jnr, 1618)
This 1550 map, commissioned by Henry the second of France shows many rivers in North Africa that are no longer around – and it shows it to not be one large desert region in that era, but a place with some vegetation. You can also see many Old-World buildings / cities depicted in the North Africa. If you look closely, you can also see (though they are upside down, due to the unique way the map was created)) two large White men depicted as the leaders in North Africa near to those Old World buildings / cities. Black people were depicted as just living in central and west Africa in the mid 1500s, not in the North. When looking at the Old World ruins in Africa, it is very likely that originally all of Africa would have been full of just White / Caucasian civilisations – containing people of various sizes and led by the large giants.
Suez Canal, Egypt
Remaining River systems in South America:

Many Old World cities very likely existed where the Amazon now is… they were destroyed by the invaders. In fact, this image above is from an article talking about one such lost civilisation (A “lost” pre-Hispanic civilization) that was discovered with some laser technology.

Subterranean Tunnels / Rivers:

There were also subterranean tunnel systems under many Old World cities, many were converted to sewer systems at some point, by the smaller humans. When we look at some of these old ‘sewer systems’ we can see that they were not built by us – and that they were very likely related to the movement of water for energetic purposes. In London, these large, perfectly formed, brick and stone-built tunnels were said to have been built in the mid 1800s, around the same time the tube railway tunnels for the original London Underground were said to be built. One, there is no evidence of us smaller humans building these subterranean tunnels. And two, it would be completely impossible logistically to have built all these tunnels in the space of around 20-30 years at the same time all these other Old-World buildings were supposedly being built. We did not have the equipment, know-how or manpower.

London ‘sewer’ system

These tunnels in Cologne were said to have been built by the Roman Empire (yet another fake story from The Powers That Be) and then supposedly ‘modernised’ in the 19th century. No, we humans just started using them as sewers systems and started pumping our water out through them. All these Old-World buildings and systems were re-purposed by us – for alternative uses.

Cologne, Germany
Manchester, England: Underground ‘Drainage’ tunnel.
Underground rivers in Lviv, Ukraine.

How many cities had (or have) these subterranean tunnels / rivers? We do not know, as so much deconstruction has taken place – mud floods and melted buildings etc… It may have been that all, or most, cities had these underground tunnels containing water.

Some interesting information on the pyramids at Giza related to water:

“…the pyramids [at Giza] are geographically located over a powerful natural generator: underground rivers and aquifers. Piezo electricity could be harnessed from the power of the current as the water flows, and it has been proven that thousands of years ago, the Nile River ran straight past the pyramids.”

Step Wells

The Southern Asian Giants / Old World Builders that lived in the region that we now call India built a lot of step-wells. There are some step wells in other parts of the world, but nowhere near as many as in India – and they are nowhere near as large as some of the ones in India. The current Indian people obviously did not build them.

Again, water is an important factor related to generating the beneficial electric energy.

Pagoda Complex:

Evidence that Pagoda complexes in East Asia also utilised water.

Old painting of Himeji Castle – said to be created in early Meiji Period.
What remains of Osaka Castle in Japan. Wall and moat.

World Fairs / Expositions and Water:

Water was also used a great deal in the elaborate Old-World complexes that were used for the World Fairs and Expositions of the 1800s. There were often lakes and various elaborate fountains in these complexes.

Pan-American Exposition at Buffalo, New York, 1901.
Chicago 1893 (The World’s Columbian Exposition)
Paris Exposition 1889 / 1890 (Exposition Universelle)

In part 4 of this series (An article about the White Native Americans) we heard about Ponce De Leon’s explorations in South America, and that he was told by the Taino people about the Fountain of Youth – a fountain with incredible health benefits. It was said that one of the native tribes had found a fountain, and if they drunk from it they did not age. It sounds like they had come across an Old Word fountain that had water still flowing through it, which contained large amounts of beneficial electric energy.

An old illustration of the Fountain of Youth, described by Ponce De Leon

Water ran into, and around, every single White giant Old-World town and city (The Chinese, Japanese and South Asian giants also utilised water) – the waterways also connected to the ocean. All towns and cities were connected (certainly in Europe, North Africa and the Americas) with this network of waterways. There must be much more for us to learn about water and its capabilities – but for now we know that it can be greatly energetically beneficial to us.

Old World Building Materials

Very importantly, all these old-world buildings greatly utilised natural stone (and crystals): Granite, limestone, dolomite etc… Quartz crystal or crystal silica were also said to be used. The red bricks used by the Old-World Builders were also said to be of a slightly different composition to our modern red bricks. I have seen it suggested that the Old-World bricks had plenty of iron in them, as well as some other elements – and that this old red brick could store energy efficiently.

Geo-polymer concrete was also used. I should imagine various compositions / admixtures of concrete – which perhaps also likely contained materials conducive to the harnessing and amplification of energy – many small crystals (quartz) perhaps added to the concrete mix.

Geo-polymer concrete is more long lasting and more crack resistant than regular modern concrete. Some modern construction organisations are discovering its benefits.

“Geopolymer concrete is a type of concrete that is made by reacting aluminate and silicate bearing materials with a caustic activator, such as fly ash or slag from iron and metal production.”

“Geopolymers are inorganic, typically ceramic, alumino-silicate forming long-range, covalently bonded, non-crystalline (amorphous) networks. “

Geopolymer Concrete
Limestone – Red brick (contains iron)

An Old-World Concrete Mix:

Here is an example of one of the different concrete mixes used. It is one of the reasons for these buildings being so resilient and long lasting. I came across it on a video by ‘SciShow’ on YouTube:

The Volcanic ash was ‘Pozzolanic ash’. Pozzolanic ash is a natural siliceous or siliceous-aluminous material

This volcanic ash that ‘Romans’ used for construction of sea walls contained phillipsite, and an interaction with sea water actually caused the crystalline structures in the mortar to expand and strengthen, making that material substantially more durable than modern concrete when exposed to sea water.

Tobomorite Examples.

Some of the same materials mentioned above were used for the Great Pyramid of Giza:

“The material dolomite was used on the inner surfaces of the pyramid. Dolomite is known to increase electrical conductivity, directly relative to the amount of pressure on it: high pressure creates more electrical current.

Lining the passageways and underground tunnels of the pyramid is granite, which is slightly radioactive. Granite contains high amounts of quartz crystal with metal, and it’s a well-known conductor of piezo electricity.

Piezo electricity occurs as a result of stress or pressure on the quartz, as demonstrated by quartz wristwatches, which can be charged simply by shaking them.

The granite ionizes the air inside the pyramid, creating a chemical reaction, which again, increases the conductivity of electricity. When such electrons are given the chance to bypass sections of rock via metal wire, quite large currents can flow. Any electrical engineer will tell you that a container serving as an energy capacitor or battery, must be made entirely of the same substance, so there’s no interruption in the magnetic field” –

We also know from all the recorded ancient stories about the giants’ activities in Britain, and from the composition of the buildings and structures the giants built in Britian, that giants loved to build with granite, and that they also liked quartz. All these structures created by the giants: stone circles, round stone forts, the round stone towers, dolmens, castles etc, were for energetic purposes, this was shown in my ‘Atlantis’ article and my ‘Ancient Giants’ article on this website.

There is not a lot of information out there on the exact composition of these Old-World buildings and the precise effects these materials have on the electric energy all around us – but we can be sure it was all carefully thought out, and that certain materials were chosen for specific energetic purposes.

Columns, Arches, Crenellation, Walls

Crenellations and Merlons:

Below we can see that crenellations were used on the walls that surrounded the Old-World Cities:

We can see clearly see the crenellations (crenels and merlons).

The crenelation on the walls is not there for archers to hide behind and shoot attackers. It is extremely likely that The Old-World giants were not having battles, or any significant conflict, between themselves (Perhaps this lack of conflict led to them not creating the sufficiently advanced defensive weapons needed to stop the invaders that eventually destroyed their civilisations and wiped their people out). The giants would have also been too big to hide behind these crenelations. The crenelations would have been for energetic purposes – probably for the movement and amplification of energy – exactly how they worked, we do not know.

We all know crenellations (crenels and merlons) were used on what we call ‘castles’ – but they were also used by the Old-World Builders on regular buildings, such as homes in towns and cities, as well as on churches and cathedrals. So, we know they have a specific energetic purpose – and that they are not for defence / archers.

We have to imagine this energy, this electric energy that we cannot perceive with our human eyes. This electric energy being brought down into these buildings from the antennae, and also being drawn up from the ground into these buildings and structures (arches) – and then the swirling movement of the energy around many of these structures. Vortices, spirals and toruses being created.


I find it interesting that these huge ‘triumphal arches‘ are the same shape as horseshoe magnets – as , of course, all these arches used in these old world buildings are related to harnessing, movement and amplification electric energy. These large arches must surely be bringing energy up from the ground – and within the arch the movement of energy occurs – spiralling perhaps. The outer shell of our hollow Earth is full of electric energy (electric energy that came from our electric Sun) and it can be drawn up into structures. Information in my Atlantis article also strongly suggests that pyramids also draw energy up from the Earth.

This is very likely related to the term ‘grounding’, used when humans walk or stand on the ground barefoot (on grass, earth, sand etc). The practice of walking barefoot on grass, sand, earth etc is said to be beneficial for the human body. When you place your feet directly onto the crust of the Earth you are very likely drawing some beneficial electric energy up from the crust of the Earth. Similar to how triumphal arches, pyramids and other Old-World buildings draw energy up from the Earth’s crust. The Earth is constantly receiving various types of electric energy (solar particles) from the Sun. Some types of solar, electric particles accumulate in the crust of the Earth (A lot of these solar particles accumulate in the Hollow Earth, as discussed in my Hollow Earth series on this website).

The colosseum was a circle, or circuit, of arches and columns. Which would have had water below it in the underground chambers. Large amounts of energy would have been generated here. There are structures very similar to the colosseum in other locations, mainly in various parts of Europe.

See the underground areas that almost certainly would have held water originally. We know the lower area of the colosseum was watertight because, as well as the gladiator battles, there used to be sea battle recreations there.
The colosseum, Rome

Other colosseum like buildings from around the world. All are in Europe, except the last one in India, which is also a somewhat different design and may have actually been some type of step-well. Some of them are in Spain and were used for bullfighting at one point, but that was obviously not what they were built for:

Barcelona + Delhi, India

These impressive, round buildings, containing circles of arches and columns were obviously for not built for gladiator battles, bull fighting or reenacted sea battles!


On columns we see a torus form at the top – showing that these columns are about the movement and amplification of energy. The Corinthian columns also show us that the spiralling of energy is occurring.

There is said to be iron rods inside some of these columns. Do they help with this movement and amplification of energy? Or are they just some type of rebar to aid the strength of the concrete structure?

Images below: The Ionic and Corinthian designs are showing you what the movement of energy would look like. The spiral / torus-like decorations. Vortices create a lot of energy.

The Ionic and Corinthian designs showing you what the movement of energy would look like. The spiral / torus-like decorations. Vortices creates energy.
The Vatican. St Peters Basilica.
Piazza San Marco, Venice. Columns and Arches.

Note: Observe more ‘cavity magnetron type resonator shapes‘ in the image above.

Cavity Magnetron Diagram Reminder
New York ‘Court House’

Some people have speculated that there are copper coils embedded inside some of these structures – but I have seen no evidence of this.

Inside a Column:

Below is the only example I have found of iron rods inside Old World columns.

It is also appears that some columns were made with red brick and then coated with concrete. In one of the images from Thailand (below), you can also see that, like the columns, the Stupa at this location was also constructed by red brick – and would have been coated with concrete at some time in the past. These red bricks would have contained iron oxide.

Thailand – red bricks inside the column.
Thailand – red bricks inside the Stupa, that would have likely been coated in some type of concrete.

A couple of images I found, that someone else made, relating to columns and the possible ways it might move energy:

Twisting columns, and columns with spiral patterns on them, are rare – but they did build some:

The massive twisting and spiralling columns in St Peters Basilica.
These columns are in a painting called ‘Rafael The Healing of Lame Man’ (1515) Apparently these columns are called Solomonic Columns. (Note: These columns in Old World buildings are very big / tall – the people in this image are clearly giants… and look at the muscular giant children)

Caste Mound Complexes

Hohenzollern castle, Germany
Hochosterwitz castle, Austria
Birdseye view of both Hohenzollern castle and Hochosterwitz castle
Dover Castle, England: The red arrow highlights a remaining part of some type of connected building – perhaps it was some ‘star fort’ walls with some canals. Yellow arrows show the layers / various levels of the mound – but now we can only see the melted rock of the lower levels.
Cochem castle, Germany. Red arrows highlight parts of remaining walls on the lower levels of the castle mound.
Edinburgh castle, Scotland
Some smaller, mainly destroyed, castle mounds / hills.

These castle complexes were destroyed – if have not seen one complete castle mound complex. The Hochosterwitz (Austria) castle above, is the most complete I have seen, and that is very badly damaged with lower walls / stages missing and the gaps between the walls filled in with mud. They remind me of Silbury Hill – mentioned above. How that cone-shaped mound in England, near to Avebury, was creating beneficial energy. I wonder about the composition of the mounds these castles complexes were built on. They must have surely had a specific energetically beneficial composition like Silbury Hill / Mound – and they, like Silbury Mound, would have likely had an underground stream or reservoir.

When these layers / stages of walls went all the way down to the bottom the hill on these castles mounds it would have harnessed and created a great deal of energy. We saw in my ‘Our World in Ruins / Melted Buildings’ article that often only the top of a building is left at the top of these castle hills – with all the other walls and other structures melted down. Sometimes there is no castle left at all. We also saw the ‘vitrified forts’ remains in Scotland in the ‘Our World in Ruins / Melted Buildings’ article – they were situated on tops of hills. It was for energetic purposes.

The castle mounds also remind me of some of the images we see of The Tower of Babel. As mentioned elsewhere on this website, The Tower of Babel was clearly a construction to harness and amplify energy. ‘God’ / Yahweh destroyed it, as the people would have become too powerful. A series of spiralling walls on a mound, in a cone-like shape.

The force that reset the Old-World civilisation made sure that they neutralised all these energy harnessing / energy amplifying castle mound complexes. Though I feel that you would still get some small energetic benefits from living in some of those partially intact castles sitting on the top of these mounds.


Lighthouse have also been re-purposed. They were surely not originally for warning ships that land was nearby. Some lighthouses are actually situated somewhat inland, and not right on the coastline. Look at these maps of the locations of lighthouses in the United States. Look at Virginia – why on earth would you need so many lighthouses in close proximity?

Even more bizarre is all these lighthouses on the edges of these lakes in North America. Why would you need that many ‘lighthouses’ on those lakes? And why are so many on just one side of the lakes? They were clearly not built to warn ships.

Lighthouses would also have originally been connected to some buildings, sometimes a large complex of buildings. We can also see that they had energy harnessing / amplifying abilities due to the inside structure of the light house with its sequential chambers – just like the chambers in the Irish round / stone towers, which we know were also used for energetic purposes.

Below we can see the chamber inside the lighthouse. Very similar to the chambers in Irish Round Towers we saw in my Atlantis article:

The yellow arrows point to what like some type of air shafts within the stone building under the ‘lighthouse’ – which remined me of the shafts in the Giza pyramid.
Air shafts and other shafts in the Giza Pyramid, similar to the shafts with yellow arrows pointing to them in the lower part of the lighthouse diagram above.
Irish Round Stone Towers:
Irish Round Towers. Diagram of the inside of the Towers and a map of the locations of the numerous tall round towers. They were aligned with certain constellations / stars. Apparently, they could tune these round towers by raising or lowering the soil at the bottom of the tower – ‘tuning soil’.
Irish Round Towers

An extract from on the Irish Round Towers:

In personal communications Dr. Philip Callahan has suggested that the pyramid structure and certain cone topped round towers are open resonance antennas tuned to a resonance frequency of the earth. In his book, “Paramagnetism – Rediscovering Nature’s Secret Force of Growth” Dr. Callahan wrote this about the stone towers of Ireland:

“I had discovered that round towers are indeed high tower ELF radio antenna paramagnetic amplifiers. More astonishing yet, I discovered the ancient Irish monks of the 5th to 9th centuries were rock antenna radio engineers.

Most round towers of Ireland are now without floors or ladders, however, I was able to visit the tower on Scattery Island where the door is at ground level. Inside I discovered that without even touching my jute-saltwater cord to the walls, that at the center there was a two- to four-time increase in the strength of the waves.

The 8-Hz and 2,000-Hz waves always came in strongest at dawn and dusk. I recorded the same ELF phenomenon in so-called megalithic tombs and even found a megalithic pictograph of a target wave on the side of the chamber at Loughcrew.”

Note that these round stone towers had conical roofs.

Below is an interesting old diagram of the Cordova Lighthouse, which evidently no longer exists, as I cannot find an image of it. We can see in the diagrams below that the lowest chamber connected to a dome. A dome like we see in cathedrals and other domed Old World buildings.

I have seen some people suggest that the top of the lighthouses – the empty area from where the light is emitted – may have originally had a device inside it that spun mercury at great speed, so as to create vortices and therefore create huge amounts of energy. I am not completely ruling it out, but this is just speculation without evidence. The round stone towers in Ireland did not have mercury spinning in them. It appears that using the right materials combined with these series of resonant chambers is enough to create the energetic effect these Old-World builders (giants) were seeking.

It is difficult to know exactly why all these ‘lighthouses’ were built on the coastlines and on the edges of lakes – we know it was related to energy in some way and to the benefits of being near water – but it looks like they may have also had a more specific purpose.


Some people have speculated that under the ground near to some of these Old World Buildings there could have been devices that stored some of this energy that was being generated. Others have suggested certain buildings were designed for storing some of this energy – such as some of these huge Old World red brick buildings.

“Advantageously, a brick wall serving as a supercapacitor can be recharged hundreds of thousands of times within an hour. If you connect a couple of bricks, microelectronics sensors would be easily powered,” – Julio D’Arcy.

Julio Darcy speaks of a coating that has been developed to assist with this storage and extraction of energy from the bricks:

“In this work, we have developed a coating of the conducting polymer PEDOT, which is comprised of nanofibers that penetrate the inner porous network of a brick; a polymer coating remains trapped in a brick and serves as an ion sponge that stores and conducts electricity…

The red pigment in bricks—iron oxide, or rust—is essential for triggering the polymerization reaction. The researchers’ calculations suggest that walls made of these energy-storing bricks could store a substantial amount of energy…

PEDOT-coated bricks are ideal building blocks that can provide power to emergency lighting,” D’Arcy says. “We envision that this could be a reality when you connect our bricks with solar cells—this could take 50 bricks in close proximity to the load. These 50 bricks would enable powering emergency lighting for five hours.” –

This image below shows a lamppost connected to a red brick device that is buried underground. Was this a battery?

Serapeum at Sarraq
Entrance, and inside the Serapeum.

Below is some interesting information related to Serapeum at Sarraq, which is located just North-West of the Pyramids in Giza, Egypt. It looks like some type of batteries were being used:

“Just northwest of the Great Pyramid is the Serapeum. Here there are 20 huge granite boxes, each weighing 100 tons. Classic Egyptologists say these are coffins — LOL! Yet, the granite here came from 500 miles away, and each box is so huge and heavy, it couldn’t possibly fit through the existing tunnels and entrances.

These supposed sarcophagi were therefore somehow built into the structure with such precision, they’re within a ten thousandth of an inch of being perfectly flat.

Since the supposed Sarcophagi are way too large for a human being, the accepted theory is that they were coffins for the Pharoah’s prize bulls — LOL! Sounds like a lot of bull to me… who’d go to all that trouble just to make coffins for bulls?

Any electrical engineer will tell you that a container serving as an energy capacitor or battery, must be made entirely of the same substance, so there’s no interruption in the magnetic field. There’s a centuries old granite sarcophagus on display in an Egyptian museum, that’s thought to be unfinished. However, unlike those in the pyramids, this one’s cracked; suggesting it wasn’t unfinished, merely abandoned, since the crack would have interrupted the magnetic field.

In 1993, a mysterious and inaccessible room was discovered after remaining hidden for thousands of years. Appearing to have been deliberately concealed by the structure’s engineers, the room came to be called the Queen’s chamber and was finally explored in 2011 with a small remote camera to reveal a carefully crafted copper wire. More importantly, there were instructions painted as symbols onto the floor which appeared to show a clear wiring diagram.

Any battery, from those used in large power plants, to the smallest pellet batteries in wristwatches, requires a metal, such as copper, to create the chemical reaction known as potential difference. You can run an electric current through copper wire, and the coil will produce a short range magnetic field. Add second coil, and the power is transferred from one coil to the other.

A windowless room, with copper wirings, could create a higher potential on one wall, which transfers energy to the lower potential on the other wall, consequentially releasing electromagnetic energy into the confined space of the so-called “Queen’s Chamber.”

Sadly, these wires have since disappeared entirely, and mainstream Egyptologists claim there’s no functionality to this room whatsoever; as they also claim there’s no functionality of anything in the pyramid, beyond the ways it serves as a tomb.” –

Granite boxes. Serapeum at Sarraq.
Granite boxes. Serapeum at Sarraq.
This map of the underground chambers looks electrical / technological.

Pyramid Complexes

Did some of these Old-World building complexes have more than just energetic uses? From a distance, and from aerial views, ancient sites can look like circuit boards – were some sites a type of ‘computer’? Perhaps some type of metaphysical ‘computer’ / device.

Note the water. This area would not have been desert when the pyramids were functioning. The region was destroyed and turned to desert.
Left: Hawara Pyramid reconstruction Right: Mesoamerican Pyramid site reconstruction. You can see that from above both the pyramid complexes look like computers – or some type of electrical components.
Birdseye view of Persepolis, Iran and The Tempe of Apollo Delphi – both compared to computer circuit boards.

The Oracle of Delphi was an important Greek priestess and soothsayer who practiced ‘divination’ in the Temple of Apollo at the ancient sanctuary of Delphi on Mount Parnassus. From where and how was she getting her information?

Pyramids seem to be an important part of these huge Old-World civilisations – and very much a part of the White (Caucasian) Old World civilisation:

Pyramid like structures are found all over the world. People mainly just think of the Egyptian and Mesoamerican ones, but there is evidence that pyramid type structures were used in pretty much all continents. Below are some that people are not really aware of: Pyramids in Europe (and some in North America). Remember these are partially buried, in most cases we are just seeing the very top of the pyramid.

Pyramids of Europe:

Bosnia and France
Germany, Netherlands, Italy
North America

There is some more information in the Additional Information section on pyramids. Specifically on the vortexes they create and the harnessing of certain types of beneficial energy that some call ‘Ormus’.


I have not seen evidence that mercury was used inside these Old-World Cities (Though there is evidence it was used in some pyramids). But I have seen a few researchers of the Old-World buildings propose that it was used in the cities, and they have suggested a few theories. If this civilisation was as knowledgeable as it was and its focus on harnessing and amplifying energy then surely they would have been aware of mercury and its uses.

Engine / Generator:

During my research I have seen a few people suggest that there would be some type of ‘engine’ inside these large cathedrals and mosques etc. A tokamak type fusion reactor, or something spinning mercury was suggested.

One person suggested that it was housed in the octagon shapes you can sometimes see in these large Old-World buildings. This is pure speculation though. They suggested these structures below as a possible location.

The image below is of a Tomakak Fusion Reactor. I do not think they would be using something like this. If they were using a metal ‘engine type’ device I think it would look more like the Die Glocke (‘Nazi’ Bell) or the ancient Egyptian cone-shaped device that I display below:

Why would they have an ‘engine’ if:

1. They are bringing energy down from the atmosphere with the antennas on top of the spires and domes, and then into amplifying resonant chambers and the magnetron type cavities.

2. They are also drawing energy up from the ground with the arches, columns and pyramids.

3. They are also utilising water: canals, underground rivers and reservoirs to create and to transport the beneficial (perhaps piezoelectric) energy.

4. They are creating all these intricate architectural mechanisms to oscillate, spiral and spin the energy to amplify it, such as ‘star-fort’ walls, columns, crenulations, veins, domes, resonant chambers, symmetrical indentions etc etc

The jury is out. We don’t know for sure if there was a type of spinning ‘engine’ inside some buildings.

The best evidence we have for the Old-World builders using some type of ‘engine’ device was shown in my Atlantis post. I presented you with images of a device that was used in Ancient Egypt. It looks like some type of spinning device, a lot like the National Socialists German Bell (Die Glocke). But we can see that this was clearly not used inside a building, but had a specific underground chamber connected to it. It seemed to be being used for a very specific purpose.

Ancient Egypt: This is the best evidence we have of the Old-World civilisations using some type of spinning ‘engine’ devices.

We should also remember that this image above would come from a time after the major assault on the Old-World civilisation, when a lot of the energetically beneficial networks were destroyed.

Some have suggested that mercury would have been used in some other areas of the Old-World buildings, such as inside the onion balls of the spires or inside the small metal balls on some antenna. Or that it was spun inside the top of the lighthouses. But again, there is no evidence of this, just speculation from some people online – they provide no evidence.

I can understand this speculation, as we know mercury is related to the harnessing of energy. In my Ufology Explained series on this website there is some information on how the National Socialist Germans were said to be using it in ‘Die Glocke’, and in the Additional Information Section below there is information on how they gathered great quantities of mercury and were transferring it to secret locations towards the end of WW2 in submarines.

Die Glocke

Mercury has special properties:

Mercury is the only metal that is a liquid at normal temperatures and pressure. Mercury is bad at sharing electrons. Most metal atoms readily share valence electrons with other atoms. The electrons in a mercury atom are bound more tightly than usual to the nucleus.

When you spin mercury at great speeds it is said that it can generate huge amounts of energy.

Someone on YouTube spinning mercury.

Mercury was found inside / under various Mesoamerican pyramids:

“The Feathered Serpent Pyramid is the third largest in the Aztec city of Teotihuacan. In the tunnel’s chambers was a mountainous landscape that had been crafted with large pools of liquid mercury, representing lakes with mineral powders and pyrite (fool’s gold) making it look like a landscape under the stars.”

This is the same rhetoric we get about the so-called ‘tomb’ of Chinese emperor Qin Shi Huang.

Feathered Serpent Pyramid. Front and aerial view.

Liquid mercury was also said to have been found in these other areas, which are mostly in and around Guatemala and Honduras and the official mainstream rhetoric is that it has been used symbolically. It obviously wasn’t symbolic.

  • Lake Amatitlan, Guatemala as steps in rituals
  • Kaminalijuyu, Guatemala in ‘tombs’
  • Quirigua, Guatemala
  • Copan, Honduras
  • El Paraiso,Honduras
  • Lamanai, Belize under the central ballcourt marker
  • Caracol, Belize

Below is a diagram of The ‘tomb ‘of Chinese emperor Qin Shi Huang located in the Shaanxi province of China – it looks like it is under a buried pyramid. The tomb has apparently yet to be excavated – it is said to be a large area underground where all of China is replicated in miniature and 100 lakes, rivers, and ocean represented by liquid mercury on the floor, kept flowing by mechanical pumps. If they know all this then why do we get no photos of this so called landscape in the tomb?

I hope you are not gullible and think this mercury was being used symbolically or was there to ‘represent lakes’. There is no way this was true. It was there for some type of energetic purpose – we don’t know exactly what purpose or exact use, as of yet.

A diagram of the emperor’s ‘tomb’ – it looks like a buried pyramid type structure:

The ‘tomb ‘of Chinese emperor Qin Shi Huang

Was mercury used in other parts of the Old-World cities / civilisations, other than in the pyramids? Quite possibly, but there is no evidence for where.

Mercury Arc Rectifiers:

There is more information on mercury in my following article in this series (Part 9), where I show some information on ‘Mercury Arc Rectifiers’. ‘Mercury Arc Rectifiers’ were being used in the early 1900s to charge electric cars and are also sometimes used in modern times by some organisations. A mercury-arc rectifier is a type of electrical rectifier used for converting high-voltage or high-current alternating current (AC) into direct current (DC). Information on them may shed some light on the topic of pools of mercury under pyramids.

“The mercury arc valve is activated by generating a high-voltage arc between the mercury pool cathode and the starting electrode. This is typically done by bringing the starting electrode in contact with the cathode, at which point a current is being injected into an inductive circuit. As the starting electrode is being drawn out of the mercury pool, the electrical contact between the two is cut off and the inductive circuit responds by trying to maintain it.

When this happens, a high electromagnetic field is established, resulting in the creation of an electric arc. At the same time the cathode starts emitting free electrons due to the formed electric arc, triggering a shock ionization process through the mercury vapor contained inside the envelope. By contrast, the graphite anodes emit relatively small numbers of free electrons even when heated. Mercury ions are then attracted to the cathode, while the electrons are drawn to the anode at which point current rectification occur.

Concluding Thoughts:

We obviously do not have a resource that we can purchase, or borrow, to learn about all the energy harnessing and energy amplifying techniques of the Old-World architecture. I had to investigate other areas and correlate relevant information. From my article, I think we can begin to get a decent feel for this Old-World civilisation and the techniques they were using to create an abundance of beneficial electric energy on the surface of the planet – but there is obviously so much more to learn. If you discover any information related to this topic, please share it in the comments section so other people can benefit from it and we can fill in the gaps in our knowledge.

Advanced Civilisations:

When people think of advanced technology, in our current age, they often think of a variety of metal devices and often architecture made from metal and or synthetic materials, not necessarily stone, brick and geo-polymer concrete buildings. However, I am sure there were also various types of other devices and technology in these Old Word civilisations that utilised other materials – and I am sure they would have made use of complex metal devices. If they had the knowledge to create these high energy, huge, connected civilisations then they would have had advanced craft, advanced weaponry, some robotic-type equipment and portal technology. You do not establish a large civilisation like this on a planet without having some advanced technology for defence and exploration.

In Part 13 of this series – on the so-called ‘Mythical Creatures’ – you should be able to see that this planet had a technologically advanced past and that it has been regressed through various resets, very likely over thousands of years. It was then reinvented in the 1800s, so as to push the planet towards an A.I technological future that further enslaves human Souls.

In Part 13 you will see that there is evidence for the ancient giants utilising flying craft, advanced weapons and possibly robotics. There is even more evidence for the invading force – that we often called ‘demons’ and ‘gods’ (non-human ‘gods’) – as having lots of advanced weaponry and vehicles, the type that we only see in science fiction movies.

An Addition 27/12/2022: I have since discovered that all the evidence of ancient advanced technology that I was coming across in my research (vehicles, weapons and robotics) was related to the controlling bipedal reptilian force – it belonged to them and not the humans. The humans were allowed to develop these ‘Old World’ energy harnessing cities / networks, but they were still under the control of the non-human / reptilian ‘gods’. You will see this more clearly when you have read the rest of the series – particularly parts 10, 11, 12 and 13.

We have an ingrained notion of what an advanced civilisation looks like from Freemasonic (((Hollywood))). Yes, there will be some advanced civilisations like the ones they present, but advanced civilisations will create their infrastructure and buildings in different ways depending on their DNA and Souls. We have been programmed to associate the incredible energy harnessing Old World buildings with less evolved civilisations. When their incredibly accurate and intricate architecture and connected infrastructure demonstrates tremendous expertise and cosmic knowledge.

When you understand the effects of being bathed in the beneficial cosmic electric energy you will also realise that this Old World civilisation, before the major assaults / deconstruction, would have also had access to the other realms… access to levels of reality that we cannot currently see or experience. It is extremely likely that the people would have also been greatly utilising and using their third eye (pineal gland), which is an integral part of being an advanced civilisation. It is hard for us to imagine exactly what their lives would have been like, as we have no experience of living in an environment that is bathed in this beneficial electric / cosmic energy.

Additional Information

  • Mihrabs
  • Gateways and Gates
  • The Crystal Palace
  • Six-pointed star on Synagogues
  • Menorahs
  • Ancient Egypt’s Walled Old-World City
  • Pyramid Energy
  • The National Socialist Germans ‘Stonehenge’
  • Mercury and Die Glocke
  • The story of U-859 from ‘UFOs: Nazi Secret Weapon?’, by Ernst Zundel


In the Old-World buildings which we now call ‘mosques’ there is often a type of alcove – called ‘mihrabs’ – sometimes with very elaborate indentations at the top (It looks almost organic, like something an insect would create). Some people have speculated that these were portals – places you could portal to other places on the planet. It certainly looks like an area that would concentrate energy. Perhaps somewhere you could have higher levels of consciousness and metaphysical experiences… or perhaps it was actually a mechanism to portal?

‘Gateways’ and ‘Gates’:

Interestingly, this building below in India used to be called ‘The Great Gate’. A gateway to somewhere else? A portal generator?

The building below in Mumbai, India is called ‘The Gateway of India‘:

The Crystal Palace:

These Old-World Builders also used to build these magnificent ‘glass’ complexes. The one in London – called The Crystal Palace – originally had an organ in it. Why was this building called The Crystal Palace if it was said to be made of iron and glass. Was the glass actually crystal? Perhaps quartz crystal. Why did it have an organ in it? I think we know why.

The massive organ inside The Crystal Palace

Six-pointed star on Synagogues:

All these Old-World buildings were energy harnessing and amplifying constructions (also related to sound and resonance).

Six-pointed star antennae’s shown below, as well as six-pointed star Old-World brick / stone design (You won’t find them on all synagogues – and I saw some synagogues with an eight-pointed star cavity design):

Three Old World ‘synagogues’ with six-pointed star antenna. The image on the right has both six-pointed star antenna and the six-pointed embedded brick star.
More ‘synagogues

They are Old World energy harnessing buildings related to frequency and sound, that were never originally anything to do with the religion called Judaism.


Menorahs were more OId-World technology. It was clearly some sort of device to harness the electric energy in the atmosphere. They are somewhat similar to the ancient Mesopotamian ‘Tree of Life’ device or the architectural devices in the ‘Illumination Parties’ of the 1700s – shown in Part 9 of this series:


Ancient Egypt’s Walled Old-World City:

Image below: You can see a canal going around this city with ‘Star Fort’ type walls (They did not colour the canal in blue, but it would have obviously contained water). There also may have been some further canals beyond this canal we can see. The city also has tall walls and crenellations like all the other Old-World cities. When this fort was fully intact the surrounding area would not have been desert – it would have been green and lush. The desert areas were caused by the assault on the Old-World tech / cities by an advanced space faring force.

Pyramid Energy:

In other articles on this site I have spoken about how pyramids very much seem to be drawing electric energy up from the crust of the Earth. They are also creating vortices. Some snippets of information on Pyramids:

With regards to scared geometry we should remember that these ancient Egyptian pyramids are many squares placed on top of one another, which are then capped / clad in limestone. Then topped with a gold capstone.

A finished / completed pyramid. Limestone clad pyramid with gold capstone. Note that the region would not have been desert when this pyramid was built. The area would have been green and fertile when this pyramid was functioning.

“According to Dr. Philip Callahan, rose granite — which was used in the construction of the Kings Chamber of the Great Pyramid — is one of the most paramagnetic substances he has measured. Limestone, which covered the Great Pyramid, is diamagnetic. The cone shape and the pyramid shape are often considered to be energetically equivalent. Both are said to generate a spin field from the apex.

Kirlian photos:

“I believe that the Great Pyramid was designed to be a “Swiss Army knife” like tool to manipulate consciousness and matter. It may have been designed to be a “trap” for the ORMUS elements from air. It may also have been designed to convert metallic gold into ORMUS gold and it may have been designed to concentrate these ORMUS elements in the King’s Chamber so that people could use these elements for spiritual purposes..” – Barry Carter

I believe his term ORMUS, that this gentleman has come up with, is referring to the beneficial electric solar particles coming to us from our Sun.

There was so much more to these Old World pyramid complexes. There is such a lot we do not understand about them and their capabilities.

The National Socialist Germans ‘Stonehenge’:

Below are two images of the so-called ‘Nazi Henge’ that the National Socialist Germans built in a secluded location. It is not actually technically a henge, as a henge involves the shaping of the ground.

We can see it is a circular shape with columns. It is (wrongly) said that the Germans tied the ‘Nazi Bell’ to it to stop the bell from flying away – and it has also been suggested that it was launch pad for a flying saucer. If you do the relevant research, you will see that the experiments on ‘The Bell’ all seemed to take place in facilities underground, and this ‘henge’ was also clearly not a launchpad for one of their flying discs! This construction looks like a mimicking / type of reproduction of Old-World architecture, and it is also similar to the Giant’s stone circles in Britain. All of which are related to the harnessing and amplification of energy. I wonder what the composition of the concrete is in this German structure – as well as what the energy was like in this location. Was it also built on a leyline or energetic power point of the planet? It is yet more evidence that the National Socialist Germans had discovered a great deal about energy, technology and the history of our planet. The Ahnenerbe discovered much more than the vast majority of people realise.

Mercury and Die Glocke (The Bell):

When the Berlin Wall came down various documents surfaced showing the National Socialist German’s development of advanced technology. The information discovered showed that the Germans were experimenting with mercury in their ‘Bell’ device.

Igor Witkowski was a controlled opposition agent put in place to control the narrative on some aspects of this technology. He will continue with the (((mainstream))) ‘Evil Nazi’ rhetoric – continuing with the lies about them – and likely add a few more, but he will surely have to tell some Truths about the technology, as documents had surfaced. He says pretty much the same as Gilbert Sternhoff says in his his book (shown in my article called ‘Ufology Explained, Part 1’):

“Evidently, on the basis of the original descriptions, the Bell was a kind of a plasma accelerator. Namely, there was high-voltage and high-intensity electric discharge inside such a… there were disks or drums inside, which were spinned [spun] in opposite directions around the same axis. And inside of them, there was some electric discharge of high voltage – around a million volts, as later on it came out from the documents – and it accelerated heavy ions, namely mercury, mercuric ions. And it generated very strong magnetic field and various strange effects.” – Witkowski

“Yes. It seems quite clearly that the Bell was a kind of a plasma accelerator. Namely, it accelerated plasma, actually mercuric ions, up to very high speeds. And I could make a connection with modern such experiments in which enormous velocities are achieved on the order of ten percent of the speed of light, and therefore it created, the Bell created two vortices of plasma containing very high energy and generating very high, very strong magnetic fields, among other things.” – Witkowski

(Quotes from a transcript of an interview conducted by the controlled opposition operation called ‘Project Camelot’)

The story of U-859 from ‘UFOs: Nazi Secret Weapon?’, by Ernst Zundel:

“On April 4, 1944 at 4:40 a.m., the German submarine U-859 under Kapitanleutnant Jan Jepsen left Germany for a mysterious mission which was to come to an abrupt end several months later, at a place half way around the world. The unusually large crew of 67 men had not the faintest idea where they were heading. For several months they cruised around Africa then Arabia and India and finally they ended up in the area of Sumatra, Indonesia. During this time they sank some freighters and an Allied troop transport. Just outside Penang in the Straits of Malakka, fate caught up with U-859. The U-boat was sunk by a British submarine and most of the crew lost their lives. Not in itself an unusual event in wartime, and therefore soon forgotten by the world. Almost forgotten that is.

One of the survivor’s mentioned on his deathbed, almost 30 years later that U-859 had taken a treasure to its watery bed. He insisted that welded into the bow and holds of U-859 were 33 tons of mercury, all in glass bottles and sealed again in watertight tin crates. Since mercury is a very expensive item, even today, an expedition was organized to investigate the rumour. After months of effort U-859 was indeed located, and just where the dying sailor had indicated his comrades’ large steel coffin would be found. Divers went down into the shark-infested waters and started to cut open the hull with the latest of underwater blow torches. After several months of very difficult work the divers found large black tin crates which were hauled to the surface and opened with blowtorches. The dying man’s story was found to be true in every detail. Packed in neat rows, none the worse for their 30 years at bottom of the ocean was 33 tons of mercury.

Again the question must be asked, what was a German U-boat doing with an incredibly large crew of 67 men, carrying a secret cargo of war-vital mercury half way around the world? To where was the U-boat heading? For whom was the cargo intended? And for what use was the mercury to be put to? Obviously the British did not know the real mission of U-859.”

I can see that in the excerpt above it says it was 33 tons of mercury – and some may say that because of this number it means this is Freemasonic subversion. But it is likely that it was either actually 33 tons, or that perhaps the primary information was somewhat altered before Ernst Zundel acquired the report. It is important to note that the legend Ernst Zundel wrote this book. He was perhaps the most courageous Truther that has existed. He lost almost everything sharing important Truths: He had to battle through a court case, was physically attacked on various occasions and had his house set of fire. I think we can safely say that he was not a Freemason.


Next article in the series:

6 thoughts on “The Energy Harnessing Old World Buildings – Technology – Resets and Genocides, Part 8

  • August 30, 2022 at 9:51 pm

    Wow again! Wanted to quickly add this brought to mind the Plain of Jars in Laos. Laos is the most bombed nation in the world especially the area containing large bowl like structures in the Plain of Jars. They date them back to Ancient Laos and are said to the product of ‘giants’. During the Vietnam War, a LOT of ancient structures were conveniently bombed out of existence.

    Regarding the German USOs after WW II, not sure if you are familiar with Bruce L. Cathie. He was an engineer as well as a commercial airline pilot out of New Zealand. His books on the planet’s electric grid, harnessing energy like Tesla etc. is pretty eye opening.

    He created a grid pinpointing locations throughout the world where it’s easier to access such energy (and has frequent USO/UAP activity). The section dealing with the 12 vortex areas around the world (one being the infamous ‘Bermuda Triangle’) is of extreme interest. The biologist, Ivan T. Sanderson also has material on this 12 locations. They are shaped like lozenges actually. Unfortunately, like most books, these are filled with misdirection. But if you’re able to filter out the garbage…

    When you look at the USO/UAP/UFO activity after that war, Cathie’s work points to a group creating similar vortex locations just above and below the original 12…worldwide. If you study one of his grids of the planet, you will clearly be able to see where the German created vortex/vortices are. In his book, “The Energy Grid”, on page 96, there’s a diagram he says was a Russian discovery, but it’s not. That diagram can be used to pinpoint where the Breakaway Germans created and utilize some vortices for their USOs etc. I was able to identify 10, five north of the equator and five south of the equator. I’m sure this isn’t the only entryways but it is one aspect of what they achieved.

    As stated above, some of Cathie’s work is compromised. Also, he gives too much credit to the plagiarist, liar and fraud Einstein. However, it’s all about discerning genuine knowledge from the b.s. that is pushed.

    Will hold off commenting until the end of this series. I am working on providing more concise commentary moving forward!

  • September 6, 2022 at 1:17 pm

    Four corners and the centrepoint of a rectangle marked is a quincunx.

    • September 6, 2022 at 9:43 pm

      Hi heightmogged

      Thanks. Some interesting images come up when you search that word… and also a lot of nonsense (as expected), talking about the so-called ‘symbolism’ within the formation. I will complete some further searches and research based around that term at some point.

      I also saw your other message. I have noted who you previously were, thanks for letting me know… and thankyou very much for those typos you spotted.

      Best regards.

  • March 9, 2023 at 4:28 am

    “These opening would have patterns inside them to manipulate or amplify the frequencies, so they had to be open and without glass. Does this suggests that there may have been some type of climate / weather control in these Old-World cities – and that there may have been a temperate climate inside all these highly energised walled cities found all over the world?”


    An excerpt from “Secrets of Cold War Technology” by Gerry Vassilatos:

    “Tesla wished to determine the effect of gradually decreased impulse durations, a job that required the greatest skill and precaution. Tesla knew that he would be exposing himself to mortal danger. Controlling the rapidity of current blowout in the magnetic DC arc, Tesla released a new spectrum of light-like energies throughout his large gallery space. These energetic species were like no other which the world has since seen. Tesla found that impulse duration alone defined the effect of each succinct spectrum. These effects were completely distinctive, endowed with strange additional qualities never purely experienced in Nature. Trains of impulses, each exceeding 0.1 millisecond duration, produced pain and mechanical pressures. In this radiant field, objects visibly vibrated and even moved as the force field drove them along. Thin wires, exposed to sudden bursts of the radiant field, exploded into vapor. Pain and physical movements ceased when impulses of 100 microseconds or less were produced.

    *With impulses of 1.0 microsecond duration, strong physiological heat was sensed.* Further decreases in impulse duration brought spontaneous illuminations capable of filling rooms and vacuum globes with white light. At these impulse frequencies, Tesla was able to stimulate the appearance of effects, which are normally admixed among the electromagnetic energies inherent in sunlight. *Shorter impulses produced cool room penetrating breezes, with an accompanying uplift in mood and awareness.* There were no limits in this progression toward impulses of diminished duration. None of these impulse energies could be duplicated through the use of high frequency harmonic alternations. Few could reproduce these effects because so few understood the absolute necessity of observing those parameters set by Tesla. These facts have been elucidated by Eric Dollard, who also successfully obtained the strange and distinct effects claimed by Tesla.”


    This is just one interesting note of many that I’ve discovered through my research so far, I’ll probably write a longer post about this soon, I believe it’s very possible that the Ancient Giants weren’t using “electricity” as we understand it. (Does it make sense to you to bring something into your body that burns, zaps, and kills?)

    (I’m not sure if those asterisks are going to make it bold, if not how do you do it?)

  • February 14, 2024 at 6:32 am

    A man named Maxwell Chikumbutso recently developed a generator that harnesses this energy and transform it to everyday electricity

    • February 21, 2024 at 6:36 am

      I will have a look into that story… and see whether it is all genuine. Thanks for the share.


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