Ancient Giants – Old World Buildings – Resets and Genocides, Part 1

Resets and Genocides Series Introduction:

Hello. This is a 14-part series. Parts 1-13 have been completed. 14 is ‘under construction’ and it will bring information together from all the preceding 13 articles. Part 14 will also include a section revisiting the topic of Atlantis, and you will see that it definitely needs to be revisited and revised once you understand some of the discoveries I have made. The conspiracy is deeper than I realised and it is clear that gate-keeping, misdirecting agents / authors were also seeded in the mid and late 1800s, as well as in the early 1900s.

When you realise that there have been numerous very destructive resets on this planet, in so many locations, you know that you are going to have do a lot of digging if you want to try and ascertain what has been occurring on this planet (Vast amounts of historical records have been destroyed). I have done just that and brought a lot information and images together. I would have liked to have spent more time on the series, but at some point you need to share what you have discovered and ‘get it out there’. People need to see what I have discovered. The series had to be created in one go, as all the articles are linked, with so many correlations. Putting 13 (nearly 14) long articles together simultaneously has been pretty full on.

Even for some long-term, hardened Truther Seekers some cognitive dissonance may occur when they read through this series. I had a few of my own moments as I was processing some of these new discoveries and insights. I recommend you read through Parts 1 – 13 and do your own further research before you reject anything I present.

Please bear with me if there are any typos, I will seek out any remaining typos over the next 2 or 3 weeks. I don’t have an editor – I am not one of those funded, supported and promoted controlled-gatekeeping-agents. I have no doubt that I will also likely tweak a few sentences here and there, if they can be phrased in a better way.

If I find more significant information related to these topics I will add it to the relevant Additional Information section, or if necessary, I will insert it into the relevant section of an article with a date next to it, so as to indicate when it was added.

If you come across any related information I have not included, please contribute to the series by sharing it in the comments section under the relevant article. You can help to fill in the gaps and provide further evidence. If you find some significant and credible information that disproves any of my assertions, I am also interested to hear from you. The Truth is what is important. We all know where we stand and how to move forward when we have the Truth. Here is a list of all the titles:

  • Part 1 — Ancient Giants and their Old World Buildings
  • Part 2 — Medieval and Renaissance Giants + Celts / Gauls, Romans, Vikings etc
  • Part 3 — The Tartarian Empire + The Ottoman Empire, The Moguls etc
  • Part 4 — The White Indians of North and South America
  • Part 5 — Mud-floods and Old World Buildings
  • Part 6 — Our World in Ruins: Melted Buildings, Vitrified Forts, Desert ‘Rock Formations’
  • Part 7 — Artwork Evidence and Partial Timeline
  • Part 8 — Old World Civilisation Technology: Energy Harnessing, Sound Healing, Waterway Networks
  • Part 9 — 18th, 19th and 20th Centuries – Technology and Events
  • Part 10 — Comets: Pestilence, Plague, City Fires, Earthquakes
  • Part 11 — Bipedal Reptilians – ‘Demons’ and ‘Gods’
  • Part 12 — The Underworld and Hell
  • Part 13 — Mythical Creatures = Advanced Technology
  • Part 14 — (Yet to be named)

They are in this order for a reason. You will very likely benefit from reading them in the sequence I laid out. I will link all these titles in this list to the relevant article at a later date.

Ancient Giants and Their Old World Buildings – Resets and Genocides, Part 1

Topics / Sections
  • Introduction
  • The Giant’s Old-World Buildings
  • Giants Introduction
  • Egyptian Giants
  • Sumerian / Mesopotamian Giants
  • Hyperborean Giants
  • Norse Giants
  • British Giants – Dolmens, Standing Stones, Henges, Castles, Cauldrons, Geomancy etc
  • Famous Ancient British and European Figures – Kings, Queens, Priests, Saints, ‘Wizards’ etc
  • North American Giants – Copper and White Giants
  • Giants in Old Artwork (Humans or Giants?)
  • Concluding Thoughts

Additional Information and Images:

  • Giants Suffering, Old Illustrations
  • Mary in the Temple of Jerusalem Frescos
  • Aristides Painting
  • Henges and Stone Circles in Britain and Ireland
  • The Tall (giant) Human and Short Human Dynamic between then 1300s – 1800s (An Addition – Added 14 / 12 / 2022)
  • Newspaper Clippings


Some interesting images to start with – to peak people’s interest:

These giant footprints below were from some particularly large giants – they occurred some time ago, when the rock was temporarily more malleable and soft, after being exposed to extreme heat – and then it re-hardened (This is more fully demonstrated in my ‘Our World in Ruins / Melted Buildings’ article in this series). These prints are not fossils, as the mainstream media says, and they are not as old as they say. The vast majority of giants were not this big, as you will see from the data in this article, most giants were 7 to 9-feet-tall.

The giant footprints in this image are at the entrance to the temple of Ain Dara

An image from one of the books I use in this article:

This image is from one of the books I used to ascertain if there was enough evidence to suggest that there was a knowledgeable large population of giants on the surface of this planet in bygone days. Giants ranging from 7 feet tall to 21 feet tall.

Image Below: The books I used in addition to all the the online research I completed. They won’t have any analysis, and much in the way of critical thinking (The Dewhurst book contains a little more critical thinking than the others), but they have information and data.

Before we get to all the information and evidence for ancient giants, and the stories about them, we are going to focus on all the impressive, huge buildings that were supposedly mainly built in the 19th and early 20th centuries. In Europe we often label our old huge elaborate buildings as ‘baroque’, ‘renaissance’, ‘gothic’ and ‘greco-roman’ architecture. This particular type of architecture is actually seen all over the world, in all continents – but they are much more prevalent in Europe. In the images below you can see there is a great deal of overlap, and some buildings look like they fit into a number of these categories.

There are also buildings that are similar to the above-mentioned categories but do not necessarily fit into those labels. Many Russian ‘churches’ and German castles have their own style. The large, impressive Old-World mosques in Asia and the Middle East can look similar to other buildings – but they also have their own style. Some impressive Asian Old-World buildings have a substantially different style, with the prominence of what we call pagodas and stupas, but some of their buildings have domes, arches and columns just like the buildings in Europe and America. All these buildings used to be much more prevalent on Earth – a great many have been purposely destroyed, as you will see in further articles in this series.

I am going to show you how these very large elaborate stone buildings were extremely likely to have been built by giants (human giants). ‘What?’, you say. ‘They are ours, we humans built them’. Did we? Please show me the evidence that we (the current small humans inhabiting the surface of this planet) built them. There isn’t any.

Old World Buildings:

Important note: You are not even seeing all of the buildings below. The lower parts of these buildings were buried some time ago, and what you see as doorways are often windows or arches that have been turned into a doorway. Sometimes you are just seeing the top of the building. Some buildings are buried more than others. The mud flooding that has occurred is discussed in depth in the Part 5 of this series, where this will all be very clearly demonstrated. In this current post the focus is on the size of these buildings and the evidence for giants dominating the surface of this planet in bygone days.

Let’s look at some of these buildings (note the tiny people in some of the images):

‘Baroque’ – Europe
‘Renaissance’ – Europe
‘Gothic’ – Europe
‘Greco – Roman’ – Europe
Old World European (German) Castles
Old World ‘Russian’ ‘Churches’
Old WorldMosques’ in Asia and the Middle East
Indian and East Asian Old World Architecture
Chinese and Japanese Old World Architecture

If you are new to this, eventually you will be laughing at yourself for ever thinking that we small 5-foot to 6-foot humans built these buildings… I know that I was shaking my head and grinning when I realized the Truth. Then, if you are like me, a great many questions will start forming inside your mind. I know… our history does not match up now, we have to rejig everything in our minds… what has gone on?

The focus in this section is the Old World architecture in Europe and North America.

Firstly, we need to establish two things: One: That there is evidence of giants being very dominant on the surface of this planet in the past. And two: That these buildings were not built by us. We will look at the buildings and the connected history (or lack of it) and then some of the evidence for giants (very tall humans) being dominant on this planet some time in our past. ‘We’ smaller humans have repurposed these huge old buildings and used them in a variety of ways.

It is important to note – as we will find out by looking at the data in the second part of this article – that many giants would have been in the 7 to 9 foot tall range. But there would have also been bigger giants – some 14 foot giants, for example – and even bigger giants than that in some locations. A cathedral’s original use was not the worship of God or Jesus – they were actually places, or mechanisms, for healing or rejuvenation, through the use of sound and the more subtle electric (chi / prana / vril ) energy. This is demonstrated in Part 8 of this series.

To begin with, you can just look at the size of the doors, columns, windows, ceilings etc on some of these buildings. We begin with some of the more extreme examples. Some of these may have been the original doorways, but the vast majority of the doorways on these Old-World buildings are windows / openings / archways that have been converted into doors at some point in our history.

Milan Cathedral and Kabash Fort
Lisbon Cathedral and Seville Cathedral
Various doors from around the world on these ancient buildings – various purposes for these buildings. The last image is an Abbey in Catalonia.

We have cut out some smaller doors inside the giant openings for us smaller humans. Why would people that were between 5 feet and 6 feet-tall create huge openings like this, then create huge doors, and then create smaller doors inside the large door?

Photos inside some Castles and Palaces:

Caserta Palace – Italy
Winter Palace – St Petersburg, Russia
Prague Castle – Czech Republic

Look at all the naïve, tiny humans walking about, thinking that they built these. It is not our fault though – when you get to the end of this series of articles you will begin to understand the full extent of what has been done to us, as well as the incessant lies we have been told. We seem to be waking up from some type of psychosis.

St Peters Square, Vatican City

Image above: Look at those tiny people. And those are not the original doors – the doorway areas are clearly modified. The original doors are actually buried underground. See how you have steps up to the new doorways (added after the mud-flooding), as the outside surface was not level with the openings.

St Michael’s Mount church.

Above is the church on St Michael’s Mount in the South of England. Look at the lady next to the window. Why would 5-foot-tall to 6-foot-tall humans build a window at that height? Note the flower shape in the centre up front – the sacred geometry. These shapes will be discussed when we look at the energetic effect of these buildings. Again, ‘Churches’ and ‘Cathedrals’ were originally places of healing – resonance and energy etc.

The buildings on St Michaels Mount are not as large as some other giant constructions. Old, recorded stories in England tell us that a giant used to live on St Michael’s Mount. When some excavating occurred, under the chapel, an 8ft giant skeleton was found. An 8 foot tall human would look much more at home in this ‘church’.

“In the early 1800s an 8ft skeleton was unearthed from an old underground chamber on St Michael’s Mount. From The Age, Jan 24th, 1955, it reads: “The evidence: Some 200 years ago, the skeleton of a man who, in life, stood eight feet tall, was found in a narrow dungeon cut in the solid rock of the island.” – ‘The Giants of Stonehenge and Ancient Britain’ – Hugh Newman (p. 136).

I visited St Michaels Mount as a child and on the walk up to the castle you had try and see the giant’s heart (a large heart shaped stone embedded in the pathway) – it was easy to spot. There are other old stories related to St Michaels’s Mount: The legendary ‘Jack the Giantkiller’s’ first kill was apparently a giant called Cormoran. Cormoran was said to have lived on St Michael’s Mount.

Let’s think on the history and logistics regarding these huge elaborate buildings focusing on North America:

Here is a list of state capitol buildings in United States, and when they were built. Just the state capitol buildings:

Below are just three, selected at random, state capitol buildings in the USA. Very substantial (massive) and complex Old World buildings:

Left to Right: Utah, Idaho and Wyoming

Now factor in all the huge stone churches, and cathedrals, as well as all the numerous other municipal Old World buildings in each state, which often consist of this same old type of large complex stone, brick or concrete architecture. All apparently built around the same time, most were said to be built in the space of around 70 years (from 1850 – 1920). When you search you will be amazed at how many of these large, old, stone – and occasionally brick – buildings are dotted around our cites (And also how many more previously existed, and were said to also be built in this same time period, but were strangely pulled down and demolished).

The Old World buildings are all over the United States and all over Europe – and all said to be built in the very late 1700s, in the 1800s and early 1900s. Large doors, high ceilings, large windows, tall arches, and most are made of large slabs of stone (some with large amounts of granite and quartz crystal). Then we never built any buildings to compare to them ever again in the roughly 90 years since.

How could us smaller humans build any of these massive buildings in these horse and cart eras?

The people of that time must have been extremely busy, with all that very heavy stone being transported to all the different locations – and all the columns, arches and domes (and some of the huge bells in the ‘churches’). The work force needed to create just one of these large domed state buildings or huge stone churches would have been very big. By the way, the populations in those cities were also a lot less back then.

There must surely have been huge businesses making enormous amounts of money sourcing, transporting and creating all the materials for all these massive stone buildings. What happened to what must have been a huge industry? Businesses must have surely made their name and fortune with all these very big intricate buildings being erected. They could surely advertise that they were the company who had helped create these buildings… Quarrying companies, haulage companies, stone masons, scaffolding, cranes, sculptures etc…. Nope. None of this existed. Again, no evidence that we built them.

There must be many thousands of sketches and photographs from all around the world documenting us humans creating these magnificent buildings – of all the different stages, preparation work, foundations, lower-level stonework, installations of dominant features. Nope. Just a few faked photographs and a small number of images of renovation work being carried out with scaffolding. Some additional features have been added by us to some of these buildings – and as well as this, many of the original features of these buildings have been removed. Many energy harnessing metal attachments taken off, for example.

There must also have been thousands of sketches and photographs all over the world documenting the grand openings of these very special buildings back in the 1800s and early 1900s, and the celebrations that occurred. Nope.

You have all these different men that are said to have built the same types of buildings all around the world. Surely they must have all gone to the same architecture school! This architecture school must be very famous and well known… Nope. There isn’t one.

Men in 1800s Russia apparently came up with the dome, column and arch idea around the same time as some men in 1800s America, England, Australia, Thailand and India etc? What a coincidence. It was certainly not a globalist, multicultural world back then. Any why are some used as governmental buildings and some as religious buildings?

Left to Right: England, Russia and Australia
Left to Right: America, India and Thailand

Many stories from all these workers would have surely been passed down from generation to generation. ‘My granddad helped fit the dome on that magnificent building’, or ‘My great uncle helped set those massive columns in place’, or ‘my great aunt helped sculpt all these complex details and perfect statues on the side of that building’Nope. There is no trail, or generational stories… we did not build them.

The only evidence we have that suggests we built them is usually an old photo, or sketch, of a man in a suit, who apparently built or designed it, and a fake little story about him building it or designing it.

When you look into history of it all (the lack of it), and consider the logistics, there is absolutely no way these buildings were built in these times, and there is no way that it was us little humans.

I understand that this is confusing. How did we forget this? Where has this part of Earth’s history gone? How did they deceive us? Why is there no evidence, at all, of anyone building these magnificent buildings? We will look at that in later posts.

Arc de Triomphe, Paris, France:

Said to have been built in the early 1800s. Observe the tiny people with their horse and carts? These tiny people using horse and cart built this?

Arc de Triomphe, Paris, France

Penn Station, New York:

The original Penn Station in New York.

The original Penn Station in New York is said to have only taken 6 years to build from 1904 -1910 (If you listen to their fabricated timeline for its creation). How did they manage that? Just one of many questions: How did they get all those massive columns and huge slabs of stone there with their horse and carts, and perhaps with some of the funny, little, spoked-wheeled Ford motor vehicles?

The puppet ‘leaders’ of our nations walking around the giant’s buildings (They look so out of place):

Ancient Giants Introduction

Giants are often spoken of as the founders of the ancient civilisations.

“The earliest known Greek deities, the Titans, ruled the primordial universe before the coming of the Olympians. This myth parallels that of the biblical Nephilim, who ruled the Earth until their age ended and gave way to the rise of mankind. Atlas, perhaps the most well-known of the Titans, was the ruler of Atlantis and, as is noted in The Atlantis Encyclopedia (2005), was the founder of astrology and astronomy. Atlas is often depicted in illustrations as a gigantic, bearded man crouching on one knee and bearing the sphere of the heavens upon his massive shoulders.” —

“From the Nephilim and Goliath in the Bible to the Titans in Greek mythology and the Fomorians and Frost Giants in Celtic and Nordic lore, almost every culture around the world has spoken of an ancient race of giants. Giant footprints left in the geological bedrock, tens of thousands of years old, have been discovered in India, China, and the war-torn lands of Syria. Giant bones and full skeletons have been found in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Australia, and Asia. Yet despite mounting evidence, mainstream science continues to consign these findings to the fringe.” – Ancient Giants: History, Myth, and Scientific Evidence, by Xaviant Haze

An imagined scene of Perseus and Atlas; Perseus on the right, in the shadow of Atlas, shows Medusa’s head in his left hand, in his right hand he holds a sword.

I will refer to giants as human beings over 7ft tall – and humans as the people populating the Earth at the moment, who are now, in the main, roughly ‘5 foot’ to ‘6-foot’… but can occasionally be taller. The average height of a man in UK is currently 5 foot 10 inches, and women 5 foot 4.7 inches.

Important note: The average height in the 1600s / at the end of the Middle Ages / medieval times was a lot less for a human. In one of the giant books that I read there was a quotation that said the average height was 5 foot 3 inches for a male human at that time – other sources I researched have confirmed that humans were considerably smaller after the medieval period but likely to quite not as short as 5 foot 3. It seems that the average height of human males was somewhere between 5 foot 5 inches and 5 foot 6 inches at the end of the Middle Ages and Early Renaissance. Females were on average between 5 foot and 5 foot 1 inches… considerably smaller than women and men are now.

People with gigantism are not what we would class as giants. Most of the giants of old were well proportioned, athletic, muscular, robust and long lived. These very tall, gangly, unathletic people we see in the media, that often find it difficult to walk, and sadly are often paraded around like a freak a show, are people with some type of anomaly or perhaps mutation. They don’t live long healthy lives and often suffer.

We should also deal with the fake, photo-shopped, colour, giant bone photographs. These were apparently a part of 2002 photoshop competition, and now the photos do the rounds on the internet.

In modern times the authorities / TPTB can cover up any discoveries very easily with their ridiculous amount of surveillance (high tech) and control of the media (as well as the Smithsonian Institute). In fact, I would suggest that TPTB have been searching the ground with their ground penetrating radar, in their more advanced aircraft, and finding ancient, buried bones and artefacts and excavating them before they are discovered by civilians. You are very unlikely to be getting clear colour photos in the mainstream or online. These faked photos have muddied the waters, and have been a hindrance. One or two of these colour photos could be genuine, but it is pretty much impossible to know for sure. So we will discount them. Regardless, we definitely do not need colour photos to know that giants / tall humans were very prevalent on the surface of our planet and they have ‘died out’. This series of articles will show this very clearly.

Faked colour photographs, most are probably from an online competition in 2002

The Smithsonian Institute has been working for TPTB, greatly assisting them with their cover up. The giant bones, and artefacts found with the giant bones, get sent to this institution and are never seen again. It is very illuminating when you read some of the books on the topic of Americans giants, as it is clear how often the Smithsonian Institute becomes involved in digs, findings and excavations in America, and then have the bones and all the related artefacts sent to them. Apparently, they have many people employed that are on call, whose purpose is to find out about the new discoveries and then go out to all the finds to collect / confiscate the bones. Where are all those skeletons, bones and artefacts? They should have many museums filed with it all – all displayed to the public – but they do not.

There are also reports in other areas of the world regarding cover ups:

Romania Cover up: Between 1940-1950, in Argedava, Giurgiu county, the first citadel of Burebista before unifying all the Dacian tribes, archaeologists have found no less than 80 giant humanoid skeletons of 4-5 meters in height. This county is just South of the Bucegi National park. To this day, nobody knows where the skeletons are. One of the excavators, a local man called Ionita Florea, claimed that when the discovery was made, the archaeologists in charge sent the local workers home and continued to dig in secrecy. He maintains that by the time the dig ended, over 80 supersized skeletons, many of them complete, had been unearthed before being bundled into trucks and carried off, never to be seen again.

The nearby Bucegi Mountains are said to be full of traces of a giant race, including huge rock thrones carved into inaccessible hill sides.

TPTB have to cover up the skeleton finds. If people research into how prevalent giants were in the past they might just realise that they built all our large, stone, extravagant buildings. Then people might work out that these buildings would harness – when they had all their attachments and metal cladding – tremendous amounts of beneficial electric energy. Many questions arise, and if you pull on certain threads, they bring up more and more information.

Note: We also have the people on (((YouTube))) showing images of enormous rocks / mountains that look like a bit like very large animals or very large human body parts (truly massive in many cases) and they are saying that these are giant humans or giant animals that have been turned into stone. This is just muddying the waters / distraction / disinfo techniques by controlled gatekeepers. The giants were not as big as mountains.

I want to establish that giants very much existed, were very significant and prominent in ancient times, were often the leaders / rulers, were very good builders, and that they had knowledge about harnessing and utilising the beneficial electric energy in the crust of the Earth and in the atmosphere.

It is therefore a good idea to research the stories and reports of giants in Britain and Ireland. They are plentiful and offer some important insights. America also has many giant skeleton finds, but they do not have anywhere near the same level of recorded stories (you will see why they don’t have many stories in later articles in the series).

Here are some large artefacts found that ‘The Powers That Be’ have not managed to cover up:

Giant Samuria Sword. Note: From my research I would very strongly suggest that there were Chinese and Japanese Giants as well – and that they were dominant in East Asia at one point.

But before the focus on Britain, it makes sense to go back further in time and deal with some of the Ancient Civilisations and ‘Gods’

Ancient Civilisations and Gods


There are many images depicting giants in the Ancient Egyptian Art. They are often shown to be the leaders and the ones with knowledge of harnessing energy.

Because these giants of old were often well proportioned, unless a human (or smaller giant) is also depicted in the same image it is difficult to tell that they are a giant. Look closely at all the images and you will see the giants.

The Giants of ‘Ad and Megalithic Construction in Egypt:

“The Akhbār al-zamān, also known as The Book of Wonders ​ (ca.900 – 1100 AD), is an Arabian compilation of medieval lore about Egypt and the world before the Great Flood. It claims that the people of ’Ad were giants, so Shaddad was most likely one, and it is said he “ built the monuments of Dahshur with the stones that had been carved in the time of his father .” Before this, the giant Harjit had begun its construction. At a later date, Qofṭarīm, another giant, “ placed secrets in the pyramids of Dahshur and other pyramids, to imitate what had been done of old. He founded the city of Dendera .” Dashur consists of the Red Pyramid and Bent Pyramid constructed during the reign of Pharaoh Sneferu (2613-2589 BC). Dendera consists of highly decorated pillars dedicated to the Goddess Hathor.

The text goes on to say that Naqraus, the first king of Egypt (after the flood), with his companions “ built monuments, erected high towers, and executed the wonderful works ,” while the city of Memphis was the work of a later set of giants, who worked for King Misraim, another giant. Even later still it describes the work of more of these colossi: “ Adīm was a giant, with insurmountable strength, and the greatest of men. He ordered the quarrying of rocks and their transportation to build pyramids, as had been done in former times. ”

Sumeria / Mesopotamia

Images and accounts that the giants in Sumeria / Mesopotamia were the leaders, and sometimes said to be ‘divine’ or ‘gods’:

The legendary giant Gilgamesh:

“Interestingly, there are several ancient sources, which suggest that Gilgamesh himself was a half-god or semi-divine being of gigantic stature. According to the Sumerian Kings List, Gilgamesh was the 5th king of Uruk, who reigned sometime between 2800 and 2600 BC. While there are traditions considering the father of Gilgamesh to be king Lugalbanda, the Sumerian Kings List states that his true father was a “lillu-spirit, a high priest of Kulaba”, and he is described in the epic as “two-thirds god”.

Gilgamesh is believed to have attained victory over the kings of Kish, centralizing Uruk’s power, and tradition has him expanding the city of Uruk, including its temple precinct and walls. In several fragments of a twelfth-century-BC copy of the Gilgamesh Epic discovered at ancient Ugarit, Gilgamesh is described as “Surpassing all (other) kings (!), renowned for bodily stature” (line 16) and again as “Gilgames, renowned for bodily stature, hero born in Uruk, butting wild bull!” (lines 18-19). Lines 34-36 of the Ugarit Gilgamesh offer specific details on Gilgamesh’s size: “Eleven cubits was his height, four cubits the width of his chest. A triple cubit was his foot and a reed-length his legs”. According to these measurements, Gilgamesh would have stood between 16 and 18 feet tall (4.8 to 5.4 meters tall). In connection to Gilgamesh being a giant, the fragmentary Book of Giants from the Dead Sea Scrolls names several Nephilim giants as Ohya, Mahway, Hahya, and Gilgamesh.” –


“Saint Augustine, following precisely the Septuagint (The Greek Old Testament), refers to Nimrod as a “giant” (gigans).” — Giants and Atlantis: Revelations of Forbidden Archaeology – by Laurent Glazy

“In 1890, Michel M. Alouf, a historian from Baalbek, reported on legends of builders possessing prodigious powers: Baalbek is said to have belonged to Nimrod[ 86] who administered this region of Lebanon, and are said to have had the giants to reconstruct the city after the Flood. Another legend mentions that Nimrod is said to have rebelled against God and constructed the Tower of Babel on this site with the objective of reaching Heaven and attacking God. The Tower collapsed shortly after the work began, that is, 2,181 years B.C., according to the estimates of the Jansenist writer Laurent-Étienne Rounder (1717-1785)[ 87]. Nimrod then attempted to reach the sky in a chariot drawn by four birds. He criss-crossed the sky for a long time and crashed on Mount Hermon, on the Libano-Syrian border, causing his death. Prior to this audacious undertaking, he is said to have received a visit by Abraham, who came as the messenger of God to warn him against his project and explained to him that he could be punished for his sins. But Nimrod became angry and took his remarks as a threat[ 88].” — Giants and Atlantis: Revelations of Forbidden Archaeology – by Laurent Glazy

More evidence that significant historical figures were actually giants – and that they were the expert builders and had energetic and technological understandings.

Note: If you read my article on ‘Mythical Creatures and Advanced Technology’ – Part 13 of this series – you will realises it was not a ‘chariot drawn by four birds’ that Nimrod flew in, but some type of advanced technology.

Nimrod and the Tower of Babel

Hypoborean Giants

As demonstrated in my Atlantis post, after looking at the evidence related to Hyperborea, I believe it resides inside our Hollow Earth. I also said how I believed the Olympian ‘gods’ – Apollo and friends (whoever they may have been) – were from, or lived in, Hyperborea.

“In Greek mythology the Hyperboreans were a race of giants who were said to have resided “beyond the north wind.” This is spoken about by Diodorus Siculus” – The Giants of Stonehenge and Ancient Britain, Newman and Viera

“Greek legend also talks about the giant Boreades, the descendants of the fabled Hypoboreans. This particular account is found in the writings of Aelian describing ten-foot-tall inhabitants: This god (Apollon) has as priests the sons of Boreas (North Wind) and Chione (Snow), three in number, brothers by birth, and six cubits in height (about 3 metres). The Boreades were thus believed to be giant kings, around 10 feet (3 m) tall, who ruled Hyperborea.” – The Giants of Stonehenge and Ancient Britain Newman and Vieira (p. 516).

“In Greek mythology, the distinction between gods and giants is ambiguous. Were not the gods, in fact, giants considered benevolent by men? For example, Prometheus taught the use of fire, while the cyclops were the discoverers of metallurgy. Some giants were benevolent, like Hercules or Prometheus. They were considered civilisers, initiators, who nevertheless exterminated each other and or were killed off by men.”” Giants and Atlantis: Revelations of Forbidden Archaeology” – by Laurent Glazy

Apollo and the Muses on Parnassus, by Andrea Appiani_(1811) Note: These women do not look like our current slender and more delicate 5 foot – 6 foot-tall women!

Note: The giants, as a whole, were not really killed off by men though. Further articles in this series about resets, melted buildings, mud floods and comets will show how the giants died out.

Norse ‘Gods’:

Giants appear in nearly all the surviving Norse god stories. Battles with them, negotiations and meetings… and marriages / unions. Various Norse gods are also said to be part giant. Odin is half giant. Thor is three quarters giant – as his mother Fjörgyn was a giant. Loki is said to be half giant and half god. Loki also had two children with the giantess Angrboda which makes his children three quarters giant. Njord’s wife Skadi was the daughter of a giant. Giants also lusted after the Norse god Freya.

“Given his ever-vigilant protection of the ordered cosmos of pre-Christian northern Europe against the forces of chaos, destruction, and entropy represented by the giants, it’s somewhat ironic that Thor is himself three-quarters giant. His father, Odin, is half-giant, and his mother, variously named as Jord (Old Norse “Earth”), Hlöðyn, or Fjörgyn, is entirely of giant ancestry. However, such a lineage is very common amongst the gods, and shows how the relationship between the gods and the giants, as tense and full of strife as it is, can’t be reduced to just enmity.” –

There were a lot of relationships between the Norse Gods and the giants. Were the Norse gods also, what we would call, giants? It sounds like it.

These tales were recorded by humans, and the passed on to other humans through many generations. Some Truths were likely lost – and a lot of Truth would have been lost via the the small and large targeted resets that have occurred.

Some more ancient art showing giants:

Auguri Tomb + Athena (ancient depiction)
Unknown + Ancient mosaic showing a giant (a type of third eye depicted)

Giants of Britain and Ireland:

In this section I am mainly using the book ‘The Giants of Stonehenge and Ancient Britain‘, by Hugh Newman and Jim Viera. So in most cases, when I used a quotation from this book I will just place a (1) next to it. In this book some information from a book by Anthony Roberts called ‘Sowers of Thunder’ is used. This is a book about Giants in Britain and Ireland, which has information on some of the Giants advanced knowledge and abilities. This book by Roberts is difficult to get hold of, but luckily some of the information from it was included in their book.

Below is a gallery containing some useful data on the ancient giants of Britain and Ireland from the above book by Newman and Viera. It is a list of every giant featured in the book, with the height of the skeleton and location. These are certainly not all of the giants discovered, or spoken of in British and Irish Folk lore, but just the ones featured in the book. Thumbnails, click to enlarge:


Note: After the last Website Update the galleries are all playing up. If it is not displaying properly, if you refresh the page twice (sometimes once) it will work just fine. I will endeavour to rectify this issue as soon as possible. 4 / 1 / 2023

7 foot 4 inch skeleton, Burg Castle

The book demonstrates a great many skeleton finds, providing testimonies and newspapers clipping.

We can see from the data that giants were prevalent. Here is some of what I found out related to this idea that the giants in ancient times possessed great knowledge and were great builders.

Castles, Dolmens, Standing Stones, Earthworks:

Giants were said to have built castles and forts, dolmens, other large stone constructions and earthworks:

  • The giant Moll Walbee (known also as Maud de Breos), built both the great castle of Paincastle in Wales and Hay Castle in Powys. It is said that she built Hay Castle in Hay-on-Wye (Powys) in a single night.
  • The giant of Caer Drewyn built a large stone hillfort north of the town of Corwen, Denbighshire, as a stronghold for his wife who herded cows into it for milking.
  • Dinas Afferaon or ‘The Fortress of the Higher Powers’ was allegedly built of Cyclopean blocks of stone which were said to have been transported and fixed by the ‘magic of the giants when the world was young’.
  • Trencrom Hill castle was said to be built by giants.
  • A giantess helped build Forts Angus.
  • At Bwlch Y Ddufaen two giants were said to have created a stone bridge across the pass.
  • Cave of Raitts is a Souterrain (an underground stone-lined tunnel) near Lynchat, it was first excavated in 1835 and legends say it was built by a giant race in a single night,
Left: Paincastle in Wales. Right: Trencrom Hill castle (Trenholm Hill Castle has been melted – more on Melted Buildings in Part 6 of this series)

Look at what is left of these castles above. Paincastle is obliterated – what could have done this? Trencrom Hill Castle looks like it has been melted down. Make a mental note, as this topic will be discussed more fully in another article in the series.

Hay Castle in Hay-on-Wye (Powys)


“In the parish of Goran is an elongated earthwork running from cliff to cliff. It is 20 feet wide, and 24 feet high in most places. Folklore assures us it was constructed through magical means by a giant in a single night. This fortification has long been known as Thica Vosa, and the Hack and Cast.” (1) (p. 117)

Stone circles and standing stones are also often associated with giants:

  • Arbor Low Stone Circle was called Eordburh-hlaw by the Saxons, which means ‘built by giants’
  • Stone Henge was called ‘The Dance of the Giants’
  • One name given to the one arrangement of many single standing stones is ‘Baich y Cawr’ – this translates as ‘The Giant’s Burden’.
Arbor Low – ‘Built by Giants’
Image of Stonehenge from an Edwardian postcard mailed in 1907. Giants Dance.

Dolmens / Quoits are also associated with giants:

“The Giants’ Quoits (Dolmens) Dolmens are specifically associated with the Cornish titans such as Trethevy Quoit at St Cleer, which is also called ‘The Giant’s House’. The famous Zennor Quoit is also known as the ‘Giant’s Quoit’, and the surrounding countryside is littered with granite boulders of all shapes and sizes. Cornwall’s most famous dolmen is the impressive Lanyon Quoit at Madron. Legend says that the bones of a giant were found in the tomb, hence its alternative name of ‘The Giant’s Table’.(1)

Some other Dolmens / quoits: Lanyon Quoit Cornwall, Pulnabrone Dolmen, Ireland, Legananny Dolmen, Ireland.

By looking at other dolmens from around the world, displayed below, you can see that these above Dolmens in Britain were just remnants of a structure. Gaps were filled in with smaller rocks and soil.

Left: The Kermario Dolmen at Carnac, north-west France. Right: In the second image you can see how the gaps of some dolmens were found to be filled in with rocks and mud.
Left: A dolmen in Lancken-Granitz, Germany. Right: The Dolmen of Lacara, Spain

‘The Lancken-Granitz dolmens are a group of seven megalith ‘tombs’ in the Lancken-Granitz municipality on Rügen, northern Germany. Erected during the middle Neolithic, when they were used by the Funnelbeaker culture, at least some were in use until the early Bronze Age’. (Not tombs)

‘The dolmen of the meadow of Lácara is a megalithic monument of the tomb type of corridor. It is located northwest of the Spanish city of Mérida’. (Not a tomb)

Human remains were found in only a small number of dolmens, but that has been enough for ‘The Powers That Be’ to label them as ‘burial chambers’ – which is nonsense.

In the Netherlands, dolmens are called ‘Hunebedden’, meaning giant’s beds, in which the old Dutch word ‘huyne’ meant giant. Which would make sense – as giants would have surely laid down in them, particularly in the long ones we see (in some they may have sat inside them). The giants were knowledgeable geomancers. They knew the best energetically beneficial sites / locations to build on. They surely created these chambers with certain types of rocks, so as to create chambers that would bring beneficial energy into their bodies.

These dolmens were all for energetic purposes. Bringing the beneficial electric energy into the body (chi / prana / vril) . Built by large, and very strong, humans.

Granite and Quartz:

“White quartz was a prized material for megalithic builders, not only for its glowing aesthetic, but because of its magical qualities, electromagnetism and piezoelectric properties.” (1)

Here is a part of the story of Cormoran building Michaels Mount:

“One day, when Cormoran was sleeping, his tired wife decided to bring some greenstone rocks that came from a much closer location, but he awoke, and was enraged that his beloved granite was not being transported, so he kicked at her and broke her apron strings causing the boulders to fall to the ground.” (1)

Standing stones for harnessing energy:

“Standing stones may have acted as a lightning rod allowing the conductive path for current to reach earth, providing a Faraday cage, or zone of protection, because it is much more conductive than a human body. Many megalithic sites are made of granite, a blend of quartz and other silica crystals, making it a passive conductor. Because it is piezoelectric it actively creates charged pathways for the current to flow. Standing stones would glow with St Elmo’s fire under high electrical stress and send active plasma streamers to draw current lightning and connect it to ground.”.(1)

Callinish Standing Stones + Stennish Standing Stones

It is of particular interest as granite and quartz were used in the construction of many of these Old-World buildings that I displayed at the beginning of the article – buildings that ‘we’ have now repurposed as governmental buildings, churches, cathedrals, theatres etc etc.

There are some images and a map in the Additional Information section at the end of the article, so as to remind you how numerous stones circles and henges were in Britain and Ireland. There is also a couple of alignment / leyline maps showing how the structures / arrangements were nearly always built on energetically beneficial sites. Leylines are obviously related to the topic of geomancy.

Giants, Geomancy and ‘Magic’:

Giants are very much associated with The Druids – and various giants were said to be Druids. Were many of the Druids also what we would call giants? Over 7 feet tall? I think so. I used this image below in my Atlantis article and remember thinking how large and robust the Druids were in this drawing. The author must have had good reason for depicting them like this.

The Giantess Ceridwen was said to be a Druidical goddess, associated with the ‘Cauldron of Knowledge’. Male giants are often said to be married to ‘witches’ or ‘sorcerers’. Idris the Giant was referred to as ‘The Holy Astronomer’ and there are legends of his knowledge and ability.

“Idris is one of the most well-known names in Wales relating to giants and the landscape. In some accounts, such as the Annals of Ulster and Tigernach, he is recorded in 623 AD as being a chieftain and even ‘King of the Britons’. Four giants including Idris, as well as Yscydion, Ysbryn and Offrwm proclaimed their territory over a series of hills and mountains in the Dogelly area.16 Idris, the group’s leader was skilled in poetry, astronomy and philosophy. He was so large that he could sit upon this mountain and survey his kingdom and the heavens” (1)

“Idris is known as one of the ‘Holy Astronomers of the Island of Britain,’ and “So great was their knowledge of the stars, and of their natures and influences, that they could foretell whatever anyone might wish to know till the Day of Judgement. Megalithic sites were attributed to Idris all over Wales, many with notable names and legends connected to geomancy and astronomy. Idris was also described as a “giant astronomer-magician.” (1)

“The Giant’s Labyrinth is a ruined castle situated at Castletown and known as Rushen was reputed to have an underground maze inhabited by a giant guardian. The story states that long ago some determined townsmen decided to thread this maze, seeking out the giant to learn his timeless magic secrets.” (1)

Giants could also be referred to as Geomancers. There is a chapter in the The Giants of Stonehenge and Ancient Britain, by Newman and Vieira, about the Geomancy of the giants which utilises the work of Anthony Roberts:

Geomancy technically means ‘divination of the earth’. The word comes from Ancient Greek geomantela that translates to foresight by earth. It is a translation of the Arabic term ‘Ilm al-Raml, or the science of the sand. It is the discipline of reading the natural elements and frequencies of the earth. Geomancy can also be described like a ‘knowing of the earth’, an earth-gnosis, or perhaps we should say geo-gnosis. Anthony Roberts summed up the deeper meaning of geomancy in Sowers of Thunder:

Geomancy consisted of modifying certain features of the landscape to blend with the mystical energies emanating from the area’s natural shaping and distribution of telluric forces. At the roots of geomancy lies geometry, and the geometrical relationships between all phenomena make up the determining patterns that assert geomantic reality in an intellectually definable form”. (1)

Roberts’ summarised the modern view of geomancy as ‘Geomythics’, a system that combined multiple disciplines. The general themes are outlined here:

  • Geomancy: Divination of the earth.
  • Geodesy: Greek Geodaisia translates to ‘Division of the earth’. The measure and representation of earth.
  • Geometry: Earth measurement. Concerned with questions of shape, size, relative position of figures, and the properties of space.
  • Sacred Geometry: Number in space. Laws of earth measures and nature. Ley (Ley-Line): Alignment of 4 or more ancient sites over any distance, rediscovered by Alfred Watkins in 1921.
  • Archaeoastronomy: Alignment and orientation of sites to the Sun, Moon and Stars at certain times of year.
  • Earth Energy Lines: Natural yin and yang energies emanating from the Earth, that move in random directions and curves, but often connect ancient sites.
  • Telluric Currents: Alternating electric and magnetic current that form from the earth’s magnetic field. They strengthen at sunrise and weaken at dusk. They often form into spirals. (1)


The giants of Britain are also heavily associated with cauldrons – often referred to as ‘magical’ cauldrons. Cauldrons, I believe, may be something related to singing bowls (the Tibetans use small metal bowls that they make ring). We are told singing bowls are to help with meditation. They are actually – very likely – ancient healing devices (Devices that benefit the body and its cells, and perhaps assist with elevating consciousness). Some humans in our age use them for healing purposes. Sound has powerful energetic effects on the human body and can heal it – and some suggest that the right sounds / resonance can perhaps assist with having spiritual / metaphysical experiences. Large Cauldrons – metal bowls built to certain specifications – could have a very powerful energetic effect on the body if used in the right locations and in specific ways. We know the giants knew the power and benefits of sound by looking at all the ‘Cathedrals’ they built. Much more information on the benefits you can gain from sound in Part 8 of this series.

“In Norse mythology Odin was said to have received wisdom and intuitiveness from a cauldron. The cauldron has a very rich and varied history within the Celtic legends. It has been called the Cup or Cauldron of Cerridwen, and was used in rituals as an emblem of Divine inspiration and abundance. Celts also saw the cauldron as a magical tool of regeneration for the Gods, was considered to be a sacred door to Summerland, was seen as a way of thanking the Gods for the abundant crops that they had in the fields, the abundance of water and numerous flocks in the area, and was a way to ensure honourable passage to reincarnation or Summerland. They saw the cauldron as representing change, renewal, dedication, resurrection, reincarnation, inspiration, transmutation, transformation, and abundance.” — Source

Dagda – The Chief of the Tuaha De Danann – was said to have a cauldron of plenty. The Undry Cauldron, or Dagda’s Cauldron, was one of the four Treasures of the Tuatha Dé Danann. The Undry Cauldron was always full, and no one ever came away from it hungry. Apparently, it allowed him to feed everyone who came to his table.

A very large (giant) metal bowl / cauldron. Even the patterns, with the swirls, suggest this would be used like a Tibetan singing bowl.
Huge metal bowl depicted on an ancient map.

We also know – from my Atlantis article – that the very significant Gundestrop ‘Cauldron’ was massively associated with metaphysical / spiritual experiences. The images depicted all around it were – if you understand ancient history and what these images represent – showing people having metaphysical experiences.

Gundestrop Cauldron
A small and large singing bowl.
Some old Ccauldrons

Famous Ancient British and European Figures

Giant Killers:

Giant Killers could be giants themselves, such as Tom Hickathrift and King Arthur – both Hickathrift and Arthur were referred to as giants, or of great stature, in old tales. When they dug up King Arthur’s grave a nine-foot tall male skeleton was found (as well as a blonde wife).

Left to Right: King Arthur, Galahad and Gawain
King Arthur finding a giant roasting a pig. c 1100s

Clearly some of the smaller giants called the larger giants ‘giants’. It can get a little confusing. It seems 7 – 9 foot giants did not think of themselves as giants.

It also appears that some of the very large giants could be aggressive and hostile to both humans and the smaller giants – and some would eat humans.

Other famous British and Irish Figures:

Merlin and Queen Boudicca were other famous influential figures in these lands during these times, and were very likely to be what we might call giants, not huge giants, but they were likely of an impressive stature:

Left: King Arthur killing a giant. Right: Queen Boudicca. The great leader of the British Iceni tribe.

Queen Boudicca was said to be enormous of frame, terrifying to men, and with a rough, shrill voice. Merlin’s father was said to be a giant and his mother a ‘witch’:

“Jonathan Ceredig Davies was informed that, “Merlin was such a giant that he could jump over the Vale of Towy.”” (1) (Very likely an exaggeration from this old tale, but you get the idea – he was known to be very tall)

In this image below Merlin is kneeling down, and you can see he is significantly larger than the king, but not as large as the tallest giant. I think even King Ambrosius in this photo is also what we might have called a giant – over 7 foot at the very least. The kings at that time were not the 5-foot tall humans.

Merlin, King Ambrosius and Giant. From Le Roman de Brut, c1155 AD.

Druids are heavily associated with the giants and some giants and giantesses are said to be Druids.

Were the Tuatha Danann also what we humans would refer to as giants? Or would they be tall humans?

“The exceptionally tall Tuatha De Danann, were said to have arrived from four lost island cities in the Atlantic which were Murias, Falias, Gorias and Findias. The first recension of Lebor Gabála Érenn (The Book of Invasions) describes the Tuatha De Danann as having resided in “the northern islands of the world”, where they were instructed in the magic arts, before finally arriving in Ireland. They brought with them advanced weapons, technology and megalithic construction expertise.” – The Giants of Stonehenge and Ancient Britain, Newman and Viera (p. 510).

A painting of the Tuatha De Danann

Saints, Priests and a King (Europe):

The time of Queen Boudicca was around 60 AD, and King Arthur around 410 BC. The first three images below depict a giant saint, a giant priest and giant pope that existed between these times. Then we have imagined depictions of some giant priests that existed not long after the time of King Arthur. Artwork created in the 1400s and 1500s:

Martyrdom of St. Christopher, c. 1448 – Andrea Mantegna

Saint Christopher is venerated by several Christian denominations as a martyr killed in the reign of the 3rd-century Roman emperor Decius (reigned 249–251) or alternatively under the emperor Maximinus Daia (reigned 308–313).
Jacques de Voragine in The Golden Legend wrote of St. Christopher:

“He was of gigantic stature, had a terrifying mien, was twelve coudees tall.”

A coudee is an antique measurement equal to or larger than the English linear measurement of a foot. According to this ancient account, St. Christopher stood from 12 to 18 feet tall (a fact that has become hidden, or even erased, from church history).

Pope Callixtus I -from Lives of the Saints, France

Pope Callixtus I, also called Callistus I, was Bishop of Rome (according to Sextus Julius Africanus) from c. 218 until his death c. 222 or 223.

Saint Modoald

Saint Modoald, also known as Romoald, was the Frankish Archbishop of Trier from 626 to 645. He is the patron saint of the Reichsabta of Helmarshausen.

Saint Gregoy – The Mass of Saint Gregory. 16th century (Three massive priests here for you in this image)

Pope Gregory I (Latin: Gregorius I; c. 540 – 12 March 604), commonly known as Saint Gregory the Great, was Bishop of Rome from 3 September 590 to his death. He is known for instigating the first recorded large-scale mission from Rome, the Gregorian Mission, to convert the then largely pagan Anglo-Saxons to Christianity.

From my research it was clear that many of the tall humans / giants were eventually greatly subverted by Christianity and lost their knowledge on energy. Which brings us to Charlemagne.

Charlemagne and Anglo Saxons:

Charlemagne. Note the smaller human at the front of that 10-century image on the right.

It very much looks like Charlemagne was a giant as well.

“Charlemagne was a “giant” measuring eight feet (2.43 meters) in height. His biographer, the monk and historian Eginhard (770-840), wrote in Vita Karoli Magni (The Life of Charlemagne), that he was of great height, without anything excessive: eight feet. It was based on Charlemagne’s shoe size that the measurement of a “king’s foot) was defined: thirty-two centimetres fifty!” – Giants and Atlantis: Revelations of Forbidden Archaeology – by Laurent Glazy

Charlemagne was king of the Franks from 768. King of the Lombards from 774, and Emperor of the Romans from 800 CE.

Above, I presented a 16th century painting of large adult priests and much smaller adult priests (The Mass of Saint Gregory). The smaller adult priests had the top of the head shaved like an adult ordained priest does – we could also see from their faces that they were adults, and were just much smaller adult humans. Some might say these smaller figures, in the 15th Century image below, surrounded by Anglo Saxons, are children. Did small children have the top of their heads shaved? Or was it the fully ordained adult priests that had the tops of their heads shaved? I would suggest to you by looking at the size of the small adult priests and the size of the 8 foot-tall Charlemagne (centre front with a fleur-di-lis staff) that the Anglo Saxons depicted in this illustration are somewhere between 7-feet and 8-and-a-half-feet tall.

Charlemagne Baptizing the Vanquished Saxons. Engraving after a 15th Century Miniature.

Giants of America

Below is more data on giants. This time on American giants – from the book ‘Giants on Record Americas Hidden History and the Smithsonian files’, by Hugh Newman and Jim Vieira. It is a list of all the giants featured in their book. With heights and locations. Again, not a complete list of giants, but just those featured in this particular book. Thumbnails, click to enlarge:


Note: After the last Website Update the galleries are all playing up. If it is not displaying properly, if you refresh the page twice (sometimes once) it will work just fine. I will endeavour to rectify this issue as soon as possible. 4 / 1 / 2023


Using the information from a different the book on the same topic called ‘The The Ancient Giants Who Ruled America’ I found that it is very evident that the giants in America sought copper. They went to great lengths to get it. A great many giants were found with copper artefacts: Copper bracelets, copper helmets, copper head bands, copper headdress, copper ‘armour’. There were also some more unusual copper items, and I don’t think the archaeologists understood what they were for, so they labelled them as ear spools, and one said there was copper nose found with one giant. Copper harnesses the electric energy in the atmosphere, this energy is beneficial to our bodies. Copper is, of course, very conductive. Those copper bracelets would have been beneficial – like how a Celtic torque is beneficial. Those ‘helmets’ were very likely for these energetic purposes: to bring energy into the crown chakra and down into the spine, where the spine likely amplifies it like a pagoda would. Copper is not the toughest metal – not very good for protection, so likely not for battles (The images in Part 4 of this series do not depict the American Indians using copper armour or helmets in battle). The copper headdresses were very likely for energetic purposes. The other smaller items were also likely related to this. We are electric beings in an electric universe.

 All quotations below taken from ‘The Ancient Giants Who Ruled America’, by Richard Dewhurst:

  • “…a magnificent eight-foot-tall queen bedecked in elaborate copper jewelry.”
  • “The bones were all of large proportions, and the monstrous skull, with teeth perfect and intact, was more than half an inch thick at the base. A number of copper pieces, evidently worn for ornaments.”
  • “Another discovery was made of eight skeletons, one clad in copper armor…”
  • “The Detroit Free Press reported in 1884 the discovery in Gartersville, Mississippi, of the remains of a giant with waistlength jet-black hair. He was wearing a copper crown.”
  • Copper beads and a copper bracelet adorned one of the skeletons.”
  • “…giants found in America are accompanied by signs of royalty such as copper crowns and other regalia like pearl robes and mica ornaments…”
  • “It is estimated that the skeletons may be anywhere from 1,000 to 2,000 years old. Two of them wore copper helmets, and one of the skulls was provided with a copper nose.”
  • “The head was covered in an oval-shaped copper cap, the jaws had copper mouldings, the arms were dressed in copper, while copper plates covered the chest and stomach and on each side of the head, on protruding sticks were wooden antlers ornamented with copper.”
  • “…they uncovered numerous giants, one of which was decorated with heavy copper bracelets.”
  • Copper finger rings and bracelets have been unearthed in great numbers. Many skeletons have been found with their arms covered in bracelets.”
  • “There were six heavy bracelets on each wrist and four others under his head. On the breast was a copper gorget.”
  • “Among the important artifacts discovered at that time were two highly-polished and notched swan bones, a conical copper point, a copper headdress…”
  • “Another fascinating find was a copper headdress that extended half way around the upper portion of the skull. The headdress consisted of flattened strips of pure copper…”
  • “In a group of mounds near Chillicothe, Ohio, were found dozens of skeletons wearing copper masks.
  • 200 copper beads and 9 blades, around each wrist of the adult were seven strands of copper beads, while a string of some 200 beads was found directly over the skeletal material.”

All of these items should be displayed in museums alongside the bones, skulls and skeletons – but they are not. People might start putting 2 and 2 together and then discover some important Truths about energy, health and the planet’s ancient history.

Interesting note: Pearls were also fairly often found on the bodies. Some bodies were covered in pearls (pearl robes in some cases). Did they just want to be fancy? Or did these pearls have energetic benefits?

“In one Ohio mound a few years ago were found enough pearls to fill a gallon measure, in size from a millet seed to two-thirds of an inch in diameter. There have been many such finds, one mound yielding two bushels of pearls. From another, 500,000 were obtained.” – The Ancient Giants Who Ruled America, Dewhurst

They don’t have images of the copper devices that were buried with the giants anywhere (It is incredible how much they have hidden from us) – but below, these are Hopewellian copper items found in ancient American burial pits that are not said to be directly associated with giants.

Copper Ear Spools and Copper Bracelet and Copper ‘antler’ headdress. It looks similar to the headdress / head device that the Druid on the Gundstrop cauldron was wearing when he, or perhaps she, was having a metaphysical experience (In my Atlantis article). These copper ‘antlers’ were very likely used to bring beneficial electric energy into the crown.

Here are some images of very old copper / copper alloy headbands, and a bronze cone hat found in Europe. They were not said to be found on giants, but it is just to give you a feel what these copper ‘hats’ and ‘headbands’ would probably be like. All to bring the beneficial electric energy into our crown chakra and into our electric bodies:

Copper alloy headband found on a skull in Britain, Kent 250 -150 BC – Adjustable copper and silver alloy hat, date unknown, from Britain – Bronze cone hat Italy 6th cent BC
Very old giant crown. All metal crowns were originally used for energetic purposes, but this knowledge was eventually lost.

White Giants and Smaller White Humans in North America

“Mummies of ancient Caucasian giants with red hair have been found in startlingly diverse areas of the country, from Florida to Nevada. Along with these finds ample evidence of sophisticated culture, such as fine weavings, has also been found. Then there are the members of North Dakota’s Mandan tribe, long known from the earliest days for their red hair and blue eyes. Perhaps the magnitude of the mystery they represent has been partially responsible for the lack of general knowledge about them, or has it been because of definite attempts at suppression of evidence that flouts all previous theories about origins?”– The Ancient Giants Who Ruled America, Richard Dewhurst

Take note of these discoveries below, and remember them when you read Part 4 of this series called: ‘The White Indians of North and South America’.

Catalina Blonde Skeletons:
Newspaper reports of the Catalina Island blonde White skeletons. One reports the Truth the other omits it it.

Two extracts from these reports:

“How Our White Indians Are Rising Out of Legend Into Fact. Found – The Mysterious Royal Burying Ground of Blonde Children Fathered by a Race of Giants 3,000 Years Ago on Catalina Island.”

“During the expedition to the interior of Catalina Professor Gidden collected the skeletons of 3,781 Indians. The largest he found was a man of 9 feet 2 inches tall. Practically all the male adults were of gigantic stature, averaging around 7 feet in height.”

Above you can see one newspaper reporting on the ‘Indians’ discovered. Whereas the other reports that the skeletons were blonde and White.

The same thing occurred with the two books I purchased on American giants. The Ancient Giants Who Ruled America’, by Dewhurst reported that there skeletons were blonde / White. Giants on Record: America’s Hidden History, Secrets in the Mounds and the Smithsonian Files’, by Vieira and Newman wrote about the discovery, but they did not say they were blonde / White.

From what I have seen, if the skeletons have no hair, like the vast majority do not, they are classed as dark-skinned Indians – immediately said to be the so-called ‘Native Americans’. If the hair is preserved and it turns out to be blonde, or red, then that is sometimes reported. But skeletons are marked down as a dark-skinned Indian as default, and then often the Smithsonian gets hold of the bones, and related artefacts, and they are never seen again – and no investigation into the genetics of the discovery is carried out.

There is also the case of the White Florida bog mummies, which were hundreds of red haired corpses, well preserved – they could not cover that one up – as well as the Lovelock Cave red-haired giants.

Lovelock Cave, Red Haired Giants:
Left to Right: Giant Jaw from one of the biggest Lovelock Cave giants in comparison to regular human + Full giant skeleton under a cloth demonstrating their weaving skill. Found in Lovelock Cave, Nevada

“What is significant to note is that the scientific community has assiduously scrubbed all references to the six to eight-foot-tall, red-haired skeletons found at the site [Lovelock Cave]. As will be seen, this repeated effort to clear the historical record of all references to a pre-Indian Caucasian culture in the United States can be seen as working in harmony with the NAGPRA policies of the federal government, which works on agendas based on political correctness and not objective science.” – ‘The Ancient Giants Who Ruled America’ – Richard J Dewhurst

(Editor note: Other sources say that at least one of the giants in this Lovelock Cave discovery was at least around 9 and a half feet tall)

We just want the Truth. We want serious investigations and testing so that we know the Truth of our history. So that we know how many of these giants and humans were White Indians, and how many were Dark Skinned Indians. (Note: None of them were the dark-skinned Indians, this is shown in Part 4 of this series), and in what locations. So that we can analyse the information.

Red Head Florida Bog Mummies:
Image showing the preservation of the hair. From The Ancient Giants Who Ruled America, Richard Dewhurst

Apparently brain samples were obtained from some of the bog mummies, and ‘they’ date the mummies as existing in 7500 BCE. Which is just another example of the very dodgy radiocarbon dating (I do not trust the dates we are given one bit). I will show evidence in this series that the White humans (of various sizes) that dominated the Americas were genocided in the 1500s and 1600s, mainly via pestilence and plague.

These Florida Bog Mummies were not giants, but smaller human Red-Heads with Haplogroup X DNA – Northern European DNA.

“The average height of the inhabitants was between 5’2″ and 5’8”, and the bodies were buried within twenty-four to forty-eight hours after death, based on the DNA and tissue that was examined. DNA testing on the bodies was conducted by Joe Lorenz, and as was the case with the skeletons at Spirit Cave in Nevada, the genomes were found to contain Haplogroup X, which is a distinct DNA marker, only found in Caucasians of generally northern European origin. That these were what are called “water burials” is evidenced by the tight textile wrapping of the body and the ritual wooden stakes that were used to secure the heads and keep the skeletons from floating to the surface. The only other evidence for this type of water burial is found in northern Europe and most specifically the British Isles.

…..Col. Bill Royal began diving in the Warm Springs sinkhole in the 1950s and almost immediately began finding human skeletal remains. Despite the problems associated with gaining the finances to excavate this site, they pale in comparison with the problems that have been encountered since the passage in 1990 of the NAGPRA federal laws, now enforced arbitrarily in defense of Native American tribes’ sensibilities regarding extremely ancient skeletons. One of the major reasons the discoveries at this site are not better known and the results of the Haplogroup X DNA tests are not general knowledge can be laid at the door of the NAGPRA restrictions regarding discussion or exhibition of any of these ancient finds, as it would be considered sacrilege by the local Indian tribes of the area. The irony about this slavish obedience to local American Indian sensibilities is that at both the Spirit and Lovelock Caves in Nevada and the now numerous bog sites in Florida, the Indians’ own native lore speaks of the original inhabitants of the area as being white-skinned, red-haired giants.

We have evidence of White giants and White humans – and we have an obvious cover up by the Smithsonian institute and more restrictions and curtailing of the Truth by other organisations. Are they trying to cover something up very significant? Yes.

I have put together an article – it is Part 4 of this series – showing how in the 16th, 17th and 18th century the Indians of America were depicted as tall muscular White humans (There were some smaller White humans that were a similar size to us, as well). No one was depicting Native American Indians as small, skinny, dark-haired Indians until the 19th century. In this post on The New World discoveries there are a great many images, from a great many artists. This illustration below, by La Moyne and De Bry, shows tall, muscular, White Indians wearing copper plates on their chests and copper on their hips arms and legs – it also looks like on their ears as well.

Engraving by De Bry, from a La Moyne original. From the second book of the Great Voyages series. From Rene Goulene De Laudonniere’s expedition.

There is a colour Image (An original La Mayone watercolour) from this above expedition in Part 4 of this series, that clearly shows that these people depicted in the image above were large White humans. I found incredible amounts of images that show that the New World Explorers found White / Caucasian humans when they arrived.

Two images of a Giant skeleton found at Serpent Mound State Park (There should be SO many more images available to us, but genuine ones are not that easy to find).

Giant skull – Serpent Mound, Ohio

Old Artwork: Giants or Humans?

If we do not have an image of both a human and giant together we can find it very difficult to tell if we are seeing a scene containing humans or giants – as most giants were well proportioned / similar in proportions to us. But if you pay attention you can often tell when you are seeing giants or humans. I do not believe these images below are depicting humans / us.

Female giants usually have more girth to them, with bigger arms – they also have different size and shaped breasts. Their small children are also very robust looking. Human children are far more slight and delicate looking. Current human females are also more delicate. Not many men are built like these men in the pictures below, it takes a lot of effort to get the build of many of these giants – it seems that giants are naturally more muscular. Sometimes it is even more difficult to tell, as some of the 7 – 9 foot giants that were still around in the Middle Ages (Dominated in the Middle Ages in Truth) seem to be more slender. We lack the vocabulary and knowledge to fully understand this topic as so much of our history has been subverted and hidden.

Images of the tall, robust Giants: Drawings from the 1500s, I believe by Hieronymus Cock.

Above images: Look how powerful these females look – look at their arms. The men are also very muscular and look very robust. I definitely do not think these people are us.

The artists in the 1500s depicted historical figures as giants, not as us smaller more slender humans. Firstly, as they themselves were actually, very likely over 7 feet tall – and the people at that time had more muscular physiques and women had figures more like this. You also depict the figures in your history as looking like you. If we draw Adam and Eve we draw them as skinnier, more delicate shorter people – with a different build to these images. And significantly the people in the 1500s, 1600s and 1700s had more historical knowledge than us… they had access to more historical information. In the 1900s and 2000s we have access to very little, much of what was left after the various resets was hidden by Jewry, The Jesuits and The Freemasons in the 1800s.

Depictions of Adam and Eve + Mars and Venus (early 1500s). Drawings by Marcantonio Raimondi.

Image above: Again, women shown with more muscular and robust physiques and smaller, more round breasts… and with a baby / child that is very robust and chunky… and men naturally muscular.

By Hieronymus Cock – said to be created in the 1500s

Above image: Here we can see some giants with, what some might think is, us smaller 5 foot-tall humans side by side in battle. But from looking at the physiques, and considering the way the hierarchy was in ancient times, it is likely that we are seeing 7 foot-tall plus giants with roughly 16 ft giants leading them. If those two very large giants were in a picture by themselves many people would assume they were muscular humans, as they are well proportioned. Note: They did not have body-building regimes / programs and steroids back then in those times – we smaller humans are not naturally built like this.

I would suggest that none of these humans at the front of this image below are us (5 to 6 foot humans). I would say that you have roughly 13 feet-tall humans and 7 feet-tall-plus humans in this image:

The mausoleum in Halicarnassus, the tomb of The Mausoleum, built by his widow Artemisa. Engraving by Philips Halle by Martin van Heemskerk, 1572

These images below are not depictions of us. They are not the slender 5-foot-tall plus humans of those times:

Religion saved by Spain, 1500s + Adam and Eve, by Bacchiacca, mid 1500s

Artwork from the 1600s and 1700s – depicting ancient historical figures and ‘gods’:

Romulus and Remus Given Shelter 1634 + Mars and Rhea Silvia c1620
Diana and Acteon 1608 + Cleopatra and the Asp 1650-1660
Dido and Aeneas 1747 + Aeneas and his Father Fleeing Troy – circa 1635
The Alliance of Jacob and Laban 1630 + Venus Appearing to Aeneas as a Huntress 1631
Antiochus I and Stratonice 1774

Above image: Antiochus ill in bed as his doctor, Erasistratus, discovers his love for his new mother Stratonice of Syria is the cause of his illness. This tall fair woman was Queen of the Seleucid Empire from 300 BC until 294 BC and from 281 BC until 261 BC. The Seleucid Empire was a Greek state in Western Asia that existed during the Hellenistic Period from 312 BC to 63 BC. (These tall White people used to be so widespread)

All the paintings and drawings / engravings above are depicting giants. Very tall robust humans. Did you also notice the very robust / chunky children? They are definitely not depicting us. So many old paintings did not seem to be depicting us smaller humans, but giants. Look around at current humans – they do not look like this.

Concluding Thoughts

Was the history that we smaller humans were told was ours, really ours? Had ‘The Powers That Be’ passed the giant’s history off as ours?

We can see in this article that it is very likely that giants (taller humans) were very prevalent on this planet – very likely the dominant and the most prevalent people at some point. We can also see there is evidence that they were the ones with the knowledge on how to harness the beneficial electric (chi / prana / vril) energy – so as to bring it into the body… ‘geomancy’ etc. They were the ones who built the henges, stone circles, dolmens, earthworks and the large stone castles in Britain.

From looking at the data we can see that 7 – 9 feet-tall giants were the most prevalent type of ‘giant’.

It is fairly obvious that the giants / taller humans built these Old-World buildings we have dotted around our cities.

Hopefully you are now looking at old art, and old buildings, with a more critical eye. You probably have a lot of questions now – the rest of the series will likely provide many of the answers. If it doesn’t, you can ask questions in the relevant comments section and I will try to help.

If you have any additional information related to this topic, or any topic in this series, please share it in the relevant comments section.

The next part of this 14-part series – ‘Medieval and Renaissance Giants’ – delves even deeper into this subject, looking at the size and appearance of European upper classes and rulers from the 1300s up until the 1800s – as well as the size of the Celts / Gauls, Romans, Vikings and Israelites. Some very interesting images. Were these people the 5-feet-tall humans or the 7 – 9 feet-tall humans?

Additional Information:

  • Giants Suffering, Old Illustrations
  • Mary in the Temple of Jerusalem Frescos
  • Aristides Painting
  • Henges and Stone Circles in Britain and Ireland
  • The Tall (giant) Human and Short Human Dynamic between then 1300s – 1800s
  • Newspaper Clippings

Giants Suffering (City fires, plagues, flooding):

You will more fully understand the significance of this set of four images below once you have read all the articles in this series.

Mary in the Temple of Jerusalem:

Obviously, these paintings created in the 14th and 15th centuries were depicting an imagined historical scene – a scene that would have occurred a very long time ago, related to the Virgin Mary. They show very large humans and smaller humans. I have provided close ups next to the main image so that you can see that they are not children – to be honest though, you should be able see to that they are not children from the body shape and the proportions of the smaller figures. It is also very doubtful that children would be allowed in Temples at events like this – it is very unlikely that an artist in those times would depict children at an event like this.

1328-30 Presentation of Mary in the Temple – Taddeo Gaddi.
1328-30 – Mary’s introduction and her engagement – Taddeo Gaddi.
1486-1490 The Presentation of the Virgin Mary in the Temple of Jerusalem, by Domenico Ghirlandaio
1486-90 Marriage of the Virgin, by Domenico Ghirlandaio

(It is harder to hide frescos – that cannot just be picked up and hidden from view – so we get to see some interesting images on them, from time to time)

Note: These images above are depicting Jerusalem. We can also see that the current Jewish people are nothing like these tall White humans that are depicted in these imagined scenes (or even the small humans). There is more on this matter in a following article – it is dealt with in Part 2 of this series.

Painting of Aristides:
Aristides, created c 1806. (Note: Early 1800s, we still had some accurate paintings occurring in the early 1800s)

Aristides was an ancient Athenian statesman. Nicknamed “the Just”, he flourished in the early quarter of Athens’ Classical period and is remembered for his generalship in the Persian War. The ancient historian Herodotus cited him as “the best and most honourable man in Athens”. Note the size of him… What we would call a giant.

Henges and Stone Circles of Britain and Ireland:
Look carefully at all those little white dots. So many stone circles.
Some henges in Britain
Stone Circle Examples – Ireland and Scotland

Important Note: The stone circles, standings stones, henges, mounds, dolmens and other stone buildings are built on energetically beneficial locations. Often on specific leylines. This is a part of the giant’s geomancy. The British and Irish giants were focused on harnessing the beneficial electric energy and bringing it into their bodies – they used specific rocks, specific rock arrangements and specific locations.

Leylines and energetically beneficial locations.
Stanton Drew, Wood Henge

The Tall and Short Humans Dynamic:

In further articles in this series you will see old / ancient Art from the 1300s up until the late 1700s, which depict very tall and smaller humans living side by side in various civilisations:

  • The European Kingdoms,
  • The Tartarian Empire,
  • The Mogul Empire,
  • The White North American Indian Tribes,
  • The Ottoman Empire,
  • The Aztec civilisation in South America.

I also investigated the art from that time in the Chinese and Japanese Kingdoms, and yet again, you can see the same thing – very large leaders and some images of them alongside smaller humans. I also briefly looked into the Southern Asian art (not as fully as I did for other empires) and I also quickly began to see some images of very tall / large adults and smaller adults.

The giants were killed off not that long ago. There were genocides and a reset, as you will see when you complete this series.

A small sample of images from the Parts 2, 3 and 4 of this series – demonstrating the taller (giant) human and the smaller human dynamic:

European Kingdoms
European Kingdoms
Tartarian Empire
Tartarian Empire
Mogul Empire
Ottoman Empire
Aztec Empire
North American Indians
Europe in the 1700s

Video – Compilation of Newspaper Clippings about Giants:


Next article in the series:

8 thoughts on “Ancient Giants – Old World Buildings – Resets and Genocides, Part 1

  • August 7, 2022 at 9:35 am

    Very interesting thank you!

  • August 10, 2022 at 5:35 pm

    Hi Entity~Art

    You’re right, I do enjoy a lot this series 🙂 Even more, I’m grateful you’ve made this detailed analysis… truly helpful.

    Still, I would suggest that you should take out that short piece of info regarding “the 30 feet giant from Rosia Montana” until further investigation is done (you, me or others) to confirm or infirm it. So far it seems that this is miss information done on purpose. The author of this article actually admitted these are a fake story and a fake photograph. The link bellow will open that blog post that created (and still does) so much mess in the romanian truth seeking community and apparently outside also.

    The other mentions to giant skeletons found in Romania look legit so far. The truth is the romanian lore is full with stories and myths of giants… if there’s smoke then it definitely is fire also !

    • August 11, 2022 at 1:19 pm

      Hello Gilgamesh, good to hear from you.

      I am glad you are finding it useful.

      Thankyou for this information. Very useful.

      I had a feeling you would know something more about these Romanian finds.

      Best regards.

  • August 27, 2022 at 12:59 am

    Hello Entity,

    I really don’t know where to post these.

    I know that you didn’t post all the articles of this series and maybe you ‘answer’ what I’m writing now in some further article. If so, you let me know if possible. 🙂

    (I’m going to write ‘giants’ just for simplification)

    I hope that all of this is not confusing.

    For some time now and with your articles of this series, and looking into the subject with a little more than ‘eyes’, I constantly come back to NATURE. I keep wondering about extinction. I understand the nature of survival of the fittest. But how much of this nature is actually accurate? How can one species/race be completely eradicated from existence? The Soul of the species/race is erased/vanished forever? Are we in a constant recycle of Souls or entire groups of Souls in the universe? It’s easier to understand from a physical/3D perspective I think, but in a Soul level how could that happen? If we have our individual Soul within a racial Soul group, it’s hard to imagine that whatever/whoever created our Souls would let this happen without a ‘safety measure’ in place to not let this happen. A survival mechanism of the Soul/Soul Group. If one race is able to extinguish all the races of one universe from existence and become the ‘almighty’ race of that universe, it would be a complete chaos in all universes, with all these ‘master’ races fighting each other to be the ONE race to rule all the universes. There would not be any race to evolve at all. Simply because it would not be possible for any race to actually learn/develop anything other than kill for the killing. There would be just an eternal war of the fittest. A war for the fittest win them all. A war for survival makes sense of course, but an eternal war without any possible means or purpose for learning and development of the Soul, makes no sense whatsoever(at least to me). What would be the reason to create races and Souls in the first place? For the fun of it? This sounds like some psychopathic idea.

    I might be looking into this with the wrong perspective, after all, we ARE learning and developing all the time.

    To my point, the ‘giants’ and genetics/DNA. IF the ‘giants’ did go extinct(I’m not saying they actually were. I didn’t read enough about it yet), that’s a lie. Their genetics/DNA are still here. If we take into account what you have presented until now(and some other places that I saw it too), the ‘giants'(at least most of them) were basically of the White Race(given the obvious differences). So we humans(of the White Race and some others for what I can understand) bear their genetics/DNA in this world. And I don’t think that they are actually gone. They might as well be in another place here on this world, hidden.

    The survival mechanism of genetics/DNA(my thoughts). If we look at nature, it always come back to what once were if left alone right.. It would be any different with humans/species/races?
    Plants grow back any different from what it was after been ‘erased’ from some place after a massive devastation? It might take a long time, but they come back just like they were before.
    As for animals, it might be a touchy subject, but they actually have Souls? I think that they have Spirits. Spirits that guides them through this world(I see Soul and Spirit as different ‘things’). Apparently all of them seems to have the same behaviour throughout history. If we left them alone for a thousand years, they’re gonna change anything about their nature? Unless Darwin was actually right, they’re gonna be and do the same thing they have been doing for I’m not even know when. We can see that they change their behaviour accordingly with the situation. We see monkey burglars today right. They learned that this behaviour can get them rewards and then they pass on to the next generation. But if this condition/situation is cut off and they are left alone for a thousand years, they are going to continue with this behaviour or they’re gonna come back to their nature? In my view, the behaviour of animals is set by their Spirits, not a Soul. Animals can go extinct? If their genetics/DNA have some survival mechanism that alows them to ‘fool’ the predator by changing their own behaviour in a extinction level situation, making the predator unable to track what they are used to track, the predator would not see the ‘normal’ patterns of that animal anymore. The prey then could go to another place where they are not in a massive danger of existence. A replacement of habitat.

    If we look into a genetic/DNA level, our cells can change behaviour to preserve the core of our species/race, by going into a ‘low profile’ mode where it change the patterns that makes us what we are and what we do, and when the conditions are favorable they come back to what they naturally are and we come back to what we were once before? Is that confusing or too farfetch?

    In the case of races, we clearly see the differences between us all. We have different Soul groups. The Soul attach itself to the genetics/DNA. White people will aways be White people. Even if we are mixed with another race, our Soul will determine how we are going to look and behaviour. We can see that when someone is born with a lot of white traits and just some traits of the black race for example. That means the Soul of that person is a White Soul. That person is going to be more White than Black. It goes either way obviously.

    The ‘melting pot’ plan/idea can go on for a long time if actually succeed. But it can’t erase the nature/core of any natural race forever. Otherwise, if races can be randomly destroyed, where the Souls go with all the knowledge within? The Soul would change its genetic core and ‘jump’ to some other race? What would be the point to create species/races around the universes? We would fall into the new age narrative if that’s the case.

    If the ‘giants’ did go extinct or gone somehow, why humans are getting taller in some cases or places? Even if both parents are not tall? You can easily find people with 6 foot 5 and both parents with 5 foot 4 for example. My parents are about 5 foot 3-4, me and my sister a little more than that, but my younger brother is close to 6 foot(that foot/inch thing confuses me). I’ve saw a lot of these discrepancies in families. Here where I live(Brazil), same thing with a black family (although the father is very white), the first son and daughter are about the same height, 5 foot something, but the younger is very close to 6 foot(used to play basket ball and volley ball even). More directly, short parents with taller kids. Can the ‘giants’ come back in a different fashion/way?

    That’s a little about why I think our genetics ‘fool’ extinction. Our world clearly is bigger than we were told to be. The question is where those beings deemed extinct really are. At least for me.

    All the things that I just wrote can easily be nonsense of course, I understand that. I just don’t think we can ignore our insights.

    A thought that came to me: Are the Breakaway Germans working with the ‘giants’ of the Old World?

    White Folk

    • August 31, 2022 at 10:00 am

      Hey White Folk

      I hear what you are saying and contemplating. I have also been thinking about these topics.

      I think there is a lot we do not know about DNA. Looking at how pretty much all populations have got taller I think we have a lot to learn about DNA. There must be factors that effect and influence DNA – and perhaps some metaphysical factors as well.

      I do think there will be small amounts of the 7 foot-tall giants DNA in the White population, but that would not have been enough to create the large increase in average height. Something else is going on with the DNA of the surface population.

      I also think about all the tall Black people in the United States playing basketball – I am pretty sure there were not many black slaves arriving on those shores that were that big. It seems like something else is effecting their DNA.

      It also seems likely that the Soul energy of a person would also have some effects on DNA.

      And yes, White people will have some similar genetics to those White giants – in a sense, we are, to some degree, a different version of them – a different type of White (Caucasian) person. There is a lot we do not know about the Soul. Could some of us have previously been those smaller 7 feet-tall White giants? I am not so sure, but it is a possibility.

      You said: “Are the Breakaway Germans working with the ‘giants’ of the Old World?”

      As I have mentioned in some of my articles, I have had numerous flashback and ‘bleed through’ experiences. Where there was feedback to my 3D earth brain from my alter / out of body / alternative self that used to take part in missions with a breakaway group and their inner earth allies (it is complex). Anyway, in one of my ‘bleed throughs’ (best term I have for it) I was meeting up with some people in a large cavern (there were some abandoned buildings there). The crust of the earth is labyrinth like – it is full of caverns, caves and tunnels. One of the guys I met up with was roughly my size, a bit shorter than me – but one was significantly taller than me, very likely over 7 feet tall. It is possible that some small populations of 7 – 9 feet tall giants, which used to be very numerous on this planet – would have survived inside some of the large cavernous regions inside the crust of the planet. There are also some old tales / ‘myths’ that allude to this. There would have been a great deal of knowledge about these underground regions when the first assaults on the planet took place, and it is also likely some other groups held onto this knowledge for a few generations.

      Best regards.

  • February 23, 2023 at 6:06 am

    Interesting that the larger giant was roasting the pig (the one King Arthur found). I wonder if cooking food was an intentional subversion inserted into Earth a long time ago by the bipedal reptilians. I’ve read a few of your comments that say you think the reptilians made us (not sure if you meant us smaller humans or all humans, giants included), so maybe they lied to us about cooking at our inception to stop us from getting too strong.

    Maybe they just enjoyed the taste of cooked meat. But if these larger giants were really desperate, that giant would want all the nutrition he can get from that pig.

    Maybe, for giants, cooked meat was more easily digested than raw meat? The noble classes (giants) ate cooked foods, while the smaller humans ate raw meats if they could get them. It would fit in with the idea that giants were more civilised than us (think that painting depicting smaller humans as being rowdy at the dinner table compared to the giants acting “civilised”). I’ve theorised that the entire idea of “being civilised” is something we unknowingly and unwillingly adopted from giants who may have had different needs and predispositions to us. The Aztec giants cannibalised people with their bare hands though, so maybe not.

  • March 25, 2023 at 7:19 pm

    I left a note the other day that was an error. I said that S. Champlain visited Rome, but I mistook Champlain for MICHEL DE MONTAIGNE, who visited Rome before the year 1600: : He believed that an ancient Roman would not recognize the place again: “It often happened that in digging down into earth the workmen came upon the crown of some lofty column, which, though thus buried, was still standing upright. The people there have no recourse to other foundations than the vaults and arches of the old houses, upon which, as on slabs of rock, they raise their modern palaces. It is easy to see that several of the ancient streets are thirty feet below those at present in use.” Quotation from: From this I surmise that a mud flood had already occurred before the year 1600…perhaps long before because of the existence several generations of buildings already on top of the old mud. So, now my question becomes: When did Kalifornia cease to be an island as is depicted on the old maps? Did the straight of Kalifornia fill with mud at the time of the mud flood?

    • March 29, 2023 at 9:59 pm

      Hello Peter

      Yes, you left that comment under Part 5 on the Mudflooding evidence. Thanks for that correction and information. I did reply, by the way.

      In response to this comment: There has been such a lot of destruction and so many reset events. These controlled opposition agents on YouTube have instilled into many people’s minds that there was one big mudflood not long ago, as well as that all the Old World architecture was Tartarian. Both of these ideas are misdirection and subversion.

      (((YouTube))) is a ridiculous place, full of subversives.

      I have seen the old maps of Kalifornia and that region. I don’t know when that occurred. But I know that if you look on various other old maps there are numerous other cases like this – with land masses drastically changing (sometimes massive rivers and huge lakes disappearing)… and of course we also have the legends of Atlantis and Lemuria.

      Again, it was / is an advanced technological non-human (reptilian) space faring force that has been reshaping the planet and moulding the populations to their desires. They have been doing it for a very long time. Resets and Genocides.


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