Anshin - monk sculpture praying river spiritual outdoors monks serene blue buddha nature krishna colours close up shpn-c4.JPGburial acdpdksh resize.JPGShadows - Surreal mixed media wall hanging sculptureMyoki - Monk sculpture - tortoise - outside - meditating praying - sculptures monks - buddhism - buddhist cute spiritual orange buddha nature.JPGBalance - Surreal mixed media wall hanging sculpture Wakei - monk sculpture meditating meditation art cut outdoors spiritual pink buddha nature buddhism blue orange krishna-c75.JPGblue and yellow ents - surreal sculptures sculpture art beings spiritual entity-c35.JPGDistracted - Surreal outdoor ArtCoals - Surreal mixed media wall hanging sculpture - figurative - paintingWakei - monk sculpture orange brown buddhism spirituality art outdoor photograph 2-c2.JPGsurreal sculpture plant pot succulent cactus sculptures beings 3 ents babies wm res-c7.JPGmushroom-of-life-45cm-tall-1014-x-1521Koshin - monk sculpture statue blue yellow orange buddhism hindu meditating buddha meditation 2.JPGzeno beings hearts.JPGguidance - surreal figurative sculptureWithoutc13-Myoki - Monk sculpture outside - meditating praying - sculptures monks - buddhism - buddhist sliver blue cute statue monks spiritual.JPGTwo Zeno plant guardians B FS.JPGwindow brick wall sculpture pink beings.JPGc45-anshin - monk meditating praying meditation - serene monks - blue orange.JPGKrishna blue mixed media sculpture painting.JPGhelp-1014-x-1521Anoo - sculpture teal blue surreal alien 2-c58.JPGMonk sculpture outside - meditating praying - sculptures monks - buddhism - buddhist - watermark - resized - meditation.JPGDSC_0183 sharpen (1521 x 1014).jpgc96-Shinko - blue - orange sculpture cute meditation meditating monk monks colourful colorful statue buddha buddhist krishna.JPGTable s (1521 x 1014).jpgDSC_0702 cropped bright shapr (1501 x 670).jpgthree happy monks meditating meditation buddhist sculpture fun statue blue orange yellow spiritual surreal 2-c94.JPGDSC_0815 sh (1521 x 1014).jpgDarth vader light resize web.JPGWakei - orange monk sculpture serene spiritual praying meditation meditation buddhist.JPGSurreal wall hanging sculpture painting - eyes resized sh.JPGc87-Curiosity - 63cm x 30cm s (1479 x 777).jpgSpirit human edit resize.JPGAnshin green  - sculpture surreal praying meditating monk monks statue buddha buddhist spiritual cute colourful.JPGDSC_0032 sh (1521 x 1014).jpgwall sculpture blue beings (2).JPGDSC_0110 edt (1521 x 1014).jpgstriding-forward-30cm-tall-713-x-1072s b s (1463 x 793).jpgFollow the reindeer ed rs.JPGAnshin - red brown monk sculpture serene spiritual praying meditation.JPGhome-concrete-allergy-26cm-tall-1014-x-1521Rise crop sharp (1504 x 740).jpg

‘They are gentle, loving, faithful, lacking in all guile and trickery.’ – Terrence Malick

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