burial acdpdksh resize.JPGc45-anshin - monk meditating praying meditation - serene monks - blue orange.JPGBalance - Surreal mixed media wall hanging sculpture Distracted - Surreal outdoor ArtMyoki - Monk sculpture - tortoise - outside - meditating praying - sculptures monks - buddhism - buddhist cute spiritual orange buddha nature.JPGCoals - Surreal mixed media wall hanging sculpture - figurative - paintingc13-Myoki - Monk sculpture outside - meditating praying - sculptures monks - buddhism - buddhist sliver blue cute statue monks spiritual.JPGwindow brick wall sculpture pink beings.JPGmushroom-of-life-45cm-tall-1014-x-1521Shadows - Surreal mixed media wall hanging sculptureMonk sculpture outside - meditating praying - sculptures monks - buddhism - buddhist - watermark - resized - meditation.JPGguidance - surreal figurative sculptureWithoutKrishna blue mixed media sculpture painting.JPGc96-Shinko - blue - orange sculpture cute meditation meditating monk monks colourful colorful statue buddha buddhist krishna.JPGDSC_0183 sharpen (1521 x 1014).jpgTable s (1521 x 1014).jpgDSC_0702 cropped bright shapr (1501 x 670).jpgDSC_0815 sh (1521 x 1014).jpgDarth vader light resize web.JPGSurreal wall hanging sculpture painting - eyes resized sh.JPGc87-Curiosity - 63cm x 30cm s (1479 x 777).jpgSpirit human edit resize.JPGDSC_0032 sh (1521 x 1014).jpgwall sculpture blue beings (2).JPGFollow the reindeer ed rs.JPGDSC_0110 edt (1521 x 1014).jpgBlue grass resize.JPGgollum dkn dpn sh resize.JPGDSC_0315 sharpe12 (1521 x 1014).jpgReborn (1100 x 976).jpgDSC_0272 (1521 x 1014).jpgBench (1521 x 1014).jpgRise crop sharp (1504 x 740).jpgDSC_0045 sh13 (1521 x 1014).jpgCollection sharp (1496 x 684).jpgParadigm close up (1521 x 1014).jpgDSC_0660 sharper 12 (1521 x 1014).jpgblinded-60cm-x-24cm-1425-x-699concrete-allergy-outside-1521-x-1014Significant sharp bright (1451 x 676).jpgemergence-2-1521-x-1014s b s (1463 x 793).jpgstriding-forward-30cm-tall-713-x-1072pods-40cm-x-32cm-871-x-1056help-1014-x-1521home-concrete-allergy-26cm-tall-1014-x-1521humility-50cm-x-25cm-1498-x-856maternal-1521-x-1014meditation-1014-x-1521peering-concrete-allergy-1521-x-1014formless-reality-37cm-tall-1014-x-1521

‘They are gentle, loving, faithful, lacking in all guile and trickery. The words denoting lying, deceit, greed, envy, slander, and forgiveness have never been heard. They have no jealousy, no sense of possession. Real, what I thought a dream.’ – Terrence Malick

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