Humanity – Collective Consciousness

From what I have heard and read, Higher Dimensional Beings can view humanity as one being. We can imagine ourselves as a cell, a unique individual cell in this huge being, this huge conglomeration of energy – and how our thoughts ripple through other cells, our human brothers and sisters. How we are all energetically connected and are manifesting what happens on Earth together. I like to send thoughts of love out and imagine it rippling through the cells of this one being that we are a part of. I like to remember that when I become more informed and understand more of what is really occurring behind the scenes on this planet, others can then can more easily access this information – as all I understand is transmitted energetically to the collective. I understand that as I comprehend more metaphysical concepts of how consciousness, creation and this universe works, that this also enables others to more easily understand these concepts. I understand the power of the thoughts we put out into this planet and into our collective consciousnesses. I understand the importance of imagination, and imagining the empowering, peaceful, and abundant future we want for humanity. I also do not forget the importance of action as well – thought, word and deed.

Our Collective-Consciousness is manipulated by those in charge of this planet through television, music, various dark rituals, fake terrorism and many other methods, to manifest a world they want. It is important to understand their tactics and that there is something very wrong with this planet – so we can work towards manifesting a new society and and a new way of living on this planet.

Here are some perspectives from a variety of sources, on the nature of Collective Consciousness. 

“Every single thought you emit effects, in one now or another, every other facet of consciousness in the All-That-Is. It is interwoven, it is embraced in the auric field of Mother Earth, it is called collective consciousness. The auric field of the Earth plane, that is collective consciousness, is indeed no more than her own soul memory. You are a microcosm of this. Your soul memory contributes to it. As you align your soul memory, she aligns… Understanding this inter-connectedness, you will understand the power behind every thought. Understanding the momentum behind every creation or vibration of thought energy that you place in the etheric body of this planet.”
– St. Germain – Azena Ramanda

“You have been told that all of your thoughts make a world: they are real – they go some place. There are five and a half billion people thinking right now. That much energy is alive on Earth. What is the predominant feeling within that energy, and what can this energy be convinced or coerced to exhibit?”
– Barbara Marciniak – Bringers of the Dawn

“You and multitudes of others have begun the mutation process on the planet. As you mutate electromagnetically, you alter your frequency or the tune that you broadcast. You will eventually outgrow the frequency that holds you down and continually blasts you with chaos and confusion. Eventually, when you alter, carry, and maintain your own frequency, you will vibrate differently and thus affect everyone around you. They will feel the availability of this frequency alteration, which will then move like a wave around the planet. As the planet accepts this new frequency that you have worked very hard to obtain, those at the end of the domino chain will receive it. This new frequency is called knowledge, light, and information. It is called being taken out of bondage. You are being taken out of disinformation and misinformation and you are becoming informed; you are coming into light.”
– Barbara Marciniak – Bringers of the Dawn

“What we call society is the sum total of human thinking and feeling. It is a reflection of our attitudes. When we change them, we change society. We are only a change of mind away from real freedom, the freedom to express our God-given uniqueness and celebrate the diversity of gifts, perceptions and inspiration that exist within the collective human psyche. The creative force is within us all and desperate to express itself.”
— David Icke

Understanding collective consciousness will also help you to understand that the philosophy of some spiritual movements to only look at the positive is naive and uninformed. Some naive spiritual people aren’t even desiring change for this planet, they can’t even see that there is something very wrong here.

I know most people don’t want to put their attention on some of the very dark things that have been occurring on this planet, some have been programmed to believe that you must only put your attention on positive things, and they will be in for a shock at some point – people forget about the nature of collective consciousness, you cannot escape what has been going on. Things must be brought to the light to be transformed. When you transform yourself, it is obviously all about bringing what is unconscious and hidden within you to the light, to transform it. It is the same with this planet, we are a part of a collective consciousness, at the moment we are like a unique individual cell in one being called humanity. All of us so connected, we are all affecting one another in ways we cannot yet see, with dynamic energies rippling through us all, in this one being. This being is trying to bring things up to the light to transform. But so many people are ignoring what it is bringing up.

Individually, inspired by love – inspired by the love and compassion for all our brothers and sisters who are suffering – we can look into all the dark things that have been occurring on this planet, all the crimes against humanity, all the ways we have been lied to and deceived. If everybody understands what has really been going on, and desires for it to stop, and take action wherever possible or necessary, it will have to stop. Anyway, that’s the real challenge on Earth right now – it’s understanding the depths of the crimes against humanity and still maintaining a frequency of love and compassion. Once we understand what has really been going on and how this planet really works then our motivations to create change is stronger – we can then strive towards the abundant future we want for all of humanity – and then take action as well, to manifest this future – again: thought, word and deed. 

I hope some of this may prove useful – Love, Rick

An article I recommend, which will help you to become informed about who is behind the problems we are facing on this planet:

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