Disclosure – Crimes Against Humanity – Transformation – Illuminati – The Cabal

I wrote this article for a blog I used to run on Tumblr quite a while a ago. I feel like I am supposed to post it on here now, so I have copied and pasted it here. My knowledge of some of the finer details has deepened since then but I will leave the majority of the original article intact as it still holds true.

Disclosure – Crimes Against Humanity – Transformation

 Disclosure – Crimes Against Humanity – Transformation:

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I am not particularly fond of exploring and researching the dark side of what is occurring on Earth – but it is part of my soul mission on here – when full disclosure comes I will be glad to no longer research it. I research this out of love for humanity and this planet – to be of service. I have moved into a conscious and loving state of being – but there is obviously still so much pain and suffering all around this planet. I won’t stop taking on more information and researching until disclosure comes, that’s when things will really start to change and the masses will start waking up. I know that the deeper my planetary realizations and knowledge becomes the more I energetically benefit the collective and the transition. In truth I feel very guided – often I will have a question about an aspect of the planetary conspiracy or metaphysical concepts and information comes to me through various sources. There is a lot more I could say about this and I have mentioned some of my various otherworldly and multidimensional experiences before on this blog. There are a few other experiences related to this I may share on here at some point.

Anyway, the way it works is that when humans individually deal with their subconscious – their shadow side, the negative ego aspects, all that is hidden from them in their psyche – as they shine a light on and heal these aspects, this affects the collective-consciousness. So then as more and more people individually heal and raise their consciousness the shadow side of the collective-consciousness of humanity begins to be seen more and more by people. And humanity individually and as a collective must deal with all that has been hidden from us on a planetary level.

Someone may meditate for a period everyday, and also through various other methods, they become more and more conscious, healing their shadow side – seeing where they are acting out of fear, what their limiting and fearful beliefs are – and then healing and letting go of the beliefs and stored repressed energies – and in turn becoming more loving and raising their vibration. And as their consciousness and vibration gets higher and higher their intuition gets more attuned – and through allowing themselves to feel all their feelings rather than repressing, and by expressing and demonstrating gratitude and love, their heart chakra opens more and more. They also become very conscious of all feeling and sensations in the body, and they become very attuned to the messages from their body and their Heart and intuition. Then they feel their way through life, and they can see and feel that there is something very wrong with this planet – they see and feel the lies and deceptions – that there are some seriously unusual things occurring on this planet and in the collective. And when we gain a certain amount of knowledge our discernment becomes stronger and the pieces of the puzzle all begin to fit together. Part of why we raise our consciousness is to be more conscious of things – more conscious of everything – to house information – to become more knowledgeable – to see through the lies and manipulations – and to become aware of all the crimes against humanity.

Engaging with what is going on in the human collective can be very intense, some of the very dark things that have been going on here on Earth is shocking and when it all comes out the masses will need some time to process it. I have been researching this a great deal – guided to information after information – so I am somewhat used to it – but I know initially, as certain world or planetary realizations hit me, it blew my mind and freaked me out for a little while until I reminded myself of the transition this planet is going through – and that the fact that people are becoming aware of all these dark hidden factors can be seen as a positive thing, from a certain perspective – showing that perhaps a transition/ transformation is underway.

I have said it before on this blog – this is a type of slave / farm planet (mainly the farming of human energy). This planet will make sense to you when you come to this understanding.

Pretty much all you see around you is a part of this slave matrix / system – there are occult (hidden) meanings behind so many things – and a part of the Illuminati’s strange religion / belief system is that they must give us clues as to what is going on. For example you may want to look into all the occult meanings behind the names of all the major corporations and the logos they use – and who actually owns them. And even the everyday words we use: Television = Tell a vision ( They are creating visions for us – getting us to manifest their visions. Television is the Archon’s, Draco’s and Illuminati’s visions, it is one of their ways of getting us, as creative beings, to collectively manifest their visions and agendas – they control all the networks and nearly all of Hollywood ) Business = Busy-ness ( This word is telling us that this economic system they designed for us is to keep people busy – you can’t work out the planetary conspiracy if your are so busy. In fact just look how busy they keep most people – parents often barely get to see their kids – people don’t have time to prepare proper healthy meals – very little leisure time – very little time to evolve spirituality – most people are so busy and stressed they barely have time to contemplate anything spiritual – it’s all connected – it has all been planned and coordinated.) To ‘spell’ a word or ‘spelling’ is alluding to the fact that words have energetic power and are seen by the illuminati as a type of magic, they use words as spells. A ‘sentence’ is seen by the elites as sentencing someone or cursing someone – again because words have power in a way that humans are not fully aware of. Before human DNA was disconnected by our controllers humans were telepathic. There is a reason behind why English was pushed by the Elites as the ‘World Language’. Anyway, there are occult (hidden) meanings behind almost everything – the matrix on this planet has been set up and coordinated from very ancient times – this slave planet has truly been designed – planned out.

(And of course there are also words like: weekday = weak day, weekend = weakened, bless = be less, fabulous = fab you less, etc etc. These words effect our subconscious mind. You will need to have some understanding of how the subconscious-mind works to understand this.)

One more little occult thing for you: The red carpet used at events, which the Royal Families always use – that red carpet represents ‘the blood of the Goyim’ – Goyim (wikipedia won’t tell you the true meaning of it to the Elites) is a word the Elites use – it is a word they use to refer to humanity. What it means to the Elites is something like: ‘useless eaters’ – that is how the Illuminati / The Cabal and The Royals etc refer to humanity – ‘useless eaters’. So when you see a Royal walking down that red carpet – or anyone for that matter, it represents walking over, through or on humanity’s blood. It is also related to genetic bloodline elitism.

(Actually, the word Goyim is connected to the Zionists and Zionism – you must understand the manipulative, deceiving and satanic Zionists to understand the global conspiracy)

Now, I am not going to get into all the fine details here of all the information I have researched – of all that very disturbing satanic ritual and sacrifice within the powerful secret societies, royal families and banking families – the alien and military (MILAB) abductions – the government treaties with negative extraterrestrial races – the alien technology hidden from us – secret underground experimental laboratories and military installations – the manipulated and contrived wars and terrorist acts killing masses of people – the wiping of soul memories – the reincarnational false light realms – the manipulation of our DNA – the MK ULTRA mind programming of soldiers, celebrities, pop-stars, film-stars, etc – the very advanced healing and free energy technology hidden from us – the portal travel hidden from us –  the weather modification technology (HAARP) used against humanity – the chemtrails – poisons in our food, water and cleaning products – poisons in our so called vaccinations – the occult economic money debt slavery system – the vast secret space programs (the colonization of the moon, mars and our solar system, vast space fleets of craft, all of it hidden from us, and the moon is an artificial construct by the way) – the constant psychological manipulations, deceit and oppression through technology, the education system and the media – the corrupt medical and pharmaceutical industry – humanity’s erased and rewritten history – our extraterrestrial DNA and heritage hidden from us – the corrupt and deceiving news corporations – the false flags, fake terrorism and psyops –corrupt politicians – satanic royal families – the huge pedophile rings – satanic ritual murders – the artificial intelligence transhumanism agenda – the diseases unleashed on humanity that were purposely created in laboratories – etc, etc, I could go on and on. You see the crimes against humanity committed by The Cabal / Secret Societies / Banking Families / Crime Syndicates / Illuminati (The Zionists and Freemasons) and the extraterrestrials are so vast – probably beyond what you can imagine right now.

(One big problem we face is all the Controlled Opposition and Limited Hangout Operations that are being used to distract, disempower and deceive truth-seekers – catching people who are waking up like a net-  but they only slow critical thinkers down, you have to keep moving past these operations)

It is up to you if you feel you are ready to research these things and engage with this information and find all the details. But we as a collective need to be conscious of these things to stop them occurring and transform them – just like we need to be conscious of our own issues, our fears and shadow side, before we can heal them. I know it’s not particularly pleasant, but we have to shine a light on these hidden aspects of the planet and the collective before they can be transformed.

Some of the extraterrestrial races that have been running the show here – now that is really going to shock people. People often mention this false reality we are experiencing now – this Matrix – this Matrix of extreme duality – but not so many people are talking about where it stems from. It is the Archons, the Draco Reptilians (and their ET associates) and the Cabal (the negative factions of the ‘Illuminati’) (Zionists play a huge part) with all their very advanced technologies that have created it and maintained it. They have cut humans off from the rest of the civilizations in our solar system, galaxy and the infinite universe – and cut off humans conscious connection to Source. To create a type of slave / farm planet – for them to utilize humans and their souls for their own benefits – mostly feeding off fear and low vibrational energy. I have said it before: Truth – Stranger than Fiction.

Advanced technologies are used to create this matrix of extreme duality – but one of the key things for them is manipulating human consciousness to bring forth their agendas, to utilize humans for their needs. We are powerful creator beings and their manipulation of humans, through many different esoteric, occult and psychological ways (very much including all aspects of the media) – turns humanity’s collective power and creativity against itself to manifest a world mainly consisting of conflict, extreme duality, fear, pain and low vibrational energy. If we all see through the deceptions and their agendas, become informed, shine a light on and heal our shadow side, become more loving and caring – and then visualize a beautiful, harmonious, abundant future for humanity – their control will fade even more quickly. On top of this we can  and must envision and then proactively create new ways of being on this planet – new community based systems of living – that detach us from the satanic matrix they have created.

More and more people are waking up and surely at some point everyone will have to mentally face what has been going on at some point and come to terms with it. We as a collective will have to face, process and deal with all the darkness. We will also have to be very astute, as those in control are not going to give up easily – they will try to trick and deceive. Critical thinking is going to be essential. Then hopefully after coming up with many solutions to our problems humanity will move on, into a very different reality on this planet – a higher vibrational experience – some refer to this as fourth density experience. But we must make the changes – humanity must come together and create change.

Peace and Love, Rick

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