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This is an article I wrote quite some time ago for a blog I used to run on tumblr – I feel like I am supposed to post it on my website as well now. My knowledge has deepened since, regarding some the finer details of this subject, but I will post it exactly as it was posted before, as all of it still holds true. There are pages in the sidebar menu of this site with selections of quotes related to some what is discussed in this article, from which you can learn some of the finer details – such as the ‘Archons – Dark Forces – Illuminati’ page for example.

Spirituality – Extraterrestrials and Inter-dimensionals

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So this is where it all gets a bit far out and freaky for some – I am going to post some information on extraterrestrials soon – the more general aspects, genetics, some metaphysics and our connections – and then eventually specifically about the Archons and the extraterrestrial interference that has been occurring here on Earth – and that this planetary system is a slave / prison planet – a sort of galactic farm – energetic farming, feeding off human fear – amongst a few other things. Sounds like a sci fi movie? Well the ‘powers that be’ give you many clues in sci-fi and fantasy movies about what is going on – watch them carefully – many allude to what is occurring and many blatantly tell you. Who controls Hollywood? It is the secret societies who control it and they are connected to the Archons and other interfering elements. It is part of their weird religion to tell humanity in subtle ways what is occurring.

Some of what I say may seem controversial to some, and many will not understand what I am expressing in this article, but I will post it on here anyway – so as to maybe sow some seeds and in the hope it may inspire people to question everything, as well as to question and research for yourself what I am writing about in this article.

Spiritual Teachings:

I am fully aware of humanity’s resistance to this sort of information – I was resistant to it at one time too. Two or three years ago when I was still studying Buddhism, the Bhagavad Gita and various modern day teachers and sages etc… I have been through all the stages, I got stuck on some prison planet belief systems for a little while at various points. There are positive things about Buddhism and Hinduism but it has very much been manipulated by forces behind the scenes, in fact both were started by beings not from here – and there has been information ‘lost’, sections of scriptures purposely left out of translations, scriptures stolen and metaphysical info suppressed – and they are both still absolutely religions – yes Buddhism as well – whatever people may say – they contain a set of beliefs, there to limit and confuse you to some degree. And if you look deep enough into these religions there are ancient scriptures talking a great deal about extraterrestrials beings – and they also discuss battles in the sky and heavens and advanced transport and advanced explosive weaponry many thousands of years ago – look at The Mahabarata, The Rig Veda and The Ramayana, to name but a few. And plans and diagrams on how to build these extraterrestrial craft were found in both Hindu and Buddhist scriptures – These ships were often called Vimanas (You can easily look all this up yourself). Anyway, as I was saying you can think of yourself as spiritual and have very little understanding of metaphysics, energy and how Creation and this particular free will universe actually works. If I didn’t have these extraterrestrial, interdimensional, and multidimensional experiences over the last couple of years (Which I give a brief overview of later on in this article) I would not have the same understandings and perspectives, so I am certainly not getting on my high horse here. If I hadn’t received a lots of guidance and these beings hadn’t shown themselves to me – I would not know the things I know.

Humanity is in such a lot of pain, lots of suppressed pain and emotions, hardly anyone feeling good enough, everyone desperate for validation, (see how they perpetuate this through the media – everything is either turned into a competition or a fashion show!) and there are some mainstream-book-store teachers and modern sages who can help you heal to some degree – but these teachers will not be able to explain the metaphysics behind how this planet and universe works – the vast majority don’t even know about the energy body, the chakras and the metaphysics behind healing. And none of the mainstream book store teachers or sages know how the reincarnation cycle process works on this planetary system. These teachers are limited in their understandings – you could do a certain amount of emotional healing, raise your consciousness, release a lot of suppressed/trapped energies, become more loving – then die and leave your body – get trapped by the reincarnation cycle and get tricked into false light realms – to then eventually reincarnate again on Earth – get your memory wiped again – back on to the prison planet – which has all been happening for a very long time. Can you see how important is to be become informed as well as healed and heart centred?

One question people may ask is: Surely these mainstream well known teachers and modern day sages are conscious enough to know about this other dimensional interference and how this planetary system works? Well, I have studied the vast majority of them and most of them have almost no metaphysical knowledge and do not understand multidimensionality. Can spiritual teachers be duped – manipulated into what they can and cant detect? Can they be naïve? Are the beings that have been interfering with humanity powerful enough to deceive these teachers? Can they be to some extent mind controlled? You bet. And a lot of this is to do with DNA and the transformation and reconnecting of it.

From my own personal point of view I haven’t really got much time for spiritual teachers if they are not discussing within their teachings multidimensionality, the enslavement of humanity, the power of the collective-consciousness, humanity’s and Gaia’s transition to a different dimensional experience (third density to fourth density) and inter-dimensional and extraterrestrial interference. There are actually quite a few teachers talking about these important subjects – and they have good metaphysical knowledge – and these teachers are the ones the interfering forces and ‘the powers that be’ don’t want us to engage with – so these more knowledgable and informed teachers are, of course, so much more suppressed. Much of humanity has been programmed to think the only people with beneficial spiritual knowledge are those who wear robes or sit in loose fitting clothes sitting on a stage with flowers around them – more mind programming. In fact you can get a lot of great metaphysical knowledge from the secret space programme whistle-blowers.

YouTube and the internet are your best bet for the teachers with metaphysical and esoteric knowledge that benefits humanity – the ‘powers that be’ don’t want them on the bookstore shelves. I am not saying you cant somewhat heal and gain some benefit from the widely accepted bookstore teachers, but they are limited and naive in many of their understandings. Everything is energy – are these book-store mainstream teachers teaching about the intricacies of managing energy? Nope. The controllers of this planet do their very best to keep the secrets of the universe and this planet to themselves. To be fair I used to read and quote some of these limited mainstream/popular teachers and modern day sages when I was searching and trying to work things out – but now I understand the limitations in their teachings.

I am not going to name any popular mainstream teachers that I think are very naive and limited in their understandings, but the point I am really trying to get across is to look beyond those popular teachers, those whose books you can find in the book-stores. Again, I am not saying you can’t derive some benefit from their words when you first begin searching – I did when I started out searching – but you certainly you wont find all your answers from them. Be aware that the infinite creation is supposed to be eternally enjoyed and explored – and that nothing is as it initially seems on this planetary system. Also be aware that it is not necessary to experience pain and fear like humanity is now – it is not necessary to grow, learn and evolve like this. And don’t get stuck on just one particular teacher / author – research and research and research – put together the jigsaw – they have manipulated it so that humans are so uneducated and so unquestioning. Become Heart-centered and informed. There are certain programs / phrases in some spiritual teachings to get you to not do the research and work out the manipulations, such as ‘its all illusion anyway’, or ‘we are all one anyway’ – People throw phrases like this around as if they know what it means, when they are trying to sound clever, and are not doing humanity any favours – they are phrases which people can use to help them justify to themselves staying in a naïve bubble. I have been there myself, I went through a phase like that some years back.

Some spiritual teachers are often deceived and manipulated in unseen ways so they do not know the secrets of Earth and the Universe – many if not most are Controlled Opposition / Disinfo Agents. Many seem to teach that there is something wrong with physicality, as though it is some kind of dirty thing that you must all try to transcend at all costs. This is more mind programming to get you to not seek the more advanced physics of Earth – such as the Earth’s energy grid – the vortices – its own chakra points etc. And also so that you don’t figure out that is is a prison planet being manipulated by other dimensional beings and the jewish supremacists. The other dimensional beings and  ‘the satanic powers that be’ are fully aware of these things and have lots of metaphysical knowledge they keep from the masses. They effect these energy grids and vortices on Earth with very dark satanic rituals performed at these specific points on the grid, to negatively effect the collective consciousness of humanity and the morphogenic resonance of Gaia/Earth.


Do you believe there are Reptilian beings manipulating humanity? Yes I think there may well be, and not just them, other beings too. And they may be connected to the non-physical Archons. These negative extraterrestrial beings may have been working with the shadow governments / the powerful elite jewish banking families and the crime syndicates. But also be aware that there may also be positive forces assisting humanity behind the scenes. Again, I realize it is difficult for people with all the mind programming that has occurred on this planet and the deep amnesia from the memory wipes – and also the covert way all of this operates. I have been through the stages – so I know what it’s like to first come across this type of information, or to just start to seriously consider it – I can totally empathise.

From my own perspective I am in a somewhat rare situation as I have had quite a few extraterrestrial and multidimensional experiences, which opened my mind significantly and led me to do the research I needed to. I have had a being with reptilian eyes appear to me twice in my minds eye/third eye – note: this wasn’t a reptile being as such, but a large headed being with vivid glistening yellow and orange reptile like eyes. I have had two conscious visits from small beings who appeared to be benevolent and connected to me – it felt like they knew me well – and I knew them – after the brief physical experiences with them, whereby I had some physical contact with these little beings (rubbery dolphin like skin by the way) I also had brief astral experiences with them as well. (I have since come to understand, from other experiences I have had, that this may have been mind manipulation by these beings – I am not sure they were benevolent.) (By the way, is your programming kicking in as you read all this ? Is this sounding ridiculous and unbelievable to you – recognise the programming you have – your resistance to possibilities) I have seen two craft in broad daylight in the hills near where I live – one was white and orb like – one a metallic dish like craft. I receive downloads – images within slides – when I find myself lucid in a void in the middle of the night – I don’t consciously understand what these images are but I know from my research that this is how a lot of communication is made with humans from extraterrestrials – these strange images, drawings, symbols or scenes. I have been awakening memories of past lives on other planets and also a memory of being taken off this planet on a craft. (Again, I have since come to understand that these experiences I recall are perhaps related to Milab type experiences, were I am being utilized in the middle of the night by certain advanced ET or Earth based militarily groups!) I have also twice experienced myself on craft or bases – I have woken, becoming lucid in the middle of the night, to find myself on a ship or base ( far out I know!) – seeing beings not from this planet and conversing with a very human looking being with pointed eyes and black material contraptions behind his pointed ears. And I used to wake up, become lucid in the middle of the night, and then experience myself astral travelling – I have seen some of the places I go to – Some of it is to places of learning on other dimensions – halls with other humans sometimes – it seems we are pretty busy at night time – well I am anyway. This is a very brief overview – I haven’t even discussed about how my art throughout the years has been communicating things with me and some paintings I did over ten years ago predicted my future! Anyway – so you see – I have some actual first hand experience in this area. These are seriously paradigm shifting experiences when you have been living on a frequency controlled slave planet like we are – little beings coming into your room – physically there – either just manifesting in your bedroom or coming through your walls somehow – freaky and mind blowing – it took a while to come to terms with this initially to be honest – but it really helps you break through some of the amnesia and programming.

I know it can be hard for the frequency and psychologically controlled masses to believe these types of things, but these experiences are very real, just as real as walking down the street to got to the local grocery store. My only purpose on this blog has been to share knowledge and info with people to benefit humanity in my own little way – and nobody ever gained in any individualised physical way from sharing their extraterrestrial experiences. It does bring some fear up in people on occasions when they hear about things like this, which can lead to them getting angry and very resistant even to the possibility of it – understandable though – deep, deep amnesia and fear programming. But in my experience most of those I have shared these experiences with have been curious and inspired to do more research more than anything – its a lot for some to take in though. I share this only in the hope it might stir something in people, to help them wake up some more – or to be of assistance to someone in some other way, perhaps if someone else has had some similar experiences they wont feel so isolated reading this.

Again, I do not blame people for their resistance to this information – people really have no idea of the level of manipulation occurring on this planet – for example: Poisons in our food – Genetically modified food to affect our DNA – Poisons and all sorts of heavy metals in our water (the fluoride is quite literally in there to dumb you down, and effect your pineal gland and health negatively) – Chemtrails = so that we breath in heavy metals and harmful chemicals to also affect our DNA and health – Harmful chemicals in our vaccinations – Exotic advanced frequency control technology – Parasitical inter-dimensional beings – Negative subliminals on television – Constant psychological manipulations through all media formats – Infiltration and manipulation of spiritual movements, teachers and communities to confuse and divert – and of course the ancient Babylonian money-debt-slave financial system this planet is still using, etc etc etc… I could go on and on – all affecting our consciousness, energy and health negatively.

Why you? Why did these experiences happen to you? Probably because I am not from here, the best way to describe it is not being a human soul. Wanderers / Starseeds are real things – souls who have come from other planetary and other dimensional experiences to be of assistance in the transformation of the planet – of Gaia and Humanity. Wanderers have much stronger connections to beings from other dimensions and planets. And there are probably many millions here at this time. You certainly don’t have to have had experiences like I have had to be a Wanderer. The fact you are following this blog suggests you may well be. Every being/soul has to have their memory wiped when they come to this planetary body – The Archons and other human factions make sure that happens. It is harder to wipe and suppress the Wanderers memories – they know something is very wrong here on this planet, they can feel it. It is often the Wanderers who are really waking up to the manipulation and control occurring on this planetary system – which is ultimately coming from beings from other dimensions – who are working with secret institutions, banking families and shadow governments. I don’t go around calling myself a wanderer, its all a distraction, I have a mission here on this planet to gain knowledge and share it. Ufology is very controlled and mainly used as a distraction from the real ways we can create change on the planet.

Can infinite souls / beings be duped and manipulated to reincarnate on the same planetary body over and over again – it appears that they can. If you wipe the memory of a soul and make it so their physical life is short (human lives are very short compared to other beings in the universe) it doesn’t appear to be that difficult. This is a very important point to contemplate and grasp – the souls/beings on this planet have their memories wiped before each incarnation – can you see or feel how shocking this is? Some in the spiritual communities have been brain washed or duped into believing this is a good or necessary thing – this is nonsense. Why on Earth would you need your memory wiped? – It does not help your evolution. Soul memories can’t be permanently wiped though – you will get the memories of your other incarnations back at some point in your evolution.

Once you truly understand that this is a prison /slave planet – that humans are being farmed for energy – this place will make sense – you will look around and see how it is all set up by other dimensional beings for this purpose. The Satanic Jewish Zionists are used by these inter-dimensionals to oppress humanity – these Jewish Zionists have been called the minions of Satan for a reason. 

We must become wise critical thinkers and see through all the manipulations and deceptions – and especially see through all the Controlled Opposition within the alternative media

Far out stuff – isn’t it? 🙂 But in truth it only seems far out because of the fact that humanity has been totally cut off from the rest of the universe for a long time – The deep amnesia.

What humanity will come to understand eventually is that everything in this planetary system has been effected by extraterrestrials and inter-dimensionals – all throughout history – everything. It’s amazing – perhaps a rare situation in the universe to some degree: souls/beings enslaved without even knowing that they are. This information is a little bit positive too, in a way – this experience you are having now on this planet is about as limited and confusing as it can get in this universe. I do feel things will eventually get better, but it wont be easy – the extraterrestrial beings and the Jewish Supremacists and Zionists will try their best to deceive and manipulate. Judaism is not what you think it is. I believe there is some sort of malevolent ET group working with the very high up elite Jewish supremacists. When I look around this planet I see the intricacies of the highly manipulative slave system implemented everywhere, absolutely everywhere. I recommend the link to the article below about Zionism if you want to increase your knowledge about what is occurring on this planet. It all leads to the Jews and the Zionists.

Peace and Love, Rick


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