Archons – Dark Forces – Illuminati – Quotes

I now believe that the Archons rhetoric is being used as a distraction… a psyop. I have left some quotes on here related to this subject – but its really the Jewish Zionists causing all the problems. Hence why I added some quotes to this page about Jewish Supremacy and Zionism. I discovered that Ufology and the New Age community is totally controlled by agents – networks of controlled opposition agents with disinfo and distracting information.  I very much recommend this link on Zionism below – lots more quotes about all this on this page:

Zionism, New World Order and Adolf Hitler was right Quotes – NWO, Illuminati, Conspiracy, WW2

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I have made it so you can copy and paste these quotes easily – I have not protected them… If you could put a link to this page if you use them, that would be great.

This a link to my Pinterest page:   – lots of quotes like these and information on there.



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