Secret Space Programs – Advanced Technology withheld from Humanity

Update: This article needs to be re-written. After more research I can see that nearly all of these ‘Secret Space Program Whistleblowers’ are Zionist Controlled Opposition.

I was interested in this subject due to various dreams, flashbacks and abductions I had –  so researched it extensively and correlated the info with many other aspects of the global conspiracy.

I still think there is some sort of secret space projects occurring – but I feel there is a great deal of dis-info from the so called ‘whistle-blowers’ out there, and information that doesn’t add up. I do not think we are getting the Real Truth about any of the secret space projects that are occurring. And if there were nefarious space fleets out there that came from this planet – surely they would be Zionist run fleets – they run the show on this planet – although none of the ‘whistleblowers’ ever mention the Zionists… as they are Zionist Controlled Opposition.

Overall, I feel the subject of SSPs is being used as a distraction from what is really going on, on this planet. Ufology is filled with Zionist agents creating limited hangout operations, capturing peoples attention and feeding them stories and dis-info. Lots of analysis on this website.

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The Original Article that needs a rewrite: Secret Space Programs (SSPs)

This article is an overview of this pretty vast subject. For the sake of humanity, and all those you love, you should research it – the technology being hidden from humanity can enhance the quality of life for every person on the planet. In this article there is an overview from my perspective, a list of whistleblowers and researchers, some Intel from other sites and then some videos:

The most prominent SSP (Secret Space Program) and Milab whistleblower is Corey Goode – he has some interviews on YouTube and a website – and on the website he has many episodes where he describes some of his experiences – it is called Cosmic Disclosure. Corey Goode has also backed another Secret Space Program whistlebower called William Tompkins. William Tompkins has written a book about his experiences working on the advanced technology created for the Secret Space Programs, the book is called: ‘Selected by Extraterrestrials’.

But I would suggest to you that Corey Goode, David Wilcock and William Tompkins are working for, or are controlled by, some people ‘high up’, people with connections to the Secret Space Programs who would like a drawn out and slow disclosure process for their own selfish reasons. They seem to be what is called: ‘Controlled Opposition’. It appears that they are holding things back, and being told what, when and how to disclose information. Corey is pretty much attempting to discredit every SSP whistleblower except himself and William Tompkins. He has said in one of the Cosmic Disclosure episodes on, and I am paraphrasing here: ‘That if he doesn’t mention them by name then they are not credible’. And the only name he ever mentions is William Tompkins, and Tompkins is not a Milab or SSP experiencer, but someone who is somewhat detached, in that he was an aerospace engineer that designed space craft for just some factions of the SSP. You watch all the Cosmic Disclosure episodes, Corey doesn’t mention any other SSP or Milab experiencers.

These Secret Space Program companies are so huge, so powerful (would be) – does it not make sense that they would create a ‘controlled opposition’ – that they would put people in place to control the disclosure process, to protect their interests and themselves?  

It makes sense to listen to all Secret Space Program and Milab whistleblowers – you will get a better feel for what these Secret Space Programs and the organisations connected to them are like. 

There are other reasons as to why I am suspicious of Corey Goode: No other SSP whistleblowers are ever brought onto the Cosmic Disclosure show with Corey, and it is now in its 7th series, none at all – no attempt to work with any of them. As well as this, no Milab experiencers are ever bought onto the show, which is also very strange. (Milab experiencers are very much connected to SSPs, and Corey has called himself a Milab. Milab operations are usually black ops military abductions that can be made to look like alien abductions, some are joint black ops militarily and alien abductions, most Milab experiencers appear to have been in the SSPs or the  projects connected to them) As well as no other actual Milab experiencers, no researchers of Milab experiencers or super soldiers, such as James Bartley and Eve Lorgen, are brought onto the show either. So no other SSP experiences, no other Milab experiencers and no Milab researchers are brought on the show, at all, ever. We only ever get Corey’s first hand experiences in this series, and he was only on a research vessel by the way, he wasn’t involved in military exercises, and all else he discloses is what he read on the glass pads he had some access to during his service. They do have some guests on the show, but they are never first hand SSP or Milab experiencers.

Regarding the glass pads that Corey talks about: Do we really really believe that these SSPs, which appear very corrupt and nefarious, just like our governments, would put ALL the information about ALL the different SSPs and the solar system on these glass pads for research vessel technicians and empaths to read? Do we really believe that all of this info on the glass pads that Corey talks about is totally accurate and correct? Look at our own history books, they are full of lies and distracting information – the SSPs are run by the same sort of people who run this planet. How could Corey remember all the information from the glass pad? When people only remember a small percentage of what they read?

Corey Goode and David Wilcock seem to want to control as much as the narrative and disclosure process, regarding Secret Space Programs, as they can. In this series Corey and David produce, called Cosmic Disclosure, many of the darker elements of the SSPs and Milabs experiences are glossed over quite quickly or not mentioned. I am not saying that Corey doesn’t provide genuine information, but it feels carefully selected. The same with William Tompkins, he seems to provide genuine information, but it seems that there is only so much they are allowed to disclose.

It appears that Cosmic Disclosure is not giving a clear or full picture of what SSPs and the secret projects connected to them really involve, and all the unpleasant things that can occur in them.  The push for full disclosure by David and Corey feels weak, sanitized, contrived, controlled and held back. If you have researched many Milab and SSP experiencers, you can see that the experiences these people go through in these secret projects are often brutal and traumatic, and their lives are often messed with and manipulated when they are here on Earth. Being in the SSPs or a Milab abductee seems to be akin to being a slave for a period of time. Also what is traded and the operations that take place can involve some very unpleasant things.

Corey Goode is certainly not the only person saying that they have had experiences in these very advanced programs. There are many other SSP and Milab whistleblowers also saying that they have been in the bases that secret Earth governments have on Mars and the Moon. Saying that they have met extraterrestrials in these bases that the Secret Societies and the Breakaway Civilizations have built throughout our solar system, on various planets and moons. Saying that they have used these advanced craft and the amazing technology.  There are so many more, and I would suggest you listen to them all, and make up your own mind.

As far as I am aware it is only Corey Goode who is attempting to discredit other whistleblowers – and in one instance, actively seeking one of them out and writing under her YouTube video – this very much comes across as fear based behavior from him. I cannot see that anything she is disclosing that would harm the disclosure process, nothing contradicts what Corey has said, but she does offer additional details on various SSP subjects. So this attack from Corey is suspicious fear-based behavior that people should be aware of. 

There is something called ‘controlled opposition’. The people who are in charge of this planet employ this all the time.

“A controlled opposition is a protest movement that is actually being led by government agents. Nearly all governments in history have employed this technique to trick and subdue their adversaries.”

Notably Vladimir Lenin said:
“The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.”

Something for us all to consider.

I would suggest that Corey Goode, and those closely associated with him, are an obvious network of Controlled Opposition working for powerful Elite groups. They are sanitizing what occurs in the SSPs and related operations, as well as putting out distracting information and purposely slowing down the disclosure process. Children and adults are suffering greatly in these secret operations – they are being tortured and used as slave labour etc:

Here is a list of people to search for who have talked about, and disclosed information about SSPs and Milabs and there are various videos below as well: (Update – I have analysed all their testimonies and correlated information – It’s networks of controlled opposition – lots of groups creating limited hangouts – lots of geopolitical and conspiratorial disinfo)

Elena Kapulnik – secret space programs – extraterrestrials
Randy Cramer – secret space programs – extraterrestrials
Tony Rodrigues – secret space programs
Penny Bradley – secret space programs – mk ultra
Michael Relfe – secret space programs
James Rink – secret space programs – milabs – mk ultra – – targeted individuals
Corey Goode – secret space programs – extraterrestrials 
Richard C Hoagland – secret space programs – structures on the moon and mars
William Tompkins – secret space programs – extraterrestrials
Max Spiers – mk ultra – milabs – occult meanings – secret space programs – extraterrestrials – global conspiracy – illuminati – super soldiers
Aug Tellez – mk ultra – milabs – secret space programs – metaphysics – extraterrestrials – global conspiracy – illuminati – human cloning
James Bartley – mk ultra – milabs  – extraterrestrials – super soldiers
Eve Lorgen – mk ultra – milabs  – extraterrestrials – super soldiers – targeted individuals
Dr Michael Salla – secret space programs – extraterrestrials
Laura Eisenhower – global conspiracy – secret space programs – archons – earth’s transformation
Gary Mckinnon – secret space program – computer hacking evidence
James Casbolt – mk ultra – milabs  – extraterrestrials – super soldiers – military black-ops – SSPs
David Marrow– mk ultra – milabs  – extraterrestrials – super soldiers – targeted individuals
Alara Blackwell – mk ultra – milabs  – extraterrestrials – super soldiers – military black-ops
Sarah Stanga – mk ultra – milabs  – extraterrestrials – targeted individual




2 thoughts on “Secret Space Programs – Advanced Technology withheld from Humanity

  • June 24, 2019 at 12:33 pm

    OK, if all of them are “controlled opposition”, then who is from the Light?

    • June 24, 2019 at 7:12 pm

      Within the Secret Space Program field (And pretty much all of Ufology), they are all controlled. I have analysed them all – all the SSP people out there are controlled. We are not getting the Truth from them. Maybe half truths in there, but lots of disinfo from all of them. Networks of controlled opposition to create limited hangouts, distraction and to feed carefully selected pieces of disinfo to the public.

      And who is of the ‘Light’? That is a New Age phrase I am not fond of. But look at my article on Half Truthers and Limited Hangouts and How To Spot Them, it lists many of the topics the controlled people do not cover and try to distract you from.


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