My ET Contact and Third-Eye, Other-Dimensional and possible SSP and Milab Experiences













(Note: I wrote this a while back and since then my knowledge has very much deepened, regarding how much Ufology is controlled by agents and dis-info operatives,  creating limited hangouts and putting out pacifying and distracting  ‘information’. I have been analyzing and correlating information. I also reference some ‘Milab’ ‘experiencers’ and researchers in this article… but I actually think they are all controlled now, groups of Controlled Opposition. I think my experiences were mainly ET related – i.e working for, or with, an ET group – but I have had a wide variety of brief recall and lucid experiences… seems like a lot has been happening, could be a variety of groups involved. I recommend you also look in my Ufology section and read the newer articles there on SSPs, Milabs and ‘Super Soldiers’… which highlight the the dis-info coming from so-called ‘whistleblowers’, as well as the agendas.)


I will just come out and say right at the beginning: I have had small beings physically in my bedroom at night on at least two occasions – I have experienced myself on either extraterrestrial ships or bases on at least two occasions – I have been shown a holographic image of being that has been created partly using my DNA – I have been shown around a ship / base by a human looking being with pointed eyes and ears – I have had an alien being appear to me in my mind’s eye / third eye on two consecutive mornings – I have seen two UFO’s in broad daylight – I have had a memory come back to me of being taken off planet to what appeared to be another extraterrestrial civilization (which may have been a breakaway civilization in our solar system and related to Earth’s very advanced secret space programs) – and I have had various other vivid, multidimensional experiences in the middle of the night. As well as, what appear to be, various flashback type memories of being used in some type of  Secret Space / ET projects. For more detailed descriptions of these experiences, please read on.

For some people this testimony of my experiences will sound outlandish, ridiculous – the talk of madman! 🙂 What you must remember is that the general population of Earth has been cut off from the rest of the universe, which is teeming with life and other civilizations. Essentially, Earth is currently a type of prison planet. Your soul memory is wiped between each incarnation on this planet – advanced technology is used by fourth density beings – you, as a soul, have been trapped here, incarnating over and over on the same planet – click on this link if you want more information regarding this: . And I am certainly not alone in having extraterrestrial and other-dimensional experiences, you just wont hear about them in Mainstream Media, as that is owned and controlled by those who have been doing their best to keep the extraterrestrial reality covered up. There really are so many people out there now testifying to their experiences, perhaps you’re just not looking for them 🙂

In this article, first of all, I will write a little bit about the global conspiracy, then I will show you how my subconscious has been communicating with my 3D conscious mind through my paintings, sketches, sculptures and stories. Then I will describe my extraterrestrial and other dimensional experiences in some detail:

You are very ancient and have lived a tremendous amount of lives, you just cant remember them – you don’t die, you are eternal – you, as a soul, do not die, only the body does. This planet is not normal, all the war, pain and suffering on this planet is not normal – it is not the way that all civilizations evolve and grow and expand –  it is just that it is all you know, all you can remember right now. Other civilizations often grow, expand and evolve with a sense of love and unity, without the fear of death – as they know there is no death, they can remember who they are, all their other lives. Obviously they have their challenges, but we are going through an extreme experience here on this planet. Some say it is all a part of ‘the grand experiment’ taking place here on this planet, and also that all this darkness and negativity here on Earth is necessary, so that it can be a catalyst for spiritual evolution. But some say it is not necessary at all and the dark forces that manipulate the planet have broken many galactic codes. Perhaps they are both correct to some degree, who knows… But what is for sure is that we, humanity, must transform this planet…. we must become more aware, we must become informed, we must shine a light on the darkness and negativity in ourselves as well as all the darkness and negativity that exists on the planet, and at the same time also carry a frequency of love. We must care for one another, as well as ourselves and come up with practical solutions to move away from the satanic control system. This is the challenge: Are you able to understand the depths of the conspiracy and the crimes against humanity that have been committed by the so called ‘elites’ and the other-dimensional extraterrestrial beings, and yet still maintain this frequency of love and compassion? 

So, who maintains this prison planet? Well that’s a good question. Its a combination of inter-dimensional beings and the Satanic Jewish Zionists and high ranking Freemasons (that some call the Illuminati) on Earth. Nearly all the prominent Western World politicians are their puppets, implementing their agendas for them. I think you should research it – the world does not work the way you think it does – governments aren’t serving us and looking out for us, they are enslaving us. 

There is a fair amount of information on this website to get you started, if you want to ‘wake up’. 

(For some more information and videos on the global conspiracy you can check out my pinterest page: . (Actually Pinterest have deleted my Pinterest account – because I was pinning quotes and links exposing Zionism, and what Jewish Zionists have said about their desire for global domination and the horrible things Jewish Zionists have said about the Goyim (Non-Jews) – you see, all these social media sites are owned by Jewish Zionists – more and more censorship is occurring, and will increase.)

There is also a list of researchers and whistle-blowers to look up at the end of this article, they are a mixture of testimonies and researchers that have information related to some of my experiences – but to be honest most of them very much feel like Controlled Opposition to me – and some of them definitely are putting out some disinfo… this area of research is a mine field… so many Zionist Controlled Opposition agents out there.

Anyway, lets move along… just take a step back and look at this planet for a moment: Nearly everyone separated in their little angular boxes they call houses and businesses – nearly everyone being kept incredibly busy and in stressed out, fearful states – hardly anyone feeling ‘good enough’ – nearly everyone programmed to seek validation, trying to feel better in various ways, trying to be better than others, competing – and then coming home to watch their mind programming devices – being psychologically manipulated and lied to through their televisions, but I should say their tell-a-vision. Do you understand about consciousness, about how consciousness creates and manifests? Do you understand about the power of collective-consciousness? What can humanity’s collective consciousness be manipulated into manifesting? Whose vision is humanity manifesting through their hypnotic obsession with their tell-a-visions? Who is bombarding us with crime, illness, death, competition, hate, war, murder, rape, horror, fear, heartbreak and greed on these mind programming screens? What do humans deep down crave? They crave love – everyone desires the sensation of love above all things – whether they are conscious of this or not. So whose visions are these that we are bombarded with on these screens? Who owns the Networks and TV channels? Who owns the News corporations and Media outlets? Who owns Hollywood? Who is in charge of the Banks? Who is in charge of the debt slavery economic system? Who are the richest families in the world – the billionaires and trillionaires – and what otherworldly beings are they connected to? Have you done your research? Do you know how this planet really works? It’s been carefully set up as a slave / prison planet from very ancient times – and the extraterrestrial cover-up is a massive part of this prison planet. It’s not a prison planet, in that people here have committed crimes and are placed here, it is just that you as a soul haven’t been able to escape incarnating here over and over – very advanced technology is used. Sounds crazy does it? I have done my research, and it’s something you should research as well, if you haven’t already. We have been lied to and manipulated continuously throughout our lives.

I share this testimony below in the hope that I may in some small way help bring about full disclosure. The crimes against humanity committed by these Satanic Jewish Zionists and Freemasons is shocking, so vast, probably beyond what you can imagine right now, people need to know the extent to which they have been lied to – psychologically, genetically and energetically manipulated – poisoned and, essentially, unknowingly enslaved. Zionists and Freemasons – people really need to look into these groups… the Zionist Agenda – The Protocols of Zion etc and how much of this planet they control and influence!

This planet is living on lies – and one of the most obvious lies is the official story of what occurred regarding 9/11. The official story given to the public is ridiculous, illogical nonsense. I know what it is like to discover the depths of the deceptions occurring on this planet, I have compassion, empathy and understanding for those who eventually realize what has been occurring, and also for those who are resistant to this information – nobody wants to hear some of the things I have just mentioned. People who have awakened to what has been going on, and there are many more than you realize, are not better than anyone else, I think many were genetically coded or predisposed to discover the truth from their previous experiences in other lives and their unique soul energies – and I perhaps I wouldn’t have done the necessary research, and gone way down the rabbit hole, if I hadn’t had my extraterrestrial experiences.

But most who think they are awake or not really – they are often trapped following some Controlled Opposition Agent – a Zionists Limited Hangout Operation. And I will suggest to you that all these otherworldly things I have seen or experienced are not as important as understanding these Satanic Jewish Zionists and the Freemasons. Really understanding their agendas and how they have been manipulating and deceiving humanity for many thousands of years is far more important. Again, please don’t get distracted by the Ufology and New Age media – it is so controlled by the Zionist Agents, I firmly believe that the majority of  the people there are Controlled Opposition Agents, I know from experience. You really need to Research: Zionism – ((The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion)) – The Talmud teachings about the ‘Goy’ or ‘Goyim’ [Non-Jews] –  the ‘Jew World Order’ – Jewish Khazar Origins – Palestinian Genocide – Rebuilding Solomon’s Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem –  The Greater Israel Project – Israel controls America – Trump is a Zionist Puppet – Usury and Central Banking etc… As well as ‘Hitler was right about the Jewish threat to humanity’ – and watch the YouTube video – ‘Hitler: The Greatest Story Never Told’ by Dennis Wise. It is not really the ‘New World Order’ or the ‘Illuminati’, but the Jew World Order – this is not anti-semitic at all – this is all based on fact… this is serious stuff my friends… I put an article together to help people:

Zionism – Judaism – Freemasonry – New World Order – Satanism – Kabbalah – Israel – Palestine – Holocaust – Hitler – Second World War – National Socialism

Anyway, I hope people can appreciate that nobody ever gains from sharing their extraterrestrial experiences, it takes courage in this unconscious, psychologically manipulated world to testify to what you have experienced. I wish to express my love, gratitude and respect for all of those who have shared theirs before me – all have suffered in various degrees by doing so. (Well, all the genuine ones anyway – there are certainly some psyops and government agents out there – manipulating the public and putting out disinfo.)

I hope this testimony, as well as showing my intent for full disclosure, may also inspire others to share their experiences and also to perhaps help others break some of their amnesia.

I will begin with some background, which relates to my extraterrestrial connections and then the actual experiences. 

Background – The Art and Stories I Created – Unknowingly Connected to Extraterrestrials:

Demons - Reptilians at the top of the tower - subconscious memory

I write this section not to be self indulgent, not at all, I am not like that, but as I think it is important to give you some background and context – as from all my art and stories I created from my late teens onwards you will be able to see there is something different about me – how my art was telling me things. It is also important for you to realize how connected our creativity and imagination is to the subconscious mind and the more knowing aspects of awareness. The actual experiences are described after this section. Anyway, I am 38 years old as I write this, and I had my first extraterrestrial experiences when I was about 36 years old. When I was about 18 yrs old I was very confused – the world just did not make sense at all, but I didn’t quite know why. I started writing things down – I was not a natural writer. I was just trying to express these feelings I had – that there was something wrong with the world – but in these little passages I still couldn’t truly express what I was feeling. I was feeling very disorientated and confused, I believe, looking back, something had happened to me around that time and my memory was wiped of what had occurred. I am sure something happened to me, something otherworldly and metaphysical, perhaps even involving age regression technology and mind wiping tech – who knows? I also developed a type of PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), out of nowhere, with no logical reason for it.

I have always enjoyed art and I created a series of paintings back then as well, which looking back on it, clearly had messages for me: One was of little figures flying down through the clouds onto a slide and being expelled into the unknown (expressing this deep feeling of confusion regarding this planet and a feeling of abandonment) – another of figures standing on tall rocks looking up to the sky, and on the clouds were cities (a subconscious memory that there are other civilizations out there in space that I am connected to) – another painting of lots of little figures running towards a disc shaped UFO, looking up at it and waving (more subconscious memories regarding my connection to extraterrestrials, or possibly related to being taken to be used in the secret space programs or Milab type operations) – a picture of famous people under a poisonous tree, all unknowingly being poisoned (a subconscious knowingness of the global conspiracy that is occurring on this prison planet) – a painting of a large tower/skyscraper on an island surrounded by water and fencing, and on top of the tower is some sort of demon/ devil (This is related to how this planet is a prison planet with demonic type entities at the top – our energy is siphoned off and goes to them. How I subconsciously suddenly knew this back then and painted pictures about it, I don’t know) – a painting of me sitting all alone on an island, in the middle of this huge floating green rock (expressing my feelings of being somewhat different, alone, like I somehow didn’t belong on the planet) – and another painting that predicted my personal future and how at one point my physical life would hang by a thread, which it did at one point. Some of them have a Mars-like feel to them. I still have all these paintings, and I am sure they can be dated by an expert as being about twenty years old. What is fascinating is that the Mars secret space program whistleblowers, who say they have served on Mars, say that there is often purple sunsets… in the Mars like scenes that I painted I nearly always put purple in the sky – what are the chances of that?

expelled - abandoned - subconscious - art - late teensalien landscape - same rock formation - art late teens - subconsciousufo subconscious memory - aliens - MILAB - extraterrestrials - early art - late teens







Civilizations in the sky - subconsious memory - extraterrestrials - early art - late teens

For more of these paintings from my late teens, whereby my subconscious was talking to me, please go to this link:

I was also drawing over and over again and painting this same rock formation – (like the movie close encounters in many ways) this was a very tall and narrow jagged monolithic type rock that was flat on top. On top of the flat section i would paint and draw various things – scenes, often with vegetation on it or animals or figures, the last drawing I did of this rock formation, a few years back, I drew some little huts and some unusual animals – I haven’t had the desire to draw it since. Later on in my life, before I woke up, I even made a large concrete sculpture of the rock with lots of little beings on it for an exhibition, and this rock formation even featured in one of the stories I wrote years later. I realize that back then in the mid-nineties I was waking up, I was starting to remember things – I didn’t know this then – I didn’t know what I was drawing. I didn’t know it was, in many ways, my subconscious – or the more knowing aspect of my soul – or even perhaps ET contact occurring on another dimension – talking to me, guiding me, trying to give me some information. I didn’t have any particular interest or belief in UFOs back then. Anyway, looking back, it felt like this waking up in the mid nineties suddenly stopped and I got sucked fully back into the Slave Matrix – the negative interdimensional and the artificial intelligences probably knew I was beginning to remember things and did what they could to suppress me…

About three years later, in my early twenties, after that little awakening subsided I wrote a story. I am not a natural writer, but I felt compelled – I grew up very sporty, nature loving and artistic but I had previously not enjoyed writing, so it was strange. It was about a group of teenagers – around thirteen years of age. Looking back, I was obviously represented by one of them – the sensitive, empathetic, nature loving character. Each of these children were selected to go up to a spaceship due to their unique characteristics or abilities. We went up on a craft and were shown around, and told that humanity was an experiment / had been placed on Earth. The huge space craft was also a sort of noah’s ark, housing many creatures from Earth – it had huge living environments for the animals, small ecosystems. Eventually this group of teenagers were put onto a planet, (abandoned there if i remember correctly) where they meet another group of young humans living on the planet, who had also been placed/ abandoned there – cue lots of interactions with the unusual creatures and the different humanoids of the planet and chases and some drama as they try to survive etc. I wrote this a long time ago – a long time before the internet was a wash with information, before there was any information out there that humanity is an experiment – various people, whistleblowers, are now suggesting that it is or was a type of experiment, with many genetic experiments taking place here – and Barbara Marciniak’s books discuss this. And I wrote this story way before there was any information about the vast Secret Space Programs – saying how people were being selected and used because of their metaphysical or specific abilities or traits in these programs. I do feel some of these Secret Space Program people are Controlled Opposition agents – see one of my articles on ‘Nazis and Secret Space Programs’ for some analysis. I do feel that there is some sort of Secret Space Program – I just feel that most of these ‘whistleblowers’ are agents and not giving us the truth of what is really occurring in our solar system.

Anyway, skip about 10 years, to about 31 years of age — after University, a few different jobs including being a teacher — I had to stop teaching as the stress and health problems were too much – the PTSD symptoms did not get better but worse. I was not sleeping well at all at that time – very rarely did I feel rested from sleep – lots of seeming illogical nightmares (some of which make sense now) and waking with a racing heart – this could well be from a lot of negative interdimensional and SSP interference – probably connected my little physical night time visitors I became conscious of in my mid to late thirties – in my heart I do feel that abductions have probably been occurring throughout my life. The cellular memory’s related to all that has been occurring is so strong – my body reacts although I feel calm in my mind – just simple tasks can get my adrenals pumping so fast – I suffer with adrenal fatigue – my nervous system is totally out of whack – and I have the auto immune problems so many Milabs and abductees have. I mention later in this testimony that as I became more conscious in later life I have experienced, on quite a few occasions,  powerful energy take hold of me in the middle of the night, again I think this is perhaps both Milab and ET related.

Anyway, at this time in my life I began meditating and reading every spiritual book I could get hold off. Unfortunately – looking back – I can see how so much of the readily available spiritual material is manipulated, pushing you down certain alleyways and mazes away from metaphysical knowledge, and leading you away from the knowledge of how this planet, the universe and creation works, away from the extraterrestrial cover up, and, of course, away from the global conspiracy. But I focused on the healing teachings, meditation, and just raising my level of consciousness initially – letting go of fearful belief systems, moving into a place of love and compassion, of being service to others, opening the heart chakra and connecting to intuition and higher guidance.

Childrens story scene - Rock formation - rescuing the delicate people - subconsciousCan I just skip back to when I was about 28/29 and was teaching – I wrote a series of children’s stories for my class then – I was teaching 6 and 7 yr olds. And I also wrote an adult story around the same time. The children’s stories were a series of tales about a boy who went up in a space rocket and landed on another planet – there he met two friends – two alien side kicks. They would go around the planet helping all the other creatures / people on the planet – one of the stories involved the monolithic flat topped rock I had drawn over and over. On it lived the delicate people and the main character – who was me really, obviously, haha – flew up there on a giant lizard with his two little alien friends and rescued them – as the ‘delicate people’ kept falling of the tall rock because of the wind. Another of these children’s stories involved the ‘big headed’ people. For some more illustrations that I created for these stories please go to this link: Please note the octopus being in this gallery and the reptilian humanoid – this is significant for my testimony later on. Again, this is my subconscious or higher awareness communicating with me, telling me things – that I have at some point been on other planets, and had ET contact, etc. Many of my vivid ‘dreams/returning memory fragments’ and my ET experiences, later in life, correlate with my Art and Stories that I produced many years before

The adult story I wrote was about a guy – looking back, me again obviously, haha – living in a ground floor flat/apartment with a garden. One day the guy found a small hairless grey creature in his garden, a hairless grey monkey type being. He endeavoured to look after it – getting a chicken hut for it . He would watch it all the time and attempt to interact. This little grey alien type being was extremely gentle and kind – it loved all the wildlife and would take care of it. I still wasn’t that conscious back then – I never thought for a second that these stories coming from my subconscious meant I had extraterrestrial connections. I will get to my extraterrestrial experiences eventually by the way 🙂

The Picture B FS resizedWhen I finished teaching all I wanted to do is create sculptures, it was an obsession, like before where i created that series of paintings, now I needed to create sculptures – I still wasn’t very conscious when I began – but nearly all these initial practice figures, concrete or clay, were looking up to the sky, up to space – sometimes with their hand on their heart. Again, this need to create these figures was like the movie close encounters in many ways – it was all I thought about. I had to make certain sculptures and certain scenes, certain outdoor conceptual art, all of it with messages – and the intricacies of the art progressed. You can see a fair few of them this website. Lots of the mixed media wall hanging sculptures were beings looking down at me and some are going into tunnels, perhaps into the Earth. There is one of the outdoor conceptual photo shot of some beings/aliens looking into a picture of a family of humans. Another a group of beings looking down into a round black pool. Here is a link to the online galleries containing a great deal of my Art, all of it my subconscious communicating to me: Nearly every single bit of this Art on this website was created before I had any extraterrestrial experiences. I had no thought of extraterrestrials as I was making them – I just thought of them as ‘spiritual entities’.

I also produced many pencil sketches of unusual humanoids straight from my imagination – and also other worldly scenes, just sketching from my imagination. And the serene monks came a bit later – although I am in no way a fan of any religions – it was just a way of communicating something I was experiencing in meditation I suppose – and I still had the desire to paint them with different skin colours through 🙂

extraterrestrial being waving alien sketch pencil

extraterrestrial being sketch alien

extraterrstrial - craft - crashed - alien - ufo - late twenties








For many more of my pencil sketches, please go to this link:

I am currently putting together a gallery of all the sculptures I have made of small beings with large heads. I made these over a two or three year period, probably when I was having a lot of contact, without my 3D conscious mind knowing, but my subconscious/higher awareness was communicating to me. I created them with loving energies, as this is just me projecting my state of being and intentions onto these beings – I just don’t make things without trying to give it loving positive energy. But as you find out later in the article, I don’t think the beings that were in my bedroom, and that took me onto the ships, were working for an ET group that was benevolent,or shall we say, they were not doing anything with me that was for my benefit – definitely not! Below is the link to the gallery, I finished collating a selection:

zeno beings aliens extraterrestrials love hearts entity art

My Large Head Alien Creations Gallery

It is very important for you to understand that all of these sketches, paintings and stories were created before I had any conscious extraterrestrial or other dimensional experiences – and before I knew anything about the global conspiracy. A few of the sculptures came after my contact, but more than 95 percent of the sculptures were created before I had any conscious contact.


My Extraterrestrial and Multidimensional Experiences:

I am not good with dates and times – but I was about 36 when the conscious experiences started occurring – I was making lots of sculptures and meditating between thirty minutes to two and a half hours each day – I was still suffering with anxiety. Every night for as long as I could remember I was waking up not at all rested – as I woke in the morning I would nearly always have a racing heart.

I remember an incident with a girlfriend – when I was in my twenties – we both woke in the middle of the night once and we experienced the bed shaking or vibrating from side to side. It freaked us both out and I researched it, trying to find out what had caused it, not thinking it could be related to extraterrestrial / interdimensional visitors – looking back – of course it was. I very much get the feeling and intuit that I have had many other visits – I just can’t remember them – memory wipes.

So let’s get to the first extraterrestrial experiences. I wake up one morning about two years ago and in my third eye there is an alien’s face looking back at me. I open my eyes, then close them again – it’s still there. It had large reptile/cat like eyes. Yellow and orange – I could see the tiny reflections and the subtle shades of colour in the eyes. It looked like a reptilian/grey hybrid – amazing eyes. There is a basic pencil drawing of a cat eyed grey alien on the internet – it was similar to that but not the same – and the drawings on the internet never do the aliens justice if that makes sense – but I think this image below captures what the alien looked like the most. Just imagine waking with your eyes shut and in that darkness is a face like the alien in this picture to your left, but give it glowing, yellow and orange, cat or reptile like eyes, with the black vertical slit pupils, and slightly darker skin. Essentially, I can only assume it was a type of reptilian extraterrestrial, probably a hybrid. And so, the following morning – I wake up, the same aliens face is there looking back at me in my third eye again – I open and then close my eyes again, still there – just like the day before. Okay, this is weird – didn’t know what to make of it – told a few people. It will be difficult for people to understand or relate to this, as very few people have anything appear to them like this through the third eye – it is related to the pineal gland (we all have a pineal gland but they are said to not function due to being calcified by the fluoride they put in our water) – this gland was used regularly many thousands of years ago to connect us to other dimensions etc. How, or why, a being/alien appeared to me twice in mine I do not know, but I have some theories. My other experiences with the screens appearing to me – that is also related to the third eye and the pineal gland. (This image is courtesy of Vashta Narada at, as is the image used for the title of this article)

Again, I am not good with dates, but around this time i was becoming lucid in the middle of the night and seeing things, just being conscious in what seemed like a void, just darkness and being shown things in slides or screens. The first time this happened slides started appearing to me – the frames of the slides were sort of vintage looking but inside the frames it was backlit with bright yellow and orange lighting and in front of this background was tremendous amount of tiny black levers moving. I saw a variety of these slides and then there was some writing – when i tried to read it I came out of the experience. Other times I was shown drawings or paintings, often in pastel tones, one of them some figures – in one of them a figure looked somewhat like those bearded sumerian sculpture figures. A few times I saw moving cartoons inside framed screens – a creature running over hills in one of them – again, in pastel shades. Sometimes the different images came ‘thick and fast’ one after the other, they did not make sense to my human 3D conscious mind – some looked a bit earth like but the arrangements of the objects in the slides/screens was illogical and did not make sense to me. And a few months later, after I saw my first couple of UFO’s, I became lucid in a sort of void (or perhaps the images were coming through my third eye /pineal gland ) in the middle of the night to see a few framed screens which contained diagrams of spacecraft – with labels. It was similar to this image here, but with much less writing.

One experience I had: I woke up in the middle of the night – lying on my front – and there was a force taking a hold of me – it felt like it was either trying to take control of me or take my astral or etheric body out of my physical body. I was resisting but the force increased to something incredibly powerful, indescribably so – and I went unconscious – I don’t know what happened after that. I believe that it was Milab/ET abduction related.

Being used in some sort of Secret Space Projects (Milab experiences), or used in some sort of ET projects? Perhaps some past life memories? And my other dimensional experiences:

After this section I will describe my most vivid alien abductions. But various memories and middle of the night occurrences were happening around the same time of my alien abductions – so I have put this subsection within the ET contact experiences – all is related. (These flashbacks and middle of the night experiences are still occurring. I update this article from time to time – hence why this section has got quite long.) It is important for people to understand that the technology that the ET groups, breakaway Earth groups, Black Ops groups and Secret Space Program groups have is phenomenal – they can come into your room at night whenever they want through portals, they can put you into different states of consciousnesses and take your body, or they can take you out of your body. They can trigger alters. (They can create an alternate personality – MK Ultra – that is highly skilled in certain areas that your Earth personality is not aware of.) They can also put you, your consciousness, into clones bodies. They can wipe certain memories. If you are new to this, I know this is so far out – but it happens. They use people who have certain DNA and Soul energies – people with latent powerful metaphysical abilities that do not manifest on 3D Earth.

These experiences that I tell you about in this subsection seem to be a mixture of Secret Space Program memories/flashbacks and Milab missions that I was used for in the middle of the night, and some may be where I am being utilized by ET groups as well. But I can’t be sure about any of this, but from all my extensive research this is what is most likely. Some flashbacks could possibly be related to past life memories, but again from my research it seems this is not as likely in most cases – especially with what takes place in most of them, which correlates to many other Milab and SSP whistle-blowers. Always keeping my mind open – I just know things of very high strangeness have been going on in this lifetime with me, and the memories of these things seem to have been hidden from me, wiped etc… and they are perhaps trying to come back – so to speak. And also it may because of the energetic shift this planet is currently going through, and perhaps some breakdown of some implants, that I am seeing some of what is happening to me in the middle of the night as well as getting these flashbacks and recall. 

An introduction to Milabs:

“Milabs are legitimate alien abductees who are trained by elements of the deep black military to perform specific tasks. Some milabs have developed a dissociative ability because of childhood abuse or some other trauma. This dissociative ability is exploited by the milab controllers oftentimes in horrible and sadistic ways. Coercive manipulative techniques such as Behavior Modification and Mind Control are utilized on milabs to prepare them for use by their military controllers. Milabs can be used in a variety of ways. Milabs can be divided into various categories based on the manner in which they are used. Regardless of the category milabs are in, they can all be brought together for mass examinations, inoculations, training and for other reasons when necessary.” – James Bartley

“Milabs, due to their alien manipulated DNA, have innate paraphysical abilities. These paraphysical abilities, in conjunction with conditioned behavioral responses and in some cases a dissociative ability, are exploited in a variety of ways by the military controllers. Milabs can be utilized as “multi-task platforms.” Some milabs are “astral operators” that can be instantaneously sent to any part of the world to report back Intelligence to their controllers in “real time.” The controllers can speak to the milab from the military installation and the milab can verbally report what their astral “eyes” are observing at a distant location. Astral operators do not have the inherent limitations of overhead imagery satellites.” – James Bartley

One of James Bartley’s website – (You can click on this link for one of Jame Bartley’s websites to learn more about Milabs and reptilians) 

The Milab and Super Soldier aspect of the global conspiracy is very covered up and protected area. If you have not come across these subjects before, as well as the Secret Space Program testimony’s, and have not had any experiences related to them, then some of my experiences are not going to make much sense, or may seem just too far out. If you watch all these videos below you will be able to get a good feel for these critical subjects, and see that many others are experiencing some of the things I am.

This is a link to a collection of Milab videos if you don’t know much about this subject:

At the end of my article there is also a list of Secret Space Program Whistleblowers. Secret Space Programs could also be related to some of my experiences but I can’t vouch for any of the secret space program ‘whistle-blowers’ in this list – some of them sound very much like Controlled Opposition to me (Zionist Agents controlling the disclosure narrative). Many of the Milab testimonies sound more credible to me than the SSP ones. I have written about my suspicions about certain so called ‘whistle-blowers’ in various articles on this website, here are two links to two of them: Controlled Opposition and Nazis’ – Secret Space Programs – ‘Dark Fleet’ – Disinfo.

So, around this time of seeing ET’s in the third eye, and screens appearing to me, I was also having fairly vivid – what felt like to either otherworldly memories or experiences in the middle of the night. In one I saw these strange mammals near some tall lush grass – they had hairy horse like bodies with an ape like head and torso. And one was of these ‘giant hares/rabbits’ – unusual creatures that charged past us, very big and powerful creatures that could do you damage if they ran into you – in this experience I seemed to be with a group of people and I think we had weapons. Many were of otherworldly war like scenes – some were of evacuations. There were people being put into minibuses, escaping cities in some of them.

I seemed to be on other worlds and in unusual alien environments. I had one experience where I was in battle and I was fighting a half robot-half alien being – lower half robotic – I can still see the red face of this being – the cyborg type being shot me, then I seemed to die but my consciousness seemed to then go straight into another body and I was back in the battle. This was traumatic and when I came to my heart was racing – it could perhaps be a type of PTS flashback/memory fragment, or a Milab experience that night.

In one I experienced myself being shot in the neck with some sort of laser rifle, by a guy in what looked like some sort of space radiation suit. He was standing in a group, all of them were wearing this outfit and he nonchalantly turned around and shot me in the neck – I woke terrified, heart racing.

Once I was with some sort of squad or army group and I was able to leap up a tree with some sort of advanced metaphysical abilities.

In another I was very quickly and expertly killing a group of some sort of droids or perhaps cyborg type figures.

In a more recent one I was at some type of facility or base and I was with a group of people, a military squad, and there was all in one advanced type clothing – this clothing seemed to be intelligent and would wrap it self around the soldiers body – a soldier put his arms out and the suit wrapped around him tightly, and there was also advanced otherworldly weaponry being used laid out on the ground – and it appeared we were carrying out an attack on some type of robot or cyborg facility. I seemed to perhaps have some extra sensory perception and could view inside some of the facility ahead of us – I remember a four legged type robot scuttling out quickly toward us.

There was another vivid ‘dream/memory’ experience: a missile or large metal object flew down and crashed into the ground of a planet i was on, this could have been Earth but I don’t think it was. A blue gas began to spread, then a very long craft / machine came down and was collecting people, people were going onto the long craft that had lots of compartments, to get away form the gas.  I was encouraging people to go into the water and swim away rather than go on the ship.

Another one was on a desert like world, there was a huge sand cloud in the distance – and out of it came two battling armies, one faction was being pursued. I got on one of the vehicles or ‘hovering chariots’, one of the people in this army had a sword, and attached a stone or gem to it, we went into a rock tunnel, he hit a rock inside the tunnel and we were in a totally different environment, a city was ahead of us – somehow we seemed to open a portal. 

I have had a brief experience of being in room with what looked like a young hybrid alien perhaps – it appeared that I was in put into the room to perhaps communicate with him, but he kept lunging at me with his sharp teeth. 

I have recently very briefly experienced or saw myself practicing telekinesis in another dimensional experience, it felt like I was teaching another being or practicing with someone.

This one will sound even more weird: I was in a laboratory with two rat like humanoids, and there were loads of small baby alien type beings on the ground. Hybrid alien babies perhaps. What was really weird was that it felt like I knew these beings rat like humanoids – I was looking at a screen at one point and it felt like that maybe I was working with or for them.

Some people would say – oh these are just dreams – they don’t feel like dreams – they have a different quality and feel to them – they seem to be memories, flashbacks or Milab type experience in the middle of the night. Perhaps either Milab, SSP or ET related. But who knows… I have strong emotional reactions to them, physically and psychologically. 

There was one where I seemed to be in a huge dome, and under the dome was a huge lake. I could see white metal or material running through the top of the dome when I looked up. There was a white drone or small plane flying around at the top of the dome. I was swimming in water and I think I had the job of collecting things in the water, I believe there were also aquatic creatures swimming in the big lake. I don’t know what they were – dolphin of shark like perhaps. I felt younger in this experience.

One of these experiences was quite different: I became lucid in the middle of the night – I was in what felt like a vast room, but also in a dark void if that makes sense, and all around me were slides that were like hovering LCD screens in rows. I initially thought they were scenes from other lives. (Since writing this I have seen an interview by Miles Johnston with Marie Kayali – where she describes consciously remote viewing and being in a scene like I have just described – and she could consciously choose which screen, or scene, to remote view from this point – so I believe this is what I was seeing. So I know think this experience I had was related to remote viewing, which makes much more sense, as the scenes I saw in this floating LCD-like screen was of modern day people, one of which showed a famous UK celebrity.) Update: The more I research, the more I feel these experiences are perhaps related to some secret projects I have been used in and had my memory wiped.

Around this time I remembered or experienced in the middle of the night (Initially this felt like it could be a memory coming back to me, memory fragments – but I feel it actually may have been an experience I had that night – especially as it was a street near where I live that in which we congregated.) going to a street near where I am currently living, there were other humans there, we seemed to have congregated there, we seemed to be in a bit of a trance. A ship came down and seemed to pulse a light through us, and we seemed to all collapse and went on board a ship. I experienced a brief sensation of traveling and warping light and then I was looking down on what appeared to be an advanced extraterrestrial city – but what was funny was that my 3D conscious mind converted all the hovering craft traveling around into children’s toy cars. Then suddenly I am walking through this city behind a humanoid, could easily have been an Earth Human – he had a brown head and was in white clothing. I also remember thinking he looked a bit like an Ethiopian or Somalian male, but I didn’t’ see his face clearly. I am taken with a blonde girl to a glass building – up a lift or some stairs – and I was put into a room by myself – I was given what I assumed was a type of Ipad – a glass pad? I had this experience before various SSP whistleblowers came out with information about advanced glass pads in these programs. So, this experience could be related to a memory related to one of Earth’s Secret Space Programs, but it may have been a mass Milab gathering type event that the researcher James Bartley talks about.

I have also had a very vivid astral type experience in the middle of the night whereby I was in a room with a teenage girl or young woman and I did not recognize her, but she knew me. Then I walked away from a her and an ex-girlfriend was there who I instantly recognized of course – she had a large book and she started showing me pages in it. I would not look inside it, she kept turning pages trying to show me things. Then she slapped me in the face and said “Wake up Rick! Wake up!  – you are a twelve year old boy!”  Then I warped (warped is the best word I have to describe it) into the twelve year old me playing football in a sports center – like I went through some sort of tunnel or portal perhaps. It was me – I was in the twelve year old me – I was playing football just how I  used to, using the same techniques. This was so vivid and real –  I felt myself ‘warp’ and then go into the twelve year old me. 

Update May 2016: I became lucid in the middle of the night seeing another of these screens I see – inside this screen was an animated type of movie, the drawings like nothing I have seen on Earth – it was a movie of three humanoids running/racing, they were not of this planet – they had different types of animals faces that looked perfectly natural too be honest with their human bodies. It was just them racing through an environment. I do not know why I see these things.

Update August 2016: I woke up on three separate occasions with different marks, a square bruise, puncture marks with bruising all around that spread out into the surrounding veins and a triangle arrangement of pinpricks – all this around the groin and buttocks.

Update Sept 2016: Amazing experience: I woke in the middle of the night and I seemed to get a telepathic message saying I want to contact you – I was a bit sleepy, but I said in my mind back to them ‘if you are of love, are benevolent and have love in your heart and want to help me and humanity contact is welcome’ – something along those lines. Then I fall asleep and become lucid and a screen appears and I seem to be, my consciousness, hovering in front of these children, so they were facing me, absolutely as real as what I can see before me now, they were on some fast moving machines on the beach it seemed, travelling on some sort of low vehicles and they were so happy, don’t know who they were, they were human, freckles and curly hair, smiling – joy and love. It could have been some type of remote viewing. It’s difficult to explain these types of experiences to people, so vivid. Who were these children? I felt like that I perhaps knew them, a connection. They looked very human but they could well be hybrid children that were created with my DNA. I know more came before this though, the screen that appeared turned and re-orientated itself for me before I entered the scene – I felt I was perhaps on a ship or in a base before I went into the scene. Anyway, always these ETs seem to have agendas, using us for their means and benefits.

Update Nov/Dec 2106: Lots more otherwordly ‘dreams’. As I said before, they seem to be either memory fragments of experiences returning to me or actual otherworldly Milab experiences in the middle of the night. Normal human dreams are fairly different, with people I know in them and often random unusual scenarios – these other types are more sequential and more logical and feel different – they seem to be scenes that I have been involved in – but they involve other worldly advanced equipment, advanced craft, military facilities, laboratories with unusual beings, unusual landscapes, alien beings, robots – and I often seem to have certain advanced abilities in them. It would take up a fair amount of space here to describe them all, I do write most of them down and keep a journal. But I will briefly describe a very vivid one I had recently: It involved me being in a lift/elevator in a facility and some alien beings were lying on the floor, they were under-guard from some armored military personnel – then a skirmish occurred in the lift when they released one of the beings and it attacked me, somehow I subdued it. Then I was in, what seemed to be, a command room – I was being given intel on some extraterrestrial beings. After this I was in squad of military personnel in a city, some enemies came around the corner – I immediately left my body and flew over the city, seeing many translucent extraterrestrial beings on top of some buildings, they had short arms and long legs, and they were sending flame like energy beams out from their hands down toward the city, then I believe I went back into my body. A quick overview of that one – far out stuff! Was it a Milab mission that night? Secret Space Program memory stuff? Who knows… What has been going on…

Update April 2017: So this is my most recent experience. It was what felt like a Milab type operation in the middle of the night: I seemed to be in a facility, (this experience wasn’t totally clear and was fragmented – I assume they are using an alter) there was some sort of training and practicing with a weapon, and some running and picking up something at speed – other people seemed to be there then. Anyway, then I felt I went into a different facility and I was looking for something (I think I was alone when I went looking for these people, a solo mission) – I was definitely shooting some ET’s, I think I was shooting smaller reptilians when I was in there – it was dark with lots of automatic doors and smooth metal like corridors. There were some other tall beings that I couldn’t see clearly. Anyway I am pretty sure I, or we, rescued some humans and took them out of this facility. And it felt like we were pursued by the taller being. These people I rescued seemed cartoon or toy like, this happens in quite a few of these experiences, my 3D conscious mind converts certain things into toys, to help me cope I assume. What was interesting for me – all day I was feeling like I was coming under some sort of energetic attack, so tired and heavy – started to feel depressed for no reason. I could not function. Then not long before I went to sleep it began to ease up. Then I go to sleep have this fragmented recall of this experience and wake up and my heart is racing like it usually is after having some recall of these things. Anyway, after this one I feel kinda satisfied and pleased, like a release of tension – it was a strange feeling. Was I subconsciously aware that I was going to be doing something that night? Was something or somebody else aware that I was going to be doing a mission that night? Who knows… My PTSD symptoms that I have had since my late teens were worse for a few days after this experience.

Some more experiences/recall since the Nov/Dec update:

A few weeks ago in the middle of the night I found myself following behind a missile at great speed. I was following this missile over some grass plains, and as the missile began to lower and approach its target my consciousness moved back and away. I have had various other experiences in the night of finding myself flying very quickly over various types of landscapes – perhaps they are using me as some type of astral operator.

It was also only a few weeks ago that there was another grey type alien being in my room, on my bed. I was in that in between state they can put you in, and I was reaching out trying to push it away from me.

I have also had one quite recent experience recall of perhaps being in a type of barracks – there was a room with rows of beds. We were having some sort of down time, there may have been some sort of a party, it was some sort of gathering, anyway I had a fight with this guy, he was smaller than me and I gave him a good beating – I seemed to be pretty powerful, much more than I am on 3D Earth. After this I went and lay down on one of these beds and apologized to a young woman with dark hair, who was in a bed next to me, for my behavior. I had been very aggressive and beat this guy up. (I am a very gentle guy here on Earth by the way.) Then the next thing I know I am outside this barracks / facility, it feels like morning, and there are some ETs coming down, they were standing on some small one man craft and shooting people, a bit like the green goblin would – I grabbed hold of one these beings and tore it into pieces. (I am just relaying to you what I see – I know it can sound far out!) I believe I was stationed here with these humans, in some element of the Secret Space Program. The terror and pain of seeing my comrades being killed /vaporized by these beings… well I could feel it… shocking…

The same night I had an experience that felt very much like a virtual reality dreams simulation ‘they’ had perhaps put me into. I was standing in a field, in sort of dell. In a circle all around me where these large stones, like you would find at Stonehenge or Avebury etc. Then these viking like humans started charging at me – a horde of them –  then I turned and there was another horde, that looked just like the first horde. There seemed to be repeats of certain individual vikings. I fought some of them. Then in the distance it looked like the ET’s that had attacked my colleagues and friends in my previous experience that night started flying towards me. Then I just flew up into the air and left – like I find myself doing astral from time to time… I just flew up and left these groups behind. So it may have been an astral type experience whereas the previous one in the barracks and being attacked had a different feel to it and it felt real, there were real tangible emotions with that one… in this one that followed the emotions weren’t really there and I could fly…  it was different…

It is difficult to know what is what: astral dreamscape experiences – virtual reality scenarios they put me through – Milab operations that happened that night – or just memory flashbacks from old SSP and Milab operations. But what appears to be the Milab or SSP missions/operations always have a different feel though – they are less clear, not quite as vivid – with no faces clearly seen – and they are fragmented but they have a logical sequencing of events.

One night I was on what felt like a school playground and this guy was shooting people, and I had to stab him with a knife to stop it. Then I went straight into another experience in some sort of jail, and these two guys were shooting strange weapons at me and just missing me over and over – traumatizing me. I woke feeling awful and felt terrible for a few days.

I am regular experience in the middle of night escaping from very strange beings chasing me. Sometimes it is one very big being or sometimes hordes of strange beings coming after me.

One night I was with a group of people – and there was some sort of instructor or someone in charge. He took someone into a small room that had a reinforced glass window in the door. This instructor shot this person and blood splattered on the window of the door. Someone asked what to do to ‘stop it’  (I assume this person meant the shooting of people in that room) – And the instructor said they had to be more like me. I don’t know what he meant…

In one I was in a rocky landscape with some other people that I somehow knew, and a grey ET appeared out of nowhere – one of my companions turned to me and said to me about the grey, “Space and time mean nothing to him.” This grey was wearing some type of hat and looked like it had some goggles on top of its head. (I see quite a lot of ETs in my astral and dreamscape experiences: I have been sitting in a semi circle with some humanoid beings before, some were tall different looking humans, but one of the beings was a hairy dog/Sasquatch type being – I can still see it now – usually remember these beings better than anything i see on 3D earth… oh and a famous Milab experience was also there. I have also been in a small earth bound type craft with some weird purple/pink type being – this being was very strange. I also had one where I was in a landscape and two humans and an alien type being arrived, they were on these small individual saucers just bigger enough for them to fit on. The humans were more in the background – the ET was small and and had strange trumpet like ears sticking out the side of his head – he said (I think telepathically) ‘Hello Rick’.) 

A couple of experiences involved being underground in large caverns with orange reddish rock. One with tall perfect looking humans and some strange flying reptile like creatures

Another was a high paced chase alongside an underground river with some civilians around, and I ended up on the back of vehicle firing a weapon. This was a frantic and stressful experience.

In one experience I was in a hangar – an airplane type hanger – but it did not feel like Earth. Outside the hangar door a craft came down – it looked like a jet from Earth but it was painted orange in some areas. This jet /craft moved differently – more precisely – like a more advanced craft. It landed just outside the hangar door and the cockpit opened and I remember seeing small child in there. There were buildings outside past this craft – it was not Earth.

There was one where I became lucid and vividly saw that I was observing these people in robes with strange blue hats on, some sort of ceremony maybe. These hats were large and pretty much covered their heads and looked like animal shaped sculptures. Then I hid for someone reason, so they couldn’t see me. When I came out of the experience there was a force talking hold of my upper body when I was laying down. I kept resisting over and over shrugging this force off me, only for it to come back. I could not open my eyes.

In one I seemed to be on a mission with a woman with short straight black hair wearing a tight white t-shirt – she seemed to be undercover and I was observing her, helping her, and she seemed to get caught mid mission and I don’t know what happened after that. Brief fragmented recalls, but this felt like a mission, astral mission as it had that weird feel to it, and there was a very unusual creature in it. 

I may have been in some sort of Secret Space Program with age regression, if that exists – so sometimes I don’t know if these are nightly Milab missions I am having or its memory from other older missions. But some I feel are definitely nightly missions. 

Brief night-time recall from about 4 or 5 months ago: A battle on another planet – again it felt mars like – some sort of observation tower I went up, then retreating deep into this facility, looking for something. Another – positioning these otherworldly looking troops/warriors before an impending battle. Another was a rocky type planet and there was some sort of outpost that I was waiting behind, there were explosions all around and drones in the sky. SSP or Milab missions or past life recall? Who know?

I have also been having day time flashbacks of old dreams that I had many years go that seem to have significance. One is of this ‘dream’ of being in warehouse type place – in it there all sorts of obstacles and apparatus, and there were targets – the obstacles where white with pinkish red details. Another day time flashback of an old dream was about going to this building in the middle of the night which was in the middle nowhere – it had long horizontal large glass windows. There was a desk in the middle of this large room and I had to go towards it, and it all seemed very official. I also get day time flashbacks of these strange landscapes: Swamp type landscapes – Hills with this lime green vegetation – Tall flat rocks with vegetation on top of them – Strange forests etc

I want to share a poignant and significant picture I did in an art class when I was eighteen or perhaps nineteen – this was when I was feeling very confused and disorientated. It was a pastel type sketch – we were set a task that lesson to do a pastel piece about ourselves, our mind etc… It was a quick picture, so not technically great, but it says such a lot. The other day I was getting very strong clear guidance and intuition that I needed to go in the loft and search out this picture. Like my other artwork you can see in it how my subconscious mind was talking to me. Showing that something had happened to me and was hidden – look at the lock and key and tunnel, and the baby in front of the keyhole. And all the eyes looking at me watching me and the and the blood on the knife and those weird faces in the eye – I have never been a violent guy – so this is a strange thing for me to draw (Click on it to enlarge). I believe I was probably in one of the secret space programs or a related Milab ‘twenty and back’ age regression type black project, in a military capacity ( both granddads were in the military by the way). I think then they carried on using me for operations when I came back. Obviously I don’t know for sure – but this seems the most likely scenario to me at the moment. I developed PTSD and some agoraphobia not long before I created this picture and this PTSD is still with me – incredible PTSD and anxiety and hypervigilance I have had throughout my twenties and thirties. 

June and July 2017 update: I appeared to be training people, young people. They looked like they were in these tight fitting grey elastic all in one type training suits. Some sort of energy was visibly being beamed or pulsed at them, and these trainees were running in lines on top of some sort of platform dodging the pulse. At one point i had to jump across onto apart of this ‘staging and stop one of these trainees from running too far- it was as though she was in some sort of hypnotic state and couldn’t stop herself… Then after I was in a room a fair few lines of, what looked like, human sized robots – all of them stationery.

A few days after this last memory / experience there is another very brief one where I see myself in – this was one of those one where you feel a bit detached where you seem to be viewing the experiences experience more in third person – anyway, I could see that I was wearing some sort of of helmet with some sort of tech on it, like an infrared sight type contraption. I walked up to a young woman in one of those grey suits I saw people in a few nights earlier and touched her back… that was all I saw… a hazy short experience /recall.

The next one was definitely a first person view – and was a few weeks later and was incredibly vivid — I was in a small squad and we were in a rush, the people or beings we were searching for had made a run for it seems. There was a shallow river and smooth rounded rocks and boulders lining the river, and some boulders were creating an island within it. I did see something before this, but when i came too in my bed and began writing this down it had gone from my memory – I believe there was a facility or building next to the river that we looked around before getting to the river. I know we had a time limit in this area or on this planet, I felt there was something behind us that we had have to either get in or go through to go back somewhere. Anyway, I was on some rocks and said to a man who had short greying hair (I still never say his face fully just his hair- I never see faces – only in the ‘astral’ do I sometimes see faces). This place did seem to be another planet – it felt like it – but I could also have been Earth… I said to him- give me your socks – he started to take them off. Evidently my feet must have got wet. I then said I was going to climb this rock ahead and look over the cliff or hill for whoever it was we were pursuing…. End of experience. This totally and absolutely felt like a middle of the night experience – in that I was taken and used that night.

For those who monitor me: I want to reiterate that I do not consent to being used in any SSP, Black OPs or ET operations or programs anymore. I do not consent to being abducted or taken out of my body. To all groups and beings who want to try utilise any aspect of my being for your own agendas and purposes: I want to be left alone completely to get on with my life on Earth.

July 23rd 2017: I saw one of these screens in the middle of the night that show me strange other worldly images and movies – this one again was cartoon like. Honestly, they are so weird and cannot be from Earth. There was a strange fish and then some sort of boat, or vehicle perhaps, and then lots of other weird stuff – I should have wrote what i saw down straight way – but I was too tired and went back to sleep afterwards after stirring in bed – which I regret as there was some weird stuff that I observed that I cannot remember now, not that I would have known what these strange images meant. Anyway, it has been a long time since I became lucid and saw one of these framed movies or images. What Is it all about? – ETs accessing me ET past life knowledge? Using me to interact with ET technology? Who knows – in all my research I still haven’t come across anyone who sees these otherworldly images in screens in the night.

Back to the ET abductions and UFO experiences when I was 36:

So, about four months after having this being appear in my mind’s eyes twice I am walking along a road towards a local park around lunch time – and to my right there are hills – above those hills about three hundred meters away is a white circular orb like craft that was shrouded in a type of haze ( have since learned that correct term for this is a ‘corona’, rather than a ‘haze’ ) — as soon as i saw it I felt inexplicably excited, even though it took me a few moments after seeing it to realize it was a UFO. It was going at a speed that if it was an Earth-Human craft it would have fallen out of the sky – it was moving along parallel with me but a bit faster – so i could see it – this is in broad daylight. I live in a fairly rural area but people are usually around, but at this moment there was no one else along this strip of road. When I walked past a tree I said to myself in my head and to the craft – ‘if this is a ufo you will disappear as soon as get past this tree’ – and it was gone.

Then two days later I walk up into the hills near where this occurred to look around – I just felt compelled to. I end up standing at a gate to a field in a shallow valley and not long afterwards there in the sky is a metallic disc like saucer craft flying horizontally through the air about five hundred metres from me – it is was so surreal, again in broad daylight, again no one else around. This picture is similar to the view I had, it was just a little further away, and the craft was flatter on the top and the bottom.  But broad daylight – to show themselves in broad daylight to me. Looking back, this looks like this was the next stage of them waking me up, breaking my amnesia. That’s what it felt like, but was it? I can’t see any other reasons for an alien to appear in my third eye twice and then not long after to be shown otherworldly craft in broad daylight. Are these craft and that being unconnected? Or was I even supposed to see them? I don’t know. 

A few weeks, I think it was a few weeks after, or it could have been just before, but around the same time anyway 🙂 I become lucid in the middle of the night – I experienced myself moving – along in darkness – I sensed that I am in some type of container – I observe myself conversing with a consciousness that I cannot see – which I believe is on the other side of this container. I find myself asking if my genetics have been used. This being communicates that all of my family’s genetics have been used. Then an image appears before me of a being that has been created using my genetics: It was a tall humanoid like me – other than that it wasn’t like me: Large totally blue eyes that were slightly wrap around – beige and red very pitted textured skin and it was muscular and powerful looking. I was informed a female had also been created but the experience switched before I got to see the her. After this I experienced myself briefly sitting on a concrete step, in a bit of a hazy trance, with a sky above and a craft landing on some concrete, so this could have been an underground base on Earth I was taken to. 

Then it is notched it up a level. A few weeks later, this is definitely after the UFO sightings – I wake paralysed on my bed in the middle of the night – I am unable to open my eyes but I have some sort of para-vision, i see the outline of two small beings on my bed either side of me – really small, three foot perhaps. I shake my head from side to side – the only part of me that will move – I feel their rubbery skins against the skin of my face. Then boom – I am in a astral type experience with them – the beings have turned into small cartoon aliens – I am holding one of them in the my arms, the other is by my feet – my parents appear and I am showing or introducing my parents to these beings – like these beings are my friends or my family. Were these images implanted in my mind by the little beings? Or do I have a connection to these beings – all the large headed being sculptures I made before and after this experience have a loving energy to them, but is this unrelated – there are many different types of ‘small large headed grey alien types’ – some service to others, some service to self and some are programmed lifeforms working for secret Earth governments/societies or secret space programs. I have to say, that I think the images were implanted and this was either a Milab abduction or an ET abduction.

Also around this time – A few times I felt like I was perhaps remote viewing places in the middle of the night. And other times I briefly experienced myself flying astrally – one time I was over the outer hebrides – I just knew that i was – the information just came into my head – and i looked down and walking up a rock staircase were two identical aliens which I saw as aliens from the movie ’ET’ – obviously my conscious 3D mind was coping by seeing the alien forms as the famous alien from the movie. Another time I also experienced myself going to what looked like some Tibetan mountains and buildings on the astral level or 4D – there was a cobbled road and these guards sitting on these unusual bulls – the bulls did this unusual type of movement, like dancing, which was amazing and fascinating – there were lots of humans when I went into a large hall, which seemed to perhaps be a place of learning. Recently I have again experienced myself leaving my body – the vibrating that occurs – then over your bed, through the roof and then over the streets – then suddenly somewhere else: The most recent time I helped a little Indian boy who was floating on top of what looked like a piece of cardboard – he was hovering or levitating – I took him home to what appeared to be his mum, there ware some unusual partly humanoid beings in the front garden. I have also had a vivid astral experience with what appeared to be a Chinese monk who was floating in an orb, it felt like he was perhaps helping create learning experiences for me in my dream time, when I came out of one of these dream scenarios I was walking along somewhere else and it felt like this ancient looking Chinese man blasted me with a beam of love, which felt great, and I immediately flew into the air, and then I woke up. Once, when I had finished meditating I felt very tired, I fell asleep and had a brief experience of hovering above a scene – there was wrinkly type being – an old figure/extraterrestrial with a big nose – there were bowls full of what looked like seeds and herbs and a sort of canopy/tent, lying on the floor were to very small pinkish hairless creatures/ figures – squirrel sized, but more humanoid perhaps – I remember that I could sense they loved each other.

I have experienced many vivid ‘dreams’ where I did not recognize anybody in them, and I seem to be living somewhere else, in modern times, with different living conditions and buildings (they don’t at all seem past life related), and not one person I recognize from this current Earth life is in these ‘dreams’. I have gone a little off track now but I thought I would share some of these more unusual vivid night time experiences I have had.

Anyway, back to the ET experiences: so perhaps a few more weeks later – I wake in the middle of the night – but my consciousness is very different – not fully alert – slightly dreamy. I sense one of the small beings who visited before next to the side of my bed – I glimpse its face and eyes, I think it had eyelids and I am sure I saw pupils – don’t think it was reptilian eyes, it was a very brief glimpse but i did not see the glowing reptile eyes like i saw in my third eye some months back. This little being was not like those scary looking grey alien images you can see on the internet, and they were really small. It is similar to this image here, but it seemed a little darker perhaps and a little more chunky, but I was in a slightly different state of consciousness. It put its arm out to me – a kind of chunky arm, slightly chubby fingers – In this altered state that I was in I put my hand out to it, like this was the normal thing to do – which was weird. Had an alter been activated? Was there bleed through to my Earth alter (Mk Ultra alters). Then I experienced myself hugging this being as though I loved it, like it was one of my little nephews. Again – are these implanted images by the being? Or do I have a connection to these beings? This hugging ties in with the loving energies portrayed in the sculptures I made of similar looking beings, before and after the experience, but I do not trust this experience of hugging them. I believe it was another implanted image. Anyway, the next thing I know I am lying on my back in a dark room and there is a tentacle on my head (it appeared to be just like an Earth octopus tentacle with suckers but bigger) and my mouth is open and somebody or something is looking inside ( I had a procedure on Earth in my neck / throat to kill a benign ‘tumour’ that was in some nerves – possibly related to an implant – about two years before). Then i feel something sticky being put on my teeth so I cant open my mouth. The next thing I know I am moving through a ship or bases corridor – i say ‘moving’ as it it didn’t feel like i was walking. I have a companion going down the corridor with me – he looks totally human, a good looking guy with stubble – but the more i talk to him and look at him I see he is not Earth human – he has pointed eyes and pointed ears. (Pointed ears like the Canine Wise character in Jupiter Ascending – I remember watching that movie and seeing that character and thinking back to this experience – But there is also a good chance this could have been a human who then mind-controlled me, making me see him as an alien.) Behind the ear I can see some type of black contraption or material. When I see his pointed ears I say to him ‘cool ears’. And he says ‘thanks’ I also asked him why I had that white stuff put on my teeth earlier – he said to me something like to ‘shut you up / or to stop you talking so much’. Walking down the corridor I see a few beings. Humanoids in brown / orange uniform – one being has a brown head with many ridges, standing next to a more human looking figure. Then I was taken into a canteen. The guy with me warned me that this might be a bit embarrassing for me – not sure why – I sensed it was to do with what I was wearing. Then I was given an item of clothing in some packaging by him from a shelf – that looked like a pair of underpants and then a drink that looked like Lucozade. I remember asking him what was in the drink as I was trying to eat healthily – haha – I can’t remember what he said back to me. I went with the guy to a table – from what I remember there were plenty of humans or human type beings sitting at other tables but the weren’t paying much attention to me. Then the guy left and I went to find him for some reason, he was around the corner, I sensed that i startled him and that perhaps I wasn’t supposed to have gone to look for him – when I found him I came too in my bed up and jolted up and wrote this episode down – so vivid – it was like I just switched from one reality, or place, to another in an instant. Who were they? Why was I there? They seemed to treat me OK, they seemed very ‘matter of fact’, like they just had a job to do, but it didn’t feel like there was much love there, wherever it was.

I would like to comment on the octopus type being that was examining me. I have heard a few people mention Octoform type beings in my research. James Casbolt  (Michael Prince) talked about one in one of his first interviews – whereby he described a crashed UFO that contained one of these beings. Sarah Stanga also mentioned them in an interview with Miles Johnston. Although, I cant even say it was definitely an octoform being – all I know is: I experienced a large octopus tentacle, with suckers, on my head when I was laying on my back on a table in the extraterrestrial ship or base. Update: I recently saw the Star Wars movie, Rogue One – I know there is a lot disclosed to humanity in sci-fi movies. Anyway, what was in that movie? Yes, an octopus being that puts its tentacle on a human to read his mind! Lots of disclosure in movies.

Since this full blown experience in an extraterrestrial ship or base, where they examined me and looked down my throat I haven’t had any fully conscious alien experiences —  But I have experienced being semi conscious and fighting off little beings in my bedroom in the middle of the night since then.

My so called ‘dreams’ do sometimes have UFO’s and the occasional extraterrestrials in them. And I do get some clear experiences of what I am up to astrally at night, from time to time, and my recall of these experiences is increasing all the time. But none of these ‘beings in my room’, ‘being on a ship’ or ‘viewing screens in a void’ experiences for quite a while. I have had only two significant third-eye / other dimensional experiences since my last conscious abduction experience. But I still get quite a lot of otherworldly memories coming back in dreams. I think I was seeing too much, seeing too much of my astral experiences, seeing too much of the Milab experiences, remembering parts of being involved in a secret military program, seeing things in other dimensions at night – and I needed to be implanted or re-implanted by some service-to-self extraterrestrials or MILAB (secret military) program? Who knows… But now I feel that I was re-implanted, I was seeing too much. I think it is related to the so called tumor that I had zapped my with a gamma knife procedure in a hospital.  They couldn’t tell me anything about the tumor, just that it was benign, that they often grow very slowly and are very rare. This tumor was in a nerve cluster, this is significant, alien implants are so often in nerve clusters. Anyway, after this ‘tumor’ was zapped, that was when I started seeing all the ET, third-eye and other dimensional stuff. Then after I experience my self being examined in the ship or base, which was after the procedure, it all almost completely stopped.  I don’t think they wanted me to see all those things.

Update: If you have seen my updates above in the Milab section in this article, you will have seen that I am seeing things again, and having recall of more experiences and missions.

Some Concluding Thoughts:

I do know the first ET experiences I had were a huge part of my awakening, helping me move away from some of the more naive human spiritual teachings. It was the instigator for a great deal of research from me – helping me to become well informed – and enabling me to share information with people.

So why would a being with reptilian/cat eyes appear to me in my third eye/minds eye? Twice, just to make sure I saw. Was I supposed to see it? Then UFOs seem to show themselves to me in broad daylight. And then a little while later I am taken onto a ship or base, where I find out that that my genetics have been used to create other beings – was that experience unrelated to the others? Then the physical experiences in my bedroom and being taken on board another ship. Would ‘negative’ or ‘service to self’ genetic farmer extraterrestrials chat to me as I walked through the ship or base, take me to a canteen and give me a drink and some clothing? Was I an asset to them? And these little beings – are they just the a go-between between me and another group of beings? Is there a few different things going on here? Am I being utilized in other dimensions in some sort of military capacity due to latent metaphysical abilities that do not manifest on the third density Earth plane, but on other dimensions and planetary systems?  Why on Earth would this octoform being want to read the mind of a school teacher and artist?! Was it trying to find out information/intel related to the secret projects I may have been involved in?  I know my genetics have been used, but what else has been going on? Who knows…

All of this did build up gradually, each new experience having more of a wow factor. Did these beings also consciously help me wake up? Because that is what they did. Did they at some point help me break the amnesia we are all given on this planet when our soul memories are wiped before each incarnation? Did I set this up with them before I incarnated? Was some bargaining done? Or was I just seeing too much, my implants were breaking down and I was seeing too much, then they took me and implanted me again?

All the otherworldly memories, the art, the stories I wrote, the multidimensional experiences, the books and information I have been guided to – combined with the extraterrestrial experiences. When I put it all down on ‘paper’ like this…

I really cant tell you exactly what these experience were all about at the moment – I have just tried to describe them to you clearly and have given you some of my background, so they can perhaps be put into context.

Just to reiterate – This planet is a type of prison planet – you are on a slave / prison planet. Most souls have been trapped here for a very long time. The population of Earth has been cut off from the rest of the universe, which is teaming with life and civilizations – and very advanced technology has been hidden from the human population. But the walls of the prison are starting to crumble, positive changes could be coming – and we can speed this up and manifest an amazing world. We just need to raise our  level of consciousness and be inspired by love to create change… practical solutions to help us all detach from the matrix and this satanic system they have set up. We need to learn to love ourselves and each other, we must open our heart chakra to become intuitive and connect to higher levels of awareness –  we must work together and care for one another – we must be proactive. We must also become informed, think critically, analyse and see through the lies – and of course, Full Disclosure is needed but we need to ascertain what full disclosure actually involves. I would suggest it is a lot more than some of these Controlled Opposition so called ‘insiders’ are telling us. People are suffering all around the world unnecessarily, we can use love and compassion to inspire us to make changes. 

extraterrestrials aliens love nature woodland moss star wars inter-dimensionals blue tree web 3 beings photo wm







Note: Since I wrote that paragraph in my article, where I firmly take any consent away, I have not experienced any abductions /collections or scary otherworldy experiences –  I am now pretty much just having human dreams in the night – about friends, family and everyday things etc. I was hardly having any humans dreams, if any… well, for a long time. 

(And I would strongly suggest that people like David Wilcock, Corey Goode, Benjamin Fulford and Cobra are Controlled Opposition / Limited Hangouts – they have carefully selected disinfo mixed in with some truths. I would suggest Simon Parkes is Controlled Opposition as well.  For one, they have lots of disinfo in there about ETs – and then one of the most telling things is that they report on faked hoax terror events as real when they aren’t – for example: The Boston Bombing, Orlando Pulse Shooting, Nice Truck Attack , London Bridge, Russian Ambassador Shooting etc etc – they are fake staged drills passed off as real and created by the Freemasons and Zionist – please see my article on this:

You can also watch the videos of Ole Dammegard and various other bloggers, on YouTube, who are tearing these fake terror events to pieces – showing them up as fake – essentially staged drills passed off as real. (The Zionist controllers of YouTube have been shutting down so many channels that are exposing these fake terrorist events, but Ole Dammegard’s videos are still up and running –  he is probably controlled opposition though as only his videos are still up on YouTube)

You see, the people (secret societies – Freemasons and Zionist Jews, etc), and the nefarious ET’s who run the show on this planet, knew this awakening was going to occur, they have very advanced technology that can view future timelines – so they put people in place to slow people down, to distract, to confuse and to control the disclosure process – but you see they also put out some information that is true, they have to, so as to get you to buy into them. Many of the prominent researchers in this ET disclosure field sure look like the are working for powerful groups with agendas. They seem to also be trying to make people feel that these people ‘in the know’ have got it sorted, that we can sit back and rely on them.

You have people like David Wilcock, Cobra, Corey Goode, Benjamin Fulford etc, all saying this or that is going to happen soon, for example the Inner Earth civilizations are coming to the surface at the beginning of this year, or this disclosure will occur then etc etc –  then it doesn’t happen and nobody says ‘hang on, you were wrong’ – ‘you’ve been wrong lots Mr David Wilcock!’ Around 2012 your prophecies and predictions surrounding this guy called Drake were wrong – and you were and still are drastically wrong about the Boston Bombing, which was a fake staged event, etc etc. Corey Goode said 2016 was going to be the year of great change – it wasn’t. David Wilcock has been saying for many years in each and every new article – the defeat of the Cabal is imminent. Cobra has been continually saying ‘the event’ will happen soon and all the ‘toplet bombs’ he talks about are nearly gone – and then low and behold, they have found some more. All this has been going on for many years now and all of them reference each other – are all of them controlled opposition? Are they getting us to feel like these people ‘in the know’ with contacts have got it all sorted – that we can relax – that change is imminent etc – are they there to disempower us, to get us feeling a false sense of security? Getting us to underestimate how manipulative the reptilians and secret societies connected to them are? 

“A controlled opposition is a protest movement that is actually being led by government agents. Nearly all governments in history have employed this technique to trick and subdue their adversaries.”

Notably Vladimir Lenin said:
“The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.”

Something for us all to be aware of. Anyway, here is a list of researchers and whistle-blowers.

The key is to understand the geopolitical controllers of this planet: The Satanic Zionist Jews and Masons (Freemasons)…  (The Illuminati name is a psyop – it’s the Zionist Jews who are striving for the New World Order). These groups are highly intelligent deceivers with advanced occult knowledge – they desire control over everything – and they have been deceiving humanity for thousands upon thousands of years. So researching the global conspiracy is not easy, as they have their people, their controlled opposition, in place to push humanity in certain directions and deceive. So be careful: analyse, correlate and think critically.

Again, I can’t vouch for any of the Secret Space Program (SSP) ‘whistle-blowers’ in this list below – a lot of them sound very much like Controlled Opposition to me (Agents put in place to control the disclosure narrative for the elite satanic bankers). Many of the Milab testimonies sound more credible to me than the SSP ones. I have written about my suspicions about certain so called ‘whistle-blowers’ in various articles on this website, here are links to two of them: Controlled Opposition and Nazis’ – Secret Space Programs – ‘Dark Fleet’ – Disinfo:

The vast majority of these people below are Controlled Opposition, perhaps all of them, people don’t realize how tightly controlled this subject is – and how much ((they)) control narratives with controlled opposition and agents. (See my Ufology section for more information):

Max Spiers – mk ultra – milabs – occult meanings – secret space programs – extraterrestrials – super soldiers
James Bartley – extraterrestrials – reptilians – milabs – mk ultra
Eve Lorgen – extraterrestrials – reptilians – milabs – mk ultra – alien love bite
Barbara Bartholic – extraterrestrials – abductions – reptilians – milabs 
Dr Karla Turner – extraterrestrials – abductions
Phil Shneider – underground bases – extraterrestrials 
Elena Kapulnik – secret space programs – mk ultra – milabs – metaphysics – extraterrestrials – starseeds
Penny Bradley – secret space programs – mk ultra – milabs
Tony Rodrigues – secret space programs
Kevan Trimmell – secret space programs
James Casbolt – mk ultra – milabs – underground bases – secret space programs – extraterrestrials  – black ops – super soldiers
David Marrow – mk ultra – milabs – super soldiers – black ops
Alara Blackwell – mk ultra – milabs – super soldiers – black ops
Sarah Rachel Adams – mk ultra – milabs – super soldiers – spirituality – starseeds
Aaron McCollum – mk ultra – milabs – underground bases – extraterrestrials – black ops – super soldiers
James Rink – mk ultra – milabs – secret space programs – super soldiers (Extremely dodgy guests on his channel)
Miles Johnston, The Bases Project – extraterrestrial experiences – milabs – mk ultra

Michael Relfe – secret space programs
Tom Montalk – extraterrestrials
Barbara Marciniak – global conspiracy – reptilians – earth’s transformation – spirituality – metaphysics 
Credo Mutwa – reptilians
William Tompkins – secret space programs – extraterrestrials 
Randy Cramer – secret space programs – extraterrestrials 

And again, I do not provide this list to get you fascinated with Ufology. Ufology is all very tightly controlled – filled with lots of agents with disinfo and half-truths mixed in with a bit of truth. I humbly recommend that you read some of my articles below, these articles will give you a better idea of what is occurring on this planet. The Zionism one is particularly important.

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