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Operation Highjump
Admiral Byrd

P78 – 97 – UFOs Nazi Secret Weapon by Ernst Zundel et al


The following story was made available to the authors by a British businessman who has requested to remain anonymous. The identity of the nurse and hospital are known to him. We include it without commentary. Letter is unedited. Punctuation and spelling as in originalI have been a night nurse in charge of a terminal geriatric ward for many years and as you can guess have seen some pretty horrible sights, but still met some interesting people, the one who was really fascinating was this German chap I mentioned to you some time ago, the poor chap was a terminal case,a terrible carcinoma of the stomach, he was in a side ward by himself as he rarely got more than a couple of hours sleep a night even with the huge injections of heroin we gave him, but he never complained and was always ready to have a chat, and many a night when it was quiet I would take him in a cup of coffee and sit with him and chat for an hour or so. He spoke English well, with a marvellous German, American accent which he had picked up in America, he had been with us over a year, when one night I was sitting talking about my service in the navy and the conversation got on the Flying Saucers . . . he then went very quiet and gave me an odd look, I laughed and said:

“Do I sound mad talking about Flying Saucers?”

He said no, and then said, I might think he was mad as he had flown in one, anyway I had to leave then but the next night we continued the conversation, for the first time he told me he had been in theLuftwaffe, a security officer, attached to somewhere called Rechlin, where they were experimenting with all manner of almost science Fiction type weapons, he mentioned a wind gun, rockets and laughed and said Germany had all these long before the rest of the world had even thought of them and that given another year or so, the war would have had a completely different ending, and that even now things could still happen engineered by the Reich that could alter the world’s future.

I laughed, and he continued, on and on about the progress that had been made during the war years, a lot of things I had heard about but some that seemed way out of this world . . . heat rays, queer new explosives and new type flying vehicles, then he went on about the saucers, how they began withquite small open ones with one man cockpits then on to bigger and bigger ones.

Later they moved to another base, and here for the first time he heard about the so-called “Neuer Deutschland” in the Antarctic, pre-war there had been rumours but never many details, there were many scientists at the new base and flying took place only by night as allied planes were continually flying over,and there were continual attacks, as time went by and the outcome of the war became more apparent the work was speeded up more and more and late in 1943, the first of the big saucers was flying and then came the news that certain specialists were being chosen to go on a special trip to a secret base where the war was to be continued from, he flew in planes on several occasions to bases in the North of Norway,escorting men and women scientists equipment, files, specialised machinery and weapons, all of this was taken direct to long range U-Boats and put straight on board, the weapons were all very modern and he described them as brand new automatic rifles that later were known as MP 44s, there was also a large amount of explosive.

The saucers flew continually and as soon as a new one was built and tested it was loaded with equipment and crewed and when night fell they took off and did not return, as time went by stories of the U-Boats coming and going taking out masses of supplies and people, not just scientific personnel but also administration and military, security, cooks, and amongst them a fair contingent of women.

As the end of the war came near organisation began to break down and supplies ran short they were being bombed and strafed daily by Allied fighter bombers, when the last saucer left, the base was abandoned, he flew on in one of the last planes to leave the base a Heinkel III, they were attacked by aRussian fighter and damaged and landed eventually just outside Oslo. Norway was in chaos at this time but he got a lift in a car with an SS officer, he explained he was heading for a U-Boat base and a possible way out, the SS man had no better ideas and they went North, they reached the base two days later and found two U-Boats refuelling and restocking for their final trips, there were not as many people wishing to use the vessels as most wanted to go home after the war, in fact the cargo carrying boats were even short of crews, they were full of supplies of all sorts, the day after they arrived there was a raid by American bombers a lot of buildings were damaged but the boats were not. . . they sailed that night.

They reached the Antarctic base after a long trip, by sea and across the ice cap, but after a couple of weeks he went back to the coast to carry on his security work with some last minute arrivals on a U Boat, he then left with instructions to meet another boat in the Atlantic, things however went wrong and his vessel was damaged and sunk by a patrol boat, he was rescued and was made a P.O.W., his captors did not realise who he was as he had got rid of his papers and was wearing naval cold weather gear.

He was held as a P.O.W. in America, and after his release was repatriated to Germany, when he saw the way things were going there under the occupation he got himself some new papers, Polish and managed to get to Britain as a refugee, he settled down, married, his wife died in the late 1950’s, and he was having treatment for cancer, radium treatment was tried but slowly things got worse and he was eventually admitted to hospital where he died.

End of letter.

Whatever the merits of this dying man’s story are, one thing we can be very certain and that is of one terrible weapon at the Fuhrer’s command and of which Hitler spoke towards the end of the war when he clearly made reference to the atom bomb — “May the heavens forgive me, if I should reach for that final terrible weapon still at my disposal! We are today already able to blow up half the planet”.

Another startling fact proving quite definitely that W.W. II did not end on 8th May, 1945 is the following account in “France Soir”, a serious paper (not a scandal sheet):— “Almost 1½ years aftercessation of hostilities in Europe, the Islandic Whaler, “Juliana” was stopped by a large German U-boat.The Juliana was in the Antarctic region around Malvinas Islands when a German submarine surfaced and raised the German official naval Flag of Mourning — red with a black edge.

The submarine commander sent out a boarding party, which approached the Juliana in a rubber
dinghy, and having boarded the whaler demanded of Capt. Hekla part of his fresh food stocks. The request was made in the definite tone of an order to which resistance would have been unwise. The German officer spoke a correct English and paid for his provisions in U.S. dollars, giving the Captain a bonus of $10 for each member of the Juliana crew. Whilst the food stuffs were being transferred to the submarine,the submarine commander informed Capt. Hekla of the exact location of a large school of whales. Later the Juliana found the school of whales where designated. This is the direct quote from “France Soir”.Added to this must be a wire service bulletin releasd by France’s own Agence France Press on the 25thSept. 1946, which further clarifys the above: “The continuous rumours about German U-boat activity in the region of Tierra del Fuego (Feuerland, in German), between the southernmost tip of Latin Americaand the continent of Antarctica are based on true happenings”.

Putting all these details into proper sequence and perspective a clear picture emerges. Selected
segments of the Third Reich survived the collapse of Germany proper and obviously did not surrender to the allies as they were supposed to have done under the “Unconditional Surrender” signed by Donitz on behalf of the German people.

There must be rather large secret Nazi bases where work continues on the UFO’s and other secret weapons. Investigation shows that huge amounts of money were clandestinely invested by Nazi Front men all over the world, but especially in South America. An incomplete, but nevertheless surprising statistical compilation of these funds appeared in the newspaper “Zig-Zag” in Santiago, Chile, on 19thJune, 1947. According to this compilation, Spain received 300 million dollars, Sweden 250 million,Switzerland 100 million and Portugal 50 million and this represents only about 25% of such investments.

This amounts to nearly 3 billion dollars invested in large tracts of remote jungle and pampas real estate, factories, transportation, airlines, shipping(!!!) companies,, food processing and agriculture.

In the shockingly candid book entitled “The Avengers” written by Michael Bar-Zohar dealing with Jewish war and post war tactics against the Germans, we find a lot of detailed information about the transfer of German money to foreign lands. Some excerpts are reproduced here.

A most unusual conference of German officials and industrialists was held at the Maison RougeHotel in Strasbourg on August 10, 1944. The proceedings of this “Red House” conference are known from the shorthand report, which fell into the hands of the American OSS at the end of the war. A Lieutenant Revesz showed it to Simon Wisenthal, who took a photostat and published it some years later.

Among those present at this conference were representatives of the Ministry of Munitions and
the Foreign Office, delegates from the big industrial combines—Krupps, Messerschmitt, Rochling,Goering Werke, Hermannsdorfwerke—and several senior civil servants. The object of the meeting was to decide upon measures for safeguarding the treasury of the Third Reich. They reached two main decisions—some of the riches would be hidden away in the territory of the Reich; and German capital would be sent abroad.

The conference urged that the Nazi Party should go underground in the event of defeat, and should prepare for a return to power with the help of the treasures safely hidden away.

These decisions began to be put into effect in the following months. An “experimental station” was set up near Lake Toplitz and a number of containers packed chiefly with forged pound notes and documents were submerged in the lake, and some other containers were hidden away in old mines in the hills. Most of them were removed again when Allied forces were approaching the region.Although the Allies did not have full knowledge of these hiding places until the report of the “Red House” conference fell into their hands, some information on the Nazis’ post war plans had reached the Allied secret services early in 1945. In March of that year a detailed report on the subject was submitted to the State Department in Washington:

“The Nazi regime has made very precise plans for the perpetuation of its doctrine and
domination after the war. Some of these plans are already being put into effect.

“Members of the Nazi Party, German industrialists and Army leaders, realizing that there is no hope of victory, are presently preparing commercial plans for the post war period, endeavoring to renew connections with industrial circles abroad in the hope of reestablishing prewar cartels. After the war, the intention is for ‘front men’ to appeal to the courts of various countries against the ‘illegal ’seizure of German industrial concerns and other German property by the Allies at the outbreak of the war. In the event this method does not succeed, the recovery of the German property would be made through figureheads possessing the requisite citizenship. German attempts to continue to have a share in the control and development of technological progress during the immediate postwar period are reflected in the phenomenal increase in German patents registered in certain foreign countries during the past two years. These registrations reached their peak in 1944…

“German capital and plans for the building of ultramodern technical schools and research laboratories are being offered on very advantageous terms, in view of the fact that the Germans will thereby be able to make and perfect new weapons.

“The German propaganda program is an integral part of this general planning for the postwar
period. The immediate aim of this propaganda program will be to bring about a relaxation of Allied controls on the pretext that the Germans should be treated ‘honestly.’ Later, this program will beextended and intensified with a view to reviving Nazi doctrine and pursuing German ambitions of world domination. Unless these plans are counteracted, they constitute a constant threat to the peace and security of the postwar world.

The American specialists had greatly extended their knowledge of this subject by the end of
the war. They soon had a list of 750 firms with head offices in neutral countries, founded or bought with German capital. Switzerland headed the list with 274 firms; then came Portugal with 258, Spain with 112, Argentina with 98, and Turkey with 35. A number of firms had also been acquired in South American countries other than Argentina.

Special accounts in Swiss and Liechtenstein banks were placed at the disposal of the Argentine Government, officially to help their industrial development. Some of the accounts were made personally available to Argentine leaders.

As military defeat and final castastrophe had become more certain, the Nazi chiefs stepped up their preparations for the future—a future in which they meant to have a stake. They had deposited large sums with banks in neutral countries and salted away just as much in the portfolios of apparently respectable persons in Liechtenstein, Portugal, and Patagenia, and had hidden much wealth in the depths of old salt mines in Austria and below the dark water of the Alpine lakes. All of this hidden treasure might indeed permit a revival of Nazism one day—so long as there were still Nazis around able to draw upon it.

Added to this must be the fact that the high priority tasks of the newly elected National Socialist government in 1933, was the securing of adequate food supply for the entire population. Extensive research was immediately launched into areas of artificial food cultivation, in huge greenhouses, with everything grown only on “chemical soil” and under artificial light. Butter was apparently produced from coal and dry milk was another German invention. A method was also discovered to indefinitely preserve wheat flour. Great strides were also made in Freeze Drying all types of food and this was carried out particularly in experimental plants located in the area of Helmstedt. Hitler was keenly interested in these projects visiting them frequently. In a very short time, Germany was more or less self-sufficient and for the first time in centuries. No German ever experienced want and hunger again until the Allies burnt or robbed all the huge warehouses of their contents in 1945 and after.

Any German who lived through that dreadful time will tell you what the humanitarian liberators of Germany doled out as food rations after their victory. In the French zone of occupation it was officially850 calories a day, in the American zone a little more, whilst the inmates of Hitler’s concentration camps,(whose bony corpses you are still seeing daily on T.V. and in the newspapers), received more than double that amount of calories daily. The resultant famine and death from starvation, particularly among theelderly and infants is well remembered by the German population. They call it a “peace crime”. The food supply for any secret UFO force, (which we shall call by the name Hitler himself had given it) — The Last Battalion, had already been solved. But how about necessary monies to keep such an enterprise running?Hitler had again already planned, with great foresight for this inevitability. In captivity in concentration camps such as Dachau, Buchenwald and Auschwitz, were Europe’s best-known and most skilled forgers,— many of them Jews. They were geniuses at their particular craft.


One day, a secret order arrived from Berlin code-named “Operation Bernhard”. All the forgery experts were collected and were offered life and freedom if they cooperated in producing for Hitler, perfect forgeries of some of the allied currencies, but in particular, forgeries of the British pound and the American dollar. At first they refused, but one by one they cooperated and in an astonishingly short space of time, they produced what seemed to be perfect forgeries. The German government supplied from its own paper mills what is usually the stumbling block to perfect counterfeiting — high quality paper.The plates and paper were perfect, but not satisfied with their own judgement, a secret agent was sent to neutral Switzerland with a suitcase full of “German-made” pounds and dollars as well as other currencies in all denominations. This agent went to one of Switzerland’s largest banks and requested to see the manager and stated: “I am negotiating a business deal with a man I suspect of being a Nazi agent, and he intends to pay me in this currency with these bills. Please test them and see if they are genuine”. The bank
manager explained he could not do this right away since it was in foreign currency, so the Nazi agent left the bills with the bank manager arranging to return within a few days. Upon his return, he was told that the money was genuine, and that the bank would be pleased to accept it for exchange. The agent returned to Germany and the printing presses started rolling in Auschwitz and Buchenwald. Untold millions were printed, so much so that Britain after the war, withdrew from circulation its five pound note — a first in British history.

There is an interesting sequel to this story. Rumours persisted about operation Bernhard long after the end of the war and one such rumour was checked out. For weeks a group of Austrian government frogmen searched Lake Toplitz in Austria. Eventually they found the wreckage of a German plane, the skeleton of the dead pilot still strapped to his seat. In the hold were large metal trunks which, when pried open, revealed over 300,000 British five-pound notes, in neat bundles, perfectly unspoiled and with them,some of the printing plates. The money was confiscated by the Austrian authorities, although it was at that time useless the five pound note having been withdrawn from circulation by the British after the war.

Now remember the U-Boat captain had paid for his food in U.S. dollars and obviously had no shortage of money since each crew member of the whaler had been given a $10 bonus.

It is not generally known that the entire Reichsbank Treasure, (All of Germany’s reserves) disappeared from the bank vaults in Berlin, before the end of the war. Guinness “World Records” book lists this story under “The greatest unsolved robbery!”

During the U.S. balance of payments crisis, Time magazine carried an article about discussions taking place at the Headquarters of the World Monetary Fund in Basle, Switzerland. They found that 15Billion Dollars were in circulation, which should not really exist. One wonders where that amount of money came from?


Let us now turn our attention to the location of the bases. Again, even in this area Hitler had
planned far ahead and at long range. Obviously guided by the possible occupation and subsequent loss of Germany itself, he had cast around for land still available for colonization and found that Antarctica was,at that time, the only continent still unclaimed. With his usual dispatch, a polar expedition was organized,the preparation of which was kept secret. The force consisted of several large vessels, at least two of which were aircraft carriers, not the present-day type but rather large ships with float-equipped airplanes on board. The planes were rocket-catapulted off special ramps at the end of the ships and retrieved out of the water via a crane. This secret Nazi Expeditionary Force was headed by Kapitan Ritscher and took place in 1937-38. The force landed in the area of Queen Maud Land and established bases there.Large float planes of the Dornier-Wal type, with their unusual pusher-puller propellers were used to explore a huge area of Antarctic terrain. Over 11,000 photographs were taken for mapping purposes.Significantly, a Swastika flag was dropped every 20 kilometres to substantiate the German claim to that land, comprising over 600,000 square kilometres in all. In this way, not only was a terrain claimed byGermany, larger than Germany itself, but more significantly, for the first time, ice-free oasis (warm lakes)were found by this secret Nazi expedition. They were photographed along with Alp-like mountain ranges of over 4,000 metres in height. Naturally, the explored areas were given German names and so we have today places like “Ritscher Gipfel” — “Ritscher Peak”, named after the leader of the expedition. The hot oasis amongst the eternal ice was called “Schirmacher Seen Platte” — “Schirmacher Lake Group”.The different coloured appearances of these inland lakes were caused by algae found floating in the sweet
water. The waters are warm enough to allow swimming and bathing with just bathing suits and swim trunks.

The Alp-like mountain range discovered by Germans; the highest peak over 4,000 metres was christened“Ritscher Peak” after the leader of the expedition.

Centre: Expedition members showing one of the Swastika flags, dropped by the mapping planes every few miles to underline Germany’s claims.Bottom: German flying boat on the ice-free oasis, warm water lakes, discovered by the expedition. Note pusher-puller propeller arrangement

The German catapult ship One of the large Dornier-Wal flyingboats is just taking off. (Note large motor vessel in drydock area)


The Expedition took over 11,000 photographs, mapping approx. 600,000 square kilometres. Here is a photo of the “Schirmacher Seenplatte” — the ice-free islands, “Re-discovered” by Admiral Byrd ten years later.

The little specks on the ice are seals and sea lions weighing up to 2,000 pounds and “not too bad to eat” and very plentiful.


Heretofore never published in the English-speaking world, are actual photographs of this Naziexpedition and some of the startling discoveries.

The Alp-like mountain range discovered by Germans;Taken from the air.

Added credence to the secret bases thesis can be found in remarks attributed to Joachin vonRibbentrop at the outbreak of the war. “In accordance with Germany’s long-range political strategy, we have taken into firm possession the Antarctic area, called New Swabia (New Schwabenland) to ensure a safe retreat in case of necessity.” (Taken from Mattern’s previously quoted German edition of this book).

For an exact location of the German area of Antarctica, please look at the map reproduced here,and compare the relative size of the United States with Antarctica. A huge area, indeed.

Continental United States in comparison with Antarctica

The Byrd expedition and its mapping mission indicated by wavy lines. Black circles indicates Germanterritory. Byrd’s intercepted flight marked X.

Other factors make Antarctica an ideal place for these bases. There is no rust, no germs, and consequently very little illness or decomposition. Food remains edible forever it seems, since the whole region acts rather like a giant freezer. For instance, the shed where Scott spent some months pre-W.W. I,before he launched his ill-fated antarctic expedition, was recently discovered. The food which remained in the shed, from almost 70 years ago was still as fresh and edible as on the day it arrived in antarctica,and wooden boxes, tin cans, cups, candle and paper (in fact everything), are as well preserved as if by inanimate suspension. Antarctica has no flies, no bugs, — no bacillus can survive the cold temperatures— not even the common cold can survive.

See photographs of Scott’s camp.

The camp of Polar-explorer Scott, re-discovered after 60 years. Food supplies which were left were still edible. The table setting was as if just left. No deterioration.

These same non-deteriorating conditions where found in Jan. of 1947 by Admiral Byrd at the headquarters in Antarctica which he had established and lived in for months in the early 30’s. From this it would seem safe to assume that human beings too would be subject to the same natural laws and therefore age much less quickly. The significance of all these factors would not have been lost to a very health conscious, vegetarian Adolf Hitler.

Health-conscious Hitler was a vegetarian. Here is a typical meal. No alcohol. No nicotine.

Now could all of this have taken place in the 20th century without detection? Hardly! What steps were taken to discover the truth? What has been done about the secret bases now that their existence has been established and established beyond a doubt? Why did the world not hear about these incredible events?

Obviously, Hitler’s escape was soon discovered, otherwise the statements of Stalin and of Eisenhower and all other quoted sources would be an exercise in insanity. It has been speculated that the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials were staged, to a great extent, in the hope that the “Last Battalion” could be drawn from their impregnable, inaccessible hideouts, and thus force the Fuhrer’s hand. A large armed force of elite troops surrounded the whole of the Nuremberg area during the long agonizing months of the typically-Bolshevik show trials. Perhaps there are readers who will be able to recall from newspaper pictures or newsreels the “tight security” that existed in the whole of Germany during these trials. Some S.S. men were actually caught, tried and convicted for attempting to free their leaders, but when the orgyof strangulations and torture was over, the Fuhrer was still nowhere to be found. Some UFO overflight and activities were reported but no actual armed clashes or incidents took place.

Washington, Moscow and London then decided to really “get into the act”; in fact, eight countriesin total decided to do some “scientific” work and in Antarctica, of all places!! A large expedition, lavishly financed was quickly put together. It consisted of over 4,000 specially selected elite U.S. navy troops along with an eight month food supply. Thirteen ships under the overall command of Admiral Byrd made up this purely “scientific” expedition, composed mostly of military-types and very few scientists.

The U.S. Antarctic battle fleet left Norfolk, Va. on Dec. 2, 1946 — three distinct battle groups,comprised of the Mount Olympus, Admiral Byrd’s command ship, the ice-breaker, “Northwind”, the catapult ship “Pine Island”, the destroyer “Brownsen”, the aircraft-carrier “Philippines Sea”, the U.S.submarine “Sennet” and the two support vessels, “Yankee” and “Merrick”, as well as the two tankers“Canisted” and “Capacan”, an additional floatplane carrying ship, “Currituck” and the destroyer “Henderson”.

At the same time it was announced officially that a similar English-Norwegian force was operating in a support capacity in Antarctic waters around Bahia Marguerite. A Soviet contingent was also reported to be participating in the “research”.


U.S. Convoy in Antarctica

The Soviet participation is an interesting one, since Winston Churchill had already spoken of an“Iron Curtain” and felt that “they” — the crusaders to Europe had “killed the wrong pig”. ObviouslyChurchill now realised that they should have destroyed Bolshevik Russia not Germany.

The general public was told that the “RESEARCH” mission was interested in locating uranium and studying the weather. Admiral Byrd, who had already undertaken a similar, though much smaller and speedier, investigation of the north pole was asked why he had recommended the establishment of armed observation camps. His reply, “Because the pole lies between us and our enemies” — El Mercurio,Santiago, Chile, July 7th, 1947. Further questioning as to which enemy he meant, since the Axis powers had just been defeated and had “unconditionally surrendered,” brought no response.

However, it was soon learned that as well as the scientific jobs, the mission had the task of
“observing the activities of a foreign power in the South Pole Region”. Questioned further on this part of the expedition’s activities, Adm. Byrd reportedly replied “To break the last desperate resistance of Adolf Hitler, in case we find him in his Neuberchtesgaden inside “New Schwabenland” in the Queen Maud Land region, or to destroy him”.

The Spanish book “Hitler esta vivo” page 161, reports that Byrd’s expedition was equipped with the very latest devices, amongst them “detectores termo magnetico” — as stated by Ladislao Szabo.

The U.S. expedition duly arrived and landed in Antarctica. With them the very latest in military gear and gadgets, from amphibian tanks to troop carriers, helicopters, floatplanes and every other conceivable military apparatus. Bases were established and quickly expanded. Observation planes were sent out all over the region. Reproduced here is a map giving a flight pattern of all the flights undertaken. Many thousands of photographs were taken and mapping missions flown. One particular flight stands out amongst all those reported and one in which Adm. Byrd, himself, was aboard. The instruments went totally haywire and the performance gauges and altimeters behaved in a most erratic manner, causing Adm. Byrd to abort the flight and return to base on “visual” control. All instruments returned to norma las soon as open terrain had been reached.

U.S. Amphibian landing

It has been reported by papers and sources previously mentioned here, that Admiral Byrd had
located the Secret Nazi Base and was approaching it when the above incident took place causingabandonment of the flight, but not before he is reported to have dropped an American flag (some reportsmention a bomb) on the approximate spot of the base. Undoubtedly this was done to warn Hitler he was not entirely safe even in his “New Berchtesgaden” or, as one writer calls it, Hitler’s Shang-ri-la.

Vengeance was apparently swift and it seems the Fuhrer was not to be humoured. Within 48 hours,four of Byrd’s planes had been lost, some without a trace and others without any survivors. (See crash sites marked on map). Adm. Byrd hastily abandoned all his efforts and disembarked, with all his force,for home.

German Base? German defenders? Red Alert!

On board his flagship “Olympus” he gave the following startling interview, translated from theSpanish as it was reported in the paper El Mercurio, Santiago, Chile on March 5, 1947. It appeared on the front page under the headline “On Board the Mount Olympus on the High Seas”. Apparently Adm.Byrd granted an interview to Lee van Atta. “Adm. Byrd declared today that it was imperative for theUnited States to initiate immediate defence measures against hostile regions. The Admiral further stated that he didn’t want to frighten anyone unduly but that it was a bitter reality that in case of a new war the continental United States would be attacked by flying objects which could fly from pole to pole at incredible speeds. (Earlier he had recommended defence bases at the North Pole). Admiral Byrd repeated
the above points of view, resulting from his personal knowledge gathered both at the north and south poles, before a news conference held for International News Service”.

During this press conference the Admiral also stated that in a quickly shrinking world the United
States could no longer derive any sense of security from its isolation or on the geographic distance of the poles or oceans. The Admiral affirmed once again his belief that the entire Antarctic continent should beclosely watched and surrounded by a “wall of defence installations, since it represented the last line of defence for AMERICA”. (These defence measures have since been taken). Admiral Byrd further stated that no one could give a more accurate accounting of the true significance of the situation than he could,since he had had occasion to employ the latest scientific developments and from what he had learned hecould make comparisons. (Meaning he had encountered the effect of the secret weapons?)

When Admiral Byrd had arrived in the United States and the significance of his findings had found their way into the press, he was hospitalized. No hard information was ever unearthed but it seems hisfrank statements to the press in South America and on board the Olympus were not appreciated by the powers that be in Washington. Was he thus the first victim of a long string of prominent people “removed from circulation” for their honest belief in Unidentified Flying Objects, flying at incredible speeds from pole to pole?

Many definite and also very important conclusions can be drawn from the previous reporting:

1. The final outcome of W.W. II is yet to be decided. This is borne out by the late General and
former President Eisenhower’s statement—“The second world war has not yet ended” and corroborated by Admiral Byrd’s alarming phrase “in the case of a new war”. Hitler’s Last Battalion is waiting for its golden opportunity to be “the tip of the scale” in any conflagration yet to come.

2. The over forty-four small wars since 1945 including Korea and Vietnam, were supposed to provoke a premature “showing of hands” by the Last Battalion.

3. Hitler has defended his secret lair as successfully against Byrd as he had his numerous headquarters in Europe, during the war against the Allies. Byrd was forced to retreat and to acknowledge the superiority of the UFO’s, and their secret weapons.

4. The “New Third Reich” has maintained its crucial time — technology advantage over its W.W.II adversaries — possibly even increased it.

5. Idealism (spirit) has triumphed already over Materialism (money), since only the German state was destroyed but not the ideology of National Socialism.

6. There has been a 30-year cover up by brain and more often by brawn, about the true identity of the UFO’s or at least many of them. Their origins have been known, but deliberately suppressed by the rulers of the Unholy Alliance of 1939-45.

7. The real and only reason for the insane UFO cover up, now falling apart, is to be found in most UFO’s German origin. The Allies in East and West have told so many lies about the barbaric, sadistic behaviour of the Nazis, that they now fear wide-spread panic amongst their populations, should the truth become known. After all, if the Nazis are still around, would it not be logical and natural for them to take revenge one day? With U.F.O. power!

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