The Kidnapping of German Specialists

The Kidnapping of German Specialists

P31 – 34 – from the book ‘UFOs: Nazi Secret Weapon?’ by Ernst Zundel et al

With the advancing allied armies came teams of scientifically trained specialists, whose sole jobs were to hunt for German scientists and to ensure that their installations, laboratories and factories were not destroyed. The Americans were the cleverest and best organized in this field, capturing many “prize catches”, and this, much to the chagrin and often anger, of the British, the French and especially the Russians. This great American “brain robbery” of the defeated enemy was so mind-boggling that a special dictionary for technical jargon of the aircraft industry alone had to be created by the captured Germans. It was comprised of over 75,000 separate terms and it made possible the exploitation of the stolen German patents. Wind tunnels, whole factories, all machines, every nut and bolt, including models, drawings and prototypes were shipped to America and to a lesser degree to the other allies. Top flight scientists were
“invited” to work in the U.S. for $2.20 a day while being kept prisoners. In order to get cooperation, their starvation diets were kept “supplemented”. Some were even offered citizenship as an inducement, or “war crimes” trials if they didn’t produce. They included “Wernher von Braun”!

The Russians used methods only slightly different to those used by the Americans. On one particular occasion in an extremely well-coordinated plan conducted all over Soviet-occupied Germany, 275,000 specialists with their wives and children were hauled out of their beds in the early hours of the morning.


The raid was conducted in the Soviet Zone, 21st and 22nd October, 1946, all over central Germany by heavily armed troops, working to a minutely detailed plan. The specialists were forced to sign work agreements of five-year duration. Those who refused were taken in spite of their refusal. Women, children and even babies were taken. Protests were ignored or beaten down.

With few personal belongings, they were all shipped off to Russia. German factories were
awaiting them, already dismantled and crated. There these specialists worked around the clock for three bowls of borscht soup and a slice of dark bread daily. In this way they were forced to help in bringing the Soviets, first, up-to-date and into the 20th Century, and then into the space age. With the further aid of U.S. Communist spies, Rosenberg, Greenglass et al the Russians were able to produce the first atom bomb. German science allowed them to produce Mig fighter-planes which were used to kill many Americans in Korea and later, in Vietnam.

The German scientists worked in about 40 different locations all over Russia:

40% in Kujbyschew — aircraft and jet engineer works
31% in Podberesje — aircraft design
6.5% in Moscow — radio, telephone technicians
4.5% in Tuschinow — pipelines
3% in Ostasckleow —
2% in Suchumi — Atomic research
1.5% in Leningrad — T.V. technicians

When the Germans protested as a group, they were shown documents, in English, signed by
President Roosevelt of the United States, and by Winston Churchill, granting the Russians the express right to utilize any German person as they saw fit. Apparently these democratic leaders had no regard for human rights or liberties. These were the same men, who had wailed at Nuremberg, about the Germans utilizing forced labour in concentration camps. What hypocrites.

After their five year terms had been served, during which many had died and many were
condemned to slave labour camps for life — camps such as “Workuta”, the scientists were kept for another 2-3 years in quarantine, so that they would forget the projects they had worked on, no pencils, no paper was allowed them. What devils in human form. Sanctioned by the leaders of England and the U.S.A.

All submarine construction, torpedo development, tank-building and, of course, military rocket construction was performed by the forced, slave labour of the German top brains and thus was fulfilled the agreement made by the Allies, and in particular by the Americans, at conferences held in Potsdam and Yalta.

The Allies committed the greatest highjacking crime in all recorded history when they stole thirty
railroad cars full of German patents. Stolen is the only word that fits this crime, for not a cent was ever paid to Germany in royalties or property rights. However, the true motives of both the East and West were soon revealed to the entire world. It was not humanitarian ideals that led to the “get Germany” war in 1939 but obviously it was outright theft and industrial-economic considerations. As soon as the Allies had in their hands the German specialists and had bombed their troublesome competitor (German industry) out of the world market place, (not a savoury method but an extremely effective one), (see photo copy of U.S. Steel Speech), they couldn’t have cared less about freedom. There was no freedom of the press, freedom of speech or of opinion in Allied-occupied Europe and even today, thirty years later, there is still none.

War and its aftermath always mean big profits for big business

It was also the victors who introduced at Nuremberg the “democratic” order that “Might was
Right” and so hanged Europe’s elite for alleged crimes, which similar crimes the victors were still
committing daily, such as employing slave labour (P.O.W.’s), establishing and running concentration camps, (Dachau, Buchenwald, Auschwitz etc., but now with Allied guards), and expelling millions from their ancestral home lands, to name a few.

However, despite all the stealing, one prize catch eluded both the east and west. Germany’s U.F.O. research scientists could not be found. At first, drunk with victory, this important factor was overlooked but as the hangover from booty hunting, rape and conquest came to an end, it was too late. That some key scientists were obviously missing became clear, and although some plants and their installations were located, the staff with their machinery and prototypes had disappeared. Even the test pilots had vanished.

The Allied Intelligence networks again became active, but now the singleness of purpose — to
kill the Krauts — was missing. The Allies began to suspect and accuse each other of having captured the “last secret”. They had agreed to divide the loot “honestly”. Each Ally was to receive microfilm copies of each and every German patent and secret document, regardless of whom had captured them, and since each stated they had kept their side of the bargain, a deadlock was reached. This controversy, which took place in the utmost secrecy and on the highest level, suddenly took a new and alarming twist.

From Northern Europe, and especially from neutral Sweden, came reports of Flying Saucers,
called by the Swedish Press, “German Secret Weapons”. This caused a sensation not only in Europe but in the entire world.

Stories abounded about overflights by these strange objects at speeds and in formations which
the Swedes had only seen during the latter days of the war. During intense German secret weapon development, many of these weapons were being tested in the then still safe Baltic area. This U.F.O. activity (as it soon became called), occurred at just about the same time as serious European, and especially North and South American newspapers and radio networks, were carrying sensational reports about Hitler.

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