Controlled Opposition – David Wilcock, Corey Goode, Darryl Anka (Bashar), Benjamin Fulford, Cobra, Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, Trump, Putin – Ufology – Alternative Media

Controlled Opposition – Corey Goode, Cobra, Bashar (Darryl Anka), David Wilcock, Benjamin Fulford, David Icke, Edward Snowden, Trump, Putin etc…

(I used a picture of ‘Ashtar’ from ‘Ashtar Command’ as that is a huge psyop and is associated with Cobra. I am referring to Cobra from the website ‘The Portal’)

Interestingly, this article leads to Fake Terrorism, North Korea, Zionists and Israel.

Anyway, here are some of my thoughts on Controlled Opposition in the alternative media (A hint: It’s everywhere!)


It can be very disheartening when you are awakening to what is happening in the world – as when you really do your research and become informed you realize that most of these prominent ‘players’ in the alternative media are Controlled Opposition. And I have been shocked about the amount of Controlled Opposition operatives and Gatekeepers there are – and how hard people will push unsubstantiated claims. An example for you: Alex Jones and InfoWars is perhaps the most obvious controlled opposition operation going.

We also have David Icke and Jordan Maxwell who are also Controlled Opposition… ‘what?’ you say … ‘some of their videos woke me up’, etc…. (they initially helped me as well) But, yep, it seems to be the Zionists and Freemasons putting people in place to get you to rely on them – so they give you some truth to draw you in and then some carefully selected disinfo and then also failing to include some pieces of important information. Just like all Controlled Opposition. The alternative media is a minefield. (Both these guys appear on the Richie Allen show – Richie Allen is controlled opposition. And David Icke even appears on the shill Alex Jones’s show!) There are certain things they are not telling us. Particularly about the Real Truth about Fake Terror Events, the Freemasons, Hitler, The National Socialist German Workers Party (NSDAP), The Second World War, etc. The Zionists et al like to try and control every stage of awakening – and there are different levels of awakening. David Icke has appeared on mainstream television at least three times in the UK! People who know about the depths of global conspiracy know that the Zionists wont allow someone to appear on mainstream TV if they don’t want them to. I am not saying these people don’t have some legitimate information, but you must research beyond them, they are limited – and they are manipulators and givers of half-truths.

(David Icke promotes getting rid of racial and cultural identity, as well as getting rid of any religious beliefs – and generally promotes letting go of having a strong identity. This is exactly what these Freemasonic Zionist Talmudic Elites want!  We are much easier to control and manipulate when we let go of racial, cultural and religious identity – humans are much more passive when they don’t have these identifications. This is why Icke never exposes ‘The Kalergi Plan’ and certain parts of ‘The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion’. He promotes this idea that only way to repel these forces of darkness is to focus on ‘infinite love’, that, ‘everything, everything, everything else is an illusion!’ This is an obvious pacifying psyop and a manipulation. This ‘just focusing on love’ will not save us from the Satanic Zionist New World Order. Knowledge, critical thinking, practical solutions and taking action is what is needed. Icke does twelve hour shows and writes many huge books, but most of it is distraction and deflection – and real practical solutions are not offered by him… and again, just focusing on love is not a solution, it is a pacifying psyop. He is obvious controlled opposition. David Icke subtly promotes Cultural Marxism, which is extremely damaging to Humanity.)

The UFO community, in particular, can be incredibly naive and get distracted and carried away with the fantastical ET stories that give them some hope. I am not going to say that I haven’t been a little caught up with someone’s information until I realised it to be coming from someone who was clearly Controlled Opposition. But then eventually you see some of the agendas behind the operation – and see the disinfo they put out. When you go far down the rabbit hole it can all get little scary and something within you is looking for some ‘hopium’ ie – ‘there must be some good guys down here fighting back’, then these people come forward and say I have an ‘insider that I know’, or ‘I am an insider’ – and often they come with statements or firm predictions of change – ie: everything will change this year in the fall of 2016, or you will see great changes in this most of this year etc. These people are really just there to disempower you, pacify you, distract you and feed you bits of disinfo.

I particularly research the extraterrestrial and ‘Milab’ phenomenon because of my various and numerous experiences – i.e ET abductions and memories returning of times spent in some sort of secret otherworldly operations and becoming lucid during some of these missions / abductions. I have an article on this website describing my experiences. But I also research many other facets of the global conspiracy. Particularly all the fake terrorism and fake shootings – all the nonsense that the Freemasons and Zionists set up – the staged drills that are passed of as real. You cannot understand what is going on on this planet if you do not understand that all these terrorism events are Fake and Set Up by the Freemasons and Zionists – as I said earlier, they are usually drills passed off as real using paid crisis actors – and sometimes they even use CGI in them. (I should clarify that when I mention the Freemasons I am mainly taking about the 33rd degree Masons and above, the lower levels are oblivious of the true purpose of Freemasonry.)

Link to Article: False Flags Fake Shootings Fake TerrorismPsyopsHoaxesFreemasonsZionists

Anyway, throughout history Controlled Opposition has been used to control the masses. It catches people like a net, holds onto them for a while, distracts then, gives them some truth and also carefully selected pieces of disinfo. The people who are in charge of this planet employ this all the time.

“A controlled opposition is a protest movement that is actually being led by government agents. Nearly all governments in history have employed this technique to trick and subdue their adversaries.”

Notably Vladimir Lenin said:
“The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.”

Below are my perspectives on various people I have come across in my research – I hope I inspire others to think critically and to question all these so called ‘insiders’ – and for people to get an idea of how Controlled Opposition works.

Corey Goode, David Wilcock, Cobra, Fulford, Snowden – and others

Some obvious Controlled Opposition within, or related to, the UFO field of research is: David Wilcock, Corey Goode, Cobra (the portal), Benjamin Fulford, Simon Parkes (Parkes fairly recently appeared on mainstream TV here in England, this should send up red flags for you, you don’t appear on mainstream TV if you are not controlled) etc etc – and there are blogs that promote many of these people that are also Controlled Opposition — these blogs are normally just set up primarily by people, who themselves are controlled, to the promote these other controlled agents. ‘Stillness in the Storm’ is an example of one of these Controlled Opposition blogs which vigorously promotes and defends Wilcock and Goode, as well posting about Fulford and Cobra. And there is also ‘Discerning the Mystery’, which has been obviously set up just to promote Corey Goode, Cobra, and David Wilcock etc. It is very interesting that as soon as the ‘Discerning the Mystery’ website was set up ‘Stillness in the Storm’ started posting ‘Discerning the Mystery’ articles on his blog, promoting him – just as he did with Jordan Sather. As soon as Jordan Sather’s youtube channel was up it was promoted immediately by ‘Stillness in the Storm’, and who does Jordan Sather work with now? Corey Goode! There is a network of Controlled Opposition here people all backing each other. (If you research a great deal and have an excellent memory – you see unusual things in the alternative media and you see networks of controlled opposition) And when Corey Goode started working with Bridget Nielsen ‘Stillness in the Storm’ started posting about her as well. This is the woman who says she has had sex with reptilians and it was great! Seriously, how does that help humanity – articles about this? Again, a network of Controlled Opposition promoting each other. 

We also have Michael Salla – he again – I will use the phrase again: Controlled Opposition – he is connected to all these people I have just mentioned in the above paragraph. He promotes Goode and Wilcock and various others in this group – and Stillness in the Storm promotes Salla. Salla puts out some ridiculous articles, for example: ‘Will Trump release all the advanced technology found in Antarctica if he is elected?’. Trump is working for the Zionists, of course he isn’t just going to release any technology just for the benefit of humanity! And of course we can see that Trump hasn’t released any.

(I know that some of the ‘intel’ that some of these people put out can be very compelling, I followed some of these people for a while before I worked them out. ‘How can they not be ‘of the light’ when they put out this type of info?’ – read the rest of the article and about how it all works.)

Within the ‘Secret Space Program’ area of research we also have William Tompkins – who is obviously Controlled Opposition – a limited hangout operation – and is only divulging what he is allowed – and also the same with Randy Cramer. They are told by the people who control the organisations that they are affiliated with, what to divulge and they do as they are told. It is obviously all scripted, to add to the distraction of humanity — and to add to the SSP limited-hangout operation.

I have written about the Corey Goode ‘Sphere Being’ psyop / cult on this website – it is one of the the most obvious limited hangout and Controlled Opposition operations out there. It seems to be creating a cult, a ufo religion and now trying to capture the minds of the younger generation – again, like a net drawing them in and trying to hold onto people as long as possible. Corey also seems to want to control all the SSP disclosure narrative and also try to sanitize what is going on in them – and there is very obvious saviour programming in there as well – which disempowers and pacifies people. And why does humanity need to hear so much about Corey’s UFO stories, it is beyond me – how does it benefit people to hear so much about unsubstantiated ET stories like these? It is dangerous what he is doing – these SSP projects (if they exist) are not to be taken lightly – they will be ruining lives – and run by incredibly nefarious people.

People who believe Corey Goode is genuine have still got various levels of awakening to work through. On YouTube peoples channels are being taken down left, right and centre for exposing the fake terrorism and the use of crisis actors, for exposing jewish tyranny and Zionism’s crimes, for exposing the WW2 and Hitler lies we have been told etc etc. Thousands of videos are being censored by Jewish Zionist controlled Youtube – just for people exposing and questioning… whatever happened to free speech!. “The Truth Does Not Fear Investigation”. But here we have someone like Corey, he isn’t being censored and is not going to be censored – because he is Zionist psyop – a controlled opposition agent.

And this whole ‘raising your vibration’ rhetoric is just there to pacify you – I have been meditating (and eating very healthily) for many years and this ‘raising your vibration’ is not going to sort things out on this planet… and how come so many people are working at this ‘raising your vibration’ but the world is getting worse all the time – more control mechanisms implemented all the time, more censorship, more destabilizing of the middle east, more refugees, more mass immigration (and we potentially have 5G towers coming soon) etc etc. What we need to do is become wise knowledgeable critical thinkers, come up with solutions, stand-up to tyranny and take action! The Corey Goode psyop is there to pacify you and distract you. And I am not saying there isn’t probably some sort of Secret Space Program, but you wont be getting the real truth from these so called ‘whistleblowers’. And, yes, of course, it is good for you to meditate and eat a healthy diet, but it wont sort out the problems on this planet, that’s for sure – it should help you get some clarity of mind – but it wont make you knowledgeable, proactive, solution orientated and capable of critical thinking. I recommend this article below on Corey Goode for some more insights on his particular pysop:

Link to Article: Cosmic Disclosure – Corey Goode – Controlled Opposition – Secret Space Programs (SSPs)

This other group of ‘Secret Space Program Whistleblowers’: Penny, Illeana, Tony, Kevan and their disinfo agent associate ‘Peter the Insider’ ( These people are all very clearly creating another limited-hangout, and are just another group of Controlled Opposition ). I discuss this group as well as other SSP whistleblowers in detail in another article of mine: ‘Nazis’ – Secret Space Programs – ‘Dark Fleet’ – Disinfo

I have also written about Cobra on this website. I have looked through the majority of his interviews and followed his intel for quite some time and I also looked through a website that had collated Cobra’s responses to questions – there is so much disinfo in there and lots of pacifying and disempowering responses – if you research the global conspiracy like I do – you can see the disinfo and the agendas. It also, like Corey Goode’s info, contains saviour programming – here instead of ‘blue avians’ and ‘inner earth’ groups it promotes this totally unsubstantiated idea of a ‘resistance movement’ on ‘planet x’ – and also the unsubstantiated idea that there are some pleiadians that he is working with to help free humanity. These stories are absolutely pacifying and disempowering people – stopping them from coming up with solutions for humanity. He talks about these ‘toplet bombs’??? and other exotic weapons – he says that there are ET groups that are clearing all these bombs that are surrounding us here on Earth. For five years he has been saying this! And he say things like we are close to clearing them all – and then, ‘low and behold’ they have found some more and some more weapons have been found – then the next month – and again, its ‘oh we found some more toplet bombs’ etc – over and over again this goes on! And of course Cobra talks about Ashtar Command and Galactic Federation etc etc – pacifying and disempowering – these are psyops. Cobra has also promoted this book by Ishtar Antares called Aurora 2012, which I have read – that also made some predictions that didn’t come true, and which also contained other disinfo regarding the psyop that is Ashtar Command. And Cobra also promoted this guy Drake in 2012, who was a psyop, who also predicted changes in 2012, as did Wilcock who aligned himself with Drake – why do people forget about all these things? Unfortunately, my fellow humans, we have to sort all this insanity on this planet out ourselves. People need to realise that Cobra has been saying the same things over and over again for over 5 years. And of course Cobra does joint interviews with the obvious psyop Corey Goode – which should send up red flags for you.

This ‘The Event Is Coming Soon’ rhetoric put forward by Cobra and others is a huge psyop and so pacifying and disempowering. When you are knowledgeable, and know how these Freemasons and Zionists work, you know their tactics and see through their psyops more easily. This so called ‘Event’ is not coming soon my friends, please don’t sit back and wait for this ‘Event’. This ‘Event’ is a made up thing to pacify – the whole ‘solar flash’, ‘spontaneous ascension’ – these terms, are of course, also pacifying psyops. Sorry to tell you this my friends… hard to hear if you bought into these stories, they had me for a little bit, but I know too much about all the other areas of the alternative media and global conspiracy. Educate yourself about the Freemasons and the Jewish Zionists plans and take action.

Link to Article: Cobra, (The Portal) is Controlled Opposition putting out Disinfo 

David Wilcock continually tells us the ‘End-game’ is near, or words to that effect – how many endgame type articles is he going to write? One each year? One every 6 months? Again, he is disempowering and pacifying us – the endgame is not near. For example – ‘It’s ok, we can relax the ‘Endgame’ is near!’ I do not think it is near. David Wilcock is obvious Controlled Opposition – some truth mixed in with a good amount of disinfo. His so called ‘insiders’, and contacts – people like Pete Peterson for example, are also obvious Controlled opposition, basic stuff from these people who give us little titbits of carefully controlled info. Wilcock also collaborates with Corey Goode, who is also obvious Controlled Opposition, Wilcock also comments on Benjamin Fulford, who again is obvious Controlled Opposition. Wilcock also promotes this idea of a mass spontaneous ‘ascension’ – again, disempowering people, pacifying people – stopping people being proactive and make changes to benefit humanity and detach from the satanic matrix system – we can wait for ‘the resistance movement’ – or the ‘sphere being alliance’ or the ‘inner earth groups’ or the ‘ ascension wave of energy’ or ‘The Event’ – these groups of events will sort all out all our problems apparently. They are disempowering and pacifying the public – over and over! Don’t sit back and wait for any of these things my friends.

We also have people like Edward Snowden and Julian Assange – totally controlled opposition and limited hangouts. What has Snowden released that people who are knowledge didn’t already know? – nothing – and he even gave out disinfo about 9/11. His is info is basic, and he is obviously controlled and some type of agent. Pretty much the same things can be said for Julian Assange… controlled.

An article about Snowden the controlled agent:

And Benjamin Fulford won’t tell you that Snowden and Assange are just Controlled Opposition Limited Hangouts. And Fulford wont tell that all these terror events are fake – he might say some are false flags but that stills perpetuate the myth that people were killed and it perpetuates the fear they create. But they are hoaxes, totally fake – just one example for you: the Russian Ambassador shooting – this is such an obviously fake shooting. Fulford will not tell you that these so called terror events were set up by the Freemasons and Zionists to further their agendas. Benjamin Fulford is obvious Controlled Opposition – a limited hangout operation.

(Update: This Q Anon rhetoric is an obvious pacifying psyop, there is no purge going on. In fact, people who are moved out are usually people who are not staunch Zionists and don’t support Israel enough – that’s usually why they are moved out. Look how staunch Zionist Warmonger John Bolton got moved into a very prominent position. Q Anon is a psyop to deceive and pacify the naive and less well informed Goyim.)

People get hooked on what all these people are saying – they sit back and think these guys have it all in control – these so called ‘insiders’ – but they are just telling us stories – but it’s all just carefully controlled commentaries from these people, with some disinfo. Better to spend your time looking to make some practical changes on this planet and learning about the Zionist and Freemason agendas and researching all the fake terror events – so that these fake events have less effect on the collective. We have people saying ‘the cabal’ or ‘the illuminati’ – But I think people should be just saying the Zionists and Freemasons – I think these alternative names are a psyop. Go down the rabbit hole geopolitically and it leads to the Zionists, Freemasons and Israel. Freemasonry is a Jewish establishment, it is run by Jews — Freemasonry is being used as a tool by the Zionist Jews to bring about their New World Order. It is related to rebuilding Solomon’s Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem – they want to dominate the world (the ‘Goyim’) from there.

“The meaning of the history of the last century is that today 300 Jewish financiers, all Masters of (Masonic) Lodges, rule the world.” – Jean Izoulet, prominent member of Jewish Alliance Israelite Universelle, 1931

“At the head of all those secret societies, which form provisional governments, men of the Jewish race are to be found.” – Benjamin Disraeli, Jewish, Prime Minister of England

Anyway, I have an article on this website all about Zionism which will explain all this for you. There is a link at the end of the article.


(* An update due to a comment received: — Michael Tellinger is 100 percent controlled. He is a controlled limited hangout. I read his Ubuntu book when it first came out – sounded good initially – but I was ill informed and very naive back then. His system is not anti-NWO – it actually plays right into their hands.

Tellinger is on / – this organisation is a Zionist limited hangout shill operation. So many shills on Tellinger even did an interview with Goode and Wilcock on Gaia as well! Two of the most obvious shills out there. There is so much about the (((New World Order))) agenda that Tellinger and associates are distracting people from.)


Fraudulent Predictions and Statements for upcoming change… and channelers — Bashar, Adronis, Abraham Hicks etc

So we have Wilcock regularly making endgame, or the battle is nearly won, statements in his articles. Wilcock also backed and made predictions in 2012 regarding this fake guy ‘Drake’ – people forget how wrong Wilcock was then, and Cobra was involved with this. Corey Goode said everything will change in in 2016 and it didn’t – now he is pushing a three year disclosure plan – what ridiculousness. More disempowering. Wilcock also wrote an article whereby he perpetuates the idea that people actually died in the Boston Marathon Bombing – when anyone who is a real researcher knows that the boston marathon bombing was another fake hoax event a drill passed of as real. Cobra is also affiliated with the website ‘prepare for change’ change – more disempowering – it should be Create Change! Let’s just sit back and prepare for change, what a disempowering and pacifying slogan – again, it should be Create Change.

We also get these popular channellers like Bashar and Adronis, for example, making predictions – they were both saying everything will change in the fall of 2016. The SSP ‘whistleblower’ called ‘Illeana’, also joined in with her own ‘channeling’ and also said all will change in the fall of 2016. Bashar is the most obvious psyop – he promotes a type of solipsism for one thing, saying that we create our own reality completely, which is nonsense, as we are in a collective consciousness and we are not in total control of our reality – again, we collectively create what happens here. And those in power and in prominent influential positions in the media, banks and government etc have by far the most control of what we create on this planet. Bashar also constantly distracts people from the global conspiracy, from the Zionists and Satanists etc – suggesting that if you look into that dark information then that is the sort of reality you will manifest – nonsense. We must shine a light on the dark to transform it.

When these channelers and so called ‘insiders’ make statements on when things will change – be very suspicious. There is also the case of Aug Tellez now, who promotes himself as insider – and has put out lots of interesting information, but it is mostly information that I have heard before. I am wary of him because he has come out with the statement that everything will change in the fall of 2017. Why regularly put out a statement like that? It only pacifies and disempowers humanity. And also because he promotes the disinfo agent Donald Marshall – I am sure cloning does goes on, and we all know some really terrible things go on with the elites, but Donald Marshall is almost certainly controlled opposition with disinfo – some ridiculous things have been said by him, particular the things about Reptilians, such as them having this ‘thing’ come out of their head that goes into your eye and takes you over – obvious disinfo. I will certainly not be holding my breath about this Aug Tellez 2017 prediction! He also has very few details about the time he says he spent in Solar Warden – lots of information is given out which would be complex to many, but no solar warden details of operations he took part in. So I am not totally sure about Aug, I think we will see after this fall 2017. Will he be the first ‘insider’ to actually predict when the beneficial changes will come? Again, I doubt it very much. (Update: Aug Tellez is an obvious Zionist Controlled Opposition agent – it’s so obvious to me – lots of distracting information and some dis-info — distracting people from what is really occurring on this planet. People should research ‘The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion’ – and no it’s not a hoax, as the Zionist controlled media like to tell you – its a real document that was found – research it.)

While we are in the subject of channelers: we have people like Bashar and Abraham Hicks putting forward this notion of people just trying to manifest an abundant life for themselves. You don’t need to transform the planet, they suggest – just try to manifest a happy and abundant life for yourself. Nope, actually we should be looking to highlight all the darkness, all the satanic practices – we need to bring it to the light to transform it. We need to work together to create change – helping each other, practical solutions etc – so we need to know where all the problems are and where they originate from. These two channelers are obvious controlled opposition psyops. And there are many other channelers who just go on and on about different ET races. Firstly, do people realize how easy it is for the ‘powers that be’ to manipulate these people – who they are channeling – most are not going to be channelling who they think they are. Anyway, regardless of this, what purpose does it serve to listen to a ‘channeler’ telling you about unsubstantiated info about ‘ET races’ – how does this help humanity evolve and break free from this Satanic Slave System and understand the tactics of the Zionists and Freemasons. Are these ‘channelers’ telling you any useful practical information regarding this planet. Nearly all are just distracting you.

One more thing related to Bashar, he goes on about hybrid children – not human children, but hybrid children. Our human children are getting poisoned, abused, sacrificed and eaten on this planet! We do not need to worry about hybrid children! And this woman Bridget Nielsen aligns herself with Bashar and promotes making a safe place for the hybrid children to live. She also says that she has had sex with reptilians and it was great. Do you know who aligned themselves with this woman? – Corey Goode did. He is good ‘friends’ with her and does videos with her – it’s networks of Controlled Opposition – psyops linked together.

Anyway, there is absolutely no benefit to humanity in the people making these statements and predictions with dates about big changes – the only purpose can be to dis-empower and pacify humanity – there is nothing else it can do. I would take them with less than a pinch of salt, and be suspicious of those who are making them – especially as all the statements so far have been wrong. And carry on researching, and carry on trying to make a positive and practical difference to this planet – and carry on learning about all the fake terrorism and fake shootings, the controlled opposition agents, the CIA limited hangouts, the Zionists, the Freemasons. Question everything and don’t stop learning. We need to become informed critical thinkers and then to come together somehow and make changes.

Early ET abductions, Milabs researchers and whistleblowers

The whole UFO field has been infiltrated by Controlled Opposition. Some of the first researchers like Barbara Bartholic and Dr Karla Turner appeared to be doing some diligent and credible research and investigations exposing the nefarious ETs – but it looks like they were killed off. It looks like was Phil Schneider as well, who seemed to be exposing some important information – and then the UFO field was then further flooded with agents (it’s always been controlled). We did have some testimonies that felt somewhat credible in the Milab, Secret Space Ops and Black Ops area, years ago – but now, in the two or three years or so, this area of research seems to filled with agents and disinfo. (Update: After completing further research I actually think these people mentioned in this paragraph were also controlled – See my ‘Ufology Explained’ article on this website.)

Trump and Putin

As I mentioned earlier one of the areas I spend a lot of time researching is all the fake terrorism. Some questions for people who believe Putin is some kind of savour: Why did Putin play along with, and essentially endorse, at least two fake terrors acts. Firstly the fake shooting of the Russian Ambassador in Berlin – it’s totally fake, research it – watch Ole Dammegard’s video on it, for starters. And Putin also endorses the St Petersburg Metro bombing – again, a staged drill passed of as real – fake. There are videos about these fake events in a playlist on my youtube channel. Why is Putin endorsing these fake deceiving acts, as well as playing along with other fake terrorism from around the world? Truth seekers who go far down the rabbit hole suggest that Putin is just playing a role – that pretty much all these western leaders are just playing their roles. I would also suggest he is just playing a role for the Zionists and their NWO agenda – and I certainly do not trust someone who deceives humanity like this. 

Putin also has a history of Jewish and Zionist connections, he is ex KGB, does huge tech and trade deals with Israel, glorifies the ‘Soviet Union’ and the ‘Red Army’, and he does not come out and condemn Netenyahu and Israel on a great many issues… and he hasn’t ended Debt Slavery/Usury in his country (which leaders who truly want to look after their people will always do).

A link to an interesting article about Putin, and how he is not the saviour some people think he is:

Puppet Putin: A collection of doubts around Putin’s credibility as opposition to the JWO agenda 

Putin has also made it illegal for people to question the holocaust in his country! Where’s the Free Speech?! ((The Truth Does Not Fear Investigation)). From my research I have found no evidence that any gas chambers were used or that any Jews died in gas chambers – there is lots of research which point to the fact that the gassing did not occur. Watch some Fred Leuchter (The Leuchter Report), David Irving, Ernst Zundel, David Cole and Dennis Wise videos on this subject for starters. The people you see dead in the videos and photos died from diseases such as Typhus, this was due to the allied bombings towards the end of the war, which took out the supply infrastructures in Germany, which meant medicine and food could not get to the work camps. Diseases spread quickly. The lies surrounding these camps is shocking. Its propaganda by the Zionists to try to gain sympathy for their Zionist agendas.  I could go on about this subject and the lies we have been told about Hitler, WW2 and Germany’s National Socialism, but you can research it yourself. I also recommend the video: ‘Adolf Hitler – The Greatest story Never Told’ by Dennis Wise – this can get you started if you don’t know about this subject, you can watch it on YouTube. This link below will take you to a site with comprehensive evidence that the ‘holocaust’ did not occur:

Holocaust Deprogramming Course

(Another mention of David Icke and how he is controlled opposition. There is always lots of anti-Nazi rhetoric from Icke. He still perpetuates the total myth that Nazis used fluoride on people on the Jews in the WW2 work camps. Icke also suggests that Hitler and the Germans were involved in creating these poisonous vaccines we are given – which is lies. Icke does not even mention that the ‘Nazis’ never called themselves ‘Nazi’s’, and that they were actually called The National Socialist German Workers Party (NSDAP) – the term ‘Nazi’ was actually invented by a jewish man called Konrad Heiden as a slur and disparaging term – and has since been used for the Zionist owned media’s anti-Hitler and anti-National Socialist propaganda.  Icke also doesn’t expose the Dresden firebombings and the Rhine Meadows death camps – these horrific war crimes carried out on millions of innocent Germans. He doesn’t highlight how Hitler and The NSDAP miraculously transformed Germany by getting rid of the Jewish bankers influence and by printing their own money. And he doesn’t expose the biggest lie of the them all: The Holocuast Hoax. Again, David Icke is controlled opposition)

Now to Trump: he is of course endorsed and praised by Putin. And in case anyone does not realize, Trump is exposed as an obvious Zionist. Look at what he has said about Israel… shocking… 100 percent backing for Israel he said… wow… supporting this disgraceful regime that is taking part in the incremental genocide of Palestinians. As well as this, look at Trumps behaviour related to visiting Israel and Netanyahu. (These Zionists have never had any right to Palestine – and The Palestinians are the semites.) And who has Trump surrounded himself with politically? I will tell you who: Loads of confirmed Zionists! Putin is friendly with and has endorsed and praised a very obvious Zionist … hmmm… what does all this suggest to you? 

Concluding Thoughts

One of the purposes of this article is for people to become aware of what Controlled Opposition and Limited Hangouts Operations are – and to question all those people who suggest that they are insiders. Look for the signs – and one of the signs is that they start making statements of when great change will occur and attempt to pacify and disempower with various articles and statements. There are so many people out there who will try to catch you and distract you, feed you some disinfo.

The way I see it is that one of the things they are distracting you from is all the fake terrorism: crisis actors are used – they are staged drills passed off as real, CGI is also used –  I have been researching these fake events for over two years now. Who owns the media and sets up these events – it’s the Zionists and Freemasons. I have followed a whole community of people who were dismantling all these fake events on Youtube. So many of them have had their channels taken down for questioning these events and explaining to others how they are obviously fake (luckily most of them just make a new channel and come back). No one else I have followed is having their channels taken down – only the people questioning these events and people questioning and exposing the Zionists and Freemasons – as Youtube is owned by the Zionists of course. Far more offensive channels are left up. Anyway… Three of the most obvious phony fake hoax events: the Boston Bombing , Sandy Hook, Orlando Pulse nightclub shooting – if you can’t see or work out that these are totally fake events… then… well.. Speechless… And there are just so many more… so many

Link to Article: False Flags – Fakes Shootings – Fake Terrorism – Psyops – Hoaxes – Freemasons – Zionists

The fake events are one of their main tools for manipulating humanity. The powers that be (the zionists / jewish supremacists) can’t go around just blowing people up and killing people – you would get hundreds and thousands of very angry family members, large groups of very irate people to deal with, who would certainly question your homeland security – and also, karmically it’s not good for them – so you deceive the public with fake events. These ‘events’ put people in fear and they are also used to attempt to bring forth various agendas – gun control, martial law, armed police, automated travels systems, Islamophobia, World War 3 etc etc – essentially more and more control over us.

Through all the UFO psyops ‘the powers that be’ are also trying to distract the awakening / alternative media community from the Zionists activities. When you go down the rabbit hole it leads to the Zionists, it just does – I believe there are definitely some ET races that are ultimately in control of this planet and governments – but in dealing with practicalities of day to day on Earth the Zionists tactics and agendas need to be understood… and all the lies they have told..

Israel / Zionists / the jews, this is where it all leads. They own hollywood, the corporations, the media… they are in charge. And they are trying to create conflict in the middle east – they are trying to destabilize that region, taker it over and essentially try to run this planet from there – from Israel.

They also want to distract from the fake North Korean threat – that is fake – look at the fake Otto Warmbier case – so fake – and all the North Korean photoshopped pictures, just for starters. And the fake threat from Muslim fundamentalists – that is fake as well, there are not any muslim terrorists running around Europe or the US shouting ‘allahu akbar’ and killing people – again, these events are fake and set up by the Freemasonic and Zionists. I am not saying there aren’t some groups of young Muslim men causing trouble in Europe, after all this mass immigration – as this is the case – but they aren’t running around and blowing things up – they aren’t running people over in cars and shooting people… these ‘terrorist events’ are fake… crisis actors. They also want to distract you from what is going on in Palestine – it is just shocking what has been done to the Palestinian people. And, we of course, know that Israel was the main force behind 9/11.

I realise that I have gone from the Controlled Opposition in the alternative media to the Zionists – that is how this article evolved – and it is not surprising because all the problems on this planet seem to lead to the Zionists and the jewish supremacists / International Jewry.

And don’t take my word for it on any of this – research it yourself – I am confident in my conclusions regarding all the players, but you need to come to your own conclusions through investigation, but please always bare in mind that these people who call themselves ‘insiders’ or someone ‘in the know’ could well be Controlled Opposition – and may well be subtly deceiving, manipulating, distracting, pacifying, disempowering you… and have certain other agendas.

It is scary to think about how much Controlled Opposition is out there.

Most of these Controlled Opposition operatives are there to keep you distracted, to get hooked on their stories so you don’t work out what the Zionists are trying to do. So I will conclude with an overview of some of the Satanic Freemasonic Jewish Zionist  New World Order agendas.

A brief overview of just some of the Satanic Freemasonic Jewish Zionist New World Order agendas:

They would like to take away all American citizens guns so they can take over that very significant country. Hence why there are so many fake hoax shootings to try and bring this to fruition. (Sandy Hook, Virginia Reporter, Orlando Pulse Nightclub, Mandalay Las Vegas etc etc)

They would like to also have automated vehicles, taking away millions of jobs and hugely increasing their control over humanity. They also want more restricted driving in cities, using electronic bollards that they control etc. Again, hence why we have all this fake hoax terrorist acts of people being run down by cars, vans or lorries. (Nice France, Stockholm Sweden, Times Square, Melbourne Australia etc etc)

They also want to bring in 5G towers which will be so incredibly harmful to all of humanity.

They want to increase the use of artificial intelligence in all areas of life – which is going to be hugely damaging to humanity in so many ways. People must remember that all this technology is being used against humanity.

They want genderfluid androgynous type beings ( just like the ‘baphomet’ they worship ) – they want to promote homosexuality and transgender people – and move humanity away from being strong masculine men or nurturing feminine females – as this is a threat to them.  They want to destroy Family in the Western Developed Nations (i.e mainly White Nations).

Through the use of poisons in vaccines, poisons in food, poisons in water, pharmaceutical drugs, chemtrails, EMFs etc they want to make us sick, weak and infertile.

They want all nations, races and cultures to merge and interbreed. The Zionists/International Jewry create all the immigration on purpose. They particularly want to destroy the White Race – research The Kalergi Plan. White Genocide is one of their biggest agendas. Read my articles on this site: one about (((Multiculturalism))) and one about being Racially Conscious.

They are hugely threatened by patriotic and nationalistic countries who want independence from the Zionist Bankers. Hence why Gaddafi and Hitler were taken out and so many lies have been spread about them, even though they were looking after the people in their country – and to do this they were breaking away from the jewish banking cartels (Central banks).

They want to keep us in fear and they want more and more control over us… they have so many more tactics and agendas…

And of course, the Zionists want to run the world from the Middle East, hence why they go to great lengths to destabilize that region and to eradicate the Palestinians. They want to rebuild Solomon’s Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem and rule over the ‘Goyim’.

As well as all this, understanding the lies told to us about the Second World War, Hitler and Germany is hugely important. My article below has information in it that will help you to become informed about the Satanic Zionists and the lies we have been told about Hitler, National Socialism and WW2.

There is a great deal of evidence for all of this, it’s all over the internet now – and many books have been written about it. And again, my article on Zionism contains a lot of information, links, quotes and videos. Humanity needs to come together and rise up against these Zionists. It’s not the Illuminati – it is the Satanic Zionist Jews.

And we in the real Truth movement are aware that we are not up against a NWO, or the Illuminati, but a Jew World Order. With International Jewry pulling all the strings.” —

This New World Order is absolutely a jewish agenda. This New World Order agenda all comes from the jewish doctrines and scriptures (the Talmud, the Kaballah, the Zohar, The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion)… it is also written about and spoken about by many jewish scholars … it’s all there… no escaping from it, this is where it originates from… not difficult to work it out really… (If you haven’t, then you have to study the Talmud and learn what it says about non-jews (goyim)… and The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion explain the whole NWO agenda and how they are doing it)

I mean come on, it really is obvious – all the Central Banks are jewish run, Hollywood (Pedophile central degenerate Hollyweird) is totally run by jews – the lying media networks are totally run and owned by jews… anyway various other articles on this website explain all this.

Zionism is the term we are allowed to use, to some degree, but the reality is that it is International Jewry and Judaism that want this One World Government / New World Order –  and International Jewry is very obviously behind the Open Borders and Globalisation. We must stop the Open Borders before many unique races and cultures are destroyed. 

The “Jewish revolutionary spirit” , as it has been called, operates on an insidious agenda of social overthrow under the false pretences of making a better world. The Jewish ideal of tikkam olam, “fixing the world,” is not the benevolent program it pretends to be. Its actual aim is to enable total Jewish dominance of the Goyim, the non-Jewish nations, and centralization of all wealth and power in the Jewish elite… The trajectory of history over three millennia shows that Jews have been centrally involved in the corruption and destruction of many civiilizations.” – John Lash

We must all become more conscious and see through all the lies – we must become aware of how this prison/slave planet really works and all the secret societies agendas. In particular we must understand the Jews / Zionists and Freemasons (Masons) agendas – their striving for a ‘New World Order’. We must understand their tactics, such as the their staging of fake terrorist events, divided and conquer psyops, chemtrails, the Kalergi Plan – etc etc…  so many other tactics that they use to manipulate humanity and the collective consciousness.

I recommend researching the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion – there is a summary of what these protocols involve in the article about Zionism below – this Zionism article I keep mentioning is the most important article on this website. Love is important and inspiring – but unfortunately the saying ‘All you need is Love’ is not true – you need knowledge, you need to be informed, you need to know who your oppressors are. Reading the article below and also understanding these Protocols will definitely help you to understand why the world is the way it is.

The Power-base of the elite Jews / Zionists is Usury –  i.e the Central Banks and the debt-slave system. To me it seems like that until we take away their Debt Slavery power-base we are just papering over cracks, nothing will really change – this debt slavery is obscene and totally unnecessary and needs to stop – it is the root cause of humanity’s suffering. People do not seem to realize that countries thrive when they print their own money – when they control their own debt-free currency.  It is easy to create an extremely healthy, happy and abundant country when you do this, when you get rid of Usury. Here is a link to a book about this – describing the various leaders and countries that did this. The book also describes who it was that put an end to each countries prosperity – the book clearly demonstrates it was always the Jewish Bankers: A History of Central Banking & The Enslavement of Mankind

Too many people are getting distracted by Controlled Opposition agents, with their pacifying stories and disinfo. As well as seeing through all the lies and manipulations we must come up with solutions and make changes.

I hope some of this information may prove useful to you. 



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74 thoughts on “Controlled Opposition – David Wilcock, Corey Goode, Darryl Anka (Bashar), Benjamin Fulford, Cobra, Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, Trump, Putin – Ufology – Alternative Media

  • December 20, 2017 at 10:00 pm

    I’m Brazilian, 60 years old and I’m perplexed with this article. It’s amazing what I read here and I feel like a complete idiot. Billions of people believe that the Event is about to happen, I know many people, including me, who are stocking up on food, water, necessities, etc …, all based on what the insiders say. And now, how to reverse this? If we put this information in blog comments and tracked sites, they will not allow it to run. I do not see a solution. I was lost and I think many will stay when they know all this. All very sad, regrettable.

    • December 24, 2017 at 12:18 pm

      Hello. I hope I interpreted your comment correctly… what I have written in this article seems to have had an impact on you, something within you knows I am expressing truth. I understand… It is scary when you begin to realize most of the alternative media is controlled opposition.

      But it is certainly not billions that think this so-called ‘event’ is going to happen – I would suggest it’s a great deal less than that.

      The solution is that people need to stop allowing themselves to be pacified by the Zionist Controlled ‘New Age Movement’ – and they must get active, we must take action and create change and come up with solutions — and we must also become knowledgeable about these Satanic Zionists agendas and tactics — read and study The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion (written by Jewish Freemasons) — these protocols will explain exactly why they world is the way it is today. Learn what the Talmud says about non-jews. Learn about how Israel controls America. Analyse and see through all these fake terror events etc etc

      The people running the world and manipulating and enslaving us are Talmudic Zionist Satanic Jewish Freemasons. I have no agendas – this is just where the rabbit hole leads.

      We must take away these satanists powerbase, which is the insane banking system. Countries thrive without usury, without central banks and the zionist bankers influence. Countries or states need to rise up and chuck these parasitical usurious bankers out of their countries and then have a state or public run bank for the benefit of the people. Learn about Hitler’s economic reforms, he dramatically transformed Germany without gold and by getting rid of the Jewish banking cartels influence on his country – he printed his own money/bonds/certificates. I have put together an article on this website about Usury and Central Banks, I recommend reading it.

      Best wishes, Rick.

  • January 14, 2018 at 3:06 pm

    Definitely agree that all of these sources are disinfo.
    Do you have any thoughts about the “ascension” event some of them talk about? I used to believe it, but now I’m starting to think that it’s just another psyop to keep people pacified.

    • January 14, 2018 at 8:04 pm

      Hi Andre, thanks for the comment.
      Yes, I absolutely believe the ‘Ascension Event’ is a psyop.
      As you say, it’s just another way to keep people pacified.
      I have another article on this website related to this where I mention this ‘Ascension Psyop’ – its called: (‘Spirituality’ and ‘New Age’ psyops and deceptions – false philosophies and pacifying modes of thinking. The New Age Movement is Mind Control)
      All the best, Rick

  • April 28, 2018 at 10:50 pm

    For those interested in the actual historical facts about the Very Biggest Elephant in the Room – that (almost) ALL the various journalists, academics, teachers, and ‘media presenters’ everywhere ‘studiously’ avoid — cf Christopher Bollyn, “Solving 9/11 – The Deception that Changed the World”, and Rebekah Roth’s very precise detailed info on the hour by hour happenings on Tuesday the 11th of September 2001 — written in the form of ‘novels’ (so far) to protect the specific people who have been sharing the pieces of the puzzle that they personally saw and witnessed of that “new Pearl Harbour” event.

    • April 30, 2018 at 3:31 pm

      Yes, I am aware of their work, we all know about the Dancing Israelis and Israel’s involvement. Dr Alan Sabrosky also tells people very clearly who did 9 11. He conclusively states, like the two researchers that you mentioned, that Mossad / Israel did it.

  • June 9, 2018 at 10:01 pm

    Hi Rick, read the article with interest.

    With all the dis-info guys you mention was wondering who you think is telling it as it is?

    • June 12, 2018 at 10:39 pm

      Hi Jeff.

      For me, it’s not necessarily who people should be listening to, but more, what they should be researching…

      I have an article called: ((Half Truthers, Controlled Opposition, Limited Hangouts, Shills – How to spot them. What aren’t they telling you?)) in my General Conspiracy section. This article has a checklist of important Truths that any decent Truther should be sharing. Then people can work out, using this checklist, who is controlled or not. I recommend that article. It also has some further research and reading suggestions in it. And my website has plenty of articles that expand on the points made in it.

      All the best.

  • December 2, 2018 at 3:51 pm

    Wow you, this article really saved me. I am 18 years old white man from denmark and i have been decieved by channelers, gurues and so called whistleblowers for 5 years. I mean i listened to these guys and read books everyday. I feel somewhat angry and at the same time relieved.

    • December 2, 2018 at 4:28 pm

      Relieved to know that i am not decieved anymore, but angry, and very emotional right now. This is huge for me, i cannot describe in words, i think it will take some time for me to understand.

      My family originated from germany, and my grandfarther was a soldier in WW2. Realizing the truth about this is very emotional for me.

      • December 3, 2018 at 2:25 pm

        Hi Hans. Thankyou for the honesty. I am glad the website has had an impact on you. I know how you are feeling.

        I am not posting your third comment, as it has links on it that I am not fully aligned with. I understand about all that you have referred to in it, I studied it years ago… the manipulations, hypocrisy and corruption in the ZOG governments around the world, but this guy you link to does not have real solutions.

        It sounds like you don’t understand what National Socialism really is – and how the universe and this planet works… Read these articles below on NatSoc – and then do further research – it’s a beautiful system for the people – creating a National Community.

        Within both of these articles below there is also a link to a video channel with many videos on National Socialism and WW2 Truth. Perhaps the videos by Mike Walsh – Hitler Uncensored is a good place to start.

        National Socialism was and is the most cosmically and metaphysically True / Aligned system ever manifested on this planet in modern history – and it was the most successful in modern history… this is a proven proven fact. You have recently discovered a lot of new information – you can’t possibly understand what National Socialism is in such a short space of time – it takes time to understand it – especially when there has been a vast and incessant campaign to spread disinfo about it. It has many answers – the world has changed somewhat since then – as I mention in my articles – but National Socialism still has the answers. I would suggest that you also need to understand the spiritual and metaphysical significance of DNA / Genetics / Race. There are articles on the site that discuss this.

        Whether you align yourself totally with National Socialism or not – the only way to win against the (((NWO))) is each Nation taking back control of their governments… of all the (((Zionist)))) run governments around the world (most governments are ZOGs, Zionist occupied governments) – and ending Usury – and stopping all the immigration, which is causing so many problems – and having honorable leaders who genuinely care for the people in the Nation. Which is all actually a large part of what National Socialism is about. National Socialism goes much deeper and really does have the answers for any Nation – people just have to study it and understand it, and move beyond the propaganda and lies the world has been fed. Definitely read my article on Usury as well. Knowledge must be spread to create a huge awakening – popular movements based on practical solutions are needed.

        A few quotes on National Socialism:

        “It is the conscious expression of the fundamental Laws of Nature governing our lives. It is based on an infinite love of the creation in all its diversity, a deep, unconditional respect for the wisdom of Nature, and an ardent will to preserve life as it has grown out of this wisdom. The only way to do so is to organize the society of man in accordance with these fundamental Laws. Thus being against National Socialism is just as absurd and illogical as it would be to oppose the law of gravity or the fact that the earth is round! National Socialism is really nothing but the application of physical and biological laws to the political, economic, social, and religious areas of human life in the same way as they are today applied to technology. In this light, National Socialism is truly scientific – unlike any other worldview. It does not wish to make reality fit any preconceived theories but to make the theories fit reality. New epoch making scientific landmarks would thus immediately be reflected in the practical life of a National Socialist community.”

        National Socialism – the Biological World-View by Povl H. Riis-Knudsen:

        “It regards the will of the people not as a dead parliamentary majority to be gained by money or financial influence, but recognizes it continually in the permanent and direct alliance with the life of the people itself. The National Socialist Party is, therefore, not a party in the parliamentary sense, but simply and positively the party of the German nation. It is the great guardian of the social conscience of the nation, it holds its hand on the pulse of the people, it feels its slightest stirrings, its anxieties and its needs, its requirements and its desires, its pleasure and its pain. It is its helper and adviser and the unceasing bearer of its suggestions to the higher authorities. It has entrusted hundreds of thousands of citizens of all professions and classes with political responsibility, thereby providing tens of thousands of politically tested Germans with the opportunity of advancement to leading positions in the Reich. It has linked the perpetual stream of youth, organically and eternally, with the life of the nation and has created a system for the selection of leaders, which compels future generations to play their uninterrupted and vital part. Tangible shape is thereby given not to the will of a questionable parliamentary majority, but to the true will of the people.”

        – The Spiritual Foundations of The New Europe – Reich Press Chief Dr. Otto Dietrich.

        “National Socialism is not a political party, as are the political parties of the United States and Europe. National Socialism is an evolutionary nation repair kit, that makes communism and capitalism as outdated as feudalism.” – Mike Walsh – Hitler Uncensored

    • December 3, 2018 at 2:20 pm

      Thanks Hans. Yes, many people have been deceived – it is a big network of Controlled Opposition and shills.

    • December 3, 2018 at 2:12 pm

      Hi there. Michael Tellinger is 100 percent controlled. He is a controlled limited hangout. I read his Ubuntu book when it first came out – sounded good initially – but I was ill informed and very naive back then. His system is not anti-NWO – it actually plays right into their hands.

      Tellinger is on / – this organisation is a Zionist limited hangout shill operation – So many shills on Tellinger even did an interview with Goode and Wilcock on Gaia as well! Two of the most obvious shills out there.

      The (((NWO))) is so much about open borders and mixing the races – White Genocide is one of their biggest goals. There is so much Tellinger and associates are distracting people from.

      I suggest you read more articles on this website – much is explained. The universe and this planet, it’s mainly all about DNA – it’s about DNA / Race. DNA is metaphysically very significant. Your Race is your extended family – your Soul group / family.

      Will add an update to this article to make it clear to people that Michael Tellinger is controlled and a shill.

      • February 23, 2019 at 11:11 am

        Greetings and congrats to your great website. A guy linked your site on a Press For Truth (an Alex Jones’ Zio death star satellite) interview with David Icke. When we both commented negatively we got censored. Your spot on about National Socialism, hoaxes and more.
        Btw did you know that Dennis Wise, Christopher Bollyn and most of the well-known revisionist are controlled opposition too?

        • February 25, 2019 at 1:15 pm

          Hi there. I don’t think Dennis Wise is a controlled agent. The problem with Dennis seems to be his obsession with the subversive and pacifying Christianity. Christianity has has not benefited European / Western Civilization at all, and was created and introduced by (((them))) on purpose, to subvert and pacify. ‘Love the thy neighbor’ (no matter what apparently) ‘turn the other cheek’, ‘forgiveness’, ‘meekness’ etc…. no, this does not, and has not, benefitted European or Western Civilizations.

          ‘Adolf Hitler: The Greatest Story Never Told’, by Dennis Wise has had a huge impact and shown millions the lies we have been told about WW2, Hitler and National Socialism. I don’t think he is controlled, just a little blinded by Christianity.

          ‘Europa: The Last Battle’ is even better though.

          Christopher Bollyn may possibly be somewhat controlled, as he only puts forward info on 9 11. He does however put out a lot of very good info clearly showing Israel’s involvement in 9 11. For me the jury is out on Bollyn – he really has some good info, which can help people wake up to who was really behind it. But, yeah, there are a lot of things he does not mention about other aspects of the (((NWO))), so he could well be controlled.

          With regards to revisionists. Mark Weber appears to be controlled. He did a few decent lectures and then some containing disinfo and subversion.

          As I am sure you know, no good Truth Seeker should just listen to one commentator on an awakening subject anyway, and should seek many sources of Truth. And read around the subject.

  • April 14, 2019 at 4:19 pm

    It’s getting more confusing everyday ! This site could also be controlled opposition creating more confusion…I can’t trust you either.

    • May 14, 2019 at 11:29 am

      It may be getting confusing for you, but it is not for me. I see things clearly. This website has a lot of information to help you get some clarity as to what is going on here on this planet – the levels of subversion that are occuring.

      And if I am controlled I would love for someone to tell me what my angle is, or my agenda. I have exposed those behind the (((NWO))) and their agendas and lies – and I have provided some solutions. I have also exposed a great many psyops as well. Look at my article Half Truthers – Read that.

      But yeah, you really do have to be discerning when reading material online – and use critical thinking, analysis and correlation of information. When you become very knowledgeable on many different subjects you can easily see the agents and their agendas.

      People should watch Europa the Last Battle – one of the best Truth Documentaries out there: Parts 1 – 10. Many parts are still up on YouTube (reuploaded after being censored)

      But all parts are here on this bitchute channel – though I don’t recommend many of the other videos on this guys channel – I just recommend Europa The Last Battle, parts 1-10:

    • May 17, 2021 at 9:20 am

      Exactly my thoughts. You just don’t know who to trust anymore.
      Any thoughts on Charlie ward? There is something I’m just not sure about.

      • May 18, 2021 at 12:33 pm

        Hello Anonymous

        I had never heard of Charlie Ward.

        I looked into him and saw why: He promotes the Q psyop… he promotes the Zionist puppet Trump as some type of saviour… and he does Q and A’s with Simon Parkes!

        Simon Parkes has appeared on a mainstream morning TV program in the UK. A program that is watched by millions. On it he was relaying some of his fake meetings with ‘mantis beings’ and ‘reptilians’. His info in general is just full of misdirection, subversion and disinfo – and he is gatekeeping. But if someone is appearing on mainstream television, and is allowed to speak on a topic like this in front millions, then you know he is 100 percent controlled, regardless of what they are saying

        Charlie Ward is a controlled opposition agent. From looking at the titles of his videos, and who he interviews, his work will certainly contain huge amounts of misdirection, gatekeeping and pacification.

        It is nearly always networks of controlled opposition backing each other up.

  • May 2, 2019 at 8:04 pm

    Although I don’t disagree with you, I am now at a loss as to who I can trust. Any suggestions?
    Also, I have had personal experiences with mediums, one who was my friend’s husband, and they had convincing information from my loved ones on the “other side”. What is your opinion about the spiritual realm, and our purpose on earth?

    • May 14, 2019 at 11:05 am

      Hi. That’s the thing isn’t it – everyone looking for someone to trust – a ‘guru’, a saviour etc.

      My advice is Trust yourself – become so knowledgeable on so many subjects – correlate information – compare – analyse. You have to work at it – (((they))) don’t make it easy for people to get real Truths. When you become really knowledgeable you will not waste your time with all these controlled subversive agents. Look at my article for an overview on how to spot Half Truthers, Controlled Opposition Agents and Shills: Half Truthers / Controlled Opposition / Shills

      Pretty much all ‘channelers’ are either (((NWO))) disinfo agents or opportunistic shills – some are just deluded people – but all prominent ones are agents / controlled shills. I had regressions and readings when I was first waking up – I realised after a while that they were total bull***t. Many of these people know what people want to hear and are often fairly skillful manipulators. I listened to all the chanellers out there, every single one I came across put out loads of disinfo and were obvious shills / agents. Marciniak, Kenyon, Adronis, Bashar, Hicks etc etc – all shills.

      There is also other-dimensional control here on Earth – the astral and after-life realms are controlled. To me we are clearly in some type of metaphysical ‘quarantine’ – highly likely to be a malevolent quarantine. If you read my articles Who Owns Planet Earth, New Age Spirituality is Mind Control, Subversive and Pacifying Spirituality and some of my other article on the subversive spirituality and ufology you will understand my outlook more.

      And the small independent blogs are usually your best shot for some real hard hitting insightful Truths.

      And people should watch Europa the Last Battle – one of the best Truth Documentaries out there: Parts 1 – 10. Many parts are still up on YouTube (reuploaded after being censored)

      But all are here on this bitchute channel – though I don’t recommend many of the other videos on this guys channel – I just recommend Europa The Last Battle, parts 1-10:

  • July 21, 2019 at 6:44 am

    Excellent piece.
    But I slightly disagree with you when you say that the only thing you can trust is yourself.
    Even if Ibsen in is play ‘The enemy of the State’ made the main character state that ‘The strongest man in the world, is the one who stands alone’, I do not believe that to be the case.
    So you have to look elsewhere. Find people of your own blood, and dig into their psyche to find true fellow warriors. They exist.
    You also refer to TheTruthSeeker and his ‘Europe – The Last Battle’. These are excellent. But the creator also belongs to a vegan cult (and no – Hitler was not a vegan. he ate eggs – just check with LeGrelle). Veganism does not strengthen the European.
    Is he controlled opposition? I do not think so. ‘The Last Battle’ is too close to what I consider a historical/political truth.
    But when you watch his videos in your quest for truth, you may have to say to yourself: ‘This part of his ideas is good, but in this bit he is way off’.

    • July 21, 2019 at 9:47 am

      Hi, thanks for the comment.

      What I meant – with regards to ‘trusting yourself’ – was just in relation to seeing through all the psyops and controlled opposition agents. To become so knowledgeable that you can see through their agendas and psyops. I definitely did not mean for people to become a lone wolf.

      I totally agree with you about coming together with your own blood and finding fellow warriors who understand what is occurring.

      I was not aware that the creator of ‘Europa The Last Battle’ was vegan. Veganism is causing a lot of problems and it is mainly targeted at White nations. There are also the creators of Renegade Tribune who are vegans, and they put out so many great articles on their website, and created the excellent documentary Hellstorm. It seems that the veganism deception can be quite powerful. But Humans are carnivores and need animal foods! Weston A Price did some great research.

      Vegans are dropping like flies – their bodies are breaking down. Plants actually do not want to be eaten, they have anti-nutrients and toxins in them to defend themselves! (oxylates, lectins, goitrogens, phytates ,etc) I do not believe that Renegade or the creator of Europa are controlled, it’s probably just that they are yet to see through this particular element of the (((NWO))) agenda. Veganism is also connected to New Age ‘raising your vibration’ psyop.

      And, yes, Hitler was not a vegan.

    • August 15, 2019 at 5:55 pm

      Passio and Kavassilas are both very obviously controlled limited hangouts, I have come across them both before. I checked out this Martin Virjland – yep, I would say he is definitely controlled. His article about Erdogan and Hitler was embarrassingly bad, with plenty of disinfo. He is using the word ‘NAZI’ for one thing, which is a propaganda slur, he would be saying National Socialists if he was a Real Truther. Then Virjland suggests that Hitler was a controlled Zionist Agent and that he received Zionsit funding! – this is subversive disinfo. This Virjiland is a controlled limited hangout.

      Watch ‘Europa The Last Battle’ parts, 1-10 – study it, and understand that it is the most important documentary you can watch. You can find it on bitchute was well. YouTube deleted all parts of it from their site, but people have uploaded it to other censorship free sites. Here is one place you can see it:

      Or you can watch it on bitchute here:

      Another very important documentary is Adolf Hitler: The Greatest Story Never Told – you can see it here:

      Look at this article of mine as well about Half Truthers and Limited Hangouts and how to spot them:

      I also think you would benefit from reading my article which explains the subversions within Ufology and what Truth they are hiding:

      You still have some levels to go my friend. Look at these links and move up some levels.

      • August 16, 2019 at 2:38 pm

        Okay please exactly tell me how you think George Kavassilas and Passio are controlled opposition.

        I have come across about all the stuff you mention. (though I don’t necessarily remember or piece it directly together as such)
        And the fact that someone is not aware of all facets of every part of the geopolitic situation doesn’t necessarily mean they are “controlled” but.. they are perhaps human.. not perfect..

        Because you keep going on and on about the WW2 aspect to it, which I understand yes is a very important aspect but
        it is being controlled/created by other dimensional forces. Which is what these 3 people are talking about.

        About vrijland im curious what you think of his “simulation and mind virus theories”

        • August 16, 2019 at 8:57 pm

          How can you have watched all of Europa The Last Battle and not understand that these people you mention are controlled?

          My friend, no offence meant but you just do not get it yet – you are close, but you are still getting subverted by (((them))).

          Limited hangouts are there to distract you from the most Crucial Important and Significant pieces of info. They take some truths or half-truths and create limited hangouts. Look at my article about Half Truthers and Limited Hangouts – there is a list there. Are these people talking about the subjects on that list? NO THEY ARE NOT.

          These two guys you mention are literally not talking about any of the subjects on this list! And if they do, they will put out disinfo on it!

          Here is the list again.

          How do you think we stop the NEW WORLD ORDER? Because you are into this a lot of this NEW AGE rhetoric you probably believe in the ‘ascension’ rhetoric and the ‘raising your vibration’ rhetoric. That is all a psyop. Go to the comments section of my latest Ufology article called ‘Ufology Explained’ – I explain how all that is nonsense.

          The only way to stop the New World Order is to take back control of our Nations. The only way to get any disclosure is to take back control of our European / White Nations. These Nations are being run by international jewry and the jewish banking cartels. The jews are attempting to destroy European Civilization. White Genocide is occurring – everything is geared towards subverting European and White Nations . This is their most important tactic to get this New World Order (really a Jew World Order) – to get rid of the White Race. White DNA is the most advanced – we are the inventors, creators and civilization builders – they want to get rid of us. Are you not aware of the Kalergi Plan?

          I see what has happened here, I see where you are at, this is what got me for a little bit, some years ago, before I moved beyond it. The ‘Interdimensional new age rhetoric’ got you – that is just a huge distraction my friend. I will spell it out for you: IT’S INTERNATIONAL JEWRY. If there is a force above them it is irrelevant – all subversion on this planet stems from International Jewry. Again, If there is a force above the jewish people – using them as proxies, manipulating them (i.e Yahweh) – it doesn’t matter to us at the moment – it all stems from the jews – they want this New World Order. And they are working towards it incessantly and diligently. The NEW AGE people and agents like Passio who go on and on and on about all sorts of distractions are there to distract you from many aspects of the NWO. Look at my article on David Icke ( one of the biggest shills going) – it clearly explains how he is a shill.

          Please read around this site, there are articles explaining a lot about these psyops.

          Some crucials aspects these shills are not telling you about:

          Are they telling you about the enormous success of National Socialism?

          Are they telling you that the Holocaust did not happen?

          That International Jewry declared war on Germany in 1933?


          Are they telling you Hitler wanted peace and made over 20 peace offers?

          That many millions of Germans were starved, tortured, raped and murdered after WW2?

          Are they telling you that this planet is all about Race, DNA and Ancestry and that the White Race is being targeted for total oppression and subversion and eventual extinction by International Jewry?

          Exposing all the powerful subversive Jewish organisations and their doctrines?

          Trump and Putin’s connections to Chabad Lubavitch?

          Telling you about THe Protocols of the Elders of Zion and the Talmud?

          Exposing Israel being behind 9/11?

          That Israel does not have nuclear weapons inspection?

          That Israel destroyed the USS liberty on purpose?

          (These shills that you mention are not telling you about these things)

          National socialism is pretty much the blueprint of a happy successful abundant nation – it has the answers. But all the information on it is suppressed. What people need really to do is to have Nationalist based movements that implement some sort of National Socialism. Learn about National Socialism – there are some articles on this site to get you started. Real Practical Solutions.

          The universe is about DNA, Race, Ancestry – There is only nature. Nature is mainly about survival. Nature’s laws. The universe about protecting and elevating your race. Hitler was right about pretty much everything.

          Stop getting subverted by these distracting agents and start looking after your people, your race, your folk. Start working at taking back control of the European Nations.

          Become more Racially Conscious. Again, this planet and the universe is all about RACE, DNA, ANCESTRY. Race, DNA and Ancestry also has metaphysical and soul level significance.

  • August 15, 2019 at 8:27 am

    Also “beyond the veil” is pretty good, and “edge of wonder” has some decent info on some subjects.. but that youtube channel also features willcock and friends so it maybe controlled opposition (or just not aware that david is) and being used.

    • August 15, 2019 at 5:57 pm

      I do not know these things you refer to. I checked out ‘Edge of Wonder’…. My friend you have some way to go… that is a shill operation. Talking about the ‘Illuminati’… it is not the ‘Illuminati’ – that is a distraction… it’s the jews… the New World Order is a jewish agenda stemming from their doctrines. Again, watch Europa the Last Battle parts 1-10.

      The first video I saw on the Edge of Wonder facebook page was of Donald Marshall – that guy is 100 percent a disinfo agent. And if David Wilcock is connected to anything then it is a controlled limited hangout packed with disinformation.

      All of these New Age and Ufology personalities are controlled – it is one big network of psyops that is pretty much run by zionists and jews.

      • August 16, 2019 at 2:31 pm

        I know the illuminati “slur” is not accurate. However incorrectly using these slurs doesn’t mean all of the information they discuss is invalid. I know what you speak off, and I already have watched that documentary even before coming to this website.

        Now the fact that this youtube channel may feature some “disinfo” doesn’t necessarily mean the entire channel is controlled aswell.

        But I agree with you on David willcock. Don’t know this Donald guy though.

        • August 16, 2019 at 9:02 pm

          The TRUTH about WW2 is absolutely critical to understanding this planet and what is occuring!!!

          Oh man, that channel you speak of Christian, it is so obviously a Zionist Shill operation. These people – the tribe / jews – are so organized, they have set up so many psyops – channels, personalities, fake whistleblowers, fake channelers. All of it there to distract you from what they are doing and their agendas – keeping you hooked on their stories. Never underestimate them – they want to control every narrative and distract all areas of the awakening community. As well as containing plenty of disinfo that channel you mention also fails to mention all the key awakening Truther subjects!!

          Wars being controlled by interdimensional forces!! – What are you talking about? Where is there any evidence for this? You have been taken in by the totally controlled Ufology and all this New Age stuff – they just make up distracting psyops.. IT’S INTERNATIONAL JEWRY! THEY ARE BEHIND THE NEW WORLD ORDER. They were behind WW2, the instigators and manipulators.

          The illuminati term is not a slur – it is a total distraction and misdirection! IT’S INTERNATIONAL JEWRY behind this NWO.

          • August 16, 2019 at 10:08 pm

            Yes on an earthly level ww2 is incredibly important. But if you truly believe it’s only on an earthly level you sir have no clue. This is not “ufology” bullshit. Do you know about the saturnus cult these jews worship? These beings are extradimensional. You have made your point clear. Here on earth the jews are behind everything I agree.

            • August 17, 2019 at 1:19 am

              This is the second time that you have not carefully read what I have written and misquoted me. Not once did I say that there is not going to be some sort of otherworldly force above Jewry – I never once said that there are no inter-dimensional or ET forces out there effecting Earth. Look through what I wrote…. and also read all my articles on Ufology, where I talk about this in some of them. I have seen phenomenal things in the night, had collection experiences going onto craft etc, recall of living on another planet from the middle of the night recall / reliving and many more experiences. My friend, I have had so many experiences, more than anyone else have come across… and I know the group I am connected to. Read my ‘Ufology Explained’ article. But what I am telling you is that:

              1. It is irrelevant if the Jews are the proxies of some off-world group, we can only deal with the jewish subversions and agendas. What difference does it make to us who it is above them?

              2. Ufology is totally controlled by agents, John Lash is perhaps the only one of these Ufology personalities that is not controlled,

              3. The New Age is one huge Controlled and Subversive Psyop. I have written about the subversive New Age spirituality in another article on this site.

              4. The Ufology and New Age shills create limited hangouts to distract, confuse, pacify and misinform. Mainly distracting you from the key ways we can make real beneficial changes on Earth, from WW2 Truth, from White Genocide and who is really behind the NWO.

              I have skyped with some of these UFO personalities, had email conversations with some of them about what I have seen and experienced in the night. They are all liars and deceivers… agents.

              Read my articles on Ufology. My latest one is called ‘Ufology Explained’ and it has many new insights. I have studied Ufology a tremendous amount because of my numerous experiences. My ‘Who owns Planet Earth’ has some great contemplations and information. Click on the Ufology section. I also have an article about New Age psyops in my Spirituality section.

              My points were also about seeing through these agents and limited hangouts – And about understanding the huge significance of Race and what (((they))) are doing to White Nations – And not wasting time on these limited hangout controlled agents, and instead spending your time working towards protecting White People and White Nations – and spreading the important information.

              Anyway, I know I may have perhaps bothered you by saying all those people and channels are controlled and creating limited hangouts… But they clearly are.

              Good luck with your investigating and research.

  • August 17, 2019 at 8:13 am

    For some reason my comment is not posting.. Oh well. weird..

    • August 17, 2019 at 8:14 am

      Maybe it was too long: Ill try to shorten.
      I highly HIGHLY disagree with you on that these people are controlled.
      If you truly listened to these people you would understand that I would think.
      But I am always interested in hearing opposing opinion 🙂 im not so shallow minded.

      Just because people are not constantly talking about jews doesn’t mean they are controlled or shills. -.-
      There are many aspects to the truth of this planet. The jews are just one aspect of it.

      No I don’t believe in the ascension or raising your vibration bullshit. I know.
      These people I talk about never talk about that stuff..They even point out it’s new age bullshit.
      So idk why you say they are controlled.
      I think you don’t know these people at all whom I talk about.
      So please do your proper research before just blurting out things because you think you see a few things here and there.

  • August 17, 2019 at 8:17 am

    With these people I mean mostly (GK and mark passio)
    I am fully aware of all of which you are laying out in your repsonse. And you are totally right.
    But it seems to me, you just throw everyone in the community out under the bus.

    David icke even shares alot of critical truth. Though I must say Idk about this repitillian thing and some others.
    But the one thing he is NOT wrong about is that it’s all a satanic saturn cult which are jews.
    SO idk what your beef is with icke. he talks about the jews and banking cartel too.

    If you think it doesn’t matter the force that created all this, well I get your point we need to be boots on the ground mostly.
    But to say it doesn’t matter at all is well, and anyone who is talking about this instead of jews is a shll, is foolish really. You need to understand all sides of it.

    • August 17, 2019 at 9:05 am

      My article on Icke explains it all. YOU STILL DONT GET HOW LIMITED HANGOUTS WORK.
      Read the David Icke article on ths site.
      Icke is so clearly controlled.
      You are MISQUOTING me again at the end.

  • August 17, 2019 at 8:19 am

    Still you haven’t pointed a real single thing out why mark passio and or george kavissilas are controlled.
    Have you really studied their work even?
    They are aware most if not all channelers are hoaxes to distract you. They say many things you say.

    I haven’t heard them talk EXTENSIVELY about ww2, maybe some bits here and there.
    But just because someone’s knowledge is limited on ww2. doesn’t mean they are a shill or controlled.
    Please get your head out of your ass.
    + While National Socialism may or may not be an effective way of combating New world order, you have to realize ALL government is slavery.

    • August 17, 2019 at 9:10 am

      This is a NEW AGE nonsense: All government is not slavery! You need order and organisation in the universe. National Socialism is aligned with Natures laws, natural order. It produces an abundant happy nation – a National Community working together for high ideals and common goals. You clearly know nothing about National Socialism,

      And again with you friends kavissilas and passio – IT IS WHAT THEY DONT SAY.

  • August 17, 2019 at 8:19 am

    George Kasasillas has mentioned yes that it is all this here on earth is about our DNA, the most prized possesion there is.
    I am gonna stop talking now because I see you don’t really know the contents of the people I asked your opinion about. All good though. We are all at our own path of understanding the truth in many ways. And I think honestly we both are in the right direction.
    Thank you for this article it def had some good bits for me.

  • August 17, 2019 at 8:26 am

    You know i have trained my discernment across the years. And this article was pretty spot on, though david icke was a bit debatable. They also say alex jones is a shill, controlled opposition. While I do find that a bit more likely then david icke. If you actually listen to what he is saying, he talks about the jews and banking cartel and satanic cult aswell. Well he talks about alot of things this.. guy.. I feel, alex jones is a mixed bag. Wether it is intentional or not.

    If you came with CLEAR arguments as to why mark passio and GK would be controlled. But as far as I am concerned I have heard nothing. And your only criteria seems to be if they have are regurgitating or not “europe the last battle docu”

    • August 17, 2019 at 9:20 am

      My David Icke article clearly outlines how he is a shill. An obvious one.
      If you can’t see that Alex Jones is a shill, then just wow.
      Again, with the Passio and GK. IT IS WHAT THEY DONT SAY.
      Once again Read:

      • August 17, 2019 at 9:41 am

        “DAVID”Icke is a JEW!


        I can prove it!

    • April 27, 2021 at 4:38 am

      also dozer is a proud anarchist which is actually very closely tied to the ideals of Freemasonry  in occult subliminal sigil symbols and ideology … the A symbol  A is the plough in the occult or horns upside down also harvest as in harvesting energy/saturn/.EL molech. A  is also the pyramid with capstone missing. It also resembles the pentagram. 
      Anarchy is controlled opposition because it is part of the problem reaction solution.  Problem is to  create mass hysteria and economic downfall with covid then set into motion these new global networks linked to 5G microchipped people which is the anarchist “reaction” to their solutionthey wanted all along.  (inhaling metals from chemtrails also conducts 5G zeolytes detox body of heavy metals) and crypto and ultimately scanned human microchip crypto currency.!  This is what these sell out traitor anarchists who dont care about regulating corporations support!  Also how does one hold government crimes against humanity accountable….without some kind of law?  In the freedom law movement a statement of facts creates law unless rebutted otherwise in common law venue.
      it literally does mean ‘order out of chaos ‘ (the chaos of anarchy) which is  what this guy is doing;  creating network out of supposed chaos/anarchy.
      also does anyone NOT see the hypocrisy that is a so called self proclaimed anarchist forming  a global network anyways?   Also the very definition Adam Weishaupt’s Illuminati Doctrine calls for false philosophies to be promoted. It also calls for agent provocateurs to promote violent attitudes among legitimate patriot movements so as to justify police actions against them. Anarchy provides the perfect excuse for these Illuminati purposes. And it is exactly what alex jones has been doing in the footage of the documentary  where he infiltrates protest movements and starts yelling erratically and get emotions riled up to grant jurisdictions by riling people up to get them to disturb the peace while they are just trying to peacefully protest and stand up for their rights .  Footage of this anarchist alex jones provocateur protest crashes start st 10:20 here.

  • August 17, 2019 at 8:35 am

    I mean just saying they are “liars and deceivers” and then posting a bunch of text about ww2 isn’t going to prove much..
    Sounds like I should just take your word for it. I’d be willing to talk to you more though it is interesting to talk about like this
    CliffHearth#1974 discord and email

  • February 8, 2020 at 2:29 pm

    support your work

  • August 7, 2020 at 6:29 am

    Great work my friend. Thanks for all your efforts to bring the truth out… What’s your take on the situation today ? Do you think the war is still ongoing between NSDAP and Zio ? I know lots of UFO have crashed during 40’s 90’s… it could have been from radar beam. Do you believe NSDAP is still in Antartica and Mars or just on Mars now ? What about China ? I see a lot of propaganda against China but it could be a psy op to make us believe in a war between US in China when in fact they are playing in the same hands… Don’t you think the reason behind all of the New Age and space industry scam could be to hide the hollow concave earth model for strategic military reason by justifying financial investment into exploration when it is all about warfare ?

    • August 12, 2020 at 11:46 am

      My perspectives:

      We don’t know that a lot of UFOs have crashed – it is all very controlled- it could just all be lies… and very probably is. Just subversion.

      My take: The Germans are on Mars. I do not think they are in Antarctica anymore. I think they may have totally relocated from that area some time ago, and are now on Mars and Ceres. I don’t think they are allowed back down here physically once off planet. I don’t think it is the governments down here stopping them coming back down, but something else.

      The Germans will have much influence in the areas of space around Mars and Ceres. I don’t think there is a war between the Zionists / Jewry and the Germans in space. They are not advanced enough to compete out there.

      The new age space industry industry scam is just used as a big distraction, to control the UFO narrative.

      China seems to just be their communist NWO template country – what they want to bring everywhere. They practice on those poor people.

      The hollow earth rhetoric seems to be subversion to me. The Earth is a spinning ball. I do not think there are advanced civilisations inside the Earth. Sure, some hollow areas, but it is unlikely there are large civilisations in them.

  • February 8, 2021 at 2:24 pm

    Great post! It seems that they are recycling this old Majestic 12 psy op now since the Q tards are realizing they’ve been duped. These people think that “full disclosure” is coming soon and we’ll be joining the galactic federation with ET’s from other planets. It’s all so insane.

    • February 8, 2021 at 11:23 pm

      Hi Sinead. Thanks.

      I did a quick search to re-familiarise myself with the Majestic 12 psyop. (I did not previously pay much attention to it, as it was an old psyop that was not prominent at the time of me writing this post) I, of course, came across some articles by William Cooper – who is, of course, just another controlled agent. Reading just one article on MJ-12 by him was all I needed to remember why I had dismissed William Cooper as an obvious agent. Lots of nonsense, deflection and misdirection from him on governments and politicians meetings with aliens etc. And the WW2 / Hitler / Jewry test is certainly not passed. A few of the most telling parts for me:

      “I remind you all, that the Jews of Europe marched to the ovens, after having been warned, believing all the while that the facts could not possibly be true. When the outside world was told of the holocaust occurring in Hitler’s Europe it was not believed. I state here and now that Hitler was manipulated by these same aliens.” -William Cooper

      “MJ-12 has presented each new president with a picture of a lost alien culture seeking to renew itself, build a home on this planet, and shower us with gifts of technology. In some cases the president was told nothing. Each president in turn has bought the story, or no story at all, hook line and sinker. Meanwhile innocent people continue to suffer unspeakable horrors at the hands of alien and human scientists who are engaged in barbarous research that would make even the Nazis look like Sunday school children.” – William Cooper

      “I believe in Jesus Christ and that he is my Savior.” – William Cooper (He also promoted Jesus and Christianity)

      Thanks for bringing it up, it helps the post to have this in the comments section.

  • March 11, 2021 at 1:44 pm

    what do you mean control opposition? Zionist? ok we all know they are already controlling the world ! now we have to be United to get rid of them !

    • March 12, 2021 at 4:49 pm

      Hi mim

      Controlled Opposition agents: People pretending they are on your side and working against the New World Order and their agendas. But really they are misdirecting you, gatekeeping, distracting you, misinforming you and pacifying you.

      • April 10, 2021 at 5:54 pm

        Hi, I have just came across your website and it really has me questioning everything. I have some books at home called the Silva method. Do you know anything about these books, if they are full of false info?

        • April 14, 2021 at 12:54 pm

          Hi Lee

          I had a quick look at, I had not heard of it.

          I meditated every day for years to really raise my consciousness. And that is the point of meditation on this planet – to raise your consciousness, heal past traumas – and critically – to become more self-aware and more aware of what is happening around you… so that you can become better at critical thinking, and to see all the agendas and manipulations. It is not for escapism or to just get the things you want.

          All this visualisation etc – all these programs, and there are lots of them – such as ‘The Secret’, ‘Law of Attraction’ etc. What’s the point of them? To get more nice things? To be a little bit happier? To be a little bit more deluded, naive and oblivious? It is all there to distract you.

          The New World Order and worldwide dystopian communism is coming – which will eventually lead to control of us by artificial intelligences. Just visualisation and positive thinking will not stop it! Especially when these programs teach you to just focus on yourself. Knowledge of the agendas (a mass awakening to the agendas), critical thinking, organisation, action, and will power is needed to stop it.

          Hope that helped. Plenty of info on this site to help you. Let me know if you need any specific information you can’t find here, and I can point you in the right direction.

  • April 17, 2021 at 2:40 am

    Greeting Sir , Thank you for your plenty of truth information!. you mentioned that Corey code , cobra etc are control opposition which I totally agree, the media like FB, Utube are own by zionist , I am monitoring the situation now and I notice those also are censored by media ! are they using tactic or there another party is controlling the media now? Also another question ? Central bank / reserve bank which Karen Hudes talked about corruption too, what do you think about her? I found a group who are creating global people’s money system to free humanity and I found it the best solution to unit humanity and end the slavery. Their narrative same as yours in the bank and gov matters. Could you please check it out , website is .
    Thank you

    • April 24, 2021 at 12:35 pm

      Hello mim

      You are welcome.

      If anything has got the word ‘global’ in the title you have to be very suspicious. The New World Order wants globalisation, but we need decentralisation.

      The only system that has threatened (((them))) is the NS German model – The German Economic Miracle in the 1930s – where they got rid of usury and the ‘gold standard’. They turfed out the Rothschild’s, and other usurious bankers, and created an economy that served and benefited the people and not the bankers. The Bankers / International Jewry created WW2 to destroy the National Socialist Germans and their economic miracle. I suggest you study that. Reading ‘Hitler’s Revolution’ by Richard Tedor can help with that. There are also some posts on this website that have some information on this topic.

      I did not know of this lady, but I did a little research and Karen Hudes absolutely looks to be controlled opposition. From what I saw, she is on RT News a lot, which indicates she is likely controlled. Essentially she was, and still is, one of them… she worked for them and is now supposedly a ‘whistle-blower’. Just like many of the other fake controlled opposition ‘whistle-blowers’… Edward Snowden as one example. They are always creating controlled ‘whistle-blowers’. Just with a few searches I found people calling her out for having been involved in some very dodgy schemes/activities. It looks to me that she works for The Banking Cartels as controlled opposition.

      Some specific videos on the National Socialist German’s Economic Miracle:

      Hitler’s Economic Miracle – from TGSNT

      National Socialism vs the New World Order & Globalisation – by vertigopolitix

      Adolf Hitler’s Economic Reform ‘The Untold True Story’ by thenari21

      Hitler’s Economic Miracle, Part 1 – BY ALLMODCONS

      Hitler’s Economic Miracle, Part 2 – BY ALLMODCONS

      And if you haven’t watched these documentaries below you really should:

      Europa The Last Battle:

      Adolf Hitler, The Greatest Story Never Told:

      I hope that helped.

  • June 15, 2021 at 6:23 pm

    Amazing. You, my friend have made my day. I didn’t think there was another out there who thought EXACTLY as I do. Trump and Putin are just panto villains. This is how it goes Isis is blm is antifa is The EDL is Al Qaeda is The BNP is lgbtqP is The CIA is Mossad is Communism ia zionism is Trumpism is Putinism is Johnsonsm is feminism is ad infinitum. All these bogeymen were created years ago for the very reasons we have before us today.

    For me this vax is going to cause sterile “problems” from “unintended” consequences…obviously. The children were their target all along. I mean it could have been worse, they could have gulagged us to death but I think instant communication puts that plan to bed. Make no mistake they would absolutely love to torture you like they did with the Taliban. The Taliban were against them, that’s why they demonised the Taliban so much. The Taliban were burning all the opium fields and international Jewry couldn’t be having that as A, they’d lose out on all that profit and B, not as much self destruction within the nations states they flood it so, they kidnapped some of them(Taliban) and stationed our troops on site in Afghanistan to protect the poppies from getting burnt by the Taliban. The Taliban we fighting the same enemy as us and they were tortured with water boarding etc etc. They were the only genuine force that was not created by these deceivers. The troops were absolute animals in some instances. Lets hope them animals realise who their true enemy is

  • November 16, 2021 at 12:07 am

    Is Max Igan controlled opposition?

    • November 16, 2021 at 12:38 pm

      Hi Paul

      Yes, Max Igan is almost certainly controlled. He recently did a joint interview with Dollar Vigilante. Dollar Vigilante is obvious controlled opposition who recently produced a video saying that this ‘vaccine’ genocide and great reset is the ‘Fourth Reich’… which is so absurd and obviously subversive. Max Igan also produced a video saying people should not be blaming jewry for the NWO agendas.

      Certainly looks controlled to me.

    • December 16, 2021 at 3:40 pm

      Hello again, Darnok

      When I first saw this comment of yours I wasn’t sure if you were saying Simon Parkes is a controlled agent, or if you were promoting him. Then I saw your other comment on another post. And I was relieved, as you obviously know he is gate-keeping controlled opposition.

      Here I will copy and paste what I said about him in reply to your other comment, for others to see:

      “I called Simon Parkes out as an controlled subversive agent a long time ago. I mentioned elsewhere on this site that he appeared on a mainstream morning TV show in England, which is watched by millions – talking about his fake reptilian stories and other nonsense. Why on Earth would (((they))) let someone like him on a MSM show watched by millions? The shill David Icke was on the same show around the same time. It was just (((them))) getting their controlled opposition agents publicity.

      Ask Parkes about the Truth of International Jewry, WW2 and the holohoax and watch him squirm. An obvious gatekeeper. I cannot believe the following this gatekeeper has managed to get.”

      We have to call all these people out, and tell people what they are gate-keeping and how they are subverting – so that people do not get stuck in these subversive gate-keeping limited hangouts.

      Thanks for your comment.

  • January 7, 2022 at 5:52 pm

    You’ve helped answer some personal questions for me. However I must say that I do not consider all of your info “the truth” as no one is perfect, and not all that one researches is truthful. But there is some truth in what you say just as there is some truth in the alternative media. We as individuals need to examine all sides with discernment and not just accept anyone – no matter how well intentioned and sincere. We do create our own realities to a great degree, therefore we must go with what speaks to us from our own searching and experience. We must listen to many but ultimately listen to ourselves. It is a long, slippery journey with deceit on all sides, hence, it behooves us to strengthen and shine the light of our intelligence in all areas of life to find the truth and balance we all seek. Thank you.

    • January 19, 2022 at 3:04 pm

      Hello Kate

      I agree, you should never rely on one person, or become too invested in anyone. Discover the Truth for yourself. But large amounts of analysis and much critical thinking, in many areas and topics, is needed to get close to the Truth on this planet. Correlation between all topic areas is very important, so that you can put the jigsaw together. I have certainly never said I am perfect, but with humility and objectivity I can say that there are not many out there as close to the Truth as me – exposing a wide variety of key Truths like me. I am committed to the Truth, and try to get as close to it as I can with the information that we have available.

      What is great about some of the regular readers of this website is that they take the information I offer and then research the topics themselves, or evaluate the info they already have, and then often come up with some interesting questions or thoughts – and some also offer additional helpful insights. So some of the comment sections can contain some interesting information.

      Best of luck with your critical thinking, analysis and correlating.

  • October 19, 2022 at 11:19 am

    Cool site, seems the rabbit hole has another stop for me.

    My names Beth Hare, I have no qualms displaying limited personal information online on sites like these. I’m 34, from and live in Edmonton, AB. I live with my bf. We’re both transgender. We do not support leftists nonsense, we know covid is a hoax and suspected it early on, we know 9/11 was a false flag for more surveillance. I am poor and on long term disability, the next paragraph will explain why.

    I’m a targeted individual, do you got any tips for that? I can tell you that it is not fun, and they have done awful things to me. Constant v2k is the worse of it, although the attack thet did was really bad too. I can say I’ve experienced moments where I knew I was going to die from immediate torture. The v2k started in 2019, although limited strange happenings built up over time. I was told I was on a list in 2011, that same person told me a year before that, that there was a gang that conducted “synthetic telepathy on people”, he told me about “coaxing” (something I determined later to be fake although stress sometimes has me mentally relapse on it), he told me the community of “fraser” where I grew up is an “intelligence cult”. I used to know this friend as a chronic liar with ‘something wrong’ but who always seemed happy to spend time with me so I thought at the time that we were good friends. Albeit most of our activities were pot related, but not all. Anyways, seems in my research that satanists reveal to you a plot before they do it, I’ve heard it explained a few ways but it just seems like an ego trip to me. Anyways, the systematic abuse I’ve recieved and continue to recieve has definitely been advanced long before my trials. Common terms used incase you’ve heard them in your research: “get off the reservation” (never elaborated on just ordered, considered by me to be frustrating on purpose but also possibly demanding me not use my minds voice), “kicked from the freedom train”(used in a threat and later read in research regaurding monarch programming), “sivverus sceptre” (the first time I got v2k was actually as a 16 year old in 2003, it was more garbled than it is now)(possibly misheard, could have been “serve us”), they also called their ‘program’ a “stress test”. Oh, and just like all SRA I’ve read about and other v2k recipients: there is one female and one male voice. I will elaborate in an email should you request.

    Questions/statements regaurding your beliefs;
    -If Trump is controlled opposition, then so to is the non stop harassment of his character by the FBI, the media, and others within politics and law. Why would they act so brazenly? CNN has lost much credibility in their witch hunt, the FBI has become political oppression, these acts are leading many people down these rabbit holes. I can think of one answer, creating more “unprecedented” actions to normalize them before a pendulum shift of public opinion equips the ‘other’ side with the same weapons. A formula? That’s incredibly effective if it’s a psy-op, like, so effective that truth seeking like this will never yield an answer as to how to stop the future suppression of our freedoms and regaining the qualities of life we have already lost. Couldn’t I then, too, say that this site is controlled controlled opposition? Discrediting all controlled opposition so already disheartened truthish people who don’t believe the ‘white hats’ are real will then give up all hope for a way out of our predicament due to the sheer magnitude of the psy-ops and their all encompassing nature. I do not mean to insult you, or to imply that is your intent, I merely make a logical argument and I am trying to understand a rationale for my faith, which I choose to have.
    Continuing: Did not Trump come from a different circle than the controlled/infiltrated politican sphere? Could it not be possible that no matter what realm of power you find yourself in you find yourself with the cabal? Could it not be possible then that the cabal compartmentalizes it’s control groups, its breeding programs, it’s grooming programs? So then what if one entrepeneur tracks to a different power sphere? A valid argument to this would involve preordained knowledge of Trumps switch to politics, yes, likely, but his success? Why would Hillary be beaten in 2016 if she’s paid so many dues to the satanists with the blood of children and drug money?
    I’m not sure where I stand on Q, I am skeptical of “fall of the cabals” claims that JFK.jr. is still alive and Trump will battle the ‘deep state’ on his and his fathers behalf. Heck, even in the best case scenario where Trump is really a good guy who learned what many did over the past few years, and he knows who the cabalists are and where their power is and has allies, success isn’t gauranteed. In my estimation, it’s either thousands of years of slavery until this control group eats itself, or Donald Trump. No one else is close to high levels of power who can take us back and prevent this. I see no protest working, civil war might work but only after the third rendition of it over many many years and many many deaths, and even then… MIGHT.

    Aliens? Here’s my argument on super intelligent beings. If they’re here and meddling, we’re hopelessly outmatched technologically and intellectually so it’s almost irrelevant. Also, why? If a species can travel through space time and has mastered the art to be in and around species of another planet, why? What’s there to learn from us? If the alien argument turns into daemons and angels and God, then the answer is God and we already have the truth… Also, the big bang theory (which might be wrong), says that radioactivity and element types haven’t been consistent through the age of the universe, so when and where did these aliens evolve?

    Another question/statement. I was under the impression that Bill Deagle was not controlled opposition, but rather “controlled” opposition. I believe that when you work in sensitive areas like Bill did, that people above give half truths and lies equal to the absurdity of the truth(as in what the ‘public’ would think). As for the time travelling and spending lifetimes with Jesus looking at the future and other planets, idk… I can’t say I 100% believe it , but if it’s true then we’re all psychic beings. Anyways, he is the earliest source I’ve found about future pandemics/Covid that isn’t a quote from someone but rather a whistleblower type of event. He talks about people waking up to their true selves and it sounds a lot like what you are saying, with the possible alien holding pen on our souls and all that…. So, how is he controlled opposition?

    I appreciate your website and thank you.


    • October 19, 2022 at 3:13 pm

      Hello Elizabeth

      Just to let you know that your comment came through just fine.

      I will reply at some point. I am trying to finish a few articles and then I can offer you some insights.

      Best regards.

      • June 8, 2024 at 6:29 pm

        Benjamin Fulford has mentioned the Kalergi Plan, that’s how I know about it !!!!!
        According to your “logic” him mentioning it makes people not believe it ?????

        • June 10, 2024 at 2:11 pm

          Hi Anonymous

          My friend, Fulford is SO obviously controlled, and very likely Jewish. You still have some way to go. (This guy is promoted by other obvious agents like the ridiculous David Wilcock)

          So many reasons, just a few of the top of my head: Playing along with the fake terror events. Not mentioning Organised Jewry and the Freemasons… constantly deflecting from them. Pretending there are these Earth organisations on Earth around the world trying to help us – so as to pacify us (There are none).

          He is a ridiculous controlled agent. You do not understand how these agents work. These controlled people have to insert significant rhetoric from time to time, so as to keep themselves relevant. David Icke does the same – suddenly talking about a subject that many other people have talking about for 5 years or more… again, as he has to try and stay relevant.

          Fulford is just trying to stay relevant, so as to draw people in and the misdirect them, to gatekeep other information, to deflect attention away from certain groups and to pacify people…. and to provide a limited hangout with no solutions.

  • August 16, 2023 at 6:23 pm

    Hi there, I enjoy your website, what are your views on farsight, I think it is controlled opposition?

  • December 25, 2023 at 6:05 pm

    Thank you for your reply sir.


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