Who Owns Planet Earth? (An exploration) – Ancient History – The Moon – After Life – A.I – NDEs – Genetics – Evolution – NWO – ETs – Dimensions – Metaphysics

The Moon – Reincarnation – Near Death Experiences – International Jewry – Evolution Disinfo – Dimensions / Astral – Ancient Architecture – Extraterrestrials – Artificial Intelligence – Archons – Gnostics – New World Order

The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.” – Sun Tzu

Who Owns Planet Earth?


I am going to look at some of the most relevant topics related to this question, and see if we can get a feel for what the answer may be. Nearly all of the alternative media is controlled – Ufology is full of agents – New Age and Ufology is run by (((them))). It is difficult to ascertain what is occurring metaphysically, and how many elements of the Universe and the Solar System work, as well as the Truth about our Ancient History – so it is useful to attempt to bring together all these topics and insights.

With research and critical thinking we can ascertain the Truth of geopolitical situations, Historical Truths, medicinal and health Truths etc… but ascertaining the exact metaphysical and Cosmic elements affecting Earth and humanity is not really possible – but I think we can get a feel for what is occurring by researching and using critical thinking… I can also use some of my middle of the night other-dimensional and other-worldly experiences / past life recall to assist me in some sort of understanding.

However, in truth, none of this information really changes what must we do on this planet – The only way we will know the Truth is to take back control of our Nations – our Nations that are controlled by International Jewry, Zionist puppet politicians and the Banking Cartels.

On this website I have covered the overall picture of some of what is happening geopolitically, as well as some important historical Truths and exposed the (((New World Order))) agenda. But all these manipulations and oppressive systems we have to deal with definitely seem to also be stemming from beyond this planet and 3D Earth. The control mechanism definitely seems to also be metaphysical, very advanced… and probably stemming from an offworld group. I won’t go into great depth into each topic as the article would get very long. Again, I am trying to attempt to help people to get a feel for what may be occurring.

Hopefully you can sense and see, like myself, that something very strange is occurring here on this planet. 

The first two subjects in the list have been discussed more fully in another articles on this website, but I have to touch on them again before I proceed with the other subjects, as they are very important, and the info will also have a slightly different focus than before. 

1. Gnostic Information – Yahweh, Archons etc
2. Artificial Intelligence and Dystopian Big Brother Smart Cities
3. The Moon – Ratios, Measurements and Anomalies
4. Visiting ET groups in Ancient Times ‘Gods’
5. Deceptive Evolution Information – Genetics DNA
6. Deceptive Afterlife Realms – NDEs
7. Controlled Astral Realms, Dreamscape, Dimensions
8. My Own ET experiences – and other-planetary recall and Extraterrestrial Abductions – Implications
9 Conclusions? 

Gnostic Information – Nag Hammadi – Yahweh etc

Although I have discussed the Gnostics in my article on the Archons and the Gnostics it is important to touch on this again at the beginning of this article. John Lash, and others, have studied these Nag Hammadi Texts created by the Gnostics. I have found John Lash to be the most credible person within Ufology. Some of John Lash’s conclusions below:

“Gnosis (“inner knowing”) was a path of experimental mysticism in which the initiates of the Mystery Schools explored the psyche and the cosmos at large. Using psychoactive plants, yoga, and sex magic, these ancient seers experienced altered states and developed siddhis, occult skills such as clairaudience and remote viewing. Gnosis was a kind of yogic noetic science melded with parapsychology…. The Nag Hammadi material contains reports of visionary experiences of the initiates, including first-hand encounters with inorganic beings called Archons.” – John Lash

“According to the Gnostic warning, the Jews, who follow the agenda of racial supremacy, and domination of the goyim (non-jews), are proxies of the Archons.” (John Lash) – thebiggestpicture.net

“According to [John] Lash, one of the reasons the Gnostics were attacked and eliminated is because they came out 2,000 years ago “claiming that the god of the Jews — Jehova, or Jahweh — is actually a demented alien, and a very dangerous character.” (John Lash) – thebiggestpicture.net

(I believe this Yahweh entity is probably very important with regards to what is occurring on this planet.)

My Article on the Archons and the Nag Hammadi : Archons / John Lash / A.I / International Jewry

So this website exposes how International Jewry have a huge influence over most of the planet… they  pretty much control America – and they control Hollywood, the Central Banks, News Networks, Western Education, western politicians, many politicians from all around the world, Netflix, Amazon, Google, Youtube, many ‘Spiritual Movements’, practically all social media…. etc etc – the list goes on and on – we are all pretty much slaves to International Jewry / the Banking Cartels at the moment. The New World Order and Globalisation is a jewish agenda – stemming from their doctrines and books (The Talmud, Zohar, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion etc). So this information from the Nag Hammadi aligns with Geopolitical and Historical Truths.

But metaphysically and beyond this planet what is occurring? This information is obviously more difficult to ascertain – but I believe, after my own experiences, correlation of information and using critical thinking, it most certainly appears that there is a force above and beyond the tribe that is in ultimate control – in fact, this is fairly obvious.

I came to the conclusion in my ‘Archons’ article, that A.I is very probably highly revered by some of the off-world ET races – and that together they may well be manipulating the planet. There are descriptions of aliens in the Nag Hammadi texts. The inorganic synthetic beings talked of in these ancient Nag Hammadi texts, which the Gnostics encountered in Shamanic / Other Dimensional Travellings, appear to be Artificial Intelligences working with some ET groups. Entities that sound like Grey Aliens and Reptilian humanoids are described in the Nag Hammadi. Organic non-human entities as well as the inorganic Archons.

(I also believe some of us are ‘Proxies’ of positive benevolent Groups – if you have read any of my articles talking about my middle of the night otherworldly experiences you will know that I seem to have had direct experience of this.)


Dystopian – Big Brother – A.I – Smart City – Future

Again, I will just touch on this Dystopia subject as well, as I have spoken about it in more depth in my articles on the Archons linked above, as well as in this article linked below:

Jewish Owned Hollywood – Programming – Dystopian Future – Bi-Level World – Brainwashing – Mind Control

It is clear to me that there is a group that knows what technology to introduce and exactly how and when – so as to eventually create one of these highly controlled ‘Big Brother – Smart City – Degenerate – Dystopian Worlds’. This is what the goal is here on this planet. The (((New World Order))) end goal is these cities where humanity is very much corrupted and even more enslaved – tightly controlled.

(There is so much Predictive Programming related to this in the Hollywood movies)

It feels like there is a ‘group’ who has previous experience doing this – the secret Earth based (((cult groups))) that manipulate the world would not necessarily know exactly how to do this. They know how to manipulate many aspects of the planet, but to create this Technologically Advanced Dystopian ‘Big Brother’ World I have just mentioned – the ones we continually see in Hollywood movies – I feel they would need some experience of these types of worlds. Dark cities full of degeneracy, drones monitoring the population, A.I control, an armed robotic police, automated work forces, advanced hologram technology, automated traffic and vehicles etc…. With the natural world neglected and destroyed – always moving us away from living in balance with Nature. 

As well as this, those at the very, very top of the pyramid of compartmentalisation will probably have some form of contact with these offworld or other-dimensional groups – again, there must be SO much compartmentalisation.

Surely you can see the beginnings of this ‘Big Brother’ Dystopian future with the pushing for automated vehicles – robot police being tested – desentization to drones – 5G implementation – airport face recognition – airport scanning – the pushing for a cashless society – putting chips in people – dependency on technology – chemtrails in the sky – etc etc.

They really are quite skillful with how they get most people desensitized and amenable to the technology they will use against humanity – normalising it so they can oppress the population in the future. 

As mentioned in another of my articles,  Marxists / Talmudic Jewish Zionists are at the top echelons of Hollywood, Netflix, Amazon, Google, Sky TV etc – and all series and movies are for programming – to get people amenable to their visions – and these people at the top show us clearly the world they eventually want – movie after movie is created about it – to make us compliant to this future. A very powerful elite group of people with total control over humanity (The Goyim). The amount of  Futuristic Dystopian  ‘Big Brother’ movies is amazing when you look into it – and there are no futuristic movies about a bright brilliant future living in harmony and balance with Nature. 

You can’t go too quickly if you want to create this type of ‘Dystopian –  Big Brother – Smart City – World’ without the population realizing – slowly, slowly, slowly you go, introducing the right technology at just the right time. Most people snap up the new technology immediately and have not got one clue what is slowly occurring. Most people just don’t seem to be able to see patterns, project into the future, see future ramifications or think critically.  (((They))) even set up very specific fake terrorism to make people more amenable to having technology monitor and restrict them.

International Jewry seem to be the pawns / proxies – the people down here on the planet who carry out their agenda – some unwittingly due to their brainwashing by the cult of judaism. But I feel that the ultimate architects are an offworld group with previous experience of these types of operations… a non-human group. All these New World Order agendas are anti-human and anti-nature… anti-natural laws… it must be something non-human. We must be very careful with Artificial Intelligence – it is a big threat to Humanity. Technology can, of course, benefit civilizations if used in the right way, but not when it is being implemented by those behind the (((NWO))).

As well as this, International Jewry and the (((Secret Societies))) often seem to be able to predict how and when people will discover knowledge and wake up. They put people in place to control all aspects of the alternative media and certain narratives, well in advance. Look how far ahead they put their guy (((David Icke))) in place. They knew how and when many elements of the awakening would occur.

From observing all the Controlled Opposition they put in place and some of the numerous media psyops, to me it feels like ‘Something’ is seeing trends – and perhaps using some advanced projection methods to predict what is going to occur and suggesting ways to control certain populations. Or it could just be there are entities at the top who have a lot of experience in creating these worlds. (Not that I think they are omnipotent and that we can’t stop the NWO – but it seems like they are often a step ahead)

Some of the technology brought out is so addictive for the Normies: I-pads / I-phones and these seemingly simple little games transfix people – something knows the human psyche very well indeed (Grown men and women obsessed with, and addicted to, Candy Crush or any other number of these seemingly simple pointless games) – and some of these gadgets must also be emitting certain well calculated frequencies – and the negative effect i-phones and i-pads have on children’s moods and psyche is very unsettling. People are becoming so dependant on technology and so disconnected from Nature.

(And all this Virtual Reality being promoted is concerning, and is another way to distract and control people – escapism from the issues in the world.)

So it appears from looking at this agenda, and goal, there could very well be a sentient artificial intelligence element having a big effect on this planet, probably working with some non-human organic entities.  Because – as previously mentioned – the NWO agendas, and the end goals on this planet, are anti-Nature and anti-Human.

(Side note: I believe we can be manipulated at night in the astral and dreamscape – we can also be informed via the subconscious – manipulation of our subconscious – I am sure this occurs to a degree for some people. I feel we can also be informed by benevolent groups: A moment of inspiration and insight that comes from nowhere and impulse to go somewhere – to visit a website, to read a book, an idea for a story, etc. I believe malevolent as well as benevolent groups can influence people in subtle realms. These otherworldly forces could be working through people with certain DNA, they can connect to these people because of this certain DNA and influence them more easily via these subtle realms because of this DNA connection – in the dreamscape / astral etc.)

(I very much feel DNA is related to what is occuring on this planet, with the NWO. DNA is cosmically and metaphysically significant – connections through DNA.)

It could well be that a human body that has a high proportion of jewish DNA enables a certain type of Soul to incarnate into it – perhaps a non-human soul in some cases. As the ‘elite’ Jewish supremacists display anti- human and psychopathic behaviours. To me, in general, it looks like, and makes perfect sense, that a Soul must be compatible with the DNA to incarnate into a body. The people at the top of the ‘pyramid’, those behind the NWO, are psychopaths – and could be Non-human souls.


The Moon

The Moon shouldn’t be there. What is it? Why is it there? How did it get there?

Here are some transcribed extracts from this video by Nick Kollerstrom on the ‘Moon’:

“What is the Earth doing with a companion planet that appears in the sky exactly the same size as the Sun?”

(What are the chances of that?)

“And it revolves around its axis every 27 days – it revolves in space at the same period as it revolves around the earth — 27.3 days it goes around the earth. And so the same side mysteriously always faces towards us.”

(What are the chances of that occurring? And what is hiding on the dark side of the Moon?)

“And we get a funny synchrony with the Sun was well – how does the sun rotate? How do we experience the sun’s rotation? We experience it with sunspots. And if you count the average time when you see sunspots coming back again, it is 27.3 days… on average it is 27.3 days.”

(Again, what are the chances of that?)

“Scientists can’t really get any theory of its origin that makes a lot of sense, they initially felt that it had spun off from Earth – then they found there wasn’t nearly enough angular momentum in the system to have the moon spin off from the Earth… because angular momentum is conserved, it doesn’t fade away.”

“They also said… “Oh it must have been captured, maybe it was wandering through outer space and somehow got captured by the Earth. Then during the apollo mission in the 1960s they realised The Moon is nearly circular in its orbit, its very nearly circular, we can’t see it any nearer or further from us, and it’s very tricky to get that with a captured [object] from outer space – it would be highly elliptical in its motion – it couldn’t have really just come in from outer space and just got caught by the Earth.”

“The Moon is strangely lower density, almost half the density of the Earth, well some people said, ‘well is it hollow? – well it might have hollow caverns in it?’ – and then they found that when you dropped something on the Moon it rang like a gong – for three hours – that it is some very brittle structure with resonance – earthquakes only last for a few seconds and the fade away – so how come The Moon had that very resonant structure?”

“The Moon has a significantly Lower density – only half the density of the Earth – and it has been found to ring like a bell or gong, when struck. It seems to be either hollow or full of large cavernous areas.”

(The Moon is also way too big in ratio to Earth to be a moon. We can just observe the other moons in the solar system and how small they are compared to their planet, and also how they behave differently, to see that there is something very odd about our own ‘Moon’.)

“If it was a natural object that was captured by the Earth’s gravitational pull then it would have a much more elliptical rotation around the planet. It could not have come in and just got caught by the Earth. A companion planet with no magnetic field. Something very light in a neatly circular orbit. If it [had] spun off from the Earth it would be in the plane of the equator.”

Nick also discusses:

The huge effect the lunar cycle has on the planet and all life on it.

The Lunar meanings of Avebury and Stonehenge – the intelligence and knowledge of the cultures in ancient times – even before some of this understanding existed in Babylon.

The exact ratios between The Moon and The Earth, and also between The Great Pyramids and The Moon and the Earth. It seems to have all been thought out – put in place.

Nick says suggests it is all evidence of the ‘divine’ meaning – the way The Moon is set up. I say all this consistency and the ‘coincidences’ – and all the exact ratios… it is all evidence of advanced intelligent space-faring civilizations, highly capable… perhaps creating the ‘moon’ and moving into place. Perhaps not by the ET / AI group that controls the planet now – but perhaps by another group, at some point a long time ago.

To me, the Moon, they way it sits up there, is more like an observation companion planet – an area from which the Earth can be monitored and controlled / manipulated – that’s what it feels like.


Visiting ET groups in Ancient Times ‘Gods’

( Before we start this section: No, I am not a big fan of the series Ancient Aliens – that is very obviously a Controlled Opposition / Limited Hangout show, full off obvious shills. But there is some Truth in it as well – and some of the information is Half Truths – and some of its information can lead to some Truths with further research. I do not get all my information in this section from Ancient Aliens – I researched beyond that show. Just because Ancient Aliens is full of obviously Controlled Agents and on a zionist run TV program it doesn’t mean there is not some Truth to some of the information. It is just that ((they))) – International Jewry – want to always control every single aspect of the alternative and mainstream media and every single narrative – they always want to take control of the information and create a limited hangout, and always put their people in place in advance.)

Let’s look into some of our Ancient History: There were clearly offworld groups interacting with a great many populations on this planet. In many cultures, nations and tribes in ancient times – there is such a lot of talk about the ‘gods’, the ‘star people’, those that ‘come from above’ or the ‘heavens’. We can see this in the Norse / Celtic and other European tales, Hindu tales, Aboriginal stories, various North and South American tribes tales etc… all over the world.

There are a wide variety of otherworldly carvings, there are elongated skulls, other types of strange skulls and bones… and giant skeletons. There is ancient architecture around the world that looks like spaceships: i.e various stupas, angkor wat, various pagodas – in my eyes they are structures mimicking spaceships or craft – where did they come up with the ideas for these buildings which are very different from anything else these people had built previously? Why were they deemed sacred? To me they are worship of the ‘Gods’ – recreating artifacts related to them – their ships and craft – and there are often strange sculptures and carvings of unusual figures found in the vicinity of these ancient architectural sites. The visiting ‘Gods’ are talked about a great deal by ancient tribes and old scriptures.

Elongated Skulls
Easter Island Statues Excavation

Here is a gallery of a wide variety of Stupas / Pagodas / Temples throughout Asia – Some are classed as Hindu Temples and some as Buddhist Temples – all are seen as sacred. Many have tales regarding the ‘Gods’ attached to them and some have carvings and statues of these ‘Gods’ at the sites or on the structures themselves. Thumbnails – click to enlarge:

(These sacred buildings are clearly recreations of craft these people have seen landing in their region. These different groups of people all around Ancient Asia making very similar shaped sacred Structures related to the ‘Gods’. There are many images of Vimanas later on in this article – look at the shape of many of these Vimanas and compare them to the shape of some of these temples above.)

Wat Chaiwatthanaram is a Buddhist temple in the city of Ayutthaya Historical Park, Thailand. Clearly depicting some type of spacecraft / rocket in the centre. Why did they build these most impractical temples all over Asia – that all had similar dimensions and shapes?

There are many ancient structures that have been created that would need some advanced sophisticated technology to build – Puma Punku in Brazil – Saksaywaman in Peru. There are also, of course, massive pyramids all around the world (from Egypt to Bosnia). The Nazca Lines would be impossible without being able to view the Earth from high above.

Cusco in Peru, – the walled complex of Saksaywaman (Sacsayhuaman). The site is famed for its remarkable large dry stone walls with boulders carefully cut to fit together tightly without mortar. The stones used in the construction of the terraces at Saksaywaman, can weigh up to 200 tonnes.
The Nazca Lines in southern Peru are a group of pre-Columbian geoglyphs etched into desert sands. Covering an area of nearly 1,000 sq. kilometers, there are about 300 different figures, including animals and plants. Composed of over 10,000 lines, some of which measure 30 meters wide and stretch more than 9 kilometers.


Related to these temples that look like craft – look at some of the flat top pyramid structures in South America – they look like landing pads. Teotihuacan: Náhuatl for “the place where men became gods”. It is a religious centre seen as sacred and holy – often referred to as a ‘City of the Gods’. But what is it? It is a large pyramid type structure, with many landing pads / platforms all around it – with steps coming down from the platforms. There are many stories passed down generation to generation about this site – regarding ‘Gods’ utilizing this area. According to legend, it was here where the ‘gods’ gathered to plan the creation of man. There are some depictions of these ‘Gods’ in the surrounding architecture.

Teotihuacan. To me, these are clearly landing pads.
Landing pads.

There are ‘stories’ and diagrams of advanced craft (vimanas) and weapons in ancient scriptures: In the Ramayana, the Rig Veda, the Bhagavad Gita… as well is in the Nordic ‘myths’ / tales. There were battles in the ‘heavens’ in ancient times – explosions up above, ships attacking each other – this is clear from the depictions and the stories in various scriptures / ancient tales. Diagrams of these craft (Vimanas) were found in in Asia – they were also depicted in ancient Asian art. Craft in the sky are seen in other paintings around the world – and very clearly in some old paintings from Europe. A Gallery about Vimanas as well as some Text images describing battles in the ‘Heavens’. Thumbnails – click to enlarge:

I do not believe these people in ancient times were stupid or less intelligent – their DNA is not going to be much different from our own. I believe they pretty much recorded what they were seeing, but they did not have the language or the scientific understanding to say exactly what it was they were seeing. So sometimes it was flying chariots or birds carrying humans that were depicted – or strange descriptions which made sense to them with their limited scientific knowledge.

Many peoples around the world in ancient times had more beneficial knowledge than we had in many ways – they had a greater knowledge of nutrition – and had knowledge on all the beneficial herbs – and an understanding of the constellations – and of the very important lunar calendar etc. Some groups such as the Druids and Gnostics could perform shamanic travelings and gather information. They did not have the EMFs, and poisons in food and water sources – and the other consciousness limiting and psychologically damaging technology we have used against us.

Where did these Off-World Groups (‘Gods’) go?

So where did these offworld groups go? This variety of Offworld groups that were talked about all round the Globe on every continent. Why did they all leave us to ourselves? They seemed to be imparting a lot of knowledge to the different groups on Earth, again – how to use herbs and different natural materials, information on the stars and constellations, information the lunar calendar and the cycles, huge rock circles, information on the chakras – etc etc. As well as this they seemed to be enjoying themselves on the planet ,and also involving themselves in battles. But then they all seemed to leave. Were they forced to leave? Did one group prevail over all others – a malevolent group?

I feel Two things could have occured:

1. A powerful ET and A.I group took control of the planet and restricted access to it. (This aligns with the ancient stories of battles in the ‘heavens’)


2. There is some sort of ET alliance group, that said there must be no more interaction with the people of Earth and quarantined the planet… so that they could evolve unassisted.

I am very much more inclined to think it was 1. And a malevolent ET / A.I group that took control of the planet.

Some say the Earth is an experiment. Now, it does look like it could well have been at some point. The vast array of animals, insects, plants etc – as well as the wide array of different races / types of humans. There is no need for all this very wide range of animals and insect life, with critical thinking you can see that ecosystems on planets do not need these vast array of life to survive.

But this theory of an experiment is pushed by many New Age and Ufology disinfo agents – so if they push this you have to be extremely sceptical of this narrative – as they are told what to say. I feel it may have been some sort of benevolent experiment, or project, at some point – a long time ago – but it has perhaps been hijacked by a malevolent offworld group.

We have the obvious psyop / disinfo agent Corey Goode saying that Earth is a genetic experiment where advanced beings are watching the experiment play out and incarnating into the different races. But  Corey Goode is an (((agent))) and a very obvious one. But these agents, who are put forward to distract people from what International Jewry are doing and to put out disinfo, may well put some Truths of Half-Truths in their distractions.

The reason there are so many different subspecies of humans here on this planet is difficult to ascertain and understand – but it is possible that a group set it all up a long time ago and then maybe a malevolent group took control of the planet. Genetic manipulations perhaps. The planet is certainly all about Race, DNA, Ancestry and Bloodlines… as is the universe. There could be some type of genetic experiment occuring.

Imagine a group that does not like Humans (a jealous hatred perhaps) – that doesn’t like Nature and Natural Laws and Natural Order. That wants to manipulate Humans – to enjoy the game of being in control of them – power over them. Eternity is a long time! Malevolent beings can be incredibly powerful as can sentient A.I

There is this notion in the New Age movement that you only get metaphysical abilities if you love everybody and raise your vibration – but this is pure pacifying New Age nonsense, spread by disinfo agents. DNA is important and evil beings can have advanced DNA.

Anyway, imagine if you are powerful and you want to control and manipulate a planet… Evil beings can get great pleasure out of control – out of manipulating other beings.

The ultimate for a psychopath: Control of a planet – and the control of the realms attached to them… yes, control of the deceptive Afterlife Realms. Keeping the Souls oblivious to the true vastness of the universe and the life that exists there – keeping them in all their Mind Control Programs – what pleasure for psychopaths – what an enjoyable endeavour for them.

(I don’t think all Souls go into Earth’s Afterlife Realms – For example, I think that Souls not ‘from here’ will be less likely to go there. Souls who are from other systems. Just my feeling on the situation.)

Some may say ‘But if there is a malevolent group in control why don’t they just come down and enslave us – put is all in gulags and camps etc?’ Well that would mean a lot of work and hassle to manage… revolutions, prisons etc. And the pleasure for the malevolent beings is perhaps in the Souls not knowing the games and the manipulations. Finding it entertaining and a power trip to manipulate, control, cajole and prod a group of beings they hate or have disdain for.

Soul Learning Experience:

Related to the second option — some New Age personalities and fake ‘channelers’ propose that the Earth is setup to enable people to have the experience of forgetting who they are as a Soul, and being cut off from the universe, from other dimensions and being enslaved – as Souls apparently want the experience of this… etc. Now, the fact that I know these personalities and ‘channelers’ are controlled agents suggests this is probably not the case. I personally don’t think it is the case – I do not think it is the way the universe works – I strongly feel a force is cutting Earth humans off – ‘quarantining’ us – manipulating humanity – over and over in the movies they show us Artificial Intelligence taking over – Dystopian Futures – it is staring people in the face. And this ‘Soul Learning Experience’ narrative is an extremely pacifying rhetoric, which I also strongly suggests is a deception.

The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.” – Sun Tzu

(Are there also some sort of galactic laws they must observe as well? … Who knows?)

Energy as Food?

Perhaps this group realises the best way to win is to manipulate the opposition, or those that you want to control and enslave, so that they accept or invite their own enslavement…. And there may well be something metaphysical or energetic that that are gaining from the suffering on this planet.

Energetically some beings may well be feeding from certain types of energy that emanate from the planet. I know this is mentioned in the jewish controlled New Age, but there are probably half truths or near Truths in some of their rhetoric as well, as well as all the disinfo and distracting narratives.

And again, in Truth none of this information changes much – they only way we will know the Truth is to take back control of our Nations – that are controlled by International jewry and the Luciferian Banking Cartels. International Jewry like to control all narratives of every single section of the alternative media – controlled agents everywhere attempting to distract and pacify people.

But, we must consider the energetic component – energy is food. Other types of sentient beings could be able to feed of energy emitted from other beings – this rhetoric is a possibility.

These beings may just hate all natural life. Again – perhaps some sort of malevolent sentient inorganic A.I being working with ETs?

Earth as a piece of Real Estate?

It is also highly likely that in the galaxy, and universe, planets are owned – pieces of real estate in a sense. Perhaps Solar Systems are owned and controlled by certain groups or races. Why would this not be the case? Different civilizations and groups looking for the best resources and needing a region of space to call home. There could be many elements at play here in this Solar System.

I believe we can look at nature to ascertain how the galaxy and universe works – survival of the fittest, and ‘Might makes Right’. History shows us this on this planet – why would it be different in the Galaxy and Universe?

We must open our minds. There must be far superior intelligences out there – vast, extremely capable beings and alliances taking over portions of the Galaxy. Perhaps we can seem basic, almost primitive, to some of them. Some Humans love nature and value all life – and some humans have no regard for nature and natural laws – the same could perhaps be said for powerful intelligences that view other less capable beings in the universe. There must be pecking orders and food chains in the Galaxy and Universe.


Deceptive Evolution

From my understanding planets are often seeded. If a regular planet was left to evolve it would take so long for sentient life to develop – well, it would be longer than we could imagine. If this was allowed to occur – a natural evolution from primordial life – there would not be that many different species of animals, insects and plant life on the planet. The variety would not be anything like it is on our planet. This level of variety we see here on this planet would not be necessary.

For people to believe that all this life on this planet evolved here naturally is ludicrous to me. And to think that humans just evolved from apes and then into all these different races of humans, again, ludicrous. Lloyd Pye’s work is good at opening minds on this subject – his research suggests that we were engineered / created… possibly by other beings – perhaps genetic engineers.

(There is, of course, also the stories of the Annunaki – but there is so much conflicting information regarding this rhetoric – it is used by many controlled agents as distraction and a way to create limited hangouts – and then there is the disinfo about planet Nibiru coming back – distraction from agents… so I wont get into this particular rhetoric.)

Lloyd Pye’s work is interesting and much of it seems credible to me. The ‘starchild skull’ also seems to be genuine.

Lloyd Pye and starchild skull

There are also many depictions of hybrid animals in ancient times, a great many depictions. The people back then were not stupid, they were much more advanced in those times than it is suggested in our ‘history’ books. I believe there is a good chance many of the things they were depicting were creatures they had witnessed. Genetically engineered hybrid animals.

Evolution takes a very long time – longer than they say – and you would need a very, very beneficial mutation to occur – this would have to be very beneficial to the race or species survival, and it would have to occur to more than one of the people, or animal, in that race or species – and for this beneficial mutation to lead to the extinction of those without the mutation would take a very long time indeed.

Regarding Humans, well, as we know, humans are very adaptable: If it is to hot you use shade – you make clothes – you make shelters – you don’t go out in the midday sun. And White people get tanned skin, as do other races, which greatly increase their resistance to the sun over time – and they also greatly benefit from the suns rays – the sun is really good for you. And likewise – if it is cold you make shelters and warm clothes, and create a fire. Any human on this planet can survive in any other climate on this planet.

This rhetoric that all humans evolved out of Africa is total nonsense…. Ludicrous. This notion that the climate would cause these very big difference between the Races is ridiculous. If you look around the equator, you have many different types of Races – all evolving in the same climate. For example: Various Asian groups lived not far from the Aborigines…

I could go on and on here about why this out of Africa rhetoric is nonsense, as well as the humans evolved from apes rhetoric – total nonsense.

Competing Races

Something I have contemplated: If you were going to have a planet you could manipulate you would create a variety of different races with different levels of consciousness, different types of intelligences and different predispositions – leading to different cultures. It is easy to then manipulate and to create conflict this way. If you don’t have different races of humans and you have just one race on the planet then it is very difficult to create wars and friction. This one group would  potentially grow powerful, with access to all resources on the Planet, and it would be difficult to create conflict amongst them, as they would feel united by their connected DNA and shared genetic memories.

A crude analogy: The Earth is like having a pond and making an island in the middle of it. Then placing red ants, black ants, orange ants, green ants, wood ants, etc, on it, in various regions… Then conflict and battles inevitably occur.

(But if you set this up with sentient life then you can make sure that the group you want to win eventually takes control of the island / planet – the group you control.)

Many ancient tribes say they originally came from the stars, and some tribes have stories passed down through the generations. Some will say they came from sirius or pleiades – some even say they came from the Inner Earth. So many peoples / tribes saying these types of things – there may be some truth to it. Some tribes also say that they were created by the ‘Gods’, that the ‘Gods’ from the stars and ‘heavens’ created humans.

So some of the different races of humans could have been brought here. It could have been a combination of genetic engineering and migration to Earth. Difficult to know for sure. But we did not evolve directly from Apes – and we did not all come out of Africa.

The aim of a sentient humanoid species is to evolve to the stars – to advance and develop – and to then become space faring and explore the Cosmos. It is difficult for a sentient humanoid race to do this when there are so many different races inhabiting a planet – when you are regularly battling for territory or defending yourself this becomes more difficult.

So if you wanted to have a planet where there is a lot of conflict and fear – and a planet you can manipulate and remain in control of – then you make sure there are many different races on the planet – races with DNA and Souls that are not compatible.

Then the chances of a civilization on this planet getting to the stars and then exploring the solar system is slim – and discovering what the Moon really is, for example.

But…. It is interesting that it is the Marxists / International Jewry that are behind this Globalisation agenda – and that we have seen a really big push for Globalisation in recent History. They need this One World Government / New World Order to create this Communist, Dystopian, Big Brother, Highly Controlled planet. So they are now doing all they can to erode all sense of Nationalism and they are attempting to make the world multicultural – particularly in the European Nations. The only way they can create this One World Government is to get people to not have National Identitficiations and Racial National Communities.


Deceptive Afterlife Realms – NDEs

I studied NDEs a great deal. When people – their Souls / Consciousness – leave their body the majority see the light and are greatly attracted to it. My own mother has had this experience but did not go into it – but she said she felt very drawn to it. The attraction of this light is very strong. Like a Moth to a flame? You don’t get the opportunity to move around and experience Earth free from the body – you are very strongly drawn to this light to get you into the Afterlife Realms as soon as possible – is there a reason for this?… I think so… you don’t want an out of body consciousness / Soul exploring Earth with all that freedom if you don’t want them to find out any of the secrets to this planet.

Then when entering the light people often experience some type of vortex (a type of portal perhaps). Then on the ‘other side’ they have a variety of experiences depending on their level of consciousness, and sometimes their beliefs. Some see Jesus, some other well known religious figures – some meet relatives. Jesus appears in a lot of  them – Christianity with its: ‘love everybody’, ‘forgive everybody’, ‘meekness’, ‘turn the other cheek’ rhetoric is all just more Mind Control.

Do you really think that this is Jesus appearing to ALL these people?

The whole thing stinks to me.

From studying NDEs – and peoples further experiences – the more prolonged experiences people can have in these realms before coming back to their body – it seems that these Afterlife Realms involve Mind Control and deception just like on this planet – as well as on the Astral Realms some Souls visit at night.  I feel the control is Multidimensional. People who have these more prolonged Afterlife experiences from their NDEs don’t get any information at all on the (((New World Order))) and all the malevelont agendas and manipulation occurring on this planet… no useful information at all. What they are nearly always given is subversive New Age philosophy – more Mind Control.

One of the things you will see if you research NDE’s is how many people get the message that your purpose on the planet is to Love – that it is all about Love – just learning to Love. Again, This is New Age and Spiritual Mind Control – it’s not how the Universe works. This is the message most people get in their NDE’s from other ‘people’ there. These ‘people’ they ‘meet’ in the ‘Afterlife Reams’ have nothing valuable to tell us about the Universe, Solar System, Galaxy – or how to survive and thrive on Earth – nothing really – ‘just love each other’ and ‘everything is OK on Earth’ ‘nothing to worry about’ they often say…  But it is not all OK here on Earth. Anyone who is conscious knows that this is not how this planet works – love can be manipulated by malevolent and dishonest Souls. In fact our love, naivety and misguided altruism is very often used against us on this planet. The Universe is not just all about Love. Love is an emotion – one to be used within a species or subspecies – to enable that species survival. The Universe is about survival – Nature is about survival, so the Universe is as well. Survival and progression of the race, species or subspecies.


Dimensions, Astral, Dreamscape

Some of what the highly controlled (((New Age))) says: That this planet is the centre of everything – that it is such an important planet in the Galaxy. Is it though? They say it is a huge part of this so called ‘mass ascension’ taking place in the galaxy. Is it? They put forward this notion that the galaxy and this planet is making this shift to 4D or 5D. Does that make sense to you? I don’t believe any of these narratives for one second. I know the personalities pushing this are Controlled Opposition – Wilcock, Goode, Bashar, Cobra etc etc. ‘The Event’ is a psyop, the ‘Mass Ascension’ narrative is an obvious psyop. I know how this game works. Pacify the Goyim, all the time the aim is to pacify the Goyim. There is zero evidence for this New Age rhetoric – it is just made up. And the Kali Yuga rhetoric as well – pacifying misinformation. There is no evidence for these rhetorics.

I think this planet is perhaps not some super significant planet in the galaxy. We should possibly accept that this may be just another planet, an interesting planet with a lot of variety of life on it, and and probably with an interesting history, but just another planet amongst many millions with sentient life on it. We should accept that there are going to be a massive amount of sentient civillations out there, but we have, for some reason, been cut off from them. There are going to be planets being taken over – some already under malevolent control, as well as many free planets perhaps protected by alliances… all sorts of situations occurring.

There are probably problems throughout the galaxy with A.I and the malevolent ETs that worship it. From a personal point of view, I have seen battles against cyborg type beings, robots and ETs in my middle of the night vivid flashbacks / of times living on other planets… so I am almost certain that this is the case. What if this is just another planet that is being manipulated and controlled by some sort of ET groups that are being influenced by Artificial Intelligence?

To counter some of this I firmly believe there are some sentient benevelont ET groups assisting some of us on subtle levels – in subtle realms – assisting us in the night, when they can, when we sleep they can give knowledge to our subconscious ( I am certain this has happened to me – as I have seen it happening, becoming lucid in the night as it occurred, downloads and contact on other realms / dimensions) – sometimes in the dreamscape, sometimes in other dimensions, depending on who you are as a Soul and if you are connected to particular groups.

However, as well as this, it appears that you can be attacked (targeted), as well as manipulated by malevolent groups in the dreamscape and Astral Realms. I have seen this happening to me in the night – we can be attacked, find oursleves in (perhaps manipulated into) unpleasant scenarios – and our subconscious can be affected. The manipulations do not end at 3D Earth, the other-dimensions as well. I have a good deal of lucidity at night and I think they can also influence our dreams / astral experiences – or at least enter into them, or seek us out when we are in these other realms.

The extremely strange creatures and beings I have seen when I was exploring the  ‘Astral Realm’ at night – they can be very pecualir and unpleasant. (Not consciously exploring, but I get a lot of vivid lucidity / recall in these realms.) We really dont know much about these realms connected to Earth. What are these very unusual and unpleasant entities doing in these realms connected to Earth?


ET Experiences

As mentioned in other articles on this site, a large part of my awakening involved having a few ET abductions and a wide variety otherworldly / metaphysical / other-dimensional experiences in the night. There are other articles on this site describing them in more detail.

The fact these small beings allowed me to see them was probably them sparking my interest, totally shifting my paradigm and therefore inspiring me to investigate this subject. (In one experience I was paralysed and in the other I was in a slightly different state of consciousness and taken onto a ship. The beings were psychically very powerful) They may have also been behind the past life recall I have had in the night as well… stimulating my Soul memories perhaps.

To me, I see clearly that the solar system, galaxy and universe is teeming with sentient life. I have seen other planets in the night, as crazy as that can sound to people, I relived/replayed/recalled times spent on other planets, vividly saw other beings, alien wildlife. I have seen advanced craft… I assume this is mainly past life recall.

From all my recall in the night – reliving previous experiences on other planets – I would say that the universe, particularly the physical universe, can be pretty brutal – and is mainly all about survival. Survival of the fittest – and progression and advancement of the most capable civilizations. Survival of the fittest and most able races. Just observe Nature, the Universe is no different. Commerce and Trade between civilizations seems to be very important as well.

I have vividly seen other bipedal non-human species in my recall experiences – fully detailed. I have seen reptilian looking humanoids twice in these recalls – but I also have seen various other types of unpleasant looking humanoids. Humans are beautiful compared to most non-human species. I feel we may be a special species, to some degree. I also don’t think that humans are at the top of the food chain either – I have seen invasions and very large bipedal species – and they can be brutal.

(Reliving a past life experience in the night is different than having a ‘dream’ – the vividness and lucidity is different – the scene plays to physical reality rules – it is sequential – and it is like seeing an excerpt of a movie that you are a part of. The emotions you feel as well… the emotional connection to the scene is very real – you relive the emotions.)

You don’t have to believe me, but I must let people know. The universe is about survival. We have been both oppressed and mollycoddled and kept away from the harshness and reality of the galaxy and universe. Earth humans have become soft, naive and ignorant. They don’t know how to survive, and they are dependent on their corrupt psychopathic manipulative governments to provide for them.

In my recall of experiences on other planets I see vivid scenes and scenarios of invasions – craft overhead – I have seen evacuations from cities and battles against other invading forces. Why are we not getting that on this planet? So why hasn’t a powerful group come down and taken over the planet? And enslaved us? Why hasn’t there been invasions or battles in the sky? Perhaps because we are already enslaved and these beings that own the planet are getting something else from us. There is very obviously, as mentioned previously, some type of ‘quarantine’ occurring in this planet. The invasion has probably already occurred, a long time ago – perhaps all the talk of battles in the heavens in ancient tales and scriptures is related to this. The planet is probably owned by a group that does not allow offworld groups to have physical interactions with the Earth population.

Or, again, we have the second option, that it’s all an ‘experiment’ or ‘soul learning experience’ – Set up by advanced beings. And again – I do not think that this is the case. Much evidence suggests that this narrative is wrong.


Can we get a conclusion from all this information? What is occurring on this planet metaphysically is not clear cut. I have presented some relevant information – what we can say for sure is that something very strange is occuring – all is not as it seems… and the chances that there is an advanced non-human group behind it all is high.

Earth is a probably a piece of Real Estate. It is probably owned. Who owns it we do not know. Ownership may have changed hands during the time in Earth’s history when there were ‘Gods’ on Earth imparting knowledge to different human tribes and populations. There is very likely multidimensional control as well, in the Astral and Dreamscape – and the Afterlife realms could well be holding areas for Souls – keeping them Mind Controlled. I would strongly suggest to you that The Galaxy is teeming with life and civilizations, and we are in some type of Metaphysical ‘quarantine’.

And I will end with something I said at the beginning: In truth, none of this information really changes what must we do on this planet – The only way we will know the Truth is to take back control of our Nations – our Nations that are controlled by International Jewry, Zionist puppet politicians and the Banking Cartels. Wisdom, Knowledge, Organisation, Action and Courage is needed.

Any real disclosure will only come when we take back control of our Nations. 



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  • September 24, 2019 at 12:29 am

    HI again, I’m wondering if you could somehow correlate your articles into a pdf or easily printable version to be read offline? That would be greatly appreciated for teaching material. Thankyou, sincerely Robert Bruce

    • September 24, 2019 at 10:48 pm

      Hello Robert. Thanks for the suggestion. It is something I may look into.

  • August 12, 2020 at 5:37 pm

    Hi EntityArt

    If true then this is a pretty dark & sad picture of this planet and its related realms… all manipulated and blocked to some degree, the afterlife ones especially. Also, as you said in a previous comment, the corresponding mechanisms ~ Dreams, Sleep OBEs, NDEs, Death and Reincarnation ~ are manipulated also. Still, I wonder… Is it possible to auto induce conscious OBEs as others pretend to do ? Could OBE’s be practiced as a skill ? What about lucid dreaming ?

    Thank you

  • September 1, 2020 at 3:59 pm

    Stunning information on this site. And all totally in line with my own research. Take a serious look at the newearth channel on YouTube. Specifically the A. Paramonov prediction one a few months ago. Also see https://archive.org/details/119676154AryanVedasBookOfWisdomOfPerunENG . The Vedic connection is HUGE (ties in with Hitler article’s as that’s what he was trying to re-generate). Soon this whole global cult will be destroyed by the will of G-d.

  • October 20, 2020 at 9:56 am

    Hi EntityArt,

    The churches / temples / stupas / others do indeed look like space ships / shuttles. But I also wonder, as some others did,
    could some of these religious constructions be some sort of energy / electricity harnessing devices ? For example, there are people (it seems Tesla also) who demonstrated that pyramids can operate as electricity generators. Any thoughts about it ?

    Thank you.

    • October 20, 2020 at 1:45 pm

      Hi Doru

      Yes, these large pyramids seem to have had some type of energetic component / purpose. But the temples and stupas – difficult to know for sure – but my feeling is that some of them may have had some energetic purpose as well, but the temples and stupas main purpose seemed to be symbolic and representative of the ‘gods’, or in honor of the ‘gods’. But the pyramids seem to have a definite purpose – likely some energetic reason – and were built by the ‘gods’… The pyramids were certainly not just some big monuments.

      Those ancient flat top pyramids in the article were very likely used as landing pads though – they had lots of mica incorporated into them – which is very resistant to heat. Mica is used on rockets for this reason.

  • April 22, 2021 at 5:59 pm

    Wonderful site. Really helps put a lot of the missing puzzle pieces together for me. Since this article discusses the controllers of this planet, I wanted to inquire about your take on crypto currency. If you have followed it for any length of time and if you think Bitcoin in particular is humanity’s fight against to the banking cartel? I have watched it closely for over 3 years now and still remain on the fence about whether it is yet another ploy. It’s possible that it was created in response to the tight grip the banks have on humanity, but it also appears that it may just be a catalyst to usher in a cashless society. It seems as though however, there are leaders in the crypto sphere who truly care about making humanity a better place but it also appears to be tightly manipulated at the same time. Your thoughts?

    • April 23, 2021 at 10:58 am

      Hello AboveTheSun


      I am not an expert on Bitcoin and digital currencies. But I have always felt that Bitcoin, and any other alternative digital currencies, will make no real difference to the implementation of their New World Order. After all, they want a cashless society. The Powers That Be don’t seem to feel threatened by it, by looking at their actions.

      You said: “It seems as though however, there are leaders in the crypto sphere who truly care about making humanity a better place but it also appears to be tightly manipulated at the same time.

      > These people you mention that ‘truly care’ could just be controlled opposition.

      The only thing that has greatly threatened (((them))) was the German Economic Miracle – when they did not use the ‘gold standard’ and ended usury – turfing out the Rothschild’s and other bankers. Where they changed the economy to serve the people and not the bankers… but WW2 was created by International Jewry / The Banking Cartels to destroy that nation.

  • January 8, 2022 at 4:37 pm

    Hello Art,

    You said ‘The fact that I know that these personalities and channelers are controlled agents’ – How exactly do you ‘know’? Do you really think that anyone who has telepathy with other dimensional entities is a controlled agent? And do you see them as ALWAYS negative?

    Thank you.

    • January 19, 2022 at 2:59 pm

      Hi Kate

      Through analysis. I have a very analytical mind – noticing patterns and seeing their agendas and subversions in relaiton to other topics and important Truths. I studied ufology and all the new age channelling a great deal – because of all my metaphysical experiences and returning memories. These channellers on YouTube are all fake or deluded. Mostly jewish agents that are there to subvert – networks of controlled agents. Read all my Ufology Explained posts – Parts 1, 2 ,3, 4 and 5 – then you will be closer to the Truth.

      Do you believe these YouTube personalities have telepathy with other dimensional entities? People lie. They are lying – I analysed so many of them – so much subversion and obvious agendas from them. The vast majority of the alternative media is controlled by agents. The New Age / Ufology / Channelling etc is pretty much entirely controlled. They are subversives. Again, read my Ufology Explained articles Parts 1 – 5 – you will get closer to the Truth by reading them.

      I have not found one of value – all were gatekeeping, misdirecting and subverting.

  • January 21, 2022 at 12:40 am

    Hello Entity,

    The part that I don’t understand, at least not yet, is the Artificial Intelligence been worshiped. How a race of intelligent beings worship an ARTIFICIAL Intelligence? That tells me that this ETs are not that intelligent to begin with. Are we talking about an intelligence that has a set of programming rules, created by another intelligent being? For what purposes? After all, it is artificial right? Are we Artificial Intelligence too? Or there is a creation process happening in the universe?

    I think that this Artificial Intelligence are a natural occurrence of the universe(I can be completely wrong obviously!). Some type of being that feeds off of
    negative energy or some specific energy in the universe. And we happen to have a lot of this energy here on earth for a long time now.

    “Any real disclosure will only come when we take back control of our Nations.” … I completely agree with that and I would add that not just our Nations, but the entire Earth.

    I know that’s a lot of questions and I have more. But these are very interesting subjects.

    White Folk

  • January 21, 2022 at 1:37 pm

    Hi Entity,

    Thanks for the reply.

    I’ll see that link.

    PS: Why some comments that I post in your website seems to vanish or don’t even show up?

    White Folk

    • January 27, 2022 at 3:22 pm

      Hello White Folk

      You are welcome.

      I looked through the comments and you are correct. There were two other comments from you some time ago. (You posted them twice each)
      Sometimes when I am very deep into research (‘in the zone’) and then a lot of comments come in at once I put some on the ‘back burner’ to reply at a later date – then some more comments come in and those older ones move down to the next page and from view. I do remember these two comments / questions, and that I planned to reply to them. Sorry, I forgot about them. I promise that I will get to them at some point, but I am deep into some research again… ‘in the zone’ 🙂

      The only time I have ever removed a comment is when someone turned out to be subversive hasbara – so I took their two comments down. I have not taken any comments down other than that one time – you may be thinking about a comment of yours that is actually under another post /article.

      Best regards.

      • January 27, 2022 at 5:26 pm

        Hello Entity,

        I thought it was some kind of bug of the comment section.

        That’s right, I posted twice for that reason. I even thought my last post was a bug too heheh….

        Yes, it’s from other articles where I posted, but that’s fine. If you are ‘in the zone’ be my guest, you do a very good work with your website, please continue 🙂

        It will be interesting to see your thoughts on those posts. I just have to remember what it was in what articles…
        Well, I know that I’m not a hasbara troll, my consciousness is clean. I’m just brazilian.

        Thanks for the reply and I’m glad that it’s not a bug.

        Best regards.

        White Folk


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