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35 of the Biggest American Lies — Zionism, Terrorism, Politics, New World Order, Health, History – 9/11, Hitler, Gaddafi, Bin Laden, Trump, Sandy Hook, Boston Bombing etc

Multiculturalism is being used against Humanity – to help bring about the Zionist New World Order – Kalergi Plan – White Genocide – Immigration

‘Spirituality’ and ‘New Age’ psyops and deceptions – false philosophies and pacifying modes of thinking. The New Age Movement is mind control – that is run by the Zionists

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The Blue Beings

A Gallery Selection

Disclosure – Extraterrestrials – Interdimensionals

Wall hanging sculpture selection – mixed media paintings

Micro world selection – conceptual outdoor photo art

New monk sculptures

A selection of quotes on consciousness, metaphysics and spirituality

Ubuntu – ‘I am because we are.’ Sculpture – a group of five beings.

Plant Guardians – surreal sculptures – cactus succulent plant pots

Wakei – small blue monk sculpture meditating.

Sculptures – surreal figurative sculpture – pairs with baby

Families of beings – surreal sculpture

Myoki – cute monk sculpture with baby tortoises

Monks – surreal and colourful

Anshin – peaceful mind – small monk praying – blue and orange

Monks meditating and praying outdoors – sculptures

Colourful monk sculptures – meditating and praying

Wall hanging sculpture – Muted angels

Wall hanging mixed media sculpture – ‘Behind the eyes’

Alien mixed media sculpture painting

Two more mixed media sculpture paintings

Two more wall hanging sculptures

The animals are on their way!

Concrete sculptures – spray paint

Dark Forces (Star Wars themed outdoor photo)

We see the light in you Darth – Darth Vader outdoor piece

Let it go Gollum – you are free

Beetle Burial – new outdoor art piece

With or without – new outdoor pictures

Fun piece for children – or adults :)

The Beetle – new outdoor pics

New outdoor art photo – ‘The Whole Picture’

Outdoor Art – Snow

Two little beings on a moped – new outdoor art