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Subjects within this article: Fear, Love, Ego, Heart Chakra, Feelings, Energy, Meditation, Self-Love, Forgiveness, Service To Others, Gratitude.

Material referenced in this article: The Ra Material, The Law of One — P’taah, Jani King — Tom Kenyon, The Hathor Material — David Icke — Barbara Marciniak, Bringers of the Dawn, Path of Empowerment — Osho, Love Freedom Aloneness — St. Germain, Azena Ramanda 

I have used quotes from some channelings in the article, but it is important to recognize that all channelings are limited hangouts – you wont find the deep dark truths regarding the global conspiracy occurring on this planet from them. But I found that you can find some interesting spiritual or metaphysical ideas from certain ones – particularity the older chanellings.


A huge part of the global conspiracy is to make people feel unworthy – not good enough – we have an epidemic of fearful, insecure people on the planet. The powers-that-be do their best make everyone compete against each other – everything is turned into a competition. So many people are seeking validation from others, as they are convinced it may relieve their fear and sense of worthlessness. There is also a constant attack on the human heart – to constantly try to break the human heart – to continually knock it through trying to evoke a sense of hopelessness and disappointment in the general population. And to extrapolate that we are taught and programmed not to feel these feelings – to bury it all down into the subconscious and energy body. This causes great pain and fear – unconscious people everywhere are expressing this deeply subconscious fear and pain onto others – often projecting their fears and pain onto others. The media, owned by the mega-rich crime syndicates, secret societies and banking families, do all they can to maintain a fearful population with its fear-based lies, manipulations and propaganda. Humans are controlled through fear. But we can transform ourselves into loving, fearless, informed and empowered beings and no longer be controlled. As well as becoming informed, and seeking the truth of what is occurring on this planet, we also should be raising our vibration and letting go of our fearful beliefs.

“We are controllable through the manipulation of all that we fear… No fear – no control.”
– David Icke

Love, Fear – ‘ego’

I am not a fan of the term ‘ego’ – it means different things to different people. And it is not necessary to focus on this concept of the ‘ego’. I have read a great deal of spiritual literature, both human and the channeled material I have been guided to: The human teachings are often very focused on ‘ego’. The channeled teachings from higher dimensional beings hardly ever mention it, and when they occasionally do it is perhaps only because it is a concept humans are using. The quotes about healing and transformation that I have used in this article from channeled teachings are from ones that I found both very useful and genuine. If a spiritual teacher is not also talking about chakras, the energy body, vibration/frequency, dimensions, ascension, reincarnation, multidimensionality, the oppression/manipulation of humanity, and collective consciousness – then I am not going to give them much time at all.

Some people will also use the term ‘ego’ to describe people – ‘oh, he has a big ego… or she is coming from a place of ego’. What we often mean by this is that that person is usually seeking validation (fear of not being good enough), seeking to benefit just themselves (fear of lack) – they are often in a place of ‘service-to-self’ and not ‘service-to-others’. They are not coming from a place of Love.

We should not really be focusing on the concept of ego, but on Love and Fear. That is what we are choosing in each moment – Love or Fear. This is what transforms us – choosing Love and letting go of fearful beliefs. Ego can really be replaced with the word Fear. In each moment are we existing in a state of Love or Fear? When we interact with others are we in a state of purely ‘service-to-self’ or are we also in a state of ‘service-to-others’? Are we in a state of separation or non-separation?

To me this notion that we must concentrate on getting rid of the ‘ego’ is a psyop and a manipulation –  it is a Zionist psyop and a type of spiritual programming – it’s not about getting rid of your sense of self, your sense of individuality, but transforming yourself – moving out of a fear based state of being into a love based state of being. And this love based state of being is not about being a passive and spiritually naive –  it is about promoting and sticking up for truth, justice, goodness, love, beauty etc – and caring for life, for nature and your human brothers and sisters –  protecting it. Prime Creator sent us out to be individual unique aspects of the whole. We must do our unique part, following our hearts – we must transform ourselves, rid ourselves of all the mind programming we have taken on from schools, television etc and then transform this planet. 

“Fear is the polarity of love, and fear is everything, every emotional response, every emotional reaction, which is not love. It does not matter what name you give it. You can call it frustration, stress, anger, jealousy, possessiveness, lusting after power, greed, abuse. All of it, all of it which is not love is simply a manifestation of fear.”                      
– P’taah – Jani King

“Your ego was designed to be the sensor of exterior life. You cannot get rid of it or sublimate it. Indeed, as you try to do so, the old law of the universe which states: ‘What you resist persists,’ will bring the ego into a stronger and stronger position. Yet your ego is a most valuable aspect of you. It is merely to bring it into balance. When you find yourself heartily in defense of yourself, know that the ego is in fear of the judgment of others. Just be still. Go to the fear and embrace the child within you who is afraid. Also, it is to remind yourself that what anyone thinks of you is none of your business.”
– P’taah – Jani King

“Your body is a vehicle to experience this dimension of reality. Your body has its own integrity; it has its own cellular memory. It has a wonderful resonance with your planet. Now we noted that the body is very often treated with great contempt. There are many grand spiritual people who believe that their body is not important or indeed, they would do anything to get rid of it. They feel that the body is the only thing stopping them from reaching paradise. These people do not understand that they have chosen their bodies as a grand expression, which is also a divine expression. Without the body there would be many joys lost to you. The body is spirit made manifest. Do you understand? It is a call for grand celebrations.”
– P’taah – Jani King

Heart Chakra

It is Love and the Heart we should focus on. We need to open our Hearts and connect to our intuition and higher guidance. The Heart Chakra is our connection to this intuition and higher guidance:

“Your intellect, your ego, is there to serve your heart, to serve your intuition.”
– P’taah – Jani King

“The center of Heart, or green ray, is the center from which third-density beings may springboard, shall we say, towards infinite intelligence. Blockages in this area may manifest as difficulties in expressing what you may call universal love or compassion.”
– The Ra Material – The Law of One

“The Heart Chakra is at the midpoint between the lower and upper chakras, which is why many refer to it as the “Great Transformer.” It is the Central Sun of the body, and it is the cantilever from which all movement takes place energetically into wholeness and into higher states of consciousness. The Heart Center is ‘petal-like’, but all the different chakras literally have an energetic structure in the subtle realm that is much like a flower. Whenever the flower of the Heart opens, there is an increase in feelings. So as you experience more feeling, the petals of your Heart open and extend themselves. As you feel less emotion – becoming more withdrawn and less attuned to your feelings – these petals tend to close up.”
– Tom Kenyon – The Hathor Material

“The heart center, or fourth chakra, is located at the mid-point in the physical body and balances all the chakras above and below it with lessons concerning emotional intelligence. In this center, you can shut life down or completely blossom with compassion, for this is the place where you can know another being as a version of yourself. Compassion is a very sophisticated emotional achievement that opens your body to connect with the cosmos on a profound spiritual level. Sometimes opening the heart can be a frightening experience, for you can feel out of control when your heart is wide open and you are inundated with empathetic information. This center for heart knowing can provide both daunting and exhilarating experiences. Love rules the heart, and rightly so. The real test that life on Earth offers is the opportunity to pass all you encounter through the heart chakra, acknowledging the wondrous variety of life without judgments. So often, the heart center is blocked off because of a cultivated fear that has conditioned you to be wary of this potent psychic connection. When the heart is closed down it is easier to create harm or attempt to deceive others, because this connection to all life is disabled. And appreciation for the beauty of life is especially important for opening the heart chakra.”
– Barbara Marciniak – Path of Empowerment

“The heart chakra is our potential connection to the highest levels of awareness, innate intelligence which cannot be taught, intuition and ‘knowing’.”
– David Icke – The Perception Deception

Feelings and Meditation

In what ways can we open up our Heart Chakra? One way is becoming conscious of all our fearful beliefs – anger, jealousy, greed, hate, etc… We can become conscious through meditations: observing the breath initially and then the thoughts we have, and the energy behind the thoughts. Then feel this energy behind the thoughts.

How do we know what is truth and false if we are not connected to our feeling center and extremely conscious of our feelings? How do we know if information is integrous if our Heart Chakra isn’t open and we can’t use our Intuition? Feeling connects us with life.

Humans have to get in contact with their feeling nature. They have been programmed to not allow themselves feel, to bury these feelings inside their energy body. So many people are walking around with deeply subconscious anger, pain and fear – it is affecting their lives a tremendous amount. These suppressed energies electromagnetically attract unwanted situations to them until they deal with these energies. Feelings are crucial as they lead us to our beliefs – to transform our fearful and limiting beliefs we first need to be conscious of these beliefs. These fearful beliefs often govern us without us realizing,  they are often not obvious initially and are in our subconscious, but luckily we have our feelings to lead us to them:

“Acknowledging your feelings can lead to deeper self-realization, because your feelings are the key to figuring out your beliefs. Remember, feelings take you back to the beliefs, so find the feeling and really feel it. Once you have identified the belief behind the feeling, acknowledge the role of the belief, then release it and replace it with a more empowered outlook.”
– Barbara Marciniak – Path of Empowerment

“It’s not that you don’t know how to feel, it’s that you are afraid of your feelings. You don’t know what to do with them when you have them. They bring up a sense of powerlessness within you, so you associate feeling with a sense of, “Oh, no, I blew it.” You have a boundary in your belief system that states that when something comes up that is emotional and brings pain or anger, then it is not good. It is time to stop tiptoeing around things and avoiding your emotions.”
– Barbara Marciniak – Bringers of the Dawn

What are feelings? Feelings are energy. If we allow the energy to move through us by feeling these feelings they won’t cause us problems:

“It is not to get rid of the feelings, but simply to allow them to be. To understand that as you can allow them, then indeed, they will float into a different frequency.”
– P’taah – Jani King

“Feeling is energy, that is all it is. That is all everything is – energy.”
– P’taah – Jani King

“Allowing yourself to experience all feelings and emotions is a powerful means to move energy through your KA (pranic energy body). What occurs for many human beings however, is the opposite. In a difficult or challenging situation, they mentally label the difficult situation as “bad” and resist the resulting emotions. When you resist feelings or emotions, your emotional body cannot vibrate properly and it “freezes” or “locks up”. When it is not able to move or vibrate properly you become less aware mentally and your thoughts get fuzzy, unclear and muddled.”
– Tom Kenyon -The Hathor Material

“Your emotional body is a field of energy that surrounds and interpenetrates your physical body. When something activates your emotional body it begins to vibrate in specific ratios setting off “energy flows”, which stream around and through your physical body. If these flows are strong enough, these flows can be physically felt within the tissues of your body. Thus, the stronger the feeling response, the stronger the physical sensation will be. One of the keys to the ascension process, from an energetic standpoint, is to allow your energy fields to open and move freely. The ability to move more energy and to master positive movement of that energy comes through the cultivation of your feeling nature.”
– Tom Kenyon – The Hathor Material

“Primarily pain is a strong signal from deep inside the body’s intelligence centers, indicating that your emotional health is out of balance. Stored and stuffed emotions take a great toll on the body, and eventually old built-up energy will be released in the form of painful physical manifestations. When you carry pain and do not release and let go of the past, your body will faithfully show you the results of your repressed feelings.”
– Barbara Marcniak – Path of Empowerment

Initially, meditation – when being used to heal – is a place to get in touch with our subconscious, to understand what is occurring in our subconscious – and to get in contact with our energy body, with our feelings – all the sensations that are occurring within our body that people are usually not conscious of. You can begin to see clearly all the ways that your are acting out of fear, all the fearful beliefs you have, all the unloving thoughts you have, and you will become very conscious of the energy in your body. Just sitting with, observing and feeling these energies, allowing them to move through you – and also observing the thoughts that often accompany the energies – can begin your transformation. Meditation is not a place to go and get lost – it is used to raise your level of consciousness, to help you become more conscious – including becoming conscious of what is going on on this planet and the global conspiracy that is occurring. We cannot transform what we are not conscious of. Eventually meditation is a place where you can clearly hear the guidance coming to you, and your intuition.

Self-Love and Forgiveness

Another way we open the Heart Chakra is loving ourselves – this is crucial – and is something humans have been taught and programmed not to do. People are so harsh on themselves. Look around – almost everyone is trying to feel better, often by competing with others, trying to be better than another, trying to gain some validation – there is an epidemic of lack of self worth. Having love and compassion for yourself will help a great deal in your transformation. Forgiveness of yourself and others is an important part of expanding your consciousness and opening your Heart Chakra. When you have love, compassion and forgiveness for yourself, you will find it much easier to forgive others:

“Let this be the fundamental rule of life, one of the most fundamental: Whatsoever, you are toward yourself, you will be towards others. If you love yourself, you will love others.”
– Osho – Love, Freedom, Aloneness

“When you are in the emotional state of compassion, you are coming from an understanding that everyone is evolving to the best of his or her capabilities at any given moment… by holding yourself and others in compassion, you raise your own vibration, which is a key to changing your destiny… this shifting of destiny takes place in every moment of your life and in every interaction with others. Every moment of your life is a choice point, whether you are consciously aware of it or not.”
– Tom Kenyon – The Hathor Material

“Love yourself”, says Buddha, and then immediately he adds, and “watch”. That is meditation – that is Buddha’s name for meditation. But the first requirement is to love yourself and then watch… Create loving energy around yourself. Love your body, love your mind. Love your whole mechanism, your whole organism. By “love” is meant, accept it as it is. Don’t try to repress. We repress only when we hate something, we repress only when we are against something. Don’t repress, because if you repress how are you going to watch?”
– Osho – Love, Freedom, Aloneness

“The more love and the more compassion you can have for who you are, the faster you will transform your lives.”
– P’taah – Jani King

“Always you are worried that somebody will judge you as harshly as you judge yourself.”
– P’taah – Jani King

“Allowing the energy of unconditional acceptance and love to move through your emotional body activates a process of profound healing and balance.”
– Tom Kenyon – The Hathor Material

“Holding yourself and others in an attitude of acceptance, no matter what may be occurring in your thoughts and feelings, sets off a resonance in consciousness, a vibrational field that may touch others and change them. It will certainly change you. As you hold yourself in a state of compassion and acceptance, difficult emotional energies will eventually begin to even out. And you will become clearer regarding your ability to make positive choices. Then you will have entered another vibratory resonance, or what might be called an “ascended attitude.””
– Tom Kenyon – The Hathor Material

“The love you seek from others must be generated by you, for you. When you feel genuine love for yourself, you are connecting with, and contributing to, the vital-force energy that sustains all of existence; it is the great gift you have to offer the world – your own version of the love frequency.”
– Barbara Marciniak- Path of Empowerment

Continuous Meditation

Eventually, after a good amount of regular meditation, you become more conscious and it spills over into every aspect of your life and your life becomes a meditation. You can observe your feelings as you live your life. Each moment of your life is to some degree meditation, and you see and feel all the opportunities to transform your life:

“Meditation – what you call your practice of quieting yourself, the chatter within you, in order to hear the true you… You see, your life is one large meditation. You are walking within different meditative states upon this planet. Frustration within you, irritation with circumstances that you have presented yourself with, etcetera, they are all meditative states of a sort. In order to come into a harmonious understanding of all life as simply being, and not simply being with the meditation, which is routine, which is ritual, understand that you may bring this feeling unto you, this knowingness, this quietude, at any time you may choose. It need not be during an outward quietude, for the silence is within; it is not without. You may have any manner of distraction and still have a meditative state. And when you come into this understanding, you will realize it is not once a day, it is the eternal now.”
– St. Germain – Azena Ramanda

“Simplicity, Dear One, that is the key. Keep it simple! If you feel joyous then go with the flow of it. If it is not harmonious, be still. Examine the beliefs you have about the situation. Go to the feeling, embrace the fear and transmute the pain.”
– P’taah – Jani King

 Gratitude and Appreciation

Everyone has heard the phrase – ‘count your blessings’. It sounds very simple and perhaps basic to some, but it is not to be taken lightly. Cultivating gratitude is transformative and helps to open up the Heart Chakra – and regularly counting your blessings is the beginning of this – as you do it with more regularity it snowballs:

“If you learn to live in appreciation you will enter a domain, a vibration, that will carry you through the chaos of these times. You will find a type of solace and comfort, and the vibrational rate of your energy body will increase. At some point you will reach what we call escape velocity. You will easily step out of the illusions and the lies of the old world. You will see them for what they are, and you will become a joyous co-creator of a new world that is being birthed even as the old world passes away right before your eyes.”
– Tom Kenyon – The Hathor Material

“We encourage each to look for ways to share the self beyond any concept of sharing the ideas or the supply. Look for ways to share the beingness. On a fundamental level it is as though the entire creation of nature were already sharing its beingness at a very intense level, holding nothing back, doubting and fearing nothing whatsoever but giving all of the self all of the time, all of the color, all of the bloom, all of the glory. That it will last for only a brief period of bloom matters not to the flower or to the blossom on the tree but only that it is there today to vibrate in the air, to drink in the wind and the sun, and to share its scent with all those around it. This is also your heritage and your manifest gift to offer, your odor, your special scent, that which you have created of thought, feeling and experience, that is a vibration unlike anyone else’s and which makes your friends smile. How loved each of you is by the Creator who appreciates each essence, and by those who appreciate each of you. Do what you can to become appreciators of all those around you. Perhaps you indicate only by your expression or your smile that you are entering fully into a moment with another, but that other senses the profundity of your gift. One thing unique to the offering of the essence of the self is that it cannot infringe. The self has no words, no requirements, and no demands. Presence is the perfect present.”
– The Ra Material – The Law of One

We can also raise the vibration of our food and water by sending it love and gratitude –  and this is a scientifically researched and proven now – look at Cleve Backster’s work, as well as Masaru Emoto’s experiments. And of course, eating fresh unprocessed food – mainly consisting of fruit, nuts, seeds and vegetables – and plenty of pure water is going to help you raise your vibration as well.

Service to Others

Another way to open the Heart Chakra is being in service to others – in service to life. This is an incredibly uplifting practice to begin and it leads to higher levels of consciousness. It can take courage initially, as most humans are not used to people going out of their way for them – and you can begin with small gestures, and it will build and snowball. You will see, if your are conscious enough, that the joy you get from being in service to others – in service to life – is long lasting, life affirming and very uplifting; nothing like the fleeting gain you may get from competing with others. But we must always be conscious as to whether we are serving others out of love or out of of a sense of duty (duty is a fear based motivation) – we can be conscious of our motivations in each action in our lives:

“Extending your awareness to assist others when possible, not at your own expense, but in a balanced integrated way, allows your individual awareness to expand into the greater whole. — Living your life in service to life is a different context than living your life just for yourself. Living your life for life, for the expression of life as it moves through you and others, will lead you to make choices that affirm life. — If you live your life for the benefit of all life, including your own, you enter a greater sea of possibilities, and a larger ocean of opportunity. Life becomes richer and more fulfilling, because you begin to see the interconnectedness of all things and the vast powers of consciousness that move through the Universe.”
– Tom Kenyon – The Hathor Material

“Turn your attention away from yourself and your own problems to the world around you, to the earth underneath your feet, to your local community, to your friends, to the strangers who live around you, to your loved ones. Discover what you can do to make that world in which you live a better place. These things are very simple actually. It could be a smile, a comforting word, offering a space for a car making a turn in front of you; it could be offering food to someone who is hungry; it can be turning off your television mind control device, and playing with your children or your pets. It could be planting a tree. The list of opportunities to affect the world that is right around you is endless, and then you will find yourself re-connecting to your local community, even as the forces that would manipulate the world try to destroy it. Do understand that there is power in simplicity.”
– Tom Kenyon – The Hathor Material

“As you begin to align yourself with the evolution of life itself, with the growth of life and consciousness, you will be lifted up in ways that you may not be able to imagine. Miracles will occur. Opportunities will open before you, and your destiny will be changed as you live in service to life. — When there is an opportunity to be kind to another human or an animal, let your kindness show. When there is an opportunity to show compassion to another, be compassionate. — When there is an opportunity to listen to someone, grant the grace and listen. Listen fully and deeply without wanting to impose your own views or your own agenda. — There are miracles waiting for you when you ask the unasked question, “What can I do here that will serve the greater good? What can I do here that will serve life’s deepest purpose through me?”
– Tom Kenyon – The Hathor Material

“In nearly every situation that presents itself, most people ask the question “What’s in it for me?” And so that is their primary filtering. A few humans have grown beyond this attitude, of course, which is encouraging. Yet the masses are still unconscious in many ways. While “What’s in it for me?” is appropriate for certain levels of evolution, it is too restrictive for the higher levels of consciousness presently within your grasp.”
– Tom Kenyon -The Hathor Material

As well as serving others we should be serving the  Earth. Living in Harmony with Nature. Connecting with nature, and taking care of it, is very important when raising your vibration. Spending time away from the low vibrational cities, which is also full of electromagnetic interference, is also going to help a great deal as well.

As people individually discover all that they have hidden from themselves – in the subconscious – then it will enable more of what has been hidden from humanity to be seen – as we are a part of the collective-consciousness of humanity.

We must all become more conscious and see through all the lies – we must become aware of how this prison/slave planet really works and all the secret societies agendas. In particular we must understand the Jewish Zionists and Freemasons (Masons) agendas – their striving for a ‘New World Order’. We must understand their tactics, such as the their staging of fake terrorist events, divided and conquer psyops, chemtrails – etc etc…  so many other tactics that they use to manipulate humanity and the collective consciousness.

I recommend researching the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion – there is a summary of what these protocols involve in the article about Zionism below – this Zionism article below is the most important article on this website. Love is beautiful and important- but unfortunately the saying ‘All you need is Love’ is not true – you need knowledge, you need to be informed, you need to know who your oppressors are. Reading the article below and understanding these Protocols and tactics will definitely help you to understand why the world is the way it is.

I hope some of this may prove useful to you.


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